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At Dordt, college is about more.

It’s about more than learning—it’s about growing. It’s about more than picking a major—it’s about educating every part of who you are. It’s about more than new friends—it’s about community. It’s about more than you—it’s about God working in you and through you. It’s about more than exploring your future—it’s about seeking Christ's kingdom. And it’s about more than finding a career—it’s about finding your place in God’s world.

So seek. Find. And read on. Dordt College takes its name from the historic Synod of Dordrecht, held in the Netherlands in 1618-1619. The Canons of Dort, one of the three major confessional statements of Reformed churches, came from that synod. The Canons of Dort emphasized the sovereignty of God through his electing grace.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  Matthew 7:7

“I came to Dordt College not only to further my education, but also to develop my faith within a Christian community. The strong sense of community at Dordt College makes home feel a little bit closer. I know that I am in the right place.” − Alex Henderson, business administration major; Irving, Texas

“When I heard about Dordt, I thought ‘Maybe I can go there.’ I saw that they emphasized the fact that everything is for God's glory, and that's exactly how I want to live my life. This experience has very deeply shaped who I am.” − Analu Mora Demestri, education major Asunción, Paraguay

Every suare inch

It’s a familiar phrase at Dordt College—every square inch of the world belongs to God. And when it comes to academics, this means that every program of study Dordt offers belongs to God, too. Each class—from core requirements to electives, from English to Engineering—will challenge you to think from a Christian perspective and to turn thought into action as you serve God throughout your life.

“As an engineering student, I spend most of my time working with math and science. Even in technical areas like these, Dordt challenges students to look at things differently than you’d expect—from the perspective of what it all means in God’s world. This really helps develop a sense of purpose for what we’re learning here, and consequently a sense of purpose in what we’re choosing to spend our lives doing.” − Ryan Tholen, engineering major; Tracy, Minnesota

Our Core Program lays the foundation for the common parts of students’ lives and will provide a context for your studies. It complements your major and helps you become not just a good professional, but also a good parent, a faithful church member, and a responsible citizen.

There is not a suare inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!   Abraham Kuyper, statesman and theologian

In the past 11 years, Dordt engineering students have earned a remarkable 98 percent pass rate on the nationally administered Fundamentals of Engineering exam. That percentage exceeds results from top-rated engineering programs in the country.

Dordt College nursing students taking the NCLEX-RN test have a nearly perfect pass rate. In five of the past six classes, all of our students passed on their first attempt.

Like we say on our volleyball team,

were a family. All over campus, people are

constantly playing games, hanging out, and

doing crazy things! Walking to class, almost every person I pass either smiles, says hello, or calls me by name. Its reassuring to see

familiar faces who know your name and care about you!

 Jana Van Zanten, psychology major; Pella, Iowa

Ask one of our students what makes Dordt College special.

Chances are, they’ll say “the community.” The friendships you make here will last a lifetime. About 85% of our students live on campus, which means there are plenty of opportunities to meet people, make new friends, and hang out with other Christian students. And with a student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1, you’ll build meaningful relationships with your professors as well.

Campus is always alive, and full of things to experiencewhatever mood

youre in!  Need some entertainment? Swing by the B.J. Haan Auditorium for a concert or student talent show, or go to a faculty-led discussion of that movie youve always meant to see  Need to burn some energy after a big exam? Visit our spacious Recreation Center to shoot some hoops, run on the indoor track, or lift weights  Want to worship with your peers? Take a break from the books at Praise and Worship on Thursdays, or come to GIFT (Growing in Faith Together) or Wellspring Sunday night  Want to just hang out with friends? No problemtheres always something going on at the Campus Center. Grab a couch in the Eckardt Lounge, take a look at the art gallery, and get a late-night snack at the Defender Grille. Or grab a coffee or smoothie at 55th Avenue in the Kuyper Apartment Building.

Dordt College Athletic Programs Intercollegiate Team sports Men’s: Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Soccer, Track Women’s: Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Track, Volleyball Club sports: Hockey, Lacrosse Intramural sports Basketball Bowling Floor Hockey Football Indoor Soccer

Sand Volleyball Soccer Softball Volleyball Ultimate Frisbee

Participating in collegiate athletics has

helped me grow as a leader in several areas of

my life. Because coaches often remind us that we are student-athletes, my time-management skills have improved. So has my drive to succeed in academics.

 Brian Verwolf, secondary education math and science major; Jenison, Michigan

Nothing matters but the kingdom of God, but because of the kingdom, everything, literally everything matters.  Gordon Spykman, Christian author

Worship with mind and body

The classroom isn’t the only place where Dordt students glorify God. On the soccer field, volleyball court, or track, our students praise God by developing their athletic skills, striving for excellence, and developing a healthy Christian perspective on play and competition. We have seven intercollegiate women’s and men's teams, club teams in hockey and lacrosse, and excellent athletic facilities that are open to everyone—whether you’re a student athlete or not. Using the fitness room in the Recreation Center, taking an aerobics class, or participating in intramural Ultimate Frisbee—it’s all part of the holistic Christian education Dordt offers, challenging you to glorify God with everything you are, mind and body.

Programs of study Accounting Agriculture Agri-Business Agri-Missions Animal Science Biotechnology Plant Science Applied Science and Technolgy Computerized Manufacturing Electrical Technology Industrial Instrumentation, Control Manufacturing Engineering Art and Design Art History Fine Arts Studio Graphic Design Pre-architectural Design Biology Biotechnology/Molecular Business Administration Biotechnology Construction Management Finance General Business Human Resource Management Information Systems International Business Marketing Public Administration Business Education Chemistry Communication Digital Media Production Public Relations Computer Science

Biotechnology Hardware Systems Information Systems Systems Administration Computer Science/Mathematics Criminal Justice Dutch Education Engineering Biomedical Civil and Environmental Computer Electrical Mechanical Engineering Science Agriculture Architecture Biology Business Administration Chemistry Computer Physics English Literature Writing English/Language Arts Environmental Studies Environmental Science Policy and Management General Science Health and Human Performance Exercise Science Physical Education Recreation Health Science

History Museum Studies United States and World World Individual Studies Mathematics Music Music Management Performance and Pedagogy Choral Music Education Instrumental Music Education Nursing Philosophy Physical Science Physics Political Studies Psychology Clinical Social Science Social Studies Social Work Spanish Theater Arts Acting/Directing Design and Scenic Art Drama Ministry Dramaturgy Technical Theater Theater Management Theology Biblical Studies Historical/Systematic Missions and Evangelism Youth Ministry


Pre-professional programs of study. Degrees include the four-year Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Bachelor of Social Work, and Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees, along with the two-year Associate of Arts degree and the Master of Education degree.


of Dordt students applying to med school get in the first time they apply compared to 33% of students nationwide


programs of study


in the country for student loan repayment

85% of Dordt students live on campus

Why Dordt College? 98


of students receive financial aid in the form of grants, loans, scholarships, or workstudy

4 50 %

of Dordt students are from more than 500 miles away from the college

Number of years it will likely take you to graduate

1 in 7

go on to graduate school


Number of consecutive years Dordt has been named one of the Best Regional Midwest Colleges by U.S. News & World Report

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More than 1,350 students from over 30 states, 8 Canadian provinces, and 19 other foreign countries 8 30


God is an artist. And youre made in his image.

We worship a God who delights in the creativity and artistry of the humans he created. That’s why the arts are so important at Dordt College. If you’re an artist, you’ll find many places to practice your craft at Dordt. If you’re into graphic design, you’ll spend plenty of time using state-of-the-art technology in our digital media studio. If it’s the fine arts that interest you, check out the painting, sculpture, and drawing studios. And once you’ve polished your work, you can display it across campus or in one of our student galleries. If music is your thing, you can join one of four vocal ensembles or four instrumental groups, including a campus-community band. Hone your skills by taking lessons with a professional musician or reserving a practice room in the music building. Concert Choir, Concert Band, and Chamber Orchestra go on tour annually. If theater interests you, try out for a part in one of several productions a year, be a stage manager or set designer, or even direct your peers in a one-act play. Dordt theater productions are recognized every year by the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival.

“Participating in choir and in band has given me a great opportunity to make friends with people I may not have met otherwise. There’s nothing more amazing than creating music with people you love—and that moment when you all sing together so beautifully is just awe inspiring. The moments when I’ve felt closest to God are when I’ve performed in an ensemble.” – Emily Hageman, secondary education music major Littleton, Colorado

“The digital media studio is a sweet place to hang out if you like media. When I think about what I know now and what I knew coming into the program, it's unbelievable.” – Gary Huitsing, digital media major; Edmonton, Alberta

Every nation, tribe, and language

Find your place

“Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere, and we saw that poverty. Yet as we visited with people I realized that despite their lack of material wealth, having friends, family, and a roof over their heads made them some of the happiest people I know. They trusted God to provide the rest. This really hit home for me and still does as I sit typing on my laptop, listening to music on my iPod Touch. If I did not have the things I have and was never sure where my next meal was coming from, would I still be happy? Would I still have faith and trust God to provide for me? These questions have had a profound effect on me and the decisions I have made in my life since this trip.” – Matt Vryhof, elementary education major High River, Alberta

A Dordt College education doesn’t stop when you leave campus. God’s world is a big place, and for many students, an off-campus program is an essential part of their education. In an off-campus program, you can gain valuable internship experience, observe the geography and wildlife of other countries, or immerse yourself in a new culture—all while earning credit toward graduation. With more than 40 semester and summer programs to choose from, you’re sure to find a cross-cultural experience that appeals to you.

When you live in another culture, you

learn as much about yourself as you do about that cultureabout who you are and how

youve been shaped by your culture. I didnt really get that until I lived in Korea.

 Linda Van Wyk,  graduate and the coordinator or International tudents and ampus Programs

“Dordt does a great job of getting you involved, which isn’t always true of bigger universities. Being involved in lots of things can be very helpful when applying to medical school.” – David Christiansen, a recent graduate involved in athletics, music, student government, and more

The place God calls you to be is the place where your deep gladness and the worlds deep hunger meet.  Frederick Buechner, author

So how do you fit in? Whats your place in Gods world? Where do you fit into his plan? Whats your calling?

Any way you answer that question, Dordt can help. Through internships, clubs, and extracurriculars, a Dordt education goes beyond the classroom to develop the whole person. In one of our many clubs or extracurricular activities, you’ll have the opportunity to…

Thinking becomes action

 Network and discuss careers with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers or the Dordt College Business Club.

Our professors are always looking for ways to bring learning outside the classroom. Here are just a few ways Dordt students are turning Christian thinking into Christian action:

 Write a news story for the Dordt Diamond or a poem for the Canon literary journal.

 Graphic design students competed with other schools to create a logo for Iowa HealthLink—and won.

 Discuss compelling stories with the Book Club or the Faith and Film Club.

 Business students become small business owners by running 55th Avenue, the campus coffee shop.

 Serve those in need across the country during Spring Break as part of a PLIA group (Putting Love Into Action) or worldwide over Christmas break with AMOR (A Mission Outreach).

 Nursing students serve their peers and get valuable professional experience by helping in the campus health center.

 Connect with students in almost any area of interest—and if there isn’t a club that fits your needs, be part of starting one.

 Computer science students develop websites and software for non-profits.  Students from all disciplines have pursued professional internships in Sioux Center and beyond.

Seek the kingdom. Find your place.

The world belongs to God—all of it, every square inch—and no matter who you are, you have a place in God’s world and in his plan. At Dordt College, we can help you find it.

Visit Dordt College

Its easier than you think.

Find out more at

No matter what your financial picture looks like, our financial aid advisors are eager to help you find a place at Dordt College. Chances are, once you talk to them you’ll discover that college is more of a reality than you thought.

The first step to finding your place at Dordt College is scheduling a campus visit. On your visit, you can take a campus tour, meet with a professor in the major you’re thinking about, cheer on the Defenders at a game, and even get a taste of college life by spending the night in one of our dorms.

College is within reach. The vast majority of our students qualify for financial aid, and 98% receive financial assistance in the form of grants, scholarships, or workstudy jobs.

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Dordt College Viewbook  

At Dordt, college is about more. It’s about more than learning—it’s about growing. It’s about more than picking a major—it’s about educating...

Dordt College Viewbook  

At Dordt, college is about more. It’s about more than learning—it’s about growing. It’s about more than picking a major—it’s about educating...