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September 2014 The Anniversary Issue


This photo and cover photo by Roman Rivera co-creative directed by Michael Clinard


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DOPE is a free publication dedicated to providing an informative and wellness-minded voice to the cannabis movement. While our foundation is the medical cannabis industry, it is our intent to provide ethical and research-based articles that address the many facets of the war on drugs, from politics to lifestyle and beyond. We believe that through education and honest discourse, accurate policy and understanding can emerge. DOPE Magazine is focused on defending both our patients and our plant, and to being an unceasing force for revolutionary change.


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Kimbo Kush

provided by TKO Organics


GENETICS Research suggests this fine example of cannabisery, known as Kimbo Kush, is birthed by combining a Platinum Blackberry Kush mama and a Starfighter papa. The Kimbo Kush is a 70/30 Indica hybrid and packs a high THC punch (similar to its namesake) and has the relaxing properties of the Blackberry parentage.


MEDICAL BENEFITS Muscle spasms won’t stand a single round in the octagon with Kimbo Kush. Stress and anxiety can both be dominated and destroyed to the point of surrender, tapping out if you will, after a bong rip or two of this tough and unforgiving strain. Strength, quickness and power. That’s Kimbo Kush.





Beastly. Thick, forest green nugs drenched in purply goodness and sprinkled with trichome madness. The reach of the orange hairs is almost as impressive as Kimbo Slice’s beard. Almost. When you crack open a wellcured piece of Kimbo Kush you hear a bone-snapping crunch. Exotic Genetix wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kimbo Kush is unexpectedly fruity in scent. It’s like sticking your face into a mountain of a berry/mango/pine shampoo when you twist the top off of a jar of Kimbo. The sweetness is only a front for the power underneath the wafting aroma. Don’t take its sweetness as a weakness.

Similar in taste as it is in smell. The smoke inhaled from the packed joint was sweet like candy with an overpowering berry, almost mango mixed flavor. After eliminating the burnt taste with a bong, the piney-ness was unleashed to allow a full flavored smoke to enter my lungs.

While Kimbo Slice is known for having a heavy hand and little to no technical fighting ability, Kimbo Kush will relax you into a nearly knocked out status but keep your mind active enough to function. The Blackberry is felt in your body while the Starfighter is felt in your dome.



AVAILABLE AT Alternative Care Clinic 5609 4th Ave S Seattle, WA 98108


For The Home-Cooking Enthusiasts WRITTEN BY MICHAEL CONDON JR. PHOTO BY ALLIE BECKETT I’ll say firstly…I hate olives. The little dark nuggets of the devil’s dung are probably the only food that would make me choose to starve until my ribs collapsed rather than eat. That being said, once the olives are compressed into fine oil, and all the evil is purged from them in the process, they are safe to consume. Is it Extra virgin? It’s best to not ask these days. Here are some ways to use cannabis infused olive oil from Seattle Cannabis Kitchens for maximum benefits: APPETIZER Splash a bit of the olive oil in a small dish and draw a smiley face into it with some balsamic vinegar. Sprinkle some oregano on top of the concoction and use as a fine Italian bread dip. Be forewarned…you’ll become greatly medicated and devour the many dishes that follow. STARTER Fancy a healthy salad topper? Combine 3 parts infused olive oil to one part red wine vinegar, mix in some freshly ground pepper, salt and minced garlic. Whisk all ingredients together and dump the concoction all over your bowl of leaves, whether it’s kale, spinach or green leaf lettuce. ENTRÉE To complete this olive oily kind of night, you can also use this as the base to a nice steak marinade. I like to use olive oil, balsamic vinegar (again), Dijon mustard, a bit of soy sauce and some Worcestershire sauce, then let the meat sit in it for an hour. Pan fry to perfection.




c i h p a r g a n Can A DOPE States infographic. Retrospecting how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go. Written By Y.F.












MARIJUANA NEWS Across the United States, the legal status of marijuana has been in constant - albeit slow - transition. Decriminalization has occurred in 18 states; medical marijuana legitimized in 23; and legal recreational use has manifested in 3. Thus, there has opened up a space in the market which entrepreneurs across the country have diligently sought to fill. Aside from production, distribution and retail, the prevalence - and demand - for marijuana infused products has sky rocketed. Needless to say, the edibles market has seen a dramatic increase in both supply and demand. However, companies supplying edibles have encountered a serious obstacle to their future success - trademark and copyright legislature. As anyone who has stepped foot into a dispensary knows, there is an endless array of marijuana infused products to choose from. Products currently on the market such as Ganja Joy, Kif Kat, Stoney Rancher, Rasta Reese’s, Munchy Way and the like all happen to be modeled after their ‘conventional’ counterparts: Almond Joy, Kit Kat, Jolly Rancher, Reese’s, Milky Way, and so on. Furthermore, their packaging mimics the original product that inspired them. Hershey’s is not too happy about this - as are many other large corporations - and has filled a number of trademark infringement lawsuits. For instance, Hershey’s is suing Colorado based marijuana infused candy producer Tincturebelle for its Ganga Joy, Hasheath and Dabby Patty which, the company argues, that dangerously mimic Hershey’s Almond Joy, Heath Bar, and York Peppermint Patty in both packaging and design. The chocolate giant is also suing Seattle’s very own Conscious Care Cooperative (CCC) for two products, Reefer’s Cups and Mr. Dankbar which the company states are packaged and branded in excessive similarity to Hershey’s conventional products. Hershey’s spokesperson, Jeff Beckman, released a statement outlining the company’s position: “The Hershey Company’s trademarks are iconic and among our company’s most important assets. They are recognized by consumers around the world, and our company has spent as many as 120 years building the trust and equity in these iconic brands. Consumers depend on our brand names to represent a level of quality and dependability. These entities have used Hershey’s trademarks, without authorization, to trade on Hershey’s goodwill and reputation, and to draw greater attention to their products; these unauthorized uses of Hershey’s trademarks also make the

products more appealing to children. We have always vigorously protected our brands and will continue to do so whenever we believe that others have infringed on these valuable intellectual assets.” Hershey’s is suing the CCC to stop selling these products, discard remaining inventory, correct their product’s packaging, to account and produce records for all gains and profits from sales of said products, and to pay for legal fees and damages. These damages, the company argues, are extensive as their continuing popularity has the potential to significantly damage the integrity of the Hershey’s brand worldwide. While these products are under strict regulation and

monitoring, the mimicry of their packaging does place Hershey’s in a relatively good position to make its case. However, Nathan Paine, a lawyer for the CCC, argues that the dispensary does not manufacture these products, but simply sells them - potentially transferring this lawsuit from the CCC and placing the burden instead, on the vendors who supply them with the products under scrutiny. But Hershey’s is not the only corporate giant unleashing its wrath Pepperidge Farm is considering the same with regards to marijuana infused crackers in the shape of goldfish.

Opinion regarding the legitimacy of these lawsuits - on either side - are varied. Some argue that the similarity in packaging not only violates trademark and copyright laws, but also poses a public health hazard. The probability that naive consumers could mistake a marijuana infused product such as Reefer’s for a traditional Reese’s is obviously correlated to the level of resemblance in the product’s packing. The visual appeal and familiarity of Hershey’s products for children and the risk is that brand mimicking - which edible companies have engaged in - is a central theme aimed at bolstering their argument. On the contrary, there have been assertions from the marijuana industry that while the packaging is similar, the products are heavily monitored and regulated, their accessibility restricted, and their packaging does have explicit and visible labeling which informs consumers of the nature of the product. And not only are big corporations getting themselves involved in lawsuits, so too are competing producers of cannabisinfused products. A leading example being the lawsuit which Colorado-based company Bridge Marketing is filling against Dixie Elixirs and Edibles. Bridge Marketing alleges that Dixie has failed to maintain, “conspicuous and responsible packaging,” for their MED-a-mints product. Instead, replacing the previous packing with a design that, “…promoted the Dixie Elixir brand more prominently then MED-a-mints,” as well as for the company’s failure to disperse royalty payments in a timely manner. Emerging legal battles of this type within the industry will undoubtedly complicate marijuana’s transition from a black to white market product - not to mention its future success and longevity. Although, in the same breath, there are likely hundreds of companies supplying the market with cannabis-infused products that have original designs and branding strategies. It appears likely that these companies will outpace those currently under scrutiny. Advocates for the marijuana industry and edible companies will probably not have the same political clout or lobbying capacity to assert their case as the nearly 120 year old chocolate giant will have. Anyways, if the public health argument is used to propel Hershey’s case - or any other cooperation that is massively appealing to children - edible companies will not get very far. But the bright side is that these types of products are only a small fraction of the options that consumers have to choose from. So long story short, edibles aren’t going anywhere - but look-a-like edibles most likely are.






By Heath Laslo

Recently a friend of mine confided in me that she had been dealing with insomnia for years and had tried almost every sleep medication known to man to no avail. She hadn’t ever considered using cannabis for her insomnia and asked me for a recommendation. I suggested she try The Medicine Jar’s Sleep Tincture found in this review, ¬and she has been getting the best night’s sleep since. The use of tinctures for medicinal purposes has been around for a very long time. Until cannabis was banned in 1937, tinctures were the primary way by which doctors prescribed and sold cannabis medicines. If you look at some of the old images of tincture bottles you will see names of some American pharmaceutical giants like Eli Lilly, Upjohn, etc. So why are tinctures so unique when you consider the numerous ways a patient can consume cannabis? Tinctures provide patients with the ability to find the precise dose needed for their ailments. The dropper allows patients to slowly self-titrate their medicine drop by drop until they reach their desired effect. It should be noted that the effects of using a tincture could take up to an hour to take


effect when swallowed with your morning tea. The onset of action can be expedited if the drops are placed sublingually (under the tongue)¬. Sublingual administration increases absorption via the thin skin and numerous capillaries under your tongue and directly into your blood stream vs. the lengthy adsorption through the gut. I have tried a number of tinctures available to patients in Wa State over the last two years and frankly haven’t been impressed with the majority of them and wondered, “why?”. Typically most sit and soak, alcohol and glycerin based tinctures are weak. According to the folks at Steep Hill Halent, it has to do with the glycerin; “For most every chemical you can think of, there are solvents in which it dissolves very well, and those it dissolves in very poorly. In the case of Terpenoids (including Cannabinoids), they really dislike Glycerin, and as a result, the total amount of terpenoid dissolved in Glycerin will always be low, very low. Commonly, concentrations are seen in a range from 0.7 to 2mg/mL”. For recreational users without tolerances to cannabis, these less potent tinctures might


fit the bill. However for medical patients, the need to identify some of the more potent and unique tinctures that are readily available is needed. The criteria I used for selecting the tinctures to include in the review were two fold. First, the tinctures must contain high amounts of cannabinoids per vial compared with their peers. Second, they must be reasonably easy to find so you can actually get your hands on this great medicine. The lab results below are all recent and can be found on Analytical 360’s website for reference. Lastly, Sativa Valley THC tincture drops were not included in this review because of lack of lab results submitted to me. However, I can personally attest to the potency of these drops and they deserve to be mentioned. Sublingual administration of these drops provides a crisp, uplifting, cerebral effect typically associated with a Sativa strain, however, SVE uses an inhouse hybrid strain that balances this out. This is a unique feature that some anxiety prone patients might appreciate, plus the flavors they infuse into their tinctures are top notch, which tremendously helps with the sublingual dosing.

HEALTH MEDICINE JAR NIGHT DROPS TINCTURE – This tincture has been developed for sleep and offers a unique blend of Indica hash and Valerian Root (natural sedative) that will help put you to bed and tuck in the sheets. Serving Size: 1ml = 1.22 gram <0.01mg THC-A 3.96mg Δ9-THC 4.03mg THC-Total 0.07mg CBN 0.01mg CBD 0.20mg CBG 4.33mg Activated Cannabinoids-Total

Medicine Jar Pain Drops Tincture – This tincture is a hybrid blend of hash, paired with White Willow Bark (natural analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and pain reliever). This tincture is an excellent choice for patients that need 24hr./day pain management. Serving Size: 1ml = 1.22 gram <0.01mg THC-A 4.94mg Δ9-THC 5.01mg THC-Total 0.07mg CBN 0.05mg CBD 0.19mg CBG 5.25mg Activated Cannabinoids-Total

The CPC – 6g Indica Agave Tincture - The CPC’s Indica and Agave tincture is made with cannabis concentrate that is then bonded to the agave. There isn’t a sit and soak process typically found with most alcohol and glycerin based tinctures here. This tincture is an excellent choice for evening or nighttime use due to its Indica origins. Serving Size: 1ml = 1.41 gram <0.01mg THC-A 5.64 mg Δ9-THC 5.84mg THC-Total 0.20mg CBN 0.17mg CBD 0.13mg CBG 6.28mg Activated Cannabinoids-Total

The CPC – 6g Sativa Agave Tincture – The CPC’s Sativa and Agave tincture is made with cannabis concentrate again that is bonded to the agave. The flavor and cerebral uplifting effects of this tincture make it a top-notch choice for daytime use. Serving Size: 1ml = 1.41 gram <0.01mg THC-A 3.16 mg Δ9-THC 3.64mg THC-Total 0.48mg CBN 0.22mg CBD 0.14mg CBG 4.20mg Activated Cannabinoids-Total

Kush Cream – Witch Doctor Pain Drops – This is one of the most potent sit and soak, glycerin and alcohol-based tinctures out there. While developed for pain, the high levels of THC-A contained in this tincture are unique and would be an excellent choice for epilepsy, spasticity, or other movement disorders. Serving Size: 1 dropper full = 1 gram 19.68mg THC-A 6.57mg Δ9-THC 26.69mg THC-Total 0.44mg CBN 0.39mg CBD 0.21mg CBG 7.31mg Activated Cannabinoids-Total




High Life



Tommy Chong Lights Up Seattle Written by Michael Condon Jr. Photos by Roman Rivera Co-Creative Directed by Michael Clinard

We all know Tommy Chong became a household name for his Oscar-Winning role in 1990’s “Far Out Man.” But did you know, before that magical endeavor, he was in a little-known stoner comedy duo titled, Cheech and Chong? They put out a few comedy records (complete with giant rolling papers), performed a few sets at small venues around the world and released some full-length feature independent films. Maybe you’ve heard of them…

marijuana enthusiasts like me and crosses multiple generations. I challenge you to find someone who doesn’t think Tommy Chong is “cool.” If you did, I’d look them in the eye, call them a damn liar and spit in their twisted little face. Not only a film legend but a comedy genius, a cancer survivor, a musical talent and a brilliant activist. This assignment could mean a Pulitzer Prize for me…Or at least some pocket change for a sack of chronic.

THE CALL The DOPE Magazine hotline installed in my home library was sounding off like an ambulance siren on a warm night through the walls of my house. It’s a red, corded telephone with rotary digits, a classic ringtone and no internet capabilities. Very JFK White Houseesque. Its primary use is direct calls from the top dogs at DOPE HQ and has only previously rang when I’ve been devastatingly late for deadlines or when someone at the office has been held hostage by a fleet of radical prohibitionists sent by Patrick Kennedy and Kevin Sabet attempting to sever the journalistic bloodline to the masses. But that only happened once and I didn’t believe deadline was near. What sort of hubbub, haberdashery, halitosis or hypnosis is taking place to make this godforsaken phone ring? I pick it up slowly, hesitantly, as if simply answering would cause federal agents to break down my door and throw a grenade into a baby’s playpen or a throng of policemen will shoot me while I’m unarmed and my hands pointed skyward. This stuff happens, I watch the news. Maybe it’s a wrong number. Maybe an obscene caller. The latter wouldn’t be so bad. “You’re interviewing Tommy Chong tomorrow, Michael, be prepared.” The cryptic voice informed me in a hushed tone from the other end. “Is this Deep Throat?” I questioned with a crack in my voice, unsure of the current year. “No, it’s your editor. Tommy is hitting the media circuit with gusto tomorrow to promote his strain, dispensary partnership and medical marijuana. You’re to be tagging along.” The voice was now more distinct, recognizable and, yet, still a tad harsh. “Aye, aye.” I responded and hung up the phone. The name Tommy Chong holds so much power, so much meaning for millions of

THE MEETING Tommy’s Seattle itinerary was delivered to me the following morning by an unkempt but rather polite courier pigeon. It read in Sanskrit that he was to be staying at the waterfront Marriott and hitting all the major Seattle media hubs, KING 5, KOMO 4, and, of course, a few medical dispensaries along the way. The plan was for me to meet up with him at the stop of my liking and ride along with him and his entourage as he answers the same questions from the same bleach white-teethed talking heads. I decided to head to their first stop as Tommy was to be interviewed on a morning show. One of the last of its kind. As I entered the first communications building, smelling like I just woke up in a pot field and bathed myself in BHO, I was greeted by a friendly, if not, oaf-like security guard who rightfully questioned my motives. I responded with a swift, “I’m with the media, sir, I’m here to meet with Tommy Chong.” This seemed to satisfy him and he told me to check in with the front desk lady. I artfully scooted past his wide frame and moved on to the next obstacle. I was fifteen minutes behind schedule due to a joint lighting fiasco which nearly set my beard aflame, but the lady told me that Tommy and his crew was even later than me. I took a seat in the lobby and watched as the audience for the show, mostly elderly women and their grandchildren too young for school, hobble towards the bleachers facing the set. I monitored the front door closely hoping to catch Tommy as he walked in but soon got distracted by a raven-haired vixen with a slight frame, sinewy legs and a kill-‘em-all smile wearing tight jeans and a black blouse. She was heading directly for me. “Are you the one who’s here for Tommy Chong?” She asks with a

brisk, fresh voice. I notice her badge is labeled “intern” and nod, unable to speak out of such thirst. “Follow me.” She orders as I stand up to obediently trail her up the stairs and through a hallway of NBC TV show posters. She asks about my credentials, I tell her I write with DOPE Magazine, the leading cannabis magazine in Seattle. She coldly tells me she hasn’t heard of it and points at a camera station. “Go directly to our producer over there and tell her who you are. She’s expecting you.” I jump over a few camera wires and do as commanded by the beautiful intern. The producer proceeds to tell me to wait until Tommy’s segment is over before I talk to him so he can focus on the show but she allows me to watch from backstage. There I’m greeted by Tommy’s people as the audience is queued to applaud and the show begins. Tommy is the first guest, as his interview progresses the audience of women his age is becoming giddier as he charms the pants off of them with witty answers and personal stories. He bravely talks about his battle with cancer and even tosses out mentions of Rick Simpson Oil on daytime TV. Take that housewives of Seattle! Marijuana can be used fucking medically. Once his interview wraps up the audience applauds voraciously. John Witherspoon is awaiting in the background. Tommy stays for a few photo ops and selfies with audience members, then heads backstage where I was first introduced to him. His smile brightened his face and, although he’s 76 years old, he didn’t look a day over retirement age. I would’ve pegged him at fifty-something if I didn’t know any better. He shook my hand and we skedaddled to the waiting elevator which took us to the rooftop parking garage holding the rented Tahoe. The SUV was black and strangely similar to a federal agent’s ride and we hopped in. THE QUESTIONING We skipped across Seattle to Fischer Plaza for a few radio interviews. Tommy’s people were trying to explain why we were there, “We are with Tommy Chong.” “Tommy Chung?” “No, Tommy Chong.” While this was happening Tommy pointed at



FEATURE me and said, “Tell them you’re Tommy Chong. They won’t know.” Outwardly I laughed but inwardly the thought of being Tommy Chong, in a weird “Being John Malkovich” kind of way, gave me a strange thrill. Oh the havoc I could cause being Tommy Chong. I asked him about his prison time and how he feels about John Ashcroft and Operation Pipe Dreams. “There’s never been a hatred.” Tommy begins to tell me. “Bush and Boys needed a distraction because the Iraq war was raging and I was the best that they could do. They even tried to bust me in the joint. People would offer me weed all the time but I didn’t take the bait. I stopped smoking for three years.” Astounding. I assumed it was the worst three years of his life. He said it wasn’t so bad. Marijuana isn’t exactly known for severe withdrawal symptoms like heroin or alcohol. Jail for Tommy wasn’t so bad either. “I used it as a spiritual retreat. I ended up doing an Indian Sweat Lodge, learned about Catholicism and studied the ‘I Ching.’ The first time I did it, you know, I threw the coins at the hexagrams, and it said that I was in jail for a reason. It shocked me.” Drawing the religious connections to the Iraq war he continued, “It was two religions fighting over a concept of God and they’re both totally wrong. This marijuana movement is really the antidote to war. (When you use it) you talk, you don’t fight and you agree. The original peace pipe was used to mellow everyone out. The bible said ‘the meek shall inherit the earth,’ well we’re the meek.” The wisdom poured from his bearded mouth like a fountain. “Marijuana calms the mind, when you calm the mind it allows the immune system to function better. With our minds, we can affect weather change but we can only affect ourselves. You understand?” I did understand. I did… Our conversation traveled to a time in the past, back when he owned some clubs in Canada. “The first one I owned was called the Blues Palace. It opened with Ike and Tina Turner performing.” But it was the improv club in Vancouver that was the cash cow and the fateful place where he was to meet his cohort in comedy, Cheech Marin. “Comedy itself, you can function on pot forever. Not like alcohol or some other drugs.” We both began listing some comedians and entertainers who passed too early due to addiction or overdose. Belushi, Farley, Joplin, Jackson…“They searched Michael Jackson’s house and the only illegal drug they found was pot. But it was the legal drugs that killed him.” There was a time when Tommy was fearful of an early demise. During his battle with cancer which he fought alongside the powerful allies of medical marijuana, healthy living and clean eating. “I don’t eat any sugars any more. No


sugar, period. Sugar feeds cancer. Mostly a fish and salmon diet.” Just as Tommy began pontificating about surviving cancer, a stooge from KOMO rudely interrupted us and took Tommy to be interviewed for their radio show. “The people that know me and love me,” Tommy said, explaining his longevity and notoriety, “they’re all potheads. There’s a frivolous view of Cheech and Chong or Tommy Chong, that’s why I always lead the interviews with cancer.” He smiled as he followed the radio host. THE CONTINUATION Back in the ride I asked him some easy questions about pot, something the mainstream folks haven’t asked him yet. His favorite strain, “Buds and Roses or White Widow,” his favorite smoking method, “I like the bongs or onehitters. I like the burnt taste,” and if marijuana legalization happened as fast as he thought it would back in the 70’s, “After Woodstock, in my mind, it was legal. I’ve always considered it legal. They need to decriminalize it and get the fuck out of the way.” Then we moved on to some more current banter. “They should disband the DEA, they should’ve years ago.” Tommy suggested as our conversation slipped towards the state of the government, adding, “This is the young people’s world. The old fuckers, send them out on their yachts and let the young people take over.” Our motor vehicle kept rolling as someone mentioned the Fremont Troll and Tommy said we should visit it, along with the statue of Lenin. As the only Seattle native it was my duty to navigate us to Fremont where we’d stop and check out the sights and grab some lunch as noon was approaching us. We drove by the Lenin statue and pulled our DEA-looking SUV right in front of the Troll. There were a few other visitors to the VW-clutching monster and they recognized Tommy immediately. With a smile and grace, Tommy took a few photos with the fans, ages ranging from 17 to 70, and we piled back into the car. Tommy rolled down the window and yelled at the other visitors, “Smoke legal now!” THE DISPENSARY Our next spot was a new dispensary along Lake City called C&C for a meet and greet with patients. Awaiting us at the location was a long line of fans and photographers. Everybody wanted a piece of the Chong. Inside the dispensary Tommy took a few action photos of him behind the register and cleaning the glass shelves humorously. As the line of meet and greeters moved through, I snuck outside for some air, some contemplation and to play with an adorable Bulldog puppy. The line died down to the final guest and Tommy was positioned for a few cover shots


for our magazine. He sat down for yet another interview, this time with a gorgeous, shapely young female reporter before he was offered a copious joint. I pulled out my Seattle Mariners lighter with hopes of igniting a joint for the legendary Tommy Chong only to have it snatched out of my hand by a photography director. The lil’ prick then used it not only to set Tommy’s joint on fire but even had the audacity to pocket the lighter. I ignored the insult and drooled a bit over the gorgeous interviewer. Tommy took a few puffs, passed it to the interviewer, she took a few puffs and passed it back. Tommy called for a few foreign fans in attendance. One from Afghanistan and one from Pakistan. Tommy then declared, “This is C&C’s first Peace Conference.” He passed the joint to the Pakistani man. “This is a symbol of friendship from my country to your country.” He was always smiling, despite the grueling day of driving and answering corny questions. One of his people remarked, “Tommy, compared to most celebrities you’re an angel.” To which Tommy smiled and replied, “It’s because I’m high.” THE FINALE We saddled back into our Tahoe and maneuvered to a nearby Cannabis farmer’s market. The staff was warned that no pictures could be taken and he only wanted to check it out. We followed our security escort around the market to the shock of the vendors and patients. One vendor, clearly stupefied, remarked, “Am I dreaming? Is this real?” Pretty much the same thoughts that have been pounding in the back of my head since I first saw him in person. Although Tommy was getting tired from the day and his manager said there were to be no pictures in the market, Tommy couldn’t resist when fans requested a few pics. The ride back to his hotel was cheerful. I even cracked a few witty lines that made Tommy laugh, something I never thought I could accomplish. The carload of us were beat to the point of delirium from the heat and long day. How has he managed days like this for so long? Just one day riding with Tommy had me exhausted. “I stay active.” He told me, “I do whatever I have to do in front of the camera to stay active.” Once we arrived at the hotel, I thanked Tommy and his people as Tommy quickly evacuated the car and headed towards his hotel room…It wasn’t until the next day set in when I finally, firmly understood that it wasn’t a dream. Tommy Chong is a great comedic mind and there won’t be anybody like him for the rest of eternity. The high point of my life and career as a journalist thus far…

“They should disband the DEA, they should’ve years ago. This is the young people’s world. The old fuckers, send them out on their yachts and let the young people take over.”





7 POINT ACCESS Purely Medical



Something is dying in the medical marijuana industry. Not the industry itself, at least not yet, but something different. In the early years of medical, proprietors opened up small, family operated shops to help patients, not for monetary gain. With professionals now entering the marijuana world, both recreational and medical, the mom and pop stores are becoming fewer and farther in between. Seven Point Access is a family owned and operated access point in Tacoma, right along South Tacoma Way. They are built with patients, not profits, in mind. Not only is the staff amicable and smart, but the owner, Dave, has a set mission to support and service those who need it the most. Going as far as sponsoring a patient, named Stanley, with RSO to help with his laundry list of medical ailments. Dave offered a challenge to other dispensaries in the area, “Sponsor someone or close or your doors. You’re here for a reason.” Beyond sponsoring, Seven Point also holds drawings every month for patients to enter to win a “Guess the Weight” contest in which the closest estimate of weight wins. Fun for all. At Seven Point Access they strive to offer patients everything they can get at the other shops along with much more exclusive content. Strains even I haven’t heard of adorned the shelves. Cripit, Chuck Norris (GF-OG x White Fire OG), Fred Flintstone and Jess’s Wet Dream. Sure there was an aromatically invigorating Cinex and a fluffy Ace of Spades as well. They had high CBD concentrates that I sampled and a variety of globs that can be tested by patients at the dab bar. There’s no effort to convert this shop to a 502 retailer, Seven Point Access is purely medical. A simple medical model based on the basic, foundational idea of patients helping patients and community. While all of these suits clamor for the best retail location or the largest warehouse for growing…Seven Point will be here doing the honest work, for the patients.

ADDRESS: 5224 S. Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA 98409 PHONE: (253) 301-4016 WEB:







Most of the retail 502 locations that opened around the state so far haven’t been able to feed the public’s huge demand. Opening for show on July 8th, but not being able to stay open for more than a few days, some locations in the Western portion of the state have been closed routinely from lack of product. The Happy Crop Shoppe in Eastern Washington hasn’t had that problem. In a building that resembles a log cabin museum, The Happy Crop Shoppe waited nearly a week after the newsworthy recreational shops opened to assure they’d have enough product to meet demand. Opening with ten individual strains from Monkey Grass Farms, they are a truer glimpse at what the 502 recreational shops will look like once the state works out all the kinks and concerns of the system. When you walk into The Happy Crop Shoppe, where the clocks always read 4:20, you are lead around into a room holding a series of glass cases for product which is accentuated by the LED TV’s displays above, showing beautiful close ups of nug porn. Customers aren’t allowed to handle the product until after they purchase, so you can only inspect the buds or available Rif pens (sleek CO2 cartridges available in Sativa, Indica and Hybrid) through their respective cases. Once you decide which strain is best for your recreational adventures, mosey on over to the register, inform the polite staff member, and they’ll legally sell you up to an ounce. The Happy Crop Shoppe has staff roaming the floor to assist with customer questions. Although they have to be careful what they say, as to not sound like they’re giving medical advice, they can tell you that it’ll “get you high”. Eventually the bumps will be ironed out in this recreational system. Nowhere is that more apparent than at The Happy Crop Shoppe in East Wenatchee where anybody over the age of 21 can catch sight of the future of cannabis. The prices are still high compared to medical or black market, but the convenience and acceptance of marijuana in our society means so much more.

ADDRESS: 50 Rock Island Rd, E. Wenatchee, WA, 98802 PHONE: (509) 888-1597 WEB:









Sept 2014 Edition

by Michael Condon Jr

POT AROUND THE WORLD Veteran Journalist Chooses Marijuana over CNBC Good ol’ Al Olsen, who has nearly 40 years of experience in the mainstream press (see: Propaganda), has left his position as Senior Editor at CNBC and NBC to become the Managing Editor of, a news site owned by the giant, flaming dollar sign known as Weedmaps. In a press release, Al stated, “I’ve been a journalist for as long as I’ve been a marijuana advocate – my first byline was at the age of 14 the same age I smoked my first joint. Since then I’ve been frustrated with the uneven media coverage of the marijuana industry. I don’t think the mainstream media has done a good enough job covering it which is why I’ve joined Marijuana. com.”

Reckless Résumé

An aspiring Massachusetts Medical Marijuana dispensary, New England Treatment Access (NETA), is facing some bumpy roads on their bid for licensing. With the passage of Question 3 this past electoral season, Massachusetts Health Department has awarded 11 provisional licenses for dispensaries and NETA was the only company to receive two of them. Both of which are on hold (as of printing) due to the…we’ll say…embellished résumé of the company’s Executive Director Kevin Fisher, who erroneously claimed on applications that he had a college degree. Not an uncommon practice in America…I mean, how much does college really matter? Also drawing suspicion to NETA are the resignations of two leading names attached to the company, US Senator Barney Frank and Israeli scientist Raphael Mechoulam. The new MMJ system in Massachusetts is tightly controlled and this could certainly prove to be damning to the company.




Minnesota Marijuana is Maladroit Angela Brown’s son was pitching in a baseball game when a line drive zipped towards young Trey’s head causing severe brain injury. After years of unendurable pain and suicidal tendencies, Angela gave Trey medical marijuana, in the form of a cannabis tincture, which has noted neuroprotective qualities and saw instant relief. Though they live in Minnesota, a newly elected Medical Marijuana state, Angela is being charged with two criminal charges, both gross misdemeanors, one of which is Child Endangerment, for giving her son marijuana before the law takes effect…NEXT July. Angela says the fight is worth it and eventually she’s probably just going to move to Colorado anyways. The family has reached out to the Governor who signed the medical marijuana bill into law to no avail.

In Hong Kong, Bong’s Are Wrong

China has been dropping a dime on dastardly drug dealers as of late and this list now includes Jaycee Chan, son of Martial Arts and Film superstar Jackie Chan. Jaycee, named after the initials of Jesus Christ, was not just charged with possession but “accommodating drug users” as it roughly translates. If convicted, Jackie Chan could single-handedly take down the Chinese government, man by man, with cool flips and all his own stunts, until his son is freed. But more realistically, seriously and unfortunately, Jaycee could be put to death for less than half a pound of pot. Free Jaycee Chan! Let’s hope Chris Tucker can help out by telling jokes along the way.

Marijuana Ads In The NY Times

Fresh off of the announcement that the New York Times is officially pro-legalization, the paper now shows why they decided to publicly take that opinion with a marijuana advertisement for the Seattle based company Leafly, the cannabis website and smart phone app, which decided for some reason or another to call itself the “Yelp for Marijuana.” In their nationwide Sunday paper no less! This proves journalism has come a long way since the Reefer Madness rags of Hearst’s day. I would comment on the ad but I still haven’t finished that edition’s crossword puzzle…

Marc Emery Freed! The legend himself, Marc Emery, who has served more than four years as a prisoner of the drug war in a US prison has finally been released and is back in his homeland of Oh Canada. Marc was convicted of selling seeds to Americans and while he was imprisoned, his wife Jodie worked indefatigably to spread the word about marijuana legalization throughout Canada and the United States. Marc Emery says he was fortunate that he was never mistreated while in the Louisiana prison and has his eyes directed towards a possible nationwide legalization measure a-bubbling in Canada aiming for federal elections next October. Thank you, Marc.



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Dope Oils are processed and curated by X-Tracted Laboratories using the highest standards and cutting edge technologies to produce a pure, potent, effective concentrate thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s perfect for vaporizing in the Dopen. Each oil cartridge contains no additives or residual solvents, just a single vial of the lightest, blondest, unclouded concentrate on the market. The THC in each e cartridge is 100% activated, which makes for a strong, perfect high without any cannabinoid loss.



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GENETICS Solstice’s capsules, whether morning (a blend of Solstice’s Sativas), nighttime (a blend of their indicas) or their Clear CBD (another CannaFlow masterpiece from the Werc Shop) are guaranteed pure and nonabrasive. They’ve been on the shelves for a year but have now been perfected into a consistent, clean product for patients.


MEDICAL BENEFITS A couple 25 mg Indica capsules sent me into such a deep sleep that the morning I expected to wake up to ended up being a late afternoon and even that seemed too early. Insomniacs take heed. The CBD capsules alleviates pain and migraines with ease and rather quickly.





The sativa capsules are red and white and, rather unsurprisingly, the indica capsules are blue and white. Cracking open either one will show off the bubble hash innards in its brown glory. The CBD capsules when split open don’t leak a gooey substance as I imagined, instead it looks more like a golden hash.

The beauty of the new and improved capsules from Solstice lies in the storage capabilities due to the incorporation of the Werc Shop’s fancy Cannaflow and the chunky nature of the hash. These capsules can now last longer than you can avoid popping them by a long shot.

The Sativa and Indica capsules come in a fair range of milligram servings. I first popped two 25 mg Sativa capsules unsure of what to expect. About 40 minutes later I went into my kitchen only to be gawked at by all of my roommates, each claiming that I looked rather “medicated.” I’d say that’s a success.


Made in Washington

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Geared for Greatness

EVENTS WRITTEN AND PHOTOGRAPHED BY SHARON LETTS Entrepreneurs, inventors, and artists have come out of the woodwork with legalization of the plant. They bring good ideas to the table with good intentions and a dream to make a niche for themselves in this ever growing industry. Things to smoke with, things to grind with, things to grow with – if it can be configured to do work surrounding recreational, medical or otherwise, it makes its way to a table at the fest. What was not expected, at least by this writer, were hitech materials from NASA and nearby Boeing. Stainless steel indestructible bong’s were a given, but materials used to make smoking implements from Washington State’s other industries aviation and space technology? Bring it. I’m all ears. Silicon has taken over even the most benign kitchen isle at markets, and company “Pipe Hugger” has engineered a simple sleeve from the stuff, able to grip and make waterproof, a lighter. More than that, what if you fill your bowl, take a hit or two, then must scoot? “No worries,” say the Pipe Hugger peeps. Simply slip the sleeve over the bowl and it snuffs it, seals it, and saves it for later in a multitude of colors, no less. Another seemingly simple little invention is the “Perfect Pipe”, a small glass tube the size of a cigarette, outfitted with a filter, a screen, a poker for cleaning, and caps to keep everything in order. The makers say it’s designed to be unbreakable and made of “laboratory grade borosilicate glass, incorporating more than 40 years of scientific glassblowing experience. The irony is thick. 40 years of technology while 40 years of failed drug war misinformation made its way to the people. But, the people prevail with products to please. One pipe straight from Boeing is made of a material its makers say is “beyond fiberglass”. Made in Seattle, the “NEV” bong is light as a feather and made to last forever. At $400 a pop, it’s young makers are confident their invention is the next wave of smoking. Another invention that is as novel as it is functional is made by the “Smell My Finger Lighter” guy, and is an iPhone holder with a place for a pack of papers and a concave area to roll a fatty. Its maker states they are more than a tool, but a conversation starter as well – a way to change the world one light at a time. The “Toker Poker” is another classic lighter holder in lovely colors, imprinted with a cool design with the plus of a built-in poker for pipe cleaning, teeth picking – whatever and whenever a poke is needed (pun intended). Hemp is everywhere, of course, with uses demonstrated for building, boxing, baking, and just about every use you can imagine. The material the Protestival was built around, Hemp, continues to amaze as festival goers (and hopefully industry makers) learn it’s many uses. So whether you’re an artist carving useful implements from the earth, or pouring space age materials from a mold, or innovative in bringing Hemp-based products back to market, the sky is the limit on the innovations that are building an industry from this healthful, healing, and industrious plant.







EVENTS Just as legalization has stepped up the knowledge of health and healing within the plant, so have festival food makers stepped up to the table with a more healthful fare overall. Yes, there are still vats of bubbling oil cooking lumps of dough-slathered processed meats, producing gastronomical delights and demons; including the ever popular minidoughnut, being toted away by the dozen. This year’s topper; a burger served inbetween not one traditional bun, but two Krispy Crème classic sugar doughnuts. Festival eaters said, while the hedonistic hamburger was good (add cheese and bacon for effect); they would probably not be ordering two.

and veggies. They typically add cannabis leaf to the mix, but activated ordinances prohibited them to bring this writer’s daily dose to the fest. It’s a shame, for the leaf juiced is not heated and not psychoactive. Hopefully, one day, education of the cannabis plant will be as abundant as information on Hemp for this

seed and subsequent oil to be used in many personal products, free of persecution. Of the many Hemp CBD infused items at the fest, one table top display included edibles for sale by “The UC,” offering up health without the high. Those curious to the effect (or not) of CBD from Hemp could also purchase raw oil,

A close second to the doughnut laden burger was last year’s standout made by “Peanut Butter Goodness,” a jam-packed, deep fried PB&J filled with everything from classic jam to bananas and Nutella. A mix of nutrition with traditional fare came from a 15 year old young man who decided to follow in his father’s footsteps (also a food vendor), serving up Hawaiian grilled pineapple burgers with fresh-cut fries, and fresh cut and battered onion rings. The ambitious entrepreneur was accompanied by his mother, but fully in charge with lines to make the family proud.

Of the more healthful choices was simple grilled corn on the cob, stalk-on, enjoyed along pic-nic-style along Puget Sound. Falafels, veggie plates, healthful Asian and Thai plates, were good options enjoyed with a scoop of Hemp ice cream provided by barkers with attitude and style. Juicing is quickly becoming popular and one vendor, “The Organic Farmacy,” waxed poetic advising from its banner, “live to juice, juice to live,” serving up refreshing blends of cool fruits

always enlightening event. Hemp was in abundance in both food booths and clothing alike, but a real treat was “Hemp I Scream!” and its traveling vendor’s, adding a scoop of humor to every purchase, encouraging revelers to spoil themselves rotten. CBD or Cannabinoid are rising stars in the entourage effect of the Cannabis plant. When derived from the lower registering Hemp plant, the vote is still out whether this is a strong enough dose to be a viable healing supplement, but the lack of THC qualifies the

tinctures, and salves. While fast food habits fluctuate, healthful Hemp is here to stay. Whether your burger is dripping in goo, or infused with CBD, everyone walks away with either a full belly or a full head of knowledge for the plants growing for our use.







HEALTH Throughout our lives we are all faced with, or exposed to, varying degrees of stress and traumatic events. Examples include – loss of a loved one, car accident, physical assault, war/ combat, or a terrorist attack. For some folks the old adage “time heals all wounds” applies both mentally and physically given the proper amount of time. Unfortunately for others, time does not heal all wounds and people are left with physiological scars that progress

returning from Afghanistan and the Middle East suffer from PTSD. Another 22 American veterans take their lives every day because of PTSD. Unfortunately, the healthcare system responsible for taking care of our unsung heroes is grossly deficient in the area of mental health. The VA or Veteran’s Administration is understaffed and under-resourced to provide proper mental healthcare to our Veteran’s,

representative decision on a federal level, VA physicians caring for our troops can’t even discuss/recommend medical cannabis for pain or any other medical condition for that matter. However, they can prescribe addictive opioid pain medications, benzodiazepines, serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s), and anti-psychotics. Unfortunately, this cocktail of prescription drugs leaves many patients in a stupor and inability to enjoy life’s pleasures, let

“So long as PTSD is not a qualifying medical condition in states like Washington and Colorado, veterans do not appear to have that protection, and will be particularly wary to discuss the use of the drug with their physician.” into something much more serious and debilitating, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. While most people will recover from a traumatic event after a period of a couple of months, others will continue to experience the event for months or even years afterward. PTSD is a psychological disorder that occurs after a traumatic event and can have symptoms of persistent flashbacks, heightened alertness (anxiety), major depressive disorder, nightmares (night terrors), insomnia, and irritability/inability to control one’s emotions. Our brains are intrinsically hard wired to respond to severe duress, commonly referred to as our “fight or flight response”. When you feel your heart rate race, chest tighten, and perspiration rolling down your temples, that is your fight or flight response kicking in. It is an autonomic bodily response, meaning you don’t have control over it, it just happens. This response has kept us alive as a species throughout the millennium. From a neurobiological perspective, people that suffer from PTSD have incurred an injury to the region of the brain responsible for mood and emotions. PTSD is less of a disorder but more of a neurochemical imbalance/injury. Specifically, the Amygdala that is responsible for responses like fear, pleasure, feelings of punishment, and awareness of behavior is injured. As a result, PTSD patients will typically have an inability to control their thoughts, emotions, and ability to maintain their “cool” when introduced into stressful situations. The devastating mental and physical affects of PTSD are most prevalent and well understood amongst our veterans. It was recently reported that 20 percent of our troops

which is really a shame. I haven’t served in a war, but I sure wouldn’t be too thrilled if I laid my life on the line and then came home and didn’t receive the care I needed to reintegrate back into society. The good news is that PTSD is treatable. Psychotherapy, in which a therapist helps the patient learn to think about the trauma without experiencing stress, has proven to be an effective form of treatment. There are also medications that can be helpful in treating the symptoms of PTSD, although they carry their own set of negative side effects that many patients cannot tolerate. Lastly, veterans have used cannabis to manage the symptoms of PTSD since the Vietnam War. Currently only 11 states have PTSD as a qualifying medical cannabis condition. Most interestingly, in the two states where cannabis is legal, PTSD isn’t on the list of qualifying medical conditions. Unfortunately, the federal government’s suppression of research on cannabis has been centered particularly on PTSD. For veterans, medical cannabis is not an option under the federal Veterans Affairs Program because of it’s scheduling by the FDA. In fact, it used to be the case that any veteran using medical cannabis could lose their VA benefits. In 2010, the department released new guidance stating that veterans receiving medical cannabis under a state program would not lose their benefits. So long as PTSD is not a qualifying medical condition in states like Washington and Colorado, veterans do not appear to have that protection, and will be particularly wary to discuss the use of the drug with their physician. Many of our wounded solders suffer from PTSD but also struggle with chronic pain. Unfortunately, due to a recent house of

alone reintegrate back into society. While the use of cannabis for PTSD in the US has all but come to a standstill, other places in the world have been studying the effects of the cannabinoids in this disorder. For all intensive purposes, the epicenter of cannabis research is in Israel. While the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the DEA have continually hindered research efforts in the US, the Israeli government is funding and supporting breakthrough research on the many healing potentials of the cannabis plant including PTSD with their soldiers. The most recent study supporting the use of cannabis, specifically THC, in PTSD was published in the journal Clinical Drug Investigation in June of 2014. Researchers from the Hebrew University Medical Center in Jerusalem assessed the safety and efficacy of oral THC as an adjunct treatment in ten subjects with chronic PTSD. What they found is “The intervention caused a statistically significant improvement in global symptom severity, sleep quality, frequency of nightmares, and PTSD hyper arousal symptoms.” They concluded, “Orally absorbable delta-9-THC was safe and well tolerated by patients with chronic PTSD.” While I can appreciate the advertising efforts of some pro-cannabis companies to decrease the use of opioid pain medications in the NFL, lets not forget about our Veterans. These are the men and women who put their lives on the line for the freedoms we take for granted. In my mind shouldn’t we be putting a full sized ad in the NY Times for them first, versus a group of professional athletes who get the best medical care that money can buy…something wrong with this picture.





Cultural worlds collide and mingle at Hempfest, with crowds representing decade’s worth of devotees. Twenty-somethings in handmade tie-dyed ensembles shout “Free the Plant,” beside seniors from the sixties seemingly still clinging to the Grateful Dead with messages of peace and love; next to teens sporting the scientific symbols for THC and CBD, screaming, “No more lies!” The fashion statements made include a call to protest, and the delivery of the message is as creative as the person giving it. In the legal State of Washington the message for education and enlightenment for the plant come with pleads to release POWs, or prisoners from the failed War on Drugs, with the icons becoming as iconic as rock stars. Shades of the sixties are everywhere, bringing inspiration to the table via handmade items of natural materials, contrasting with the sparkling bling and plastic “Candy,” coveted by the younger Ravers. Two high-schoolers were found piling on handmade multi-colored adornments by Cassi of “8-Bit Babe,” with the only message conveyed being, “Fun!” Not a bad message at all, really. The usual India imports of paper thin, colorful floral dresses hang side-by-side to vendors making handmade patchwork Hippie clothes for a new generation of free-spirited activists. Blanket space is offered up for the small crafter, offering flower power, peace, and a little bit of happiness for the day via floral head dresses, assorted bling, and handmade patches made with love. Small dogs as accessories continue to be stowed away in designer purses, with children becoming an extension of their

parents message, adorned with Hemp clothing, growing up with the hope of a better world – or to re-coin the phrase, “Better living through Hemp.” Mainstream style-makers aren’t spared from the plethora of household items sporting quotes from activists (or the enlightened), with a favorite purchase of this writer’s fallen (but not down) idol, Martha Stewart, on a tea towel boasting, “Of course I know how to roll a joint!” Also purchased from the ever provocative “Natural Threads”, a pillowcase printed with the favorite expression, “Wake & Bake” in avocado green. Canna comic Ngaio Bealum was found by the “Mind Honey” booth picking up a surreal shirt made by Portland artist Sage Berry, helped by partner Jason Pennington. Berry uses beautiful photos she’s taken of cannabis, fruits, vegetables, and other eye candy, tweaking them in digital and using a unique process for a mind-bending effect. Another photographer using the plant with style is Karen Averill of Cannaflage Designs. Her fabulously rich shots of the ganja dripping in crystals and color are put on common items such as playing cards, mugs, and coasters, but clients also blaze entire walls, bedspreads and furniture with her artful photos. Tats are as expressive as the myriad of messages on t-shirts, and as the cause for Hemp and Cannabis grows, so do the personal messages of health, healing, industry and well being tell the story of decades of struggle toward a common goal. It’s fashionable now to be healthy and aware. So, stand up straight, adjust your logo, and show the world where the good stuff is with style.






The rage boils on. Concentrates, waxes…They look like lip balms apparently to inexperienced journalists in the Southern regions of the U.S., but here in Washington they are the hottest market around. After some DEA raids, dubbed Operation Shattered, the cannabis oil industry is desperately seeking regulation and control so houses will stop blowing up and feds will have to leave responsible blasters alone. I guess we could stop calling them “blasters” as well. Let’s start calling them chemists, shall we? Grab your lab coats, vials, burners, goggles, Bill Nye DVD set and scientific notepads as we visit the Seattle-based X-Tracted Labs. One of the more responsible, well-known local concentrate makers are the bright, smiling folks at X-Tracted who are at the forefront, producing grand amounts of safe and tasty oil for medical marijuana patients statewide for quite some time now. X-Tracted is the manufacturer to many brands you’re likely used to seeing amongst the



growing conglomerations of concentrates at your favorite dispensaries: Refine, being the most known, Northwest Concentrates, Clear Concentrate (with a “C”) and, of course, the flavored DOPE oil to twist into your DOPEn. Whichever brand you choose, if it was processed by X-Tracted, it’s a product you can trust. X-Tracted is so far ahead of the concentrate game they not only make their own Clear stuff, as opposed to outsourcing the chemistry and terpene additions, they have also helped develop the rules and regulations for cannabis oil manufacturing by giving advice and opening their doors to the Liquor Control Board, to show them how to do it right. There are no regulations currently in play for medical cannabis oil companies despite the glaring need for them. Their south Seattle based laboratory is located in an old chocolate factory and surprisingly has full-sized employees with a standard complexion, not orange and


green. This will continue to be their medical location while their new building in the SoDo will be utilized as their recreational facility. It’s a beautifully structured, multi-storied building with clean, white walls and it’s obvious it was meticulously designed for optimal safety and transparency. Purging ovens of various sizes were hard at work expunging unwanted leftover materials from the blasting process for an unadulterated final product for the masses. The room designated for the blasting, closed-loop of course, had many safety features most concentrate chemists overlook. These help not only with the safety of the employees but also the neighboring businesses and passersby. A rubber based, spark-proof floor and an explosion proof door, which, when closed, automatically opens an air duct located on another wall. X-Tracted only uses pure solvents. Why? Because that’s the only way to purge safely, I’m told. It was all quite impressive,

fascinating really. Building inspectors have approved the elaborate and game-changing setup while other companies are still using abandoned sheds or exploding their own warehouses all the while wondering why the feds are cracking down on them. Come on, folks. Beyond the safety standards and accoutrements, X-Tracted is also going above and beyond in terms of traceability. From their precisely weighed bags of trim, excessive labeling and paper trail for accountability, food-grade standards for handling and strict employee standards, it’s obvious they are setting the bar of excellence rather high for concentrate chemists around the nation. The improving and maturing of the industry of cannabis concentrates is a continuing process. X-Tracted aims to be the primary trendsetting company behind the push for a positive public image of BHO and other concentrates, and they will be for a long time to come.







WRITTEN BY MICHAEL CONDON JR. PHOTOS BY ALLIE BECKETT The rage boils on. Concentrates, waxes…They look like lip balms apparently to inexperienced journalists in the Southern regions of the U.S. but here in Washington they are the hottest market around. After some DEA raids, dubbed Operation Shattered, the cannabis oil industry is desperately seeking regulation and control so the houses will stop blowing up and the feds will leave responsible blasters alone. I guess we could stop calling them “blasters” as well. Let’s start to call them chemists, shall we? Grab your lab coats, vials, burners, goggles, Bill Nye DVD set and scientific notepads as we visit the Seattle-based X-Tracted Labs. One of the more responsible, more well-known of local concentrate makers are the bright, smiling folks at X-Tracted who have at the forefront, producing grand amounts of safe and tasty oil for medical marijuana patients statewide for quite some time now. X-Tracted being the manufacturer to many brands you’re likely used to seeing amongst the growing conglomerations of concentrates at your favorite dispensaries: Refine, being the most known, Northwest Concentrates, Clear Concentrate (with a “C”) and, of course, the flavored DOPE oil to twist onto your DOPEn. Whichever brand you choose, if it was processed by X-Tracted, it’s a product you can trust. X-Tracted is so far ahead of the concentrate game they not only make their own Clear stuff, as opposed to outsourcing the chemistry and terpene additions, they have also helped develop the rules and regulations for cannabis oil manufacturing by giving advice and opening their doors to the Liquor Control Board to show them how to do it right. There are no regulations currently in play for medical cannabis oil companies despite the glaring need for them. Their south Seattle based laboratory is based out of an old chocolate factory and but surprisingly has full-sized employees with standard complexion, not orange and green, and will

continue to be their medical location while their new building in SoDo will be utilized as their recreational facility. It’s a beautifully structured, multistoried building with clean, white walls and it’s obvious it was meticulously designed for optimal safety and transparency. Purging ovens of various sizes were hard at work expunging unwanted leftover materials from the blasting process for an unadulterated final product for the masses. The room designated for the blasting, closed-loop of course, had many safety features most concentrate chemists overlook. This helps not only with the safety of the employees but also the neighboring businesses and passersby. A rubber based, spark-proof floor and an explosion proof door which, when closed, automatically opens an air duct located on another wall. X-Tracted only uses pure solvents. Why? Because that’s the only way to purge safely, I’m told. It was all quite impressive, fascinating really. Building inspectors have approved the elaborate and game-changing setup while other companies are still using abandoned sheds or exploding their own warehouses all the while wondering why the feds are cracking down on them. Come on, folks. Beyond the safety standards and accoutrements, X-Tracted is also going above and beyond in terms of traceability. From their precisely weighed bags of trim, excessive labeling and paper trail for accountability, food-grade standards and handling and strict employee standards, it’s obvious they are setting the bar of excellence for concentrate chemists around the nation rather high. The improving and maturing of the industry of cannabis concentrates is a continuing process and X-Tracted aims to be the primary trendsetting company behind the push for a positive public image of BHO and other concentrates and they will be for a long time to come. For more on X-Tracted visit their website at




Are you a good candidate for medical marijuana? Why choose medical? Better Quality, Lower Cost: Medical marijuana products are produced and curated to deliver the highest quality, at the most manageable cost. Greater Selection: There are over 135 licensed dispensaries, collectives, and co-operatives statewide, which means more convenience for you as a patient. Requirements: Patients with chronic or intractable pain, glaucoma, cancer, Crohn's disease, and many other conditions get approved for medical marijuana every day. For a full list of qualifying conditions, visit our website at...

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Our dear friends at High Times Magazine are taking over Seattle once again this September 6th and 7th, only this time it’s in Everett, but still dubbed the High Times Seattle Cannabis Cup despite being held at the Comcast Arena. The positive: this is a much larger location for more people, more booths, more speakers and a special guest concert put on by The Wailers who are scheduled to perform the entirety of the “Legend” album. What can you expect from this two-day, multi-faceted event? Seminars galore! Informative seminars about the military and marijuana, how to break into the cannabis industry, “The Art of Edibles”, growing tips for beginners and experts, a Washington state I-502 navigation panel and much more. Notorious names such as breeder and grower extraordinaire DJ Short, High Times’ own Danny Danko, Attorney Kurt Boehl, Ah Warner and others. The Arena will feature a main section for booths full of glassware, clothing, grow equipment and the likes while an outdoor section will host more vendors, more medical marijuana related booths,

and a medicating section for patients 18 and over. Identification and wristbands will be required for entry. Did I mention Bob Marley’s famed instrumentalists The Wailers will perform on Saturday night? It promises to be a most magical evening following the first day of festivities. The second night will feature the finest cannabis strains in the Indica and Sativa categories, the most delectable edibles, and the cleanest most potent concentrates receiving awards and accolades from the most prestigious national cannabis magazine in print. To win any of these awards is a grower’s, dispensary’s, and breeder’s dream come true. Two day passes are available for the diehard fans (comes with a commemorative shirt) along with single day passes for more casual stoners or High Times fans. But choosing a single day to attend may be tough. Choosing between The Wailers and the Award Show could be difficult. For more information including ticket prices, check out



EVENTS Seattle Hempfest 2014 Seattle Hempfest has been pivotal in the fight to legalize marijuana and hemp for almost a quarter of a century now. The speakers have been progressively more involved in drug and public policy while the attendees are becoming more and more acquainted with a legal marijuana system. This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s festivities were no exception. The crowd poured into Myrtle Edwards park each of the three days



dedicated to the event. Friday saw an abundance of cannabis supporters and featured many prominent speakers including DJ Short, 502 scriber Alison Holcomb, the immortal Ed Rosenthal, Jodie Emery and that was only a few of the main stage speakers. Saturday was the heaviest day in terms of attendance and it felt like it as the clouds dissipated and the sun enlightened the crowd as they listened to the musical styling of Lilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;


Eazy-E, son of the legendary NWA member. Sunday arrived and with ex-presidential hopeful, Governor Gary Johnson, Mayor Mike McGinn and Chief Greenbud all in quick succession on the main stage. Smoking gardens were meticulously placed throughout the venue to show what could be done at other festivals in Washington State in lieu of the often problematic beer gardens weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re so used to seeing.

Some unlearned skeptics consider Hempfest to be redundant now that legalization is upon us but the laws we are dealing with, along with the system we are creating, need our voices to be louder than ever. DOPE would like to thank the speakers and musicians who came out for Hempfest 2014 but weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d especially like to thank the hundreds of thousands of attendees who make this event so special.


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EVENTS Cannacon / Hempfest VIP Party Washington and Cannabis go together like businesses and conventions! Both were quite evident this year as the Northwest Cannacon touched down in August (during Hempfest shockingly) at the Tacoma Dome. No monster trucks here, just booth after booth of businesses selling themselves to other businesses. CannaCon is just the kind of event we needed to bring everybody together and help us remember the



business world is often less violent than the rest of the world. The event was filled with investors, growers, 502â&#x20AC;&#x2122;ers, designers, lighting companies, trimming machines and dirt slangers galore. Suits were commonplace while flip-flop wearing bearded hippies were minimal. Really just me. CannaCon represents a new generation of marijuana businesses, ready to step it up and prove themselves as a


valid, financially feasible, major American industry. The aim seemed directed at the new, soon to be bursting-at-the-seams, legal recreational market more than your standard home grower or medical marijuana provider. Business expansion and sideways handshakes offering creatively designed business cards and daring examples of “what we can do for you!” made up the feel of the event and the speakers made

it clear that the marijuana industry was a new force to be reckoned with. After Hempfest and Cannacon wrapped up on Saturday nearly 100 of the industries “movers and shakers” attended the DOPE Magazine & Dutch Master Hempfest VIP Party directly across the street from Mertyle Edwards Park. The night included complimentary appetizers and beverages and amazing networking for our industry peers.



ANALYTICAL 360 is Washington State’s first Cannabis Analysis Laboratory to provide Quality Assurance testing to the Medical Marijuana Community in Washington State. By offering Cannabinoid and Terpene Potency Profiling, Foreign Matter Inspection, Microbial Analysis, and Residual Solvent Testing, ANALYTICAL 360 has helped Collective Gardens provide cleaner and safer products to their Medical Marijuana Patients. Now that Recreational Marijuana is legal, ANALYTICAL 360 is proud to be selected as the first Cannabis Analysis Laboratory certified by Washington State to provide Quality Assurance services to I-502 Producers, Processors, Retailers, and Consumers.

Grown in Washington State

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ANALYTICAL 360 Cannabis Analysis Laboratory

Western Washington 2735 1st Ave South Seattle, WA 98134

Open Everyday • Courier Service • Counsulting


Eastern Washington 29 North 1st Ave Yakima, WA 98902



MYTH: IT IS POSSIBLE TO REGISTER YOUR CANNABIS BRAND FOR FEDERAL TRADEMARK PROTECTION. There is a great deal of confusion surrounding how and where to register a cannabis trademark. Contrary to popular belief, it is not possible to register your cannabis brand for federal trademark protection. The federal government will not register cannabis product trademarks due to the federally illegal nature of the product. Despite varying levels of legalization in many states, marijuana is still a Schedule I Controlled Substance, so unless and until cannabis is legalized at the federal level, registering a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office is not an option for cannabis business owners. Another misconception is that cannabis business owners can obtain so-called “regional trademarks” for their brands. Some in the industry are claiming that a trademark in one state will protect you in other states within the same region. This too is simply not true. Fortunately, this is not the end of the discussion. There are two



relatively effective and inexpensive ways to work around the federal government’s refusal to issue cannabis trademarks. The first is to secure a federal trademark for something other than cannabis. This option, however, only makes sense in certain cases. The second is to secure a state trademark. This option is best for the vast majority of cannabis businesses. Many states allow cannabis businesses to register a state trademark for both brand names and strain names. Not only do state trademark registrations provide protection within an individual state, they also put other businesses on notice that you are claiming first use of the brand. The state trademark registration process is also typically less expensive and time intensive than its federal counterpart. So while neither federal nor “regional” trademark registrations are currently available to cannabis businesses, state registration often is. It is important to know your options for protecting your brand, and to fully utilize the options you have.

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