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Standards and Quality Report Doonvale Private Nursery School 2022-2023

Our Vision Our vision at Doonvale is to ensure that all our children are happy, safe and secure in a fun, stimulating and inclusive learning environment. We foster a welcoming ethos where our families are respected, supported and valued. We endeavour to work in partnership with our parents, encouraging participation and enjoyment in their child’s learning journey. Doonvale places a strong focus on outdoor play where our children engage in high quality experiences, thriving within a rich and natural setting. This vision was created in collaboration with our children, parents and staff. Children remain at the heart of nursery life. Every day we are impressed with their enjoyment of life and eagerness to learn. They are our inspiration.

Our Values

Children First

Love of Learning


Doonvale Values

Responsibility & Respect


Equality & Equity

Context of the school / early years centre

Doonvale Private Nursery School is a 57 FTE establishment. The nursery opened on April 1 st 2003 and this year we celebrated our 20 year anniversary. Doonvale is situated on attractive farmland on Doonholm Estate on the outskirts of Alloway. The nursery is based in a wonderful conversion of renovated farm buildings, consisting of three large, bright spacious playrooms catering for under 2s, 2-3 year olds and 3-5 year olds. The nursery is registered with the Care Inspectorate to provide a care service for a maximum of 57 children aged between 6 weeks to 5 years. During the session 2022-2023, we provided early learning and childcare funded places for 44 children (26 ante pre children and 18 preschool). Doonvale Nursery is fortunate to have such outstanding outdoor space. There are two large, covered play barns with additional grassy area and a small garden adjacent to the Buttery which are all accessed daily. Our children enjoy many excursions on the private estate, including nature walks, the Daily Mile, woodland adventure play and visits to the stables. Furthermore, we have a charming apple orchard that is fondly known by our children as ‘The Secret Garden’. Here the children have the opportunity to explore, investigate and learn in a natural environment. Children and parents are actively involved in the life of the nursery. They are invited to join our focus groups/committees and we regularly seek parental feedback through monthly evaluations. At Doonvale, we believe in championing the voices of our children and we consistently support and encourage them to become leaders in their own learning.

Staffing Doonvale Nursery has a caring, dedicated and highly skilled team of professionals, consisting of 2 owners, 1 Business Partner, 1 full time manager, 3 Senior Practitioners and 11 Practitioners. In addition to this we have 1 part time music teacher, 1 cook, 1 housekeeper and access to 1 peripatetic teacher provided by SAC. Staff training is actively encouraged by management to empower practitioners throughout the nursery, increasing staff confidence, forward thinking and motivation. For example, our staff have undertaken a variety of training this year including Child Protection, Alice Sharp Under 3s Masterclasses (8 weeks), UNCRC Training, Music in Early Years, Safe Sleep by the Scottish Cot Death Trust, Nurture in the Early Years, Paediatric First Aid, Effective Maths Foundations and Alice Sharp for 3-5yr olds. The knowledge and skills acquired through training help us to provide the best possible environment for our children to play, learn and develop important life skills. The nursery has a designated Child Protection Co-ordinator who ensures all staff have annual training in CP and acts as a first point of contact for staff on issues of Child Protection. There is an ASN Co-ordinator who liaises closely with SAC Inclusion Officer to meet the needs of our most vulnerable children. Community Data Doonvale Nursery is situated in the Carrick (north) district and serves mainly Alloway, Doonfoot, Prestwick and outlying villages. The nursery is non-denominational and coeducational. Below is the data from the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation 2020 (SIMD) covering Carrick (north) Population Working age Income deprivation Employment deprivation

993 599 80 60

The nursery plays an important part in supporting the local community. The majority of our children are from families where both parents are in employment; therefore, the children spend considerable time in nursery. We know our children and families very well and staff are sensitive and responsive to individual family circumstances and needs. All staff are aware that the care and nurture of our children is of paramount importance and has a direct impact on the quality of learning.

SIMD Our children come from deciles 1 through to 10 within the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation. Granary (3-5yr playroom) Decile Table Decile 1 2 3 4 No. 1 0 1 3 % 2% 0% 2% 7%

5 15 34%

*1 child’s postcode was unobtainable on the SIMD calculator.

6 2 5%

7 4 9%

8 1 2%

9 6 14%

10 10 23%

Scottish Attainment Challenge The Scottish Attainment Challenge is about achieving equity in educational outcomes, with a particular focus on closing the poverty-related attainment gap. We are pleased that our child living in Decile 1 has achieved all 10 of their pre-school milestones. All children benefit from the quality experiences and interactions enabled by dedicated and nurturing staff. Staged Intervention procedures are in place to ensure the needs of individual children are identified, assessed and planned for. Our staged intervention process is flexible and allows for movement between the stages depending on individual children’s progress. At present we have 2 children accessing ASN support. We have no CP or LAC children. The table below shows the percentage of pre-school children achieving 8 or more milestones in each curricular area. Health & Wellbeing Communication & Literacy Maths & Numeracy

2021-2022 95% 89% 89%

2022-2023 83% 78% 89%

Factors Affecting Progress Over the course of the academic year, we had an unprecedented amount of children absent for significant periods due to illness and holidays. The repercussions of Covid continue to have an impact upon our children’s attendance and learning. Our pre-school children, who usually would have built immunity to various childhood illnesses, have experienced bouts of Chickenpox, Strep A and Sickness & diarrhoea. Furthermore, we have found that many of our families choose to take their holidays during term-time as opposed to the summer. In addition, we have had unavoidable staff changes within the 3-5 playroom due to two pregnancies within a team of four. It has taken time for us to recruit quality staff and form a new team. We have identified the need for staff training on moderation, which will take place throughout the year.

Inspection Evaluations Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our last Care Inspectorate unannounced inspection was on the 13th of September 2018. There were no requirements or recommendations. We were delighted to receive a 6- Excellent for the quality of Care and Support and a 5- Very Good for the quality of the Environment. In June 2022, the Nursery volunteered to undergo a Covid Recovery visit from Education Scotland. The aim of these visits was to help HMIe gain a better understanding of the impact of Covid-19. Their focus was on continuity of learning and the health and wellbeing of children and staff. This was a very positive visit and we were grateful for their input. Wider Achievements We work hard to foster positive links within our community and have partnered with local charity ‘Baby to Teen’. This charity supports children in need within Ayrshire. In December, Doonvale staff and families donated 116 Red Bags Full of Joy to their Night Before Christmas Campaign. In addition, a small number of staff and parents kindly volunteered to help assist with the packing of the Christmas bags. This ensured that all children received presents on Christmas morning. We also collected 141 Easter Eggs in April to support their Easter Egg Appeal. This also teaches our older children important values such as caring for others, compassion and empathy. Doonvale Nursery approached Cherry Tree Early Years Centre to offer our collection of spare clothing to add to their Clothing Bank. They gratefully received the donation and are keen to continue to foster a partnership. Nothing made us prouder this year than seeing our pre-school children shine at their Sports Day and Graduation Ceremony. These are very popular nursery traditions which allow the children to celebrate their achievements and mark the right of passage from nursery to school.

What key outcomes have we achieved? School Priority 1: To improve the health and wellbeing of our children NIF Priority: Improvement in Children’s Links to HGIOS 4 / HGIOELC Health & Wellbeing 2.5, 2.7, 3.1 Progress and Impact Hygge Approach Staff have embraced the Hygge Approach (a Scandinavian way of living) across all 3 playrooms within the nursery, by creating a home from home environment. Quiet and cosy areas have been expanded, establishing a calm sense of arrival in our setting. Where possible, there is gentle lighting, natural resources and soft furnishings. This has created a relaxed and welcoming environment for children, staff and parents alike. Our Wellbeing and Nurture Audits for children, parents and staff showed us that our Hygge Approach has had a positive impact upon the welcoming, homely and positive ethos at Doonvale. Parental Feedback (Parental Audit April 2023): “We are always greeted with genuine smiles and warmth, it’s a lovely environment” Byre (0-2yrs) “It is a little second home for my girls” Buttery (2yrs) “Always very nurturing and caring, a home away from home” Granary (3-5yrs) Children’s Feedback (Nurture Audit April 2023): When the children were asked ‘How do the ladies help you to feel good about yourself in nursery”, they replied; “Give you cuddles” “Because they take you walks and Secret Garden” “they make me loved” Staff Feedback (Wellbeing Audit April 2023) In our Wellbeing Audit, the majority of our staff strongly agree that their general mental health and wellbeing is good. We believe this is in part due to the more relaxed ethos inspired by our Hygge Approach. Data collection from our pre-school milestones has also shown us that the milestone “I can share with others” has increased from 79% to 83% this current year. Children are more relaxed within the playroom and this is evident through their play. Our ongoing aim is to embrace the children’s blossoming love of nature by making our

playrooms an extension of our wonderful outdoor environment. Famly App In the Autumn of 2022, we introduced our first digital Parent App, called Famly, as an enhanced communication tool for our families. Staff use the app to liaise with parents directly, log nappies and snacks/meals in real time and share photos of children enjoying nursery life. Parental feedback has been extremely positive, as identified in our Parental Audit. “Famly App has been a fantastic addition” “The new App is a great way for parents to contact the nursery and we usually get an immediate response. We are kept up-to-date with the menu changes etc and any news on the app. We love the pictures of their day!” Our App Usage amongst our families is encouragingly at 96%. SHANARRI (8 Wellbeing Indicators) In our Baby room, one of the team created a SHANARRI book to provide a fun and stimulating resource for the babies and toddlers to enjoy. This was a gentle introduction to SHANARRI, encouraging the children to relate to the characters with family photos. The children were very engaged in this experience and are becoming familiar with the characters. Within the 2yr old playroom, the SHANARRI characters were introduced to the children through singing. A staff member created a SHANARRI song book with all the characters and their meaning. The Buttery have focused upon 3 characters; Safe Sam, Healthy Heidi and Active Andy. The children have now gained an understanding of road safety, healthy eating and daily exercise. In our 3-5yr playroom, the SHANARRI wellbeing characters are linked to the children’s Golden Rules. Through this, the children gain an understanding of being safe, healthy, active, nurturing, achieving, responsible, respected and included. They are confident and secure within their sense of self. Next Steps To continue and expand further the Hygge Approach across the nursery. School Priority 2: To continue to improve attainment in Numeracy & Literacy NIF Priority: Assessment of Children’s Links to HGIOS 4 / HGIOELC Progress 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 3.2 Progress and Impact Big Bedtime Read Doonvale Nursery continues to promote equity and excellence through a range of

educational approaches. This year we have placed a strong literacy focus on the Big Bedtime Read initiative which encourages children to independently choose a story from our library to take home. This ensures all children have the opportunity to access books and enjoy them at home with their family. Most of our children regularly make use of this wonderful independent homelink, alongside their siblings and extended families. As a result, 94% of our pre-school children have achieved the milestone ‘I can re-tell a familiar story’ and 83% have achieved ‘I regularly choose to read a book’. Speech and Language In April 2023, we held our first Drop-In session with our Speech & Language Therapist, Fiona Brown from South Ayrshire. This was positively received as it allowed our parents from all playrooms to discuss their child’s speech, language and communication skills. Fiona was able to offer strategies to parents which nursery could also follow. ECERS Through the use of ECERS, staff evaluated mathematical activities within the environment of the 3-5yr playroom. Adult Reading with the Children On evaluation, the ECERS score was 6 (very good). There were two areas identified for improvement: the provision of more support material e.g. puppets, story sacks and training on Blooms Taxonomy. These will be addressed on next year’s improvement plan. Emergent Writing The ECERS score was 6 (very good). To further improve, we plan to establish a theme within the mark making area to encourage the children to write. E.g. a Post Office. Numeracy Block Play Staff assessed children’s accessibility to block play and how it could be improved. We decided to remove a partition in the playroom to create wall to wall block play on a large carpeted area. This allowed our young architects to be creative and innovative in their structures and the impact is evident within our milestones. 100% of our pre-school children achieved the milestone ‘I can use 2D shapes and 3D objects to build and create’. This was an increase from last year’s 84%. Matching and Sorting Activities On assessment of matching, sorting and comparing, the nursery scored a 7 rating (excellent) on the ECERS scale. No further action was deemed necessary, but we will continue to maintain this standard. 89% of our pre-school children can match and sort objects successfully.

Use of Educational Scotland Numeracy Professional Learning Resource Guidance document Staff made good use of this document to implement a variety of mathematical experiences. These included the establishment of a numeracy wall display, the creation of a numeracy pallet in the Secret Garden, games on the interactive table and lots of loose parts play indoors and out. 89% of our children achieved 8 out of 10 maths and numeracy milestones. Next Steps To continue to use ECERS to evaluate our Numeracy & Literacy environment. To continue to use Educational Scotland Numeracy document to support and develop practice within the playroom.

School Priority 3 Placing the human rights of every child and young person at the centre of education NIF Priority: - Assessment of Links to HGIOELC Children’s Progress 2.3, 3.3 Progress and Impact

Sustainability & Developing the Young Workforce We had too ambitious plans to expand and grow our gardening area, with a view to the children selling their own produce. Unfortunately due to circumstances outwith our control, we found it extremely difficult to implement this initiative. We fully intend to take this forward over the next two years on a simpler scale. At the request of the children, one of our vegetable plots is now a designated loose parts area. Next Steps At the start of the new term, we will continue with our children’s Gardening floorbook and develop a plan for the forthcoming growing season. We will seek support from our green fingered parents and grandparents.

Evaluation Summary School Self Evaluation Quality Indicator: 1.3 Leadership of Change Developing a shared vison, values and aims relevant to the ELC setting and its community

At Doonvale, we have a clear and ambitious vision and core values which is embraced by children, parents and staff alike. Doonvale is a warm, nurturing nursery where our children, parents and staff feel valued and secure. We strive to consistently achieve high standards in learning, and we have worked hard to ensure high quality learning experiences take place both indoors and in the outdoor natural environment. Strategic planning for continuous improvement Senior Practitioners are visible and highly effective leaders. Over the past year we have experienced three staff pregnancies and have taken time to recruit knowledgeable and suitable staff. Personal Development Reviews for staff are carried out regularly. These highlight the contribution practitioners bring and allow staff the opportunity to improve self-awareness, as well as reflect upon individual achievements and areas for development. Our staff are encouraged and supported to develop leadership skills by taking the initiative and responsibility for one particular area of improvement over a specified period of time. Staff are very creative in taking forward aspects of learning in the outdoors. Our ongoing Gardening Project within the Secret Garden has had a particularly positive impact on the wellbeing of children and staff. Overall, children have responded well to spending time outdoors in a natural, sensory environment. Implementing improvement and change There is a rigorous self-evaluation process in place, involving management, staff, parents and children. Monthly parent evaluations were introduced this year and gave our stakeholders a voice in the successful running of the nursery. In order to set our priorities for our Improvement Plan, we take information from our developmental milestones, data, inspection reports, parental audit and feedback from local authority partners. In terms of leadership of change we would rate ourselves as good. The Nursery Manager has implemented several new initiatives across the nursery including monthly parent and staff evaluations, Staff Wellbeing chats and a Mentoring programme for new team members. This promotes a culture of inclusivity and continuous improvement at Doonvale. School Self Evaluation Quality Indicator: 2.3 Learning and Teaching Learning and engagement

Staff provide a nurturing, supportive environment in which all children feel valued, safe and secure. Children are happy to come to nursery, have fun and engage fully in a variety of stimulating play-based experiences. Children are encouraged to engage in a balance of child-initiated play and well-planned adult-led experiences both indoor and out. Staff have extremely close and positive relationships with the children and a good understanding of individual needs. As a result, our children are confident and motivated learners as evident in their daily interactions. They are more than willing to talk about their learning and achievements with staff and peers. We strive to create close relationships with all our families and promote this through our open-door policy, effective communication and honest and transparent approach. Quality of interactions The staff are becoming more skilled and confident in using their understanding, professional knowledge and training in order to deliver improved outcomes for our children. Staff are sensitive and responsive to the needs of each individual child. We have a very good understanding of child development and early learning pedagogy. We listen effectively to our children and respond to their views and interests. We have high expectations of both behaviour and attainment. Effective use of assessment Staff know our children and families very well. High quality natural observations take place throughout the day. This helps staff to make accurate judgements regarding children’s progress. Staff have a good working knowledge of the developmental milestones for pre-school children. We have established our own set of milestones for our ante pre-school children (3 year olds). This has enabled staff to better assess the development and progress of our ante pre-school children and staff can build upon this knowledge to support their learning journey in their pre-school year. Parents receive regular, up-to-date information on their children’s progress and achievements. We facilitate this by ensuring robust handovers, updating next steps, consultation evenings, detailed monthly newsletters, our Famly App and our Nursery Open Evening. Planning, tracking and monitoring We have rigorous procedures for planning, tracking and monitoring. At present our planning is responsive to the needs and interests of our children.

Each care plan and profile is personal and individual to that particular child. Staff make very good use of learning profiles to support children to take ownership, participate and reflect on their learning. Both children and parents make valuable contributions to these profiles. Children can talk confidently about their own learning experiences evidenced in these profiles and enjoy sharing them with their peers and members of staff. The Nursery Manager reviews children’s holistic progress regularly to ensure they receive the appropriate support or challenge where required. This was implemented in August 2022 and has been invaluable in monitoring children’s individual progress. Staged Intervention paperwork is in place for our ASN children. We work closely with the appropriate agencies to ensure the best possible outcomes for these children. Individual plans have clear targets and outcomes and are reviewed regularly with parents.

School Self Evaluation Quality Indicator: 3.1 Ensuring wellbeing, equity and inclusion Wellbeing

At Doonvale, there is a strong sense of family where everyone has a shared understanding of the nursery’s ethos regarding the quality of care provided. We are proactive in promoting positive behaviour through the provision of caring, nurturing relationships. This approach leads to our children being confident, happy individuals who are keen to learn. We are committed to recognising, respecting and promoting children’s rights. We engage children in discussion and raise awareness of their own rights in fun and interactive ways. Staff use the GIRFEC Wellbeing Triangle and Shanarri Indicators to help identify and support individual children. We actively promote positive behaviour throughout the nursery. Our 3-5 year old children are responsible for creating their own ‘Golden Rules’ to help establish clear expectations of the rules and boundaries within nursery. These Golden Rules also encompass such traits as kindness, empathy and consideration of others. Fulfilment of statutory duties Staff are aware of their statutory duties as laid out in the Scottish Social Services Council Codes of Practice. The nursery is registered with the ICO, follows all GDPR regulations and has a Care Inspectorate Certificate of Registration and Employers Liability Insurance. All staff are registered with the SSSC and are members of the Protecting Vulnerable Group scheme. A care plan is put in place for each child within 28 days and is reviewed every 6 months. Our staff receive annual Child Protection Training and know the appropriate action to take if concerned about a child’s safety or wellbeing. All staff are aware of the designated Child Protection officer. Chronologies are kept for all ASN children and regularly reviewed and shared with parents and appropriate agencies. Inclusion and equality We have an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued. Practitioners make certain that all children have the opportunities and support to reach their full potential. We celebrate differences and respect different cultures. The Nursery has continued to work closely with other agencies to ensure the best possible outcomes for our ASN children. We have worked tirelessly throughout the year to facilitate regular TAC meetings with professionals such as Speech & Language Therapist, Physio, Occupational Therapist, Educational Psychologist, Consultant Paediatrician, Health Visitors and School Staff. Our parents have also attended these meetings and have been fully involved in all aspects of their child’s care throughout the year. This has had a most positive impact on their ability to learn and has significantly reduced barriers to learning. This has ensured that our children’s individual needs are met and where necessary the

appropriate school transition is delivered.

School Self Evaluation Quality Indicator: 3.2 Raising attainment and achievement Progress in communication, early language, mathematics, health and wellbeing

Staff have a very good understanding of how children develop early language skills and mathematical thinking. Staff ensure that opportunities to effectively support this development are embedded within the daily nursery routine. Young children are developing good vocabulary and are encouraged to talk through Bookbug sessions, small group times and song/story time. Almost all of our older children can competently re-tell a familiar story (94%) and all can follow a simple instruction (100%). In maths, children are confidently using numbers and the language of measurement during play. This is evident in our quantitative data, with all pre-school children achieving the following milestones; ‘ I can touch and count items up to 5’ ‘I can use fingers and objects to make quantities to 5’ ‘I can compare and describe different lengths, heights and weights’ ‘I can use 2D shapes and 3D objects to build and create’ A strong focus on health and wellbeing has had a very positive impact on our children’s learning and development, particularly in the outdoors. As a result, almost all our preschool children (94%) can competently run, jump and balance, and also risk assess safely. Children’s progress over time Throughout the nursery, our children are settled, happy motivated learners who are developing in confidence and resilience. All staff have a sound understanding of child development. They have established warm and secure relationships with the children and their families. Staff work very closely and effectively with parents and other professionals to provide the best possible outcome for each individual child. Overall quality of children’s achievement We have high expectations of achievement which are shared by parents, staff and children. We also celebrate children’s individual achievements out with nursery. Parents recognise the importance of sharing such successes and this is evidenced very clearly in the children’s profiles. Staff make effective use of positive feedback and praise to promote self-worth and encourage co-operation and independence. Children are encouraged to be responsible; for example, setting the Golden Rules, taking on the role of playroom monitors and undertaking risk assessments. Their ideas and opinions are valued, enabling them to make sensible choices and become leaders in their own learning.

Ensuring equity for all children At Doonvale we have a welcoming and inclusive ethos based on mutual trust, integrity and respect. We are proactive in identifying and helping to reduce potential barriers to effective learning of our children. We use data effectively, for example developmental milestones and information from the SIMD, to monitor progress and identify areas for improvement.

What are the key priorities for improvement in 2023-2024

  

To enhance the health and wellbeing of all our children by implementing one of the six principles of nurture. To improve attainment in maths and literacy through a targeted focus on specific developmental milestones and areas within the playroom. To expand children’s knowledge of the value of gardening and how it can contribute to a sustainable environment.

What is the capacity for improvement? Doonvale nursery is committed to delivering high quality care and learning experiences. We have a very strong team who work collaboratively to ensure that we can provide a safe, inspirational and stimulating learning environment. We are delighted that 3 long standing members of our Doonvale team are expecting their first babies. We wish them all the very best as they take the next step into parenthood. Due to these circumstances, the nursery has had to make small adjustments to our staff teams to ensure each playroom runs to the best of its ability. In preparation for this we held our very first Recruitment Open Day in February whereby local practitioners were invited to tour the nursery and meet with the management team. This was a very positive experience as we secured a practitioner for our 3-5yr playroom. In addition, we have had to appoint 2 new seniors within the 2yr old and 3-5yr playrooms who are being mentored by the Nursery Manager. We understand that the nursery is experiencing a time of change, however we have confidence in our hard working staff and their ability to adapt. By August, we expect our teams to be fully established and settled within all playrooms. We are looking forward to the year ahead with our children in a fun, vibrant and secure place for learning and development.

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