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"Ride n write, throttle to pen.... We are the stewards of our kind and as such we inherently chronicle, not only our collective experiences, but also Brothers & Sisters we echo within each and every line penned." ~ Larry Scerri ~ Co-Founder Road Scribes of America

We Are Laurence P Scerri

The Biker's Muse MarySusan Williams-Migneault

Down And Out Eddie Sorez

We are that hellion kid on a tricycle Forging a bond within the wind The graybeard veteran that came back home Who never quite fit in

She is the colors that he wears ... The very patch that binds his heart To his soul and to hers.

As you pass me by Upon your ride I'll extend my hand Down and out Acknowledging Does not matter What you ride Can get killed just as quick On a Jap, a Hog, a Brit We share a common bond The wind and the road A breed apart we are Not trapped in a cage We share the same wind The same road Two wheels or three Doesn't matter to me If you pass me by Upon your ride Extend your hand As I do mine

She is the tattoo that stretches We are the rogues and rebels, sinners and saints His life across his skin A balm that heals his wounds. Worst nightmares and dreams come true The jealousy and envy you feel each day She is the wind that blows The freedom not afforded you Across the surface of his life Cooling the heat of many sins. We are that loner packing a bedroll Whose destiny is to ever roam He searches the horizon Each state representing one more room For the vision of her face In his American home Even though he feels her We are the group along the roadside Sitting against his back. Whom you revere and revile The weekend escape from your nine to five She bears his restless spirit When you’re clad in Biker Style Feels it beat against her skin She bears his restless spirit We are that long ribbon of tinsel As far as the eye can see As he leans into her curves Clogging the arteries of your city To lay a gift neath a hospital tree She bears his restless spirit We are genuine American Bikers Never resigned to be out of sight Know that we shall never back down Nor fade quietly into the night

Balancing him in her wind He listens for her whisper On roads that never end

Drama's behind Rod Hatter

Still Green Lad

My soul took a loss, around that last bend... Yet I'll keep on ridin'...until my mind's end. Keep scribin' ink, telling my tales... The true remedy... for why my soul ails... Leave all the dramas...in my rear view. Look straight ahead...share something new. Through fellowship, should never lose... Nobody ever should suffer the blues. Rekindle lessons from the old school... Positive energy...now my life's fuel. As that fuel burns, layin' down lines... Poetry, stories, all wrote so fine. Knowing those lines...they say what's real. Telling the whole world just how I feel...

Daylight Rises, The thunder sounds Another day, Nowhere bound A Burning passion, Leather Clad Another Biker, A still green lad Uncorrupted youth, Destiny set Follow the creed, Not sure yet Time will tell, There is no doubt Untold dreams, Thought about Heroes he has, Legacy’s few Ride the roads, Pay the dues Feel the wind, Live and learn Time runs slow, Wheels still turn Wants this life, Settle for no other A still green lad, A future Brother



Bob Bryant

On January 13, 2012 - The Road Scribes of America: A Fellowship of the Pen, the Wind, and the Road was founded. Their mission is to ride and write together with a positive creative spirit, and through mutual support, with respect and loyalty towards each other, and the literary and/or artistic community at large, bringing the reader, the audience and the writer/artist together on a ride towards a new horizon on the literary landscape. While the Road Scribes of America are not exclusive to any one genre, or any medium of artistic expression, their devotion to Biker Poetry remains. Their purpose as a fellowship is to promote publication and support the writer/artist in what is often a solitary experience on the literary landscape. For more information, or to look the Road Scribes of America over, go to http://roadscribesofamerica.com



Great Destinationz...

photos: Moe & Doobie

story: Doobie

Bath, N.C. is steeped in history. It is known as North Carolina’s first town. European settlement started near the Pamlico River in the 1690s. In 1696 the county of Bath was established and in 1705 the present Beaufort County was established as Pampticough precinct. The town’s location seemed ideal for trade routes with easy access to the river and the Atlantic Ocean 50 miles away at Ocracoke Inlet. The first settlers were French Protestants from Virginia. Trade in naval stores, furs, and tobacco was important, and Bath became the first port of entry into North Carolina. Early Bath was agitated by political rivalries, epidemics, Indian wars, and piracy. Cary’s Rebellion (1711) was an armed struggle over religion and politics in the colony. An epidemic of yellow fever and a severe drought occurred in 1711. The Tuscarora War between the weakened settlers and the powerful Tuscarora Indians followed immediately. Bath became a refuge for the surrounding area until the Indian power was fractured. During the 18th century, Bath’s busy streets and docks were frequented by Royal Governors, Colonial Assemblymen, and even the haunt of Edward Teach, better known as the pirate “Blackbeard.” An expedition of the British Navy killed him in a naval battle near Ocracoke in 1718. Later Bath offered a more peaceful, settled life. The first Beaufort County courthouse was built in the town in 1723. Construction of St. Thomas Church, the state’s oldest existing church today, began in 1734. Ferry service was established across the Pamlico River, and a post road linked Bath to New Bern and Edenton. Yet Bath remains a small village. Restoration efforts in Bath have saved the St. Thomas Church and other historic homes and buildings. Today, Bath is a peacful little town with only 652 residents. It is a great place to take a bike ride and enjoy the scenery. It is located just off of Hwy 264 on Hwy 92, between Little Washington and Belhaven in Beaufort County. While there, you can stop at the visitor’s center and take a tour or walk the grounds of St. Thomas Church and even step inside for a visit. We had lunch at Blackbeards Slices & Ices. They are an authentic Italian Restaurant (year round) with a covered deck and live music (seasonal). They have beer, wine and inside and outside dining. 101 North Main Street 252.923.9444 Make sure to stop by the Bath General Store while in Bath. They cover all the necessities - drinks, snacks, gas, etc. Lots of locals hang out there, just like in country stores of old. 502 Carteret St. 252.923.4361


View from Bath waterfront.


Bath, N.C.

One of many historic homes in Bath, N.C. The area was also once home to the notorious, Black Beard. Bath restored buldings include the 1734 St. Thomas Church, the 1751 Palmer-Marsh House, the 1790 Van Der Veer House and the 1830 Bonner House. Guided tours start at the Visitor’s Center. Open (April-October) Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM; Sunday 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM; (November -March) Tuesday-Saturday 10:00 PM to 4:00PM; closed Mondays and winter holidays. Call 919-923-3971 for more information.

St. Thomas Church


s bike parts


s r gea

er l i a r


1994 yamaha fzr 1000

2003 Harley Davidson Deuce -

2009 Honda Shadow Aero

Big boy low miles - FZR 1000 in good shape...extended 6 inches, new rear tire, new gold chain, d&d exhaust, only 13,000 miles.The bike has been lowered rides and handles very well. This is a very strong & powerful bike.This bike is ready to ride first $2900 (firm) takes it. Clean NC title in hand. $2900 1-910-476-6196

100th Anniversery Edition FXSTD1, classic silver/black anniversery scheme. Fuel injected, aftermarket chrome everywhere, Vance and Hines Big Shots, Harley mags, Harley Tach kit, chrome swing arm, brand new tires front and rear, recent battery, upgraded seat, factory alarm. Includes Harley windsheild, Harley luggage rack bag, stock seat, stock exhaust, riding accessories (helmets, gloves). Always garaged and meticulously maintained, clean as can be. 2nd owner, 14K miles, never dropped, everything works, runs perfect. $12500 Call Mike at 919-771-6408

2009 shadow, with 820 miles on it. I got it brand new in 2011 and I never road it much. It is just like new. It comes with windshield and sissy bar to. Great deal !!!!!!!!! $5800 Call mike (252)294-5080 thanks


2009 Harley-Davidson Crossbones (Greenville, NC)


‘97 Honda Valkyrie (Nash Co.)

32,260 miles, garage kept. 6 cylinders ( 1520 cc’s ) of pure power... 6 degree trigger wheel, Two Brothers 6 into 6 chrome pipes, new Metzler on front, Goodyear Triple Tread on rear, Mobil 1 synthetic oil, rear spline was serviced when the Goodyear was mounted on the rear. If you know anything about these bikes ... you know that they enjoy the reputation of one of the quickest, most comfortable, largest cruisers ever made that’s virtually maintenance free. Just put a new set of plugs in and change the fluids when necessary. $6950. 252 557-1918 before 10pm.


4500 MILES HOT RED $4995 CALL 757-435-0007 252-586-7100

1989 Honda Hurricane 1000cc (RockyMount)

1989 Honda Hurricane 1000cc Sport bike crotch rocket.This is a nice bike for its age it will start with a jump and a little starting fluid sprayed into intake bike has been sitting a little while but will start. 34K miles. Title in hand u can call anytime 919-780-1310 Thanks for looking. $1500 or BO.

Harley Electra Glide 2001 (Danville,Va.)

2006 Victory Vegas (Henderson)

2006 Victory Vegas V-twin 1665 CC. Very good condition - like new. Kept in garage. Never been dropped or wrecked. Lots of add ons must see in person or call for info. Asking $9,500 obo. Need to sell asap. 919-323-2261 Can send pics via text


One owner bike with 24,000 miles. Just had the bike serviced for the spring riding. $10295 O.B.O. 1-434-548-1832 Thanks

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04 Harley Buell XB12s

(Richlands ) I have an 04 XB12s buell, has good tires, race ecm, and exaust, clear title in hand, runs good, 34,000 miles, have extra seat, and bags. Call or text. Can email pics. $3300 Billy 910-330-9127

Softail model, 2,200 miles. Vivid Black, Leather Harley Saddlebags, Vance & Hines Exhaust Pipes, Screaming Eagle Breather, Springer Front End, Factory Security System, The original exhaust pipes, owners manual, original bill of sale, and tractor style seat also come with the bike. - $13500 Call Christian at (252)-714-1002.

Yamaha 650 (Raleigh)

I have a 2007 Yamaha 650 with only 2683 miles. It is in excellent condition, no problems. Only reason for I am selling the bike due to knee replacement. - $4500 Call Mike at 919-624-1815.

2005 Suzuki BLVD S83 (Zebulon, NC)

Great cruising bike - 9600 miles; oneowner; clean title; dyno jet kit in carb; drag pipes; led turn signals; new rear tire. Asking $4500 - some room for negotiation. If interested call 919-404-5196 after 6:00 p.m.


by: LJ Wade The Tech Tipz Meister

Tech Tipz arb

Carb Jetting: This is one of the most misunderstood areas of tuning. It is also an operation that is done wrong more often times than not. Dynamometer is the key! Any shop that tells you that they have jetted your bike correctly without one is only guessing. While they may be very talented and make a guestimate closely, they are still only guessing, whether they want to admit it or not. I have seen may bikes set up on the dyno that have had performance work done at other shops that did not have a dynamometer. I have always been able to make performance improvements on them. I am not saying any of the other shops without a dyno could not jet your carb, I am only saying that they could never do it properly. A dynamometer does not lie, and it is without question the most accurate way to set up carb jetting. When we dyno tune a bike, it is not unusual to make several runs on the dyno just to get the jetting right. To get even close to the same results without a dynamometer, you would have to put at least 80-90 miles on the bike, one or two miles at a time, on the road with at least half of them being run at over 100MPH. If you don’t have a shop nearby with a dynamometer, it would certainly be worth your while to make the trip to a shop that does.


If you don't have a shop nearby with a dynamometer, it would certainly be worth your while to make the trip to a shop that does. If that is not possible, then you are going to have to rely on the old trial and error method. Every bike can be different... You may find information published or online telling you what jet size to use on a certain bike, and it may seem to work, don't blindly believe it. The only way to really tell is to buy a handful of jets and try them. Even if your bike seems to run alright with the jet size recommended by someone with the same bike, you still want to install one size richer and one size leaner and see it makes any difference. Ideally, you want to find the smallest main jet that gives you the highest top speed, then richen it up one size, just to be on the safe side. Your bike should not foul the correct spark plug. If your bike fouls plugs or if you have to run a hotter plug than what is recommended for the bike, then SOMETHING IS WRONG. Go back over EVERYTHING again. Also make sure everything else is right before you begin. It is impossible to correctly jet an engine that is out of time, or has a tight valve, or burns excessive oil, etc. What may seem immaterial to someone who doesn't do it every day can actually have a drastic effect on a bikes performance. For example if the battery in your bike is not up to par, all of your jetting efforts may be in vain. I cannot stress enough that EVERY

Send us Your photo representin’ BB

g n i t jet

THING else must be right BEFORE you make any attempt to set the jetting. Also keep in mind that ANY time you change the air filter or exhaust pipes, you may have to re-jet the carb. I would like to emphasize that if you install drag pipes on your bike and don't re-jet the carb, you will probably go slower, foul plugs, and the pipes will probably turn blue. Drag pipes can improve performance, but ONLY if the carb is set up right for them. Loud is NOT fast. Loud is only fast when the jetting is correct and the bike is tuned right. Do it right, or take it to someone who can. You will be happy you did, plus it is easier on your bike. A carb that is not jetted correctly will ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, DEFINITELY take life off of your motor. Get the jetting right, your bike will run better, have less problems, and go a lot longer between rebuilds.

Send your photos to: behindbarzmm@suddenlink.net

Destiny Ayscue Jacinta Snipe

Matt James

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Been There, S By: Chewy (Biker Dog)

We attended the funeral of a homeless veteran with the Patriot Guard in December and we were nearly taken out by a deer and a cager within minutes of each other. The night before our trip from Kipling to Charlotte, my driver’s church (Macedonia Baptist Church in Duncan) said a prayer for travelling mercies for us at their weekly Prayer Group meeting. We left the house at 5:15 AM or o’dark 30. It was around 6:00 AM and still dark when we were southbound on US 15/501 east of Carthage. I started moving frantically around in my seat and that was causing our Harley to wiggle on the highway. After a few seconds, my driver turned his head to the right to tell me to sit, and then he saw it: a deer charging toward us. He was at about forty-five degrees to our right and about five feet from us. He was so close that we saw the deer’s eyes, nose, and antlers. We know it wasn’t Rudolf because his nose was black, and it happened too fast to count the number of points on his rack. We shot in front of the deer and the deer crossed the road behind us. If we had braked or slowed down, the deer could have T-boned us. I squirmed around in my seat to look back and watched the deer run off into the dark.

At a Marine Corps League meeting, Marc Wayman presented the US Flag flown in honor of my family and me in Afghanistan on Veterans Day 2011.


A few minutes later, my driver and I saw the side profile of a car coming towards the highway. It was still dark, so what we saw was the car’s left side headlight and tail light. It looked like the car was slowing down a little, but my driver tapped the front brake to disengage the cruise control. As we came to the intersection, the car ran the stop sign and made a right turn in front of us. My driver counter-steered and threw the bike into the oncoming traffic lane. He threw the bike so hard to the left that we still don’t know how he was able to maintain control of the bike without running off the road or laying the bike down. We cleared the left side of the car by less than two feet when we shot past the car. We moved back into the southbound lane and my driver slowed down and goosed the throttle between gears. I was ready to give that cager a good grrrrowl. My driver watched the car’s headlights in the rear view mirror as we slowed down. The cager kept his distance and then did a U-turn. We pulled into a gas station in Carthage so I could check my seat and my driver could check his underwear.

Chris and Caleb Rhew, two of the thousands of Patriot Guard Riders who honor and respect Fallen Heroes, veterans, and their families. Although I have less than four years in the saddle, my driver has over 35 years in the saddle. Maneuvering around that car at highway speed was more than just experience – God was watching over us and reminding us that He has His hand of protection on us. As one of my Facebook friends said, “Jesus took the handlebars.” I’m sure counter-steering was a small part of it. It’s one thing to know how to counter-steer, but it’s another to make counter-steering part of your normal riding so that it becomes almost a reflex reaction. My driver nearly always countersteers, which is how he maintains control of the bike in turns while using the camera. Since counter-steering is part of his normal riding, when he needs to react in a split second, his normal reaction is to counter-steer. Do you counter-steer as part of your every day riding? In January, my driver and I spoke at the monthly meeting of the Marine Corps League’s Tarheel Detachment in Cary, Nc.

CHEWY The Biker Dog:

Sniffed That Most of the time, we are asked to ride in an event, but we are occasionally asked to speak at meetings, churches, and one time I visited a school and met some really cool, patriotic kids! Before we spoke at this meeting, Marc Wayman presented my family and me with a US flag and certificate. That flag was flown in our honor in Afghanistan on Veterans Day 2011 by the Combined Forces Special Operations Component Command – Afghanistan. We were totally humbled and barkless to learn that people appreciate what we do. We look at ourselves as part of a small group of patriotic Americans who display honor and respect towards our military and veterans. I use the term “small group” because my driver and I came across some

I met new friends in the Marine Corps League and the Young Marines.

Brian Adams (r) assisting the family of SFC Calvin Harrison at the Flags for Fallen Heroes ceremony (Photo by Thomas Sanders)

Also, it is estimated that 7% of Americans are veterans, meaning at one time, they were a one-per-center – in this case, people with the courage and honor to have written a “blank check payable to the United States of America for the amount up to and including their lives.” I’ll take it one step further and bark that our law enforcement officers also place themselves in harm’s way every day to protect us, so they also wrote a blank check payable to their local community, or county or state or country depending upon their organization or agency.

interesting statistics from the last national census. Did you know that at any point in time, less than 1% of Americans are defending the remaining 99%? The actual number in the last census is 0.75%.

Giving Tom Prescott Two Paws Up at the Flags for Fallen Military ceremony in honor of SFC Calvin Harrison (Photo by One More)

g: www.bikerdoggie.com

Always ready to be Behind Barz and wear the BB logo - this shirt keeps my skin from being dried by the wind.


Mother earth brewing MOTHER EARTH BREWING Their slogan, Peace, Love & Beer. They have deep passions and they craft beer with artisanal devotion, and every bottle is brewed using sustainable practices. Some of the Behind Barz Crew decided to pay Mother Earth Brewing a visit and see what they are all about... Born in the summer of 2008, Mother Earth is the dream-child of Stephen Hill and Trent Mooring, two guys from Kinston, North Carolina. Stephen and Trent say it was easy to build a first-rate brewery while staying true to their name. Being GREEN is a big part of Mother Earth Brewing. They found an old building in downtown Kinston and rather than construct a new building, they envisioned renewing the old, uncared for brick structure with the spirit of mother earth herself. The building is “green” from top to bottom! Blue jean insulation, a 100% recyclable product, was used to insulate the walls. It also has outstanding sound barrier qualities. Soy-based spray foam insulation protects the second story ceiling. Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint covers the walls. The flooring wasn’t ignored, either. Mother Earth Brewing’s corporate offices will sport eco carpet partially made from renewable resources. Eco flush valves on toilets know just the right amount of water needed for “the job” and reduce water needed for flushing by 30%. Eco faucets in both bathrooms offer an unimaginable savings in water compared to conventional faucets. A state-of the-art tankless water heater heats water on demand, instead of using needless energy to keep hundreds of gallons of water heated at all times. Rather than send spent grain used in the brewing process off to the landfill, it is given to local farmers as top quality feed for their animals-a win-win for all involved. Their celebrated “hop project” resulted in 25 hop rhizomes penetrating the soil in Kinston. Mother Earth evidently gave her nod of approval, as the first growing season offered unfathomable growth, far exceeding expectations. Soon, locally-grown hops will infiltrate their beer. The Taproom is a work of art and incompasses every aspect of green. All of the old brick, wood, metal and steel in the taproom were re-used from the original structure, and the tap room is 100% solar powered by a 3 kilowatt solar array on the roof. The entire facility is truely a work of art! The name Mother Earth is synonymous with the founders, Stephen and Trent’s, beliefs. They set out to make great beer brewed close to nature. I think they accomplished that! They sat down one day and listened to their vinyl albums from 1965 to the present and wrote down words and phrases that spoke to their philosophy. Finally, on an old Nitty Gritty Dirt Band album, they found Mother Earth.

Taking the grand tour!

Moe, Ernie and Vinney on the tour.

We had several samples as you can see here.

The Tap Room outside.

Every issue we will feature a local beer brewery. In the May-June issue we will have a story and photos of our next beer brewery in N.C.





Wayne Co. Toy Run The toy run was amazing!!! We raised over 4 truckloads of toys! These were divided between Wayne Uplift of Wayne County (Domestic Violence Program) and the Boys and Girls Club of Wayne Co. We raised $3000 too, which was used to adopt local families. We provide toys, food and clothing for these families.

The Tap Room inside.

Mother Earth Brewing 311 North Herritage St. Kinston, NC 28501 (252) 208-BIER (2437) info@motherearthbrewing.com

I would love to thank everyone personally but there are too many people who help every year..I’m always scared that I will forget a name or two. The beer was cold, the ladies at Country Times were gorgeous and working their bums off…the band “Redemption” rocked the house!!! I would like to say that all of our food was donated, the chefs cook for free every year, our road guards were awesome (Ghostriders M/C of Wayne County & Guardian Brotherhood M/C). The Misplaced Souls M/C sold sponsorships for t-shirts, then donated the shirts to the toy run…all profit for the kids. I have t-shirts still available, you can find them at Wood Precision Cycle on William St. in Goldsboro, another huge supporter of our annual Toy Run. I just can’t thank everyone enough for all the help and support through the last 23 years… I couldn’t do it without each and every one of them…and they know who they are…. Thanks again,

This building is very easy to find with it’s vivid red, low VOC paint. The Tap Room is just inside. Check out the solar panels on top of the building!


Cassy Wood ( Mrs. Santa Claus)


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Behind Barz Mag Mar-Apr 2012 Sneak Peek!  

Behind Barz is a full color mag packed with the info you want! Eventz, Classifiedz, & Local Storiez - you get it with BB!!! We are NOT a b/...

Behind Barz Mag Mar-Apr 2012 Sneak Peek!  

Behind Barz is a full color mag packed with the info you want! Eventz, Classifiedz, & Local Storiez - you get it with BB!!! We are NOT a b/...

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