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Saint Ignatius Village, Quezon City, Philippines Issue 4_____________


___End of 2013_

SAY GOODBYE TO , HELLO TO OUR NEW VILLAGE EXECUTIVES Effective the start of 2014, a new SIVA board will have assumed its one year term. Almost simultaneously, last October’s chosen members of the Barangay council commenced their threeyear tenure December of 2013. All this means that the biggest batch of freshly designated leaders in recent years will be assigned in the forefront of the village projects. And to make the coming year more meaningful, SIVA is celebrating its 50th anniversary of existence. Our new group of leaders face a tough challenge ahead and a sense of transformation brought about by last year’s unfortunate episodes. 2013 was a turbulent year for the country. The year started with mass murders that occurred in

Kawit, Cavite and Antimonan, Quezon. Violent deaths have also also resulted from clashes in Sabah and in Zamboanga City. Bomb explosions have also caused deaths in Serendra, Taguig, in Limketkai Mall, Cagayan de Oro and in Cotabato City and so did transport accidents such as the collision of two ships and the Manila Skyway bus accident. Natural distasters have continued to plague the nation especially during the second half of the year. A magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck the island of Bohol resulting to casualties in Bohol and Cebu. The "southwest monsoon" or “habagat” brought by Typhoon Maring hit Metro Manila, Cavite, some parts of Rizal and Laguna, leaving many areas

flooded. Typhoon Yolanda, the deadliest Philippine typhoon on record, caused catastrophic destruction in the Visayas, particularly on the islands of Samar and Leyte, leaving about 11 million people homeless. These events have raised a high level of benevolence in our country and throughtout the world. Here in St. Ignatius Village, two groups of compassionate residents have held bazaars and garage sales for the benefit of typhoon Yolanda victims. Some of them have also spent nights until the wee hours of the morning in Villamor Air Base as volunteers who pack relief items for the typhoon victims. Despite the misfortunes and tragedies, there are several feats that happenned in 2013. These include two young ladies winning the Miss World and Miss International titles, Gilas Pilipinas grabbing the silver medal in FIBA Basketball tournament, and two of our best boxers going strong with convincing victories. Yes, there have been so many other inspiring stories hence the members of our community, especially our leaders, should realize that we can accomplish anything if we put our minds to it.  Page | 1

Village Projects Preparedness of Mind, Body and Soul By: Cristina Perfecto How prepared are we to face calamities of the mind, body and soul? Last January 21 – 22, Pb. Edwin T, Kgd Eric Y , 4 barangay tanods , SIVA Director Arnold Tan and myself (Kgd. Tiny), underwent a 2 day training on ELSAROC (Earthquake , Landslide , Search and Rescue Operations Course) organized by the DPOS (Department of Public Order and Safety) , facilitated by the MMDA NCR DRRMC (Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council) . The first day focused on lectures and sharing of actual search and rescue experiences. Lectures can be boring and tiring to the mind however, all becomes quite interesting when you see its application to possible or actual situations in your own community. On the second day, after a session on first aid, we underwent training drills that were quite challenging physically

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and mentally but all worth the sweat because it put more meaning to the lectures given on the first day. In one drill the team was to extricate a victim from a cramped box to mimic a debris laden situation. I who was tasked to be team leader, panicked because of constraint of time and difficulty of movement. We failed the first try and had to do the task again with less time (as penalty for the first try). At first I thought of asking

someone else to be team leader but on second thought realized that I was there to learn and we do learn from our mistakes. Thus, after evaluating our first try with the help of the drill facilitator, we did some adjustments and successfully accomplished the task on the second try. Later in the evening back home in Barangay St Ignatius, prior to our regular Barangay Council meeting, a guest resource person oriented the council on another area of preparedness: The devastation caused by the exploitation of women and children and all areas where life is suppressed by the ILLS that plague our WORLD today. This is the concern of GAD (Gender and Development). Immediate response during the orientation: “BUT we are not like other chaotic barangays.”, “Do we need women empowerment in our community?”, “We have traffic flow problems but do we have incidences of women and (Continued on page 16)

Past Activities FACE TO FACE WITH THE CANDIDATES … October 26



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Past Activities PULONG-PULONG … December 7



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Vintage Perspective YOUNG ONCE By Jorge L. Banal President, SIVISA PRAYERS WHEN WE GROW OLD This SIVISA president chanced upon an old copy of “Prayers of an Aging Person” in his filing cabinet to catch up with the Clarion deadline and in time for the SIVA Induction on February 1, 2014. In fitting observance of the Month of the Holy Bible and the 50th Anniversary of St. Ignatius Village may we reprint, these wonderful prayers, as lifted by Joseph A. Gabaldon, S.J., which are very good pieces of gerentological psychology, as well. And they are used to pray with and also to meditate over when things get a little depressing. A Prayer of Acceptance Lord, You have given me so many wonderful things in life. Now, Lord, You are taking back many of those things. But I accept that, Lord! I give them all back to You! You have taken away my youth and my health, Lord, but I give them back to You. You have taken away my energy, the steadiness of my feet, Lord (I can’t climb up stairs two or three at a time anymore!), the skill of my hands (I’m having trouble with the computer keyboard), the sharpness of my eyes (I can’t read the numbers in the telephone book anymore!) and my memory ( I can remember what happened in 1935 but I can’t remember the names of some of my students in class this year!). But that’s OK, Lord. I give them all back to You! You have taken away my mother and father, Lord, and many of my friends and relatives. But I give them back to you, happy that they are in heaven with You, waiting for me. When I think about all that You have given to me in my life, Lord, and what You have taken away from me in my aging years, I want to pray with Job: “The

Lord gives and the Lord takes away! Blessed be the name of the Lord!” A Prayers of Thanks A lot has been taken away from me as I grow older, Lord—my health, my energy, my capacity to work for long hours. But there is something very important that I still have. It is the power to pray and praise and thank You, Lord. You gave me life, Lord, and You have supported me for many years. I praise and thank You, Lord, for that. In my aging years now, I don’t have much to give. But I can still pray and give You praise and glory. I thank You, Lord, for my past and for what my life has been. I thank You for the moments of joy and love that You gave me. They have been good times, Lord. I thank You for the energy and the wonderful health that was mine, and for the moments when Your presence consoled me. I thank You for all the moments of love and success that came into my life. You gave me such wonderful gifts, Lord. I thank You for every day You gave me—for the gift of waking up every morning and the joy of breathing, the pleasure of taking a shower and combing my hair, the happiness of walking to class in the morning across the campus at the Ateneo—the wonder of the sun and the sky and the freshness of the grass and the trees—the satisfaction of my work each day and doing little things for others. I thank You, Lord, for every day of life and love You gave me. I thank You for Your blessing, Your forgiveness, You love, Your hope and comfort, Your peace and Your joy. I also thank You, Lord, for what waits for me tomorrow, for all the days of life that are left to me. I thank You for the joy and the peace that I know You will give to me, that will help me smile and love. For many years I have given my life to You, Lord. I (Continued on Page 6) Page | 5

Vintage Perspective YOUNG ONCE

Godofredo T. Liban II

(Continued from page 5) have given You my work, my prayer, my love, I have sacrificed for You, But now I praise and thank You, Lord. That is what I want to do more than anything else in the world.

Lord, I believe You are still working through my aging. I know my aging moments are instruments of Your grace. You are building an eternal kingdom through my aging. I believe that through my weakness, You are giving strength to many young men and women I meet and talk with each day. Through my darkness, You are bringing eternal light into many lives. Through my loneliness, You are bringing love to many of Your children. I believe, Lord, You are working through my life in a wonderful way. I thank You for that, Lord! You must increase, Lord, and I must decrease! There is an old Quaker piece of wisdom that says: “I expect to pass through this world only once, Lord. Any good thing, therefore, that I can do, or any kindness and love that I can show to any of my fellow creatures, let me do it now. Let me not postpone it or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.” BREAKING NEWS: The Local Poverty Action Team (LPRAT) was reconstituted under Executive Order No. 5 issued by QC Mayor Herbert M. Bautista on December 27, 2013 pursuant to DILG-DSWD-NAPC Joint Memo Circular No. 3, Series of 2012. And in compliance with DBM-DILG-DSWD-NPC Joint Memorandum Circular No. 4, Series of 2013, the LPRAT shall be composed of the following members: Philip G. Latonero, Urban Poor Council of Leaders

Chairman Co-Chairman

Members from the QUEZON CITY GOVERNMENT Tomasito L. Cruz City Ma. Teresa M. Mariano

Page | 6

Ramon T. Asprer Marian C. Orayani Albert A. Seno

A Prayer of Trust

Mayor Herbert M. Bautista

Antonietta V. Inumerable, M.D. Ponciano A. Menguito, PhD. Frerederika C. Rentoy

Planning & Development Office Social Services Development Dept.

QC Council, Appropriations Committee City Health Department Division of City Schools Environmental Protection & Waste Mgt. Dept. Housing Community Devt. & Resettlement Office City Budget Office Community Relations Office

Member from the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT Juan Jovian E. Ingeniero

City Director, Dept. of Interior & Local Govt.

Members from the CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS Ms. Rosalie I. Fronda Mr. Plebian Andri Dela Cruz Ms. Rose D. Canadido Leolibeth S. Daluraya Cesar Sevalla Jorge L. Banal, Sr. Ma. Teresa Q. Margallo Dendo Alvarez Juliet B. Ferreras

Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Parent Leader Business Sector Cooperative Sector Consumers League of the Phils. (COPHIL), Inc. Lions International District 301-D1, Inc. Senior Citizens Organizations Women’s Sector Youth Sector Homeowners’ Associations

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Vintage Perspective THOUGHTS ON VALENTINE By Ed Lejano As February draws near, the month of love, let me write about love though I am not an incurable romantic. It’s just that there is no other word that evokes more feeling in us that that thing called love. Love is regarded as the fountainhead from which all other desirable virtues flow. St. Paul puts it beautifully when he wrote that you may speak with the tongues of men and angels, you may have all the knowledge to understand all the mysteries, you may have the faith that could move mountains, but if you do not have love in you, you are nothing. (1 Corinthians 13). Love is overpowering that men and women fervently seek each other to fulfil their emotional needs. We yearn to love and be loved. It is said that to make love enduring, we have to be sensitive to the love we need, know how to get it and how to give it to the person we love. But it is also a fact of life that quite a number of people struggle to find love that is enduring. Life is not always what we hope it to be because we live in an imperfect world. Even for those who have found their true love, they also eventually fall out of love. It does not happen overnight but develops gradually until it reaches the breaking point. Married couples early on often encounter problems in adjusting to the transition from old to the new life that they have entered into. No two people are alike in all ways and the failure to recognize that and to mutually agree to meet the other half way often lead to broken marriages. Broken pieces are the most difficult to pick up. But let me focus on the sunny side of life. People in time also realize that what unites them in love is far greater that what divides them in their differences. When they come to that realization, it is love all over again. Though we find ourselves buffeted by strong winds at some point in the sea of married life, we somehow manage to struggle back to our moorings in a way that makes the marriage ties strong like never before.

In the bible, Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a time for everything under heaven (3:1-8). Valentine is a time to reaffirm and rekindle the love that one holds for each other. The love is expressed and manifested in many ways and forms that makes it enduring. All of us know that the good life is one that is inspired by love. Lest we forget what Mother Teresa said, love must start at home before it is spread to the rest of humanity. And as a popular song goes – “It is love that makes the world go round and round.” ❤ YOUNG ONCE (Continued from page 6) Copy of this Executive Order has been furnished the Office of the President and the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) for information and guidance pursuant to the Local Government Code of 1991 and has been posted at the Official Website of the QC Government. In line with this, and to provide Policy Guidelines and Procedures in the Implementation of Grassroots Participatory Budgeting Process (formerly known as Bottom up Budgeting) for the 2015 Budget Preparation, a Planning Workshop was held last January 17, 2014, 8:30a.m.-4:00p.m. at the QC Hall Personnel’s Office Conference Room. Our QC Local Poverty Action Team listed down some thirty six (36) project proposals as submitted by the twelve (12) members of the Civil Society Organizations (CSO), NGO and Basic Sectors for discussion and ranking as to priority. As the newly-elected CSO member representing the Senior Citizens Sector, this SIVISA president (who is also incumbent QC Chapter & NCR president of the Federation of Senior Citizens Asso. of the Phils. and FSCAP National President, 2011 and 2012) presented and succeeded in having three project proposals passed by the body with 7th, 8th & 10th, priority ranking, respectively, as follows: Cash for Health Program for Senior Citizens, Day Care Center Services for the Elderly and Additional Death Benefit Assistance for Elderly/Indigent Families. Fellow “Young Once,” let us join hearts in staying healthy and prayerful as we re-affirm in unison: “ALL for ONE and ONE for ALL!”  Page | 7

Insight Who Would Ever Forget

Yolanda? By Marivi R. Octaviano November 8, 2013. It would have been just any forgotten date but we, in SIMS (Saint Ignatius Movers Society), had to remember it because it was our scheduled Thanksgiving Mass actually, our last since we had decided to donate all our funds to our village chapel, including a Holy Water Pot with Sprinkler. That day also marked a historically tragic event in the Philippines as super typhoon Yolanda almost wiped out Tacloban City in Leyte and many places in Visayas, leaving thousands lifeless, homeless, and even family-less. How we wish those ghastly scenes were only trailers of a scary sci-fi movie. But it was a grim reality that shocked even the whole world, reminding those who believe in God that the world’s end might be near and that God’s warning is real! Yet, the WORST storm brought out the BEST in mankind, reviving acts of compassion, kindness and charity to epic proportion. Yolanda taught mankind in many parts of the world to be humane; to be Christian-like no matter what their religion is. Even China which hated us even more for killing again another Chinese - a helpless old fisherman - couldn’t help but HELP the Yolanda victims. The typhoon destroyed vastly to make man rebuild the true Values of Life -– Page | 8


things we have forgotten and ignored in our obsession to things material. In St. Ignatius Village, the act of oneness and wanting to help came to fore as many villagers joined and supported our instant Christmas Bazaar. There was no more SIMS but the SIMS spirit will always be there in those who believed in its mission: uniting the villagers for a common cause – and giving birth to our prematurely aborted Bazaar for the benefit of the Yolanda victims was a good cause. We had zero funds; no group name; and there were only four of us to start with: Edna M. Guevara, Charlotte Cahutay, Charito Barredo, and myself. After two days of watching all those gripping news on TV, it hit me to call these people so we could engage the whole village to help as a community. Hence, the name: Saint Ignatius Villagers for Yolanda Victims. Our individual

donations to churches didn’t seem enough and shelling out money from our own pockets didn’t require as much effort as doing something that involved some sacrifice … at least, physically. In a flash, they came that same day I called so we could plan and organize the bazaar. Each one had her own assignment. And despite the LABORIOUS tasks involved and the obstacles that trickled in, everything went on more bearably as we were ALL WORKING TOGETHER … HAPPILY and UNITEDLY! We restored our initial concept “Dahil Sa Iyo … May Pasko!” – The title for our Christmas Bazaar before we gave up SIMS. It reminds people the very reason for Christmas: WE, God’s Creations. I only realized later that the title would be doublemeaning: “Dahil Sa Iyo (Yolanda Victims) … May Pasko (There’s a (Continued on Page 9)

Insight Who Would Ever Forget… (Continued from Page 8) Christmas Bazaar; ergo Giving). It was giving, indeed, not only for the sellers whose joining fees were donated to the ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya but also for the kind-hearted villagers whom Tita Lydz Antonio (our fairy godmother, THANK YOU!) voluntarily solicited from to help ease our financial burden for the production expenses. And while I am tempted to mention their names, Tita Lydz said they prefer to be anonymous. Well, God bless them for their generosity! Thank you also to the following villagers for donating in kind: Carrie Barrios; Bambi and Paolo dela Cruz; and Giselle SantosInguillo. Also to sellers who opted to just donate their joining fees without selling: Diana Cruz; Arielle Barrios; and Nilda Noceja. Many thanks also to:

PB Edwin Tansingco; his Kagawads and Staff including the Street cleaners for the free use and set up of the village tents, the chapel promenade, and the Barangay computer. Security Head Rene Bilaras and his guards for ensuring security and helping us post the streamers in the village gates. And of course, our loyal major sponsor - Pepsi-Cola Products Phils, Inc. The Pepsi delivery men came in thrice to the village, even late at night just to bring an additional tent from Laguna. Thanks also to ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc. for the magazines we gave away. Fresh Options, Pinoy Pao Express, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Bibingka and Puto-Bumbong, EastWest Bank and all guest and village sellers helped us reach BEYOND our target donation. We made a total of ₱15,400 from 29 sellers’ joining fees and were

able to donate P16,000, leaving us enough for our Thanksgiving Mass in the village chapel. To my Working Teammates: Tita Charit for driving me to Rosario and to ABS-CBN for the magazines; Charlotte for distributing the flyers and streamer in Libis, and taping the name tags on the venue ground; Charlotte’s teeners Bern and Zesley Cahutay for helping decorate the venue even at 9:30 p.m. making it more memorable for us; Edna for pouring ice and Pepsi Blue on each buyer’s cup; my brother Francis Ryan for helping sell Pepsi drinks, buy ice, carry all our heavy stuff and for driving us to Sagip Kapamilya Office for our donation --Salamat! Yolanda moved us to WORK UNITEDLY not just as a group but as villagers and as a family. All of Tita Charit’s kids and apos joined as sellers; ditto with Charlotte’s family. Edna’s hubby Ka Oca also came. And my mommy Dr. Cely Roco-Octaviano helped greatly, too. Seeing other families, villagers and friends in the Bazaar like Dr. Eloi Carlos who helped us one afternoon melted our weariness and stress. Yolanda also left us with a nagging message: to look into ourselves and be prepared for God’s coming – the reason disasters often strike us when Christmas is near. To those of you who were there LIVE and in spirit – THANK YOU, TOO! And to God Almighty for the good weather and all the blessings that came our way – to Him be all the glory and thanksgiving! 

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Village People .

MEET YOUR 2014 “50TH ANNIVERSARY” SIVA BOARD! MARIA AUREA JOCELYN N. MACATANGAY Joji or Doktora as she is fondly called has now been the SIVA President for three years in a row. Still an active medical practitioner, she was very reluctant when she was first nominated as a SIVA Board Member but after realizing that she has been living in SIV for four decades she decided that it was time to be active in the community. This year, she didn’t need prodding to head SIVA once again. In fact, she is delighted with the fact that she is its president on its 50th anniversary. Aside from playing Sugar Crush and 4 Pics, 1 Word, Joji is very passionate about two things: finding ways to prevent and cure cancer naturally and how to help Mother Earth from the effects of climate change. MICHELLE G. SOLLER Since her early retirement from an established company, Michelle has more time to be a home maker, wife to Richard and devoted mother to three children aged 10 to 28 years old. Although, she has more time listening to music and surfing the net, her life is not that simple as she regularly goes to Ilocos to check on their second home. By looking at her vivacious persona, you can’t tell that she’s already a grandmother to a 4-year old boy. Michelle joined the SIVA because she wants to be part of a team that continually thinks of ways to make St. Ignatius a better place to live in. Last year, she held the position of Auditor and currently, the position of Vice President. She is also the current Chairman of the SocioCultural Committee. BRANDON M. BULAHAN Have you ever wondered who that moustachioed guy is, pounding onto his laptop’s keyboard to make sure that the mass goers know the responses? That would be Don. Although, he is a Civil Engineer, his occupation has always been related with communications because of his love for gadgets and multimedia systems. Despite his busy schedule, he is still willing to devote time to community service just as his parents did in the past. This is his currently hi second year as SIVA Secretary and Publishing Committee Chairman. Don was born into a musical family. Thus, he developed a passion for music, especially those from the last century. He also loves watching movies with his wife, Patricia, and his three sons aged 15 to 27 years old. (Continued on Page 11) Page | 10

Village People MEET YOUR 2014 “50TH ANNIVERSARY” SIVA BOARD! (Continued from Page 10) ARNOLD B. TAN Arnold is not new to the SIVA Board. In 2012, he served as its Treasurer. Being service-oriented, he is a director and officer of the Caloocan City Fil-Chi Fire Volunteer. Although, he studied to be a nurse, he is making a living by getting involved in several businesses. This dependable guy has lived in St. Ignatius for 7 years with his wife, Sheila, and three kids aged 13 to 16. You would see him almost every day playing badminton. EDWIN C. YEE This widower and father of 3 grown children is a hardworking, religious, devoted family man. If you haven’t met him yet you can find him playing the guitar and conducting the choir during the mass at the BSI Community Center or playing badminton beside his home at Fordham Street. Many find him to be an approachable and friendly person. A graduate of mechanical engineering at MIT, he developed a passion to repair cars. He is also a handyman that’s why enjoys building houses. Edwin became SIVA Treasurer in 2006, 2007 and 2009. This year, he, once again, serves SIVA as its Auditor and Community Development Chairman. JORGE L. BANAL, SR. Jorge has been a veteran of SIVA for many years. Being its President from 1993 to 1995 then director since 2008 to the present, his experience, wisdom and insight on SIVA matters are always welcome and respected. It also helps that he has connections to politicians since, after all, he was a QC Councilor from 1988-1992 and 1995-2004. Nowadays, Tito Jorge busies himself by championing the cause of the senior citizens being the SIVISA’s President since 2004. He is also a Member of the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines. He is husband to former Punong Barangay Charminia “Baby,” father to 8 children and grandfather to 11. (Continued on Page 12) Page | 11

Village People MEET YOUR 2014 “50TH ANNIVERSARY” SIVA BOARD! (Continued from Page 11) VALENTIN ANTHONY B. HEMEDES Val is a doctor specializing in internal medicine. A loving husband to JJ and dedicated father to three young children aged 1 to 6 years old, you might chance upon him riding on a bicycle with his older children or taking them to school. Val has been with the SIVA Board for three consecutive years, holding the Chairmanship for the Ways and Means committee for the first two years. Guided by his Christian principles, he is a man of few words few but substantial, direct to the point but objective. CAROLINE G. MARAÑA Carol of Riviera Street was educated as a nurse but found herself in the airline business, making it possible for her to fulfill her love for world travel. You can’t tell by her svelte figure that she is a mother of four from ages 12 to 20! Her husband, Lito, is one lucky guy! That’s because she is a health buff – in fact, she regularly runs and goes to the gym. She also used to have a tea salon. Her other passions are fashion and make up. This would be the first time that Carol involves herself in what others might call community service. She is currently the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. She looks forward to helping in the provision of basic services in SIV and raising the residents’ awareness about the value of each and everyone’s contribution to the community. RODOLFO M. YUMANG Rudy is the SIVA’s Security Committee Chairman. If you read his biodata you will understand why. His aim is to keep SIV a safer place to live in that’s why he’s been with the same committee for four years now. In spite of his strapping physique and the nature of his profession you need not be intimidated by this man because he loves striking up a conversation, whether with strangers or not. Rudy hails from Harvard Street, a husband to Cynthia and a father of two. He is a self-described romantic. He loves to travel and read books. 

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Religious Affairs MISA DE GALLO DONATIONS REPORT My dear Co-Villagers, In behalf of the Liturgical Committee, I would like to thank you for your generous donations in cash and in-kind to our Misa de Gallo masses followed by breakfast. The response is overwhelming as it exceeded expectations. I would also like to thank the Street Coordinators who worked hard not only to get a good collection but also the sumptuous breakfast served each day to really make our Misa de Gallo festive and well attended. Most of all, we thank our Parish Priest Fr. Jose “Bong” Tupino III and the different priests who officiated our masses. May the Infant Jesus bless you more abundantly for making the preparations for His Birthday a truly great time for all to experience fellowship, camaraderie and love-the very reason for His coming. In the name of accountability and transparency, herewith is attached Financial Report on the collections received and expenses. The sizeable balance on-hand will be used for improvement of the chapel. Again, thank you, may Jesus bless you and your family more this New Year! Baby Banal Chairman Liturgical Committee DONATIONS IN-CASH

1,000.00 500.00 500.00 300.00 1,000.00 250.00 500.00 500.00 200.00 200.00 1,000.00 500.00 500.00 500.00 ₱14,350.00

December 17, 2013 – KEW GARDEN STREET 1. Mr. & Mrs. Bienvenido Gaddi, 4 2. Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Ngo, 10-A 3. Monje Family 4. Roque Family 5. Mr. & Mrs. Vitaliano Nañagas, II, 12 THIRD STREET 1. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gross, 26-C 2. Mr. & Mrs. Benito Custodio, 5-A 3. Tagle Family 4. Rodriguez Family 5. Lazo Family 6. Cue Family 7. Mr. & Mrs. Rudiaro Valda, 35 8. Mr. & Mrs. Argel Astudillo, 28 9. Atty. & Mrs. Amador Astudillo, 10 10. Ang Family 11. Mr. & Mrs. Ronaldo Celestial, 33 12. Judge Letty Sablan, 13 13. Mr. Ramon Maza, 7 14. Mr. & Mrs. Lito Imperio, 17 15. Mr. Austin Palco & Family 16. Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Canon, 23 17. Mr. & Mrs. Romualdo Cacas, 12 TOTAL

₱500.00 500.00 500.00 300.00 500.00 300.00 200.00 1,000.00 500.00 1,000.00 220.00 500.00 200.00 200.00 500.00 200.00 500.00 500.00 500.00 1,000.00 1,000.00 400.00 ₱ 11,020.00

December 18, 2013 – FORDHAM STREET

December 16, 2013 – FIRST STREET 1. Mr. & Mrs. Jorge Banal, 21 2. Mr. Joe Nolasco, 16 3. Mrs. Vangie Tansingco, 35 4. Mr. & Mrs. Bobby San Juan, 15 5. Ms. Josefina Arceo, 14 6. Gen. & Atty. Rolando Añonuevo, 24 7. Anonymous 8. Mr. & Mrs. Jose Fullon Chan, 2-A 9. Ms. Alicia Salazar, 9 10. Mr. & Mrs. Gaudy Rayo, 40

11. Mr. & Mrs. Rex Drilon II, 11-A 12. Ms. Nora Alejandro, 19-A 13. Ms. Onie Martinez, 25 14. Ms. Norma Chico, 5 15. Gen. Vic Custodio, 44 16. Mr. & Mrs. Jose Mari Relucio, 23 17. Ms. Lita Aguirre, 28 18. Mr. & Mrs. David Drilon, 11-B 19. Ms. Cecille Villanueva, 42 20. Mr. Tirso Santillan, Jr., 13 21. Mr. & Mrs. Laurence Arroyo, 30 22. Mr. Samson Lazo, 17 23. Mr. & Mrs. Deepak Kumar, 20 24. Ms. Virgie Uy, 19-C TOTAL

₱1,000.00 200.00 500.00 500.00 500.00 1,000.00 1,000.00 1,000.00 200.00 1,000.00

1. Ms. Carmen Rivera, 1 2. Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Rulledo, 3 3. Ms. Consolita Yee, 11 4. Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Tan, 16 5. Mr. & Mrs. Ariel Querubin, 17 6. Drs. Ray & Jogi Macatangay, 19-A 7. Ms. Luningning Doctor, 18 8. Ms. Fe Reyes, 20 9. Ms. Eden Almirez, 22

₱ 500.00 50.00 1,000.00 400.00 500.00 200.00 1,500.00 500.00 500.00

(Continued of Page 14) Page | 13

Religious Affairs MISA DE GALLO DONATIONS REPORT (Continued from Page 13) 10. Ms. Cream Teaño, 26 11. Engr. & Dr. Arnold John Anteojo, 26 12. Ms. Glory Go, 28 13. Mr. Wilson Uy, 29 14. Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Consunji, 30 15. Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Littaua, 32 16. Mr. Claro Azaña, 34 17. Mr. & Mrs. Jay Espinosa, 36 18. Mr. Ronaldo Rayo, 42 19. Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Yee, 44 20. Mr. & Mrs. Noel Hornilla, 45 21. Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Bulahan, 50 22. Mr. & Mrs. Jogi Mantaring, 63 23. Mr. & Mrs. Pedro Tan, 71 24. Mr. Edwin Yee 25. No. 37 Fordham TOTAL

500.00 500.00 1,000.00 100.00 300.00 500.00 300.00 500.00 250.00 1,000.00 500.00 500.00 3,000.00 200.00 1,000.00 200.00 ₱ 15,500.00

December 19, 2013 – FOURTH STREET 1. Ms. Belen Agra, 1 2. Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Sy, 2 3. Mr. & Mrs. Edgrado Doromal, 3-A 4. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Montelibano, 3-B 5. Mr. & Mrs. Abelardo Mondoñedo, 5 6. Mr. & Mrs. John Tronco/Imperial Family 7. Mr. & Mrs. Wilfrido Calimon, 8 8. Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo Octaviano, 10 9. Mr. & Mrs. Alberto Agra, 12 10. Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Lagman, 12-A 11. Ms. Ma. Luisa Cataldi, 16 12. Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Rosales, 20-A 13. Mr. & Mrs. Eric Jon Imperio, 20-C 14. Ms. Claudia Estrada, 23 15. Mr. & Mrs. Jesus dela Fuente, 27 16. Mr. & Mrs. Joaquin Enriquez, 28 TOTAL

₱500.00 200.00 500.00 1,000.00 500.00 500.00 1,000.00 500.00 500.00 1,000.00 500.00 500.00 500.00 500.00 500.00 300.00 ₱9,000.00

December 20, 2013 – KATIPUNAN & HARVARD STREETS Katipunan Harvard TOTAL

₱2,800.00 10,500.00 ₱13,300.00

December 21, 2013 – ASTORIA & WOODSIDE STREETS 1. Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel Santos, 9 Astoria 2. Ms. Pam & Grace de Leon 3. Mr. Ireneo de Castro 4. Ms. Andrea Carlos, 11 Woodside 5. Mr. & Mrs. Armand Gana, 10 Astoria 6. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Famanila, 10-B Ast. 7. Ms. Cherry Santos, 3-A Astoria 8. Anonymous in Astoria 9. Mr. & Mrs. Harry Pasimio, 1 Astoria 10. Anonymous in Astoria Page | 14

₱500.00 1,000.00 100.00 500.00 200.00 200.00 500.00 100.00 300.00 200.00

11. Mr. Mon Manzano 12. Romana 13. Ms. Guevero 14. Ms. Beth Yoro 15. Ms. Bessie Sta. Ana 16. Ms. Criselle Pinga 17. Ms. Elena Pinga 18. Ms. Rowena Moran, 10-A TOTAL

200.00 100.00 200.00 100.00 100.00 100.00 500.00 300.00 ₱5,200.00

December 22, 2012 – RIVERDALE STREET 1. Mr. & Mrs. Jose Katigbak, 36 2. Mr. & Mrs. Paulo de la Concepcion, 18 3. Mr. Joey Mundo, 7 4. Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Cabañes, 25 5. Gen. Ross Alquiza & Family, 22 6. Mr. & Mrs. Danilo Celestial, 24 7. Mr. & Mrs. Eufemia Paguio, 32 8. Mr. & Mrs. Roberto Seña, 29 9. Mr. & Mrs. Joey Goco, 13 10. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cortez, 4-B 11. Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Sia, 26 12. Ms. Marilou Estrada 13. Mr. & Mrs. Allan Lee, 6 14. Ms. Alma Yeh & Family, 10 15. Mr. & Mrs. Ernesto Yap, 34 16. Ms. Anita Dalusung, 31 17. Mr. & Mrs. Jet Antonio, 19-B 18. Mr. & Mrs. Chin Fernandez, 11-A TOTAL

₱1,000.00 300.00 200.00 800.00 300.00 300.00 500.00 1,000.00 100.00 500.00 40.00 300.00 500.00 1,000.00 500.00 100.00 200.00 200.00 ₱7,840.00

December 23, 2013 – JAMAICA & RIVIERA STREETS 1. Dr. & Mrs. Rhoti Torres, 3 Jamaica 2. Sumbillo Family, 4-B & D Jamaica 3. Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Lazo 4. Mr. & Mrs. Orlando Zorilla, 7 Jamaica 5. Dr. Antonio Pascual 6. Mr. & Mrs. Victoria Luciano 7. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Singson 8. Mrs. Nona Esquivel, 15 Riviera 9. Ms. Joy Schallenberg, 9 Riviera 10. Atty. & Mrs. Angelito Maraña, 5 Riviera 11. Mr. & Mrs. Francis Mariano, 6-A Riviera 12. Mrs. Charito Barredo, 18 Riviera 13. Rep. & Mrs. Bolet Banal, 8-B Riviera 14. Ms. Margarette Sebastian, 6 Riviera 15. Mr. & Mrs. Ricky Andres, 3 Riviera 16. Ms. Daisy Mendoza, 19 Riviera 17. Mr. & Mrs. Alberto Aniag, 8-A Riviera 18. Mr. & Mrs. Talavera, 4-C Jamaica 19. Dr. & Mrs. Jack Jacinto TOTAL

₱500.00 300.00 1,000.00 300.00 500.00 1,000.00 500.00 500.00 400.00 500.00 500.00 500.00 1,000.00 500.00 500.00 300.00 1,000.00 100.00 1,000.00 ₱10,900.00

(Continued on Page 15)

Religious Affairs MISA DE GALLO DONATIONS REPORT (Continued from Page 14) December 24, 2013 – SECOND & PARIS STREETS 1. Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Claudio, 22 2. Ms. Sandra Co & Family, 10-B 3. Mr. Dodi Madrid, 11 4. Valencia Family, 15-A 5. Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Villalon, 14 6. Ms. Maria Andrea Mendigo, 12 7. Simeon Family, 15-B 8. Mr. Frank Billano, 8 9. Anonymous 10. Mr. & Mrs. Felix Cruz, 2 11. Mr. & Mrs. Mon Lugtu, 18 12. Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Guevarra, 6 13. Mr. & Mrs. Oceanio Santos, 1-A 14. Mr. & Mrs. Danny Dulatre, 1-B 15. Mr. & Mrs. RD Najar, 11 16. Mr. & Mrs. Lamberto Pangan, 12 17. Mr. Ryan & Albert Gace TOTAL Over-All Total of Cash Donations

₱2,000.00 1,000.00 1,000.00 500.00 500.00 500.00 500.00 250.00 250.00 200.00 100.00 500.00 70.00 100.00 300.00 100.00 200.00 ₱8,070.00 ₱95,180.00


OFFERRORS 1. Jing Remo 2. Judge Lety Sablan 3. Mr. & Mrs. Astudillo 4. Ms. Minelli Gaddi 5. Ms. Noemi Reyes 6. Ms. Luz Rodriguez December 18 – FORDHAM STREET 1. Dr. Carmen Rivera - 150pcs. pandecoco, pandemongo 2. Ms. Eden Almirez - 100 sachets of coffee & paper cups December 21, 2013 – WOODSIDE & ASTORIA STREETS 1. Ms. Emy Pantaleon - wine and bread 2. Ms. Cherry Santos - fruits and bread December 22 – RIVERDALE 1. Ms. Margie Villarante - pansit bihon & lumpia shanghai December 23 – JAMAICA & RIVIERA STREETS 1. Ms. Carol Maraña - hotdogs 2. Ms. Ruby - salad 3. Ms. Charito Barredo - ham, ensaymadas 4. Ms. Cora Recto - banana fruits

December 16 – FIRST STREET


1. Mr. & Mrs. Banal - chicken adobo, skinless longganisa, red eggs with tomatoes, rice & cooking of egg omelette, hotdogs 2. Mr. Arnold Tan - eggs 3. Mr. & Mrs. Bobby San Juan - 200 pcs. pandesals 4. Ms. Vangie Tansingco - kutsinta 5. Gen. & Atty. Rolando Añonuevo - hot chocolate 6. Ms. Lita Aguirre - coffee, creamer, sugar 7. Mrs. & Mrs. Gaudy Rayo - 2 big trays of biko 8. Ms. Nora Alejandro - 2 kilos of cocktail hotdogs

1. Mr. & Mrs. Joe Deleña - fiesta ham & quezo de bola 2. Ms. Trixie Deleña - croissants & hotdogs 3. Mr. & Mrs. Felix Cruz - 150pcs. Puto & banapple empanada

OFFERRORS 1. Gen. Rolando Añonuevo - chalice 2. Atty. Marivic Añonuevo - wine 3. Gen. Vic Custodio - basket of groceries & bottles of wine 4. Ms. Norma Chico - bread December 17, 2013 – KEW GARDEN & THIRD STREETS 1. Food preparation by the Perfecto Kitchen 2. Mr. Austin Palco & Family - 1 whole box of special tablea from Batangas 3. Bingle, Astudillo, & Custodio Families - food services by their helpers 4. Remo Family - puto

4. Ms. Dely Peña - 1 bilao bibingka 5. Dr. Luz Corpus - addl. Ingredients for lomi OFFERRORS 1. Ms. Edna Guevarra - basket of fruits 2. Mrs. Rosales - wine & basket of fruits & hosts 3. Ms. Myrna Deleña - cassava cake 4. Ms. Dely Peña – cookies SUMMARY OF DONATIONS & EXPENSES OF ST. IGNATIUS MISA DE GALLO 2013 STREETS CASH DONATIONS


Less Expenses: (Dec.16-24, 2013) 1. Priests' Stipend 2. Choirs 3. Foods, drinks, utensils, etc. 4. Other misc. expenses a. Tips - Boys, Patsy, Driver, Cleaners TOTAL EXPENSES NET CASH ON-HAND DONATIONS

₱11,000.00 3,000.00 36,550.05 700.00 ₱51,250.05 ₱43,929.95

Page | 15

Transition My Memory of Tita Gloria By Oscar Mellomida Guevara I recently read an article by my niece, Andrea Tan, in the last issue of Clarion about our dearly departed Tita Gloria, the former Chief Researcher of the Bureau of Fisheries. I want to add some more information about her. She was sent to Northern Europe by the Bureau during the sixties on a mission to study why there were many fish kills and poisonings from eating fishes in these areas. And do you know why? She discovered red tide – the phenomenal algal bloom. She also pioneered propagating tilapia in our country because she knew that the potential of the fish was very promising. Tilapia is easy to cultivate and is very prolific. In a vacant lot adjacent to our house, at the corner of Third and Paris streets, was a wide pond which was owned by late Atty. Manny Tansingco, father of our current Punong Barangay. Tita Gloria put some tilapia fingerlings there and one weekend when I came home from Sta. Cruz, Manila, I saw my brother Chito and John-John Perfecto fishing in that pond. I asked them,”May isda ba diyan?” And they answered, “Marami. Naglagay is Tita Glora ng tilapia fingerlings dtio noon. At ngayon, malalaki na sila.” She must have put a lot of fish fingerlings there for they have caught a lot. Later on, my Dad bought the lot from Atty. Tansingco. And that is where our present residence lies. Page | 16

Tita Gloria also led the way in making fish and shrimp crackers and nata de coco. During Saturday mornings in the sixties, she had television shows teaching the public how to produce these products. And also, of course, how to debone bangus, making her the boneless “bangus queen” since deboning the fish was her forte. In her old age, Tita Gloria spent her days quietly and religiously went to our village chapel for mass. She also joined our family reunions during Christmas, New Year and other important occasions. We will surely miss our Tita Gloria - an active and innovative lady in her prime.  Preparedness of Mind… (Continued from Page 2)

walk, or outside our community, in school, at work, on vacation, in our outreach activities, in mass, in the grocery, in the market or wherever place we go. GAD (Gender and Development) programs aim to create a culture of HOPE that promotes LIFE. One cause of corruption is PASSIVENESS, just like the story of the Good Samaritan where people just passed by and didn’t want to get involved. Today, we need to ask ourselves, How do we raise the awareness to take action to face all forms of devastations happening in our midst today? “ALL FOR ONE , ONE FOR ALL !” , we call on every person living in Barangay St Ignatius to get involved and TOGETHER , let us work on our PREPAREDNESS of mind , body and soul , to face the challenges of the present time! 

children being trafficked for prostitution?” , “Do we have incidences of cyber pornography , physical , sexual , psychological abuse or Editorial Board unfair labor emEditor-in-Chief Brandon Bulahan ployment?” Managing Editor/ Preparedness in Photo Editor Agnes de la Cruz these contexts Marivi Octaviano may seem not Associate Editor relative to our Layout Artist Brandon Bulahan community BUT Writers Raissa Rosales are we so sure Staff Rhea Evangelista that we never get Russel Negrete to encounter such St. Ignatius Village incidence even in Publisher Association Board its minutest scale right under our Email own roofs or in Email us your thoughts or reactions. homes we pass by We’d love to hear from you. when we take a

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Clarion 2013 Issue 4  
Clarion 2013 Issue 4  

Final Issue published by the 2013 SIVA Board.