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Freightliner Truck Desing Contest - DIRU In 2032, Freightliner introduced a limited production Diru. This truck was designed fully committed to the environment with eight electrical engines - one on each wheel -. This truck also counts on new replaceable rubber rings tires system designed to last much longer and without aspan > The entry: 福莱纳卡车德兴大赛 - DIRU 在 2032 年,Freightliner 公司介绍限量生产 Diru。这辆卡车 8 个电发动机设计完全致力于环保 - 在每个车轮上 - 。这辆卡 车也算对新更换的橡胶圈轮胎系统设计持续更长的时间,并没有 ASPAN> 入门:

Sketching and rendering techniques in commercial vehicle styling 商用车造型草图和渲染技术 暑期实习,晨奈,ENNORE 阿肖克利兰 我的短期实习进站阿肖克利兰 helpedin 许多方面。公司 - 商用车更多比 fivedecades 提供了极好的第一类接触过程中的先 锋其次在设计工作室。所涉及的工作与 engineeringteam 连续相互作用,以确保在最终产品中为 market.Apart 从上述的要 求得到满足,这大大提高在个人水平 inAuto 造型的技能。渲染技术在行业层面,素描跟着受到队洞察我的学习。我也来的 车辆改型依靠 engineeringaspects 知道 - ,这可能项目预算约束 affectthe,。受约束项目在 financialfront 只增加了更多的

挑战带来了产品有效 cuttingcost 没有损害客户的基本需求。

 pastels,markers,ball point pen,color pencils

URBANCARGO Future urban delievery and transport van

Electric Taxi for office professionals in Mumbai Guided by Prof. K Munshi, Industrial Design Centre (IDC), IIT BombaIDC, IIT bombay The Project is an initiative towards realization of electric powered taxis for Mumbai to fulfill commuter experiences in par with upcoming modes of transport for Mumbai in a decade’s time. The process involved understanding the city’s transport history, changing trends in current cab services, new transportation projects that prepare the city to attain ‘megacity’ status by the year 2020. An attempt was made to extract salient characteristics of Mumbai through perspectives of taxi drivers and commuters. Furthermore, taxi driver profiles, luggage and seating preferences, traveling behavior of the commuters and issues were captured.

The above study along with inherent advantages of using electric driven technology opened up avenue for a futuristic taxi design concept that catered to the traveling lifestyle of a mumbaikar. Ten years down the line - assuming there are ample electric recharging networks and hubs across the city - the city has expressways and flyover networks coming up.

The tube tax-e thus flaunts a unique ingress egress, convenient seating arrangement for four, allowing luggage placement in vicinity with a wheelbase that allows easy maneuvering in busy Mumbai streets.

电动出租车在孟买的办公室专业人员 由 K 表 MUNSHI 教授的指导下, 工业设计促进中心(IDC),IIT BombaIDC 的,IIT 孟买

该项目是一项倡议,朝着即将到来的运输方式在十年的时间孟买实现电动的士孟买,满足通勤经验面值。了解城市的交通历史过程, 在目前的出租车服务,新的交通项目,准备到 2020 年全市实现'大城市'状态的变化趋势。试图通过出租车司机和乘客的角度提取孟买 的显着特点。此外,出租车司机型材,行李和座位的偏好,旅游行为的乘客和问题被抓获。

以上的研究,随着使用电动技术的固有优势,开辟了途径,一个未来出租车的设计理念 - ,迎合旅游生活方式的 mumbaikar。 10 岁 上下行 - 假设有充足的电力充电网络和整个城市的枢纽 - 城市有高速公路和天桥网络上来。

管税-E 标榜独特的入口出口,方便安排座位四,允许行李安置在附近的轴距,可以方便地操纵在繁忙的孟买街道。

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Peugeot Flagship

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Nissan Torii Futuristic vision of a family vehicle. City car for the year 2030. Rolling on spheres, each one equipped with lithium-Ion batteries and GPS. Drive by wire driving. As a result, maximum roominess. Torii, temple gate in Japanese, is an inspiring metaphor; someone's soul going through these gates becomes cleaner. Air filters located behind the screen lamps clean the air and let it flow.

日产牌坊 家庭汽车的未来远景。 在 2030 年的汽车城。滚动球,每一个配备锂离子电池和 GPS。车道线驾驶。其结果是,最大广阔。 山门牌坊,在日本,是一个鼓舞人心的隐喻;通过这些门人的灵魂变得更清洁。空气过滤器位于屏幕背后的灯,净化空气,让它流。

Tesla Eye Concept Full Scale Model at the 80th Geneva Motorshow

Truck Design  

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