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Ready, Set, Go!

bring a deer friend wherever you go




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There's new designs to explore

A new series of toys for the tiniest ones

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100% friendly Danish design

Indulge your nusery with that scandi-licious feel

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A new line of furniture for the modern nursery

Unexpected treats with hints of grey and gold

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Q & A with Head of Design Helene Hjorth

Time to go to bed and Zzznooze away

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Meet Croco, Zebee, Ozzo, Raffi, Antee, Nozo & Elphee

A designer's creative and space-saving storage solutions

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Five easy steps to plan a memorable day

A little workout for tiny ones


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Room inspired . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56

Let your imagination run free and play around

Be inspired by your little one to add a personal touch

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A little sparkle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60

Stress-free journey with deer friends

Sprinkle a touch of gold and add an understated charm

Little hands with great ambitions . . . . 44

Room for living . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62

Make baby’s first meals a success

Comfy living space for families with kids

Seas the day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46

Go! Monochrome Go! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66

Escape to the seaside with your little ones

A trend that's here to stay

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Creative space . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68

100% fun, friendly and fabulous dinnerware for kids

Let your kids unleash their creativity

Cool storage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52

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Inspiration to think outside the box

Plan a cozy picnic and make eating fun



deer Join in and explore our Done by Deer universe. Our design team has worked carefully with every little detail to create a Happy Home '18 collection that features innovative and long lasting designs in contemporary colours. This season our bold and stylish colour palette with different hues of powders, blues and greys is explored in new ways with details of gold and black that complements the simplicity of Danish design. The ‘Meet and eat’ collection has been updated with new cool designs in the darker shades – designs that will continue to make eating fun for little eaters. The popular Contour bedding has been given a new spin in two tone colours and new 'Sleepy friends' – all ready to Zzznooze away. We proudly introduce a new collection of delightful toys specially designed to develop babies' fine motor skills, with three tiny activity toys, a balloon mobile and a unique toy to entertain at changing time. We hope you'll enjoy our universe and find loads of inspirational ideas for living and designing a life with kids – and to use our stuff in ways we would never have dreamt of ourselves. Please step in!

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Done by Deer Done by Deer is a Danish company, founded in December 2014. For the last three years we have designed modern lifestyle products for families with babies and toddlers. Combining great design, innovation and a daring use of contemporary colours to make every item outstanding, the Done by Deer interior and toys are for families who want to maintain a balance when decorating with kids in mind and still appreciate the simplicity of Danish design, which easily matches the rest of the dĂŠcor. We combine modern Scandinavian design with features that are fun and playful for children. All of our products are designed in-house in Denmark and naturally tested thoroughly to comply with strict European safety standards. We are 100% friendly in everything we do, starting with designing products that puts a smile on your face, sourcing suppliers with similar values as ours and creating a friendly working environment within the company and with all of our business partners. We strive to do our best 100% of the time.

Helene Hjorth Head of Design Helene and her design team have a special ability to spot modern design trends and convert them into 100% friendly items that not only spark the imagination of kids, but are also modern design pieces for the home. The design team constantly challenges themselves and their designs in order to innovate and make each product stand out. Nothing is left to coincidence and the deer is in every detail.




interiors The best from the past combined with a modern Scandinavian feel of today.


‘Little interiors’ is furniture for the modern nursery designed and produced in Denmark.


nspired by the workmanship of the 50’s and 60’s 'Litte interiors' is three exclusively detailed pieces of furniture for sleeping, nappy changing and storing. All with a delicate retro look that will complement any setting, creating a unique space for your little one… Flexible and convertible The baby cot converts to accommodate your child’s needs and development and will take your tiny one up through the toddler years. The base has two adjustable height settings and the front rail can be removed or replaced by a step-in guard to become a bed for a toddler or a comfortable sofa where you can enjoy cozy moments with your child. Create a cozy and practical changing station by adding the top changer to the storage rack, which offers plenty of space with the possibility of adding specially made soft storage baskets. When the changing table has been outgrown, the rack will find the perfect use for storing toys and books. Add atmosphere and a personal touch to the nursery with the wall shelf, in a clean, simple and functional design. Make full use of the shelf and hang musical toys, clothes hangers, etc. from the bottom wire.


'Little interiors' has been designed with a lot of love towards detail. Its flexible functionality is combined with a timeless-classical appearance. Statement by the Red Dot jury 2017




sofa 11

BECAUSE detail matter Q & A with Head of Design Helene Hjorth Since 2000, Helene Hjorth has specialized in designing and developing toys and interiors for children. When designing new products, she relies on both her professional and private experience. Having four kids at home, has not only been an inspiration, but given Helene lots of understanding for the needs of both kids and parents.

What is your background? I have worked with children’s design most of my life, from the development of toys and dinnerware, to furniture and bed linen. For almost 10 years I worked specifically with design and product development of safety products for children and I obtained great insights into how children act in everyday life. All products are tested over a long period of time, e.g. in a kindergarten where the children’s daily life is being observed and that creates many surprising and funny situations. My technical background is of great use when it comes to production and material selection of the products we design. Why did you decide to become a designer? I actually wanted to study architecture, which I love and continuously use as a source of inspiration but sometimes life just takes you in a different direction. I simply love the children’s universe and I am thrilled that I took this path instead. What is the best thing about working as a designer? The best thing about my job is that no two days are alike. I have a very easy-going approach to the design process and as a person I am curious, some may say impatient. The best products come from having the freedom to immediately try out new ideas which is why I always work at many different projects at the same time.



What do you think makes great design for the little ones? Great designs for children are functional and safe, but also aesthetic for the parents. The design, colours and materials should contribute to the baby’s senses and development, but at the same time it should align with the rest of the home – this is our focus and ultimate goal. We design with both the child and the parents in mind and the biggest challenge, but also the most fun part, is to fulfill both their needs. A great design is also recognizable, and it’s even better if there is an added element of humour. What are your best tips for decorating a children’s room? It’s important to surround yourself with things that contribute to a positive and relaxing atmosphere, for both the grown-ups, as well as for the children’s room. If a room is full of strong colours, mixed patterns and too many items, it can seem distracting, providing no peace of mind. In a child’s room it’s difficult to colour coordinate everything but a smaller dose of colour impressions and lots of storage room to tidy up, can provide the peace and quiet children need. The style of a child’s room doesn’t have to be any specific style. It can give a room character and coziness to mix vintage with modern things.

What was the inspiration for the collection? Our team works very closely together, especially in the start-up phase. We share our ideas, thoughts and impressions and that inspiration can come from anywhere, such as materials, tones, graphic art, surfaces, architecture and of course every day life with kids. The inspiration for our new furniture collection came from the 50's and 60’s. We wanted to incorporate this retro feeling into a modern nursery. What is your favourite product from the collection? I have to pick the baby cot! It’s something we’re really proud of. It just has that simple, yet recognizable touch and functionality we aimed for and we’re overwhelmed by the positive feedback and that it was awarded with the Red Dot Award.

LITTLE INTERIORS was first presented at Kind + Jugend in 2016. In 2017 the Baby cot and Storage rack was awarded the Red Dot Award: Product design 2017.


Croco I'll look after you my friend

Zebee Enjoy the day. Sleep at night



Come dance with me

It's okay to be nozy

Raffi Long necks are for long hugs

Elphee Your secrets are safe with me

Nozo New adventures – here I come


friends Whether it’s love at first sight, or a friend in the making, the relationship between a child and a stuffed animal is to be taken very seriously. For grown-ups a stuffed animal is usually just that, but for most kids a stuffed animal can be something very unique. Most children will at some point form a very special bond with a particular comfort object, whether it’s a so-called security blanket, a favourite toy or a stuffed animal, the child will feel really attached to it, and sometimes even insist on bringing it everywhere. When that happens it’s much more than just play. It provides the child with a sense of love, security and comfort, feelings only fulfilled earlier on by mom and dad. It 14


usually happens when the child begins to explore the world around it and this object will help the child to feel brave and practice being more independent and social as well as preparing the child for new friends. All things that can reduce separation anxiety. The Done by Deer universe is created around such stuffed animals, the 7 deer friends: Zebee, Raffi, Croco, Ozzo, Antee, Elphee and Nozo, who all wander in and out of the products. They are all really good at being cuddly and keeping secrets, and they are all waiting to become someone’s new best friend.





shower Five easy steps to plan a memorable day for everyone to enjoy!

1. Host a surprise baby shower for your expectant friend, creating a relaxing and stress-free zone outside her own home, a place that doesn’t leave her with any after-party cleaning. 2.  Pick a date within her last trimester, invite her friends in due time and share the tasks of planning. Let everyone chip in with ideas and make it a potluck party of delicious foods.

3.  Whether you know if it’s a boy or a girl, choose a theme. Create your own decorations and arrange for a cake and other snacks to match. 4.  Prepare some fun games, like who can guess the exact birthdate, weight, length, etc. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration. 5.  Document the event by taking lots of pictures. Make a personal card and shower the mother-to-be with gifts she will remember you by.





In the first phase of a baby's life, movements are sudden and controlled only by reflexes. The Tiny Croco rattle is designed to fit even the tiniest hand and by the slightest uncontrolled movement the soft rattle will make a sound, triggering the baby’s curiosity and stimulating the reflexes.

Tiny Croco rattle – activity Rattle, crinkel, tags, textures, scales on the back



In the next phase the baby starts being more interested in exploring and will love the chewy material and sweet sound of the Tiny teether. The Deer friends texture on the chewing ring will stimulate both the visual, oral, and tactile senses of the baby. Tiny Deer friends teether – activity Rattle, tags, textures, teether



Around this time the baby will begin to investigate and explore using both hands. The handle of the String toy is easy to hold while the other hand explores the fun and textured strings. The different materials and the sound inside the cute Antee handle will stimulate the baby's senses and trigger the explorer within. Tiny string toy – activity Rattle, teether, strings, textures



The tiniest ones are the inspiration for the new ‘tiny activity toys’ series by Done by Deer

tiny toys

Babies start to develop their fine motor skills from a very early stage. Tiny activity toys are great for practising these first talents.

will trigger the baby's curiosity and reflexes, and being smaller, it's easier for tiny hands to grasp and activate these toy rattles.

From birth, a baby's movement is based on reflexes and within the first six months the baby will start to react on sounds, grasp and examine things with the mouth, explore different textures, and use both hands when playing.

With a clear focus on the early development a baby goes through, Done by Deer has created tiny toys with features that stimulate a baby's senses while developing reflexes and coordination.

A new collection of tiny activity toys from Done by Deer is specially designed for these first precious months. The toys are designed in soft and subtle colours with features that

Three tiny toys – each with special attention to the baby's development stages. It is important to encourage the tiny ones and give them plenty of time to work on their new skills. 19

A PRACTICAL changing station is key because of all the time spent there. The slightly slanted front, makes it easy to reach what you need. Store all of your baby's belongings in practical soft storage boxes that fit perfectly into the open compartments. 20 A NORDIC ATMOSPHERE

a nordic

atmosphere The Nordic style is often defined by its light and space, with a focus on a balanced yet practical way of life. Colours are inspired by nature and the surrounding landscape which create a harmonious atmosphere. With a neutral backdrop and a few eye-popping colours this Nordic inspired nursery is decorated with simplistic and functional furniture that accommodate the growing child's needs with its dual functionality. The few bold and dark colours such as the beautiful deep blue wall, pillows and rugs add character to this room. Graphic artwork on the walls, dots, balloons and golden elements enhances the overall experience for any baby beginning to explore the world. All together a little sanctuary that welcomes you in and lets you indulge in that wonderful Scandi-licious feeling.


the small Elphee and water droplet are easily detached to be used elsewhere.

ELPHEE IS READY to entertain and help out at changing time. With its flexible arm Elphee can be positioned within reach of your baby. The toys will trigger your little one's curiosity with subdued colours, different textures and small details like tags, the sound of a bell or a crinkly ear. There's a mirror to glanse back at and cute eyes to poke. The Elphee activity toy can be attached to the changing table, cot or to the wall with the innovative fittings.

CHOOSE A SIMPLE, GREY changing pad with a golden Raffi, that will complement the Nordic style perfectly – it's soft and with the water proof surface it's easy to clean. 21

FOR A FAVOURITE pass time let your baby discover herself in the mirror, listen to the sweet lullaby and watch the floating balloons.


SNUGGLE UP with sleepy friends perfect for bedtime storytelling. Turn the bed linen over and every one is ready to Zzznooze away.


DON'T SHY AWAY from adding darker colours to a wall, pillows, bed linens or toys. Deep dark hues will only complement the lighter shades in a room and intensify the overall colour scheme.


A powder crush




These lovely and powder-ful colours provide a warm and welcoming feel with lots of personality. The deep dark powder enhances the more softly powdered blushes, mixed with a hint of grey and gold – in a beautiful harmonious composition. WALLPAPER Contour · WALLPAPER Balloon · OZZO soft toy · SQUARE BOXES CUSHION · FIRST MEAL SET · TOY LINKS · COMFORT BLANKET Raffi BURPS & SWADDLES · CUDDLE CUTE Raffi



sleeps 26 FIRST SLEEPS

get cozy Inside the womb the baby has been nestling in a very confined space. A newborn needs comfort, closeness and protection from the new world – just like inside the womb. According to Sonja Eskandari, midwife and nursing counsellor, a Cozy Nest resembles this environment, creating a safe base that encases and comforts the baby.

Sonja Eskandari, Midwife and nursing counsellor,



There are many advantages when using a Cozy Nest The baby will not have to get used to any other or different places to sleep. By using the Cozy Nest every time, the baby will quickly learn to relax and fall asleep.


Can be used in the baby's bed Creating a limited space for the baby to relate to.

To be used on the sofa So the baby will be safe and not roll of.



1 3

Easy to bring along Making it simple to tuck the baby in – anywhere, in its own familiar space.

Did you know? The cozy nest can be turned inside out for a different look and the size can be adjusted.


Done by Deer offers an extensive range of bedding in baby and junior sizes. All bedding and textiles used for sleepy time and cozy care products are made of 100% Oeko-texÂŽ certified cotton.




Many parents are surprised about their newborn babies not being able to fall asleep by themselves or that they will awaken as soon as they are put down. Sonja Eskandari believes that a newborn will often be unable to fall asleep by itself if you put it down with just a blanket or duvet. A baby needs to feel safe and sound in a familiar environment because it is used to a very small and shielded space from the time in the womb. By imitating this, the baby will become calmer and fall asleep more easily. The best way to do this is by swaddling the baby. By using a swaddle you imitate the safe environment from the mother’s womb and prevent the baby from flailing its arms and legs, a so called moro reflex that can wake the baby if it happens during sleep.


small living

Designer Line Kastberg is used to making every inch of a home work – with creative designs and well-thought out, space-saving storage solutions. Line thinks differently than most of us. Her beautiful apartment with only two rooms, is shared with her husband and 6 month old baby and is only 69 m2. Living small has triggered her imagination to think and work in a different way and what their place lack in size it gains in crafty solutions and lots of charm.


Just as a close deadline can boost the creativity of some people, so can a small space when it comes to designing flexible and multi-functional products.

Done by Deer designer Line Kastberg, her husband Anders and daughter Clara

Line began as an intern for Done by Deer, where she was asked to design a new kind of activity gym for babies.


The Activity Gym received the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2016. It is flexible in design, with sand filled feet and can be placed almost anywhere you need it to be. An extremely clever idea, especially for small living.

69 m2, two bedroom apartment

where Aarhus, Denmark 30 SMALL LIVING

No small achievement for a new designer.

Where space is tight, it is important to take advantage of every inch. The kitchen shelf holds a mix of both grown-up and Clara’s often used items, all easy to find and easy to reach. The grey wall makes a beautiful backdrop for a small space, accentuated with gold and a splash of yellow, a colour that pops up throughout the home. The dining nook holds a table that easily folds away and a small step ladder used for seating that also comes in handy for those hard to reach places. The Done by Deer Play mat, is stored on the wall with a gold clip, easily brought from one room to another. Making sure everything has a prober place greatly reduces any clutter.

DONE BY DEER toy links are smart for hanging up cups.

GOLD HOOKS hold an elephant printed bib and Kastberg’s own storage tube for teatowels. To continue the yellow splash of colour throughout the home, she even painted the hands inside the clock.

THE PICTURE above the shelf is the album cover of the couple’s favourite music – enlarged, making the art very personal. 31

CLARA’S BED LINEN is the Grey Balloon & Happy Dots from the Done by Deer collection whilst Line and Anders’ bed linen is from Hay. The enlarged LP cover on the wall shows a motive of Michigan, USA where Line’s grandmother lives.

CLEVER STORAGE with bookshelves on the inside of the closet door for storing shoes, as well as hanging the Cybex pram inside the closet – which can easily be clicked on and off. LINE AND HER FATHER BUILD this foldable changing table, including built-in storage for diapers, etc. Keeping everything in one place where it is easy to reach, makes it perfect for small living. 32 SMALL LIVING

Making room for Clara’s bed in the bedroom was all about focusing on functionality and finding ways to easily access everyday items. Being the master of organisation and clever design, Line has designed and built several of the furnishings in the bedroom. She designed the ladder for hanging clothes and the laundry system in a way that makes it easy to grab and bring to the laundry room in the basement. While organising and sorting Clara can stay in her cot and play under the Activity gym. The dresser is an IKEA hack – a book case Line’s has rebuilt with drawers, because she needed more storage. Small hallways can be difficult to make functional, but not impossible. There are lots of options to choose from and Line has created a well-organized hallway featuring clever storage solutions that are evident from the get go. Having a baby in a small apartment demands smart thinking and most of Line's designs are not just smart, but also multi-functional.

A GREAT WAY TO SEPARATE A ROOM and to maximize your storage without taking up too much wall space is using a large shelf like Line and her husband did with this unit they designed themselves. Wallpaper on the back, stocked with soft storage baskets for Clara’s toys, and equipped with wheels, it’s movable and multifunctional.

The living room transitions from a practical play area when Clara is awake, giving her lots of space to move about, into a cozy living area for grown-ups to enjoy at night. The couple have decorated their living room space with a mixture of old and retro furniture. Line likes to mix colours in a playful way and the yellow Panton lamp stands out beautifully on the dark wall that adds a dramatic effect and tastefully frames the two posters, purchased on the couple’s honeymoon.

LINE HAS REUPHOLSTERED the IKEA lounge chairs and the black pig on the glass cabinet is Line’s favourite gift from Anders.


off to the gym The flexibility of the award winning Done by Deer Activity Gym really sets it apart from any other activity gyms. The classic activity arch has been further developed by the Done by Deer design team and the result is the award winning Activity gym. An innovative take on the classic activity center lead to a much more flexible and unique activity gym that does not require a baby blanket to stand – it can stand freely anywhere.

The Activity Gym not only sparks the imagination of the little ones but is also a modern design piece in the home. The classy grey colour on the arch makes it the perfect match for the design conscious family. The baby’s senses are stimulated by the noises, the different textures and the contrasting colours incorporated into the three toys.

Because of the innovative features the Activity gym won a Red Dot Award in 2016. The award is one of the largest design competitions in the world and had more than 17.000 entries. For the Activity gym the statement by the jury was;

Width and height of the Activity Gym can easily be adjusted, an innovative feature that helps babies reach the eye catching toys, Croco, Nozo and a hanging mirror. A mirror on one leg of the arch and a soft patch on the other attract the attention of little eyes and fingers as well.

“With its flexible design, the activity gym is an innovative variant of the classical centre.” 34 OFF TO THE GYM

The Activity Gym is soft and safe for babies to play with, it stands firmly on its two feet and being flexible in design it is no problem to store away, move around or bring along when going places.

Be inspired to use the Activity gym in various places from #donebydeer Put it in your play pen and surround your baby with all of his or hers favourite toys. Share it between siblings and let them enjoy some bonding time. Place it over the bouncer and let your baby be activated. Use it on the changing table and nappy changes will be more fun. Encourage tummy time and practice of crawling skills when placing it on the floor. Bring it outside and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Thank you for sharing @coteriekids @70percentsteph @design_dorothea @x_l_o_t_t_e_ @sam_broxham @_michellenielsen_ @dirksdotter 35

entertain me long necks are for long hugs

7 sensory features 36 ENTERTAIN ME

ACTIVITY ELPHEE will keep your child company when in need of a friend or in the mood to have fun. The different features stimulate the child’s senses and chewing the rings will soothe their itchy gums.

ACTIVITY GYM is free standing and easy to adjust so it can accompany you anywhere. Let that sweet face discover itself in the mirror or have fun grabbing Nozo and Antee. They will crackle and chime when tickling their tummy.

Nozo with a bell

mirror with rattle Antee with crackle

sandbag and antislip feet for stability

Done by Deer toys are made for little ones and their parents. They are designed to develop children's senses with details and functions that eyes and little fingers love to explore. The subtle yet contrasting colours used in the designs are stimulating as well as pleasing to look at. 37


ACTIVITY PLAY MAT invites your baby to lay down and play with the deer friends Croco and Elphee. Your baby will be entertained by five cute toys with sounds, colours and textures. When playtime is over the arches can be removed for cozy moments on the quilt.

croco crackles

elphee rattles

balloons with chime & bell


FLOOR MIRROR Nothing is better than making cute faces in the mirror. Lifting the head up for a peek is perfect tummy practice.

ears with textures, dots & squeezer


feet with crackle & rattle legs with crackle

rings for itchy gums


tags & teether

hang ACTIVITY RAFFI has many functions to enjoy. The sound of the bell in Raffi’s tummy is just one of the seven sensory features to discover.


play around ELPHEE PULL ALONG is a true friend who will follow your child anywhere. Take Elphee for at stroll around the house or go on an adventure.

easy magnet attachment puzzle assembly

FOAM PLAY MAT Easy to assemble in various ways. Make a round play mat, a cool track or place circles to encourage jumping. The foam play mat will grow with your little one so just let your imagination run free and play around.


DOLLS BED Playing grownup and tuck in a favourite doll while singing her to sleep in the adorable tiny cot.

jittering pull ACTIVITY BALL is great fun for playtime. Practicing grabbing, catching and throwing or enjoy the jittering from the inside when pulling Ozzo – it's such a thrill.

bell inside tags


handle with texture 41

ready, set go

Let the deer friends be a familiar face for your little one wherever you go – it can be all you need to make a stress-free journey. Leaving home with a baby can be quite an adventure. Bags are packed with diapers, burp cloths, changing mat, pacifiers, blanket, food, etc. But don’t forget the entertainment. Activity toys can be an essential part of a trip, because who wouldn’t want to bring a deer friend when going places? A To go friend, a musical toy or an attachable mirror; Done by Deer offer many options. With an aim to create toys that are stimulating for the tiny ones, but lovable by all, the focus is on a subtle colour scheme that still has plenty of details to encourage the baby to investigate and be curious. The 'To Go Activity Set' is the perfect partner to a car seat, featuring a round mirror and a cute and cuddly Elphee. In addition there's plenty of entertainment with crinkly ears,


tags, textures, jittering, bells and chimes. The innovative 'Clip-on mirror' will stimulate your tiny one's senses and curiosity. Four magnets are used for easy mounting of the mirror and gives you multiple options for where to use it – as the perfect entertainment center inside a pram or stroller hood, on the side of the cot, in the car, for creating some tummy time fun or any other place you prefer. Considering your baby's needs when travelling usually involves more than just bringing food or clean diapers. Providing them with a variety of toys will keep them entertained and busy – and definitely make the trip more enjoyable. So grab your baby's deer friends and enjoy spending time with your tiny one without any stress – just fun!






little hands with great ambitions Make first meals a success using the Yummy+ dinnerware with anti-slip and easy grip silicone. Cuteness galore to keep little eaters focused on the task at hand.


Yummy+ is optimally conceived for the needs of children and delights the eyes of adults with a tasteful design. Statement by the Red Dot jury 2017

THE YUMMY+ CUTLERY with Elphee, Nozo and Ozzo ensures not only a steady grip but will also make dining a lot of fun.

It's no easy task for your little ones to start feeding themselves, so supplying the right tools for practice is essential for getting it right. The Yummy+ dinnerware is the perfect first dinner set for little eaters. With a tiny cup, a small bowl, a little plate and a cute cutlery set, all with anti-slip and

easy grip silicone, your little one is all set up for this exciting and important milestone. Happy dots and the cheerful Elphee are at the center of attention in this adorable design in black and white combined with soft pastel powder, blue and grey.

The Yummy+ pusher makes it easier to push food onto the spoon or fork and will help the little eaters master the art of eating by themselves. Remember – practice should be fun before it makes perfect.


DECORATE THE TABLE with your favourite dinnerware from Done by Deer, using different hues of blues, powders and greys to mix up the colour palette and let the decorations stand out.

seas the day

Escape to the seaside with your little ones while enjoying the ocean view and sand between your toes. Half the fun when hosting a beach party, is setting the table and decorating for the event.

and let your guests enjoy themselves, leaving footprints in the sand while having fun in the sun.

Pick a pretty tablecloth, put flowers on the table, craft party favours, create playful straw decorations, make lemonade and fruit sticks for your guests. Throw some pillows for chairs

Coming up with fun things to do, like a water balloon fight, a sandcastle competition, or decorating seashells are all activities that will create a bucket full of memories. 47

Spending the day outside, with the perfect backdrop already naturally in place and only limited by your own imagination, beach parties are always a wave of fun. Kids can have a great time collecting little treasures of seashells, rocks and feathers to bring back home – and before packing up, enjoy the glimmering candles in the gloom of the sunset.

REMEMBER TO BRING soft blankets as well as your favourite deer friend to cuddle with while enjoying the ocean view.

REUSE marmalade jars to place decorative candles around the party area and create a lovely and perfectly festive atmosphere. 48 SEAS THE DAY

Building a tent is fun and the kids will love to hang out and play. Throw some blankets and pillows in and let the kids take a break in the shade – or even a little nap


make eating fun

All 'Meet and eat' items complies with the European food grade standard – it's 100% friendly.


The deer friends are waiting for your little one to finish the meal so they can come out and play.



coolstorage Let your creative side loose, think outside the box and come up with different and maybe new ways to store those favourite items.

Display or hide away your favourite things by arranging these stylish, yet practical Done by Deer storage items – or use unusual storage space to help kids organise their own stuff and have fun doing it. Make room so that every item gets its very own special place. Boxes come in many sizes and are the perfect solution for quickly stowing away all those knick-knacks, keeping the hallway neat, tidy and well organised, so welcoming in guests will be no challenge.

Both the Done by Deer wire shelves and the retro looking wall shelves are a wonderful way to display items that needs to be seen but still needs to be organised. The wire shelves can also stand on the floor, a table, be placed on top of each other or hanged on the wall in any which way you can think of. A stylish, yet practical office is organised and easily kept tidy using mugs, soft storage baskets and wall shelves to keep everything in place. 53



1. Store all those creative little bits in cups and mugs.


2. Create your own personal clothes hanger with strings of toy links.


3. Hang soft storage baskets on the wall and keep hold of bigger things. 4. Use wire shelves in the hallway for shoes. 5. Pixi and Things shelves are perfect for storing tiny stuff.



Create a multifunctional and cool storage wall with a combination of pixi and things shelves.


room inspired Let the sky be the limit and set your imagination free, when creating a personal room for your kids.


hen decorating a room for your child, remember that organisation is key to avoid any hassel; this should be fun and inspirational for everyone.

Creating your own moodboard A moodboard for the room can be a collection of colours, textures and images and it is the perfect tool to help you keep the project on track. It is a fun and inspirational thing to do and you may be surprised how some colours and materials actually work really well together‌ Work out a colour scheme to create an overall context, if you choose to go with different hues of a colour then it's always a good idea to use a splash of contrast colour, like the yellow 56 ROOM INSPIRED

used in this room decoration. Pick a theme but make sure you don't end up with a style that your little one will quickly outgrow. Choose flexible furniture with simple lines that will suit your child for a long time. Use different materials and mix old findings with new elements. Decorate with the child in mind, a toddler needs room to play but with a baby its more about the functional needs of the parents. Arrange for lots of storage space, this will help you and your child to stay organised. Let them join in the fun Letting your kids be involved in the process will kick start their creative side and make them feel right at home. Perhaps this will even help them keep the space more tidy‌

GIVE YOUR TODDLER some freedom to move by taking out the front rail of the bed and add some security with a step-in guard, designed to complement the retro look of the bed.


STYLISH SOFT STORAGE BASKETS will add great detail to the room and are perfect for organising toys.


3 shortcuts to creating a personal kids room 1. A  dd old and used elements to give the room character and personality. 2. P  ainting a wall with blackboard paint is a great way for the kids to express themselves. 3. C  hoose a splash colour or use the same tone throughout – add texture for more depth.

HANG a wall shelf near the bed and stock books for bedtime stories or place a favourite toy for kids to look at and find comfort in.

SOFT STORAGE BASKETS made to fit in the Done by Deer storage rack are perfect, not only for baby products, but also for toys, games, clothing, books, etc. The basket can be turned inside out for a more subtle look than the deer friends contour print.

Releasing your own inner child will help you create a personal space for your little one to match their personality.

and closed storage options will make it easy for you and your child to keep a calm and uncluttered room.

The key is finding the right balance between playfulness and functional decor. And when it comes down to function, maximizing storage using both open

Soft tones and different textures mixed with a fun wallpaper or contrasting prints will add playful details to the room. 59

A little sparkle 60 A LITTLE SPARKLE



Golden details shine through in these Done by Deer darlings with a metallic streak and a few shimmering sparks that blends delicately with the lovely warm hues of powder, blue and greys. A little sparkle here and there will add an understated charm – subtle yet powerful. BIB with velcro, Contour · SPOON Happy dots · YUMMY PLATE Contour YUMMY BOWL Contour · YUMMY MUG Contour · TOY LINKS · BEDLINEN balloon SPOUT CUP Happy dots · RUG 90x120 cm · TINY BIB Happy dots


room for living

When your home is suddenly not just your home any longer, it can be a bit challenging to keep the décor the way you want to. Taking a child’s belongings into consideration is no easy task when it comes to incorporating them into yours.

Designing children products to fit any home in order to maintain a tasteful and clutter-free space, even when invaded by those little curious ones, is one of Done by Deer’s visions.


THE QUILT from the Done by Deer play mat can also be used as a cozy play area for your tiny one if removing the arches. A nursery pillow is a great way to practice tummy exercises and learning how to sit up.


HAVING LOTS OF STORAGE is a great way to keep all your clutter at bay and if you include storage that is easy for kids to reach, they can join in when cleaning up.


The Done by Deer selection of toys and furniture are designed in subdued and elegant hues, making it possible to avoid a colourful chaos, but rather maintain a more refined way of compromise. And compromise you will, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Embrace your creativity and allow your kids’ toys to be part of the decorations or display their artwork in your space. This will make them feel included, and at the same time transform your home into the inspiring, comfortable and welcoming space it should be, and although everything will take a beating, letting your kids partake in some of the decoration decisions, may teach them to be a little more tidy. However, this may just be wishful thinking…

And compromise you will, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Activity play mat The Done by Deer design team has worked carefully with every little detail, to create an activity play mat with an outstanding monochrome design. Toys can easily make a room look untidy with all the different materials and colours they usually come in. This inspired the designers to use a soft colour palette to compliment the modern décor of today. Five toys in contrasting colours and with different functions to stimulate the baby’s senses are included. Croco will crackle, Elphee will rattle, a small peek-a-boo mirror, a balloon with an adorable chime and another balloon with a bell. Toys that are all easy to attach or reposition in the 13 different spots on the arches. The mat is a thick quilt that comforts your little one. The arches are attached with Velcro, making it easy to remove them when the baby has outgrown the activity center, or if you want to use the mat on its own.

This activity arch with its discreet and high-quality appearance is a tasteful alternative to the classical, colourful variants. Statement by the Red Dot jury 2017


Go! Monochrome Go! Create an appealing and cozy atmosphere or go all in and design a complete monochromatic universe.

Bedlinen junior Elphee Metal lamp Wallpaper Backpack Swaddles Happy dots Burp cloths Contour Cuddle friend Elphee Soft storage baskets Pixi shelf Ozzo Pixi shelf Elphee Pixi shelf Zebee 2-handle spout cup, Happy dots Yummy+ plate Elphee Spoon set Happy dots


DECORATING WITH MONOCHROME colours, such as black, white and grey, will never go out of style. Timeless and sophisticated, a tone-in-tone palette is everlasting, and Done by Deer has some gorgeous ways of creating a beautiful space using only these specific colours. One way to achieve a monochromatic universe is to completely embrace many variations of the same tone, like many subtle shades of grey. Using different textures will add warmth and depth to the room.


THE DONE BY DEER table and stools in lovely two-tone colours are perfect for an art project. The table has a convenient hatch in the top with a small storage net underneath for art supplies, books or toys.



space Nurturing a creative atmosphere by making a dedicated space for kids to be creative in, is a great way to help them explore their inner artist and develop their talents. Hanging out in an area stocked with different art supplies will help children feel more dedicated toward their projects. A place they can always return to and easily finish what they started the day before. To encourage all these activities, as well as keeping them interested, you can add new materials and move around – a creative space doesn’t need to be stationary.

Put together a little gallery for your kids’ works of art, a place where they can proudly display their own favorites. The materials can vary depending on your child’s age, interests and preferences. Some love drawing, some will prefer to paint or maybe make collages out of cut paper, using scissors and glue. Some will do it all! Make sure you stock different options to enable your kids to do whatever they feel like and to be more involved in their own choices – different options will also make it easy when they have playdates. You can even make some of the art supplies portable so your little ones can easily and quickly pack up a little bag to bring with them… If you set up a creative space for them to invent, dream up, craft, compose, make-believe and even make mistakes in – and then leave them to it, kids will use that space as they see fit. Remember to encourage the process, rather than the final result and let them set their imagination free.








1. Place snack boxes in a suitcase and store all the little bits. 2. Plant your own food, like cress, using a small glas or a snack box and watch it grow. 3. Use an Elphee placemat to keep hold of paper when a little artist makes the first creative strokes. 4. Compartment plates will find perfect use for sorting beads and the likes – it's not just for food. 5. Store in boxes. 6. Why not use your favourite snack board as a paint pallet. 70 CREATIVE SPACE

Done by Deer products have multiple functions, and thinking outside the box is taken quite literally‌ You can hang soft storage boxes using toylinks and store art supplies, or use mugs for glue sticks, pencils, beads, etc.



Planning a picnic is a great project for your kids, however, if the weather keeps you inside it shouldn’t stop you from having a feast. Whether dressing your kids in warm clothes and letting them have a picnic in the snow or spreading out a cute bed linen in front of the fireplace, changing things up by serving lunch outside the kitchen is always a lot of fun. The first step to getting the kids aboard is by letting them help plan the menu, pick the spot, fill the basket with plates, cutlery, cups and napkins. The next step is getting them involved in the process of making the food by packing a lunch that is colourful, inviting and full of variety. Remember that just like us, kids eat with their eyes first, so lots of yummy foods cut in funny shapes with a cookie cutter, packed in cool lunch boxes are a great way to engage the little eaters in the process.

, let s let's

meet and eat GET YOUR LITTLE ONE involved in the process of cutting and getting food ready for the picnic basket.


Campfire baked apples for 2 snack hungry kids 2 apples 2 wooden sticks 2 tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon cinnamon Wash the apples and put them on the sticks. Roast them over the campfire. Turn them whilst enjoying the cozy heat from the fire. It depends on the apples how long they need to roast, but when juice begins to drip from them they should be done. Carefully remove the apples from the sticks and place them on a plate or in a bowl. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and enjoy...

WARM ROASTED APPLES ready to be sprinkled with cinnamon sugar served up on Done by Deer compartments plates perfect for separating the picnic snacks.


Camping out while embracing the Danish concept of "hygge" Loosely translated to coziness, "hygge" is about creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Feeling relaxed, whether you are alone or with family and friends and while facing any kind of weather. Lighting up the fireplace and letting the kids roast their apples while hanging out in a small picnic-like area, definitely falls under the category of "hygge". Since keeping the children offline for a while can be challenging, chances are that if you provide them with other fun activities, they’ll forget everything else and create their own little fairytale world‌

Chances are that if you provide them with fun activities, they’ll forget everything else and create their own little fairytale world‌


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