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Club Doncaster Foundation utilise their position at the heart of two professional sports teams to inspire and change the lives of people across the Doncaster community. Their impressive results really demonstrate the impact they’re having on our local community across education, health, participation and engagement interventions. Jo Miller, Chief Executive, Doncaster Council



Welcome to the 2017/18 Impact Report for Club Doncaster Foundation. It has been another wonderful year for the Foundation as we continue to develop, grow and increase the positive impact we are able to make to the lives of people across Doncaster. Across our core programmes of health and wellbeing, education, schools & participation and NCS our award winning team has engaged with just shy of 7,000 participants during the past twelve months, a remarkable achievement. As you will see throughout this report, our work is making a real difference to the people and communities of Doncaster, improving health, educational attainment and social action. Our Kicks programme, now in its fifth year, had over 900 participants in the 2017/18 season. By focussing on reducing the risk of anti-social behaviour and youth offending, the programme saved £8.4m to the local purse last year.

Fit Rovers, a programme funded by Doncaster NHS CCG has engaged with more than 250 men aged 30 and over, with total weight lost across participants of over 762kg (120 stone). This programme has had a real impact on health outcomes, reducing cardiovascular risk factors and improving both physical and mental health. Within schools, our team have delivered 3,880 sessions across Doncaster, an increase of 242% from the previous year, providing more opportunities for young people to learn and be more physically active. Meanwhile, our education programme has kept young people engaged with learning and inspired students to continue to higher education courses and University. During the last academic year our rapidly growing Sports College has seen a 97.2% pass rate across our main qualifications. Through our NCS programme, over 21,420 hours of social action have been delivered and

£12,473 raised for local charities by young people aged 15-17. These remarkable figures are testament to the commitment, drive, innovation and personal development of our 714 NCS participants. In what has been a brilliant year for the Foundation, highlighted through the achievements of our participants detailed above and throughout this report, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them and our staff for all of their hard work and dedication during the past twelve months. Finally, it goes without saying that as a charity, our programmes would not exist without the funding support we receive from our partners and patrons, who are all listed on pages 22 and 23 of this report. Thank you! I hope you enjoy our 2017/18 Impact Report. Jim Lord Club Doncaster Foundation



INTRODUCTION Our award-winning team engaged with 6,669 participants last year and work with over 200 learners on a day-to-day basis. We deliver a broad range of programmes which are focused on utilising the brand and reach of the professional sports clubs to positively affect our local community. Our staff force have specialisms across our 4 key areas of work, inclusive of; schools & participation, health and wellbeing, NCS and education.

We are wholly committed to ‘growing our own’ with a staffing and development pathway that can demonstrate clear examples of participants progressing to education, followed by apprenticeships, resulting in paid employment. This impact report demonstrates the objectives and impact seen over the last reporting period, September 2017 – September 2018.




Aggregate attendance


Club Doncaster Foundation goes beyond football and gives the ability for anyone in the community to engage directly with the organisation. The hardest part for any non-profit organisation is to get people engaged and Club Doncaster Foundation are exceptional at knowing how to help someone make that first step, which is why they’re able to help so many people throughout the community. Mike Evans, Director of Operations, EFL Trust

As clinicians, one of the biggest challenges we face is in trying to get Doncaster people moving more, so we can start to improve the general health of the borough. The Foundation is a key partner in helping us achieve this goal. Having access to the club’s extensive facilities is proving a winning combination which has captured the imagination of the many local men - and women - who want to become Fit Rovers. Dr David Crichton, Bentley GP and Chair of NHS Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group







GAVIN BALDWIN Director & Club Representative


JOHN WALLBANK Director & Safeguarding Trustee


Aggregate attendance

115,301 2016/17


164,783 2017/18

I think it is incredibly impressive how the Foundation is at the heart of the community. If you look at what it is doing, not just with the fitness programmes, but with its educational opportunities, it’s inspiring and should be congratulated for what it is achieving. I hope the Foundation can run more programmes and impact more people across Doncaster. Ed Miliband, MP - Doncaster North

Doncaster Rovers are incredibly rooted in the community and that just shows through Club Doncaster Foundation. When I see what is going on, you can just feel something special. Every part of the Doncaster community has been impacted but they’re also making a difference to other areas, really reaching out beyond the local community. I’m really proud of Club Doncaster Foundation for what they are achieving. Dame Rosie Winterton, MP and Deputy Speaker IMPACT REPORT 2017/18


Thank you so much for Saturday - Kolby had an absolutely fabulous day and we couldn’t have wished for more. You guys do an excellent job with the takeover days and I hope it keeps going in the future. S Barber (Parent of JTO Match Day Referee)





Through our partnership with the Premier League, our schools package is delivered across Doncaster and features three different options of engagement engage, enhance and excel. These include PE sessions that achieve outcomes of the national curriculum, extra-curricular sport, competitive school sport and teacher mentoring.

Club Doncaster Foundation work to improve the behaviour, the health and wellbeing and the engagement of children across the borough so that they can become the best version of themselves.

Our Attendance for Attendance in schools encourages children to aim for 100% attendance in exchange for complimentary tickets at Doncaster Rovers and from this programme alone over 15,000 children were given the opportunity to watch DRFC last year.

4000 3000 2000 1000 0

Sessions delivered

Engage, enhance and excel

1,134 3,880 2016/17 2017/18 IMPACT REPORT 2017/18





retention across the programme

Estimated local saving - ÂŁ8,481,819 10




Kicks is a collection of free sporting sessions in Doncaster. The sessions allow children across the Borough the opportunity to try free football, rugby, dance and futsal sessions right on their doorstep.

The sessions have 3 primary objectives; increase physical activity across Doncaster, reduce the risk of antisocial behaviour or youth offending and increase employability opportunities. We work with local partners to lower the number of young people entering the criminal justice system and supporting the delivery of local services.

For the 17/18 season Kicks engaged with 948 participants, with a retention rate of 68%. It is estimated that this is a saving to the local purse of ÂŁ8,481,819.

I first came to Kicks four years ago and never missed a session. I was then given the opportunity to attend a coaching academy, which started my interest in sports coaching. After volunteering at a few events, I was then successful in gaining a full-time apprenticeship with the team. I now work for the club I support and deliver on the same programme that first got me involved! Mitchell Barnett (Kicks participant to apprentice coach) IMPACT REPORT 2017/18


At my heaviest I was nearly 18 stone and I was in and out of depression and anxiety, with regular visits to the doctor for anti-depressants. Getting the opportunity to join Fit Rovers was an exciting moment for me. I am now just under 14 stone. My breathing is great, my singing has improved and I can wear clothes I haven’t worn for over ten years. I’ve had no bouts of depression and I’m now into the longest period I have gone without having to ask for tablets. Paul Reynoldson, 55.





Fit Rovers is a positive lifestyle course that combines tailored fitness sessions and health workshops to help men over the age of 30 lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Doncaster currently has high levels of obesity and inactivity and Fit Rovers was designed to affect change in this area.

Fit Rovers continues to be a free programme through funding from the NHS CCG. One session a week for eight weeks is included in the course, as well as incentives such as sportswear, Doncaster Rovers match tickets and the chance to meet the first team players.

To date we have engaged with more than 250 men and they have lost a combined, 762kg since the beginning of their Fit Rovers journey. Just under 1000cm has also been lost in waist circumference, over ten courses. The success of the programme has resulted in a menu of exit routes being provided. Through our weekly programme, we now have 130 men that exercise with us on a weekly basis.


Total weight loss



I attended the level 1 Bikeability course at the Keepmoat with other members of the peer support group I am a member of (PFG). I really enjoyed the sessions, my confidence increased and I then felt confident to make journeys by bike using roads and cycle paths. I love being on the bike, I have Asperger’s syndrome but when I’m cycling it’s like all my worries and stresses just disappear. I now ride to the Keepmoat on a Tuesday to volunteer at the Bike Library. Graham (Bikeability participant and volunteer) 14




Through our work with Doncaster Council we are able to offer a free-ofcharge cycle hire scheme allowing anyone in the community to hire a bike. Through our work with Yorkshire Bank Bike Library, members of the public can donate unwanted bikes which are then modified and distributed to those in need across Doncaster.

Offering the free use of bikes across the community allows anyone to feel the benefits of swapping car transport for a bike. A variety of over 70 different bikes are available including children’s trailers and bikes of all different sizes.

Riding a bicycle regularly is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Since the beginning of 2017 we have had more than 2,000 bike hires from members of the public across Doncaster, including families and individuals wanting a new method of travelling to employment or training.

2195 bike hires Aggregate







Money raised for charities - ÂŁ12,473 16

NCS Summary



The National Citizen Service is a once in a lifetime opportunity, available to 15-17 year olds. NCS is a programme that helps young people build their skills for work and life, whilst taking on new challenges and meeting new people.

A government funded programme, NCS makes it accessible for any young person to create memories and skills for life, meaning they only have to provide up to £50 to cover the whole three weeks. This includes the accommodation, the food and all of the activities.

During 2017/18 we took away 714 young people from across Doncaster which resulted in 49,980 hours of challenges and new skills, 21,420 hours of social action and £12,473 raised for local charities.

21,420 Hours of social action

NCS is a great way to spend your summer holidays. You get to meet lots of new people, take on outdoor activities that will really challenge you, learn some new skills that have never crossed your mind and complete a social action project that can benefit so many people across Doncaster. What’s not to love about NCS? Oscar McConway-Gee, NCS Graduate Youth Board Member & Club Doncaster Academy Employee



My daughter had an excellent year here and loved every minute. She just got her results; Distinction* Distinction* and is now off to University in September! Thank you to everyone concerned! Ann Hewitt, Parent

97.2% 95.8% 18

pass rate across main qualifications progression to positive destinations




Set up in 2008, Club Doncaster Sports College engages with post-16 learners in Doncaster and surrounding areas delivering education through the catalyst of sport. Expanding at an impressive rate, the College offers both Further and Higher Education with impressive Football and Rugby Academies running alongside learners’ academic studies.

Students have the chance to develop their skills and knowledge through a unique curriculum built up of both vocational and academic qualifications. Club Doncaster Sports College combine excellent facilities with driven staff, to provide high quality, flexible and responsive courses making them suitable for all levels of learner.

We have several sport courses to choose from and boast an impressive 97.2% pass rate on all of our qualifications with 100% of students agreeing they are satisfied with the College.

Above national average across all main qualifications



The girls were excited to take part in the EFL Girls Cup and they played so well. They are buzzing to be part of the area finals and being able to represent Doncaster Rovers. This is the first time a team from Rossington has won and got to the next event, I’m so proud of them. The work of the Foundation has allowed us to give the girls this great experience. Katherine Fewster, Rossington All Saints Academy PE Teacher 20




Our girls programme is available across Doncaster to all secondary schools as well as hosting community sessions. We are working towards getting as many females as possible active in Doncaster and developing opportunities to help them progress from the school sessions right through to grassroots football clubs. We also look to provide opportunities and pathways for female participants, who want to progress in careers in sport/football, including being a part of our volunteer programme to assist and deliver at sessions.

Our coaches work closely with secondary schools to delivery high quality sessions to female students. The delivery is shaped by the female participants at the session, to be able to meet their needs and create fun and enjoyable sessions, while also learning new skills at the same time, in the hope to retain and sustain their participation in sport.

The 2017/18 school year delivery saw us engage with more female participants than ever before. Our retention and sustained figures were also the highest they have ever been. All of our participants have been given the chance to take part in a number of tournaments throughout the year such as the EFL Girls Cup. As a result of the higher engagement, the 2017 Girls Cup saw an increase in participating teams, demonstrating that the grassroots delivery is starting to have an impact on the transitions through the pathway.



4925 Aggregate attendance IMPACT REPORT 2017/18


PARTNERS The work we do here at Club Doncaster Foundation simply would not be possible without the support of our key partners. Last year we amassed over 164,783 aggregate attendances across our programmes and we are thankful to all of our partners for making this happen.


PATRONS For 2018 we have secured the support of some fantastic local organisations that form our Club Doncaster Foundation patrons. We would not be able to recognise the contributions and achievements of our participant and volunteer base without these organisations and we are really thankful of the support they provide.


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Club Doncaster Foundation Impact Report 2017/18  

Club Doncaster Foundation Impact Report 2017/18

Club Doncaster Foundation Impact Report 2017/18  

Club Doncaster Foundation Impact Report 2017/18