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209,475 attendances

across all programmes Average of

224 sessions per week

8,473 unique participants

across all programmes Impact Report 2018/19 3


Welcome to the 2018/19 Impact Report for The Foundation. On behalf of all the people who have benefitted from the Foundation’s programmes and services, and from the Foundation staff, we’d like to say thank you.

As a charity, it is our funders, strategic partners, participants, volunteers and supporters that make it possible for The Foundation at Club Doncaster to impact so positively and diversely on the lives of people in Doncaster. We’re incredibly proud of the work that The Foundation delivers across the community, and we are delighted to be able to show how the impact of our work continues to reach further into the community, supporting more people of all ages, using the power of sport to positively shape and improve lives. Across the four main pillars of our work; education, schools & participation, engagement and health & wellbeing, we’ve seen a record-breaking year, resulting in new learners, increased participants on all programmes, more supporters and volunteers joining us, and significant growth in media coverage both locally and nationally. Describing the breadth and diversity of our work can be challenging but The Foundation is taking every


opportunity it can to share stories which highlight the positive difference we make to people’s lives. This year yielded an amazing opportunity for the Foundation when one of our participants was invited to take part in the ‘Royal Team Talk’, aired on BBC One in May. Paul Reynoldson discussed the life changing benefits that ‘Fit Rovers’ has brought to him, and we are immensely proud of Paul’s journey and the way he shared his story. Within our Health & Wellbeing offer we piloted a ‘Fit Rovers’ junior programme and launched a new programme, specifically for women. The women’s programme has resulted in an average weight loss of 1.3kg per participant. Alongside this fantastic weight loss, our participants also report many other physical and mental health and wellbeing benefits, which is fantastic and a key driver for us in delivering this kind of life changing support. The programme has proved to be so popular; we are currently carrying a waiting list with over 280 women wanting to take part. We know how life changing and beneficial the impact of these programmes are, so it is our aim to generate enough funding to be able to provide this kind of support for men, women and young people, equitably across Doncaster.


Lucy Nickson CEO

Across education we were proud to see a 97.6% pass rate for our main qualifications. This was coupled with success outside of the classroom where our academy team were successful in winning the inaugural EFL CEFA league. September has also seen us enter an exciting new partnership with Doncaster College and we are delighted to have increased the number of learners accessing our provision. We are looking forward to working towards further growth of our Sports College and giving more people the opportunity to access education and further pathways.

given back across Doncaster. In addition, through our partnership with the Department for Education we were able to provide a support mechanism in the KickStart programme that enabled vulnerable young people who typically wouldn’t engage, the opportunity to do so.

Within our schools programme we have seen more young people than ever engaging in sport and physical activity, while also using sport as a tool for increasing attainment within the classroom, a great example of this being the success of our writing stars competition.

The year also came with a change of leadership as The Foundation said goodbye to the outgoing CEO Jim Lord, who led The Foundation so well, achieving much growth and success over the last five years.

Out in the community, Kicks saw us reach an incredible 937 young people through our diversionary activities. This project is delivered in areas of high need with some of the most vulnerable young people so it provides a significant cost saving to the local purse.

As a charity, none of the work we do would be possible without the support of our key funders, partners, supporters and volunteers. We are, as ever, grateful to our dedicated and passionate staff.

Together and with your ongoing support, I look forward to the coming year with excitement and optimism, and with a renewed focus on raising much needed funds and continuing to showcase the work of this fantastic local charity.

In NCS we saw a total of 606 children accessing the programme, resulting in 15,630 hours of social action

Impact Report 2018/19 5

Partners Patrons

The work we do across our communities simply wouldn’t be possible without the fantastic help and support we receive from our key partners, patrons and Friends of the Foundation. Last year we amassed 209,475 attendances across our provision and this support is crucial to helping us achieve this. It is our aspiration to help and support even more people, so if you would like to support the work of The Foundation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


rs& s Impact Report 2018/19 7

The Foundation utilise their unique position at the heart of professional sports teams to inspire and change the lives of people across the community. Their impressive results really demonstrate the impact they’re having in Doncaster. Damian Allen, CEO, Doncaster Council

The Premier League aims to use the appeal of the league and professional clubs to inspire children and young people to realise their potential. Over the past five years we have seen how The Foundation has put this vision into practice, working with local partners to deliver impactful activity as part of the PL Kicks and PL Primary Stars programmes. Particularly noticeable is how the Foundation has supported the Premier League by taking the club into the classroom, engaging in national campaigns such as PL Writing Stars using positive role models to help children develop key skills for life. Nick Perchard, Head of Community Development, the Premier League


I have worked with Club Doncaster for over 3 years and truly believe in The Foundation’s values and mission to make sport and healthier lifestyles accessible to everyone across Doncaster. I am especially passionate about the joint work we do around Fit Rovers with mental health and cancer awareness. With a challenging health landscape, opportunities to engage and talk to local residents about recognising signs and symptoms of some of the most common and devastating health problems is very positive and there’s no doubt, many lives have been saved or prolonged through the work we do. Dr David Crichton, local GP and Chairman of NHS Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

This impact report is reflective of the strength of Club Doncaster and its work in the community. Their ability to engage over 11,000 people in their community and provide so many opportunities for participation speaks for itself. The individual’s stories that reflect their journeys and the pathways available through the organisation’s offering are a credit to Club Doncaster and we look forward to a successful 2020 working them and our network of 72 Club Community Organisations, who are building stronger, healthier, more active communities together. Mike Evans, Director of Operations, EFL Trust

Impact Report 2018/19 9


Here at The Foundation we’re proud to be able to invest and support the local community. Our 2018-19 provisional accounts show the amount of investment we’re able to put back into the Borough.



Restricted Unrestricted Total

Income £1,333,766 £458,665 £1,792,431

Restricted Unrestricted Total

Expenditure £1,466,849 £350,534 £1,817,383





Turnover of over ÂŁ1.7million

42 full or part time staff across

The Foundation Over 8473 participants

Over 200,000 attendances across our programmes Impact Report 2018/19 11

Educatio At Club Doncaster Sports College we offer a unique curriculum combining vocational and academic qualifications. We are proud to be recognised as the fastest growing Sports College in the area as a result of our continued success. This year we marked our ten-year anniversary by inviting former students back to the college to help us celebrate. We have also seen our first group of students graduating with a degree as part of our flagship Higher Education programme. We are very proud to offer students additional opportunities to fulfil their potential and support their learning. Our College Football Academy gives students the chance to take part in competitive sport alongside their academic studies, with three men’s teams and one women’s team based here at the Keepmoat Stadium. The Academy is part of the EFL CEFA League structure with our men’s second team finishing the season as champions of North West 2.


97.6% pass rate

across main qualifications

on Off the pitch, another year of phenomenal academic results included a 97.6% pass rate across our main qualifications. All of the students that completed the Level 2 Active IQ course left the college as qualified Personal Trainers and Gym Instructors.

19.5% above the national rate in the BTEC

National Foundation Diploma in Sport

Impact Report 2018/19

Ben’s story Ben joined Club Doncaster Sports College in 2017 and after completing an Extended Diploma, he is now enrolled on the Sports and Exercise Science Degree course. He has balanced studying with a demanding training schedule as a talented rugby league player. In the past he has represented Northern England and he currently plays for Castleford Tigers. “I always knew I wanted to have a career in sport and I knew this would be a good option because of how much emphasis the College has on this area. While I’ve been at the College I have formed good relationships with the tutors, they’ve been flexible around my rugby


which has made it a better place to learn and I don’t think I would have got this level of support anywhere else. “During my first year I got the opportunity to train with the Dons and spent almost an entire season working with them before getting an offer to go on trial with Castleford Tigers.

“I’d definitely recommend Club Doncaster Sports College to other students; it’s a unique environment with lots of practical sessions and great facilities. If you know sport is what you want to do then you can’t look any further for a place to study in Doncaster.”

“The College’s connection with the Dons gave me that opportunity and it ultimately led to me

signing a contract with Castleford.” - Ben

Impact Report 2018/19 15

Voluntee 164 volunteers

Over 2,000 hours contributed

74 qualifications gained

by volunteers

Volunteers play a key role in supporting the work we do in almost every area of work. It is a great way to meet new people and also an enjoyable way of giving back to the community. We offer free training and support to all of our volunteers allowing them to help us make an even bigger impact in Doncaster. Volunteering can also provide a pathway to employment with several members of our full-time staff at the Foundation starting their work with us as volunteers.


“I really enjoyed volunteering in schools and at Kicks sessions. It was a great way for me to get some experience while I was at College. I knew that I wanted to become a coach and this put me in the driving seat when I applied for my apprenticeship.�

ering “It was a great way

Participant: Adam Wilkinson Overview of involvement: Apprentice Coach and former Volunteer

for me to get some experience while I was at College.� - Adam

Impact Report 2018/19 17


Our connections with Doncaster Rovers FC and Doncaster RLFC enable us to harness the appeal of sport and inspire school children across Doncaster. By partnering with the Premier League Charitable Fund we can deliver specialist programmes to all of the primary schools that we work with.

The schools package we offer also includes unique opportunities to be involved with projects such as Junior Takeover Day and our annual Play on the Pitch tournament. This year we worked with 96 school teachers to help them become more confident and knowledgeable when delivering PE and school sport.

We run sessions and workshops promoting positive behaviours associated with participation in sport such as teamwork, resilience and respect.

5,203 school sessions delivered


s An average of 33 hours of engagement per participant Impact Report 2018/19 19

Adam’s story “He really felt like part of the team for the day and that gave him a huge boost of confidence, which has been evident since.” - Neil (Father of Adam) 20

Our Junior Takeover Day events provide local primary school children with the opportunity to get a behind the scenes experience at a professional sporting fixture. Adam was this year’s commentator for the fixture between Doncaster Rovers FC and Walsall FC. He has a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and can find social situations difficult to deal with.

“Adam enjoyed talking to the people he met and I feel his interactions with adults have improved since then. He really felt like part of the team and that gave him a huge boost of confidence.

“We try to get to home games as often as possible and whilst sitting in the East Stand, we always look over to where the media team are located and talk about the "Adam was delighted that he was given the opportunity amazing day we had. It will be something he will to take part in Junior Takeover Day despite being nervous. remember fondly and has only gone on to deepen his enthusiasm for football, Doncaster Rovers and his aspirations to work in media in the future.” “The day itself was organised exceptionally well. The media team looked after us throughout the day and even though they had their own jobs to go about, at no Neil (Father of Adam) point did we feel like an inconvenience.

Impact Report 2018/19 21

Health& Wellbein

Doncaster faces significant challenges resulting from health inequalities and below average levels of physical activity. We run several programmes that promote healthy lifestyles to the people of Doncaster. Fit Rovers is the overarching brand that we use across the majority of our work in this area.

A range of post-course activities allow participants to keep up their good work which is pivotal to our philosophy of embedding long term behaviour change at the heart of the programme. More than 550 participants engaged with our Fit Rovers projects this year alone.

This year we launched Fit Rovers Ladies and Fit Rovers Juniors which has allowed the programme to engage with more people than ever before. All of our Fit Rovers courses are free to attend and participants can receive incentives such as sportswear, match tickets and the chance to meet Doncaster Rovers first team players.

9,490 attendances


across our provision

& ng Across the year participants on our adult programmes have achieved a combined weight loss of 408kg Impact Report 2018/19 23

Dave’s story

Dave works as a Project Manager in the Railway Industry and he has been attending Fit Rovers Veteran sessions for well over a year. He joined the programme in early 2018 and he has now lost over 30kg through his hard work and dedication. “I’d not heard of Fit Rovers before joining and throughout my life I’ve gone through phases of losing weight and then putting it all back on. I’d not played football for around 30 years and the idea of getting back into it while I was overweight wasn’t something that appealed to me. Fit Rovers gave me a platform to get back into physical activity with other people who were in a similar situation. I now attend both of the Veteran sessions on a Thursday and play football every week.

“I’ve also become a lot more aware of the importance of mental wellbeing. I learnt a lot during the mental health workshop during the course but I’ve also been able to hear the experiences of the people I’ve met and listen to how they’ve had to deal with the problem’s they’ve had. “Overall, I think Fit Rovers has enabled me to break the cycle of exercising for a few months and then falling back into a situation where I’d be doing nothing at all. The staff are all brilliant and the project really has changed my lifestyle for the better.”

“Overall, I think Fit Rovers has enabled me to break the cycle of not exercising and it has changed my lifestyle for the better.” - Dave Impact Report 2018/19 25

Cycling Our cycling provision has continued to develop over the past year as we look to sustain the success we have had in this area. We run a free cycle hire scheme that can be accessed by anyone looking for an active way to get around Doncaster and also run training courses to help people become more confident on a bike.


As a designated Yorkshire Bank Bike Library, we accept donations of unwanted bikes and cycling equipment. The donations we receive are serviced and repaired before finding a new home in the local community.

2,171 bike hires 54 bike donations received

Impact Report 2018/19 27

Summe program The Department for Education’s Opportunity Area Programme has allowed us to run additional delivery in a bid to improve social mobility and educational outcomes in Doncaster. Our Essential Life Skills programme ran throughout the academic year with various projects helping young people to fulfil their potential. Over the school summer holidays we ran activities as part of Expect Summer for the second year running. This allowed hundreds of children to access a variety of free sessions such as BMX Skills, Children’s First Aid and Urban Arts.


Across these programmes we

engaged with 1,183 participants

er mmes 2,626 meals provided during Expect Summer

Impact Report 2018/19 29

Kicks&G Football

Doncaster Kicks is our community based programme aimed at inspiring young people in some of the most high-need areas. All of the sessions are free to attend and contribute towards increasing levels of physical activity, reducing the risk of anti-social behaviour or youth offending and creating more employment opportunities in the local area.

The girls programme has continued to encourage female participants to take part in sport by playing football regularly. Our coaches work closely with secondary schools to deliver fun and informal sessions, allowing participants to progress at their own pace and make friends at the same time. The programme helps girls to develop skills and confidence


while also providing a pathway to becoming a player, coach or official. The Kicks and Girls programmes are a great way for young people to get involved in recreational sport. Participants also have the option to take part in competitive fixtures and tournaments on top of the regular sessions. In April our Doncaster Kicks team took part in the annual Premier League Kicks Cup held at the University of Warwick.

Girls’ l

937 participants at Doncaster Kicks sessions 221 girls’ football sessions

Impact Report 2018/19 31

NCS& KickStar

NCS is a life-changing programme available to teenagers aged 15-17. It is an opportunity for young people to take on new challenges and build skills for life. The programme is supported by government funding meaning that participants pay a maximum of ÂŁ50. More than 600 participants took part in our summer programme and their social action projects raised a combined ÂŁ16,728 for charities and good causes.

606 NCS summer participants 32


This year we also ran KickStart, a new programme that worked with disadvantaged young people that were unlikely to engage with NCS. The aim of the programme was to introduce the participants to new experiences that would make them feel more comfortable in signing up to our summer NCS programme. During the KickStart programme more than 30 young people were taken to the Peak District for a two night residential involving a variety of outdoor activities. They also visited MediaCityUK for a tour of the BBC studios and to learn more about how the organisation operates. At the end of the programme 10 participants successfully transitioned into our summer NCS programme.

Impact Report 2018/19 33

Oscar’s story The NCS Graduate Board allows young people to stay involved with the project and continue to make a difference in the community beyond graduation. Oscar took part in NCS during summer 2018 and is now a member of the Graduate Board. He balances his role with a full-time job working for Mercedes as a Trainee Truck Sales Executive. “I signed up to NCS because I wanted to help in the community and the activities planned for the first week sounded like really good fun. The programme also seemed like a great way to improve my CV.


“The residential in the Lake District sparked my interest for the outdoors and I now spend a lot more time outside. It was a nice way to make friends and the experience as a whole has definitely made me feel more confident approaching new people. “Since I started working for Mercedes I’ve really noticed how NCS has helped me to develop my people skills. My role on the Graduate Board has given me something to focus on outside of work and it has been really rewarding.

“I’ve also been able to get involved with other areas of the Foundation. Over the past year I helped at Kicks sessions on Friday nights and I’ve also done some volunteering at Doncaster Rovers match days too. “The programme has been life-changing for me and it has definitely had a positive impact on my future career prospects. As a young person people will respect you more for going out of your way to do bigger and better things for not only the community but also yourself.”

“The programme has been life-changing for me and it has definitely had a positive

impact on my future career prospects.”

- Oscar

Impact Report 2018/19 35






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Club Doncaster Foundation Impact Report 2018/19  

The report covers the four main pillars of our work; education, schools & participation, engagement and health & wellbeing, The Foundation a...

Club Doncaster Foundation Impact Report 2018/19  

The report covers the four main pillars of our work; education, schools & participation, engagement and health & wellbeing, The Foundation a...