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Influential Web Designers - John O Nolan The worlds of graphic arts and web design are complicated enough as it is. With the help of dynamic design professionals like John O Noaln, who’s from the UK and member of the WordPress UI Team. He’s a regular contributor to publications like Envato Network, Web Designer Depot, and Smashing Magazine. As of right now, he’s working to develop a user interface for Virgin Atlantic Airways. You would think that he wouldn’t have time to do much else, but he’s still able to produce regular entries to his personal blog. With all the information he provides, every aspiring designer can derive so much knowledge from his expertise.

Trying to Stay Current It’s so challenging to remain on the forefront of what’s going on in the design industry. There are new ways of doing things coming out on an almost daily basis. You have to have a team of trained professionals assigned to your website that are in the know. It takes a considerable amount of time to be able to consume all of the information necessary for your knowledge to remain current. In this case, your knowledge is more of a matter of the quality of the information you’re reading rather than the quantity.

Finding the Right Information When you’re searching for information about design, you have to pay attention to the person who’s presenting it. John O Nolan is a trusted resource in this area because his experience is well-known. You can tell that his point-of-view is well respected considering the publications he contributes to. Looking at one entry on his blog will make you immediately aware that he knows what he’s talking about. His complete body of work about the topic is considerable. He never loses his sight on coming up with new ideas and his content is always fresh.

Involving an Expert Rather than spending all your time reading about the thoughts of an industry expert, you should hire them to work on a project for you. Many industry professionals like John O Nolan have reached a status where they can hire themselves out when needed. It’s difficult to pin down experts because their services are so in demand. They don’t have to align themselves to particular organization. The organizations come to them and they choose who they want to work with. This freedom is envied by design professionals across the world. You will also have a hard time replicating the same results when you do work on your own.

Revisiting Your Current Design

Since the art of design is changing so rapidly, you can’t stick with the same design for too long. You have to go back to the drawing board from time to time to push the design of your website forward. You can’t rely on the current design of your website to see you through. You have to make changes that are significant enough to show an evolution in design while being cautious enough to not throw off your entire audience in one fell swoop.

Influential web designers john o nolan  
Influential web designers john o nolan