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TRADE SECRETS is a free monthly online magazine for the modeling and talent industry across New England.

2 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940


If you are not friends with us on any of our social media sites, then I would like you to take a moment right now, go to the lower left corner of the opposite page, click on any of the icons that tickle your fancy and go “like,” “friend,” or “follow” us. If you are friends with us, then you have probably seen the little teaser we posted about this month’s Talent Talks Spotlight. Meet the unbelievably energetic Edna Panaggio! She is quite possibly Rhode Island’s most seasoned working actress at 86-years-old, and we had an amazing time working with her; you have to read her story! This month, we also bring you the very handsome Peter Kenyon. Growing up on a farm and living simply, he decided to step out of his comfort zone and try something completely new. Right after signing on with our agency, Donahue Models and Talent, he had the opportunity to be used as the subject of a makeover for Providence-based barber-shop, Chez Moustache, for an article on male grooming. The change was so dramatic, that we asked Peter to share his thoughts about the whole experience. It is quite captivating, and the results… Oh, the results! Fall is officially in full swing, and it’s time to switch wardrobes. But hold up! Before you empty out your closet completely, our onsite Stylist, Lisa Shorr, shows us about how to transition from summer to fall without having to shop for a whole new wardrobe. She’ll walk you through how to mix and match summer and fall pieces while still looking put together. Keeping on the fashion line, we are starting a new segment called “Crimes of Fashion,” where our fashion consultant, Sira D’Arpino, will address the right and wrong ways to wear your wardrobe. This month, she takes on leggings! I even learned a thing or two, myself! For our trendy readers, you will most certainly have noticed the leather trend lately and will enjoy the input of our Italian contributor, Cinzia Antonelli, showing us ways to wear our leathers both here and abroad. There are many more articles in here for you to peruse, so enough of my ramblings. I’ll let you get to it. Go ahead, enjoy, and as always…

Stay fabulous! Y

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T By Peter Kenyon

he idea of being an instant success, having people scramble for your every need, the travel, money and fame. Is this modeling? I never expected such things out of myself, however, I was curious as to what it would take to become part of this industry. I never had deep aspirations of becoming a male model, nor really knew of any. But, here I am writing an article about my very limited experience in this world. It’s still strange to me, sort of out of my comfort zone. But hey, this is why I decided to give it a shot! After a few bumps in the road with other obligations, time finally lent a hand and I soon found myself working with Yemi Sekoni, talent agent and owner of Donahue Models and Talent. I was lucky enough for my look to strike a position in her agency, and I soon started the program that all newly discovered talent find themselves in; the Donahue workshops. I must admit, that I was, and still am, a bit hesitant about exposing myself in front of a camera! However, after each progressive class every Saturday morning, I started to become a little more confident in myself, and most importantly, learning what the modeling world is all about. 4 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

401.353.4940 | | Issue 6, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrets | 5

With less than half of the workshops left to complete, Yemi came to me with a favor to ask. She wanted to see if I would be interested in a makeover featuring the work by her talented barber, Cheryl Dumont, and owner of Chez Moustache. The small yet impressive shop had already established a popular blog and wanted to do a makeover highlighting someone who was in dire need of one- me! 6 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

I grew up with a buzz cut my whole life and while I had the chance I decided to let my hair grow out. Well, with a “no care� attitude, my inner mountain man really began to show, and my head of locks was a bit too much for prospective clients. So, the makeover project seemed like a good idea and the rest became history!

Looking back, I’m glad I was part of this project. While I valued my full head of locks, I knew it was time for a change, and Cheryl did an excellent job of taming my hair, yet allowing me to keep enough to show my free-spirit. The most valuable part of the process, on my end, was being able to see how a multiday modeling project was laid out from call sheet to shoot. I took the opportunity to treat this experience as a trial job for any possible client work that I may be fortunate enough to take. For anyone else aspiring to get into the modeling industry, I would recommend grabbing any opportunity like this for the experience alone. For all those that were part of this, I wish to thank you for the opportunity and insight. I did have a great time doing this and it certainly was a tremendous icebreaker into modeling. Who knows what is ahead, but as I said the curiosity and the feeling of doing something out of my comfort zone are the two main reasons why I got myself into this. I think this farm boy will stick around for a bit longer to see what other challenges lurk over the hills!

8 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

10 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

Click here to see a video clip of the transition and Chez Moustache’s interview with Peter and Agency Director, Yemi Sekoni. Courtesy of : Chez Moustache


Is Your Haircut An Afterthought?


esigner and fashion icon Hardy Amies once said, “A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgotten all about them.” At Chez Moustache, we believe that the wellcoiffed man ought to make the same thoughtful impression.


Schedule your haircuts regularly It all begins with establishing a relationship with a good barber. Just like any other relationship in your life, you have to work at it and give it time. That means, you never want to be the guy whose back, neckline, and hair have all grown together. We recommend scheduling a standing appointment every four to five weeks if you have a longer hairstyle, and for very short hair, we suggest a neck cleanup and shaping every two to two-and-a-half weeks. Planned grooming keeps you consistently sharp.

You would think that making a good impression has to include one’s hair. After all, it does sit there right on top of that (hopefully) well-dressed body. Apparently, this isn’t common sense to many men. We receive countless last-minute pleas from desperate clients and non-clients in need of primping for an important event and are amazed at how many men consider their haircut as an afterthought. So, we want to set the record straight and set-up some guidelines on how we think you can look your best:

12 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940


Have realistic expectations Find a barber that you can talk to about your hair goals. Pictures are good to bring in, but be realistic and make sure the model has similar hair to you. If not, you may set yourself up for a disappointment. Male pattern baldness is a common challenge in both the psychology of letting go of a past look, and finding a new handsome look in conjunction to working with what you have left on the top of your head. You ought to feel comfortable talking this out with your barber, and they should respect your wishes. We’ve had the pleasure of easing many of our clients away from the “comb-over” into a more modern look.


Communication is important Talk to your barber about your hair and your head: Do you have any cowlicks, bumps or lumps? Every head is different. Do you know exactly what you want, or do you want a recommendation? There’s a relationship between client and barber that grows over time, but the consultation paves the way for the client to leave satisfied right from the get-go. Most men can relate to the priority of maintaining their car. They wouldn’t think of missing an oil change, so we hope you will consider putting the same priority into finding a good barber and maintaining your grooming as you would with your car. American writer Elbert Hubbard said, “A man is paid not for having a head…but for using it.” At Chez Moustache we ask – “Why not make it a well coiffed-head?”

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Smile with Confidence; How

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Boost Self-Esteem! Psychologist Robert Zejonc discovered in his own research study that smiling has a direct effect on certain brain activities associated with happiness. Taking steps to brighten and enhance your smile can have a dramatic effect on your overall appearance; and even the smallest change can improve your confidence and make you want to smile more.

By Dr. Candida Castillo


ould you like to make a great first impression? Do you want to feel happier, healthier, and more confident? Then keep smiling and continue reading! According to an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey, your smile creates an immediate, subconscious, visual impact on everyone you meet. A radiant, beautiful smile is perceived as a sign of youth, vitality, health, happiness, and higher self-esteem. In the survey, results showed that virtually all adults believe a smile is an important social asset, 96 percent of adults believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to members of the opposite sex, and 74 percent of adults feel an unattractive smile can hurt a person’s chance for career success. This is a strong confirmation that your smile is not only the first thing people acknowledge, but a beautiful smile can also increase your self-esteem.

Brushing and flossing are the two essential daily tasks to ensure that you have strong teeth and healthy gums. Brushing cleans out plaque build-up and bacteria, thus reducing the risk of gum disease, while flossing helps to remove food particles that get stuck between the teeth, minimizing the threat of tooth decay. In spite of these two healthy habits, however, other factors like genetics and lifestyle habits (such as smoking, diet and health conditions) can have adverse effects on the appearance of your teeth. If you fall into this category, or are simply unhappy with your smile, cosmetic dentistry is an option to consider, such as dental bonding. This is done by using composite resin (a durable plastic material) to duplicate the appearance and function of natural teeth. Like a sculptor’s clay, it can be used to address several different cosmetic concerns like restoring chipped or broken teeth, filling in gaps, and reshaping or recoloring your teeth. Bonding is safe, affordable, and can be an attractive solution for many dental concerns.

14 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

So, the next time you look in the mirror, take a good look at your teeth, and ask yourself, “am I happy with their appearance?” If the answer is “yes,” then good for you! If not, you don’t have to be embarrassed or ashamed; you can do something about it. Always remember, we are not all born with a great set of pearly whites; behind every beautiful, confident smile, there just might be an interesting story!

401.353.4940 | | Issue 6, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrets | 15


Timeless Tips

to Transition your Closet – from ­– Summer to Fall ing my seasonal items to make a nice range of stylish fall looks. There is no need to go shopping; you can reinvent what you already have! IDEAS FOR THE LADIES: By Lisa Shorr



The cardigan - As a wardrobe staple, this versatile item can be worn year round. Wear with your favorite sundress and booties – for a warm fall look!

There is something exhilarating about the New England humidity finally breaking, and the beauty of foliage lining our roads with a rainbow of earthtone hues! This is the time to honor Mother Nature’s cooler temperatures and get creative with your closet. I’ve taken to the art of transition, pair16 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

Model: Bolu Akande

t the end of every summer, I stand in front of my wardrobe with one mission in mind – transition! It’s time to bid a fond farewell to my sundresses and shift my closet to fall. I am never ready for this pivotal seasonal shift. It’s much easier to transition from spring to summer, but summer to fall – that’s a different story! Spring and summer style is light and flowy, strapless dresses, and sexy heels, but alas, August turns to September and by Labor Day, out come the sweaters and boots!


Cool down with color – Tone down bright summer colors such as pink, turquoise and corals by mixing your outfit with more autumnal colors like plum, hunter green, and cobalt blue. A word about white - Did I just say white? Yes I did! Wear this heavenly color year-round! Pair with a cotton sweater or lightweight scarf. You’ll look perfectly put-together!


Tights – Nothing warms a gal’s legs better than a cozy pair of tights. Today, ladies have options! Jazz-up a solid colored dress with patterned tights, or tone down a floral or print dress with an opaque black pair.

Model: Zoe Habershaw


Don’t box the sandals yet! Straight leg jeans might be a cool weather necessity, but I like to keep my look hot with a fun pair of wedge sandals. Don’t forget to get a pedicure, however! Now’s the time to go for deeper, earthier tones on your toes such as plums and reds.


Bust out the boots – Taylor Swift is known for pairing flirty sundresses with cowboy boots regardless of the season. Why not wear your favorite sundress with a pair of booties and a denim jacket for instant chic!


Savor the sleeveless – Adding a pop of color under a suit jacket or sweater is one of the simplest ways to show your personality. Stay away from bulky layers. Opt for fitted colorful tank tops or shells. No need to put this wardrobe necessity away! FOR THE MEN: Unlike women, men have many more articles in their wardrobe that can easily transition through the seasons.


The T-Shirt - Don’t place these in a bin! Wear crew neck T’s under a cotton or cashmere sweater, or pair with a sport coat for a polished look.

2 3

Jeans – What more can I say? Dark washes are more sophisticated for the fall.

Model: Tom Scott

Don’t shelf your shoes! Leather loafers or tie shoes are season-less! Wear them to the office or out on the town. Be sure to box the boat shoes and sandals for spring. “Reinvent new combinations of what you already own. Improvise. Become more creative. Not because you have to, but because you want to. Evolution is the secret for the next step.” - Karl Lagerfeld Go ahead, get creative and extend summer just a bit longer - I always do.

401.353.4940 | | Issue 6, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrets | 17


EDNA PANAGGIO Asked to describe herself, “Different,” she responded, “Very different.” In her circle of friends, she is the ‘go-to’ person. “When I take on anything; I get it done. I don’t know how not to do anything! I’ll always find a way.” Whatever it is, Edna can fix it! “Just the other day, a friend said, ‘Edna, my dining room table doesn’t shake like it used to. I have something else bothering me at the apartment, next time you are there, you’ll have to fix it.’” And this adequately captures this firebrand of a personality. Edna Panaggio, “a very diversified Gemini,” was born on June 4 in Providence, Rhode Island, and this 86 year old is not slowing down any time soon. She grew up in a household “packed full of talent. My mother had two actor/musicians for children and a husband in the same circles. She had to put up with us. Although she was also a musician and played piano, however, she was not a performer. It was difficult for her. We had to perform for her,” Panaggio said.

18 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

401.353.4940 | | Issue 6, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrets | 19

20 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

TS: “How long have you been acting?” EP: “Since I was nine. I’d sing and act in front of a mirror. I was my own audience until, one day, my dad saw me on stage at school in a play. He was an actor himself and he encouraged me to use the gift.”

most memorable acting job? I guess it would be my role as Kate Hudson’s grandmother opposite Dane Cook in “My Best Friend’s Girl,” the movie. It was a bust, but I was a principal. The shoot took four days in Boston. A real experience.”

TS: “So how did you get started?” EP: “I was discovered by the teachers at my school, and I ended up doing a series on the radio. When I graduated high school, I pursued acting with community theater groups, mostly Actor’s Inc. We performed at the Rhode Island School of Design Auditorium. In my 20s, after marriage, I played the lead in “The Rose Tattoo” with them. I did lots of acting with different groups in Rhode Island. In 1961, my husband was transferred to Baltimore, and that was where my talents were discovered as a singer and dancer for musicals. I performed as every Jewish mother role in “Fiddler on the Roof ” and in several other Jewish musicals; I was named the ‘Jewish Mother of Baltimore’ by the acting professor that I had the privilege to work with.”

The veteran actress says she enjoys romantic comedy, “I consider myself a romantic; but don’t have a romantic partner. I’m too busy for that, but I have a very wonderful life. I don’t know anyone as happy as I am. Sitcoms can be cornball or stupid, however, I like some of them. I don’t really enjoy reality shows. I like public TV dramas and documentaries, and not too much news. It is too depressing and I hate the drugs that advertisers push on the public. I stay away from depression,” Panaggio said.

She also started modeling when she graduated high school and answered an ad to learn the art of modeling by the Cushman Agency. Her first fashion show was at Gladdings Department Store where she showed several outfits from Italy. “The only dress bought at that fashion show,” she said, “was the one that I modeled. It was purchased by, then, Senator Pastore’s wife.” After moving to Baltimore with her husband and kids, she started her own company called E&P Productions, Inc. where she coordinated fashion shows and cabarets for elite events. She gained recognition on the Baltimore’s “Best List” for employing much of the local talent. “I employed top talent that I had picked out to be part of my company and we were together for six years. You can read all about that in my book, “Fiddling Through The Wilderness,” Panaggio said. TS: “And do you still work now?” EP: “No, not now. I don’t call anything I do ‘a job.’ I’m still an actress for commercials and I am an instructor of acting.” TS: “If you could choose any other job, what would it be?” EP: “Thirty three years ago I became a caregiver voluntarily. I still do that voluntarily and share my love and care to those in need. I pledged to my Lord that I would follow him and he discovered my obedience, so he is heavily in my life. I give thanks to know him as I do. He is faithful. He is the purpose for my book. I have a purposeful life.” TS: “What has been your most memorable modeling or acting job so far?” EP: “My first modeling job, which I mentioned earlier. My

TS: “What’s your favorite TV show of all time?” EP: “I have a joyful heart and just love English comedy. I love WGBH’s “As Time Goes By.” I love Judy Dench. I watch it every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. I’d love to do a show like that. I think my book would make a real good TV series.” TS: “If you were a character in a TV show or movie, who would you want to be? EP: “That’s me; character! Shirley McLaine as Weeza or Olympia Dukakis (whom most people think I look like), as Claire Belcher in the movie “Steel Magnolias.” Shirley played a grouchy two-time widow who claims she isn’t crazy; just in a bad mood for 40 years. Olympia, also a widow, is cheerful and enjoys taking cracks at Weeza whenever possible. They are the comedy relief in a sad situation about the death by diabetes, of a young girl in a small town in Louisiana.” Panaggio has performed not just in TV, film, and theater, she also did a lot of singing and dancing in a wide range of musicals. She still loves to sing, but according to her, “I’ve lost a lot of it and dancing makes me winded somewhat; I haven’t given up though, and am not discouraged. I’m not old, but unfortunately, the body doesn’t know that.” TS: “What’s your favorite song to sing?” EP: “My Funny Valentine.” TS: “Do you have a favorite singer or band?” EP: “Melanie Lynx - I discovered Melanie at five-years-old. I saw her as a star and worked with her. I have watched her grow over the years; great style. She is 21 now and a graduate of Berklee School of Music! Watch her on YouTube and see what she is doing with her talent! She started with me when I was the Rhode Island Director of Talent America. The program has been around for over 35 years and has been responsible for helping talent fulfill their dreams. A great organization.”

401.353.4940 | | Issue 6, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrets | 21

TS: “What’s your favorite type of music?” EP: “Anything I can dance and sing to while I exercise.” She still leads a very active life, “practicing yoga, walking stairs, stretches; using the whole body in order to stay limber,” Panaggio said. TS: What else do you do to stay fit?” EP: “I used to play golf; I don’t play sports.” TS: “How about household chores – that’s a way to keep moving, right?” EP: “I hate vacuuming, because it hurts my back.” Still very musically inclined, “I enjoy classical music when I want to meditate and be quiet,” she said, and plays the piano when she can. 22 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

TS: “Do you have a favorite quote?” EP: “I have a quote I wrote in my next book “Into the Spirit, A Poetic Witness;” ‘If you live your life without truth, commitment, and obedience; you suffer consequences. With consequences comes anger and bitterness. With these comes sin. With sin, there is no life.’” “I hurt when I am confronted by people who carry guilt and stress upon themselves from past experiences,” she explains, “It’s not healthy.” Maybe that’s why she says, “love” is her favorite word, “because it makes others happy when we use it,” and she always takes the time to stop and smell the roses - even though, according to her, “I am allergic to them. They make me sneeze.” 401.353.4940 | | Issue 6, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrets | 23

She is such a delight to be around – lively, funny, energetic, and always such a great sport. This is one woman who has squeezed every ounce of living into an already full life. Click the image below to see Edna in action!

24 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

(My Best Friend’s Girl, Howard Deutch, 2008)

401.353.4940 | | Issue 6, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrets | 25

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Living the Life, Loving the Job next semester I did an internship at WPRI/WNAC and began working there soon after graduation as an associate producer.”

By Yemi Sekoni


remember crying the first couple of weeks thinking there was no way I could ever learn all there was to know!” It was a scary start for Ashley Erling, the executive producer of WPRI’s “The Rhode Show,” Rhode Island’s first lifestyle show. “I even remember one anchor, whom I love dearly now, telling me my writing was bad! Harsh! It fueled me enough, though, to get better,” Erling said.

TS: “Walk us through your career path - from getting your first TV job to being named the executive producer of ‘The Rhode Show.’” AE: “I started as a part-time associate producer on weekends overnight! If that sounds bad to you, you’re right! The hours were tough, but ultimately so worth it to gain the experience I needed to move forward. From there, I was named a producer for the morning show, and eventually named the producer of ‘The Rhode Show’ when it

The Bristol, Connecticut native moved to Rhode Island to attend Roger Williams University because she “thought the campus was beautiful.” She fell in love with the Ocean State and never went back to Bristol after she finished college. TS: “How did you get started in TV?” AE: “I actually auditioned to be a lottery girl for The Rhode Island Lottery while I was still in college. I got the gig! At the time, the drawings were held at Channel 12, and I just loved the atmosphere. The 28 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

launched in 2009. Last year, I was named executive producer of ‘The Rhode Show.’” So what is a typical day like in the life of an executive producer for a TV show? As the executive producer, Erling said, “No day is ever the same, which I love!” Her day starts at 6 a.m. Most of the morning is spent approving content the show will air live that morning at 9:01 a.m. She is on-set the entire time, even after the show wraps at 10 a.m., planning and meetings commence. “It could be anything from booking guests, to meetings with colleagues,” Erling said, “There is never a dull moment.”

401.353.4940 | | Issue 6, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrets | 29

Every week day morning, Rhode Islanders enjoy the antics and adventures of hosts Will Gilbert, Michaela Johnson – and currently, Meaghan Mooney (on a one year contract). TS: “The show looks like a lot of fun, and there appears to be a genuine camaraderie amongst the team – what’s it like working with the three hosts?” AE: “A lot of people say they love their job, but seriously, I love my job! My team is phenomenal. Everyone (yes, even the hosts!) are very genuine and hard working and they truly, truly care about what we put on-air each and every day. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with!”

TS: “Thinking back to your very first official job in TV, did you expect to be where you are today?” AE: “I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. When I started working, lifestyle programming was not a big thing, but it has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. We were one of the very first local lifestyle shows to launch in the country! Now, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!”

supposed to be. This is the perfect job for me.”

TS: “What has been your biggest surprise thus far?” AE: “That people actually listen to me! Just kidding. I never set out to do a specific job. I just enjoyed working in television, and at the risk of sounding corny, I truly believe life brings you where you are

Erling’s love of shopping also led to another pastime. She writes a regular blog called, “Wear’s it From?” When asked what inspired that, she explains, “I’m obsessed with watching TV, reality shows, dramas - whatever! For a while, I was hunting down styles that I’d see

30 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

TS: “When not at work, what would we find you doing to decompress?” AE: “Shopping! I’m not kidding! It’s like that scene from ‘Clueless’ where Cher goes walking down Rodeo with arms full of shopping bags when she was having a tough day. Shopping relaxes me!”

TS: “What advice would you give someone who is interested in following in your footsteps?” AE: “Work hard and have a good attitude. Be willing to do whatever is asked of you with a smile - even TS: “Your educational background is if you don’t want to. It always pays in political science, communications, off.” and Italian studies; if the ‘TV thing’ hadn’t worked out, what other career TS: “What’s the one thing most path would you have pursued?” people would be surprised to know AE: “Probably public relations. That about you?” was my main focus in school and I AE: “Hmm- great question! Probareally enjoyed it!” bly the fact that despite being a very social person, I need some serious TS: “If you knew then what you alone time! Give me some guacaknow now, what would you have mole and a ‘Law & Order: SVU’ done differently?” marathon, and I’m good!” AE: “Honestly, nothing. I’m a hard-worker and an honest person. TS: “And what’s next for Ashley I think if you do your best each day, Erling?” then good things will come to you.” other people must do the same! Sometimes I find exact matches, other times I find pieces inspired by of course, I always like to shout out a good sale!”

AE: “Who knows? I’m happy where I am and I can only hope to continue to grow and learn more in a career that I love so much!”

401.353.4940 | | Issue 6, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrets | 31


The Artists’ Closet By Trisha Kelley


i, remember me? We met in the August issue when I talked about my project – The Artists’ Closet - and walked you through process of putting everything together; the preparation, scheduling, picking the venue and our sneak peek installation at Give & Glam – Rhode Island’s Most Talked-About Girls’ Night Out event. As you already know, the show entailed many moving parts. The idea of the Artists’ Closet collaboration was to fill a space with works of art and fashion, and build relationships with each other and the supporting space. So how did it all come together, you ask? Well, here’s the recap! 32 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

Photo: Mark Ouellet

401.353.4940 | | Issue 6, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrets | 33

ARRIVING AT THE TALENT FACTORY The morning of the show arrived and I was filled with excitement for everything that was about to go down. Designers began to set up racks in preparation for dressing and changing 25 models, while the hair and makeup team was gearing up to style 50 looks. The models were about to be sculpted into the designer’s masterpieces. Artist and sculptor, Mary Kudlak set out to reconstruct her thesis from the Pratt Institute, showcasing everyday accumulation and procrastination. Her life-size vision of our closet would be set as the designer’s canvas. With a support system at hand, The Talent Factory began to transform into the Artists’ Closet!

34 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

CREATING THE AMBIANCE An intimate boutique presented accessory designers such as Natural GLO Designs, Mallory Musante, Dora Szekely and Isabela Royale. Handbags were readily available by Kent Stetson and Graceful Goods, while Mary Kudlak and designer June Monteiro were set up with their original works for purchase.

Outside of the shopping area, a fashion installation provided visual entertainment, created by Harliquinn Designs Handcrafted Originals and Claudia Sophia. The installation spoke of an easy, classic, glamorous style. Fabrics of black and gold with details of lace accented beautifully with Swarovski crystals, and lastly DJ Mr. Morris began to play. Foolproof Brewing Company provided refreshments including fruit, crackers, wine and beer. Finally everything was set up and ready at last!

401.353.4940 | | Issue 6, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrets | 35

Model: Julie Dawson. Photo Credit: Valencio

In the show area, couches and chairs were lined up to demarcate the runway. Meanwhile, Designer Naomi Pringle-Sauro of NoMy Style dressed her mannequins with two pieces from her latest collection.

LET THE SHOW BEGIN Opening the show with Vinija Varghese, the audience was immediately engulfed in color blocking. Vinija’s colorful spring/summer collection touched on the in-season trends including crop tops and peek-a-boo tummies. The pieces were fun, flirty and girly. Currently residing and working in New York City, this has been a clear influence on her work.

Iryna Kavalenka, not only drew in a crowd but also, captured and dominated their attention. Her line is an exhalation of Russian Classicism. Draping her models in fine silks and beautifully structured outerwear, she illustrated a storyline with a lofty heroine. Kaleigh Guay expressed a fresh, smooth and flowing selection. Cohesively styled, her collection infused purple and yellow beautifully. As if this was a coming of age, Kaleigh transformed within her body of work, from a soft coy A-line skirt to racy high rise form fitting trousers. 36 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

Model: Bolu Akande. Photo Credit: Corbin Merlotte

Second in line was Elizabeth McLaughlin with Isabela Royale. Elizabeth’s collection is a direct reflection of a bohemian goddess. Immediately, sensual confidence filled the room. Her collection included sexy swimsuits, luxurious cover-ups, romantic skirts, dresses, and immortal accessories.

Keeping the bar set high, June Monteiro closed the night preserving the Artists’ Closet brand. Her line Enamour recognized woman’s need for functionality in a lively sophisticated style. It’s clear that June was taken by the frenzy of summer festivities. This collection ensured an easy transition from leisurely day to social nightwear.


As long as we keep the positivity flowing, we keep our creativity growing- we will continue to grow together as a team. So What’s Next? You’ll just have to follow us on Facebook to see!

401.353.4940 | | Issue 6, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrets | 37

Model: Kelsey Shank. Photo Credit: Valencio

In the end, all the moving pieces aligned as one and produced an original work of art. Infusing the evening with fluid figures painted with elegant fabrics and dazzling jewels, while Foolproof Brewing Company “delivered an unspoken zen.” Hitting the boutique and letting oneself be consumed by raw talent is my vision of Artists’ Closet. Looking back on the events of the night, our goals were met as we connected with each other, with our guests and the supporting space.


Watermelon Juice; a

Noteworthy Source for Hydration

By Judy Venter-Gaines


e all know that we need to keep our bodies well-hydrated to function properly. Insufficient hydration can alter your mental state, or cause fatigue, headaches, and reduced daily activities. In addition, skin can be adversely affected by inadequate hydration, which could manifest as sunken eyes, dry patchy spots and a dry, sticky mouth. It’s important to stay hydrated as it allows your skin to remain soft and supple, and delays it from obtaining unnecessary age lines, cracking and flaking. Drinking water is certainly one way of maintaining

I make my own watermelon juice by keeping the melon in the fridge to chill overnight, scoop Watermelons. Did you know that out two cups of the melon into they could have a healthy impact a blender, then puree it until it’s fully liquefied. Pureeing the waon our bodies from the inside termelon, rather than juicing it, out? Watermelons are available provides the benefit of consumpractically year-round thanks ing the fiber! So, why miss out to international trade of proon the added benefit? For those duce. While conducting some who might want other ways to nutritional research, I recently discovered some of the benefits enhance the flavor, you can add other fresh fruit like mango or of watermelon juice first-hand. The juice not only quenched my kiwi. thirst, but it has been aiding with What a way to quench your weight loss! thirst! Pour it into your favorite glass and enjoy the fresh, fruity Watermelons are a special fruit low-calorie thirst-quenching because they contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals delight. Vitamin A, C, B1,B6 Beta-Carotene, Lycopene, Potassium, Zinc, You can consume fresh waterMagnesium - that hydrate the melon juice with any meal and it makes a wonderful snack! body and are also good for the skin. a healthy fluid balance. However, there are other choices.

38 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

401.353.4940 | | Issue 6, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrets | 39


Of Legs and Leggings regular pair of jeans. Some are made from denim, while others are dyed to look like it. They can be paired with any top, or can even be worn under a short dress. Whatever your preference, leggings and jeggings are both very comfortable to wear and made of stretchable material.

Q: Patterned leggings are all the rage now. Can you only pair that with a solid color or can you layer it with another type of pattern on top? A: Patterned leggings are everywhere this season. They are a fun and colorful trend, and if you are bold, they are definitely worth trying. Here are some quick tips on how to style them:


love leggings, and like shoes, dresses, sunglasses, or jeans, I’m happy to see they have managed to become a “must have” in a woman’s wardrobe today. When done right, leggings can look fashionable, and with so many different fabrics, they can be worn all year round. I own different pairs for different seasons; the ones in a heavier fabric and texture are for fall and winter, while the lighter fabrics work better for spring and summer. The following are helpful solutions to frequently-asked questions about proper “legging etiquette:”

Q: What is the difference between leggings and jeggings? And when should you wear each? A: The word “jeggings” is a combination of the two words jeans and leggings. So, jeggings are simply leggings made to look like jeans. They have faux stitches, pockets, and zippers just like a 40 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

! o D

Model: Micaela Kurland



’ n o

By Sira D’Arpino


Q: Can a curvy girl wear print leggings, and what colors should she stay away from? A: Absolutely! Curvy women can wear leggings; they just need to know how to wear them and what to wear them with. The key is to treat leggings as they should be treated - as leggings. Unfortunately, I can’t help but notice a lot of women stepping out of doors wearing leggings instead of pants, and I cannot stress this enough - leggings are not pants!

! o D

- Always think of leggings as tights, not pants. Shirts, blouses, blazers, and boyfriend sweaters are great options to pair them with. - If the pattern on your leggings has two colors, add a third color as an accent only, otherwise pair them with solid colors. Mixing too many patterns can look way too busy. - Keep accessories to a minimum. Let your leggings be the focal point. Too many accessories can be overwhelming.

401.353.4940 | | Issue 6, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrets | 41

Model: Suzanne Budano


’ n o

Leggings are footless tights, and tights are hosiery, nothing more than undergarments. We should treat them the same way we would an opaque tight, which is to layer them with longer length tops. Don’t over-expose those body parts that no one is interested in seeing, and very often, God forbid, we actually can see it all!

! o D

Generally, curvy girls look best when they wear leggings underneath longer tops, tunics, jackets, or short dresses. So, if you are curvy, you should follow one simple rule, wear


’ n o

Model: Laurie Sequira


tops that cover your rear-end and hit just below the widest part of your thigh. I would skip prints and patterned leggings, and stick with a more forgiving basic dark color for a more slimming look. Bright and light colors can accentuate and create attention to the thigh, so it’s better to stay away from those colors.

Q: How about ladies with skinny legs, are there any rules to wearing leggings? A: I’ve noticed that something super snug, like leggings or 42 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

jeggings, can sometimes emphasize the thinness of your legs. It is better to wear a slim, straight, or cigarette pant instead. Colors, rather than black or super dark-wash denim, will give a little more presence to your legs.

! o D

Q: I’ve seen black leggings with brown riding boots. I thought mixing black and brown was a “No, No!” A: Personally, I love the two-toned colors, and since black and browns are both neutral, they work well together. The combination of brown and black can be really rich and


Model: Rachel Curry


’ n o

sophisticated at the same time. For example, Polo by Ralph Lauren has a great look, and the type of boots that you wear can completely transform the basic legging look. 1. A classic riding boot can give a country club look, when paired with a long button down shirt or a top with a big scarf 2. Motorcycle boots can give the outfit a street look if they are paired with a long sweater and a fun hat.

401.353.4940 | | Issue 6, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrets | 43


It’s a Matter of Leather son’s leather looks, particularly, those mixed with fur. They remind us of the sophistication from the fabulous 50s and 60s, but with a “very wild” imprint, like Valentino, Versace, and Burberry.

Valentino and Blumarine have fashioned furs as capes and cloaks, while Roberto Cavalli and Fendi have created colorful coats, and yes, even a Pink Astrakhan variation by Miu-Miu.

o my great pleasure and delight, the new trends for fall and winter include fur and leather. Whatever your preference, real or faux, I’ll explain how to enhance your shape and stay fashionable all season long.

Think you are limited to black and brown leather and fur? Guess again! Why play it “safe” when you can wear colors that run through the entire spectrum. You can spot these creations as chic knee length dresses from Belstaff and Narciso Rodriguez, or as long soft jackets in Calvin Klein’s “Ice” collection.

The trend has appeared as designs with very dominant themes, like the “easy rider” look of Diesel Black Gold, and the “Punk-Rock” look with rhinestones and zippers by Pinko and Salvatore Ferragamo. With Yves Saint Laurent, black leather skinny pants and miniskirts are other new options.

Of course, Italy is the homeland of handcrafted furs and leather. We love wearing leather clothing-all year round! And yes, even in the summer! That’s made possible due to a special processing technique capable of making the leather very thin and lightweight, until it becomes a “silk-leather.” This enables us to wear it as daytime attire, or at night to dress up a certain look.

For the respectable man who wants to add some of these looks to his wardrobe, Gucci, Zegna, Trussardi, and Costume National are great and original suggestions; from Technicolor, black leather pieces, and all shades of brown, you can’t go wrong! For the younger guys, you can express your wilder side too, with what I can only describe as “spotted fur!”

By Cinzia Antonelli


For the elegant man or woman, Blumarine and Valentino dazzle us with their creations, while trendier, more glamorous collections can be seen with Gucci, Philipp Plein, and David Koma. There is a uniqueness to this sea-

We can certainly forget the boring fur days of our mothers and grandmothers. In 2013 and beyond, fashion designers have shown us new ways to wear them. For a great defense against the cold of winter,

44 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

By now, I’m sure you can tell how passionate I am about fur and leather. I love pairing several pieces from my closet together, like my leather overcoat with a pair of pants or a skirt, for example. It makes me feel original, happy, and unique. So go on, get out there and express your own style and uniqueness! As I always say, guys and girls, “enjoy yourself, and wear what you like with real elegance.” Ciao from Italy!

Model: Christina Russa

401.353.4940 | | Issue 6, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrets | 45

46 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

Model: Sayra Fernandez

401.353.4940 | | Issue 6, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrets | 47

48 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

WHO’S WHO YEMI SEKONI, editor-in-chief, is the owner and director of Donahue Models & Talent - Rhode Island’s oldest model

and talent agency. Her company books some of New England’s top professional models and talent to work with many corporate giants across the region, helping these companies convey critical marketing and advertising messages to their target audiences.

With over 35 years of experience in various areas of the acting and modeling industry, including theater, TV, film, print and runway, Yemi also holds a Bachelor of Arts in education, a post-graduate diploma in marketing and an MBA. TRADE SECRETS magazine is a culminating outlet for all of her passions – education, performing, marketing and creative writing.

JULIE DAWSON, editorial director, is a native Rhode Islander and an alumna of the University of Rhode Island,

where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and public relations. Julie’s journey with Donahue Models and Talent started in 2009, which has enabled her to gain experience in every area of the industry. From runway to commercials, and print to promotions, she seizes every opportunity that comes her way. Julie describes herself as a tenacious and self-motivated young woman with a passion for entertaining people, especially when it comes to making them laugh.

ALISHA NEWTON, creative director, graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Arts in communications. She currently works at Foxwoods Resort Casino as their Advertising Executive, and has been with Donahue Models & Talent since 2011. Alisha has had the honor of working with, and learning from, not only some of the smartest people in the business, but also folks who know nothing of fashion or advertising but know a lot about life. Remaining very hands on, she prefers to roll up her sleeves and teach (or learn). You can lose vision in the forest, but in fact, she sees most clearly, when immersed in the environment. She encounters every challenge with a positive attitude and the tenacity to overcome it. But isn’t that what life is about? Facing challenges and conquering them each and every day, for the opportunity to savor the sweet success.

SIRA D’ARPINO, fashion consultant, was born in Italy, bringing an international flair and elegance to her company

City Chic Image Consultants.

Sira has over 20 years of experience sewing and performing custom alterations. During her time at an upscale boutique in Providence, R.I., she added retail, merchandising and personal shopping to her range of experience. Sira helped many clients develop and enhance their personal style, using her love of fashion to help people look and feel their best. Her favorite quote: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” Oscar Wilde.

401.353.4940 | | Issue 6, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrets | 49

HAYLEY KLAUDT, makeup, a Florida native, grew up in New England. In high school, she found her love, (more

like obsession), for makeup. After graduation, she packed up and headed to Boston, where she has resided for the past five years. No stranger to the cosmetic industry, she has trained with brands such as Lancôme, Laura Mercier, Too Faced and MAC Cosmetics. She has worked on location at many editorial photoshoots and worked recently on the makeup team for StyleWeek Northeast in Providence, Rhode Island. Now officially a model with Donahue Models, she is a girl of many talents and a force to reckon with!

MELISSA WILSON, hair, has a passion for the beauty industry. With nine years of experience as a professional cos-

metologist, Melissa’s experience ranges from working behind the chair of various salons in Rhode Island, to the makeup counter of busy New York City. In November 2011, Melissa opened M.A.W. Beauty Hair & Makeup Studio, where she works with a variety of multicultural clients. Servicing clients throughout New England, Melissa specializes in blowouts, bridal hair and makeup artistry. She stays updated with latest trends and techniques in the beauty industry by attending classes, workshops, seminars, and tradeshows.

LISA SHORR, onsite stylist, says beauty and style is in her DNA. Since childhood, Lisa has immersed herself in the personal care industry, having her Grandma Belle, a successful cosmetics consultant, as her mentor and inspiration.

A Cum Laude graduate with a degree in marketing, Lisa learned the art of branding, and as co-owner of PC Troubleshooters, an IT Services Company, she has spent the past 15 years making her business look good. Coupling her expertise in branding with her passion for fashion, she launched Shorr Style in 2012, and as a personal stylist, she works with professional men and women, helping them build their own personal brands. She has an eye for detail and educates each client on the importance of looking your best to achieve success. Her mission: “Inspiring confidence through fashion!” She is excited to be a part of the Trade Secrets team.

VALENCIO, photographer, chooses to remain an enigma.

50 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 6 | | 401.353.4940

GUESTS CHEZ MOUSTACHE. Winner for “Rhode Island Monthly” magazine’s “Best Male Blog 2013,” Chez Moustache is a gentleman’s barbershop located in Providence, RI. 91 Hope Street, Providence, RI 401.400.5500

DR. CANDIDA CASTILLO, a cosmetic dentist, graduated from Boston University where she earned her D.M.D. and CAGS degrees and received numerous awards for her academic excellence. Dr. Castillo is best known for her caring and cosmetic detail, focusing on making dentistry precise and predictable. To make certain she is current in providing the very best dentistry possible to her patients, Dr. Castillo uses state-of-the-art equipment, and pursued hundreds of hours of continuing education toward the “art” of dentistry, including attending prestigious learning institutes such as Dawson and Spear Education. Dr. Castillo is a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, as well as an active member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Dental Association, and RI- Dental Association. The Aesthetic Dental Studio of Rhode Island 2148 Mineral Spring Avenue, North Providence, RI 02911 401.232.7777

JUDY VENTER-GAINES obtained a Master of Science degree in human nutrition from the University of New Haven. She has worked in the areas food safety, recipe, and product development for over 15 years. Gaines has worked as a food service supervisor for the Providence School Lunch Program, a research chef in recipe development for the United States Army Combat Feeding Directorate, a consumer safety inspector for the USDA, and a nutrition consultant for Adil Business Systems. Gaines also served as a volunteer at McCauley Village, where she developed and implemented a Nutritional/ Cooking curriculum for the residents. 115 Warner Brook Drive, Warwick, RI 02889 401.837.9734

CINZIA ANTONELLI resides with her husband, Gianfranco DiMarco, and their 12-year-old daughter, Enrica, in the

small town of Cassino, Italy. Inheriting her creative and artistic flair from her father, a painter, and her grandfather, a novelist, she grew up with a love for fashion, and a passion for creating costume jewelry. When she is not busy with daughter or helping her husband with his business, she can be found designing and creating new lines of costume jewelry - inspired by the ancient royals of the world, primitive prints and nature. Through her craft, her goal is to express her unique personality, as she believes that creating an object for the body is also a universal form of communication and language.

401.353.4940 | | Issue 6, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrets | 51

Trade Secrets October  

Volume1 Issue 6

Trade Secrets October  

Volume1 Issue 6