The Book of Blood and Completion

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The Book of Blood and Completion Prince J. Green El

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The Certificate of Life, and the Rebirth of El-Berith A Friendly Application in the Form of an Indigenous Trust and Living Affidavit Proof Of Solvency of Domus El Trust, Domus El Treasury, Ms. Rose Treasury, and Lawful Claim of Indigenous Birthrights. Public Book Under PUBLIC LAW 97-280 “Don’t throw away your Bibles, I am going to use them to condemn the Government” Prophet Noble Drew Ali

To my four children who were kidnapped under Color of Law. Thru Prince J. Green El. (aka Justice Dey the No Bull Noble) – The “J” stands for Justice! Moorish American Moslem , (Jeremiah 13:23 Martin Luther German, and 1599 Geneva Version) This is not a Religious Book, This is a Living, Lawful, and Legal Spiritual Instruction Book.

Free to The Public, not for Private or Commercial use. Good and Valuable Consideration through Bonds of Affection = Joshua 6:19 Forgive Me Father and Mother, For I have Sinned. This is my Confession in good and valuable consideration, secured by my bond of affection pursuant to Chapter Twenty-Five of the Moorish American 101s, and is for my brothers and sisters who are currently prisoners of war and made slaves involuntarily, and being destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Think this over you Moors! - Noble Drew Ali I am not afraid of death, but if they genocide or injure my flesh, this book is probably why! - Jay El Article 11 of the Treaty of Tripoli + Surrender Treaty of Granada of 1492 = MUST READ!!

Inspired Thru 9/27/180 and 5/8/2022 Gregorian Calendar Year Held in the Domus El Trust and and Domus El Treasury - Silence is Acquiescence! For The International, Divine, And Domestic Uplifting of Fallen Humanity. J. Green El, Son of Rosemary and James Elmo Green, Son of Otis Green, Son of Daniel Green

Torch is to be passed to my Only Son Jaxen Green El at the appointed time, And to be shared with my Three Daughters Maryjane Foster Green-El Charisma Foster Green-El Aliyah Green El Held By Tawakkul Holy Quran 3:33 Domus El Trust Co Trustee DOMUS EL LLC This book is NOT written in any “traditional” format, because our traditions were stripped. This is an indigenous book, written by an indigenous man, in an indigenous format.

Blood Droplet One First, Honor to Prophet Noble Drew Ali, He Was Always Right and Exact. Honor to Prince Uriel Bey, and All my Teachers. And Thunderous Honors to those who Fell as Prisoners in this War.

Natures “God” (Natural Trust Government) = Elohim, these are the 7 Hermetic Eyes of Allah Mentalism. Gender. Correspondence. Polarity. Rhythm Vibration And my Personal Favorite, Cause and Effect The Circle 7

Natures Law = Universal Zodiac Constitution Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and North, South, East, West are the Four Mothers and Four Fathers. = Zechariah 6:5

The Compass and Square,No, I am NOT a Freemason. You can call me Freed Man or Freeman.

I am a MaSon by Nature, My Oath is to Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice. G.O.D. (CORPORATE 1871 Government) = Government. Ordinance. Department . , Is Number 92 of The Moorish American Questions, and James 1:8

Court is in session

The 2 Different Governments of the Higher (Solvent and Competent) and Lower (Bankrupt Spiritually, Identified in the USDEBTCLOCK and Judicial and Congressional Records) Confirmed in Downes vs Bidwell, Congressional Records of James Traficant, The Organic Act of 1871

It’s Time to Tell the Truth! I am not a Christian, My Customs are Natures Law, and Natures God = Islamism.

I am not afraid of death, but if they genocide or injure my flesh, this book is probably why! Honors to the Higher Self. Mother and Father of Genesis 1:8, And The Moorish Questions of 57 Confirmed in House Resolution 1203 of Georgia. 57 is 5+7 = 12 = 3 3 = The Holy Trinity (Father of the Universe)(Mother Nature)(Sun) Mother and Fathers of the Human Family, Asiatics and Moslem And Honor to the Lower Self Mother and Father Acknowledged in Genesis 3:15, Genesis 3:22, Revelations 20:1-2 and Moorish Question 64 Skull and Bones 322 – Good and Evil 64 is 32x2= 64 6+4=10 (say ten) Offspring are Devil, Dragon, Lucifer, Beast, Serpent Law Governs ALL Events, there is no such thing as coincidence. Study Your “Selves” Questions 66 and 67

Blood Droplet Two

Notice to Bankrupt U.S. GOVERNMENT You owe me nothing for the Unlawful National Debt, as Trustees of The Bankrupt U.S. Corporation. I forgive all for whatever secret portion of the National Debt Lien placed on the SSN/CUSIP Numbers, Etc in Secret there is!

However, the State of Michigan (Trust) /STATE OF MICHIGAN (CORPORATION) does have to account for violating multiple treaties and kidnapping me on 7/24/2019 and my children 12/5/2019, totaling over 44 Million in Silver/Gold or FRN equivalent and compounding. Overdue and In Default! Confirmed in FEE SCHEDULE SENT TO James T. Bouchard, Defacto Judge/Clerk/Priest Consideration = USPS Mailing = 7018 1830 0002 0840 7463

Matthew 18:23 Maxims of Law

They who consent to an act, and they who do it, shall be visited with equal punishment. Acting and consenting parties are liable to the same punishment. He who has committed iniquity, shall not have equity. He who is once bad, is presumed to be always so in the same degree. He who is once criminal is presumed to be always criminal in the same kind or way.

And never forget, with me it’s never been about M oney or Fiat, It’s about Telling the Truth! Galatians 4:16 Are you with me, or against me? 1 Corinthians 10:21 Confirmed By The Oath and Bond of Office of James T. Borchard of THE STATE OF MICHIGAN

And my Oath and Bond under Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice. Tell the Truth, it’s time for the deception to cease. Stand down Lower-Self, The War Games are Over. If the Sun Frees You, You will be Free In Deed!!! John 8:34 -36 and the Divine Warning by Noble Drew Ali My Father said so.

Everything I say Herein, my consideration is my Bond of Affection, and Word, and the Bankrupt U.S. Government’s as well, Or I am deceiving and you can call me whatever you want, and prosecute me to the fullest extent of Natural Law, International Law, and the Laws of the Moorish Country.

Bloop Droplet Three I Affirm this is the truth to the best of my ability, pursuant to Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice and Public Law 97-280 because it's time to TELL THE TRUTH! Civil Procedure 5.1, Constitutional Question Am I Negro, or Black, or Colored, or Afro, or Ethiopian, or African-American, Indian, “citizen of the United States” Listed as a 14th Amendment Co Trustee, and Co Beneficiary Debtor ?

(Lower Self) Or I am a Moorish American Moslem, First in Line, First in Time, Creditor of The Land, By Article 6 of the Divine Constitution and By-Laws ,In Treaty with The Confederacy stiled/styled as The United

States of America, Beneficiary in a Solvent and Competent Trust in conjunction and connection with the Moorish Divine and National Movement ? (Higher Self) Once This Document is Deemed True by Agreement, Silence, and or any attempt to harm my family, or myself, All rights of the United States Treasury, U.S. Government are subrogated in good and valuable consideration as listed in and to the Domus El Trust.

Blood Droplet Four This is what I know I am not an Enemy Combatant = Trading with the Enemy Act under the Bankrupt Belligerent U.S.Corporation. I am not a Sovereign Citizen. I am a Man of The Land! Amen. The Alien Property Custodian can release my Property to me NOW. A Son of the King of Kings is coming to Settle the Debt. Check. The U.S. Sec. of the Treasury said the Economy Has never Worked for “Black ” Americans. THIS BOOK WILL SHOW YOU WHY!!!! Law and Equity (Lower) are the missing 2/5's in 3/5 clause in my humble opinion, Throw in Name and Heritage (Higher) and you have an overachiever! I, Jay El, trust only in Natures Law and Natures God, and the closest place to find it is in the heart. Declaration of Independence + Question Number 4 of the 101s, Divine Constitution and Bylaws, and By the Zodiac Constitution -Jay Ra Freeman Akeem El – Holy Quran 3:33 Moorish American 101s = Number 1 Principle. I am a Prince of Peace and Balance. One with my Father and Mother. Number 2 of the Moorish American 101s. This is a portion of my estate for my brothers and sisters pursuant to Chapter 25 of The Holy Koran of

the Moorish Holy Temple of Science, because Noble Drew Ali Said We Are Just Plain Rich! House Resolution 75 of Philadelphia in 1933 Article 3. Section 2 of the Constitution for the United States of America, The Divine Constitution and By-Laws equate to the New Heaven in Revelations 21:1 No Moor Confusion. Time for The Old State of Mind to Pass Away, Question 49 of the 101s Heaven of Genesis 1:8 Lower Self/ Fiction In GOD We Trust. Government. Ordinance. Department. I am one of your brothers, and sisters mentioned in Revelation 20:1-2 But to get here. I had to die, and be reborn. Unfortunately, I was forced into a blood contract with THE STATE OF MICHIGAN ON 7/24/2019 while Solvent, and backed with Affidavit of Gold/Silver Bond Filed in Pulaski County Arkansas. - Search for El, Jay Let he without sin cast the First and Principle Stone. My Hands are clean, are yours U.S. Corporation? Noble Drew Ali Said there is a Rock Rolling Downhill, and Anyone in Front will be Turned to Powder!!!!!!! Luke 20 Checkmate.

Final Estate Merger of JAMES ERWIN GREEN, James Erwin Green, J. Green El, Jay El Justice Dey = JaySun MoorHees-Justice Dey-Prince J. Green El (Truth)(Higher Self) And ALL derivatives Nunc Pro Tunc, Ab Initio! Higher and Lower Self born 9/27/1980 = 36 = 9 Higher Self Subdued: Oct 1, 1980 = 10/1/1980 = 101s/ Soul Number 18 = 9 Number of Man/CHILD on Certificate of Live Birth held by THE STATE OF MICHIGAN (Lower Estate) = 20680335 = 27 = 9 999=666, I am admitting and confessing to my Devilish Lower Self. Forgive Me. I was Re-Born in water and spirit between 2/22/2022 and 5/13/2022, Upon Return of the SSN (SIN) CARD on 2/22/2022 as requested on the back of the card. My Super-Powers are Spiritually Charging up Silver and Gold, as well as being a Judge of the Law Justice Dey the Dey-Walker, Jay El By Knight. James 4:11

Maxim of Law An Argument based on Authority is the Highest In Law. Galatians 4:1-2 (CHILD = Infant on Certificate of Live Birth) + U.S. Bankrupt Trustees. Or You can call me crazy/insane whatever you want for Casting this Stone Spell in my Fathers House! I know that I am an Indigenous Male, Soul Bound to the Air Clan. A Libra Under the Zodiac Law and Constitution. Soul Acknowledged May Dey on 7/24/2019, answered on 5/1/2022 = Higher Self Tribe, there are no Moor secrets!! - Justice Dey My Higher Self Conquered and Subdued the Lower Self the week of 5/1/2022 (Lower Estate = JAMES ERWIN GREEN (SSCard) = Person Worthy Of Trust Pursuant to the Supreme Law of The Land) Enumerated in Revelation 6:2 = Justice Dey (Born holding the GREAT CHAIN, and the Key) My Lower Self Confession = 0-9 Are the Only Numbers, You have to Say Ten (Satan) Yourself! = Leviathan Clan My Lower Self as enumerated in Genesis 3:1 and Genesis 3:15, and Rev 20:1 -2 Moorish American Question Number 64. Forgive Me.

Blood Droplet Five I am an INDIGENOUS Moor!

Robin vs Hardaway + Scott vs Sanford + Dungey vs Spencer I TOOK MY OATH TO LOVE TRUTH PEACE FREEDOM AND JUSTICE ON APRIL 6 2018 AND THE INDIGENOUS TITLE WAS PASSED TO ME BY THREE MATRIACRCHS! I put the Indigenous Title in Trust (TiT) as a new Child of Mother Nature, and a Sun of Allah on 3/8/2019 Moorish Holy Koran Chapter Seventeen.

The Warcry is “The WarGames are Over.” I say again If They Try to Kill My Flesh, This is Book is Why! Let your soul read and Be Free'd by a Sun of Nine (Higher) Son of Nine (Lower),

I love you! - Jay El, First and Last Bloop Droplet Six Law Section of Treason and Genocide to Indigenous People, or 1. Treaty of Amity and Commerce art. 22 (Some Person) (International) (Moor) (Jeremiah 13:23) Delaware Indian Tribe Recognition Art 4 = Indian = Moor d=15917 2. Treaty of Fort Pitt ARTICLE VI (Promise) (Domestic) (Indian) 14th Amendment (Christian Person In violation of the Treaty of Granada) = SSN = Democracy My Family is Guaranteed a Republican Form of Government Republican Form = Representative = Descent and appointed Prince of a Nation. Nation = Family NAME (Prince J. Green El of the Chahta, sometimes called CHOCTAW Tribe) New “Person” Worthy of Trust = Domus El Trust (Covenant Ratified 3/8/2019) + Schedule A (Higher Self) Co. Trustee DOMUS EL LLC (Lower Self) SEALED by Two Matriarchs.

Is it not written that the Moorish lost their nationality ONLY by becoming protected by or naturalized by a nation in a treaty with the Moorish?

I was never naturalized or “born” in the U.S., if I was, please prove it.

I am not and was never protected as a 14th amendment Negro, Black ,Colored, etc. Misclassified from BIRTH, as proven by the MICHIGAN STATE POLICE on 7/24/2019 and James T. Bouchard on 12/5/2019

S. 691 Report No. 115-123 Pg. 37 Robin vs Hardaway = Proof of Indigenous Inheritance and Government Time to tell the Truth! Yes, OF COURSE the Devil Shows Up as An Angel of Light, Because Is it not written in your law that ye are Gods? Job 1:6

Let No Man (Nomen = NAME = N -M-E = Enemy) Deceive you is a double edged sword. [Vow (Oath) Els (Elohim)] Vowels are interchangeable. Blood droplet 7 Union/Confederacy = One. Mind Your Business Coinage = Republican Form (Gold Silver Standard) (Joshua 6:19)

In God We Trust Coinage = Bankrupt Democratic Double Mind (James 1:8)

(Treaty Of Verona + Spanish Inquisition, Lieber Codes, and Executive Orders = WAR) Revelations 21:1 = Domus El Trust, Republican Form Covenant PROMISE Fulfilled, In Honor Of My Mother and Father! Revelations 20:1-2 = Bankrupted Democratic WAR Government PROMISED to pass away! Hiding the Genocide and Treason in but not limited To: hapter?id=15917 (Indians are Moors) And Senate Report 76 = Historical Debt owed to The Confederacy AND “Indians”. And

S. 691 Report No. 115-123 Pg. 37 (Indians now Classified as Negro) And Fifty Sixth Congress. First Session Volume XXXIII = 33 (1900) “Mr. Tillman” We Took the Government from “them”... “them” being those classified as “Negros” in the document.

And Surrender Letter to a Military Government

And The Secret Treaty Of Verona + Spanish Inquisition + King Alfred Plan + Rex 84

If you’re innocent, and your hands are clean in this matter, speak up! Let us settle this matter as men once and for all!

Deny me before man, and I will deny you before my Mother and Father. Matthew 10:33

The End.

If you benefited from the Estate of this Trust, consider ratifying The Treaty of Black Friday @ To ratify for your Nation, Tribe, or Treasury, email me : In the words of my brother... “We Live, and We Lit!” Special Note

Are you now an open witness to treason by the U.S. Corporation pursuant to Article III, Section 3, Clause 1 of The Constitution For The United States of America in a controversy OVER Twenty Dollars pursuant to Article VII of and the Coinage Acts, Common Law, and International Law?

And a Direct, International, and Spiritual Violation of Chapter XXXI of The Moorish Holy Koran. Maxim of Law An insult to divinity, is a case unpardonable. References that expound: The Exhuming of a Nation Thru Sheik Pleasant-Bey The Forgotten Cause of the Civil War by Reznor The Holy Bible (ERV, 1599 GNV, Martin Luther Version, and King James Version at least, Jeremiah 13:23) The Moorish American Holy Koran and 101s The Holy Quran

The Book of Blood and Deeds by Prince Uriel Bey Indigenous Peoples History of the U.S. Dakota Timewalker by Quinn Mereidth The Law that Never Was Benson The Masters Carpet United Nations Declaration of Both Humans and Indigenous People. Constitution For the United States of America Authenticated Certificate of Live Birth for James Erwin Green The Northwest Ordinance Constitution of THE STATE OF MICHIGAN, and State of Michigan Sundry Free Moors 1790 The Coinage Acts, Specifically 1865 Organic Act of 1871 Trading with the Enemy Act Websters Dictionary Oldest Listed Definition of “American” 1828 Black Law Dictionary 1-9 Emancipation Proclamation for some audio proof to connect, look for the Duke of Tiers “The Lie of 1776” ( ) And These 3 :

Sealed by Domus El Trust, Article One, Section Four

Finally the shout outs, these energies inspired me to be myself and do what was needed, and that was to write this book. Allah My Mom and Dad (The first couple of pictures) Prophet Noble Drew Ali ALL of my brothers and sisters in Chapter 25 of the Koran. C. Freeman El Hakim Bey Aseer the Duke of Tiers Taj Tarik Bey Bandele El-Amin Out of Darkness (Movie, and must have) Special, Special shout out to:

All the women that broke my heart, and I say that because without it, I couldn’t have healed, and my fire wouldn’t have lit. And the women who didn’t, you’re loved the most. Bonus Images