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There is no other place like Dominican.

“School” doesn’t seem to be a big enough word to de�ine what Dominican is. Six decades of North Shore determination, Catholic partnership, scienti�ic ingenuity, Sinsinawa guidance, artistic expression, and bold resilience have created a community that is unique in its mission and unmatched in its effectiveness. Dominican Knights know the value of being challenged to lead, pushed to excel, and invited to belong. In the moments that matter most, living the Knight Life means being called to an education focused on the success of every student in a community that is much more than a school. Dominican Knights know that living the Knight Life means being part of a family.

truth justice partnership compassion community


Dominican produces the best.

The Dominican mission is alive in the halls of our school, made real in our students through the focus, work, and love of our expert faculty and staff. That mission de�ines what we do every day: provide the best education using the model of Christ to meet the academic, moral, social, and emotional needs of each individual student.


Dominican students get the most out of each moment.

Dominican students are known by name, by need, and by gift. Because we have the optimal number of students, we invite all students to participate in the meaningful moments that allow them to grow into their full potential. Dominican graduates have conquered college level academic rigor, have completed an integrated service program, have mastered advanced technology skills, and have learned to embrace new perspectives. The Dominican curriculum is carefully tuned to intersect with the gifts of our students along with the demands of life after high school.


Dominican families know that now matters most.

Dominican is a family. We grow together. We meet challenges together. We celebrate success together. This family is guided by teachers who have made Dominican students their life’s calling. In a community that de�ines success one student at a time, and with a faculty that believes that all students should have the access, attention, and opportunity to get what they need to �lourish during these critical years of development, Dominican is the ideal environment for middle school students to grow into adults.

Become a Dominican Knight & Live


The Knight Life is balance.

The Knight Life means trying new things. It means that making mistakes is OK. It means that part of becoming an adult is learning to balance all the things that pull us in opposite directions. Dominican Knights are students, athletes, actors, leaders, and audience members — often all at the same time. Our students are encouraged to push boundaries, and they are supported when the boundaries push back. When high school is over, Dominican graduates are prepared to face challenges with balance.

University focused academic expectations


Real world student body



Encouragement to break boundaries

Individualized care and support

Students who enter college = prepared to handle it all

The Knight Life Is



A school where the �irst teacher is Christ.

At the core of the Dominican mission is the belief that everything we do should begin with faith. Dominican students are asked to use Christ as a model for the way they think, the way they act, and the way they treat other people. With daily religion classes, regular masses, yearly retreats, and with service expectations integrated into the curriculum, Dominican students develop a fundamental understanding of why it is important to live their lives with values and morals.

SINSINAWA DOMINICAN Built on the pillars of faith.

The Sinsinawa Sisters are proud members of the Order of Preachers. Starting with their founder, Father Samuel Mazzuchelli, the Sinsinawa Dominicans have a long tradition of excellence in education. Even as the faculty has changed, the mission, values, and model of St. Dominic and the Sinsinawa Dominicans are ingrained deeply into the identity of Dominican High School. Our vision starts with the four pillars of Dominican life: prayer, study, community, and preaching.

The Knight Life Is


credits required

for graduation

12 LAPTOP 1:1 PROGRAM AP level



& integrated technology

classes for all students


to earn actual college credits

STEM FOCUSED offerings

in addition to

rigorous humanities


of graduates go on

to 4-year universities

Dominican graduates come back to say how much more prepared they are for college courses than their peers. Our challenging curriculum is focused on preparing students to thrive at the college level. Graduating from Dominican means you are ready to meet the expectations that college professors will have for you in math, science, language arts, social studies, and across the curriculum. Dominican students are also provided with the support they need to navigate their course load. Dominican teachers strive to meet the needs of each student individually and are available throughout the day to provide guidance. Academic support programs are readily available for any student who needs assistance, and our administration and academic counselors are proactive, looking for students who need support before larger problems develop.

The Knight Life Is


Being at Dominican means being involved.

Nearly 90% of Dominican students participate in extracurricular activities. Every Dominican student is encouraged to try a new sport, to discover a new interest, or to �ind a new avenue of expression. Because our student body is the optimal size, every student has access to our programs. Dominican students, especially freshman, are invited to take advantage of the opportunity to be involved in multiple and different activities throughout the year.

DOMINICAN THEATER Dominican theater is recognized throughout the area as one of the premier programs in the state. Many of our students grow up dreaming about their turn to appear on the Dominican stage. With multiple fall plays, a large spring musical, and a dance revue there are many opportunities to become part of the Dominican theater legacy.


The Wedding Singer The Visit

And Then There Were None

Phantom of the Opera The Little Mermaid Bring It On

The Diary of Anne Frank On the Town Hairspray

The Knight Life Is


From day one of freshman year, Dominican students feel welcomed and included. Being a Knight means being encouraged and expected to contribute to the fabric of the school. All Dominican graduates deserve the crucial opportunity to develop themselves outside of the classroom. Dominican athletes compete at the highest possible level every year. In nearly every sport, Dominican offers participation opportunities for beginner and intermediate athletes, which complement our highly competitive varsity level offerings for advanced athletes.


Football Boys Volleyball Girls Volleyball Girls Tennis Boys Soccer Cross Country


Boys Basketball Girls Basketball Dance Team Cheerleading Wrestling


SPRING Boys Tennis Baseball Softball Track Golf Girls Soccer

The Knight Life Is


Because every Dominican student’s experience matters,

and because they each have the opportunity to contribute in meaningful ways, Dominican students become leaders. From running small club activities to organizing school-wide programs, to taking on issues that affect the world, being a Knight means being a leader.

Dominican clubs are founded and run by our students. Each year dozens of club offerings are available for students to join. Club time is even built into the schedule. Regularly, all students are given time to meet with their clubs, making it even easier to balance other extracurricular opportunities.

CLUB OFFERINGS Bean Bag Toss Club Black Heritage Club Board Game/Card Club Business Entrepreneurship Chess Club Co-Ed Intramurals DIY Club Forensics Club International Film Club Italian Club

Knight Life Team Mosaics Club Multicultural Club National Arts Honor Society National Honor Society Stage Crew STEM Team Theatre Club Tri-M Music Honor Society Veritas Preaching Club

The Knight Life Is


Community is the engine

that makes Dominican so successful. When going to school means being part of something bigger than themselves, students learn the most important lessons we offer. From the moment that our upperclassmen greet new freshmen every fall, to our hat tossing ceremony at commencement each spring, our community comes together to make the Dominican mission a reality. Vibrant fan sections cheer on our athletes and performers. Parent groups organize cookouts and celebrations. Student leadership groups plan dances and other programs. Being a Knight leads to an appreciation of what can be accomplished when people work together, because community is at the heart of everything we do. Some of our most popular events include: • Back To School Dance

• Powder Puff Pep Rally • Homecoming Week

• Freshman Admission Party • Winter Formal Dance • Prom

The Knight Life Is



Focusing on the needs of others.

Working to provide for others is part of the Dominican experience. Regularly and without reward, Dominican students serve meals at homeless shelters, staff events at local parishes, organize clothing drives, and plan and attend international service trips, among other service endeavors.


Service integrated into the curriculum.

Over four years each Dominican student participates in the uKnighted integrated service program. Through on-site service experiences, in-class service related assignments, and a re�lective seminar series, Dominican students work to meet the following goals:

• Learn to actively live the Pillars of Dominican Life • Develop an understanding of poverty and how it affects the whole human person • Serve the poor in the community • Integrate service into daily classes • Apply service to daily life • Earn a service cord

Life After


Dominican graduates are prepared to succeed.

The Dominican class of 2017 earned over $10 million in scholarship offers from colleges and universities nationwide. Our talented college counselors focus on guiding future graduates toward acceptance at the best schools and earning the �inancial support necessary to make attendance possible. Colleges are eager to accept Dominican students and are con�ident that our graduates are ready to excel at the college level. Dominican graduates have been accepted at the following schools:

Boston College Boston University Case Western Reserve Columbia University DePaul University Dominican University Drake University Fordham University Georgetown University Harvard University Marquette University Loyola University-Chicago Massachusetts Institute of Technology Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design University of Miami-Ohio New York University Northwestern University Ohio State University Princeton University Purdue University

Regis University Seton Hall University St. John’s University St. Mary’s University Stanford University Syracuse University United States Naval Academy United States Air Force Academy University of Chicago University of Connecticut University of Kansas University of Michigan University of Oregon University of Notre Dame University of Pennsylvania University of Wisconsin-Madison Villanova University Washington University-St. Louis West Point Xavier University Yale University

TUITION & FINANCIAL AID Dominican strives

to ensure that quality students receive an exemplary college preparatory education regardless of their socioeconomic background. Dominican offers a variety of ways to assist families in attaining their educational goals including scholarship, payment options, and �inancial aid. The cost of educating Dominican High School students is subsidized through the generosity of our donors. This enables Dominican to give over $500,000 in �inancial assistance each year to deserving families.

Dominican partners with a third party system to process �inancial aid applications. Information about how to apply for aid will be included in the application process. Applying for aid early is always a good idea, and it is critical to apply before the deadline.


Financial aid application available


Financial aid application deadline

TIMELINE & PROCESS Now it’s your turn.

Choosing the right school is an incredibly important process, and gaining as much information as possible can help make that process easier. In order to apply and enroll at Dominican, follow the steps below.



Attend a preview day Attend Open House Schedule a private tour


Complete the online application Request records from your current school Register for the Dominican Entrance Exam


Look for admissions decision Indicate your intent to enroll Attend the Accepted Students Party


Attend course registration night Take any necessary placement tests

DOMINICAN HIGH SCHOOL 120 East Silver Spring Drive White�ish Bay, WI 53217

BUSINESS OFFICE 414.332.1170 ext. 121

ATHLETIC DIRECTOR 414.332.1170 ext. 193

DOMINICAN ADMISSIONS 414.332.1170 ext. 130



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