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Enjoy The Drama @Suite#223 Enjoy The Drama @Suite#223

An outstanding June

This is a very special month for the content industry, and for Prensario. For the first time, there are six good European events that we cover in person with print copies, the same edition for all: Content Warsaw, NEM Croatia (for the first time) MIFA/Annecy for kids, Natpe Budapest, Conecta Fiction for co-productions and Sunnyside for docs (for the first time). Last year we’ve been in three of

European fresh trends, June 2024

• The ‘True Cime’ continues as the big King, now with productions from di erent origins and cross-genre

• Sports is the new big thing in OTTs, to attract massive audiences and advertisers

• Fictions: crime dramas, procedurals, videogame adaptations and biopics, the latter especially about strong female personalities. If the ctions are based on real facts, they have extra success.

• The local and regional TV stations with Government support, are looked for by international ctions, because they solve the dubbing issue

• Factual & docs, hit topics: War content, ancient civilizations, third party localizations, the mystery genre

• Entertainment: game shows that meet nostalgic and comedy, are cute for broadcasters; reality shows for platforms

• Non scripted wants to have ction basics to be successful: emotions, con icts, strong personalities

• Other cross-genre winners: global warning, robotics/IA and all type of celebrity shows, especially about music

The CEE advantage

This is a very special moment for the content business, where the central markets —USA and Western Europe— have strong budget and structure reductions mainly due to the OTT production bubble crisis + the broadcasters’ difficulty to keep advertisement income levels. How can Central and Eastern Europe region take advantage of this picture and push a better market for the future? CEE has pros

CEE: regional Pros

• Emergent economies that has a lot to grow from now

• Most of the countries are now producing

• Good costs vs. the usual Western European countries.

• Due to small countries with their own languages, there is a market for niche local OTT channels

• There are hundreds of new channels appearing

• Especially, 2-3 big media groups hold TV channels in many countries, so global strategies can be deployed.

them. We send three different teams to cover all these events in the same month. For the industry, it is a challenge to have so many events in Europe, in Summer, three focused on Central & Eastern Europe. But apart from Warsaw, all of them took place last year. These so many events are not casual: if some years ago the medium shows went down and seemed that just the very big ones would survive, now there is a return to regional, local, niche events, as a way to find new, fresh people. It is another issue where content business returns to its basics, as in genres (all main buyers wanted procedurals in LA Screenings last month) in partners (free TV, vs OTTs) incomes (advertisement) and business models: the ‘major’ international distribution is firmly back (vs. OTT exclusivity). As we saw in May during LA Screenings, in Los Angeles.

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and cons as all the regions… if the formers are developed, everything will be easier.

Pros: CEE has emergent economies that has a lot to grow from now. In TV business, most of the countries are now producing, generating films and series that are getting better but continuing economic vs. the usual Western European countries. There are many small countries with their own languages, which is a problem for panregional networks, but opens more market for niche local OTT channels. The digital development is growing fast too, there are hundreds of new channels appearing, for many different audiences. Especially, 2-3 big media groups hold TV channels in many countries, so global strategies can be deployed.

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NEM Dubrovnik 2024: a hub for global TV Industry networking and innovation in CEE

Following the success of last year’s edition, NEM Dubrovnik 2024 is set to once again solidify its position as a pivotal event for the television industry in CEE region. Taking place from June 10th to 13th at the Dubrovnik Palace Hotel, the event promises to be a gathering of industry leaders, content creators, and decision-makers with a robust lineup of keynote speakers and major industry players.

This year’s edition will feature over 70 speakers in 10 panel discussions, addressing a variety of industry topics. Kasia Madera, Presenter at BBC News; Ralf Rückauer, VP of the Unscripted Department at ZDF Studios; Jamie Cooke, Group SVP and GM Central Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa at Warner Bros. Discovery; or Nataša Rapaić, who will assume the role of CEO of Hrvatski Telekom on July 1, are among the notable speakers.

Some of the speakers at conference sessions: Kasia Madera, Presenter at BBC News; Ralf Rückauer, VP of the Unscripted Department, ZDF Studios; Jamie Cooke, Group SVP and GM CEE & MENA, Warner Bros. Discovery; or Nataša Rapaić, new CEO of Hrvatski Telekom

Panels will cover content acquisition strategies, the influence of linear television, and the success of Central and Eastern European content on a global scale....

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Sunny Side of the Doc: for the future of the documentary genre

Sunny Side of the Doc, the industry’s leading international event for co-production financing and full program circulation for both linear documentaries and digital and immersive experiences, is holding its 35th edition from June 24-27, at Espace Encan in La Rochelle.

The international event brings together more than 2,000 delegates from over 70 countries, including content creators (producers and directors), decision makers (broadcasters, streamers, foundations, museums, social networks, sales agents) and industry professionals related to content creation (archives, music, etc.) to sell or buy projects and programs, and find the right business partners.

The 35th edition of Sunny Side of the Doc invites the international community to think about the future of our ecosystem, about the future of the documentary genre itself, to try to map it as a whole.

The resulting questions will be the common thread of the event, feeding the selected projects in the seven proposed categories (science, nature and conservation, global issues, history, art and culture, new voices, impact campaigns), ...

Sanja Božić-Ljubičić, CEO of Mediavision and the founder of NEM Dubrovnik Mathieu Bejot, director of strategy and development, Sunny Side of the Doc.

NATPE Budapest: understanding the opportunities in CEE

NATPE Budapest, the global business forum of reference for producers, buyers and distributors of content from Central and Eastern Europe, will take place from June 24-27, 2024 at the InterContinental Hotel in the Hungarian capital.



• 12:30 pm – 5:00 pm: Screenings Sony Pictures Entertainment. Etele Cinema.

• 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm: Content Showcase A+E Media Group. IC Ballroom III.


• 11:45 am – 12:15 pm: In conversation with Kim Poder, Antenna Group. IC Ballroom III.

• 2:00 pm – 2:40 pm: CEE CEO Visions panel. IC Ballroom III. Moderated by Stewart Clarke of

Deadline. Panelists: Stella Litou, CEO of CME Adria, CEO of Pro Plus, and Chair of the Board of Directors of RTL Croatia; Ralf Bartoleit, CEO of bTV Media Group; Pavel Stantchev, CEO of TV2 Hungary and Planet TV Group Slovenia.

• 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm: Content Showcase ZDF Studios. IC Ballroom III.


• 11:00 am – 12:00 pm: Content Showcase Antenna Studios. IC Ballroom III.

Content Warsaw: the bet to redefine the CEE market

and Łukasz Poniński of Warner Bros.

After Content Budapest, C21Media has held Content Warsaw. From June 3-6, 2024, the event has aimed to connect the Central and Eastern European content community to facilitate pan-regional and international business in a conference and development marketplace in the Polish capital. Key players from more than 38 countries are participating. Content Warsaw has taken place at Kinogram, the state-of-the-art cinema and event complex with exhibition space and meeting rooms, which is located in the center of Warsaw. The event has also featured all the elements common to C21 events, including an AI Academy block , the Content Warsaw Copro Pitch competition , and a marketplace with meeting tables and booths....

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Claire Macdonald, Senior Vice President and Executive Director of NATPE Global; Russell Goldstein, President, both of Brunico Communications (Canada).

The content market, organized by Brunico Communications, will be attended by executives from more than 60 countries, hosting more than 375 top-tier buyers, and more than 120 exhibitors, production and distribution companies. The market will serve as a dynamic platform to network, explore new partnerships and discover the latest trends that will shape the future of television and content consumption....

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Maciej Gozdowski, Wiktor Przeorski, Discovery Poland

The hybrid approach to TV business in CEE

The distribution of television content has become increasingly complex and multifaceted. The traditional linear TV channels are still an essential part of the media mix, generating more revenue for content owners than ad-funded streaming services, specially in CEE region.

According to Caretta Research, linear TV channels, along with co-branded FAST channels and VOD services, are key pillars for many successful content brands. ...

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Homegrown streaming services thrive in CEE region

Central European OTT platforms are witnessing a period of remarkable growth and transformation. These homegrown services have redefined their interfaces, strategies, and business models to capture the attention of new users. This dynamic shift is challenging the dominance of global OTT giants like Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video. In some markets, local platforms have even surpassed these international competitors in subscriber volumes....

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Advertising investment could exceed for the first time the trillion dollars

For several years, the advertising market has been in a constant state of flux. Despite sensitivity to economic uncertainty, with rising inflation in operating costs and recession, international advertising faced 2023 with optimism. Marketing lost priority at most companies, and due to the conditions, advertisers scrutinized their budgets while reducing spending on certain channels versus others....

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Ad-supported OTT platforms in Europe are growing Ramadan 2024: a transformative month for media in Middle East

In recent months, several streaming giants have rolled out their first Ad-Supported Subscription plans in Europe. Netflix was a pioneer in November 2022 by launching its first ad-supported plan in the United Kingdom. A year later, Disney+ followed the same strategy in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Nordic countries. Amazon Prime Video was the latest to join this trend, launching its Ad-Supported Subscription plan in the UK and Germany in February. ...

Europe leads with tax incentives the audiovisual sector

Bene t contrasts and comparisons


• Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Italy o er direct tax incentives that typically range between 25% and 35% of quali ed production expenditure.

• Germany and Poland have a similar approach but with di erent percentages and minimum spending requirements.


• Spain and Poland have clear and high limits on refunds, making them attractive for large productions.

• France and the United Kingdom focus more on the evaluation of cultural content, applying point systems and speci c certi cations.

The powerful audiovisual industry in Europe continues to take advantage of the enormous tax incentives that countries offer to attract dynamism in local investments. These incentives seek to promote economic and cultural development through the creation of jobs and the promotion of local infrastructure.

Productions such as White Lotus (season 2), the recent winner of the Cannes Film Festival, The Substance, ...

The month of Ramadan 2024 marked a significant transformation in the media and entertainment landscape across the Middle East and other regions with Muslim communities. The period was characterized by a notable increase in media consumption driven by unique cultural and social dynamics. This report, base on a whitepaper from Index Conferences and Exhibitions, ...

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RTL’s Péter Kolosi: big bets for linear


streaming in 2024

With a big bet on formats and new entertainment shows, Péter Kolosi, Deputy CEO, Director of Programming at RTL in Hungary, unveiled the next moves of the company. Among the novelties, the exec hihlighted X-Faktor, Stzárbox, Traitors - Murder in the Castle, The Winning Couple. In addition to this, many productions will also be shown on RTL this year, where, in addition to brand new programs, old favorites will also return to the screen.

Kolosi spoke about the RTL program strategy and the next launches on a local podcast show, where also revealed a lot about what viewers can expect this year....

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Canal+ has launched TV+, an aggregated streaming offering grouping live TV, catchup and a selection of Canal+ on-demand content in one place – but not Canal+’s premium pay TV offering.

TV+ is currently the second player in France with this business strategy, just behind Fubo-owned aggregation platform Molotov, targeted at consumers who do not receive TV via an ISP box.

According to the pay TV operator, it provides a way of aggregating free-to-air and some Canal+ content via a single point of entry, simplifying the life of users and in line the operator’s strategy of becoming a content aggregator in its own right.

Canal+, through its own service, now becomes a global aggregator streaming content from the likes of Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+, Apple TV+ and...

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Croatian A1 Telekom’s strategic slliances boost digital TV and streaming business

A1 Telekom has been making significant strides in its television strategy, transitioning from traditional pay-TV operations to offering a more digital environment with a wider range of solutions for its television customers. The company has expanded its business and has become a strong investor as a content aggregator through its A1 Xplore TV set-top box. It has also developed solutions within the streaming and OTT spectrum.

After its recently partnered with XroadMedia to enhance its A1 Xplore TV service with personalized recommendations, the company is using AI to deliver tailored content suggestions to users

based on their viewing habits and preferences. The service, available in Austria, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Croatia, has allowed the company to continue exploring these areas.

That’s why recently they partnered with Appear to optimize its live OTT channel encoding and distribution workflow. ...

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bolsters its
aggregation strategy with the launch of TV+ in France
A1 Group COO, Alejandro Plater Maxime Saada, Group’s CEO Péter Kolosi, Deputy CEO, Director of Programming at RTL in Hungary Masked Singer and X Factor are some of the formats that lead the content offer this year on RTL

How Google TV uses AI to redefine the user experience

Faz Aftab, Director of Emerging and Enterprise

AI is making waves among big digital players. Faz Aftab, Director, International M&E Partnerships at Google TV, shared her vision of the impact on this technology applied to the media and entertainment industry. In the 2024 edition of VOD Professional, Aftab explained how Google is using AI to improve productivity, personalization, and diversification of content across various platforms.

Aftab described her team’s role at Google, which focuses on ensuring there is ‘an appropriate mix of local and global content across Google platforms, including TV, mobile and cars’. ‘The importance of generative AI and its ability to support daily operations, such as optimizing synopsis and presenting images that best suit different consumers, are some of the solutions that this technology provides us....

United Media: balancing creativity and commercial viability in CEE

Nataša Buljan, who was recently appointed as director of content development at United Media, to oversees managing channels in eight countries of one of the largest media companies in the CEE region, including those of the former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Greece, spoke with CEETV in an interview about the challenges and opportunities in screenplay productions and their successful export and adaptation to other markets.

Buljan began the conversation by mentioning that the region is experiencing a boom in narratives for TV, driven by increased domestic productions and adaptations of foreign formats. ...

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Netflix expands Polish offerings with new coproductions

Michael Azzolino, Netflix’s VP of Content for Central and Eastern Europe, Benelux, and Turkey

Netflix has announced an exciting slate of nine new movies and series from Poland, showcasing a diverse range of stories and talents. This includes the directorial debut of Kasper Bajon, the writer behind the hit series High Water, and a new thriller from the creators of Forgotten Love

Michael Azzolino, Netflix’s VP of Content for Central and Eastern Europe, Benelux, and Turkey, expressed enthusiasm for collaborating with talented local creators on a recent anouncement of titles in this regio. ‘We are excited to work again with a range of extremely talented local creators – who bring to Netflix their diverse stories, appreciated by viewers in Poland for their quality and distinctive characters’, stated. He highlighted the return of creators from popular platform hits and teased surprises from emerging Polish talents.

Netflix’s announcement of new Polish content is part of its broader strategy of unveiling international originals. Despite a general industry shift towards profit over subscriber numbers, ...

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Nataša Buljan was recently appointed Fiction Development Director at United Media which is among the biggest players in the CEE region with operations in 8 countries, including former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Greece 9
Caracol TV: “All We Need is Love” as a concept on its current slate in CEE

Under the concept “All we need is Love”, Caracol TV Distribution is presenting its most successful titles this year at Content Warsaw and at Natpe Budapest 2024. Some of them are Love of My Life, Power Romina and El Rey.

Leading the pack is Love of My Life, a poignant romance drama that boldly addresses racial discrimination. The narrative unfolds around the forbidden love between Mariana, the daughter of a formidable landowner from Valle del Cauca, and Joaquín,

an Afro-Colombian laborer toiling on her father’s cotton farm. The series boasts a stellar cast including Jairo Camargo, Modesto Lacen, Melanie del Olmo, Paula Castaño, Jair Romero, and marks the return of Luis Jerónimo Abreu (Bolívar) in an antagonistic role....

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In conversation with Beatriz Cea Okan, VP and Director of Sales and Acquisitions at Inter Medya, the executive highlighted how the company continues to consolidate...

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The Mediapro Studio: high caliber Premium series

With a line-up of new productions underway, The Mediapro Studio is presenting a solid catalog of series at Content Warsaw and Natpe Budapest 2024. In addition to its...

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Calinos: drama, suspense and thriller

‘We promise to captivate international buyers with our seasonal catalogue’, says Firat Gulgen, founder of Calinos Entertainment, who is currently participating at Natpe Budapest 2024....

OTTera partners with ThinkAnalytics

OTTera has announced its strategic partnership with ThinkAnalytics, a specialist in advanced content discovery and viewer engagement solutions.Through this collaboration,...

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All3Media unveils compelling lineup for NEM and Natpe Budapest

As one of the UK’s leading independent distributors of television programming and formats, All3media is set to present an strong array of series at NEM Dubrovnik and Natpe...

Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) has secured a new long-term agreement with The All England Lawn Tennis Club to extend its broadcasting rights for the Wimbledon tennis tournament

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WBD secures extended Wimbledon broadcast rights in 11 European Markets
Medya’s diverse slate targets global viewers
Lisette Osorio, VP International sales

As one of the largest audiovisual groups in Spain, RTVE continues its journey through the different markets and content events. At NEM Dubrovnik and at Natpe Budapest 2024, ...

Globo brings premieres and classics to Eastern and Central Europe

Globo (Brasil) is set to make a significant impact at three major audiovisual industry events in Eastern and Central Europe this month. The company will showcase its...

Centauro to produce 40 Days Lost in the Jungle

Nieto Roa will launch a new film based on the true story of four children who survived a plane crash in the jungle between Caquetá and ...

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From niche to global: Insight TV’s strategic FAST channel expansión

Insight TV is set to expand its global distribution with the introduction of new FAST channels across various markets. From a niche platform to a strong global player in AVOD streaming, the company is focused ...

Mediahub to expand Stop! Border Control across Europe

Mediahub reached a significant new deal for Omava docuseries Stop Border Control! with leading German broadcaster RTL. ...

eEsteno Media Services: exploring new business into media industry

eSteno Media Services has been providing AI-powered CC, Subtitles/ SDH, Dubbing/VO, and audio description services for over 25 years. With a team of highly skilled engineers and linguists, eStenooffers a...

Madd: record sales and major adaptations in Italy and USA

Madd Entertainment reached multiple sales in Italy and USA, the first one is one of its fastestgrowing markets in Europe, where they secured licensing agreements for four new titles with Mediaset. This significant achievement marked a major milestone for the Turkish content distributor, as Italy becomes its principal market in Western Europe after Spain.

‘After Spain, Italy has become the main market for Madd in Western Europe’, stated Özlem Özsümbül, Director of Sales at Madd Entertainment. ‘The fact that we have four strong series debuting there gives me great confidence. We see a bright future in Italy. As Madd, we are very pleased to work with Mediaset in Italy again’, commented the executive during past edition of LA Screenings 2024....

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Özlem Özsümbül, Director of Sales

Record TV: ‘The Slave Isaura’, 20 years of success

One of Record TV’s standout titles, The Slave Isaura, marks its 20th anniversary this year, continuing to captivate international audiences with its historical charm. The telenovela transports viewers to the 19th century with its meticulous settings, period costumes, lush landscapes, and compelling performances.

The story unfolds with the birth of Isaura in 1835 on the estate of Commander Almeida. She is the daughter of Juliana, a slave, and Miguel, the estate’s overseer. Juliana’s tragic death shortly after Isaura’s birth, resulting from her refusal to submit to the commander’s advances, leaves Isaura to be raised by Gertrudes, the commander’s wife, who longs for a daughter.

Despite receiving a refined education and having fair skin, Isaura is always seen as a slave due to her heritage. By 1854, Isaura, now a beautiful 19-year-old, ...

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Kanal D unveils new titles and team for global expansion

Kanal D International began a 2024 marked by the success of Secret of Pearls, a series that dominated Thursday nights in Turkey on FTA. Furthermore, with its new productions and a new international team, ...

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Electric Entertainment presents The Librarians spin-off

Based in Los Angeles, Electric Entertainment is the content company led by veteran producer Dean Devlin along with his partners Marc Roskin and Rachel Olschan-Wilson, ...

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ZEE: global dramas

Distritution and syindication unidad of ZEE in India, ZEE Content Sales, is currently at Natpe Budapest to highlights its catalog of dramas that fit perfectly with the narrative needs of the global market.

Topping the list of titles, ZEE brings the series SER – The Secret, a series filmed in Lebanon that has had great success...

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The Kitchen: a busy 2024

Now in its 24th year as a language localization studio, The Kitchen International continues to expand its global presence by participating in many important industry events. Julie Beneteau, The Kitchen’s International sales director,...

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M7 partners with Prima Group for Satellite Distribution

in Slovakia

M7 Group (a Canal+ company) has entered into a strategic partnership with Prague-based Prima Group for the satellite distribution of Prima Cool SK and Prima Love SK channels across Slovakia....

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Mediaset Distribution: Io Canto Family at NEM Dubrovnik and Natpe

Mediaset Distribution presenting to international buyers its new format Io Canto Family, at NEM Dubrovnik in Croatia (June 10-13) and Natpe Budapest in Hungary (June 24-27)....

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Delmar Andrade, International sales director

ORF Enterprise: high-quality productions in a broad catalog

ORF Enterprise has evolved from an expert in documentaries to a comprehensive provider of highquality programs in all genres. Today, the Vienna-based company offers ...

TelevisaUnivision presents Love Has No Recipe in CEE

As one of the titles that heads TelevisaUnivisión’s drama catalogue, El Amor No tiene Receta, its most recent production released in early February, is among its offering to buyers ...

RCN Studios: Rojo Carmesí and more

RCN presents a catalog of dramas, comedies, and bio series at Natpe Budapest 2024. Several of the titles on the market come after strongly...

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“Ninja Warrior”: O4 Media and TBS Japan bring the format to Latin America

The successfully negotiated deal between O4 Media Hong Kong, Martha Contreras and Bellon Entertainment USA, will bring the Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) format to Latin America...

Amazon MGM Studios appoints Lauren Anderson as Head of Brand and Content Innovation

Amazon MGM Studios has named Lauren Anderson as head of brand and content innovation in a restructuring move aimed at expanding its...

Danish telco Norlys adds SkyShowtime to its streaming offerings

Service provider Norlys (Denmark) has announced the inclusion of SkyShowtime, the joint streaming service by Comcast and Paramount Global, in its TV streaming offerings....

Rai Com expands global reach with new SVOD Platform and content

Rai Com S.p.A. (a subsidiary of Rai Group) is set to launch a new subscription-based video-ondemand (SVOD) service named RAI ITALIA+, aimed at Italians and Italian-speaking viewers worldwide. This move builds on the success of Rai Play in Italy and follows the achievements of Rai’s linear channels across the globe. The service will offer a comprehensive range of own content, including TV series, movies, documentaries, entertainment programs, and animation.

The company is participatin at NEM, Content Warsaw and Natpe Budapest and, where is presenting the service, in addition to Rai Italia, the mainstream channel for Italians abroad, that functions as a “best of” the Rai generalist networks. It includes original productions specifically created for Italians living outside the country and Italy lovers, totaling nearly 9,000 hours of content per year. ...

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Sabrina Eleuteri, Head of Sales - International Channels Distribution at Rai Com S.p.A
Moon Palace, Cancun, Mexico 19 → 22 NOV. 2024
MIPCANCUN2024-Ads-110x70mm.indd 1 27/05/2024 17:35 14
The #1 content & co-production summit for the latin American & US hispanic TV industry
Nova TV (Croatia): George Makris, program director; Zrinka Jankov, editor; Nina Mikola, head of acquisitions; Aljosa Kokan, programme editor. Co-production focus: Varvara Boiko-Pzvlyk, co-production manager, Anastasia Bataieva-Dokalenko, head of coproductions, both from StarLight Media Group (Ukraine); Serghei Niculita, programming director, TV8 (Moldova). Popovichová Patočková, Head of Program Planning, David Štěrbáček, acquisitions, Ivan Krasko, head of niche channels, all from TV Nova, Czech Republic Fanni Vinnai, marketing coordinator, Eniko Harsanyi, senior sales manager, both from Sony; Danica Knego, acquisitions, Natasa Arbajter, senior programme editor, TomazKrzicnik, head of acquisitions, all from Pro Plus Pop TV, Slovenia; Gabor Balogh, head of marketing, Sony Macedonia: Eva Kamchevska, assistant program manager, Nehru Hodza, program manager, Hamdi Rashiti, program director, all from TV 24 Islam Agayev, CEO, ARB TV (Azerbaijan); Ismayil Hasanov, producer, ATV (Azerbaijan); Rashad Mammadov, executive director, ARB TV (Azerbaijan); Yashar Ahmedov, CEO, Oscar Film production (Turkey). Ivan Kleut, Director of External TV Productions, Aleksandra Gajic, creative producer, Viktorija Jevtic, program director, all from Adria Media Group, Serbia CEE buyers: Zoltan Nevelos, head of acquisitions, MTVA (Hungary); Mihai Mos, managing director, Karpat Media (Romania); Peter Adamik, acquisition manager, TV JOJ (Slovakia). CEE buyers: Nelly Stoynova, head of scheduling and acquisitions, Martina Raycheva, program manager, Desislava Zheleva, acquisition specialist, all from Nova Broadcasting Group (Bulgaria). Szabo Balazs, CCO, Gabriella Vidus, CEO, both form RTL Hungary; Erika Tothova, head of acquisitions, TV JOJ, Slovakia; Peter Kolosi, deputy CEO, director of programming, RTL Gabor Szollossy, director of content and acquisitions, Klara Paszternak, acquisition manager, Katharina Bigos, broadcast director, all from Network4 Media Group (Hungary); James Mill, Hat Trick International (UK). David, head of film portfolio, Fodor Eszter, program planner, Lokodi Marianna, head of portfolio, Popovics Gyorgy, head of research, Kalas Robert, head of scheduling, all from TV2 Media Hungary. Mirela Rajkovic, acquisitions manager, Media Acquisitions Ltd, Croatia; Dragan Petrovic, managing director, Visionary Thinking Serbia; Andreja Sertic, CEO, Media Acquisitions Ltd., Croatia Romania: Isabella Carmu, programming manager, Antena TV Group; Tania Cepi, international manager, New Media Venture; Cristina Huiban, director, Prorom Media Trade GmbH Hungarian buyers: Blanka Balazs, head of content acquisitions, RTL Hungary; Agnes Bodnar, Daro Film (Monaco); Katalin Nemeti-Biczo, senior program manager, MTVA (Hungary); Andrea Zaras, acquisitions manager, Gabor Fischer, programming director, both from TV2 Hungary Commissioning, Public service broadcasters: Marcin Skabara, Director of programming strategy, Telewizja Polska S.A; Jan Maxa, director, content and new media, Czech TV; Jana Semjonova, Program director, LTV; Gytis Oganauskas, Deputy director general, LRT. Moderator, Nico Franks Akos Nagy, online planner, Reka Bartha, business affairs coordinator, Gabor Foldi, content intelligence specialist, Zehra Ildiko, head of planner, all from RTL Hungary Michal Nemeth, Head of Scheduling and operations, Tomas Chlapovic, content manager, Gaspar Dalibor, content specialist, all from TV Markiza, Slovakia Estonia: Mart Tamm, program coordinator, Juri Pihel, CEO, Martin Korjus, head producer, Heiko Jets, head of programming, all from Duo Media Networks


Unifrance Audiovisual Rendez-Vous moves to Le Havre

The 30th edition of the Unifrance Audiovisual Rendez-Vous, traditionally held in Biarritz, is set to relocate to Le Havre in 2024. Since 2007, Biarritz has been the venue for the world’s largest market dedicated to French audiovisual works.

After seventeen successful editions on the Basque coast, Unifrance aims to infuse fresh energy into the event while maintaining its highly effective format for promoting French audiovisual programs.

New Venue, same prestige

The Unifrance Rendez-Vous in Le Havre will take place in the Normandy city from September 2 to September 6, 2024. The event will host 60 French distributors and approximately 200 buyers from 50 countries, over three days of market activities. The schedule includes themed lunches, dinners, and a gala evening, introduced in 2022. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the latest French audiovisual creations across various genres, including fiction, animation, documentary, live performance, and entertainment.

According to Unifrance, Le Havre’s geographical location, just two hours by train from Paris, offers ‘a strategic advantage’. ‘The proximity to the capital makes the market more accessible for international buyers, sellers, and artists. Known for its avantgarde and dynamic spirit, Le Havre’s city center is a UNESCO World Heritage site, making it an ideal host for the Unifrance RendezVous’, commented from the organization.

Unifrance will benefit from robust support from local authorities at both city and regional levels. The Région Normandie, through its Normandie Images agency, actively supports film and audiovisual production and hosts numerous film shoots, particularly for French series. Since 2015, Le Havre has been home to the Rencontres Nationales sur les Séries du Havre, and in June 2023, it launched Les Révélations, an event celebrating the film industry and encouraging vocations in the field.

2024 Edition Highlights

Monday, September 2

2.30pm – 3pm: Buyers shuttle departure from Roissy CDG

4.30pm – 5pm: Buyers shuttle drop-off at hotel

6pm: Welcome Desk opening at Carré des Docks

7pm: Opening Night hosted by the Mayor of Le Havre at Bibliothèque Oscar Niemeyer

Tuesday, September 3

9am – 6pm: Market & Screening Room at Carré des Docks

12.30pm – 2.30pm: Lunch at Carré des Docks

3pm: Press Conference on 2023 French TV Export Figures, co-presented by the CNC and Unifrance

7pm: Gala Evening with a screening at Cinéma Pathé Docks Vauban followed by a dinner at Carré des Docks

Wednesday, September 4

9am – 6pm: Market & Screening Room at Carré des Docks

12.30pm – 2.30pm: Lunch at Carré des Docks

Evening: Cocktail Party hosted by La Région Normandie at Les Franciscaines, Deauville (shuttle service provided)

Thursday, September 5

9am – 6pm: Market & Screening Room at Carré des Docks

12.30pm – 2.30pm: Lunch at Carré des Docks

7.30pm: Themed Dinner & Closing Party at Magic Mirrors

Friday, September 6

8am: Buyers shuttle departure to Roissy CDG (to be confirmed)

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Le Havre, France
Discover the French TV programmes in Le Animation Docs Fiction

Conecta Fiction & Entertainment: aprendizaje, colaboración y networking

Géraldine Gonard, directora general de Conecta Fiction & Entertainment

Conecta Fiction & Entertainment, el evento posicionado dentro del top 10 de los mercados internacionales de televisión de la industria audiovisual, tendrá su octava edición desde el 18 al 21 de junio de 2024 en el Palacio de Congresos El Greco de Toledo (España), con Portugal y Brasil como los países foco.

Se establece como un mercado profesional, enfocado en la creación, desarrollo, producción, financiación, emisión, marketing y comercialización de contenido televisivo. En esta edición se esperan a más de 3.300 profesionales de más de 40 países para hablar, descubrir, aprender,...

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Atresplayer: calidad y diversidad “made in Spain”

Desde su lanzamiento en 2013, Atresplayer tuvo un crecimiento exponencial. El servicio de streaming SVOD de Atresmedia es actualmente la plataforma “made in Spain” de referencia, tanto por la calidad y diversidad de los contenidos que ofrece, como por la innovación y tecnología...

Juan Ignacio Jiménez Gargantilla, director de adquisiciones, ventas y distribución, de Atresmedia

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La TV mantiene su relevancia en España: consumo híbrido y targets por edades

La televisión sigue desempeñando un papel central en la vida diaria de los españoles, según el último informe de Barlovento Comunicación. El informe reveló un aumento significativo en el tiempo dedicado a consumir contenido televisivo en todas sus formas durante el último año en España....

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RTVE Play + : potente catálogo, más continentes e idiomas

RTVE Play +, la plataforma internacional VOD con contenidos de RTVE, está viviendo un momento de expansión. El servicio, que hasta hace poco solo tenía alcance en el continente americano, debutó en Europa el pasado mes de febrero, y en Asia y Oceanía este junio, ...

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Javier González Núñez, head of RTVE Play +

Iberseries & Platino Industria

2024: del 1 al 4 de octubre en Matadero

La cuarta edición de Iberseries & Platino Industria, el principal punto de encuentro de plataformas, cadenas de televisión, creativos, productores, ...

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Atresmedia Internacional crece en segmento FAST junto a The Roku Channel

“Cine y Series” (CyS TV) y “Única” (ÚN TV), señales FAST del principal grupo audiovisual en España, ya están disponibles en la plataforma de streaming de TV líder en EE. UU....

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Secuoya Studios nombra nueva directora de coproducciones

Secuoya Studios, la productora española destacada por coproducciones y producciones de alto perfil en largometraje, ficción y unscripted para ...

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MadRiver Pictures produce


financia para DeAPlaneta y IDC


MadRiver Pictures, la empresa líder en producción y financiación fundada por el veterano de la industria Marc Butan, anunció acuerdos de distribución y producción internacionales. ...


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en el Amazonas llega a Movistar Plus +

Coincidiendo con el aniversario del rescato que conmovió al mundo, Movistar Plus + estrena el 9 de junio, el nuevo documental Perdidos en el Amazonas, ...

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Glowstar Media: ampliando horizontes y explorando tendencias globales

Glowstar Media (Argentina) continúa su plan anual de mercados globales para explorar oportunidades, ya sea en expandir su catálogo de ...

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ICEX: fuerte participación española en Natpe Budapest y Sunny Side Of The Doc

ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones (España) y su delegación se encuentran en las ediciones 2024 de Natpe Budapest y Sunny Side Of The Doc. La presencia española se destacará con un pabellón dedicado en el Hotel InterContinental de Budapest, Hungría, del 24 al 27 de junio de 2024.

‘Justamente Natpe Budapest es un mercado fundamental para la industria de contenidos de plataformas internacionales y de televisión, que ofrece innumerables oportunidades para las empresas audiovisuales españolas que desean vender y distribuir su contenido en la región de Europa Central y del Este (CEE). Este evento reúne a más de 400 compradores muy específicos, como también a distribuidores regionales, lo que crea un centro vibrante para la creación de redes contacto y acuerdos comerciales’, expresa Ana Cañadas, Jefa de Sector Televisión....

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Ana Cañadas, Jefa de Sector Televisión, ICEX

Annecy Festival 2024: innovation and diversity in animation

French Animation: Balancing quality and quantity amid shifting trends

The Annecy Festival is set to captivate audiences once again from June 9th to 15th, 2024. Last year, the festival saw record attendance with nearly 16,000 badgeholders from over 100 countries, including 6,000 professionals at its market, Mifa (Marché international du film d’animation). This year reunites once again all the execs from the entire animation industry chain production segment....



Sebastian Debertin from KiKA: at the forefront of children’s animation

The world of children’s animation has undergone a digital revolution in recent years, and KiKA, the children’s channel of ARD and ZDF in Germany, has been at the forefront of this change. In an interview

The Center National du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC) recently reported the intricacies of the French audiovisual animation industry and examined several aspects including funded animation production, the volume of animation content produced, ...

RAI Kids: transformation and opportunities

The children’s content unit at RAI Italia is experiencing a moment of transformation, according to Sara Cabras, who works in coproduction and pre-acquisition into the direction of children’s content on the public broadcaster.

In conversation with Prensario during the Premios Quirino 2024,...

Reading ANNECY/MIFA 2024
Annecy/MIFA in numbers Festival 2019 2020 (Digital) 2021 (Hybrid) 2022 2023 Badgeholders 12300 15570 8500 13248 around of 16,000 Countries 92 111 100 106 100 Screenings 260 400 240 300 Meeting Events & 112 30 74 165 Films selected 12 12 11 13 13 MIFA Companies 1881 (-) (-) 3000 around 6000 Badgeholders 4143 4130 325 4000
Cabras works in RAI Ragazzi’s CoProductions and Pre-Acquisitions department

TV Film seeks partners for Kiwi Island

TV Film (Chile) is actively seeking coproduction, financing, and distribution partners for its upcoming project, Kiwi Island, a collaborative venture with Kiwi Island Productions. ...

Toonz: new kids contents

at MIFA/Annecy

Toonz, important producer and distributor of kids animation contents (France/India) is present both in Annecy Festival and at MIFA market, in Annecy France, to introduce its new productions and to tell projects to come. Which are the main news?...

Netflix report reveals animation as a viewer magnet in 2023

Netflix has released its second edition of “What We Watched: A Netflix Engagement Report,” detailing the platform’s viewership from July to...

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Cartoons on the Bay 2023: A Hub for emerging talents and industry veterans

Since its inception in 1996, “Cartoons on the Bay” has been Italy’s premier event dedicated to the animation and children’s entertainment industry....

Xilam Animation pre-sells “Submarine Jim” to France Televisions and Super RTL

Xilam Animation, the Oscar-nominated French animation studio, has greenlit its new adventure comedy Submarine Jim, ...

TeamTO presents “Behind the Beats” at Annecy 2024

TeamTO, creator of innovative children’s entertainment, is proud to announce the sale of its animated pop music documentary series Behind the Beats to RAI (Italy) and KiKA...

Mediatoon Distribution strengthens global presence at Annecy/MIFA

Mediatoon Distribution, the content distribution arm of Media Participations, continues to expand its global reach in 2024. After attending Kidscreen, MIPTV, and Premios Quirino earlier this year, the company is now present at Annecy/ MIFA as part of its strategy to explore and penetrate international markets.

With a robust catalog of over 4000 hours of content, Mediatoon has successfully distributed iconic shows such as The Adventures of Tintin, The Garfield Show, and more recent hits like SamSam, Troto, and Code Lyoko. This extensive library positions Mediatoon as a leading provider of children’s content, especially among European channels.

As part of its current business strategy, Mediatoon is seeking opportunities in Latin America, aiming to replicate its successful European model by establishing agreements with local TV players. ‘...

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Solène Crepin, Sales and Business Affairs Executive

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