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Our Secrets for

2014 - 2015

The SECRETS for WIN – WIN – WIN philosophy TRUST • • • • • • • • •

Our group of growers trusts us to get fair prices, quick payment always on time. Our group of growers trust us to bring them good business and they are trained to bring us ONLY the JETTY quality Our team trusts us to get a constant training and preparation Our team trusts us to get a good working place and to be there for them. Our clients trust us that we receive process and ship only the JETTY quality. Our clients trust us to get the same quality they are used to every week. Our clients trust us to get great vase life Our clients trust us to respect our agreements Our clients trust us to hear from us only the true, even when it is not a “nice” one.

SERVICE • • • • • •

Cooling rooms and temperature chain control Logistic alternatives and coordination Different packing options Measurement of head size Different options of presentation Efficient service for invoicing, documentation and accounting


Patience to learn our client’s needs and determination to get it Different process adjusted to each market needs We are always innovating to improve YOUR business Soon – new products are coming!!!!!!!!!!

ENERGY – we look for partners along the chain that share same values and good energy

Process Product Our hydrangea production line in Rio Negro, Antioquia - Colombia.

Product Selection Reception

Head size measurement

Fytosanitary inspection control

Wonderful Tinted Hydrangeas We produce wonderful tinted Hydrangea in all the colours of the rainbow and we encourage you to test them with your customers. The colors are vibrant and solid. You can choose different tones. Leaves and stem are clean and flower is looking natural. The petals feel like silk, and the color is dry and will not get off in any way. Hot Orange

Vase life is great, both for the transportation as to the final consumers.

Hot Red

Hot Pink

Hot / Dark colors - SELECT grade

Dark Blue

Dark Purple

Dark Violeta

Dark Lila

Dark Yellow

Dark Lavander

Light Purple

Green Lemon

Light Organge

Light Blue

Light Lavander

Light Violet

Light Red

Light Green

Light Lila

Light Lemon Green

Light Pink

Light Yellow

Tinted Mini Hydrangeas 1, 3 or 5 STEM Mini Hot Red

Mini Dark Lavander

Mini Dark Lila

Mini Dark Yellow

Mini Dark Violet

Mini Dark Blue

Mini Hot Pink

Mini Green Lemon

Mini Hot Orange

Mini Dark Purple

Mini Dark Green

Natural Hydrangeas Enjoy our natural hydrangeas which grows year - round in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Top quality and vase life are guaranteed. Our varieties:

Mini White

White Select

Jumbo White

Blue Select

Antique Blue

Shocking Blue

Jumbo Blue

Mini Green

Lemon Green

Apple Green

Antique Green

Jumbo Pink

Natural Lavander

Antique Bicolor

Natural Purple

Hydrangeas Elite

Elite Raspberry

Elite Dark Purple

Elite Lavander

Elite Purple

Elite Burgundy

Coming soon Romantic Petals

Hydrangeas Bouquets & CB’s 3 Stem Consumer Bunch

5 Stem Standard Bouqet

Mini Green Consumer Bunch

Mini Bunch Tinted 1

Mini Bunch Tinted 2

For more information, please feel free to contact us. We are pleased to invite you to experience and to know our products and check the quality of our service

Mobile:+ 593-9-948-5463 • Tel USA:+ 1-718-989-6015 / Fax USA: +1-718-504-7923 •

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