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October 11, 2013

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Contents 52 Inside The Sport: AKC Happenings

10 Editorial

by pat trotter

14 Veterinary Topics

60 The Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America Annual Specialty

By connie vanacorE

18 True North: A Report From Canada

By deb cooper

66 Poodles In The Northwest

By Allison Foley

22 The Question Of The Week

By johnny shoemaker

72 Special Attractions Santa Barbara Kennel Club Weekend

By Matthew Stander

26 The Lighter Side of Judging: H-H-H-H

By desmond j. murphy

76 The Gossip Column

By michael H. Faulkner

30 Rare Breeds Of The World: Cretan Hound

BY Eugene Z. Zaphiris

82 Click - Hatboro Dog Club & Montgomery County Kennel Club

By agnes buchwald

34 Bests Of The Week

By Eugene Z. Zaphiris & Barbara miller

88 Click - Devon Dog Show Association & Montgomery County Kennel Club

38 Ten Questions Asked of Marilyn Currey

By Eugene Z. Zaphiris

42 Off The Leash: Dogs Are Not People

94 Click - Montgomery County Kennel Club

By shaun coen

By Eugene Z. Zaphiris & Barbara miller

44 Remembering Walter Goodman

98 Click - The Way We Were

By desmond j. murphy

By Eugene Z. Zaphiris

46 Walter F. Goodman, Hatboro, Devon, Montgomery And More BY Matthew H. Stander

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WALTER F. GOODMAN 1922-2013 The inevitable has occurred and Walter Flato Goodman at the age of 91 has passed on and in so doing has left an even greater void in the ranks of the “old guard” of dog show breeders and exhibitors of his era than ever before. One can now count on virtually one hand those left from the power days of the late ‘50’s and early ‘60’s who helped develop this sport into the major show extravaganza and focal point for those who were so devoted to the well-being and promotion of the purebred dog. For it was through the concern and care of these people led by the likes of Walter Goodman that the concept of the purebred dog within American society developed positively for decades thereafter. The influence of Walter and his contingent of friends and believers in the place of the purebred dog as being instrumental must never be ignored nor forgotten. Indeed in his latest Chairman’s Report Alan Kalter announces a new initiative which will work to restore the place of the purebred dog as the canine of choice when looking for a new dog or in replacing an old dog as well. The fact that AKC should be an inclusive agency for all dogs not just purebreds was accepted by Walter as well as his many votes on the subject within the Board will show. Walter was above all a realist and understood the moods and shifts within the public thinking and not just about dogs either. Would he accept the ridiculous notion promoted in a recent New York Times article that “dogs are people, too” and that owners should regard themselves as “guardians” rather than as owners? Can one imagine his reaction to that supposition? Walter was a man way ahead of his times. His devotion to his dogs was that about which legends are and will be written. These pages send his family and friends our sympathies, love and prayers and are particularly grateful to have known and to have loved him for years. WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT!!!!!! With this Montgomery win Gabriel Rangel racked up his 6th Best in Show Montgomery award. Top that one if you can! Only Peter Green has more Montgomery Bests than Gabe and Peter has 8 of those bowls. Closest in pursuit is Marjorie Good with 4 Bests. Gabe’s domination includes back-to-back wins 10 Dog News


Editorial October 11, 2013

with two different breeds of dogs. The last back-toback Handler win was in 2000 and 2001 by Bill McFadden, who with the same Kerry Blue the great Torums Scarf Michael achieved that improbable deed. Gabe of course represents the great American success story as he was born in Mexico and has overcome the adversity which sometimes comes with foreign birth in certain professions here in the States. On top of that this has not been an easy year personally for Gabe since two of the owners of three of the winning dogs passed away within a short time of each other. Dan Musser, the husband of Amelia, owner of the Scottie Ch. Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot and Mickey Low, co-owner with his wife Linda of the Lakie Ch. Northcote Delzas Serious Riot and Sealyham Ch. Stonebroke Right On The Money passed away in late summer and early fall of this year 2013. Gabe took both passings hard and long and continues to mourn for both men. Not an easy time for him as he continues his campaign for Sky the Wire Fox winner of 2013. One thing you can probably bet your bottom dollar on is that Gabe will be back in the thick of the terrier fight in 2014 with one exhibit or another--mark the words of these pages on that one for sure! JUDGING TO TYPE In a particularly fascinating column in which Simon Parsons excels in writing weekly for DOG WORLD (UK) he brings to one’s attention the German breed warden for GSD at the recent Seiger Show who effectively ended up with 12 dogs in equal first place! His reasoning was that amongst other things he was opposed to the idea of breeding dogs that all look the same-“cookie cutter dogs” as the expression goes. Should both judges and breeders all aim for one particular ‘look’! Is that necessarily a good thing for the future of the breed? Does this turn into a genetic bottleneck? The salvation to the problem presuming one accepts that this is a problem is that the judge in particular must accept that there are different styles within the basic framework of the breed Standard. All these variations in style probably have merits and by recognizing these differences and rewarding them accordingly breeders may be more willing to keep different lines going. Of course we know the expression “breed type” but surely in no breed is the Standard so rigid that there isn’t some variation within that basic framework or so the argument goes. Longterm successful breeders tend to

produce a distinctive ‘look” that anyone with half an eye and who is a student of that breed should recognize. But cannot other looks in areas of intangibles such as balance or expression be just as correct? Should the judge really be looking for line-ups in which all the exhibits look the same? One usually praises the judge for “judging to type” whereas if the line-up is a bit uneven one tends to scoff at the decision. But is selecting dogs that all look the same really what it is all about? And in the long run is that really the best thing for a breed? Just some thoughts to think aboutor so these pages think anyways. THE HUTTON LETTER Last week’s issue of DOG NEWS contained a fascinating and emotional plea from Judge Bobby Hutton inferring that the new masking concept rejects and excludes the need to consider a person’s background and experience in determining whether or not he or she should be approved to get more breeds. This is a must read letter not only for the Judges Review Committee but the Judges Task Force Committee, too. As time passes and we near November-yes November-- there is no public acknowledgment as to how either Committee is operating. True the JTF did outline a schedule but has it been followed or ignored, lapsed or enforced? The situation gets odder and more obtuse by the day. When will some form of real reports be coming through from either Committee? THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK The Director of the Dog Museum resigned after 20 years. What is going on with that arm of the AKC? It seems to have fallen into a den of secrecy in Queeney Park in Saint Louis with public reports rarely if ever given. Hours of operation are being cut and its usefulness becomes less and less apparent with each passing day. What Delegate Committee will shake up the Board to find out what really is going on there and what should be going on there as well. Time for a move-you betcha!

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By Connie Vanacore

Parasite Council Changes Guidelines

The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) has altered its guidelines after evidence that preventive-resistant difilaria immitis strains have developed and current products have failed to prevent heartworm development in dogs when tested in experimentally induced infections. The Council recommends that treatment of heartworm positive dogs should be immediate and aggressive. Dogs should be tested for heartworms yearly, Existing infections should be aggressively treated with an approved AKC Canine Health Foundation has launched its Bloat Initiative. of the stomach can lead to blockage of the blood supply to adulticide and microfilaria This widely supported project is a webinar (webcast) which the spleen and stomach wall. Without immediate surgical should be eliminated. explains what every dog owner needs to know about gastric intervention, removal of dead tissue and replacement of the Year round dilatation-volvulus, also called “bloat” or GVD. This project was affected organs into their normal positions, this prevention with created under the direction of CHF, primarily aimed to educate disease is fatal. “The new a broad spectrum veterinarians about the symptoms and emergency treatment of GDV is most prevalent in large breed dogs, such evidence of parasiticide should this fatal emergency disease. There will be two versions of this as Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds and Deerhounds, be followed. The information available. The first is directed to breeders and dog Irish Setters, Mastiffs and other breeds with deep heartworm new evidence owners. The second, now in production, will be more specifically chest cavities. resistance is of heartworm for veterinarians. Information about the webinar is available Bloat is a rapidly progressing and devastating condition important to resistance is from AKC CHF from several sources. You can access important to that can develop in many breeds of dogs. It occurs when the the video at www.akcchf.org/bloat, or http://www. protect pets, protect pets, stomach dilates and food and gas cannot be dispelled. Basically, akcchf.org/bloat. Veterinarians will be informed especially in especially in the stomach twists, cutting off the circulation and preventing about the availability of their version, now in the stomach from passing contents and inadequate blood return areas known areas known to production, through AKCvetnet website. If your club harbor mosquitoes to the heart from the abdomen, loss of blood flow to the lining has been a contributor to this project information to harbor which carry the of the stomach and rupture of the stomach wall. The rotation was sent to your health liaisons who are able mosquitoes microfilaria. Testing to order copies of the layman version. which every six months in those areas is In addition to the carry the recommended. webinar, two additional microfilaria.” The risk of a dog proposals were approved he number of students of the world, Queensland School of for funding on the being infected graduating in the class of 2013 Veterinary Science has received full topic of bloat. These with heartworm increased modestly, which accreditation from the AVMA Council both are large-grant proposals, disease each year is one in 200 is probably a good thing. Colorado on Education. Located about 60 miles enabled by the response of dogs. These are the same odds State and Iowa State took the top spots west of Brisbane, the school is housed clubs to fund studies into this as people being diagnosed with with 141 students. The school with in newly built facilities including devastating disease. One study cancer. Heartworm, however, the fewest graduates was Oregon both companion animal and equine will deal with abnormalities in is totally preventable. But State with 55 graduates. In total the hospitals and research facilities the stomach’s ability to contract unless preventatives are used 28 schools listed graduated 2,720 which cost $100 million in Australian which predisposes large-breed on a regular basis, you are not students. Enrollments fluctuated dollars to build. Currently there are dogs to bloat. The other is a study really protecting your dog. With widely with the University of Missouri 577 students, with about 120 students to evaluate the complex genetic the changing climate in many increasing with a 46% jump from 70 in basis of bloat. accepted per year. The school takes parts of the country heartworm 2012 to 102 in 2013. The University The webinar for laymen can one or two students from the United infection is now being seen in be used by clubs to inform their of Tennessee dropped 17% from 96 States each year, but the majority of areas which have been free members about this disease, how to 80 students graduating. Overall, a foreign students are from Southeast of this disease. The disease to identify it, what to do about it big jump is predicted by 2017 with Asia. Dr. Glenn Coleman, head of is now documented all along and suggestions for feeding and two new veterinary colleges opening the veterinary school, expressed his the Mississippi valley corridor, caring for breeds prone to this fatal at Midwestern and Lincoln Memorial enthusiasm for the endorsement by as well as other states East of disease. The professional version universities. These figures prevail AVMA as the “international benchmark the river. CAPC guidelines will concentrate on identification, despite rising tuitions which range for quality in veterinary education.” recommend testing twice a emergency treatment and from $303,000 for a privately endowed This new addition makes this the year, rather than once, as has prevention. school to more than $36,000 for a state fourth veterinary school in Australia been the traditional protocol. The lay application is suitable supported school for the four-year Prevention is by far the safest and the 18th foreign veterinary for both all-breed and individual curriculum. and best solution for this school, including five in Canada, to be breed clubs. By covering both Meanwhile, on the other side parasite. Continued On page 50 accredited by the Council. groups, everyone will benefit.


AKC/CHF Launches Bloat Initiative


Veterinary Graduates

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RUE T North A Report From Canada

By Allison Foley


he gorgeous Saint Lawrence River Waterway is the scene for the Stormont, Dundas and Glenngarry Kennel Club shows. Known simply as “SD & G” these shows host many specialties and the draw for entries reaches far around the True North and also attracts many of our southern friends. While shows all over are slowly recovering from the recession it seems as though SD & G has never missed a beat. Truly this show is a family affair. Hardworking new mother Jodie O’Meara is the show Chairman and her brother has the thankless job of organizing all of the camping and outdoor benching for eastern Canada’s largest outdoor event. When talking to Jodie about the shows’ success it seems that it is not just one thing that makes SD & G a hit it is a perfect storm of what the exhibitor wants and what a club with its ear to the ground can make happen. Jodie is in constant contact with the specialty clubs. This years specialties included Border Terrier Club of Canada, Borzoi Canada, German

Shorthaired Pointer Club of Canada, Irish Setter Club of Canada, Ottawa Valley All Setter Association, Ottawa Valley Pointing Dog Club, Pointer Club of Canada, Rideau Terrier Club, and Vizsla Canada. She listens to their wishes and because she has a large outdoor venue is able to provide large rings for the sporting dogs, well shaded areas for Obedience exhibitors, a special Bandstand for the Rideau Terrier Club and she goes out of her way to make each specialty feel ”Special”. They also have room away from the conformation area that allows them to hold 5 Agility trials. There are also several Junior Handling competitions over the weekend. Both with the all breed club as well as several of the Specialty clubs, so there is truly something for everyone. Her brother Jeff Dale is an outgoing organizer who tries to make sure everyone has the camping space they want. With limited space and many people vying for the premium spots, this is a thankless job that Jeff handles with ease. One of the things that the club has improved upon over the past couple years is power. With the campsite itself improving the ampage at camping sites the club noticed a lack of electrical outlets for day people as well as in the grooming tents, this year a large generator was brought in

The top dogs as of October 2, 2013 according to Canuck dogs are: 1 Westie Ch Whitebriar Jawdropper 2 Affen ch Champagne Charly Tani V Kazari 3 Yorkie Ch NikNak’s Second to None 4 Std Poodle Ch Vetset Kate Winsit 5 Afghan Ch Polo’s Air Force One 6 NSDT Ch Roaneden’s Int’l Harvester 7 Basenji Ch Ahmahr Nahr’s The Lost Angel Gabriel 8 AusShep Ch Hearthside Riveredge Sure Is Summum 9 Dobe Ch Goldgrove High Intensity 10 Barbet Ch Flacon d’Paris Neigenuveaux 18 Dog News

and did the job of providing to the exhibitors nicely. Jeff has a knack for explaining the logistics of his job and manages to make everything make sense. Another thing Jodie does is make sure that the judging panel is as interesting as possible. With a good mix of International judges as well as respect for local breed experts the panel never fails to pull a good entry. This year’s judges were Charles Bett, Jim Bricknell, Fabian Daza, Nicholas De Bedout, Peter Frost, Jose Haro Haro, David Kirkland, James Osborne, Ray Smith, David Swartwood, and Betsy Yates. They were indeed a delightful bunch to show dogs to. The weather this year was also outdoor dog show perfect, another thing Jeff and Jodie swear they organized as well. This years winners included many of the Top dogs from both sides of the border. Best in Show on Friday was the Standard Poodle bitch Ch Vetset Kate Winsit, Saturday was the Bloodhound Ch Quiet Creek’s Double or Nothing for Heather, Sunday was the Gordon Setter Sandpiper’s Castles in the Air and Monday went to the Affenpinshcer Ch Champagne Charly V Tani Kazari. Only a few miles from the US-Canada border, if you want to truly enjoy an Eastern Canada outdoor show this should be on your must do list.

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Dog News 21

What do you think of the latest layout of Hatboro and which do you prefer this layout or the old one? Robert D. Black HDC Show Chairman Before I actually answer the question, let me start by saying that in my 26 years as being show chair for this wonderful club, I’ve learned that nothing ever stays exactly the same and you need to be flexible and adapt to changes, especially changes in the show site. Several years ago, the northeast was plagued with an unusually wet summer. The grange has a huge 5-day country fair in mid-August and the part of the grounds HDC used for tents and rings was their main parking area. This was badly damaged by cars stuck in the mud and became unsuitable for our show. Our decision was either move or cancel the event. We moved to another part of the field. It’s not ideal but with the club’s hard work we’ve made it work for us. Exhibitors seem to love the layout. It’s a more casual layout from the traditional long rows of rings. Limited parking for handlers with large entries is available that is almost ringside. And the paved roadways between rings makes for easy navigation. The area is fully lighted at night so that helps those who want to unload and setup in the middle of the night. Limited electricity is available also. The new site layout has some strong advantages. This year a young man approached me and introduced himself. He made a short statement that pleased me very much...He said, “This show is fun!” Wow! I take that as high praise. A compliment I won’t forget.

Question Of The Week

barbara lounsbury No contest...the old one by far! The old “buzz” just isn’t there anymore. I used to watch a dozen breeds...impossible now. It was a clever solution when the original site was raindamaged. Now, I can express my opinion in just four words. “Bob, put it back!” kenneth kauffman I like this layout better. I just wish they could come up with a way to number the rings consecutively. As it is now it is very difficult to find some of the rings. Desmond J. Murphy I like the new layout because it is easier to get from ring to ring. This makes it easier for the handlers and thousands of spectators. The following day at Devon it is such a long walk to go from one end to the other end. Hatboro has to be congratulated on how they manage the setup of their venue. Devon should try and come up with a more workable setup for their venue. Cathy Nelson I think the new layout is brilliant! Hatboro has always been noted for the outstanding floral and greenery displays which are even more spectacular centered around the group 22 Dog News

By Matthew H. Stander

ring and the photo stands. It is much easier to get from ring to ring, a plus for handlers and spectators alike, once one figured out the rather quixotic numbering system. Perhaps most important, all the rings are flat - now the dogs are going out and back rather than down and up! Adam Peterson The new Hatboro layout is much easier to get from ring to ring when showing a number of different breeds. The only downside is that the ground isn’t as level as it was when the show was on the other side of the park. It would be nice if all three shows preceding Montgomery were held at the Hatboro show site. Bergit & Hans Kabel We prefer the new layout to the old one even though it is more spread out. They have plenty of grooming tents, and it’s easy to get to for loading and unloading. There was a copy of the layout available, we wish it was published with the judging schedule. We really do appreciate the effort to make this show for every exhibitor and handler a workable and enjoyable show and they did.

Susan Finn Love the new layout, easy loading and unloading. I appreciate the maps they handed out, made it easy to find rings, vendors and restrooms without walking all over the place! Andrew Green True I did like the “old” Hatboro set up but I think with the maturing of the trees on the property and the addition of the cell phone silo at the top end of the field I doubt there’s any way the show could be held on that East side of the field. The “new” layout is very good, very workable, not as condensed as the old but quite good. Two suggestions: The group ring needs a lot of attention. It could be made to be a great outdoor show ring. And the buildings used for judging need to be better ventilated and lighted. The Hatboro shows are a good start to one of the great dog show weeks we have here in the East, and everyone involved are due a huge “Thank You” and Congratulations for putting on such a show. Please keep it up! Thanks. Geoff Corish Personally l did prefer the other site. Not sure if it’s that easy for the handlers as it’s so spread out. The old site you could keep an eye on the rings better. But l am looking at this from a spectator’s viewpoint, but l must admit l did miss more breeds at Hatboro than l usually did at the old site.

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TheLighter Side

By Michael H. Faulkner

of Judging



n an attempt to divert my attention away from listening to a personal conversation between Nurse Barb and one of the patients at the Women’s Clinic---which is part of the Tappahannock Regional Free Clinic---I leave the reception area and retreat to my back office. As the Executive Director of the Health Clinic, patients automatically assume that I am the doctor. I really need a name badge that clearly states I am not the physician and that I do not need to know the specific details related to their female concerns. I lower my flushed face to the computer screen and notice a hot pink Post-it-Note stuck to the left hand side of the screen. “MICHAEL---ANN called and wanted to know if you and BIG MICHAEL would like to go to the State Fair this coming Saturday? Give her a call at your convenience. Thanks, SHIRELY (Free Clinic Office Manager).” Reading the word FAIR provides the necessary relief from the Women’s Clinic, sending me into a much-needed OBE (out-of-body-experience). The Allegany County Fair of my childhood was a yearly event held in Angelica, New York. The local County Fair was a gathering of farmers, homemakers, business owners, and most importantly, young dedicated, passionate 4-H members who utilized the occasion to parade and display their cows, horses, chickens, goats, pigs, rabbits, sheep and---yes---their dogs to the public for evaluation and competition. My first dog show experience was not at an AKC sanctioned show, but rather in an open-aired pole-building with a manure packed surface. The drifting aromas of cotton candy, candy apples, salt-water taffy, French fries, sausage, and popcorn---coupled with livestock feces---proved to be an almost impossible scenario for both my young mind and my Golden Retriever. The only thing that mattered on County Fair day was that I did my very 26 Dog News

best. I had qualified for State Fair! I refrained from the seductive smells of carnival food, I kept Lester’s nose off the ground and I upheld the four Hs in 4-H: Head (Managing, Thinking), Heart (Relating, Caring), Hands (Giving, Working), Health (Being, Living). I pledge my head to clearer thinking, My heart to greater loyalty, My hands to larger service, and my health to better living, for my club, my community, my country, and my world. Each year at the fair, I would privately and silently reaffirm my 4H promise, as if my repeating the 4-H pledge before the start of competition would somehow, provide me the upper edge. In reflection it did. Every year I competed with my Golden Retriever, “Lester,” we qualified in both obedience and Junior Showmanship, advancing to the New York State Fair. My personal 4-H journey was an essential experience in shaping my current involvement within the sport of purebred dogs. More often than not, AKC dog shows are held all over the country on County Fairgrounds. I personally enjoy the County Fair judging experiences. I cannot suppress the numerous out-of-bodyexperiences that take over my psyche. When I merely see a Cattle Barn sign, a midway, a horse track, a closed concession building or an open-aired pole building packed with a manure/straw mixed floor, let alone experience it again. I am so very grateful for my County Fair/4H up-bringing, that I obsess about the need to involve and engage young minds within the sport, often driving my friend, MBO and other AKC staff absolutely crazy with my endless, streaming theoretical thoughts on ways to part-

ner with 4-H---so judges, breeders, handlers and AKC can work together with a large, organized group of young minds as a catalyst for positive change. “Hey there---the last patient has been seen and we are heading out. Do you want us to lock the front door?” Nurse Barb inquires. I release myself from the grips of 4-H OBE and respond, “Nope, leave it open, I will be leaving in a few minutes. Thanks for everything.” I tuck the hot pink Post-It note in my dress shirt pocket, collect my personal belongings--including my beloved Man-Bag and DROID---and proceed to exit the Clinic. “One missed call from MBO,” DROID informs, while I struggle to lock the Clinic door with my right hand---while at the same time, holding DROID in my left hand and tapping the screen with my thumb. Like a thumbling idiot (Oh yes, I did not seriously just say that!) DROID crashes to the paved surface. In an attempt to save DROID, I turn to my left and drop to my knees, and simultaneously fling the keys to my right. The keys slide underneath VOLVO, waiting for my retrieval. Looking around, I pray no one is watching as I crawl towards VOLVO and slide underneath the car, dragging my right knee across a gooey hunk of hot, freshly chewed bubble gum. I collect the keys, rise upward and an embarrassingly long stream of pink, sticky goo follows from the pavement to my knee cap, like a finely woven spider web. “Son of a @#*$^#,” I blurt out, damning the person who spit their recreational chew onto the hot pavement. I scrape off as much of the sticky, pink mess as I can, before entering VOLVO and before returning a call to MBO. I choose not to listen to MBO’s voice message before tapping the screen and engaging her number. I want to talk to her person to person. The phone rings twice. She answers in her normal, enthusiastic, loving tone. “Hey there – how are you?” MBO shares. “Well, I just finished Women’s Clinic (I choose to leave out the “gummy” details) and a conversation with you is a welcome break. To Continued on page 54


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*CC System


28 Dog News


by Agnes Buchwald

Breeds Of The World Cretan Hound / Kritikos InchnilatisCrete Island/Greece


feel that I’ve been able to touch our readers more closely across our common love for dogs and their history now for almost ten years across the pages of Dog News. We traveled together around the world and visited more countries that I can remember, but even talking in my video about the marvelous couple and their outstanding Great Danes –the Apollo Danes Kennel, - I did not realize that this little paradise has its own indigenous dog. So having learned about it, I rushed back to Crete and “discovered” this strong, and smart hunter – the Cretan hound known almost exclusively by the island inhabitants.

30 Dog News

In Ancient Greek, the name Crete first appears in Homer’s Odyssey. Its

etymology is unknown. One speculative proposal derives it from a hypothetical Luvian word “kursatta” “island”, kursattar “cutting, sliver”). In Latin, it became Creta. The Greeks call Crete Megalonissi (Great Island). This is a secular land with an incredible architecture. The island of Crete is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands. This is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and one of the thirteen administrative regions of Greece. Its population is 623.065 (2011 census), and it covers an area of 3,219 sq miles (8,336 km²). The first human settlement in Crete dates before 130,000 years dating to the Neolithic era (in the 7th millennium BC), and its settlers were familiar to cattle,

goats, pigs, sheep, and dogs, as well as to many cereals, vegetables, and roots. The ancient site of Knossos and Kephala were the locales where the ancient inhabitants lived, and where their remains were discovered by archeologists. In ancient Crete, as in Greece in general, several animals were deionized, and there is a legendary history of some golden dogs sacred to the goddess Diktynna. A golden dog was also said to protect the god Zeus. Some believe that the descendants of this “golden dog” still survive on Crete, and if this is true, they may be the oldest surviving type of domesticated dogs. Heraklion is the largest urban centre in Crete, the capital of the region and the economic centre of the island. It is easily reached by plane from all over the world, and by boat from Piraeus and the nearby Continued on page 58

Photo by Lynn Kitch

Dog News 31

aron B

The Number Four* Bullmastiff Reserve Best In Show, Multiple Best In Specialty Show Winning

GCh. Baron Dye Of Ridgetop Sire: Best In Specialty Show Am. Ch. Multiple Best In Show & Best In Specialty Show Int’l Ch. Lemabull Pass The Game To Anatallis ROM Dam: Ch. Bullstock N’ Garroways Nikita ROM

Owner: Rochelle Wynes Rochelle19@me.com Breeder: Olga Whittall Handler: Janice Hayes *CC Breed system

32 Dog News

Dog News 33

Donner Trail Kennel Club II Smooth Fox Terrier Ch. Absolutely Talk Of The Town Judge Mrs. Faye Strauss Owner J.W. Smith Handlers Edward Boyes

Donner Trail Kennel Club I Standard Poodle GCh. Brighton Lakeridge Encore Judge Mr. Andrew (Gene) Mills Owners Toni and Martin Sosnoff Handler Tim Brazier

Heart of The Plains Kennel Club I Stone City Kennel Club II Maltese GCh. Scylla’s Small Kraft Re-Lit Judge Dr. Steve Keating Judge Mr. Johnny Shoemaker Owners Debbie Burke, Ron Scott and Tara Martin Rowell Handler Tara Martin Rowell

Suwannee Valley Kennel Club of FL - Saturday & Sunday Miniature Pinscher GCh. Marlex Classic Red Glare Judge Mrs. June Penta Judge Mr. Ralph Sonny Ambrosio Owners Leah Monte and Armando Angelbello Handler Armando Angelbello

Augusta Kennel Club - Saturday and Sunday Portuguese Water Dog GCh. Claircreek Impression De Matisse Judge Ms. Elizabeth Muthard Judge Mr. Jon R. Cole Owners Milan Lint, Peggy Helming & Donna Gottdenker Handler Michael Scott Devon Dog Show Association - Saturday Welsh Terrier GCh. Shaireab’s Bayleigh Maid of Honor Judge Mr. Clay Coady Owners Keith Bailey and Sharon Abmeyer Handler Luiz Abreu Fort Steuben Kennel Association - Saturday Beaver County Kennel Club - Sunday Siberian Husky Ch. Kontoki’s Isaiah Little Prayer For You Judge Mr. Paul Willhauck Judge Mrs. Wendy Willhauck Owners Marlene DePalma, Thomas Oelschlager, Ron Tang & Sam Kao Handler Tommy O  

ts Week The

of the

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Greater Humble Area Kennel Club - Saturday Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America National Specialty GCh. Derby’s Toast With Gusto Judge Dr. Carol White-Moser Judge Mr. Houston Clark Owners Sue & Rick Copeland Handler Scott Sommer Cornhusker Kennel Club Of Lincoln, Nebraska - Friday 15” Beagle GCh. Daniel Boon Pelaez Judge Mr. Arley Hussin Owner Fernando Pelaez Handler Marcelo Chagas Northwest Arkansas Kennel Club - Saturday Cardigan Welsh Corgi GCh. Aubrey’s Tails of Mystery Owners Cynthia & Vincent Savioli Handler Sherri S. Hurst Northwest Arkansas Kennel Club - Sunday Whippet GCh. Karasar’s Masterpiece Judge Mr. William Usherwood Owners Kerrie Kuper, Neil Barthelette, Karen Mlynar, Dr’s Manuel & Azalea Alvarez Handler Kerrie Kuper   Greyhound Club of America National Specialty Ch. GrandCru Phelps Insignia Judge Mr. Desmond Murphy Owners Melanie Steele, P. Caddell, C. Dabbs, A. Phelan and R. Gaudet Handler Rindi Gaudet American Miniature Schnauzer Club National Specialty GCh. Allaruth Just Kidding V Sole Baye Judge Mrs. Paige (Penny) Hirstein Owners Ruth Ziegler and Yvonne B. Phelps Handler Bergit Kabel Bearded Collie Club of America GCh. Ha’Penny Deja Aphrodite Judge Mrs. Patricia Hastings Owners Valerie & Scott Shafer Handler Katie Shepard Briard Club of America National Specialty GCh. Deja Vu Mia Cool As A Cucumber Judge Mr. John Studebaker Owners Lynn Bernard, Terry Miller, Dominique Dubé, Amie Melton Handler Regina Keiter



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What person do you most look forward to seeing at the dog shows? All the stewards scheduled to work!

What is your greatest extravagance? My husband.

What do you dislike most about your appearance? My height-I always wanted to be tall

and statuesque.

What dog person would you like to see on ‘dancing with the stars’? Frank Murphy.


If you were forced to get a tattoo, what would it be? A tattoo of $$ - because you can

never have enough in the dog show world.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want to have with you?

asked of

Marilyn Currey

My dogs, my I pad and a comfortable bed.

When and where are you the happiest? Working at dog shows.

Other people think I am...? Karen Burgess’ sister.


Resides: OCALA, FL


What did you want to be when you were growing up? 21, and I still want that.

What would be your last request? That you all have a big party in my honor.

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Absolutely Smooth Fox Terriers

Taylor The Nation’s Number One Smooth Fox Terrier *

This Past Weekend

Best In Show Judge Mrs. Faye Strauss and

Back - To - Back Group Firsts Ch. Absolutely Talk Of The Town Owner J.W. Smith Handlers Edward and Lesley Boyes *The Dog News Top Ten List - All Breed

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Happy Birthda y Ed! What a nice wa y to cele brate! Dog News 41



et another article in The New York Times raises questions about a possible agenda the paper may have against dog owners and breeders. Gregory Berns, professor of neuroeconomics at Emory University, penned an article titled Dogs Are People, Too, which was published in the Sunday, October 6 edition of the paper. Professor Berns details how he and his colleagues have been training dogs to go into M.R.I. scanners in order to determine how their brains work and what they think of humans. After recruiting a dozen dogs deemed “M.R.I.-certified” (the dogs’ owners signed consent forms) Berns and his team discovered that there was a “striking similarity between dogs and humans in both the structure and function of a key brain region: the caudate nucleus.” They found that the same things, which are associated with positive emotions, activate both the canine and human caudate. Berns explains, “Neuroscientists call this a functional homology, and it may be an indication of canine emotions.” One would be hard pressed to find a dog owner who didn’t believe that dogs have emotions or that they react to hand signals indicating food, as Berns and his colleagues discovered during their research. But not all dog owners, particularly those with children, will be in concert with Berns’s assertion that “The ability to experience positive emotions, like love and attachment, would mean that dogs have a level of sentience comparable to that of a human child. And this ability suggests a rethinking of how we treat dogs.” Though many people consider their dogs family members and some are guilty of anthropomorphizing them, humans realize that dogs are not people. For the most part humans treat dogs with the utmost respect and responsibility, from household pets to service dogs to police K9s to search and rescue dogs to drug and bomb sniffing dogs to allergy and seizure detection dogs to show dogs, the long standing human-canine bond cannot be denied and is deeply rooted and appreciated. According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent $55 billion on pets last year, $20 billion on food and $13 billion on veterinary care. To put that in perspective, more than 15 percent of Americans, nearly 50 million people, lived in poverty and in food insecure households in 2012 and more than 45 million didn’t have health insurance. So, all things considered, our dogs and other pets are being treated well. Unfortunately, there are some irresponsible owners and bad breeders but there are laws on the books in every city and state that address the issue of animal cruelty and rightly so. Abusers of these laws should be held accountable. Enforcing — and where necessary strengthening — existing laws addresses those who treat their dogs inhumanely. Professor Berns has impressive credentials, holding a Ph.D. from UCal-Davis and an M.D. from UCal-San Diego, and his recent publications include the book How Dogs Love Us, A Neuroscientist and His Adopted Dog Decode the Canine Brain. But one must question his motives, affiliations and conclusions (he didn’t respond to my inquiries as

all canine legislation issues in the country, cites its official position statement on the issue of “Guardian v. Owner” as such: “The American Kennel Club supports the use of the term “owner” rather than “guardian” when referring to the keeping of dogs. The AKC believes that the term guardian may in fact reduce the legal status and value of dogs as property and thereby restrict the rights of owners, veterinarians, and government agencies to protect and care for dogs. It may also subject them to frivolous and expensive litigation.” The AVMA is also vehemently opposed to animal owners referring to themselves as pet guardians, warning that such a change could result in additional legal obligations for owners with respect to veterinary care, lead to increased animal abandonment, subject owners to lawsuits filed by third parties on behalf of the animal, and may remove the option of owners to spay/neuter if it’s not deemed to be in the best interest of the animal. The Animal Health Institute also sides with the AVMA and the AKC, stating, “If pet owners today become, under new legislation, pet guardians, a number of things could happen: • Animal rights organizations or meddling neighbors could petition courts for custody of your pet if they don’t approve of the way you care for your pet. • The treatment options you and your veterinarian decide on could be challenged by the local animal rights organization or other self-appointed experts. • It could be illegal to spay or neuter a pet because it deprives them of their “reproductive rights.” In the opening of his article, Berns states his goal was to determine what dogs think of humans and in closing he writes, “I suspect that society is many years away from considering dogs as persons.” He then mentions recent Supreme Court rulings that used brain-imaging evidence to rule that juvenile offenders couldn’t be imprisoned without the possibility of parole because the human brain was not mature in adolescence. What does this have to do with dog sentience? As Berns concludes: nothing. “Although this case has nothing to do with dog sentience, the justices opened the door for neuroscience in the courtroom,” he writes. “Perhaps someday we may see a case arguing for a dog’s rights based on brain-imaging findings.”


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Dogs Are Not People ByShaun Coen

of press time), as his article takes a dramatic left turn from detailing a controlled science experiment and morphs into an animal rightist’s extremist rant. He concludes that because dogs show neurological evidence of positive emotions that they should no longer be considered property, but rather they should achieve some level of “limited personhood” and notes that “Many rescue groups already use the label of ‘guardian’ to describe human caregivers, binding the human to his ward with an implicit responsibility to care for her.” The movement to eliminate pet ownership of all kinds is the basic agenda of the Humane Society of the United States, akin to PETA’s efforts to have the word “pet” removed from the vernacular in favor of “companion animal”, and this tactic of having a seemingly legitimate authority on the subject put forth this idea in the mainstream media is straight out of the AR extremists’ playbook. Can’t blame Professor Berns for promoting his book, but shame on the NY Times editors for also promoting the agenda of these extremist groups. An extreme animal rights group in San Francisco, In Defense of Animals (IDA), spearheaded this notion of changing the term pet owner to guardian back in 1999, embarking on The Guardian Campaign, intent on duping the general public and policymakers into believing that this would result in better treatment of animals. In the ensuing years, many municipalities followed suit, from West Hollywood and Berkeley, California to Boulder, Colorado and the entire state of Rhode Island. Similar attempts have been made - and many of them defeated - all across the country. Changing a dog’s owner to its guardian does nothing to promote more responsible treatment of dogs and in fact can greatly inhibit one’s abilities to properly care for a dog. Ownership implies responsibility but by labeling a pet’s owner as merely its guardian, it implies that there are limits on a person’s right to own, breed or sell animals and to participate with them in events such as dog shows. The American Kennel Club’s Government Relations Department, widely considered by dog owners and breeders to be the leading authority on


stablishing legal rights and equality for animals bolsters the efforts of extremist groups to eradicate pet owning and breeding. I’d like to respectfully suggest that the editors of the NY Times, the AR extremists and Professor Berns have their own heads examined and would venture to guess that dogs would think us humans crazy if we thought they were people. Dogs and humans are not equal and to posit such an argument is ludicrous. They are determinedly different species that share a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship. But make no mistake: dogs are our pets and we are their owners and we must fight to protect our rights to act in their best interest as well as ours, including our ability to own, breed and sell dogs responsibly. Otherwise, we may find ourselves one day listening to arguments protecting the rights of a human to marry a dog because brain-imaging findings show that they have emotions for one another. In a country that has had such a hard time coming to terms with same sex marriage amongst consenting human adults such a scenario may not seem possible but with the conclusions reached by Professor Berns and the twisted logic of the AR extremists it might not be all that far-fetched.

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Walter F. Walter with Desmond Murphy

Photo by John Goodman

Photos courtesy of Robert A. Flanders unless otherwise indicated

In the middle of August Walter celebrated his 90th birthday, and the following week he was the Terrier Group Honoree at the Santa Barbara Kennel Club. His presence added greatly to the weekend. It was wonderful that so many old friends got to spend time with Walter over a very relaxing weekend. BY Desmond J. Murphy Walter Goodman wih Skyes at Withgate

with Robert A. Flanders


alter was honored because of many roles he has played so successfully in our great sport. Foremost as a breeder, he put a rather non-competitive breed on the map. Previously there had been some large scale kennels of Skye Terriers, but none of them produced the quality that Walter and his mother, Adele, did, and they did it by breeding just six litters. “Glamoor Skyes� were not only of superior conformation, but they had remarkable temperaments, much more outgoing than had ever been seen. The crowning glory was that Walter was a master at conditioning beautiful luxurious coats. These qualities amassed great records on imports and homebreds alike. Very few owner-handlers have achieved 99 BIS, including a BIS at Westminster, won

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Continued on page 64

Ed. Note: Originally printed in the October 5, 2012 issue of Dog News as a tribute to Walter, Dog News reprints this story in his honor to celebrate his life now that he has passed on.

Goodman 1956 Morris and Essex Ch. Glamoor Going Up

Victory glance WKC Best In Show

Photo Courtesy of WKC

Frank Brumby handling Ch. High Time Miss Gesty

What we do for love - Walter and Ch. Glamoor Gangbuster 1925 - Walter age 4 on left with his parents, brother Bud

Dog News 45


he death of Walter Goodman was announced at the Montgomery Show at 4 pm or so to a saddened crowd of Group spectators. His death was noted as having occurred at 2:07 pm that Sunday, October 7th, which was approximately the very time the breed judge of the Skye Terrier National was making her choice for Best of Breed. An ironic coincidence no doubt but one which could very well have been expected to occur as anyone who knew Walter knew of his love of the Skye Terrier breed and the Montgomery County Kennel Club as well. Walter’s 91st birthday was in August and it was an accepted fact that he was a debonair man of the world who loved to travel, wear beautifully tailored clothes, attend theatre, dine elegantly and discuss with passion world events of the day and the past as well. He was a true renaissance man in the tradition of Ted Eldridge, another former AKC Board Member who possessed similar tastes and exuded similar airs and attitudes. Walter served on AKC’s Board for 24 years and was steeped in the good life having graduated from the Hotchkiss School and Yale as well but his studies in New Haven

Continued on page 80

Walter F. Goodman, Hatboro, Devon, Montgomery...

More By Matthew H. Stander

Photos of Montgomery, Devon and Hatboro by Eugene Z. Zaphiris and Barbara Miller

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Walter F. G Best he oodman pictured ever awa awarding rd the only Ch. Crag ed to a Skye Te All Bre smoor B rr uddy Go ier. The Skye ised odman.

It is

Leo &



DavidMurray! Love... Measured in Bytes...

Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Baltic, Russian, Slovenian, Finnish, and Polish Champion

Ch. Rufkins Monarchs Love Bytes A Top Five* Lhasa Apso A Best In Show Winner Owners Roberta Lombardi, Jan Lee Bernards and Kersti Paju Breeders Roberta Lombardi, Kris Harrison & Peggy Hoffman Handler David Murray *The Dog News Top Ten List - All Breed

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Best In Show, Best In Specialty Show GCh. Cortereal Iron Man, CD BN RA AX MXJ MXF T2B CWDX GROM

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Army Switching to Green Ammo

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Survey of Injuries to Dogs Participating in Agility


large internet based survey was conducted on 3,801 privately owned dogs participating in agility training or trials. More than 1200 injuries were reported. The most prevalent involved the shoulder, back and neck. Also included were soft tissue injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments. The injuries most commonly seen were during bar jumps, A-frames and dog walk obstacles. Border Collies appeared to be the most prone to injuries than other breeds. Two lengthy articles dealing

with the topic appeared in the AVMA Journal October 1, 2013. The results of the survey and concurrent comments recommended that agility organizations, instructors, judges and veterinarians engage in a program to educate agility dog handlers about the risks for injury in the sport. They should target handlers new to the sport or working with inexperienced dogs, and also that agility associations consider implementing more comprehensive injury surveillance systems.

VMAT Anniversary

What is that? The AVMA Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams. These organizations have reached a milestone with their 20th anniversary. VMAT teams have responded to emergencies such as 9/11 attacks, hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Sandy. Their members are also members of national, state and local animal response organizations. At the AVMA convention last summer in Chicago a new program for training volunteers was unveiled. Called VMAT U, the purpose is to formalize and standardize training procedures for its volunteers. Topics for training include the treatment of hazardous materials, occupational safety, risk communication, leadership, critical incident management, veterinary assessment and triage. Another very important component to this program is the care of working dogs on the disaster sites. No one up until now has been designated to treat these valuable animals. AVMA and the American Veterinary Medical Foundation have supported VMAT with the Foundation donating more Rabies is caused by neurotrophic viruses. than $1 million to its programs. Without proper and immediate medical care the VMAT works in conjunction with disease is almost always fatal. Rabies is transmitted the Departments of Homeland through the bite of an infected animal, but may be transmitted when fresh saliva from an infected Security, Health and Human animal comes into contact with a wound or with Services’ National Disaster mucous membranes. To lessen the danger all bite Medical system and local wounds must be washed thoroughly with soap and rescue services. Teams hosted water followed by a series of rabies vaccine. The a decontamination training primary sources of rabid animals are raccoons, session at the Student AVMA bats, skunks, foxes and mongooses (only found in Symposium at Louisiana State Puerto Rico.) University and a program on Rabies control in wildlife is an annual effort caring for oil-covered waterfowl led by USDA APHIS Wildlife Services. This is done mainly by targeting areas frequented by at the University of Wisconsinthese animals with oral rabies vaccine in baits. Madison School of Veterinary The reduction in the number of rabies cases Medicine. VMAT also held involving humans in the United States is a direct training sessions in Oklahoma result of elimination of canine rabies in wildlife. City and Tulsa, Oklahoma after Human cases of rabies are now primarily due to the AVMA convention. exposure to bats. (This may be mitigated by the

The U. S. Army will soon transition to an environmentally friendly version of the 7.62 mm bullet. I am sure this does not mean a great deal to most of us, but consider this. The new ammunition will cut nearly 3,683 metric tons of lead over the next five years. This move may promote voluntary changes in hunting practices, potentially saving millions of birds in the United States from ingesting spent lead ammunition. The Association of Avian Veterinarians came out in favor of this move to replace lead hunting ammunition and fishing tackle with nontoxic alternatives. If it is good enough for the army, it should be good enough for sport hunters, as well.

Rabies Surveillance

Each year the National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases issues a report on the prevalence of rabies in the United States and Puerto Rico.

50 Dog News

decimation of bats through White Nose disease (CBV). Only three human rabies cases were reported during the first half of this year. All had complicated pathways to their fatal diseases. One was the result of a kidney transplant from a deceased donor; one was a raccoon trapper; one was a Guatamalan found in Texas who had a variant of rabies found in Central America. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has established a website with updates on rabies vaccine and immune globulin supply concerns. Obviously, rabies vaccine is the only secure means of insuring that dogs and other pets are protected from this deadly disease. Raccoons are very prevalent up and down the Eastern seaboard. Skunks are endemic in the Midwest and small areas in the eastern midAtlantic states. Foxes are most prevalent in the southwest and in parts of Alaska. A small number of other wild animals were reported in bobcats, deer, coyotes, opossums, a cougar, an otter and groundhogs. Most of these had come in contact with other rabid species, mostly raccoons. So the next time that cute little furry raccoon shows up at your bird feeder, leave it alone and call the animal control warden. Resources: AVMA Journal; DVM Newsmagazine; CHF news releases and phone conversations.

Dog News 51

Inside The Sport AKC HAPPENINGS By Pat Trotter If you ever wondered what positive results might happen when a group of concerned delegates to the American Kennel Club and competent AKC staff members cooperate to the nth degree, consider this successful scenario: In the spring of this year Marilyn Currey, a delegate to AKC, spoke to fellow delegate Pat Laurans about her concerns regarding the welfare of animals following a dramatic disaster and its impact on pets as well as people. Forlorn lost and/or injured animals unable to cope with such tragic circumstances and desperate owners looking for them create a heart-wrenching situation. Enter AKC! After forming a committee of likeminded fellow delegates and following up on it at the June delegates meeting, 91 days later the dream became reality in the form of AKC’s Pet Disaster Relief Program. AKC will now become part of immediate disaster relief for both people and animals and serve to reunite loved ones-two-legged and four-legged-following disaster. How did this happen in such a short period of time when we all know how much time bureaucracy usually requires for the wheels to turn?

52 Dog News

Because dedicated delegates came prepared to do the right thing at the June meeting as events and decisions picked up speed. They discussed horror stories following tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, explosions and other disasters where such aid for injured and lost animals was not available in a timely fashion-if at all. It was reported that 40% of the people trapped in Hurricane Katrina would not leave their pets and homes in spite of the impending disaster. Just how much their animals mean to people is vital to understanding this program. Soon a model example of a temporary home and care rig was brought in by the state of North Carolina to the parking lot of the June Delegates’ meeting for observation and study. Fully stocked with every imaginable need of man and beast including microchip machines to identify animals, such a trailer could become a true lifesaver for all. Delegates flocked out to view the moveable equipment and recognized the value of these trailers. Many went home with this potential program foremost in their mind. Conference calls and interaction was rapidly stepped up addressing the

concept. Input from delegates with experience in various search and rescue programs was vital to the exploding interest in the cause. Believe it or not, ninety-one days later the program became a reality! At that point dedicated delegates decided to take the AKC and its programs on behalf of animals significantly forward to become an all-purpose program that would combine the best of searchand-rescue operations with pet housing until owner-recovery and reunion could take place. A fleet of trailers with vital supplies, resources and know-how to become Johnny-On-The-Spot when help was needed would be established with this program. Make room Red Cross-here comes AKC! Now supported by the AKC Pet Reunite Program (formerly the Companion Animal Recovery Program AKA as CAR) which contributed $250,000 to the Pet Disaster Relief, this branch of AKC will work with local groups and others to insure the well-being of animals in need. So prepared are the trailers that once an emergency station such as a school or other large facility is identified, the trailers will come to provide crates, food, water and other necessities that can be put right in these buildings along with the animals’ owners. Thus both owners and animals are comforted by close proximity to each other as they deal with the aftermath of the disaster. In AKC’s home state of North Carolina, such well-stocked trailers were most successful in providing appropriate services for lost animals during Hurricane Isabel. Tax deductible donations are already coming in from individuals, kennel clubs, community groups and anyone who believes in this worthy cause. Kennel clubs that contribute $1000 or more will have their logos on the side of their area trail-

ers. The program promises to be a good thing for positive public relations as well as super good for dogs and their people in time of need. Kudos to delegates, staff and other involved participants for putting together this most valuable program in such a short time. To support Pet Reunite’s goal of 25 trailers go to: https://www.akcreunite.org/relief/trailer/ MORE ON THE AKC FRONT: Breeders of breeds in the foundation process of entering regular status with AKC can now enter their dogs in Bred by Exhibitor Class as it is being added to the Miscellaneous Class. AKC continues trying to inspire breeders, already an endangered species to say the least. Under review by the powers-that-be is the issue of territorial sovereignty which determines which clubs have first call on holding dog shows in a given area. Discussion revolves around exactly how long clubs can maintain the exclusive right to their home area when their shows are being held miles away. This writer would love to see clubs encouraged to stage some public and/or educational activities in their home areas to broaden the base that brings newcomers into the sport. Wellpublicized matches would contribute to our cause. Kennel clubs should be encouraged to hold community events that draw public interest, and perhaps AKC can put on some thinking caps to devise how this could be done. Programs could be planned to take puppies into schools and reach out to our young people. Because a number of events took place at a California Fairgrounds where I recently exhibited, children and parents were enjoying a day out-touching dogs, talking to people and having family fun. Since there was no parking fee or entrance fee, many towns people came out

for the day to enjoy the horse competition and a bird show as well as the dog show. Making our sport user-friendly is a must if we are to survive, and anything that contributes to that endeavor is a good thing! AKC has forever allowed matches to offer 3-6 Puppy Classes yet restricts the baby class at our shows to 4-6 months. Why not expand that current class to allow three months old babies for a few more entries? Often these puppies are on the grounds anyhow. On the same note, AKC delegate John Shoemaker’s proposal about a younger class for children is under review. The PeeWee/Sub-Novice Handling Class for youngsters would bring them into our world earlier and hopefully the bug would bite! The class is successful in Canada and elsewhere and might help energize a new generation of dog fanciers. Also, when are we going to consider allowing producing animals that have been neutered to enter all conformation shows? Any dog or bitch that is on record with AKC as a sire or dam has definitely qualified as breeding stock! Yet those that have been neutered, often for the

good of their health, are barred from the opportunity to become a grand champion. Since I registered my first litter of Norwegian Elkhounds in 1951, and have served the breed faithfully as a hobby breeder ever since, I think it is safe to say that I have the utmost respect for breeding stock. Lovely neutered animals that have contributed to their breed’s gene pools should be allowed to compete. AKC’s database could provide the superintendents with the producing information and designate it accordingly in the judge’s book. Our sport has featured some great winners who never produced puppies to get into the gene pool. Their names shall remain unannounced, but they certainly never qualified as breeding stock in spite of all the glorious good they brought to America’s show rings. Since a stated purpose of the dog show is to select breeding stock, why not invite those that did get into the gene pool but no longer can breed to join us? Breeders who are attracted to these previously unseen animals could seek out their progeny to utilize in their own program.

“Any dog or bitch that is

on record with AKC as a sire or dam has definitely qualified as breeding stock! Yet those that have been neutered, often for the good of their health, are barred from the opportunity to become a grand champion.” Dog News 53

TheLighter Side of Judging Continued FROM page 26

what or to whom do I owe this pleasure?” I ask. “Well, I attended the Big E and the New England 4H Dog Show, supported by the Springfield Kennel Club, Purina, and Exclusive Pet Food this past weekend. I had such a good time. Your ears must have been ringing.” “No, they were not ringing, but I’m sure there was plenty said about me.” I jokingly reply. “It was a great time. The Springfield, Windham County, South Windsor and Holyoke Kennel Clubs manned a booth with AKC information, using a rotation of club members with different breed representatives, during the first and last weekend of the fair. You would not believe what a great job these clubs did to promote purebred dogs. I was so impressed. Over 162,000 people attended on Saturday alone,” MBO shares. “I’m not surprised, you know I have been saying for years we need to connect to the fair-going crowd,” I wittingly inject into the conversation before MBO continues her passionate sharing. “I worked the information table with PEGGY WAMPOLD, ED LYONS, TOM DAVIES, LAURIE MAULUCCI, and numerous other club members. And, the best part of the weekend was being able to speak to the participants at the New England 4H Dog Show. Now, pay attention, because this is where you come into play,” MBO instructs, clearly emphasizing her numerous years as an educator. “I entered the Mallory building to locate where I was needed, and I hear someone call out, ‘Mari-Beth is that you’? To my surprise, I was greeted by CONNIE NELSON.” “I don’t know her do I?” I ask MBO. “NO! Let me finish my story before you start cross examining,” MBO laughingly injects into the conversation. “CONNIE is an active Shetland Sheepdog breeder and mother of MEGHAN NELSON, a very successful Junior Handler who is a former multiyear Junior Scholarship Recipient. I was thrilled to find out that MEGHAN was one of the judges for the conformation classes.” “How exciting is that!” I state while remaining curious as to how I figure into this 4-H, Fair, AKC, MBO experience. “I did my introduction to over 70 4-H attendees who arrived with their dogs to compete in conformation, obedience, agility, the quiz bowl, and to take

a written test.” I listen to MBO thankful we did not have a quiz bowl and written test when I was a young. She continues to speak through DROID. “I was so impressed with their skills and ability. Bright and early Saturday morning, I arrived at the Mallory building, once again to see Meghan, now married with her Masters in Social Work and to support her judging the 4-H conformation classes.” “It must have been so rewarding for you to watch a former accomplished Junior Handler judge,” I state, giving MBO a break between thoughts. “MEGHAN was prepared for her judging-job and she even had her AKC Complete Dog Book under her arm.” “When I was showing in 4-H, the judge was allowed to ask breed specific questions. Is this still the case?” I ask MBO before giving her the signal to carry on with her story. “Yep, and they are allowed and encouraged to ask questions about the breed,” MBO shares. “What a novel approach.” I chuckle to myself, while also wondering when I would be entering this sordid tale. “OK, I was watching MEGHAN do her thing and her mother CONNIE---you know, the Sheltie breeder---comes up behind me and asks if I could do her a favor. Well, my response was, ‘Of course, what can I do for you?’ Now, this is where you enter the picture,” MBO announces, with a slight edge of excitement and pure joy in her voice. “CONNIE’S response was, “If you are ever at the same show with Michael Faulkner, would you please introduce me, as I love his articles and I would love to meet him.” Thankful DROID was not transmitting my blushing red face, I reply, “What did you say?” I said, “Of course, we can do that and I also expounded on your many virtues.” MBO’s remarks are embellishing the actual conversation, I’m sure. “That afternoon I judged the poster contest. 4H participants all over New England submitted entries. There were over 85 creative designs and a photo contest, too. Each poster had to be evaluated based on set criteria and scored. I worked with a Collie breeder/recently-approved Junior

“Can you believe there was this young girl---she had her ewe on the table and the ewe did not want her foot messed with. I watched in amazement while she patiently handled the situation...” 54 Dog News

Showmanship judge on this challenging task. Afterward, I returned to watch MEGHAN and spend more time with your new friend, CONNIE. Later in the evening, the Agility competition took place. You would not believe the crowd that gathered to watch.” MBO, usually a woman of very few words when talking on the phone, is now amazing me with her story-telling stamina. I take a deep breath and continue to listen, multitasking by continuing to pick sticky pink goo off my right knee. “Sunday morning, I arrived with my coffee (like arriving with your coffee is a conversational detail not to be missed, I ask myself and continue to listen) and walk through the livestock building and watch the sheep being groomed. Can you believe there was this young girl---she had her ewe on the table and the ewe did not want her foot messed with. I watched in amazement while she patiently handled the situation. After which, I continued to the Obedience competition where I found your new friend CONNIE. She did not get any sleep---due to a Pointer barking until 3:00 AM. You see, she slept in the building where the dogs were left to make certain they were safe. Oh, she did share that she was thankful she had her current issue of Dog News and had read the most current Michael Story.” “Oh, how sweet is that. I was able to provide comfort, humor, and relaxation to a tired, dedicated 4-H supporter.” I silently tender to no one except to myself.  MBO continues, “The morning and afternoon was filled with 4-H Obedience at all levels. There was an awards ceremony at the end, but unfortunately, I was not able to attend. As I was going through the building to express my appreciation to all who organized and worked at the event---and also to those who encouraged the 4-Hers to train and participate with their dogs---I gave your friend, CONNIE a hug, and said, ‘Hope to see you at Eastern, as there will be a Take the Lead party Saturday night’. Your new friend CONNIE replied, ‘I shall be there. Will Michael be there as well’?” “That is just way too funny. What a small world indeed,” I offer, not very sure of exactly what to say. “Sorry, gotta run…someone is calling in. Take care, bye---love you,” MBO clicks off, silencing DROID. I put VOLVO in gear, careful not to rub the leather steering wheel against my sticky knee. “Well, I guess I am going to have to put on the old 4-H hat and get my HEAD, my HEART, my HANDS, and my HEALTH to Eastern and meet my new friend CONNIE. It is a wonderful thought, knowing there are dedicated adults working together, empowering youth to meet their full potential. It’s also wonderful that AKC is sharing in the 4-H experience. Yes, I am excited about meeting my new friend, CONNIE. And, thank you for making a difference in the lives of young people. And thank you, too, for making a difference within the sport of purebred dogs.

Dog News 55

Best of Breed & Group First Thank you Judge Mrs. Cindy Meyer

Best of Breed & Group First Thank you Judge Dr. Vandra Huber

h t u r a l l A . h C G m u n i t Pla e y a B e l o S V g n i d d i K Just

aye v Sole B D L O G h PIXIE Allarut . h C : Dam


“Justin” is Co-Owned By Ruth Ziegler - “Allaruth” and Yvonne B. Phelps - “Sole Baye” Los Angeles and El Monte, California 310 472-7993 • 626 448-3424 56 Dog News

Handled Exclusively By Bergit & Hans Kabel Assisted by Nanae Murayama

wins Best In Show Number 27!

Best In Show Thank you Judge Mrs. Florence Males Dog News 57

Rare Breeds of the World Continued FROM page 30

Greek islands. In the city itself it’s also very easy to travel, because it has excellent bus connections to most places, not only around Heraklion but all around the isle. There are hundreds of cultural events throughout the year with traditional Cretan music and dance, offering authentic cultural experiences. Cretan cuisine is similar to the Greek, based on olive oil, and is very popular all over the world. When in the town the ancient palaces of Knossos, the Archeological Museum of Heraklion, and the CretAquarium are a must to visit. The coastal community of Malia on the island of Crete is a holiday destination because of its sunny beaches and beautiful resorts with fabulous amenities. Aside from the obvious activities and attractions, the region surrounding Malia is also home to ancient ruins and relics from centuries past. The Malia Ruins are home to the Minoan Palace of Malia, which is just a walk from the Patomas beach. The palace was once the third largest Minoan palace on the island of Crete and dates back to 1900 BC. There are other great attractions in Crete as the harbor and the lagoon of Agios Nikolaos is full of interesting sites and monuments. Lake Voulismeni is a small lake in the center of the town of Agios Nikolaos, famous because of its unique beauty, but also because according to the myth, the goddess Athena used to bathe in the magical lake of the town. The archaeological museum of Agios Nikolaos has archaeological finds from the Neolithic era, Minoan remains, and important items of the Daedalic Period. The town of Agios Nikolaos is named after the Saint Nicolas chapel, built during the 7th century AD. The chapel has well-preserved frescoes and offers a breathtaking view of the town and the Mirabello bay. Aside from the above, the visitors can appreciate the picturesque fishing village of Elounda, the island of Spinalonga, The Lasithi Plateau with its windmills, The Palm 58 Dog News

Forest of Vai, the Monastery of Areti, and the traditional Cretan village ”Kritza”. The Cretan people are proud of their island and customs, and men often use elements of traditional dress in everyday life: knee-high black riding boots, pants tucked into the boots at the knee, black shirt and black headdress. In the small villages in the mountains some men always carry weapons including knives and guns which also appear at special occasions. Cretans are well known for notorious family and clan “vendettas,” a habit that remains on the island to date. There are of course some well known personages born in Crete such as the great painter El Greco, Renaissance artist, born in Fodele, Odysseas Elytis poet, awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1979, born in Heraklion, John Aniston, actor, best known for his role as Victor Kiriakis on the drama Days of Our Lives, father of Jennifer Aniston. Nikos Kazantzakis born in Heraklion, the great writer and philosopher, celebrated for his novel Zorba the Greek. (I said to the almond tree: “Speak to me of God” and the almond tree blossomed). From The Fratricides of N. Kazantazkis (1964). In this sunny and picturesque scenario the Cretan Hound also known as Kritikos

Ichnilatis was born. The Cretan Hound is believed to be one of the oldest dog breeds in Europe. Ancient writings and epic poems of Homer have specifically mentioned the “Kressai Kynes” or the Cretan Dogs. Artifacts found at the archeological excavations dating back to at least 3500 years have documented this breed’s existence in island of Crete. It was believed that a Great Goddess brought many goods, and semi-gods to Crete, hounds included. An archeological metal found depicted the Great Goddess on the stern of a ship with Cretan Hounds by her side. This metal piece can be seen in the Heraklion Museum. The Cretan Hound was known and used by the Minoan civilization but these hounds ended up in several other Greek Colonies as well. It is possible that the Minoans sailors traded goods with ancient Egypt and also traded some dogs too. As the Minoan ships have sailed the Mediterranean Sea, the Cretan Hounds have reached other countries in Europe with them. The Cretan Hounds have been mixed and have improved breeds of dogs in the British Isles, Southern Italy, southern France, Malta and Spain. Today’s European Hounds with similar looks are believed to be descendents of the Hound of Crete. Continued on page 62

Dog News 59

The CSPCA held its annual specialty at the Hotel Cascada in Albuquerque, New Mexico Tuesday – Friday September 24-27, 2013. The Desert to the Sea Chinese Shar-Pei Club hosted a regional specialty on the two days preceding.

By Deb Cooper Photos by Cathi DiGiacomo and Caste Stewart


his year’s Show Chairman, Cathi DiGiacomo, rose to the occasion, and the challenge, when there were issues surrounding the originally planned event in Reno, NV. A big shout of thanks goes to Cathi and her co-chairs Marge Calltharp and Grace Fritz for agreeing to put this show together at the 11th hour. If it were not for their willingness to pitch in, the CSPCA may not have had a national specialty this year. Due to work conflict Grace was unable to attend but her behind the scenes efforts should not go unnoticed. It was great to see many members get together and work hard to make sure that the 2013 CSPCA National Specialty was a great show, and that it was. Thanks to everyone who worked hard to get the show together – job well

Continued on page 90

The Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America Annual Specialty 60 Dog News

Dog News 61

Rare Breeds of the World Continued FROM page 58

For thousand of years, the Cretan Hounds have not changed form and are considered by the Greeks to be a living relic. The ancient murals, sculptures, and ornamental objects depict a dog the same form of the present day Cretan Hounds. Jealous of this treasure even today Cretans refuse to give their dogs to outsiders, in fact the best specimens are hidden from foreigners, therefore a Cretan Hound rarely leaves the island. The breed history dates back to 4000 years. This is a scent and a sight hound with peculiar traits and a joy to watch while trailing its prey. This Hound has adapted to the wide and open spaces of the rocky and mountainous terrain of the Crete Island. Unfortunately the breed is not suitable for apartment living, as it would need sufficient space outdoors because they need an extensive place to exercise to spend their great energy; At the same time a Cretan Hound makes a wonderful home companion, because it has an amicable and well balanced temperament, being gentle and affectionate with children. Obedience training will not be a problem as this is an intelligent and attentive breed with an amiable temperament, but it cannot be left alone with smaller pets because of its natural high prey drive. This hound will instinctively chase rabbits, cats and other small animals. This ancient chasing hound is prick eared and smooth haired. The

62 Dog News

well developed muscular body and the long sturdy legs give the dog a fast gallop, nimbleness, agility and swift reflexes. This dog has adapted to the rocky ravines and harsh mountain terrain of its birth place. The dog will literally suck the scent of the prey from the ground, follow the trail and flush out the prey from its den with great tenacity. A hound that becomes rigid with the tail moving in circular fashion is a sign that a chase is about to begin. Unlike other hunting breeds, this dog does not give voice while hunting. It uses body language instead. The wagging of the tail, the way the ears are positioned and the facial expression would show the human hunter the progress of the hunting process. This breed will willfully hold on and patiently wait until the hare or the rabbit comes out from its shelter. This breed is an excellent ratter. It rids the farm and the home of mice and rats. Because of a high prey drive, the dog will hunt feathered game as well although the breed’s hunting abilities will come to the fore if it will be made to indulge in a good chase. This brave and tireless hunter is full of dash and vigor when hunting but the dog is docile, calm, obedient and well

mannered inside the home‌ truly the perfect home companion. The Cretan Hound is a primitive chasing hound whose stature is akin to that of a sighthound and a scent hound (27 inches (60 cm) / 19 inches (50 cm). This breed has an elongated wedge shaped head and a broad slightly rounded skull. Wedge shaped muzzle with a straight nasal bridge tapers to the large moist nose with wide open nostrils. Nose color can be black, brown and deep chestnut. Medium sized almond shaped eyes have dark colored irises and well pigmented eyelids. Medium sized triangular ears are erect. Broad at the base, the high set ears are slightly rounded at the tip. A Cretan Hound has very mobile ears. Depending on the situation and on the emotion of the dog, the ears are either folded down or turned to the sides. Ears are folded backwards during a chase. A Cretan Hound’s dry and muscular neck is slightly arched at the base and sits on muscular shoulders. The dog has a lean but muscular, long body. The chest is of moderate width, rather deep but not reaching the level of the elbows. The muscular straight back is strong. The rather short but powerful loin is muscular, dry and with a good tuck up. The tail that is set quite low and does not reach the hocks. The broad based tail tapers towards the tip. Longer hair that covers the underside of the tail forms a brush. At rest, the tail hangs downwards. On the move, the tail is carried upwards forming a tight or loose ring. A Cretan Hound has a fine taut skin and a fine, smooth and straight coat that varies in length throughout the body. The head, the ears and the underside of the body is covered with very short fine hair. The sides of the neck, the buttocks and the tail are covered with longer hair. Coat colors range from pure white, sandy, cream, green fawn and black or brindle. Some specimens have bi-colored or tri-colored coats. (Collected from the standard of several breeders). As the breed is not yet recognized by any major kennel club, the only chance for dog lovers and the fancy to finally meet this living legend will be when the official recognition arrives and the Cretan Hound begins to participate in dog shows


This girl is STILL on FIRE...

She is the Top Best In Show Winning Red Tri in breed history.



in a g A

Best In Show Judge Mr. Frank L. McCartha Group First Judge Ms. Beverly Capstick

Multiple Best In Show, Best In Specialty Show Winning

GCh. McMatt’s Autumn Breeze Breeders: Tina Beck & Flo McDaniel Owners: Flo McDaniel, Janet Loehr, and Vicki Wehrle Handled by: Paul & Kelley Catterson AKC Registered Handlers Dog News 63


WALTER F. GOODMAN Continued FROM page 45

in 1969 with homebred Ch. Glamoor Good News, “Susie”. Amazingly, just two years later in 1971, under the great Bea Godsol, “Susie’s” nephew Ch. Glamoor Gang Buster also won the Terrier Group at Westminster. Successful at Montgomery County Kennel Club, from 1963 through 1972, Walter won the breed 9 times in 10 years. I am sure no other kennel of any breed accomplished this. Of these 9 breed wins he placed in the group 6 times. Montgomery County being the “Terrier Mecca” of the world, this is something that breeders can only dream about. Winning the breed there is every Terrier breeder’s hope. In 1974, when Walter retired from breeding and showing to begin his judging career, he also contributed to the Montgomery County Kennel Club, which had given him so much pleasure. Working closely with Montgomery’s indefatigable Show Chair Josephine Deubler, from 1986 through 2010, Walter served as

Dennis and Susan Sprung with Walter

President. Nobody had ever served as President for such an extended period of time. The first year of his presidency saw show entries rise to over 2,000 and year after year he has strived to keep Montgomery County as one of the premier shows of the world. In addition to his judging worldwide, Walter also gave back to the overall sport, serving as the Skye Terrier Club of America’s delegate for 30 years, and serving on the Board of Directors of AKC for 24 years until he retired this March, 2012. He has served on the board of the AKC Museum of the Dog, and on the Board of Overseers of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. With all the aforementioned ways that Walter has contributed to the sport it was a great privilege for SBKC to be able to honor him. There are so many deserving people in the sport, but none more so than Walter. I first became

acquainted with Walter in the early 60’s when he was campaigning Ch. Evening Star De Luchar. Everyone was surprised that Walter and “Evie” could so quickly build such a large record for the breed, 21 BIS and 74 Groups. When her campaign ended he burst on the scene with the great Ch. Jacinthe De Ricelaine. Because of my fascination with “Jackie” I started a friendship with Walter that’s lasted for 50 years. “Jackie” won 35 BIS and 97 Groups and was being campaigned at the same time my uncle, John Murphy, was handling the Scottie, Ch. Carmichaels Fanfare. “Mamie” went BIS at Westminster in 1965 and won back to back Bests at Montgomery in 1963 and 1964. In 1963, “Jackie” took third in the group and was runner-up to Best in 1965. When “Jackie” arrived on the scene she immediately caused quite a controversy. She was the most striking silver colored bitch, a shade that had not been seen before and everyone was taken by her beauty. Up until Walter’s “Evie”, Mrs. Continued on page 68

Ch. Yule de Mandane on Broadway with Carol Channing

Photo by Pat Spear 64 Dog News

GCh. Salish’s Hymn Singer Multiple Group Placements Owner: Kent Dannen

Thank you to Judge Mrs. Donna Buxton Breeder: Marnie Grube

Handler: Valerie Stanert Dog News 65

I never knew that the State of Oregon around the Salem, Oregon area was so beautiful until I had the honor and pleasure of serving as the Show Chairman for the 2013 Poodle Club of America Regional.

By Johnny Shoemaker Poodle Club of America Regional Show Chairman

Poodles In Th

66 Dog News


he Regional was held at the Oregon State Fairgrounds in Salem. The area was made even more beautiful by the arrival of lots of beautiful Poodles starting on September 21 and departing on September 27th. The Regional host clubs were the Columbia Poodle Club and the Puget Sound Poodle Club and each club worked very hard to make a big impression and they

certainly obtained that goal. Everything was beautiful and the people who attended seemed to have had a fabulous time. The first event was held on Saturday, September 21st when lots of Poodles gathered in Scio, Oregon to attend the Poodle Club of America AKC Retriever Hunting Test. This is where the form and function for Poodles comes into play. Play and have fun everyone did…especially the Poodles entered in the Test. There were entries in all of the Hunt Test classes….Master, Senior and Junior Hunters. There were 15 JH & SH and 2 MH

so it was very successful. Lots of people. Although there was some rain it did not spoil the day in the woods for the dogs or their owners. Guns were shot off… birds were huddled in the air and the Poodles went into action. The Hunt Test consists of land and water retrievers of the birds. The Poodles would fly into the water and retrieve the duck in the water from different parts of the pond and return to their owners and have that look of being so proud of what they had done. One or two would not make the return trip to their owner back thru the water but would

he Northwest Continued on page 92



Ramona van Court BIS Got To Be Good

Continued FROM page 64

Ch. Evening Star de Luchar - BIS Wm. Kendrick, Wm. Buckle

Brace - Judge Alva Rosenberg

Consuelo Vanderbilt Earl’s renowned Iradell Kennels had completely dominated Skyes. Armed with fabulous Vanderbilt wealth and burning ambitions, Mrs. Earl was extremely competitive. The legendary Walter Foster handled for her, making them a very hard team to beat. Mrs. Earl assumed that “Evie” and Walter were just a passing threat to her control of the breed. But when “Jackie” came on the scene, the handwriting was on the wall that this was a “winning bitch” that would scale legendary heights. Her fear

68 Dog News

of being overshadowed sent Mrs. Earl into a tailspin, and with great determination and power, she attempted to disqualify “Jackie” by claiming that some slight shading made her a parti-color Skye. This crazy accusation simply did not hold water and “Jackie” embarked on her historic career. Not content with being second best, ultimately Mrs. Earl withdrew altogether from the Skye world. It was thought that there could never be another “Jackie”, so the

Terrier world was stunned when Walter brought out several of her progeny. There were lots of discussions over which one was best and how they compared to their mother. Because of Ch. Glamoor Good News’ (“Susie’s” ) color made a perfect matching brace with her mother “Jackie”. Although “Susie” did win the Garden in 1969 she was not Walter’s original choice to compete, that being her sister Ch. Glamoor Gee Whiz, “Socksie”, who unfortunately succumbed to the anesthesia of a simple operation. Their brother Ch. Glamoor Go Go Go, “Junior”, was also a big winner, and at the time considered the best male Skye the country had ever seen. “Junior” won the breed at Montgomery in 1966, 1967 and 1969. He let “Susie” win it in 1968. “Junior” sired Ch. Glamoor Gang Buster, who won the breed in 1970, 1971 and 1972. Many of today’s leading Skye kennels began with Glamoor dogs. Back in the early 70’s, Gene Zaphiris got involved with Skyes from “Glamoor”. By 1986, Gene and Matt Stander won BOB at Montgomery with a homebred, Ch. Cragsmoor Gotcha Good. Of interest of course is that all Cragsmoor bred Skyes have the word “Good” in their name as a tribute to Walter’s BIS winning bitch “Good News”. This interest continued on with some imports. Ch. Finnsky Oliver won the breed at Montgomery in 1994, where he also was third in the group and in 1995. Gene handled “Oliver” to win the Terrier group at Westminster in 1996. The “Oliver” son, Ch. Finnsky Xcalibur, won the breed at Montgomery in 2000 and came back in 2006 to win the breed from the Veterans class at ten years of age. Last year we saw Ch. Cragsmoor Buddy Goodman break Jackie’s record Continued on page 70

Dog News 69


WALTER F. GOODMAN Continued FROM page 68

for the top winning Skye Terrier of Bruce all time. How fitting it is that he was Schwartz with named after Walter’s older brother, Walter the late Maurice (Buddy) Goodman, Jr. If Walter had not brought such attention to the breed, Gene and many others would not have developed such an interest. Walter is one of a kind. When I was growing up in the sport, it was full of colorful characters, every breed had several. This made for a colorful and socially interesting time of life. But we have lost most of these great characters over the past several decades and they are not being replaced. Perhaps this is just a reflection Ch. Jacinthe of our changing de Ricelaine society where the retiring with great charismatic 35th BIS actors from the movie industry are no longer, the same being for political giants like Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, John Kennedy, etc.; today’s public figures do not possess the style of the past. That is why I treasure Ch. Yule de Walter as a living legend, Mandane one of the dog fancy’s relaxing backstage great characters. with Miss Besides his Rosalind involvement within the sport, Walter’s entire 90 years have been full of color. His style of dressing has always been envied; his great appreciation for all the arts has been unparalleled as well. Recently at SBKC, visiting with his niece Cynthia Stebbins, we reminisced about the beauty of Walter’s “Withgate” estate on Centre Island, a small island in Oyster Bay, Long Island. It was a beautiful property and the Walter awarding WKC waterside setting was picture-perfect. BIS to Willum Walter’s great style was evident in every superb detail, including the kennels. Different parts of the house appeared periodically in the likes of Continued on page 74

70 Dog News

Ultimate MomentWKC siging the book for BIS

Walter’s first Gr. I - Ch. You’ll Do de Luchar

H Lyric “

Continuing her Climb up The Charts!

Thank you Judges Ms. Linda More & Miss Virginia L. Lyne for our recent wins!

GCh. Dual Champion

Ableaim Que The Music, MC Sire: GCh DC Ableaim Patent Pending, MC ROM

Dam: Ch. Ableaim It’s All About Me, SC ROMX

Breeder - Owner - Handler - Jenny Boyd Owners: Chuck, Gail & Jenny Boyd • Ableaim Whippets • Apex, NC • www.ableaimkennels.com Dog News 71

August 25th & 26th, 2013

72 Dog News

By Desmond J. Murphy Photos by Julie L. Mueller


he special attractions that take place during the Santa Barbara weekend have made the weekend so different from the average middle sized show. Without these added attractions SBKC would not be able to enjoy the extra class associated with the weekend. A very large dedicated committee partnered with Purina Pro Plan makes all of this possible. These added attractions have enticed individual breed clubs to join the weekend. The initial “Bullyganza” last year spurned the French Bulldog Club of America to hold a concurrent specialty this year. The Bulldog people held supported entries this year and it is a strong possibility next year they will hold a concurrent specialty. It was wonderful to see the “Sighthound Spectacular” and “Bullyganza” given the opportunity for so many people to witness the tremendous depth of quality each competition encompassed. Continued on page 103

Dog News 73


Ch. Evening Star de Luchar - her 1st show French import

WALTER F. GOODMAN Continued FROM page 70

1930 Walter age 9 riding Vanella

Walter’s library at Withgate

House & Garden. When I was still a teenager, I filled in whenever Walter was short of dog sitters. I imagine I was paid, but would have done it for nothing. Walter is also an accomplished chef and he would prepare fine cuisine for me to dine on while dog sitting. What a treat being surrounded by so many beautiful Skye Terriers in a setting fit for royalty. Centre Island played a major role in the “Great Gatsby”, and when I spent time alone in this very romantic setting, I imagined that I was Gatsby. These memories are still vivid 50 years later. Not being “from the manor born”, Walter gave me the opportunity to pretend I was. The success of Walter and the Glamoor Skye Terriers would never have happened without his mother, Adele, 74 Dog News

who developed an interest in the breed and started the Glamoor Skye Kennel’s legacy in 1935. Adele was a fascinating character like her son. Old school, her love of the dogs and the breed took precedence over winning even though she was a fierce competitor. She was admired and loved by all, much as our more modern day, the late Lil Schwartz was. On several occasions when Walter traveled to shows out of the area, Adele and I would attend a local show together. This would entail driving into New York City to pick up Adele and driving back together to the fabulous “Withgate” estate. I still cherish the times Continued on page 78

LettersTo The Editor LATE ANNOUNCEMENT: Former Board Member Tom Davies submitted his name at the last moment to the Nominating Committee to consider his application to run for the Board in the March elections. Final date for submission was October 10th and Dr. Davies submitted his name October 9th well within the allotted time specification. Today I resigned my AKC judges status

Most of your readers won’t know who I am nor do I have any self important notions that my resignation will have any impact in the sport. In July I talked to a rep about a provisional judge who had done in my opinion a remarkably poor job judging pointers, a breed in which I have over thirty years experience and a breeder, owner and handler. Some weeks later this provisional judge sent me a personal e-mail me asking me to verbalize my concerns about her choices. I sent her a clinical non combative response which included an invitation to meet personally to which she sent a reply quite the opposite that I left unanswered. Today I received a page long finger wagging emailed admonishment from the AKC for this exchange, as this personal e-mail was forwarded to them. Instead of concerns that someone with little understanding was in the ring, it seems the concern was that a breeder with my background told a provisional specifics about her attempt to judge pointers in a personal message. Frankly my dissatisfaction with the hoop jumping judging process just needed this last little straw to push me off the cart. So my desire of trying to share any of the knowledge passed on to me by so many has died. I have appreciated your magazine but you may take me off your list of recipient judges. Nancy Tuthill Sharpsburg, MD

Competition Winner of our “Most Successful Pet Recovery Story”

Comment from Jill Moss President of The Bella Moss Foundation UK registered charity www.thebellamossfoundation.com “So many pets suffer unwanted infections and disease and they fight so bravely to survive. They can’t talk so this award is to say to our pets we are listening. My Bella (Moss) died of MRSA in 2004, which is why the Bella Moss Foundation exists today. We have saved hundreds of animals lives through early detection of infections. Knowledge of all disease and illness is the key to pet carers saving lives of their beloved companions. We are please to announce our winner of the ‘Most Amazing recovery competition’” Winner: A moving story of a little fighter who didn’t give up, thanks to her owners who helped her get through this awful ordeal. This story highlights so many issues, checking your dog is healthy, talking to your vet, discussions the opinions, communication is so important when humans are ill or like little Roxy when our animals/ pets are ill too. With special thanks to our TV Vet judge Zara Boland for helping with this annual Story Competition. Hello, This is Roxy Rascal, a 12 year old rescue and former Pets as Therapy dog,.not only has Roxy overcome adversity from a being neglected stray, she’s had two major surgeries to remove cancerous tumours. The first operation in February 2012 in her rear, right leg, required a skin flap to cover the defect left by the tumour removal, she had almost 20 stitches. Sadly, she developed another tumour in her front, left shoulder, this time the tumour was deeper. The second operation was in February this year. This time she had to have a skin graft due to the location, size and deepness of the tumour. She had around 80 staples and stitches and was in the Glasgow Vet School for almost a week on a drip as she wasn’t eating or drinking and was quite ill. I went to visit her during this time and she looked desolate. Unfortunately, part of the wound became necrotic and had to be cut away, dressed daily and treated with high strength antibiotics. It took 5 weeks for the wound to fully healed. Amazingly, both times, tests proved that the cancer had not spread to anywhere else which was a huge relief. The wonderful vets, nurses and support staff at the GUVS looked after Roxy incredibly well and are amazed and how well she is doing and that she has beaten cancer not once, but twice. She is a very brave dog indeed. Thank you for reading Roxy’s story, I hope she is considered for the competition as she is an amazing dog and an inspiration to everyone she meets. Nicola and dear Roxy. *Winners Prize* – a lovely donated luxury hamper from Lilys kitchen Collaboration And Judge Wetnose Animal Aid: Wetnose is a non-profit Limited Company and Trade Mark which started 13 years ago; we raise funds for sick, domestic and wild animals and for the smaller rescue centres worldwide. Set up by Andrea and Gavin Gamby-Boulger, who used to run their own centre for 12 years, and work with horses, now work tirelessly to raise awareness and funds to help and support the rescue centres, see us on Facebook or Twitter for more information. Andrea Gamby-Boulger - Director/Founder Wetnose Animal Aid. “I am very pleased indeed to be helping with this Competition with the Bella Moss Foundation to coincide with our Wetnose National Fun Raising Day on Friday the 13th September and look forward to many more projects of working together in the future”. Bella Moss Foundation: Our Foundation is a not for profit charity, started in 2007 helping to save lives through early detection of infections in animals. Set up by Jill Moss after Bella (a ten year Samoyed) her beloved companion became the first recorded dog to die of the human strain of MRSA. The two organisations are delighted to have the opportunity through offering this pet award to combine efforts to educate, support veterinary professionals and pet carers on the treatment and prevention of multi – resistant bacterial infections. Zara The Vet THE JUDGE: Zara is a practicing vet based in London and canine nutritionist for Dogs Monthly. She is currently a board director of the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and is also the founder and managing director of Vet Voice. She writes regularly for a number of different veterinary publications and in her spare time, she speaks at veterinary conferences and supports a variety of different animal welfare charities. www.wetnoseanimalaid.com www.bellamossfoundation.com www.zarathevet.com Contact Wetnose Animal Aid on 01508 518650 or ella Moss Foundation Jill Moss 07860 879079


Dog News 75

Gossip The


By Eugene Z. Zaphiris


ALTER F. GOODMAN…what can you say about a friend and mentor that has not been said before? It is with profound sadness that I write that WALTER passed away Sunday afternoon in Miami while his beloved Montgomery County Kennel Club dog show, of which he was president for



was in progress. He did it all, breeder, exhibitor, judge, delegate, director and

3800 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA

benefactor. He was a friend long before I

19104-6008. Pennsylvania Governor TOM

purchased my first Skye Terrier from him,


a puppy out of Good News (Westminster

will host a reception, on November 2nd at

best in show winner) sired by Gang Buster

the Governor’s Resident in Harrisburg. It

(Westminster group winner). In honor of

will celebrate the exhibition “If You Want

him and his dogs, we have put the word

A Friend In Politics, Get A Dog” artwork

‘Good’ in every name of every Skye we have

from the American Kennel Club collection.

bred for the last 41 years. He lived a great

The general feeling about the Montgomery

and long life with style and great taste.

weekend was best summed up as dull.

One of the few who goes to his reward,

The usual excitement was missing, maybe

having done and seen most everything

it was the extreme heatwave or because

the world has to offer. I send my deepest


sympathies to his family and many friends

ultimate Irishman HARRY O’DONOGHUE

around the world. He leaves his son BOB

who replaced GERRARD MORRIS (who


was unable to fly because of recent health

(who shares her uncle’s love of dogs and

issues) on the Hatboro panel was taken ill

is married to Westminster Kennel Club

by the heat. Fortunately, HARRY is fine.

member JAMES STEBBINS) and several

JOYCE VANEK was taken ill and replaced

other nieces and nephews, children of

while judging at the Devon dog show on

his late sister SUSAN ROSSBACH and

Saturday. It seems she was recovering


from a spider bite, hope all is well. Glen of

A memorial “Celebration of Life” service

Imaal Terrier fancier BRUCE SUSSMAN is

is planned for early next year. In lieu

in Atlanta, Georgia working on the BARRY

of flowers, those wishing can make

MANILOW musical show. BRUCE & BARRY

a contribution in WALTER’S memory

have worked together and one of their



most famous collaborations was the hit


song COPACABANA. Best wishes to former


handler and judge GRETCHEN SCHUTLZ,







Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, 76 Dog News




who is getting married this weekend.



WALTER F. GOODMAN Continued FROM page 74

we spent together when there was just the two of us. At the shows there always was a large group of people surrounding Adele. Her love of the sport was infectious. The night “Susie” went BIS at the Garden, I remember Adele told the press, “We have even better ones at home”. She was dead serious, there being some truth to the statement. Although the show dogs lived at “Withgate”, Adele always kept a favorite companion dog at her NYC apartment. Like her son Walter, Adele contributed so much to the fancy and gave so many people wonderful memories to cherish. Montgomery County is the highlight of the year for all Terrier fanciers. Thousands travel from all corners of the globe to see all the great Terriers, and there is not a breeder or handler that does not dream of winning big at Montgomery. As judges we all dream of discovering the next great “Sadler”,“Excellence”, “Mick”,“Sadie”, etc. As a teenager I counted the days to Montgomery even more than Christmas. Now Ch. 50 years later even Glamoor much more so. All Go Go Go winning the ladies have BIS under been shopping for Albert Van months to unveil Court their new outfits. The gentlemen also try to look their best, but know

78 Dog News

they cannot match the style of Walter. In many ways matching Walter’s character, the Montgomery County Kennel Club Show gives so much pleasure to thousands Ch. of people whether Glamoor breeders, exhibitors, Twinkle Star Judge handlers, judges or Frank spectators. The sport Foster Davis owes a great deal of gratitude to Walter. His quarter of a century reigning as President, working with Josephine Deubler and their fellow MCKC Members has made Montgomery County the Kentucky Derby of dog shows. Hopefully during the course of the day many will have the opportunity to thank Walter for all he has done for the sport.

Ch. Jacinthe de Ricelaine LKC Bea Godsol


His Name Says It All!!

National Specialty • Multiple Regional Specialty Multiple Best In Show Winner

A “Giant” Thank You to Judge Dr. Klaus Anselm

GCh. Ramahill Absolutes I Am Legend of RW Owners: Mrs. Marcia Adler Mr. & Mrs. Luke Edmond

Handler Cliff Steele Dog News 79

Walter F. Goodman, Hatboro, Devon, Montgomery... Continued FROM page 46


were interrupted during Word War II as he served as an officer in the US Army. After the War he completed his degree at Yale and later earned a Masters in History at Columbia as well. His mother Adele founded Glamoor Kennels in 1937 and Walter soon thereafter joined her in this enterprise breeding American, Canadian, French and Italian champions with Glamoor Kennels being known as one of the great Skye Terrier Kennels in the world. There is a fabulous tribute to Walter in this issue written by Desmond Murphy that we originally printed in October 2012 as an example of Walter being one of the GREAT DOG MEN AND WOMEN OF THE PAST AND PRESENT. Desmond, who as a young man lived very near to Walter’s beautiful and famous Glamoor Kennels outside of Oyster Bay, New York on Centre Island, oft times baby sat the dogs and/or showed them for Walter as well when Walter was unavailable or unable to do so. Desmond attended St. Dominick’s High School in Oyster Bay then and also went to work for the AKC. So Desmond and Walter’s history and relationship is well documented and perhaps Desi is one of the most qualified people to write about Walter as anyone can imagine. My own relationship with Walter began in the late ‘60’s or so when Ramona Van Court introduced us and I would be invited out to Glamoor on Centre island for the occasional dog show party event. I cannot say we were really close then but we had an established acquaintanceship developing. I met Gene shortly thereafter and he had had a prior history of being Walter’s friend and after Gene and I began living together we or I really should say Gene got a Skye bitch from Walter, Ch. Glamoor Too Good To Be True, which was our foundation bitch way back in 1972. GAGA was her nickname. A nickname that Adele Goodman had earned from her then grandchildren. GaGa was a Suzie daughter (the Westminster all-breed winner) and Buster, a Westminster Group winner, was the sire. Every litter of Skye’s we bred thereafter had the word “Good” in it as a tribute to Glamoor Kennels through to today where our home bred Ch. Cragsmoor Buddy Goodman, which is the top winning Skye in the history of the breed, is pictured here with Walter awarding him the ONLY all-breed Best he ever awarded a Skye terrier to our current standard bearer Good Time Charlie. Throughout this period of 41 years Walter was our friend and mentor as of course was his partner Bob Flanders as well. To say that we will miss him is an understatement of mammoth proportions. But when one considers the length of time and the meaningful type relationship the four of us have shared it should be obvious the amount of respect and care for each other we all had to remain friends for as long as we did. Love to the entire Goodman family and of course to Bob himself. Words are hardly sufficient to express our true feelings. 80 Dog News


s to the Big East Coast weekend which began with Hatboro in Wrightstown, PA and after 2 days there a move to Ludwig’s Corners for Devon and onto Blue Bell at the Montgomery County Junior College site, this is quite a spectacular four days of shows and much more. Starting with Hatboro this Thursday All-Breed Show had entries in the high 1800’s and has developed through the years with its Friday counterpart into a premier two-day dog show event. Best in show was awarded to the Wire Bitch as she was awarded three of the four Bests with Saturday’s Devon show going to the Welsh terrier exhibited by Luis Abreu. The Wire Bitch Sky is of course the top winning exhibit in America today and she seemingly with ease goes along accumulating more and more all-breed Bests. At the Friday Hatboro Continued on page 84

Quality Northeast


Multiple Group Winning

Thank You Judge Mrs. Karin Ashe for this Group Third A Top Winning Bitch in the Show Ring producing those same qualities in her offspring. Whiskey’s son, Ch. Somerri Scotch Make It A Double, is following in his mother’s footsteps with Group Placings in 2013 at 1 ½ years old with limited showing.

Multiple Specialty Best In Show and Group Winning

GCH. SOMERRI JAMIESON’S SEA WHISKEY Owned & Bred by Jamieson Lewis Laura Hall Lewis Merrimack, NH OFA - Good

SOMERRI KENNELS 50 YEARS with 14 Generations of Norwegian Elkhounds Bea Hall & Ed Hall & Laura Lewis & Alice Lewis & Holly Lewis wwww.somerrikennels.com

Handled by Laura Hall Lewis

Dog News 81

Hatboro Dog Cluy b & Montgomer lub County Kennel C PHOTOS BY


82 Dog News

Dog News 83

Walter F. Goodman, Hatboro, Devon, Montgomery... Continued FROM page 80

she earned her 100th Best, which of course is quite a feather in the hat of her very popular and able Handler Gabriel Rangel, who of course won the Big M with a Lakeland in 2012. This marks the 6th time an exhibit guided by Gabriel has received this accolade at Montgomery but his first Wire to achieve this accomplishment. Starting in 1995 with an exhibit which was a Sealy, followed by a Lakeland in 2004, another Sealy in 2006, a Scottie in 2009, and a Lakie again in 2012, followed by this back-to-back, but a Wire this time!!! Quite an accomplishment you think??? I know I do consider it just that!!! Quite an accomplishment. As to Hatboro itself there are some, myself included, who think the show should return to a modified layout of the original version of the show, which was terribly disrupted by storms some years ago. Looking though at the answers to the Question for this Week in this issue the overwhelming majority want to keep the show in the newer layout. Most say it is easier to work for the handler with large entries of dogs but I believe the groups and Best in Shows have lost a lot of their pizazz in the new layout mode while it has become too difficult to see many breeds due to the spread out of the rings themselves. Certainly the number of people who remain to watch the groups is minuscule in comparison to the old layout days, that’s for sure. Else Bob Black earns my vote as Show Chairman of the Year--once again--as no detail is too small nor too trite for he or his staff to overlook. Therefore it may be a good idea to re-situate the group ring or else re sod that area as it is a tough place to work and show a dog in for any real length of time. Continued on page 86

84 Dog News



Silver GCh. Silverado’s Bijoux Precieux Skyfield } Seven weeks after whelping


Group Second

Special thank you to Judge Mr. Dana Cline for this honor, Thank you to all the Judges who have honored this very special bitch.


Owners Ann Darnell Tomye Armstrong 352 429-9950

SilveradoMastiff@aol.com Salvage141@aol.com

Expertly Handled By Co-Owner Maria Devier 352-394-5709 Dog News 85

Walter F. Goodman, Hatboro, Devon, Montgomery... Continued FROM page 84


aturday was Devon in Ludwig’s Corners and this years Devon seemed to run comparatively smoothly with little drama of past shows. The food service improved a bit and the egress and ingress problems of old seem to have been basically solved. The gun club just over the hill may have caused some problems with exhibits not used to gunshot sounds but the fact is that most of the exhibits ignored the noise totally. Those which reacted negatively were excused which caused difficult if not embarrassing reactions but the great majority of the dogs just ignored the shots as a basic part of everyday goings on. Sunday’s Montgomery had an increase of about 100 dogs and the day started out foggy if not chilly. For sure Friday and Saturday were downright hot but by mid afternoon the fog had burnt off and the sun was out in full force. Most Clubs like to show off their dogs and entries at Montgomery but not the Skye folk who decided to hide away in obscurity its marvelous entry of 60 dogs in competition

More and some 40--live or dead on display only making for an entry of over 90! Why go to this effort and trouble and not take advantage of publicizing the breed, which is one of the lowest of entry breeds in the USA is a puzzlement to me but here I go again questioning the wisdom of the great majority. What a lost opportunity to show the terrier world at least what our breed achieves and looks like--oh well!!! Bruce Schwartz does a great job as President of Montgomery ably helped by Ken Kauffman and the Committee as well as Carol Carlson the Show Chair. I always enjoy the Overseas Booth at Montgomery and Gaynor Green and her lovely daughter Debbie were actively taking care of the many foreign visitors I encountered. Why even the Board Chair took in the day and I was delighted to see Mr. Kalter actively engaged in conversation with many an exhibitor. More presence at shows on the East Coast would be a good idea for Alan, or so I believe anyways but was disappointed to see that neither the COO from Raleigh, Daryl Hendricks nor the guru in social media from NYC’s offices Christopher Walker graced the fancy with

“It was a Montgomery

well worth remembering and talking about as it had a little bit of everything for everybody...”

86 Dog News

their respective presences. Nonetheless AKC was well represented what with Alan and Denis being there to say nothing of course of Mari-Beth and the AKC Booth headed by Barb Ulman all giving forth in one work related fashion or another. Why even the head of inspections Jack Norton was there but as I understood it as an exhibitor rather than an employee. Good for him I say!!! At day’s end we were all pretty well physically and mentally exhausted either due to the various diverse work loads we all seem to be engaged in at Montgomery topped off of course by the announcement of Walter’s passing. It was a Montgomery well worth remembering and talking about as it had a little bit of everything for everybody with nothing coming as close to Walter’s death to remind us collectively of our duties and responsibilities to our dogs welfare, our concern for our breeds and our loyalty to the American Kennel Club all of which were personified in the lifelong devotions of Walter to them all.

Dog News 87

how Devon Dog S& Association nty Montgomery Cou Kennel Club PHOTOS BY


88 Dog News

Dog News 89

MID-OHIO CLUSTER NOVEMBER 14, 15, 16, 17, 2013



OHIO STATE FAIRGROUNDS I-71 and 17th AVENUE 155,000 Square Feet (over 3.5 acres) under roof

November 14, Thursday

Sandusky Kennel Club Show Chair Rhonda Davis (419) 423-3337 rmdlad@att.net


November 15, Friday

Dayton Kennel Club Show Chair Neil McDevitt (937) 371-8249 nmcdevitt1@woh.rr.com

November 16, Saturday

Lima Kennel Club Show Chair Ellen Fetter (419) 221-0523 rfetter@woh.rr.com


November 17, Sunday

Central Ohio Kennel Club Show Chair Victoria M. Jordan k9judgevicki@gmail.com

Concurrent National Specialty: Dandie Dinmont TerrIer Club of America, Inc. • Saturday, November 16, 2013 Concurrent Specialty: Afghan Hound Club of Greater Columbus • Sunday, November 17, 2013 Supported Entries: Afghan Hound Club of Greater Columbus • Buckeye Keeshond Club (Sweepstakes & Veterans Sweepstakes) Central Ohio Labrador Retriever Club (Sweepstakes & Veteran Sweepstakes) • Central Ohio Dachshund Club, Inc. Columbus Border Terrier Club of America, Inc. (& Sweepstakes) • Columbus Collie Club, Inc. • Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club of America, Inc. Doberman Pinscher Club of Columbus Ohio • German Shepherd Dog Club of Central Ohio, Inc. Golden Retriever Club of Columbus Ohio • Greater Cincinnati St. Bernard Club • Greater Columbus Miniature Schnauzer Club Mastiff Club of America, Inc. • Miami Valley Boxer Club • Midwest Borzoi Club • Portuguese Podengo Pequenos of America Weimaraner Club of Columbus, Inc.

Special paddock reserved parking available - Dog Show Tours - Craft activities for children under 12 years old Numerous hotels available including all major hotel chains NO OBEDIENCE THIS CLUSTER

CLOSING DATE: October 30, 2013 SUPERINTENDENT MB-F, INC., P.O. BOX 22107, GREENSBORO, NC 27420 Dog News 91

Poodles In The Northwest Continued FROM page 67

run around the pond and then deposit the bird at their owner’s feet with equal pride. As you can see it was a fun time even when I was sitting in my chair covered with my little “blankey” and my bright yellow rain gear and watching all the real hunters in their camouflage outfits. I would only wear camouflage if it had sparkles on it! A big thank you to Jac Harbour for putting this all together and for Joyce Carelli for sending the pictures for this article that her husband, John, took while standing in the rain all day. The judges for the Hunt Test were Bryant and Cindy Myer and they did a great job. The WC/WCX Tests were done the next day on Sunday with 20 entries. The judges for the WC/WCX were Michael Ross and Patricia Berne. Some of the same Poodles entered in Hunt were also present for this test. Poodle Club of America has been offering this test for a few years and it is proving to be a very popular event. Since I know nothing about the WC/WCX test I cannot tell you exactly what all was done but lots of the activity involved the Poodles retrieving the birds and returning to their owners plus looking in different areas for birds on the land. Again a very fun day with lots of people having fun spending time with their working Poodle. Thanks to Jac Harbour for also putting this all together. Monday was a day off where those in Salem could enjoy the local sites that includes the State Capital building and lots of shops to browse in. This area is also known for its wonderful wineries. Jeff Nokes, my assistant Regional Secretary and Deb Phillips, Show Chairperson for Columbia Poodle Club and myself were at the Fairgrounds marking off the grooming spaces and the vendor spaces and getting things ready for the conformation, obedience and rally shows. The building that the show was held in was huge with plenty of room for exhibitors and plenty of ringside seating. Special thanks to Jeff and Deb for being the best at what they do…..

organizing and working to make this Regional the Best Ever. Tuesday was the Poodle Club of America Foundation Health seminars with a morning session and afternoon session on breeding management and the socializing of puppies. This seminar was well attended and was very popular with those in attendance. Thanks to the Foundation especially, Pat Forsyth, Tom Carneal and Doris Grant for putting this all together. After the Foundation Seminars, Nancy Hafner, JEC for PCA, conducted the Judges Education Seminar. She was ably assisted by Randy Garren and Dennis McCoy. Thanks to them all. Tuesday was also our AKC Tracking Dog and Tracking Dog Excellent Tests held in Independence, OR. Thanks to Holly Thau for a wonderful job. There were a total of 5 entries with 3 TD and 2 TDX. Although none of the Poodles passed (as it is a very involved test) those in attendance had a great day. Thanks to our judges, Sally Diess and Carol Pernicka. On Wednesday the Conformation, Rally and Obedience and Rally plus Agility trials began. Poodle Club of America Regional show was well attended from exhibitors from all over the United States and Canada. Judges for the Confirmation Classes were Madeline Patterson, Toys, Edd Bivin, Miniatures, Jordan Chamberlain, Standards and Charles Arnold, Inter-Variety and Dennis McCoy, Junior Showmanship. The Rally classes were judged by Susie Osburn and the Obedience classes were judged by Allan Immerman. The rings were huge and just right for the different varieties and were most appreciated by the exhibitors. Purina was our official sponsor and they were wonderful donating so much to our trophies for each of the shows. Thanks to Carol Grossman and Purina for being such a big supporter and coming thru with wonderful prizes. The flowers were a special treat as our own Bradley Odagiri from Hawaii come over to make magic with the flower arrangements and outdid himself with such splendor!! It was Beautiful! Barbara Curry delivered her usual good job

with a great trophy table. I would also like to take the time to thank Cathryn Catelain and Amanda DeYoung Spriegel for such a great job with catalog advertising. These two ladies worked day and night to create great ads and a beautiful catalog. Thanks to Sally Vilas for doing a great job as Chief Steward and all the stewards in each ring. The Committees for the PCA Regional did a fantastic job for making this Regional such a success. Beautiful exhibitors bags were very popular thanks to the great work of Penny Dugan and Lynn McKee. Thanks to Judi James, Richard Bohannon, Beverly Jean Nelson (raffle prizes were great), Ray Stevens, Christine Dallas, Nancy House, Satoshi Soeta and Megumi Uchida for the PCA Regional Logo, William Stern (Cookie Man donated over 8000 cookies), Heidi McKuen, Nancy Schmidt and Debra Ferguson-Jones for selling out the vendor spots before the PL came out, Sharon Stevens, Doris Grant, Gloria Walkley, Joyce Carelli, Marcia Fischer, Bob Damburg, Lynn Galloway, Brad Odagira, Sue Burge, Mary Olund, Jack MacGillivray and all the host club members that worked to make this a great success. Agility was also conducted Wednesday thru Friday with a total of 137 runs on Wednesday, 151 runs on Thursday and 109 runs on Friday. What a fun event Agility is….I saw a miniature Poodle run the fastest I have ever seen…People and Poodles had a wonderful time in a covered building with great ground for good footing for both owner and Poodles. DeRosa Top Hat and Tails, Coal, earned his 3rd Preferred Agility Championship where he won the pink MACH Pole(Master Agility Ch) pole. These poles are highly prized throughout the West Coast. Thanks to Lori Sage for putting this all together along with the wonderful members of the Columbia Poodle Club and the Puget Sound Poodle Club. All of the Poodles looked beautiful and the area set aside for judges education was full with aspiring Poodle judges. This was the place to be as I was very impressed with the quality in all varieties. There were 5 point majors for all three days in each variety in each sex so we’re very happy for that. Continued on page 96

“All of the Poodleslooked beautiful and the area set aside for

judges education was full with aspiring Poodle judges. This was the place to be as I was very impressed with the quality in all varieties.”

92 Dog News

T hank You! from the

The Harvest Moon Classic The members of Skyline Dog Fanciers and Del Valle Dog Club thank the many exhibitors and specialty clubs for their continued support through our change in format making the upcoming 2013 event a huge success. Quite an entry! Friday Skyline 2,044 dogs 2,144 entries Saturday Del Valle 2,943 dogs 3,513 entries Sunday Del Valle 2,584 dogs 2,677 entries We’ve come a long way since our first show in June 1981 at a local college with a limited entry of 1,000 dogs. We’ve learned along the way and enjoyed great success but with the changing times in the purebred dog world we felt we must make a major change in order to survive and continue to be a quality event. This entry is truly gratifying and very much appreciated! Dog News 93

Montgomery b County Kennel Clu PHOTOS BY


94 Dog News

Dog News 95

Poodles In The Northwest Continued FROM page 92

The Winners for the Poodle Club Of America were: Toys-Judge Madeline Patterson WD and BW and Best Puppy- Dbara Fandango from the 6-9 months class owned by Barbara Conley and William Jividen Jr RWD and Best BBE-Aristeia’s J’Adore Dior from the BBE class owned by Katrina Maccorquodale WB-Mon Amie and RNR What I Did For Love from the 6-9 months class owned by Bernice Ramsey and Nancy Wilson RWB-Rigamaroles Spunky Silver Sprite from the Amateur-Owner-Handler Class owned by Stephanie Lindsley and Derrick Brier. Best of Variety-Ch Fontella’s Thank You Frances owned by Terri Myer and Del Dahl. Best of Opposite Sex-GCH Ch Makays Cowboy Tough owned by Kadie Bonds & Mickey Kern and Donna Schuchart Select Dog- GCH Jamonica’s Midnight Eclipse owned by James A Smith Select Bitch- GCH Sharbelle Silhouette owned by Janet Lange-Moses and James Moses

Miniatures- Judge Edd Embry Bivin WD/BOS and Best Puppy-Bar King’s Fair Isle Final Option-owned by Charlene Osmun and Denise Wilson RWD-Kameo Kings Reign-owned by Bretagne Dow-Hygelund Lorinda Maxwell WB/BW/Best Bred By Exhibitor-Aery’s Grey Gardens-owned by Richard Bohannon & Jim Owens RWB-Cinbren Barking’s Voulez Vous-owned by Cheryl Braswell Best of Variety-GCH Rio Luci In The Skye With Diamonds-owned by Cindi & Terry Chaddock Select Dog- CH Rio Shine on Forever-owned by Cindi & Terry Chaddock & Megumi Uchida. Select Bitch-Ch Durandel Bella Donna. Owner: Rene Wanger

Standards-Judge Jordan L Chamberlain WD-Jaset Infamy from the Open Class-owned by Sandra Tompkins & Chris Bailey RWD-Wintergarden Toil and Trouble from the 12-18 class-owned by Mary-Jo Winters and Chris Bailey WB/BW-Wintergarden Heart On My Sleeve from the 12-18 class-owned by Mary-Jo Winters RWB-Pitfour Unique Iced Tease from the Open class-owned by Joan McFadden & Gail Wolaniuk. Best of Variety-Ch Dawin Hearts On Fire-Owned by Linda C Campbell Best of Opp Sex-Ch Dawin Reigate Fire Away-Owned by Suzanne Loblaw & Linda Campbell. Select Dog-Ch Penndragon Owain-Owned by James & Kathleen Smith and Rick and Kim Bates Select Bitch-Ch Carlyn’s Charismatic JH-Owned by Joyce Carelli & Michael Lamb & Michele Polito (from the Hunting Bitch class!!) Best Puppy-Lace Snows O’Sweet Afton-Owned by Georgianan Allen Best BBE-MTS High Fidelity-owned by Michelle T Shultz

Intervarity-Judge Charles Arnold Best of Breed-Ch. Dawin Hearts On Fire Best of Opposite Sex-GCH Ch Makays Cowboy Tough Best Puppy-Lace Snows O’Sweet Afton Best Bred by Exhibitor-Aery’s Grey Gardens Best Brood Bitch-Ch Wintergarden Crème De La Crem-owned by Mary-Jo Winters

The Winners for the Columbia Poodle Club were: Toys-Judge-Jordan L Chamberlain The next day was our host, Columbia Poodle Club’s day to shine, and shine they certainly did. The club did a great job and everything was beautiful.

WD-Koehl’s C Lyn Rumor Has It from the 6-9 class-owned by Lynn McKee RWD-Dbara Fandango from the 6-9 class-owned by Barbara Conley & William Jividen Jr WB/BW/BP-Valcopy-C-Lyn Kat’s Maxine from the 9-12 months class-owned by Lillian Anderson, Dana L Plonkey and Lynn McKee RWB-Trajet-Knight’s Chicka Boom Boom Boom Best of Variety-Ch Lemoges A Breath of Jasmine-owned by Katelon Bajona-Fox Best of Opposite Sex-GCH Jamonica’s Midnight Eclipse Select Dog- GCH Ch Makays Cowboy Tough owned by Kadie Bonds & M Kern & D Schuchart Select Bitch-GCH Sharbelle Silhouette-owned by Janet Lange-Moses & James Moses Best BBE-Aristeia’s J’Adore Diro-owned by Katrina Maccorquodale

Miniatures-Judge Charles D Arnold WD-DKL’s Dulcet Meant To Be from the BBE class-owned by Charlene Smutny RWD-Vantan-Kamann’s Once In A Blue Moon from the Open Dog class WB/BW/BBE-Aery’s Grey Gardens owned by Richard Bohannon & Jim Owens Best of Variety-Ch Durandel Bella Donna-owned by Rene Wanger Best of Opposite Sex-Black Sky Jukka-owned by Kathleen & James Smith & Inge Semenschin Best Puppy-Hushaby’s Ah Rock’n-owned by Gail Blanchet Continued on page 101

96 Dog News

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Poodles In The Northwest Continued FROM page 96

Standards-Judge Madeline Patterson WD-Wintergarden Toil and Trouble from the 12-18 class owned by Mary-Jo Winters and Chris Bailey RWD-Dawin Avion Full Throttle To Captiva from the 9-12 class owned by Shelley Alsberry & Linda Campbell WB/BW/BP-Lace Snows O”Sweet Afton-from the 9-12 class owned by Georgianan M Allen RWB-Lakeridge Atalanta Summer In The City-from the Open Bitch class owned by Debra Ferguson-Jones Best of Variety-Ch Dawin Hearts On Fire-owned by Linda C Campbell Best of Opposite Sex-Ch Dawin Reigate Fire Away-owned by Suzanne Loblaw & Linda Campbell Select Dog-Ch Seransil Skyewell Roc’On Royal-owned by Evelyn Sera & Robyn DeJager Select Bitch-Ch Lakeridge Atalanta Summer In Paris-owned by Debra Ferguson-Jones Best BBE-Jaset Litilann’s Some Girls-owned by Chris Bailey & Sandra Tompkins & Ann E Rairigh

Intervariety- Judge Edd Bivin Best of Breed-Ch Dawin Hearts On Fire-owned by Linda C Campbell Best of Opposite Sex-GCH Jamonica’s Midnight Eclipse-owned by James A Smith Best Puppy-Lace Snows O’Sweet Afton-owned by Georgianan M Allen Best BBE-Aery’s Grey Gardens-owned by Richard Bohannon & Jim Owens

The Winners for the Puget Sound Poodle Club were: Toys-Judge Charles Arnold Our other host, the Puget Sound Poodle Club, put on a great show with lots of wonderful workers and the week ended with another fantastic show.

Thanks to Nancy House and other club members for a job well done. The club should be very proud for all of their hard work and dedication.

WD/BW- San-Gai A dime A Dance-from the amateur-owner-handler class-owner Desiree Rudisill Julio Cortez-Guzman RWD-Doehl’s C Lyn Rumor Has It-from the 9-12 class owned by Lynn McKee WB/BP-Valcopy C-Lyn Kat’s Maxine from the 9-12 class owned by Lillian Anderson, Dana L Plonkey and Lynn McGee RWB-Trajet & Knight;s Black Satin Sashay from the 9-12 class owned by Sheryll Wills and Colette Posadas Best of Variety-GCH Sharbelle Silhouette-owned by Janet Lange-Moses and James Moses Best of Opposite Sex-Ch OPamper’s Cash In Hand-owned by Brenda Elmer Select Dog-Ch Cabryn Sierra Sterling-owned byRosemary Kenfield & G Zamora Select Bitch-Ch Valcopy Sassy Kat-owned by Lillian G Anderson & Dana L Plonkey Best BBE-Desire’s Goddess of Rome-owned by Desiree Rudisill

Minatures-Judge Madeline Patterson WD/BBE- DKL’S Dulcet Meant To Be from the BBE class owned by Charlene Smutny RWD=Kameo Kings Reign from the 6-9 class-owned by Bretagne Dow-Hygelund and Lorinda Maxwell WB/BW/BP-Hushaby’s Tallie Ah Rock’n from the 9-12 class owned by Gail Blanchet RWB-Cinbren Barking’s Voulez Vous from the 6-9 class owned by Cheryl Braswell Best of Variety-GCH Songbird Your Cheatin’ Heart-owned by Nancy A Palauskas Best of Opposite Sex-Rio Shine On Forever-owned by Cindi & Terry Chaddock & Megumi Uchida Select Dog-Ch Karelea’s Last Hurrah-owned by Charlene Smutny, Phil and Karen Leabo Select Bitch-Ch Durandel Bella Donna-owned by Rene Wanger

Standards-Edd Embry Bivin WD-Seransils Taking The High Road from the BBE class owned by Evelyn Sera RWD-Myarka Magnum Private Investigation from the Open class owned by Michael Knight & M DeWitt & N White & Ken Andis WB/BW-Pitfour Unique Iced Tease from the Open class owned by Joan McFadden and Gail Wolaniuk RWB-Lakeridge Atalanta Summer In The City-from the Open class owned by Debra Ferguson-Jones Best of Variety-Ch Dawin Hearts On Fire-owned by Linda C Campbell Best of Opposite Sex-Ch Brighton Signature owned by L’Dyne Brennan Select Dog-Ch Litilann’s Light Camer Action-owned by Leanne MacIver & Ann Rairigh Select Bitch-Ch Carlyn’s Charismatic JH- owned by Joyce Carelli & Michael Lamb & Michele Polito (from the Hunting bitch class!!) I would like to Best Puppy-Lace Snows O’Sweet Afton-owned by Georgianan M Allen thank all the wonderful Best BBE-Jaset Litilann’s Some Girls-owned by Chris Bailey & Sandra Tompkins & Ann E Rairigh

exhibitors, committee members, vendors, and the host clubs, Columbia Poodle Club and the Puget Sound Poodle Club, for such a great Regional and being perfect hosts!

InterVariety-Judge Jordan Chamberlain Best of Breed-Ch Dawin Hearts On Fire-owned by Linda C Campbell Best of Opposite Sex-Ch Brighton Signature-owned by L’Dyne Brennan Best Puppy-Lace Snows O’Sweet Afton-owned by Georgianan M Allen Best BBE-Jaset Litilann’s Some Girls-owned by Chris Bailey & Sandra Tompkins & Ann E Rairigh Best Veteran-GCH Ch CNC’s Showstopper “All The Raige”-owned by JeanMarie & Chris Robertson

Best Junior Handler each day was Lindsay Gorder from the Master Class showing her Standard, Ch Lakeridge Atalanta Summer In Paris….Great performance by both the dog and handler.

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Special Attractions with SBKC Continued FROM page 73

Bo Bengtson, who has been a world renowned sighthound personality for over half a decade, was faced with an extremely large class of tremendous quality. The winning Greyhound bitch, Ch. Grandcru Phelps Insignia, had to edge out her dam “Era” in order to qualify in the spectacular. “Era”, her dam, has enjoyed an illustrious career and won the Hound group at the AKC/Eukanuba in 2009, and the Greyhound Club of America several times. The sire of “Insignia” is Fionn Clann Paramount At Sobers. This dog, bred in Russia and owned in Italy, has had a tremendous career in Europe for many years. In 2009 “Monty” won the Purina Breeders Cup in Italy and as one of the prizes was sent to SBKC to compete. He went second in the highly competitive Foreign Bred competition in 2010 and also placed second in the Hound group all four days, but was not able to acquire a single point towards his American title. He should have been made an honorary Grand Champion just for these awards. This lovely winner of the “Spectacular” has already accounted for winning the Greyhound Club of America, but it is her lineage that is so impressive. Besides Insignia winning the “Spectacular” she was paired with her mother, “Era”, in the Breeders Showcase. As thrilled as Julie Mueller and Eugene Blake were in winning BIS at the Monday show, going second in the “Spectacular” under Bo at the initial event with their homebred GCH Aurora’s The Song And Dance Man, is a memory that will always last. Many old time Sighthound fanciers still remember George Bell winning BIS at SBKC in 1980 with the legendary Saluki bitch, “Fantasia”. It was interesting to see Bo as a leading Whippet breeder, have three Whippets of top-notch quality competing in the “Spectacular”. He awarded third place to the Whippet, Ch Solaris Saxon Shore Hypnotiq Kamio. His final cut of twelve consisted also of the BOS and BOW at the breed level. Both of these winners came from famous kennels of “Runners” and “Sporting Fields”. Fourth place went to the lovely Borzoi bitch bred by “Majenkir”. Her handler Stuart McGraw has just started her campaign. Although the total entry for Sighthounds was relatively small for the show the level of quality in the Spectacular was extremely high. Several top quality Sighthounds were not able to be pulled for the final cut of twelve. The four placements and four AOM’s all received generous prize money, but their owners and breeders were more thrilled to receive recognition in this glorious event. This year the second annual “Bullyganza” was much more successful than its initial conception. Allowing besides the breed

winner to compete, having the BOW and BOS winner allows for unknown big winners to compete. Marcelo Veras was faced with a super lineup – some big winners and some young non champions. The eventual winner was a class White Bull Terrier bitch owned by the Hon. David Merriam and Jan Dykema. This young class bitch earlier in the day won the breed under Bill Poole in an entry that included a specials dog with very impressive wins behind him. David and Jan were so excited with her placing in the group Friday and the breed win under Bill Poole was a real thrill. When this youngster captured the entire Bullyganza victory it was a surprise to all since many dogs were competing with big records behind them. This year a magnificent perpetual trophy in honor of “Rufus” was offered to honor the breeder of the highest

year in a row the all time top winning Mini Bull, “Simon” was the Reserve winner. Earlier in the day “Simon” had been edged out for the breed by a lovely white bitch. This is another example of why the BOW and BOS are eligible to compete. It allows for more depth of quality. It could happen that a certain breed could capture first, second and third in these competitions. Third place went to the Bulldog, “Ralph”, also a big time BIS winning dog. Fourth went to the young Frenchie bitch “Freda”. Marcelo, along with Larry Cournelius, quite often are competing against this bitch at major shows. What nice sportsmanship that Marcelo can recognize the quality of his competition. I am sure Patricia Shaw and Jodi Longmire greatly appreciated this recognition. This relatively young Frenchie won the breed that day in an entry of roughly seventy over other top winners. A week later she became the first black masked fawn bitch ever to go BIS in this country. Hopefully all of the AOM’s also enjoyed their recognition as the four placements did. At the conclusion of the exciting Spectacular and Bullyganza events, the main theme of the weekend, Breeder’s Showcase, commenced. In a short five years the Showcase has gained recognition, not only in this country, but has received worldwide attention. Most of the other special attractions revolve around the same theme, that being giving recognition to breeders from the States and also foreign lands. Geir Flyckt-Pedersen and Augusto Benedicto Santos, III were the two judges for Best and Reserve this year. Betsy Dale was slated as the tie-breaker judge if needed. In the five years since the inception of the Showcase the final decisions never required the tie-breaker judge. Dinky and Geir have both been involved breeding dogs since they were youngsters. Although Geir now resides in the States, his famous “Louline” breeding program was well known even while he was living in Sweden and England. It is interesting to note that both of these gentlemen got their first start in dogs with German Shepherds, like so many of our American judges also. Lynda Gall, who has been a top breeder of English Cockers, judged the Sporting group. For unknown reasons the Sporting group has always been the smallest entry of the Showcase since its inception. As an example the regular part of the show always has a much larger entry of Sporting than Terriers and yet there is always less than half the Sporting entry in the Showcase than for Terriers. The committee has always been perplexed why so few Sporting breeders show so little interest in the Showcase. Lynda awarded first place to a young pair of German Wirehaired Pointers bred by Franz Neuwirth and Christine Whitmore. Susan Hamil, of Quiet Creek Bloodhounds,


“For unknown reasons the Sporting group has always been the smallest entry of the Showcase since it inception... The committee has always been perplexed why so few Sporting breeders show so little interest in the Showcase.”

placing Bull Terrier in Bullyganza. There is also a Challenge trophy in memory of Raymond Oppenheimer and William Kendrick. These two great gentlemen did so much to develop Bull Terriers on both sides of the pond. When David Merriam won the entire competition, I could only think how proud Raymond Oppenheimer and Bill Kendrick would be of him. David has been involved in Bull Terriers for well over fifty years. Besides Bull Terrier fanciers so many others from aspects of the sport were so pleased to see David competing again and seeing his joy of a tremendous victory. How fitting that David captured the win for the “Rufus” trophy, which is a one of a kind woodcarving, by the great artist, Linda Lethin. Like the Sighthound Spectacular, Marcelo Veras made a very large initial cut in the Bullyganza. For the second

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Special Attractions with SBKC Continued FROM page 103

started in Bloodhounds close to fifty years ago. Susan had an extremely strong group of Hounds presented to her. The Hound group year after year is always one of the strongest groups in the Showcase. This year “Mrs. Elkhound”, Pat Trotter, became the victor. Pat and Vin-Melca bred Elkhounds have won the Hound group at Westminster on ten different occasions. This might be a record for a breeder. 43 years ago Pat captured BIS in the glory days of SBKC in 1970 with her famous “Vagabond”. In 1974 Pat and “Vagabond” repeated the same victory under the legendary Derek Rayne. The winning Greyhound of the Sighthound Spectacular, Insignia, was paired with her mother to capture second place in the Showcase. Third went to the Ridgebacks bred by Linda Shue and Barbara Rupert. After more years than I can remember it is wonderful to see Barbara continuing to breed top Ridgebacks. The “Barristers” Beagles of Betsy Manifold were fourth. Betsy Manifold has been a mainstay of Beagles for so long. Capturing the AOM’s were the Borzois hailing from the famous East coast “Majenkir” kennels. Six entries of Dachshunds in the showcase and Christine Erickson, “Krisaires” captured an AOM and also “Del Prado” kennel of Michelle Bedowitz. Linda Souza and daughter Jamie also won an AOM with a pair of “Limerick” Irish Wolfhounds. It has been recently released that Linda and Jamie will be the AKC/Eukanuba Hound group Breeders of the Year at this years coming show. In 2009 when SBKC instituted Breeder of the Year Honorees, Linda and Jamie were our first recipients for the Hound group. Sylvia Hammarstrom, who was very much responsible for the inception of the Showcase, judged the Working group. The Boxers bred by Kimberlie Steele became the victors. It is interesting to note that the great winning Ch R and G’s Mystical Dancer, known as ”Danny,” came out of retirement to be paired with a kennel mate for the Showcase. It is always wonderful to see some of the great winning dogs of the past come out of retirement to be shown with younger future starts of the same breeding program. Our own Connie Clark judged the Terrier group this year. Although Connie retired from handling to judge she still is breeding Wire Fox Terriers. At the initial Showcase the “Brisline” Airedales had an entry and this year Georgia McRae must have taken great pride to win the group under Connie. Connie showed a lot of Airedales including ”Cowboy,” with whom she did so much

winning. All the other placements were won by breeders of long standing known for producing top quality stock. The legendary David Fitzpatrick was presented with so many top quality dogs. Last year the “Sharbelle” Toy Poodles of Ray and Sharon Stevens were reserve in the Toy Group. This year the same pair went on to win the group. “Silly”, the bitch of this winning team, was Reserve Best at the Sunday show last year and she recaptured the Toy group at the Sunday show again. “Silly’s” owner handler Janet Lange Moses has not campaigned “Silly” heavily, but has captured so many wonderful victories. David commented on how difficult the decisions became due to the highly competitive competition. To have even won an SOM was meaningful to all the breeders.

For the first year of the “Breeders Showcase”, Bill Shelton was kind enough to judge for us. In the four years the “Coventry Pembrokes have competed it has resulted in winning the entire Showcase twice, one Reserve Best and another group first and this year an additional group placement, besides the winning Best pair. I would venture to say this record will last for years to come. The Coventry team of Bill, Becky and Steve will repeat some of these wins in future years also I’d guess. On Sunday the Foreign Bred Competition is offered and this is another way that breeders from around the world can be given recognition. The Black Standard Poodle bred in Portugal by Carlos Renau and handled by Amy Rutherford became the winner. Before Michael Gadsby and Jason Lynn let this dog leave England, he had a big career on that side of the pond. There is a son of this dog winning big now in England for Michael and Jason. “Simon”, the Mini Bull, was Reserve in the Foreign Bred competition, which was the same placement he received in the “Bullyganza” the previous day. Just before Best on Sunday was the presentation for the honorees from the seven different groups. These honorees are for individuals that have made outstanding contributions to the sport. It is mostly based on their achievements as breeders, but also includes other contributions they have done to better the sport. When you combine the contributions made by Connie Miller, Sporting; Jay Hafford & James Blanchard, Hounds: Sylvia Hammarstrom, Working; Dan Kiedrowski, Terriers; Blanche Roberts, Toys; Connie Wagner, Non-Sporting and Mary Anne Brocious, Herding, the totals are enough to write a book about. These individuals are so much responsible for why the sport continues to flourish. In closing none of this recognition awarded over the long weekend could be possible without the support of so many people. A great many individuals support the theme for breeders with financial assistance, but also bringing quality dogs from as far away as Brazil, Mexico, etc. The press media are all supportive in so many ways also. The largest Thank You has to be to Purina ProPlan. Without the great team of Pro-Plan the Breeders Showcase could never have come into being. They had faith that our “Field of Dreams” could become a reality. This year was the initial offering of the Maureen Salamone Challenge trophy for Best in the Showcase. Maureen, affectionately known as “Mo”, was so instrumental along with the Pro-Plan team partner Ann Viklund enabling the Showcase to become a great way to honor breeders. Mo not only did so much for us, but helped to do so much in many other ways for the sport. Her wonderful presence will never be forgotten by anyone who was privileged to have known her. Plans are already in play for making next year even better for all exhibitors and most important the breeders – the true backbone of the sport.


“On Sunday the Foreign Bred Competition is offered and this is another way that breeders from around the world can be given recognition.” John Reeve-Newson replaced Jean Hetherington for the Non-Sporting group. Jean had to cancel due to a last minute health issue with Bob. John found his winners to be the Bulldogs of Dennis and Terri O’Connor of “My Toys” fame. Because of “Bullyganza” competition the Bully breeds came out in force. There were eight pairs of Bulldogs entered in the Showcase. In the Showcase the Bully breeds accounted for five of the possible eight awards. Guy Jeavons, who along with partner, Mark Houston-McMillan, are world famous breeders of Shelties and Dachshunds, judged the Herding group. The “Coventry” Pembrokes not only won the group, but also captured fourth place also. Geir and Dinky certainly had some great breeding stock standing before them. After very little discussion between them the Pembrokes were crowned the winners and Reserve went to the Bulldogs. The bitch of the Bulldog pair is named “Pink” and her owner handler, Linda Scott, was “tickled pink” over the win. As the breeder, Dennis, between the Showcase and Bullyganza accumulated $1,750 from a few hours of competition and a lifetime of breeding.

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Dog News, October 11, 2013  

Dog News The Digest of American Dogs Volume 29, Issue 41 October 11, 2013

Dog News, October 11, 2013  

Dog News The Digest of American Dogs Volume 29, Issue 41 October 11, 2013

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