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22 ♦ Question Of The Week BY MATTHEW H. STANDER

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10 ♦ Editorial

CONTENTS May 14, 2010



22 ♦ Question Of The Week BY MATTHEW H. STANDER

26 ♦ An Update From The Canine Health Foundation BY CINDY VOGELS

30 ♦ The Kennel Club Explains Its Position BY DR. SARAH BLOTT & PROFESSOR JEFF SAMPSON

34 ♦ Bests Of The Week 38 ♦ Ten Questions BY LESLEY BOYES

42 ♦ Bucks, Labradoodles, China And More BY MATTHEW H. STANDER

46 ♦ True North (Strong and Free) BY ALLISON FOLEY

50 ♦ Much More Than PCA BY DESMOND J. MURPHY

54 ♦ Oodles of Poodles BY LESLIE NEWING

58 ♦ Dogue de Bordeaux Society of America National Specialty Weekend BY KARA HAMMOND

74 ♦ The Gossip Column BY MATTHEW H. STANDER

84 ♦ Click – Bucks County Kennel Club BY EUGENE ZAPHIRIS & MATTHEW H. STANDER

92 ♦ Letters To The Editor 94 ♦ Click –The Way We Were BY BETTY LAVERS

96 dog show calendar • 102 handlers directory • 104 subscription rates • 106 classified advertising • 108 advertising rates All advertisements are copyrighted and owned by DOG NEWS, Harris Publications, unless received camera-ready. Permission to reprint must be requested in writing. 4 Dog News

DOG NEWS (ISSN 0886-2133) is published weekly except the last two weeks in December by Harris Publications, 1115 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10010. Periodical Postage paid at New York.

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Robert J. Moore

The passing of Bob Moore while of little surprise due to his known illness certainly saddens the great majority of the people in the American dog fancy. Bob was a unique man, very frank and opinionated, never afraid to speak his mind. A true and loyal dog man with a sense of humor which bordered on the sardonic, one could rarely anticipate what he was going to say. A devoted family man and a Southerner to the core he was a true gentleman of the Old South who came to accept change in a civilized and positive fashion. Bob was fashioned in the mold of the “old boy” philosophy but was always progressive and encouraging to the newcomers within the sport and proved to be a true and steadfast friend to AKC and its constituency. Bob will be missed on every level the sport has to offer but most importantly his legacy of friendliness and open-mindedness in evaluating a dog’s worth will be cherished by all who had contact with him. He will be and is already sorely missed.

A Fascinating Development

Most people associated with the pure bred dog recognize the so-called Designer Dogs as being nothing more than cross breeds that have an inexplicable appeal to certain people within the dog loving public. Whatever the reason--uniqueness in looks, being different than owning what your next door neighbor or relative may own--ultimately the longtime and concerned breeders feel and perhaps intuitively believe these people will see the folly of their ways and hope that eventually they will come to own a true pure bred dog. Imagine the surprise of many therefore to read the recent May 6th posting headlined “Labradoodle Creator Has Massive Regrets Over The Craze He Started”. And well he should insofar as these pages are concerned. But in fact, and according to the interview in Paw Nation, while the breeder Mr. Conron does not regret the purpose for which he founded the dog he does regret “all the people who got on the band-wagon willy-nilly. People who are breeding poodle crosses for the money, who have no concern for parentage.” He states that the Labradoodle trend started a gold rush for unscrupulous backyard breeders with no knowledge of proper dog breeding and that you never know what you are going to get. In fact in a litter of 10 pups only three were actually allergy free!!!!! It’s like buying a pig in the poke says Mr. Conron and how right he is. It’s amazing to these pages that the other “oodle” owners are vying to have their cross breeds recognized as an official breed and that the Labradoodle people in Australia are even trying to get the Kennel Council there to officially recognize the breed. After hearing from Mr. Conron let’s hope these desires are totally denied. You know of course they should be denied and that was even before the mistakes admitted by the creator of the Labradoodle were publicly announced.

An Inbreeding Analysis

The talk about inbreeding has intensified particularly in Europe and the UK in the past 18 months. This was caused as much by the Pedigree Dogs Exposed airing as well as the Kennel Club in the UK adopting a stance against registering certain matings it considered undesirable i.e.-father -daughter. This question of inbreeding has certainly been going on in Finland for quite sometime now and the Finnish Kennel Club has established guidelines insofar as inbreeding coefficients are concerned. Starting within the next week or so DOG NEWS expects to run a two-part series on the subject from breeders in Finland and Norway. But in 10 Dog News

the meantime an analysis done by Simon Parsons in the UK appeared in DOG WORLD and is certainly worth mentioning. He compiled a four generation pedigree of top dogs in the UK using approximately 155 dogs. Ideally he would have preferred a fifth generation but did not have the time to do this. Obviously the further back one goes the more of an inter-relationship between the sire and dam there is--but in any event he feels that the four generation study gives a guide as to how closely bred dogs may be. The pedigree programs gave him an idea of the inbreeding coefficients--for instance a dog from a half-brother to sister mating but with the other grandparents unrelated would have a coefficient of 12.5 percent, a father to a daughter a 25 percent a first cousin 6.25 percent and so on. The variation among the breeds was surprising in that of the 155 dogs no fewer than 68 came from pedigrees with no ancestors in common on both sides of a four generation pedigree resulting in a coefficient of zero percent! The rest of his discovery based on the four generation pedigree were higher but comparatively still extremely low. Inbreeding in that study did not have as great an impact as one would have expected. What would happen taken to a ten generation pedigree is another story--perhaps-perhaps not. Interesting food for thought when talking to the animal rightists for sure.

The Type Versus Soundness Debate

The type versus soundness debate resounds whenever aficionados of their breed and/or certain elements within the judging fraternity meet to discuss various dogs being exhibited. This debate is unlikely to subside and is akin and linked to the whole business of whether some faults and virtues are more important than others. Some people skirt the issue by falling back on the phrase--balance. How often does one hear a judge say I look for a balanced critter. But if one does not have type or lacks in type totally why bother with breed distinction in the altogether? If an exhibit is of a good type but moves a bit close behind or pins a fraction in the front these are shortcomings which do not necessarily make a dog unsound. However an exhibit which is woefully ordinary but which moves in a straight line maybe sound but so is the cross-bred next door which is sound, has no breed type and could not reproduce to breed type. The scale of points used in many standards quantifying the degree of importance in terms of percentages is thankfully becoming less and less important in analyzing breed standards--indeed in a standard or two movement is not even mentioned. Indeed disqualifications which are no longer in existence in the UK standards are as debatable to some as is the type versus soundness debate. If nothing else these kinds of discussions are good for a great deal of thought, for sure.

Thought For The Week

If any of you needed another reason to stop smoking Steven Hansen of the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Center has given dog owners a good bit of advice. He is quoted as saying “the evidence is striking--most veterinarians believe pretty strongly secondhand smoke presents a strong danger to cats and dogs with pre-existing respiratory problems.” Although studies showing strong links between smoking and pets are limited to a few cancers, veterinary oncologist Aarti Sabhlok, who treats 40 or more cancer patients a week in San Francisco believes an “animal in an environment with constant exposure to a toxin, and that would include cigarette smoke, could be at a greater risk of developing tumors”. It may seem odd to think people who continue to smoke despite the risks to themselves and others would pay heed to a pet’s health but let’s face it we all know how the modern obsession of humanizing dogs has taken hold of American society. Perhaps people will pay more attention to their dogs’ well-being than their own and stop smoking as a result of a concern for their pets. Certainly worth the argument don’t you think? •

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No Registration Numbers

InsideOut by John Mandeville


cracked up when I saw AKC’s staff’s notice that they “will no longer publish its Litter and Dog Registration Statistics in the AKC Gazette or online.” Even inputting that sentence brought another laugh. Too bad AKC’s solving the registration collapse isn’t as easy as decreeing “we won’t tell you how bad it is.” And here I thought AKC executives had gotten beyond ostrich management. Pardon me, boys, but all that’s missing from your announcement is some rationale. Short and sweet will do. Something like: “We give up” or if some minimal explanation is thought appropriate, “We’ve tried everything including begging, but it ain’t happening, so the hell with it, we’re no longer going to embarrass ourselves.” I can’t get out of my mind AKC’s former Chief Operating Officer Nick D’Altilo’s response when yearend registration results were lousy. He solved the problem by stopping the decades long practice of publishing side-by-side the just past year’s results with the year prior to that’s. The ‘ol “If we don’t show ‘em how big our problem is, we haven’t got a problem” approach… otherwise known as delusional management. It’s no laughing matter these days but it’s a certainty AKC would give its proverbial eye teeth – to say nothing of other more tender parts – to have anywhere near the registration totals recorded in 2003, the year D’Altilo and his boss, the former submarine captain, were shown the door. Just for the record in 2003 AKC registered 915,671 dogs, not quite the Magic Million mark but 41% more than the 649,677 dogs registered in 2009. Meaning in six year’s time, exactly corresponding with AKC’s current administration’s tenure, registrations have declined a few ticks shy of one-third. Need anymore be said about why AKC’s staff doesn’t want the public to see the registration results they’re producing? Who can blame them? Just a year ago in an impassioned speech to the delegates the assertion was made, “We are going to stem the registration decline and then grow that core business.” At least unfulfilled wishful thinking hasn’t impacted job security. For certain the “AKC Registration Pledge,” et al isn’t quite getting it done. Actually registrations are falling seemingly at least as fast as they have been and if AKC’s not panicking, they’re doing a good job faking it. How else to explain John Lyons’ call for parent clubs to make it a requirement of their codes of ethics that members “practice all due 14 Dog News

diligence in order to insure the individual registration of all puppies produced by its breeders?” If comments on other breed discussion groups are anything like the two I look at John Lyons’ request has no friends. I rather like this comment, which, while much more succinct than most, fairly characterizes sentiment, “I was really creeped out by the suggestion.” Far be it for me to say given AKC’s track record – puppy mills anyone? – employing the phrase “code of ethics” to ask for anything is a bit of a stretch; but then, I think trying to legislate ethics is a losing proposition with about as much chance of succeeding as sanctimonious sermons appealing to people’s better nature. Actually, John, I think your recommendation is such a good idea I will use this column to the fullest extent possible to support it… as soon as AKC makes it a requirement before registering any litter in our breed that both the sire and the dam of the litter must have on file full blood and urine panels done within 60 days of the date of breeding. Oh, by the way, I wouldn’t expect you to do this just because I ask. But you will do it if our parent club formally requests it, won’t you? How soon can you implement? When you want to start lecturing me about my ethical responsibilities, you had better be prepared to put the weight of your registration requirements behind something that will do my breed some good. Otherwise I might think you are more interested in your pocketbook than the welfare of my breed. Well actually I know that is the case, but here’s an opportunity to prove me wrong. By the way, if you think I’m being too harsh, you ought to look at what’s being said on various breeds’ discussion list. Trying to pawn some misplaced ethical guilt trip onto breeders won’t work, although it’s entirely in keeping with AKC’s view that breeders should pay. What AKC needs is some combination carrot-and-stick system to put a dent in the 50% of dogs eligible for individual registration that are never registered. That is not a call for breeders themselves to individually register all puppies in their litters – nice addition though that would be to AKC’s coffers. An individual registration needs to be in the name/address of the individual the dog will be living with – the people who take puppies home. It would seem breeders who place their puppies with individual owners could/would/might/should – with workable incentives – play the decisive role in getting puppies individually registered. If AKC’s done any testing to make that happen, it’s escaped me. Be that as it may I have to agree with AKC serious breeders should see that all puppies are individually registered in the names of their new owners. That does not strike me as unreasonable. So, any possibility AKC can insure bitches serious breeders breed actually produce puppies? There’s a bit of magic every breeder will line up for. •

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the Way Itis by Sari Tietjen


t appears from recent postings on the Delegates-E list that there are some Delegates who desire to see the body take up the subject of permitting fee charging judges to also be eligible to serve as Delegates. Under the current Bylaws, they are declared ineligible by virtue of charging a fee for judging in addition to expenses of transportation, lodging and meals. One of the Delegates asked Jim Crowley, American Kennel Club’s Secretary and primary source of a wealth of AKC history, for a brief background of the history surrounding fee charging judges being ineligible to serve. His response is reprinted here with his permission: “The prohibition on “professional judges” becoming Delegates goes back to 1925.In December, 1925 the prohibition was added to the Dog Show rules. In February, 1933 it was moved from the rules to the bylaws. “The Board and Delegate minutes from that period were brief and succinct with little in the way of quotes or even summaries of discussion. They basically just say that the amendments were presented, published, and adopted, with no rationale given. Someone can speculate based on the time and the nature of the Delegate body at the time, but it would be educated speculation. In 1925, the body had more of a club atmosphere, being much smaller (there were 60 Delegates at the 1925 meeting when the rule was first adopted), all gentlemen, with most members considered well off, who participated in the sport solely as a hobby. There was undoubtedly some desire to keep control of the governance of their hobby in the hands of amateurs like themselves, and also of not wanting to socialize as equals with those that were in the sport as a business to make money rather than strictly as a hobby. “Professional judge “was not actually defined in the bylaws until the September, 1990 meeting. The amendment proposed included the current provision for expenses, but also provided for an allowable $100 fee. Delegates wanted to know how that concept of a fee crept into the proposal. The question arose as to whether an amendment would have to be submitted later to raise the $100 because of inflation. There was an amendment at the meeting and the provision for a $100 fee was deleted with the portion dealing with defining acceptable expenses adopted. “At the June, 2006 meeting, the Delegates considered an amendment from the Bylaws Committee, which would have eliminated the prohibition on professional judges becoming Delegates. There was a lengthy debate, and these minutes are archived on the AKC web site if anyone wants to read it. In the end, the amendment failed by a 136 for and 159 opposed vote. While the size, demographics, and motivation of the body have significantly changed since 1925, the sentiment against “professional judges“ being Delegates apparently remains just as strong 85 years later.” There are many reasons why some Delegates would like to see the subject be brought back for discussion. Some given include: a whole segment of the most active participants in the dog world being excluded from input in the deliberative process; would allow for the possibility of a more diverse group of delegates eligible to serve; might reduce the number of quick turnaround delegates who find the time and cost too prohibitive; could provide clubs with a more realistic 18 Dog News

expense for judges due to the fact that some delegate-judges pad expenses; would do away with the concept of amateur vs. professional – that one is somehow better than the other; would allow judges to use the fee portion to offset the considerable additional expenses required today for education and application; allow judges to use their fee to offset other judging expenses, including dog sitting, dry cleaning, extra air fares, hotels, etc. when flights do not go as expected; and since some dog related, income generated professions are eligible to serve (such as groomers, kennel owners, photographers and writers – to name but a few), would permit an entire group that is purposely excluded be eligible if the desire is there and a club wants them to. In addition, it must be pointed out that the term “professional” in the judging fraternity hardly results in a viable, you-can-live –off-of wage. A vast majority of our judges depend on other income to pay bills. In fact, this majority will net at the end of the year less than the $12,000, plus all expenses, that is paid by AKC to each of its Directors (it must be noted that one Director does not take a directorship fee, by his choice) each year regardless of the number of meetings attended. How is it fair to pay Directors $12,000, plus all expenses, a year and not permit Delegate-judges to charge a fee over and above direct expenses of transportation, lodging and meals? In other words, Directors have a vested interest in the outcome of proceedings even more so than any fee-charging judge!


he reason why some Delegates object to permitting fee-charging judges to be eligible to serve is the often cited conflict of interest. The theory goes that these judges (who would be in the minority as many are either too busy to serve or uninterested in Delegate proceedings) will be in a position to persuade the entire Delegate body to change the Rules that somehow would be in their favor. Then there is other aspect of wanting to have a pool of “cheap” judges for clubs to use for their panels – aside from those who wantonly pad their expenses with a wink-and-nod from other delegate-judges who serve as show chairmen and know how to work the system - just as everyone else is trying to cut costs in this economy, so too are clubs tightening their belts. And, quite frankly, the biggest stumbling block is the unsaid one of self-interest. It is believed that there are Delegates who presently serve in various capacities who would not be so chosen if there were others to select from in the Delegate body. While this may seen as harsh to some, it is an acknowledged fact by others who speak in whispers among each other! Given the changes in today’s society from that referenced by Jim Crowley in 1925, perhaps it is time for the Delegates to once again bring forth the concept of opening the Delegate body to fee-charging judges. In this rapidly changing world with the increased cost of becoming a judge, additional expenses that are absorbed by everyone involved in the process, and the rapid turnover of the delegate body, perhaps now is the time for the Delegates to revisit the subject to seek representation by a heretofore ineligible group of fanciers who are as dedicated and devoted to the sport of dogs as anyone presently serving in the Delegate body. It is time to consider ending this discrimination! •

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Dog News 21


T he

of t he Week Does AKC have a stated policy about its attitude towards HSUS or does it handle its responses to that organization on an issue by issue basis? What are your personal feelings towards HSUS?

22 Dog News

Jim Dok AKC does not have a stated policy/position about its attitude towards HSUS, or any other organization’s philosophy. The policy is to respond to specific issues that arise on an individual basis. My impression working with HSUS fifteen years ago, when the California Coalition of Companion Animal Advocates was formed, is that we worked well, providing all of the “animal advocates were sitting at the same table!” Our participation within this group prevented any adverse dog legislation from rearing its ugly head, legislatively (at the state level), throughout the State of California. Those of us involved considered this experience of value, and HSUS was a major player with AKC throughout this period. It might be interesting if “your question” was

redirected to Wayne Pacelle or Nancy Perry at HSUS with regard to any opinions they may have towards The American Kennel Club. Nina Schaefer I have never seen or heard of a stated policy -- the American Kennel Club responses, that I have heard, are generally addressed to the specific issues that HSUS promotes, rather than directly opposing the organization. My personal opinions about HSUS are probably best not put in writing. Dennis Sprung The AKC does not comment on other organizations. If an issue arises, we look at each on a case by case basis.

Fred Bock I am not aware of any stated AKC policy regarding HSUS. The AKC’s tactic has been to give local clubs research support and occasionally lobbying support to oppose HSUS proposals which are contrary to the best interests of purebred dogs. Personally, I believe that HSUS is one of the biggest con schemes ever perpetrated on the American public.

Ch. Whispering Ln’ Chasing That Sensation

“Little T “ The Number One Chinese Crested All Systems

Judge Mr. Rey Burgos 0wned By: Roy & Jo-Ann Kusumoto, T. Baldwin-Smart and Moe Miyagawa Handled By Tammy Miyagawa

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Dog News 25

An Update from the Canine Health Foundation By Cindy Vogels

As chairman of the AKC Canine Health Foundation, it gives me great pleasure to bring Dog News readers news at CHF. CHF has entered into an exciting new alliance with Pfizer Animal Health, a world leader in the industry. Our CEO, Dr. Terry Warren, has been in talks with Pfizer representatives, which recently culminated with the signing of an agreement in which Pfizer gives CHF $250,000 annually to support our primary mission of funding basic and applied research to improve the quality of life of dogs and their owners. This partnership promises to be mutually beneficial to both Pfizer and CHF. Our grants committee has been expanded to include members who combine to offer a vast knowledge of science, veterinary and human medicine, and the AKC fancy. New software has greatly streamlined the approval process. Grants director, Dr. Christine Haakansen and Board Committee Chair, Dr. Duane Butherus are to be commended for bringing CHF to the forefront of canine health research. We can all be proud that CHF is the largest funder of strictly dog research in the world, and that much of our research has far-reaching implications in the realm of human health. For the past 3 years, CHF has been honored to have AKC CFO Jim Stevens on our Board. Jim has provided CHF Treasurer, Dr. Charlie Garvin, with outstanding input, enabling CHF to weather the recent economic downturn. Investments have rebounded wonderfully marking our fiscal soundness and ensuring that our valued contributions are utilized optimally. We are ramping up our corps of volunteers, the President’s Council. Board member, Gene Mills will act as coordinator with Chair, Rita Von Pusch, to create a network of nation-wide representatives who will work together to spread the word throughout the AKC family. CHF has engaged the services of Convio, 26 Dog News

a nationally renowned company, specializing in electronic services for 501(C)(3) corporations. They have developed a plan to enhance our IT outreach including a redesign of the website. Many of you received an invitation to participate in a survey to help us in this endeavor. We thank you for your participation. You’ll be hearing more on this over the next few months. Very soon, we hope to announce our participation in a unique online poll – the Pepsi Refresh Grant Program. Sponsored by the soft drink giant, this initiative could net the Foundation $50,000. Basically, it calls on everyone to vote for CHF online daily during the month of June. More details will be coming soon. I would be remiss in not congratulating our good friends at Nestle Purina Breeder Enthusiasts as they prepare to open the new events center at Purina Farms. Scheduled to open mid-August, this state-of-the art facility will create a wonderful new venue for all kinds of dog events. We share their excitement. As we reach out beyond the dog community for support of our worthy cause, rest assured that the fancy represents the core of our mission. Without your dedication to purebred dogs, none of this could be possible, and we are truly grateful for your role in our success in helping dogs and people live healthier lives. •

Ch. Ale Kai Mikimoto on Fifth


Sends his congratulations to all of his children

and grandchildren that graced the classes at the 2010 Poodle Club of America National Specialty Especially: Daughter: 2010 Poodle Club of America Best of Breed winner


And Son: 2010 Poodle Club of America Best of Opposite Sex winner


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Dog News 29

TheKennelClub ExplainsItsPosition

(Answering A Dog News Editorial) Dr Sarah Blott (Animal Health Trust) and Professor Jeff Sampson (The Kennel Club) Breeding for Health There is no doubt that dog breeders face a more challenging prospect, when breeding for health, than fifty or even twenty years ago. The development of DNA tests for single gene disorders has become commonplace over the last few years, and the number of tests available grows at an ever increasing rate particularly since the sequencing of the canine genome in 2004. Many breeds now have multiple DNA tests available for them. In addition, a significant proportion of diseases are considered to be complex and not single gene conditions - that is they are caused by multiple genes interacting with the environment. Thus, the network of information required to make the best breeding decisions is growing increasingly complex. In this situation it is no longer easy to make breeding decisions about individual dogs without considering their relationship to other members of the breed and the importance of conserving genetic diversity. The complexity of the task will mean breeders will begin to require expert help. Health information needs to be collated and linked to pedigree information, relationships among all members of the breed need to be quantified, and advanced statistical techniques used to develop the best possible breeding strategies to ensure the breed has a healthy future. The Kennel Club Genetics Centre (KCGC) at the Animal Health Trust (AHT) aims to provide the expert help needed to address the increasing complexity involved in breeding decisions. The KCGC team includes the quantitative geneticists Dr Sarah Blott and Dr Tom Lewis, who are working on the design of breeding strategies to improve health in dogs. Their work focuses on whole breed or population approaches and the aim is to improve the overall health and welfare of breeds through the application of advanced breeding techniques. New technologies that will become available to dog breeders include estimated breeding values (EBVs), which have particular utility when dealing with complex diseases, and state-of-the-art techniques for managing the genetic diversity within breeds in order to maintain long-term health. 30 Dog News

Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) EBVs are an efficient way of assessing underlying genetic risk for complex diseases, which are diseases that are caused by the effects of multiple genes and environmental factors. This is in contrast to single gene conditions where the sole cause of the disease is genetic, not environmental, and is the result of a mutation in only one gene. EBVs provide an objective numerical assessment of the genetic status of an individual dog, which allows the relative risk of different dogs to be compared on an equal basis. EBVs take into account the fact that dogs may have been scored for a disease at different ages, and that environmental effects will be different for every individual. As a consequence, the ranking of dogs based on their EBV may be different from their ranking based on phenotype (phenotype refers to the observed disease status of the dog). By making use of EBVs breeders will be able to

accelerate progress in selecting against the disease because breeding decisions will be based on more accurate information than the phenotype alone. The calculation of EBVs requires that pedigree information and population-wide data on disease is available. Disease data must be collected on a reasonable proportion of the population, including both affected and unaffected dogs, before EBVs become effective. In addition, individual dogs must be identified and the pedigree relationships among individuals must be known. The existing BVA/ CONTINUED ON PAGE 62

Dog News 31

giambi and


Taffe and Giambi will be “playing” in a ring near you soon!


Dog News 33

The Bests oftheWeek

MAY 14, 2010

Janesville-Beloit Kennel Club - Saturday Badger Kennel Club - Sunday German Wirehaired Pointer Ch. Ripsnorter’s Mt. View Lookout Judge Mr. Jon R. Cole Judge Mrs. Susan St. John Brown Owner Kiki Courtelis, J. & H. Witt, J. Wilkinson Handler Frank Murphy Olympia Dog Fanciers Association Standard Poodle Ch. Brighton Lakeridge Encore Judge Mr. Dana L. Plonkey Owners Toni and Martin Sosnoff Handler Tim Brazier Utah Valley Kennel Club Intermountain Kennel Club Pekingese Ch. Palacegarden Malachy Judge Mrs. Michele L. Billings Judge Mrs. Kimberly Anne Meredith-Cavanna Owners Iris Love, Sandra Middlebrooks, & David Fitzpatrick Handler David Fitzpatrick Trenton Kennel Club - Sunday Bearded Collie Ch. Tolkien Raintree Mister Baggins Judge Mrs. Robert Smith Owners Ellen M. Charles, Larry & Angela Stein, Robert Lamm, Sue Ross & Lesley Woodcock Handler Clifford Steele Crawford County Kennel Club Sunday Smooth Fox Terrier Ch. J’Cobe Kemosabe Vigilante Justice Judge Mr. Lowell Davis Owners Howard & Sandra Hoffen and Phil & Amy Booth Handler Amy Booth Badger Kennel Club 15” Beagle Ch. Torquay Midnight Confession Judge Mr. Norman B. Kenney Owners Mr. & Mrs. Marco Flavio Botelho and Marcelo Chagas Handler Marcelo Chagas 34 Dog News

To report an AKC All Breed Best In Show or National Specialty Win Call, Fax or Email before 12:00 Noon Tuesday Fax: 212 675-5994 Phone: 212 462-9588 Email:

Oconee River Kennel Club Skye Terrier Ch. Cragsmoor Buddy Goodman Judge Mrs. Barbara Dempsey Alderman Owners Carolyn Koch & Victor Malzoni, Jr. Handler Larry Cornelius Wilmington Kennel Club Standard Poodle Ch. Unique Jewel in the Crown Judge Ms. Carol Reisman Owners Kathleen Stockman, Diane Keeler, Gail Wolaniuk Handler Gail Wolaniuk Big Spring Kennel Club Doberman Pinscher Ch. Horizon’s Upper Echelon Judge Mrs. Carolyn Herbel Owner Hillary Zimmerman Handler Linda George Rio Hondo Kennel Club Havanese Ch. Bellatak McDreamy Judge Mr. Robert Slay Owners John Oakes, Carole Shea, Kathy & Tom Patrick, Jane Samson Handler David Murray Caddo Kennel Club Of Texas - Sunday Chinese Shar-Pei Ch. Chaoyang Chick Magnet At Asia Judge Mrs. Murrel Purkhiser Owners Bonnie Berney & Helga Kamp Handler David Williams Olympia Dog Fanciers Association Affenpinscher Ch. Tamarin’s Top Banana Judge Mrs. Bernadette Cox Owner Myrna R. Kahlo Handler Tiffany Skinner Progressive Dog Club of Wayne County Giant Schnauzer Ch. Kenro’s Happy Hour Judge Mrs. Dennis Kniola Owner Robin Greenslade Handler Phil Booth

White Mountain Kennel Club Saturday & Sunday Smooth Coat Chihuahua Ch. Lugari Holiday Rocco Judge Dr. Sophia Kaluzniacki Judge Dr. Arthur Sorkin Owner Ivan Lugo Handler Paula Murray Big Spring Kennel Club - Saturday German Wirehaired Pointer Ch. Aspendel’s Pale Rider Judge Mrs. Robert Forsyth Owners Betsy Watkins, Robert Perry & S. Ferraro Handler Karen Newman Spirit of the Heartland Kennel Club English Springer Spaniel Ch. Wil-Orion’s Twenty Twenty Judge Mr. John Medeiros Owners L. Green, E. Jesseman E. & J. Johnson Handler Jody Paquette Gateway Toy Dog Club Manchester Terrier Ch. Heaven Hi’s Cornerstone Judge Mr. Robert Sturm Owner Bradley Jenkins Handler Terry Smith Newfoundland Club of America National Special Ch. Skipper’s Emenence King Of Helluland Judge Mr. Charles Olvis Owners Laura Vande Ven & Peggy Helming Handler Laura Vande Ven English Cocker Spaniel Club of America National Specialty Ch. Majestics Keeping the Drama Judge Mr. James Covey Owners Sheri Bechtold-Johnson and Kay and Doug Belter Handler Laura King American Maltese Association National Specialty Ch. Rhapsody’s Regarding Henry Judge Mr. William Cunningham Owner & Handler Tonia Holibaugh

Dog News 35

36 Dog News

Dog News 37


What is your favorite dog show moment exclusive of a win?


When Barbara Miller said “Yes” to Suzie Kipp to give Demetrio first call in the Terrier Group over her Norfolks for 3 years. That “Yes” allowed him the opportunity to make history in the Breed.


If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

Fabulous!! Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

I would like to be less of a perfectionist. I have a tendency to take things too seriously, and that just makes life a bit harder.


To be a professional Which dancer. talent would you most like to have?


Who is your real life hero or heroine?

My Mother . She was able to convince my father to let me move at the age of 17 from Brazil to the USA to pick up dog poop.

6 7 Other people think I am: Stuck Up

How would you describe yourself in a personal ad?

I would say full of life, hard worker, determined and, of course, stylish.

8 9 What was your most embarrassing moment at a dog show?

Unfortunately, this happened not long ago when I was at the York, PA show and went to put a dog in the public ex pens. I had to witness a drunk woman peeing in the ex-pens. That was not just embarrassing but a HORRIFYING visual. I almost needed therapy after that experience.

Which judge, no longer alive or judging, do you miss the most? Annie Rogers Clark

10questions What do you miss the most at dog shows? To be naive and think the best dog should win regardless of the handler, owner and/or the politics behind it. I wish I didn’t know half of what sometimes goes on behind the ribbons.

38 Dog News

Asked of Marcelo Regis Santiago Born: Fortaleza, Brazil

Resides: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Marital Status: Happily Single

By Lesley Boyes

” y w e “Ch

The Outstanding Lakeland Terrier with Beautiful Reach and Drive

Group First • Judge Mrs. Elaine Mathis

Multiple Best In Show Winning

Ch. Talydales Friend Of The Force Breeder/Owner Sheri Smith

Handlers Michael & Michele Kemp 724 448-4104 Dog News 39

40 Dog News

Dog News 41


am a self-confessed “Bucksophile”. I dare say I find the Bucks County Kennel Club to be one of my favorite if not my favorite show of the year. From the surrounding countryside to the venue to the overall congenial attitude and tradition it represents, it’s hard to find, for me, a more appealing event.


Bucks, Labradoodles, China...

by Matthew H. Stander


nd I am happy to report under the leadership of Helma Weeks and her very competent committee members the magic continues. The weather was typical Bucks--thunderstorm in the early am--then sunny and hot and then very atypically windy and cold-to the point very few people in attendance for the finale swept by the number two dog in the country the Irish Setter bitch. This is only the second Irish Setter since show records are kept to have won this event, the first being Major O’Shannon in 1970 handled by Tommy Glassford. One very nice point at the show was to see Virginia Hampton, whose family was so influential in the very beginning of the show’s existence to make it as prominent as it became. Of course the ensuing Jo Deubler years were what we all remember and cherish but the Hampton influence certainly must not be forgotten either. Overall entries at Bucks were higher than last year as was Trenton the next day. You know in this day and age when clubs are attempting to save money due to expenses one would hope to find cooperation amongst neighboring clubs. While some judges were shared between the two clubs I find it hard to imagine that a esprit de corps will continue unless of course there is a major change in attitude by some of the Sunday officials. It seems to me everyone should be working together rather than at odds particularly CONTINUED ON PAGE 70

Bucks County KC photos by Matthew H. Stander & Eugene Z. Zaphiris

42 Dog News

The Ones Keep Coming and Coming!


Can. Ch. & AKC Ch. & CKCSC USA Ch. Mondrian V.H. Lamslag of Piccadil RE

Our appreciation to Judge Mr. Fred Bassett for this Group First Win!

National Specialty Winner 2010 Number 1 Cavalier 2008*, 2009**, 2010* Top Ten** Toy Only being shown selectively! With 12 Best In Shows! Always shown naturally by

Owner-Handler Janet York *The Dog News Top Ten List, All Breed

**All Systems

Dog News 43

Absolutely Smooth Fox Sneek a Peek at What Happened the Sacramento Weekend Best Terrier Northern California Terrier Club Judge Ms. Betsy Dale Best In Show Sacramento Kennel Club I Judge Mrs. Houston Clark Best In Show Sacramento Kennel Club II Judge Mrs. Cindy Vogels

Owner J. W. Smith Absolutely Smooth Fox Terriers 00 44 Dog News

Breeders Joan & Mark Taggart THE DOG NEWS ANNUAL

Handlers Edward & Lesley Boyes Grass Valley, California 530.272.4940


Judges Mrs. Cindy Vogels and Ms. Sandra Goose Allen

Multiple All Breed Best In Show & Specialty Winner

Ch. Slyfox Sneaks A Peek THE DOG NEWS ANNUAL

Dog Dog News News 00 45

True North (Strong and Free)

by Allison Foley


Am Can Gch Vetset Happy Days, one of two Canadian Standard Poodles to win the coveted Award of Merit at Poodle club of America

anadians. We have a reputation for being “nice”. I think after the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver we can also be called proud Canadians. There is a little known fact that Canadians are everywhere! Just when you think that you are safe another one pops up! You may not notice us right away, we have the ability to blend into the woodwork, and when you do figure us out you are not appalled or shocked like you were when they substituted soy milk for your regular milk, because unlike that nasty surprise we are, after all “nice”. Where are these hidden Canadians? They are everywhere. John Roberts, host of American morning on CNN, Canadian. Peter Jennings brought you the news for many years on ABC, Canadian. Mike Lazaridis (he invented your Blackberry), Canadian. Mike Meyers, Michael J Fox, Sydney Crosby, Steve Nash, Celine Dion? Canadian, Canadian, Canadian. What about the dog show world? Number 2 dog of all Breeds Currently in the USA; Ch Shagadee Caught Red Handed is handled by Canadian Adam Bernardin! Also in the top ten all breeds, the Boxer “Scarlett” Canadian Bred. The Standard Poodle, Ch Dawin Spitfire owned and bred in Canada. The Shih Tzu “Austin” handled by another Canadian friend Luke Ericht. Oh and the list could go on. Recently I was at Poodle Club of America in Salisbury, MD. Best In Show was the Standard Poodle bitch Brighton Lakeridge Encore, she was beautiful, everyCONTINUED ON PAGE 72

46 Dog News

Dog News 47

48 Dog News

Dog News 49

by Desmond J. Murphy

Much More Than PCA

Historically And To The Present


s a very young teenager living very close to Garden City, Long Island, I would always have the opportunity to attend PCA. After all there were so many days to the school year and only one day of the year for PCA. My most vivid recollection from my early PCA’s was watching the great lady, Carol Dewey, award Ch. Tedwin’s Top Billing the Variety and then also BOB. “Billy” became number one all breed dog in 1962 and number two in 1963. Frank Sabella piloted “Billy” to BOB at PCA and again in 1965 under the wonderful Poodle lady, Kate Staples, who along with Flora Bonney owned the Tally Ho Kennels. The wonderful Mini bitch, Ch. Tally Ho Tiffany, also handled by Frank went BIS at Santa Barbara in 1971. “Billy” and Frank enjoyed many great wins including Santa Barbara Kennel Club in 1962 when the show was one of the three most prestigious shows in America. Now 47 years later I found PCA to be even more magical than ever. Someone asked me if I knew of any other National to be quite like PCA. I really believe it is a one of a kind event. It is one of the very few Nationals that have not been hurt by the economy. This year the entry is just about the same as it has been for the last 10 years, while so many Nationals have declined. Glenna Carlson was once again Chairman and has a very large committee. Due to endless hours of dedication they make this a world class event. The venue is wonderful and the committee organizing it does so to its best advantage in all areas for the handlers, exhibitors, spectators and most importantly for the dogs, who bring us all the ultimate enjoyment. Hans J. Brunotte, of Ontario, Canada, had the great honor of judging BOB and Intervariety competition. This was the first time a member of PCA was not the judge for BOB. Hans and his wife, the lovely Andrena, were the first handlers of the brown Toy dog, Ch. Lorimars I’m A Dandee. This little Toy was number one all breed dog in Canada in 1963. “Dandee” then came to the states where his new owner Bob Levy piloted him to 70 BIS’s. It was in 1966 that Virgil Johnson awarded “Dandee” the Toy Variety. Watching Andrena judge Toys 44 years later did bring back lots of memories of “Dandee” to many of the old-timers. The Miniature Variety had the good fortune to have Beverly Jean Nelson adjudicating. Beverly is from Edmonds, Washington and her Miniatures have enjoyed much success over a long period. Everyone especially enjoyed watching her judging. 50 Dog News

Her flowing spirit, while examining the dogs and watching them move, was contagious to the onlookers. She treated every Miniature as if she was going over “Top Billing” and every handler as if they were Frank Sabella. Beverly must have been pleased that the quality of Mini’s was up this year. It was rewarding to see this Variety making a comeback. Michael Dachel was in charge of Standards, and like his fellow judges, was a first time assignment at PCA. Michael worked for Bill Trainor, who handled for the legendary “Harmo Kennels”. In the six year period between 1964 through 1969 we saw Harmo bred dogs win the Miniature variety three times. Sorry to say at the peak of their breeding program Harmo was wiped out by P. R. A. which also devastated so many other leading Miniature breeding programs. There two kennels from a historical point, that I have to single out. They are “Ale Kai” and “Dassin”. 48 years ago, in 1962, Ch. Alekai Pikake won Standards under the legendary Mrs. Hayes Blake Hoyt. Mrs. Hoyt was truly the first lady of the Poodle world. Mrs. Hoyt was the first woman to win BIS at Westminster. This was the Standard, Ch. Nunsoe Duc de la Terrace of Blakeen. At the Morris and Essex show of 1940 her home bred Standard, Ch. Blakeen Jung Frau, went BIS over 4,027 entries. Mrs. Hoyt was interested also in Miniatures and Toys. She sent the Miniature, Ch. Blakeen Oscar of the Waldorf, to England. This dog not only became a champion, but also a very influential sire of white Miniatures in England. In 1947 her Miniature, Ch. Blakeen Christable, was top dog in the USA. The black Toy she bred, Ch. Blakeen King Doodles, won a dozen bests in 1955. The following year another dog she bred became number one dog in America. This was the white Toy dog, Ch. Blakeen Ding Ding. From 1932 to 1943, Blakeen dogs won seven Varieties at PCA. It was not until 1962 that Mrs. Hoyt judged her first and only assignment at PCA. So it is of very special meaning that she was the one to bestow the Ale Kai Kennel their first win at PCA. From 1962 up until today the Ale Kai Kennel has been a dominating force at PCA. This year Ch. Ale Kai Miki Moto On Fifth, who went BOB in 2002 sired not only the breed winner but also the breed BOS winner. This is most likely the first time this has ever occurred. CONTINUED ON PAGE 78


MOOSE “...the Chesapeake is a strong, well balanced, powerfully built animal of moderate size and medium length in body and leg, deep and wide in chest, the shoulders built with full liberty of movement.”

GROUP FIRST Thank You Judge Ms. Linda More

GROUP SECOND Thank You Judge Mrs. Jean Fournier


CH. MUD CREEK RED MOOSE Owned By Larry & Diana Lentz

Bred By Kathy & Jeffery White *The Dog News Top Ten List - breed points

Presented By Correy Krickeberg And Owner Larry Lentz Dog News 51

y d d u

B ch.


owners carolyn koch victor malzoni, jr. handlers larry cornelius marcelo veras breeders eugene z. zaphiris matthew h. stander

52 Dog News


The Number One* Skye Terrier and Number Four* Among All Terrier Breeds In his last 15 shows, 15 Group Firsts and Four Best In Shows including last weekend under Judge Mrs. Barbara Dempsey Alderman

Judges Mr. Roger Hartinger and Mrs. Paula Hartinger *The Dog News Top Ten List - All Breed points

Dog News 53

OODLESOF POODLES Story and Photos by Leslie Newing

The Poodle Club of America was welcomed by the town of Salisbury, Maryland, for the sixth year for its National Specialty. Signs adorned the entire town with welcome messages. Many restaurants even had drinks named for Poodles, or discounts on meals for attendees. The town in so many ways welcomed us with its outstanding hospitality. Our show was again chaired by Glenna Carlson , assisted by Arthur Foran, a remarkable team that makes things run like clock work. Flowers ere placed around the rings, with no details left to the imagination. The ring was the image of a well-manicured estate, with a touch of class for the Poodles to compete in performance or conformation events. Missy Galloway handled the landscaping on real grass, again outdoing herself. For the ďŹ rst time, PCA offered, for a fee, live streaming video so that people around the world could watch the National on line as it happened. With these advances in technology, the rings had TV screens around the arena allowing people grooming dogs to see what was happening in the rings. This permitted groomers readying for the next class as well as those unable to attend the event this year to watch the Poodles in the conformation events.

Our National began with tracking on Friday April 23. Tracking Dog Excellent tests were held in Elkton, Maryland, chaired by Mrs. Joan Scott. This was the second year that PCA held a tracking event at our National. On Saturday and Sunday the Retriever Hunting Test took place in Rhodesdale, Maryland. Dana Stewart, Linda Miller and Joyce Carelli chaired the PCA Working tests. A lovely Purina-sponsored Hunt Dinner followed these on Saturday. After two days in the elements, exhibitors and Hunt fanciers could relax and enjoy themselves after another successful weekend. Monday we began with Agility at the Wicomico Youth and Civic Center in Salisbury, Maryland, chaired by Debbie West,


54 Dog News

Dog News 55

LET’S TOAST SCOTCH Ch. Black Watch On The Rocks

12th consecutive generation Best In Show Lakeland Terrier

Breeders/owners: Capt. Jean L. Heath & Dr. William H. Cosby, Jr. BLACK WATCH, Reg. 663 East Angela Street Pleasanton, California 94566 56 Dog News

Co-Breeder/Co-owner: Mrs. Susan R. Atherton SATHGATE 76535 Florida Avenue. Palm Desert, California 92211

The Number One* Lakeland Terrier, All-Breed System

Thank you Judges Mr. Pete Dawkins, Best In Show Judge, Mr. Elliott Weiss, Breed and Group Judge and Susi Atherton, Breeder/Owner/Handler. What an honor for Scotch to achieve this historical win under two great men! Congratulations to Susi Atherton for developing Scotch into a ďŹ ne show dog and for her commitment to excellence in conditioning and handling! Dog News 57

DDBSANational SpecialtyWeekend by Kara Hammond

The Dogue de Bordeaux Society of America (DDBSA) hosted its 13th annual National Specialty weekend April 15-18 in Perry, GA. For the first time in the club’s history, the Specialty weekend was held in conjunction with an AKC cluster and we couldn’t have asked for a better reception from the host clubs of the Peach Blossom Cluster. To our all-breed judges, Michelle Billings, Charles Olvis, and William Shelton, we extend sincere appreciation for a “job well done” and “thank you” to the AKC representatives who paid us visits over the weekend to ensure our needs were being met. They certainly were. Throughout the weekend, we were hosted in a spacious, well air-conditioned building with plenty of space for our large dogs as well as for the very popular DDBSA Rescue raffle and fundraising tables. We were pleased so many judges chose to join us during the weekend for ringside mentoring; we thank you and hope you learned a lot about our special breed. We are fortunate in that the mood of our Specialty has taken on a sense of family; many of us look as forward to seeing friends from other parts of the country as we do the dogues. In an otherwise competitive setting, how lucky we are to enjoy such camaraderie. In addition to the three days of all-breed shows leading up to Sunday’s Specialty, our weekend was full of festive events including our 1st Annual Top Twenty-Five Invitational. Eleven of the top twenty-five Dogue de Bordeaux from 2009 competed under Judge Judith Goodin for the Best in Event honor. After narrowing the class, Judge Goodin selected CH Gargoyles Brando T Beefcake, bred, owned, and handled by Vickie Saez, as her winner. Following the Invitational, the DDBSA paid tribute to members and dogues at our Awards Banquet Dinner. This year, new lifetime achievement awards were introduced to recognize those members and dogues who have distinguished themselves through unmatched achievements and contributions to the breed. Of particular note were the Friend of the Dogue Award given to Kathi Cannon for her selfless work on behalf of breed rescue; the Ambassador Award earned by Mount Sinai’s Bella Jade for her positive impact on the breed’s reputation; and the Good Sportsman Award given to club cofounder, Andrea Switzer-Bialoblocki, for her years of dedication to the welfare of the breed, the club, and its members. Other events throughout the weekend were the Puppy Sweepstakes Competition, judged by Holly 58 Dog News

Scott, and Futurity judged by Carl Vitner. 16-month Versailles Aminah De Redline, owned by Michelle Oliveira, was the Best Puppy in Sweepstakes winner while 9-month Snapper Creek’s She’s An Indie Rocker, bred by Linda Pacioretty and owned by Kara Hammond, took the Best in Futurity award. In addition to the competitions of the weekend, Dogue de Bordeaux owner and club member, Dr. M.J. Hamilton used the opportunity to collect blood from canine donors to assist with The Canine Hereditary Cancer Consortium. According to Dr. Hamilton “this


Dog News 59

60 Dog News

Dog News 61

TheKennelClubExplainsItsPosition CONTINUED FROM PAGE 30

KC health screening schemes (e.g. hip and elbow dysplasia) provide ideal starting points from which to develop EBVs. It is also possible for Breed Clubs to collate breed-wide health data and for this to be used as the basis of an EBV scheme. EBVs for syringomyelia and mitral valve disease in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are being developed in this way. EBVs can be obtained for all dogs in a breed – in the first instance this will be all KC registered dogs of that breed. They can be calculated for most dogs even if they have not been health screened themselves, as long as they are related to enough dogs that have been screened. The EBV of puppies at birth will be half the EBV of their sire plus half the EBV of their dam. A puppy’s EBV may be modified in the light of its own subsequent clinical record or screening results, by information coming from other relatives and eventually by information from its progeny. As information accumulates the accuracy of the dog’s EBV will increase. Managing genetic diversity for long-term health Historically dog breeds have been developed from a limited number of founder individuals and there has been limited gene flow or introduction of individuals from outside the breed. This is referred to as a ‘closed’ or ‘genetically isolated’ population and over time the amount of genetic diversity within the population will decline. The speed at which diversity is lost depends on the effective population size or the number of individuals contributing to the genetic pool. This will depend on the number of individuals used for breeding, the numbers of offspring they have, and how many of those offspring go on to be used for breeding themselves. While the decline of diversity cannot be arrested it can be controlled to within manageable limits using a state-of-the-art genetic method called ‘optimum contributions theory’. The quantitative geneticists at the KC Genetics Centre are exploring how this theory could be applied to dog breeding and hope to demonstrate the advantages that it will bring. Controlling the loss of diversity is important because reduced diversity often brings with it a higher risk of new inherited diseases emerging. It also leads to inbreeding depression which results in reduced fertility and general health. In extreme situations this can lead to the extinction of a species or a breed. Managing diversity loss is, therefore, a strategy that helps to ensure the risk of future disease and loss of viability is minimised. The first step is to understand the current diversity within breeds, and a review of all KC recognised breeds is being carried out by the quantitative geneticists at the KC Genetics Centre. It will include calculating basic population statistics as well as estimating the rate of inbreeding over the last 30 years. This will provide a benchmark from which to develop future breeding strategies for each breed. 62 Dog News

New tools for dog breeders Tools to assist breeders with making decisions based on the genetic risk of disease, and to help with the management of diversity, will be built into the KC Online Services. There is currently a web-page where official KC health test results can be looked up for individual dogs, the Health Test Result Finder ( public/health/search/Default.aspx). As EBVs become available they will be added to the system and, in addition, it will be possible to look up a dog’s inbreeding coefficient and the predicted inbreeding of a planned mating. As these additional tools are added to the system it will evolve into a more sophisticated Mate Select Program, giving breeders all the information they need at their fingertips but in an easyto-use format. In effect, an advanced dating system for dogs! Mate Select will be helpful in allowing breed experts (those who care and have knowledge) to make their own judgments armed with better information, while at the same time steering the less well informed breeders, who currently mate dogs with no great plan in mind, towards choices which will help stem the erosion of genetic diversity. Breeding for health requires the assimilation of a considerable amount of data and for breeders and Breed Clubs to work together towards a common aim. It seems timely for all breeders to critically examine the situation in their own breed and to take advantage of the health screening and expert breeding advice that is currently available to them. In this way, today’s dog breeders will be well on the road to understanding the health issues faced by their breeds and starting to take rapid steps towards a healthier future for their dogs. CONTINUED ON PAGE 66

*The Dog News Top Ten List - All Breed **From the AKC Standard

Dog News 63

64 Dog News

Dog News 65

The Kennel ClubExplains ItsPosition CONTINUED FROM PAGE 62

IT developments at the KC Clearly these new developments will represent major new tools to aid future dog breeders develop breeding programmes that will not only limit the spread of inherited disease to future generations, but do so in a way that will have a minimum impact on the breed’s population structure. The new Mate Select Programme will have its platform on the KC web site and will draw directly from information stored on the KC registration database for assessing the outcome of proposed matings. The work thus far demonstrates the central role that the KC registration database will play in these new, exciting developments and it is essential that the database’s functionality grows to keep pace with progress. At the moment, we store a limited amount of health information on the database of individual, registered dogs: hip scores, elbow grades, eye test results and the outcome of official DNA testing schemes are recorded for dogs that have participated in the testing programmes. Work is already underway to greatly expand the registration database to act as a more comprehensive store of health information on individual, registered dogs. As pointed out above, disease data must be collected on a reasonable proportion of the population, including both affected and unaffected dogs, before effective EBVs can be calculated; greatly expanding the health information storage capacity of the registration database will be an essential component in ensuring that EBVs can be calculated for a broader range of diseases that affect today’s breeds. Once created, we then have to think of ways of populating the database with new health information, and the KC has extensive plans on how this will be achieved. One of the first sources of additional health information that the KC hopes to draw on are the numerous breed-specific health screening schemes which are currently run by the breed clubs, who maintain their own database of tested dogs. The value of these schemes has already been amply demonstrated by the scientists in the Kennel Club Genetics Centre who have calculated EBVs for syringomyelia and mitral valve disease using the CKCS Breed Clubs’ own databases. Breed Clubs with their own health databases will be able to deposit the results of all of their tested dogs onto the dogs’ KC registration database, opening up the possibility of calculating a whole new tranche of EBVs. Hopefully, this new health information will then become available to the Health Test Result Finder, thereby greatly enhancing its usefulness to individuals wishing to learn more about the health of a particular dog. However, we have very firm ideas of how we can harvest new health information on individual dogs and therefore populate the newly created fields for health information on the KC registration

66 Dog News

database. We will develop what is being called a ‘Health Data Post Box’ on our web site. This will allow individual owners and breeders to report health issues about one of their dogs in a secure environment. At the moment, we envisage this new post box giving the opportunity for a breeder/owner to submit details of a new health screening test result, the age and cause of death, if known, and the diagnosis of a new health condition of a named, registered dog. Crucially, breeders/owners will need to provide the name and contact details of their vet and permission for the KC to contact the vet, if necessary. In this way we will be able to ensure that only correctly diagnosed information is finally deposited on the dog’s registration details. To complement the new Health Data Post Box, we will also develop regular breed club health surveys, using the newly created breed club health coordinator network. These will likely occur every two years and will provide health information on named dogs in the previous two year period. The questionnaires will be kept simple and invite individual breed club members to submit the sort of health information that is covered by the Health Data Post Box. Again, individual questionnaire returns will require the name and contact details of the appropriate vet and permission for the vet to be contacted to clarify and verify some of the information provided. Since this approach is envisaged to take place on a reasonably regular basis, it means that we will be able to accumulate health information on an individual dog throughout its life time. Additional sources of new health information that are also being investigated might be the outcome of insurance claims, the treatments records of organisations like PDSA and, possibly, direct contact from vets that treat individual dogs. So, challenging times ahead for dog breeders. Not only will they have to think carefully about the impact that a proposed mating will have on the litter produced, ensuring that the puppies will have the best chance of being of the correct breed type and temperament and being healthy, but they will also have to assess the impact that the litter will have on the breed’s overall genetic population structure. The assessments that will need to be done to select the correct mating pairs will become increasingly complex and the KC is committed to working closely with its Genetic Centre at the Animal Health Trust to provide new tools that breeders will be able to use to move to this next phase of responsible dog breeding. •


CH. ISLEDOX TRACTOR TUG A kiss for luck... Fond Du Lac Kennel Club Saturday April 24, 2010 Best In Show Judge Mr. Eric Ringle Best of Variety/ Hound Group Judge Mr. Stephen Hubbell

...and we’re on our way!!

Thank you for making this such a memorable day!

Owner/Breeder Faith W. Overdahl Isledox Co-Owner Marylou Mader Handler Debbie L. Melgreen P.H.A.

We’ve only just begun!! Dog News 67

Ch. Clussexx See You Alligator Takes a Bite Out of Summer Breeders Doug Johnson Jeane Haverick Wayne and Kellie Holbrook Presented by Laura King Assisted by Alex Romero OWNERS Beth Dowd Tracey Garvey Gail Drucker Jeane Haverick Kellie Holbrook 68 Dog News

Later Alligator

Group First Judge Mrs. Judy Webb

Dog News 69


in administrative areas. I did not attend Trenton, which I understand had its problems with the wind and delayed judging by an hour without playing catch-up and then had the misfortune of a Group judge becoming ill whilst judging most of the group which then had to be totally rejudged. The result being a show ending at about 7:30 PM--the eventual winner being the lovely Bearded Collie. I was fascinated to be sent the article posted on May 6th that the man who started the Labradoodle craze now has MASSIVE REGRETS over starting this crossbreed of dog. Claiming they do not breed true and that too many people are in it for just the money and that you never know what you are going to get out of a given litter, it’s good to hear he has finally seen the light. Of course most reliable breeders have always realized that these are nothing but expensive crossbreeds with an appeal no doubt but a mixed breed of dog nonetheless. Now then there’s nothing wrong with owning a mixed breed but these Labradoodle people and all those other ‘doodle’ people should be held accountable to the fact that what they are breeding are not breeds of dog but crossbreeds of dogs and stop this false kind of publicity. I mean in Australia they have formed a Labradoodle Association demanding breed recognition by the Kennel Council Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous? One last thought has to do with AKC’s refusal to consider recognition of a Chinese kennel club since none has been around for the 15-year time period a Board of long ago established. Some Board obviously as a practical matter decided to recognize some of the SSR breakaway kennel clubs, some of which did not meet the 15-year time basis probably to accommodate FCI as well as the desire of some to judge in those countries. Well, practically and from a monetary standpoint alone, recognizing a kennel club in China makes a lot of sense since there is a huge potential for AKC to make money from registering dogs in China. But also consider the plight of people who buy dogs born in China--look to the letters to the editor in this week’s column--isn’t there a way to accommodate these people as well? One would certainly hope so. •


Bucks, Labradoodles, China...

70 Dog News

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True North (Strong and Free) CONTINUED FROM PAGE 46

thing anyone could wish for and handled by Canadian Tim Brazier, (I believe this makes Timmy only the 3rd person to ever win PCA a total of 4 times) Best in Show was judged by Poodle Club of America member and Canadian Hans Brunotte! And the Lovely Mrs Andreana Brunotte (of course Canadian) judged Toy poodles there as well! It was like a very friendly invasion. And why am I making a point of this? Well not only is it the focus of this column but also I want to bring our attention, in a positive light on the Canadian Dog fancy. We are proud Canadians that make an impact on the North American (and world) dog stage, whether as breeders, exhibitors, judges, or the dogs themselves. Yes our kennel club is going through some rough times, but in this economical downturn (soon to be upturn) who isn’t? The Canadian Kennel Club is making positive changes and it is already seeing the results. Already the CKC has laid off 6 employees with another 3 layoffs scheduled for this week. Although this is sad for the loyal employees it has allowed for a 14% payroll reduction within the CKC and 15% payroll deduction for APEX. Printing and mailing equipment is being changed for a savings of about $22,000.00 monthly. As the office staff is being reduced a plan is being formulated to sub let the extra office space. All in all it is a positive message. In the past weeks there have been 16 all breed shows in Canada in 5 very different locations. These shows were so spread out from one another (remember that Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world) that you would have to fly from city to city if you were to attend more than one venue on one weekend. Best in shows in Iberville, Quebec, at the Club Canine de L’estrie, under Janet Lobb and Doug Gaudin was the Sheltie bitch Am Can GCh Shelhaven Sweet Seduction, CGN. These wins helped Olivia to reach #8 of all breeds along with her #1 Sheltie and #1 Herding dog status. The lovely Saluki bitch GCh Windstorm Taliah el Sirhan won the other BIS under Avery Gaudin. In Ontario there were 3 all Breed Shows hosted by the Victoria County KC. Winning BIS the first day under Charlie Cyopik was the Miniature Smooth Dachshund Ch Grandgables Wee Mr Red Thorn. Under Donald Fitzsimmons was the Frenchie puppy sensation Ch Petite Cherie Savoir Faire at Foxmoor, I think this makes 2 all breed best in shows for this young lady. And rounding out the BIS wins under Kim Ramey-Leblanc was the Beagle Carbon Willis Bold and Beautiful. In Northern Ontario, all the way up to Thunder Bay, the Lakehead KC hosted a 3 day event. The winners there included, under Michael Shoreman the American Cocker Spaniel (here we have American and English Cocker Spaniels) Ch Begays Abby Kadabby. Rosemary Shoreman choose the Samoyed Ch Selende of Inn Wang San KR and Thomas Touzel chooses the Cairn Terrier puppy for BIS Warkshire’s Liam of the Mist. And finally in northern British Columbia the Lakes District Kennel Club hosted 4 all breed dog shows over 2 72 Dog News

days. The winner of 3 of the bests under Leslie Rogers, Donna Cole and John Rowton was the Karelian Bear Dog Ch TsarShadows I Speak of War. The Clumber Spaniel Ch Tricklecreeks Make a Memory foiled the sweep by going BIS under Jacqueline Rusby. The Race for top Dog hasn’t changed much in the last month or so, just a few small changes.

The top 10 dogs all breeds as of May 6, 2010 according to Canuck dogs are. #1 Standard Poodle GCh Classique Scaramouche #2 Cavalier KCS Ch Shirmont Rhapsody in Blue #3 Irish Setter GCh Captiva’s Turning Heads #4 Siberian Husky Ch Mistral de Ciukci #5 Pug Ch Xoe’s Oscar de la Hoya #6 Gordon Setter Ch Raggededge Joyride to Kerricreek #7 PBGV Ch Soletrader Bjorn Borg #8 Sheltie GCh Shelhaven Sweet Seduction #9 Standard Poodle Ch Hillwood Ale Kai Dynamo #10 Westie Ch Blythfell Fergus Exciting upcoming events in Canada include the Canadian Professional Handlers Association hosting the Annual Top Ten Dinner, this year benefitting the Dog Legislation Council of Canada, September 3 2010 at the Historic Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Also the Junior handling National Competition will be held the weekend of November 27th 2010 in Calgary, Alberta. This will be in conjunction with the Calgary Kennel and Obedience Club shows. Halifax and Calgary are geographically far apart and characters of each city is vastly different but believe me when I tell you that both cities are great places to visit where the people are friendly and you would certainly have a great time. If you are thinking of coming to Canada for a holiday with or without your four-legged friend please do. A good website to check for all dog show related information is Canuck dogs at Hope to see you soon! •

Multiple National Specialty & Multiple Group Winning

Ch Bruno Della Vecchia Roma Bruno is the Number One Neapolitan Mastiff All Systems News Flash! Group First Jefferson County Kennel Club Judge Mr. Dana Cline

News Flash! Group First Spirit Of The Heartland Kennel Club Judge Dr. Ronald Spritzer

Best of Breed - AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Judge Mrs. Christina Hubbell

Owners: Janice E. Wolf DVM (806) 367-0003

Expertly handled by Anthony D. Gurrola, Jr. (806) 367-0606 Dog News 73


Gossip column

JEFFERY DEAVER, the novelist who weaves so much suspense (not Briard hair) into his books and keeps his readers guessing about the endings, took all the guess work out of his age…as last week friends gathered for his 60th birthday celebration. Hosted by MADELYN WARCHOLIK, the guests included GEIR & NENNA FLYCKTPEDERSEN, BOB & CANDY SLAY, DAVE & ELLEN ROBERTS, DENNIS MCCOY, RANDY GARREN, JACKIE BEAUDOIN, TINA YUHL, KAY & RALPH TRIPP, AL & PATRICIA CHEAURE, ROBIN & CINDY STANSELL, LISA SARVAS & ADRIANO ROCHA and STEVE ROBINSON & GRACE HOLCOMB. Friends and family gathered

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By Eugene Z. Zaphiris

at the Manhattan home of KAREN LEFRAK to remember and celebrate the life of native New Yorker RICHARD BAUER. Among those walking across the street from the LEFRAK home into Central Park, where RICHARD spent many days as a child, were BLAIR PRENTISS, RICHARD’S sister GAY BAUER, LYDIA & DWIGHT HUTCHINSON, MARI-BETH O’NEILL, JIMMY MITCHELL, MARTI & MICHAEL PAWASARAT, SUSAN & DENNIS SPRUNG, MICHAEL CANALIZO, CHARLES BARIS, JOHN HART, ELLIOTT WEISS, BARBARA RIDDER IRWIN and MAXINE GURIN. All breed judge ROBERT MOORE finally succumbed to the cancer that caused him to retire from judging

several months ago. He was his own man, and in this day and age that says a lot. A great storyteller, often blue, he was great fun to be around. One of his last and certainly deserving judging assignments was selecting best in show at the AKC/EUKANUBA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in Long Beach, California. All of us at DOG NEWS send our deepest sympathies to his wife JEAN and family. Some changes subtle or not… Former AKC board member NINA SCHAEFER has also resigned as a board member of the AKC Canine Health Foundation. The Foundation recently finalized an agreement with PFIZER DRUG COMPANY for an annual donation of $250,000. (so can a PFIZER employee soon be a CFH board member, me thinks so).

Former American Kennel Club board member STEVE GLADSTONE is no longer the head of AKC/ CAR, those duties now fall on present board director TOM DAVIES (maybe he can move the CAR offices from Raleigh to the BIG E in Springfield, Mass). Mark your calendars, September 25, 2010 is RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNERSHIP DAY. This is the 8th annual event hosted by the American Kennel Club and participating dog clubs around the country. The American Kennel Club hosts events at its Raleigh offices and at Madison Square Park in Manhattan (right outside of the DOG NEWS offices). Manchester Terrier fancier DR. ROGER TRAVIS suffered third degree burns

as a result of an accident on his Virginia farm this past week. All of us at DOG NEWS wish him a speedy recovery. A. HAMILTON ROWAN, JR., former Secretary of the American Kennel Club and longtime director of Field Trials, has passed away at the age of 88. Our deepest sympathies to his family. LT. COL. CHARLES RUPPERT, USMC (ret), better known to us as CHARLIE RUPPERT, has passed away in Florida. He was a popular sporting group judge and judged several working breeds as well. Our deepest sympathies to his family. BETTY JOHNSON, breeder of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels under the Ashby Royal prefix, has passed away. Our deepest sympathies to her husband BOB and family.

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What A Heavenly

Ch. SALISHAN’S Sire: Multiple Best In Show & Multiple Best In Specialty Show Winning

Providence County Kennel Club - Judge Mrs. Francine Schwartz


Breeders & Owners Gary & Susan Carr Salishan Tibetans 76 Dog News

Professionally Handled by Mr. Clifford W. Steele

Co-Owner Robert Hennings Geribob Tibetans

Weekend For An Angel


Ch. Excalibur’s Sticks N Stones

Dam: Ch. Salishan’s I’m No Angel

Rhode Island Kennel Club - Judge Mr. Jon Cole


Pictured Handled by Breeder/Owner Gary Carr

Salishan Tibetan Terriers • P.O. Box 726, Tolland, Connecticut • 860 872-2210 Dog News 77

Much More Than PCA



he other kennel that has to be singled out for having great success over a 37 year span is “Dassin”. This kennel accounts for 20 Variety wins at PCA and the Regionals. Standards account for 15 wins and 5 wins by Miniatures. I would think that no kennel in history can claim this record. What is truly unique is that “Ale Kai” and “Dassin” have become a joint effort in the breeding program. When one realizes that their expertise accounts for 27 Variety wins at PCA, one has to realize the knowledge that goes into this breeding program. Several years ago the “Hillwood Kennels” of Ellen Charles joined the Ale Kai/Dassin force. The Hillwood Kennel name has to be the longest active kennel name in the country today. Ellen’s Mother, the legendary Mrs. Augustus Riggs IV, started “Hillwood” in the 1930’s. It was she that awarded the Standard Poodle, Ch. Acadia Command Performance, BIS at Westminster, with Frank Sabella handling, in 1973. Mrs. Riggs IV would be very proud that her daughter has become such a top breeder. Ellen’s Mother affectionately referred to as the “Great Adalade” would never have imagined when 70 years ago she founded “Hillwood” that her daughter would eventually be breeding Poodles like her contemporary, Mrs. Hoyt. Also vice versa, that first big win that Mrs. Hoyt awarded an Ale Kai dog, she would never have dreamt Ale Kai would carry on a tradition she started. These legendary kennels are responsible also for so many of the newer top kennels. Just to use a quick example, Carol Dean and Christine Netherly started with “Dassin” dogs and have developed their own top breeding programs. The thing that makes PCA truly a one of a kind show is that you can always count on certain kennels to have several wonderful representatives of the breed. Besides the old time kennels like Ale Kai and Dassin, you know several of the newer breeding programs are going to have some beautiful youngsters. By newer I am referring to kennels that I can remember when they started. Although some of these kennels made an impact twenty years ago it seems to me they are still the newcomers. It was as recently as 1992 that “Halcyon” won its first Variety at PCA and this year won the Open bitch class in Mini’s with a stunning black bitch. It was not until 2006 we saw the “Smash” kennels win their first Variety at PCA and no other kennel has won the Variety in Toys since including the Regionals. This accounts for 7 Variety wins at PCA and Regionals in such a short span. It was not until 1994 that the “Atalanta” kennel of Toni & Martin Sosnoff won the Standard Variety with the homebred, Ch. Atalanta Alize. In the following 15 years “Atalanta” has become a major force in Standards and also Toys. Tim Brazier piloted “Coleman”, formally known as Ch. North Well Chako JP Platina King to four variety wins at PCA and Regionals. It was great to see “Coleman” just hanging out this year showing off his wonderful attitude. Toni, Martin and Timmy have great reason to be so proud of this little Giant. The Sosnoff’s captured BOB at PCA in 2008 with the Standard, “Yes”, Ch. Randenn Tristar Affirmation, “Yes” also won the Variety in 2009 and also BOB at the Regional in Long Beach in 2007. It is hard to believe after last year the best was yet to come. 78 Dog News


his year it was the combined efforts of “Atalanta”, “Brighton” and “Lakeridge” that produced the ultimate BOB winner. This was the first time in history that a Standard bitch went BOB from the classes. Five years ago we saw the Standard dog, Afterglow The Big Tease, go BOB from the classes. When I gave this wonderful dog his first points in Chicago, I had great faith in him. I have to admit he even exceeded all my expectations, by winning PCA from the classes and going on to Reserve BIS at Crufts in 2009. It was rewarding to see “Donny” grandchildren do well at PCA this year. This years BOB winner, Brighton Lakeridge Encore, is owned by Toni & Martin Sosnoff and is bred by L’Dyne Brennan and Debra Ferguson-Jones. She is handled by the legendary Tim Brazier whose wins at PCA are too numerous to list. This was the third year in a row Timmy has won the Standard Variety for the Sosnoffs. In the last seven years the combined efforts of Tim, Toni and Martin have captured 8 Variety wins at PCA and the Regionals. Mrs. Hoyt would be the first to congratulate this kennel that came into being after her death. “Encore” had to prevail over 325 Standards from the classes. She then won over the Miniature, Ch. Campostela The Perfect Storm, last years BOB winner and also the Toy, Ch. Smash JP Moonwalk, who has won the Variety three times at Poodle Club. What is also interesting about this win is that this team has some of the common denominators that the ledgendary Mrs. Hoyt accomplished. Mrs. Hoyt imported and exported wonderful dogs to England. “Brighton” has exported top dogs to Europe. Mrs. Hoyt sold dogs in this country to Ernie Ferguson of California who campaigned them to great heights. An example was Ch. Magic Fate of Blakeen, the Miniature of Ernie Ferguson’s that went BIS at Santa Barbara in 1948. Now the name Ferguson referring to the “Lakeridge Kennels” of Debra FergusonJones, the co-breeder has sent a bitch to Eastern owners Toni & Martin Sosnoff. There is an old saying “history repeats itself’ and this year’s winner is the perfect example. It was a combined effort of several very dedicated Poodle lovers that produced this win. It is similar to the efforts that Mrs. Hoyt and her “Blakeen” Poodles strived for also. When one looks at the team that produced this BOB, you might, at first, think these are people are rather new to the breed. We forget just how fast time passes by. It seems like only yesterday the Sosnoff’s started in Poodles and yet it was 16 years ago that


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TWO DAYS, TWO RIBBONS, BACK-TO-BACK Thank you to Judge Mr. Luc Boileau

CH. STARLIGHT’S Breeder/Owner Chris Friemel Agent Curtiss G. Smith 80 Dog News





Lady took off with a Group Placement at 10 months old and ďŹ nished 2009 among the Top 20*. At 14 months old, the sky is her limit! Breeder/Owner/Handler Cassandra Basgall *Tibetan Terriers, C.C. Breed System

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after many years of hard work they bred a Variety winner at PCA. I vividly remember being at a Horse Show in Wellington and Frank Sabella told L’Dyne Brennan that she could not devote 100% to the horses and the dogs. Being that L’Dyne had just suffered a bad fall while riding it might have made the decision that breeding great Standards was less dangerous.


hile having dinner not that many years ago with a Yorkie client of David Fitzpatrick, this lady said she had a sister who would like to get a very nice Standard for a pet. Her sister was Karen LeFrak and I informed her if Karen would come to one of the local upcoming shows that I would introduce her to Wendell Sammett who would be able to help her. In a matter of a few short years Karen and her “On Fifth” Kennels produced “Miki”. L’Dyne in a few short years has produced this years BOB winner and the BOB winning bitch in 2006. This being, Ch. Brighton Minimoto, who also was the Variety winner in 2007. So “Miki” a BOB winner has also sired two bitches that have captured BOB at PCA. This year he also sired the BOS dog in the Intervariety competition, which has to be a piece of history. “Miki” won back to back groups at Westminster and his daughter “Minimoto” repeated this a year later. This years winner fittingly named “Encore” has a big reputation to live up to. When we look at the team effort that produced this winner we might think it is a team fairly new to Poodles. But when you stop and think of the hundreds of years of experience this team has drawn from it is overwhelming. This team was brought along by the likes of Frank Sabella, Tim Brazier, Paul Edwards and the immortal Wendell Sammett. It is mind boggling to comprehend just how many years of knowledge has been combined into one package. This year it became even much more evident how the Poodle World is becoming closer and closer. It has been evident in the Toy Variety for the past few years. Several years the “Smash” Kennel has won BOB, BOS, WD and WB. Some years they have also captured both Reserve winners also. No kennel in history has done quite what they have done. “Smash” has won 6 Variety wins at Poodle Club and Regionals just since 2006. Also the North Well Chako Kennel accounts for 6 Variety wins. In 1996 and 1997 we also saw the Jewelry House Yoko producing the Toy winners. In 1994 we saw the first North Well Chako Toy Variety winner. So since 1994, in these short 16 years we have seen 16 times a Japanese bred Toy win a Variety. This year the foreign bred or owned dogs did extremely well. Reserve WD, WB and BOB were bred in Japan. The reserve bitch in Toys was from Italy. Italy also accounted for the lovely winners bitch in Miniatures. In Standards the Reserve bitch carries a “Brighton” kennel prefix, but she is owned in China. Canada was well represented with many fine youngsters and the top winners that this year were BOB and BOS at Westminster. Right now the #4 all-breed dog is the Canadian bred and owned Standard bitch. She won the Variety at the Regional and the Non82 Dog News

Sporting group at the AKC/Eukanuba show this past year. This bitch of “Dawin” fame comes from a family that has accounted for several times the number one dog in Canada. The “Dawin” kennels of Linda Campbell have enjoyed great success on both sides of the border for roughly 30 years now. Brazil was well represented by the “Da Maya” Kennels of Zuleika Borges Torrealba. This kennel has reached world wide prominence in the last few years. The list of victories include winning the Non-Sporting group at Westminster in 2007 and 2008 with “Minimoto”. This year Zuleika saw her black Mini dog, “Chagall” place in the group at the Garden also. “Anastasia” came out of retirement to win back to back groups at Santa Barbara. Her black Standard dog “Diego” was top Utility Group winner in Sweden for 2009. Back home in Brazil “Diamonas”, the white Standard was number two all breed for 2009. Although “Diamonas”, “Diego” and “Anastasia” have all been campaigned in different corners of the world they have one thing in common. They are all out of Ch. Cotian Style and Splash who won BOB at PCA in 2004. Zuleika had several youngsters at PCA that show great promise. England was represented by a pretty white Standard 6 to 9 puppy dog placing second in a nice class. He is owned by Michael Gadsby and Jason Lynn. Argentina was represented by a lovely black Toy dog, Ch. Febo of the Pitties’ Love. As I remember this lovely dog made the cut in a very tough specials class. Great thanks have to go out to all the handlers, breeders and exhibitors who traveled great distances in helping to make this another great PCA. Special thanks to Purina ProPlan for sponsoring this wonderful event. Besides offering many trophies and a nice tote bag to all exhibitors, Purina ProPlan each morning hosted wonderful breakfast sandwiches and coffee. It was nice since I could leave my room a little later and get a nice breakfast just as judging would begin. Wednesday evening at the host hotel Purina ProPlan hosted a wonderful party for everyone. There was plenty to drink and the food was fabulous. The nicest part was getting to visit with old friends in a relaxed quiet atmosphere. And so another PCA is over. I look so forward to it each year. It is an exciting, wonderful show and I can hardly wait until next year. •



Thursday, June 24, 2010 Riverside West Kennel Club Of Greater New Orleans, Inc. Friday, June 25, 2010 Riverside West Kennel Club Of Greater New Orleans, Inc. Saturday, June 26, 2010 Northlake Kennel Club Of Greater Covington, Inc. Sunday, June 27, 2010 Northlake Kennel Club Of Greater Covington, Inc. Booth Chairman: Marlane Mayo, 142 West Imperial Drive, Harahan, Louisiana 70123 OYAMMAYO@YAHOO.COM 10x10 $260.00, 10x20 $480.00, 10x30 $665.00 Tables $5.00 - Electricity $25.00 This Covers All 4 Days Payment: Money Order, Certified Check Or Cashier Check Made Payable To RWKCGNO, Inc. NO PERSONAL CHECKS


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