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February 12, 2010

The Westminster Issue February 12, 2010


FEBRUARY 12, 2010 201

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Westminster. There’s only one.



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Now, what do we do for an encore?


NEW YORK – Every year since 1877, fans of the Westminster Kennel Club’s Annual All Breed Dog Show savored the results and wondered ahead: what can they do for an encore?


As we welcome you to The Westminster Kennel Club’s 134th Annual All Breed Dog Show, we are certain that this will be another one of those years at Madison Square Garden. So, bring on the script writers. What can happen in 2010? With a cast of the world’s greatest dogs, on the world’s biggest stage, in front of a sold-out arena, with millions watching on live television and millions more logging in on the Internet from all over the world, the answer is that just about anything can happen. Will it be like 2009? Senior Citizens everywhere celebrated the victory of Stump, a wonderful Sussex Spaniel that became the oldest dog ever to capture Best In Show at the World’s greatest dog show. Or will it be like 2008? It was “Beaglemania” then, as a Beagle named Uno was crowned Best In Show in front of the dog show’s loudest crowd ever at the Garden. Stump and Uno were the most recent, but they were carrying on a wonderful legacy established by great dogs like Remedy (1907, 1908, 1909), Brucie (1941, 1942), Bang Away (1951), Storm (1952, 1953), Gossie (1960), DJ (1971, 1972), Pepsi (1983), Shannon (1984), Hatter (1987), Kirby (1999), Mick (2003) and the many others who came before. That’s exactly what Westminster is about: all the great dogs in the same place at the same time. It doesn’t happen anywhere else. The Westminster Kennel Club is happy to welcome you to the greatest dog show in the world. There’s nothing like being here in person in the world’s most famous arena, sold out and filled with screaming, cheering fans. The Westminster Kennel Club is the country’s oldest organization dedicated to purebred dogs. We are proud of what we do and how we work to protect the club’s grand legacy and its responsibility for stewardship of our sport and our dogs.

Westminster. There’s only one. Peter R. Van Brunt President 6 Dog News

Thomas H. Bradley, 3d. Show Chairman

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It‘s The 134th!! elcome to the second oldest sporting event in America – The Westminster Kennel Club. Only the Kentucky Derby has been around on the sporting scene for a longer time and that by only one year. The longevity of Westminster goes hand-in-hand with the great tradition it has established throughout the dog world internationally as one of if not the most prestigious dog show in the world. Crufts may be larger – indeed this year’s entry tops 21,000 dogs – AKC/Eukanuba may be more diverse as it covers every aspect of life and competition imaginable within the dog world, and FCI’s World Show may attract more spectators; but the fact is that a breed win at Westminster can be the pinnacle of a dog’s career, while a group placement, much less a Group win, is sheer nirvana time. Being awarded the coveted Best is beyond one’s most serious fantasies, that’s for sure. But there is much more to Westminster and its traditions than merely winning at a dog show. Westminster through the years has stood for and continues to stand for some of the finest and worthwhile causes in our sport. From donating huge sums of monies to worthwhile dog causes from Take the Lead and The Canine Health Foundation to Veterinary Scholarships to a myriad of national and international dog causes the “unmatched legacy” of those involved with this Club earns it the special recognition it both gets and deserves from the American public at large. Dog lovers from the world round begin to gather in New York on the Tuesday before the Big W and the momentum builds to a crescendo by Saturday and Sunday before the show begins on Monday. The ultimate culmination will take place Tuesday evening close to 10 PM when native New Yorker Elliot Weiss who now lives in Idaho will adjudicate Best in Show. Interesting to note that this is the second year in a row that a native New York Cityite has been selected for this honor by the Westminster Committee. In fact this is as open a Westminster as one can hope for and with you these pages eagerly await Mr. Weiss’ selection. Would it be nice to include class competition at the show, of course it would but so long as this remains an all-breed dog show for Champions only in America we hail with you the Champion of the Champions Elliot Weiss’ Westminster winner. In the meantime we welcome you to the home of this event New York City –we welcome you to the home of the Westminster Kennel Club New York City and we welcome you to the home of Dog News New York City.


Getting Our Message Across og people as never before must stand together as one in both getting the real message across as to what our purposes as concerned breeders really are and to reassure the nation and the world that as longtime breeders we have always believed in the health and welfare of the dog both in body and mind and continue to so believe. In the past and in the future we will strive for the betterment of our breeds on every level imaginable. There is an insidious campaign by the animal right extremists to portray all breeders as not being so concerned. That’s just a downright lie. First of all there is no historic study scientific or otherwise which can conclude that the purebred dog is any less healthy than the mixed breed dog. Certainly there are anecdotal cases which are presented by those intent upon destroying our reputations which appear to justify their claims. But (and this is a major BUT) they are purely anecdotal and do not represent most breed’s health status at large. The current leadership at AKC has been proactive and has somewhat anticipated the attacks coming from these extremists and has succeeded in dulling the results of this propaganda to a degree. Nonetheless the mass media feeds on these kinds of scurrilous reports – just look at the BBC and its reportage of a faulty and biased report presented as fact which was basically anecdotal in nature and the uproar and unrest it has caused in the UK. PETA and HSUS both attempt to make hay over these reports at our expense but fortunately a majority of Americans seem to recognize these reports as being exaggerations of truths rather than the normal situations. But for how long this will remain the case certainly is up in the air unless we swiftly and effectively counter these extremists and their exaggerations. Certainly the Canine Health Foundation is an example of the great work the breed clubs and AKC are doing in this matter of health for dogs. And CHF must be supported to the “Nth” degree by all of us for this very reason but there are other areas communication ways which must be taken advantage of too. One thing to do is to form our own celebrity campaign to counterattack PETA. There are plenty of celebrities who own and support purebred dogs and who have already indicated a willingness to help out – this must be encouraged and followed through with by AKC. Other programs must be developed by AKC ‘s PR department which are similar in nature. Certainly AKC support of the California billboard campaign would be good to hear about as would continued reports monthly from AKC as to just what they are doing to counter these attacks. And not just on its web site for heavens sake. Whenever you ask AKC about something the answer seems to be its on our web site. Well, when was the last time you tried to maneuver through that web site. Unless one is looking for wins or judges assignments its difficult at best. How about good old fashioned press releases and not just the selective ones we are receiving today. Additionally it would be a good idea to read John Mandeville’s “DIRECTORS QUESTIONNAIRE” in this issue and see which person if any running for the Board has experience in the PR area and what they propose to do in this area as well. Those who even indicate the need to expand and/or even get into this area deserve your support that’s for sure.


Shelter Animal Relocations he matter of “shelter-animal“ relocations has been addressed before by these pages but its importance is of particular interest today. These so called transfer practises have been going on for years now. Initially done on a fairly small scale the number of shelter dogs being transferred from state-to-state is encouraged by some but considered downright questionable by others. What appears to be happening is that in those states where a combination of responsible breeding practices and sterilization of pets has been successful the number of dogs available for the shelter business decrease tremendously. In order to keep the shelter business going in those areas where dogover-population has been brought under control dogs are transferred to shelters there from states and areas which have been less successful in enforcing these practises. Frequently these “transfers” result in shelters receiving animals from other states in order to stay in business. It is argued by some that this lessens the chance of animals from within the area from being adopted from their own community. Alternatively, shelter administrators fill the shelters in order to keep donations coming from people who are not told from where the dogs originally came. On the other hand of course is the


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very legitimate argument that these animals are getting a reprieve on life and are being sent to caring adoption facilities. Whether shelters get the message out to the community they are serving that they are importing dogs is questionable. North Shore Animal League, a no-kill shelter in Port Washington, New York and one of the more respected business shelters in the world received according to USA Today 7,500 dogs and puppies from other states. Is this fact addressed when the shelter buyer proponents continue a campaign blaming the breeder for over-population in a particular area when in fact dogs are imported to fill the shelters? PETA attacks all breeder as being money oriented individuals and urges people to get a dog only from a shelter. Do they ask the motive of the shelter in importing dogs from outside its area? Without these transfers where would many of these shelter operations be insofar as staying in business is concerned seems a legitimate question to ask, does it not! An Area To Reassess On Judging Approvals s any of you regular readers are aware these pages have for years been asking for a reassessment of judging approval procedures. When the Board and Staff last undertook the question it was eventually never acted upon due to an inability as we understand it for the Board to agree on Staffs proposals. The problem has lain dormant for nearly a decade now but looks to be under reconsideration if the Board Minutes are to be believed. The problem with relying on the Board Minutes is manifold. Frequently matters happen in Executive Session which are never made public – excuse being these are business matters which of course is not always the case. The Board does not want competitive registries to know what they are up to – the Board does not want anti-AKC forces to know what is being planned and in some instances they want and/or need to bypass Delegate approval. Also too often the Minutes themselves are so inadequate in explanation to make them farcical. Sometimes they are incorrect in fact and oft times giving a vote without any explanation of why the person voted the way they did renders the recordation virtually meaningless. But we digress – as to Judges Approvals it is our definitive stance that the dog person who waits until he or she is 60 or 65 years of age to apply for approval as a judge be treated under conditions which are entirely different from the younger applicant. The age factor should be weighed in their favor such that more breeds can be awarded to them quicker and in a less stringent manor than the younger applicant. Breed advancements for the older applicant should be easier and entirely different from the younger individual for sure.


Thought For The Week he City Council of West Hollywood California voted to consider a proposal to ban pet stores from selling cats and dogs unless they are from shelters. This is reported in USA Today in its Lifestyle section by Janice Lloyd under the headline, “CALIF. City Seeks ‘Puppy Mill’ Sale Ban” (See this week’s “QUESTION OF THE WEEK”). According to the report the proposal by the city council “is the result of a group, the Companion Animal Protections Society’s investigation of a West Hollywood pet store found to be selling puppy mill dogs and defrauding customers.” Not only did this group known as CAPS research the investigation it helped to draft the law for the city council. Whether this should be the role of a so-called investigative organization – to draft law – certainly is questionable. As questionable one may add as is the CAPS organization of today. Perhaps ten or so years ago when CAPS was first formed it distinguished between abusive commercial breeders and the concerned breeder who keeps standard kennels in acceptable conditions. Today CAPS tends to lump all breeders as one and fails to distinguish even among commercial breeders those who keep acceptable kennels and those who do not. The reporter for USA Today reported that this is but another step by this City in protecting pets from abusive practices and on paper it does read that way. Certainly most people who are concerned breeders condemn the practice of selling puppies to pet shops. The great majority of puppies sold in pet shops usually come from commercial breeders and/or breeders from East Europe or internet breeders and sellers. Whether limiting sales at a pet store to shelter dogs is a good idea or not is something about which reasonable people may disagree. But to rely solely on a report from an organization as one-sided as CAPS has become and then to permit them to help write the law itself defies reasonable degrees of influence. •


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Ch Dalriada’s Mystic


Multiple Best In Show & Multiple Best In Specialty Show Winner

The Number One* Wire Fox Terrier 2009 (and the only Wire to receive a Best In Show in 2009)

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Breeder Cara Campbell DVM

Owners Cara Campbell DVM Cecelia Ruggles Beth Dowd Mike Doleski Presented By Scott Sommer Associates: Adam Peterson and Klayton Harris *The Dog News Top Ten List - All Breed points

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Best In Show Judge Mr. Norman Patton

Best In Show Judge Mr. Stephen Hubbell

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InsideOut by John Mandeville


2009 Registration Observations

registered 649,677 dogs in 2009. There is nothing good about that number – unless, of course, it’s the dollar amount a slot machine coughs up for you the next time you’re contributing to the welfare of the gaming industry. I’ve said it before: It’s likely the era of AKC being “the Registry for America’s Pet Dogs” has passed. Let me also say more emphatically the job AKC has done to control its costs in the face of its main revenue source‘s freefall is commendable. That’s a special credit to management. Still, without big pet registration numbers, meaning the money they add to AKC’s coffers, there is a limit to how long AKC can subsidize events to the tune we have long been accustomed. AKC has already introduced additional, but not onerous, charges for event participants. Short some remarkable and unlikely turnaround in registration volume it is inevitable the sport’s participants will be paying more for AKC services. AKC’s all-time registration record was set in 1992 at 1,442,690. Meaning in the ensuing 17 years registrations declined 793,013 – 55%. In the first year of this century, 1,175,473 dogs were being registered, still a far cry – 267,217 – from 1992’s record. But 2000’s total was more than a half million – 525,796 to be exact – registrations greater than what would be recorded in 2009, easily making the first decade of the Twenty-first Century the worst in AKC history registration wise. The numbers are ugly no matter how you look at them, made even worse because all of the dogs AKC hasn’t registered – and a good many more – have continued to be bred. They’re just no longer AKC registered. This disaster was overwhelmingly AKC’s own doing. 2009’s 649,677 registrations are what AKC was registering in the mid-1960’s, except then registrations were going up – fast – 640,300 in 1964, 722,800 (+13%) in 1965 with the 1,000,000 milestone attained for the first time in 1970 at 1,056,225. Thereafter AKC registered at least 1,000,000 dogs every year for the next 32 years, through 2001, except for 1978 and ’79 when slightly less than a million were registered. AKC’s 2009 registration total is 65,798 fewer than the 715,475 entered in AKC’s stud book in 2008, a decline of 9.2%. There are actually some hopeful signs inside 2009’s depressing gross numbers. Namely registrations declined at a slower rate late in the year. If this trend continues through 2010 registration’s nearly two decade fall might be slowing. AKC registered 347,894 dogs in the first six months of 2009. This was 41,020 fewer than the 388,912 registered in 2008’s first half, a 10.5% decline. In 2009’s second half AKC recorded 301,783 new registrations, down 24,778 from 2008’s 326,561, a 7.6% falloff. December’s even better numbers might suggest the decline in registration has slowed dramatically. 14 Dog News

51,060 dogs were registered in December 2009. This is 1,907 less than a year ago, just a 3.6% fall, which while still negative is much less so than what has been routine for years. The caveat is AKC made no extra push in December to process registrations that would otherwise have been processed in January. In any case AKC’s 2009 registration story summarizes: Registrations were off substantially, but the rate at which they were falling slowed toward year’s end. That might signal good news. AKC’s decision at the end of the last century to require a DNA sample from all sires once they recorded their seventh litter – with the dogs’ owners paying for the DNA’s processing – caused the Missouri Breeders Association to boycott AKC’s registry. That was bad. The real disaster was commercial breeders learning they did not need AKC papers to sell their puppies. It turned out little more than scrap paper alleged to be puppy “papers” was good enough for the American public. Commercial breeders had a twofer: no more annoying AKC inspections and inconvenient recordkeeping requirements combined with being able to sell their puppies for as much as when AKC was the only game. This has contributed to the bottom falling out of AKC registrations. It’s easy – hindsight being 20-20 – to view AKC having instituted the Frequently Used Sires DNA program as an unmitigated disaster, which calls for finger pointing and blame assigning. That’s probably even appropriate because what happened was a significant negative impact on AKC’s basic revenue source. That’s also too simplistic. Frequently Used Sires was instituted for the right reasons: to better assure the registry’s accuracy. The failure was not assessing its impact once it was in place. Neither the Board for not insisting the program they authorized nor the staff as the people doing the day-to-day implementation can be excused. One part of the “truth” of what happened is that to no small extent AKC relished the Missouri Breeders Association’s objection by boycott because it validated what was being done was “right.” This was certainly the tenor of delegate sentiment. Unfortunately AKC’s willingness to kiss off commercial breeders occurred at the same time as the longstanding largest component of AKC’s registry – the casual, mostly one-time so-called backyard breeder – was disappearing in droves because of significant socio-economic changes. Bottom line: Registrations as they have throughout the Twenty-first Century continued down in 2009, mitigated by a glimmer late in the year the decline might be easing. So, could the end of AKC’s near two decade registration collapse be in sight? •


*The Dog News Top Ten List - Breed **The Dog News Top Ten List - All Breed


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Dog News 17

the Way Itis by Sari Tietjen


subject that I have written extensively about over the years is the need of the American Kennel Club to take steps to revamp and modernize its governing process and procedures. While it needs overhauling in several areas, the one that is most pressing at this time is the structure of the Delegate Body and its meetings. As of now, Delegates meet four times a year. In conjunction with the official meeting and usually held the day before are the individual Delegate Committee meetings. These committees (there are 10 in all) tend to stagger their sessions throughout the day to permit all non-committee members to attend as observers. The Delegates also hold an informal caucus on this day to discuss pertinent issues of the time. It is at this informal and unrecorded caucus that the real issues tend to be raised. On the day of the official meeting and before it begins, the Delegates may also attend a forum covering a specific topic in depth. The result of all of the above is that the formal, official and recorded Delegate meetings are usually very short – sometimes lasting for just an hour or two (the exception to this is at the Annual Meeting when annual reports are read and when there is a contested election for Board of Director seats). There are many Delegates who do not attend the Committee Meetings – either because they do not want take off an extra day from their jobs or do not wish to spend the money for a hotel room (Delegates who serve on Committees are paid a $200 stipend by AKC) or simply may not be interested, preferring to read the Committee minutes as posted on the Delegate portal of AKC’s Web site. Therefore, they may travel hundreds of miles, a few or many dollars, and spend a lot of time going too and fro for a meeting that lasts an hour and for lunch on the AKC (AKC pays for the Delegates’ luncheon)! Presently there are over 600 member clubs who can send Delegates to the quarterly meeting, yet the average Delegate meeting attendance roll runs around 300. There is also a tremendous turnover in Delegates. For instance, at the last meeting which was held in Long Beach in December, the attendance was just 282 Delegates with 21 being seated for the first time. The meeting was called to order at 10:10 a.m. and ended at 11:58 a.m., and this included time for the speeches given by Directorship candidates. As this was an out-of-New York area venue, many Delegates spent hundreds of dollars to attend a meeting that lasted less than 2 hours. 18 Dog News

It is no wonder that there is such a turnover in Delegates. People, who initially think it is such a great honor, come away with the feeling of total waste of time and money (many Delegates pay their own way or a club may provide a set sum per meeting or stipulate reimbursement for one meeting a year – usually the Annual Meeting). All of this means that Delegates and/or clubs spend thousands of dollars a year for four meetings and use up a lot of vacation time or free time for which there is usually little result in return. In addition to the expenses that the Delegates incur to attend these meetings, the AKC is spending six figures for meeting rooms, the luncheon, staff expenses, Delegate stipends, and employee time. Given today’s technological advances, is all of this necessary? Does AKC really need four Delegate Meetings a year? The answer to both questions is “no.” These four meetings could easily be reduced to one or two with hardly any impact. The rest of the time there can be exchanges and input using direct email and/or the Delegate portal. Committees can use their designated sites for online meetings. Conference calls can be utilized as needed. Aside from saving time and money, what other benefits can be derived from fewer meetings? Some suggestions are more meaningful and significant meetings, less of a Delegate turnover, more time to think and debate issues of the day via email and Internet, and opportunity for more club input from the Delegate to his/her member club and from the club back to the Delegate. It is understood that the Delegate Committees are exploring a concept to reduce the number of meetings a year from four twoday sessions to three three-day sessions. One wonders how this would really help the situation. Yes, for those flying in to attend meetings it would mean three air fares a year instead of four, but the hotel/meal expenses would still be the same and the time away from work would be the same. Plus, it still does not address the fact that there is not enough formal “business” needing to be taken care of when the actual official meeting only lasts from one to two hours. As I have stated in the past, I personally think one meeting a year - encompassing perhaps a week-long conference covering everything to do with dogs and our sport – would be sufficient, but I recognize that this may be too radical for most people to accept at this time. There have been no pressing issues in recent years that have demanded immediate attention - that could not wait for an annual or biannual meeting. If fact, it was not that long ago that amendments to the By-laws and Rules could only be voted on at the Annual Meeting. Given the state of the economy, the huge turnover in Delegates, the job factor, and – quite frankly – the lack of pressing issues, the Delegates should take the steps to reduce their sessions to a more reasonable one or two official recorded Meetings a year with an optional day for Committee Meetings and adopt the use of email/conference calls/ Delegate Portal for other matters, interaction and discussions. We need to stop drifting along conducting business as usual. We need to embrace the new cost-cutting and time-saving tools that are readily available.•

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20 Dog News


T he

of t he Week It was reported in USA Today that the City Council of West Hollywood, California voted to consider a proposal to ban pet stores from selling cats and dogs unless they are from shelters! What is your reaction to this proposal?

22 Dog News

Bobbi Davis I think it is no business of the city council. Who comes up with these things? However, we would like to see some some requirements put on the “dog buyers” and the shops to keep proper records of their sales. We must take care of the shelter dogs! They were some one’s pet once. And hopefully they will find their forever homes! Every pure bred should have an adopted buddy, to hang out with.

Nancy Trombley Since I live in Missouri, (the puppy mill capitol of the nation) and I’m sick of seeing all the mills, perhaps this would help to cut down on them a bit. I think this is a FABULOUS IDEA!!! Debbie Butt I believe if we would ban pet stores from selling puppies, the puppy mills would have less of an outlet to sell their puppies. Gay Glazbrook Definitely a step in the right direction. Any move to narrow the market for the puppy mills is a plus. This may give the shelters’ animals their last opportunity to have a good home. These animals would be more affordable

to many. The purebreds in pet stores are normally poor representatives of their breed, outrageously priced - not to mention the major health issues. PetsMart operates along similar guidelines as the proposal. They do not sell puppies or kittens. On the weekends PetSmart hosts local shelters who bring their homeless animals in for adoption days. Education, screening, mandatory spays & neuters should be the foundation of the adoption process.

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by Pat Trotter

Throughout my life the role of the press in society has been a subject that fascinated me. Studying my American heroes, Jefferson and Lincoln, provided many examples by these great men of the necessity of an outstanding press for a thinking people.


uch research helped me realize the journalist must have a sense of public service as well as complete respect for the diversity of the players if he or she is to correctly report and analyze subjects of special interest to the reader. To be the accurate “voice of the people” should be one of the goals of those who write. Lately I have been honored to be approached by several people asking me to address differing issues of concern to our sport. This I plan to do in the future, as nothing helps all of us grow more than meaningful looks into such concerns. Last year I expressed the views of those “in the trenches” regarding group alignment and unfortunately offended some of my best friends in the process. It is my fervent hope that when controversial issues are the order of the day, those who disagree with opinions expressed will not draw their weapons to shoot this messenger! The issue I am tackling this week has to do with complaints against professional handlers who breed and compete in the Bred by Exhibitor Class. Evidently this situation has caused flack, especially at large specialties where other exhibitors feel compromised. Obviously this is because these able breeder-ownerhandlers are quite competent and most difficult to beat. First of all, it is a given that the exhibits of the true professional should be presented with every hair in place and handled to perfection. Instead of allowing this scenario to intimidate other BBE participants, why not allow it to challenge you all to rise to the occasion by training, grooming and presenting your dogs 26 Dog News

equally well? Consider the situation as a cry for you to raise the bar for yourself and your dogs. And if the circumstances prevent your achieving this, you might want to enter the amateur-owner-handler class where you will not have to compete with the professionals. Over the years, competing with the professionals on a regular basis will make you a stronger, more skilled, and competent competitor. Although those professionals in the BBE class might cost you some wins from time to time, if such keen competition can force you to breed better dogs and present them accordingly, you will benefit from the process in the long run. And exactly how does the entire sport benefit from the professionals who also breed? Perhaps we need to take a good look at their contributions to our sport. Prior to recent decades, small breeders were able to house larger numbers of dogs than they can today. And most of our breeds prided themselves on numbers of breeders who indeed had a kennel of dogs that constituted a very viable breeding program. Today the true breeder is an endangered species. Circumstances ranging from shrinking land to shrinking ability to pay the high cost of raising dogs as well as fighting the anti-dog forces out there have greatly reduced our numbers of active breeders. These conditions are drastically limiting the number of young people able to become breeders even as our established breeders’ numbers are being seriously thinned out by attrition. Enter the young professional handler who is also a breeder. Because his/her livelihood depends on dogs, this person is more able to breed dogs legally without the anxiety of worrying about neighbors and civil authorities aiming their formidable weapons at the breeding program. Furthermore, this handler can house enough dogs to establish a pure line that breeds true. And if the system puts him on the defensive, he can seek legal help because he makes his living from dogs. Furthermore, such a true professional has both the help and the facilities to raise dogs properly. In the old days when we had lots of kennels with good lines of dogs, aspiring breeders learned which lines they could count on to improve bone and head in their own stock; or better running gear; or correct color problems or whatever. In other words, you knew where you could go

to established lines of dogs to correct deficiencies in your own stock. Today most breeds are hurting for lack of strong lines of dogs representing a sound breeding program to bring into your own family of dogs. The current professional who breeds and exhibits his own quality stock as well as dogs belonging to his clients can house stud dogs and breeding stock that help the entire breed. This person becomes a solid resource for the whole breed rather than the pariah he is painted by those who wish he were barred from the BBE class. Of course all who breed would like to take the BBE honors as often as possible, but if you think it through, the professional may be more your long-term friend than your foe. Another complaint voiced against these professionals who also breed has to do with the unfairness of the situation if one is a client with a dog not bred by the handler. This is truly a private client/handler relationship topic that requires complete openness of both parties. No client should ever be blindsided by this situation and if all are candid, a conflict of interest will not occur. Often the client and the handler are working together to breed dogs for the betterment of the breed. Although the professional who competes in the BBE class might not always seem fair for fellow exhibitors, it spotlights the need for this class to be the high point of the show ring. When the class is utilized the way it ought to be, mature dogs winning the BBE class at competitive dog shows should be able to step into the BOB class, the Group or even the BIS class with authority and able to hold their own. That is what the BBE class is all about-pride in your own! It is an expression of dedicated creativity on the part of those who aspire to be master breeders. The proper housing and breeding of purebred dogs requires 24/7 hard work and purposeful study. The activity is filled with heartbreaks and elation. To those who continue to do it, puppy breath is their elixir of life. The fact is we need all the good breeders available, no matter their chosen profession: butcher, baker, candlestick-maker or doctor, lawyer, Indian Chief! So let’s try to appreciate those who do good things for our sport even if they do get in our way from time to time. •

Dog News 27


estminster, a dog show name that is familiar to many people that do not show dogs but definitely make sure they watch the program on TV faithfully. Conformation classes are cancelled so everyone can stay at home and watch the program, or it is recorded for viewing as soon as they get home from class, whether it is obedience or agility class.

Upside Seesaw THE


by Sharon Anderson


ot sure what makes this show a long-time favorite. Even if you are not in handling or in the conformation ring, it just has that tradition of watching the two-night program. The AKC Agility Nationals previously were aired on Animal Planet one night before Westminster as a prelude to the program and assured a high viewer rating. How sad that that has gone by the wayside. Hopefully Animal Planet will realize the loss of the viewing public before the Westminster show. Not televising the AKC Agility Invitational this year has been sorely missed by the agility community as well. It has been a hot topic of conversation since December. The actual filming for television is very disruptive to the event being filmed but it is more than worth it when the program is aired. The AKC Eukanuba Invitational and the Agility Invitational have gotten the TV process down to a science now and the good will aspect to both AKC venues is immeasurable. It has not yet been confirmed that Animal Planet is filming in Long Beach next December but one can only hope. The filming that did take place at the Invitational in the agility ring was a 5’ agility cake. It was the winner of “The Ultimate Cake Off.” The three bakers had nine hours to build their cake. The winner was an incredible cake with many dogs and a variety of agility equipment on the cake, with a moving seesaw and a Westie on a CONTINUED ON PAGE 138

30 Dog News

Multiple Best In Show Winning

CH. CHAOYANG’S TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT AT NUSTAR Early on in Mossi’s career, he broke records, being the youngest Chinese SharPei to achieve the Honor of a Best In Show. Following his second Best In Show, he won Grand Futurity and Best In Sweeps at the 2009 National. We are just getting started and look forward to a very exciting and successful year.

Owned and loved by NuStarShowDogs Bred By: ChaoYang Glen and Linda Cosier And Asia Lisa Myers

Deb and Robert Cooper 2912 State Porter Beach, Indiana 46304 AND Linda Teitelbaum, MingYu NuStar Show Dogs are always presented by: Nina Fetter, PHA, DHG, AKC Or his Owner Deb Cooper Assisted by Stephanie Palmer Dog News 31

32 Dog News

Dog News 33

The Bests oftheWeek

FEBRUARY 12, 12 2010

Sand and Sea Kennel Club - Thursday Union County Kennel Club Bulldog Ch. Kepley’s Showbiz Razzle Dazzle Judge Mrs. Christine E. Pollender-Calcinari Judge Mr. Carl Gomes Owners J. Fisher, R. Speiser, B. Wolfe Handler Phoebe Booth Southeast Arkansas Kennel Club I Pekingese Ch. Franshaw Hear Me Roar Judge Mr. Eugene Blake Owner John Shaw Handler Hiram Stewart Boardwalk Kennel Club Doberman Pinscher Ch. Allure Blazing Star Alisaton Judge Mr. Rodney E. Herner Owners Nancy Bosley, Julie Porter, Carmen Pitts Handler Carissa DeMilta Shimpeno Boardwalk Kennel Club - Sunday Scottish Deerhound Ch. Foxcliffe Hickory Wind Judge Mr. Charles Olvis Owners Sally Sweatt, Cecilia Dove, Dr. R. Scott Dove Handler Angela Lloyd Sun Maid Kennel Club of Fresno - Saturday & Sunday Golden Retriever Ch. Gala Of Yoshida Enterprise Judge Mr. Fred Bassett Judge Ms. Annella Cooper Owner Kazunari Oshima Handler Laurie Jordan-Fenner 34 Dog News

To report an AKC All Breed Best In Show or National Specialty Win Call, Fax or Email before 12:00 Noon Tuesday Fax: 212 675-5994 Phone: 212 462-9588 Email:

St. Joseph Kennel Club - Saturday Tibetan Terrier Ch. Cedar C Barnstorm’s Ltd Edition Judge Ms. Denny Mounce Owners Patricia Bernardo, MaryLou Lafler, Donna Ogden Handler Lynn Meyer Hobbs, Mexico Kennel Club - Saturday & Sunday Border Terrier Ch. Devon Lady Simper Fi Judge Mrs. Carol Esterkin Judge Mr. Arley Hussin Owners Sandra Middlebrooks, Alison & Leslie Miller Handler Erin Roberts Southeast Arkansas Kennel Club English Springer Spaniel Ch. Capulets Innovation Judge Mrs. Gloria M. Geringer Owner Linda Myslinski Handler Klayton Harris Shawnee Mountain Kennel Club Conyers Kennel Club of Georgia Lawrenceville Kennel Club Black Cocker Spaniel Ch. Casablanca’s Thrilling Seduction Judge Dr. Robert Smith Judge Mrs. Molly Martin Judge Mr. W. Everett Dean, Jr. Owners Bruce Van Dean, Carolee Douglas, Mary Wallens, Linda G. Moore Handler Linda Pitts

Multiple Group Winner Multiple Best in Specialty Winner

Ch. Stratford’s Diamond Jim Jimmy had a great ending to 2009! Group Third Chicago Gold Coast Kennel Club Judge Ms. Elizabeth Muthard

Group Fourth Lorain County Kennel Club Mrs. Peggy Dillard Carr

And a very exciting beginning to 2010! Columbiana Kennel Club - Group Second - Judge Ms. Elizabeth Muthard Rubber City Kennel Club - Group Second - Judge Mr. Jon Cole Oakland County Kennel Club - Group Second - Judge Mrs. Ann Hearn

Thank You!

With limited showing.......... #3 Yorkshire Terrier All Breed Competition in 2009* # 5 Yorkshire Terrier Breed Competition in 2009*

*The Dog News Top Ten List - All Breed & Breed

Breeder/Owner: Barbara A. Scott STFDDOGS@AOL.COM Presented by Diane and Luke Ehricht Dog News 35

36 Dog News


*The Dog News Top Ten List

Dog News 37


What is your favorite dog show moment exclusive of a win?


Selling raffle tickets to Gina Leone’s grandfather


To be able to dance Which without two left feet talent would you most like to have?


Who is My husband, Jerry your real life hero or heroine?

“You know” Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

5 6 7 What is in your wallet/ purse right now?

Pictures of my grandchildren, money, credit cards, and, of course, all things with which to groom and show the dogs

Other people think I am:


How would you describe yourself in a personal ad?


8 9 What was your most embarrassing moment at a dog show? Fortunately, too old to remember all of them

Which judge, no longer alive or judging, do you miss the most?

Mureil Newhauser and all the old breeder judges

10questions What do you miss the most at dog shows? Talking to all the breeders who are compassionate about the bettering of the breed

38 Dog News

Asked of Lorene Hogan

Born: Denver, Colorado Resides: Brighton, Colorado Marital Status: Married

By Lesley Boyes

Dog News 39

Marches To Multiple Group


Group First Judge Mr. Norman Patton


Group First Judge Mrs. Houston Clark

40 Dog News


Group First Judge Mrs. Carolyn Herbel


Group First Judge Mr. Kenneth Buxton

Firsts and Best In Show!

B t In Best I Show Sh Judge Mrs. Helen Lee James

The Multiple Group & Best In Show Winnner

Ch. Saks Hamelot Little Drummer Boy Owners Cecelia Ruggles, High Ridge Texana Top Dogs, LLC B. Weidner, L. Darman, K. Griffin

Bred by Sandra and Kieth Hanson and Richard & Shirley Hamilton

Handled by Scott Sommer Associates: Adam Peterson Klayton Harris Dog News 41



by Matthew H. Stander



s usual, I’m sort of at a loss as to how to begin this year’s BITE. Communicating about where to go in New York City today is quite different than what it was when I began doing this annually, some 26 years ago. After all, most anyone merely can go online today and Google any thing, place, or event they want to remotely consider and come up with something – I guess. So why read my suggestions, I ask myself, when there are so many others out there? Particularly since what I have to recommend is pretty basically limited to Manhattan.

Well I suppose there may be one or two of you who enjoy reading what I suggest and to those few who yearly ask me to send the column to them before its printed in DOG NEWS, keep in mind that it will be online by the 8th or 9th of February if you have not in fact already received this issue. Others of you tell me you really don’tcarewhenyoureaditbutuse the BITE as a reference for future

42 Dog News

visits to NYC and then probably check out what I write with others. Those are inducements to carry on as was AKC’s Gazette article written by its President – a two-pager headed, “New York’s Best,” I think it was. It is said being copied is the greatest compliment imaginable. In any event that served as further inducement to write the 2010 BITE, so here I go. CONTINUED ON PAGE 142

Dog News 43

44 Dog News

Dog News 45

Editor’s Note

The DOG NEWS annual questionnaire for the Directors running for the Board Election, which will take place on March 9, 2010 for the Class of 2014 follows forthwith. Please note that three seats are to be filled and five people are running for them. All are either present Board Members or former Board Members. Three of the candidates have been nominated by the official Board Nominating Committee – they are Dr. Charles Garvin, Dr. William Newman and Ms. Patricia Scully. Dr. Battaglia and Mr. Gladstone are both running from the floor. Drs. Battaglia and Newman are presently sitting Board Members who were grandfathered under the new term limit law adopted by the Delegates. Mr. Gladstone, Dr. Garvin and Ms. Scully were forced off the Board and not permitted to run for their seats in the 2009 election as a result of the above-mentioned term limit By-laws.


Questionnaire Carmen Battaglia

Education: I attended Florida State University on a football scholarship. While there I earned a Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D.

By John Mandeville

Committees chaired include: Committee for the Future and Business and Planning. My delegate committee assignments include liaison to the Health, Parent Club, By-Laws and HEC committees.

Employment: My first job after graduate school was at Emory University where I served as Assistant Dean. My faculty assignments were at Florida State University, DeKalb College and University of Tennessee Space Institute.

Club and Directorships: I serve as director of the AKC and am also a director on the board of the AKC Museum of the Dog. I have been the president of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America and have served as its delegate for 15 years. I have also served as president of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Atlanta and now serve as a director and editor of their newsletter. I am the current president of the Dog Writers Association of America.

Business experience: I was the Regional Administrator for the US Department of Education with responsibility for the 300 post secondary institutions in the eight southern states. I then became president of a financial aid consulting firm and later owned two businesses with payrolls of 20 employees.

Other Dog Related Experience: I have written extensively on anti-dog legislation. The most recent articles include, “The Gathering Storm Part I and Part II,” “Anatomy of Breed Legislation,” and “Ticket to Ride.” These articles have been published in many dog magazines including the Canine Chronicle and Perspectives, along with club newsletters and magazines. They have received a great deal of support and national attention.

Dog Experiences: I continue to own and breed German Shepherd dogs, write and conduct research. I am active in obedience, rally, and conformation. Twice I served as an expert witness for AKC in dog legislation cases and was appointed by the DeKalb County Commissioners in Georgia to chair the vicious dog legislation which resulted in model legislation for dog laws in several states. My articles on breeding and legislation have appeared in publications in Canada, Mexico, Australia, Ireland, South America, and South Africa. My writings were selected by the Dog Writers Association for recognition in 1986, 1999, and 2005. My books, “Breeding Better Dogs” and “Breeding Dogs to Win” have received national recognition. My 10 years as AKC/CAR’s president, CEO and the media spokesperson for microchips resulted in the enrollment of 3 million pets. These efforts resulted in the recovery of a pet every seven minutes.

Other Assignments: I chaired the National Genetics Committee and was the first chair of the Delegate Health and Education Committee. My AKC Board Committee work included chair of the Committee for the Future which produced our DNA program. Other committees chaired were the AKC Business and Planning Committee and the AKC Planning and Operations Committee.

46 Dog News

AKC Judge: I am approved for the Herding and Working groups along with Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Weimaraners, and the Chinese Char-pei. I have judged 10 national specialties and am one of a few to have judged the German Shepherd national shows in America, Canada, and Mexico. CONTINUED ON PAGE 174


Ch. Black Watch On The Rocks Thank you Judge Mrs. Shirley Limoges for the Group First. This win was followed by Two Group Seconds at San Fernando Kennel Club & Channel City Kennel Club under Judges Mr. Richard Lopaschuk & Mr. Keven Harris and a Group Third under Judge Mr. Juan Ramirez, in very stiff competition. BREEDERS/OWNERS: BLACK WATCH, Reg. Jean L. Heath & Dr. William H. Cosby, Jr. 663 East Angela Street Pleasanton, California

BREEDER/OWNER/HANDLER: SATHGATE Mrs. Susan R. Atherton 76535 Florida Avenue Palm Desert, California Dog News 47


Serving The Best Customers In The World


00 Dog News


P.O. Box 2000 Perris, Ca. 92572

1 800 247 8667

Fax 951 943 6460

and Their Owners For Over 40 Years


Dog News 00

2010 Westminster JudgingBiographies Compiled by David Frei


50 Dog News

Flash Three Best In Shows so far in 2010!

Best In Show - Judge Mrs. Mrs Judith Daniels

Leading Lady

Owners: Joan L. Fisher Robert D. Speiser Barbara Wolfe


Handler Extraordinaire! Phoebe J. Booth 203 938-0226

*The Dog News Top Ten List - All Breed

Dog News 51

52 Dog News

Dog News 53


The Dog News Top Ten List lists Best In Shows, Group Firsts and ALL Group Placements. ompetition petition titi TOP TEN IN GROUP • Based on All-Breed Competition

Sporting Group Hound Group 1 CH Toasty’s Treasure Island 42404 Retrievers (Golden) P Oxenberg/J Oxenberg/J Bates 2 CH Ripsnorter’s Mt View Lookout 28860 Pointers (German Wirehaired) K Courtelis/J Witt/H Witt/J Wilkinson 3 CH Casbar’s Hart To Hart 26295 Retrievers (Labrador) D Ammerman 4 CH Vineyards Bad Boy 20323 Setters (Irish) R Okeefe/B O’Keefe/D Johnson/J Hubbard/K 5 CH Star K’s Mile Hi Valentine 18513 Pointers (German Wirehaired) R Stark/L Stark/V Malzoni 6 CH Exl’s Leather N Lace 15869 Spaniels (Cocker) Black S Knaus/J Huml 7 CH Cerise Jesse James 15037 Spaniels (English Springer) D Cherry/R Fugit 8 CH Shadagee Caught Red Handed 15036 Setters (Irish) D Burke/N Conner 9 CH Smokycity Silhouette Dbl Ur Pleasure 14694 Weimaraners C Cassidy/B Cassidy 10 CH Flatbrook Royal Point Attitude JH 13855 Wirehaired Pointing Griffons R Byrne/L Byrne

Working Group

1 CH Rokeena Carte Blanche 37373 1 CH Allure Blazing Star Alisaton Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeens Doberman Pinschers J Herrera/C Herrera/R Wallis/R Wallis N Bosley/J Porter/C Pitts 2 CH Dun Myrica Speaker Of Eagle 27990 2 CH Winfall Brookwood Styled Dream Irish Wolfhounds Boxers S McDonald/J Roland D McCarroll/M Fagan/J Billhardt/S Tenenb 3 CH Pupukearidge Ikaika O Sprngvly 20240 3 CH Galilee’s Pure Of Spirit Rhodesian Ridgebacks Giant Schnauzers T Peach/B Peach/P Lambie/I Mc Kinnon/S M M Hayes/J Sanchez/C Sanchez 4 CH Starline’s Chanel 18499 4 CH Sno Klassic Play The Game Whippets Alaskan Malamutes L Lawrence/C Lawrence P Peel/M Peel 5 CH Afterglow Ebeneezer 17102 5 CH Mojo’s Rock’N Your World Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeens Akitas B Thompson/S Russell/R Ellingford/M Gads S Borrmann/B Rule 6 CH Sporting Fields Bahama Sands 16680 6 CH Duba-Dae’s Who’s Your Daddy Whippets Boxers D Butt/J Cooney-Waterhouse C Vose/W Bettis/L Jansson 7 CH Genesis Silverado 15704 7 CH Aviators Luck Be A Lady Afghan Hounds Portuguese Water Dogs J Shaw M Dugan/C Dugan 8 CH Torquay Midnight Confession 13286 8 CH Catanyas Latin Lover Beagles (over 13 in.) Alaskan Malamutes M Chagas/M Botelho/A Botelho P Kendrick/A Martinez/A Syar 9 CH Of Afrikka Spring Valley Dorian Gray SC 12351 9 CH Nanuke’s Still The One Rhodesian Ridgebacks Alaskan Malamutes C Wistrom/S Mc Kinnon S d’Andrea/G George/S Rich/S Rich 10 CH Adili’s American Idol 11663 10 CH Rivergroves Trump This Rhodesian Ridgebacks Great Pyrenees K Courtelis/T Lynch/K Lafleur N Shields/C Shields/J Boyd

THE DOG NEWS TOP TEN LIST is a monthly listing of the Top Ten Dogs All Breeds and the Top Ten Dogs in each Group. There is also a listing of the Top Ten Dogs in Each Breed. All of these statistics are based on All Breed competition. The American Kennel Club compiles these figures from the AKC licensed and member club shows. These figures will be printed monthly in DOG NEWS by Annual Awards Rating System. These are the most current statistics available to the fancy.

54 Dog News

71288 36952 23704 22099 22048 20604 17192 16460 16055 15186

Terrier Group 1 CH Roundtown Mercedes Of Maryscot 122358 Scottish Terriers A Musser 2 CH J’Cobe Kemosabe Vigilante Justice 38781 Fox Terriers (Smooth) S Hoffen/H Hoffen/A Booth/P Booth 3 CH Hi-Kel Terrydale Soldier Of Fortune 24539 Lakeland Terriers C Dowd/B Dowd/C Ruggles/Terrydale Knl 4 CH Stirling Cool Hand Luke 21198 Airedale Terriers T Steele/F Pulice 5 CH Efbe’s Merci Pour Le Poivre 17569 Sealyham Terriers M Good/S Middlebrooks 6 CH Skyscot’s Poker Chip 16782 Norwich Terriers C Dodwell 7 CH Fleet St. Fenway Fan 16215 Irish Terriers A Barker/V JNR 8 CH Slyfox Sneak’s A Peek 12647 Fox Terriers (Smooth) J Smith 9 CH Sanherpinc Paisa 12092 Welsh Terriers L Hotchin/B Schwartz 10 CH Cornerstone Soliloquy 11475 Staffordshire Bull Terriers M Goethals/L Goethals

Toy Group

9 CH Queen Bless Jp World Idol Papillons M Mosing/C Ejima/H Hibara/J Alseth 10 CH Norkus’ Risky Business Pugs M Molnar/J Danburg


Based on All-Breed Competition


Non-Sporting Group

1 CH Kepley’s Showbiz Razzle Dazzle 28745 Bulldogs J Fisher/R Speiser/B Wolfe 2 CH Hillwood Dassin De-Lovely 23493 Poodles (Standard) J Vergnetti/E Charles/K Lefrak/W Sammet/G Lajesky 3 CH Dawin Spitfire 15804 Poodles (Standard) L Campbell 4 CH Rushmar’s Charmer 14609 Lhasa Apsos L Mccutcheon/D Planche 5 CH Randenn Tristar Affirmation 14054 Poodles (Standard) T Sosnoff/M Sosnoff 6 CH Donnchada Sweet Dreams 13751 Poodles (Standard) E Brown/N Baldwin/K Black/D Schuchart 7 CH Brighton Lakeridge Summer In Hampton 10676 Poodles (Standard) T Sosnoff/M Sosnoff/D Ferguson-Jones 8 CH Paray’s Rime Time 9767 Bichons Frises L Rosio/M Winston/P Flores 9 CH Risgae Miabella Sweet Georgia 9141 Bichons Frises S Kapella/R Day 10 CH My Thai Ta Sen Halleluiah Chorus 8575 Lhasa Apsos 38395 S Giles

1 CH Smash Jp Moon Walk Poodles (Toy) R Scott/D Burke 2 CH Tamarin Tug 28946 Affenpinschers P Smith/P Smith 3 CH Linn-Lee’s For The Good Times 25610 Pekingese E Holcombe/C Carter 4 CH Tupelo Shoboat Tu China Tu 24507 Pugs M Molnar/J Danburg/P Kolesar/R Kolesar/D 5 CH Franshaw Hear Me Roar 21409 Pekingese J Shaw 6 CH Velocity’s Shake Ur Bon Bon 19059 Pomeranians A Koga 7 CH Mondrian V.H. Lamslag RE 17926 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels J York 8 CH Ayrwen Star Kissed Delight 15598 Chihuahuas (Smooth Coat) G Johnson/A Johnson


CH Roundtown Mercedes Of Maryscot Scottish Terrier A Musser



CH Allure Blazing Star Alisaton Doberman Pinscher N Bosley/J Porter/C Pitts



CH Cordmaker Field Of Dreams Puli S Huebner/J Beaudoin



CH Toasty’s Treasure Island Retriever (Golden) P Oxenberg/J Oxenberg/J Bates


5 CH J’Cobe Kemosabe Vigilante Justice 38781 Fox Terrier (Smooth) S Hoffen/H Hoffen/A Booth/P Booth 6

CH Smash Jp Moon Walk Poodle (Toy) R Scott/D Burke



CH Rokeena Carte Blanche 37373 Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen J Herrera/C Herrera/R Wallis/R Wallis


CH Winfall Brookwood Styled Dream 36952 Boxer D McCarroll/M Fagan/J Billhardt/S Tenenb

9 CH Tamarin Tug Affenpinscher P Smith/P Smith


Herding Group

10 CH Ripsnorter’s Mt View Lookout Pointer (German Wirehaired) K Courtelis/J Witt/H Witt/J Wilkinson


1 CH Cordmaker Field Of Dreams 52124 Pulik S Huebner/J Beaudoin 2 CH Shoal Creek’s Sangria V Barick 26619 German Shepherd Dogs E Farrell/B Stamper/L Jewell/G Middei 3 CH Tolkien Raintree Mister Baggins 22212 Bearded Collies E Charles/A Stein/L Stein/S Ross/L Woodc 4 CH Sylvan Argent Simply Irresistible 21546 Collies (Rough) C Bossart/C Dubois/N Comparato/D Greene/ 5 CH Lambluv’s Daydream Believer 20271 Old English Sheepdogs K Richardson/J Marder

6 CH Avalon Frontier Sleepnlady Webber Bouviers des Flandres J Mcconnell/S McDaniel/J Guido/L Fenner/ 7 CH Bugaboo’s Georgie Girl Old English Sheepdogs B Callahan/C Johnson/H Johnson 8 CH Sky Acres Spy Plane Belgian Tervuren M Edling/W Thompson 9 CH Coventry Vanity Fair Pembroke Welsh Corgis D Salow/K Kirtley/K Foist/B Shelton 10 CH Quiche’s Demetrius Bouviers des Flandres S Riser/D Riser/E Paquette

18365 14965 12562 12117 11685


Dog News 55

*All Systems, 2009

56 Dog News

Dog News 57

The Dog News Top Ten List


Sporting Group Brittanys 729 CH RJ’s Sierra Edition SH J Wire/R Wire 513 CH Tonan-Hope’s R U Kiddin’ Me D Tighe/N Morabito 491 CH Mich’s Mt Ready Aim Fire K Rickard/L Rickard/J Davies/D Peek 489 CH Vem Country Mile G Manifold/N Redick/H Manifold/R West 478 CH Melridge Stir N It Up D Bingham/F Bingham 427 CH Triumphant’s Absolute’ JH L McCartney-Roy/K Mccartney 426 CH Gourley’s Dfl 99 Carat Diamond G Stern/C Gourley 374 CH Willowick Talltean C Fitzgerald 369 CH Magic Read My Lips K Hanson/B Hultgren/N Otterson 344 CH Dogwood Hollow Bengal Zero Zero G Clements/G Clements/C Mika/R Cornum Pointers 316 CH Tahari’s To Wild To Be Serious L Cayton/D Ying/F DePaulo 314 CH Creeksyde’s Witches Promise J Walton/G Griffin/K Rath 233 CH Chesterhope My Boys Girl P Kroll 209 CH Cookieland Seasyde Hollyberry H Medeiros/S McCarthy/T McCarthy 173 CH Penpoint In Dress Blues L Stagg 131 CH Coralwood Strykepoint Centerfield K Shorter/S Barton 118 CH Sankris That’s My Boy S Bures/K Kirkland 118 CH Seasyde Cookielnd Forecast Triple Crown J Cappellina/H Medeiros 112 CH Edgehill’s Comin Out Strong M Johnston/J Kearney/J Johnston 111 CH Seasyde Dobe’s Den In Fashion J Pahl/D Pahl/H Medeiros Pointers (German Shorthaired) 1183CH Fieldfines Back In Action JH D Simberlund/W Simberlund/D Hand 918 CH Shomberg’s One Hot Ticket Deppe-Haus J Deppen/M Winkler/S Dattilio 729 CH Robin Crest Charismatic JH R Remondi 566 CH Kan-Point’s Leading The Chase R Stanley/L Stanley/L Coonrod 552 CH Crk In The Fast Lane M Farone/W Farone 540 CH Shortales N Cahoots W Irondale JH L Estes/W Bettis/M Bettis 527 CH Dogwoodcreek’s Hot Money L Duncan 429 CH Bleugras Shaggbark She’So Fine E Parsons 368 CH Kempfers Destiny JH K Fulk 365 CH Vjk-Myst Bring It On V Nunes-Atkinson/Y Hassler-Deterding Pointers (German Wirehaired) 432 CH Ripsnorter’s Mt View Lookout K Courtelis/J Witt/H Witt/J Wilkinson 244 CH Star K’s Mile Hi Valentine R Stark/L Stark/V Malzoni 209 CH Mountain View’s Mr Jack SH R Brannan 168 CH Aspendel’s Pale Rider JH B Watkins/R Perry/S Ferraro 136 CH Geronimo’s Flying Calypso J Steffes 96 CH Weidenhugel Abby V Jessie C Heiller/K Boyd 59 CH Mt. View’s Ripsnortersilvercharm C Wisch/K Wisch 39 CH Tagalong’s Cherry Bomb M Marley 33 CH Darnelles Get The Party Started C Reininger/J Reininger 21 CH Cynisternidawires Final Fantasy C Magoon/J Quesnell Retrievers (Chesapeake Bay) 806 CH Chesabar Pawprints In The Sand M Vaccaro/P Barber 239 CH Northwyns Whispering Reflection JH M Fisher 223 CH Cal-I-Co Kiss The Girls J Colvin/J Colvin 195 CH Chesabar’s True Grit R Barber/P Barber 187 CH Ches-Shores Hurricane Hattie R Kirwan/K Fox 166 CH Sandbar’s Stock Exxchange D Baker/F Konrad/G Gearhart/A Gearhart 136 CH Chesabar’s Brimstone Kodiak E Zboran 130 CH Irish’s Master Jake J Soulliere/G Irish 129 CH Hi-Ho’s Riff Raff E Cottingham 128 CH Cal-I-Co Hialeah J Colvin/J Colvin

58 Dog News

Based On Breed Competition

Retrievers (Curly-Coated) 184 CH Kurly Kreek Sherlock Holmes M Shifflett/S Shifflett 144 CH Down Datrail Hunting Thrills CD S Macre/D Akins 95 CH Riverwatch Frozen Assets G Meek/M Meek 94 CH Gladrags Original Buttonfly R Cataldo/M Mcgroarty 89 CH Pizzazz Trigger I Andre/S McDowell/C McDowell 81 CH Manawanui Blackberry Jack H Stout/R Alley 70 CH Clarion’s Blackberry Bramble J Gentry/P Gentry 68 CH Kurly Kreek Artic Express S Shifflett/M Shifflett 68 CH Dryfork Curly Moe RN L Rush 61 CH Boyerie’s The Intimidator G Cooper/Y Cooper/G Caudill

Setters (English) 1021CH Artizoe High Caliber S Hoeflinger/S Ping 821 CH Reidwood Red Alert G Perry 723 CH Palisades Silhouette C Kopfstein/J Mayr/B Fischer 372 CH Chebaco Blames It On Trabeiz D Coller/P Coller/E Hackett 328 CH Esthete’s The Mountain King L Mowery/J Warren 227 CH Kaska’s Capture The Moment L Kuhn/L Gancer 186 CH Kelyric Blues Traveler RN JH A Mann/K Kennedy 186 CH Stardom Chebaco Just Blame Me JH D Coller/P Coller 177 CH Horizon’s Rag’s To Riches T Callo 128 CH Honeygait Wilsonlake Esquire Liz J Borchardt/S Kerwin-hagen/M Nowak

Spaniels (Clumber) 377 CH Monarch American Pie S Beaulieu/J Mui 243 CH Moonrysn’s Moon Dawg P Holman/M Cole/J Sutherland 150 CH Clussexx Tickling The Ivories S Miller/C Miller 142 CH Quail Hollow’s Gelato A Morphis/P Scholey/D Morphis 111 CH Avalea Magical Minstrel A Lefebvre/J Cooper/R Thayer 96 CH Nexus Dark Horse P McCune/J Fankhauser 93 CH Nexus Jazzin’s Jenga C Jaynes/S Fankhauser 76 CH Casmir Guns N Red Roses V Lovins/M Gundlach 43 CH Avalea The Pumpkin King W Schernekau/J Schernekau/A Lefebvre/R T 40 CH Celtic’s Nose For News J Eaton/K Mcgriff

Retrievers (Flat-Coated) 823 CH Starworkers Dealers Choice JH OA OAJ K Martin 793 CH Light-Foot’s Sugar On Snow T Mohr/S Meaker 618 CH Petersfield Famous Amos S Stilwell/P Debree/S Stilwell/D Edwards 320 CH Quillquest’s Living Legend D Sickles/L Zimic/G Impey 311 CH Glenwan’s Sidney On Lanier JH NAJ W Jacobson 277 CH Shannara’s Chamber Of Secrets JH W Heikes/T Spires 168 CH Starworkers King Of The Castle JH K Postrozny 140 CH Whazthat’s Headliner CD RN JH S Garolis/J Allen 130 CH Jubilee’s Curveball Majic P McClain 120 CH Valhala’s Burning Ring Of Fire G Wilson/M Doheny

Setters (Gordon) 848 CH Firethorn And Sandpiper Easy On The Eyes D Coller/P Coller/M McLoughlin/C Kirby 298 CH Sastya Raggededge Peer Review M Leonard/W Leonard/C Mayers/M Grill 293 CH Sandpiper’s Shore Enough D Grant/J Beattie/P Reilly 244 CH Glen Oaks River Breeze Shiraz M Wetzel/G Godding/M Devalt 220 CH Birch Run Full Moon Fever JH S DePottey/T DePottey 170 CH Hillock National Security J Piette-Abitz/S Piette 167 CH Cascade’s Sunrunner Here Comes The Son B Young-Tompkinson/J Tiano 166 CH Tamarack Brynbar Calendar Girl JH D Brnger/M Brnger/E Shanahan 150 CH Grtscots Frontrunner K Smith 76 CH Leadra’s Leading Lennox Lad CD RA S Nicoll/S Nicoll

Spaniels (Cocker) ASCOB 875 CH Shaman’s No Doubt About It J Stamm/J Fehring 513 CH Somerset’s Sweet Talkin’ Girl L Ferland 331 CH Creekridge Quarterback Sneak C Bredenbeck/L Rosenhammer 303 CH Carbert Arikara Magic Touch C Shute/P Nazarko 268 CH Quasar’s & Sherwood’s Odd Couple M Santos/B Santos/S McAlister 248 CH Windsong All Kidding Aside K Toner/A Toner 235 CH Mardi Gras Strut The Stage R Logrie 215 CH Mei-Hardt’s Shining Quasar J Meister/S McAlister 84 CH Creekridge Eye Wanna Be A Rock Starr C Bredenbeck/F Bredenbeck 80 CH Sunhaven’s Premier Package C Omatsu/A Lawrence

Retrievers (Golden) 5541CH Toasty’s Treasure Island P Oxenberg/J Oxenberg/J Bates 2495 CH Tempo’s U’Ve Got What Gets Me C Meddaugh 1509 CH Easthill Broxden Pop Star M Hill/C Hill/S Kim Koffen/A Rodrigues-B 1162 CH Birnam Wood’s Hoot Gibson S Donahey/W Feeney 1154 CH Rush Hill’s River Road Payoff T Struble/M Struble/K Dunn 1143 CH Golden Trip Snow Dream B Johnson/M Nishikawa 1090 CH Avalor Sandpiper Tickled Pink P Pace 911 CH Avalor’s Inxs L Reuter 902 CH Gaia Of Yoshida Enterprise K Oshima/L Jordan-Fenner 872 CH Shor’Line Jetoca High Seas Adventure RN JH C Binder

Setters (Irish Red and White) 121 CH Shireoak Caniscaeli Windsong Y Herrera/L Stark/V Malzoni/G Harrison/D 90 CH Moonstone Darcy D Cournoyer/P Cournoyer 89 CH Dalriach Alchemy JH A Jones/L Robinson 48 CH Rossmore Ruanard JH H Hazen 47 CH Mizen Duchas Dilis JH J Baumgartner 45 CH Machias Forged In Fire H Riggle/K McCartney 41 CH Affinity Day Tripper RN MX MXJ P Wallace-Jones/T Tennison 33 CH Tymaran Masterful L DeRosa/S DeRosa 33 CH Rossmore Thunder N Lightnin W Bockman/E Bockman/K Miller 33 CH O’Dobhailien Cailin Alainn JH J Baumgartner/T Baumgartner

Spaniels (Cocker) Black 771 CH Bracon’s Leapin Lilly Pads H Sullivan 577 CH Exl’s Leather N Lace S Knaus/J Huml 314 CH Hillside’s Black Miracle X Larson/R Larson 268 CH Markann-N-Kk’s Charlotte’s Winning Web K Jeglum/K Kohlmeyer 258 CH Hartlines True To Bear M Hart/K Brown/K Weaver/J Stern 254 CH Micadee’s My Two Sense C Fennelly 234 CH Tl’s On The Ball T Procuniar 227 CH Lomapoint 18k You Da Man J Bjelland/T Kelso 203 CH Shanz Island Calypso D Harris 195 CH Lehi’s Crystal Ball At Bluriver B Guyer/H Armour/N Guyer/A Morgante

Retrievers (Labrador) 4276CH Casbar’s Hart To Hart D Ammerman 3352 CH Beechcroft Study’s Top Secret M Caban/C Martinez/M Wiest 2776 CH Robnie’s Chantilly At Lighthouse L Greskevitch/B Anthony 2594 CH Salty Dog Of Tampa Bay L Hess 1212 CH Paradocs Delians Scrubbing In B Anthony/D Vansant 985 CH Sher-Mi Front Runner JH S Anderson/B Whitson/K Whitson/K Knowles 952 CH Ridge View’s Magician D Bloom-Schwartz/D Reece 917 CH Tande Last Stand At Baywynds R Turnham/G Koonce/J Koonce 829 CH Starquests Right On Que G Plotkin/N Plotkin/L Mitchell/S Sellers 731 CH Windswepthill Storm Tracker E Zgrabik/J Ridilla

Setters (Irish) 1594CH Shadagee Caught Red Handed D Burke/N Conner 1339 CH Vineyards Bad Boy R Okeefe/B O’Keefe/D Johnson/J Hubbard/K 971 CH Ashton Peaceful Easy Feeling J Jenkins Hylton/G Hylton 670 CH Greengate Buzz Lightyear J Killam/M Killam/B Elliott 606 CH Beaubriar Premiere Event B Pierhal/L Pierhal/M Dechambeau/E Decha 577 CH Windrose I’Ve Got A Secret C Horner/J Horner 482 CH Windwood Inferno P Seipkes 470 CH Marlyn All About Magic M Title/C McKenzie 398 CH Jewelset Second Attraction J Bonfiglio 241 CH Bryn Myrddin Ramblin’ Red Arawyn K Toohey/N Salmon/A Kubacz/M O’Malley

Spaniels (Cocker) Parti 460 CH Showcase Medicine Man S Forbes/B Rapoport 427 CH Windsor 18k Rolls Royce J Bjelland/T Kelso 361 CH Showcase On Board For One More D Swier/J Mcnelly 304 CH Pbj’s Gimme All Your Lovin B Pruitt/J Pruitt 285 CH Shaankata Kataxin Chorus Girl B Bunert 262 CH Mario’s Grand Slam Playa J Hanlin/M Ragusa/P Ragusa 214 CH Blkwater’s Hunkrdown My Heart N Virden/M Walls 203 CH Nosowea’s Navy Seal J Thorp 151 CH Christycrest Broadway Star B Garrow/C Wagner 141 CH Blue Mtn’s Work Of Art L Belch

Retrievers (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling) 250 CH Foxvale’s Lennoxlove Patriot J Gibbs/D Gibbs/K Heiden/K Lawless 219 CH Manitou’s Granturismo JH C Lindemer/G Lindemer 153 CH Lennoxlove Susqudilla’s Mini Cooper R Haskin/J Merred/P Campanella 148 CH Littleriver’s Brynwood Celtie E Boryczka 144 CH Fionavar Javahill Topgun CD L Fitzmaurice/M Noreen 114 CH Jetstream’s Sit Up And Take Notice C Siflinger/L Siflinger 89 CH Littleriver’s Brynwood Mccoy JH E Boryczka 74 CH Cinnstars Chaos Theory RN OA OAJ C Parker/J Curran 62 CH Foxvale Foxbrooke Dare To Cruise K Lawless/J Lawless 56 CH Honeyrun’s Amber Waves M Beckstead/R Beckstead

Spaniels (American Water) 41 CH Waterway Game Crk Hot Diggity J Hattrem/L Hattrem/P Boyer 37 CH Aspen Springs Water Lily CD RE JH NA NAJ F Parker/D Parker 31 CH Carolina’s Wild March Hare RA NA NAJ L Mccracken 18 CH Mtnstar Wedding Of The Waters C Curtis-Dihel/B Wahlberg 16 Waterway Game Crk Ralphie Boy-How Sweet It Is! D Hancock/L Hattrem/P Boyer 16 CH Kei-Rin’s Honeyweiss K Kozak/P Kozak 14 CH Ca- Beavercrk’s Best Kpt Secret RN L Thorsness 12 Aspen Springs Northern Star D Parker/F Parker 7 CH Nissop’s Joki Koira SH D Possin 7 Aspen Springs Stargazer D Parker/F Parker

Spaniels (English Cocker) 1023CH Sweet Apple Sir Prize N Sweet/M Benson 866 CH Itoba Little Miss Can’T Be Wrong D Rand/J Winkels 675 CH Brasswinds Remember When L Fusco 519 CH Lynann’s Touchstone L Gall/R Gall/D Deane 450 CH Primetimes American Pride J Gerrish/K Mitchell 289 CH Indigo’s Priceless M Dobbins/L Dobbins 273 CH Ragtime Zane Grey K Wyckoff/S Peterson 257 CH Heritage Adam’s Rib V Zwart 244 CH Stage Door Curtain Call B Penny/C Collins/D Collins 235 CH Copperclad Stone Throw To Caib R Mertsching/D Mertsching CONTINUED ON PAGE 362


Dog News 59

Absolutely Smooth Fox One Weekend Three Best In Shows Multiple All Breed Best In Show & Specialty Winner AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Best of Breed Winner 2009 Number Eight* Among All Terrier Breeds

Ch. Slyfox Sneaks A Peek Owner J. W. Smith Absolutely Smooth Fox Terriers

Breeders Joan & Mark Taggart

Handlers Edward & Lesley Boyes Grass Valley, California 530.272.4940 *The Dog News Top Ten List

00 Dog News 60



Judge Mrs. Robert Forsyth

Judge Ms. Linda More

Judge Miss Virginia Lyne


Dog News 61 00

Based on All-Breed Competition Continued from page 55

Sporting Group Brittanys 1 CH Tonan-Hope’s R U Kiddin’ Me D Tighe/N Morabito 2 CH RJ’s Sierra Edition SH J Wire/R Wire 3 CH Willowick Talltean C Fitzgerald 4 CH Vem Country Mile G Manifold/N Redick/H Manifold/R West 5 CH Mich’s Mt Ready Aim Fire K Rickard/L Rickard/J Davies/D Peek 6 CH Dogwood Hollow Bengal Zero Zero G Clements/G Clements/C Mika/R Cornum 7 CH Melridge Stir N It Up D Bingham/F Bingham 8 CH Triumphant’s Absolute’ JH L McCartney-Roy/K Mccartney 9 CH Britt’s Ramblin’ Bourne Identity S Richards/N Larson/J Larson 10 CH Dualan Marsport Supercharger H Harrison/D Harrison Pointers 1 CH Cookieland Seasyde Hollyberry H Medeiros/S McCarthy/T McCarthy 2 CH Tahari’s To Wild To Be Serious L Cayton/D Ying/F DePaulo 3 CH Coralwood Valcopy Switch Hitter R Davis/D Plonkey 4 CH Penpoint In Dress Blues L Stagg 5 CH Seasyde Dobe’s Den In Fashion J Pahl/D Pahl/H Medeiros 6 CH Sankris That’s My Boy S Bures/K Kirkland 7 CH Creeksyde’s Witches Promise J Walton/G Griffin/K Rath 8 CH Dobe’s Den Point Zapata J Wornall/D Breim 9 CH Chesterhope My Boys Girl P Kroll 10 CH Bookstor Inherit The Wind K Spey/E Reisman/B Reisman/H Spey Pointers (German Shorthaired) 1 CH Fieldfines Back In Action JH D Simberlund/W Simberlund/D Hand 2 CH Robin Crest Charismatic JH R Remondi 3 CH Shomberg’s One Hot Ticket Deppe-Haus J Deppen/M Winkler/S Dattilio 4 CH Bleugras Shaggbark She’So Fine E Parsons 5 CH Pointsetter Steal The Thunder C Edwards/A Johnson-Edwards 6 CH Shortales N Cahoots W Irondale JH L Estes/W Bettis/M Bettis 7 CH Kan-Point’s Leading The Chase R Stanley/L Stanley/L Coonrod 8 CH Crk In The Fast Lane M Farone/W Farone 9 CH Dogwoodcreek’s Hot Money L Duncan 10 CH Ludlams Wish Upon A Prairiestar S Ludlam/C Slagle

62 Dog News

B. I. S. GP1 GP2 GP3 GP4

B. I. S. GP1 GP2 GP3 GP4


2 13 5 11 9


1 7 5 7 10 3863 1 4 2 2 3


0 2 4 7 4


0 2 3 2 7


0 0 1 6 5


0 2 2 5 4


0 1 3 4 2


0 1 0 1 5


0 2 2 3 5


13 16 0 0 0


1 4 4 3 5


0 5 1 1 4


0 4 4 6 6


1 1 1 0 0


0 1 1 4 5


0 0 2 1 1


0 0 1 1 2


0 1 1 3 1


0 0 0 3 0


1 14 11 3 3


2 14 3 6 5


1 8 9 5 5


0 4 10 4 3


0 1 3 2 2


0 1 3 4 2


0 1 2 3 4


0 2 3 1 2


0 1 1 2 3


0 0 3 3 2


Pointers (German Wirehaired) 1 CH Ripsnorter’s Mt View Lookout K Courtelis/J Witt/H Witt/J Wilkinson 2 CH Star K’s Mile Hi Valentine R Stark/L Stark/V Malzoni 3 CH Mt. View’s Ripsnortersilvercharm C Wisch/K Wisch 4 CH Aspendel’s Pale Rider JH B Watkins/R Perry/S Ferraro 5 CH Mountain View’s Mr Jack SH R Brannan 6 Timo II Bockenhagen At Kimmax (Foreign Dog - Registration Pending.) 7 CH Geronimo’s Flying Calypso J Steffes 8 CH K-S-Tzarr-Balkanoff Vom Sepp K Sunda/B Stroh 9 CH Ripsnorter’s A Fringe Benefit R Miller 10 CH Drakkar’s Rlb Celtic Private Eye J Boyd/M Boyd/J Wilkinson Retrievers (Chesapeake Bay) 1 CH Sandbar’s Stock Exxchange D Baker/F Konrad/G Gearhart/A Gearhart 2 CH Alibi ‘N’ Royals Heiress L Krokover/D Bleifer/R Plaut 3 CH Chesabar Pawprints In The Sand M Vaccaro/P Barber 4 CH Cabin Ridge’s Mega Margarita C Meyer/K Rauschmeier/J Martin 5 CH Ches-Shores Hurricane Hattie R Kirwan/K Fox 6 CH Spinnakers Oc’s Little Miss Vixen D Peckman/K Peckman/S Silva 7 CH Cal-I-Co Kiss The Girls J Colvin/J Colvin 8 CH Ches-Shores Rockets Red Glare K White/J White/L Waid 9 CH Chesabar’s Brimstone Kodiak E Zboran 10 CH Goose Creek’s Hunt Goddess CD RN M Misegadis/L Misegadis Retrievers (Curly-Coated) 1 CH Dryfork Curly Moe RN L Rush 2 CH Down Datrail Hunting Thrills CD S Macre/D Akins 3 CH Kurly Kreek Sherlock Holmes M Shifflett/S Shifflett 4 CH Boyerie’s The Intimidator G Cooper/Y Cooper/G Caudill 5 CH Pizzazz Trigger I Andre/S McDowell/C McDowell 6 CH Sun Devil Veni Vidi Vici Of Hot Feet L Bauer/D Brannon 7 CH Kurly Kreek Artic Express S Shifflett/M Shifflett 8 CH Clarion’s Blackberry Bramble J Gentry/P Gentry 9 CH Walden Farm’s Zoot Suit Riot RN J Siebecker 10 CH Gladrags Original Buttonfly R Cataldo/M Mcgroarty Retrievers (Flat-Coated) 1 CH Petersfield Famous Amos S Stilwell/P Debree/S Stilwell/D Edwards 2 CH Starworkers Dealers Choice JH OA OAJ K Martin 3 CH Light-Foot’s Sugar On Snow T Mohr/S Meaker 4 CH Valhala’s Burning Ring Of Fire G Wilson/M Doheny


15 76 20 14 5


5 40 26 15 6


0 3 6 3 0


0 1 3 4 4


0 2 6 4 1


0 0 0 0 1


0 1 2 0 1


0 0 1 1 0


0 0 1 0 0


0 0 1 2 1


0 7 15 10 8


0 3 9 7 6


0 1 0 3 6


0 1 5 5 1


0 3 2 4 2


0 0 0 1 2


1 2 0 3 2


0 0 0 2 1


0 0 0 2 1


0 0 2 1 3


0 4 4 5 2


0 2 5 3 4


0 0 4 3 5


0 0 1 1 3


1 3 0 4 0


0 0 0 0 1


0 0 1 1 1


0 2 2 3 3


0 2 0 1 0


0 0 0 1 1


0 8 1 6 7


0 6 7 6 5


0 4 1 1 2


0 1 0 0 0


5 CH Quillquest’s Living Legend D Sickles/L Zimic/G Impey 6 CH Blacklace Magic Mocha Sapphire C Johnson/K Johnson 7 CH Wingmaster’s History Repeats CD RE JH A Schultz/G Murtonen 8 CH Feathurquest Dangerous Drifter M Shimizu/K Shimizu 9 CH Shannara’s Chamber Of Secrets JH W Heikes/T Spires 10 CH Whazthat’s Headliner CD RN JH S Garolis/J Allen Retrievers (Golden) 1 CH Toasty’s Treasure Island P Oxenberg/J Oxenberg/J Bates 2 CH Rush Hill’s River Road Payoff T Struble/M Struble/K Dunn 3 CH Tempo’s U’Ve Got What Gets Me C Meddaugh 4 CH Easthill Broxden Pop Star M Hill/C Hill/S Kim Koffen/A Rodrigues-B 5 CH Golden Trip Snow Dream B Johnson/M Nishikawa 6 CH Avalor’s Inxs L Reuter 7 CH Gaia Of Yoshida Enterprise K Oshima/L Jordan-Fenner 8 CH Birnam Wood’s Hoot Gibson S Donahey/W Feeney 9 CH Dalane Doizaki Buckingham’s Pride H Doizaki/J Jensen 10 CH Shor’Line Jetoca High Seas Adventure RN JH C Binder Retrievers (Labrador) 1 CH Casbar’s Hart To Hart D Ammerman 2 CH Robnie’s Chantilly At Lighthouse L Greskevitch/B Anthony 3 CH Salty Dog Of Tampa Bay L Hess 4 CH Beechcroft Study’s Top Secret M Caban/C Martinez/M Wiest 5 CH Ridge View’s Magician D Bloom-Schwartz/D Reece 6 CH Paradocs Delians Scrubbing In B Anthony/D Vansant 7 CH Millmar’s Truely High Lites J Miller 8 CH Sher-Mi Front Runner JH S Anderson/B Whitson/K Whitson/K Knowles 9 CH Starquests Right On Que G Plotkin/N Plotkin/L Mitchell/S Sellers 10 CH Brooksflyway Em Spiritotexas RN E Mcclurg/D Mcclurg Retrievers (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling) 1 CH Lennoxlove Susqudilla’s Mini Cooper R Haskin/J Merred/P Campanella 2 CH Javahill’s Backwoods Boy RN P McDonald/L Fitzmaurice 3 CH Foxvale’s Lennoxlove Patriot J Gibbs/D Gibbs/K Heiden/K Lawless 4 CH Littleriver’s Brynwood Celtie E Boryczka 5 CH Manitou’s Granturismo JH C Lindemer/G Lindemer 6 CH Jetstream’s Sit Up And Take Notice C Siflinger/L Siflinger 7 CH Fionavar Javahill Topgun CD L Fitzmaurice/M Noreen 8 CH Tollchester’s Top Secret C Redmond/S Sortwell CONTINUED ON PAGE 344

B. I. S. GP1 GP2 GP3 GP4


0 0 0 2 3


0 1 0 1 0


0 0 2 0 0


0 1 1 0 1


0 0 1 0 1


0 0 0 0 3


23 89 29 5 7


4 12 7 4 1


0 7 11 7 7


1 7 6 9 4


2 14 8 3 2


1 6 5 8 2


1 4 5 2 4


0 6 6 3 1


0 6 4 5 4


0 8 7 6 6


9 59 20 13 4


3 21 21 16 12 13599 3 22 15 21 10 11690 1 6 2 1 3


1 10 8 8 6


0 1 3 4 3


1 1 4 3 7


0 2 4 7 1


0 1 0 1 7


0 0 2 3 5


0 1 2 6 3


1 1 0 1 2


0 0 2 3 3


0 0 0 0 4


0 0 0 1 3


0 1 1 3 1


0 0 0 1 1


0 0 1 0 0


The Number One Italian Greyhound* Top 20 Toy**

Best In Show & Best In Specialty Show Winning

FLASH First p u o r rG Anothe County Union Club l e n n e K Judge u o Y k Than unce! o M y n n Ms. De

*The Dog News Top Ten List - All Breed, 2009 Final Statistics **S.S. Group First Rankings

Dog News 63

“Ray a i n r o f i l a C ! t a e r g s wa

Thank you Judge Miss Dorothy Macdonald Owner-Breeder Gayleward’s Kennels & Stables 64 Dog News

Ch. Gayleward’s

Ray� Starting Off the

New Year - also great!

Thank you Judge Mr. William Cunningham

Jaraluv Nike

Presented By Clifford Steele & Alissandra Folz Dog News 65

BRACE YOURSELF by Andrew Brace

Preparing for The Garden


ot too many British judges are honored with an invitation to judge for the Westminster Kennel Club so when I received a letter from Thomas H. Bradley III asking me to judge at the 2010 show it took a while for it to sink in. Coincidentally, Mr. Bradley’s letter was dated 21st April – my birthday – and believe me, I could not have had a more thrilling birthday gift! To judge any breed at The Garden must be a thrill, but as the contents of the letter did finally register, I realized that I was being asked to judge some plum breeds: all the Poodles, Bichons, Pekingese, Pugs, Papillons, and Pomeranians. My cup runneth over! These are all strong breeds in the States as far as quality goes and this made the assignment all the sweeter. Obviously I couldn’t wait to get my reply in the mail – accepting of course! Then I noticed the confidentiality clause in Mr. Bradley’s letter, so my excitement had to be completely self-contained: I could not share my news with my best friend, or even my mother. That took some doing I can tell you. So, my Garden assignment was resigned to my judging box-file and my mental back burner, and eventually the 2010 panel was published. Several of my good friends called to congratulate me and were genuine in their sentiments. A few acquaintances who suffer from acute green-eye made grudging quips, but hey, these are dog people! Then out came the entry and the judging schedule which called for careful scrutiny. Having an early start at 8 a.m., that will mean getting to the venue just after 7 a.m. (even though we will staying at the Affinia) just to be on the safe side, so that means as early a night as possible after the judges’ dinner and copious amounts of mineral water through the meal rather than being tempted by anything stronger – a clear head will be essential! In the run-up to The Garden I will be judging several sporting breeds for the Big Apple Sporting Society – Pointers, Labradors, Weimaraners, Irish Setters, Cockers, Irish Water Spaniels, Sussex and Welsh Springers. Then two days later I will be doing the Irish Red and White Setter specialty that should be very interesting as this is the first year for the breed to be scheduled at Westminster following its full recognition by the American Kennel Club. 66 Dog News

These two shows should serve as a great appetizer for my day at The Garden. My first breed in Ring 1 will be the largest entry in the Toy Group, 36 Pugs. These have to be done by 9:15 when nine Toy Poodles and 27 Papillons will follow. I need to get through these by 10:30. Studying the schedule I realized the caliber of my ring stewards. For these breeds I would have Edd Bivin, one of America’s most respected judges and commentators, and the utterly delightful Susan Sprung, wife of AKC president, working with me. How lucky am I? At 10:30 I lose Edd and Susan when Pat Laurens and Terri Hundt will take their places, two ladies I have known for some years and who are always charming company and good solid dog women. We have 11 Pekingese and 26 Pomeranians to judge by 11:45 when presumably I am expected to take an early lunch, though somehow I don’t think there will be much of an appetite as the adrenaline will still be flowing. Ironically, when I vacate the ring Pat and Terri will stay on to steward Beagles (my own breed) with Patti Keenan. I have to return to Ring 1 by 12:45 when I will complete my assignment with 11 Miniature Poodles, 21 Bichons, and 13 Standard Poodles, this breed always seeming to pull a heavy ringside. For these breeds I will have Mr Bivin back stewarding alongside Dennis McCoy who has steered so many Poodles to major wins; that in itself will be somewhat daunting. My finish time is 2:15. If my friend and mentor Nigel Aubrey Jones had been alive I think he would have been amused by the fact that a Welshman had the biggest entry at Westminster of 155 dogs and a Canadian the second highest of 114! The downside of this assignment is that Nigel won’t be there, but I have every confidence that he will be looking down with that wide-eyed smile, happy that one of his proteges is judging at America’s most famous dog show. There has been a lot to think of, the primary concern being that my ring management is spot on so that no time is lost. I am not known for being slow, but Garden Monday will probably give me the most demanding schedule I have ever had to work to. So, dogs and bitches will need to be split, armbands swiftly ticked off as handlers enter the ring, a quick walk around the ring and straight into the hands-on. Previously AKC Breed Standards have been printed off for a refresher, ensuring that there are no subtle differences from our own Standards that may have been overlooked. Conscious of time, I will need to make a cut containing at least one of either sex and more than the number of Awards of Merit that will be available for the breed. Hopefully I will have the time to work the short list one more time before getting a final line of Breed, Opposite and AOMs that can be given one more circuit of the ring before I point. Presumably pictures will be taken in the ring and this too takes time, so I will have to keep an eye on my watch. There are of course other things to think about – like what to wear! Obviously nothing outrageous so a sensible suit has been found which will be sufficiently neutral so that black or white dogs don’t disappear into the judge’s attire on the win pics! Smart but comfortable shoes are of course essential whilst black tie events and watching group judging means that the latest Bangkok tuxes can have their coming-out party. As the day draws closer there is a sense of anticipation and excitement. I have always enjoyed my trips to Westminster in the past but this year will obviously be special. I can’t wait. •



*The Dog News Top Ten List - All Breed

Dog News 67

68 Dog News

Dog News 69

70 Dog News

Dog News 71

72 Dog News

Dog News 73

74 Dog News

Dog News 75

y d d u

B ch.


owners carolyn koch victor malzoni, jr. handlers larry cornelius marcelo veras breeders eugene z. zaphiris matthew h. stander

76 Dog News


Starts the New Year with Two Best In Shows and Eight Group Firsts, including two this past weekend under Breeder-Judge Ms. Sandra Goose Allen & Judge Mrs. Robert Smith

Group Judge Mr. Joe Walton Best In Show Judge Mr. Robert Forsyth

Dog News 77

Obedience and Rally Musings by Minta “Mike” Williquette


brings several major changes in the obedience rings. This column will focus on the most discussed and contentious, which is the mixed breed program for Companion Events. The formal name is AKC Canine Partners. Registration started on January 1, 2010, and on April 1, 2010 mixed breeds will be allowed to enter any Companion Event except Tracking. Since this dramatic change was announced, which allows mixed breeds to compete head to head with the purebred dogs, there has been raves and boos from competitors and judges alike. In talking with folks and reading Internet obedience lists I have heard the pros and cons debated at length. Among the cons, there are those who feel mixed breeds have no place at AKC events period, as AKC is a purebred registry. These are mainly people who show and judge in both conformation and obedience. There are a few judges who are refusing to judge at trials that accept mixed breed entries. However, most, even if they are opposed to the program, will still judge where mixes are entered. Then there are those exhibitors who are concerned that, in limited entry trials, they could be excluded with their purebreds if the slots are taken by a mix breed. And I think they have a valid point. Of course the clubs have the right not to include the mix breeds. In my opinion, the folks in favor of allowing mixed breed dogs are in the majority. There are good points made in favor as well. Most of the training clubs and private obedience schools have people training in their classes with mixed breed dogs already. And they would like to compete in AKC companion events, especially Rally, where they could get a taste of being in the ring. There is also a feeling that these exhibitors, when ready for another dog, just might consider a purebred. Then there is the subject of designer dogs. Not the ones that are already owned or will be owned by “pet” people, but the real chance of those exhibitors in obedience who want to win at any cost, cross breeding to obtain that focused, high drive, High in Trial dog. I wish this wasn’t the case, but all we have to do is look at Fly Ball to see it has already been done to develop a small fast dog. I was surprised to hear during a discussion with a well known trainer and instructor that she had no problem with this. She suggested that these hybrid dogs might be more sound than many of the purebreds we see in the

78 Dog News

ring today that are bred for obedience, agility, or whatever. My thoughts are that I want to go into the obedience ring with a dog that looks like the breed it is registered as. Another positive point is that the inclusion of the mixes will boost entries for the clubs, thereby helping with expenses. I have noticed there are already many clubs, including those with conformation, opening up their entries to the mixed breed dogs. Those who have said that the only reason AKC has developed this program is to bring in more money are correct in part, but I also think that public relations has just as much to do with it. We are all concerned about the animal rights movement denouncing the breeding of purebred dogs and portraying us as being elitist. Here is a chance to show we welcome all dogs into our sport. A few questions do consistently come up in the debate however. There is the concern expressed by both sides in these discussions that no proof is needed to show that these dogs have been spayed or neutered. Any dog entered in the PAL registry is required to provide this documentation. As a judge I also don’t understand why this is not required. What am I to do if a male dog comes into my ring that is obviously intact? The next question concerns jump heights. At this point the mixed breed dog must jump full height. Will that requirement be changed if it is a type of a large-boned, heavy dog? At the National Obedience Invitational there are group placings. Will there be an additional group for the mixed breeds? Has AKC considered these questions? I don’t know, but I am sure we will find out soon. While writing this article it made me think of an attitude I have heard recently from folks training, and sometimes even competing, in companion events who state that they are only doing so to have fun as their dogs are first and foremost “pets.” The underlying suggestion is that anyone who wants titles and good scores is somehow relegating their dogs to kennels, and only showing them attention and companionship when they are being trained. Nothing could be further from the truth for most of us. Many times I lament, when I am vacuuming for sometimes the second time in a day, why are my dogs so spoiled that there is hair on all the furniture, and the floors have a special design of paw prints? Five dogs in the house is a lot of work, but would I have them live outside? Never. Fun in training is what you make it. We all have different goals, and each is a personal choice that makes us happy and the sport of dogs rewarding. Exercise finished.


*Number Three overall, The Dog News Top Ten List - All Breed

80 Dog News

Dog News 81


A Proud Member of the American Spaniel Club


By Julie Virosteck

was 12 years old when they said I could go. In my Christmas Stocking there was a plane ticket to New York for the January 1966 American Spaniel Club Flushing Spaniel Dog Show! I was finally going to see the great Flushing Spaniels of the time. My Mom was an AKC Licensed Professional Dog Handler and both of my parents, Frank and Dee Dee Wood of Frandee Cocker Spaniel fame, had gone to that dog show in New York every January for as long as I could remember. Each year when they started talking about it I would beg them to take me but they always left me home so I wouldn’t miss any school. It seemed like months to me as a pre-teen waiting for the 2-plus weeks to go pass. I remember my mother taking me shopping for new clothes, especially shoes and a winter coat. I was practicing everyday with one of our Parti-Color Cocker Spaniels, Am. & Can. Ch. Corwin Diamond Lil’ so I could show her in Junior Showmanship at the big show. The day before we were to leave we had to give all of the dogs a bath, dry them, and trim them to perfection. There was no bathing and drying at the show. There was no power at the show! It was all done before leaving home. We had no wire bottoms in the crates or ex-pens and keeping the dogs clean from Wednesday through Sunday was more important and challenging. We packed lots of towels for bedding and changed them each day. The time had finally come to go to the airport with the nine or so dogs that we would be flying with across the country. We were scheduled on the red eye flight that would leave at 11:57 p.m. because they were the least expensive tickets. At About 9:00 p.m. we would load all of the dogs in the station wagon along with our suitcases. Being from California, we also had our new winter coats, gloves, and hats that would only be used each year when going to ASC. I was so tired but so excited to be going to THE AMERICAN SPANIEL CLUB FLUSHING SPANIEL SHOW! It was the show of shows for all Spaniels and a much more important dog show than any other, much more important than the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. I tried to sleep in the car during the one hour drive to LAX but excitement kept me awake chattering to my parents all the way. Who would be there? Would 82 Dog News

I know anyone? What dogs would I see? Would there be any famous people that I had only seen in magazines? I felt like I was going to meet movie stars. At the airport I was nervous. It was my first time on a plane. We had the Sky Cap meet us at the car and he started loading his cart with the dogs in their wooden crates, the exercise pens, grooming tables, grooming arms, and the suite cases with all of the brushes, leads, and towels as well as our suit cases with our new clothes. When we arrived in New York it was somewhere around 6:00 a.m. It was cold and crisp outside so on went our coats, hats, and gloves. After collecting our dogs, equipment, and luggage my father would hail a couple of taxis and we would load them up with everything we brought. We had to put the ex-pens and the tables on the roof rack and tie them on. We would climb inside with the crates while the bags were put in the trunk. I’m sure the cab drivers thought we were nuts. It was my first time in a cab as well and I had never been to NYC so the ride was exciting. I saw the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and Madison Square Garden.


hen we arrived at the hotel where the dog show was being held I could hardly wait to get inside. We unloaded the dogs, bags, and equipment and were inside quickly because it was so cold. We went up to the Mezzanine level, got off the elevator and there it was, The American Spaniel Club Dog Show all set up and ready to go. It was just beautiful! It was held in the Grand Ball Room of the Statler Hilton Hotel, now the Hotel Pennsylvania across from The Garden. There were chandeliers hanging in the center of each CONTINUED ON PAGE 270

! t t e c w a h a F r a

s e l a hind

C . h C


A breed win at an important dog show under someone important in the breed BEST OF BREED AKC/Eukanuba National Championship under Breeder-Judge Mrs. Sari Tietjen

Chindale, Reg.

Jennifer Stevens, Maripi Wooldridge, Vincent Adams 1956 Jones Drive Mebane, North Carolina 27302 Dog News 83

84 Dog News


*S.S. Group First Rankings

Dog News 85

Beauty Beyond the Ring


his series “Beauty Beyond the Ring” will appear periodically in my writing for Dog News. The accomplishments you see advertised in Dog News are stellar. To a lover of the fancy, seeing spectacular wins and beautiful dogs is a wonderful thing. A breeder who conscientiously hones their breeding program to produce breath-taking, healthy representatives of their breed is someone to be saluted.

However, we recognize there is more to our sport and more to our efforts than simply producing show-winning dogs.

The purpose of this series is to tell the stories of people, some extremely well-known, others not so; yet all have contributed in some way to the lives of others while at the same time giving immense purpose to the lives of their canine companions. Just as we celebrate the joyous wins at premier shows, we also celebrate the place these people and their dogs have in the sport of purebred dogs. Not just their dogs, but in the people, too, we find Beauty Beyond the Ring.

An Interview with

David Frei

By Karl M. Stearns


e’s the face the world sees on television representing the Westminster Kennel Club show. Millions enjoy his knowledge and love of dogs. Each year we watch enthralled as his enthusiastic descriptions make the celebration in Madison Square Garden come alive. Mention his name to just about anyone who has ever watched “The Show” on TV, and they know who you’re talking about. Those six hours or so every year don’t even begin to tell you the story of David Frei. David and Cherelyn Frei

Many in dogdom know David was an extremely successful breeder of Afghan hounds who enjoyed having the then top-winning Afghan bitch in the history of the breed (1989). He is the past president of the Afghan Hound Club of America, and an AKC judge. After 30 years of Afghans, he moved on to Brittanys, and exhibited in conformation and field trials. What many may not know is the deep devotion both David and his wife, Cherilyn, have to helping alleviate the suffering of countless people in numerous hospitals and faciliCONTINUED ON PAGE 276

86 Dog News


Best In Specialty Show Winning

Ch. Ishana’s Play It Again, Sam, CGC, T.D.I.

Number One* Bullmastiff 2009 Number Two Bullmastiff 2008, All Systems Multiple Group Winner, National Specialty Award of Merit, Multiple Specialty Winner Best Puppy In Show, Championship at 9 months All Health Clearances, Puppies Available Owners: Dr. Tom & Mrs. Angela Kay 255 Hartford Road Medford, New Jersey 08055

Breeder: Annie Figueroa Ishana Bullmastiffs web page:

Handler: Shirley M. Boxer, PHA AKC Registered 161 Hollow Road Skillman, New Jersey 08558 609 466-4965

*C.C. All Breed System, A.B.A.

Dog News 87

Am. & Can. Ch. Lambluv’s

Elvis - The King of

Old English Sheepdog Club of Greater Seattle Best In Specialty Show Thank you Judge Mr. Charles Olvis Owners: Kay Richardson - Bloomington, Illinois Jere Marder - Valparaiso, Indiana

88 Dog News

Gambolon Blue Thunder

Rock and Roll


Jere Marder

Group First Thank you Judge Mrs. Doris Werdermann

Breeders: Jere Marder Gail Radke

Dog News 89

by Marsha Hall Brown


Mary Jo Hosteny Part Two


he boxes I brought home from my last visit to Welcome Kennels sat in my office for almost two years. Although Mary Jo had been my friend, tutor, and mentor and prepared me well to judge her breed, I knew that connecting the dots between the kennel records and the numerous photographs was going to be a challenge. Mary Jo had been modest, in fact almost silent, about the contributions and successes she had made in English Springer Spaniels. She had shared stories of her friendship with Julie Gasow and even the valentine she had received from Aristocrat. She told me about her first trip to Westminster and how Bob Walgate had insisted that he show her New York City and not just the dog show. She described her trip to the UK and her reasons for importing two Springer bitches. But what was represented by the content of these boxes we had never discussed. She never mentioned that Welcome Springers had won the National Futurity, the Sweeps at the National, and that Ch. Welcome Oh Let It Be Me had been named dam of the year in 1977. She never told me that her dogs and her bitches had provided the foundation stock for new kennels. Thus the importance of this collection is an integral part of the importance of all pure-bred dog collections. Of late, this importance has been made public by Noreen Gonce Cartwright who has created a repository for dog artifacts at the library of Oregon State University. And the Welcome Kennels documents will soon be part of the Canine Research Collection, Library, and Archive. First, it is necessary to identify the kennel names that appear in these records. In the ‘50s and ‘60s it was often the case that an owner and even a breeder did not necessarily have their own kennel name on the dog or dogs that they owned, bred and, exhibited. The leasing of bitches is another example of kennel names being different from the CONTINUED ON PAGE 295

90 Dog News

Mary Jo Hosteny handling her own favorite to BOB Ch. Frejax Bit of Old Blighty, CDX

ESS National Specialty 1965 on the left Ch. Flo-Bob’s Me Too winning BOS to her litter mate Ch. Mueller’s Blazing Kane BOB

Dog News 91




Sire: Ch. Genesis Ambelike Silver Charm

Owner Mr. John Shaw Breeders Lou Guerrero Hank Nave L. Schanzle Presented By Larry Cornelius Marcelo Veras 352 401-5677 *All Systems **The Dog News Top Ten List

92 Dog News

Dam: Ch. Genesis Mahali Colby


Judge Mr. Madison Weeks

Dog News 93

The Ins and Outs of Dog Laws: How Your Kennel Club Can Effectively Manage Local Ordinances


by Carlotta Cooper

was recently asked to put together a speech for people in my state who would be visiting local kennel clubs and making presentations. We wanted to have people who could talk intelligently to kennel clubs about dog legislation and what role the clubs could and should play.

It seemed like a good idea to have one set speech so we were all on the same page, so to speak. Of course, each speaker was free to depart from the speech and expand on certain areas and they would be taking questions from kennel club members. Each city and area is different, with their own concerns, but we thought this was a good way to start trying to get local kennel clubs more active in dog legislation at the local level. Here is the speech that I came up with. Maybe it can be helpful for people in some other states if you’d like to try the same thing with your kennel clubs. You and Your Kennel Club If you belong to a kennel club then it’s likely that you have already made a commitment to your dogs. Whether you are devoted to one breed or you are drawn to one of the many activities you can do with your dogs through the club such as conformation, obedience, agility, rally, rescue, and others, you do these things because you love dogs. You may also enjoy spending time with your fellow dog lovers — one of the many added bonuses of being involved with a kennel club. You’re likely an expert on your breed and the activities you can do with your dogs. You have a great deal of knowledge to offer other dog owners and your community! Role of the Kennel Club Kennel clubs can play a huge role in the community when it comes to being proactive for dogs and their welfare. Besides putting on the events that we all love, kennel clubs are usually involved in rescue and they often CONTINUED ON PAGE 102

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Dog News 95

96 Dog News

Dog News 97

Kennel Club Response to the Independent Inquiry into Dog Breeding by Ronnie Irving Chairman of The Kennel Club in the United Kingdom


he Independent Inquiry into dog breeding has been broadly welcomed by the Kennel Club which commissioned and funded the report, in conjunction with Dogs Trust. The Kennel Club believes that good breeders have nothing to fear from the report. Professor Bateson recognises that ‘many breeders exercise the highest standards of welfare, are passionate about caring for their dogs properly and take great trouble to ensure that their puppies go to good homes.’ (Executive Summary) He congratulates these breeders and emphasises that they should be ‘rewarded in the market place and in the show ring’. The report focuses on those breeders whose actions bring the rest of the responsible dog community into disrepute and this is an emphasis that the Kennel Club welcomes on behalf of all of those good breeders that it represents. It also focuses on both pedigree and cross breed dogs and how to therefore protect the health and welfare of all dogs. The Kennel Club and Dogs Trust, as the two leading organisations devoted solely to dog welfare, have announced that they will now arrange a meeting with all relevant parties to discuss the detail of Professor Bateson’s report along with the issues raised in the APGAW and RSPCA reports into dog breeding and the practical aspects of the way forward.

Kennel Club comments on specific recommendations in the report: Advisory Council The Kennel Club is keen to harness as much knowledge as possible for the benefit of dogs so we welcome the principle of an advisory council whose members will work with the Kennel Club to advise on decisions about breeding and health. A structure already exists in the form of the Kennel Club’s Dog Health Group, which recently replaced the former KC Breed Health and Welfare Strategy Group. It now has a broader remit and additional independent experts. This group includes canine and human geneticists, veterinary surgeons and an epidemiologist. The group, in its former guise, had already carried out a great deal of valuable work, not least in reviewing all breed standards and revising them where necessary with the agreement of the veterinary profession, liaising with breed clubs, proposing changes to the requirements of the Accredited Breeder Scheme and advising and directing the Kennel Club on various scientific and technical issues such as health screening and genetics policies. The Kennel Club will use this group, in its new form, to move forward and individuals outside of the Kennel Club with appropriate expertise will be invited to sit on the group. Using the existing group will ensure continuity of progress and avoid unnecessary additional expense. Lay members of the Kennel Club General Committee We are very open to harnessing all expertise and opinions and the General Committee already has in its number a wide range of experienced dog experts such as breeders, veterinary surgeons,

dog trainers, animal welfare charity trustees, educationalists, legal experts etc. However, it is the Kennel Club Dog Health Group, helped by its various Sub Groups, that directly and almost exclusively deals with the health and welfare concerns detailed in the Bateson report . The Kennel Club has already made it clear that it is happy to extend and welcome further outside involvement in that group, which is the appropriate forum for such representation, rather than the General Committee. Accredited Breeder Scheme We are glad that the report specifically recognises that the Kennel Club Accredited Breeder Scheme is the closest model to the kind of scheme that Professor Bateson believes to be ideal. He also indicates that it has made a good start in its efforts to unite responsible breeders within the scheme, for the benefit of puppies and puppy buyers. We strongly believe that this is the model for moving forward and would like to see all responsible breeders becoming part of the scheme. There are a number of minimum requirements that Professor Bateson identifies as being essential for an accredited breeder scheme and many of these the Kennel Club’s own scheme already fulfils. In particular, the Kennel Club is currently working towards independent UKAS accreditation, as suggested in the report. There are some other recommendations for the scheme with which the Kennel Club is very happy to move forward and has already made progress in this direction. These recommendations are: All pre-mating tests for inherited diseases appropriate to the breed or breeds are undertaken on both parents – This is already central to the Kennel Club Accredited Breeder Scheme and all members must organise the required tests for their particular breed/breeds. No mating takes place if the tests indicate that it would be inadvisable in the sense that it is likely to produce welfare problems in the offspring and/ or is inadvisable in the context of a relevant breeding strategy – Most CONTINUED ON PAGE 320

98 Dog News



The Number Four* Great Pyrenees, All Breed & Number Five* in Breed, 2009 Owners Drs. Robert & Kathy Piston

Breeder Dr. Valerie Seeley

Handler Nina Fetter, PHA *The Dog News Top Ten List - Breed & All Breed

Dog News 99

100 Dog News

Dog News 101

The Ins and Outs of Dog Laws: CONTINUED FROM PAGE 94

raise funds for dogs in the community. Some kennel clubs raise money to buy equipment for police dogs or equipment to resuscitate dogs during emergencies. Some clubs have members who have therapy dogs who visit the elderly and disabled, and dogs that work with school reading programs. It all depends on the club how active they are in the community. Unfortunately, in some communities even the most active kennel clubs are overlooked as a source of information about dogs. When it comes time for a city council or other governing body to work on a new ordinance or to revise an existing ordinance, no one thinks to contact the local kennel club for their input. All too often kennel club members may not even know about the activities of the local council until they read about a new ordinance that’s been passed — one which is harmful to dogs and their owners. Dangerous Local Ordinances Some of the dangerous local ordinances that we see here in Tennessee and, indeed, all across the country, include: Mandatory Spaying and Neutering (MSN) Many of you have probably heard of the battles over MSN in California but there have also been fights over MSN right here in our state. A number of communities have tried to institute MSN. Jackson, in northwest Tennessee, tried hard to put MSN in place in 2009 and they were only stopped by the fierce resistance of the kennel club there, assisted by the American Rottweiler Club, the AKC and others. They will likely be trying again this year. Johnson City is also seeking to put MSN in place. Other towns and cities have tried to pass MSN, despite the fact this MSN has not worked anywhere it’s been tried in the country. MSN results in more dogs being turned in to animal shelters, more animals euthanized, and fewer animals registered/ vaccinated. On the other hand, VOLUNTARY spay/neutering programs have been shown to be very effective, especially when low cost spay/neutering clinics are offered to the public.

Something to keep in mind is the fact that, according to the American Pet Products Association — and even quoted by the Humane Society of the United States! — over 75 percent of owned dogs are already spayed or neutered; and over 87 percent of owned cats are spayed or neutered. Spaying and neutering pets does work on a voluntary basis. Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) One of the great dangers that we see in local ordinances is Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). Breed Specific Legislation refers to laws that are aimed specifically against certain breeds, such as the bully breeds or, as they are often inaccurately called, the “pit bulls.” These ordinances can range from laws that ban bully breeds altogether to insidious laws that require mandatory spaying and neutering of bully breeds to try to decrease their population. The most famous example of a city that has instituted BSL is Denver where bully breed dogs were banned, taken from their owners and euthanized, but BSL also occurs here. Every year a number of towns and cities try to put BSL in place. Of course, there are many problems with BSL. BSL unnecessarily discriminates against certain breeds of dogs. As most dog people will agree, dogs are not born “bad.” Dogs that are raised well and properly socialized do not usually become problem dogs. In addition, many dogs have had a bad reputation with the public over the decades. At one time the Collie, the German Shepherd, the Doberman and some terriers were all believed to be “aggressive” or “bad” dogs until something changed the public’s perception. There is also the problem of identifying which dogs are the “pit bulls” that people describe. Most people can’t tell a bully breed dog from other dogs. Finally, much of the bad publicity given to the bully breeds today can be traced to media sensationalism and ignorance. Bully breed dogs can be harder to adopt and they do tend to linger in animal shelters longer than other dogs, partly because people are afraid to adopt them. There is at least the perception that there is a large population of bully breed dogs which roams freely in some towns, ready to maul people. Even if someone is bitten by some other kind of dog most of the time a bully breed dog is blamed. This makes city councils anxious and they can be eager to pass BSL with very little urging. Breeders Licenses You’re probably aware that the State of Tennessee has passed a commercial breeder’s law. This new law requires anyone with 20 or more intact bitches used for breeding who produces puppies for sale to get a commercial breeder’s license and to be inspected by the state. However, this doesn’t stop any town or city from CONTINUED ON PAGE 316

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Dog News 103

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Dog News 105


elcome to another wet and wild Westminster Kennel Club. It’s often said of Westminster that one can expect the unexpected but it seems like one can almost certainly expect some frigid weather and either a dusting or a dumping of snow. The tristate area was besieged by two storms in the days leading up to the second longest continuously running sporting event in the country, turning travel into a nightmare. But, this being New York, and Westminster being the nation’s premiere dog show event, even blizzard conditions won’t keep the weekend warriors away. This is what we’ve come to expect of winter in New York, but it certainly makes one wonder what those sporting gentlemen who met regularly in the bar of the Westminster Hotel back in 1876 were thinking and drinking when they decided to hold a dog show in February. New York can be a lovely place to visit in the spring or the fall, too, but then again, those gents were probably out shooting in the fields with their respective dogs during those seasons. If you’re the gambling type and your numbers didn’t come up in your office Super Bowl pool, you may still have a chance to cash in on a hunch of who’s going to walk off with top dog honors at Westminster. Johnny Avello, director of race and sports operations at the Wynn/ Encore resort in Las Vegas, has posted his annual odds to win Best In Show at The Garden. The Terrier group is the heavy favorite, at 2 to 1 odds, followed by the Working group at 4 to 1, Herding at 5 to 1, Sporting at 6 to 1, Toy at 10 to 1, Hound at 12 to 1 and Non Sporting at 15 to 1. Perhaps in a nod to Stump, the 10 year-old Sussex Spaniel who took BIS last year, there’s also a line on the age of the dog to win. Over four years of age is even money and under four is 5 to 6. A dog is favored to win at 8 to 5 odds, and a bitch is at 5 to 9. There’s even a line on the gender of the handler to go Best, with females at 9 to 5 odds

and males at 1 to 2. There are no odds given on individual dogs but each breed is given odds, with the Scottish Terrier being the heavy favorite at 8 to 1. Next up is the Doberman Pinscher at 14 to 1, the Golden Retriever at 15 to 1, the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen and the Puli at 16 to 1, the Toy Poodle at 18 to 1, the Boxer at 22 to 1 and the Bulldog at 25 to 1. Pulling up the rear are nineteen dogs at 1000 to 1 odds, including breeds that were recently recognized by the American Kennel Club, such as the Norwegian Buhund and the Pyrenean Shepherd, which are both participating in their first Westminster, as is the Irish Red and White Setter, but also at 1000 to 1 is the Keeshond, which was recognized back in 1931. The Keeshond has only come away with one group win at The Garden, back in 1968, but it placed in the group as recently as 1994 so who knows? The odds are all done in fun, and for entertainment purposes only, though they can make for a lively and spirited debate among fanciers. Of course, current rankings are taken into consideration, as is recent and past history. The Terrier group has won the most Best In Show awards at Westminster, with 44, and the Wire Fox Terrier has led the way, being recognized 13 times, followed by the Scottish Terrier with seven. The Sporting group has won Best In Show 19 times, with the English Springer Spaniel taking six awards, including two in the past ten years. The Herding Group has a lone Best In Show winner, a German Shepherd Dog that took top honors in 1987. Some other interesting notes about Westminster winners: The oldest Best In Show winner was the aforementioned Stump, the 10 year-old Sussex Spaniel, and the youngest was a Rough Collie who was exactly nine months old when it walked off with the top prize back in 1929. Sixty-eight dogs have won Best In Show, doubling the total of bitches, who have 34. Fifty-eight Best In Show winners have hailed from the U.S., with 36 coming from the U.K., five from Canada, and one each from Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Seven dogs have been repeat BIS winners, with one dog, the Smooth Fox Terrier Ch. Warren

OFF LEASH by Shaun Coen


106 Dog News

Remedy, taking three consecutive awards from 1907-1909. All of the other repeat winners won in consecutive years, most recently in 1971 & 1972, with the exception of the Wire Fox Terrier Ch. Conejo Wycollar Boy, which was adjudicated Best in 1917 and won again three years later in 1920. Two handlers have taken top honors for their charges a record four times, Percy Roberts and Peter Green, while Anne Hone Rogers took the award three times, tops among females, though in the aughts, both Kellie Fitzgerald and Michelle Ostermiller took the award twice, with the latter going Best in consecutive years, 2004 and 2005, with a Newfoundland and a German Shorthaired Pointer, respectively. Scott Sommer has also taken two charges to top honors this decade, in 2001 and 2009. There has been one husband and wife handling team to win Best In Show, Bob Forsyth and Jane Kamp Forsyth, and there have been eight Breeder-OwnerHandlers to take top honors, with H.E. Mellenthin accomplishing the feat twice, in 1940 and 1941, with the Black Cocker Spaniel, Ch. My Own Brucie. The most recent breeder-owner-handler to accomplish the feat was Chris Terrell, back in 1983, with the Afghan Hound Ch. Kabiks The Challenger. Other interesting tidbits of Westminster history: In 1970, the entry limit was raised to 3,000, but in 1982 it was reduced to 2,500, and in 1992 entries were restricted to AKC champions of record only. In 2000, invitations to “pre-enter” were sent to the top five dogs or bitches in each breed or variety. After the “preentries” close, other entries are accepted in a normal manner (via snail mail sent to a p.o. box only) until the limit is reached, which is usually a matter of minutes. The show continues to evolve, with video streaming of the breed judging via the Internet gaining in popularity each year, and this year for the first time, scholarships are being awarded to the top Junior Handlers in competition. The top eight Junior Finalists at the show will receive scholarships ranging from $6000 for first place, $5000 for second place, $4000 for third, and $3000 for fourth, with the remaining four finalists each receiving $500. This is a welcome addition that bodes well for the future of the sport. Whatever the odds, whoever the favorite, and regardless of the weather, you can certainly count on one thing every Westminster: it will be a spectacle. There truly is no other show like it in the country. May the best dog win.

Dog News 107

108 Dog News

Dog News 109


t certainly was a tumultuous weekend for the people who decided to stay at the Wildwood shows on the tip of the South Jersey shore as the predicted snowstorm/blizzard hit them with full force. The sensible people left Friday evening before it hit while others just decided not to come at all. Those who stayed, however, had a rough time, I am told. On again, off again was the Saturday show which finally began at noon – power was out and a building generator used – again I am told people were forced to sleep in the building as some hotels had no heat or water and food was at a premium. Others say they were actually marooned since the drawbridge which separates the island where the show was held and the mainland was up and there was no way to get off the island, That’s the story I was told and it came from a pretty accurate source. Personally I think the smart thing to have done was to have called the show off on Friday night when the weather predication was pretty well ascertained with which to begin. But of course hindsight is always the greatest to fall back on in these kinds of situations, isn’t it? Here’s sort of a fun conundrum – Puerto Rico is of course a Commonwealth and not a State of the Union. AKC shows can only be held in the good old US of A. Years and years ago, and no one really seems to know the answer, AKC recognized two kennel clubs in PR as well as some specialties. It seems FCI, treating Puerto Rico as a separate country, did the same thing – recognizing competing clubs, making Puerto Rico the only place in the world to hold both AKC and FCI clubs in the same geographic area. At some point FCI and AKC reached an agreement to continue this relationship – this was done some 20 or 30 years ago but the time of the agreement couold not be totally determined. Some five years ago AKC recognized the registry of the Puerto Rican Kennel Club the way it does foreign countries’ registries. That’s meant to be mutually beneficial and explains I guess in part Puerto Rico’s presence as a separate country in the World Challenge competition at AKC/Eukanuba. Puerto Rico every ten years or so CONTINUED ON PAGE 328


Random Thoughts...

by Matthew H. Stander 110 Dog News

Livonia Kennel Club & Oakland County Kennel Club photos by Booth Photography

Introducing Best In Specialty Show Winning

VN Ch. Bear N Mind’s

The Guardian CD, DD, WRD

Many thanks to Group Judge Mr. Burton Yamada for this auspicious Group Honor! Owned & Bred By Christine & Dwight Gorsuch Bear N Mind Newfoundlands

Presented By Greg Strong, AKC reg. 410.822.2187 Nick Viggiano, AKC Apprentice Sara Miller, Assistant Dog News 111

112 Dog News

Dog News 113

BlownAway attheAtlantic OceanClassic By Sharon Sakson

“It was a show we’ll never forget,” the chief steward, Priscilla Gabosch, said. The worst blizzard in 50 years tore through Wildwood, New Jersey, south of Atlantic City, dumping over two feet of snow, accompanied by fierce winds, while the Atlantic Ocean Classic Circuit stumbled on. The Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday shows went off without a hitch. Union County Kennel Club and Sand & Sea Kennel Club put on lovely shows. Outside it was cold and windy, but inside we felt warm and safe. Except for Carissa DeMilta Shimpeno, who worried that the roof of the convention center would cave in. During Boxer judging, Tuni Caflin assured her that although the roof looked like it was made of canvas, that was a decorative effect on the inside. Outside, it was solid. The argument made sense because the convention center sits right on the beach. As you get your class placement ribbon, you can look out through the wall of glass and see leaping, frothing waves crashing on the beach right in front of you. The building must have been made strong enough to withstand the occasional hurricanes that wander in from the sea. All day Friday, people were gossiping nervously about the oncoming storm. We could see its approach on television, as it pummeled across the southern states. The storm dumped two feet of snow on Washington, DC, and then made a beeline for us, in southern New Jersey. On Friday afternoon, with the media screaming about the approaching blizzard, the show committee decided the Saturday show would be delayed an hour, to 9 a.m. “We’ll weather this storm together!” the official said over the loudspeaker. Even so, many exhibitors scurried off after judging, trying to get home before the storm hit. On Saturday morning, the streets were full of snow, ice and heavy slush. Police would not let cars onto the street. They turned back exhibitors who were trying to leave. “It’s a state of emergency,” the officer told Dottie Davis, one of the stewards who was simply tryCONTINUED ON PAGE 330

114 Dog News

Many thanks to Judge Dr. Robert Smith for recognizing Lilac with this Group win! Owned & Bred By Mrs. J. Richard Schneider Ha’Penny Reg.

Presented By Greg Strong, AKC reg. (410) 822-2187 Assisted By Nick Viggiano, AKC Apprentice Sara Miller, Assistant

Dog News 115

116 Dog News


started here in Sweden the same as much of the Northern Hemisphere: cold ! We had clear blue skies, several inches of snow and several minus degrees temperatures. Midnight offered fewer fireworks than in previous years. Dogs, cats, horses, and cattle started the year without being scared to death with explosions going off all around them.

Letter from

Sweden by Robert Paust

Sitting here at the beginning of February, signs of the coming spring are giving hope for an end of the coldest, snowiest winter we have had in many years. It is so nice to be able to have light early in the morning again, especially if you’re indoors all day. Some, or many, will complain about the cold weather, but personally I would rather go for a walk in the forest with blue skies and cold temperature rather than gray skies and rain. Besides, the house is much cleaner without the rain.


Ending 2009

s always the last show of the year here in Sweden is held in Stockholm. This show is the only show during the year that the Swedish KK put on itself. Entries for the show were up about 200 dogs over the show held in 2008. This year, 5,763 dogs competed, with 5,585 in 2008. The 2008 entry had a lot to do with the World Show being that year in Stockholm. The 2009 show had to compete with two shows, one of which was a title show in Finland. The Helsinki show drew over 17,000 dogs over the two days. Stockholm still provided a lot of excitement with the final chance to gain points to be Dog of the Year. Of course one of the high points is always the show that is arranged with the finals. Organizer Hans Rosenberg puts a lot of hard work into this show every year, which makes it a must for dog people to see at least once. Going into the weekend, two dogs were in a deadlock as to which would be top dog. OES, Ch. Villa’s Cruella At Dizzny and Saluki, Ch. Shiraz California Dreamin’ both had a tremendous year, trading back and forth BIS´s. Going into the weekend the saluki had a lead on the OES. But the saluki flew off to southern California where he was the Swedish representative in the AKC/Eukanuba world challenge. The trip was a success for the saluki, winning almost all his championship points, a group first and of course first runner up in the challenge. Meanwhile, back in Stockholm, Cruella won the Herding group under Norwegian Leif Ragnar Hjorth. Everything rested on where BIS judge Agnes Ganami Kertes from Israel, would place the OES. Competing for BIS were a Bulldog, Longhair Dachshund, Dalmatian, Irish setter, Flatcoated Retriever, Swedish Vallhund, Jack Russell Terrier, Standard Poodle, all Swedish bred. Cruella and the Afghan were the only foreign bred dogs in the finals. Cruella from the USA and the Afghan was bred in New Zealand. Five dogs were awarded the honorary sixth place with flowers and a large rosette. For fifth place Agnes decided on the OES. This left open the question of how many points and would it be enough to take the lead from the saluki and claim the title of Top Dog for the second year in a row? Fourth, went to the Standard Poodle, third-the tuff little Jack Russell, second the Flatcoated Retreiver. CH Almanza Let’s Mingle I’M Single. 118 Dog News

Almanza flatcoats are not strangers to high placements here in Sweden and it look like this one will continue that tradition. And it all came down to one dog standing in the center of the ring with the spotlights on Ch. Skogsbygdens Nora Supernova, Swedish Vallhund. Bred, shown, and owned by Kim Johansson from Svenljunga. The breed has won BIS here in Sweden before, but this was the first time at this top prestigious show. A great win for a great little dog.


Beginning 2010

ot many days in the New Year our first show takes place in Sweden’s second largest city Go:teborg. The city has changed the way the city’s name is written. Knowing the problem with the three extra vowels, it decided in all ads for the city, the vowel ö would be turned on it’s side, Go:teborg. The MyDog10 weekend had a better entry than the year before. Up 1,300 dogs to 8,752 and that is not including the several specialty clubs that have a show with in the same complex. MyDog has great cooperation with the people at the Svenska Mässan, a profitable venture for both. MyDog has new blue coloured matting in each ring. All four sides and a diagonal down the middle, which is about four feet wide. They are well fastened to the floor, but the metal floor flaps are still an annoyance to dogs and exhibitors. Four days though are tough on ring personnel and judges, even the nice mats look tired and worn on the last day. Hard times have kept many people at home and off the slopes, which helped the gate for the show. A good size crowd stayed for the two BIS´s Saturday and Sunday afternoon. BIS on Saturday was won by an American bred Tibetan Terrier, Ch. Atisha’s Blanc de Noir, bred by S.Schultis and S.P.Rutledge. Sunday’s winner was the Swedish Vallhund that was BIS in Stockholm. The Tibetan was here for the weekend from its new home in Hungary, and I am sure he will be seen winning all around Europe. As well as the Vallhund here in Sweden and the other Nordic countries. The final count was given at MyDog as to the placements for Top Dog. The Saluki held on to its first place, with the OES being second. A reversal from the year before. Four of the top 10 dogs this year were all American bred! Today the temperature stayed above freezing for a while, giving hope for spring weather to finally warm us up. •

The Best In Specialty Show Winning

Ch. Bandog Bayou’s The Warrior Griffin is shown winning the Breed on the first day of the competitive Florida Circuit under Judge Mr. Robert Sharp. Griffin won Seven Breeds and Five Group Placements the first two weeks of January!

Owner: Nancy J. Shaw, Texas Star Frenchies, Fredericksburg, Texas Breeders: Vickie Lang and Luis and Patty Sosa Handlers: Larry Cornelius, Marcelo Veras 352-401-5677 Dog News 119

120 Dog News

Dog News 121

by William Miller & Sharon Newcomb



e are hoping that some of you will want to “have a conversation about dogs,” share your knowledge and teach all of us to be better dog people. It has dawned on us that we spend as much time complaining about the judging as we do being students and trying to do a better job. Complaining is not making anything better. This column is going to be all about “learning” and doing things in a positive way to improve our sport. Do you have a point to make? Just want to get something off your chest about the way your breed is judged? Want to talk about the way an entry was handled? Will it educate a novice? Will it help your breed be better judged? E-mail us and as long as it is positive and informative we will print it. We know a newbie judge blazing her way to her second group when asked if she really thought she was ready to judge all these new breeds said, “Well, I won’t be as bad as some of them!” What an aspiration!!!!! Let’s get busy and make it better. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!! And have fun talking dogs while we are doing it.

122 Dog News

Comments To Judges ITALIAN GREYHOUND My particular “gripe” is judges who think the IG should react like a puppet on a string. The Italian Greyhound is a true miniature sighthound and has the instincts of one, as well as the physique. Often aloof with strangers, they are not natural showmen and should not be expected to sparkle like a MinPin or Toy Poodle. Lilian S. Barber ITALIAN GREYHOUND Our breed is one of elegance and beauty when moving and standing. A fashion model, if the curves are in the right places, and the walk is smooth. They may be trotted at a quick pace, not always walking. Quality is more important that the ideal size of 15”. Topline is NOT to be roached, hair pinned, flat or butt high. This applies to standing or moving. Front movement should not be straight like terriers or goose stepping, hackney, or Min Pin like. There should be some lift and break to the pastern, and should also reach from the shoulder and cover ground. Up and down and bouncing is NOT correct. What is being ignored are good ears/ear sets, feet and temperament. Low set ears that are either prick or soft distort the head and expression. Feet should not be flat but tight and well arched. Aloof is acceptable and they should not have to “give ears.” They should be able to be examined and stand their ground when the judge walks down the line. Camille Bakker ITALIAN GREYHOUND IG toplines are “S” curves. They aren’t Quarter Horses with cobby legs. Sighthound temperament should only tolerate strangers, NEVER be a “I’ll go home with anybody.” Tails over the back are a SERIOUS fault. Low in the shoulder is not elegant. No running in the ring. Lynette Coyner Charis Italian Greyhoulds •

Ch. Evergreen’s Go Get ‘Em Frogtown


Owners: Maxine Evans Frogtown Boxers Jennifer Crane Jenbur Boxers Breeders & Handlers: Stan & Jane Flowers, DHG Evergreen 612 747-5770 Dog News 123

* *The Dog News Top Ten List - All Breed

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Judge’s Choice The Norwegian Elkhound Courtesy of Kennel Gazette

We asked a number of Championship Show judges to select their greatest Norwegian Elkhounds of all time. The dogs could be from the past or the present and from anywhere in the world. We have asked our judges to avoid choosing dogs with which they have been closely associated. However, they can make reference to them if they are signiďŹ cant.


130 Dog News

I e i x i p


You’ll be enchanted by this rising star!


Ch. Indigo’s Synama Wood Imp ~ Best In Show and Specialty Winner ~

You’ll be enchanted by her type, movement and impish personality! Thank you Judge Mr. Houston Clark for this BEST IN SHOW Win! Presented, conditioned & spoiled by: Jessica Plourde ~ ~ John Penatello

INDIGO Dr. David Qualls Sheila Qualls

SYNAMA Patty Powell

LIYAZA Johanna DuWaldt Coutu

WINTERSWEET Betty Mitchell Dog News 131

9 0 0 2 N I R E N N I W W O H S N I T S E B Y L N O S ’ D E E THE BR

E Y A B E L O S / H T U R A L L A . H C ’ THE GOLDBLOK O P I H C est Kelvercr o t e c a R Carmel Sire: Ch.

e Sole Bay v ld o G iva llaruth R A . h C : Dam

Handled Always With The Expertise of Bergit & Hans Kabel Assisted by Chika Kawachi “Chip” is Co-Owned by Ruth Ziegler - “Allaruth” and Yvonne B. Phelps - “Sole Baye” Los Angeles & El Monte, California 310 472-7993 - 626 448-3424 132 Dog News

So Very Special

Two-Time Specialty Winner Multiple Group Firsts Multiple Group Placements Dog News 133

by Ian Munro

Changed Lives

Five hours after the black smoke

appeared high overhead, the flames arrived, and with them, the dark. A spot fire struck first, then the fire front. Ron and Anne Sorraghan had dressed to confront the blaze outside their St Andrews home, but unable to breathe or see, they retreated inside. They had 150 metres of cleared ground in front of the house, and maybe 20 metres of visibility. The land was peppered with clumps of trees that lit up like beacons in the smoke-blackened afternoon. Then they dimmed, and the dark returned. Moments later, they lit up again. It was eerie, like watching slowly pulsing neon lights. The Sorraghans reasoned this was a fire burning with an intensity that had near exhausted its own supply of oxygen. Then the trees reignited with the fierce wind. For some, the Black Saturday fire front passed in minutes. The Sorraghans lived with it for an hour, moving from room to room as smoke consumed their home around them. A year later, like many others, the couple plan to re-establish their lives in the fire zone. Not for one moment did they consider abandoning their property. It is their life. But something has changed. Not just for the Sorraghans but for Victoria and, indeed, all Australia. Even in this highly urbanised society, the bush has a special place in our sense of ourselves. It may not be fully understood in the cities, but those who live in the bush know that fire is always imminent, if not this year, then maybe next. “Who needs to be given a warning when the fruit on your trees is scorched brown?” asked one survivor of the fire that devastated Strathewen. He knew something serious was on the cards. But like others burnt out last year — who say they well knew the risks and prepared for the worst — he never envisaged what would unfold on February 7, 2009. That much is evident in the toll of 173 lives lost and more than 2000 homes destroyed. Stuart Morgan, who lost his home in St Andrews, speaks for many of the survivors when he says nobody expected a fire of such intensity. “We knew we lived in a fire-prone area, but this particular fire was not one we had been told about.” FROM the earliest years of European settlement, fire has asserted its place in our consciousness. One-quarter of Victoria — 5 million hectares — was scorched on Black Thursday, February 6, 1851. We have filled the calendar with such events. For generations of Victorians, including those not then born to witness it, Black Friday, January 13, 1939, remains a key reference. Fires that day burned 1.4 million hectares, taking 71 lives. With a fire danger index of 100, it was for a long time the benchmark. The index is derived from measures of temperature, humidity, wind speed, most recent rain and seasonal dryness. It reflects the likelihood of a fire starting, its intensity and the difficulty of suppressing it. A 100 fire danger index was supposed to represent the “worst possible conditions”, but it has been exceeded several times in recent years. Last century, only Ash Wednesday, in 1983, exceeded Black Friday’s destructive power, with 75 lives lost in Victoria and South Australia. It was 134 Dog News

comparatively small, burning 210,000 hectares, whereas in 2003 about 1.1 million hectares burned in Victoria’s high country. Black Saturday ranged up to 170 FDI and burnt more than 450,000 hectares. An arc in the near north-east of Melbourne bore the brunt of the fires — and of the subsequent media attention: Marysville, Buxton, Kinglake, Strathewen, St Andrews, Flowerdale. But the entire state was challenged by searing temperatures and fire: 11 people died and 247 homes were lost in the Latrobe Valley’s Churchill fire; three died and more homes were lost in fires near Bendigo and Beechworth; 68 homes were destroyed at Horsham in the state’s west. EVERY major fire eventually tells us something about ourselves. Ash Wednesday reflected the march of the suburbs into the bush. Perhaps Black Saturday 2009 will signify the multiplier effect of climate change on bushfire intensity. Coming at the end of the warmest decade on record, last year’s inferno suggests a quickening of nature’s rhythm of destruction and recovery. Worse is the fear that climate change might be intensifying nature’s inherent capacity to destroy. In his submission to the Bushfires Royal Commission, CFA captain and author of The Aus-tralian Bushfire Safety Guide, John Schauble, pointed to CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology research indicating the frequency of extreme fire danger days would increase by up to 25 per cent by 2020, and by up to 70 per cent by 2050. Viewed in this light, Black Saturday may not be so much an aberration as a model for the future. And the suspicion that this may be the first of many such fires has changed, perhaps forever, the way Australians view the bush. For some, it was a choking black cloud. For others it heralded its arrival with the rich scent of vaporising eucalyptus. It threw spot fires like advance scouts. It burst through treetops and rippled over the ground like running water. CONTINUED ON PAGE 342

Multiple Group Winning

Ch. Brimar’s Always Mandrake, HT A Top Ten Bouvier*

Our sincere appreciation to Group Judge Mrs. Edeltraud Laurin Drake is Owned By Marianne & Brian Bender Brimar Bouviers Bred By Shelley Bowman & Jolene Sherer

Professional Presentation By Greg Strong, AKC reg. (410) 822-2187 Nicholas Viggiano, AKC Apprentice Sara Miller, Assistant *The Dog News Top Ten List - Breed points

Dog News 135

136 Dog News

Dog News 137

Upside Seesaw THE



moving track around the bottom of the cake. Be sure to watch the show on February 8 at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time on TLC. The live streaming of the World Team Tryouts, Flyball National Championship, and the World Agility Championship have made it possible for the public all over the world to be fans from afar. Westminster has definitely gotten the public involved in the Monday and Tuesday night filming but the ability to view judging of any breed and all aspects of the show have taken it to the next level in serving the public. It was good news to hear that Agility Director Andy Hartman will travel with this year’s agility team chosen for the Crufts Dog Show in England. Ann Braue and Scream, Border Collie, past world team member will compete at Crufts Dog Show in March. Andy has not been to Crufts previously and finally once again AKC agility will be represented at a director level at this international event. Andy has already become respected by the FCI agility delegates at the World Agility Championship and this will further the AKC presence at this very popular agility event that is viewed by large audiences. Many of the FCI delegates attend Crufts Dog Show and the increased international entry was evidenced by the 21 country entry last year. Agility certainly brings in public who enjoy cheering for their countries such as Ireland, Wales, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, and Switzerland. The continued success of agility is a credit to the agility staff of eight field reps. They have worked very hard to make the sport fun and safe and they wisely have given the exhibitor many goals to shoot for with their dog. At this

138 Dog News

point in time, MACH (Master Agility Champion) 25 is the highest championship title awarded. This was earned by a Papillion that is still showing and is closely followed by two dogs with MACH 24. Agility has always set the bar high and handlers and dogs consistently meet and exceed expectations. The adding of the Grand Champion Title in conformation should produce the same results of exhibitors reaching for a higher goal and achieving the ultimate championship title. Obedience has also added a title above the Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH) and it is called Grand Master Champion based on points earned from scores in the Open B and Utility B class. In my opinion it was time for both venues to give handlers more to strive for and improve the program with changes. The obedience world embraced the new titles very quickly and I would expect so will the conformation handlers. AKC agility is faced with a new agility organization that will challenge them in keeping the exhibitor in the venue. It is called UK Agility International. www. Greg and Laura Derrett are the founders, Greg from England and Laura from California, and when they married they moved to England. Both thought that there was a need for different jump heights and regulations from the established Kennel Club/FCI rules and started the new organization. It is common in England to have only Border Collies and very few other breeds showing at a trial. Small dogs are just a recent addition to trials with the 14” jump height added. Most dogs were showing at the higher jump height requirement of 30”, which restricts many dogs from running. They have not opened registration to the USA as of yet but are very close to it. The jump heights are similar to the AKC program but the classes reflect USDAA such as snookers and gamblers. The age requirement was interesting in the class called Nursery Class for dogs 15 months to 18 months and then regular class for the 18 months and up age group. The most compelling feature is that the base offices do all the secretarial work for the host committee. You are not required to be a club, so individuals may keep the profit it appears. This is a for profit organization for Greg and Laura. Greg is a seminar giver in agility and is often brought over to the US, particularly in California. The venue that will most likely lose the entry dollar would be USDAA is a guess. One wonders just how many agility venues can continue in the US – currently it is at eight and counting. •

Best In Show & Multiple Group Winning

Ch. Talydales Friend Of The Force

” y w e h C “

Sire: Ch.Talydales Gluteus Maximus

Dam:Talydales Little Miss Magic

Judge Mrs. Barbara Dempsey Alderman Breeder/Owner Sheri Smith

Handlers Michael & Michele Kemp 724 448-4104 Dog News 139

140 Dog News

Dog News 141





New Restaurants To Consider

he most frequent question I am asked is what new hot restaurants have opened since last year. That’s a toughie, but in no particular order I would have to say that if new and hot with top notch food is concerned, on the “A plus” list would have to be THE BRESLIN BAR & DINING ROOM, MAREA, MAIALINO, MINETTA TAVERN, A VOCE COLUMBUS, BAR PLEIADES, and CASA LEVER. There are a bunch of new others I would put on an “A” list also but first let me tell you a bit about the “A plus” group and why some are included. First of all the BRESLIN BAR & DINING ROOM is in the new ACE HOTEL very near the Garden at 20 W.29th Street at Broadway (only four blocks from the DOG NEWS offices) and is owned and operated by the people of SPOTTED PIG fame in the West Village about which I have written for years. Breakfast, that’s right breakfast, begins at 7a.m.–lunch at noon, dinner at 5p.m. to midnight, and the bar is opened till 4 a.m.! The Breslin does not accept reservations so be prepared to wait. It’s very rich food, which I love—the breakfast is tops, lunch time the best, the bar packed and hot—just a good place at which to enjoy yourself in a very crowded and sophisticated area and atmosphere. MAREA is possibly the most upscale and accomplished fish house in a city which has long prided itself as having some of the best fish houses in the world. It is in fact a classic example of a revival of the grand old gourmet seafood restaurants in Manhattan. Located at 240 Central Park South (212582-5100), I defy you to find better wild Dover sole or for that matter spaghetti folded with sea-urchin roe anywhere. It’s not an inexpensive place to eat so for some of you I would suggest luncheon there which absolutely does not break the bank at all. For the place to be for total hotel chic in 2010 you must go to MAIALINO’s, Danny Meyer’s (who else?) new reconstructed facsimile of an old-fashioned Roman trattoria. Recently opened off the lobby of the Gramercy Park Hotel at 2 Lexington Avenue (212-777-2410) the bar area has become

as popular as the restaurant itself. The bar menu is a jewel while the pasta dishes are a sheer delight to say nothing of the secondis of which there is an incredibly charred lamb chop, which is unbeatable. Comparatively near the Garden you may want to consider staying at this refurbished hotel, which I warn you will cost you yet another arm and a leg. And, yes, breakfast too is served a la Italia as opposed to the Breslin’s breakfast which is English themed. Probably the hottest restaurant if not the most difficult to get into at a reasonable hour is MINETTA TAVERN. I wrote about it in August and told you then and will tell you again they probably have the best steaks in town although that’s really not their specialty. Forget what others say the real steak is at Minetta Tavern speakeasy type food and eatery at 113 Macdougal Street in the Village 212-4753850 and if you get in before 10:30 PM tell me who you know and ask them to get me a “rez” too!! A VOCCO COLUMBUS overlooks the Park at 57th Street in the new Time Warner Center and is the height of sophistication in dining if not a drop too noisy—on the third floor call 212-823-2523. BAR PLEIADES at Cafe Boulard 20 East 76th Street (212772-2600) is dark and glamorous and shares a room with Cafe Boulard, one of the better restaurants on the Upper East Side. Very, very Upper East Side, it’s luxurious and somewhat hidden, particularly if you are looking to hide and not from the Upper East Side, if you get my picture. Great rendezvous place. As for CASA LEVER, yet another Italian place to eat, which very possibly is the most New York restaurant of them all, located in the space of the old Lever House restaurant. (When I took my Regents exam in high school one of the questions then was to describe the uniqueness of the architect of the Lever House—that’s how far back that building goes!!) The new space is much warmer than the original restaurant, there is a trove of Warhol paintings on the wall, the service is appealing, and the food quite good. It’s the kind of restaurant to which you can go on a date, or with mother, or to be seen. There’s a bone-in New York strip which may even surpass PETER LUGERS while the ravioli with sausage and burrata is wonderful. The food is basic, not ground breaking but must everything be ground breaking? I think not. I really believe most of you will truly appreciate this spot. 390 Park Avenue (53rd St.) 212-888-2700—11:30-11p.m. Monday to Saturday. CONTINUED ON PAGE 146

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Dog News 143

*Number Two overall, The Dog News Top Ten List - Breed points

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Dog News 145




Museums And, Believe It Or Not, Some Fining Dining At Them


would strongly suggest a visit to the ONASIS CULTURAL CENTER at 645 5th Avenue near 52nd St. where a fascinating icon display entitled “THE ORIGINS OF EL GRECO” is on display. With an extraordinary ensemble of almost 50 religious images, most of them painted on Crete, seven by El Greco, it examines the religious beliefs of East meeting West. I must say I’m anything but an expert on the identities of Saints but it seems they were at a cultural crossroad then as in Venetian Crete the artists painted the divine. Immediately after I would to the MOMA on 53rd Street for lunch or dinner at THE MODERN:CAFE 2 (212-333-1220) yet another Danny Meyer creative success, both food ways and financially. The cafe is a less expensive eatery than the main restaurant which is considered one of the best in the city and certainly as sophisticated a place to eat at as any in Manhattan. At the MUSEUM OF ART AND DESIGN at 2 Columbus Circle (212299-7730) is the newly opened and extremely well received ROBERT restaurant. The lounge at the entrance of Robert, which is open until 2 a.m. on the ninth floor offers a spectacular view north to Central

Park, Broadway and the West Side and affords a feel of sophistication that far outdoes to my mind the Mandarin Hotel’s Bar adjacent to the Warner Center, which I find unfriendly and discouraging to attend. If its the GUGGENHEIM on 89th and 5th which has caught your eye you may want to try THE WRIGHT which has recently opened there; or if its Mary Cassett you are looking to see at the METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART I would suggest the cafe which recently opened in May off the American wing there. There’s a new POETS HOUSE building in Lower Manhattan near the Hudson River at the The New Poets House corner of Murray Street. In its new location it has a rent-free lease through 2069 from the Battery Park City Authority. Poets House raised the money for construction of the interior $11 million, from public and private sources, including $3.5 million from the city. Are you telling me the MUSEUM OF THE DOG could not do something similar in a better location? I mean why even the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum located in Bransom, Missouri closed in December after ticket sales no longer covered its $33,000 monthly rent. Only 40 people The Wright a day attended which may be 10 times the number which go to the our Museum in St. Louis. On a more pleasant note if you are downtown visiting Poets try LOCANDA VERDE at 379 Greenwich St.—one of those new A class restaurants recently opened—fun, great people, and garlic-crusted chicken for two which is unbelievably juicy. Lunch or dinner—dinner is packed and wild—lunch more manageable but not as exCONTINUED ON PAGE 150

Roberts 146 Dog News



Conyers Kennel Club of Georgia, Saturday February 6, 2010 Our appreciation to Group Judge Mrs. Terry L. Berrios


CH. SKANSEN’S BACCHUS II Owner Steven A. Sansone 678-428-1513

Presented By Jamie and Jaki Clute 770-300-5933 Dog News 147



*The Dog News Top Ten List - Breed **The Dog News Top Ten List - All Breed

148 Dog News



*All Systems **C.C. System

Dog News 149




by the way my Dad brought to America in the late ‘40s or early ‘50s) was an absolute delight. I know the run was extended but I’m not too sure it is still playing. I would check St. Ann’s schedule as there’s usually something interesting going on. That’s where we first saw the great hit BLACK WATCH which I told you about two years ago I think it was. And, oh yes, one of the top places to eat in the area and some say in all the city, although I would not go quite that far, is VINEGAR HILL HOUSE at 72 Hudson Avenue (718-522-1018). It’s real barnyard fare in a cozy loud room. Hard to find in a remote section of Brooklyn Heights, near the Navy Yard the Red Wattle pork chop is a treat. How did we find it ourselves? We did not. Went with Jason Sosnoff and his fiance, Lauren Silbert, after Brief Encounter. Definitely worth going to—little bit of real old NY—cobbled streets, old wooden houses, etc. La Grenouille

citing (212-925-3797). On the subject of museums, THE FRICK of course on 5th and 77th is celebrating its 75th anniversary and the interior conversions by the architect John Russell Pope should not be missed. I always loved the place but now more than ever—believe me it’s incredible what has happened there. While you are there you may want to hop over to the CARYLE HOTEL and stop off for a drink at BEMELMANS BAR or catch the show at CAFE CARYLE— I believe Betty Buckley will be there for the Garden—we just saw Elaine Stritch who was great and on an impromptu evening or two you may find Woody Allen et al.


Theater Today

here are two new musicals on Broadway to see (by new I mean not revivals). They are NEXT TO NORMAL at the Booth Theater and FELA! at the Eugene O’Neill. However, I must warn you that neither are of the tune catching variety. Both though are pretty amazing evenings in the musical theater as the first, Next to Normal leaves one in awe as to how sensitively and humorously the show handles problems revolving round mental illness while the second, Fela!, is merely two and a half of what can seem like long hours of electrifying music and astonishing dance. Not much of a plot but most seem not to care. Revival ways in musicals of course there is HAIR, WEST SIDE STORY, A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC and SOUTH PACIFIC. A Little Night Music being the least acceptable of those shows despite Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angela Lansbury—I am sorry to say. Drama ways the revival of A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE isn’t even a consideration. It is a must see. While Sarah Ruhl’s new and latest play IN THE NEXT ROOM OR THE VIBRATOR PLAY is simply wonderful to watch. Off-Broadway I would suggest VENUS IN FUR a new play which is much more than it appears as it borders if not goes over the top S&M ways. In Brooklyn at the BAM if it is still running is a great Australian production of William’s STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE which will hopefully end up on Broadway in the not too distant future. There is generally something interesting if not great at ST. ANN’S WAREHOUSE under the Bridge in Brooklyn. We just saw the musical interpretation of BRIEF ENCOUNTER there. Set to music based on the old Trevor Howard-Celia Johnson film (which 150 Dog News


Old And Long Time Favorites

guess first on my list, and I cannot think of a more appropriate setting for a Valentine’s night dinner, is LA GRENOUILLE. One of the last if not the last of the great French restaurants which made New York famous. The golden lights, the flowers which monopolize the room—I recently celebrated a major birthday there—it was simply ideal—a quenelles de brochet which is classic Lyonnaise, the most immaculate Dover sole, a foie gras, a wild mushroom risotto—should I go on and on? The crowd is old New York while the souffles parade across the dining room floor as though they “own the joint”which of course they do. It certainly is the best New York has to offer. Not every night though; who could live that way or eat that way, and who could afford it every night? Well maybe a few—not me for sure. At 3 East 52nd Street (212)752-1495. Perhaps second on my list would be for a totally different experience NOBU the Japense restaurant but not the one on 57th Street the one downtown. Don’t get me wrong, the 57th Street Nobu is fun and loud




Dog News 151


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and very Bill Clintonish but the one downtown is elegant and surprising, insofar as the menu, and understated—much more Hillary than Bill to me anyway. It can be tough to get a reservation here but once inside hopefully you’ll have a waiter who is helpful. That makes the difference here for sure. Located at 105 Hudson Street 212219-0500 it remains one of my favorites. PETER LUGERS for steaks, which are still overall the best in the city is in Brooklyn—no reservations no credit cards but the experience of going there and the attitude of the gruff waiters plus the incredible cuts of meat will enthrall you. For an experience you will not forget go there—by limo or car service only please! It’s hard for me to believe that I’m going to put this place on my list as it seems only a short time ago that I began to write about it but Danny Meyer—him again—11 MADISON PARK located right across the Park from DOG NEWS must now be labeled a mustgo-to oldie. Highly pretentious is the food and service but in a class by itself—small portions— romantic beautiful room it is as though one is escaping into another world—not Avatar mind you but a dream place. This too would make a nice Valentine escape meal as would DANIEL on East 64th—or if you are looking to totally escape the scene try ONE IF BY LAND at 17 Barrow Street. Romantic beyond words and with a history of catering to lovers of every persuasion. The food is good too!!!!

A Tour Of Chinatown—Sort Of

The Chinese New Year coincides directly with the Garden for the first time in a while so I thought a mini-tour of an area in Chinatown would be an interesting diversion for some. Take the 1 train to Canal Street which an awful lot of you go to anyway for the famous name-brand knock offs. Enjoy the shopping and then go to THE MUSEUM OF CHINESE in AMERICA 215 Centre Street between Grand and Howard—a short visit and next door at 217 Centre is a store called PEONY RED where Yanna Luo designs and sells contemporary clothing, jewelry, and other accessories as well as magnificent reasonably

priced wedding dresses. There are also magnificent formal Chinese silk gowns handmade from silk which can be steep price ways but she will make them in rayon too which are quite inexpensive. Go down the street to 202 Centre Street for dim sim or Uncle Tai’s Orange Steak, which can’t be beat at the RED EGG. If Kay Radcliffe is with you walk around the corner to the ORIGINAL CHINATOWN ICE CREAM FACTORY for guess what. Located at 65 Bayard between Elizabeth and Mott the wasabi ice cream can’t be beat—for some. If you are a foodie the way I am and love to explore foreign food markets and stalls the DELUXE FOOD MARKET at 79 Elizabeth between Grand and Hester Street (the street by the way on which my Mother was born-it wasn’t Chinatown then) is for you. The entrance is small but the store extends through the block and is packed with Chinese specialties. If you have left early enough and are ready for lunch I would suggest the CHINA VILLAGE RESTAURANT 94 Baxter (between Canal and White) where the lunch special is $6.68—an unheard of price for quite delicious and filling Chinese meal. Who says everything is AMEX Black in NYC!!! But if its Chinese Dumplings you really crave I would suggest a walk up Lafayette Street to the EXCELLENT DUMPLING HOUSE 111 Lafayette twix Lafayette and Walker to scarf the most succulent steamed vegetable dumplings you have ever in your life eaten—cost $4.95!!! If you still can move a stroll thereafter through COLUMBUS PARK (Mulberry between Baxter and Bayard) to see, if its warm enough, people play Chinese checkers or perhaps a little massage at the highly regarded and recommended JUN YI SERVICES COMPANY 303 Canal Street between Broadway and Mercer on the second floor for $42 for the hour. The sign promises to relieve stress and tension and let me tell you they do just that!

And Onto The Diamond District

Many people flock to the Diamond District for engagement rings and other expensive baubles but don’t presume that is the only attraction of that crowded area on 47th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues. (I have never gotten used to calling 6th Avenue the Avenue of the Americas, have you?) Anyway I would suggest a visit to the glatt kosher restaurant TAAM-TOV 41 West 47th Street (212768-8000). Look carefully though as this is a third -floor establishment which is decorated with Chinese characteristics which are a holdover from the days it was a Kosher-Chinese restaurant. But try the food whether you are orthodox or not or even Jewish or not. It is one of the few places in Manhattan that serves bakhsh: an herby, green dish CONTINUED ON PAGE 158

154 Dog News

Dog News 155

*Number Two overall, 2009 C.C. All Breed Ranking

156 Dog News

Dog News 157




of diced baby chicken, rice and cilantro ($10); and house-made lepeshka: a bread similar to a buttery foaccia ($2.50). Look at the money I’m saving you to place ads in for DOG NEWS no doubt by recommending these inexpensive but excellent meals to you. The Bukharian tea (the name of the family which operates the place) is served in a royal blue pot and sipped through a sugar cube held in your teeth and only costs 95 cents. If you are the slightest bit curious to see how a rough chunk of a jewel, say a jade, becomes a glossy jewel descend into a gritty basement and go past the jewelers’ booths where a brother and sister from Korea carve gems for the trade on the same grinders their fathers used—its called LAPIDIST GEMS at 78 W. 47th Street. For a different peek inside the industry try ZAK JEWELRY TOOLS at 55 W. 47th where a family offers over 40,000 gizmos and where you can snag a swan-shaped velvet ring box for as little as ($2) or spend a fortune too. Tucked into Booth 45 in a showroom at 36 West 47th is A. FRIEDMAN TRADING which specializes in pearls—arrayed in tiny glass cases there are pearls of every price and dimension—to the trade it says but the owners will send you elsewhere for sure. Or you may want to visit one of the few hand-engravers left in the area. A fourth-generation Ukrainian Mr. Shulimovich hand scrools wedding rings, rifle barrels signet rings and other objects d’art—prices vary as you can well imagine as he is unique to the trade as machines and digital engraving has pushed his expertise into near extinction. He may be found in cramped BOOTH 24 at 4 West 47th Street and his number is 212—575-5607. A prior call may be a good idea in order to assure his presence and/ or availability.

Fan College Bars In Manhattan

On fall Saturdays and during March madness as jam-packed enthusiasts take over the bars of Manhattan here’s where the fans hang out to root their College or alma mater on! Listed to the right.

158 Dog News

Some Overlooked But Deserving Places To Consider

There are a series of smaller restaurants which gained initial recognition and then seemed to have become overlooked or forgotten by too many food lovers. Perhaps PERBACCO in the Lower East Side on 234 E. 4th Street (212)253-2038) is a perfect example. The menu can be ordinary but the trick here is to ask the server to select a blend of the avant-garde mixed with the traditionally cooked Italian dishes and I promise you the trip will become very, very worth it! And then there’s DEGUSTATION adjacent to and owned by the same people who own the spectacular JEWEL BAKO--239 E. 5th St. between 2nd and 3rd Avenues (212)979-1012--Jewel Bako is of course a gem in its own right but the accomplished and adventurous cooking of Degustation puts it in one of the most unique categories in NY--problem is that it is a particular experience in that the menu is extremely limited--some call in advance to find out what is being served and it is counter dining which of course is not everyone’s cup of tea. Further uptown near Union Square is 15 EAST which serves first-rate sushi without toppier prices and other Japanese food as well. At 15 East 15th-212-647-0015 and if you go I’d play the numbers 1515 to boot! Hey you never know! If you are an “uni” lover and I adore it particularly freshly harvested in the Greek isles but that’s another story try SOTO in the Village located at 357 6th Ave between W. 4th and Washington Place--just remember sushi isn’t its strength and is a waste of visit for that. On the other hand right nearby is a great men’s store called JOHN BARTLETT on 7th Avenue between 10th and Jane Street--Mr. Bartlett is the designer for Liz Claiborne ladies but has this mens shop he plays around with. Go there for really great all round clothes--ready to wear or made to order, too. There’s been a general revival of mens and womens shops in the West Village I am happy to say and in that area there are lots of places to visit for sure. Just walk around and enjoy. There are two other spots which have sort of slipped off people’s radar. The chef for both is Kevin Garcie--the restaurants on the upper West are ‘CESSCA at 164 W 75th--top notch I think and on the Upper East--not so upper 3rd and 64th at 1081 is ACCADEMIA di VINO whose CONTINUED ON PAGE 162

Where To Root For Your Favorite College Team

Dog News 159

160 Dog News

Dog News 161




menu is sprawling and sometimes difficult to navigate. You usually need help but you don’t always get it.

Services, Miscellany And More Car Service

U.S.LIMO (800-962-2877)-Extremely reliable with all sorts of diverse cars and vans for all events-Best driver we’ve had is Jack--national and international hookups too!

Surefire Midnight (And Later) Snacks

MACAO TRADING CO. 311 Church between Lispenard and Walker 212-431-8642 open daily till 4am-last order though is at 3:30am--lamb meatballs and “ants climbing a tree”(a classic Szechwan noodle-and-ground-meat dish). You’ll probably find Dr. Ira Shulman there or else there’s EMPLOYEES ONLY 510 Hudson bet Christopher and W.10th where in the wee-hours there are palm-readings from the resident psychics--the grilled truffle cheese sandwich can be a bit greasy.


TRY THE POND AT BRYANT PARK--6TH AVENUE BET 40TH AND 42ND ST. FREE to skate-rentals for skates $12 or the LASER RINK in Central Park at 110th St and Lenox Ave-less crowded than WOLLMAN at 59thSt and CPW but very hockey oriented.

Leather Bags Etc For Ladies

The recently opened JUTTA NEUMANN STUDIO at 355 E. 4th St on the Lower East between Aves C and D M-F NOON-6PM,SAT1-6 and by appointment. A leather junkies dream-every color imaginable--belts,wallets,sandals much more--prices probably negotiable 212-982-7048. While there try KATZ’S DELI for the best pastrami or corned beef in the world or the BLACK IRON BURGER at 540 E. 5th for awesome burgers--opened till 2:30am WedSat and opens at 11am everyday.

Barber Shops

FRANK’S CHOP SHOP-19 Essex Street near Hester (there’s that street again) 212-228-7442 for chic affordable cuts in an environment sure to appeal to you.

162 Dog News

An Escape To The Tropics

THE NEW YORK BOTANICAL GARDEN is just a 20 minute ride from Grand Central (which in itself is worth exploring) on Metro-North where in the ENID A. HAUPT CONSERVATORY (Mr. Gilbert Kahn’s aunt) you’ll find a tropical rain forest which will make you forget the cold weather and make you think you are in the tropics--A MUST GO through February 21 only--could get extended. Bronx River Pkwy at Fordham Road in the Bronx-an easy drive too up the Degan.

For The Ladies

HERALD SQUARE which is at Broadway and 35th right near the Garden has a new LOOK BOUTIQUE which is like a mini Sephora. Problem is that the standout RAMY BROW BAR is located inside a Duane Reade but after you shop the brand stations there I know some pretty sophisticated gals who swear by and stop at RAMY for a no-appointment brow shape ($30) and complimentary makeup consultation with beauty expert Borysia Mazurczak-how complimentary it turns out to be after you buy the products is at your peril! 212-695-6346 Afterwards or even before you may want to meet your guy at KEEN’s STEAKHOUSE 72 W 36th Street and sit in front of the roaring fire and enjoy some of the best basic food in the City. Beware the mutton chop--habit forming for sure!

Booze Clues

ASTOR WINE AND SPIRITS (399 Lafayette Avenue at 4th Street) is the largest liquor store in the city size ways with 11,000 square feet and the selections are as large and diverse. FYI on the second level of PENN STATION-LIRR SIDE just below the 8th Avenue exit is an adequate but expensive liquor store if you are in a pinch--across from a really good place for a shoe shine. On the same level is ROSE’S PIZZA--really good variety and excellent taste too where they hail themselves as having the largest selection of draught beer in the City--if that’s your thing. CONTINUED ON PAGE 166

Dog News 163


Always Presented By Dan Buchwald, DVM 164 Dog News

Thank you to all the Judges who recognized Jackson’s outstanding qualities.

Breeders & Co-Owners Norra Hansen & Dan Buchwald, DVM

Owners Linda & Eddie Zehfuss Dog News 165




Dog Parks

There are some 50 plus dog parks in the City alone. My favorite being the one opposite our offices in MADISON SQUARE PARK which entrance is on 5th Avenue and about 24th Street. This is the same park where Danny Meyers--him again started the world famous SHAKE SHACK where when the weather is better New Yorkers lineup for hours to be fed. The TOM’S DOG RUN in Thomas Smith Park/ Chelsea Waterside at W.24th at 11th Avenue is a more athletic spot for your dog replete with artificial hills, boulders and a fallen tree bridge.


ZEZE (938 1st Ave at 52nd St-212-7537767--With all the florists in the City why this one? I don’t really know except to say the arrangements are unusual and their choice of design impeccable plus they have some treasures for the house you’ll find hard to resist if you go to the shop. That’s enough reason I suppose to single them out, isn’t it?

Men’s Stores

I have a number I like to shop--problem is sizing. Too many are made for the twinkies which if you know me you know I am not--I can dream though can’t I? I have already written about JOHN BARTLETT’s tiny boutique on 7th in the West Village. THE FREEMAN SPORTING CLUB at 8 Rivington twix Bowery and Chrystie at Freeman Alley combines great outdoorsy clothes with a barber shop and unusual gadgets--while down here you may want to visit MOMOFUKU SSAM BAR (207 2nd Ave at 13th St.--somewhat out of the way but near enough for some of the best wraps and/or noodles around. More traditionally there’s ROTHMANS MENSWEAR DEPARTMENT STORE AT 200 PARK AVE SOUTH AT 17TH STREET. It’s sort of a yuppie’s paradise where you can find the perfect not-trying-too-hard-but still-looking166 Dog News

trendy clothes are found. Some good sales going on here for sure and of course I still love FACCONABLE right across the street from St. Patricks. Of course for the man who has everything and for whom price is no problem I would suggest THOM BROWNE at 100 HUDSON STREET-212-633-1197. By appointment and offthe rack too where the suits are magnificently crafted but be prepared to spend top bucks. And while you are spending go down the road a bit to the ultra chic, ultra modern SHO HAUN HERGATT eatery at 40 Broad-second level--take your GPS its that hard to find but well worth it 212-809-3993. The food is some of the best Continental fusion Asian I have ever tasted--a little precious but definitely a valued addition to New York’s restaurant scene.

The Long Island Specialties

I am not really that familiar with the restaurants in the Nassau Coliseum area however certainly if you can you should stay at THE GARDEN CITY HOTEL in Garden City--it is a four star hotel for sure and there are any number of good restaurants around there. I would check with the conceriege. If you want to travel a bit 20 or so minutes away on Northern Blvd very near the fabulous MIRACLE MILE of Manhasset where you will find every 5th Avenue store and more for shopping needs is both LIMANI and BRYANT and COOPER. LIMANI is a Greek seafood and steakhouse which almost if not does outdo the great MILOS in New York City (don’t forget ANTHOS too for cosmopolitan Greek food in the City). In fact I believe the owners may have at one time been associated--the interior of Limani is of high eye-candy quality while the fish unbeatable. Bryant and Cooper a traditional steak house is as good as any you will find anywhere. It was one of the late Nat Reese’s favorite steak houses in the world and when he visited us a visit there was a must, nay, a demand. A little more inconvenient in Locust Valley is the widely acclaimed BRASS RAIL at 107 Forest Avenue. The bar is an antique beauty and the food even better. An iceberg wedge salad CONTINUED ON PAGE 170

Dog News 167

Bonsai MINIATURE Bull Terriers Number One* In Breed Competition Again 2007 Ch. Bonsai Skip To My Alou 2008 Ch. Bonsai Skip To My Alou 2009 Ch. Envision Registan Heartbreak Hotel AKC/Eukanuba Best of Breed And Best Bred By Exhibitor 2006 & 2007 Ch. Bonsai Skip To My Alou 2008 Ch. Bonsai Genuine Rusk Pictured Together at the Breeders Showcase

Thank you Judge Mr. Matthew Stander

“It Aint Braggin’ If It’s A Fact” Giselle Simonds

“Minis You Can Live With” Since 1987 707 763-3956

168 Dog News

*The Dog News Top Ten List - Breed points

Best of Breed & Best Bred By Exhibitor AKC/Eukanuba National Championship 2009 Giselle Simonds - Breeder-Owner-Handler Dog News 169




which rivals any anywhere and lamb chops Wu you won’t believe. Even further out in Jamesport is the JEDEDIAH HAWKINS INN but that’s a real trip better left for a non-doggy weekend.

Independent Bookstores

There are two I frequent--the first for convenience basically is the PENN BOOKSTORE in Penn Station. Once the help gets to know you they are very friendly and helpful but it is a bit harried due to the commuter traffic, nonetheless, a good variety of reads. More leisurely and perhaps more varied is THREE LIVES AND COMPANY 154 W 10th Street in the West Village where the owner Toby is a doll and extremely helpful as is the rest of the staff. Wide variety of mystery fiction from all over the world, great deal of alternative literature(non-porno). This is a dying creed of bookstore which deserves and gets my support. There’s a new Scottish restuarant right across the Street going east which looks interesting but I have not yet tried.

Veterinary Care

Have to say ANIMAL MEDICAL CENTER despite the prices--they are reliable and offer 24 hour service. I’m sure there are a ton of others within walking distance I just don’t know them. For those going to the Long Island Specialties I can recommend the NORTHSHORE VETERINARY HOSPITAL located in East Northport--that’s a good distance from the Nassau Coliseum but we’ve been using these people for three generations of doctors--grandfather,father and son. Russ Fredericks is the son and we swear by him.

$10 Pool/Sauna Escape

THE GRACE HOTEL at 125 W 45 for an all day pass to a luxe steamroom, sauna and indoor pool opens at 5pm as does the bar. It is for men and women.

170 Dog News

Best Sushi

Well, of course there is always MASA located in the WARNER BUILDING on 57th Street but the cost is over $400 per person--there is a less expensive bar adjoining the restaurant but its truly not the same. I have not been for a long time now. Then there is SUSHI YASUDA where for a more manageable amount of money--say $100 per you can have a wonderful, intimate dining experience with truly fabulous grades of fish. Located at 204 East 43rd near 3rd Avenue 212-972-1001 it’s quite the experience.

The Tropical Butterfly Exhibit

THE AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY CPW and 79th Street permits you to ogle 500 live winged beauties flitting through a 1,200 foot vivarium--not to be missed. While there stop in at ED’S CHOWDER HOUSE at 44. W. 63rd street-I defy you to try to stop eating the Manhattan clam chowder!!


Well there’s the DUANE READE in Penn Station for sure--not certain if its 24 hours or not but for a real old fashioned apothecary there’s always KIEHL’S on lower 3rd which I believe maybe the oldest one in the city--if not one of the oldest. It’s gone a bit commercial of late but still worth the trip. If you are in that area don’t miss ALDEA at 31 West 17th Street one of many new, exciting and truly gourmet restaurants to proliferate in this area of Manhattan. Continental cooking not to be beat, decent prices and a clean, modern look. 212-675-7223.

Hot And New

CARAVAGGIO at 23 East 74th Street 212288-1004 recently opened on the Upper East Side in the old space of Cocco Piazza (or a similar sounding name). The room has been modernized and is the epitome of Upper East Side dining. The crowd is elegant, dressed smartly and the food expensive but delicious. The veal sweetbreads were the best I’ve ever tasted and Dover sole cooked to perfection. Others at our table had various pastas about which they raved. The service too was outstanding. I would make this a definite stop whenever in New York providing of course you are willing to pay the price.

I Think I’ve Had It

I have a score of other recommendations but that’s it--I’m over this years BITE. With luck there will be one next year presuming I still have one in me--I hope so. In the meantime have a great time in my hometown, the hometown of DOG NEWS and Westminster too. Good luck at the show.

Dog News 171

172 Dog News

Dog News 173

Director’s Questionnaire CONTINUED FROM PAGE 46

Charles Garvin


y undergraduate degree is from Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio, B.A. Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, majoring in Physics. I did research and special studies in Nuclear Physics and quantum mechanics at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. My medical degree is from the University of Southern California, where I was president of the student body. I completed a surgical residency at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, CA, then Ophthalmology residency and Chief Resident at the Ohio State University Hospitals in Columbus. Subsequently, I have had considerable education and training in management, including at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. I am a diplomat of the American College of Medical Management, a Certified Physician Executive, and a life member of the American College of Physician Executives. I am an Ophthalmic Surgeon, in practice at the Frederick C. Smith Clinic in Marion, Ohio since 1981. My business experience comes from leading the Smith Clinic since I was elected president and chairman of the Board in 1986, a post I still hold today. As such, I am in charge of a 75 physician multispecialty medical group, established in 1925, that is entirely physician owned and operated. It is a complex organization with several subsidiary, sister, and joint-venture corporations. The Clinic and our seven majority-owned organizations have total annual gross revenues of approximately $180,000,000 and more than 700 employees. In addition, I have served on the governing boards of more than two dozen for-profit corporations and not-for-profit organizations. My experience in the sport of pure-bred dogs began in 1965 when I won Best of Breed with our first Dalmatian. We have gone on to finish 87 AKC Dalmatian Champions, most of whom I showed myself. Along with my late mother Betty

174 Dog News

(AKC Delegate 1979 – 1993) and wife Lynn, we have bred and owned five Best-in-Show winners, and some of the top winners and producers in the history of the breed. I also was active in Junior Showmanship, winning the JS finals at Westminster in 1969. First approved as an AKC Judge in 1980, I have judged at our Dalmatian National six times, as well as at Westminster, AKC/Eukanuba, and the 1984 AKC Centennial. I have been the Delegate from the Marion Ohio Kennel Club since 1990. I currently serve on the Delegate Committee on Canine Health, and previously served on that committee (1998 – 2001) prior to my service on the AKC Board. Earlier, I had served on the Committee on Dog Auctions, chaired by Jay Phinizy. I have had extensive leadership experience in dog organizations, summarized as follows: American Kennel Club – Board of Directors, 2001 – 2009 AKC Canine Health Foundation – Board, 2007 – present, current Treasurer Dalmatian Club of America – Board, 1981 - present, President 12 years, VP 11 years Dalmatian Club of America Foundation – Founding Board Member, 1995-present Marion Ohio Kennel Club – Board, 1982 - present, current President and Delegate Dalmatian Club of Southern California – Board, 1974 - 1978, President 1977 On the personal side, my wife of 36 years, Lynn, and I have three children: John, nearing his PhD in Computer Science at Rice University; Chad, working in Columbus and getting married in March; and daughter Laura, a senior at Harvard University. CONTINUED ON PAGE 178

Dog News 175

Ad by Christy Marley



176 Dog News

*All Systems

Dog News 177

Director’s Questionnaire CONTINUED FROM PAGE 174

Steve Gladstone


or many years I melded together my law practice (Juris Doctorate Degree, University of Pennsylvania) and dogs by representing folks concerning their disputes with AKC. I learned much about AKC, its history, and its operations from those experiences.

I served as general counsel and executive vice president to a major resort developer in the Pocono Mountains with annual sales of well over $200 million. I literally wrote the book on government regulation of the time share industry in The Law and Business of Timesharing. I am fully familiar with and comfortable with AKC’s role as the regulator of our sport. I have been an independent real estate entrepreneur for my entire career. As such I have a tremendous amount of experience in

making sound, practical business decisions. Marieann and I started our Aragorn line of Cardigan Corgis in 1974 and have bred dogs which have earned hundreds of AKC titles in every discipline offered for our breed. We now both judge regularly. We enjoy judging overseas. Learning of dog show cultures around the world and discussing dog issues with our international colleagues is of great benefit to governing AKC. I am the Delegate of the Reno Kennel Club.

Dr. William R. Newman EDUCATION BA Hofstra University MD Downstate University and Medical College POSTGRADUATE Diagnostic, Therapeutic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Brooklyn – Cumberland Medical Center Downstate University, Kings County, N.Y. Board Certified Specialist – American College of Radiology Clinical Instructor in Radiology Downstate University PROFESSSIONAL Director of Radiology Sacred Heart Hospital Director of Radiology Bedford Memorial Hospital Chief of Staff – Sacred Heart Hospital Vice Chief of Staff – Bedford Memorial Hospital Kings County Radiology Society Maryland Radiology Society – Board Member Maryland Nuclear Medicine Society – Founding Member Allegany County Medical Society – President Bedford County Medical Society – President American College of Radiology Radiology Society of North America COMMUNITY Western Maryland Historical Society Mayor, Bedford Pennsylvania –Two Terms Allegany College of Pa – Scholarship Board 178 Dog News

Downtown Bedford Revitalization Board Bedford Memorial Human Resources Chairman Bedford Memorial Scholarship Chairman Bedford Memorial Nominating Committee Chairman Bedford County Humane Society – Advisory Board CANINE INVOLVEMENT Mastiff Club of America – Lifetime member 45 years as President, Vice President, Secretary, Show Chairman, Newsletter Editor. Breeder numerous Mastiff show champions, including the three time National Specialty winner. Owner of English Foxhound and Alaskan Malamute top record winners AKC Working Group Breeder Judge American Kennel Club – Delegate of Mastiff Club for 16 years Chairman Delegates Health Committee AKC CHF Board member - 8 years By-Laws Committee-Chairman Grants Committee- Vice Chairman Animal Welfare Committee Millenium Founder Upper Potomac Valley Kennel Club (former member) Altoona Kennel Club (former member) CONTINUED ON PAGE 182

Dog News 179

Dog News, February 12, 2010 A  

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