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Physical Therapy – A Must for the Aged

Physiological Changes with Aging  Muscle Strength  Changes in Bone and Joints  Osteoarthritis  Cardiovascular Disease  Psychomotor and

psychological functions

Muscle Strength Muscle strength and postural alignment are critical to efficient function in the older adult. Loss of isometric and dynamic strength has been documented in individuals as young as 50-59 years old. This decline in strength is closely associated with increased age, loss of type II muscle fibers and loss of muscle mass. Physical therapists are wellequipped to screen for muscle strength in the older adult and make recommendations related to specific muscle strengthening exercise programs.

Changes In Bone And Joints Age-related bone density differs with each section. More peripheral sections, such as the radius, experience relative stability in density until menopause, while more central skeletal structures, show bone loss 5-10 years earlier. Physical therapy in San Francisco helps in preventing the loss of disc height and compression of the spinal column.

Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative arthritis, is a form of arthritis occurring mainly in older adults that is characterized by chronic degeneration of the cartilage of the joints. Physical therapy for persons who have osteoarthritis should be modified at the first mention of joint pain with exercise. Close attention to proper alignment and technique is also essential for safe completion of the recommended exercise program.

Cardiovascular Diseases Among the leading causes of death and disability of older adults are cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancer. All these are caused due to lack of life-long lifestyle habits, including exercise, diet, and stress management. Physical therapy can help you overcome this.

Psychomotor And Psychological Functions There is a slowing process in psychomotor performance in older adults which can slow down their regular routine. Physical therapy can be used to reduce the risk of depressive disorders among adults as well as treat unpleasant symptoms of depression.

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Physical therapy in san francisco  
Physical therapy in san francisco  

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