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Curb appeal

Uniqueness &

Baby proofing

Eliminate the halls because they’re a major inefficiency and result in an undesirable maze effect.

Care should be taken to see that Portland home builders’ room layouts make real world sense.

Eliminate duplicate areas such as a small breakfast nook and a modest sized dining room.

Have an open dining area that is situated next to both the kitchen and great room without intervening walls.

Think twice, whether to have a desk in this room or should it be located in a separate office?

List out the number of rooms you actually need and dodge the unwanted rooms or spaces.

Have a home design that is not shaped like a box.

Use colored concrete or pavers for the drive and walkway.

Include a curving walkway to the front door.

Obscure the placement of the garage.

Locate roof venting hardware so that it doesn’t face the street.

Will you be satisfied having a custom home a near copy of others? Not right? Then use these, A

curved, offset, angled or bumped out walls. Cantilevered Multi-faceted

floors gable or hip

rooflines. Balconies


and decks, and so

Prevent access to down and up staircases.

Put plastic bags and string in a childproof container.

Raise curtain cords above a child’s reach.

Eliminate exposed electrical cords.

Secure plugs that stay in outlets

Remove items that could be swallowed.

When these criteria are properly addressed and satisfied the reward can be a home to be proud of. You can also build a home to be proud of seeking the help of Lifestyle Homes.

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