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ZOOM Teeth Whitening – A Holistic Guide to Have Bright Smile

ZOOM Teeth Whitening You may wonder how all your favorite celebrities are always having luminous dazzling white teeth even in their old age. The secret behind this is ZOOM TEETH WHITENING METHOD.

What To Look For In Teeth Whitening Procedure?

Fast, convenient and pain free Long lasting charming results No sensitivity Performed by a dental professional

Steps Involved In ZOOM Teeth Whitening Procedure

Clean And Brush The Teeth Retractor Placement To Expose Teeth ZOOM Tooth Whitening Gel Application and ZOOM Light Exposure Enjoy Dazzling New Smile!

Clean And Brush The Teeth ZOOM is done using ultra violet light to enhance the look and feel of your teeth. Any food particles or plaque may alter the whitening process. So it’s must to clean and brush before ZOOM.

Retractor Placement To Expose Teeth

This helps to keep your mouth open during ZOOM teeth whitening treatment and protect rest of your mouth from damage of chemicals.

ZOOM Tooth Whitening Gel Application and ZOOM Light Exposure

Your dentist will place the ZOOM whitening gel on your teeth and expose ZOOM light on your teeth. They are left over on the teeth for 15 minutes; the treatment is repeated for 3 times ( total 45 Minutes).

Enjoy Dazzling New Smile!

After removing ZOOM Gel, you will have a charming brighter whiter smile.

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Free teeth whitening in shelby – zoom procedure  
Free teeth whitening in shelby – zoom procedure  

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