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The 13th PIA issue presents luminaires that offer LED light exactly the way you want it.

Awards coverage begins on pg. 21


Lighting design firm Speirs Major transforms the BIO4 power plant in Copenhagen into a beacon of renewable energy. pg. 16


Mark Landini shares his insights on Project Ray, the largest construc tion project in Mc Donald’s company’s history. pg. 13


Explore the ways that green LED lighting improves the operating room environment for surgeons and staff. pg. 38

Chronicling the Advancement of LEDs in the Built Environment

Scope Medium Series

An elegant, high-performance 3” diameter cylinder, offered as a pendant, surface, and wall sconce, with direct and indirect lighting capabilities.

Designed to illuminate both interior and exterior applications. Scope Medium offers up to 20 watts of illumination, delivering up to 100 lumens per watt with 4 optical distributions.

Scope Medium is the perfect choice to illuminate commercial interiors, hospitality spaces, and highlight the features of a building facade.

Circle 01

DMF Lighting’s re-designed DRD Series features new housings that install easier and more precisely, including flawless wood applications, and new trim colors in Bronze, Warm Diffused and Clear Diffused.

DMF offers award winning downlighting systems and superior aesthetics for new construction, remodel, or retrofits projects.

DRD Series Just Got Better Brilliance, engineered

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07 New DLC Program



05 LED Insights


Project Profiles

Shoe manufacturer HQ relies on lighting solution for sustainable, welcoming effect.

47 Project Profiles

Global tech giant brings vision to life with company illumination.

On the Cover: Product Innovation Awards’ winner Vibia’s Plusminus lighting system features component pieces, colors, and textures that can be freely adapted to suit the character and constraints of a space. See more on p. 36.

Image Courtesy: Barozzi Veiga

Photography: Mariela Apollonio

Challenging the industry to develop more dark sky-friendly lighting products, from the DesignLights Consortium.

By Barbara Horwitz-Bennett

07 A Downtown Crystal Columbus, Ohio has a new sculptural symbol resembling a crystalline formation emerging from the earth.

09 Light + Art

Blown-glass, half-bubble lamps remind of childhood magic.

08 Hospitable Design

By Jeff Pitts

10 International Awards

A tech company in Kiev, Ukraine is a living case study in hospitality crossover within smart office design.

Design Plus Awards powered by Light + Building Autumn Edition.

By Jeff Pitts

10 Welcome Home North Platte, Neb., improves ambiance in historic district.

11 A Universal Medium Abhay M. Wadhwa’s book offers a sympathetic approach to the human side of lighting.

By Vilma Barr

Explore the needs that spurred the design of these innovative new products and projects.

05 LED Insights

Putting the fun, and functionality, back into lighting design.

By Jeanie Fitzgerald Pitts 40 SSL Observed Onhwa’Lumina celebrates Canada’s Wendake Nation.

By Jeanie Fitzgerald Pitts

By Vilma Barr

56 SSL Observed An art installation at the University of Milan's "Creative Connections" exhibit invokes a luminous musical symphony.

By Vilma Barr

“Light can give joy to anybody especially if it is colored, varied, and bright. Painting magic landscapes with light is the way our storytellers add beauty and meaning to destinations.”

Lighting is a more powerful design tool than ever before to craft a custom aesthetic and design a fun and functional space.

—Jerome De Baecque, APAC Director, Moment Factory

by John Mesenbrink www.architecturalssl.com02 • 11.22 • ARCHITECTURAL SSL

25 2634


13 Designer Insight: Mark Landini

The founder of Landini Associates explains how McDonald’s is reinventing the look and feel of its restaurants to attract millennials and their families.

16 Featured Project: B104 Power Plant

Copenhagen’s B104 Power Plant is an illuminated mega-sculpture.

By Vilma Barr

21 2022 Product Innovation Awards

Explore the latest and greatest new products in the lighting industry—where new forms delight, and new functionalities deliver constraint-free design.

by SSL Editorial Staff



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Green light in an operating room solves many of the visibility problems common when surgeons and staff perform under white supplemental surgical lighting. by Barbara Horwitz-Bennett ARCHITECTURAL SSL • 11.22 • 03


The Ultimate Compliment

We believe that great design should stand the test of time, be sustainably crafted, and be proudly North American made.

Torres : A graceful, minimalist design and advanced performance

Designed by Rodrigo Torres

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Great Inventions in Illumination

It’s time, again, for Architectural SSL’s Product Innovation Awards—the PIAs, as we affection ately call them—where our panel of judges, for whom we are eternally grateful, waded through piles of submissions to find the latest and great est products in the lighting industry. This year they’ve assembled another incredible collection of innovative products that push the lighting envelope a little further.

There are a couple of central themes running through these PIA winners. One is that custom ization is king. In fact, many of the luminaires have broken beyond effectively channeling what this technology is capable of to allow specifiers to choose the form that best fits this technology into the specific project space. From different mount types—ceiling-mount, suspended, surface-mount, regressed, and wall-mount—to different shapes and configurations—to different color tempera tures—a golden-hued soft white (2700K), to neu tral white (3000K), to a cooler white (4000K)—the most innovative products today can be ordered to be the best complement to any space. Check out our full list of PIA winners on page 21.

Another product making a lot of waves is nar row spectrum green lighting. While it might not be widely known, because it would terrify anyone getting ready to go under the knife, it is com mon practice in operating rooms (ORs) to turn off the overhead supplemental lighting, leaving the surgical staff in the dark. The reason is that the traditional white overhead light disrupts the surgeon’s view of the screen—which is increas ingly present in both open surgery and minimally invasive surgery. White light can create a hot spot on the monitor and wash out the image of the procedure. Green light, on the other hand, improves the contrast and depth, while making it more visually comfortable to operate. For more specifics on this fascinating issue, visit page 38.

This issue also features a great story about

lighting being used to bring attention to a city’s shift in energy use. Copenhagen is working to be the world’s first carbon-neutral capital by 2025. Adding a biomass-fired, woodburning combined heat and power (CHP) unit was a major step in achieving that outcome. Architecturally, a key objective of this addition project was to depict the changeover from fossil fuels to renewable energy that was occurring. The incredible team at Speirs Major created this effect with carefully constructed and thoughtfully applied automated lighting sequences that transformed the exterior of a power plant into the image of a luminous for est. Read more about this incredible project on page 16.

These inventions answer a need. They enable lighting specifiers to improve the look, feel, and function of every type of space. Unlock your new tools.•

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—Jeanie Fitzgerald Pitts, Managing Editor
“Necessity is the mother of invention.”
Green LEDS in the OR (p. 38) B104 Power Plant, Copenhagen, Denmark (p. 16)
+44 (0)20 7471 9449 @pharoscontrols 272 Gunnersbury Avenue London, W4 5QB United Kingdom
all new and innovative control solution
from Pharos expertise in dynamic architectural lighting with an all-new, practical, and straightforward control solution
a single, reliable, set-and-forget controller
configuration and guided programming, complemented by an elegant wall station interface.
it. EXPERT TOUCH Circle 04
centred around
with simple
Expert makes light of


Challenging the industry to develop more dark sky-friendly lighting products, the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) created a Light Usage for Night Applications (LUNA) Qualified Products List (QPL).

Building on DLC’s Solid-State Lighting (SSL) V5.1 technical certification requirements, LUNA adds criteria focused on limiting light pollution and environmental harm.

Consequently, LUNA V1.0’s main goals are:

 Minimizing lighting energy use. In addition to meeting the efficacy thresholds of DLC’s SSL V5.1 Technical Requirements, LUNA-qualified products must meet additional dimming, control and shielding requirements to ensure energy ef ficiencies in lighting.

 Minimizing light pollution. The LUNA program introduces requirements for light distribution, correlated color temperature and dimming con trols, as noted.

 Providing appropriate human visibility. This includes SSL V5.1 spectral quality requirements, backlight-uplight-glare (BUG) reporting require ments, and additional spectral power distribution and intensity distribution reporting requirements.

The first to earn a place on LUNA’s QPL are 18 Cree Lighting XSPW Version B wall mount luminaire 3000K models following performance testing by an accredited lab and rigorous review by DLC staff.

“We are very proud to have the LUNA program as a resource for the energy efficiency industry and we look forward to working with the lighting community to populate the LUNA QPL with prod ucts that are energy efficient, ensure appropriate nighttime visibility for people and work to miti gate the growing problems associated with light pollution,” stated DLC Executive Director and CEO Christina Halfpenny.

Cree Lighting ABOVE: The DesignLights Consortium Light Usage for Night Applications Qualified Products List program is aimed at encouraging market development of dark sky-friendly outdoor luminaires.

broader selection of DLC-qualified bollards

more information on the DLC LUNA pro gram, qualified products and how to apply:

ABOVE: Bowsher High School in Toledo, Ohio’s walkway is illuminated with DLC’s LUNA QPL-certified XSPW series wall mount outdoor luminaires from Cree.

First LUNA-Qualified Products

The first to join DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Light Usage for Night Applications (LUNA) Quali fied Products List (QPL) are 18 wall mount lumi naires from Cree Lighting’s XSPW series. Featuring rugged lightweight aluminum housings, the out door luminaires are IP66 rated and optimized for enhanced thermal management and optic design. Through-wired conduit entry from the top, bottom, side and rear supports easy installation.•

Visit www or Circle 238

PRODUCT IN USE: Cree Lightin ’s XSPW series wall mount outdoor luminaires are the first to meet a rigorous list of dark sky-related requirements and qualify for DesignLights Consortium Light Usage for Night Applications Qualified Products List.

Circle 05
 New
Following the release of the LUNA program, DLC anticipates industry product development in the following areas:
More decorative roadway/area luminaires with less uplight
luminaires with CCT of 2200K to 2700K at 105 lumens per watt or higher
More public sharing of luminaire spectral data
Added listings of shielded products
Increased efforts to standardize outdoor chro maticity specifications for white & amber spectra
Visit /our-work/luna

Shape of the Wind

Do you want to know the shape of the wind? “Then blow a giant bubble,” writes Jing-Cyuan Tang, industrial designer at Sunriu design studio, remembering what someone told her long ago. Tang retains fond childhood memories of summer days spent blowing bubbles through a small circular hoop. Now, the Taiwan-based designer, inspired by these memories, is turning heads with Air Shape—a line of wall lamps and pendants constructed from a black aluminum ring embedded with LED strips. The light shines inward from the ring—to illuminate above and below—then out from the ring is a traditional blown-glass half bubble that catches the room’s light in such a way as to reveal an array of colors on its gentle and uneven surface.

“It’s as if time stopped at the moment of birth, stopping at a beautiful hazy memory of our child hood,” says Tang of Air Shape’s unique emotion and look, which mimics a would-be bubble, frozen in time at the moment it is about to be formed. “It sways in the breeze until it becomes spherical, revealing the different colors of the rainbow on its translucent surface. Its form holds an element of uncertainty and fragility, but also conveys a message of potential and vitality.”•

ABOVE: Air Shape pendants and wall lamps are fabricated by Taiwan-based industrial designer JingCyuan Tang of Sunriu design studio.

 Visit www or Circle 237 866-523-4490 Patented, UL Recognized, and ONLY AVAILABLE FROM GRIPLOCK® SYSTEMS P o w e r O v e r C a b l e S u s p e n s i o n N o P o w e r C o r d s ! sq 3™ • 3 / 6 4 ” s p e c i a l t y c a b l e • 1 5 l b s S W L p e r s u s p e n s i o n p o i n t • S m a l l e r C a b l e S m a l l e r H a r d w a r e 2211ARSSL_GriplockSystems.indd 1 10/18/22 1:44 PM Circle 06

Design Plus Awards powered by Light + Building Autumn Edition

More than 1,500 exhibitors from 46 countries recently convened in Frankfurt, Germany for the Light + Building Autumn Edition—Oct. 2-6, 2022. This one-time autumn special edition follows a long hiatus for the international trade fair that offers attendees a chance to present innovations to a live audience. Historically, Light + Building takes place every two years—in the spring—but after being postponed several times due to the global pandemic, this most recent event was put on at the request of the industry. It didn’t disap point. Numerous market leaders took advantage and showed off the latest and greatest in innova tion in the lighting world and other associated fields. Of course, the Design Plus Awards were also announced. Light + Building is set to return to its usual spring slot in 2024—March 3-8 at Light + Building in Frankfurt. Until then, here is a sample of highlights from 2022.•

 Visit


What do you get when artisanal know-how meets industrial innovation and is teamed up with fine materials? Stellar Nebula from Artemide Deutschland—hailed as a “magical interaction of glass and light”—is a fun new lamp that resembles a soap bubble. The lamp’s blown-glass body boasts an “individual, natural shape that makes each luminaire unique.”

 Visit or Circle 235



Grip is Multiline Licht’s narrowest luminaire and offers a base profile that wraps around the light profile. The driver is in the base, and then the light profile houses the LEDs—coverable with a satin diffuser, louver (UGR<19) or blind plate. Available as either a ceiling or wall luminaire, table or floor lamp—these profiles come in a variety of powdercoated colors. Spotlights and sensors are optional.

 Visit or Circle 236


Armed with invisible patterns that reduce glare at 65-degree angles, BASF Coatings’ GlareControl increases light intensity at lower angular ranges. This results in maximum glare reduction, and improved efficiency and UGR values of luminaire bodies—per fect for office lighting applications. Replacing the foil will easily change the light distribution and effect without any alterations to the luminaire body.

 Visit or Circle 234

www.architecturalssl.com10 • 11.22 • ARCHITECTURAL SSL


Designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, Frequency from Cangini e Tucci SRL (Italy) features mouth-blown glass and is offered in two versions. The first hangs horizontally—for above dining tables, reception desks or other such applications. The second hangs vertically and functions akin to a floor lamp, but there is no base, which eliminates unnecessary obstacles on the floor.

 Visit or Circle 233




For ever-changing lighting concepts that need to be optimally lit, Ledil’s YASMEEN Zoom allows for “on the go” adjustable lighting—without the need for detailed pre-planning. Boasting flexibility and adaptability, this innovative zoom optic has no axial moving parts, so the beam angle can be continuously adjusted and always remain optimally aligned.

 Visit or Circle 232

Circle 07 A fixture so thin we didn’t need to scale it for this ad. Nexa is an edge-lit, low-profile fixture that is easy on the eyes, and installs to the surface with magnets. 5.25" 133mm *Actual Size NOW AVAILABLE 0.58" 15mm 2211ARSSL_VodeLighting.indd 1 10/26/22 11:25 AM
Circle 08


The design of the McDonald’s Riverside in Chicago won the 2019 IES Lighting Awards—Award of Merit—Best Lighting Design.



McDonald’s, arguably the inventor of the fast-food category, is preparing to enter the fast-casual dining scene through its “Project Ray.” Named for Ray Kroc, who initi ated the chain’s worldwide growth in 1955, the program is initially aimed at 8,000 restaurants in the U.S. and major international urban areas.

The McDonald’s name currently identifies over 38,000 food service establishments in 100 countries. To cash in on the growing fast-casual appeal, McDonald’s has targeted the 19- to- 39-year-olds, collectively categorized as millen nials. “Our brief was to re-attract millennials to the brand by challenging their expectations and to create a Global Flagship Model,” says Mark Landini, design director of Australia-based Landini Associates. Landini and his team developed an environment that is less quick in-and-out and more refined-and-quiet in a classic contemporary setting for on-site dining.

Landini’s program, as installed at 45th and Broadway in New York City, was structured around an open plan layout, upholstered banquettes, and LED lighting. Ceiling heights were raised to accommodate parallel rows of black track lights over the kiosk ordering space. Perforated dropped ceiling elements were fitted with flush-mounted down lights and black can fixtures over grouped and community dining tables.

Three signature lighting fixtures lend style and visual appeal throughout the 11,200-sq.-ft., three level restaurant. They include ceiling-suspended white illuminated tubes, grouped to form a rhythmic pattern and lower the sight lines in the restaurant. Extending outward on black metal brackets from spaces between windows are decorated red-shade fixtures that accent the red wire-frame dining chairs. Behind the banquets are minimalist wall-mounted fixtures reaching to the dropped ceiling and punctuating the expanse of patterned panels.

At Sydney Airport’s Terminal 1, McDonald’s glowing yel low glass box has become its own tourist attraction. Here, the objective was to counter the grab-and-go of typical airport fare. “Our brief here,” Landini reports, “was to create an iconic, memorable customer experience, unlike anything in an airport terminal. The solution was to combine an elec tronic ordering system, the kitchen on top of the stacked preparation platform, and vertical transportation to create a unique spectacle,” he indicates. Rows of LED strip lights highlight the structure’s top level that appears to float above the concourse.

Customers enjoy the scene from surrounding seating areas. “For us, this meant an innovative challenge, to dem onstrate how McDonald’s continues to push boundaries in design,” Landini says.

Founded Landini Associates in 1993 and offers a full roster of design services, including architecture, interiors, product, graphic, lighting, and digital design. Located in Surry Hills, a section of Sydney, Australia, the firm works internationally, with specialties in hospitality and retail. In addition to McDonald’s, described here, projects include: Loblaws, Marks & Spencer, Walgreens, Glassons, Hilton Hotels, LVMH, Burt’s Bees, Unilever, Dunkin’, David Jones, and Selfridges.

Photos: Courtesy, Landini Associates MARK LANDINI fast-food icon is reenvisioned to play in the fast-growing, fast-casual space.
on page 14


Mark Landini, Landini Associates, and Contributing Editor, Vilma Barr dive into the next design phase of the brand’s focus on re-attracting the Millennial clientele.

How long have you been designing McDonald’s restaurants and how many have you created?

Landini Associates has been working with McDonald’s Global since 2014. Our design format, “Project Ray” has rolled out across every territory globally. Project Ray res taurants are everywhere. In Chicago, both the McDonald’s Headquarters Global Menu Restaurant and the Rock n’ Roll Restaurant embody Project Ray designs, as do restaurants in New York’s Times Square, San Francisco, London’s Oxford Street, Moscow, Madrid, Milan, Germany, Vienna, Poland, Buenos Aries, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney.

Project Ray applies classic materials and design that won’t date, using minimal “embedded energy” by extending the expected lifespan of the restaurant. Concrete, glass, stainless steel, and oak form a palette of stylish simplicity with a backdrop of “recognizable neutrality” promoting the service, the product, and the people who come to enjoy it.

Mix these ingredients one way to tell an urban story, then another to localize. Project Ray is about understanding the location and customer profile so that furniture, materials, and layout can be adjusted accordingly. Either way, it’s one brand and one vision talking: a holistic toolkit of parts that is able to be fine-tuned to suit the sensibilities of a location.

When did Project Ray get underway?

Was lighting defined in the objectives?

Project Ray first launched at Admiralty Station, Hong Kong in 2015. The energetic environments that have been the signature for McDonald’s are now replaced with a simpler, calmer, and more classic feel. As with all our projects, light ing, and as importantly shadow, play a significant role in the design and can be adjusted by time of day and by location.

www.architecturalssl.com14 • 11.22 • ARCHITECTURAL SSL DESIGNER INSIGHTS
 TIMES SQUARE, NYC The lighting is designed to create a more energized atmosphere during the day and a calmer, more intimate setting at night. SYDNEY AIRPORT McDonald’s glowing yellow glass box has become its own tourist attraction.

Has lighting design always been part of your firm’s services?

Yes, absolutely. “Get the lighting right” is one of our core design principles. Landini Associates’ scope of work includes concept design, brand positioning, master planning, architecture and interior design, graphic design, uniforms, and global design standards, as well as roll-out guidelines.

Please discuss lighting design trends. The world is becoming louder and is getting louder, still. It’s time to step away from the fray and allow food and services to convey an inviting sense of peace, as expressed by the simplicity of Project Ray. Lighting is a crucial element in creating an environment of calm simplicity and allowing the focus to hero the food, the service and the people who come to enjoy it.

In Landini Associates’ work to “reinvent normal,” norms are questioned, taken apart and sometimes cast aside. We


have created something noticeably new–a quieter ambience, kitchens wrapped in glass, eye-catching graphics, and a material palette of concrete, stainless steel, and oak.

The same is true for seemingly subtle changes, like softer lighting and sophisticated materials, which add to the newness of the experience, but are classic and will last.

You indicated that your mission for McDonald’s is to “re-attract millennials to the brand.” Please comment as related to your work with McDonald’s.

Ray is an exercise in simplicity and a study on how to attract Millennials back by challenging their expectations.

The best meals are a celebration of family and that’s an intergenerational thing by definition. I think everyone understands that “cool” really means self-assured and self-contained; not really trying too hard or self-possessed. It’s a rare and often iconic state, in this noisy, attentionseeking world. We decided to interpret it that way. It’s hard to fake being composed and in control of one’s feelings. So, that’s what we try to do. Provide a quiet place for people to eat tasty food and share company in a warm inviting place of respite. We like to design places for people where they feel good about themselves and their immediate environment.

 HONG KONG New seating types have been designed to accommodate families, groups, and individuals.

B104 Power Plant

Copenhagen, Denmark

Client: HOFOR

Architect: Gottlieb Paludan

Lighting Design: Speirs Major Systems Integration: Speirs Major Systems Delivery Partner: Stouenborg ApS

Landscape: Møller & Grønborg Exterior Projectors: Martin Suppliers: Lite Nordic Lamps: iGuzzini, Stoane Lighting, LightGraphix, Vexica

Text: Vilma Barr

Photography: Courtesy, Speirs Major; © Allan Toft, photographer

The Challenge: The Amagerværket power plant, now identified as B104, is an important element in the city of Copenhagen’s efforts to become the world’s first carbonneutral capital by 2025. The new biomass-fired, woodburning unit, an addition to the existing power plant, combines architecture and light to represent the city’s positive transition to sustainable energy. Completed in October 2021, this project is part of a vision by the city to not only provide sustainable heating, but also set an example to others and draw attention to the issues of energy production, consump tion, and sustainability.

Originally built in 1971, this project welcomes the addition of a biomass-fueled combined heat and power (CHP) unit. One key objective of its architectural design—depict the changeover from fossil fuels to renewable energy that was occurring.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects

designed the renovation of the 135,000-sq.-ft. structure with a façade that prominently featured the trunks of mature local trees. Speirs Major designed the light ing—an automated program that echoes the color and movement of sunlight. The result of this collabo ration: a power plant façade that resembles a luminous forest.

Through a Luminous Forest

According to Jesper Gottlieb,

creative director and partner in Gottlieb Paludan Architects, the architectural vision was based on the theme of the forest as a place and a source of CO2-neutral biofuel. “We developed the forest theme for the façade by utilizing tree trunks, creating aesthetic and spatial experiences for both far and near perspectives. The forest theme is further developed in the master plan, where native plant spe cies create a green and luxuriant environment surrounding the CHP

plant,” explains Gottlieb.

“The façade behind the debarked trunks is clad in gold-colored metal sheets which reinforce the natural glow of the forest,” says Gottlieb.

“The top of the boiler house which is visible above the trunk façade is covered in golden-colored cassettes which reflect the light, a new dis tinct element on the Copenhagen skyline,” he points out.

The dynamic lighting of the 20-ft. deep façade plays an important role in engaging the community and

www.architecturalssl.com16 • 11.22 • ARCHITECTURAL SSL



helping to embed the building into the psyche and identity of Copen hagen. By day, natural light creates beautiful shadow play through the trunks of the trees. The organic wooden cladding system helps to soften the lines of the vast build ing, adding nuance and texture. As darkness falls, layers of projected light shift in speed, focus and intensity, casting patterns of light and shadow that do not appear the same way twice. After dark, Speirs Major designed the visual image to

be strong yet subtle, managing the light intensity to ensure that the building would integrate within the city context. The projected light reveals the depth and texture in the façade.

Although the 20-ft. thick “forest” appears only on the main façade, the single skin of trunks that clad the east and west façades is also illuminated. The façade appears in tones of warm white under normal circumstances, with a limited palette of special colors for special and civic

occasions provided to boost com munity engagement further.

“The experience of moving within this remarkable façade after dark is something very special,” Speirs Major Senior Partner Keith Brad shaw commented. “The warm, soft, rippling light appears as sunlight filtering through trees. The exter nal appearance of the façade also has an unusual appealing warmth and softness. It’s rare these days to see an animated façade that is not created by LED pixels, but part

ARCHITECTURAL SSL • 11.22 • 17 

of the success of this project lies in our decision to use a contempo rary LED source and digital control together with traditional theatrical projection techniques.

“We used filters, lenses and gobos and motorized animation disks, positioning, focusing, and controlling the speed of the light in different ways to shape an organic feel, with no sharp edges,” Bradshaw indicated. “We worked through hundreds of tests and iterations to deliver this project, beginning with models in the studio and progressing to full-size

partial mock-ups before the final install and commissioning.

“Getting the color of the light right also required a great deal of effort. We studied the effects of light on timber intensively, tuning the effect to bring out the warm tones, and taking into consideration the way the wood would silver with age,” Bradshaw noted.

A staircase leading to a viewing platform cuts through the main façade of the power plant. Ascend ing the stairs, the experience is described by architect Gottlieb “like moving through a luminous forest.”

Deep Dive into the Lighting Plan

To achieve the lighting design, Speirs Major used 49 Martin Pro fessional Exterior 1000 projectors, alongside 150 DALI controlled lights for downlighting, and linear stair handrails from iGuzzini, Stoane Lighting, LightGraphix, and Vexica. “The lighting is warm white light with a very slight tint towards amber, providing a very warm natural resolution onto the timber façade posts,” says Bradshaw.

Pharos Architectural Controls is the core of the lighting control sys tem. The LPC 2 (Lighting Playback

Controller) features 1,024 channels DMX/eDMX. It allows for preprogrammed lighting effects with the freedom of real-time manual overrides. Pharos controls offer modes that can align with calendar events or special occasions. The LPC 2 works in conjunction with the Touch Panel Screen, (TPS), available in a range of different colored bezels and overlays.

Four RIO D (Remote Input Output DALI) devices provide a convenient and scalable way to control the DALI fixtures used in the BIO4 proj ect. Single Power-over-Ethernet

www.architecturalssl.com18 • 11.22 • ARCHITECTURAL SSL

AFTER DARK Speirs Major took care to manage the light intensity of the design after dark, so the building exists comfortably in the city context.

(PoE) network connection is a standard feature.

The effect on the façade is deliv ered from the front by the marinegrade theatrical projectors, which house a combination of filters, lenses, gobos, and motorized ani mation disks. Each is positioned, focused, and controlled in differ ent ways. Bradshaw explains the effect is created by rotation within the projectors moving in opposite directions. “With careful adjust ment of the focus and a slight tint to the light, it created a sense of direction and also the sense that

the light is never repeating. Over laid across the entire façade from the multiple fixtures and angles, we began to create the illusion of natural light, which is never the same twice. Manipulating the light to find the moment where the artificial light created this evocative nature-inspired effect took a long time, but intuitively we knew when it had been achieved,” Bradshaw says.

Stairway to Sustainability

Visitors are invited to move through the forest of tree trunks

via a spectacular staircase, from which a glimpse may be caught of the sustainable energy production. The stairs lead to a viewing platform rich in plants, which also works as an information platform, where visitors can learn more about energy consumption and production as well as sustainability.

“In this way, we have created a three-dimensional story that the public can actually enter, a story about the forest and about the transition to sustainable energy,” affirms Gottlieb.•


• Martin Professional

Exterior Projection 1000

• iGuzzini

Linear Stair Handrails

• Stoane Lighting

• LightGraphix

• Pharos Architectural Controls

LPC 2 (Lighting Playback Controller)/ Touch Panel Screen (TPS)



A 2022 PIA Award winner for product innovation, Adapt Linear is a high-output, interior linear LED fixture designed for maximum flexibility. It features nine beam angle options, five color temperatures of white (up to 92 CRI / TM-30), and PowerSwitch Technology™ which provides on-board switchable power at 5W or 10W per linear foot.

Built on the Acclaim Modular System platform, all options are built to order at our Los Angeles headquarters, which allows for a quick turnaround no matter the configuration.

845 lumens per foot / up to 92 CRI

Smooth 0-100% dimming via 0-10V

Straight or curved applications

Connect up to 100 linear feet on a single feed

Standard in white, black or gray + custom color finishes

Available in 1 ft. and 4 ft. sections

Circle 09




If this round-up of product talent teaches us anything, it’s that light ing and lighting components man ufacturers have been busy creating solutions that will eliminate design constraints for bringing beautiful, stylish, and efficient light into indoor and outdoor spaces.

While the buzz of previous years has focused on increased levels of efficiency and improved light dis tribution, if this year had a theme, it might be best described as “LED light exactly the way you want it.”

The next few pages profile product after product available in multiple mounting types, various shapes, and custom configurations. There are also more specialty form factors—cove lighting, wall grazers, indirect lighting, and vandal resistant, just to name a few. Another advancement—the form factors seem to do a better job of blending into the architecture of

the building, offering big light from more inconspicuous luminaires.

Several of the PIA-winning products provide a look at the next evolution of linear lighting, which, it turns out, offers more than just long, uninterrupted runs of light. Thinner apertures, smaller profiles, curving lines, and better color ren dering are just a few of the ways that this form factor is unlocking former design constraints.

Acoustics has also been wellrepresented this year with several product solutions bringing both light and sound management into a space.

As you peruse the PIA ’22 award winners, I hope you are both inspired and delighted by the many new things you can now do with illumination.

—Jeanie Fitzgerald Pitts, Managing Editor



Founder of Lighting Ergonomics

VILMA BARR Projects Writer, Architectural SSL

BERNARD BAUER Principal, Integrated Lighting Concepts

JIM CROCKETT Contributing Editor, Architectural SSL

DARIN DAGUANNO AIA, LEED AP BD+C Architect, Design Principal, SmithGroup

JOHN FOX President, Fox+Fox Design

JEFFREY KAHN, IES Project Manager, The Lighting Practice.

KIMBERLY LOMBARDOZZI LEED AP ID+C, WELL AP Materials Specialist, Wight & Company

JOHN MESENBRINK Contributing Editor, Architectural SSL

STEVE NEIMEISTER, LC, MIES Senior Principal, Tk1sc

WENDY WATTS IIDA Principal, Education Design, Wight & Company

PAULA ZIEGENBEIN Principal, Hartranft Lighting Design




Axis Lighting

Project: Evolve Strength Seton, Calgary, Canada

Product: Stencil SoftZone

Tasked with creating a more intimate space within a large, big-box interior, Bold Design selected Axis’ Stencil SoftZone in a hexagon shape for the entrance of Evolve Strength’s gym and health facility in Calgary, Canada. Incorpo rating the colors of Evolve Strength’s brand, a 41-ft. × 46-ft. system over the reception and wel come area, and the café and lounge space, the acoustic lighting system also serves a wayfin ding strategy directing guests into the facility. The hexagon shape was specifically chosen for its unique organic structure and an abstract representation of DNA strands, complementing the wellness and health center theme.

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“What a perfect application of the product in a super-creative way that immediately com municates the visceral nature of the facility.”

ZIGGY™ Pendant System wins 2022 PIA Award

Ziggy™, a minimalist, suspended lighting system, offers a configurable solution for office, residential or commercial environments.

Connectors allow the designer to make any geometric shape (4 sides minimum) or linear shape. The sections are adjustable +/- 90° using the connectors, with sections available in 2-, 3-, 4-foot sections.

Indirect light on top offers a linear spread Direct diffused light emission on bottom offers 1,850 lumens

Extruded aluminum with no visible canopy - power in the suspension cable.

4 standard finishes - Black Suede, Bronze, Matte Silver, White Suedewith custom colors on request.

Ave. • Frenchtown, NJ • 908.996.7710 TM
Circle 10

Trident is an IP68 and IK10-rated linear LED profile that illuminates a wide range of inte rior and exterior applications directly exposed to dust, dew, water, and snow. Located at the top of the IP rating scale, it is dust-tight and secured against continuous water submer sion at depths of up to 3m, making it ideal for applications at risk of prolonged water exposure. Highly modular, versatile and easy to install, it enables full transformations of patios, pool decks, exterior walkways, spas, bathrooms, countertops and other spaces requiring wet-rated lighting.

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Judges’ Comments: “Great option for recessed in-grade that is rated to deal with water intrusion.”


Luminis Scena

Scena is a family of exterior wall and ceiling-surface mount fixtures and bollards that accentuate while withstanding the rigors of urban and public spaces. Crisp lines and elegant surface details are captured in a round and square shape. Available in an 8.5-in. or 11-in with a diffused or direct light engine. The fully diffused models feature a lightly textured glass face that protects a regressed high efficiency light engine resulting in perfectly Lambertian illumination.

 Visit or Circle 229

Judges’ Comments: “The form factor is similar to other products on the market, but the completeness of the family offers a means for aesthetic harmony.”


Allegri Crystal by Kalco Lighting Esterno Arpione

These outdoor wall sconces in a matte black frame combine Firenze crystal and advanced LED technol ogy. New innovations and advancements in fluorocar bon finish grade and UV-resistant technology enables the sconce to withstand coastal, hot, and humid environments, making it suitable for outdoor designs.  Visit or Circle 228

Judges’ Comments: “The gorgeous fixtures showcase the beauty of crystal as upscale outdoor sconces.”


This family of luminaires meets practically all exterior lighting needs while discreetly blending into the urban architectural landscape. The bollards, wall mount, and street and area product mix demonstrate full project versatility. All versions are available in static white color temperatures with 70 or 80 CRI values and true amber for marine wildlife applications. Both column and bollard can have multiple heads allowing precise light placement within a single luminaire.

 Visit or Circle 227

2022 PRODUCT INNOVATION AWARDS www.architecturalssl.com24 • 11.22 • ARCHITECTURAL SSL
CATEGORY: EXTERIOR (LINEAR) Senso by Luminii Trident Linear Profile




The new DART ROUND incorporates the best char acteristics from the original DART range—flexibility and robustness—within a cylindrical form. The soft lines and simple shapes can adapt to any applica tion. This floodlight projector is able to illuminate objects both far and near, all while maintaining visual comfort.

 Visit or Circle 225

Judges’ Comments: “Clean shape, mixed with high performance makes this an easy fixture to incorpo rate into architecture and existing aesthetics.”


Meyer Monospot Mini

Monospot Mini features very small dimensions with a minimalist design, and it can be discreetly integrated into architecture. With the extreme narrow beam optics, high intensity illumination can be achieved despite the low-energy consumption. Available in 3000K or 4000K at 80+CRI and a variety of beam patterns.

 Visit or Circle 224

Judges’ Comments: “With a small footprint, the Monospot Mini packs a punch.”


Hydrel SAF1 and SAF28

A versatile family of floodlights, SAF fixtures are a complete line of non-linear floodlights that illuminate more with less. With its narrow beam and precision lighting, the SAF1 and SAF28 fixtures accentuate unique patterns, facades, and landmarks, while harmonizing exterior spaces according to architectural lighting design needs. The compact luminaire offers 6-degree to 70-degree high-output distribution, 1,500 delivered lumens, and significant water ingress protection for floodlighting, spotlighting, silhouetting, grazing, and wall washing. SAF1’s multi-head mount option can be configured horizontally or vertically with two to four fixtures.

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Griven Jupiter

A medium-sized outdoor floodlight solution for illuminating or accenting architectural elements, Jupiter is available in RGBW, dynamic white, or static white with discrete LEDs; or RGBW or dynamic white with quad-chip LEDs. The luminaire housing is heavy cast aluminum with a steel mounting yoke and offers distributions from narrow spot to wide beam. All models feature DMX with RDM (remote device management) as standard. On-board controls also allow for stand-alone operation without DMX controls when using the optional infrared remote to program fixtures for simple color sequencing or static displays of color.

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Focal Point Mora

An innovative, integrated acoustic ceiling/lighting system, Mora allows specifiers to create exception al ceiling arrays that enhance interior architecture and increase acoustic and visual comfort. Available with over two dozen eco-friendly PET colors, Mora leverages the light engine and acoustic performance of its Seem 1 Acoustic fixtures, and the simplicity of its TruBlade unlit baffle, delivering cohesive, state ment-making arrays that can transform interiors.  Visit or Circle 222

Judges’ Comments: “The integration with decora tive acoustic ceilings is well thought out and a clean way to specify fixtures.”


A-Light Absorb I

Featuring an elegant, flanged design, this sus pended luminaire doubles as an acoustic panel and delivers direct and indirect illumination in a reducedglare, slim profile. Available in tunable white light and 30 other colors, the luminaire is covered with sculpted acoustic felt panels to help absorb sound.

 Visit or Circle 221

Judges’ Comments: “Two for one—lighting and sound absorption.”

CATEGORY: ACOUSTICS/PENDANT ALW (Architectural Lighting Works) Serene

12mm-thick acoustical fins covering a 6-in. aperture cylinder downlight enable this pendant to offer an impressive 0.85 NRC rating with the application of up to 70 sq. ft. of acoustical material. Available in five different shapes, the light provides high efficiency 147 lm/W light with outputs from 500 to 6,000 lm.

 Visit or Circle 220

Judges’ Comments: “Acoustics and style in a form meets function package.”


Focal Point Seem 2 Acoustic

An integrated, acoustic ceiling and lighting system, this eco-friendly baffle solution features a 2.5-in. aperture (3.24-in overall). Its PET felt material con tains up to 50% post-consumer recycled content, is Declare Certified, and LBC Red List Free. It can also be used in combination with the other fixtures to create integrated systems that satisfy lighting, noise control, aesthetic, and budget requirements.  Visit or Circle 219

2022 PRODUCT INNOVATION AWARDS www.architecturalssl.com26 • 11.22 • ARCHITECTURAL SSL


A low-level outdoor lighting solution for pathways and sidewalks with long and narrow geometries, the bollard is available in two heights of 36-in. or 43-in. to meet scale requirements of the application, as well as to extend luminaire spacing when using the taller model. The white light LED engine with specialized optics is available in 3000K or 4000K with CRI greater than 80 as well as true amber for environmentally sensitive areas limiting wavelengths to 560nm or above. The bollard shaft, itself, is of welded construc tion and is fabricated from T6061-T6 aluminum alloy.

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Judges’ Comments: “This could be a good solution for retrofits; adjustments are simple; it’s modern; it would be a nice addition to a courtyard or entryway.”


Crestron Electronics, Inc.

SolarSync Outdoor Daylight and Color Temperature Sensor (GLS-LCCT)

With its ability to measure true color tem perature and intensity of natural sunlight, this sensor supports the regulation of indoor lighting to match the actual natural sunlight outdoors. Installed on a building’s rooftop, the sensor measures the exact CCT and illuminance (lux) of the natural daylight. The control system then adjusts the indoor RGB lighting fixtures to simulate the effect of being outdoors.

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Focal Point Seem 2 Acoustic

Judges’ Comments: “A building product that simplifies the process for matching electric illumination with natural lighting is very much welcome. Also, being in application already, makes it more appealing as a viable controls solution.”


Targetti LumiShape

LumiShape is a family of light control optical accessories that enable specifiers to shape the distribution of light. The laser-cut light shields can be stacked up to four pieces per fixture. Offered in six shapes—half circle, quarter circle, square, pinhole square, pinhole, and pinhole regular—this new lighting solution gives designers the tools for more customized aiming.

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Judges’ Comments: “I like the multiple head light pole option—a means to not only better protect against unwanted nighttime light, but, obviously, better options for more customized aiming.”

“High marks for uniqueness. There are other products on the market that look similar, but don’t offer the flexibility and range of options offered.”

“Getting daylight right is no easy task. New tech that simplifies the process, and allows matching of true exterior conditions to pro mote wellness is mighty fine in my book.”





LUXEON 7070 introduces a new level of power and efficacy in a small, surfacemount package that is an alternative to the typical lead-frame and ceramic high-power LED format. With the ability to emit up to 2000 lm, it delivers three times the output of a typical 5050 LED. This reduces the number of LEDs required and can reduce the cost of optics, PCBs and assembly.

With L90> 100,000 hours and Lumileds proprietary coating, LUXEON 7070 provides corrosion resistance in punishing environ ments. This multi-die, high power package provides high luminance from a super robust package to enable cost-effective, single optic, and directional fixture designs.

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Judges’ Comments: “The product’s advanced design captures performance efficiencies with great lighting output at a lower cost.”


Alloy LED PrimaPanel Flexible LED Sheet

Packing a punch, the high-density LED chips contained in a PrimaPanel LED sheet deliver a high CRI of 95+ (3000K-5000K) and 89+ (6500K) with excellent color rendering. Capable of dimming down to 0.1%, the product is suitable for displays, walls and counters, and applications like hotels, casinos, retail stores and corporate offices.

 Visit or Circle 214

Judges’ Comments: “The alloy panel that can be cut on an angle adds a new dimension to back lighting interior products.”


Meteor Lighting Vela Series

Vela 4 and 5 cylinders feature a transformative look with either a sleek, contemporary cylinder for modern interiors or pair them with aluminum and polycar bonate shrouds for an industrial low bay design. This flexible construct, along with a wide lumen package range of 1,300 lm to 5,000 lm, standard dim to black compatibility, flicker-free dimming, and four beam spread options, makes this a very popular fixture in the design community.

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Luminis Hollowcore

Bringing a new dimension to the classic high bay shape with modern lines, clean aesthetic, and open core, it’s suitable for traditional high bay applica tions and contemporary spaces. The architectural pendant is available in 19-in. and 30-in. diameter, ideal for larger spaces. The lens version of the lumi naire delivers up to 22,500 lm. of uniform down light. An optional independently controlled uplight component is also available.

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Judges’ Comments: “Berri offers versatility in configurations, and ease of installation. High marks for flexible design.”



Tangent Shapes

VoksLyte factory curves the extruded aluminum profile to almost any elegant radius—or any straight or bent shape—and illuminates the contour from within with the highest quality tightly binned LEDs. These customizable luminaires are sectionalized and join perfectly to form any seamless circular, curved, elliptical, racetrack, intersecting, free-form, serpen tine, rectilinear or curvilinear architectural illumina tion—like drawing with light and metal.

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A-Light Relay

Embracing the geometry of a hexagon, this pendant lighting system features highly reflective, superthin parabolic reflectors that run the length of the fixture and continue through the corners to provide soft, glare-free illumination. Architects can select varying lengths with 90 or 120-degree rounded corners to create a variety of patterns.

 Visit or Circle 209

Judges’ Comments: “This is wonderful design that takes the simple hexagon light and tweaks it with subtle angles and curves. I like the way the light can be used in many ways.”


Eureka Lighting Berri

A twist on the classic ball and tube design, Berri is available in more than 35 configurations. The luminaires may be configured with two-to-12 spheres each. Luminaires scale from 36” to 120,” and in mul tiple forms including angular, linear horizontal, linear vertical, hexagonal, square, and rectangle. Designers can select regular output (682 delivered lumens) or high output (1,160 delivered lumens) for each sphere. With a unique loop gripper, these shapes can be installed at angles up to 60-degrees.

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Meteor Lighting

Vela Series 

“Love it. It’s great to be able to stick with a workhorse fixture, yet have the flexibility to change appearance in different spaces.”

Luminis Hollowcore 

“Very attractive option for applications requiring high performance and aesthetics.”


Tangent Shapes 

“Creative ability to adjust within individual spaces is a nice opportunity to adapt to custom environments.”



Finelite, Inc.

High Performance 2” Aperture Circle Collection

Expanding on its award-winning HP-2 Linear product line, the High Performance 2” Aperture Circle Collec tion adds creative flexibility beyond traditional linear lines of light. It is also designed with the environ ment and occupant in mind, as it is the only circle LED luminaire to be enrolled in the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) Declare 2.0 Program and is third-party verified with options achieving Red List Approved and Declared status. It also features a sin gle-piece seamless downlight diffuser that provides an uninterrupted and clean aesthetic.

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Finelite, Inc.

High Performance 2” Aperture Circle Collection

“This is a solid design, fine for educational purposes, in learning, library or public spaces.”

Cooper Lighting Solutions Shaper PrentaLux Pendant Collection

“Using 3D printing allows the designer many more options and variation with respect to design and finishes. Also, allows for quicker manufacturing results.”

Eureka Lighting Henri



“The manufacturer noting its ‘bold design element,’ is quite accurate. It makes a state ment that can upgrade a less sophisticated surrounding.”

Eureka Lighting Billie

Cooper Lighting Solutions Shaper PrentaLux Pendant Collection

Eureka Lighting Henri

“As a designer I would focus on its use in meeting rooms, conference areas, lounges and hospitality or retail applications, as this fixture is attractive and offers a lot of col ors/finishes as well as illumination options.”

Leveraging 3D printing technology, this collection offers 16 lamp-based products for hospitality and four integral LED products for performance-based decorative lighting. Made with FDM printers using proprietary Cooper filaments and software, product manufacturing is expedited. Products range from 8-in. to 12-in. in height and come in four CCTs at 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K.

 Visit or Circle 207

With its mix of curved lines and hard edges, Henri pendants—available in 11-in. and 17-in. diameters and in a black or white finish—can be utilized in various ways to accentuate modern work or hospitality environments. Individual pendants can illuminate an informal meeting space or serve as a centerpiece above dining room tables or reception seating. Design ers can also group fixtures in linear or organic arrays to create a unique effect in high-volume spaces.

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2022 PRODUCT INNOVATION AWARDS www.architecturalssl.com30 • 11.22 • ARCHITECTURAL SSL




Delivering a new path to deviate from a linear form, Line offers finishes, options, and interfaces allowing flexibility to achieve design vision. Minimalist and miniscule at only 3-in. high, and less than a fin ger-width wide, the suspended linear system that delivers comfortable area illumination from a narrow 0.5-in. aperture in 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8-ft. lengths. On the sustainability front, flexible, made-to-order sourcing of parts and materials from within a local radius to its factory reduces the waste of large volumes of preordered overseas parts.

 Visit or Circle 204

Judges’ Comments: “This sustainable product can contribute to green standards like WELL certification.”


Eureka Lighting Billie

Billie offers a large visual presence with an attractive rounded conical shape. The unexpectedly hollow interior of the spun aluminum shade entices those who see it to wonder about the source of its illumination. The internal geometry of the luminaire, including the top radius, is optimized to improve the light spread inside the shape. A return around the bottom edge acts as a reflector, casting shadow-free light evenly onto the curved interior surface, creating comfortable illumination below, regardless of mounting height. Available in diameters of 24 in., 36 in., or 48 in., it offers a decorative option in many different types of space.

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Eureka Lighting


Housed in a minimal, contemporary ring, Caldera’s invisible light source creates a diffused glow, and the luminaires, offered in 28-in. or 46-in. diameters in black or white, can be mounted in suspension, wall, or ceiling-surface styles. For additional impact, surface applications can be selected with a flush-mount, so there is no visible junction box plate. With its thin 2.7-in. profile, ceiling and wall-mounted versions are appropriate for tighter spaces or low ceilings.

 Visit or Circle 205

Judges’ Comments: “Sleek, minimalist design; the family of product options is interesting.”


ALW (Architectural Lighting Works) LightShape

Pre-configured rectangular and hexagonal shapes, up to 7 ft.-wide, allow architects to create a variety of designs. Providing direct or indirect light suspended from a single suspension point, the luminaires are available with standard correlated color temperature (CCT) of 2700K-4000K with a 90+ CRI for high performance white light or RGB/RGBW with customizable lumen packages from 3,600 lm to 27,000 lm.

 Visit or Circle 202

Judges’ Comments: “The reconfiguration of an existing concept to a highly attractive multi-tier fixture is a great way to keep family consistencies throughout spaces.”




Focal Point Seem 1 Louver

Seem 1 louver was engineered as a flexible system that allows specifiers to combine louvered cells, lensed illumination, and unlit faceplates in multiple configurations, many of which are pre-designed. The Seem 1 louver delivers a high output for both task and ambient lighting thanks to its batwing lens. An asymmetric indirect light distribution offers the versatility to light spaces with comfortable light reflecting from the ceiling. The narrow flood optic achieves an 18-degree spot while the louver mixing chamber achieves a 68-degree-wide spread. It’s available in black specular, matte black, clear diffuse, clear specular, and matte white.


Lighting, Inc. Ziggy LED Pendant System

Crafted as a geometric or linear shape with adjustable sections and connectors, this hanging pendant emits an indirect linear spread from the top while the direct emission emerging from the bottom is diffused at 1850 lm. With no visible canopy, the power is contained in the airport cable suspension lines.

 Visit or Circle 201

Judges’ Comments: “This is a really hand some architectural fixture. It has the visual appeal to be a major component of the space’s effect on the user or visitor.”

 Visit or Circle 200


Acuity Brands

Juno Trac T286L Flat Back Cylinder

This precision optical system produces uniform spot, narrow flood or flood distributions. The stylish, high quality track head lighting system offers a rated life of 50,000 hours. In integrating the driver with the cylinder, the result is an attractive, up-scale design.

 Visit or Circle 199

Judges’ Comments: “Because of the integral driver with the cylinder, this track-head has a refined aesthetic.”


Focal Point

Seem 1 Louver 

“This definitely works for offices. However, I would consider the Seem 1 louver for hospitality, retail and similar application as well.”

Finelite High Performance 2” Aperture Perimeter Slot 

“Nice combination of features, including telescoping light, very small increments of length, and integrated drivers.”

Acuity Brands

Juno Trac T286L Flat Back Cylinder  “A striation-free uniform beam is a distinguishing quality of this luminaire.”

2022 PRODUCT INNOVATION AWARDS www.architecturalssl.com32 • 11.22 • ARCHITECTURAL SSL



High Performance 2” Aperture Perimeter Slot

Declare 2.0-approved, this recessed 2-in.-aperture perimeter slot luminaire creates a “ribbon” of light where ceiling meet walls. It offers tailored lengths with 1/16-in. accuracy, and up to 12-ft. independent sections lengths. Lengths can be combined to make longer runs using a contractor-friendly joining approach. Optional telescoping provides flexibility to adapt to on-site wall dimensions by offering up to 11-in. of fully illuminated adjustability.

 Visit or Circle 197


MARK Architectural Lighting

Markline 101/Markcove 102

The Markline 101 linear accent light delivers greater design flexibility from a small profile. With seven precise distribution options, and lumen packages ranging from 250 to 1000 lm/ft., Markline 101 is available in static white, static color, tunable white, dynamic color and warm dim. Markcove 102 offers the same benefits with a distribution of 120 × 120, ideal for cove lighting applications.

 Visit or Circle 198

Judges’ Comments: “Similar products have been around for years, but the combination of beam angles + accessories + dimming control options is an asset.”


Acclaim Lighting

Adapt Linear

Delivering an output of up to 854 lm/ft. and 91 lm/W with a CRI TM-30 of greater than 85, this high output linear fixture offers eight beam angle options and five white color temperatures. With one aluminum housing supporting multiple configurations, assembly is streamlined and more eco-friendly. The adaptable cable system enables both endto-end straight runs and curved runs with no need for additional cables.

 Visit or Circle 195


ALW (Architectural Lighting Works) LUMA

LUMA’s 2-in. cylindrical diffuse acrylic body delivers 360-degree illumination from 400 to 800 lm/ft. Available in horizontal and vertical runs, the lumi naire installs quickly and easily with its tool-less, click-lock mechanism in its innovative endcaps. Suspended with a black, white or clear silver braided cord and a connector and accent ring, the luminaire is free from gaps or light leaks.

 Visit or Circle 196

Judges’ Comments: “High marks for innovation. The design is classic, simple and compatible with most contemporary design schemes. The basic module’s ability to be joined both horizontally and vertically contribute to the innovativeness of this product.”

efficient luminaire option.”



USAI Lighting LittleOnes

What the iPhone was to the cell phone industry, the LittleOnes is to the home technology and lighting industry. The first collection of tiny, architectur al-grade recessed ceiling-light fixtures, it is capable of delivering more than 1000 lm. Suitable for homes, offices and public spaces, the LittleOnes LED lights are a full line of fixtures, all with apertures of less than one inch. Features include ceiling-to-floor wall wash from a less than 1-in. aperture achieved through a five-part optical system; adjustable and dimmable lights; and square and round wall wash options. Four fixtures light a 100-sq.-ft. space.  Visit or Circle 194


Lucifer Lighting Company Atomos

Available in 1-in. or 2-in. aperture sizes, Atomos delivers a considerable amount of light with no glare. The 2-in. provides up to 900 delivered lumens of glare-free illumination while maintaining beauty in the ceiling. The 1-in. offers roughly 500 delivered lumens, also glare-free, and seamlessly disappears in the ceiling. The retention wheels, which accommo date 0.5-2-in. ceilings, make it easy to install.

 Visit or Circle 193

Judges’ Comments: “Slim profile with performance built in, prime for a high-end space, commercial or residential.”


Alphabet Lighting (Ledra Brands) NU Deep Regress

A 4-in. recessed downlight delivers up to 3400 lm with an exceptional 38-degree cut-off angle. Offering changeable optics, dynamic LED color and intelligent control, the fixture recesses 2.5-in. into the ceiling. The product is compatible with a honeycomb louver and specialty lensing for enhanced glare control.  Visit or Circle 192

Judges’ Comments: “Subtly enclosed inside the ceiling plane, this projects a strong level of light.”



Designed with flexibility in mind, the ID+ 2.5” is a small-aperture solution for accent, task, or ambient lighting. With beam spreads from 20° to 90°, it offers outputs up to 1900 lm and is available with CRI val ues of 80, 90, or 97 and offers warm dim ranges that mimic incandescent and halogen. Optics include two cone options: a 60° or a 75° cut-off, to support visual comfort and quiet ceilings. The latter enables wide flood, very-wide flood, and super-wide beam spreads.  Visit or Circle 191

2022 PRODUCT INNOVATION AWARDS www.architecturalssl.com34 • 11.22 • ARCHITECTURAL SSL
Point ID+ 2.5” Downlight and Wall Wash


Axis Lighting Tranquility Series

Allow overhead lighting to bring a sense of calm to an interior by camouflaging the luminaire behind inspiring images, textured graphics and custom colors and finishes. Available for in-ceiling and wall-mount applications, this biophilic design solution is great for healthcare settings. Scalable up to 20-ft. × 20-ft., the luminous ceiling panels offer a uniform glow and vary ing drop-lens heights so designers may choose from installations that are flush, drop lens, or regressed.

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Gotham Lighting

EVO 6 in. Downlight with Care222 Technology

To reduce active pathogen load on surfaces in high-traffic areas, the EVO UV-Only, and Visible Light-Only Solutions, allow disinfection technology without compromising lighting. In the cylinder, it’s available in surface, pendant, or wall mounting, and for new construction/remodels with recessed downlights. The system features a patented excimer lamp and dosing electronics module that can provide a measured dosage of filtered 222nm far-UVC light. When used properly, the wavelength emitted inactivates viruses and bacteria at levels that don’t penetrate living tissue.

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Kirlin Lighting


A linear slot fixture designed specifically for the demanding requirements of MRI suites, marrying architectural form, color quality, and MRI techni cal robustness. MRI spaces can be challenging for designers, as the technical requirements involved in producing non-ferromagnetic fixtures that eliminate electromagnetic noise in the suite are multiple. The integrated system, with a 2.5-in. fixture, is available in static white and RGBW for full spectrum color and enables practitioners to make patients more comfortable by varying the color in the room while a scan is in progress.

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MARK Architectural Lighting Whisper with Care222 Technology

Available with Ushio Care222 UV disinfection technology for pathogen control, Whisper reduces active pathogens on non-porous surfaces and in the air with far-UVC light. Whisper with Care222 features a mercury-free far-UVC excimer lamp that contains a patented short pass filter for narrow band 222nm emissions, removing wavelengths of UV light that penetrate living tissue in skin or beyond the tear layer in eyes. It is available as a 2 × 2 or 2 × 4 luminaire with options for one or two Care222 modules, also delivering up to 8500 lm of illumination at a color quality of up to 90 CRI.

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Vibia Plusminus

Vibia, with designer Stefan Diez, has designed a bespoke collection that features a fabric belt and various light fittings to lend individual sensibility through contemporary technology. The belt provides support and electrical conductivity. The lights are attached using a clip-and-connect system. Plusminus eliminates the differences between pendant, sconce and floor lights, because elements of the collection can be adjusted, attached, or removed as desired.

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CP10 HE AELR Emergency Driver

The IOTA ILB CP10 HE AELR Emergency Driver provides specification-level emergency lighting for Class 2 luminaire designs. Its STAR—Self Testing Automated Reporting— app, wireless reporting makes Life Safety Code compliance easier than ever by using the power of wireless connectivity to solve many challenges common to meeting emer gency lighting testing requirements and compliance with annual NFPA Life Safety code requirements.

 Visit or Circle 186

Judges’ Comments: “The design takes lighting beyond the fixture and allows the function of the fixture to impact space.”


Acuity Brands/Peerless Lighting Peerless Renna Wall Solution

Judges’ Comments: “The real innovation of this product is that when it comes to identifying problems, it eliminates the inconvenience of needing to access the luminaire for testing, or for drawing data for periodic reports. In that regard, this product solves a critical problem of ensuring the emergency luminaires are in operational condition.”

“I found this product line fascinating for not just its aesthetic beauty, but also the limitless possibilities it offers... all within the limits of easy installation and straightforward controls. This luminaire is a refreshing solution to workspace lighting.”


Alloy LED AmpChamp LED Terminal Tape Light Connectors

Solving the problem of LED connections slipping and loosening over time, the AmpChamp LED tape light and wire connectors provide secure connections between LED tape light sections, between tape light and wire, or between pairs of wire leads. The corner connector is ideal for toe kicks, coves and other installations with tight curves. Further, the up/down connector’s unique design allows the lead wires to be connected to the top or bottom of a tape light.

 Visit or Circle 184

Judges’ Comments: “Provides a higher degree of security and reliability to LED tape light installations. Has an excellent low profile and flexibility.”



ALW (Architectural Lighting Works) Hylytr

Designed to illuminate textured walls without light spill, this luminaire features a sleek 2.52-in. aperture for a quiet ceiling install. An additional 0.65-in. flange option offers further wall grazing ability. The recessed perimeter fixture can be installed with Mud-in, T-Grid, Slot, and Trim ceiling types. Tapping into Hylytr’s light sculpting LED technology, the product provides greater reach, uniformity, efficiency, and beam precision than competing products all in a lens-free and no-glare form.

 Visit or Circle 182

Judges’ Comments: “This product offers a welldescribed set of benefits.”


Luminaire LED VCM8

The IP65-rated, corner-mount VCM8 has soft edges combined with a robust construction that can com plement industrial settings. For strength, it features an IK10 rating, an all-aluminum, ligature-resistant construction and a polycarbonate lens. For longevity, the product offers a highly durable finish that with stands a 4,000-hour salt spray test. Complete with a lifetime warranty against vandalism, it withstands physical impact and environmental abuse.

 Visit or Circle 181

Judges’ Comments: “This highly durable, resilient product for heavy-use applications still tries to maintain a sense of design.”


Acuity Brands/Peerless Lighting Peerless Renna Wall Solution

The latest addition to the Peerless lighting family, the Renna delights judges and designers with its expanded range of mounting options—suspended linear, ceiling surface-mounted, wall-mounted, and a wall wash in—direct and indirect distribution models—and configurations that combine these products in any number of ways. An innovative power and control system greatly simplifies design, installation and commissioning of the linear system, driving up to 32 linear ft. of luminaire per module.

 Visit or Circle 183


The Lighting Quotient

elliptipar S320 Adjustable Cove Light with Knife Edge Framing

S320 is a high-performance linear cove luminaire designed to illuminate ceilings uniformly from an ar chitectural cove. Unlike many cove lights, it has fully adjustable aiming and the adjustable optics can be linked together and aimed as one. Once aimed, they can be locked in place. It is designed for use with 5-in. sq. edge, knife edge or floating ceiling cove framing. It also can be used in field constructed coves.

 Visit or Circle 180

Judges’ Comments: “The fixture is simple, yet unobtrusive, and also continues to make layers of lighting even more practical, particularly with its fully adjustable aiming.”


The Advantages of Green Light in Operating Rooms

Enable surgeons and staff to keep overhead lights on, without compromising the view of the procedure on a monitor.

Sight is a critical component of surgery. Unfortunately, the traditional supplemental surgical lighting installed in operating rooms (ORs)—the luminaires that provide general illumination, not the surgical task lights—can hinder a surgeon’s ability to see in several ways. In an attempt avoid these issues, it has become common practice in many ORs to turn off overhead lights to provide the surgeon with the best view of the procedure possible, forcing everyone else to function in the dark or improvise their own sources of illumination. It is a less than optimal solution in a truly life-and-death situation.

The crux of the problem is the use of white light, especially during a minimally invasive procedure. White overhead lights, even with the latest LEDs, are limited in their ability to provide enough ambient light for the team, without compromising the quality of the image on the screen. Here are some of the common issues created by the mismatch of traditional white supplemental surgical lighting in an OR.

White Supplemental Surgical Light in an OR’s Common Issues

• Reflected glare

• Washed out monitors

• Compromised visual acuity

• Light adaptation delay

• Eye fatigue

• Afterimage

• Overhead lights turned off, too little light for support staff

Luckily, this no longer needs to be the case. With advancements in LED technology, there are now supplemental surgical solutions that can provide surgeons the clear and unobstructed images they need during certain procedures, while offering surgical staff enough light to per form their jobs. This is a revolutionary idea. Operating rooms can now be equipped to offer an optimal visual environment for every proce dure, which not only better accommodates the visual tasks performed in the space but allows for them to be performed with better clarity and comfort. All it requires is a little green light.

Green light interacts with a visual environment differently than white light. Instead of causing a distracting hot spot or washing out the image on a screen, the presence of ambient green lighting, and its reflection off of a monitor, improves the depth and contrast of the image. Because green light is more screen friendly, green luminaires can be left on dur ing a procedure, giving support staff the light they need to perform their jobs and move safely through the space. There are other benefits as well.

“The presence of green light reduces the afterimage effect experi enced by surgeons and eliminates monitoring equipment glare while illuminating the space for supplemental staff,” explains John Weidner, director of engineering, Kurtzon Lighting, Chicago. “Additionally, the

© Kurtzon Lighting

Narrow spectrum green LED lighting offers an illumination solution that can remain on during a procedure, without compromising the surgeon’s view. TheLEDs emit a specific wavelength of light (540nm).

presence of green light in an OR avoids visual adaption delay for sur geons caused by different light levels of task and ambient lighting.”

When looking for ways to bring green LED light into an OR, there are two options: choose luminaires that contain white LEDs with a green lens or luminaires that contain narrow spectrum green LEDs with a clear or frosted lens. These solutions are not considered equal.

The benefit that green lighting brings to the operating room—offer ing higher levels of illumination, without compromising or washing out the image on the screen during a minimally invasive procedure—is very specific to the quality of the green light. White light is so incapa ble of achieving these simultaneous objectives that many ORs shut off white lights completely during these procedures. This helps to explain why a more saturated green hue is preferable to one that is a watered down mixture of green light and white light.

The term saturation describes the intensity or purity of the color. As saturation increases, the color appears purer. As saturation decreases, the color appears paler or washed out. Green lighting fixtures that emit light from a narrow spectrum LED and frosted lens provide cleaner light in a more saturated green hue than the lights that emit a white light and filter it through a green lens.

White light leaks are another issue that can affect the green light emitted by the fixtures with white LEDs and green lenses. If the green lens isn’t fit correctly, or it degrades over time (most filters begin degrading as soon as the fixture is energized due to the plastic makeup of the lens and the heat from the fixture), or there is another cir cumstance where the lens is compromised, white light will escape the fixture and trespass into the visual environment of the OR. This mix of white light and green light will make the ambient light appear a duller green and it can impact the contrast the light provides with the image on the screen.

It is worth noting that white light leaks do not occur when the fix ture only produces green light with a narrow spectrum LED.

For more information, Kurtzon Lighting developed an AIA-accred ited CEU, “Creating an Optimal Visual Environment in an Operating Room.” Contact Dana Porter, Director of Operations, Kurtzon Lighting, at to learn more.•

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An Illuminated Story in the Woods

A night walk into the heart of Wendat culture is an immersive multimedia experience.

A collaboration between the Huron-Wendat Nation in Quebec, Canada and Moment Factory, a Montreal-based design and entertainment projects studio, created Onhwa’Lumina that uses lights and projected images, as well as recordings of Wendat singing and drumming, to tell the Nation’s stories.

The Nation’s leadership believed that telling the centuries-old story inside the traditional four walls of a museum was not the format to realistically communicate and experience their culture. Rather, they selected a setting located in a forested area, approximately 10 miles northeast of Quebec City. The immersive night walk exists along a three-quarter mile-long illuminated path. At each stop, the light projections appear to trans form the forest into theatrical-style stage settings. The average amount of time spent along the trail is an hour or more, depending on the participants’ viewing time at the displays.

“Onhwa” is the Huron-Wendat word for “now,” based on the native language’s collective mean-

ing for the passage between the past, present, and future. It was opened in June through to the end of October, reopening at the end of December to attract visitors through Spring 2023.

Entrance to the site is through an illuminated arch of panels illustrating native patterns. There are seven distinct installations, each a spectacle of light and video with a unified original soundtrack, described as “vibrating with the energy of the land, with the sounds of wind, water, and animals.”•


“Light can give joy to anybody especially if it is colored, varied, and bright. Painting magic landscapes with light is the way our storytellers add beauty and meaning to destinations,” says Jerome

Moment Factory.

www.architecturalssl.com40 • 11.22 • ARCHITECTURAL SSL
De Baecque, APAC Director, © Photos: Courtesy, Moment Factory


Introducing the new 200-HD , a powerful, high performance recessed LED luminaire designed to meet the challenging needs of high ceilings and demanding environments. Delivering up to 2200 lumens in multiple beam spreads and driver options, with an array of magnetic trims and wall wash features for all ceiling types. The new 200-HD—taking you higher.

Circle 11
Crestron Zūm Wired & wireless lighting control made easy Industry-leading Zūm® wired and wireless controllers combine to give you a highly intuitive, time-saving scheduling platform. No licensing fees. No programming. Code compliant. Plus, convenient app-based commissioning makes setup quick and easy. Experience lighting control at the speed of Zūm | v. 110222 All brand names, product names, and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Certain trademarks, registered trademarks, and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Crestron disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Crestron is not responsible for errors in typography or photography. ©2022 Crestron Electronics, Inc. m g control made ea ARCHITECTURAL SSL MAGAZINE WINNER: PRODUCT INNOVATION AWARD ZŪM WIRED LIGHTING CONTROL SYSTEM Circle 12
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