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October 2016

MARKET OF CHOICE: Products for School Design — Higher Education

80 The word ‘dynamic’ may be an understatement when it comes to describing façade developments as the roles of architectural geometry and material science expand in ever-creative ways...

Beyond being an enclosure, façades, by the way of fenestration, for example, can heighten the form and visual purpose of a building of any size, be it a single-level structure or a skyscraper. 32






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Take a fresh look at the diversity of ceiling design options that combine both sound absorption (NRC) and sound blocking (CAC) in one system. Learn about the benefits of Total Acoustics™ performance featuring total noise control and design flexibility at

Sound Absorption (NRC) + Sound Blocking (CAC)




3D / Mesh™ / Tegular / Tin

Calla® / Ultima® / Ultima® Health Zone™ / Fine Fissured™ School Zone® / Cirrus® / Canyon® / Mesa™ / Georgian™

Grille Tegular / Channeled Tegular / Tegular

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More Light. Less Heat. Stunning Visual. Introducing NEW Energy Select 23. Featuring a neutral blue reflected color, 50% visible light transmittance and 0.23 solar heat gain coefficient, this high-performing low-e glass lets natural light in, while keeping more heat out—for maximum energy savings and indoor comfort. AGC provides just the right solutions. For Every Code. For Every Region. Visit to learn more, or email us at to request a sample.

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Image courtesy of KTGY, Inc.

Don’t Let Your Walls Become Barriers. Introducing a single panel that will allow you to do more with less. 2-SIDED LP® FLAMEBLOCK® IN EXTERIOR ASSEMBLY UL DESIGN NO. U349

LP® FlameBlock® Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing gives you the freedom to design a more efficient wall. • ICC-certified (ESR 1365) fire-rated OSB sheathing • Code-compliant for a variety of different 1-hour and 2-hour fire-rated assemblies • Reduces labor costs and construction time • Carries design values for load/span and shear that are superior to fireretardant treated wood structural panels of the same thickness • Classified as an Exposure 1 weather-resistant material Another benefit is that you eliminate the need for an extra layer of gypsum, speeding construction time and reducing material and labor costs. Choose LP FlameBlock sheathing on your next design and start doing more with less.

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See how LP FlameBlock sheathing can help you do more at Circle 25

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100 Years Old and Looking Better Than Ever.









Spectacular restoration overcomes tight schedule and window replication challenges. Sitting high on a hill, Cardozo Education Campus has overlooked our nation’s capital since 1916. But thanks to an ambitious renovation, which resulted in LEED Silver recognition and featured more than 1,000 historic replication windows from Graham, it’s still sitting pretty. The building’s inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places and the need for National Park Service (NPS) approvals made the window portion particularly challenging. Despite a tight


GRAHAM ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS 800-755-6274 Architectural Windows

Window Wall

Curtain Wall


timeline, Graham came through. Learn how Graham met this challenge: Circle 26

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by visiting

where you can also request a challenge kit!

“I can’t believe what I was able to do with the Duralife Lockers when I was taking the challenge. From smashing them with hammers, to writing on them with permanent markers, to having stickers easily come off of them, I was amazed.” - John Nittolo

Superintendent, Green Township

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See the Difference between Duralife HDPE Plastic Locker vs Traditional Metal Locker 10/3/16 9:30 AM

Bold Visual Effects NEW Precision Series wall panels create dramatic shadow lines

Arlington Community School, Jacksonville, FL Architect: Ebert Norman Brady Installing contractor: Thorne Metal Systems Profile: HWPC wall panel Color: Berkshire Blue

HWP 16-B


HWP 16-C


HWP 12-B


HWP 12-S




Precision Series wall panels provide design flexibility with easy, cost-effective, horizontal or vertical installation. Panels are available in 33 ENERGY STAR® colors. See us at METALCON - booth 2255 PAC-CLAD.COM | IL: 1 800 PAC CLAD | MD: 1 800 344 1400 | TX: 1 800 441 8661 | GA: 1 800 272 4482 | MN: 1 877 571 2025 Circle 28

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Trend Lines by Vilma Barr Façade: Trends in context of a façade’s relationship to the environment; light/energy; color/media; form/sustainability; surfaces/materials; and integrated intelligence.


Form by Katy Tomasulo Samsung Device Solutions Americas Headquarters, San Jose, Calif. Samsung’s new building is a living demo of the company’s strong R&D presence in the Bay Area, with its LEDs as part of an aggressive energy-efficiency platform.


Function by Chuck Ross Lee Hall III, Clemson University, Clemson, S.C. When Clemson University expanded its facilities, Lee Hall III, had to respond to the school’s existing structure Lee Hall, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

October 2016

MARKET OF CHOICE: Products for School Design — Higher Education

80 The word ‘dynamic’ may be an understatement when it comes to describing façade developments as the roles of architectural geometry and material science expand in ever-creative ways...




Beyond being an enclosure, façades, by the way of fenestration, for example, can heighten the form and visual purpose of a building of any size, be it a single-level structure or a skyscraper.




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on the cover

market of choice: universities and higher education

Classic Meets Contemporary: Drawing on classical principles for the design and form of the DianeDufresne Art Centre, Repentigny, Quebec, Canada, ACDF Architecture created a new image for this suburban Montreal community. Page 32.

Progressive Education is Good Business

Photography: ACDF Architecture

by Megan Mazzocco


Academia has responded to Corporate America’s desire for a workforce that is better prepared. As a result, education spaces are beginning to reflect the look and feel of corporate campuses.

departments Perspective



Specifiers’ Solutions Wall panels make bold statement

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Brewery gets cool with fan installation Tennis venue’s roofi ng solution Modern glass installation at Duke University

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Flying high finishes: Inside the new Gulf Stream

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New & Improved


Kristine Harding, KPS Group



10/5/16 9:00 AM


Why Not a Brexit from Deep Floor Plates?

Sometimes a subconsciously perceived cue

Symposium”) sparked another memory of a spot-on

sparks a memory that triggers a chain reaction

illumination of a project we covered in March in our

of thoughts. It happened to me the other day, and

sister publication Net Zero Buildings. At the time I

while I can’t put a pin in it, this prompt from the

was so focused on the lighting angle I completely

recesses of my mind resulted in the recollection

overlooked the atrium/impluvium component that

of a quirky British architectural tidbit whose impact

was a critical part of this cancer treatment facility.

still resonates through the centuries. On a jaunt about Bath,

The project featured stylistic metallic light catchers created by lighting designer Speirs +

Gary Redmond

Managing Partner Director Publishing Operations

Tim Shea

Managing Partner Director Business Development


Jim Crockett

Editorial Director

Megan Mazzocco

Senior Editor

John Mesenbrink

Copy Editor

a brilliant British getaway

Major, which not only looked great, but enhanced

near England’s west coast,

the performance of these mini-light wells. I passed

Contributing Editors:

I saw some amazing

this on to Lonn, but found myself getting sucked

architectural gems—the

back into to watching more of the symposium’s vid-

Roman baths, John Wood’s

eos, particularly a presentation from Caroline Buck-

monumental Royal Cres-

ingham of London-based architect HLM, a firm that

cent and Bath Abbey. But

specializes in schools. One of their primary goals is

Vilma Barr Ellen Lampert-Greáux Chuck Ross Alan Weis Mindi Zissman Katy Tomasulo

what sticks in my mind

to incorporate as much controlled daylight as pos-

is an oddity of the city’s

sible. In older building retrofits, this can be difficult.


Georgian architecture

But to this obstacle, the architect urged colleagues

Dave Pape

that our guide—a cop who

to not be afraid of major alternations, and if need

Vice President, Director, Art + Production

Lauren Lenkowski

Associate Art Director

Alex Mastera

Associate Art Director

loves to show off his town on his off days—pointed

be, removing parts of structures to bring in natural

out: A number of edifices were marred in that many

light. She’s also big fan of shallower floor plates and

windows were either blocked up, or walled over

orienting buildings to accommodate more daylight

and moved somewhat haphazardly. Anthony, our

even if that means sacrificing valuable real estate to

police escort, explained the alterations were due

program the structure the way it needs to be.

to a window tax the Crown imposed upon the good

Barbara Horwitz-Bennett John Mesenbrink Stan Walerczyk Kevin Willmorth Elizabeth Hall

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. The

citizens of England right around the beginning of

cancer center project clearly was constituted of an

the 18th century. This unpopular tax—abolished only

owner, architect and lighting designer that under-

in 1851—was known more commonly referred to as

stood the benefits of daylighting. But not all own-

“daylight robbery”—a very literal origin of the idiom

ers or developers are so enlightened. Even with a

associated with blatant, bold-faced overcharging.

healthcare client, I can imagine pitching the idea of

If I correctly recall the story, one was taxed based

giving up prime real estate is an uphill charge. But it

on the number of windows a building featured. As a

shouldn’t be. Something that might help is the new

property owner, you had three options: pay the tax;

WELL Building Standard, of which good lighting and

block up the opening—or, as the more clever of the

daylighting are big parts. Implicit among its benefits,

lot figured out—block up the contested window and

beyond healthier inhabitants, is the possibility that

move it adjacent to another. For whatever reason,

at the end of the day those earning certification

so long as the second window was not more than a

might be able to negotiate lower healthcare premi-

certain minimal distance, it was considered a single

ums for their organizations.

entity, and thus exempt. In the 21st century it’s sure a good thing we have

year to come. In the interim, I can only echo the sen-

no such incredulous tax—or do we? My Bath adven-

timent of an architect I heard at the AIA conference

ture musings triggered another historical daylight

this spring, who, in summing up his review of a net

memory with a British-Romano root. I was in Bath

zero project his firm completed, wished, if he could

and the UK in the first place because I was attend-

do anything differently, to “be more brave” in push-

ing Velux’s biannual international symposium on

ing for even further energy reductions, health ben-

daylighting. One of the speakers was an American

efits and passive concepts. Of course, in confronting


architect named Lonn Combs of Easton+Combs.

clients about programming, it’s a task easier said

Lonn designs modern homes that certainly embrace

than done. The first round is on me.

Architectural Products c/o Construction Business Media LLC, 579 First Bank Drive, Suite 220, Palatine, IL 60067; Editorial: 847-359-6493; Fax: 847-359-6754; (Copyright © 2016 by Construction Business Media LLC)

Expect further analysis of this program in the

the use of a lot of glass and finishes to maximize


Jeff Heine

630-739-0900 ext. 109


Gary Redmond 847-359-6493

Tim Shea 847-359-6493

Michael Boyle 847-359-6493 Jim Oestmann 847-838-0500

David G. Haggett 847-934-9123

Jim Führer 503-227-1381

Bob Fox 917-273-8062

Ted Rzempoluch 609-361-1733

daylight. But what struck me during his presentation was the incorporation of multiple light wells specifi -


cally modeled off the Roman atria and impluviums that were part of every patrician domicile. Re-watching Lonn’s presentation on YouTube (you can watch it, too, just type in “Velux Daylight



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Jim Crockett, editorial director

10 . 2016

10/3/16 9:47 AM

If it looks too good to be true Multi-Purpose Panel

Perforated Rigid Wall II

Rigid Wall II

Perforated Multi-Purpose Custom Penetration Flashings

The Residence at Twelve40 Philadelphia, PA Architect: ISA - Interface Studio Architects, LLC Philadelphia, PA Distributor: Marvic Supply Richlandtown, PA Installer: Classic Exteriors Perkasie, PA Photograph: Danielle Biggs

Above: Rigid Wall II & Multi-Purpose Panels in Silversmith • Choose from over 50 ATAS panel profiles • Over 30 stock colors and over 65 designer colors in steel and aluminum with PVDF finish • Choice of 12 natural metals including copper, zinc, and stainless steel • Custom panels and trims available • Extruded moldings - Elite Trim • Custom penetration flashings • Unlimited perforation patterns offered in multiple panel profiles

Allentown, PA | Mesa, AZ | Maryville, TN 610.395.8445

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resources, events & letters

Fire and Nice.


coming events


October 2016

Fire-Rated Aluminum Window And Door Systems For beauty, the best in safety and design flexibility look to Aluflam. Built to blend effortlessly with non-rated storefront and curtain wall systems, our virtually limitless portfolio includes true extruded aluminum vision doors, windows and glazed walls fire-rated for up to 120 minutes. You’ll see why we’ve become the favorite of architects and installers alike. Aluflam gives you a barrier to fire, not inspiration.

t Lucia Lighting and Design’s North Shore Chicago showroom includes lighting, home furnishing and accessories.

Eskayel’s first showroom opens in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this month.



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ASID Material Connection Library is housed within the newly opened ASID Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Greenbuild Oct. 5-7 Los Angeles Getting to Zero National Forum Oct. 12-14 Grand Hyatt, Denver, Colo. Drawn and Quartered Exhibit Open until Oct. 14 KieranTimberlake and the Architectural Archives of the Univ. of Penn., Philadelphia


BSD and Kahua have integrated BSD’s automated construction specification-writing software, BSD SpecLink-E, with Kahua’s project management and collaboration platform. Visit

ASLA Annual Meeting Oct. 21-24 New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans

q Color

Muse hand-held scanning device and mobile app scans accurate colors and finds color-matched products from an online library of 400 more than one million products from brands across 14 different categories ranging from carpet, glass and textiles, to window treatments, fabrics and paint.

ULI Urban Land Institute Fall Meeting Oct. 24-27 Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas METALCON Oct. 26–28 Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Md.


The American Architectural Manufacturers Assn. offers the “Fundamentals of Fenestration” through the association’s education program. Visit Trim-Tex’ online Education Center contains specification tools, CAD files and video tips. Sign up for a free Trim-Tex Factory Trained Bead Technician Course or schedule an Architectural Lunch and Learn. Visit Sloan’s newest CEU courses illustrate various aspects of sustainable restrooms. Visit

Aluflam USA Phone 562-926-9520 | Fax 562-404-1394 Email

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Intense Lighting’s Technology on Tap series of curated events discuss the convergence of light, technology and design. The first of the series was Exploring Light Source Color Rendition (TM-3015) with Charles Scheibler, Regional Manager at Xicato. For more dates and sessions visit

November 2016

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NeoCon East Nov. 9-10 Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Pa. BDNY Nov. 13-14 Jacob K. Javits Center, New York City

UPCOMING ISSUE: Architectural Products’ annual Product Innovation Awards will present a wide-ranging variety of innovative products as judged worthy of distinction by industry insiders. See the November issue for the winners.

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10/4/16 5:42 PM

Corporate Office Building

NEW Woodland® Pavers shown on Elevator® Pedestals

Admiralty Condominiums Monmouth Beach, NJ

Amalie Arena Tampa, FL

Hanover® Roof and Plaza Pavers Hanover® Roof and Plaza Pavers provide environmental benefits while creating aesthetically appealing rooftops and plaza gardens. With pavers yielding high reflectance and emittance values, Hanover® Pavers earn SS Credits and achieve LEED points. • 800.426.4242 Contact Hanover® to find your local representative.

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on spec By Jim Crockett Editorial Director


Changing the Face of the Façade Earlier this month, Architectural Products moderated a roundtable discussion of leaders in the glazing and shading industries prior to attending Greenbuild in Los Angeles. The panel discussed recent developments in quantifying efficiency impacts in the façade. Read on for some of our key takeaways:

Q: What is your perspective on the value/purpose of fenestration?

COLIN BLACKFORD, Innovation Manager, MERMET USA: Three trends are influencing product manufacturing and specification right now: cost savings, occupant comfort and aesthetics. Many studies, including research conducted by Carnegie Mellon University, show that total costs of salary and benefits associated with employees (78%) dramatically outweigh those related to the built environment (9%). This statistic proves the importance of occupant comfort as a key design consideration. An integrated fenestration system balances thermal and optical properties, responding to all three trends.

STEVE SELKOWITZ, Building Technology and Urban Systems Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: Fenestration design is among an architect’s biggest opportunities to impact energy efficiency. Windows are assumed to be the “weak link” in building performance, and they are in many older buildings. But our field studies and research over the last decade have demonstrated that specific advanced fenestration packages can actually outperform opaque insulated walls. The notion that fenestration (glazing, framing, shading) should be specified as a integrated system is a key point, because the future of quantifying performance impacts for the façade does not lie solely in the glazing. With the appropriate combination of glazing, framing and window attachments, and controls linked to lighting and HVAC, a high-performing fenestration system can yield benefits that offset many upfront costs.

DAVID OH, Interiors and Science/Technology Team Leader, Little Architectural : Design trends are increasing the demand for a higher window-to-wall ratio, especially in large commercial applications. Architects are working hard to deliver on this demand, with the understanding that fenestration systems are one of their biggest opportunities to deliver on the design intent. At the same time, they are one of architects’ greatest challenges in managing HVAC usage, daylighting, glare and more. While glazing technology has substantially improved, incorporating window attachments into fenestration packages allows architects to more effectively maximize glazing area and minimize any negative impacts on energy efficiency and occupant comfort.



1610APONS.indd 12

Q: What is holding back architects from specifying the façade as a system?

DAVID OH, Interiors & Science/Technology Team Leader, Little Architectural: There is still a gap in understanding the value of specifying an integrated fenestration system. Typically, architects are not yet comfortable with a system-based approach where glazing is specified at the same time as window attachments and framing. Architects struggle with the number of shading options available for renovation projects, how various performance systems are automated using mechanical and electrical controls, and the ROI of such systems. Admittedly, it is a big leap to view shading attachments as a structural element in the building façade, rather than solely an aesthetic consideration. The windfall, however, is that it will be much easier to balance the desired ‘look’ of a building with performance requirements using verifiable data, as currently exists with glazing.

STACY LAMBRIGHT, Energy Efficiency Product Manager, Hunter Douglas Architectural: Fenestration is not viewed from an integrated system perspective and its components are specified later in the design process. There continues to be a lack of awareness of and uncertainty around rated performance values. To address this issue, the DOE-funded Attachments Energy Rating Council (AERC) is working with LBNL to create a viable rating, certification and labeling program for residential and commercial window attachments. Currently, research is limited to determining the material properties of window attachments and physical testing. Using the association’s website, architects can easily access this performance information and integrate it into their modeling tools in order to make true data-driven decisions about the entire fenestration system.

COLIN BLACKFORD, Innovation Manager, Mermet USA: Architects currently are not specifying the shades as part of the fenestration system in order to meet code. While energy codes are all affected by climate zone, it can be a complicated process to decipher which code version is adopted by each state. On top of that, architects need to know if there are additional amendments that would dictate a more appropriate solution for a particular climate zone within that state. If the goal for architects is truly to optimize energy efficiency and occupant comfort, building to code doesn’t necessarily guarantee a consistent level of performance. Building code only specifies the minimum required. Adding solar shades can help provide a level of adaptability that enables buildings to exceed code and optimize occupant comfort.

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10/3/16 10:20 AM

Nothing helps you understand

© 2016 CertainTeed Corporation

like being heard clearly in a meeting about

Gyptone® BIG™ Quattro 46 | CertainTeed Training Room

It’s one thing to study occupant comfort. Quite another to spend each day experiencing how the solutions you create affect the space you inhabit. That’s why we’ve made CertainTeed headquarters a living lab of our own acoustic ceiling and wall products. We live with

Discover more ceiling design possibilities at

our solutions as occupants so we can improve them as experts.

CertainTeed Ceilings


Ecophon ®


Decoustics ®


Gyptone ®


Per forma ®

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7/22/16 10/3/16 10:03 9:30 AM

on spec By Sudhir Railkar Director, Product Development, Steep Slope & Solar, GAF Ming Shiao Principal Scientist, Steep Slope, GAF


Can Breathable Underlayments Reduce Moisture? Many studies have shown that ventilation is an effective way to mitigate moisture problems in attics but does breathability of the underlayment have an effect as well? The answer may not be as easy as those who only considered shingles as an airimpermeable layer would think. Second, roofs, as part of the building envelope, like our skin, should have a chance to breathe when needed. Nowadays, shingles and other roofing materials, such as tiles, can allow moisture vapor to diffuse out of the roof system. Moisture has a tendency to accumulate in attics, so it is very helpful to have a “breathable” roofing assembly to reduce this accumulation. GAF set out to determine if a breathable underlayment helps to reduce excessive moisture. Working with Oak Ridge National Laboratory we examined the effects of underlayment breathability on a residential roof by conducting a field study in side-by-side residential attic assemblies at the Natural Exposure Test Facility in South Carolina. The attic was divided into separate modules that were configured to have unvented or vented air space in combination with either breathable or non-breathable underlayment. The attics were fully instrumented (Figure 1), and their thermal and hygrothermal performance were measured over a year-long period to understand the impact of underlayment breathability on attic moisture. Breathability is defined by the permeance, or “perm,” of the underlayment. A material with a rating below 0.1 perms is vapor impermeable and is considered a non-breathable underlayment. A material exceeding 10 perms is classified as vapor permeable and breathable. Underlayment materials with water vapor permeance ranging from near zero to 100 perms are currently available. In the present study, the following attics were examined: two identical attics with standard 1/300 ventilation having non-breathable (0.04 perms) and breathable (16 perms) underlayments; an attic with increased ventilation area of 1/150 and non-breathable peel-and-stick underlayment (0.1 perms); and a sealed attic with a standard 15-lb. felt paper (8 perms). The field data over a year-long period suggested that the sealed attic had by far the highest relative humidity and its roof deck reached a saturated condition for a prolonged period of time without drying out. This again confirms the importance of ventilation in attics for mitigating moisture and helping to reduce the risk of damage to a roof caused by excess moisture. The data also showed that the breathable underlayment helped reduce the moisture profile



1610APONS.indd 14

Figure 1: Instrumentation in Test Attics

KEY Temp Rh Heat Flux Temp Pressure Air

Single Bay

Single Bay

Heat flux transducers (HFTs) were attached to the underside of the roof decks, as well as on the surface of the gypsum board on the attic floor. These precalibrated devices generate an electrical signal proportional to the total heat rate applied to the surface of contact and allow collection of conductive heat flux data through the inclined roof decks and the attic floor.

Table 1: Surface Condensation Potential Attic Ventilation Underlayment

Hours Tsheath<Tdp

% Time for Condensation Hours on Sheathing Tjoist<Tdp

% Time for Condensation on Joist













In a typical day during summer, an attic with a breathable underlayment showed a 20% reduction in relative humidity at the underside of the roof deck and in the attic air. The condensation potential in winter was also found to be lower due to this reduction in moisture.

across the roof deck. In a typical day during summertime, the attic with breathable underlayment showed a 20% reduction in relative humidity at the underside of the roof deck and in the attic air. As a result, the condensation potential in wintertime was also found to be lower due to this reduction in moisture (see the table above). Another interesting finding in this study is that the attic that had a peel-and-stick type of nonbreathable underlayment (0.1 perms) had similar moisture performance to the breathable underlayment in the attic with a 1/300 ventilation area when the attic ventilation area was doubled to 1/150. Hence, it seems to make sense that the best strategy in handling moisture problems for a given attic could be one that combines both attic ventilation and a breathable underlayment.

References 1. Understanding Attic Ventilation. Lstiburek, Joseph. s.l.: Building Science Digest, 2006. 102. 2. Lstiburek, Joseph, Karagiozis, Achilles and Gassman, Paul. Vapor Permeability Provides No Performance Benefit For Roofing Underlayments in Ventilated Attics. Toledo, OH: Owens Corning, 2011. 3. Energy and Moisture Performance of Attic Assemblies. Desjarlais, Andre, et al., et al. Phoenix, AZ: Symposium on Building Envelope Technology, 2012. 4. Thermal and Hygrothermal Performance of Ventilated Attics with and without Breathable Underlayments. Railkar, Sudhir, et al., et al. Kansas City, KS: Building Envelope Science and Technology Conference, 2015.

10 10.2014 . 2016

10/3/16 7:41 PM


What’s the Marvin difference? Local experts providing unparalleled architectural support, technical services and project-based solutions

from concept through completion. New construction or historic renovation, Marvin products bring unmatched quality and superior performance to every job site. Our team of Architectural Project Managers do the same. Marvin’s the name to trust for your next commercial project. To learn more on our University and Higher Education commercial capabilities and to find your local dealer visit

©2016 Marvin®Windows and Doors. All rights reserved. ® Registered trademark of Marvin Windows and Doors.

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9/12/16 10/3/16 8:47 7:42 AM PM

on spec By Caryn Melton Clark Construction


Temporary Wall System Protects Patients and Staff Any construction, renovation and repair activities in hospitals and healthcare facilities can create or disturb particles, and cause them to become aerosolized. This, of course, is why infection control measures are put in place: to make it as difficult as possible for microorganisms to survive. Or, at the very least, to eliminate their presence in environments where immuno-compromised patients reside. In 2014, the results of a Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) prevalence survey were published by the Centers for Disease Control and showed that in 2011 an estimated 722,000 patients in U.S. acute care hospitals developed HAI. Out of the 722,000 affected patients, approximately 75,000 of those patients died during hospitalization. While it is impossible to measure the exact number of patients that devolved HAIs from facility related construction activities, the survey analysis concluded that each year an estimated 5000 patients develop an HAI that ultimately leads to death, as the result of ongoing construction.

Construction Barrier While performing extensive renovations to Inova Health System’s Fair Oaks (Va.) Hospital, Clark Construction Group had to balance its construction work with the hospital’s need to maintain 24/7 operations. Renovations to the hospital’s surgical and patient care areas required a temporary wall system to separate the medical and construction areas. Keeping the hospital’s clinical services available required several hundred linear feet of temporary infection control partitions that needed to be built and removed for several phases. Wanting something more efficient than the traditional costly drywall system, Clark’s superintendent

identified the Edge Guard panel system that could be assembled and disassembled by virtually any project team member with almost no tools and minimal waste. The system also integrates ICRA barrier requirements, including pressure monitoring, notices, security and filtration. Edge Guard

Each year an estimated 5000 patients develop an HAI that ultimately leads to death, as the result of ongoing construction. allowed the construction team to easily build and deconstruct barriers in sensitive areas and the system can quickly be reconfigured as necessary, providing for greater patient protection. “These reusable, light-weight panels separated the medical and construction areas and enabled the hospital to continue critical medical operations 24-hours-a-day while our team completed the various scopes of work. Nearly any member of our project team could assemble the panel walls in a matter of hours with only a ladder. This solution, didn’t generate any dust and was cost-effectively reused for multiple work phases. Inova couldn’t be more pleased,” commented Brian Hetherington, senior superintendent for Clark Construction Group. When the Inova Fair Oaks renovation work is complete, the wall panel system will come down and be used on another project. But, as a result of the project team’s thoughtful approach and diligent research, they will bring more than just lessons learned to their next healthcare renovation site.

TEMPORARY PARTITIONS Keeping the hospital’s clinical services available required several hundred lineal feet of temporary infection control partitions that needed to be built and removed for several phases. The Edge Guard panel system allowed for the assembly and disassembly by any project team member with almost no tools and minimal waste. The system integrates ICRA barrier requirements, including pressure monitoring, notices, security and filtration.

Project Details RECONFIGURABLE The wall panel system allowed the construction team to build and deconstruct barriers in sensitive areas and the system can be reconfigured as necessary, providing for greater patient protection.



1610APONS.indd 16

The Clark team will renovate 29,000 sq. ft. of the existing hospital, including the post-anesthesia care unit, sterile processing area, pre-operation area, operating rooms, surgery locker room, and waiting areas. The team also will demolish a chiller plant and construct a new two-story surgery department expansion, adding 26,000 sq. ft. and additional operating rooms to the existing hospital. Additionally, the team will construct two temporary loading docks to use during construction and relocate the hospital’s air handler unit from the ground floor to the roof.

10 10.2014 . 2016

10/4/16 5:53 PM

Citadel not only manufactures metal composite material (MCM), but also designs, tests and provides a number of installation systems. The result is ultimate performance.

ASTM D1781: Bond Strength Meets or exceeds the peel strength of nearly all continuous run production MCMs. ASTM D5420: Impact Resistance Durable phenolic core provides greater protection than plate or polyethylene cores. NFPA 285 / UBC 26-9: Fire Resistance No special FR composition required. Standard composition meets requirements. ASTM D1929: Fire Resistance Meets or exceeds ignition temperature of nearly all continuous run production MCMs (including FR). ASTM E283, E330, E331: Air, Water, Structural Passed industry standards with shop-fabricated AND budget/time-friendly field-assembled systems. LEED MR 4: Recycled Content Helps contribute towards the effort of sustainable building practices. 30-Year PVDF / 20-Year Anodized Long-lasting Kynar 500 ® finishes with COOL technology or actual integral anodized finishes.

ENVELOPE 2000 Metal Composite Material (MCM)


(800) 446-8828 • Wichita Airport - Parking Garage, Wichita, KS Representative: JD Day & Company Fabricator: Architectural Metals North America

Circle 34 36

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product developments

material advances + product breakthroughs

Noteworthy The Architecture Billings Index was positive in July for the sixth consecutive month. The new projects Photo credit: Gordon Axmann, Aktivraum

inquiry index was 57.5, down from a reading of 58.6 the previous month. Randy Cramer of CarrierJohnson + CULTURE in San Diego celebrates retirement after 37 years with the award-winning global architecture and interior design firm. Laura Colagrande and Jonathan Teng won a $5000 2016 a/e ProNet David W. Lakamp AIA Scholarship. r Westgate River Ranch Resort and Rodeo, River Ranch, Fla.

Southern California Institute of Architecture (Sci-Arc) in Los Angeles offers a European Union


Scholarship; it aims to bring some of the best architec-

Mother Nature’s Resort

ture students from Europe to engage with SCI-Arc’s culture of architectural innovation.

With architecture’s overwhelming emphasis on bringing The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

the outdoors in, and the mounting evidence of the ben-

Research Office, with project sponsors Thyssenkrupp

efits of fresh air and views, it is no surprise that hotel and

AG and an international steering committee, have

hospitality endeavors are cashing in on Mother Nature’s

begun a 24-month study of rope-less non-vertical

biophilic benefits. Cruise ships were probably the first to

elevators in tall buildings and cities.

offer the nature-lover a slice of luxury along with paradise, but now an extensive array of products transform

The Solar Energy Industries Assn. launched a national

even rugged settings in accommodations for spa-goers.

solar photovoltaic recycling program.

Here are a few products seen at the HD Expo, each in a natural hospitality setting.

AECOM announced a commitment to reduce green-

TIPI from Source Outdoor might lure guests into the

house gas emissions by 20% across its global opera-

wild at the Westgate River Ranch Resort and Rodeo in

tions by 2020.

River Ranch, Fla. The dude ranch’s guest rooms appear to be authentic Indian-Princesses-style teepees, but in

Tarkett Preference Plus and ValuePro are now

fact they are powder-coated aluminum with fine-grain

certified as asthma and allergy friendly.

texture standing 30 ft. high and 28 ft. in diameter. They come complete with wood floor; an optional deck with

Founding Alliance Members of the Well Living Lab

outdoor seating is available. If the preference is for a

include Arup, CBRE Group, IBM, Lendlease, Sino-

soft-sided teepee, order it with a Weblon vinyl canopy.

Ocean Group Holding Limited and View International

Visit or Circle

Flavors and Fragrances.


TEEPEE REPLICATION TIPI from Source Outdoor creates guest rooms that appear to be authentic teepees, but in fact are powder-coated aluminum with fine-grain texture standing 30 ft. high and 28 ft. in diameter. They come complete with a wood floor and an optional deck with outdoor seating. If the preference is a softsided teepee, order it with a Weblon vinyl canopy.

u Soraa GU10 lamps reveal the true splendor of the Saalfred Fairy Grottoes, in Thüringen, Germany.

Second to lodging, lighting is key to any hospitality experience, especially when making people feel cozy

LaCantina Doors’ Contemporary Clad was named

in a cave. Soraa’s LEDs illuminate and accentuate the

a Top 100 Product for 2016 by Professional Builder

natural beauty of the stalagmites found at the Saalfred


Fairy Grottoes in Thüringen, Germany. Lighting artist Rolf Zavelberg’s vision placement of Soraa GU10 lamps

Jack Schreur is the new CEO of FLOS USA.

reveals the true splendor of the grottoes. Visit or Circle

PDQ Manufacturing has been selected as an Ability-


TUUCI offers pop-up structures and other marine-

One Enterprise Partner by the National Industries for

grade furniture and canopies designed to endure the

the Blind to offer a full line of door and security hard-

harshest of outdoor and waterfront settings. Its struc-

ware assembled by people who are blind.

tures provide the guest quarters at Grotto Bay Beach Resort, which is nestled inside 500,000-year-old caverns in Bermuda. This spectacular setting enhances the experience of both the lodging and health spa. Visit or Circle



1610APPRD2.indd 18


TUUCI structures and Feeney Cable Rail at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort’s caverns in Bermuda.

10 . 2016

10/4/16 6:04 PM

product developments


Bare Bones Operations The Ragni Hub does more with less. The designer, Matteo Ragni, has devised a desk that—even in the middle of the empty floor plate—defines office space like a force field. The desk’s simple form and lines provide spartan workstation accommodations that cover all the bases: from a large work surface to tidy technology niches, to an improvised coat hanger, the understated Hub elegantly anticipates the user’s every need—including acoustic privacy with optional detachable acoustic panels. Visit or Circle


“The Hub project arose from a real need to recreate a physical and mental space within a workplace inhabited by different people. A space that was open and fostered sharing and an exchange of ideas, yet also a place for reflection and individual work. A kind of wall-less box to facilitate the osmotic dimension of relating with spaces and people. And so this small, cubic world becomes an ideal venue for our relationships and all that they require, a kind of portal enabling us to collaborate near and far.” —Matteo Ragni, Hub designer

CLEAN AND ELEGANT From the use of a simple, large, square table, the idea arose to create a “fourposter” table, a mini-loft in which to work, rest and feed on ideas.


Façade Soothes Multi-colored ceramic fritted Lamberts channel glass adorns the façade at the Children’s Hospital of San CHANNEL GLASS The architectural glass matches the colors found in the hospital’s eight-story mosaic mural.

Antonio. As part of a massive facelift that addressed a number of unique technical design challenges, Bendheim Wall Systems worked with architect, Overland Partners, to devise the extra-tall, lightweight assembly units in a range of custom colors to broadcast a message of hope and healing to the community and young patients experiencing the space. The U-shaped, 3-D architectural glass possesses a remarkable light-diffusing texture and a vast range of translucent hues, and exact colors found in the hospital’s eight-story mosaic mural “The Spirit of Healing,” by local artist Jesse Trevino, were precisely matched in the ceramic fritted channel glass. The team designed a quick installation method to attach the U-shaped glass to the existing structure, which helped to abbreviate the construction timeline. Visit or Circle


r Children’s Hospital of San Antonio, Texas

Images courtesy: The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio and Bendheim

10 . 2016

1610APPRD2.indd 19



10/3/16 7:20 PM

product developments

Project: SDU Technical Faculty Location: Odense, Denmark Architect: C.F. Møller Size: 20,000 sq. m (of these 6000 sq. m laboratories)


Cork Patterns Pop Once again, cork has been transformed into a new decorative acoustic material dubbed Muratto by its Portugal-based creators. Available as Pattern Tiles through Sustainable Materials, the wall designs appear like piped icing on a cake, allowing the painted wall col-

Images: Hi-Con + Renderings © C.F. Møller

ors to show through the open cut-outs in each motif.

Inspired by ancient mosaic and handcrafted tiles and reimagined for modern interiors, styles range from bold modern lines to modern interpretations of classical patterns. Visit or Circle



Swiss Cheese Goes Danish An external screen made from pre-fab panels of white CRC concrete (Compact Reinforced Composite) has a revealing and shading effect on the glass volumes that comprise the research labs at the University of Southern Denmark. Dutch company Hi-Con, supplied the fiber-reinforced, high-performance concrete to achieve the light, airy looking circular screen with an underlying solar screen. The innovative pattern and overt use of the material was designed to represent the high-tech nature of the new materials research happening at the university lab. Visit or Circle


CONCRETE SCREEN The innovative pattern was designed to highlight the high-tech nature of the new materials research at the lab.

p WALL CORK Appearing like piped icing on cake, cork has been transformed into a new decorative acoustic material.

Acoustical tiles inspired by ancient mosaics and handcrafted tiles are reimagined for modern interiors.


Staying Toasty Stylish Trying to stay warm is not an especially glamorous endeavor; however, styling interior walls with pat-

RADIATOR ART The radiator has become a sculptural object that acts as a highly functional architectural feature.

terns from Tubes Radiatori’s Add-on collection will be a warm welcome to those inhabiting the space. Designed by Satyendra Pakhalé, the 12-cm × 24-cm module can be matched freely to customize the shape of the installation and suit specifications requirements. Add-on may adorn a wall fully or partially, or replace part of it using the in-wall version. Either way, the radiator has become a sculptural object that acts as a highly functional architectural feature. Visit or Circle



1610APPRD2.indd 20


10 . 2016

10/4/16 6:06 PM


Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating can help you design a strong future. Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology allows for more design freedom with unmatched comfort control to deliver buildings that are relevant. Let the industry leader help you deliver a noteworthy building design.

©2016 Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.

Discover how to S TAY R E L E VA N T at Circle 35

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10/3/16 9:34 AM 9/15/16 6:59 PM

product developments

Material Health

More Fire Codes Supporting Wood Designs Broader code language in the newer ICC and IBC editions is opening the door to a greater application of exterior and interior wood products.

Boon for Structural Wood Showcasing the code’s increasing support of wood products, a good example is a newer recognition for cross laminated timber (CLT), nail laminated timber and structural composite lumber as acceptable materials for use in Type IV Heavy Timber construction, including the use of CLT in exterior walls. These materials can now be applied to roof construction where a one-hour or less fire-resistance rating is required for all but Type I-A construction in all occupancies, reports Bland. This latest development for CLT is noteworthy as the engineered wood product—available in dimensions of up to 10-ft. wide, 40-ft. long and more than 1-ft. thick—is a lighter alternative to steel and concrete, doesn’t require paint or drywall and is quick and easy to assemble on-site. “In CLT buildings, concealed air spaces and wood surface areas are greatly reduced, coupled with greatly increased mass, resulting in greater fire resistance and strength than traditional repetitive member wood frame assemblies,” explains Bland. And now that the IBC has adopted a fire resistance calculation method for CLT from AWC’s National Design Specification for Wood Construction (NDS), this is supporting an increase in fire resistance ratings over past provisions, which was formerly limited to one-hour ratings. No longer required to be tested as an ASTM



1610APPRD2.indd 22

Project: One North Building Location: Portland Architect: Path Architecture Products: Type VB woodframe construction over Type I concrete podium

Photo courtesy: Josh Partee Photography/American Wood Council

With the help of research, extensive testing and industry expertise, the code language is evolving to support a broader application of structural, exterior and interior wood products for today’s building designs. “Slowly, but surely, the codes are recognizing the innovative materials that will provide more opportunities for wood in the future,” confirms Kenneth E. Bland, P.E. American Wood Council, vice president, codes and regulations, Leesburg, Va. “Whereas combustibility was the primary criterion for certain levels of fire safety at the beginning of the codes, advances in fire resistance standards, and testing the proliferation of products and assemblies tested have permitted less reliance on non-combustibility for fire safety, in general.” The latest International Building Code still links maximum building size and height to the primary structure’s combustibility, but the relative importance assigned to the structural frame’s material continues to evolve, he says. Furthermore, requirements for tested protection of penetrations, openings and joints in fire-resistance rated assemblies have increased; requirements for means of egress, including protection of exits, has improved; and active suppression and alarm systems requirements have evolved, as well.

TIMBER BEAMS Larger heavy timber beams, such as this one at inside Portland’s One North building, designed by Holst Architecture, chars on the outside at a slow and predictable rate while retaining strength, slowing combustion and allowing time to evacuate the building.

E119 assembly, this increased ability to leave the wood exposed for aesthetic reasons is effectively broadening applications for wood. For example, the specification permits exposed wood member designs of up to two hours. “It is anticipated the next edition of the NDS will include provisions for even higher calculated fire resistance ratings due to expanded methods recognizing the contribution of a protective layer, like gypsum wallboard, when applied to an assembly or individual member,” reports Bland. Ironically, it was an ASTM E119 fire endurance test which sealed the deal to recognize CLT in IBC’s 2015 edition. In particular, the timber was exposed to a standard fire exceeding more than 1800°F in the first 90 minutes of exposure. The goal was to qualify the wood for a 2-hour rating, which was more than achieved as the test specimen stayed in tact for more than three hours. For more information on AWC and ICC’s Code Conforming Wood Design Series, visit

WOOD FRAME At the 43,418-sq.-ft. One North building in Portland, part of a three-building timber-framed office project, Path Architecture specified four stories of Type VB wood-frame construction over a Type I concrete podium.

—Barbara Horwitz-Bennett, contributing writer

10 . 2016

10/3/16 7:21 PM

Acousti-Clear® Acoustically Rated Movable Glass Wall Systems Designed and engineered for the user in mind, the new Acousti-Clear acoustical glass partition systems provides an all-inclusive family of acoustical glass wall products which provides both the advantages of moveable partitions as well as fixed office fronts within any space. By providing matching ultra-sleek and contemporary panel frames between products, each space can mix and match between operable and fixed panels seamlessly to accomplish ultimate flexibility and space desirability. • Acoustically Rated Glass Wall Systems 45 & 50 STC • New - Full Glass ADA Compliant Pass Door • Single Panel, Paired Panel, Demountable

• Motorized & Automatic Seal Options

Visit or call 800.869.9685 for more information. Download the new STC Sound Experience App to hear the difference only Modernfold products can make in your space. Circle 36 • APAds.indd 23

10/4/16 7:00 PM

product developments

Material Health

Living Light Lab Housing Mohawk’s design team, Light Lab’s floor-to-ceiling glass makes the department appear to float effortlessly in a forest—the perfect setting for this Living Building Certified structure.

Floor-to-ceiling glass expanses make the department appear to levitate in the trees as if seated in a panoramic treehouse.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED Light Lab has satisfied the Living Building Challenge requirements for the site, health, materials, equity and beauty Petals.

360º VIEWS Located in Dalton, Ga., the 33,000-sq.-ft. Light Lab is a mid-century modern building that features 365 degree views of landscape and natural vistas.


Mohawk’s Light Lab in Dalton, Ga. has become Living Building Certified for its material conscientiousness and its light, air and views that foster employee health and wellness. Built in the early 1960s as the headquarters for World Carpet, the building has been used most recently as a showroom space for Mohawk Flooring’s residential products. The building now houses Mohawk’s product design teams. Floor-to-ceiling glass expanses make the department appear to levitate in the trees, as if seated on an adjacent branch—it’s a literal move up the ladder from the below-grade space where some members of the design department used to work. The conceptual design for the interior renovation takes advantage of spectacular views offered by the mid-century building, but it is actually things unseen in the space that are most important to the building earning its materials Petal certification from the Living Building Challenge. Some products used to satisfy the Materials Petal include ECOS paints, Mohawk and Dal-tile flooring, Teknion furniture systems and Tectum ceiling tiles. In addition to earning the Materials Petal, Light Lab has satisfied the Living Building Challenge requirements for the site, health, materials, equity and beauty Petals. Light Lab is the first Living Building in Georgia, and the first product manufacturer’s facility to qualify for Living Building certification, the most stringent healthy building standard. STUDENT INTERACTION The conceptual design for the interior renovation was achieved by students from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).



1610APPRD2.indd 24

10 . 2016

10/3/16 7:21 PM


With building codes placing greater demands on wall performance, the pressure is on architects, owners, and engineers to specify wall systems that comply with evolving requirements without compromising aesthetics, business function, and budget. Today, one manufacturer stands apart for its family of high-value, high-performance insulated metal panels (IMPs) for commercial, industrial, institutional, and cold storage wall systems. That company is Metl-Span. Metl-Span delivers high-quality, durable, and energy-efficient solutions designed for unparalleled performance to stand the test of time.

Learn more about why many of the nation’s most respected names in manufacturing rely on Metl-Span at or call 877.780.6052

©2016 Metl-Span - an NCI Building Systems company. All rights reserved.

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product developments

Materials: Laminates

WILSON CENTER, Temple, Texas Each laminate sheet is handmade according to designer specs. Laminate allows for a high degree of customization, but remains an economical fashion-forward material.

Laminate Spans Decades and Designs Touring the newly opened headquarters of Wilsonart in Temple, Texas, allowed a sneak peek at the inspiration behind its newest collections. The in-house design team scours current aesthetics— from industrial to maker, urban to organic, and everything in between, to inform its latest laminates.

Used all throughout the company headquarters, Wilsonart’s products offer apropos finishes to suit any surface. Explore Wilsonart’s Virtual Design Library for more inspiration. Visit Circle 422

After touring the newly opened headquarters building of Wilsonart in Temple, Texas, the company allowed a sneak peek of the inspiration behind its newest set of laminates. The company’s in-house design department scours aesthetics from industrial to maker, urban to organic, and everything in between in order to devise its latest textures, color families and finishes. Two new finish levels complement 29 new patterns and colors that fall into the following trend plates prepared by Wilsonart’s in-house trend spotters: Inconspicuous, Crafted Industrial, Beauty of Imperfection, Perfectly Paired and Casual Rustic.

wood represent the Beauty of Imperfection. They each possess a level of character that exudes from a seasoned patina by including representations of naturally occurring flaws. Perfectly Paired integrates pattern, texture or design with extraordinary depth and intrinsic interest; the swatches integrate texture as an important part of the process rather than an afterthought. Crafted Industrial represents the desire for unique objects that merge industrial innovations with traditional craft and hand-hewn finishes. The exact notion embodied by the work and materials that Wilsonart has created over the years.

Casual Rustic is cozy and well-loved; it addresses the need for low-sheen finishes in counterpoint to architectural use higher gloss levels such as glass and metals. The Gloss Line finish represents all that is cosmopolitan and sleek, and supports the contemporary interior looks of flawlessly veneered furniture and cabinetry. Selections inspired by Inconspicuous: High Rise, Low Line, Phantom Ecru, Phantom Cocoa, Phantom Pearl and Phantom Charcoal have a hidden dimension of greater complexity disguised in the everyday. Weathered Char, Ebony Char, Fired Steel, Forged Steel, and a personal favorite, White Drift-



Beauty of Imperfection

High Rise

Phantom Cocoa

Phantom Ecru

Weathered Charcoal

Ebony Char

Low Line

Phantom Charcoal

Phantom Pearl

White Driftwood

Fired Steel


1610APPRD2.indd 26

Forged Steel

10 . 2016

10/3/16 7:43 PM

A-77 BIG ArchProd March.qxp_Corn ad 2/22/16 1:39 PM Page 1

Pick Your Own. Or Let Us Grow A New Variety For You.

Many people call themselves custom booth manufacturers and occasionally they do produce a special booth or two. However when it comes to constant day-in day-out,

year-after-year production of custom designed booths, no one can touch the experience, depth and quality of B.I.G. Call or email today for your copy of the B.I.G. Catalog of 316 booths. • • 626-448-1449 • FAX 626-448-3598 • Toll-Free 1-800-669-1449

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product developments

Lightweight Finishes

Gulfstream’s New Cabin: Light and Airy The G600 cabin features some of the most luxurious materials and finishes on the market, but some are applicable to today’s commercial designs.

Photos: Courtesy Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.

How can a plane that travels faster than the speed of sound support a palette of durable finishes as heavy as stone, wood and marble?

Less than 1% of us will ride in a Gulfstream Jet, but that is not to say that one couldn’t specify the materials. The new G600 Cabin features some of the most luxurious materials and finishes available on the North American market, but some of them and their strategies are applicable to today’s commercial market designs. Applications such as elevator cabin’s interiors, cruise ships or any renovation that must be conscientious of its dead loads require lightweight, durable finishes. INTERIOR FINISHES

Applications such as elevator cabin’s interiors, cruise ships or any renovation that must be conscientious of its dead loads require lightweight, durable finishes.

Upon entering the cabin, the vestibule floor is finished in Star Galaxy Brushed Stone from F/List stone floors. The company also produces lightweight woodwork and leather flooring products. Countertops in the galley and lavatories are a natural stone and have a honed finish. The marble, in Nero Dorato, or Noir, is not considered a veneer, but is a thin layer applied over a honeycomb substrate. Also designed and manufactured for lightweight and durability, the cabinetry in the cabin, galley and lavatory are all made from a lightweight honeycomb material covered with lacquered wood veneer. Additionally, this is all lit with LED light sources, the lighting scenes may be controlled from the user’s smart device to reflect the brightness and color temperature desired in the cabin. In case you are in the market for a new G600, they are taking pre-orders now.

Lacquered wood veneer used in tables and cabinetry is available in many finishes.

Upper sidewall fabric from Armani Casa accentuates contours.

Star Galaxy, a black granite quarried in India, is used in the cabin and vestibule floor.

Nero Dorato or Noir is a black marble quarried in Tunisia used in the lavatory countertops.



1610APPRD2.indd 28

10 . 2016

11/14/16 10:30 AM

SPECTRATILE® Ceiling Tiles Reduce Maintenance and Replacement Costs

Perfect for Humid Environments

NO WATER SPOTS GUARANTEED ■ Lightweight and Durable – Wash Them and Put Them Back Up ■ Won’t Harbor Mold, Mildew and Bacteria – Improves Health and Indoor Air Quality ■ Won’t Chip or Break When Removed for Work on the HVAC ■ Waterproof ■ Fits Standard Ceiling Grids ■ Tiles Available in Several Styles –Some Styles May Be Customized ■ Per ASTM E-84 Steiner Tunnel Testing, Flame Spread <25, Smoke Developed <450








Toll Free: 800.835.4110




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Student housing centers draw in students with high-end designs

WOW Factor

Attracts Students Meeting Street | Nichiha Illumination Panels | Charleston, SC

The student housing sector shows signs of continued growth as developers create new facilities across the United States. According to Axiometrics, Inc., a research firm located in Dallas, Texas, it is estimated

that 45,000 new student housing beds will be created across the country in 2016 to meet the demand of college students. These

new developments include a large amount of private off-campus student housing that assists in meeting housing needs. With increased competition among student housing facilities, developers are focusing on the ‘wow factor’ to attract students.

One factor that many student housing facilities are focusing on are common areas where students congregate. They are working to create a living room atmosphere with comfy furniture, fire places, and other design aspects that make common areas feel cozy. These are spaces where students can connect with one another and not feel as isolated within their dorm rooms. The ‘cooler’ the common areas, the more likely a student will feel compelled to stay in the student housing center. Designers are also focusing on academic nooks where students can gather to study and work on projects for class. These spaces get students out of their rooms and into a place where they can strictly focus on studying. Common academic areas often feature large walls where students can write on, unique sitting places, and structures to block out noise. San Diego State University Nichiha Illumination | San Diego, CA

To attract students, housing designers need to step it up in the amenity game. More luxurious amenities are being included in student housing facilities to lure students including pools, state-of-the-art gyms, and rock climbing walls. In fact, pools at student facilities are becoming so common that in order to stand out, developers are working to create bigger and better pools by placing them on rooftops and including specialty features such as lazy rivers.

St. Louis, MO

Another aspect that is contributing to the wow factor in student housing is high-end modern cladding. Architects are seeking the look of high-end materials to create excitement and interest on the exterior of the building. While they want the high-end look, they are met with challenges when it comes to staying on budget. They need an attractive cladding solution at an affordable cost and are also seeking durable materials that will remain looking beautiful for years to come. Many student housing architects are turning toward Nichiha Architectural Wall Panels to achieve the high-end design that attracts students to these facilities. The panels provide the look of metal, block, stone, wood, and so much more. Architects not only appreciate that the aesthetics of the panels help attract students, but also the benefits they receive from Nichiha’s fiber cement cladding including durability, cost-effective pricing, easy installation, and a built-in rainscreen.


• Ad-spread-template.indd 30

10/6/16 8:55 AM

Terrapin Row | Nichiha Illumination and SandStone Panels | College Park, MD

Both students and parents play an important role in the student housing design process as architects are always keeping in mind the end user who will be living in the facility. Students need to have the buy-in to the housing center as well as their parents. Students may be the ones living in the facilities, but parents are the ones who are paying university expenses and they want to ensure their students are happy, comfortable and safe. Atlanta mom Allison Cobb was recently involved in the process of selecting student housing with her son Hampton. Hampton started college at Georgia Southern University and Allison was very interested in learning about the type of housing facilities available to her son. Allison shared her thoughts saying, “As a mother, I want to ensure my son is comfortable in the space he will be living in. When looking at student housing facilities on campus, I was interested in seeing a modern building that provided him with updated rooms, large common areas for socializing and studying, and fun perks like a pool that would really make him feel at home. For my peace of mind, it was also important that the facility offered safety features such as a gated entry and well-lit parking and walkway.” Hampton Cobb had his own list of amenities he was looking for in his new living quarters. He shared his wish list saying, “When I first arrived on campus I was excited to see what my experience would be like living at college. I really wanted to make sure my building had strong Wi-Fi, large rooms, and an outside deck for each apartment. I was happy that I could find most of these items along with other cool amenities I wasn’t expecting. Having a selection of housing options available allowed me to find the right fit and made my first year of college an awesome experience.” Architects will continue to produce creative spaces and high-end designs to attract students to live in university housing developments. Focusing on the wow factor can often prove to be profitable in the long run. As the student body evolves over the years, so will the definition of the wow factor as it reshapes to provide students with exactly what they are seeking.

COLORFUL CAMPUS CLADDING Custom-color cladding is often used to create an enticing exterior on student housing facilities that raises interest among potential student dwellers. Nichiha Illumination panels were recently incorporated into the dynamic Riverton Community Housing Cooperative for University of Minnesota students. When it came time to design the multi-story building, UrbanWorks Architecture was not wanting just any shade of yellow, but looking for a particular yellow they had in mind. Illumination’s custom color capability proved to be the best solution as it provided the architect with precisely the yellow he was looking for and created the lively exterior needed to attract students to the facility.

Read the full case study at

University of Minnesota | Nichiha Illumination Panels | Minneapolis, MN

866.424.4421 ©2016 Nichiha USA, Inc.

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10 10.2014 . 2016

10/6/16 11:24 AM





the double life of faรงades By Vilma Barr, contributing writer

10 . 2016

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Façade Fungibility

Photo: Piero Ottaviano

‘Dynamic’ may be an understatement when it comes to façade developments as the roles of geometry and materials expand in ever-creative ways.

The classic façade of The Number Six in Turin, Italy, a 352-year-old former palace is now a 36-unit condo.

By Vilma Barr, contributing writer

Façades have a double life. Beyond being an enclosure, façades, via fenestration, for example, can heighten the form and visual purpose of a building of any size, be it a single-level structure or a skyscraper. Increased use of daylighting brings natural light to the interior; when the interior lights come on in the evening, together with exterior illumination, structures can become monumental sculptures. Façades are also the interface between the inside and outside, and impact the overall effect of surrounding buildings or the landscape itself. But what determines a building’s skin—its materials, surface texture, fenestration, color? In architectural

terms, it is an opportunity for designers to express their vision and aesthetic intent. Indeed, today’s range of materials and technological support available, make design possibilities nearly limitless. But in creating such wonders, design teams face the enormous challenge of selection from concept through to the final realization, while dealing with the hyper-activity of new product introductions, from lighting systems to electrochromic technology that tints glass windows as a built-in benefit. Decisions about façade design—glazing ratios, material specification, thermal mass and shading— are made with a combination of data and creativity

to promote more sustainable buildings. Gensler, in its annual practice commentaries, predicts a future marked by dynamic façades that will be a direct benefit for the people inside. “Developments that utilize new glass technologies, operable façades, and user adaptation, promise to boost both worker satisfaction and building sustainability,” says Duncan Lyons, Practice Area Leader for Commercial Office Building Developers Following are six notable trends in context of a façade’s relationship to the environment; light/ energy; color/media; form/sustainability; surfaces/ materials; and integrated intelligence.

Environmental Relationship Façades at ground level provide a visual introduction to interior spaces: lobby, living space, working space, retail stores, hospitality venues, among them. Consultants and owners alike are asking the building façade to manage energy with modeling and monitoring technologies. Architectural historians often begin their lectures on a façade’s classical relationship to its environment by showing historic Greek and Roman era buildings. The ancients understood their environment; knew how a building should be positioned in the landscape: and knew how the sunlight would create contrast between bright and shadow; and how to allow for ventilation from breezes

Façades through the ages are the face of the structures that communicate their role in our world. They are fashioned of natural materials, extracted from the ground, or produced with electronics to respond to today’s user needs.

coming off the sea. Combined with 21st century technology and pervasive innovation, observers have indicated that the building envelope—the threshold between nature and the built environment—is defining the science and art of the façade. Decisions about facade design—glazing ratios, material specification, thermal mass and shading—are made with a combination of data and creativity to promote more sustainable buildings by helping the building industry design, build, operate, maintain and transform all facets of the built environment.



1610APTRL4.indd 34

Building: Le Duc Ha’s studio Location: Vietnam Design Studio: Tropical Space Façade: Woven clay bricks

WOVEN CLAY The studio’s outermost layer is made of solid clay bricks that are interweaved. Openings are created holes which help to keep the inside cool by allowing wind ventilation from breezes coming off the nearby Thu Bon River.

10 10.2014 . 2016

10/6/16 11:24 AM

INNER GLOW Located in a part of Vietnam dependent on agriculture and handcrafts, including terra cotta and silk making, Le Duc Ha’s studio and showroom is a structural expression of the artistic versatility of terra cotta as a building material.

10 . 2016

1610APTRL4.indd 35



10/6/16 11:24 AM





Light + Energy Façades create neighborhoods. They facilitate orientation, convey messages, communicate emotions and create attention. Contemporary lighting solutions for building façades create added value for municipalities or have architectural or economic merit by making a location more beautiful and safer. Showing a building off in the right light or achieving a positive corporate visual image demands great aesthetic design sensibility. Nowadays, lighting solutions also need to be sustainable, save resourc-

es and prevent unnecessary light pollution. An intelligent, resource-saving combination of façade lighting meets functional and esthetic requirements, creates new urban spaces and lends a unique quality to architecture at night. Façades are an important component to the technologies driving the development of net zero buildings. Architects observe that floor to ceiling glass transparent boxes, admittedly beautiful to observe, are difficult to get to net zero.

Designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro, in collaboration with Gensler, the 14-story glass tower houses facilities for medical and graduate education. CUMC’s goal was to minimize the carbon footprint and reducing gas emissions by 30% by 2015.

Considerations include looking at all of other building materials that are opaque and higher performing than glass. Reinforced plastics have some interesting and clearly advantageous properties. The benefit is that their weight is significantly less, with less moment of inertia the higher you go. Another approach: mechanical and lighting systems and an holistic approach to an energy retrofit project that can often mean an envelope upgrade.

NURTURING COLLABORATION Inside the Vagelos Education Center, a unitized aluminum mullion curtainwall integrated with GFRC elements provide a more controlled day-lit environment.

Photos: Nic Lehoux, courtesy of Diller Scofi dio + Renfro

Project: Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center, Columbia University Medical Center Location: New York City Architect: Diller Scofidio + Renfro Façade: Transparent stick-built curtainwall system with glass fin supports, low iron glass and low-E coating, fixed and operable shading



1610APTRL4.indd 36

10 10.2014 . 2016

10/6/16 11:25 AM

IDEAS IGNITE with the next generation of masonry The Museum at Prairiefire honors the region’s most prominent features — its prairie fire burns and rolling landscapes. Hear the vision behind the museum from its designers, and see how Echelon Masonry helped its creators achieve the seemingly impossible.

See the full story at


PRODUCTS USED Artisan Masonry Veneers® Cordova Stone | Kansas Limestone | Dichroic Glass

© 2016 Oldcastle. Echelon is a registered trademark of Oldcastle. Oldcastle Architectural is a registered trademark of Oldcastle. All rights reserved. ECH16-037

Circle 41

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Surfaces + Materials Engineers and structural consultants believe that façades should be conceived in layers, where materials come together as one complete system. They predict that fabric and glass, ETFE, PV and perforated metal louvers will all working together as a skin. In the future, a façade surface will integrate dynamic or kinetic components, creating an architecture that integrates multiple materials and systems into a singularly performing envelope. Glass has historically influenced the dynamics of the building on which is attached. Beginning with the religious expressions inspired by the grandeur of stained glass windows, today’s glass technology responds to the environment to meet the lifestyle needs of the structure’s human users. Brands such as SageGlass are equipped with electrochromic technology that tints on demand—from a darkened state that absorbs and reradiates away the sun’s unwanted heat and glare, to a clear state that maxi-

mizes daylight and solar energy. SageGlass, part of the Saint-Gobain group of companies, was installed throughout the firm’s new North American headquarters outside of Philadelphia. Green façade technology, over the past two decades, has evolved into a viable design component that can provide multiple benefits and aesthetic value to a wide variety of building types. Green façades are created by vines and climbing plants that are rooted in soil or containers, growing upwards or cascading down, and require a structure to maintain their position, develop growth, and survive through seasonal exposures. “Living Wall” is a technology that relies on a prefabricated modular or monolithic vertical soil or hydroponic system to root plants on a vertical plane, creating a .vertical garden, with irrigation, drainage control and nutrients delivered and organized vertically.

ANGLED PANEL A field of 7000 angled panels cover the façade of the parking structure vat the Eskanazi Hospital, Indianapolis, designed by Rob Ley Studio. The east/ west color strategy creates a dynamic façade system that produces a visual experience, day or night.

SCULPTURAL IDENTITY In the Boulogne-Billancourt section of Paris, the Ile SeguinRives de Seine, the former Renault factories, are undergoing adaptive reuse as 220 moderately priced housing units with support services including educational facilities. The Mansardstyle roofs and different roof openings and window placement levels break up the straight lines of the building frontage. Four vertical staked entrance loggias define the seven-story apartment building, transformed from a former auto factory by Tetarc. Each tower is wrapped in interwoven riveted aluminum. An outer exaggerated tracery resembles a close-up of the metal mesh underneath. From the landings, residents proceed to their own flats. White façade with sculptural towers creating an identity to four the connected buildings on the surrounding urban scene.

Project: Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Hospital Location: Indianapolis Designer: Rob Ley Studio Façade: 7000 angled panels, Indianapolis Fabricators; PPG IdeaScape

Project: Ile Seguin-Rives de Seine, Boulogne-Billancourt Location: Paris, France Façade: Interwoven riveted aluminum wrapped around each tower

Photos: Stephane Chalmeau, courtesy Tetrarc

Green façade technology, over the past two decades, has evolved into a viable design component that can provide benefits and aesthetic value.



1610APTRL4.indd 38

10 10.2014 . 2016

10/6/16 11:25 AM

Photos: Serge Hoeltschi

GLASS MURAL A total of 18 different sizes and angles in shades of deep blue and golden yellow cover the façade of Eskenazi Hospital’s parking structure. The final panel layout plan was determined with the aid of original software created by the architect.

10 . 2016

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Intelligent Façades A façade that utilizes digital content, light art, and lighting design is Silo 468 in Helsinki. Tapio Rosenius of Lighting Design Collaborative converted a disused oil silo into a mesmerizing light art piece and a public space with the aid of swarm intelligence, interactive lighting, and daylight, responding to parameters such as wind speed, temperature, and falling snow. The façade, repeated as the interior, gained worldwide attention and awards. “To me,” says Rosenius, ”LEDs represents an extension of information, entertainment, and technology into the built environment. For the Silo, we can control very small packages of light individually. “The revolutionary development of LEDs has opened up fresh design approaches for façade lighting,” Rosenius observes. “The controllability of the brightness and light color of LED light

sources, together with their diverse optical characteristics, are making innovative technical lighting solutions possible. For example, façade lighting can be realized from inside a building thanks to the compact dimensions of LEDs. Rather than flooding façades with light, it is now possible to integrate light sources into the architecture, with low energy consumption.” As we incorporate more and more computer intelligence into the façade, other possibilities emerge; products that allow increased responsiveness and adaptability to the user’s request and to the supportive relationship with the contemporary environment.

Silo 468, on the shores of the Baltic Sea in Helsinki, Finland, with an innovate lighting and control system designed by the Lighting Design Collaborative, gained wide acclaim for its integrated approach to monitoring and reacting to the surrounding forces of nature.

INTERIOR FAÇADE The walls of the unused waterfront silo in Helsinki were pierced over 2000 times to create a daytime/nighttime presence. Inside the structure, now used for performances and other public gatherings, there is a representation of the artificial illumination statement made by 1280 custom LEDs as installed on the exterior.

LIGHT AND NATURE Custom software uses swarm intelligence and nature-simulating algorithms that change lighting patterns by responding to such forces as wind speed, direction, temperature, snow and the night sky’s clarity. At midnight, exterior floodlight turn the surface deep red for an hour.

Project: Silo Location: Helsinki, Finland Façade: LEDs Lighting: Lighting Design Collaborative



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500 20 13 colors


Louis Stokes VA Medial Center


Unlimited shapes

St. Catherine’s Medical Center

PROVEN PERFORMANCE, ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES The Belden Brick Company is privileged to serve hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout North America with more options than any other brick manufacture in the world. As the industry leader in delivering the largest selection of more than 500 colors, 20 different sizes, 13 textures and unlimited shapes, Belden will meet all your product needs with the time-honored quality and experience we’ve mastered.

The Standard of Comparison Since 1885 An ISO 9001 Compliant Quality Management System. An ISO 14001 Compliant Environmental Management System. Circle 42

• APAds.indd 41 BeldenBrickHospitalAd15_ArchitecturalProducts.indd 1

10/4/16 7:45 PM 4/11/16 9:28 AM





Form + Sustainability That the building envelope is inextricably linked to every other building system is an unchallenged structural tenet. In a recent recorded discussion on the evolvement of façade design, architects and engineers voiced their observations on the current and future status of façade and function. Edward Peck of Thornton Tomasetti sees a trend towards a whole building approach, where façade technology is married into the interior mechanical systems and architectural form. “It’s moving towards a whole system approach where the enclosure is not seen as an independent element, but is congruent, overlapping and part of the overall technology of the building,” he stated. As new materials are introduced to the everwidening palette of structural materials, sustainability becomes an important consideration. “As

façades become more intelligent with electronics and other devices, we have to think very critically about the longevity of the building enclosures we’re designing,” Peck said.

Façades no longer need to adhere only to flat profiles that turn corners at 90 degrees and have predictable roof lines. Decisions about the components of façade design are made with outreach objectives supported by technology that seems to broaden its reach by the hour.

Project: Diane-Dufresne Art Centre Location: Repentigny, Québec, Canada Architect: ACDF Architecture

SOLID GEOMETRY Occupying a total of 77,000 sq. ft., the buildings of the Laayoune Technology School are connected by a set of external paths, squares, and walkways to establish a spirit of community and interaction. Constructed for the client, Zohr University, the program consists of classrooms, workshops, amphitheater, library, offices and accommodations for students and staff. Project: Laayoune Technology School Location: Casablanca, Morocco Architects: Saal El Kabbaj + Driss Kettani + Mohamed Amine Siana Engineers: Bepol

CLASSIC MEETS CONTEMPORARY Drawing on classical principles for the design of the façade and form of the Diane-Dufresne Art Centre, ACDF Architecture created a new image for this suburban Montreal community. Its siting, massing, circulation and materiality contribute to the municipality’s redevelopment master plan to establish a cultural corridor that will also include gardens, a civic plaza and theater. ACDF’s design for the Art Centre’s exterior is a contemporary interpretation of classic themes. It is set back from nearby roads so it can be seen in a dramatic context. A row of shimmering stainless steel columns is adjacent to a reflecting pool. The curved wall leads visitors to the full-height glass main entrance. Cladding for the building draws on the color and texture of the region’s vintage churches.



1610APTRL4.indd 42

10 10.2014 . 2016

10/6/16 11:26 AM

Photos: Doublespace Photography

ARCHITECTURAL VOCABULARY The architectural vocabulary is described by the designers as “… solid, geometric, playing with the contrast of the ocher exterior and interior light.” Sun protection techniques include brise-soleil, double skin and protected walkways.”

10 . 2016

1610APTRL4.indd 43



10/6/16 11:26 AM





Color and Media “There is a close mutual interrelationship between color, light and materials which can fulfill various tasks: It can simply follow functional dictates but can also convey emotionality and aesthetic appeal to attract attention,” says Stefan Hofmann, lighting designer with Lichtwerke, Cologne, Germany. “Color can be used as a symbol, to make a building apparent even from a distance,” he adds. Façade lighting is a hydra-headed marketing tool. An appealing townscape attracts tourists and investors like a magnet. Emotional lighting involves transforming architecture or using light to shape it rather than simply embellishing it. Light patterns, and colors inject fresh character into plain, unpretentious architecture at night. Neutral objectivity is replaced by an emotionally perceived experience. Creative lighting elements invite the onlooker to contemplate and linger, and provide an interestingly varied atmosphere. Communicative lighting solutions convey information with the façade as a screen. They provide opportunities for presenting brands and messages:

Media content such as text, images and animations can be projected onto controllable LED pixels on the façade. Stage settings that use corporate colors create a unique brand identity. Strategically placed façade lighting concepts add dimension to the planar surface life bring architecture through the eye’s adjustments to distance and perspective, into a theatrical frame, without a defined stage set, but one which the eye adjusts for clarity and focus. Light gives the corporate design of a brand a greater long-reach effect and added prestige. As a real estate marketing technique, new lighting on such established buildings as 230 Park Avenue in New York City brings them into the mainstream of Class A buildings in competitive markets. While urban landmarks such as Times Square in New York base its iconic allure on multi-story electronic billboards, other cities trying to adapt this scenario mount billboards with movable commercial messages to century-old structures with what most observers call questionable results.

UNDERGROUND SHOPPING Eaton Centre is located in the center of Montreal’s commercial district on Rue Sainte-Catherine. It’s an underground shopping destination, with 175 stores and dining facilities, connected to other below grade retail and service establishments linked via walkways to protect shoppers from inclement weather, particularly during the city’s cold winter months.

To give the entrance a bright fashion presence at street level, Orgatech Architectural Lighting supplied a frame of 2600 ft. of LED RGB with power connectors and DIM controllers.

Photos Courtesy: Organic Lighting Systems

Project: Montreal Eaton Center Location: Montreal, Canada Facade: Organic Lighting’s liniLEDs



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10 10.2014 . 2016

10/6/16 11:26 AM

NOT USING ARCAT? YOU’RE NOT GETTING THE WHOLE PICTURE. ARCAT provides architects, engineers, spec writers and contractors with the most comprehensive on-line resource for building product information. You will find this and more online at for FREE, and no registration required!

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Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Troy, Michigan Architect: Harley Ellis Devereaux (HED)

Build beauty with us Mustard (G06-4057) Orange (G14-1359) and Dark Blue (G14-1432A) in Norman size and Mustard (G06-4057) in Utility size. Visit for full details.

Colors, textures, sizes, shapes and materials— Glen-Gery provides architects and designers the largest palette of hard surface options to bring visions to life. To learn what’s possible call 484.334.2878 for our idea book or visit Circle 44

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PrivaSEE—Control Sound Transparently

The One and Only NanaWall • Independently tested and rated to STC of 36 and OITC of 30.

PrivaSEE frameless opening glass wall provides flexible space management and enhanced acoustical separation.

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• Provides better sound buffering than many fixed all glass partitions. • All glass system with no floor track.

Showrooms Nationwide 800 873 5673 Circle 45

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10 . 2016

10/6/16 10:19 AM





Progressive Education is all About Good Business Academia has responded to Corporate America’s desire for a workforce that is better prepared in their eyes to hit the ground running. As a result, higher education spaces are beginning to reflect the look and feel of a corporate campus. by Megan Mazzocco, senior editor

10 . 2016

1610APMOC3.indd 49



10/6/16 10:19 AM







Gateway Community & Technical College in Covington, Ky. is housed in a 1900s-era furniture store. Furniture systems make the large spans and bright spaces functional.


Node 5-star base stool

n Node tripod base with work surface swivels and rolls.

orporate America’s push for graduates well versed in critical thinking and other skills of value to the business world is beginning to disrupt college campuses across the land, forcing institutions of higher learning to re-evaluate traditional, lecture-based education. As four-year college costs skyrocket, Jeffrey Selingo, former editor of the Chronicle of Higher Education, and author of the New York Times’ bestselling book, There Is Life After College, posits enrollment in technical and certifi cate programs will swell for years to come as they offer graduates better return-on-investment than traditional fouryear-degree universities. Gensler’s 2016 Design Forecast supports Selingo’s hypothesis, stating that in some cases certificate programs are actually supplanting fouryear degrees. “Students’ cost-to-value issues could prod them to bypass traditional institutions for new options tied more closely to job markets and careers,” notes the report. David Broz, Principal and Education Practice Area Leader at Gensler, Chicago also observes a drive toward



1610APMOC3.indd 50

Courtesy: Steelcase

Gateway Community College tells a compelling story of engagement and student retention through a simple furniture tweak.

cross-institution learning opportunities. “This is leading to badges and certifications that students are looking to obtain in order to achieve a customizable degree that’s best for them,” says Broz. And while community colleges provide an attractive option for families looking for a more economic option, they are no panacea: Statistics show that student retention is a challenge, as only 25% of students enrolled in the fall return in the spring; and only 39% of students graduate in six years. [Based on data from the U.S. Department of Education and the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. Full-time community college students graduate at a rate of 57% within six years, according to the report, either from the institution where they originally enrolled or another college.] Gensler’s report also notes a shift toward handson learning and interaction inside and out of the classroom. Steelcase’s take on the concept in the

n Node Chairs and Verb Tables are configured for a group discussion.

classroom is called Active Learning. A steep departure from a traditional classroom of static seats in rows, Active Learning involves the flexibility needed to adapt to modern pedagogy (teaching methods), such as teamwork, interactive discussions and peerto-peer learning. A number of more progressive institutions are transitioning from traditional formats to active learning environments. Take Gateway Community & Technical College in Covington, Ky., a case study in a recent report on Active Learning compiled by Steelcase. GC&TC renovated its classrooms to include desks and chairs on casters. Reinvigorated by the transition to active learning spaces, instructors’ lesson plans incorporated the new furniture, and the students responded to the approach. “I could literally see them thinking, then moving,” says an instructor. After one year, Gateway experienced a 3% jump in overall student retention.

10 . 2016

10/5/16 8:22 AM


FORMAWALL® INSULATED METAL VERTICAL JOINT THE NEXT CHAPTER IN INNOVATION Introducing a joint venture in art and engineering. Formawall® Insulated Metal Vertical (IMV) Joint is the new standard in CENTRIA Formawall insulated metal panel systems. The Formawall IMV joint enhances the exterior aesthetic by replacing traditional exposed gaskets at end joints with metal joinery while providing an improved thermal barrier at the end joint.


Discover the next chapter in innovation at To learn more call 1.800.250.8675 Circle 46

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The Garage at Northwestern Univ. in Evanston, Ill. is a 12,000-sq.-ft. multitenant space where students, academics and local start-ups share a café, conference rooms and equipment.

Such success has not escaped the notice of traditional four-year universities—many who are also in the process of re-engineering academic models to engage Corporate America in somewhat of a twoway mentorship. For example, corporate-influenced interdisciplinary spaces are beginning to appear on campus, such as the University of Illinois’ UILabs’ Digital Design and Manufacturing Innovation Institute (DDMII) in Chicago. Created by SOM, DDMII brings industry and academia together by allowing students to participate in advanced manufacturing and R&D projects. “The physical adjacency of things, that have been traditionally separate, is going to create a new way of working and that will give conceptual results that will happen a lot faster,” says SOM’s Jaime Velez. Similarly, the “The Garage,” at Northwestern University in north suburban Chicago, by Gensler, provides a 12,000-sq.-ft. multi-tenant space where students, academics and local start-ups share

n The partitions at the conference fronts are blackened expanded metal panels on a blackened steel frame. Metal work by Vector Custom Fabricating, Chicago.

“Today’s digital revolution allows rapid access to knowledge, but we are finding clients looking to build spaces that allow for this sort of [self-directed] exploration along the way.” —David Broz, Principal +Education Practice Area Leader, Gensler, Chicago



1610APMOC3.indd 52

Work tables have a blackened steel base on casters with sanded and stained OSB tops. The end panels of the tables are blackened expanded metal. Millworker (tops): United Woodworking in Schaumburg, Ill. Metal worker (table base): Vector Custom Fabricating in Chicago.


Images Courtesy: Gensler, Photos: Garrett Rowland

a café, conference rooms and equipment. The design for the technology incubator represents the university’s outreach efforts to promote idea-sharing with the local business community and encourage entrepreneurial investment in Northwesternconceived start-ups. Students achieve self-directed learning in spaces that support engagement in creativity through an exploration of science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM). “Graduates need a depth of expertise in not just one or two areas, but also in having the ability to apply knowledge from areas other than their own, so they can collaborate across disciplines and approach problems in new ways,” says Sean Corcorran, general manager of Steelcase Education. Engaging in learning across disciplines follows a creative problem-solving model Steelcase has dubbed “Think.Make-Share.”

n The perforated ceiling and wall elements are made from OSB (oriented strand board) that’s been sanded, perforated and sealed by millworker United Woodworking in Schaumburg, Ill.

10 . 2016

10/5/16 8:36 AM

Insider knowledge that thinks outside the box.

The Lighting reSOURCE is the leading online destination for lighting industry information, education and inspiration. From LED toolkits and photo galleries to original content, the Lighting reSOURCE gives you 24/7 access to the information you need to energize your career. In-depth articles cover a range of emerging design trends and industry news, including a breakdown of the most recent changes to the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) requirements to help ensure your projects are code compliant. To view this feature and similar articles, visit

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A successful “makerspace” at Grand Valley State Univ. provides access to both digital resources and physical materials.

n Steelcases’ Verb Whiteboards are a key element in the active learning environment. Students may brainstorm, share or document individual ideas.

Images Courtesy: Steelcase

n Steelcases’ Node chair with 5-star base allows for easy movement, and both relaxed and engaged postures.

One key to success in the creativity of the “Think. Make.Share.” process is non-hierarchical spaces, reports Steelcase Education research. Beyond that is balance. Creative work is most effective in learning spaces that support team work flow and sharing of information. Libraries are suited to the “Think. Make.Share” niche as they reinvent themselves from repositories of books to places of creative learning and interaction. “It’s not your grandpa’s library,” says Jennifer A. Griffin, Senior Media Communications Specialist at Steelcase of the Mary Idema Pew Library and Information Commons at Grand Valley State in Allendale, Mich. “They



1610APMOC3.indd 54

are making way for technology and spaces where people can meet, think, make and share.” The library’s recent renovation illustrates a successful adaptation to support a new educational paradigm of active, self-directed learning. That said, there is a tendency to allow the frenetic energy of the “Maker” space to overwhelm heads-down thinking or the kind of informal sharing that happens in the Think.Make.Share. process. But the library, now viewed as an “information commons,” is fostering creativity with a balanced mix of spaces that accommodate interaction, resourcefulness or refuge for deep thought and concentration. Different

n Steelcase’s Brody was the answer to observing students’ creating their own study niches.

zones and furniture are designed to cue group work, one-on-one, or solitary heads-down thinking. “In the library, students take control of the learning as they discover, analyze and share information, and in the process become comfortable working individually and with others,” says Elise Valoe, senior design researcher in Steelcase's report. Additionally, with these components in place, Grand Valley State is positioned to embrace future shifts in technology or pedagogy, “Flexible furniture really isn’t an option; it’s a requirement if we want to optimize use of the building,” says Lee VanOrsdel, dean of university libraries at Grand Valley State.

10 . 2016

10/5/16 8:23 AM

20 years of vegetated roof experience... brought to life in one app.

American Hydrotech introduces the Garden Roof® Planning Guide iPad® app, a first-of-its-kind digital brochure that helps design professionals take a vegetated roof from initial concept to completion. Packed with photography, technical information and videos, design professionals can explore assembly options and components, growing media and vegetation, and learn about topics such as design considerations, economic and sustainable benefits, installation and maintenance, and much more.

Download your copy today at

American Hydrotech, Inc. 303 East Ohio | Chicago, IL 60611 | 800.877.6125 | © 2016 Garden Roof is a registered trademark of American Hydrotech, Inc.

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The new interdisciplinary Newport Beach Campus at Coastline Community College provides 66,800 sq. ft. of programming, as well as hardscape and landscape. The project includes construction of a 260-space, on-site parking lot directly adjacent to the structure. Key sustainable features: stormwater management, natural ventilation, green roofs, living walls, maximized daylight and views of the ocean. The building earned LEED Gold certification and surpasses Title 24 standards by 33%.

Images courtesy: LPA

n Verb Tables in rectilinear or triangular modules feature casters for mobility and easy re-configurability.

Having to stretch budgets is forcing educational campuses to maximize their use of real estate to offer state-of-the-art resources, says the Gensler trend report. For example, the social spaces LPA created at Coastline Community College, Newport Beach, Calif. are shared by the school and the community, boosting the college’s ability to foster residents’ personal development, as well as academic growth. Paramount to the long-term sustainability and success of the super-campus’ Learning Center is its design goal to accommodate the programming needs for an entire college campus into a single



1610APMOC3.indd 56

building. Careful planning allows for fl exibility in operations and resource management. The building takes advantage of its proximity to the ocean to incorporate passive conditioning, says LPA architect and senior project designer, Silke Frank. “The concrete’s thermal lag properties are supported by the ‘breathing’ glass facades to cool and ventilate the entire building.” Naturally ventilated exterior circulation areas and temperature-activated low-velocity fans in the building’s main hall reduce mechanical loads. A green roof helps insulate the building while an underground water storage system by Cudo holds stormwater onsite.

n The chairs in the lab are Steelcase’s Cachet with arms and casters.

Its interior views to the ocean inspire creativity, a spectacular backdrop that allows simple, easily maintainable materials to finish the space; a public art gallery also promotes community engagement. A super-campus model is not far from anyone these days—at least not in California. LPA has successfully designed this building type for a number of private and public clients. According to Frank, its success is based on the physical proximity to students, a sense of community, and the ease of accessing all college amenities in one building.

10 . 2016

10/5/16 8:23 AM


SNX 51/23 on CrystalBlue

New Guardian CrystalBlue

is perfect for contemporary structures that are big on light, smart on energy. Our clients prefer its light blue color, and CrystalBlue pairs perfectly with the SunGuard® coatings we specify.” Paulo Perkins, GraceHebert Architects

SN 68 on CrystalGray

Spandrel H T

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academic chicken or corporate egg? It is difficult to say for sure whether academic settings are imitating corporate campuses or viceversa. GlaxoSmithKline’s new headquarters in Philadelphia boasts free-range employees invited to work wherever they feel most inspired. In Boston, GE's Beth Comstock has noted she has high hopes that its new corporate hub will act as an innovation campus similar to those devised at top universities. “They don’t necessarily have to do with this

specific market [education], they are just [good design] tenets to foster better thinking, flexibility and collaborative design,” notes Velez of SOM’s design for the DDMII. As the desire to engage students and fuel innovation continues, this nascent two-way mentorship will evolve, materializing in facility designs that foster creativity across disciplines to precipitate fruitful collaboration.

“Offering choice and control for the task at hand—that’s what we’re reflecting into education.” —Jennifer A. Griffin, Senior Media Communications Specialist, Steelcase

products in educational buildings

PARK IT Solar glare is minimized through the use of a custom stainless-steel mesh installation at one of the world’s first parking structures to be Green Garage certified. The 700-space facility at Universities at Shady Grove in Rockville, Md., was designed by Ayers Saint Gross. Cambridge Architectural Circle 421

HIDDEN SOLUTION Valparaiso University’s new Beacon Hall features a flat membrane roof that supports HVAC equipment. FGM Architects faced site constraints that made the roof the only suitable HVAC location. Single-Width Slate polymer roof tiles add to this Collegiate Gothic illusion, but without maintenance issues of real slate roofing. DaVinci Roofscapes Circle 420



1610APMOC3.indd 58

10 . 2016

10/5/16 8:23 AM



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products in educational buildings

The ceiling panels, which are 50%-75% lighter than other panels in thier class, are installed into Chicago Metallic’s seismic suspension system.

MEETING THE UNIVERSITY’S NEEDS Arkansas State University’s Humanities and Social Sciences building features Rockfon’s Tropic 1020 stone wool acoustic ceiling panels, with the goal of meeting Seismic Design Categories D, E, and F, high NRC of 0.85 and high light refl ectance of 0.86. Rockfon Circle 419

FLEXIBLE WALL FOR HIGH-TRAFFIC AREAS A flexible roll ideal for off-angle applications, Leveline can create both short and long turns with a flange that coves gaps and poor framing. A built-in flexible hinge fits any inside or outside corner angle to create crisp, straight lines. Leveline is both crack and impact resistant for high-traffic areas.

LARGE FORMAT ACOUSTICAL PANELS Made with 71% recycled content, Optima concealed ceiling panels create a monolithic visual in large format panels that fully conceal any suspension system. Armstrong Circle 418



1610APMOC3.indd 60

CertainTeed Circle 417

ON THE VERGE Adding the Verge LVS-Series to its offering of multiuser lavatories, Bradley Corp.’s latest addition delivers an efficient personalized hand washing space with a nice aesthetic. Made from Bradley’s Evero Natural Quartz surface, the material combines natural quartz with an eco-friendly bio-based resin and recycled glass, with 25% recycled content. Bradley Corp. Circle 416

10 . 2016

10/5/16 8:23 AM

456_multifamily_Arch Products_- 10/3/16 8:18 AM Page 1


DIVISION Railing, Guardrails, Windscreens, Spider Fittings, Cladding, Column Covers, Sun Control Systems


DIVISION Entrances, Storefronts, Curtain Walls, Windows, Window Walls, Commercial Hardware, Door Controls, Bi-Folding Walls


DIVISION Interior Office Partitions, Frameless Shower Doors, Stacking Partitions, Demountable Walls


Products, Tools, and Supplies to Get the Job Done Right


CRL-U.S. Aluminum is the leading single-source manufacturer and supplier of architectural glazing systems. Our vast product portfolio–coupled with a strategic distribution network–gives us complete control over quality and lead time that translates into absolute peace of mind for those who specify, install, operate, or occupy.

Project: ONE LIGHT Location: Kansas City, MO Architect: Humphreys & Partners Systems: Series TT601 Unit-Glaze Window Wall and Series 900 Terrace Doors


E-mail: Phone: (800) 262-5151 Ext. 5305 Fax: (866) 262-3299 Web:

ABX2016 Architecture Boston, BOOTH 437


Circle 51

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10/3/16 12:44 PM

new & improved

Words of Power I recently played a variation of the party game Cards Against Humanity...

Less risque than the aforementioned, Cards Against Mediocrity, was created by Valspar for ILFIs recent Living Product Expo. The twist on the name alludes to the Living Building and Living Product challenges, as quite to the contrary of the name of the mock game, the hope is the ILFI standard inspires excellence in architecture and manufacturing. The buzz words in this “game,” however, are far from only being aspirational, as Living buildings, net-zero, Passive House design, and Red-List Free

Excellence in architecture and product design has the power to affect climate, health and social justice. products—when combined—represent power to affect climate, health and social justice. This sentiment was expressed by MASS Design Group’s Michael Murphy, who in a recent TED Talk, said a holistic approach to architecture has the power to create economic impact and dignity anywhere in the world. For example use of Passive House standards at Maine’s Village Center Apartment housing complex dramatically reduced operations costs; similarly, the adoption of Parsons’ Healthy Materials Lab’s Healthy Affordable Materials Project palette of accessible, healthy materials has the potential to curb disproportionate cases of chronic health problems experienced by low-income populations. At last month’s Living Product Expo, Armstrong, Columbia Forest Products, Mohawk, Owens Corning, Tarkett, Valspar and others presented a full house of product solutions—some we feature here: Tarkett’s iQ One, a non-PVC, C2C Gold flooring product will be available in the new year; Valspar’s Fluropon Pure adheres to Living Building Challenge’s Declare Label. Living Buildingcaliber products from Dal-Tile, ECOS and Tectum appear in Mohawk’s Light Lab on p 24.

Megan Mazzocco Senior Editor



1610APNEW2.indd 62


HEALTH IQ IQ One from Tarkett is the first non-PVC homogeneous flooring product on the market. It is certified Cradle to Cradle Gold for material health that is safe for humans and the environment. Its dry-buff surface restoration property provides a long product lifespan with minimal maintenance costs in high traffic areas such as public spaces, education and healthcare facilities. Circle 415

1010.2014 . 2016

10/4/16 6:11 PM

new & improved

ViviGraphix Spectra glass is available in tempered glass with multi-layered patterns and etching on one or both glass surfaces.

FAST GLASS The Zoom digital darkroom is Forms+Surfaces’ intuitive design tool that helps designers place large-scale high-resolution images into ViviGraphix Spectra glass interlayers for offering stunning views of nature and the world. The app gives full access to the Zoom image library or create original artwork. Circle 414

When company culture dictates lunching at ones desk inside an urban high-rise its imperative to provide restorative break-out and conference areas in leiu of a mid-day encounter with nature. FORMS+SURFACES Zoom

Bring the outdoors or colorful inspiration into conference rooms and the office with glass interlayers in stunning large-scale images.

10 . 2016

1610APNEW2.indd 63



10/4/16 10:54 AM

new & improved

HEAT WAVES Aestus offers full-length glass panel radiators ideal for larger spaces. Kinetic, Mirror, Classic and Satin are slick designs manufactured from mild steel; they stand 1.8-m high, with widths of 370 mm up to 550 mm and provide a high heat output of up to 896W (3058 Btu/hr). Elegant Cube Angled valves complete the design, which is suitable for closed heating systems. Circle 413

AESTUS Glass Panel Radiators


Low-VOCs, passive heat and plenty of daylight contribute to quiet, healthy interiors that promote well-being and productivity in the built environment.

The Fallbrook series for glass partitions gives customers and designers a unique interior aesthetic coupled with acoustical performance. Assemblies using CR Laurence’s low-profile Fallbrook hardware creates a minimalist visual; it also offers sidelites to complement the thin frames, which accommodate 0.375-in. or 0.5-in. glass. The finishes include satin anodized and brushed stainless; and the hinge and lock hardware is available with squared or rounded edges. Circle 412


ALL-WEATHER WALL NanaWall SL80-81 is a thin profile, energy-efficient glass wall opening. Despite its ultra-thin profile, it promises unparalleled thermal performance and virtually unlimited configuration options including inward or outward opening. The energy efficient operable glass door panels are a hallmark of the design at One King West Hotel and Residences in Toronto where the thermal break design keeps cold air outside while maintaining comfort inside—even right up against the glass and frames. Circle 411



1610APNEW2.indd 64

1010.2014 . 2016

10/4/16 10:55 AM

McNICHOLS® Perforated and Expanded Metals

come together to create a semi-transparent design element at Arizona State University Scottsdale Innovation Center SkySong 3. The materials follow the roofline and continue onto the parking structure. The panels act as a sunshade that maximizes energy-efficient light diffusion while achieving the necessary transparency for those inside the building. Please allow McNICHOLS to support you on your next project. With a highly-skilled team and 18 stocking locations nationwide, we are ready and Inspired to Serve™ you!

Arizona State University Scottsdale Innovation Center SkySong 3


Scottsdale, AZ


FEATURED HOLE PRODUCTS McNICHOLS® Perforated Metal, Plain Steel Cold Rolled, 16 Gauge, 3/8" Round on 9/16" Staggered Centers, 40% OA


McNICHOLS® Expanded Metal, Plain Steel Cold Rolled, 1/4 #18, Standard, 43% OA

Industrial & Architectural Hole Product Solutions Since 1952.

866.754.5144 Circle 52

Green Building Entrances Mats and Gratings That Perform

Learn how to select entrance mats and gratings that improve indoor air quality and protect a building’s interior flooring. This course includes industry recommendations for reducing tripping hazards and using zones to design an effective flooring system.

Circle 53

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URL - Credit - 1hr HSW

1 (800) 554-6077 10/4/16 1:23 PM

Shelving System DGS1

FELT FLAIR FLOORING Unika Vaev offers unique Fraster Custom Rugs among its acoustically minded products. Made from felt, the rugs can be cut to any shape or form and still maintain a clean edge. Design a custom pattern or design your own rug pattern or pathway or start from Fraster’s standard patterns and 31 colors to create an intriguing acoustic treatment that aids in wayfinding and adds functional flair to the floor. Edge stitching assures dimensional stability and a slip-free EVA backing secures a sound installation. Circle 410 UNIKA VAEV Fraster Custom Rugs


Designers now have the flexibility to work with elevation changes on rainscreen façades.

Shelving colors

A STANDOUT OPTION Designers have new freedom to play with elevation changes on rainscreen façades with Intercept LVLZ modular metal panels. The panels allow for as much as a 2.5-in. difference in panel-to-panel depth, and integrate seamlessly with the Intercept line’s Entyre system. Panel depths range from 2 in. to 4 in., in sizes spanning to 48-in. × 120-in., and 30-in. × 138-in., for both horizontal and vertical orientations. Circle 409

Toll-free 1- 866 -215 -1421 Circle 54

1610APNEW2.indd 66

10 10.2014 . 2016

10/4/16 10:55 AM

To boldly go where no fan has gone before! Airius air destratification fans fit tightly within building truss structure for full ceiling-to-floor air circulation

KARICE Electron Wall Sconce









NUCLEAR SCONCE Karice’s Electron Wall sconce constructed of aluminum and acrylic. The sconce is dimmable and illuminates from its inner and outer edges without shadowing. The design is inspired by the path of an electron around the nucleus of an atom and won Gold at the International Design Awards. Circle 408

• No exposed blades • Easy to install • Wireless control • EC motor

The World Standard For Destratification

Call 303.772.2633 or visit FINAL_Arch Prod 2016nonbleed_Layout 1 12/7/2015 3:49 PM Page 1

Circle 55

MARAZZI Luminescence

PEARLIZED GLASS MODULES Highly reflective, artisanal, poured glass modules feature pearlized colors ranging from subtle neutrals to vibrant darks. Luminescence by Marazzi comes in 3-in. × 4-in. glass rectangles that project a flat surface juxtaposed by a beveled border that drops to a concave rectangular back, creating a sense of depth. Resplendent colors elevate vertical spaces. Circle 407

10 . 2016

1610APNEW2.indd 67

Circle 56

10/4/16 7:56 PM

new & improved

CARUSO Sound Absorbing Panels

SOUND OFF Caruso sound absorbing panels feature a unique foam material that delivers outstanding sound absorption. Ceiling hung, wall mounted and free-standing panels may be custom print with any high resolution image and are available in 22 colors, a range of fabrics, and variety of patterns. Circle 406

Expand Your Reach with Wireless.

Acoustic partitions deliver privacy and inspire creativity in the office; they also afford flexibility in the footprint—they provide a form of play: a grown-up version of fort building.

SFA SANIFLO Floor-mounted China Bowls

NOTIFIER Can Help You Expand Beyond the Reach of Traditional Wired Installations. NOTIFIER solves installation challenges with the innovative SWIFT® wireless detection system – the first UL 864 approved, Class-A wireless mesh network fire system. Now with a UL-approved 2-year battery life! This smart wireless technology opens new opportunities in applications such as parking garages, historical buildings, warehouses, or locations with concrete walls, ceilings or buried wires. NOTIFIER’s SWIFT® wireless system offers unobtrusive fire detection with its integrated line of smoke detectors, heat detectors, and monitor modules. By using a true mesh network, SWIFT® provides the reliability and flexibility expected in a fire system solution. Learn more at

Circle 57

1610APNEW2.indd 68

MACERATING MACHINE Releasing a new elongated and round-front toilet bowl, with a floor-to-rim height of 16.75 in., these two new options are compatible with SFA Saniflo’s macerating plumbing systems. With its integral P-trap, the bowl evacuates through a spigot outlet in the rear, as opposed to the bottom, to quickly and quietly reduce incoming solid and liquid effluent from the toilet bowl. Circle 405

10 10.2014 . 2016

10/6/16 10:17 AM

new & improved

BENTLEY (Los)t Angeles

URBAN ARCHEOLOGY Through the lens of its latest carpet collection, Bentley’s (Los)t Angeles narrative tells the story of the city’s juxtapositions and embodies the sprawling, open book of Los Angeles that somehow manages to be gritty and razor-sharp while living up to a laid-back, sun-drenched bohemian reputation. The large-scale abstract blocks of substantial color of Underground and Trespass’ exaggerated scale of pixelated plaid are expressed in a range of seven colorways that span from urban-inspired neutrals to vibrant, saturated hues. Circle 404


Out of Sight... Peace of Mind Automatic Smoke and Fire Curtains Open Up Design Possibilities Colt automatic smoke and fire curtains from Bilco stay hidden until they’re needed. In the event of a fire, curtains automatically lower to aid emergency egress by protecting exit routes from smoke and heat. Products are equipped with an electric motor that holds the retracted curtain at ceiling level and unrolls the fabric automatically upon receiving a signal from a fire detection system.

AGED APPEARANCE, MODERN SENSIBILITY RoughCut is the latest addition to the Modern Collection of manufactured stone veneer, and it mimics the age-old appeal of limestone, with its embedded, fossilized artifacts and roughly cleaved face. Shown here in the Casa Blanca finish, the stone also is available in a range of other blond, russet and gray tones, and in a broad array of sizes. Circle 403

10 . 2016

1610APNEW2.indd 69

For more information, log-on to BLC925 AP SmokeCurtain Ad.indd 1

Circle 58

2/13/15 8:51 AM

10/4/16 6:15 PM

new & improved

WATER-PROOF WONDER Made from waterproof, lightweight Kerdi-Board building panels, shower benches and curbs from SchluterSystems expedite the process of waterproofing tile showers. Offering two new tray sizes, in addition to its existing three sizes, the upgrade makes it easier to select a tray to match the dimensions of the shower floor. Circle 402




Over 200 Million Square Feet Of Installed Product In The US, Canada, Europe & Middle East More Than 25 Lab Tests On Concrete & Wood Frame Assemblies With All Types Of Flooring ∆IIC Ratings Of Up To 26 (Per ASTM-2179), Highest Of Any Direct Bond Product On The Market Sound Control With Nothing To Hide, All IIC/STC Test Documents Shown On Our Web Site Totally Sustainable, All Products Over 90% By Weight Recycled And/Or Renewable Content

’CRETE CRED The modernization of the 10-acre Cleveland Public Square incorporates vast green spaces and unique design elements including more than 2 million pounds of custom precast concrete from Tectura Designs. The stunning array of massive and intricate concrete formations required hundreds of complex molds. Circle 401

Products Specifically Designed For Code Compliant Installations Of:

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Ceramic Tile & Natural Stone

Engineered Hardwood

AcoustiCork Products Amorim Cork Composites, Inc. PO Box 25 - Trevor, Wi 53179 (800)-558-3206 - (262)-862-2311

Circle 59

1610APNEW2.indd 70

10 10.2014 . 2016

10/4/16 10:56 AM

The Best Pavements

new & improved


ILEX Kaset

grass porous paving


gravel porous paving IN





1982-2012 invisible ctures com | 800 800-233-1510 1510 Circle 60

The Industry Leaders in Energy Efficient, Museum-quality Daylighting™


TECTURA DESIGNS Precast Concrete

10 . 2016

1610APNEW2.indd 71

Kaset is one of four popular fixture families now available with integrated LED lamping, meaning these redesigned models are now optimized for energy-saving LED performance, with the LEDs built into the package. The ADA-compliant Kaset is available in 18- and 24-in. sizes, with a color temperature of 3000K. Also available with integrated LEDs are the Alto, Astor and Bliss luminaires. Circle 400



high performance translucent building systems

800 258 9777 | KALWALL.COM

Circle 61

10/4/16 6:50 PM

new & improved

Zintra Acoustic Solutions are available in 0.5-in. construction in 4-ft. × 9-ft. panels. The company offers myriad colors from bright limes and yellows to custom colors and printed graphics. A diverse array of patterns add visual interest and playfulness to functional wallcoverings.



SOUND DESIGN Introduced last year at NeoCon, Zintra Acoustic has become part of MDC’s curated collection of wall textiles. Zintra Acoustic Solutions includes Zintra Acoustic, Zintra on Zintra, Zintra Acoustic Textures and Zintra Printed, which range from 0.26 to 0.60 NRC ratings, depending on the design. Circle 399

MDC Zintra Acoustic

Sloan’s turbine powered option for its BASYS faucet line. The turbine technology generates hydroelectric power that can potentially extend faucet battery life up to 10 years. Circle 398

VERSA Chesapeake

FAMOUS ESTUARY COMES TO HIGH TRAFFIC WALLS Versa’s new Chesapeake wallcovering draws its inspiration from the rippling waters of the Chesapeake Bay, featuring intricate detail and texture. Low-VOC and certified to NSF 342, Chesapeake brings distinctive horizontal textures to high-traffic corridors in corporate, hospitality, retail and senior living facilities. Circle 397



1610APNEW2.indd 72

1010.2014 . 2016

10/4/16 10:56 AM

Build forever.



Selection Solutions Education Innovation

Naturally-made, premium stone products. Our Natural Process technology creates the appearance, performance and aging characteristics of stone, but with the design flexibility and installation benefits of a manufactured stone. Incorporate the value of lifetime durability and the beauty of natural stone with Arriscraft.

Circle 62

The Concealed Closer That Stands Out

They’ll Never Know It’s There

What you don’t see, matters. The Rixson 91 Series closer minimizes visual impact while making a statement in function and durability. Designed for heavy duty applications, this reliable closer is ANSI Grade 1 certified, UL certified, and ADA compliant. The 91 Overhead Concealed closer comes in 14 finishes to blend with any opening and is appropriate for wood, metal and aluminum doors. Add in the ease of installation and low maintenance, and this is the concealed closer that’s a stand-out in performance.

Copyright © 2016, Yale Security Inc., an ASSA ABLOY Group company. All rights reserved.

Circle 63

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10/4/16 6:59 PM

new & improved

TOUGH CUSTOMER The Dolmen collection of multipurpose porcelain tile from Alcalagres stands up to multiple lines of abuse: it is stain-, frost- and acid-resistant, and can handle high volumes of foot traffic safely, thanks to its non-slip finish. Shown here in “gris,” the tile also can be specified in three other colors, along with three finishes and five sizes, to meet the needs of custom installations. Circle 396



COSENTINO Dekton XGloss Naturals

LOOKING GLOSS Cosentino’s new Dekton XGloss Naturals Series includes Glacier, Fiord and Tundra, three sleek colorways that offer a modern take of the most sought-after marbles. The high-lacquer finish captures and enhances the delicate veining found in natural stone, but Dekton promises durability and performance unmatched by natural formations. Glacier embraces delicate, warm veining with creamy undertones to capture the natural, dramatic beauty of its namesake. Fiord (right) has subtle contrast between shades of white, cream and gray; it captures oceanic movement in its pattern. Tundra (left) takes inspiration from ancient marble, combining crème and ocher hues with ample negative space suited for traditional and contemporary palettes alike. Circle 395



1610APNEW2.indd 74

GO AHEAD AND VENT A full-vent option is available for Flush Soffit panels, for use in soffit, wall and fascia applications where the design calls for a flush or flat appearance. Panels feature a rounded interlock leg and concealed fastening system, and are factory-formed to length—up to 25 ft.—to minimize field cutting. Designers can choose from flush and reveal configurations. Circle 394

1010.2014 . 2016

10/4/16 10:57 AM

The look that works in Irvine, California.


ACOUSTIC EDGE MetalEdge trim is designed to use when installing modular carpet tiles over existing concrete or wood floors. It is ideal when specifying modular carpet without having to install it wall-to-wall. This allows for a budget-conscious installation of modular carpet under boardroom tables or under collaborative nesting islands throughout occupied spaces to improve acoustics while preserving the ambience of the environment and reducing costs. Circle 393

CRL-U.S. ALUM Electric Strike

Koll Airport Professional Center Renovation, Irvine, CA ARCHITECT: LPA, Inc., Irvine, CA THE LOOK THAT WORKS: Clear-anodized aluminum sun controls reduce energy costs, and contribute to LEED credits.

Architects, builders and building owners across the U.S. rely on Airolite for innovative, effective product solutions that make a unique visual statement while performing critical functions. Our products ventilate, illuminate, reduce glare, prevent water penetration, save energy, provide visual screens and add security for new and renovated buildings. For well-crafted products, assembled in America and delivered on time, let’s partner on your next project. BOLT IN PLACE

10 . 2016

1610APNEW2.indd 75

© 2016 Airolite

With a bolt position sensor right within the strike housing, C.R. Laurence’s latest Electric Strike, thoroughly cycle-tested for reliability, is designed to electronically notify security personnel if facility doors are not properly closed and locked. Compatible with most building security and fire safety systems, the system offers greater versatility as a single-source, entrance system solution. Circle 392

715.841.8757 | LOUVERS | SUN CONTROLS | GRILLES Circle 64

10/4/16 10:57 AM



Rigid. Flexible. Better. Choose wisely, choose SkeleCore


POWERFUL SHADE SolarScapes prefabricated structures offer a modular solution to patio shading, carports and other similar applications, offering both solar protection and solargenerated electricity thanks to LSX Module System solar photovoltaic panels. The structures are shipped disassembled, with all necessary mounting rails and assembly hardware, and bolt together without field cutting, drilling or welding. Circle 391

Deflation-Free SkeleCore is Fabric Ductwork’s answer to metal ductwork. It’s like metal, but BETTER! SkeleCore Fabric Ductwork uses a patented 360° system of fabric tensioning providing Better Performance, Better Aesthetics, Better Air Dispersion, and COSTS LESS than metal duct! To see SkeleCore in action go to:


1-866-DuctSox 10 10.2014 . 2016

Circle 65

1610APNEW2.indd 76

Font is Futura Medium Italic



10/4/16 6:53 PM


The wall-mounted Meg11 is simply an attractive form and a universally accessible bathroom design solution.


NOT SO UTILITARIAN Leave it to the Italians to design an elegant take on a utility sink; Galassia’s wall-mounted Meg11 combines high design and practicality for a perfect place to soak your delicates; this contemporary washbasin designed by Antonio Pascale takes an unexpected twist in its materials, form and accessibility. Circle 390

QUAKER WINDOWS & DOORS Aluminum Architectural

LETTING THE LIGHT IN With its narrow sightlines and large glass size options, Quaker’s new energy-efficient M600 AAMA-rated AW-PG70 Aluminum Architectural certified window series is a great option for daylighting. A 3.25-in.frame depth and 1-in. insulating glass is offered with a multi-point locking system for added safety and security. Impact rated, the high performance system delivers continuous weather-stripping for reducing air and water infiltration. Circle 389

TURN TO MAXXON FOR BEST IN CLASS FLOOR SOLUTIONS For renovation or new construction on college campuses, Maxxon offers a complete line of underlayments, sound control mats and moisture mitigation products: • Used for fire ratings, floor leveling and sound control • Gypsum Underlayments • Level-Right Self-Leveling Underlayments • Acousti-Mat Sound Control Systems • Moisture Vapor Barriers • More than 100 UL Fire Rated Designs • Documented sound tests over a variety of assemblies • May help contribute toward points for LEED® project certification Learn more: 800-356-7887 © 2016 Maxxon® Corporation, all rights reserved.

10 . 2016

1610APNEW2.indd 77

Circle 66

10/4/16 10:57 AM

ed t a r o Perf tal Me

NINJA OF HARDWARE DORMA’s black anodized DRS Rail System plays an outstanding but diminutive role providing an elegant base hardware for a highly specialized red glass wall. The rail system’s slim profile supports wide expanses of glass, discreetly floating the glass without obstructing its beauty. Circle 388

DORMA DRS Rail System

FLOATS LIKE A BUTTERFLY Jackson & Ryan Architects took inspiration from the name of their client, the Monarch Institute, in plans for the school’s new Chrysalis Building. Standing-seam metal roofing panels emphasize the roof’s wing-like profile. Circle 329

AIROLITE Storm Class MBCI’s standing seam roof system also contributed to the project’s LEED Gold certification, thanks to its reflectivity and recycled content.

MBCI SuperLok

STORM CLASS 1.877.840.0881 Circle 67

1610APNEW2.indd 78

Combination louvers are designed to allow for highvolume intake and exhaust ventilation while still protecting against water penetration, even in severe winddriven events. The louvers backup the horizontal front module with a vertical rear module to meet performance requirements outlined for hurricaneprone regions. Circle 387

ALUCOBOND Custom Color Request

COLOR YOUR WORLD Custom color matching for exterior aluminum composite wall panels has gone online with Alucobond’s new web-based Custom Color Request feature. Designers who have created an account can request color matches—including gloss level, surface finish, type of paint and number of coats—by uploading an image, providing a Pantone Matching System number or sending a physical sample. Production of a custom-colored sample can also be tracked online with regular email notifications of production process. Circle 386

10 10.2014 . 2016

10/4/16 10:57 AM



Look to VIRACON for


architectural glass.

Whether your project is 1-story or 101-stories, contact Viracon, the only fabricator offering a million custom options and a single-source warranty. Glass sizes up to 130” by 236”


To learn more go to Circle 68

• 1609APAds.indd 79

10/3/16 9:35 AM

new & improved

Pthalate and PVC-free, Plaid and Speckle are available as 18-in. sq. or 6-in. × 36-in. planks and 6-ft.-wide wall-to-wall.

CHILEWICH Plaid and Speckle

SWEET AND SASSY Plaids and Speckle from Chilewich make the perfect pair. One is bold, linear and funky, while the other is understated and refined. Both give cozy residential vibes with the benefit of contract performance. Circle 385


hitectural ardware Fine






DP3A/2-21 SECUROCK ExoAir 430 System


Tab Drawer Pull Our best-selling DP3 Series Drawer Pulls now available with a 2"profile! w w w.m o c k e t t .c o m

Circle 69

1610APNEW2.indd 80

8 0 0 - 523 -1269

At the heart of the ExoAir 430 System is a gypsum sheathing panel with a factory-applied fluid air barrier that eliminates the need for air-barrier application at the jobsite. The panels are a jointeffort that combines USG’s Securock glass-mat sheathing with Tremco’s fluid-applied air barrier into a single product. Additional components include compatible sealants, primers, connections and foam that work together to create a continuous exterior air barrier. Circle 330

10 10.2014 . 2016

10/4/16 8:03 PM

2016-1064_2016-1064 3/15/16 3:35 PM Page 1

Customer Satisfaction made easy






Our railing systems offer exceptional beauty, durability, structural integrity, and ultra-low maintenance. They include a range of styles, colors, infill, and LED lighting options to meet any design need, while pre-engineered components snap and screw together to make installations a breeze. For free catalog and dealer locations, 1-800-888-2418 or Circle 70 2016-1065_2016-1065 3/15/16 3:59 PM Page 1

Customer Satisfaction made easy

You work hard to create inspiring designs that your customers will love; we can help make it a little easier. Our CableRail stainless steel cables offer a viewfriendly railing infill option that’s attractive, durable, and ultra-low maintenance, while our automatic-locking Quick-Connect® cable fittings make installations a breeze. NOT JUST BLACK AND WHITE Equipe’s new Magical 3 collection features one of tile’s most classic looks, the juxtaposition of black and white, with modern flair. Because of the collection’s 3D shapes and angles, the tiles play with light to create highlights and lowlights, adding a sense of dynamism to the palette. Tiles are available in 6-in. × 6-in. and 5-in. × 4-in. and in versions of black, white and metallic. Two styles, Curve and Lance, are available in four colors and Umbrella and Star are available in seven colors. Circle 384

Free catalog and dealer locations 1-800-888-2418 or visit

10 . 2016

1610APNEW2.indd 81

Photo courtesy of Decks by Kiefer

EQUIPE Magical 3

Circle 71

10/4/16 8:01 PM

new & improved

Trilium, Cosentino’s first recycled Dekton product satisfies material reuse and the desire for an industrial chic aesthetic.


URBAN-INDUSTRIAL CHIC Cosentino has introduced its first recycled Dekton product, an aged Corten steel look. Dubbed Trilium, it is part of the Tech collection, which satisfies demands for the sustainable-chic, urban-industrial aesthetic. Circle 383


GALAXY GLASS & STONE Endless Interlayers Collection


CUSTOM DECORATIVE GLASS The Endless Interlayers Collection of Architectural Decorative Glass expands its offering to feature a new earthy, neutral color palate combined with gold metallic accents and textures. Made by Galaxy Glass & Stone, the collection can be customized for any application— wall cladding, doors, partitions, and more, and is available in various panel sizes with 3/8-in., 0.5 in., 5/8-in., 0.75-in. and 1-in. thicknesses. Circle 382



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Chella Textiles has devised an inherently flame-proof fiber formulation for sheers. The company’s new PrometheusFR outdoor sheers exhibit the same colorfastness, mildew resistance and washability of Chella’s luxury performance textiles, plus they pass NFPA 701 small scale vertical flame code for drapery. Circle 381

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World-class technology and manufacturing capability to provide a complete solution Samsung LED Lighting solution is ready to support your business • The Industry-leading performance of LED packages and lightng modules • Smart Lighting Platform to easily transform luminaires smart, digital nodes

LED Compoenent

LED Engine

Smart Lighting Platform

Visit Circle 66 72

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Inspired Product + Material Choices



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Molly McNight, senior lighting consultant for Arup and owner of McKnight LLC, a WBE- and DBE-certified architectural lighting consulting business .

10 . 2016

1610APFRM2.indd 85

Samsung Device Solutions Americas Headquarters San Jose, Calif. It goes without saying that a manufacturer known for its high-tech products should ensure those advancements are on full display in its own facilities. Hence, Samsung’s new building in San Jose, Calif., is a living demonstration of the company’s strong R&D presence in the Bay Area, with its LEDs used throughout as part of an aggressive energy-efficiency platform. For the 10-story, LEED Silver building, lighting design and engineering firm Arup and fixture manufacturer Acuity Brands were tasked with designing a lighting system that would achieve 30% below Title 24, a progressive goal when the building was designed in 2013. All of the fixtures use Samsung LEDs, which also wasn’t typical at the time. “This provides another layer of interaction with the client, which is a great story—being able to have the manufacturer who is using the building be able to say, ‘This was made by us,’” says Molly McKnight, senior lighting consultant with Arup.



10/6/16 10:08 AM


Along with showcasing Samsung’s capabilities, LEDs and Acuity’s fixtures were essential to accomplishing the project’s goals, not just for their extreme energy efficiency, but also for their versatility and ability to contribute to the work environment rather than take away from it. “The important thing was to create an atmosphere for the people who were in the building day after day and create a sense of well-being with the lighting,” says McKnight. “It’s important always with lighting to understand the environmental impact of light. To use light to create a sense of space and to meet the needs of the space.” With this in mind, the team knew they wanted to move away from the typical 2 × 2 or 2 × 4 grid pattern, says Joey Ralston, director of sales and operations for Acuity. As such, custom architectural fixtures and a variety of others are integrated into each space in a way that blends in or stands out to meet the specific operational needs of each area. The roughly 16,000 fixtures in the building encompassed 20 to 25 different product families across five or six Acuity brands.



The recessed linear in the ceiling, as well as embedded in the stairs are a recessed wall product that provides a balance of efficiency and performance.

Square and round downlights. Evo Downlight Gotham (Acuity) gothamlighting.acuity

SPR LED Mark Architectural Lighting (Acuity)

“It’s important always with lighting to understand the environmental impact of light. To use light to create a sense of space and to meet the needs of the space.” —Molly McNight, Arup

Café Lighting Circle luminaires in the café are a softly translucent domed lens, complemented by minimal trim. Magellan LED Mark Architectural Lighting (Acuity)



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PAVI NG T H E WAY TO N EW PO S S IBIL IT IE S W I T H PAV E R S M A D E B I G G E R , S T R O N G E R A N D D E L I V E R E D F A S T E R D i s c o v e r t h e p o s s i b i l i t i e s a t Te c t u r a D e s i g n s . c o m


Our new paver manufacturing technology and state-of-the-art facility mean unparalleled artistic control and shorter-than-ever lead times. The beautiful, high-quality concrete pavers you know and love from Wausau Tile now come in more sizes and surface textures, with four-color blend capabilities and self-spacing lugs available to cut installation time and cost. Customization is easier than ever before. IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, WE CAN DO IT.

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01 Lighting u Mark Architectural Lighting (Acuity) SPR LED Recessed linear in the ceiling, as well as embedded in stairs Circle 380

u Mark Architectural Lighting (Acuity) Magellan LED Circle luminaires in the café Circle 379

u Mark Architectural Lighting (Acuity) SLOT 2 LED, SLOT 4 LED Transparent acrylic linear luminaires in upper floors Circle 378

u Gotham (Acuity) Evo Downlight Square and round downlights Circle 377

u Finelite, Samsung Finelite, HP-4 Direct/ Indirect LED series w/ 4000K Samsung LED boards Circle 376



Light Sensor When entering a conference room, the occupancy/vacancy-sensor controlled lights activate to a preset level of 40%, where they can be left for maximum energy savings or be raised or lowered. The system includes controllers in the ceiling, sensors, low-voltage switches and photo cells. The programmable system is plug-and-play out of the box, but was upgraded for networking to central servers throughout the building. DLM system Wattstopper



1610APFRM2.indd 88

Lighting “Huddle spaces” feature an ambient layer of light provided by ceiling pendants or linear slot lights arranged playfully. Finelite, HP-4 Direct/ Indirect LED series w/ 4000K Samsung LED boards Depending on a space’s size, Gotham’s EVO 4-in.aperture fixtures wash walls. Each space has dimming and individual controls. “We wanted to be able to provide people using the space as much flexibility as possible, but not have so many fixtures in a room that it causes confusion,” says McKnight.

Façade consultants were part of the early design process alongside the lighting and architectural design teams. The team worked together to study the lighting, mechanicals, window sizes and more to determine how daylighting would penetrate the interior spaces to ensure optimal daylighting and reduce heat gain. From the outside, the office floors have a wide punched-window look, with the sizes of windows changing from smaller to larger. Electrical lighting followed after that. “All of these different constituencies worked closely together. You can see the results in the façade,” says McKnight.

Collaborative Spaces Collaborative spaces, which look out into the atrium, feature countertop-height chairs and other flexible seating arrangements. Here, recessed, high-output downlighting provides the ambient layer and the natural light from the atrium provides an accent layer, helping to avoid a feeling of sameness. “Beautiful materials in there change with the color of daylight throughout the day,” McKnight says. “The scale of the space is large, but because of the daylight and a simple ambient layer of light it feels more residential in those movable, comfortable seating arrangements.”

Work Spaces Work areas feature surface-mounted 1-ft. × 4-ft. fixtures in a linear pattern, with photocell controls, as well as individual task lights at the desk area, all integrated into the furniture.

02 Controls u Wattstopper DLM system Circle 375

03 Not Pictured u Lithonia Lighting (Acuity) Omera Acuity re-engineered its outdoor fixture to meet Samsung’s needs Circle 374

Finelite fi


“The important thing was to create an atmosphere for people who were in the building day after day and create a sense of well-being with the lighting.” —Molly McNight, Arup

Project: Samsung’s Electronics Device Solutions America Headquarters Location: San Jose, Calif. Size: 10-story office tower, cafeteria pavilion, multistory parking garage, Opened: Sept. 2015 Architect: Arup, NBBJ

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EDGE Introducing the new Plastic Laminate Partitions with Moisture Guard™ Edge Banding. Our Moisture Guard™ Edge Banding fuses with the substrate creating a seamless beveled profile that eliminates any unsightly black lines that appear in standard Plastic Laminate. Moisture Guard™ Edge Banding: Available on all partition doors, panels, pilasters and urinal screens in 45 colors.

ASTM tests on Moisture Guard™ Edge Banding confirms 3X greater durability with increased resistance to moisture and humidity than standard Plastic Laminate. Available in 45 colors/patterns and our new Easy Stall Shoe* speeds up the installation process. Our Plastic Laminate with Moisture Guard™ Edge Banding is now backed with an industry leading exclusive five-year warranty. To see a sample, contact 706.827.2700 and ask to meet a sales representative. *Floor Anchored/Overhead Braced Only.

NEW Plastic Laminate Moisture Guard™

Standard Plastic Laminate

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Converging Architectural + Performance Goals

Lee Hall III, Clemson University Clemson, S.C. The bar is always set high for architects designing schools of architecture, and that certainly was the case for the team Clemson University assembled to expand its facilities in 2009. First, elevations for the building, dubbed Lee Hall III, had to respond to the school’s existing signature structure Lee Hall, which was recently listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Also, interior spaces needed to encourage collaborative learning among both architecture students and the range of



1610APFXN.indd 90

other related departmental disciplines who would call the new structure home. And, finally, the finished building needed to perform at the highest levels of sustainability and energy efficiency and to become, through this performance, an element, itself, of the school’s curriculum. “Always, the goal was to be a building that teaches,” says Kate Schwennsen, FAIA, director of the Clemson University School of Architecture. “We went into it saying, we want a highly sustainable building

that will teach our students.” Importantly, it is not just architecture students are learning in this space. The original Lee Hall, along with Lee Hall II, an adjoining structure built in 1975 and expanded in 1991, had a history of bringing the architecture school together with the departments of art, landscape architecture, city and regional planning, construction science and management, real estate development and the Ph.D. program in planning, design and the built environment. In the older structures,

however, departments were compartmentalized into specific building areas. Lee Hall III was developed to break down barriers between disciplines that work closely together outside the university’s halls in commercial project development. The design team, which included Thomas Phifer and Partners and McMillan Pazdan Smith, with structural engineers from Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and climate engineers from Transolar, succeeded on all counts. Opened in Jan. 2012, the building has gar-

Kate Schwennsen is a recognized leader in bridging architectural education and practice, with expertise on issues of design leadership, diversity and evolving models of practice and education in architecture.

nered numerous awards, including a 2013 AIA Honor Award, and according to Schwennsen, its wideopen spaces, ample supply of daylight and views have made it a valuable recruiting tool for prospective students and faculty who visit the space. Finally, studies have shown it uses a quarter the energy of the average Clemson classroom

building, with no sacrifice to comfort, a lesson Schwennsen hopes will stick with the students well into their professional lives. “Hopefully, they leave here knowing that designing sustainable buildings should not be questioned,” she says. “After spending a few years in this environment, they know they can do it— and have to do it.”

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Daylighting ‘Shrouds’

Incorporating plenty of natural light was, well, natural, for a facility designed for students in architecture and the visual arts— but standard skylights could have resulted in disruptive glare, along with solar heat gain. So the designers created scoop-shaped shades of perforated metal that are oriented at an angle to filter and soften the sunlight that passes through the skylights.


Clemson, S.C., Clemson University’s hometown, sees upward of 53 in. of rain per year, and managing stormwater runoff, along with minimizing heat gain, was a goal for project designers. A sedum-based vegetative roof—at 30,000 sq. ft., it’s called the largest in the southeastern United States—helps meet that need. The planting material captures rainfall, which Schwennsen says can come down in monsoon-like quantities, which then slowly drains, thanks to the roof’s gently sloped profile. Lee Hall III’s green roof was nearly a victim of a tightening budget, according to Schwennsen. “It got value-engineered out, but thanks to some very generous donors, it got added back in at the last minute.”

Gentle Arch Further reinforcing the concept of a forest canopy, the roofline of Lee Hall III isn’t flat, but, rather, curves in a gentle arc. The 4-ft. rise from the roof’s edges to its center helps drain the planted green roof—and also means each of the tree-like support structures needed to be designed for its specific location. Aiding project budgets, though, the castings that connect columns to their branching arms are identical.


10 . 2016

1610APFXN.indd 91

“It’s a beautiful view. It’s not unusual to walk out and see students taking photos of a beautiful sunset.” —Kate Schwennsen, FAIA, Director of the Clemson University School of Architecture

SKYLIGHTS, INTERIOR VIEW Bountiful natural illumination supplied by the 25 skylights, each 7 ft. in diameter, along with the full-height glazing on the building’s north and south walls, means artificial lighting is rarely required during daytime hours.



10/4/16 7:25 PM

“It is beautiful, the quality of the light and the view. You forget what a rare privilege that is in today’s environment.” —Kate Schwennsen, FAIA, Director of the School of Architecture, Clemson University

Stretch Goals “This elegant project shows a determined drive to reduce columns to their most elongated and slender,” says Anne Lewison, AIA, senior architect and senior design leader with Snøhetta, New York, in her comments on the project as a judge in the American Institute of Steel Construction’s 2013 IDEAS2 design competition. She calls this approach, “a refreshing reminder to continue to stretch design at every opportunity.”

CURTAINWALL Lee Hall III’s north and south façades are both floor-toceiling glass, with a custom-insulated, low-iron glazing for high-efficiency performance and super-clear views.

LIGHTING Indirect light fixtures are mounted above the offices and aimed to bounce off the Lee Hall ceiling as an ambient light source.


To make use of natural ventilation, when appropriate, the curtainwall incorporates automated transom-level windows that open when exterior temperature and humidity sensors (along with an online pollen-count database) give the okay. At those times, indicator lights located in the building’s four corners turn green, suggesting it’s a good time for students to open floor-level, manually-operable windows. According to Schwennsen, students tend to follow their own inclinations, rather than the green-or-red indicators when it comes to opening and closing the lower windows, but that’s fine with her. She’s simply pleased these budding designers and developers have the experience of a direct connection between indoors and outdoors that these two walls of glass provide.



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Their structural design work to bring Thomas Phifer’s tree-like support columns to life earned engineers at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill an Outstanding Award from the National Council of Structural Engineers Assn. These “trees” branch out under each of the 25 skylights, further diffusing the natural daylight. Specifi ers chose pipe columns with 1-in.-thick walls— a type more frequently used in oil- and gasline construction—for the trees’ “trunks.” The thick walls allowed for a gracefully slender overall circumference.

“We have students who walk around barefoot all of the time, because of the radiant heating and cooling in the floor.” —Kate Schwennsen, Clemson University

Energy Dashboard Lee Hall III was modeled toward net-zero energy performance; however, initial plans for onsite photovoltaic panels have not been fulfilled. The building has, however, earned LEED Gold certification. Annual energy-use intensity has been measured at 35 kBtu/ft2, which is 52% under ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2007’s efficiency baseline and exceeds the 70% energy-use reduction for university buildings outlined in the AIA’s 2030 Challenge. Students and faculty can track real-time energy- and water-use data via an onsite digital dashboard.


Faculty offi ces are essentially raised on stilts, in a secondary—and independently supported— structure-within-a-structure. Glass-lined, to maintain access to the building’s natural daylight, the mezzanine-level offi ces also feature their own operable skylights. Opening these skylights encourages warm air to fl ow upward and out into the 4 ft. of space separating this independent structure’s ceiling from that of the building itself.

MANY-FACETED CURVES No curved steel was required to form the hall’s gracefully arcing interior and exterior profile. Instead, the design team developed a series of simple, faceted arcs that nearly match a true curve.


The biggest energy savings are generated by the eight-zone radiant heating and cooling system—one of the first to be installed in a mixed-humid climate. That system is fed by a 46-well, closed-loop geothermal heatpump system. Combined, this equipment has helped create a uniquely comfortable environment for building occupants.



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Designing to be “environmentally-friendly” doesn’t mean you have to compromise your vision. In the past, the design choice was limited, but no longer. As the leader in modular paving solutions, Unilock offers the widest selection of permeable products in the market today. Begin by choosing your size and then optimize your color, finish and texture. We will work closely with you to make your vision a reality.

PROJECT: Mary Bartelme Park, Chicago, IL DESIGN: Site Design Group PRODUCT: Eco-Priora™ with Il Campo® and Smooth Premier finishes

Permeable means rain water naturally flows between the specially-designed pavers and into the designed sub-base,





City Park Paver™


Town Hall™

Contact your Unilock Representative for samples, product information and to arrange a Lunch & Learn for your team.


Circle 76

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specifier’s solution

Wall Panels

Bold Architectural Statement The Riverton Community Housing cooperative was presented with an opportunity to build a new student housing structure near the University of Minnesota. The end result is a building with an active façade—it’s bright and fun with a cohesive and modern design.

STUDENT SAFETY A previous large, local installation that contained 300 continuous feet of Nichiha panels helped create the ideal install on the Riverton project.

Project: Riverton Community Housing Location: Minneapolis Architect: Urbanworks Architecture

PRODUCT SPECS: Products: Illumination Panels, Color Xpression System Material: Fiber Cement

Nichiha Circle 372 PROJECT SPECS

CHALLENGE: The healthy construction market in Minneapolis presented Riverton Community Housing cooperative with an opportunity to build a new student housing structure near the University of Minnesota, in the Dinkytown section of campus.

The tight site with busy car and pedestrian traffic was one of the larger challenges in the project. The solution was to move the parking below grade and combine it with the neighboring building. “We needed to provide parking to satisfy the neighborhood zoning but not many students have cars,” says David Haaland, AIA, vice president, Urbanworks Architecture, Minneapolis. “We had to make a conscious decision about how much parking would be available.” The soil composition was another project challenge. “It was a clay-based site which we had to remove and replace with clean sand. It took about a week to accomplish, but we couldn’t let this slow down the project,” says Dan Ackmann, project manager, Frana Companies, Hopkins, Minn. INFLUENCE: Because the building would be located in an area with many student housing facilities, the owners of this project wanted it to stand out—physically and competitively. The city of Minneapolis restricts the types of façade materials on buildings specifying only durable materials in its zoning districts—a thin fiber cement product would not be allowed.



1610APSPS.indd 96

CRITERIA: An existing 24-unit three-story complex required modernization, upgrades for better effi ciency and the addition of more units. The result was a 66-unit six-story building with a dramatic yellow façade that stood out from a neighboring large concrete structure.

YELLOW FAÇADE Three custom colors of yellow Nichiha Illumination Panels.

SOLUTION: Minneapolis building code requiring only durable façade materials lent itself to a great use of Nichiha Illumination Panels in a 66-unit sixstory building featuring a dramatic yellow façade that stands out in the Dinkytown area of the University of Minnesota.

The team looked at several color options, including blues and greens, but chose to go with yellow. “We wanted bright colors. We ended up with three custom colors of yellow Nichiha Illumination Panels,” says Devon Lundy, AIA, project architect, Urbanworks Architecture.

“Nichiha was perfect because it is durable, high quality, straighter, has a nice finish and provides many color options.” –David Haaland, AIA, Vice President, Urbanworks Architecture, Minneapolis

Yellow was the ideal color to contrast another student housing building and library nearby. By using Nichiha’s Color Xpression System, Urbanworks Architecture was able to make the exact variation of yellow in which they were looking.

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Economical mid-rise solution for two-layer drywall conditions

Our DHU and DHUTF drywall hangers are ideal for carrying joist floor loads to a wood stud wall through two layers of drywall in a mid-rise building. Both hangers have been tested according to ASTM E814 and have passed the F (Fire) and T (Temperature) criteria as well as the hose stream test. These hangers install after the drywall is in place there¹s no need to cut around joists simplifying installation.


To learn more about DHU and DHUTF hangers for multi-story, wood-frame construction, call us at (800) 999-5099 or visit

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Strong-Tie Company Inc. DHU15

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specifier’s solution


Cool Breeze Nashville’s Little Harpeth Brewery discovered that its 10,000-sq.-ft. space became unbearably hot in the warmer months, and it needed to act on its ventilation problem. CHALLENGE: After launching its microbrewery business two years ago, Little Harpeth Brewery, located in Nashville, Tenn., quickly discovered that its 10,000-sq.-ft. space became unbearably hot in the warmer months. Relying on only barrel fans and box fans for air movement, the large space was sweltering when temperatures and humidity points were high. The stagnant heat was affecting both the staff and the guests visiting the taproom. CRITERIA: Because the brewery was located in an older facility, the sheet metal roof had a low load capacity. Any object that was to be mounted to the ceiling would need to be approved by a structural engineer and the building owner. Brewery founder Michael Kwas set out to find a lightweight, costeffective cooling solution that could be properly retrofit into the older space given the structural concerns. SOLUTION: After looking at the different high volume low speed fans on the market, Kwas decided to have two 18-ft. Titan fans installed in the taproom and the production room. The structural engineer was impressed with how light the Titan was compared to other industrial fans on the market and gave his approval to have them installed.

Before the fans were installed, Kwas and his team had considered closing the taproom due to the extreme heat. With the fans now providing a nice breeze, they were able to keep the taproom open for business even in the hottest summer months.

Project: Little Harpeth Brewery Location: Nashville, Tenn.

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: Titan 18-ft.

ADDED BENEFITS When brewing and transferring beer, the staff hoses down the floor to remove any chemicals. Although they didn’t anticipate it, the fan dried the floors much faster than before. Thrilled with the benefits of the two new fans, brewery founder Michael Kwas says he’s been recommending them to other brewers in the region.



1610APSPS.indd 98

CONNECTEDNESS “The way the components connected together was very well thought out,” says Steve Scoville, head brewer.

Hunter Industrial Circle 371 PROJECT SPECS

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Build something great™


THE POWER OF THREE UNITED Introducing the Boral™ Drain-N-Dry™ Lath, the reinvention of the draining and drying wall system that unifies each critical component into a single, high-performance product—one that requires less fasteners and fewer penetrations. What’s more, by seamlessly integrating a chemical and corrosion resistant fiberglass lath, a 10mm rainscreen and a secondary water-resistant barrier into individual 150-square foot, easy-to-cut, lightweight rolls, Boral™ Drain-N-Dry™ Lath actually reduces your installation time to help you quickly deliver a final product that will last the test of time. That’s the all-in-one power of Boral™ Drain-N-Dry™ Lath.






1.800.255.1727 | Circle 78

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specifier’s solution

Roofi ng

Tennis Center Bids Weather Delays Adieu Adding a roofing system had long been a consideration for Arthur Ashe Stadium, and with five straight years of weather delays between 2008-2012, it became clear that a roofing solution was needed.

CHALLENGE: Due to the size of Arthur Ashe Stadium—it seats 23,771 fans—combined with the site’s swamp-like soil—the area was previously a coal ash dump for Manhattan—it was essential to identify an exceptionally lightweight roofing solution.

Starting in 2004, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) conducted four studies in order to find a solution—with little success—eventually consulting with every architect involved in the design of a stadium roof in North America. CRITERIA: The recently completed renovations to

Arthur Ashe Stadium are part of the National Tennis Center’s five-year strategic transformation plan, to be completed in 2018. These enhancements also include the new, 8000seat Grandstand Stadium—previously 6000 seats— which features a façade flanked with (polytetrafluoroethylene) PTFE-coated, leaf-patterned mesh, as well as a horizontal canopy roof with a PTFE-coated fiberglass membrane. These structures provide additional shade for spectators while still maintaining the venue’s intimate atmosphere. “The brand new Grandstand still does all the great things the old one did,” says Daniel Zausner, Chief Operating Officer of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

SOLUTION: The winning plan came from ROSSETTI in 2010, featuring a lightweight PTFE structure from Birdair as an integral component. Eight columns sit on concrete bases, each of which is supported by 20 piles driven 150-ft. to 200-ft. deep. The lightweight PTFE roof closes from two sides on glides.

Birdair’s enhancements include Arthur Ashe Stadium’s new retractable roofing system with 210,000 sq. ft. of PTFE membrane, as well as the completion of the new Grandstand Stadium, which features a façade flanked with 27,000 sq. ft. of PTFE-coated mesh façade and a 23,000-sq.-ft. solid PTFEcoated fiberglass membrane cantilevered roof system. The recent renovations also include a new 3900-sq.-ft. PTFE fabric canopy for its Mojito Bar & Restaurant, fabricated and built by Birdair. Thanks to contributions to the design, fabrication and installation of the new tensile fabric structures, the 2016 US Open events benefitted from enhanced shading and a reinvented iconic aesthetic, without sacrificing daylight or circulation. “The whole concept was to really speak to the spectacle of the US Open experience,” says Sande Frisen, AIA, Technical Design Lead and Associate at ROSSETTI Architects.

Project: Arthur Ashe Stadium Location: Queens, New York Architect: ROSSETTI Ceiling Subcontractor: TP Acoustics

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: Roofing Membrane Material: PTFE Fiberglass

Birdair Circle 370 PROJECT SPECS

“Even when the roof is closed, the Birdair PTFE fabric still creates this open, airy feel.” –Sande Frisen, AIA, ROSSETTI Architects

IN GOOD COMPANY With the additions of the new retractable roof, Arthur Ashe joins Wimbledon Stadium and the Australian Open’s Rod Laver Arena as “grand slam” venues with dynamic roofing solutions. The French Open expects to add one within the next decade.

RAIN DELAYS NO MORE The new roof, expected to be used only for rain, opens at a top speed of 25 ft. per minute, despite being the size of 17 Olympicsized swimming pools. It also features a chilled water ventilation system to control humidity when closed.



1610APSPS.indd 100

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© 2016 Delta Faucet Company

We make the difference for commercial professionals. Give your facilities greater reliability, with stylish, responsive hands-free technology. Delta® Proximity® Sensing Technology activates water flow when hands come within four inches of the faucet, and stops once they are removed. Users will appreciate the contemporary design and responsiveness, while you enjoy the water savings and easy maintenance. Learn more about our innovative technologies, styles and support at Circle 79

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specifier’s solution


Modern Touch Gives Duke a New Crown Jewel Duke University’s Penn Pavilion employs the vernacular and materialism of modern glass construction as a sensitive response to the Gothic Revival environment.

CHALLENGE: Add a more modern, yet respectful addition to the campus’ Gothic Revival architecture with the design of the Penn Pavilion at Duke University in Durham, N.C. INFLUENCE: Duke regularly ranks among the top 20 best universities worldwide. The spacious campus consists of over 250 buildings. Some are organized along urban principles, some are scenically embedded in the picturesque parks and gardens of the university. Students call it a “Gothic Wonderland.” CRITERIA: The long layout allows the building to be repurposed for optimum, flexible use either as a wall-less, single-event space or three smaller partitioned spaces. Building services, such as HVAC, as well as artificial lighting systems and daylight planning, have been designed to be integrated into the fabric of the building in such a way that functional reconfiguration of the interior space can be achieved with minimal effort.

Architects Shepley Bulfinch employed the vernacular and materialism of modern glass construction as a sensitive response to the Gothic Revival environment.

SOLUTION: Architects Shepley Bulfinch employed the vernacular and materialism of modern glass construction as a sensitive response to the Gothic Revival environment. The structurally glazed system created provides a light, transparent counterpoint to the sculptural stone façades of the older buildings and their era. Parallel to this, the plinth of the pavilion, constructed from the same local stone as used for the adjacent façades of the West Campus, integrates itself into its surroundings. The concave glass shell of the façade seems almost to disappear, allowing views from the inside out and vice versa. It also integrates the solid grid-like façade of the existing structure into the surrounding wood- and parkland. This maximum transparency was achieved using a system developed by SCHOLLGLAS which features frameless glazing and vertical silicone joints that are only 15-mm wide. The sheets of glass are horizontally layered with only one subdivision across their height, making it possible to achieve panes which are approximately 4.19 m tall and have varying widths up to approximately 2.15 m.



1610APSPS.indd 102

POINT, COUNTERPOINT The glazed system provides a light counterpoint to the sculptural stone façades of the older buildings and their era.

EAT IN The building will be used as a temporary substitute dining facility. The floor space provides seating for 450 diners.

Project: Penn Pavilion at Duke University Location: Durham, N.C. Architect: Shepley Bulfinch

Product: GEWE-therm multi


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10/3/16 4:21 PM

DELTA® protects property. Saves energy. Creates comfort.

Creative Building Design Requires High-Performance Membrane Solutions. The Denver Botanic Gardens Science Pyramid presented a unique air and moisture challenge. The pyramid shape, usage, and open cladding multiply the complexity of maintaining a watertight exterior while managing the moisture generated within. Two air and moisture barriers, DELTA®-VENT SA and DELTA®-FASSADE S ensure an airtight and watertight enclosure that manages moisture in a complex Colorado climate. The UV-resistant, matte black DELTA®-FASSADE S adds depth and dimensionality to the open cladding, heightening the striking appearance of this landmark building. When architects want to push the boundaries of building design, one of the biggest complications is moisture control. High-performance solutions like DELTA® products will allow architects full artistic freedom while giving them the confidence of a leak-free building. If you are designing a unique structure, don’t hesitate to contact DELTA® to protect you from future moisture issues.


Vapor permeable self-adhered water-resistive barrier & air barrier.


UV-resistant water-resistive barrier for open joint claddings.

1-888-4DELTA4 (433-5824) - Circle 80

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10/3/16 9:35 AM 2016-09-06 1:48 PM

specifier’s solution

Canopies & Rooftops

Rio Olympics Play It Cool This past Olympics in Rio was aided with some innovative canopy and rooftop design. Materials were critical due to architectural challenges and climatic conditions.

CHALLENGE: Rio de Janeiro played host to the 2016 Summer Olympic games, with 14,850 athletes from 206 countries participating in 32 sporting venues located in four districts of Rio de Janeiro: Barra, Copacabana, Deodoro and Maracaña.

Materials for these roofs and façades at five major venues were critical due to the technically demanding nature of these projects, which combine architectural challenges and difficult climatic conditions.

Photos: Structurflex - elson Kon Fotografias

SOLUTION: Headquartered near Lyon, France and operating in Brazil through a local subsidiary established in 2012, Serge Ferrari was asked to contribute to some of the major Olympic venues.

Materials for roofs and façades at five major venues were critical due to the technically demanding nature of these projects, which combine architectural challenges and difficult climatic conditions.

Project: Corinthians Arena Location: São Paulo, Brazil Architect: CDCA (Coutinho Diegues Cordeiro Arquitetos)

Project: Olympic Park Live Site Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Architect: AECOM

The Olympic Park Live Site, which provides shade for Olympic celebrations, is a large round plaza equipped with a giant screen and designed to host outdoor events. Made from Soltis FT 381 in white, the sails will extend over the Live Site to provide the shade necessary for such large gatherings. The shading sails, with a total surface area of more than 39,800 sq. ft. consist of triangular panels of three different sizes.



1610APSPS.indd 104

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: Soltis FT 381 Color: White

The Corinthians Arena is one of Serge Ferrari’s largest construction projects in the last few years. The group supplied and installed over 300,000 sq. ft. of a specially produced opaque Précontraint 1002 S2, with a white-colored finish. The membrane was hung to extend over the seating, acting as a stretch ceiling to hide the roof’s metal framework. The panels, which are used as a projection screen, deliver excellent flat performance and dimensional stability, and provide an aesthetically pleasing visual barrier to the roof’s metallic trusses. Lightweight, durable and 100% recyclable, the panels provide spectators with optimal acoustic, thermal and visual comfort.

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: Précontraint 1002 S2 opaque

Serge Ferrari Circle 367 PROJECT SPECS

Serge Ferrari Circle 368 PROJECT SPECS

10 10.2014 . 2016

10/4/16 5:15 PM




Circle 81

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10/3/16 9:35 AM

specifier’s solution

Wall Panels

Clemson Pride Shines with Metal Panels Known as the Oculus, the iconic structure is a statement piece clad with metal wall panels.

CHALLENGE: At Clemson University, the west end zone of Clemson Memorial Stadium has a statement piece that is clad metal wall panels. Known as the Oculus of the WestZone Complex, the iconic structure serves as the center of the Clemson Athletic District. Architect LS3P was asked to renovate the existing west end zone and include a new pedestrian bridge and tower. STRIKES A BALANCE The Oculus creates a sense of balance with the stadium’s size and provides a logical transition from pedestrian to multi-level scale.

CRITERIA: Logistically this renovation improves safety at the stadium and enhances the fan experience. Physically, the Oculus creates a sense of balance with the stadium’s size and provides a logical transition from the pedestrian scale at street level to the multi-level scale of the stadium seating. SOLUTION: LS3P selected 0.08-in. aluminum DriDesign Painted Aluminum Panels in a silver color. The metal accentuates the tower while providing a shimmering effect. During the day, sunlight modulates the intensity of the material, and accent lighting causes a dramatic effect at night.

Pickens Roofing installed 21,625 sq. ft. of the panels. Dri-Design panels are unlike others because they are a true single skin metal panel system, not laminated or a composite. Sealants, gaskets, caulk and tape are not needed for any Dri-Design installation. The panels, therefore, will not streak. Dri-Design



1610APSPS.indd 106

panels are 100% recyclable, available in any painted color, and are sized and detailed to meet the specific requirements of each project. “A metal panel rainscreen was selected because it could easily be faceted to clad the cylindrical geometry of the tower,” says Jaime Henderson, associate architect with LS3P. “The rainscreen system did not require any sealants or gaskets, which was an important maintenance consideration for a 140-ft.tall tower.” LS3P also appreciated that Dri-Design panels are an integrated system that does not have separate panel and reveal pieces. This feature allows installations to be completed faster and with increased precision. “The speed of installation proved to be vital, as the project had to be complete by the start of football season,” Henderson says. “Scheduling of scaffolding and other concurrent work mandated a quick installation.” The Oculus was the final phase of the WestZone Complex three-phase project. The 6000-sq.-ft. addition has four levels and serves as a gateway to the stadium and Tiger’s pride. This tower complements Tillman Hall bell tower by perfectly aligning along a campus axis.

Project: Clemson Memorial Stadium Location: Clemson, S.C. Architect: LS3P

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: Wall Panels Material: Aluminum

Dri-Design Circle 366 PROJECT SPECS

Serving as a gateway to the stadium and the school’s Tiger pride, the Oculus features the Clemson paw, situated prominently high atop the tower and accentuated by the aluminum panels.

10 10.2014 . 2016

10/3/16 4:21 PM

Circle 82

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10/3/16 9:35 AM

product focus



Laticrete Tri-Lite

Daltile Consulate

Altro Symphonia

Consulate ColorBody porcelain tiles displays a variety of natural patterns, complemented by mosaics whose intensity is even more pronounced.


Consulate Antique and Consulate Quartzite porcelain tiles capture the visual look of stone while making any commercial setting easily maintainable. Antique conveys the smooth look of recovered, aged marble; Quartzite maximizes the intensity of the tile’s natural texture. With a variety of natural patterns—both in unpolished and textured—the tiles come in large format 12-in. × 24-in. and 24-in. × 48-in. A linear mosaic is also available in Antique visual. Daltile Circle 365


Fireclay Tile Black & White






1610APPRF.indd 108

POLYMER-FORTIFIED ADHESIVE MORTAR Lightweight, high-performance, tri-purpose mortar is designed for large and heavy tile, thin-bed and wall installations. TRI-LITE features non-sag capability and an ultra-creamy consistency. The mortar is available in 30-lb bags in gray and white, with Laticrete’s 25-year system warranty. 2

Laticrete Circle 364

3 IT DOESN’T MATTER IF IT’S BLACK OR WHITE Black & White, a monochromatic tile collection, features 12 new motifs. Hand-painted using lead-free glazes, Black & White delivers high-contrast graphic patterns that are ideal for dramatic flooring installations and statement walls. Made from regionally sourced and recycled materials including granite dust, glass from curbside pick up and used ceramics.

Fireclay Tile Circle 363

4 SHADES OF SAFETY FLOORING Smooth, slip-resistant flooring for circulation areas of any foot traffic volume, Altro Symphonia is available in 40 color shades ranging from pale neutrals to bright yellows, greens and blues. With three patterns available—solid, chip and flake—Symphonia’s no-finish finishes innate resistance to stain and wear.

Altro Circle 362

10 . 2016

10/3/16 3:58 PM



Manufactured and installed, we bring you proven floor solutions. Seamless, long-lasting, stain and impact-resistant floors for industrial and commercial environments. From automated assembly areas to alluring atriums, we take full responsibility for products and installation.


800.257.7953 |


100 0 East Park Avenue, Maple Shade, NJ 08052 USA


© 2016, The Stonhard Group Circle 83

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10/3/16 9:35 AM

product focus



Humanscale Horizon Colors Collection



Eaton Lumark Night Falcon

Cree OSQ Series

1 COLORFUL PUNCTUATION Created by Peter Stathis, Michael McCoy and the Humanscale design studio, the Horizon LED task lighting has expanded to offer its iconic design in its Horizon Colors Collection. Let task lighting illuminate and elevate the individual while it adds the perfect punch of color and playfulness to otherwise austere interiors.

2 HIGH- INTENSITY REPLACEMENT The Lumark Night Falcon family of LED floodlight luminaires has been expanded to include small and large models in multiple wattages, and offers high-efficiency replacement options for high-intensity discharge fixtures ranging from 70W to 1000W. Models ranging from 20W to 256W are available for a range of exterior options, from area-lighting to façade illumination.

Humanscale Circle 361

u A lighting solution with an ultra-thin profile, Horizon blends form and function for maximum efficiency.



1610APPRF.indd 110


Nora Lighting LED Tape Lights

Let task lighting illuminate and elevate the individual while adding the perfect punch of playfulness to austere interiors.

Eaton Circle 360 3 CLEAN- LINED OUTDOOR OPTION Area and flood fixtures in the OSQ Series feature efficacy ratings of up to 136 lm/W, along with models that can replace high-intensity discharge fixtures up to 1000 W. Three color temperatures—3000K, 4000K and 5700K—are available, all packaged in a low-profile design that minimizes wind-load requirements and blends easily into any site.

4 CHANNEL YOUR LIGHTING CREATIVITY Designers now have a new option for incorporating energy-efficient LED Tape Lights into custom ceiling installations with slim-line aluminum tape light channels that can be recessed within wallboard (or surfacemounted under cabinetry). Available in six models, with varying channel depths—including a corner version—the channels come in 4-ft. lengths that can be cut or combined in the field. All include a white diffused lens to soften illumination.


Nora Lighting Circle 359 Circle 358

10 . 2016

10/3/16 3:58 PM



CANOPIES C AN BE ENGINEERED TO WITHSTAND ALMOST ANY HE AV Y SNOW DRIF T LOAD THAT M OT H ER N AT U R E DISHE S OUT! Visit our website to read more about this project, get a quote, or build a spec.


Circle 84

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10/3/16 9:35 AM

product focus

Site Furnishings t The smooth forms are inviting and supportive of individual or collective productivity.


Poliform Mad

Crafted with Arizona sandstone in a floating pattern.

These outdoor offerings include sleek seating poolside, chic tables and dramatic enclaves under the sun or evening lighting. 2


Rubbermaid Commercial Enhance

1 CLUB MAD Marcel Wanders’ polished padded design for Poliform’s Mad collection imparts an instant sense of easy and luxury. The smooth forms are at once inviting and supportive of individual or collective productivity from an organizational standpoint.

Poliform Circle 357

The Mad Chair has a harmonic structure creating strong suggestions: the ideal of a design without any material boundaries of great impact.

Horning HSD Planter Pair

2 UPSCALE WASTE BINS Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ Enhance premium waste bins complement the décor of any upscale property with a modern appearance. The collection features more than 230 colors, material and finish options, eight capacities, and three form factors to seamlessly fit any facility.

Rubbermaid Commercial Circle 356


1610APPRF.indd 112

Royal Botania Outdoor Collection

3 STONE SOUP Like nothing you’ve ever seen before, Daniel Hörning applies art and science to craft a homage to natural stone. Using traditional French masonry techniques, Hörning preserves and showcases natural stone in enduring furniture forms. The functional stone art creations are designed and handmade in Los Angeles.

Horning Circle 355

4 THE GLAMOROUS OUTDOORS Royal Botania’s outdoor offerings include sleek seating for lounging pool side, chic tables for stylish summer soirées and the Vigor Lounge that creates a dramatic enclave both under the sun or evening lighting effects. Teak or Mahogany planks dovetail with the collection’s aluminum frame for striking contrast. Powder-coated frame finishes include sand, white or black hues.

Royal Botania p Waste bins complement the décor of any upscale property

with a modern appearance.


4 Circle 354

10 . 2016

10/4/16 5:08 PM



“The one-day format

is perfect and the seminars are on point. A day well spent.” Mark Sills, LC, IESNA , IALD Principal CharterSills Chicago

FREE Exhibit Hall Admission!

Join your peers at the Midwest’s best one-day event for LED lighting and high-performance building education and solutions! • Choose from 20 AIA Approved Seminars • Free Access to 150+ Exhibitors • Free Cocktail Networking Reception

Just $199 for the full conference and lunch!*


@LEDsummit | #LEDSUM

TITLE MEDIA SPONSORS High Performance Building Forum

@HPBForum | #HPBForum


* After October 14, 2016, rate is $249. Rates apply to attendees in the position to buy or specify lighting and other high-performance building solutions.

• APAds.indd 113

10/4/16 1:20 PM

product focus




Koleksiyon Tube


Glideware Storage Solutions


ClosetMaid MasterSuite

Knoll Rockwell

1 STOW AWAY Koleksiyon’s latest storage solutions made their North American debut at NeoCon. Tube is a customizable storage and display system available in several lacquered finishes that can add pops of sleek color to any office.

From Knoll and David Rockwell comes an office experience that sets the stage for spontaneity to unfold while people complete the story. Mobile storage is integral to the reconfigurable components.

Koleksiyon Circle 353

2 THE SUITE LIFE ClosetMaid’s luxurious MasterSuite wood organization system includes White, Antique White, Chocolate Pear, Warm Cognac and now a modern Coastal Gray finish with new premium door and drawer fronts, and new nickel-finished handles.

ClosetMaid Circle 352



1610APPRF.indd 114

3 NOT-SO-LAZY SUSAN A husband-and-wife team at Glideware has reinvented organization by commercializing its homespun storage solution for any closet or cabinet. Voted best of NeoCon, its custom track fits a hook system that holds hangers, pots or pans for an easily accessible wardrobe or kitchen experience.

4 MODULAR MOBILITY Unveiled during NeoCon, Knoll’s Rockwell Unscripted collection features several storage components with options for mobility.

Knoll Circle 350

Glideware Circle 351

10 . 2016

10/3/16 3:58 PM

THE MOST INTERESTING AIA-APPROVED COURSES ON THE INTERNET ARE STREAMING VIDEO Here are some of the latest courses available free on in full HD Video

NFPA 285 Sponsored by Tyvek

Large Format Wall and Floor Tile – Design Challenges and Solutions

Course explains the NFPA test and the design component considerations for compliance.

Larger tile can mean bigger problems on installation and over time, but there are solutions.

Fluid Applied Air Barrier Membranes

Acoustics and Cementitious Wood Fiber Products

This course focuses on fluid applied air barriers which have continued to increase in popularity in recent years.

Good acoustics are a key element of good design. Here’s how wood-based products can help.

Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation in commercial Buildings

Flex Space city: A Tour of Today’s Operable Wall Systems

Build healthier, more efficient commercial buildings, and maintain a low environmental impact.

A fascinating look at how moveable partitions are being used in different building applications.

To view these and the full catalog of high-quality courses, visit today! Courses play on all desktop and mobile devices. Register, enroll and take courses for free. TC001 Ad_September.indd • 1609APAds.indd 81 1

9/21/15 11:18 9/2/16 2:25 AM PM

product focus



Jacuzzi Luxury Bath Arietta




Sloan SloanTec Glaze

Geberit Monolith

1 SLIPPER STYLE Described as a slipper-style bath, Jacuzzi Luxury Bath’s new freestanding Arietta is a great option for smaller spaces, at 59 in. × 32 in. Delivering easy installation for alcove spaces, the Arietta is a simplified way to refresh a stale space.

Named after a simple aria in an opera, the Arietta—a petite bathing vessel designed for cozy spaces—is a simplified way to refresh a stale space.

Duravit Happy D.2 lavatory

Jacuzzi Luxury Bath Circle 349


2 GAME-CHANGING GLAZE More than a simple smooth mirror-like glaze, the new SloanTec Glaze actually alters the fixture’s surface, thereby transforming the characteristics of the glaze with its hydrophobic technology. Actively repelling liquids, the glaze also prevents germ and bacteria growth. All about ease of maintenance, this game-changing application offers numerous hygienic and operational benefits as well.

3 NEXT GENERATION MONOLITH With its trendy new “shadow gap” design, Geberit updates its Monolith wall-hung toilet system with two new colors and a revamped, more simplified installation process. A water-saving dual-flush mechanism is built into the top of the housing while the unit’s design conceals the toilet tank, fill and flush valves. With a bold, new look and a revamped installation technique, the Geberit Monolith conceals the toilet tank, fill and flush valves behind a stylish wall-hung toilet. Available as a dual 1.6 GPF and 0.8 GPF, the system secures to the wall and can retrofit virtually any bathroom remodel.


Geberit Circle 348 Circle 347


1610APPRF.indd 116

4 STANDING ON FOUR LEGS Refreshing a number of its popular series—including Happy D.2, Vero and L-Cube—Duravit is offering vanities and cabinets with legs. Preserving the model’s visual lightness and clean lines, new furniture legs are furnished with a solid, die-cast zinc material, as pictured here with this Happy D.2 lavatory.

Duravit Circle 346

10 . 2016

10/3/16 3:58 PM

Resources for further product + material consideration


The Murdock Water Cooler/Bottle Filler. WHERE ART MEETS FUNCTION. • Industry-leading .3 gpm water saving bubbler. • Antimicrobial push button & bubbler. • Integral mechanical stop for more reliable water flow. • Single front access push button. • Bottle Filler with a 1 GPM flow rate.





Member of Morris Group International

P.O. Box 3527 • City of Industry, CA 91744-0527 U.S.A • Tel 800.453.7465

Circle 85

Square Bar Door Handle


DH403 Available in Black, Chestnut & Chocolate Brown

Check out the diversity of ceiling design options that combine sound absorption (NRC) and sound blocking (CAC) in one system at

Circle 86 • (800) 523-1269

Circle 88

Belden delivers more.

We feel your pain— we just don’t show it.


Acrovyn Frame

6” Thru-Wall

Circle 90



Introducing the C/S Acrovyn® Frame System

8” Double Thru-wall

New shapes and sizes. Belden’s new structural brick is available in: 5-5/8 x 3-5/8 x 15-5/8”; 7-5/8 x 3-5/8 x 15-5/8”; 7-5/8 x 7-5/8 x 15-5/8” (additional special shapes available) ASTM C 652-12, Grade SW and Type HBX. Belden offers them in several colors including grays, buffs, reds, browns and blacks. Circle 87

Painted Steel Frame (800) 972-7214. Circle


616.355.2970 | Circle 91 ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS

37556 Arch Products Pittsburg State July/Aug 1/9 Ad.indd 1

1610APPlit.indd 117

117 6/10/15 2:38 PM

10/4/16 3:13 PM

Resources for further product + material consideration




Circle 94

2016-1066_2016-1066 3/3/16 11:20 AM Page 1

New LED Post Accent Light Feeney’s all-weather, 24V, 50,000 hour rated LED post accent light is made of powder-coated aluminum and includes a light diffusng lens, plug-and-go components, dimming capability, and a variety of color options. Learn more: or 1-800-888-2418

Circle 97



IDEAS IGNITE with the next generation of masonry See the full story at

For durable, high-quality finished floors, Maxxon’s high strength Commercial Topping underlayment sealed with Thermal-Chem creates a beautiful, durable floor ideally suited for office and retail applications. And with the myriad of finish options available through Thermal-Chem, a unique look can be created to suit any environment.

To learn more: 800-356-7887

NEW WOODLAND® PAVERS Produced with a wood grain finish, Hanover’s NEW Woodland® Pavers provide the look of traditional wood board decking with strength and durability of concrete pavers. Nominally sized at 24” × 24” with a 2” thickness, Woodland® Pavers are available in three color blends―Brazilian Cherry, Black Forest Oak and Dark Cedar. Visit or call 800.426.4242 for more information. Circle 93

Circle 95 Circle 96

Circle 98

© 2015 Maxxon Corporation, all rights reserved.

Wade™ PANEL ©2010 modularArts, Inc.

Circle 92



Fresh Design

PAC-CLAD Corrugated Silver Metallic - Energy Star - Cool Color

Circle 99 Made in the USA. 118


1610APPlit.indd 118


PAC Marianos_1_9_pg_AP.indd 1

1 800 PAC CLAD 10.2014

9/13/2016 1:01:54 PM

10/4/16 3:24 PM

Circle 100

advertiser index

index to advertisers Is that a retention pond under that beautiful hardscape? 800-334-8689

Activar CPG AGC


Crane Composites


Mitsubishi Electric



Decor Cable


Mockett & Co.



Delta Faucet







117, IBC

Modular Arts








American Hydrotech




Murdock Manufacturing









Glen-Gery Brick

Armstrong (Ceiling)

IFC-1, 117

81, 118


Graham Architectural Products


80, 117



Oldcastle Architectural

37, 118

Parkland Plastics



Guardian SunGuard

ASI Global Partitions


Hanover Architectural Products 11, 118

Petersen Aluminum

Hendrick Architectural Products


Pine Hall Brick




Rixson (Assa Abloy)




ATAS Intl. B.I.G. Enterprises Belden Brick Company



41, 117

Invisible Structures



Jakob Inc.

Boral Stone



C.R. Laurence


LaCantina Doors



LED Specifier Summit

Carlisle SynTec


LP Building Products



Major Industries

CertainTeed (Ceilings)


CertainTeed (Gypsum)





Scranton Products


6, 118


Circle 101

Citadel Construction Specialties Cosella Dorken (Delta Dry)





Simpson Strong-Tie



The Stonhard Group



The Continuing Architect









Marvin Windows and Doors


Wausau Tile






77, 118








1610APPlit.indd 119


10/17/16 2:03 PM

last detail: architectural leader

by Megan Mazzocco, Senior Editor

Coaching NCARB Kristine Harding is a game-changer. The new president of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) has realigned the organization’s strategy and has set a new precedent in the built environment as office director and project principal at KPS Group.

Kristine Harding, NCARB, AIA, LEED-GA graduated from Rice University in Houston, Texas. She is Office Director and Project Principal at KPS Group and the President of the NCARB.

Photos: Fred Gerlich Photography

Project: Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport Architecture/Engineering: KPS Group and KHAFRA Product: ThyssenKrupp Crystal Jet Bridge

Kristine Harding collaborated with ThyssenKrupp to construct and test a fire-rated glass jet bridge assembly; (above) she then worked with local code bodies for approval in Huntsville, Ala. The Birmingham airport project also recently received LEED Gold certification and virtually doubled the original footprint of the airport while maintaining energy use at preexpansion levels. Living Walls, walls with color-changing LEDs, Porte Cochere and a concourse with color-changing LEDs and a sculpture were added.

While many architecture students end up in Rome to observe art history in action, Kristine Harding went on an expedition to Antarctica. The newly inducted president of NCARB, she has, of course, spent time in the Eternal City, but it was that Antarctic survivalist adventure, as well as experience in college athletics that gave her an enduring skill set. “We had to bring food, water—our own shelter,” says Harding of camping in the extreme cold. “It taught me to think ahead and be prepared.” Part of a disruptive force that over the past 12 years has worked to transform NCARB into a toptier organization, Harding has helped rebrand the group to reflect the attentive customer service it provides. As president, she is prepared to continue steering it toward cultivating the most thoroughly prepared generation of architects yet. “When I came on there were challenges to be open to changes, but we’re now implementing them,” says Harding. Additional objectives she identified are solidifying relationships with firms’ supervisors to manage the AXP (architectural experience program) within



1610APLSD.indd 120

the firms. “We owe it to emerging architects to embrace and develop them—to teach some of those harder areas like contracts, cost-estimating and construction administration,” says the architect. “We want to see them getting out in the field and observing the construction during the process.” This goal, in concert with refining its model laws of practice for each jurisdiction, and continuing to refine state board exams with a practice-centric focus based on survey feedback, will keep Harding busy this term. In practice at KPS Group, Harding’s drive and grit contributes to her firms’ ability to set new precedents. During a project for Huntsville International Airport, it was the client’s wish to give passengers the most gracious welcome possible, including glass jet bridges. First, they had to be tested. Somewhat common in Europe, but generally not approved stateside, Harding collaborated with ThyssenKrupp to construct and test a fire-rated assembly; she then worked with local code bodies to confirm approval of the Crystal Jet Bridge. KPS Group has also trans-

formed Birmingham-Shuttlesworth Airport into a LEED Gold destination bathed in natural light, complete with green wall, soothing LED illumination and a rooftop water catchment system. Harding stays hip to the emerging architects’ scene, regularly scanning members’ posts to NCARB’s Facebook page, and keeping up with their concerns via the licensure online community. “I’m on those daily, to see what’s coming up,” she says. She recently spotted repeated chats about fees and fee management and is already on top of it, turning to an expert in the San Francisco market to help publish some helpful strategies along those lines. “We continue to do our research and reading on that so we can get the value and fees that we need to do work for our clients throughout all the different industries/markets.” With a long list of accomplishments and time for Facebook, does Harding still play any competitive sports? “My body’s only letting me watch, but if I could put on a college football jersey and play, I would!”

10 . 2016

10/3/16 7:16 PM


WHY DRI-DESIGN? Dri-Design Tapered Series panels have the ability to create a unique effect of rich texture, giving buildings their own individual identity. Although painted a single color for the Mill Woods Library project, the

• No sealants, gaskets or butyl tape means no streaking and no maintenance for owners.

multifaceted wall panels allow nature to create its own color palette as natural light reflects differently off each individual piece. Even with this unique look, Dri-Design’s signature ease of installation and water management system are maintained, and only a single

• At Dri-Design, we have a strict policy of recycling and creating products that the world can live with.

plane of substrate is needed.

• Available in a variety of materials and colors.

• Not laminated or a composite material, so panels will never delaminate.

• Fully tested to exceed ASTM standards and the latest AAMA 508-07.

616.355.2970 | dr i-des Mill Woods Library, Seniors and Multicultural Centre - Edmonton, Alberta Architects: Dub Architects and HCMA Architecture + Design

Circle 103

38597 Arch Products • APAds.indd 200 March Millwood Library Ad.indd 1

2/11/16 AM 10/4/16 10:00 1:14 PM

© 2016 CertainTeed Corporation

If this matters

This matters Occupant comfort is a priority in any project. But nowhere is it more directly related to business results than the hospitality industry – and acoustics play a major role. A relaxing stay and a good night’s sleep yield return visits, positive reviews and good business. So it’s important to remember the drywall you spec can improve the acoustics of a space. Innovative drywall solutions from CertainTeed dampen sound energy and control noise. It’s one See our complete Wall-to-Wall Solutions at

more way CertainTeed helps you improve the occupant experience, and the businesses that depend on it.

Circle 104

certg5300-01-IfThisMatters-COMM-Ad3-ARCH-PRDCTS.indd • APAds.indd 201 1

9/14/16 1:14 10/4/16 3:27 PM

Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.