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With numbers rising on ADAS-equipped vehicles and new ADAS equipment hitting the market, distributors need to know what works best for each of their customers.

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Atlas SBC990 Large Sandblast Cabinet with Vacuum

The Atlas® SBC990 sandblast cabinet removes scale or heavy rust from automotive parts, cleans up rusty tools, and many other special applications. It comes with extra work space and the larger opening allows the user to blast even the biggest parts.

The Atlas® SBC990 uses a powerful vacuum system to clear the work area of “floating” rust and used media.

■ Large work area: 46” x 34” x 33 1/2”

■ Extra large front/top load door

■ Foot operated control valve

■ Self-contained dust collection system with cartridge filter and convenient bottom gate clean-out

■ Extra nozzles and plastic protectors included

■ Heavy-duty blasting gun with replaceable ceramic nozzles

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Atlas SBC420 Standard Cabinet with Vacuum ATEHTSBC420 Atlas PSBC990 Pressurized Cabinet with Vacuum ATEHTPSBC990
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Atlas SBC1200 Extra Large Cabinet with Dual Doors ATEHTSBC1200

20 Calibrating your ADAS sales

With new ADAS equipment hitting the market, distributors need to know what works best for each of their customers.

Brand new products from Lokithor, SP Tools, Streamlight, and more. 14 Most Wanted

The top requested products from technicians and shop owners, based on inquiries from PTEN magazine. 16 In Focus



look at products from ProMAXX,

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Mac Tools 34 Go Sell Something
36 Driving Sales
ARTICLE: Look back at the top 10 diagnostic products posted to in the first quarter of 2024. VEHICLESERVICEPROS.COM/55001338 GUEST BLOG: Check out this blog from Milwaukee Tool where they go over the evolution of hand tools and their importance in the automotive industry. VEHICLESERVICEPROS.COM/55017802 IN FOCUS: The Ledlenser HF8R Work Headlamp is designed with adaptive light beam technology, allowing the light to dim and focus automatically. VEHICLESERVICEPROS.COM/53081961 INSTAGRAM @PTENMagazine FACEBOOK ProfessionalDistributor YOUTUBE PTEN (Professional Tool & Equipment News) LINKEDIN ProfessionalDistributor
Ledlenser, SUNEX
and NWS. DEPARTMENTS 4 Editor’s Note Finding your balance 26 Diagnostic Tech Scott Brown dives into the basic diagnostic tools technicians need to find and solve problems on any vehicle. 42 Tales from the Road This Mac Tools distributor keeps his work and life balanced.
32 Show
Alan Sipe discusses how to save a failing demonstration.
Products that will help your bottom line.
40 7 33
Steven Errichetti, Cornwell Quality Tools distributor

Finding your balance

Striking a perfect work-life balance is hard, but there are strategies you can implement to help keep things a bit more equal.

How’s your work-life balance? As a small business owner — and one who typically works on their own at that — it can be difficult to separate your work life from your home life. I know I still struggle with this, and, of course, a “perfect balance” is hard to find. Sometimes work is tipping the scales and sometimes it’s life, but let’s be honest, it’s usually work.

From conversations I’ve had with many of you, I know you’re putting in more than the usual 40 hours a week — early mornings, late nights, and weekends are part of your norm.

In this month’s Tales From the Road article (pg. 42), Mac Tools distributor David Fulkman talks about maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Though he understands the importance of being available for his customers and the other demands that come with being a tool distributor, he’s put a greater emphasis on spending more time with his wife and three sons.

“I’m more focused on that now,” says Fulkman, talking about his relationship with his family. “We take vacations quarterly as a family to kind of reset.”

Though no formula exists for creating a perfect work-life balance, in a blog from, Nellie Akalp, CEO of CorpNet, lists a few tips to help you find your balance.


Whether this is a time of day or a particular location, keep this space free of business emails and phone calls, computer work, and “shop talk.” Give yourself a chance to step back from work and reconnect with the other important areas of your life.


By setting up a more structured schedule, it will allow you to see where you may be wasting time and overextending yourself. Try to list all your to-dos based on priority. Is it a “mustdo quickly,” a “must-do in the near future,” a “must-do but not anytime soon”, or a “don’t really need to do at all?”


It can be hard to step back and allow someone else to take charge, but eliminating some of those tedious tasks from your to-do list can help free up some of your time. For example, keeping a clean truck takes time. Perhaps this is a chore you can give to your child or a friend’s/neighbor’s child so they can earn a bit of pocket money. If it’s not something you have to do, see if you can get some help.

Finding your balance takes some work, but in the end, it’s worth it.

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Welcome to Sneak Peek!

This section features recently introduced automotive tools and equipment. See new products even before automotive technicians read about them in PTEN magazine.


The SLAYER from Coast is a rechargeable and waterproof flashlight with an all-aluminum frame. The flat, rectangular shape allows users to keep the light in their pocket and a removeable metal clip lets them secure the light in place when tucked away. Featuring a dual optic system, the flood and spot beams cycle through five modes: medium flood, high flood, spot, low flood, and Turbo. The memory mode function allows users to set a light mode for regular use. On lower power, the light can run for up to 11 hours. On Turbo it has a beam length of 426’ with 1,150 lm. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The Lisle Corporation Torque Adapter 25 Nm, No. 61860, is designed to help prevent overtightening plastic and aluminum oil filter cannisters and filters. This adapter turns any 3/8” drive ratchet or breaker bar into a 25 NM torque wrench. Additionally, it can be used with a 21mm socket or wrench, but is not meant for use with impact or pneumatic wrenches. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The Tesla Jack Pads from SUNEX Tools are specifically designed for use on Tesla vehicles and are crafted from a one-piece molded rubber for a universal fit. The pads offer secure, scratch-free lifting for Tesla Models 3, Y, S, and X. Additional features include a high-visibility O-ring for safety and a slip-resistant diamond-knurled surface. According to SUNEX, the pads ensure precision, protection, and peace of mind during vehicle maintenance. Each set includes four pads for full coverage of approved lifting points, stored in a softsided zipper storage with an EVA foam organization tray. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The Vividia BD-5030i Borescope from Oasis Scientific is a semi-rigid USB borescope with a .19” diameter probe head and an 11’ long tube. It is equipped with both a front and side camera on the head and is designed to integrate seamlessly with the “USEE” Camera app (available on iPhone, iPad, and Android). Users can switch between both cameras and adjust their LED brightnesses within the app. Pictures and videos can be saved to connected devices. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The ARES Tool 12-pc Master Cylinder Adapter Set includes 12 adapters all designed to work exclusively with ARES 70921, 18051, and 18053 Brake Bleeder tools. Round adapter sizes include 29mm, 34.5mm, 42mm, 43.5mm, 47mm, 49.5mm, 50.7mm, 56mm, and 74mm. The set works on disc and drum brake systems and is compatible with 90 percent of current master cylinder reservoirs. Additionally, the set includes a one-piece rectangular adapter for Chrysler and GM vehicles, a one-piece adapter for Toyota and Lexus vehicles, 10-pc round adapters, and a one-piece custom-molded storage and carrying case. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The PowerDrive Drill/Driver Threaded Bit Adapter from Milton Industries, is a 1/4” adapter designed to access tight spaces such as engines, under the hood, or other hard-to-reach areas. The adapter features a 1/8” cobalt drill bit to ensure accurately sized holes and tolerances for working on high strength steel, titanium, and aluminum. The adapter is made in the U.S., steel heat treated, and black-oxide coated for corrosion resistance. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at

6 Professional Distributor I May 2024 I


The Streamlight Strion 2020 Rechargeable Flashlight delivers up to 1,200 lm, featuring both head and tail push-button on/ off switches, an easy-to-use mode select switch for choosing light intensities, and a convenient battery status indicator. The three-position mode selector allows users to toggle through the light’s high (335m beam distance, 1,200 lm), medium (200m beam distance, 460 lm), or low (110m beam distance, 120 lm) outputs. The head and tail switch both offer full control independent of each other and provide one-handed operation of the light’s momentary, constant on, or strobe modes. A battery status indicator displays green when charged and red when the light needs to be charged. Additionally, the light features a TIR optic that is impactresistant and chemical-resistant. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The PermaSafe Industrial Nitrile Gloves have a thickness of over 6 mils, with textured palms and fingers. According to PermaSafe, these gloves are designed to be thicker and more puncture-resistant compared to standard disposable gloves. Additionally, the gloves feature a textured surface, which provides an increased surface area compared to other disposable gloves of similar size. This design aims to improve grip and control, especially when handling wet or slippery objects. These gloves are hypoallergenic, as well as latex, vinyl, protein, powder, and BPA-free. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The M18 Brushless 18” Fan from Milwaukee Tool provides air circulation over 50’ and up to 13.5 mph. The 18” blade and brushless motor propels air, allowing for fast and efficient cooling, drying, or ventilation. The reinforced metal base and shroud design withstands demanding job site environments and delivers impact-, water-, and dust-resistance. This lightweight, mobile fan can adapt to any location with 360-degrees of rotation and a 5-hour run-time on high with the M18 HD12.0. The integrated AC plug can plug into a standard extension cord for extended run-time. For optimized storage and transportation, this fan has an interlocking stackable design. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The Lokithor ApartX features a built-in air compressor and an LIPO battery that has a 1,500A peak current, suitable for 7.0L gasoline and 4.0L diesel engines. The LO-LIPOX option offers 24,000mAh capacity and 4,000A peak current. The ApartX features turbocharged cores, providing over 200W of power and delivering a stable energy supply with minimal noise. The Lokithor also features replaceable battery options. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The 1/2” Brushless Connected-Ready Hammer Drill/Driver Kit with CORE18V 4 Ah Advanced Power Battery from Bosch features a brushless motor that delivers 565 in-lbs of maximum torque. Kickback control reduces the risk of sudden rotational torque reaction in a bind-up scenario. A rapid mode selector allows users to shift between hammering, drilling, and driving modes without the need to adjust the clutch. A switchable precision clutch, when switched on, stops the tool when clutch slippage is detected. The ergonomic design promotes comfort and balance on the job. Additionally, there are 20 clutch settings, two speed settings for both high-speed and high-torque applications, and an all-metal chuck. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The CTA Tools Benz Oil Level Dipstick, No. 8824, is used to accurately measure engine oil levels and to check the length of the oil dipstick guide pipe. This tool is designed to work on a wide range of Mercedes Benz engines including M112, M113, M271, M272, M646, M647, M648, and M651 models. With the 8824, technicians can check the oil level without needing to start the engine. The dipstick is 36.6” long. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at

Professional Distributor I May 2024 I 7


The Matco Tools Long Barrel Pneumatic Air Hammer Kit in Teal , No. MT2916KT, delivers 2,300 BPM from a 3-3/4” piston stroke that is designed to provide powerful blows. The patented forward-grip design gives the user tool control and helps maintain the chisel on the workpiece. Additionally, the patented valve body allows for more air to be moved through the tool producing a more powerful blow. A rubber dampener reduces vibration, shock, and hand fatigue. This kit comes with five chisel bits: 3/4” Flat Blade Cold Chisel Bit, Slotted Panel Cutter Bit, 1/2” Punch Bit, 3/8” Taper Punch Bit, and 1” Round Hammer Bit. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The 9-pc Tesla Die Set , No. DF-SPR/ TESLA9, from Dent Fix Equipment , is designed for use in the application of 5mm self-piercing rivets. Included in the set are eight forming die heads for 5mm SPRs (H1H8), one SPR rivet holder (B1), and a case. The heads fit the 10T Self-Piercing Riveter, No. DF-SPR70. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The K-Tool International Rechargeable Neck Worklight , No. KTIXD5523, is water-resistant, oil-resistant, and greaseresistant. The light is half a pound with an IP54 rating and an ergonomic design for increased comfortability. At its full capacity, the light delivers 300 lm of brightness, and 150 lm at half capacity, with the ability to dim across a broad band of brightness levels. A flexible gooseneck design allows for directional capability, and magnets on the back of the light enable mounting onto metal surfaces. The light has a charging time of 3.5 hours and a run-time of three to six hours. 


The Lang Tools 26” Internal Retaining Ring Pliers with Interchangeable Tip, No. 1489, are heavy duty pliers used to remove and install the large internal retaining ring in transmission cases. Its 26” handles provide the leverage needed to compress large retaining rings. Ideal for GM 5L40, 5L50, 6L50, 6L80, and 6L90 transmissions. The pliers weigh 3.85 lbs and include straight .120” diameter tips (No. 8600). 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The Sensor Tap Series from MuellerKueps features a combination of steel strength, double coating, and six cutting edges that are designed to make it easy and efficient to cut through heat-tempered steel. This series aims to provide professional thread restoration for both light and heavy duty diesel engines. A short tap design with an integrated guide pin is available in sizes M12X1.25, M14X1.5, M18X1.5, M20X1.5, and M22X1.5. This allows users to find the right fit for their applications. The redesigned Sensor Tap Series features expanded size options and compatibility with the 513 Flexhead Ratchet, No. 514. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at

LIFT HEIGHT OF 3-3/8” TO 24-1/4”

The OEMTOOLS 3-Ton Long/Low Profile Jack, No. 24868, has a lift height of 3-3/8” to 24-1/4” and is ideal for low-profile vehicles, trucks, and SUVs. The 4.3” saddle with jack support pad and foam handle cover prevent damage to the vehicle. Nylon casters protect sealed surfaces and dealer showrooms. This jack weighs 100.3 lbs and is 31-3/8” long. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at

8 Professional Distributor I May 2024 I SNEAK PEEK
AUTEL ACADEMY TECHNICAL TRAINING IA9OOLDWT ALIGNMENT WITHOUT LIMITS DIAGNOSTICS + DIGITAL INSPECTION + ALIGNMENT + ADAS CALIBRATION DIAGNOSTICS 1 2 3 4 DIGITAL INSPECTIONALIGNMENT ADAS CALIBRATION All Systems and Module Health Check Including Steering and Suspension. Text or Email All Customized Reports Instantly to Your Customer. 3D Wheel Alignment with Any Electronic Component Reset. Step-by-Step Illustrated Instructions with Automatic Vehicle Height Tracking. *Return on investment varies by service volume. CALCULATE YOUR REVENUE POTENTIAL RECOUP YOUR INVESTMENT IN AS LITTLE AS 30 DAYS At the Cost of a Typical Alignment System MAXIMIZE WITH A SINGLE SYSTEM & WORKFLOW PROFITABILITY & EFFICIENCY For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The Dodge 4500/5500 Ball Joint Install Adapter, No. 18100-D45, from Schley Products is designed to support the 18100 Ball Joint Press to install the ball joint. The adapter locks in place on the rocker assembly and provides the correct geometry and design to support the press while installing new ball joints. Additionally, the adapter accommodates complex axle housing geometry, is made from high-quality heattreated alloy steel, and works on 2008-2014

Dodge Ram and Dodge Sterling trucks.  For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The Thexton Lift Alignment Tool , No. 962, is designed to streamline the positioning of lift arms to vehicle lift points. With the capability to position both front and rear arms, the alignment tool minimizes the need for constant up and down movements, reducing strain on the user. Crafted with a lightweight yet robust design, this tool aims to ensure ease of handling without compromising durability. Equipped with two flush-mounted laser guides, it provides precise visualization of the outer edge of the lifting point. The laser guide features a twist-on/off mechanism and replaceable batteries. Designed to accommodate most lift pads up to 6.75”, the tool also comes with a magnetic hook for storage on the lift. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The Philips Xperion 3000 Headlight, No. LUMX30HEADX1, from Lumileds features a 200 lm spotlight for the user to direct the light where they need it. The 6,000-Kelvin light is designed to be easy on the eyes, improving visual comfort and reducing eye strain for fatigue-free work. The headlight also features an adjustable, anti-slip elastic headband that is designed to fit comfortably around the user’s head. Additionally, the light takes around 2.5 hours to charge fully, and its battery is designed to last 2 to 6 hours without interruption. The light is IK07 shock-resistant, and water-resistant to IP65 standards, and its surface is built to withstand chemicals and workshop solvents.  For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The Universal Drilling Guide MASTER M6-M10 from Pichler Tools is designed for safe drilling out of broken stud bolts with thread sizes M6 through M10. The HARDOX-Drills are suitable for tough and hard materials, with an optimized cutting edge and special, flat spiral angle at 135 degrees. The Carbide HEAD-CUTTER is ideal for levelling and smoothing the break-off edge of the stripped screw, with diameter 4.8mm by 50mm, 6mm by 50mm, and 6mm by 105mm. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


Designed and engineered with cuttingedge technology, the X-431 Throttle V from Launch Tech USA delivers a combination of automotive intelligence, quick navigation, and ergonomic handling for optimal efficiency. As the most powerful automotive scan tool in the X-431 family, the X-431 Throttle V provides fast performance for optimal efficiency during diagnostics and vehicle repair. With access to the latest OEM carline software and X-431 FIX and CODE ASSIST carline repair information, the diagnostic repair process can effectively and accurately be accelerated with confidence. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The Tuxedo Distributors iDEAL EV/Hybrid Lift Table, No. LT-EV2500AH-X, incorporates multi-adjustable and directional EV-insulated platforms for controlled lifting and lowering tasks to safely remove, replace, or service heavy vehicle components for EV or hybrid vehicles, such as EV batteries, motors, powertrains, or similar heavy components. The table also features air-hydraulic power and fully operational hand controls for lifting, locking, and lowering. The table can hold up to 2,500 lbs.  For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at

10 Professional Distributor I May 2024 I SNEAK PEEK


The Magnetic Air Hammer Bit Holder from Tool Truck Essentials is designed to fit 36 bits and measures 14.25” by 6.25”. The holder is made from CNC-machined highdensity polyethylene (HDPE) and features recessed rare earth magnets to hold the bits securely on the wall or ceiling of the truck with four screws using mounting holes and hardware provided. Tool Truck Essentials offers a nonmagnetic version as well. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The Rogue EM 125i from ESAB weighs 28 lbs and uses 115V primary power. The tool has a rated welding output of 90A at a 30 percent duty cycle and is optimized for use with .023” and .030” diameter solid MIG wires or .030” gasless flux cored wires. A 14-segment digital display shows parameters and details, and users set voltage and wire feed speed with traditional controls. Rogue has a maximum output of 125A. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The All-In-One Tool Kit from Just Clips is designed to remove, clean, and install new snap rings on impact wrenches. Each kit contains one Snap Ring Plier with universal swivel tips for 1/4” to 1” sized impacts; one ClipKey; the snap ring installation tool; and six sets each of Just Clips’ Milwaukee style and Original style snap rings in 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2” sizes. The All-In-One Tool Kit is made in the U.S.A. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at

• 10” COLOR TOUCH SCREEN to navigate all features and functions with ease

• WIFI CAPABILITY allows for real time, interactive communication and troubleshooting

• VISUAL INDICATOR LIGHT provides visual confirmation of machine progress


Professional Distributor I May 2024 I 11 WWW.MASTERCOOL.COM PHONE: 973-252-9119 • FAX: 973-252-2455 intuitive design,
elevated efficiency
• 4” ANALOG GAUGES are class 1 rated and color coded
250 100 350
COMMANDER4100 R1234yf & Hybrid Recovery/Recycle/Recharge Machine • Refrigerant identifier • Hose flushing • Thermal printer
One used oil bottle • Status light
Refrigerant database • SAE J2843 certified • Made in USA
R134A Fully Automatic Recovery/Recycle/Recharge Machine
• Automatic oil injection
2405PTED_Mastercool.indd 1 4/9/24 9:12 AM
• Two sealed bellows design bottles, one used oil bottle • Status light • Refrigerant database • SAE J2788 certified • Made in USA EXCEEDS SAE STANDARDS FOR PURITY AT 98.5%
For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The In-Line Wire Stripper, No. 19150, from Tool Aid automatically adjusts to strip 8-30 AWG PVC insulated wire. Built-in cutters on the stripper can cut through 10-30 AWG PVC insulated wire. The stripper includes a pressure adjustment slide for fine-tuning and an adjustable strip length guide for quick, repeat stripping. The in-line style allows use in tight and recessed areas. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The Kaeser Compressors AQUAMAT i.CF provides clean and effective condensate separation for flow rates up to 3,300 scfm. The i.CF is designed to maximize efficiency, simplify maintenance, and integrate with modern industrial environments. By employing an active process using compressed air, the i.CF can evenly distribute condensate throughout the filter. This ensures environmental compliance while maximizing the utilization of the filter media for long service intervals. An ergonomic design and drip-proof cartridges offer fast, no-mess servicing. The separator features the AQUAMAT CONTROL that tracks cartridge life. Connectivity via Modbus TCP allows real-time monitoring and proactive maintenance for optimal performance. The controller also sends alerts when service is needed. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The i70BT Automotive Diagnostic System from Foxwell is a diagnostic scanner with Wireless VCI Foxlink I. It inherits the same Foxwell advantages in car fault diagnostic tech, such as multiple manufacturer coverage, service functions, and accurate test data, making it ideal for busy garages or workshops. The i70BT supports all system diagnostics as well as oil reset, EPB, SAS, and 35 service functions. Users can run bidirectional tests and perform automatic VIN readings. Additionally, the i70BT supports CAN FD/DoIP, has a wireless connection, and features one-touch update. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The LED Rechargeable Penlight , No. 312-07179, from Ascot Supply is a n a luminum penlight with laser and UV light. The top UV light has a wavelength of 365nm, while the side 5W COB floodlight is 450 lm. The light includes a 3W spotlight with white LED at 140 lm and a red laser light. Additionally, the penlight has a 120-degree rotating metal clip with a magnet, as well as a dimming switch with a battery indicator. The light is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery and 50cm USB-C cable and has a charging time of three hours. The COB and white spotlight have a run-time of 2.5 hours. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The TS001 Thermal Imager from TOPDON is a long-focus Android thermal imager with a 9mm lens. The TS001 has an infrared resolution of 256x192 and a 25Hz frame rate. The adjustable lens covers infrared imaging needs from 0.1m to 500m. Equipped with both measurement and observation modes, the TS001 provides accurate temperature readings and intuitive insights into heat distribution. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The IQ Vise from Work IQ Tools features a ball and socket design that allows articulation and 360-degree rotation at any angle. It also includes a Quick Cam compression lever in the front that gives the vise even more functionality by allowing it to lay flat, lock at any angle, or rotate for optimal work positioning. The eight-position IQ Lok locks the ball in place and allows up to 130 ft-lbs of torque. Additionally, five different IQ Vise Jaws allow users to tailor the vise’s grip for the project at hand. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at



Do YOU stock it?

The following products are among the most requested tools and equipment from recent issues of PD 's sister publication, PTEN. Perhaps you've already received requests about some of these items. Take a closer look at stocking them.

A Can wirelessly program up to eight sensors

The TP150 TPMS Diagnostic Tool from Xtooltech USA integrates tire pressure programming, tire pressure diagnosis, and tire pressure matching. It supports activation of 315MHz to 433MHz tire pressure sensors and can wirelessly program up to eight Xtooltech TS100 universal tire pressure sensors.

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” on

C Ideal for removing seals, O- r ings, and more

The 1/4” Pry Bar with Strike Cap, No. 35100, from Lisle Corporation is designed to remove seals, electrical connectors, O-rings, plastic caps, interior trim pieces, metal, and plastic retainers. The strike cap in the top of the handle can be tapped with a hammer, and the 1/4” square shaft pry bar has a pocket clip and measures 5” in length. In addition to these features, the tip design cradles the return spring to keep it from sliding off. The heat-treated material and extra-long shaft provides strength and stability, and an ergonomic handle gives users comfort as they work.

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” on

B Quickly checks torque wrenches

The Hazet Torque Testers, Nos. 7901E, 7902E, and 7903E, are designed to offer a reliable control aid for torque wrenches. The 7901E has a fixed internal 1/2” square socket and can measure torques between 7.37 to 258.15 ft-lbs. The 7902E has a fixed 27mm hexagon socket and measures from 36.88 up to 811.30 ft-lbs. The 7903E has a fixed 10mm external hexagon socket for smaller torque wrenches and comes with additional 1/4” and 3/8” adapters. It can measure 1.10 to 22.18 ft-lbs with a maximum tolerance of +/- 1 percent. The torque testers feature a large, easyto-read LCD display with backlighting, a quick test function, an IP40 protection rating, and three measurement readouts.

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” on

D An all-systems scan tool

The Autel MaxiCheck MX900 is an 8” touchscreen all-systems scan tool and service tablet, compatible with U.S., Asian, and European vehicles, 1996 and newer. The corded tablet can read and erase codes, view freeze frame, view and graph live data, and perform bidirectional active tests and special functions. The MX900 is also a full-featured service tablet with more than 40 service and maintenance tasks, including brake bleed, oil and service light resets, battery registration, DPF regen, and electronic parking brake and steering angle resets. The MX900 runs on Android 11, is powered by a 1.8 GHZ processor, and comes with one year of free software updates.

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” on

E Features a hook design

The Thexton Best Angle Back Probe, No. 960, is designed to access electrical circuits from the rear of the connector to prevent piercing wires and possibly damaging the circuit. The Best Angle Back Probe allows users to get at tucked away connectors easier with a hook design. The added feature allows for flexibility and assures a good connection with a voltmeter. The product is 100 percent soldered to provide an accurate and dependable reading. Made in the U.S.A.

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” on

14 Professional Distributor I May 2024 I

F Uses any smartphone

The TOPDON TopScan is a pocket-sized tool designed to turn any smartphone into a professional-grade scanner. TopScan is capable of reading and clearing fault codes for over 60 different vehicle makes across American, Asian, and European vehicles as well as offers advanced diagnostics and bidirectional control through the user’s phone. With TopScan, users can access eight maintenance services, AutoVIN technology, vehicle performance testing, and a repair data library. Additionally, it offers Bluetooth connectivity and multilingual support, includes feedback functions, and can test emissions easily with a one-click I/M ready button that generates a testing report.

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” on

I TPMS diagnostic and programming tool kit

The Ranger TruSensor TS58R Universal TPMS Kit is designed to diagnose and program import and domestic tire pressure monitoring systems. Offering 98 percent global vehicle coverage, the kit includes a portable TS58R tool with a color touchscreen, four metal stem sensors, four snap-in rubber sensors, a USB interface cable, an OBD-II cable, and a power cord, all packaged in a durable, padded carrying case. TruSensor TS58R can test tire pressure, temperature, and battery life; read and clear TPMS diagnostic trouble codes; reset warning lights; and accurately diagnose car key remotes and fobs. It supports all 315 and 433 MHz aftermarket and OEM sensors.

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” on

G Patented micro diamond grip

The EPPCO Grease Bully MDT Nitrile Gloves are chemicalresistant disposable gloves with a patented micro diamond grip textured surface that is designed to provide a better grip. The gloves are commercial grade, 7-mil thickness, powder-free, and latex-free. The Grease Bully MDT Nitrile Gloves come in safety red and are available in sizes medium through XXL.

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” on

H Bevel gears prevent stalls

The AIRCAT 1/4” Mini Angle Die Grinder, No. 6250, features a .3hp motor that produces 18,000 rpm free speed. Weighing just 1lb and measuring 5” in length, the 6250 provides added control and maneuverability while allowing access into tight spaces. It also offers heavy duty bevel gears that prevent stalls, a variable speed trigger that allows users to control the tool speed, an overmold grip for added user comfort, safety lock-off throttle levers to prevent accidental start-ups, and a rear exhaust with AIRCAT’s silencing system to reduce noise levels to 81.5 dBa without reducing the tool performance.

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” on

J Works as a full DPF service tool

The CanDo HD Code Pro is a mid-line code scanner that will diagnose light to heavy duty commercial vehicles. The scanner reads and clears codes as well as performs DPF resets and regens. In addition, the scanner allows users to perform SCR, ash and soot level resets, along with service maintenance resets. The full DPF service tool also comes with manufacturer-specific engine, brakes, and transmission coverage.

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” on

Professional Distributor I May 2024 I 15


TOOL Ford Power Stroke 6.7L Fuel Injector Copper Compression Seal Puller and Seal Saver Base Kit


The ProMAXX Tool Compression Seal Puller Kit, No. PMXISPS200BSE, optimizes the Ford Power Stroke 6.7L Copper Compression Seal removal process while saving time and money.


• The Compression Seal Puller and Saver Kit is designed to effortlessly and securely remove stubborn, stuck fuel injector copper compression seals from the head on Ford 6.7L Power Stroke engines.

• Traditional seal removal methods often involve using a curved, pick-like tool, and include a high-risk probability of dropping the seal into the valve cover valley, leading to an extended 3.7 hours of labor.

• With a threaded tip that grips and extracts the seal from the injector seat, the seal puller tool ensures efficiency and precision while the seal saver prevents the seal from inadvertently dropping into the valve cover.


Cra ed with precision, the Compression Seal Puller and Saver boast a rugged, machined, and hard-coated (Anodized) aluminum body that guarantees years of reliable service. The seal Puller’s knurled grip with small ridges ensures a secure hold, making turning the tool easy to use while preventing hand slippage.

The kit extracts stubborn, stuck copper compression seals, safeguarding the engine head from potential expensive damage. To watch a video demonstration of this product, visit:


• Easy and safe removal: The PMXISPS200BSE kit extracts stubborn, stuck copper compression seals, safeguarding the engine head from potential expensive damage.

• Threaded tip precision: The tool’s threaded tip expertly grabs the seal and smoothly pulls it out of the injector seat, ensuring a seamless extraction process.

• Replaceable threaded tip: The Compression Seal Puller is built for longevity, featuring a replaceable threaded tip to extend the tool’s lifespan.

• Reliable construction: The kit is designed and manufactured entirely in the USA.


The kit comes well packaged for display in a sturdy white “Indestructo” flip-top cardboard box. It’s best to open the box lid and display the open kit on an eye-level shelf.


The Ford Power Stroke 6.7L diesel engine has a high compression of 950 psi and extreme cylinder head temps of 1,100 degrees F. Both contribute to the copper injector compression seal “soldering” itself to the engine head. This makes it di icult to remove the seal from the head, and it lengthens the repair, costing the technician valuable time and money. The Compression Seal Puller and Saver were designed to make extraction safe and easy.


Introductory price at $149.95 (save 25 percent)

Contact Milton Specialty Tool Group General Manager Je Del Rossa at 724-941-0941 or

PRODUCT IN FOCUS 16 Professional Distributor I May 2024 I
Information provided by ProMaxx Tool

LEDLENSER AF4R Work Area Light

The light uses either a rechargeable battery or a plug-in with AC power for versatility.


“Ledlenser Area Lights were created for construction workers, civil engineers, electricians, mechanics, the family handyman, and everyone else who is reliant on a perfectly lighted workplace,” says Je Hutchens, chief operating o icer of Ledlenser USA. “With our unparalleled lighting technology plus our thoughtful, compact, and robust designs, Ledlenser Area Lights are essential for a variety of spaces and situations where superior illumination is essential to getting the job done well and safely.”


A er extensive feedback from workers, it became clear that our new area lights must meet the following essential criteria:

• Optimal illumination: Workers require perfect illumination that includes brightness control, adjustable white light, directed illumination, and glare reduction for comfortable and effective lighting conditions.

• Versatile performance: Maximum flexibility is crucial, as different work sites may offer varying power options. Hence, the inclusion of hybrid power capability was deemed essential. Additionally, various mounting options are necessary to accommodate diverse work environments. The light must also be resilient and capable of withstanding wet and dusty conditions.

• Exceeding expectations: As a brand committed to excellence, Ledlenser aims to surpass expectations. Thus, we’ve integrated Bluetooth compatibility with remote control functionality into a compact, reliable, and user-friendly product. This ensures convenience and efficiency for workers in various settings.

To watch a video demonstration of this product, visit:


The light comes in a hard carrying case with a sleeve corrugated cover.


• 100 percent: 2,000 lm; two-hour run time.

• 75 percent: 1,500 lm; three-hour run time.

• 50 percent: 1,000 lm; four-hour run time.

• 25 percent: 500 lm; nine-hour run time.

• 10 percent: 200 lm; 20-hour run time.

• Adjustable white light settings (from warm white to cool white) and a detachable diffuser.

• Operable during charging.

• Magnetic fold-out stand with 360-degree rotation.

• Compact aluminum body with protective rubber coating.

• Temperature control system keeps light from overheating so it can run brighter and longer.

• Bluetooth-ready with remote control (available separately).

• Transportation lock prevents light from being turned on accidentally and using up battery.

• Comes with a protective case.

• Features a seven-year warranty.

• Accessories include a Powerbank Flex10 charger and a Powerbank Flex5 charger.


• Brightness: Delivers up to 2,000 lm with five brightness levels and a five-step tunable white light. The light features MultiConcentrated Light, a unique technology that provides superior illumination through a homogenous light pattern, peripheral glare reduction, and adjustable color temperature. The light provides up to 35 percent higher illumination that can be directed where needed; it’s also flicker-free and remains constant even as the battery loses power.

• Hybrid power: Use either the rechargeable battery or plug-in with AC power for versatility.

• Durability: Protected from dust and water with an IP67 rating for reliable performance in various conditions.

• Mounting options: Offers flexible mounting options including a foldable stand, magnet, or hook.

Professional Distributor I May 2024 I 17 FOR MORE I NFORMATION Contact SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE $219.95
Information provided by Ledlenser


8” x 10” Flexible Magnetic Mat

The 8” x 10” Flexible Magnetic Mat from SUNEX Tools is designed to hold up to 40 lbs.


The 8” x 10” Flexible Magnetic Mat from SUNEX Tools is rated to hold up to 40 lbs of tools, parts, jacks, etc. It can be a ixed to fit a li post with its intentional shape of 8” x 10”, but can just as easily be attached in the engine bay, vehicle, or on toolboxes.


This product allows the user to assemble the tools and parts they need for a job and move them from their toolbox to the vehicle without dropping them along the way. Users can also apply it to various points in, under, or on a vehicle, as well as to make easy access to the tools, fasteners or parts they need.

To watch a video demonstration of this product, visit:


• High-power rare earth magnets provide increased holding power.

• Organize tools and parts easily in the engine bay, lift posts, and on or in the user’s toolbox.

• Flexible design helps to contour to curves and uneven surfaces.

• Non-marring high-quality outer PVC material is resistant to shop fluids.


This product is made in Taiwan, and made of 12 high-powered rare earth magnets and a high-quality PVC outer layer. It weighs just over 12 oz., but is rated to hold up to 40 lbs.


This product is sold in a full-color corrugated carton with photos and features and benefits to help showcase the item. It ships with 10 units per package.


• Secure and strong: Rated to hold up to 40 lbs with 12 high-power rare earth magnets, ensures tools and parts are easily organized in the engine bay, lift posts, vehicle, and on the user’s toolbox.

• Protective outer layer: High-quality PVC layer safeguards surfaces from scratches and damage while being resistant to common shop fluids.

• Versatile design: Flexible design shape is constructed to accommodate various applications within a technician’s workspace.

PRODUCT IN FOCUS 18 Professional Distributor I May 2024 I FOR MORE I NFORMATION Contact customerservice or call 1-800-833-7869. SUGGESTED RETAIL
Information provided by SUNEX Tools

NWS Pliers Wrench

The NWS Pliers Wrench is made for tightening and loosening bolted connections.


The NWS Pliers Wrench, No. 1664-12-250, is used for tightening and loosening bolted connections according to the ratchet principle. Parallel gripping jaws on the wrench are ideally suited to gripping, holding, pressing, and bending for a wide range of workpieces.


The pliers are made in Germany, oil-hardened and tempered to exacting standards, and have been developed specifically for the task of fitting sanitary fittings carefully and gently. The swiveling jaws will get a good grip in any position and ensure optimum pressing force for work on fittings of all kinds. The all-around helper is not only suitable for tightening and loosening screw joints — particularly the nuts on fittings with high-grade coatings — they can also be used as tile nibblers as a result of their smooth, polished gripping surfaces. The 10” length o ers a gripping range of 0 to 2”, and weighs 14.8 oz.


• Push-button adjustment with fine serration for quick and secure adaptation to the workpiece to be gripped.

• A box joint with guide surfaces.

• Micro-grinding for easy adjustments.

• Finger trap protection for safe work and to prevent injuries caused by squeezing.

• An ergonomic handle position and shape for optimum power transmission.

• Handles coated with plastic.

• Made of special tool steel, forged, and oil-hardened.


The pliers are designed to replace a wide range of imperial and metric combinationstyle wrenches.


The Pliers Wrench can be used for gripping nuts and refined fittings without damaging the fastener. The wrench’s high clamping force allows for secure tightening and minimizes the rounding o of high-quality and precision fasteners.

Professional Distributor I May 2024 I 19 FOR MORE I NFORMATION Contact info@ SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE
Information provided by NWS
Errichetti has been selling tools for close to 10 years now and has worked out a system to find potential ADAS customers. Photo courtesy of Steven Errichetti


With numbers rising on ADAS-equipped vehicles and new ADAS equipment hitting the market, distributors need to know what works best for each of their customers.

Advanced driver assistance systems, more commonly known as ADAS, have greatly evolved in the past few years.

“If we are talking about modules and sensors installed on a vehicle, the number of ADAS-related control units has increased dramatically in quantity and complexity over the years,” says Fabio Mazzon, technical manager for TEXA USA. “At the very beginning ADAS systems were limited to adaptive cruise control (radar sensors) and lane departure (camera sensors) to quickly and accurately confirm distance. Now there are different range radar sensors for blind spot, rear collision warning, and emergency braking, as well as lidar, cameras that can “read” speed limit signs, and more...”

However, the advancements in ADAS don’t stop there. Mazzon notes that the latest ADAS technology can help with autonomous driving and parking or be used to adjust the intensity and direction of a driver’s headlights.

As vehicle manufacturers continue to advance the complexity and scope of ADAS, tool and equipment manufacturers have followed along, updating and coming out with new products to assist technicians who work on those vehicles.

Just a few years ago, when Professional Distributor published its first article on selling ADAS tools and equipment, it seemed not many mobile tool distributors were trying to make that sale. Now though, there are distributors selling three to four comprehensive ADAS set-ups every year. That may not sound like much, but as you continue reading, you’ll gain a better understanding of just what this means.

Cornwell Quality Tools distributor, Steven Errichetti, is one of those mobiles who has found success selling ADAS units to his customers. The northern New Jersey-based distributor has been selling tools for close to 10 years now and has worked out a system to find potential ADAS customers within the variety of dealerships, independent heavy duty body shops,

Professional Distributor I May 2024 I 21 COVER STORY

Errichetti wants his customers to keep their money in their pockets, so he helps them find the right ADAS set-up for their shop.

private auto repair shops, heavy duty repair shops, and the many other stops he makes along his route.

A tool distributor’s job is to help their customers find the tools and equipment they need to complete their work quickly, efficiently, and safely. To do this, distributors should also keep advancing. Staying up-to-date on the many options available to their customers, especially for more complex tools and equipment like those needed for ADAS, is crucial.


Though there are many reasons why shops aren’t offering ADAS as a service — lack of space, cost of set-up, training, etc. — it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a growing field. In last month’s issue, we featured our annual Aftermarket Profile. A study that surveys hundreds of shop owners and technicians across the country to understand what they’re

purchasing for their shops and what services they are offering. Comparing 2023’s study to this year’s, the response to our question, “Does your shop offer ADAS services?” jumped from seven percent of shop owners to nine percent of shop owners, saying, “Yes, we do.”

With the growing need for ADAS calibrations to be performed, Errichetti cites two reasons why shops should add ADAS services to their roster.

1. The money stays with the shop

When Errichetti talks with shops that are seeing repairs that include ADAS calibrations, and he hears the shop is sending those calibrations to be done elsewhere or having a mobile technician come in to perform them, he asks, “Don’t you want to save that money and put it in your own pocket?”

He notes that ADAS has become prevalent enough in his area that some of the shops he visits have told him

they see three to five vehicles a day that need ADAS calibrations performed. At that rate, Errichetti explains, shops are paying off the cost of an ADAS unit much quicker than they realize. For some shops, offering ADAS services may offer them more profit in the long run.

2. The shop’s reputation isn’t being put on the line

When a shop sends out a vehicle for ADAS work or has someone come in to handle the ADAS calibrations, it’s still their responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is properly calibrated.

“If somebody did a calibration, and they did not do it properly,” Errichetti says, “And they end up doing the final inspection and giving it the ‘okay’ and [the customer] leaves with their car not calibrated properly, it’s still [the shop’s] responsibility because their name is on the final bill.”

This sort of mistake has the potential to ruin a shop’s reputation. Having the calibrations done in-house, Errichetti notes, provides the shop with a sense of security because they know the job has been done right.


For shops interested or on the fence about providing ADAS services, showing them the options they have for the different levels of ADAS calibrations they can perform could help to make the sale.

Brandon Alexander, marketing manager for Thinkcar Tech simplifies shop service levels for ADAS into three categories.

• Dynamic calibration

• Radar calibration

• Comprehensive calibration

Dynamic calibration tends to be the most accessible level of ADAS services for a shop.

“Dynamic calibration, which involves driving a vehicle through a series of set conditions, only requires a diagnostic tablet or computer

22 Professional Distributor I May 2024 I COVER STORY
Photo courtesy of Steven Errichetti

supporting this feature,” Alexander says, “Keep in mind, the ADAS subscription will likely be sold separately even if the tool supports ADAS.”

Taking it up to the next level with radar calibration, Alexander notes, generally, all that’s needed is an ADAScapable diagnostic tool, radar reflectors, and set-up accessories. Because radar calibration is only a subset of more comprehensive, static calibrations –typically associated with front and rear bumper repairs – not only is less equipment necessary, taking up less space in the shop, Alexander explains, but it is also more affordable.

Lastly, for shops looking to offer a comprehensive range of ADAS services encompassing dynamic, radar, and camera calibrations, they’ll need a complete ADAS system including visual targets,

racks, radar reflectors, set-up accessories, and a diagnostic tablet with ADAS support, Alexander lists.

“Some of these comprehensive systems can take up a huge amount of space as main racks with electronic measuring systems and adjustment motors can be several feet wider than vehicles, weigh a significant amount, and require recharging of the internal battery packs,” Alexander says. “This is the solution most people think of when ADAS calibration is mentioned, but it is certainly not the only approach.”


Once you’ve discussed the level of ADAS calibration your customer would like to be performing, you can start focusing on the tools and equipment they will need to achieve this.

To break this down further, Frank Terlap, vice president of ADAS Solutions for Opus IVS, recommends asking the following two questions.

• What type of vehicles do your customers service?

• What type of facilities do they have or plan to have?

Terlap notes that if a shop is working on mainly domestic vehicles, the ADAS calibrations performed on them tend to be dynamic, meaning much less equipment is required than if the shop is working on Asian or European vehicles.

Space and lighting in the shop should also be considered. An ADAS calibration unit like TEXA’s RCCS3 can help save space in the shop. It uses digital targets on a 75” monitor for forward camera systems. Having digital targets instead of physical ones also makes adding new targets simple, notes Mazzon, as they can be added with the regular TEXA IDC5 software updates.

Another space-saving system is the ELITE ADAS system from Thinkcar Tech. The main rack of the comprehensive ADAS system folds into a compact package saving valuable floor space. Additionally, the unit has built-in set-up instructions to help guide technicians in preparing for the calibration.

When helping your customers find the right ADAS system for their shop, having a system that has stepby-step instructions to guide them through the calibration can help ease their minds of worries about improperly calibrating a vehicle.

However, if your customers are looking for some extra assurance when performing calibrations, the ADAS MAP software platform from Opus IVS can tell users what ADAS systems are on the car, where the components are located, what type of calibrations it needs, and why. If they prefer a more human touch for their ADAS help, Opus also offers remote diagnostics.

Professional Distributor I May 2024 I 23 COVER STORY
With the rise in ADAS-equipped vehicles, Errichetti's customers are seeing ROI quicker than expected. Photo courtesy of Steven Errichetti

Opus’ technicians can perform these ADAS services and calibrations remotely, and they can help supplement the knowledge that shops and technicians are still trying to get as they begin tackling ADAS, Terlap explains.


Many factors come into play while talking with your customers about ADAS. To help make the sale, you’ll need to be fully prepared to answer any questions or objections that come up.

Be a resource

“I think it’s incumbent on [mobile tool distributors], in my opinion, that they need to understand a lot about ADAS in the vehicle, so they can consult or advise their customers on what they should be buying,” Terlap says.

When Errichetti walks into a shop, before he even considers broaching

the topic of ADAS, he’s looking at the size of the shop, asking himself if his customer would be willing to expand, paying attention to windows and other light sources. Whether he brings up ADAS or his customer does, he wants to be able to provide them with the information they need to get started with the equipment that will work best for them.

Errichetti and Terlap both agree that the worst thing a distributor could do would be to sell a customer ADAS equipment that won’t work for them.

Be honest

“Technology is constantly changing,” Errichetti says, “No matter how much you tell somebody, ‘Hey, this is gonna include everything you need.’ You can’t say that because a year later or months later, something [new] comes out, and they might just need something more.”

It’s been about four or five years since Errichetti sold his first ADAS unit, and he believes being honest and upfront with your customers is the best way to go. So even though at the time, he provided them with everything he could to perform ADAS services, new targets have come out since then. His customer was aware this would happen, so because Errichetti was honest, whenever they need a new target, they go back to him.

“Demo” the product

Demoing an ADAS isn’t as simple as showing off a new torque wrench. If your customer is interested in seeing a product in action, see if you can connect them with another customer of yours who’s already using the product.

Errichetti notes that shop owners tend to talk to each other, so they may even arrange a meet-up themselves. However, if they don’t arrange a meetup or you’re not able to, try reaching out to the manufacturer to see if they know someone in the area with the product or have another way of providing a demonstration.

Keep the manufacturer in mind

Even though being a resource to your customers doesn’t end after you’ve made a sale, it can help to keep the manufacturer in mind. Selling products, especially ones more technically complex like ADAS equipment, from manufacturers who offer training and technical support for after the sale can take some pressure off you and ease your customers’ minds.

“[Distributors] should rely on the manufacturer for product setup and use training to support the after-sale for customers.,” Mazzon says. “Mobile distributors are promoting the [product] as well as the manufacturer after-sale support, so they need to know which manufacturer provides reliable support for their customers’ peace of mind.”

24 Professional Distributor I May 2024 I COVER STORY
Shop size and lighting will determine what ADAS services shops are able to perform. Photo courtesy of Steven Errichetti

Adaptable Design

Symmetric or Asymmetric

Our 10AP Series offers the convenience of wide or narrow installation wrapped up into one configurable package. This durable, safe, and reliable car lift features an expandable top beam and BI-METRIC™ arms to suit virtually every vehicle lifting requirement – symmetric or asymmetric. The 2-in-1 design gives operators the option of loading vehicles either symmetrically (centerline of vehicle at column) or asymmetrically (centerline of vehicle behind column). The simple, yet highly sophisticated design is sure to keep operating costs low and productivity high. Check out the full line of 10AP lift series at or call us at 1-800-253-2363.

Provides the Ultimate In Safety & Vehicle Fall Protection AUTOMATIC SWING ARM RESTRAINT SYSTEM ASARS
Certified to meet the standards of ANSI/ALI ALCTV: 2017
Bi-Metric Swing Arms Innovative Safety Lock Triple-Telescoping Arms LEARN MORE 1-800-253-2363 • BENDPAK.COM ©2024 BendPak Inc. All rights reserved. 10AP SERIES | Two-Post Lift
For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at

Essential diagnostic tools for today’s automotive technicians

By equipping themselves with many of these essential diagnostic tools, professionals can ensure they are prepared to tackle the challenges posed by modern vehicles.

As one who has been performing vehicle troubleshooting since the early 80’s, a lot has changed since then. I still remember the first time I saw a scan tool connected to a vehicle display sensor information; I was amazed and had a strong feeling that big things were on the horizon. Fast forward to today, and now we have multiple networks talking to a multitude of controllers all necessary for proper vehicle operation, and it is our job to fix them when problems arise. However, professional service technicians like yourself still need basic tools to address challenges on vehicles regardless of the level of technology the vehicle possesses. That’s what we’ll be covering in this article.


Even the most basic scan tools and code readers are indispensable for diagnosing modern vehicles. They interface

with a vehicle’s onboard diagnostics (OBD) system to retrieve diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), providing a starting point for troubleshooting. However, the service technician needs to be fully aware of each tool’s limitations and how the tool should be validated for accuracy. For example, generic OBD-II diagnostics have been standardized. However, each manufacturer can take these standards further and implement specific diagnostic codes and information. If that information is available, it is up to the tool manufacturer to make sure that data is being properly interpreted. Manufacturer-specific trouble codes have specific meanings, and if the tool’s internal reference libraries are inaccurate, the technician could very easily end up on the wrong pathway. Today, there is a plethora of diagnostic scan tools available to service technicians with varying features and functions. Let’s explore these to learn more.

DIAGNOSTIC TECH 26 Professional Distributor I May 2024 I
Figure 1 — Autel scan tool, ADAS calibration Photo courtesy of Scott Brown


Code reading: As mentioned earlier, quick access to DTCs and their meanings is powerful, one just needs to be aware of potential challenges.

Live data: Accessing live data is extremely powerful, some tools allow the service technician to recall and view custom groups of data which can lead to greater productivity. Additionally, some tools will allow the technician to visualize data through charts and graphs which is something that I love to see in tools. Another nice feature some tools offer is the ability to perform output tests or specific system tests while logging and monitoring data which can be extremely powerful.

Advanced functions: Some tools offer ECU flashing, programming and coding, security functions, and ADAS service operations such as sensor recalibration as an extension to calibration fixtures and aiming equipment ( Figure 1).


Electrical issues require precise measurements which can provide the technician with valuable insight. Digital multimeters (DMMs) (Figure 2) and oscilloscopes provide one with instantaneous information and/or the ability to record values over time. Whatever challenge the service technician may be facing, they will need to possess the foundational knowledge needed to ensure the data produced during testing is providing actionable information. For example,

Professional Distributor I May 2024 I 27
Figure 2 — Fluke 88 Multimeter, injector resistance check Photo courtesy of Scott Brown Figure 3 — Picoscope CAN Communications Photo courtesy of Scott Brown
DIAGNOSTIC TECH 28 Professional Distributor I May 2024 I
Figure 4 — Associated Equipment 6042 Battery Alternator Starter Tester
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Photo courtesy of Scott Brown

a technician may be facing a situation where a scan tool is unable to pull any information from the vehicle’s data bus. In this situation, the technician will need to have access to service information and be able to understand how to physically test for proper power, ground, and network wiring. Once the data bus has been restored as operational, the scan tool can then be used to further analyze the vehicle systems.


Voltage and resistance measurement: Essential for checking battery health, sensor outputs, proper power and ground module support, and wiring integrity.

Waveform analysis: Oscilloscopes display signal waveforms crucial for diagnosing sensors and communication networks.


Over on Diagnostic Network ( there was a recent post by a member seeking help on a communications problem on a 2015 Ford F-250 Super Duty Lariat 6.2L. The vehicle exhibited a no crank condition with a DTC U0100 — lost communication with ECM/PCM “A”. The technician was analyzing the CAN communications line with a PicoScope using their serial decoding tool

and although it appeared that there was communication signaling on the physical bus lines, the PicoScope was unable to interpret until the PCM was removed from the network ( Figure 3).

Remove auto glass in minutes with the Inductor® Series: Glass Blaster This tool allows you to work from outside the vehicle with no need to remove interior trim. Release urethane in hard-to-reach areas where other glass tools can’t go, with no damage to the encapsulate or frit. e Ind

Professional Distributor I May 2024 I 29
through your local tool distributor.
of the Original Mini-Ductor 2405PTED_InductionInnovations.indd 1 4/12/24 11:41 AM
877-688-9633 Available
For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at
Figure 5 — Toyota Techstream Photo courtesy of Scott Brown

The cause here was that one of the power supply circuits to the PCM had a large voltage drop which was insufficient for proper module operation. The module was trying to become operational however this led to it excessively loading the communication circuit. To read the entire discussion, visit


The low-voltage battery should always be respected as ground zero. Proper maintenance of a vehicle’s battery and charging system is critical, especially in hybrid and electric vehicles. These testers assess the health and functionality of batteries, alternators, and related components. Testing the battery upfront can not only save you valuable diagnostic time but may present a preventative maintenance upsell.


Battery health check: This evaluates the condition of batteries and is something we do on every vehicle maintenance service. The results are posted to the work order along with any notes, pictures, and in-service dates as needed. When

testing a battery, it is important to understand what kind of test is being used to assess its condition. In some cases, one may need to place a fully charged battery under 1/2 of the cold cranking amps rating while monitoring battery voltage. The first one of these I ever used was the Sun VAT 28. Today in my shop we have a Snap-on load tester along with the Associated Equipment 6042 (Figure 4).

Charging system analysis: Same applies here, one needs to be aware of how the system is being tested. The small hand-held testers for the most part do a good job at assessing charging systems however, carbon-pile testers can place the system under load to activate the charging system to operate near max capacity. This is especially true for hybrid and battery-electric vehicles. The performance of the DC-DC chargers on these can be quickly checked. Please refer to service information on the specifications and proper testing methods before proceeding.


Access to up-to-date diagnostic software and technical service information databases is essential for successful vehicle diagnostics. Wiring diagrams, component locators, connector layouts, and service operations all play a critical role in achieving success.


Vehicle-specific information: Technical service bulletins (TSBs), recalls, and service and repair operations provide a pathway to success. Oftentimes a technician will find themselves performing research before even entering the vehicle. Surfacing a TSB or a recall may provide valuable insight and/or a new perspective one would not otherwise achieve. Software updates: With the plethora of modules deployed on today’s vehicles one should always consider the possibility that a vehicle problem may be solved by a software update ( Figure 5). Updating software in modules is something we perform often in my shop but before updating one should always justify the procedure. If the manufacturer advises that the update should only be administered if problem ‘X’ exists, then this is what should be performed. Sometimes getting the latest version of software in the vehicle may solve other issues that have yet to surface. It has been my experience that many software update packages come with very little to nearly zero release notes. In the computer industry, it is standard practice to issue release notes about what the software is offering. What this means is that although it’s not documented there may be something in that package to address whatever it is you’re faced with. In this case, I opt to add the latest available version.

DIAGNOSTIC TECH 30 Professional Distributor I May 2024 I
Figure 6 — Bosch TPMS Tool Photo courtesy of Scott Brown


With TPMS (Figure 6) being a standard feature in today’s vehicles, having the right tools to service and diagnose these systems is essential for ensuring vehicle safety and compliance. We have found that we need more than one tool in our shop because some vehicles simply don’t want to cooperate with some tools.


Sensor programming: This programs new TPMS sensors to the vehicle and reindexes after rotation.

Diagnostics: Helps to identify issues with the TPMS system.


Fluid condition is a vital indicator of vehicle health. Tools for analyzing coolant, and brake fluid, can preemptively identify issues before they lead to major failures (Figure 7 ).


Contamination detection: Identifies particulates and contaminants in fluids.


Diagnostics is an essential part of the repair process and can

be extremely challenging. By using the right tool at the right time, the service technician can hone in on the problem by providing clues and data points that will lead to an effective outcome. This requires automotive technicians to stay abreast of the latest tools and technologies. By equipping themselves with many of these essential diagnostic tools, professionals can ensure they are prepared to tackle the challenges posed by modern vehicles. In our shop, we often find problems manifesting from improper maintenance, and this is why we use many of the tools above during preventive maintenance services. Our motto is: “We can fix it, but we’d rather maintain it!” Using these tools to document conditions helps to promote proper vehicle care and can lead to increased revenue.

SCOTT BROWN is an ASE Master Certified L1 Technician and has over 37 years of professional service industry experience. He is an independent shop owner in Southern California and is engaged at various levels within the industry. He has a deep understanding of the challenges technicians experience at the service level and is continuously striving to move the industry forward through education and networking. Brown found Diagnostic Network ( after 22 years of service at iATN, where he is retired as company president in 2018.

Professional Distributor I May 2024 I 31
Figure 7 — Reichert Multi-Chek Brake Fluid Boiling Point Tester Photo courtesy of Scott Brown

A tool truck for the modern distributor

This Mac Tools tool truck has it all – a tool chute, side cameras, storage boxes, and a customized workspace to top it off.

Back in late February, when Mac Tools held their annual Tool Fair, AJ Bowlin and Stewart Brown had their new 2024 Freightliner MT55 on display. Bowlin gave Professional Distributor a tour of the truck highlighting an array of its features. Check out the video here: Now, a few months later, we’re catching up with Bowlin to see how he and Brown filled up the new truck and to learn more about all its bells and whistles.

Bowlin and Brown are an Orlando, Florida-based Mac Tools distributor duo – Bowlin runs the route and spends his time on the truck, while Brown handles much of the back office work. The two got together with Herr Display Vans back in July of 2023 to start discussing the design of their truck.


Of the many features included in the truck’s design, a tool chute was one. In the past, when a customer returned a broken tool, it would be placed in the drawer of a toolbox on the truck.

“But you go to sell the box and now you’ve got a drawer full of broken tools,” Bowlin says. “You gotta figure out where to put them, so we had a chute put in this truck.”

From an opening on the top of his desk, Bowlin can send the broken tools down the chute and into a tote inside one of their two 48” storage boxes on the outside of the truck. Aside from the broken tool tote, the storage boxes are also used for housing larger products like jack stands.

Another feature the two had added to the truck was cameras.

“We got the idea from city buses, and we had cameras installed on the front sides of the truck,” Bowlin says. “So when [the] turn signals come on for either direction, we’ve got a camera that displays the whole side of the truck plus the street.”


Going from a blank canvas to a fully stocked truck took longer than Bowlin and Brown had hoped. And after five 12-hour days, the truck was still only 90 percent full.

“The tough part is you start with a bare, empty truck and obviously, you’d like to match the layout of what your old

truck was,” Bowlin explains, “and then you realize, ‘Hey, these cases don’t fit on this shelf.’ So you end up moving the same product, probably four or five times before it’s in its final slot.”

While organizing the truck, Bowlin went for a “comfortable, but impulsive” organization style. He wanted the most commonly sold products right in front of the customer so they could easily find them, but also easily grab their attention.

In this longer and wider truck, Bowlin has more space for displaying new products. He places them on the dash and around the truck, giving customers the opportunity to pick them up and try them out.


Previously, Bowlin didn’t have much of a desk space, but now he has a customized desk with a matching work surface right across from him. The desk and work surface feature a “really cool Mac Tools logo with an American flag inlay,” Bowlin describes.

But what he’s most excited about is that the desk allows him to be more organized and better prepared for the day. He can have his notes right in front of him, take payments, do research, and with his extra monitor, he can show customers products or other information that they’re looking for.

Overall, when designing and setting up their new truck, Bowlin and Brown were looking for ways to modernize their business to give their customers the best tool buying experience possible.

32 Professional Distributor I May 2024 I
AJ Bowlin and Stewart Brown Orlando, Florida

Show us your truck

Recently upgraded your truck? Have a product display or demonstration area for customers?

Share it with us!

is not only do you have customers, but you build relationships that turn into friendships and then it's like a big family," Bowlin says. Bottom Right- If you look in the right-hand

Contact us at for your chance to be featured.

Professional Distributor I May 2024 I 33
Top Left- Bowlin and Brown's 2024 Freightliner MT55 tool truck from Herr Display Vans. Top Right- Even after spending five 12-hour days stocking the new truck, it was only 90 percent full. Middle Left- Bowlin and Brown have taken advantage of every square inch of their truck to display products. Middle Center- Though Bowlin has displays for many of his products; he likes to treat himself as a bit of a billboard. He wears a Mac hat, Mac belt, SPY sunglasses, and Red Back boots every day to help promote the products. Bottom Left- "The cool thing about this business corner of Bowlin's desk, you can see the cover for the opening that leads to the tool chute.

When the wheels fall off your demonstration

When your demo doesn’t go as planned, don’t run, restart!

Back in the early eighties, Klein Tools came out with a really good Romex multiconductor wire stripper. It was a fun tool to demonstrate and was well received by the target residential electricians. Anyway, one afternoon I was giving a tool presentation to a Vo-Tech apprenticeship class someplace in Western Pennslyvania. Things were sailing along well until I began my presentation of the new Romex wire stripper. About two sentences into the demo one of the students in the front row started laughing and pointing to the floor where I was standing. There was a steady stream of blood coming from my thumb onto the tile floor…ouch. Our Romex stripper was also very sharp. This ended my day at the school as I was off to stop the bleeding and receive a few stitches at a local ER.

Even the best prepared and experienced salesperson has those times when the wheels come off and their demonstration rolls over and crashes. I recently saw a clip of some major musicians who forgot the lyrics of a song they were singing at a live performance. So, remember and accept the fact that this can happen to anyone… even YOU.


When you find yourself crashing and burning during that important demonstration the first thing to do

is just STOP. Don’t dig the hole any deeper, just stop. Admit to the prospect that this demonstration is not going well and that you’re sorry. But, for goodness’ sake, don’t pack up your product and your pride and run away. (Although you may feel like it.) Just pick up the pieces and start again.

Surprisingly, most prospects will respect you even more if you just say, “This presentation is not going right, and I want you to really understand and appreciate this product, so I’m going to start again, okay?” Or say something like, “Sometimes I get so excited about a product that my mind and my mouth are just not in sync.”

When I’ve managed to mess up a demo I usually restart with a simple sentence, “How do you like it so far?” This may sound crazy but it gets the prospect talking and thinking and sometimes they may say that they like the product and are ready to buy.


1 .You’re giving your demo in an environment that just isn’t right.

If you are giving a presentation in a location that is noisy, busy with distractions, or has constant interruptions you’re doing the prospect, the product, and yourself a disservice.

If there’s a torque wrench pounding or an air compressor pumping while you’re trying to explain the finer details of a new TrueSensor Universal

TPMS Diagnostic Tool Kit, then you’re risking failure in so many ways. You get distracted and your prospect gets distracted and neither of you can concentrate. The more distractions the higher the chance of demo failure. Get the prospect out to your truck, and meet them early in the morning before the shop erupts with distractions. Just don’t set yourself up for failure. Remember, if you’re distracted, they’re distracted too.

2. You forced the demonstration on a prospect, and they’re not into it.

There is also a high incidence of a presentation going wrong when you have pushed the prospect too hard to see your demo. They will be uncomfortable and not really paying attention. You will be feeling t heir unhappiness which will lead to you not being on your game. It is often important to urge your prospect to see some new product but if your urging goes over the line of too annoying, the result will often be less than you hoped. It could even push that customer to the competition.

3. You skipped a feature you don’t think is important.

If you think about a great product demonstration it is very similar to being the star in a Broadway play or singing a song. You never skip anything. Like it or not, when performing a product demonstration do it all. What seems boring or unimportant to you may be the very feature and benefit that the prospect is looking for.

34 Professional Distributor I May 2024 I GO SELL SOMETHING

4. You didn’t prepare enough for the demo.

In the case of a Major League Mobile Jobber (see last month’s article) more often than not the demonstration disaster is a direct result of less than complete preparation. My son’s a Marine, and he tells me their training includes the acronym, “PPP gets PPR.” P— Poor Preparation gets P— Poor Results.


There are some basic product presentations where the product is simple, similar to other products, and the features and benefits are easy to present. For those products, the preparation should be minimal, but for more expensive and technical items, the more you prepare the better. Especially with technical products like the TrueSensor Universal TPMS Diagnostic Tool mentioned earlier.

Just on the outside of the product case, 10 features are listed along with four programming modes. On top of those 10, are 14 more features listed in their online literature. That’s a lot of great features for you to remember along with the benefits for each.

You can’t just waltz into a presentation, take this tool out of the box, and wing your way through a demonstration. You’re going to be asking this technician for a lot of money and you need to be fully prepared to meet your prospect’s expectations.

The funny thing about demonstrating a product with a lot of features, like this product with its 24 main features and benefits, is if you know everything there is to know about 23 of those features you can bet that the very next person you demo to will ask you about number 24. It never fails!

One last side note of caution. If you’re demonstrating a technical product that plugs in or has batteries

be darn sure to test the product yourself before the demo. Doing a demo with a non-working product is just not fun.

No matter how good you are at your job and how much you prepare, every once in a while a demo just goes bad. Don’t give up. Just stop, regroup, and get back at it.

Now go sell something.

ALAN W. SIPE has spent the last 42 years in the basic hand tool industry including positions as president of KNIPEX Tools North America, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Klein Tools, manager of special markets at Stanley Tools, and sales manager at toolbox manufacturer Waterloo Industries.

Currently, Sipe is the owner of Toolbox Sales and Consulting, a company specializing in sales strategy, structure, development, and training.

Professional Distributor I May 2024 I 35
Image courtesy of Todd Smith


Hand & Specialty Tools

Hand & Specialty Tools

It’s safe to assume most of the shops you visit along your route(s) have bought a hand tool or specialty tool from off your truck. These can be quick tools to demo, allowing you to easily show off all their features. Help your customers sort through the weeds to find the right tool for the job. We’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you, so consider stocking some of these hand and specialty tools.


The 7-pc Hollow Magnetic Color-Coded Ratcheting Power Nut Driver, No. 32950, from Klein Tools includes six color-coded hollow power nut drivers (1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16”, 1/2”, and 9/16” hex sizes) and a ratcheting handle for easy one-handed driving. The 3.75” hollow core facilitates work on long bolt applications, while the 5” sturdy shaft helps with extended reach and access. Rare-earth magnets retain fasteners for one-handed driving, with magnet size increasing with each hex size. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The Tool Aid 9” Sharktooth Sway Bar Pliers, No. 13590, feature a three-point jaw design to grip stripped and rounded fasteners, ensuring users have a tight hold at all times. The 13590 are specially crafted for sway bar links and measure 9” in length for maximum leverage. The extended length also helps to navigate tight spots. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The Sorbothane Soft-Blow Mallet is designed to conform to surface irregularities, providing maximum surface contact without marring, denting, or hand jarring. The mallet is built to deliver the needed force without surface damage and is ideal for auto body trim and glass. Available in three sizes, the Sorbothane Soft-Blow Mallet is safe on all types of surfaces and assemblies including vinyl, hard and soft metals, glass, and chrome. The mallet also reduces secondary damage and repair time. The impact is absorbed and dissipated within the Sorbothane material, eliminating hand jarring and harmful shock. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The FlexTorq 6” 4-in-1 Double-Ended Nut Driver, No. DWADENDEXT-2, from DeWalt features detachable sockets for quickly removing metal shavings to promote a long tool life. The tool offers 4-in-1 versatility thanks to its onboard storage design. Its impact-ready 1/4” hex shank stands up to the power of impact drivers, while the nut driver’s 6” extension allows access to hard-to-reach places. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The Titan Professional Tools 19-pc 3/8” Drive 6 Point Metric VDE Insulated Socket Set, No. 68100, features a fully insulated 3/8” drive reversible ratchet with quick release. The set components carry GS/VDE certification and are tested and certified to 1000 VAC. Included in the set are 6-point sockets (6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, and 20mm) and three extensions. Manufactured in Taiwan to the DIN standard and individually certified to EN 60900, the set is PAHfree and comes in a durable storage case.  For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The 13mm Bypass Wrench, No. BY13, from Assenmacher Specialty Tools is designed to assist in removing and replacing hard-to-reach Detroit Diesel Turbo bolts and nuts by going around obstructions that would typically be in the way. It is also ideal for other applications requiring a 13mm wrench. The BY13 is made from forged steel and has a 3/8” drive. The tool is also available in 10mm (No. BY10) and 14mm (No. BY14) sizes. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at

36 Professional Distributor I May 2024 I


The Matco Tools 10-pc Top Torque II Screwdriver Set - Teal, No. SSPCTT10C, features blades that are molded into the handle and have a wide forged butterfly in the end. Built from high-alloy German steel, the blades are rugged and designed to last, and the tip contains black phosphate that will not chip. The screwdriver’s three-sided ergonomic handles have a microfiber coating that provides an ideal grip even when hands are slippery with oil, grease, or perspiration. The set includes the following

Phillips sizes: P2: 1/4” by 1”; P1: 3/16” by 3”; P2: 1/4” by 4”; P3: 5/16” by 6”; and P2: 1/4” by 7”, as well as the following slotted sizes: 1” by 1/4”; 3” by 3/16”; 4” by 1/4”; 6” by 5/16”; and 8” by 3/8”. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The 13” Heavy Duty Hand Riveter, No. 86966, from GEARWRENCH is designed to install steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper rivets in multiple sizes. The double compound hinge and short handle design allow for extra leverage in tight spaces. A high-capacity collection bottle collects used mandrels for easy cleanup and disposal. Ergonomic grips on the riveter’s handles provide user comfort, and the compact design allows for easy access in tight spaces. Included with the riveter is a collection bottle; five nose pieces of varying sizes (3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16”, 1/4”); and a wrench to change out the nose pieces.  For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The Observer Tools Dual-Flex Ratchet is a multi-faceted ratchet that is designed to adapt to any situation. It features a pivoting handle, a rotating head, and a square drive tang that gives the user 3-degrees of freedom. A quick-release button allows for rapid socket and accessory change, while a forward/reverse dial helps the user change direction without removing the ratchet/ socket from the fastener. The ratchet features a 72-tooth gear with a 5-degree precision swing designed to deliver enhanced maneuvering in tight spaces. Additionally, the ratchet is made of chrome vanadium steel and heat-treated for strength and durability. Available in 1/4” and 3/8”.  For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at

Watch this product in action here:


The CTA Tools Benz 256 Crank Counter Holder Tool, No. 8820, is a precision tool for Mercedes-Benz 256 (gasoline/petrol) and 654 (diesel) engines. The tool secures the crankshaft during critical operations for accurate timing and maintenance and features an ergonomic design. This tool can service 2017 or newer Mercedes-Benz models. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at

Saves time and reduces damage to the wheel bearing by eliminating the need to repeatedly strike or heat the brake drum to free it from the hub

The Brake Drum & Rotor Puller is adjustable with a 17" spread and 6" reach to accommodate the most common drum sizes

Includes specially designed jaws to maximize surface contact ensuring uniform grip even on deteriorated drums

Professional Distributor I May 2024 I 37 WWW.LANGTOOLS.COM MADE IN U.S.A. #833 BRAKE
For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The M7 1/2” Torque Wrench with 20.7154.9 ft-lb Range, No, TE-428210N, is used to apply specific torque ratings to nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. For use in repair industries, this tool has ft-lb and Nm markings engraved on the back of the tool for user convenience. Its knurled handle is designed to reduce the chance of tool slippage. Equipped with a screw used to easily unlock and lock the torque setting. Comes in a blow molded case for protection and transportation. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The 2-pc Spring Loaded Oil Cooler Disconnect Set for Ford , No. 39100, from Lisle Corporation features a special stepped design to fit connectors. Users simply push the line toward the connector, then engage the tool and pull the line from the connector. The two sizes, 3/8” and 1/2”, are designed to disconnect transmission oil cooler lines on Ford vehicles. The 3/8” disconect can be used on 2003-2010 Ford V8 Explorers, 2004 and later Ford F-150s, and the Cadillac CS. The 1/2” disconnect can be used for Ford Super Duty Trucks, F-250, F-350, and F-450. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The 26-pc SAE and Metric Long Arm Hex Key Sets, No. 98526BL and 98526L, from SUNEX Tools are made from CR-V steel and designed to withstand the test of time, according to the company. Featuring both metric and SAE hex keys, the sets cover a wide spectrum of applications. The 98526BL features a ball end design that offers an increased entry angle of 25 degrees, providing increased access for intricate tasks. The long arm design of both the 98526BL and the 98526L allows users to access confined spaces. Chamfered edges guide the key into fasteners, ensuring a smooth, quick fit. The sets come arranged in a color-coded caddy. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The Wrench Pro from Ernst Manufacturing is designed to save space in the toolbox by storing wrenches upright, fitting more tools in a compact space. The modular design snaps together and pulls apart easily for quick setup and customization for any size wrench set and types, including offset, combination, open end, stubby, and ratcheting. Includes identification labels to see wrench sizes easily and to spot missing tools. Additionally, its cleats sink into drawer liners to prevent movement and magnetic options are available to provide an even stronger hold. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The 14-pc Insulated Screwdriver Set from Dynamic Tools includes interchangeable blades, featuring a variety of Phillips, Torx, and slotted tips. Each tip is precisionmachined for an exact fit and have easyto-read identification for quickly selecting the appropriate tool for the job. The blades fit securely in a high-visibility, cushion-grip handle, which is VDE tested for protection against electrical shock up to 1,000V. For precision screwdriving needs, a plastic cap can be attached to the bottom of each screwdriver blade instead of using the cushioned handle. A 1,000V voltage tester is also included in the set for checking electrical sources. Roll packaging is provided for convenient storage and carrying.  For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The FastRatch 240 from STAHLWILLE features a patented technology of the “opening ring,” meaning it can operate even in installation positions that are difficult to access. The wrench is 8mm and has a slim, ergonomic design, and can be used for metric and imperial screw connections. The ratchet spanner is made from stainless, tempered steel. An integrated closing spring allows the wrench to reliably grip rounded screws and nuts, even when tension is relieved. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at

38 Professional Distributor I May 2024 I Hand & Specialty Tools


The Hazet Quick-Clamping Puller Set, No. 1750/5, features five of the most common quick-clamping pullers in one set: 1750-9, 1750-11, 1750-14, 1750-19, 1750-26. Each of the tools in the set is a two-arm puller that features a one-nut fixation per arm for quick adjustments, a solid all-steel bridge, and forged arms that can be released from the bridge and rotated 180 degrees to be used as an internal puller. Additionally, this set is designed to provide high strength and rigidity for safer work. The quick-clamping pullers are also available individually. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The GripEdge Tools RPT Hex Bit Sockets are designed to prevent the rounding of good hex fasteners while being able to remove damaged ones. According to the company, the sockets feature patented RPT (rounding prevention technology), delivering up to 50 percent more torque on good hex fasteners, and up to 400 percent more on damaged ones. Each bit is precision machined from S2 steel for increased strength and durability and coated for increased corrosion resistance. All sockets have oversized, roll-stamped, and ink-filled size markings for greater visibility. Available in sizes ranging from 1.5mm to 10mm and 1/16” to 3/8”. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The Platinum Tech 1/2” Drive Split Beam Torque Wrench , No. PLT-12250, offers a range from 40 to 250 ft-lbs, with 5 ft-lb increments. It measures 24.2” in overall length and its head flexes up to 15 degrees for improved access. The PLT12250 is certified DIN ISO accurate to ±4 percent CW (specific calibration results at the time of manufacture will be shown on the included certificate) and each wrench is calibrated according to the ASME B107.300-2010 standard. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at



The Gray Tools 25-pc 1/4” Drive Set, No. 15025-I, includes 12-point SAE sockets ranging from 3/16” to 9/16” and 6-point metric sockets from 4mm to 15mm. The sockets are stored in a dualcolor foam organizer with imprinted size markings on the top layer for quick identification. Each socket is individually insulated to 1,000V and tested to 10,000V, in compliance to ASTM F1505 standards. Insulation features an orange top insulation layer, and a second layer (yellow) that also serves as a visual safety indicator: should the yellow layer be visible through the outer orange layer, the tool is no longer safe and should be discarded. Made in the U.S.A.  For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at

The GEDORE Excentric Wrench is designed to remove and install axial joints and fits universally for cars and vans. The wrench offers direct mounting on the tie rod and one-handed operation. Its resistant profiling is designed to prevent tool slippage and save time. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at

Professional Distributor I May 2024 I 39
AOB Products Company (800) 338-9585 2404PTED_AmericanOutdoor-REV.indd 1 3/18/24 3:28 PM
Watch this product in action here:


The Beta Tools Zero-Reset Torque Wrench, No. 666, is designed to eliminate the need for manual reset to zero. Thanks to upgraded components, the torque wrench no longer has to be brought back to the minimum setting at the end of each operation cycle. The torque wrench features a bi-material ergonomic handle that is resistant to oil, fuel, and industrial fluids, a double graduation scale that offers highvisibility and easy-to-select settings, and a push-pull system for torque locking. Torque is simply set by rotating the handle to the required setting position. Additionally, it has a torque accuracy of ± 3 percent and its click mechanism can be perceived by hearing and touch. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at

Watch this product in action here:


The Soft-Shock Mallet from Dent Fix Equipment is designed to apply a strong striking force and avoid damaging or scratching parts. The mallet is intended for use on automotive materials susceptible to marring, cracking, and pinching. The tool’s rubber housing is designed to reduce damage to delicate surfaces, while the non-Newtonian fluid filler is engineered to compress and dissipate the force. The steel shaft is angled 15 degrees to protect against accidental contact, and the nonslip grip offers an ideal gripping position and feel to ensure safety and control. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The 14-pc Micro Hand Tool Set from Mayhew Tools is a compilation of micro line products, including pry bars, picks, hooks, and screwdrivers (slotted, Phillips, and Torx). A custom-cut foam tray securely stores the tools, with each part number displayed. The tray is solvent-resistant for on-the-job use and fits most toolbox drawers. Each micro handle tool features a durable and ergonomic Nylon 6 handle with alloy steel blades which are custom heat-treated and tempered for hardness and ductility. Their compact design delivers high performance even when space is limited. All the tools are made in the U.S. and are backed by a lifetime warranty.  For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The Mac Tools Angled Wire Crimper/ Cutter/Stripper, No. WSC8B, are multifunction pliers designed to crimp, cut, strip, and grip, with a long nose, and 100-degree angled head design to provide access in tight areas. The pliers feature flat and round serrated gripping zones, which can strip stranded 12-22 AWG wire and crimp 12-22 AWG bare and insulated terminals. A nickel plating provides corrosion resistance. The pliers are available in three different colors: red, orange, and green. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The Milton Industries 9-pc Insulated Pliers and Screwdrivers Tool Set , No. 1305-EV-02, is designed to help protect technicians from electrical-related accidents. The set includes three V111 screwdrivers, two V112 Phillips screwdrivers, three pliers, and one inspection pen. Tested to 10,000V and 1,000V-rated, the set meets OSHA, NFPA, and IEEE regulations. Insulation is molded onto the handles of each tool. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at

40 Professional Distributor I May 2024 I Hand & Specialty Tools
LisLe Corporation CurrentLy pays royaLties to over 120 individuaLs. Lisle has been in business for over 110 years and for over 40 years have been working with individuals on an award or royalty basis. If you have an original tool idea which others may need, we have a procedure to evaluate your idea. Respond now to request an idea disclosure packet. P.O. Box 89 • Clarinda, IA 51632-0089 712-542-5101 • Fax 712-542-6591
turn your tooL idea into Money


The Strategic Tools & Equipment LOCKJAW Ratcheting Flare Nut Wrench is a patented, ratcheting open-ended flare nut wrench that works on metric and SAE nuts, including damaged nuts. Its push-on/ pull-off feature allows the tool to be used with one hand while its ratcheting design allows users to ratchet around the nut without removing the tool from the nut. The flare nut wrench also offers ideal gripping strength. The more leverage exerted on the tool, the tighter the grip on the nut, the company says. Sizes include 8-9mm, 10-11mm, 12-13mm, and 14-5mm as well as SAE sizes: 5/16” by 11/32”, 3/8” by 7/16”, 15/32” by 1/2”, and 9/16” by 19/32”. 

For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at


The Mueller-Kueps Special CounterHolding Wrench Kit , No. 431 030, is designed to access hard-to-reach nuts on a vehicle’s strut mounting plate. It features a 13mm and 14mm wrench with both a 6and 8-point, making it ideal for tricky connections that require a specialized tool. By holding the nut in place after it has broken loose due to rust, this tool prevents the nut from spinning and allows for efficient and precise work, even in tight spaces. This kit is particularly suitable for VW vehicles where it can be difficult to access the strut mounting plate connections. 

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The Spark Plug Boot Puller, No. C28234, from Performance Tool , is designed to help prevent damaging or separating wires and boots during spark plug removal. The puller features a 45-degree offset jaw that aids in accessing recessed and hard-to-reach spark plug boots. Users can remove or disconnect sensors, connectors, and terminals in all kinds of electrical systems. Vinyl-coated handles and jaws provide the tool with a non-slip grip. The tool is heat-treated and features a spring-loaded design.  For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at

8”, 12”, AND 16” PRY BARS

The Cornwell Tools


3-pc Indexing Pry Bar Set , No. PBR3PC, includes an 8”, 12”, and 16” pry bar, each with a multi-angle adjustable head to provide optimal leverage for various tasks. The set is made from hot forged alloy steel for maximum strength, and made in the U.S.A.  For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at

The ARES Tool 6-pc 120-Tooth Metric Non-Slip Ratcheting Wrench Set, No. 35021, includes non-slip ratcheting wrenches in 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, and 17mm sizes as well as a durable wrench holder that secures wrenches in place. Constructed of chrome vanadium steel with a polished chrome plated finish for added durability and corrosion resistance, each wrench is size stamped for easy identification. The ratcheting box ends of these wrenches feature 120-teeth and operate with just a 3-degree swing arc for ease of use even in spaces with limited access. The patented, non-slip box ends reduce slippage during fastener adjustment to help avoid rounding and work on fasteners up to 85 percent rounded.  For more information, click on “PD e-inquiry” at

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Balancing work and life

With three trucks under his care, it can be somewhat of a challenge for this Mac Tools distributor to keep his work and personal life balanced, but he makes it work.

When it comes to a work-life balance, Fulkman has it down to a 'T'. He is intentional with his family time and tries to keep work separate from that.

Mac Tools distributor David Fulkman came into the world of tool distribution from aviation, where he built cabinets for Boeing and Airbuses. After witnessing a number of layoffs in that industry in 2015, Fulkman grew tired of the instability and decided it was time to move on.

In between aviation, he worked in auto body where he was introduced to a Mac Tools distributor and, subsequently, the world of tool distribution. A representative from Mac Tools invited Fulkman and his wife out to dinner and walked them through what to expect if they made the switch.

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That’s when the ball started rolling and it hasn’t stopped since.


Currently, Fulkman runs three trucks and feels that his biggest challenge as a multi-route business is finding the right employee. When he interviews candidates, he lets them know right off the bat that they’re not signing up for a “clock-in and clock-out” kind of job.

“Being a tool man isn’t for everybody,” Fulkman says. “This is a lifestyle, that’s what I tell my guys."

As a business owner, Fulkman has faced his fair share of challenges and stress. He’s honest with potential employees about the ups and downs this career can bring.

“Each shop can be a roller coaster,” Fulkman explains. “It [can] be good for a year or two, then it can get difficult. If you make yourself uncomfortable

and you keep moving forward, it can be more steady.”


Fulkman puts a little extra love into each of his trucks by keeping cleaning, stocking, and customer service his top priority.

He frequently recieves comments from customers complimenting the cleanliness of his truck.


Even though the distributor understands the demands of his job and the necessity of keeping himself available to his customers, he still tries to maintain a healthy work-life balance. When he first started, he was working 14-16 hours a day, but now that he’s found a comfortable routine he’s able to devote more of his time to his three sons and wife.

A work-life balance to Fulkman looks like setting time aside for his family, as well as waiting till the morning to get back to somebody if it’s too late in the day.

Fulkman’s oldest son, tells his dad that he wants to run his own truck. When his son joins him on a ride, he sells Fulkman’s customers candy and jerky and offers to help at every turn.

“The guys love seeing him on the route,” Fulkman says. “And I enjoy getting him out there... he loves it."

In the distant future, Fulkman hopes that his son will join him, and his business can become a family one.


Spending time with family

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•On-the-Truck Repair Eliminates removal of the intake, turbo, and exhaust manifold for a quick 45 minute and easy repair vs an 8 hour replacement

•Expandable Flange for solid rigid mounting maintaining perfect alignment vs set cheap set screws

Ford 6.7L Power Stroke Broken EGR Bolt Repair PMXN200PRO

•Increased Productivityremove stuck fuel injectors and repair the fuel injector seat all with one kit

•Increased Performancedesigned to bring the engine performance back to 6.7L Power Stroke engines

•Market’s Only SolutionProMAXX Tool’s Service Kit bring two unique solutions together in one kit

Ford 6.7L Power Stroke Fuel Injector Service Kit PMXRBY300PP



•Combined Power repair 20 different engines from Ford, CDJR, and GM

•Extreme Precision engineered with .001” accuracy to drill dead center every time

•Machine Shop Grade Tooling premium tooling that cuts through bolts with ease

•Easiest Solution - easily removes the fuel injector seal and Seal Saver easily slides in and out of the valve cover

•Accident Prevention - prevents accidentally dropping the seal into the valve cover when removing the seal

•Treaded Tip Precision - grabs ahold of the seal and smoothly pulls it out for a seamless extraction process PMXISPS200PRO

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