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advanced 3d simulation with sesam Marine

Phast 3d explosions taking hazard analysis one step further

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06 advanced 3D simulation with sesam Marine

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Phast 3D explosions: taking hazard analysis one step further


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synergi Life Consultancy – optimize your gains

software update DNV GL – a software powerhouse ..................................... 4 advanced 3D simulation technology for marine operations ........................................................ 6 sesam Manager brings complex analyses into common framework ................................................... 8 atkins on the job with sesam Genie ................................ 10 Phast 7.1: Improved modelling and usability .................... 12 Phast 3D explosions: taking hazard analysis one step further............................................................... 14 eni takes control with Maros raM analysis ...................... 16 Broken crankshaft mystery solved .................................... 18 DNV Navigator on-board 2500 vessels ............................. 20 synergi Life Consultancy .................................................. 22 synergi Pipeline supports world’s largest slurry pipelines...................................................... 24 New synergi Pipeline improves efficiency and safety ........ 26 Improved Customer Portal ............................................... 28 Using sesam to its full potential ....................................... 30 the power of interaction ................................................. 31

2 | software UPDate NO. 2 2013

We WelcOme yOur thOughtS! software Update is a newsletter published by DNV software.

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editorial committee: Marketing Director stig Grøndahl editor: tone Mürer rohde-Moe Design and layout: 1309-015 Photo front cover: © istock online edition of software Update: DNV software No-1322 Høvik, Norway tel: +47 67 57 76 50 About DNV GL software DNV GL is the world-leading provider of software for a safer, smarter and greener future in the energy, process and maritime industries. Our solutions support a variety of business critical activities including design and engineering, risk assessment, asset integrity and optimization, QHSE, and ship management. Our worldwide presence facilitates a strong customer focus and efficient sharing of industry best practice and standards.

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Stig grøndahl Director of Marketing and Communications, DNV GL software

From September 12, 2013 DNV and GL started operating as one company. Now 16,000 employees across the world share the same vision; to safeguard life, property and the environment. Bringing together world-class software from these two leading global organizations, we are confident that DNV GL Software is in a unique position to support your business now and in the future. We will be the number one software powerhouse within the maritime, energy and process industries, supporting a variety of business-critical activities including design and engineering, risk assessment, asset integrity and optimization, QHSe, and ship management. DNV and GL both represent a strong technological heritage and a dedication to achieve global impact for a safe and sustainable future. Our software employees across the world are passionate in what they do, and

contribute their expertise to shape the world for the next generations. At the same time, we are focusing on your business needs of today. Our customer focus will be sustained and strengthened, with even stronger customer relationships and efficient sharing of industry best practice and standards. We put our pride in having the customer at the centre! This issue of Software Update covers much of the span of our business. Sesam has been on the market for almost 50 years, and is the leading tool for design and engineering in the offshore market. Read for example how advanced 3D simulation technology is utilized in marine operations. The ability to rigorously analyse and evaluate the potential consequences of hazards resulting from releases of flammable or toxic materials is critical to be able to manage associated risks. Read how Phast with continuous

developments and improvements, like Phast 3D explosions, has successfully enabled our customers to meet this challenge for over 20 years. Other articles cover topics such as Nauticus Machinery, which was used to solve a broken crankshaft mystery, and Synergi Pipeline now supporting the world’s largest slurry pipelines. We are showing how we are able to cover both your business’ financial needs of today, and at the same time move toward a safer, smarter and greener future. As always, please feel free to give me your feedback, either on how we can improve, or on success stories from our partnership. This time I would especially encourage you to provide feedback on how you experience the updated Customer Portal – which you can read more about on page 28. I wish you a good read! 

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safeguarding life, property and the environment

comPleTe soluTions

mosT user Friendly

mosT value For money

ProFessional service

software UPDate NO. 2 2013 |



DNV GL – a software powerhouse On 12 September 2013, Det Norske Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd officially merged to become DNV GL – a technology-focused market leader with 16,000 employees located in more than 100 countries. We asked Are Føllesdal Tjønn, DNV GL Managing Director for software solutions, some questions regarding the merger.


Text: Kaia Means

4 | software UPDATE NO. 2 2013


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deeper product offerings. We will be a powerhouse in the market. The combined solutions will be unique. And most importantly, DNV GL will be able to deliver software solutions for even more complex and demanding customer needs. We will have world-leading software and advisory services in oil and gas, maritime, energy, and other industries.


are føllesdal tjønn DNV GL Managing Director for software solutions

q: Why merge? a: The merger of DNV and GL is based on a strong strategic rationale of global impact for a safe and sustainable future. Increased globalization, the pace of technological changes and the need for sustainable development are challenges that call for innovative solutions. DNV and GL have a common set of values and complementary strengths. Both companies have long histories, being founded about 150 years ago. We have a reputation for high quality and strong integrity that will be strengthened, allowing us to impact our industries to an even greater extent. q: What does the DNV GL merger mean for software customers right now? a: The most important point is that it’s business as usual. All our customers will be receiving the same high level of customer service and relating to the same people as they did pre-merger. All current deliveries will be continued and all current contracts are still valid. In the long term, of course, new contracts will be aligned. q: Which benefits will the merger bring to software customers? a: From being two very strong software providers, we are now together going to be even stronger, with broader and

q: What will happen to the products and brand structure? a: Product innovation and development is an ongoing process. The goal is to have the new complete DNV GL software business defined by the end of 2014. Nearly all of the products we offer are complementary. For legacy DNV Software, with the merger we are entering into new markets such as asset simulation and optimization. In other markets, such as energy, renewables and ship and fleet management, we are gaining from fully complementary solutions that strengthen our position. We will make sure that our customers will gain from using the best combined solutions we can offer – a broader and deeper service offering from a single provider already today. q: Will the merger bring more resources for research and innovation? a: Yes. That is an exciting aspect of the merger. We will be leading in research and development with annual investments of 5% of revenue. Revenue for 2014 of the combined software house is expected to be around NOK 1 billion (eUR 125 million) – so this will bring added resources to innovation and development. Our goal is to be a hub for collaborative innovation together with the industries we work with. q: How will the merger affect support and training? a: We will have increased capacity for technical support and training. In addition, deliveries and implementation for individual customers will be a focus area. We want our customers to achieve the best possible business results from using our solutions.

q: At which locations will DNV GL software be present? a: We will have an increased capacity to serve our customers globally. DNV GL software will have its headquarters in Høvik, Norway. Divisional offices will be in Houston, Singapore and Dubai. Local offices will be in London, Marseilles, Rio de Janeiro, Pusan, Shanghai, Mumbai and Perth/ Brisbane. In addition, we are looking at new office locations in Africa, Canada and Latin America. q: What role will software have within the new company? a: DNV GL software will be an independent business unit directly connected to the DNV GL Group, and an important contributor to DNV GL’s total business. The business areas see software as a key partner in creating value for their customers. 

abouT dnv gl soFTware DNV GL is the world-leading provider of software for a safer, smarter and greener future in the energy, process and maritime industries. our solutions support a variety of business critical activities including design and engineering, risk assessment, asset integrity and optimization, QHse, and ship management. our worldwide presence facilitates a strong customer focus and efficient sharing of industry best practice and standards. DNV GL software main segments: ■■ onshore and offshore oil and gas, maritime, and renewable energy ■■ onshore industry, healthcare and transportation DNV GL software key domains: ■■ Design and engineering ■■ Qra and raM ■■ asset integrity management ■■ asset performance optimization ■■ Commercial gas management ■■ ship and fleet management ■■ QHse

software UPDate NO. 2 2013 |


StreNgth at Sea – SeSam

Advanced 3D simulation technology for marine operations Marine operations – such as transportation, installation and lifting of fixed and floating structures and subsea equipment – are becoming increasingly challenging as operators move to harsher climates and deeper waters. DNV software recently launched sesam Marine, a groundbreaking software solution that keeps pace with the increasing complexity of marine operations with 3D simulation and visualisation. TexT: arend hulshoFF pol, DNV SOFTWARe

Managing risK “This is the first time that complex analyses of marine operations can be visually experienced through simulation using Sesam Marine software. The benefits are crucial for successful completion of offshore installations,” says DNV Software Managing Director Are Føllesdal Tjønn. With Sesam Marine software, it is possible for operators to manage risk through calculation and 3D visualisation of marine operations, taking into account environmental conditions and structural components. Realistic and rigorous testing and evaluation of operations is possible using environmental conditions and dynamic positioning as parameters. The simulations can be used during real-time execution of operations, including installation of subsea structure such as templates, flexible risers, umbilicals and pipelines. The coupled and multi-body analysis is performed in time domain. ‘what iF’ scenarios Sesam Marine can be used in many facets of marine operations in the offshore industry, including lifting and installation of topsides, modules and subsea structures, floatover installation and removal of topsides and offloading tankers in

6 | software UPDate NO. 2 2013

tandem or side-by-side. The ability to quickly visualise the operations in 3D and run multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios immediately showing the results of all known factors significantly reduces the risk to offshore installations. The simulations include multi-body systems, flexible force models, with results based on environmental loading due to wind, waves and current. Operations such as deck mating and lifting of large deck structures can be meticulously ‘rehearsed’ ahead of time. The 3D simulation will ensure that operators know what to expect – for example of movement or sway during a lift at given conditions – and they can make their decisions during the actual operation based on the simulated experience. view operations in actual tiMe Simulation can be crucial for successful completion of offshore installations. Sesam Marine makes it possible to view the simulated operations in actual time. At what speed is it feasible to perform the operations? How quickly can for example a loaded crane rotate in various weather conditions? How should the crane be positioned for most stable procedures? Is the operation feasible only up to a certain wave height?

Seeing the operation through realistic 3D computer simulation offers unequalled decision support. Technicians will see ahead of time how the components will react and interact with the forces needed, and what motion will be incurred, for example swing movements of equipment or the heeling force on a vessel or offshore structure. When the marine operations begin in actuality, the confidence of having seen the simulation will support operators in making the right decisions. Fast analysis with graphic Front-end “Seeing the operation through realistic computer simulation offers unequalled decision support,” says DNV Software Director of Operations Stian Barkbu. “Technicians will see ahead of time how the components will react, what motion will be incurred, for example swing movements of equipment or the heeling force on a vessel or offshore structure. Fast analysis capabilities are now integrated with a graphic front-end that provides immediate visual feedback,” he says. Sesam Marine provides interaction with other DNV Software programs in the Sesam suite of software, such as Sesam HydroD and Wadam. It also provides postprocessing of results.

StreNgth at Sea – SeSam

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with sesam Marine software you can: ■■ Manage risk of marine operations ■■ Perform ‘what-if’ analyses ■■ Improve HSe performance ■■ Benefit from cross-disciplinary communication ■■ evaluate feasibility ■■ Gain better understanding of main challenges ■■ Prepare for actual operation through familiarisation ■■ Support decision-making during actual operation ■■ Understand through visualisation Sesam Marine includes the modules Sima, Simo and Riflex. Sima is the graphic front-end of Simo and Riflex for marine operations.

sesam Marine includes: ■■ Modelling – Graphic user interface ■■ Analysis – Time domain – Interactivity ■■ Result presentation – Integrated post-processor – 3D visualisation sesam Marine 3d simulation software can be used for: ■■ Lifting of topsides and modules ■■ Lifting and installation of subsea equipment (templates, pipelines, flexible risers) ■■ Floatover installation/removal of topsides ■■ Load-out from quay to barge

Offloading (tankers in tandem or side-by-side) ■■ Offshore crane operations ■■ Subsea installation (e.g. subsea templates) ■■ Jacket/deck lift installation and removal ■■ Transportation (towing) of TLP and GBS by tugs ■■ Up-ending of SPAR ■■ Towing  ■■

read more:

software UPDate NO. 2 2013 |


Strength at sea – Sesam

Sesam Manager brings complex analyses into common framework Every Sesam analysis should start by opening Sesam Manager, where the power of the entire range of Sesam tools is brought together in one integrated dashboard. Text: Kaia Means

8 | software UPDATE NO. 2 2013

Strength at sea – Sesam

Access to all the models This is the case even if you are only running Sesam GeniE. “It takes just as few clicks to create a new Sesam GeniE document if you first start Sesam Manager and then GeniE, as it will if you open GeniE directly,” he says. He recommends that Sesam GeniE users make Sesam Manager their main start-up program. One of the main benefits of using Sesam Manager is that it gives access to all the Sesam modules and takes care of the data flow

between the modules. “You may start an analysis using only GeniE. But if you have started the project within Sesam Manager, when you want to run HydroD or DeepC, or anything else, you have access to everything right there. It’s all within Sesam Manager,” says Vada. Flexible software DNV Software is currently releasing Sesam manager v6.2, which provides import from the ‘classic’ Sesam Manager v5.3. It includes an Activity Run Monitor for more flexible execution and the running of several activities in parallel. It gives easy access to all Sesam user documentation, for example user manuals. It allows user-defined activities, attachments of external documents to a project, and a more flexible export functionality. Sesam Manager provides a useful search functionality that simplifies the process of keeping track of projects. Customer feedback so far, on both the previous version and the trial version of the new release, has been very positive. “This is an attractive product for all of our Sesam users,” says Vada. 

Ten key benefits of the new Sesam Manager v6.2 ■■ One shared environment for different Sesam applications ■■ Tutorials enable easy start with simple analysis ■■ Quick learning curve, advancement to higher levels of complexity in a short time frame ■■ Easy access to all Sesam user documentation and external attachments ■■ Ability to manage complex analyses with many Sesam modules ■■ Templates ensure use of best practice guidelines ■■ Quick start – direct launch of interactive applications ■■ Modern, intuitive user interface ■■ Flexible execution with Activity Run Monitor ■■ Easy to create, store and re-use data for structural re-analysis Read more:

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Best engineering practice Sesam Manager, a free program for Sesam users, helps users manage their best engineering practice by creating and executing an analysis workflow based on previous best practices. It provides users with a single, shared environment for different Sesam modules and other applications – comprising all kinds of analysis needed. It supports any Sesam analysis, from simple to very complex. “No matter what type of analysis I am going to do, my first step is always to open Sesam Manager,” says Torgeir Vada, DNV Software Senior Principal Specialist.

software UPDATE NO. 2 2013 |


Strength at sea – Sesam

Atkins on the job with

Sesam GeniE

Atkins uses DNV Software’s Sesam GeniE in hundreds of projects across the globe every year. Within asset integrity, advanced and accurate modelling leads to optimisation of loadcarrying capacity of offshore structures, and the beneficiaries are Atkins customers. Text: Kaia Means

Sue Cresswell, Chief Engineer in the Oil & Gas Structural Integrity Management business at Atkins, has been with the company 25 years, and during ten of those years the business has been using Sesam. Today there are 50 Atkins users of Sesam. “When looking at existing structures, we have to do much more advanced analysis because we don’t have the flexibility to make design changes. This means that we need a greater understanding of the struc-

The first was BP’s Andrew Area Development project in the central North Sea, where new facilities were to be installed on the topsides, and the increased weight required joint strengthening. Atkins used non-linear analysis to accurately calculate the amount of plastic strain in the existing topsides, after strengthening was installed. Atkins performed extensive verification on the baseline Sesam beam and column model before converting it to a non-linear


“Our work is enabling the customer to assess structural risk at a level of detail and accuracy never previously possible, paving the way to major drilling and production developments.” Sue Cresswell, Chief Engineer, Oil & Gas, Atkins

ture, and it involves a lot more non-linear analysis,” says Cresswell. This approach is more demanding on the software, but advances both in computer hardware and the software now permit very large computer models with complex load conditions to be analysed relatively quickly. Among many successful projects, two recent projects for BP stand out, where Atkins engineers using Sesam made calculations that resulted in significant changes and increased efficiency.

10 | software UPDATE NO. 2 2013

finite element model. Next, detailed shell models of the critical joints were developed and directly included in the global beam model. The final report led to an optimisation of the joint strengthening. Says Iain Manclark, BP’s regional Strategic Business Unit Technical Authority: “AAD is one of the most significant brownfield projects BP has attempted in the North Sea, with significant structural capacity challenges. Atkins interfaced

seamlessly during an iterative design process with the main design contractor to develop a solution within BP’s design safety expectations. This work has been a learning experience, and has expanded our understanding of the boundaries.” The second highlighted project was BP’s Shah Deniz Alpha platform in the Caspian Sea. Using DNV Software’s Sesam GeniE, the Atkins team created a very detailed model of the deck, legs and foundations, and performed a rigorous analysis to determine member utilisations and stiffened plate utilisations. A previous assessment had used a coarse beam representation of the deck that underestimated its stiffness, severely limiting BP’s ability to install additional tensioned conductors as part of its planned future drilling programme. The detailed model and accurate analysis methodology using Sesam correctly represented the deck stiffness and resulted in lower bending moments in the legs. The outcome was that the leg chords were found to have acceptable utilisations for all of the loading conditions considered. The Atkins computer model included an accurate plate element representation of the SDA hull, detailed topsides load modelling and legs that were explicitly modelled using beam elements. The foundations were modelled using linear springs. Atkins considered numerous topsides and

Strength at sea – Sesam

! ATKINS IN BRIEF Established in 1938, Atkins is now one of the world’s leading engineering and design consultants, the largest global architecture firm and the largest multidisciplinary consultancy in Europe. The strength of Atkins lies in the breadth and depth of their technical expertise, providing practical solutions to the most complex challenges for clients in a number of sectors. Atkins has 17,700 employees based in 300 offices across the world. PROFILE ■■ Customer name: Atkins ■■ Web address: ■■ Market: Engineering and design consultancy ■■ Employees: 17,700 ■■ Solution/product: Sesam


BRIEF ACCOUNT That’s why we chose DNV Software: ■■ The software can deal with fixed and floating structures ■■ It’s a powerful tool for dynamic analysis because of the different solvers ■■ The technical support is very good ■■ Graphic interfaces which include modelling, interactive code checking, hydro property modelling and advanced load simulation ■■ The universal file format gives us the flexibility to seamlessly move our models from Sesam to USFOS and Abaqus to model increasing complexity and non-linearity

Stress distribution of a joint.

environmental loading scenarios during the verification analysis. The results demonstrated that the leg chords were significantly less utilised than had been reported, which reopened the possibility of BP’s future drilling programme. In addition, the reason for the previous overestimation of utilisation was determined.

Says Chris Morris AGTR Offshore Structures Technical Authority at BP: “There is a real prospect that, once loading conditions not considered during the verification have been checked (seismic, boat impact, etc.), we will be able to drill more wells than currently anticipated – delivering significant additional business value to BP and its partners.” 

This is what we gained: ■■ A chance to push the boundaries of accuracy and complexity to model more realistic and less conservative scenarios ■■ Cost-effective modelling, starting with a simple elastic, static model and adding detail and nonlinearity only if required ■■ A competitive edge making us the “go to” supplier for advanced structural analysis

software UPDATE NO. 2 2013 |


Risk & Reliability – Phast and Safeti

Phast 7.1: Improved modelling and usability Phast is the world-leading process industry hazard analysis software package. For decades, Phast has supported users around the world in analysing the outcome of loss of containment scenarios. Text: Colin Hickey, DNV Software

Accurate, efficient modelling The wide range of phenomenological modelling capabilities of Phast helps users in a wide range of activities such as hazardous area classification, safety reporting, site layout planning, equipment design, regulatory reporting, emergency response planning, insurance estimation and more. When developing Phast, we aim to strike a balance between the key factors that are important to our customers: accurate, well-validated modelling, efficient and user-friendly work processes, and ensuring software performance within the everchanging IT environment. With Phast 7.1, we meet this demand by bringing you better modelling approaches and improved software usability for pipelines, inbuilding release and building wake modelling and extending the capabilities with output of results to Excel. The Phast 7 platform improvements are an on-going development, and we are very pleased to introduce the latest release of Phast, version 7.1. This release re-introduces the long pipeline, building wake and vent from vapour space models. Inttuitive software The Phast and Safeti platforms are being steered toward an equipment-based approach to conducting consequence and risk analyses. Rather than being ‘scenario-centric’, the Phast 7 architecture adopts an asset-based view of the world. This approach has been continued in the

12 | software UPDATE NO. 2 2013

Phast 7.1 release with a new spatial layout approach to pipelines and buildings. Rather than using independent, locationspecific pipeline releases, the user can now insert a pipeline on the map and assign a range of failure cases along the pipeline using the ‘distance to break’ value. Similarly, buildings can be placed on the map, and then release cases can be assigned to the building for in-building release and building wake modelling. This visually intuitive approach to constructing your study helps ensure a clear study setup and a clear presentation of results. Consistency The equipment-based approach also paves

the way for the development of automatic ‘case generation’ in Phast. Case generation is a system whereby failure scenarios are created automatically according to pre-defined rules. In the case of isolatable sections on process plants, this may consist of small, medium and large releases with inventory and release duration governed by safety systems comprising isolation and blowdown. For pipelines, automatic release case generation will create cases along a route representing variable pipeline pressure, isolation valve behaviour and release size. Automatic case generation provides consistency of best practice results and time saving efficiency. 

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risk & reliabiliTy – PhasT and saFeTi

abOut PhaSt the world’s most comprehensive hazard analysis software for all stages of process industry design and operation. Phast is used to analyse situations presenting

potential hazards to life, property and the environment, and to quantify their severity. Consequences may then be managed or reduced by design of the process or plant, modification to existing operational

procedures, or by implementing other mitigation measures. read more:

software UPDate NO. 2 2013 |


Risk & Reliability – Phast and Safeti

Phast 3D Explosions: Taking hazard analysis one step further The ability to rigorously analyse and evaluate the potential consequences of hazards resulting from releases of flammable or toxic materials lies at the core of being able to effectively manage them. Phast has enabled our customers – across diverse industry sectors and geographic locations – to successfully meet this challenge for over 20 years. Text: Kenny Shaba, DNV Software

What are the driving factors to the success of Phast? A combination of relentless focus on innovation, development and improvement as well as constantly keeping abreast of advances in technology. A step change in consequence modelling Always looking to the future and consistent with our drive for excellence, a new extension to Phast called “Phast 3D Explosions” is currently being developed and will soon be commercially available (expected end of 2013). This extension brings advanced modelling capabilities into the Phast platform, and will allow our customers to take hazard analysis one step further. It also addresses key feedback received from our global Phast user base over the years. The key capabilities in Phast 3D explosions include: ■■ Detailed vapour cloud explosion modelling. Users will be able to utilize advanced implementations of the Multi-Energy and Baker Strehlow Tang explosion models that account for interaction of a flammable cloud profile with congested/confined regions of process plants in all three dimensions (length, width and height). ■■ Multi-scenario hazard contouring. This

14 | software UPDATE NO. 2 2013

feature facilitates the creation of combined hazard contours resulting from a range of scenarios to a defined threat level (e.g. 0.1 barg overpressure). It is particularly useful in examining the overall impact of a range of scenarios simultaneously (see Figure 1). ■■ Detailed directional modelling. A key innovation that allows considerations that apply in certain release directions (e.g. surface roughness and wind speed) to be taken into account as opposed to using global settings for all release directions. The bulk of these advances are already available to customers in the Safeti platform, via the Safeti 3D Explosions add-on released in 2010. In Safeti, the advancements are implemented in a “risk-based” framework that involves explicit quantification of risk (i.e. for use in Quantified Risk Assessment or related applications). Phast 3D Explosions brings these capabilities to customers who work in a “consequencebased” framework. Rigorous explosion modelling “The Safeti 3D Explosions extension, released in 2010, provided the market with a tool for rigorous explosion modelling that will take account of the vulnerability

of building occupants,” says Colin Hickey, Head of Department for DNV Software’s Risk and Reliability Product Centre. “We recognize that exceedance and other frequency-based results, though powerful, do not offer the complete spectrum of results required by our user community and beyond. On the new Risk Framework that powers the Phast 7.x platform we are able to harness Safeti’s grid and spatially aware modelling capabilities. This allows us to offer enhanced consequence data processing and result generation capabilities to users - for example the ability to generate contours for various hazards (and impact levels) of interest. We currently have a 30:70 split of Safeti to Phast users respectively. That means that we are bringing best practice Multi Energy and Baker Strehlow Tang explosion modelling capability to a broad spectrum of our users who previously did not have access to this type of analysis,” he says. Phast 3D Explosions represents the cutting-edge of technology in the field of consequence modelling. It will significantly change and enhance the way our customers address the many challenges they face, and any analysis undertaken will be more efficient and realistic. More specifically, the extension will be invaluable to customers

Risk & Reliability – Phast and Safeti


© DNV Software

Figure 1: Sample output of a range explosion overpressure results produced using Phast 3D Explosions. The contours shown are the combination of the results from a range of individual scenarios.

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Key facts: Phast ■■ The world-leading process hazard analysis software tool ■■ Used to predict the consequences of a release of a toxic or flammable material ■■ Capable of modelling an extensive range of loss of containment scenarios ■■ Used by operators, regulators, EPCs, consultants, insurance companies and academics ■■ Used in energy, chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical industries and more ■■ All models are widely validated, most recently for LNG, CO2 and Hydrogen

in the following applications: ■■ Facility siting/land use planning considerations ■■ Occupied buildings analysis ■■ Plant layout optimization ■■ Establishing design blast loads for equipment or structures ■■ Escalation analysis ■■ Regulatory compliance/ conformity

A chart topper News of the extension has been warmly welcomed by our customers and the market at large. A recent webinar conducted to showcase the features and benefits of the product received the highest attendance of any web event hosted by DNV Software this year. We also received many positive comments following the event. Notable among these was a strong

Key facts: Phast 3D Explosions ■■ Brings advanced modelling capabilities to Phast, especially for vapour cloud explosions ■■ Allows for the hazard ranges of multiple accidental releases to be combined and plotted as “hazard contours” ■■ Enables more rigorous consequence-based calculations

commendation from a European regulatory organization. Additionally, some of our existing clients have made firm commitments to purchase the add-on immediately when it is released. Phast 3D Explosions fulfils a latent need in the market, and the long-term future of the product is bright. 

software UPDATE NO. 2 2013 |


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Risk & Reliability – Maros and Taro

Eni takes control with Maros RAM analysis When Eni decided to take full control of RAM analysis – reliability, availability, maintainability – its first choice was to use Maros software. Text: Victor Borges, DNV Software

“With Maros, we can do availability analysis in a smarter way,” says maintenance engineer Ivano d’Amato of Eni. Ivano d’Amato and his colleague Sergio Calarco, also a maintenance engineer, are based in Milan at the maintenance engineering technologies department of Eni. Prior to 2010 they were outsourcing their RAM studies. They subsequently decided

16 | software UPDATE NO. 2 2013

to take control of the process by purchasing DNV Software’s Maros. The main reason for the decision was that, when analysing the results from outsourced projects, there was often very little flexibility. “We needed a more flexible solution,” says Mr d’Amato. They selected Maros in order to play a more active role in checking the suggested changes to the

design and maintenance. The next step was taking full control of the process, developing in-house expertise in RAM analysis and building up their own models. “We wanted to do our own RAM analysis internally, starting from the conceptual phase,” he says. After some research in the market, one of the main contractors of Eni advised that

Risk & Reliability – Maros and Taro

Maros was the most complete and userfriendly solution for RAM analysis for oil and gas assets. ON-SITE RAM ANALYSIS TRAINING Eni then received on-site training from DNV on how to conduct a RAM study. The importance of performing RAM analysis during the conceptual phase cannot be underestimated. “It means that we can investigate the best design configuration to develop, and we can effectively make changes to the design in the preliminary project stage,” says Mr d’Amato. They then are able to check what effect these changes have on the overall system performance.


“With Maros, we can do availability analysis in a smarter way.” Ivano d’Amato, Maintenance Engineer, Eni

Main benefits of Maros compared to other RAM software are its flexibility and its ability to account for different aspects of asset management. The software has extensive maintenance modelling capability and takes into account key parameters such as vessel mobilisation and weather conditions, which are then used to model particular operational situations. “With other reliability products it’s not possible to model these scenarios, and that affects the accuracy of the prediction. That’s not flexible,” says Mr d’Amato. OPTIMISES NUMBERS OF EQUIPMENT “A RAM study is a very useful tool for comparing designs. It should not be used only to compute performance,” says Mr Calarco. “In plant design, there are a lot of inter­ related variables that have a major influence on the performance.” Maros enables engineers to perform several analyses considering issues related

to equipment reliability and configuration, maintenance strategy and, most importantly, the operational assumptions. “We can identify bottlenecks in plant configuration and plant operational management. It allows us to find particular issues we may not previously have considered,” he says. RAM analysis is applied to many projects in the conceptual phase in Eni. A base case replicating the current design and maintenance strategy is built. The results include a general picture of the performance and also an overview of the key contributors of production loss. Using the base case as reference, several sensitivities are performed checking mainly which systems are critical and need a redundant production path. Maros helps optimize the numbers of equipment, such as rotating machinery, reducing redundancy and overcapacity, saving optimising costs in plant execution by reducing investments, or focusing them where they are more effective. The operational expenditure is also reduced as the reliability of the system is increased. The final result is less downtime, fewer failures and saved cost. USER-FRIENDLY RAM SOFTWARE Currently, there are five to ten users of Maros at Eni. The scope of use may grow, as the operations department is starting to familiarise itself with the software. “Maros is becoming more and more user-friendly with the next generation,” says Mr Calarco, referring to Maros 9. He is looking forward to using the new sensitivity manager tool. “The new tools are very useful for faster modelling.” Maros 9 has increased usability making it easier and faster to model complex scenarios. Maros also presents unique features to cover typical upstream oil and gas aspects. The ability to handle multi-product time varying flow profiles adds even more precision to the performance calculation. The use of Maros is growing, even among Eni’s contractors. “Contractors are required to deliver a model when performing RAM studies using Maros,” says Mr Calarco. “We want to have full control.” 

! ENI IN BRIEF Eni is one of the largest integrated energy companies in the world, operating in the sectors of oil and gas exploration and production, international gas transportation and marketing, power generation, refining and marketing, chemicals and oilfield services. Eni employs some 78,000 people in 90 countries around the world. Eni has a strong position in the oil and gas value chain, from the hydrocarbon exploration phase to the product marketing. Eni’s strong presence in the gas market and in the liquefaction of natural gas, skills in the activities strengthened by world-class skills in engineering and project management, allow the company to catch opportunities in the market and to realise integrated projects. PROFILE ■■ Customer name: Eni ■■ Web address: ■■ Market: Oil and gas ■■ Employees: 78,000 ■■ Product: Maros BRIEF ACCOUNT That’s why we chose DNV Software: ■■ Maros was recommended by one of our main contractors ■■ Maros has the possibility to interact with design of a plant in the concept phase ■■ Maros is the leading solution for the oil and gas industry This is what we gained: ■■ Maros supports Eni in selecting the right design concept ■■ Most flexible and easy-to-use solution ■■ Good customer service with rapid responses

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Strength at sea – Nauticus

Broken crankshaft mystery solved When a DNV client experienced a broken generator crankshaft that was only two years old, they asked DNV to help figure out the cause. The research laid down by Geir Dahler and his team at DNV’s Rotating Machinery, Technical Advisory section, was based on a hypothesis validated with the Nauticus Machinery Torsional Vibration tool by DNV Software.


Text: Kaia Means

18 | software UPDATE NO. 2 2013

© Kaia Means

Strength at sea – Nauticus

“We used Nauticus Machinery Torsional Vibration Calculation tool to find the reason it broke,” says Geir Dahler. “It was essential to use it as troubleshooting support. It let us perform a thorough analysis of the shafting systems, calibrated with measurements.” ROTATING MACHINERY The case started with a broken crankshaft in a generator motor on a vessel, despite being only two years old. The fracture point was in the middle of the motor. Using the Nauticus tool, the experts in Rotating Machinery were able to calculate the loads that exceeded the acceptable limit. Mr Dahler is a principal engineer at DNV and head of section Rotating Machinery. He has more than 20 years of experience with technical engineering and research in propulsion machinery and shafting dynamics, and diesel engines and power generation. The analysis took several weeks, and included analysing the design and also doing on-site measurements. With DNV Software’s Nauticus Machinery Torsional Vibration Calculation tool, the team created one main model of the generator set and also a handful of alternative models based on various hypotheses. The results were enlightening. “We could from the analysis understand

the way it was malfunctioning. We pinpointed a faulty vibration damper.” FORESAW THE RESULTS They needed to be certain, because in order to prove it was the damper, they had to open it and do destructive testing, thereby making it unusable. Although the vessel operators might have been a bit anxious, Geir Dahler and his team were confident. The producers of the motor were also involved in the project as observers. “And surely enough, we found the results that we had foreseen,” says Mr Dahler. With this knowledge in hand, the vessel’s operators could not only fix the matter, they could make sure the problem would not reoccur. They could not recover their costs from the producer, as the guarantee period had already passed. But since then routine maintenance procedures have been altered according to the advice of DNV. TEAMWORK WITH DNV SOFTWARE “This is a good example of the way that DNV Software and DNV work together as a team,” says Jo Øvstaas, DNV Software Head of Department. “Geir’s team in Technical Advisory has the domain expertise, and in many cases they need special features in the software to be able to solve specific problems. Our development team usually deliver on this. We’re a software house that


Geir Dahler, DNV Head of Section Rotating Machinery (left) and Jo Øvstaas, DNV Software Head of Department Strength at Sea.

is lucky to have access to world-class expertise. Any other independent software house would normally have to pay for this knowledge, or only read about it in a magazine several years later. All we have to do is walk the 200 metres to our Technical Advisory unit.” “We work on such cases every day,” says Mr Dahler. “When we found that it was a faulty damper, it was important to determine whether it was a one-off fault, or whether it was a generic problem. If it was generic, it could happen on other vessels – then the problem would be much bigger. But this time it was a one-off. The problem was solved and the case was closed,” he says. “Our customer was very satisfied.” 

Nauticus Machinery Nauticus Machinery is a set of calculation tools intended for strength assessment of rotating machinery components and systems. The Nauticus Machinery software package includes Shaft Alignment, Torsional Vibration, Gear Faceload, Gear Rating, Shaft Fatigue and Crankshaft Fatigue. The first two are Class-free for design and troubleshooting, the others are DNV Rule based. Read more:

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DNV Navigator

DNV Navigator on board 2,500 vessels There is a steadily increasing amount of time-consuming administrative work performed by naval officers and ship managers. If the paperwork isn’t done properly and efficiently, it can distract from vital tasks and even incur loss of income associated with block of port access. DNV Navigator, “the Master´s digital assistant”, helps manage the complexity of port operations and reduces paperwork by up to 90%. Text: Rolf G.S. Buøen, DNV Software

DNV Navigator provides more than 2,500 vessels worldwide with timely information and forms needed to meet Port State Authorities’ requirements. It lets ship officers focus on their primary responsibility: ensuring safe and efficient ship operations at sea and in ports. DNV Navigator is often referred to as the ‘Captain’s best friend’, known as a user-friendly tool for clearing the vessel in and out of ports around the world. “It reduces the workload and guides the captain in the jungle of local and international rules and regulations,” says Tor Arne Tønnessen, Senior Maritime Super­ intendent and Maritime Vetting Manager at Solvang ASA. 1,600 port clearance forms DNV Navigator facilitates compliance with the requirements of charterers and port authorities. More than 1,600 port clearance forms are automatically filled in so that the required paperwork can be completed in a few minutes. The system

20 | software UPDATE NO. 2 2013

includes a database of information about all the world’s ports and terminals, including publications and data from the UKHO, IHS Fairplay and other sources. Arrival and departure procedures for all major ports are available as well as a comprehensive nautical library providing up-to-date, maritime-specific information. Web-based portal The newest addition to DNV Navigator is the Navigator Shore web-based portal, which allows monitoring of data such as work and rest hours recorded on board for demonstrating compliance with new regulations. With the ILO’s Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 that went into force on 20 August 2013, systematic monitoring of the crew’s work and rest hours is paramount. Navigator Shore ensures compliance with MLC 2006. The Navigator Shore portal will give the management a monthly overview of the “percentage of hours worked in nonconformity”, as suggested by OCIMF. The

1100 ships that already have Navigator Work and Rest installed on board may easily upgrade to allow for monitoring from shore. With the Fleet module installed on board, the Shore portal also presents an up-to-date status of the crew, certificates, voyage history etc. Key features and benefits of DNV Navigator with the Work & Rest and Shore modules: ■■ Include all the world’s port papers in digital format, automatically pre-filled ■■ All regulatory and statutory requirements ■■ MLC reporting and fleet monitoring ■■ ECA warning and guidance ■■ Weekly email updates ■■ Reduce onboard paperwork by up to 90% ■■ Reduce costly delays, off-hire and detentions ■■ Reduce fees to handling agents and ­publications 


DNV Navigator

About DNV Navigator The main modules: ■■ Navigator Port is the market-leading software that simplifies port clearance procedures and ensures that the crew has the right information at the right time. ■■ Navigator Work & Rest provides a cost-effective way of demonstrating compliance with relevant legislations on seafarers’ work and rest hours. ■■ Navigator Passage Planner is a practical tool designed to assist the navigation officer in the voyage-planning process. It complies with industry guidelines and international and national legislation.

■■ Navigator Shore brings the vessels closer to

the ship management and provides statistics and information from the DNV Navigator modules implemented onboard. ■■ Navigator Seaware is a full-featured on-board voyage planning and optimization software product range providing the most optimal and fuel-efficient route and sea-keeping guidance. Navigator Seaware services are provided in cooperation with StormGeo. Read more about the DNV Navigator portfolio and see the product video at

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Š iStock

safety & Integrity – Synergi Life

Synergi Life Consultancy Synergi Life is a powerful tool for controlling and monitoring your overall operational risk. How do you make sure you get the most out of your software? Optimize your gains with Synergi Life Consultancy. Text: Kaia Means

22 | software UPDATE NO. 2 2013

safety & Integrity – Synergi Life

Synergi Life Consultancy provides additional assistance to Synergi Life customers and offers a wide range of services. “Our goal is to serve all existing and new customers in many different areas,” says Kjetil Økland, Head of Section Consultancy for Norway and Sweden at DNV Software. “This involves everything from installation and upgrades to tailoring the interface.” Whether you need dedicated workshops or consultancy and advisory services during implementation of new processes and procedures, Synergi Life Consultancy will be able to help you. Our consultants can for example assist to make sure that all of your systems are implemented in Synergi Life at the same time. If you have new quality management procedures and processes, or if you need to simplify the way you handle behaviourbased safety or action management, we’re there to help. For a workshop or a meeting we can send a senior QHSE consultant and a technical resource. If any changes, adjustments or enhancements are agreed upon during the workshop, this will be written in a specification for your approval, and you will receive an offer for implementing the changes. Tailor-made Synergi Life Two of the most common requests for Synergi Life Consultancy involve upgrading the software and tailoring the screen layout of the Synergi Life interface to adapt to client needs.

Most of the consultancy is possible to do remotely, but Synergi Life Consultancy also offers on-site assistance if needed. In total, there are 30 people across the globe working for Synergi Life Consultancy. That number is expected to grow as new services are offered. “We are continuously offering new services,” says Mr Økland. “We are moving into more services related to tailoring the Synergi Life Mobile App solution. In addition, we are focusing ahead on offering services related to integration of Synergi Life with the customer’s existing software and databases. This will make Synergi Life more flexible, providing a stronger solution for each customer.” Best practice applications Through integration with other best practice applications, Synergi Life Consultancy will add further value to your QHSE data. Data are maintained in one system and distributed to other systems when needed, ensuring high quality and fully automated processes. The integration process can be customized to give an optimal solution for integration with SAP, Agresso, Active Directory, in-house systems, or environmental and other specialized systems. Synergi Life integrations have been successfully implemented for several custom­ers, giving immediate return on investment. The integration includes automatic transfer and updating of users, and up­dating and maintenance of unit hierarchy. 

Synergi Life QHSE consulting ­services Synergi Life Consultancy offers the unique combination of 15 years of QHSE experience and Synergi Life expertise. Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of business areas such as energy, transport, communications, construction, the process industry, healthcare, and the public sector. Our QHSE and Synergi Life experts understand your challenges and provide client-specific packages within the following areas: ■■ Best practice and experience transfer within Synergi Life operations ■■ Customized training and training material – your QHSE needs, policies and rules combined with Synergi Life domain expertise and tools ■■ Combined training within QHSE and quality, incident investigation, risk management and Synergi Life ■■ Best practice Synergi Life and QHSE administration – lowering your total cost of ownership ■■ Best practice QHSE monitoring: How to get the most out of your HSE and quality data ■■ In-depth studies, trending and analysis of your QHSE data – QHSE and Synergi reporting compliance, matching your needs ■■ Quality control, verification and validation of your QHSE and Synergi Life data For more information see

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safety & Integrity – Synergi

Synergi Pipeline supports world’s largest slurry pipelines The Brazilian iron ore mining company Samarco Mineração has built the world’s largest slurry pipelines, with the three lines covering over 400 km from the iron ore mines to the pellet production plant. In order to take on both general pipeline integrity management and specific slurry-related challenges, Samarco uses DNV Software’s Synergi Pipeline. Text: Kaia Means


-Ricardo Bruno, Nébias Andrade, Pipeline Specialist, Samarco Mineração


The pump station at the start of a Samarco slurry pipeline in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

24 | software UPDATE NO. 2 2013

© Samarco

“DNV’s experience of all kinds of pipelines in the world is included in the software.”

safety & Integrity – Synergi

SYSTEMATIC APPROACH Samarco pipeline specialist Ricardo Bruno Nébias Andrade has been with the company for twelve years; he initiated the systematic approach to pipeline integrity management. By 2005, when Samarco was starting to use in-line inspection tools, they were relying on an Excel sheet to compile all the data for the 400-km-long pipelines. The mine is at Germano, 30 km from the city of Mariana in the state of Minas Gerais in southern Brazil. “We were multiplying probability of failure based on the inspection of the smart pigs with consequence of failure, and the result was the risk. But there was no geographical information in the system. The amount of data was immense, and Excel could not handle it. There was a limit of 65,536 lines in Excel, and we had more,” says Mr Nébias. “We realised we were not going to the root of the problems. We were only tracking where the defects were and determining how to deal with them. There was a backlog, so it was a matter of prioritising them,” he says. He knew a more proactive approach was necessary. But it was an immense task. In 2008, after another smart pig inspection, the amount of data doubled, and the Samarco integrity management team started looking for dedicated pipeline integrity management software. After writing the scope, Samarco invited five companies to make a bid. In the scope, the items were rated from 0 to 10. Three Samarco engineers rated the bids independently, without communicating with each other. “DNV was number one on the technical aspects of the bid with all three of our engineers,” says Mr Nébias, whose background is in mechanical engineering. The Samarco integrity management team started implementing Synergi Pipeline in 2010. Today, Mr Nébias works with an integrity team of eight people. The integrity team is under the integrity department manager. The pipeline manager is head of three departments: operations, maintenance and integrity.

SLURRY PIPELINES The challenges of slurry pipelines are unique. Slurry is a combination of ore and water, and the heavy iron particles cause substantial erosion, focused on the lower half of the pipe, that defines the lifespan of the asset. In addition there are corrosion defects, and the complex interplay between erosion and corrosion. DNV Software has invested resources in tackling the challenges of slurry pipelines specifically according to Samarco’s needs, and has created a new Synergi Pipeline Erosion Tool. “DNV solved this for us, and it’s now the only such tool on the market,” says Mr Nébias. “DNV brings my work to another level. I have an overview of all risks and how they should be treated. A lot of different things are happening at the same time. This produces different types of data. It is only feasible to work with all of the data when you have specific software. I also realise that DNV Software is enhancing the solution by bringing it into Synergi and adding new tools and new features,” he says. Important improvements, he says, are the GIS and SAP interfaces. “This is important to Samarco and also important to all pipeline operators.” Future plans include external audits, and Synergi Pipeline is designed to be easily used for external audits, with a transparent frame. “I really enjoy working with DNV Software people,” says Mr Nébias. “They are very experienced. When I’m in meetings with the DNV team, I realise the high level of knowledge they bring to the discussion. Their experience of all kinds of pipelines in the world is included in the software. They also accept the idea of specific risks to slurry, which involve a complex and unusual scope. Every time I have a problem, the whole team solves it really fast.” GIS AND SAP INTERFACES Samarco is totally supporting the integrity team, reflecting the fact that the pipelines are an extremely important asset. “When you start working on this, it seems

that risk is increasing. But previously it was just hidden. Our goal is to always make the system better and better,” says Mr Nébias. 

! SAMARCO IN BRIEF Founded in 1977, Samarco is a privately held Brazilian mining company. Samarco’s main product is iron ore pellets, sold to steelmakers in 19 countries, on all continents. Production capacity is 22.25 million tons annually, making them the second largest exporter on the seaborne iron ore pellet market in the world. Located in the cities of Mariana and Ouro Preto in Minas Gerais, two concentrators are installed in the Germano unit, beneficiating the ore and increasing its iron content. In addition, there are three pellet plants that transform the ore into pellets at the Ubu unit in Anchieta in Espírito Santo. The two industrial units are connected by two pipelines, the longest of their kind, measuring almost 400 km. Samarco is a pioneer in this type of transportation. PROFILE ■■ Customer name: Samarco Mineração ■■ Web address: ■■ Market: Iron ore mining ■■ Employees: 2,517 ■■ Solution/product: Synergi Pipeline BRIEF ACCOUNT That’s why we chose DNV Software: ■■ DNV Software delivered the best technical proposal ■■ Adherence to the scope ■■ DNV’s extensive experience on pipelines ■■ Current global participation in pipeline markets This is what we gained: ■■ Improved calculation of the lifetime of pipelines ■■ Improved risk evaluation ■■ Increased transparency, important to Samarco and external auditors ■■ Constant improvement of systems

software UPDATE NO. 2 2013 |


saFeTy & inTegriTy – synergi

New Synergi Pipeline improves efficiency and safety DNV software’s pipeline integrity management and risk assessment software, synergi Pipeline, has been upgraded to version 6.2. synergi Pipeline provides consistent application of integrity procedures resulting in better decisions, increased efficiency, lower costs and most importantly, the safe operation of the pipeline system. TexT: tina Matthias, DNV SOFTWARe

Obtaining and managing correct and valid information about a pipeline’s risk and condition, including linked geographic information, is a constant challenge in integrity management. Synergi Pipeline helps integrity engineers through every step of the integrity lifecycle, so they are able to work more effectively and efficiently. The software provides clear, intuitive visualization both of risk and technical and operational status of offshore and onshore pipelines. Synergi Pipeline delivers one system that covers an overview of the entire integrity cycle – from performing risk assessments and scheduling inspection activities to analysing resulting data and managing mitigation activities. It is a configurable package that supports company best practices and gives engineers and managers a situation

26 | software UPDate NO. 2 2013

map and risk log that can include company-specific work processes. The software is also designed to be used for external audits. Synergi Pipeline’s main application is web-based and available to multiple users. There are supplemental desktop engineering tools. Both the web and desktop tools access and update the same database. pipeline integrity ManageMent soFtware Synergi Pipeline 6.2 improves usability, scalability, efficiency and quality. It includes GIS integration, providing improved analyses and decision-making based on geographically referenced and visualized data. The visualization is through integration with the ArcGIS server, allowing users to work with all pipeline

data in a web-based esriViewer. It provides a map view of the pipelines with configurable data layers, such as risk, pipeline features, inspection data and analysis results and tools to select and filter the data. Alignment sheets can be generated using the DataViewer functionality. Pipeline profiles are viewed along the maps in alignment sheets in the multi-purpose DataViewer, which can be used to display the data in many different ways. Synergi Pipeline 6.2 offers standard interfaces also to SAP and Maximo. Another main new feature of Synergi Pipeline is the improved traceability. Users can now easily understand why a followup activity originally was planned or done by reviewing its scope. Information is available on planned vs. actual dates and who was involved. The software allows for

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safety & Integrity – Synergi

documents to be linked directly to activities and data, to enable traceability as well as verification. Corrosion growth rates can be calculated based on corrosion features from an ILIinspection file. A remaining-life analysis can be performed using both deterministic and probabilistic methodology (probability of exceedance, POE), based on the corrosion growth rate input. POE can also be used to determine maintenance plans. Optimized performance, ­managed risk DNV’s assessment tools are based on 50 years’ experience of delivering software to the industry. The Synergi Pipeline release is a direct result of market needs and customer feedback. “This shows our commitment to

innovation and development to provide leading solutions for optimized performance and managed risk in pipeline operations,” says Are Føllesdal Tjønn, Managing Director at DNV Software. “The trend toward risk-based methodologies for inspection and operations continues, including enhanced risk-based inspection and integrity assessment capabilities.” New QRA module in Synergi ­Pipeline software Synergi Pipeline 6.2 also offers a new quantitative risk assessment (QRA) module. QRA can be used to calculate the consequence of failure (COF) parameters for the risk assessment. The module includes QRA calculations for leak and rupture, jet fire and fireball and radiation, based on the calculations of DNV’s Phast software.

It extracts the pipeline position, segment length and diameter information required for display. The module runs on a client with connection to the Synergi Pipeline web server. “We are looking forward to getting customer feedback on the QRA module,” says Lene Synnestvedt, DNV Software Business Development Manager. 

Synergi Pipeline For more information on Synergi Pipeline 6.2, see or download release notes on the DNV Software customer portal.

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support – training – events

Improved Customer Portal Using the DNV Software Customer Portal is now a lot simpler, from registration, login and navigation, to downloading software, documentation and tutorials or subscribing to information updates.

© Kaia Means

Text: Kaia Means


Miranda Fonteijn, Sesam Global Support Manager.

28 | software UPDATE NO. 2 2013

support – training – events

Customer Portal FAQ How do I register? As our maintained customer, you can get access to the Customer Portal by going to and entering your email address to register. If you already exist in our database, you will receive an email with your username and password and can log in immediately. Otherwise, we will ask you to enter some additional details and will provide a username and password as soon as possible.

How do I download the latest ­version of my software?

The DNV Software Customer Portal has seen a significant revamp this year. The ‘new’ portal was launched in October. ­Project leader Miranda Fonteijn, Sesam Global Support Manager, is looking forward to getting feedback. “We’ve made it much more intuitive to use, easier to register, and easier to download the latest version of a product.” she says. The Customer Portal now features quicker and simpler navigation, and also easier two-way communication between users and DNV Software support staff. Portal users who limit themselves to merely downloading newly-purchased software are ignoring a trove of information that could help them get the most out of their software. A short introductory video is one of the first ways to get acquainted with the Customer Portal – a link to the video is found immediately on the login page and also after users log in. Information that helps users On the Customer Portal you can find extensive information related to the software, including manuals, FAQs, tutorials, verification and theory manuals. In addition, you can find customer presentations. Of course, it is possible to register a support case on the portal, and the follow-up – including links to relevant documents – is easy to keep track of. One important and useful part of using the Customer Portal is the ability to sign up for the latest news and notifications

concerning specific software products. The procedure for subscribing to content has been simplified, with links pointing to improved instructions – m ­ aking it much easier to sign up. The result is better-informed customers who are shown ­relevant information for their areas of use. Synergi Life on Customer ­Portal Synergi Life users have previously had their own customer portal at Synergi Extranet, which is now incorporated within the main DNV Software Customer Portal. This includes Synergi Life user groups and presentations at network meetings. Although use of the portal has increased significantly over the past year, the DNV Software support team hopes for an even greater increase in the number of users next year. “It would be great if we could get feedback from our customers on what they would like to see and be able to do in the portal,” says Fonteijn. 

To download the latest version of your DNV Software application, simply navigate to the Get Software section on the Customer Portal. In the View dropdown field, select your product brand and choose the program you wish to download. You may find additional instructions on the individual program download page.

How do I subscribe to content? You will find instructions in this FAQ: 50120000000Q9XB

How do I find user manuals? Most user manuals are included in the installation package of your program and will be located in the installation folders. You can also find them on the Customer Portal, by navigating to the Content section. There you will find user manuals, release notes, technical documentation and any other relevant documentation related to your product, user groups and DNV Software User conferences.

What if I have a question? In the FAQ section of the Customer Portal, you will find answers to common questions and problems. We are constantly updating these FAQs, so you can quickly find an answer to your question. For the Sesam product brand, you will also find additional information in the Sesam status list tab.

How do I register a support case? If you need help with the use of your program or have a general question that you cannot find an answer to in the FAQ section, you can contact our Support department by clicking on the Get Support icon on the Customer Portal home page. Click the Create New Case button and provide as much information about your question as possible. If you would like to share files with us to explain your question, you can use the Add Attachment option.

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support – training – events

Using Sesam to its full potential Sesam software is a powerful set of tools designed to perform extremely complex analyses. It is crucial that you know how to set up Sesam in its most efficient configuration according to your needs. Sesam Assistance brings the full expertise of DNV Software – including in-depth knowledge of industry best practice – into your business.

The power of interaction

30 | software UPDATE NO. 2 2013

Our customers are the main drivers of innovation. DNV Software has many ways of gathering customer feedback, while at the same time enabling customers to get the most out of our products and services.

support – training – events

Sesam software is a lifecycle management system delivering strength assessment and operational management from design and operation to decommissioning. Decisions made during the initial phase of a project, with the multitude of choices offered to users, can have ramifications concerning efficiency of the analyses during the entire lifecycle of the asset, spanning across decades. With Sesam Assistance, where dedicated support staff at DNV Software advise on your particular configurations, you can efficiently get up to speed and learn to use Sesam to its full potential. INVOLVE THE SESAM EXPERTS This relates not only to new customers unfamiliar with Sesam, but also experienced users who are perhaps not fully aware of new capabilities. Sesam Assistance can also offer support to expand the use of Sesam, bringing in new business opportunities. One specific issue to solve could be the migration of data from older systems. “With Sesam Assistance, we offer dedicated services. Our experts can be working on location with the customer for a given time, from a few days and up to several weeks, depending on the project,” says DNV Software Director of Operations Stian Barkbu.

“Our Sesam Assistance experts will of course rely further on their DNV networks of knowledge and experience to solve specific issues brought up on site. They will bring in the full scope of DNV expertise and best practice for the benefit of each customer,” he says. OFFSHORE ENGINEERING ­STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS Sesam Assistance covers every aspect of offshore engineering, including fixed structures, floaters, SURF, and offshore wind turbine analyses. Our extensive engineering and software experience will significantly accelerate your time to value, using a set of best practices for your specific design and analytical requirements. Farrel Zwerneman, Civil/Structural Engineering Offshore at Wood Group Mustang, says that Sesam Assistance allowed Mustang to use Sesam in a more efficient manner. “Sesam Assistance allowed us to couple our engineering techniques and methodology with the software. This maximized our investment and addressed our critical business needs,” he says. The intent of Sesam Assistance is to provide even better service to customers. “We want our product to shine, and we know that we can help many customers realize the power of all of the functionalities that

we have built into the software,” says Mr Barkbu. “Sesam Assistance is a vehicle to increase customer satisfaction,” he says. With Sesam Assistance you will: ■■ learn from DNV’s experts who understand your challenges ■■ receive top-notch implementation of the Sesam application based on best practices ■■ ensure that your team has the right skills to maximise your technology investment Sesam Assistance for project related work: ■■ configure Sesam to carry out analyses based on defined project-specific procedures and techniques ■■ use Sesam in the most efficient way ■■ optimize Sesam software to your needs in cooperation with DNV Software, on your premises or remotely ■■ identify and document any improved training practices that will ultimately lead to an improved use of Sesam Read more at 

Global Training


Our increased focus on global training, including basic and advanced user courses, and the high level of expertise of our team of instructors, benefit users in all regions. Our training catalogue lists our many and varied technical courses and workshops spread across all brands. In addition we run customer specific courses. Many of these courses are held jointly by our own software support team and by engineers from DNV, who bring essential domain expertise.

DNV Software offers numerous user conferences and seminars in several locations worldwide. We also offer webinars. Users and potential users can gain insight, not only into the applications we offer, but also into future trends. These user conferences provide us with a unique opportunity to communicate with our users, and to receive valuable feedback. Our goal is to make sure that conference participants in each region learn about the efficient use of our products and develop their competence.

Please check our website for updates and current software training offerings:

Details and agendas for our conferences and seminars will be posted on

software UPDATE NO. 2 2013 |


traINING for GrowtH – sHarING KNowLeDGe

Register for training now! © Getty Images

Please check our website for updates and current software training offerings.

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