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The time is now to recharge, renew and resolve yourself to a healthy life By Sarah Gerrein, Brand Ave. Studios Contributing Writer

A new year (and a new decade) is dawning, and for many it’s THE time to evaluate the past year and make personal improvements for the upcoming year. You may decide to make major life changes such as starting a new career or by making financial decisions like buying a new car or house, or maybe you just want to save more money. You may resolve to be healthier by committing to an exercise plan or want

to recharge your batteries by traveling. Whatever your plan, the New Year New You section is designed to give you fresh ideas on how to jump-start a healthier you in 2020. Where to begin? The article below offers practical advice on how to set attainable goals. PHOTO PROVIDED BY ISTOCK

3 strategies that can help you achieve your goals in the year ahead Content by Metro Graphics

January is a great time to set professional and personal goals. Doing so can have a greater impact than people may know. Studies examining the importance of goal-setting are few and far between, and some have even been revealed as fallacies after being accepted as authentic for years. But a 1979 study that asked newly minted Harvard MBA graduates about setting goals found that 13 percent had set goals. When interviewers followed up with survey participants a decade later, they found that the 13 percent who had set goals were earning, on average, twice as much as the 84 percent of participants who had set no specific goals at all. While there’s no universal formula for success, successful people often cite the importance of setting goals and how doing so was integral to their success. The following are some strategies that may help people achieve success in the year ahead.



A 2013 study from a University of Connecticut researcher found that there is a high level of correlation between users’ exercise activities and their participation in these digital health communities. Such communities served as motivating factors for people aiming

to live healthier lives. Relying on others for support, insight and motivation can be a great way to achieve your goals, no matter what those goals are.

2. SET GOALS BIG AND SMALL No goal is too small, and no big goal should be considered beyond reach. In fact, achieving small goals can provide motivation and inspiration along the way to realizing your larger goals. Devise a one-month plan, a six-month plan and a 12-month plan for the year ahead. The one-year plan can serve as your big goal, while the one- and six-month plans can serve as small motivators and great ways to track your progress en route to achieving your larger objective.

3. WRITE DOWN WHY YOU’RE SETTING GOALS People set goals for various reasons, and writing down the reasons they’re pursuing their goals can serve as inspiration when challenges arise. For example, if you aspire to change careers to spend more time with your family, writing that down can provide motivation to keep looking for opportunities. Cheers to 2020 and to a better you.

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New Year, no excuses

Aging Mastery Program

A once-a-week 20-minute workout is all it takes to reach your 2020 fitness goals Sponsored content by 20 Minutes to Fitness

If you have 20 free minutes a week, you can improve your strength and fitness. That’s all it takes at 20 Minutes to Fitness, where safe, medically based training is tailored for people of all ages and fitness levels. “Workouts are completed on MedX physical therapy equipment under a trainer’s watchful eye,” says Casey Breslin, physical therapist and general manager. “Our 20-minute workout delivers the same strength-building benefits as working out three times a week in a typical gym.” Like most women over 50, Karen Sher of Creve Coeur was concerned about maintaining bone density. Knowing how important strong bones are to overall health, she booked a session. “That was 2007,” says Karen, 63. “I keep coming back because it works. I’m stronger. My trainer is a physical therapist who asks about my aches or pains. The atmosphere is friendly and comfortable. It’s just a terrific experience.” Steve Hersh, 50, was in a pre-diabetic stage with elevated cholesterol and blood pressure when his doctor recommended he lose weight a year ago. “I’ve joined other gyms and it never worked out,” says Steve. “I tried 20 Minutes to Fitness because a trainer makes sure you do everything properly and holds you accountable.” “Also, there are no contracts to sign and the first session is free,” he says. A year later, he has lost 10 pounds and improved his overall health.


Steve Hersh

FIGHTING MUSCLE LOSS When Justin Woodard turned 40, he researched the best way to stay in shape. “I read how we all lose muscle mass as we age, and that strength training helps stop or reverse this decline,” he explains.

The once-a-week, 20-minute workout appealed to Justin, a father of two, avid cyclist and president of Woodard Cleaning & Restoration. His wife, Julia, trains there, too. “The workout is quick, efficient and fun!” Justin says. “My trainer helps me achieve muscle failure each session, which is essential to building muscle. A year and a half later, my core is stronger and my posture has improved.”

The Aging Mastery Program (AMP) is comprised of stimulating, behavioral change sessions sure to strengthen and inspire longevity. Join us as we explore keys to successful aging. All sessions are FREE!


Gina Rogers

The 20 Minutes training regimen calls for lifting weight slowly. The approach is especially efficient in building the lean muscle mass needed to support an active lifestyle, which appealed to Gina Rogers of Ladue. “After reaching 50, I was losing muscle, experiencing lower back pain and wasn’t as strong as I once was,” Gina recalls. Gina says she was skeptical when she heard Charlie Brennan talk about 20 Minute to Fitness on KMOX. But she gave it a try. Five years later, she continues to train weekly. “I’m in and out in under 30 minutes, feel strong and my back pain is gone. It works,” she says. A 3D body scanner at the studio’s Clayton location tracks progress by measuring inches lost, muscle gained and body composition. Therapeutic massage and movement and mobility sessions that help to improve body mechanics are also available. 20 Minutes to Fitness has studios in Clayton (314-863-7836) and Chesterfield (636-536-1504) and Tampa and Sarasota, Florida. Visit 20MinutesToFitness.com for more information.

Register for the Aging Mastery Program! 314.862.4859, ext. 24 / stloasis.org *Sponsored by NCOA in partnership with Anthem

All sessions are FREE! @ Paraquad - Class #4504 * Wednesdays, Feb. 12 - April 15 @ 10 am

@ Florissant Sr. Dining Center - Class #4513 * Tuesdays, Mar. 12 - May 5 @ 10 am

@ Southwest Baptist Church - Class #4514 * Tuesdays, Mar. 10 - May 12 @ 1 pm

Learn more about Oasis tours, health programs, lifelong learning and technology classes and so much more! Request a spring 2020 catalog: 314.862.4859, ext. 24.


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Get on your feet

previous record and setting achievable goals. The visual ability to see how much you move provides great motivation to keep on moving.

Content by Green Shoot Media

If your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, the majority of your time doesn’t have to be spent grinding in the gym and adhering to a strict diet. For most of us, simply getting up and moving will have huge benefits when

cutting calories, and it can be fun when you combine it with a social experience. Take advantage of step-counting tools like a pedometer or smartphone apps to see your progress. Try to challenge yourself each day by beating a


JOIN A SPORT You don’t need to be a super-athlete to get exercise while playing sports. For example, consider the slow pace of a game of golf. The International Golf Federation reports these awesome health benefits to gain by spending a day on the greens. Walking an average 18-hole course can average between four and eight miles of aerobic activity. Respiratory functions in older adults is maintained and improved with regular activity. Physical activity reduces risks of chronic diseases like stroke, diabetes and depression. While golf may be a great option as your body adjusts to its new active lifestyle, don’t limit yourself to it alone. As you become more physical, try new sports like basketball, tennis and marathon running to really test your limits.


START A WALKING CLUB Reach out to your peers and loved ones to begin a walking routine. It can be as simple as walking around the office on your lunch break or gathering on a weekend to take a journey around the block. According to the American Heart Association, only 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity can greatly promote disease prevention and your overall well-being.

MAKE EXCUSES TO WALK To blend more movement into your busy schedule, look for excuses to walk further distances. You can try to park at a parking spot that’s furthest away from your office doors or at the grocery store. Incorporate a walking routine when you take your four-legged friends outside; they’ll enjoy the activity too. It’s easy to find time to squeeze in physical activity into your normal routine and continue to exceed your daily step goals.

Find motivation for better health

Content by Green Shoot Media

If you have been feeling down lately, the key to getting out of the slump may be health related. According to the Harvard Medical School, one in 10 adults in the United States struggle with depression. Research shows that exercise is an effective way to treat the condition and can even work as well or better than antidepressants. Common symptoms of depression include reduced energy, appetite changes and increased pain perception. So, how do you find the motivation to get into a new routine and change your mental mindset? Experts at Harvard suggest starting slowly to get your body used to being active before increasing your level of physical activity. Here is some motivation to get started and keep the momentum going. There is a happier version of you waiting to get active.

HOW DOES EXERCISE IMPROVE MOODS? Physical activity is an important contributor to positive mental health. The JED Foundation, an emotional health nonprofit for teens and young adults, offers these benefits of becoming active.

International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research have found that a healthy diet protects us from risk factors associated with depression and anxiety. By loading up with healthy nutrients, vitamins can become the protein-building blocks and neurotransmitters that transfer information and signals between various parts of the brain and body. Gut health is another area that is growing in finding a relationship between food and moods. Increase the number of probiotics in your diet to maintain a healthy gut environment and decrease inflammation in the body, which ultimately affects our cognition. Foods rich with probiotics include sauerkraut, olives, pickles and coconut.



• Improves mood and mental health by releasing endorphins through your body to reduce anxiety and depressed moods while enhancing self-esteem. • Boosts energy and brainpower by delivering oxygen and nutrients to the brain and various tissues. • Prevents illnesses like high blood

pressure, strokes and heart disease. • Improves your quality of sleep and helps you fall asleep faster.

CLEAN DIET Along with an active lifestyle, taking your diet seriously can provide you with a more positive mindset. Experts at the

Taking control of your health also promotes more self-esteem by improving the perception you have of yourself. Overcome the obstacles of becoming active and maintaining a healthy diet by logging your journey with pictures or diary entries. Looking back on the process can keep you motivated once you see how far you have come.

A workout with a view Train like the pros Sponsored Content by Aubrey Byron, Brand Ave. Studios Contributing Writer

The new year is full of promise — it’s a chance to start fresh, change habits and forge new routines. For many people, getting exercise, improving nutrition and focusing on health are at the top of their list of resolutions. But these lofty goals aren’t always easy to maintain. That’s why Onelife Fitness is opening a new full-scale health club in Ballpark Village to help everyone accomplish health and fitness at an approachable and conveniently located facility. The new Onelife Fitness-Ballpark Village will feature over 30,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor training space with free weights, machine weights and dumbbells, as well as 100 cardio machines equipped with personal viewing screens including Stairmasters, treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, bikes and more.

THE RESOURCES TO SUCCEED Beyond equipment, one of the unique benefits of the gym are its resources to help users stay on track to complete

their fitness goals. The new Ballpark Village gym will host 75 group classes a week. Its three boutique-style studios will host a variety of workouts — from strength-building and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to yoga and Zumba to a cycling studio equipped with features like color-changing bikes. These bikes transform colors based on how hard the user is working in order to inspire them to reach their fullest potential. The goal in each class is to inspire members to compete against themselves. All classes are included with membership and at no extra cost. A top-of-the-line facility located adjacent to one of the most accomplished sports team might sound like an intimidating place to get back into shape, but Onelife’s mission is to be just the opposite. Through onboarding sessions and resources to help their members plan and train, the team at Onelife hopes to help people build habits personalized to the individual. “A lot of people feel intimidated starting out. Everyone is at a different


View from Onelife overlooking Busch Stadium and Ballpark Village.


One of three boutique workout class studios.


Onelife has over 100 cardio machines, complete with screens.

point in their fitness journey. [At Onelife], we want to create a culture of inclusivity and cater to all levels of fitness,” said Jack Conrad, general manager at Onelife Fitness. Onelife’s goal is to inspire members to find their new routine. They stress that the gym isn’t just for those already on their fitness journey but for people of all levels. To help get them started, they offer two free one-hour training sessions known as a “Smart Start.” The introductory training focuses on goals, both short and long term. Part of setting these goals is accessing the body beyond weight by finding what Onelife refers to as the “true baseline.” This includes a breakdown of not just weight, but water weight, muscle and fat in the body. It also includes a movement assessment to see how the body is functioning and how to prevent against injuries. “The scale doesn’t paint the whole picture — it can’t detect water weight vs. muscle vs. fat. Our goal is to provide these baselines so we can gauge results more accurately moving forward,” says Conrad. With the “true baseline” Onelife hopes to help people develop goals to work towards beyond a single number and have people strive toward a healthy, functional body. The goal is to set everyone up with a personalized plan that will work for them, whether it’s group classes or

personal trainings. Trainers help members to stay on track and make sure they are using proper form. The gym offers small group trainings with some memberships to get more of that smaller setting accountability. Gym users even have access to an online meal planning software at no additional cost.

PERKS APLENTY Onelife comes complete with many benefits like a full “Relax and Recover” studio, which includes hydro-massage chairs and cooldown equipment, plus luxurious locker rooms and even a sauna. Recovery can help prevent injury and make sure members don’t become discouraged by sore muscles. The new gym also offers aesthetical advantages. Members can enjoy sweeping views of downtown and a turfed balcony overlooking the infield at Busch Stadium, so they can feel like they are working out with the pros and get inspired by the energy on the field. The convenient downtown location makes a perfect before- or after-work stop for commuters on the go or a great place to spend time before a game. The gym also features free parking. The new gym will open its doors on January 26, 2020, just in time to help fulfill your New Year’s resolutions. Visit onelifefitness.com/gyms/ballpark-village to get started.



M 1 • SUNDAY • 01.26.2020

Tips for the best financial you in the new year Content by Green Shoot Media

At the same time that Americans are feeling the financial pinch of the holidays, they’re gearing up for 2020, with their top two goals being to save more and increase their credit scores, according to a national consumer survey by Experian. Almost three out of four consumers surveyed are motivated to improve their finances. To reach their New Year goals, survey respondents say they’ll spend less money to improve their credit score (59 percent) and pay off credit card debt (58 percent). To help get you started, Experian Boost ambassador, actor and financial empowerment activist, Hill Harper is providing these money tips:

identifying your money, saving and investing goals. Examine your priorities and determine how much money you require to meet your basic needs. From there, you should assess what else you need to be happy and how you can use money as a resource to achieve it.



The first step is to create a blueprint

ASSESS THE COST OF BEING YOU If your expenses or debt outpace your income, then it’s very difficult to live the best version of your life. Rather than continuously playing catchup, track your spending to discover new ways to reduce monthly expenses. Apply those savings towards self-investment.

Not all dollars spent hold the same

Resolve to save more money Content by Green Shoot Media

value. Knowing the difference between “smart” and “dumb” money is key to building a solid financial foundation, according to Harper. He says that “dumb money” is spending on things like credit card interest or items that lose value quickly, whereas “smart money” is spending on things that pay dividends, like an education or home.

CONTROL YOUR CREDIT SCORE A good credit score can help you gain access to capital with better terms at affordable rates. To improve it, pay bills on time and use a resource like Experian Boost, which is a free online tool that allows you to add positive payment history from utility and telecom bills to your Experian credit file, which can increase your score instantly. Each year, Americans promise to improve their financial situations by committing to saving more money. Having a healthy savings account can protect us from emergencies, enhance retirement and allow for financial freedom. If you’re having trouble finding the funds to build your bank account, follow these tips to help it grow.



There are numerous expenses that Americans are required to pay. Are you sure you’re getting the best price? Limiting the monthly payments you make towards health and auto insurance, a mortgage payment and automotive loans can significantly increase the amount you save. Check with your policy holders and lenders for options to reduce your monthly obligations. For instance, your vehicle’s insurance costs can be drastically reduced when bundling it with another policy. You may even qualify for discounts based on safe driving or meeting an age threshold. Your mortgage can be impacted if you choose to refinance your loan. While this option isn’t right for everyone, those who meet the requirements

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU “We’re starting a new decade and what better opportunity is there to do a complete financial makeover?” says Harper, who recommends many other steps that will set you up for financial success, including building an emergency fund, securing health insurance, avoiding debt for unnecessary purchases and investing wisely. “No one has a crystal ball, but given lower unemployment rates and low interest rates, 2020 could be a good year to have a plan for growth. A diversified portfolio for this next decade is a good portfolio,” says Harper. More tips from Harper can be found at experian.com/education. While managing finances can seem intimidating, identifying trouble spots is the first step toward conquering your goals. of their lenders can receive more competitive interest rates.

BANK ACCOUNT FEES Your bank accounts should work for you, not against. When signing up for a new savings or analyzing an existing account, investigate the associated fees. Some banks waive the additional expenses if you meet certain requirements. It’s important to understand their unique circumstances. Ask an agent about interest-earning accounts so your nest egg will grow as you continue saving.

SAVE ON GROCERIES When you’re navigating the aisles of a grocery store, you can save by buying off-brand products. Especially for foods, avoiding the name-brand items can save you a significant amount. If you’re unsure about considering a lesser option, compare the labels of the store’s offerings to find that much of the ingredients are the same. Buying in bulk is another great way to save on necessities that don’t spoil. Some warehouse outlets offer great savings for a small membership fee.


Together Credit Union can help you achieve your 2020 goals. Transfer your credit card balances to our Platinum Visa and save with:

1.99% APR* for 12 months



*Special 1.99% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) for twelve months available on balance transfers made 1/15/2020 - 4/30/2020. After the twelve month promotional period, the purchase APR will apply (8.40%-21.90% as of 12/1/19 based on Platinum Visa features and underwriting; rate may vary with the market based on the Prime Rate quoted in the Wall Street Journal. APR can change the first day of the billing cycle in the month following a change in Prime.) Transfers must be requested via a Transfer Form, by calling 800-325-9905 ext. 58844, via OnlineAccess, or in person. Balance transfer rate offer not available on Business Visa Platinum accounts. Transfers made using convenience checks do not qualify. Offer not applicable to current credit union credit card balance. Transfers are subject to credit availability and cannot be used to pay a loan. The credit union reserves the right to refuse to process any transfer request. Payments in excess of the minimum amount due will be allocated to the highest APR first. Membership eligibility required; Federally insured by NCUA. All loans subject to approval.


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UltraSlim® is the only non-invasive procedure for immediate fat loss without dieting, exercise, drugs, or surgery. Patients lose fat immediately with our patented process. This device uses a special patented type of light to stimulate and shrink fat cells. The treated fat cells respond by opening temporary pores in the cell and emptying the fat cell contents, releasing all of that stubborn fat you just can't seem to get rid of, without dieting or exercise.

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NEW YEAR....NEW SMILE Let Nikodem Dental Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

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New year, new job How to shape up your resume in the new year Content by Kathleen Furore, Tribune Content Agency


The right way to leave a job Content by Metro Graphics

A new year often sparks change. Many people aspire to change jobs at the dawn of a new year, and such changes are more frequent than one might think. According to a 2018 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person changes jobs between 10 and 15 times during his or her career. In addition, many workers spend five years or less in each job. When leaving a job, it is important that professionals exhibit a certain measure of grace and etiquette. Leaving a job with dignity and mutual respect can benefit professionals in the short- and long-term.

SPEAK WITH A SUPERVISOR FIRST Make sure your boss or immediate supervisor learns of your plans to leave the job first. Do not gossip or suggest to coworkers that you’re ready to leave. It’s unprofessional if a supervisor hears of your impending departure from others.

PROVIDE AMPLE NOTICE Even if it is time to move on, ensure that your current employer has plenty of time to interview potential replacements and train someone to take your place. This ensures an easy transition for all involved, and can show your employer that you have the company’s best interests

in mind. While two weeks’ notice is the standard, if you have held a professional position for some time, extend the courtesy to three.

CHECK COMPANY POLICY The employment firm AG Careers suggests reviewing company policy if you will be leaving to work for a direct competitor. There may be strict rules in place and protocol to follow.

DON’T SHIRK RESPONSIBILITIES It can be tempting to slack off when another job awaits. The popular job-hunting site Monster.com says it can be human nature to do less when long-term accountability is removed. However, you never know when you might need a referral or even a new job. Leaving a bitter taste in the mouth of your employer at the end of your work history can put a black mark on your employee record.

CONSIDER COWORKERS Be open and honest with coworkers, but do not gloat that you are leaving the company and they are not. And if anyone has strong feelings about your departure, accept their point of view and do not react outwardly. Take things in stride as much as possible. When leaving a job, professionals should always be courteous and considerate toward their current employers.

It’s the time of year to think about New Year’s resolutions — and for many people, that means resurrecting and fine-tuning an old resume and starting the search for a more rewarding job in 2020. What are some ways these new job seekers can make sure their resume is ready for the job search, especially if “keywords” and “search engines” weren’t part of the job search lexicon the last time they looked for a job? Who better to ask than a resume pro! I reached out to Dana Leavy-Detrick, managing director of Brooklyn Resume Studio, who provided the following tips to anyone about to begin a new job search:

1. TAILOR YOUR RESUME TO THE JOB YOU’RE TARGETING First, make sure your resume is upto-date and includes the experience, skills and impact relevant to your current position. “But don’t stop there — the resume should really speak to the next role you’re targeting, and not the one you already have,” Leavy-Detrick stresses. “If you’re trying to move up, include language and keywords that speak to those positions. If you’re targeting a managerial role but have yet to manage people, speak to other aspects in which you’ve shown leadership skills, whether that’s working with stakeholders, mentoring teammates, managing projects or stepping up in a particular situation.

2. COMMUNICATE IMPACT VERSUS RESPONSIBILITIES AND EXPERIENCE Leavy-Detrick asks candidates how they would you describe the value they brought to the organization in the roles they’ve held. “In other words, what were your accomplishments, or how did you positively impact the company?” That impact, she notes, doesn’t always have to be measurable by numbers or metrics. “It can be illustrated through accomplishments, special projects or anything else you did that contributed to growth, revenue, profitability, new/retained customers, better ways of doing things, cultural improvements.”

3. LEAVE OFF REFERENCES They usually don’t come into play until well into the interview process anyway — and omitting them will also save space. If you must include them, consider doing so on a separate page as their own file, Leavy-Detrick adds.

4. USE COLOR TO MAKE YOUR RESUME STAND OUT Integrate pops of color sparingly, stick to one color that will print well (reds, blues, greys), and make sure it is industry-appropriate. “What’s considered acceptable in a creative field may be off-putting in a more corporate atmosphere,” says Leavy-Detrick, who also suggests avoiding “unnecessarily graphic elements or photographs.”

5. CREATE A STRONG DIGITAL BRAND PRESENCE Unlike in pre-internet times, your resume is now only one part of your overall brand. “Recruiters also look at how you’re presenting yourself across social media, LinkedIn and other websites,” Leavy-Detrick says. “If you are visible on any of these platforms, make sure they’re professional, appropriate and convey a message that’s consistent with your resume.” LinkedIn, for example, has become an especially important tool. “Recruiters often cross-reference, so be sure your LinkedIn profile is in good shape and provides a high-level overview that matches the tone, focus and messaging of the resume,” Leavy-Detrick says. “You can include social media profile links provided that they’re relevant to your industry/role and that your feed is appropriate for professional viewing. The same goes for your portfolio, whether it’s a robust creative website that houses samples of your work, or a basic site with just a few pages detailing your experience, projects, and a bio.” A basic website — even outside of the creative industry — also can be a great tool to complement your resume and showcase your personal brand, she adds. Kathleen Furore is a Chicago-based writer and editor who has covered personal finance and other business-related topics for a variety of trade and consumer publications. You can email her your career questions at kfurore@yahoo.com.

JANUARY.26.2020 • SUNDAY • M 1

Lead Building Maintenance Worker The 22nd Judicial Circuit Court, City of St. Louis seeks candidates with at least 5 yrs general building maintenance experience in plumbing, electrical, carpentry and grounds work. Applicants must be at least 21 yrs. of age and possess a high school diploma. Salary range $33,020- $51,610. For full job description see www.stlcitycircuitcourt.com Applications will also be accepted via email to: stlca.resumes@courts.mo.gov or by FAX to (314) 622-4524 or mail to: Deborah Leahey, HR Manager Civil Courts Bldg. 10 N. Tucker Blvd., Room 412 St. Louis, MO 63101 Position is open until filled. EOE


Financial Aid Director Millikin University seeks an experienced Financial Aid Director to supervise its one-stop-shop for both financial aid and student accounts. The Director provides leadership and oversight of all financial aid operations and processes for the University including Federal, state, institutional, veterans benefit programs and private/outside aid as well as excellent customer service toward increasing student access, persistence and graduation. Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree preferred. Financial experience required; financial aid experience in higher education preferred. A complete position description can be viewed at www.millikin.edu/employment.

SWING COURT REPORTER The 22nd Judicial Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis has openings for Swing Court Reporters. Applicants must possess a high school diploma, training in court stenography, and be a Certified Court Reporter in the State of Missouri (Missouri CCR).

Candidates are encouraged to submit a cover letter, resume and contact information of three professional references to millikin.edu/employment. Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. Employment and first day of work is contingent upon successful completion of a background check. Millikin University is an equal opportunity employer. Candidates from traditionally underrepresented groups in this field are encouraged to apply. Beyond meeting fully its legal obligations for non-discrimination, Millikin is committed to building a diverse and inclusive community where members from all backgrounds can live, learn, and thrive. Millikin offers a competitive salary and full benefits package.

For full job description see www. stlcitycircuitcourt.com Submit resume ASAP with references to: stlca.resumes@courts.mo.gov or by FAX to (314) 622-4524 or mail to:

To Apply, Go To Our Website www.millikin.edu/employment


Deborah Leahey, HR Manager Civil Courts Bldg. 10 N. Tucker Blvd., Room 412 St. Louis, MO 63101


Food Service DIRECTOR

ACCOUNTING: AP/MULTI SPECIALIST Fast paced real estate company is searching for an extremelydetail oriented, organized team player to process accounts payable as well as performing other accounting functions. This position is for an AP specialist with a minimum of 3 years experience and includes, but not limited to, proficiency in coding, input, disbursement, detail, proofing and taking pride in their work. Skyline software knowledge preferred but will train the right person. Please send resume to: blydon@cdcco.com. No phone calls.

We have an excellent opportunity for a dynamic Food Service Director. We are seeking a person who is creative and quality driven. Prior experience in catering, hospitality industry or health care is a plus. CDM credentials are preferred. Responsible for managing all aspects of the dietary department to provide outstanding meals, presentation and service for our residents. Join our family today and enjoy our beautiful work environment, excellent starting salary and excellent benefits. Find out why Delmar Gardens Family was named the “Best Place to Work” by the St. Louis Business Journal. Apply in person, fax/mail resume, or email kbillingsley@delmargardens.com.

Feb. 14th Gift yourself $$$ this valentine’s day



Contact us today at 314-764-2512 or DriverRecruiter@CrossroadsCourier.com



For more information, call or email

John J Steuby Co. Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

6002 N Lindbergh Blvd. Hazelwood, Mo. 63042 314-895-1000 EOE



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How to find time to travel this year Content by Metro Graphics

Travel is a popular pastime that many people plan to embrace upon retiring. However, adults need not wait for their golden years to arrive to take to the friendly skies or answer the call of the nearest highway. Would-be travelers who feel that traveling is a luxury they can’t afford may be surprised to learn just how many people travel each year. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, there were 1.4 billion international tourist arrivals across the globe in 2018. Many of those 1.4 billion people no doubt had professional and personal obligations that could have prevented them from traveling, but they still found a way to head off for parts unknown. A lack of time to travel is something people often cite when lamenting their inability to get out and see the world. In many instances, that perceived lack of time can be overcome, paving the way for potentially lifechanging trips.




A recent report from researchers with the U.S. Travel Association, Oxford Economics and Ipsos found that Americans failed to use 768 million vacation days in 2018. And that’s just American workers. A recent study from the travel site Expedia.ca found that Canadians allow tens of millions of vacation days to go unused each year. Studies have shown that using vacation time can make employees feel better about their jobs and even contribute positively to their productivity. Unused vacation days are days that could be spent traveling, and all professionals have to do is take the days off, which many professionals have in abundance. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the average American worker with five years of experience at a company was given 15 days of paid vacation per year, while those with 20 years of experience were given 20 paid vacation days. In Canada, the Expedia.ca study found that the average Canadian receives roughly 17 days off per year.

Speaking of weekends, professionals who feel they have more vacation and personal time than they could possibly use should consider turning more traditional weekends into three-day weekends. You likely won’t fall far behind at work by taking a few random Mondays off per year, but that extra day can provide ample time to travel. In addition, Monday flights tend to be less expensive than Sunday flights, making travel more affordable.

MAKE BETTER USE OF WEEKENDS Professionals who work traditional Monday through Friday schedules have nearly one-third of the year off already. Weekends add up to 104 days per year, and that’s 104 days people could be traveling. Even if you’re limited to local traveling on weekends, those 104 built-in off days provide substantial time to get out and see some sights.

WORK REMOTELY, EVEN IF IT’S JUST FOR ONE OR TWO WEEKS PER YEAR Technology has made it easier than ever to work outside of a traditional office setting. Professionals who want to travel more should inquire about working remotely for one or two weeks per year. Doing so can afford more time to travel as professionals can simply take their work with them on the road. However, do your homework before making such arrangements for overseas travel, as some countries may forbid foreign workers from working within their borders without first obtaining work visas, which can be difficult, if not impossible to get.


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