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Welcome to the 2nd Edition of Real Estate Magazine and the first issue for the year 2018. The New Year in Maldives this time was filled with good news about several public and private housing projects aimed at making the lives of Maldives’ citizen easier and better. We chose this time to broaden our horizons as well, and have successfully expanded into the international real estate market with listings from our neighboring Sri Lanka in this issue. Our cover story for this edition is about the luxurious Apollo Towers located at Hulhumale’, with unbeatable value for money and amenities that stretch as far as the indulgent views from the Apollo Tower apartments. We also took an interest in helping our readers learn more about investing in a home in Sri Lanka, thanks to JLL Sri Lanka, one of the leading real estate firms in the country. In the same vein, we aim to help our foreign friends invest in the Maldives real estate market with an eye opening Quick Guide to investing in the Maldives by the renowned Mr. Rifaath Jaleel, Managing Partner of MHPA L.L.P. Of course it’s not all about investing and financials; we have also included several articles on how best to maintain and decorate your home, the latest trends and discoveries in decor and construction tech, and perhaps even a solution to some of our pollution problems with a focus on modular buildings. Those who are ready to let their imaginations wonder will enjoy our article on Earthships, a rustic yet modern self-sustaining home. We also explore how to photograph your home better, with tips and tricks from an aspiring professional photographer. All in all, I hope you find this issue informative, enlightening and as always, your one stop guide to all things real estate. And remember, your dream home may be just a few page flips away.

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10 The Apollo Towers - Epitome of Extravagance Hulhumale’ is fast becoming the real estate capital of the Maldives, with both residential and commercial...



Make your own Memory Wall

Your Dream Home in Sri Lanka

A picture may be worth a thousand words but your...

A second home in another country is a dream for many...



From Amateur to Adept: Photographing Your Property

Hot Decor Trends in 2018

So you’ve got a place to rent out or sell and you want to list...

Move on, rose gold, subway tiles and exposed lighting, you are all way too 2017. It’s a brand new year, and with the new year comes...

86 44


Picking Paint like a Pro

The recent comings of storms and volcanic eruptions, of earthquakes and tornadoes only serves to highlight the perennial balancing...

Contrary to popular belief, the perfect color scheme is not ...

54 Quick Guide for Foreign Investment in Maldives Mr. Rifaath Jaleel is the Managing Partner of MHPA L.L.P, a 100%...

62 Modular Buildings; a Solution to Male’s pollution problems? Male’ is a small but metropolitan city that is still being developed...


92 Mariyam Noona : Architect

100 Keeping Up with Construction Tech The year 2017 brought several unbelievable advances to the construction industry, from self-healing pavements to smog-eating buildings and solar panels that look like rustic roof tiles...

108 Let there be Light! The lighting in your room is one of the most important aspects to creating the ambience that you are looking for.


Limya Mohamed Shareef (Limmi) : Interior Designer

A Garden for Any Kind of Home

Limya Mohamed Shareef (Limmi) is a young and enterprising interior designer with a lot of thoughts and ideas about Interior Design in the Maldives.

Islands of The Maldives have very unique but fragile ecosystems, highly susceptible to change resulting from environmental effects and human and weather-related influences. The islands are separated by seas that require long journeys, making agriculture less viable in the Maldives than countries with a single landmass...

Epitome of Extravagance Written by Ruba Ali

Hulhumale’ is fast becoming the real estate capital of the Maldives, with both residential and commercial properties materializing in different areas of the city. There are a variety of options to choose from if you are looking to buy a new home, and there are multiple public housing towers popping up as well. For luxury living however, there are several factors that ought to be weighed in before deciding on a place. Location, size and variety of the apartments, included facilities and amenities, and of course, the quality of construction and finish are some of the key factors that every buyer should concentrate on prior to purchase.




So what makes The Apollo Towers so special? Location The Apollo Towers are located at one of the most incredible locations that can be found in Hulhumale’. The two towers, of 10 storeys and 9 storeys respectively, overlook the Hulhumale’ Yacht Marina and Cruise Terminal, located at the Northwest side so you can enjoy the world-renowned Maldives sunsets from the comfort of your home. The location is essential because it’s also removed from other residential areas, allowing for privacy and solitude, but is still within easy walking distance to the parks, entertainment options such as the cinema, hospitals and gastronomic areas.


Apartments There are a total of 97 apartments available at The Apollo Towers, divided into 3 easily distinguishable categories. The 61 Semi-Deluxe apartments are the most affordable choice in the Apollo Towers, available in 1, 2 to 3 bedrooms varieties with attached toilets and balcony. The size of the apartments range from 490 sq ft to 1400 sq ft, depending on the number of rooms in the unit. These units are perfect for young working adults looking to buy their first home, or a couple or family looking for a spacious apartment to journey through their new lives together. The 28 Luxury apartments come in the 3 bedroom variety only, and have the stunning view of the sunset overlooking the marina. Every inch of the apartments are constructed to ensure the perfect fusion of comfort and luxury. The size of these apartments range from 1400 sqft to an incredible 2000 sqft. These apartments are ideal for the buyers looking for cozy opulence, a place that you can be proud to call your home, and a place that you can come back to after a long day to instant serenity and relaxation. Last but certainly not the least, the 8 Penthouses available at the Apollo Towers is the height of ritz, and the epitome of extravagance. These units come in the 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom variety and range from 1300 sqft to 2300 sqft in size. The penthouses are, as expected, placed at the very top of the towers so as to provide the best and most uninterrupted views and each unit is finished to be exclusive, distinctive and unique. The elegance and lavishness of the penthouses is unmatched, and is ideal for anyone looking for a long-ter m home or investment.




Facilities and Amenities The two lowest floors of the towers are reserved for commercial use, and residential apartments begin from the 2nd floor upwards. The availability of this commercial space will ensure that all daily necessities and facilities required by residents will be easily available without having to travel outside the proximity of the towers. The tower also offers a parking area for residents at the rear of the first and second floors, available for both four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles. Visitor parking is also available at the same area so your friends may visit you with ease and clarity of mind. The Kids Play Area available within the towers are decorated with bright colors to stimulate young minds and keep them entertained. The area has a double-decker playhouse, reading tents and small stations where children may sit and color or play together. The entire area is made with children’s entertainment and education needs in mind, so you never have to struggle to find a place for your precious children to have a playdate, or to just enjoy their day. A gym is a must-have amenity at any residential building and the Apollo Towers goes one step beyond the necessary. A fully functional gym, with different machines for different needs (such as cardio, or weights) are available for all residents. The gym is completed with gender-specific showers and locker rooms for utmost convenience. The Apollo Towers also has a multi-purpose hall where residents may have gatherings, parties and even meetings. The hall has all contemporary equipment and facilities available, and can easily be utilised as a space to entertain guests.


Quality unmatched The Apollo Towers are completed with quality as the first and foremost obligation, and splendour as an added benefit. Both the semi-deluxe and luxury variety of apartments are finished with turquoise tones and brown undertones that are reminiscent of the lagoons visible from outside. Raw timber finishes complete the look of minimalistic grandeur. The Penthouses all come in unique and distinctive varieties, each suited to the individual tastes of its inhabitants.

About Apollo Apollo Holdings Pvt Ltd was established in the year 1998 as a private limited company. The company commenced trading in the same year with import and distribution of hardware materials in the Maldives as its main line of business. Apollo holdings’ past financial investments in real estate business include the development of three real estate projects in Male’ for long term lease basis. The Apollo Towers project is estimated to be completed by the end of 2018.




make your own

Memory Wall Written by Asy

A picture may be worth a thousand words but your memories are priceless. We take countless pictures each year capturing both our daily lives and those special moments that come once in a lifetime. So why not display your most treasured memories in a way that you and those who visit your home can enjoy them.


Pick a wall Usually a wall in the most frequently used room for socializing would be best; your sitting room or dining room wall would be ideal. Make sure that the wall is well lit, but try to avoid walls that get a lot of direct sunlight as this could cause your photos and decorations to fade prematurely.




Choose your frames If you would like a wall that is elegant and classy, opt for frames that are of the same make and color. If you are going for a more eclectic feel then let your imagination take reign! Keep in mind that all frames should have at least one common element, for example they could be all be different styles but have a single sunflower in each frame. This will improve the cohesion of your wall. The same thing can be said for the size of the frames. You can have the same size going for a gallery feel or pick one or two large frames for your most cherished memories and work the rest around them.


Select your pictures When selecting your pictures, the goal is quality not quantity Too many frames on the wall might leave it feeling congested. Remember to leave some blank space for your new memories!


Plan out the design Now you are ready to plan out your design. Get some disposable paper of your choice, brown craft paper or just plain white paper would do. Take the frames and trace it onto the paper, making sure to mark a hole where the nail or hook goes. Make a photocopy of all you photos and paste them onto the frames. You can layout your design first on the floor and move them around till you have something you are happy with. Try and leave the same amount of space between all the frames as this creates a more balanced look. Then, using tape, put them up on the wall and rearrange them as you will.

The Final Step When you are happy with the final look, use the marked nail holes to put in the nails. Now you can tear off the paper and replace them with the actual frames. As simply as that, you now have your own memory wall displayed for all to see.

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2nd Floor, Marine Villa | Varudhee Hingun | Maafannu | Male’ | 20282 | Maldives T: +(960) 332 0065 | F: +(960) 333 5706 |

Written by Ruba Ali

A second home in another country is a dream for many, and Sri-Lanka is currently one of the best countries in Asia for a second, or even first home, regardless of whether or not you are a citizen. The country is welcoming of foreigners, and is both peaceful and beautiful, with a market that is diverse enough to please all tastes.




Photo Courtesy of ASTORIA


What is the real estate market in Sri-Lanka like currently? Various sectors of the market are at different stages of relative cycles and, of course, different locations, within the country, are at different stages of development. W ith regard to Colombo, opportunities are present in the commercial office sector, which is witnessing a strong demand/weak supply dynamic and the 3 & 4 Star business hospitality sector, which is enjoying very high occupancy rates. In Colombo the retail sector is also showing great potential, as new malls come on line. High end condominium sales in Colombo look set for a challenging period as oversupply in the market and the recent imposition of 15% VAT on condominium sales, dampens sentiment. Land sales at Port City will commence in 2018 and this should disrupt the land sale status quo in established Colombo, as serviced plots with clear title and transparent planning approvals at the master planned development will be a strong draw for regional and international developers. Elsewhere, Galle and the southern coastal region are booming as infrastructure improvements open up the area for more tourism arrivals and Hambantota Port increases commercial activity, driving development in the hospitality and residential sectors. Opportunities in the retail and office sectors are bound to follow. As infrastructure improvements near completion, Kandy looks set to be the next beneficiary of an uptick in real estate activity and land prices in the area are beginning to see upward movement. Sri Lanka has 1600 km of coastline and the resort sector continues to grow in order to meet demand from increased tourist arrivals.


Are there any restrictions on foreigners purchasing or renting property in Sri Lanka? There are no restrictions on foreigners renting real estate in Sri Lanka, but foreign nationals cannot own property in the country. They are restricted to 99 year leases, or have to initiate a corporate structure to hold real estate. Purchases over USD100,000 attract a stamp duty rate of 4%.

What are the advantages of choosing Sri-lanka for a second home? The main advantage of choosing Sri Lanka for the purchase of a second home is the potential for capital growth and a steady rental income, if you are not using the property yourself. There is strong demand for holiday rentals from tourists and longer term rental contracts from the growing number of expats working in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka also offers the best of all worlds, city life in Colombo, beach life along the unspoiled coastline and the cool and leafy hill country/interior.

W h at are t he f i rs t s t e p s t o t a ke for a p e r son interested a second home in Sri-Lanka? First steps would be to decide a budget for your purchase and arrange mortgage finance, if required. The internet and various Sri Lanka property portals are excellent sources of information/data and you are probably best advised to work with a reputable, preferably RICS accredited broker, who can source potential real estate solutions to match your requirements.

Why choose JLL Sri Lanka? JLL Sri Lanka is a leading professional services firm specializing




Photo Courtesy of PRIME GRAND - WARD PLACE


in real estate service in the country. Based out of Colombo, the firm provides end - to - end real estate services to investors, developers, local corporates and multinational companies. It offers a comprehensive range of services including research, analytics, project and development services, property and asset management, integrated facilities management, real estate capital markets and transactions across asset classes covering commercial office spaces, hotels, land assets, industrial, retail and residential units. With a strong team of over 120 professionals and service capabilities across the country, the firm combines local market knowledge with its access to global multinational relationships and capital sources, to provide Sri Lankan corporates, government agencies and clients with superior execution, towards transforming their real estate portfolios into efficient inventories, as well as in raising capital for real estate assets. For further information, please visit

About JLL JLL (NYSE: JLL) is a leading professional services firm that specializes in real estate and investment management. A Fortune 500 company, JLL helps real estate owners, occupiers and investors achieve their business ambitions. In 2016, JLL had revenue of $6.8 billion and fee revenue of $5.8 billion and, on behalf of clients, managed 4.4 billion square feet, or 409 million square meters, and completed sales acquisitions and finance transactions of approximately $145 billion. At the end of the third quarter of 2017, JLL had nearly 300 corporate offices, operations in over 80 countries and a global workforce of over 80,000. As of September 30, 2017, LaSalle Investment Management had $59.0 billion of real estate under asset management. JLL is the brand name, and a registered trademark, of Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated. For further information, visit


JLL has over 50 years of experience in Asia Pacific, with 36,900 employees operating in 96 offices in 16 countries across the region. The firm won the ‘World’s Best’ and ‘Best in Asia Pacific’ International Property Consultancy at the International Property Awards in 2016 and was named number one real estate investment advisory firm in Asia Pacific for the sixth consecutive year by Real Capital Analytics and ranked among Fortune Magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies list third year in a row.

Steven Mayes Managing Director JLL Lanka Pvt. Ltd. Asia Pacific

Written by Ahmed Iyash

So you’ve got a place to rent out or sell and you want to list it somewhere. You need pictures, but you don’t have any nice pictures of your place and you can’t really afford to hire a professional photographer. We live in a time when everyone has a camera in their pocket. Sure, with a professional level DSLR camera you can get a lot of features that your phone camera won’t have, but I’m here to tell you that you can do almost as much with your phone. It just needs a bit of work. Follow these simple rules while shooting, and put yourself a step above the rest with shiny new pictures of your property.



Natural Light is the Best Light Decide when you get the best natural light in the space at daytime. Most phone cameras don’t perform very well under low light conditions, so you need the most lighting you can get. Remember to turn on all the lights before you start shooting. That way all those places that would normally be dark during the day would have a little light. Make sure you don’t shoot towards a bright light like a window or something, always try to put the brightest light source behind the camera or sideways to it. That way you get a pretty consistent exposure.

Avoid the zoom, but keep the pixels Always shoot wide pictures. Don’t zoom in on your

Pretty it up

phone. Most phones have digital magnification instead of an optical zoom like a DSLR would have. Remember

If you’re trying to rent out or sell your space, the first

to frame your pictures in such a way as to avoid odd

step is to clean it up. Make it look like a place someone

little things in the edges of your frame, such as an

would want to live/work in. If it’s a home, dust the

armrest of a chair or a corner of a table.

rooms, fluff those cushions on the sofa, organize your kitchen utensils in an attractive way.

Remember to always shoot on the highest resolution available. You’re going to need every megapixel, in

Blank walls look really odd in pictures, so hang a painting

case the potential buyer/tenant wants to zoom into a

or put a vase on a table next to the wall. Having a large

particular area they like.

blank wall in your picture might seem contemporary and minimalist, but when it comes to real estate it’s oddly unsettling.

A little aftercare Now that you have some pictures of your place, you

Get the Best Angles

can make them even better with some post processing work. There are plenty of great free photo editing

You want to take your pictures at eye level. Only point

softwares that can add an extra flair to your pictures.

the camera up or down unless you want to highlight

Gimp is a really great free photo editing software with

something on the ceiling or on the floor; perhaps a

plenty of easy youtube tutorials. Processing your

shag carpet or a chandelier. If not, keep the camera at

pictures will give it that extra little oomph, but remem-

eye level for optimum results.

ber not to go overboard.


Written by Asy

Contrary to popular belief, the perfect color scheme might just be the most essential part of for making your dĂŠcor look impeccable. Whether redecorating your room for a fresh start, or choosing paint for a new apartment, here are a few basic tips that will help you pick the perfect paint.



Oil vs Latex Latex is the most commonly used paint type when it comes to walls. It is easy to clean, fade-resistant and lasts longer, making it ideal for walls. Latex breathes better than oil, with less blistering.

Know Your Finishes There are five main paint finishes, and ideally, you should mix and match the finishes to bring out the best features of each room. Each finish looks and works different depending on where and how it is used.

Flat/Matte: -

Least Shine, does not reflect any light


Glides smoothly onto textured walls


Ideal to hide imperfections on walls


Most difficult to clean, not ideal for frequently used rooms.





Creamy light finish, slight reflective sheen


Ideal finish for ceilings


Ignores blemishes, easy to wash and maintain

operating to over 100+ sectors daily

Satin: -

Glossier than eggshell, smooth and velvety looking


Commonly used for trimmings and doors


Washable and highly durable, ideal for high traffic rooms

Semi-gloss: -

Ideal compromise between gloss and matte paint


Less reflective than glossy but easy to clean


Good choice for homes with small children


Ideal for kitchens and toilets


Gloss: -

Brightest shine and hardest finish


Easiest to clean


Most reflective finish, glaringly reveals even the slightest imperfection on surfaces


Difficult to apply efficiently


Recommended for accent trimmings you want to highlight

Tip: Use a bright eggshell finish on your ceiling to open up your room and create the illusion of height.

What is LRV? You may have noted these three letters on your paint swatches. LRV is the acronym for Light Reflectance Value. This is a measurement which tells you how much light a n y partic u lar paint will ref lect (or a bsorb). Mos t interior paints have a LRV of 50% of higher. This is particularly important if you are trying to brighten up a room with minimal or no sunlight.



Written by Mr. Rifaath Jaleel, CPA

Mr. Rifaath Jaleel is the Managing Partner of MHPA L.L.P, a 100% Maldivian owned and operated professional audit and assurance firm. Mr. Jaleel is a qualified full member of CPA Australia (Certified Practicing Accountants of Australia) with approximately 25 years of experience in the public and private sector. He was the first Maldivian to be issued an audit license by the Auditor General’s Office of the Maldives. He is a Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) approved Auditor as well, and currently a Director of the Capital Markets Development Authority and also sits on the Faculty Advisory Committee of the Maldives National University’s Business School. Mr. Jaleel has been the Chairman of the Maldives Finance Leasing Company (MFLC) for several years and he also acts in an advisory capacity to a number of state owned enterprises and over 150 private sector businesses.


Photography: Bith-O


What is the first step to take if I’m a foreigner interested in investing in the Maldives?


Freedom to use foreign managerial, technical and unskilled workers.


No foreign exchange restrictions.


No restrictions on the repatriations of earnings or profits.

Maldives offers foreign investors a wide range of investment options with very attractive returns. Similar to investing in any other country, it is important for the investor to do some research and understand the investment c l i m a t e . O n e g o o d o p t i o n i s t o i n i t i a l l y s e e k t h e h e l p o f a l o c a l investm ent expert/a dv is or or a consultant. They will guide you on the prospective options, the risks and the potential returns.

Is it more beneficial to partner with a local company?

Investment options are available in the tourism, fisheries, agriculture, transport, real estate, construction,

It is not necessary to have a local partner in every

ship building, ports, education, energy, wholesaling of

investment. However, there are certain types and sizes

merchandise, medical and financial services. Maldivian

of businesses which are restricted for foreign investment

authorities are very welcoming to foreign investments

in order to promote and protect local entrepreneurs and

and several incentives exist for foreign investors

small businesses. Some types of businesses are restricted

depending on the size and types of investments.

to foreigner based on the level of shareholding, but most t y p e s o f b u s i n e s s e s d o n o t h a v e re s t r i c t i o n s f o r

With a steady growth rate averaging 7% per year over

foreigners provided the investments meet the set

the past 20 years, the country continues to develop at

guidelines laid down by the Government.

a steady pace and remains economically resilient. Having a local partner could help bring in established and long standing connections with important members

What incentives are offered to foreign investors in the Maldives?

of the society. Partnering may also allow foreign investor to much easily penetrate to people and companies that will definitely help your business get better exposure.

Subject to specific guidelines, following are some of the

Local connections also imply better access to local

key incentives currently available for foreign investors:

resources. In terms of managing bureaucracy, it could be very helpful and important to have a partner who can


Right to 100% foreign ownership.


Legally backed investment guarantee.


Provision for overseas arbitration of disputes . Long term contractual agreements and long term lease of land.



negotiate easily or have contacts that will easily help your business.

Is a foreign affiliate necessary? A foreign affiliate is not a necessity. A foreign inv es to r h a s t h e op t ion t o re - re gis t e r a n existing foreign

Photography: Bith-O

entity in the Maldives or register a new entity in

professional services (audits/tax) and the banking sector.

the Maldives. If registering a new entity, under the

The tourism industry itself has plenty of room for

current C o m p a n i e s A c t , a c o m p a n y m u s t h a v e 2

div e r s ific a t ion t o a re a s s u c h a s me d ic a l t o u r i s m ,

shareholders. In the case of partnerships as well, 2

ecotourism, theme parks and hospitality training

individuals or 2 parties shall comprise of the partner-

in s t it u t e s . M os t w e ll k n ow n in t e r n a t ion al h o t e l

ship for registration purposes.

management companies flock to the Maldives to make their presence. Aqua Culture, salt production and Mariculture are important areas that have good investment

What are the risks involved, if any, of investing in Maldives?

opportunities. International educational institutions will have good opportunities.

Risk is a natural component of any investment, and

Due to increasing number of infrastructure projects,

similarly, investing in the Maldives also entails certain

real estate projects and also tourist resorts, the

risks. Historically, Maldives has been formally attracting

demand for construction related services are also on

foreign investments since the early 1970s and a large

the rise. Other areas for prospective investment areas

majority of foreign investors have remained in the

include ports development and management.

country and have been reinvesting year after year and expanding their businesses due to the lucrative returns

The Maldives as a brand carries a lot of weight in certain

which they enjoy in comparison to many other similar

niche markets and can be used to position and market


a variety of products. In future, real estate can become a huge market for international investors if and when

In terms of the country’s credit rating, Fitch’s credit

existing laws change in favour of foreign investment in

rating for Maldives was last reported at B+ with stable

the sector.

outlook. Maldives has been attracting a large number of international and multinational investors in recent

Conventional banking and islamic financing products

years due to its favourable investment climate and

will have good markets in the Maldives.

lucrative returns in many of its industries.

How competitive are the existing markets and W h at are t he ex i s t i n g m a rke t s , a n d wha t potential does Maldives have for new markets?

how do competitors react to new entrants? Maldives is a relatively easy market to enter provided

For many decades, the Maldives market has been a

investors make the proper due diligence and make the

vibrant market for foreign investments. Though largely

right investment decisions. It is best to get local expert

in tourism, substantial foreign investments have also

a d v ic e p r ior t o ma k in g t h e ir impor t a n t s t r at e g i c

been made in the transport and aviation industry,


construction and infrastructure projects, fisheries,



Ma. Rangiri (1st Floor) | Rahdhebai Magu, Male’ 20159| Republic of Maldives Registration No. P-0006/2013 Tel: +(960) 7782416 , +(960) 9901234, +(960) 3339002 Fax:+(960) 3339002

Photography: Bith-O


The tourism industry (which is one of the most lucrative) is a good example of how international investors have enjoyed freedom and non-interference by competitors or even the authorities. There is no discrimination towards foreign investors (except in the case of small businesses protected for local entrepreneurs).

What financing options are available? Financing options are generally limited and is a challenge for foreign investors to obtain finance from local commercial banks. Listed companies would be able to generate funds from the public through a public offering or by offering bonds to the public. Some of the major international banks operating in the Maldives include, Bank of Ceylon, Habib Bank Ltd, State Bank of India, HSBC and Commercial Bank, Mauritius Commercial Bank (Maldives).

What kind of cultural or social implications are likely to be faced after investing? Maldivians by large are a very tolerant and accommodating community. This is also clearly reflected in the business environment and the business community. There are no major negative social or cultural implications when doing business in Maldives. The country is a 100% Muslim country and are devout and peace loving muslims, very welcoming towards foreigners and foreign investments. Sale of Alcohol a n d por k produ c t s a re limit e d t o t ou r is t re s or t s a n d l i c e n s e d liveaboards, and not available on residential islands. Like many other countries, strict laws and regulations exists against trafficking of drugs, humans and other endangered species. Maldivians and the relevant authorities are very welcoming towards foreign investments as they have created jobs, transferred knowledge and has greatly contributed to the higher living standard and the livelihood of the people.


Modular Buildings A Solution to Male’s Pollution Problems? Written by Ruba Ali

Male’ is a small but metropolitan city that is still being developed constantly, with new high-rises and new buildings constantly peppering the landscape. The launching of large sc ale pu blic infrastructure projects such a s the d e v e lop me n t of H u lh u ma le ’ , Ve la n a International Airport and the rapid urbanisation of the greater Male’ area has ensured construction a place as one of the greatest contributor to the country’s GDP. The roads of Male’ are constantly littered with ‘Under Construction’ signs and it’s not unusual to see bricks and other raw materials present at every block. Consequently, any resident of Male’ would concur that one of the greatest difficulties of living in such a fast-developing city is the pollution that occurs as a result; noise pollution is one constant complaint while construction materials, heavy machinery and equipment on the narrow lanes and streets create sizeable traffic congestion issues. It seemed unlikely in the past that a solution could be found that address the problems at hand while also not hindering the flourishing construction industry in the country. However, recent promising advances to construction methods and technology may have finally provided the ideal solution; modular buildings.


Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab Designed by Shepley Bullfinch Modular contracting services were provided by of Triumph Modular and their manufacturing partner, NRB Inc. of New Holland, Pa.


Residential EcospaceŽ is co-managed by architects who also run IPT Architects – a London based award-winning chartered architectural practice which designs and oversees various sustainable housing projects from individual houses to larger residential schemes. Aggie Retreat, St Agnes, Cornwall revealed as one of the seven best new designer homes in Britain The Sunday Times


“GDP From Construction in Maldives is expected to be 3704.95 MVR Million by the end of this quarter, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations. In the long-term, the Maldives GDP From Construction is projected to trend around 4352.83 MVR Million in 2020, according to our econometric models.� - Trading Economics -

What are Modular Buildings? Modular Buildings, also known as Prefabricated buildings (prefab) are buildings where the different parts of the building are constructed off-site at a factory setting, complete with plumbing and electricity. This is a vast contrast to conventional stick-built buildings where a crew of workers are required to work on site for months raising the building and fitting it with utilities.


What are the advantages of utilising modular construction in the Maldives? Increased Efficiency, Decreased Construction Time Modular Building has an array of advantages over conventional building m e t ho ds , e s pec ially f or inner-city buildings. D u e t o t h e fa c t t h a t t h e components are constructed off site at a factory setting, the internal and external work can be completed simultaneously. Having different trades able to work together, along with the fact that building in a factory setting allows you to ignore weather changes means that prefab buildings can be completed at a fraction of the time period it would take to build onsite; a building that takes upto a year to construct would take only a few months if prefabricated.

Zero Noise Pollution, Reduced Congestion Another huge advantage of introducing modular construction is that all construction can be moved away from the hustle and bustle of the main city. This would mean zero noise pollution and a great decrease in traffic congestion. Moving to modular building methods could also help address the issue of overpopulation in the main areas of Male’. If any of the surrounding uninhabited islands are chosen to become a modular construction hotspot, then all laborers and workers could be effectively moved away from the city allowing for an easy option to reduce the amount of populace in the main city.

Better Structural Integrity Working in a factory setting allows for easier inspection and the availability of better lighting and more space allow workers to do a more efficient and polished job. There is less chance of problems with structural integrity, and any range of heavy equipment can be utilised without the hassle of worrying about whether said equipment or heavy vehicles would be able to operate with the limited space available on city roads.

Reduced Costs From a purely cost associated perspective, modular buildings cost much less than building onsite. It is easier to estimate actual costs due to the construction occuring in a controlled environment, and so the allowances that builders incorporate for emergencies and uncontrollable or unforeseen circumstances can be negated. The reduced construction time also means reduced labor costs.


Koda Mirco-House Designed by Kodasema John O’Brien Estonian design collective Kodasema launched this 269-square-foot micro-home, which can be built in less than a day. Courtesy of Tþnu Tunnel


Limya Mohamed Shareef (Limmi) is a young and enterprising interior designer with a lot of thoughts and ideas about Interior Design in the Maldives.


Photography: Bith-O



Why Interior Design? I have always been interested in art. Even when I was in school I used to doodle and play around with colors and patterns as a time pass. After o’levels I wanted to choose a field where I can be passionate about and enjoy doing, so after a bit of debating between Interior and Graphic designing I went with Interior Design and fell in love. I studied in Raffles College in Singapore.

College Life College was extremely interesting for me. There was a lot of interesting lectures or going on site visits or field trips to material and furniture showrooms. This was always my favorite. After finishing college I worked as an intern in a small design company in Singapore for a short period of time before coming back to Maldives.

Maldives v/s Singapore The Singaporean company I interned in mostly dealt with kitchen designs. I learned a whole lot more on Interior Designing after I came back and started working in Maldives. There was always so much to do, concept development, detail drawings, renders, site visits and dealing with clients, but I love working this way far more than on smaller projects.

My Unique Style I love using minimalistic designs, with a little bit of patterns and colors thrown in to make it distinct. I have always loved making my designs look unique that way, even though it’s minimalistic I feel like it’s important for the design to have its own personality.

Challenges In Maldives The toughest thing being an interior designer in Maldives is to bring the client requirements to life. Dealing with clients is always a bit of a challenge. Some


clients find it hard to communicate the exact idea they have in their minds, this sometimes lead to the changing of the concept a couple of times. Client satisfaction is always the most important factor, but it’s not always easy to create that dream with the limited supply of products that are available here in the Maldives. Sometimes, after finalizing a design, I get a call from the client saying that the previous material I had chosen for the design is no longer available, which is frustrating because I will have to change the material to something that’s available at the moment and this might bring a few changes to the design.

My Solution To reach a consensus between the available materials, furniture and suppliers vs the dream of the client is usually difficult, but I do my best to make sure my clients are always happy with my finished and final design. Talking with the suppliers and proper communication is the ideal way to solve the issues with the lack of supply. Working hand in hand with the suppliers would be the best way to be able to offer beautiful and best designs for the clients.

Architecture and Interior Design A lot of people are confused about the relationship between architecture and interior designing. If I have to explain in a simple way, Architects are always the people who come up with the best construction plan for your house or any other building. The work of an Interior Designer comes after this. We work on the interiors of your buildings to help you achieve a look that you love. Architecture and Interior Design comes hand in hand but are two different things.

My Favorite Experiences I recently did a design for an apartment in Hulhumale’ and that was one of my favorite projects because the clients accepted my design without making any changes and the finished product was very beautiful.



I am currently working with a German client to make a

The Demand for Designers

f u si o n de s ign o f morocca n a nd ma ldivia n des ign

There is a definite growing demand for interior

inspirations, and I am very happy and excited to see

designers, even for residential projects because a lot

what the end product of this would be like. This is

more people are getting aware of the importance of

going to be one of the most unique guest houses in

properly designed interiors. My favorite projects are


still residential projects.

Who I look up to

Design Culture in Maldives

After I came back from studying, I worked at Inside+

I would say the culture here between interior designers

for two years and I learned a lot from Thazy about

is wonderful. I still call up my old colleagues or my old

interior designing, and I learned an equal amount

boss and they always take time out of their busy

about architecture from Noona. My current boss at

schedules to answer any questions that I have.

Veliga, Ahmed is also someone I look upto very much.

Similarly, if anyone calls me up, I make sure that I always

He is an architect and he teaches me so many things

answer their questions and help them in any way that

every day.

I can.

Jonathan Adler is one of my favorite designers

I think this is a really great and friendly culture that

internationally, his designs are very beautiful and

has been created between all interior designers in the

colorful and he uses lots of interesting patterns.

Maldives and it helps young people both enter the industry and do better with their prospective careers.

My Advice for Future Designers If you are passionate enough you can always go forward

My Future

in this field. If you are interested and spend enough time

My dream is to open my own firm and grow myself

doing it you will always be able to learn it. You just have to

and my career in this field. Even apart from my work

work hard and believe in yourself.

right now, I do freelance projects like designing for guesthouses and restaurants.

I get a lot of questions from those who leave school about where they should start if they would like to be a Designer.

We have a lot of experienced and talented designers

I always tell them that a basic course on interior design is

and I would love to see a time where all the designers

always a good idea. Knowing to use softwares like AutoCad

can come together and try to develop this field and

is important as this is one of the main softwares used in the

help new designers break out and develop their

design business. Joining a design company as an intern

careers in Maldives in a definitive way.

helps a lot too. You will be able to learn a lot this way.


Hot DĂŠcor trends in 2018 Written by Asy

Move on, rose gold, subway tiles and exposed lighting, you are all way too 2017. It’s a brand new year, and with the new year comes all new trends to make your home look fresh and stylish.


A Change in Color One of the biggest changes in 2018 is going to be the shift in color. This year we will finally say goodbye to millennial pink and move on to the next base color to take over our home. For 2018 this is lavender. Soft and fresh, lavender is a soothing color with happy overtones and is slated to be this year’s color as per all dÊcor gurus.

The Woods Are Dark Taking a step away from the bleached woods that have become popular in recent years, 2018 will see resurgence in furniture with darker wood reminiscent of retro glamour.


Life is a Circle The hard geometric patterns have had their heyday. It’s the time of the circles. According to most style experts circular patterns are slated as the new in thing when it comes to your accent pieces for this year.

You’ve built the storeys. Let us help build their stories.

Call us at +960 3010999 or +960 7756555

/ b la kmv

bl a k . m v


Be the Brass It’s astonishing what a simple piece of metal can do to make or break your aesthetic masterpiece. Burnished silver was all the rage in 2017, but it has swung back once again and brass is once more the metal of choice for many interior designers.


Welcome the Warmth Taking a break from the stark visuals dominated by grays and black and white, 2018 is a year of rich pigments. Bold colors such as emerald greens, deep reds, olives, burnt yellow and harvest brown are making a huge comeback in the color palletes of designers.


A touch of Velvet In 2017, we saw the return of velvet in women’s clothing and it has since broadened its horizons. We are talking furnishings upholstered with velvet. This new trend is slated to take off big this year and may branch off into curtains and bedspreads.

Earthships A Naturalists’ Paradise by Written by Harvey Hassan

The recent comings of storms and volcanic eruptions, of earthquakes and tornadoes only serves to highlight the perennial balancing act between sustainability and the compounding needs of humanity. As skyscrapers rise ever higher, so follow greenhouse gas emissions and waste production, and with it, the oceans. These undeniable changes to our climate have environmentalists demanding us to slow down and value the future over the present. This is where pioneering architect Michael Reynolds’ revolutionary Earthships come into the fray.


El PRADO, NM, USA- MAY 30, 2016: Vizitor center of the future homes Most Versatile and Economical building design in the world. Earthship Biotecture


A Ground-breaking Concept Earthships have nothing to do with actual sea vessels, nor are they Noah’s Ark-esque facilities designed to hold human life in an apocalyptic scenario. Instead, they are a type of sustainable housing that are almost

excellent insulation, keeping the Earthship manageably cool in the desert day, as well warm in the near freezing nights. A honeycomb of recycled metal cans, frozen in putty or concrete, often provided a decorative element, as well as extra insulation.

completely self-sufficient, with a near negligible environmental footprint. Often taking the shape of a rough horse-shoe, these

Catch-tanks and reusing water:

Earthships were designed to create a living space that

The first Earthship also pioneered a design for catching

offered its own energy and food production, water

a n d re c la imin g w a t e r, t h rou gh t h e u s e of o rg an i c

collection and temperature regulation, all created using

filters and silt-catchers. The water, through condensation

sustainable material that require minimal processing.

and rainwater harvesting, would be collected in a large

Reynolds based his design on his self-decreed 6

tank which fed into freshwater taps in the house. These

principles of human needs; Thermal heating and cooling,

taps provided water for drinking and general use, such

solar and wind electricity, self-contained sewage

as washing or cleaning, after which it would be

treatment, use of natural and recycled building materials,

re-collected in a grey water tank, which fed into toilets for

water harvesting and storage, and finally, internal food

flushing. This flushed water, again, would then be fed

production capabilities. The idea was to create ‘off the

into a septic-tank, treated with bacteria that, through

grid’ homes, not as dependent on public utilities as

anaerobic respiration, converted the waste into usable

would usually be the case, while using sustainable

fertilizers used in the non-edible organic garden.

materials to build them.

Self-reliant energy systems: Localized materials and an ingenious structure:

The final defining aspect of the Earthships – their power

Unsurprisingly, Reynolds designs took shape in the

turbines, connected to a POM (Power Organizing

1970’s following the blossoming of eco-centrism–

Module) which convert the energy from batteries to the

affectionately referred to as tree hugging in the 60’s.

more commonly used AC current. These POMs also

He started off with a prototype home in Taos, New

allowed the Earthships to be hooked up to general

Mexico, constructed from packed tires, used in similar

electricity grids, both to feed excess power into, as

fashion to concrete bricks. These tires, when packed

well as take in, in cases of emergencies. Often, the

with sand, sawdust, or other similar materials, provided

designs incorporated the use of angling designs

a solid building block that could be placed

according to the movements of the sun, to maximize

i n staggered formations to replicate the solidity of a

both sunlight reach, and thermal insulation.

brick wall. They had the added benefit of providing


generation – came in the form of solar panels and wind

TAOS, NEW MEXICO: Building materials sit outside an earthship being built in Taos on August 13, 2014. Earthships are environmentally friendly homes made of recycled materials.


An idea for our future? Today, Earthships are found in every corner of the world, from the arid heat of sub-saharan Africa, to the warm humidity of equatorial countries. Each Earthship makes use of resources available in local communities to maximize utility, and minimize its environmental footprint. It has also been employed as a method of charity, allowing easy-to-build, self-sufficient homes to be provided to many poverty stricken peoples. Reynolds’ ideals of living in tandem with nature have claimed an increasing number of followers worldwide, as global warming and climate change become more and more severe in its effects on human life. As rising sea levels threaten our islands with inundation, it would perhaps be prudent to consider the use of Earthships, adaptable as they are, in our development of housing technology. With a nation so uniquely situated to be able to take full advantage of solar and wind energy, along with a natural isolation of communities in their separate islands, Earthships can no doubt become a wonderful way to let our people develop sustainably. Hopefully it will not be long before we see the fruit of Reynolds’ labour in our very own backyard.



Photography: Bith-O



How did you get interested in Architecture?

First of all, thank you for this opportunity. I am humbled. There are so many talented people in our society.

I have always loved creating things, like paintings or craftwork. When I was younger, our family used to travel a lot around the country especially to the north where my father is from. The houses and how people lived in them intrigued me. I cannot recall exactly when I decided to choose Architecture as a career, but my love for art and science influenced it. I never aspired to work at a desk job, although ironically a lot of my time now is spent at a desk - but it is never boring. Coincidentally, two of the very first Architects in the Maldives – Rifat Afeef and Ahmed Saleem – played some part in where I am today. In 2000, Rifat paved way for me to explore my interests by introducing me to Design2000 after my schooling in Male’. It was founded by Saleem. I started out as a manual illustrator for project visualizations and got to build my knowledge about how projects work. What I loved most was the team work of the inspiring group of talented people who I worked with at that time.

How far have you come since then in this field? A bit about my academia – in 2001, I left for my undergrad studies in KL. I would not trade that experience for anything – the culture, the learning, the people I met there. In 2006, I got my Honours Degree, in RGU, Scotland – the warmest of people in the coldest of weathers. And finally, in 2013, a little change of direction, but one that broadened by knowledge of the built environment – I completed a MSc in Construction Project Management. Between 2000 and 2004, I worked for Design2000 whenever I was home for a few months and got involved in a diverse range of projects on and off sites. In 2006,


I joined Archeng Studio, another brilliant team of professionals, and stayed till 2009. After my MSc CPM, I joined HaifalContruction – a rising contractor in the industry. That could be the most different yet enlightening experience of my work life – wearing hard hats, getting your hands dirty, and learning from experienced people who actually execute and realize ideas on paper. I was criticized by some during this time, but I never regret the two years.

“… I’ve never betrayed the idea that architecture starts with construction … the difference between a builder and an architect is that an architect also cares about desire, about dreams.” _ world renowned architect, Renzo Piano, who comes from a family of builders In 2013, I started to work with my friend and colleague Thazy who, to me, is one of the most creative and current Interior Designers in the country. We worked on projects and merged our knowledge to give more well-rounded and coherent products to our Clients. Some projects are delivered from concept to the built product, which gave us more control to deliver the design. I have grown so much working in collaboration with other professions in the industry. And coming to now, I have finally started something on my own – MN Designs. The timing is right, having a toddler at home, being able to work in flexible hours has always been my dream. I tend to get drowned in a project that I work on, so I need to balance it even more now. To me, family always comes first.

What do you think is the status of Architecture as a career in the Maldives? Being a Small Island Nation, there are many inherent challenges we face every day – social, economic and environmental. We are contributing to the society and its built fabric, so we need to be mindful of the outcomes of them – whether it



makes things better than before. Challenges like space constraints and market flooding push us to go the extra mile always. I believe there still is a lot of potential for Architecture in the Maldives.

What are the biggest shortcomings of the industry in the Maldives? What can be done to improve any shortcomings that you notice, or to solve any issues that  are  faced by the industry as a whole? The biggest shortcoming in the industry could still be the lack of knowledge and recognition given for architecture or architects. Often, the amount of work that goes into developing concepts are undervalued and disregarded. The Architects Association of Maldives could be a platform to bring everyone in the profession together and give a voice to Architects. It is already beginning to take shape and I believe in time will be able to tackle the challenges we face today more effectively. Other more generic hindrances for countries like ours are the lack of resources. Almost everything is imported and often we are faced with limitations when it comes to the availability of material and technology.

Who are some architects that inspire you or you look up to? Any people who have helped you with your career? There are quite a few local architects whose works impress me. It is not easy to name a few, but Internationally, I am fascinated by the works of Jean Nouvel, Zaha Hadid, Tadao Andoni, Renzo Piano, Will Alsop, Rem Koolhaas, Bjarke In-


gels and the list goes on. Each is unique in their styles a n d p h i l o s o p h i e s - m o d e s t y, s i m p l i c i t y, f l u i d i t y, organic, quirky - different aspects of their works draws me in. Artists equally intrigue me every day and there are so many creative people in our own society too. People and nature inspire me the most. Everyone who I have met with or worked with have helped me grow in one way or the other. My family and friends motivate me every day, especially my parents and my partner in life, who always pushes me and believes in me. My daughter keeps me grounded.

What has been your proudest moment, or most unforgettable moment in your career so far? It gives me great satisfaction when I hear a good review from a Client - weather it is a small residence or a larger scale project. That is my greatest achievement. There are many unforgettable moments in work, and a recent could be the Raincrest project launching by Rainbow-Singhal Developers.

What advice do you have for young people interested in architecture? The challenges we are faced with, are what makes it all the more interesting. It is a very good career given the interest and potential of the individual. You never stop learning - every day is a new experience and a growth in knowledge. I believe honesty, discipline and hard work are keys to success.


Keeping up with

Construction Tech Written by Ruba Ali

The year 2017 brought several unbelievable advances to the construction industry, from self-healing pavements to smog-eating buildings and solar panels that look like rustic roof tiles. Research has revealed that this year, the global construction industry will grow by a further 3.8 percent, leading to new employment opportunities and paving the way for revolutionary technology. In this vein, the year 2018 has brought new trends and innovations, and surveys from throughout the world markets have revealed that the latest trend is the use of automation and robotics into the construction industry. Some of the more interesting new technology released are expected to become widely used as the year progresses, making construction safer and more efficient throughout the world.


Bloomframes Bloomframes are a new and innovative method of installing ‘an expanding balcony’, especially useful for a congested city where space is a serious limitation. This revolutionary product looks and acts like a regular window, a window would. However, at the press of a button, the Bloomframe ‘blooms’ into a balcony within 60 seconds. It even comes with a manual override system in case of emergencies or electrical failure. Bloomframes can be installed in new buildings, or retrofitted into old buildings and comes in a variety of different materials.


and gives all the protection against the elements that



Exoskeletons Exoskeletons are exactly as impressive as they sound, but its marvellousness comes second to its utility. This wearable tech is the kind of suit that we have seen in sci-fi movies, but has now become a reality, allowing for workers to lift and use heavy machinery that would otherwise not be possible. Exoskeletons are mechanical suits that are worn on the outside of clothing, and different types of exoskeletons are designed for different uses and operations, from mechasuits to Smart Helmets with inbuilt Augmented Reality (AR) functionality.


Autonomous Vehicles Autonomous vehicles, as the name suggests, are unmanned vehicles that can be controlled via programming to produce similar results as manned vehicles. Autonomous vehicles are now considered to be an important milestone in ensuring workplace safety, reducing dangerous construction incidents and addressing the important issue of skilled labor shortages. Prototypes of autonomous vehicles that have already been revealed include cranes, tractors and bulldozers. Costs, however, are expected to be high and the laws and regulations of using autonomous vehicles are yet to be defined.




Let there be

LIGHT! Written by Asy

The lighting in your room is one of the most important aspects to creating the ambience that you are looking for. Good lighting schemes can create illusions as to the size of the room and subtly change the aura and the mood of the room. There are some slick tricks that you can use, and as always, a few different ways to go about it.

Enhance the natural lighting There are ways you can enhance the natural light that you already find in your home. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use mirrors. If you have a window that let’s in sunlight place a mirror opposite to the window. This will reflect and amplify the light, brightening the room.


Picking a mood All lighting is not the same, and different types contribute to different feels or moods. Lightning has what is described as a color temperature, ranging from warm (comparable to soft candlelight) to neutral and moving up to cool (similar to sunlight) and all the way to cold. Warmer lights are usually preferred for bedrooms and reading rooms, while cooler lights are useful for rooms such as living rooms or kitchens.

Tips & Tricks Now that you have decided on a light temperature, here are some tips and tricks that might help you light your way.


Make sure to install dimmers for all your lighting. This would help you control the mood and feel of the room.


Use a bright light on your mirror or sink. You should try to illuminate from at least two or three sides making sure that there are no shadows.


Some rooms in your home are used more than others for gatherings or activities. Make sure that these rooms are lit up brighter as this boosts the energy levels.


Place a few decorative lights (lamps, night lights etc) around the house. You can always switch these off and on as needed. These add more personality to the existing light scheme and are convenient.

In the end, remember that lighting is a personal choice. You have to be comfortable and live in the lighting you install, so concentrate on finding your own comfort zone.



A Garden

for Any Kind of Home Written by Ruba Ali

Islands of The Maldives have very unique but fragile ecosystems, highly susceptible to change resulting from environmental effects and human and weather-related influences. The islands are separated by seas that require long journeys, making agriculture less viable in the Maldives than countries with a single landmass. Consequently, some 90% of all food items used within the country are imported, including fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce is imported via long sea passages where a large percentage have been noted to arrive at substandard quality, damaged because of issues such as lack of adequate climate control. Due to this, a number of indigenous farming systems have advanced that are sustainable (but not necessarily commercially viable), the prevalent method being home-gardens.



Home-Gardening Evolved In the recent years, the idea has gained further momentum, with many people choosing to grow their own organic fruits and vegetables in home-gardens or terrace-gardens. But residents of the city in space-constrained apartments rarely have the luxury of a front or back lawn, or a sprawling terrace area. Growing fruits and vegetables at home has been a distant dream, especially for the busy working individual who don’t have the time or energy to spend cultivating fresh produce at home. The solution to this problem; hydroponic gardens. The invention of hydroponic gardens have made it easy to have a garden that takes very little space, does not require much attention, and can yield palatable vegetables and fruits within as little as three weeks.

What is a Hydroponic Garden? The concept behind growing a hydroponic garden is the same as putting a newly cut flower in a vase with water to keep it as fresh as possible for as long as possible. The idea is expanded further by ensuring that the oxygenated water ‘flows’ and remains fresh, and nutrients are introduced to provide your plant with some healthy food. Conditions such as sunlight as important as well, but can also be negated with grow lamps for those without the luxury of a window. There are many advantages to using a hydroponic system instead of a typical soil garden. There are less pests and diseases to worry about, as well as less mess due to water being used in the place of soil. Any pests found can be easily dispersed and produce can be grown year-round regardless of season, climate or variety. Hydroponic systems are easy to set up at home using materials usually thrown out as waste, or a pre-built system can easily be purchased quitely cheaply.

Easiest and Fastest plants to grow Hydroponically A number of fruits and vegetables can easily be harvested at home with a hydroponic garden.


Spinach Spinach is the easiest vegetable to grow hydroponically, and the plant can be ready for harvest within as short a timeframe as 2 weeks. Baby spinach leaves are especially delicious and nutritious and should be harvested starting from the outside, letting the leaves inside continue growing. Spinach grows in a moist hydroponic environment without much need for artificial light or expensive nutrients

Lettuce Lettuce is the most popular option for hydroponic gardens as they are so easy to grow, incredibly fast and allows you to cultivate the vegetable year round by harvesting the outer leaves and letting the plant grow continuously. Species such as romaine or buttercrunch lettuce can be ready to eat within three to four weeks.


Peppers Maldives has the ideal conditions for growing peppers, especially peppers such as habaneros which are widely popular all over the country. Peppers, similar to tomatoes, require plenty of sunlight to grow but are otherwise very easy to manage. The peppers will be ripe and ready to eat within 14 to 16 weeks if starting from seeds, and much sooner if you plant a seedling into your hydroponic system.

Cherry Tomatoes Cherry tomatoes grow very well hydroponically, but also require a lot of sunlight so a grow lamp is necessary for those without a window. For those with a window that lets in natural sunlight, a hydroponic cherry tomato vine growing around the window frame can be a beautiful and practical addition. Cherry tomatoes are incredibly easy to grow, and can be vine-ripe and ready to harvest and eat within eight to nine weeks.


Strawberries t r a w b e r r i e s a re t h e s e c o n d m o s t p o p u l a r o p t i o n f o r hydroponic growers. Strawberries are generally season fruits, but can be grown all year round in your home using hydroponics. Strawberries are known to thrive in wetter conditions and don’t require a large amount of sunlight. Hydroponically grown strawberries are actually larger and juicier than the soil-grown variety, and planted runners will yield ripe fruit as soon as 6 weeks.

Not just for home-grown food A hydroponic garden does not necessarily have to be for the purpose of growing foodstuff. Flowers can be grown 50% faster hydroponically than in soil, especially flowers such as snapdragon, petunias, daisies and carnations. Hydroponic flower gardens are much more resistant to pests and diseases, and a beautifully welcome addition to any window. Another use for a hydroponic garden could be natural pest control. The addition of a citronella plant can not only provide a pleasant-smell in your home, but also gets rid of household pests such as mosquitoes and flies. Similarly, English Ivy is a plant that grows quite easily in a hydroponic environment with the added advantage that it gets rid of nasty odors from inside your home.



fly maldivian and reach every hidden corner of maldives

listing MALDIV E S

Raincrest residence Raincrest Residence is a real estate development undertaken by Rainbow Singhal Developers Pvt Ltd. Located on Reethigas Magu, Hulhumale, which is considered as the spine of residential and commercial buildings in the island. Raincrest Residence is a mixed use residential condominium, composed of two 14 storey towers consisting of 136 apartments. The building is conveniently located to face three main roads as well as a pedestrian link, meaning that it does not share a boundary with any other plots, a rare feature in the City. Raincrest Residence has a wide mix of apartments, ranging from large 3+1 BHK, 3 BHK, mid ranged 2+1 BHK and comfortable 1 BHK apartments. In addition, the setback areas on the second floor allow us to provide large private terrace gardens to the apartments on this floor, another rare commodity in Male’ and Hulhumale. The Condominium also has four luxurious duplex penthouses that come equipped with their own plunge pools. The building comes equipped with ample parking spaces, a fully equipped gymnasium, a convention hall, a fully equipped play area. The highlighting feature of the building is the main common swimming pool, located on the 14th floor, between the two towers. This feature not only allows magnificent views of the ocean and Hulhumale City to the resident using the pool, the location gives privacy and spares other residents from noise disturbances.

R ain cre st R e s ide n ce G.Maarana, 2nd Floor, Alikilegefaanu Magu T: +(960) 334 0482 / +(960) 334 0420 E: Facebook: Rainland Developers Pvt.Ltd


listing MALDIV E S


listing MALDIV E S

Oceanfront Residence Oceanfront Residence is a lavish condominium complex situated in Fithuroanu Magu, Hulhumale. With breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean, it is conveniently located at a five minute walking distance from the Hulhumale’ ferry terminal. The condominium comprises of two towers, 12 and 13 storeys, and has a total of 145 units. Tower A consists of 12, 3.5 BHK apartments, 30, 2.5 BHK apartments and 6, 2 BHK apartments and 9 luxurious penthouses. Tower B consists of 55 three bed room apartments and 33 two bed room apartments. The condominium contains all the facilities that can provide the best comforts of living. Both Towers feature two infinity pools along with two fully equipped gyms. One of the most unique features of the building is the main pool for Tower A, which spans between the two towers on the terrace floor. Each penthouse has its very own plunge pool. You can unwind at the relaxing garden areas on the terrace while children can run and play in the spacious 4900 square feet fully equipped kids club. Ventilation and circulation is excellent between the two towers as well as between each apartment. Basement parking is available as well as garbage chute access for each floor. With a mix of modern facilities, unique design, Oceanfront Residence will be an iconic residential building which will define the Hulhumale waterfront.

Oce an fro n t R e s ide n ce G.Maarana, 2nd Floor, Alikilegefaanu Magu T: +(960) 334 0482 / +(960) 334 0420 E: Facebook: Rainland Developers Pvt.Ltd


listing MALDIV E S


listing MALDIV E S

The Apollo Towers Located in front of the Yacht Marina at the Hulhumale’ beachfront, is the latest luxury real estate project by Apollo Holdings. Split into two main towers offering an architecture that reflects tranquillity and serenity with an extravagance of modern lifestyle. The towers are one 10 storeys and the other 9 storeys. Apollo Towers include Semi-Deluxe apartments, Luxury apartments and Penthouse Apartments. There are 13 different types of apartments, which include three-bedroom, two-bedroom and one-bedroom apartments. The kids play area holds a significant child friendly colour scheme, defined activity and relaxing zones with washroom provisions within the space. A small double decker play house with reading tents and a designated reading/colouring desks to keep the children entertained. The gym holds an energetic colour theme with gender specific locker rooms and showers for the users. This offers a rather convenient service for the residents given the increased use of gym facilities and health consciousness in our society today. The multi-purpose hall is an ideal space to entertain events or gatherings without having to be concerned about the location. Not just for parties or weddings but also could be used to host official meetings as well. The ground and first floor offers two levels of parking for cars and motorcycles at the rear of the building. Visitor parking is offered within this area as well.

Apollo H oldin gs Pv t Lt d T: +(960) 332 0065 / F: +(960) 333 5706 2nd Floor, Marine Villa, Varudhee Hingun, Maafannu, Male’ 20282 , Maldives


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listing MALDIV E S

nasandhura Nasandhura, the epitome of elegance, prestige and paradise. Build your dream lifestyle with us at Male’s most iconic location, a flourishing metropolis surrounded by a glimmering blue that spreads infinitely. It’s where your wishes of a tropical getaway becomes an everyday reality.

NP H I n vestme n t P v t Lt d 5A, STO Aifaanu Building | Boduthakurufaanu Magu | Malé | 20026 T: +(960) 300 2488 E:


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Renaatus Ithaa Muiy Guided by technology and expertise, we believe in building quality constructions and architectural masterpieces. Renaatus Ithaa Muiy will mark our debut housing project in the international segment. The new-age construction boasts of all modern amenities and facilities. It is a waterfront property.

R .P.P R e n aat u s Proj ects Maldiv e s Privat e Lim ited Plot No D6 - 2c | Fithuroanu Magu Hulhumale M: +(960) 975 5777 E:


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ONE AVENUE One Avenue, the latest development by DAMAS Real Estate is situated in one of the finest neighborhoods in Hulhumale’. Like a pearl in an oyster, One Avenue stands apart from others - as an embodiment of sophistication infused with practicality. With sublime modernity found in its outer structure, to its impeccable services and emphasis to details; One Avenue will be a benchmark for other residential complexes to look up to. Dama s r e a l e stat e Marina Building | 8th floor | Koli Umar Manik Goalhi 20188 | Male’ T: +(960) 300 2488 | +(960) 955 8995 E:


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k park residence Korean designed flooring, spacious interiors, a modern kitchen, master bedroom and luxurious bath. T h e customization options include around 90 options of wardrobes, 50 for both tiles and luxurious s i l k wallpapers and some styles of kitchen cabinets to choose from. Renewable energy generation system for public consumption. Swimming pools, Gym, a CafÊ, Day care and Kids play area. Kor dhi in v e st me n t pv t. lt d M.Omadhoo Fannu | 8th Floor | Male’ T: +(960) 999 2492 | +(960) 971 1155 E:


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Aira Your home is a definition of your personality and wellbeing. That’s why, when you live in AIRA you can enjoy all the luxuries and amenities without leaving your home. From our experience with our first project SAIMA Residence and other developments surrounding the beautiful green city of Hulhumale’, we have created AIRA keeping in mind to provide a truly “exceptional living” at the best market value for your investment and living. Ens i s f i s h e r i es M1 15-16 Industrial Zone | Hulumalé | Midhilimagu T: +(960) 335 6677 | +(960) 956 6688 | +(960) 797 6688 E:


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Astoria ASTORIA is dedicated to building a one-stop shopping and living environment integrating retailing, catering, recreation and entertainment and luxury apartments. The project strives to create a new benchmark for urban development and change the way of living in Colombo.

No . 418 , 4 2 0, 4 2 2 R. A . D e M e l M awat h a , Colo m bo 03 Sales office: No. 9 Deal Place A, Colombo 03 T: 0112-37-27-57 (Sales manager: Rafkhan: 0768-88-88-88, Maneka 0769-11-11-11, Gayathri 0771-55-71-11, Wasantha 0765-55-55-77) E:


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Dusit Thani Beachfront Balapitiya Dusit Thani Beachfront Balapitiya is the only luxury, designer, fully fitted and furnished 5-star ocean view high rise apartments in a fully integrated beachfront resort in all of Sri Lanka. Guaranteed returns of 6% net p.a. for 5 years are offered for apartments managed by Dusit Thani.

D u si t Than i Be achfro n t Balapit iya No 786, Galle Road, Balapitiya Beach 80550, Sri Lanka. M: +94 71 148 5268 (U Sahabandu) E: Facebook: dusitthanisrilanka Instagram: dusitthanisrilanka


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Prime Grand – Ward Place Prime Grand, a tailored collection of 2-4 bedroom simplex and duplex condominium residencies complemented by four storeys of double height parking and three levels of curated indoor and outdoor services and amenities. Crafted with ultimate seclusion, natural ventilation and light allowance, gracious floor plans and the finest finishes. Pr i me Gran d – Wa r d P l ac e No. 64, Ward Place, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka T: 0112699822 F: 0114 209 691 M: 071-0777666 | 071-0666222 | 071-0666444 E:


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Achilleion – 7 star luxury Achilleion, Colombo’s first 7 star luxury apartment complex. Blue Mountain Apartments together with global real estate titan Palmer and Turner group of Singapore launched the most luxurious and unique apartment complex in Sri Lanka, its unique design concept has already won a string of international accolades. Ac h i l le ion – 7 star lu x u ry Station Road, Colombo 4 , Sri Lanka Hotline: +94 714 260 260 Facebook: achilleioncolombo




Real Estate Magazine (Maldives) | Issue 2, 2018  

Welcome to the 2nd Edition of Real Estate Magazine and the first issue for the year 2018. The New Year in Maldives this time was filled wit...

Real Estate Magazine (Maldives) | Issue 2, 2018  

Welcome to the 2nd Edition of Real Estate Magazine and the first issue for the year 2018. The New Year in Maldives this time was filled wit...