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Prefera Foods is entering the plant-based seafood category in North America with its Unfished® brand. Exhibit 9405

[10] Magnesol® is a powder that removes impurities from your oil!

[12] TableCheck Technologies: table management simplified = increased profits!

[14] Introducing Sterno Ambiance: Let SARA create samples for you to choose from based on your input.

+ Over 55 great new products at NRA '22 inside!.


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Food Fair Magazine I NRA 22 Issue


• Best-in-class wash performance • Labor-saving technology • Wash up to 6 sheet pans at one time!



Door Type Dishwasher Got Really Dirty Prepware? Watch the AM16T Make Six Nasty Sheet Pans Sparkle!

Watch Videos at Ready to Achieve Hobart Clean?

Call 888-378-1338 or contact us online today to get more information, receive a quote, or request a free cost of operations audit.



Food Fair Magazine I NRA 22 Issue

® There’s Only 1 Sterno... I NRA 22 Issue

Food Fair Magazine

...for every occassion!







Stop by Booth #7012 to Learn More.



Food Fair Magazine I NRA 22 Issue



Do more with less


Inspire trust through a science-based clean


Power growth and manage operational complexity

Help offset labor challenges through our easier-to-use innovative products, programs, and expertise

Assure your guests and protect your brand with comprehensive solutions across all public health and food safety needs

Deliver consistent guest experiences to support emerging business needs


PROTECT YOUR BRAND WITH PROGRAMS AND SOLUTIONS THAT TACKLE YOUR CRITICAL CHALLENGES Solutions to help simplify procedures, save time, and reduce efforts

Sink & Surface Cleaner Sanitizer EPA-registered 2-in-1 no-rinse food contact cleaner sanitizer that kills SARS-COV-2 in 15 seconds1, 2

No-Rinse Alkaline Floor Cleaner Helps reduce labor with fast drying time and no rinse required3

Digital Programs to help mitigate food safety risks, improve operational performance and optimize labor

SMARTPOWER™ Highly effective formulas designed to decrease rewash by 60%4

On-Demand Digital Training Task-based training platform offering 24/7 access to your staff



Ecolab Connect Personalized app to support our partnership

Foodservice Intelligence Analytics platform that uses operational data to help drive smarter performance across your organization

Kills SARS-CoV-2 in 15 seconds; Norovirus, common cold and flu viruses in 30 seconds. EPA Reg. No. 1677-260. Refer to label for complete use instructions. 3 When used according to label. 4 Versus five-gallon plastic pails, based on running 50-unit chain running 500 racks per day. Results may vary based on your specific set of circumstances. 1


©2022 Ecolab USA Inc. All rights reserved.

Food Fair Magazine I NRA 22 Issue


Chef Andrew Zimmern will be at TiNDLE booth for a meet & great from 10:30-1pm on May 22. See Chef Zimmern also host a TiNDLE work shop from 3-3:45pm on May 22 at Lakeside Center – 10448

Chef Chad Rosenthal will be hosting live demoʼs each day of the NRA. Demo times will vary







NRA 22 Booth


FAST: Cooks in 5 minutes or less. SIMPLE: Freezer to fryer and viola! ECONOMICAL: Cook what you need, no wastage. LONG LASTING: 540-day shelf life.





Food Fair Magazine I NRA 22 Issue

BusinessFocus OVENTION Two ovens, one minimal footprint, one affordable price


TableCheck Technologies delivers a front room seating management system that is as affordable as it is easy to use. Visit Barbara Horan, President. Booth #612 South Hall



FABI - Food & Beverage Award Winners!


KIA – Kitchen Innovation Award Winners!

Sterno introduces Sterno Ambiance – The simple way to transform your space. Just input your information to SARA and “she” will get a sample box with the results out to you in no time. Exhibit 7012 North Hall


Barmaid Washers – Keeping glassware clean improves your bottom line. Do you know how?


The State of Plant Based Food Industry Today and 6 Firms to see at NRA ‘22 Consumers are purchasing plant-based foods, especially protein alternatives in the meat and dairy aisles, in increasing numbers. Meat alternatives in particular have jumped 60% over the past two years, driven by bettertasting and more widely available products. - NielsonIQ,

24 Earthborn Studios – Tena Payne, owner/ founder has consistently delivered her unique touch to tabletop settings over the years. Earthborn pottery is a high-fired stoneware used in hundreds of restaurants worldwide. Clients primary impressions? They look amazing and never break! Booth #4278 South Hall.

TiNDLE is the first chicken made from plants that was created specifically by chefs and for chefs — a versatile, easy-to-work-with product that has caught the eye of culinary professionals internationally. • Chef Andrew Zimmern will be at TiNDLE booth for a meet & great from 10:30-1pm on May 22

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I would like to announce an expansion our communications business with a YouTube channel! We will cover food shows in the states and internationally highlighting all the latest as they come on to market. See “Chicago Food – NRA Show ’22!” the premiere installment on The Food Show Network releases this summer: Scan the code below, subscribe and hit the bell notification so you know when it’s out! Food Fair would like to salute a company that has been a part of the Food Fair family for years and has been an exhibitor at NRA since 1995. TableCheck Technologies. A great company to do business with and that’s not just our opinion! So, for an affordable yet highly effective means of managing table turnover, and increasing revenue, this tablet driven system is for you. Visit Barbara Horan, President, I know she would love to have you stop by. TableCheck Technologies is in the South Hall booth #612. In the seventeen years at the show we have witnessed the birth of Facebook (as the benchmark), development of delivery apps, smart kitchens, payment platforms, Instagram (the biggie), ovens that have left fire in the dust, to some items with robot features new to me this year. Take Botrista’s Beverage Robot. I shudder to think, at first hearing about this device, but the more I learned, the more I loved its abilities go beyond standard beverage creation devices. Visit the KIA winner at exhibit #3193 and the KIA Center in the South Hall. Enjoy and connect. In the words of Ed Sullivan, The “Big Shoe” is here, or should we say, is back! Chris Gudenzi Publisher

Ripples – Social media marketing beyond angel wing poses. 30 Drink A must visit to understand a unique means to social media influence using your coffee service. “The reaction of receiving a drink with personalized content is universal”. Booth #1874 South Hall


Magnesol® Magnesol® is a safe, food-grade powder that removes both solid and dissolved impurities from used frying oil to provide extra oil life and enhance food quality. Magnesol is used globally in over 115 countries every day, thanks to our valued distributors.


Ecolab The Cockroach MultiStation, Ecolab’s patented innovation, is highly effective in capturing all lifestages of German cockroaches. Case study. Exhibit #4000 Entrance to South Hall


Botrista – We love this next gen robot beverage producer. Unlike its predecessors, this is capable of handling a variety of ingredients greatly increasing the available menu and perfectly touchless. KIA Recipient. See ad page 32

46 NRA Show Speaker Sessions A Sampling of Live Demos This Year @ NRA ’22!



Food Fair Magazine I NRA 22 Issue

Interview with Kevin Ryan,

Director of Foodservice Sales - North America

Kevin Ryan Director of Foodservices Sales

Kevin Ryan is the Director of Foodservice Sales at The Dallas Group of America. He has been with the company for 15 years. Tell us a little about The Dallas Group, the manufacturer of Magnesol®. The Dallas Group of America (DGA) is a family-owned company, started by our founder Robert Dallas in 1989. DGA manufactures products for the filtration of edible oils, both for industrial manufacturing and foodservice applications. We operate multiple manufacturing and packag- our laboratories that are staffed by ing facilities in North America, Eu- AOCS-certified chemists. rope, and China. What kind of savings would an averMagnesol® is a unique means of oil age restaurant see using Magnesol®? filtration. What exactly is it and There are many variables (volume how does it work? of oil, type of products being fried, Magnesol® is a safe, food-grade pow- hours of operation, cooking temperader that removes both solid and dis- ture, etc.) when it comes to savings, solved impurities from used frying but we typically see a 40% or greatoil to provide extra oil life and en- er extension of frying oil life. This hance food quality. Our product is could mean a savings of $500 for a trusted and used globally in over 115 small single fryer, or up to $20,000 countries every day, thanks to our annually per store for a large volume valued distributors. chicken restaurant. We will be conducting oil savings analyses onsite at There are many oil filtration sys- the NRA Show (Booth 5233) for any tems on the market, why should attendees interested in seeing how someone choose Magnesol®? much Magnesol® could benefit their Magnesol® continues to be the in- operations. dustry standard that all other filter media are compared to. We service Is this product simple to use? Is the world's largest restaurant chains, training necessary? and they continue to recognize Mag- It couldn't be easier! Simply add the nesol® as the most effective, eco- Magnesol® powder during the filtranomical, and simple way to ensure tion process. The powder remains the highest quality fried products in the filter box and acts like a magand tremendous cost savings. We net to attract and remove impurities also provide extensive oil testing in from used edible oils. Plus, we have a

full team of oil management experts strategically located around the globe to assist you with onsite training, if needed. Is Magnesol® is safe to use? Does the powder remain in the oil? Magnesol® is food-grade and completely safe. Our product meets all the food grade specifications of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), and the Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) of the World Health Organization (WHO). Frying oil passes through Magnesol® filter powder during the filtration process. The filter powder does not remain or dissolve in the frying oil. These findings have been third-party verified. How does Magnesol® improve sustainability? By using MAGNESOL®, restaurant operations will reduce oil consumption and waste, resulting in a positive impact on our environment and a safer workspace for employees.

Booth #5233

MAGNESOL® Frying Oil Saver Phone: 1-800-367-4188 Email: I NRA 22 Issue

Food Fair Magazine



Food Fair Magazine I NRA 22 Issue

BusinessFocus: Tablecheck Technologies, Inc. Barbara Horan General manager


oodservice Daily News: How do you know money is walking out the front door of restaurants?

Barbara Horan: I have done it! Advertising dollars got me in the door but circumstances soon after entering made me walk out again. Why? Too noisy; wait is too long; host leaves me standing alone to go find a table; I am told to wait while I see empty tables not being seated. FDN: How big a problem is this?

stand will go a long way in eliminating this waste! One of the best solutions is the TableCheck Seating Management System which helps in all the ways that caused me to leave: Reduces noise in the restaurant. Helps get more people in seats while they are still streaming in the door. Informs hosts of immediate table information so they can seat all the open tables. FDN: What if it doesn’t work?

A red light means the table needs busing, a Green light means the table is available and a yellow light means the table is reserved. Tablets are mounted at the bus station, the dingin room wall and the host station. Tablets are portable as Barbara demonstrates.

BH: I personally guarantee that by using the TableCheck Seating Management System correctly you will serve morev people and make lots more money on EVERY shift when you have a wait! If it does not work for you for any reason, then I will take the product back and return all of your investment including any shipping or installation charges. It is a guarantee. You will get your money back if it does not do everything I say it will!

BH: I am guessing that since I have left and I have seen others leave about the same time as I have, that it happens on a regular basis. As an example of the enormous problem this can be, let’s assume it happens just 3 times per week - one party of 4 comes in and goes back out without spending a dime. How much will that cost you? If your check average is $15, then you are losing at least $9,000 per year and probably much more! I want that money to stay in your hands, not walk out and go next Stop by the TableCheck Technoldoor. ogies booth 1460 and chat with me about keeping all the money that FDN: What is the solution to this comes through your front door in problem? your restaurant! Let me know you read this article to receive a nice litBH: Creating efficiencies at the host tle surprise.

Visit Barbara at Tablecheck Technologies, NRA #612 South Hall. I NRA 22 Issue

Food Fair Magazine

By Christopher Gudenzi, Editor, Food Fair Magazine


Interview with GW Horn, GM, County Line Barbeque in Austin, TX

hris: What’s your name and position with the restaurant, and where is the restaurant? GW: GW Horn, County Line Barbeque in Austin Texas. I’m the general manager and have been with the company 32 years. Chris: Oh wow, that’s quite a stretch, congratulations! GW: Thank you. Chris: You use a product called TableCheck which is an electronic seating system, is that correct? GW: That’s correct Chris: And do you have the new tablet version or the older mount tablet version? GW: We have the old original; I think we were the first place this was installed. (1993) Chris: Okay, wow, and the very same system is still operational today? GW: Absolutely. Chris: So tell me about it, how much do you love it and just what does it do for you really in the front of the house? GW: I couldn’t imagine not having it, rather than a host or manager walking around writing down what tables are available or what tables are dirty or what not, you actually just go up to it and you tap it, if its green its ready

“I couldn’t imagine not having it, rather than a host or manager walking around writing down what tables are available or what tables are dirty or what not, you actually just go up to it and you tap it, if its green its ready to seat,…”

The County Line BBQ, On The Hill, Austin, Texas

to seat, if its dirty mark it red so the bussers can clearly see it in the kitchen and they know when there’s dirty tables out there, and then if there are no lights on it then somebody is sitting at it. Chris: Okay, and so there is a screen at the front at the host stand? GW: We have a main headboard that’s at the host stand, and then there is a couple of other boards throughout the restaurant that you can look and gaze over the restaurant and see which tables are available or not available, we call it updating, you can update the system. Chris: You can update it… GW: So all the hosts are trained to go around, if the head host says go update for me that’s what they are referring to, they want you to go check the tables to find out if their dirty and if they are they will mark them red, if there clean and empty they will mark them green that means there ready to seat, or you can make them yellow which case that’s going to be a reservation. Chris: Okay so that table is ready to go but it’s reserved. GW: For a party of 4 or whatever Chris: So you feel the entire front

of the house operation, not to put words into your mouth but, runs smoother and that you turn over tables quicker correct? GW: Oh Absolutely! Chris: Okay, and do you ever experience any down time with the system? GW: Knock on wood, very seldom. Chris: Do you have anything you want to add to that, I mean it sounds like something you absolutely love using so. GW: Oh yes I couldn’t imagine being without it! Chris: That’s pretty cool, okay great well you know that sounds like a stellar review, thanks very much. When I’m in Austin I’ll stop by and have some food! GW: Please do, thank you! Chris: You got it, have a good day sir… GW: Yes sir, you too. Chris: Bye Bye

NRA #612 South Hall



Food Fair Magazine I NRA 22 Issue

BusinessFocus: Sterno Ambience Sterno’s simple way to transform your space Table lighting makes a dramatic impact.

Lisa Galvan Senior Product Manager


ndustry leader Sterno helps operators prepare for success through a strategic balance of savings and investment. Recently, a focus on cost cutting initiatives kept many businesses afloat. However, as successful operators know, prioritizing the consumer experience is essential to the long-term health of any restaurant. Now is the moment to invest in solidifying those experiences.

Replacing whole table settings or renovating decor can be costly. So Sterno asked the question, what is the simplest way to make the biggest impact? To elevate the consumer experience? For pennies a table per day, adding table lighting is a transformation that businesses can’t afford not to make. After all, there are only 2 things at the table 100% of the time: the customer and table lighting.

“There are only 2 things at the table 100% of the time: the customer and table lighting.” I NRA 22 Issue

Food Fair Magazine

“For pennies a table per day, adding table lighting is a transformation that businesses can’t afford not to make.”

Sterno did the research into the effect the right light can have on a space for operators and developed a solution in the new web-based service SARA. Sterno’s Ambiance Research Assistant is a guide built to simplify the process of choosing the right lamp for your business. After answering a few simple questions, operators receive a curated box of samples to create an atmosphere worthy of welcoming guests back.


and stop by exhibit 7012 North Hall

Curated samples boxes to you

Visit and take our exclusive assessment to discover which lamp is right for you. Our team will provide you with a customized assortment of lamps to choose from.



Food Fair Magazine

Angel’s Artisan Pocket Bread Angel Bakeries, USA LLC Angel’s Artisan Pocket Bread features a soft and fluffy texture, well-developed cell structure, and noleak pocket. Developed and formulated with the foodservice operator in mind, this pita bread can be “refreshed” and served to customers in 5 minutes or less. It is also all-natural and contains only six kitchen cabinet ingredients. I NRA 22 Issue

The Better Fish® Skinless Barramundi 4 oz IQF Portion Australis Aquaculture The Better Fish® Barramundi 4 oz skinless portion by Australis Aquaculture eliminates prep, waste and uncertainty in any foodservice operator’s seafood program. All The Better Fish® products are FairTrade certified, sustainably ocean farmed, humanely harvested and individually quick frozen withinhours of harvest.

Beyond Pepperoni Beyond Meat Beyond Pepperoni tastes like the classic pizza topping you know and love but is made from simple, plant-based ingredients. With perfectly crisped edges and a mouthwatering savory flavor, Beyond Pepperoni is crafted to perfection with the added benefits of plant-based ingredients including no GMOs, no soy and no gluten!

Exhibit 9735

Exhibit 8025

Exhibit 678

Blind Tiger Spirit-Free Cocktails & Mixers Blind Tiger, LLC

Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasoning Demitri’s Gourmet Mixes

Java Trading Thai Iced Coffee Latte Distant Lands Coffee

Prohibition-inspired pours made for the modern drinker. All-natural and organic, Blind Tiger creates barquality spirit-free cocktails ready to sip or mix.

Demitri’s All-Natural Bloody Mary Seasoning is a bartender-created, best kept secret at restaurants and bars, hotels, sports stadiums, cruise lines and multi-unit foodservice operators nationwide. Mix 2oz of Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasoning with a quart of tomato juice, V8, Clamato or vegetable juice for perfect handmadequality cocktails every time, in no time. Exhibit 11232

Java Trading’s newly launched Thai Iced Coffee is a delicious blend of coffee, milk, cane sugar and cardamom, bottled up so it can be enjoyed on the go! Inspired by Thailand’s traditional spiced coffee, this sweet retreat offers an authentic and delicious experience.

Exhibit 11432

Exhibit 9419

Food Fair Magazine I NRA 22 Issue

JUST Egg Folded Eat Just, Inc.

Plant-based Salmon Burger Good Catch

JUST Egg Folded is a plant-based egg that makes breakfast easier than ever. Pop it in the toaster, microwave, oven, or skillet for a delicious breakfast. It uses less water, land, and carbon emissions than conventional eggs. Plus, it has about the same amount of protein as an egg but with less saturated fat and zero cholesterol, making it good for you and the planet.

These plant-based salmon burgers bring you the best part of salmon — its delicate, mild-yet-rich flavor — without any of the downside. Each juicy burger has a touch of citrus to round out its flavor story. Serve with a side of fresh veggies or fries with a squeeze of fresh lime. Enjoy!

Impossible™ Meatballs Made From Plants Impossible Foods Impossible™ Meatballs are one of the newest products from Impossible Foods, made with a custom mix of the award-winning Impossible™ Burger and Impossible™ Sausage Made From Plants, and a savory homestyle seasoning blend. They’re delicious, nutritious, sustainable, and work perfectly in every classic meatball recipe — from spaghetti to meatball subs.

Exhibit 10207

Exhibit 9642

Exhibit 10012

Oatly Frozen Dessert Bars - Strawberry Swirl Oatly Oatly’s newly released Strawberry Swirl Frozen Dessert Bar is a delicious strawberry flavored non-dairy frozen dessert tucked inside a dark chocolatey shell. This dairy and gluten free treat is made with real strawberries for a premium indulgence experience.

Nitro Pepsi PepsiCo Foodservice

Ripple Dairy-Free Soft Serve Ripple Foods

Nitro Pepsi has smaller bubbles, also infused with nitrogen, that create an unbelievably smooth, creamy texture made possible by a unique widget placed at the bottom of every can. This is the first time this type of widget technology, often seen in beer and coffee products, is being applied to the cola category and creates the frothy, foamy, smooth texture unique to Nitro Pepsi. The product will be available nationwide on March 28 in two delicious flavors – Draft Cola and Vanilla Draft Cola.

Ripple’s Dairy-Free Soft Serve gives soft serve lovers what they’ve been missing—a delicious & indulgent, dairy-free soft serve option with a rich and creamy texture. Straight from the machine to batch freezing, Ripple’s Dairy-Free Soft Serve is as real as it gets.

Exhibit 9024

Exhibit 3224

Exhibit 1388



Food Fair Magazine I NRA 22 Issue

Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Parmesan Seasoning Sabatino Truffles

Chimichurri Sevillo Fine Foods

Cremino Individual Dessert Taste It Presents

The Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Parmesan seasoning is an all-natural truffle seasoning that combines two glorious Italian flavors into a versatile seasoning. Valued for their intense, earthy flavors, luxurious black truffles are combined with premium parmesan cheese to create a deeply flavorful seasoning. Try it on pasta, pizza, and more. Exhibit 10416

Sevillo Fine Foods’ Chimichurri—an herb sauce made with parsley, cilantro, garlic, shallots, oil and spices—is known as a culinary specialty of Argentina and Uruguay. Traditionally served alongside grilled and roasted meats and sausages, chimichurri is a delicious accompaniment to a wide variety of dishes.

Taste It Presents’ Cremino Italian Dessert is an elegant, individual dessert with three classic layers: Italian gianduja mousse (hazelnut & chocolate combo), light, milk chocolate mousse and a sublime dark chocolate sauce. Mousse layers sit on top of a crunchy, wafer-thin biscuit and have surprising bits of hazelnuts inside. MADE IN ITALY.

Exhibit 1275

Exhibit 1835

Mascarpone Semifreddo Bar Cake Taste It Presents

Sorbissimo Taste It Presents


Taste It Presents’ Mascarpone Semifreddo Bar Cake is made with authentic, Italian mascarpone, smooth Bavarian cream and a tender sponge cake base. Rich, dark chocolate sauce oozes from the center. Topped with crunchy, crumbled amaretto macaroons and swirls of dark chocolate. MADE IN ITALY. A truly spectacular, wow dessert. Exhibit 1835

Called ‘The Sippable Sorbet’, Sorbissimo is Italy’s #1 dessert to drink. Offering the refreshment of sorbet, the convenience of a drink, and the creaminess of gelato, this innovative cross between a sorbet and a frappe can be served in champagne glasses or used for signature cocktails. MADE IN ITALY.

Created by food startup Next Gen Foods, TiNDLE is a delicious chicken made from plants which offers the aroma, taste, and texture of chicken! Crafted with chefs in mind, TiNDLE is versatile and easy-toworkwith in a range of cuisines – plus is a good source of protein and fiber. It is also free from antibiotics, hormones, cholesterol, GMO ingredients. Exhibit 1016

Exhibit 1835

Food Fair Magazine I NRA 22 Issue

Taste Republic Pre-Cooked IQF GlutenFree Four Cheese Tortelloni Tribe 9 Foods Taste Republic’s Pre-Cooked IQF GlutenFree Four Cheese Tortelloni combines our award-winning gluten-free pasta dough with a delicious combination of mozzarella, parmesan, asiago and ricotta cheeses and maintains the same taste and texture as traditional filled pasta.

Piña Colada ~ Natures Pineapple Frozen Fresh in White Chocolate & Coconut: 5oz Grab & Go Tru Fru LLC

Natures Raspberries Frozen Fresh in White & Dark Chocolate: 1.5oz Mini Single Serve Tru Fru LLC Tru Fru’s Nature’s Raspberries is a fresh,

Tru Fru’s Piña-Colada is a fresh, delightful,

featuring hyperchilled white and dark

hyper-chilled white chocolate and roasted

delightful, “permissible indulgence snack” chocolate covered raspberries. At only 90

calories per serving, Nature’s Raspberries is the perfect guilt-free grab n’ go snack.

“permissible indulgence snack” featuring coconut covered pineapple slices. At only

70 calories per serving, the PiñaColada is the perfect guilt-free grab n’ go snack.

Exhibit 10136

Exhibit 1385

Exhibit 1385

Hillshire Farm® All Natural Fully Cooked Pork Chorizo Crumbles Tyson Foods Inc

Tyson® Chicken n’ Waffle Sandwiches Tyson Foods Inc

Zùsto - Sugar Substitute Zùsto

Tyson® Chicken n’ Waffle Sandwiches feature a homestyle or spicy breaded chicken breast nestled between two, sweet, sugar-topped Belgian-style waffles. Each sandwich is individually butcherwrapped for heating in the microwave and holding in warmers for up to 4 hours.

Zùsto substitutes sugar with a patented blend of dietary and plant-based fibers, resulting in prebiotic benefits, 75% fewer calories and a diabetes-friendly low glycemic index value. It comes with excellent taste and behaves just like sugar. Same taste – more pleasure.

Exhibit 2608

Exhibit 9731

Hillshire Farm® All Natural Fully Cooked Pork

Chorizo Crumbles are minimally processed, have no artificial ingredients and deliver authentic flavor, appearance, texture and superior quality.

Exhibit 2608



Food Fair Magazine I NRA 22 Issue

Converge® Multi-Cook Ovens Alto Shaam, Inc.

Botrista DrinkBot Botrista Technology

Duke Waterless Well Duke Manufacturing Co.

Building on the invention of the multicook oven category, Converge® ovens pair vertical, patented Structured Air Technology® with steam capability in each chamber. With up to three independent chambers per oven, Converge can cook three different foods simultaneously—all at different temperatures, fan speeds, humidity levels and cook times. All that, and it cleans itself, too.

Botrista’s new turnkey beverage program offers unique Drinkbot equipment alongside a line of prepackaged ingredients in proprietary bag-in-box format to deliver infused teas, lattes, flavored lemonades, iced coffees and much more, all within five square feet. Drinkbot accommodates 14 BiB ingredient packs, each with its own connectors, tubes, nozzles, etc. Software automates portioning, dispensing and mixing; an aerator handles blending.

Waterless wells have solved the chronic water issues of steam, lime, scorching, plumbing and so on, and now Duke adds its own advances with programmable temperatures for high - medium - low settings and a large, intuitive touchscreen for each well including service diagnostics and alerts. Easy pop-out access and non-stick removable silicone liners make cleanup a breeze. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Exhibit 3194, 4840

Exhibit 3193, 9242

Exhibit: 2476, 3094

Kitchen Controller Frontline International Inc

Frymaster FilterQuick Intuition Frymaster / Welbilt Brand

More than filtration, Kitchen Controller is an end-to-end automated oil management system that monitors oil quality via a handheld fry-vat sensor and communicates condition and recommended actions to help extend oil life, such as skimming, topping off or changing out. Change-outs are pushbutton automated and touchless. Managers can remotely monitor functions and verify recommendations are being performed.

FilterQuick Intuition™ is designed to be superior to all previous 30-lb fryers. This total redesign includes a capacitive touch screen, enhanced software, automatic internet connection, variable-speed filter pump, variable-speed combustion micro fans, and more. Collectively, these features deliver the most serviceable, most reliable, and most innovative 30-lb fryer ever.

Active Compression for Clamshell Griddle Garland / Welbilt Brand

Traditionally, downforce on the top platen was achieved with weight distributed across the food product. A load of two patties or 10 created different cooking results. Some alternatives are complex. Active Compression solves all that with a simple, reliable platen-locking mechanism that lets the operator set the gap between top and bottom cook surfaces regardless of load. Consistent compression drops cook times almost by half.

Exhibit 1440, 2892

Exhibit 2893, 4023

Exhibit 2894, 4023

Food Fair Magazine I NRA 22 Issue

Refrigerated Pizza Prep Table Hoshizaki America, Inc.

The IBEX Oven ITW – Food Equipment Group

Hoshizaki’s clean-sheet design includes an easy-access cooling system of backto-front ducted airflow for even rail temperatures, a single refrigeration circuit with separate temperature settings for the rail and cabinet, and a night mode allowing pan storage in the rail with the lids closed overnight, automatically adjusting the setpoint up when the lids are closed, down when they’re open.

The IBEX Oven™ features cutting edge solid-state radio frequency (RF) technology combined with convection heating to deliver fast, fresh, full-batch results and premium food quality across the entire menu. IBEX closed-loop, digital cooking intelligence adapts to feedback from food in real time as it changes, always optimizing for both quality and speed during cooking, baking, and reheating.

Exhibit 11438 (The Beverage Room), 2992, 6212

Exhibit 3694, 4031

T&S EasyInstall Hose Reel Cabinet T&S Brass and Bronze Works The T&S EasyInstall Hose Reel Cabinet is an all-in-one streamlined design that simplifies field installation and reduces the complexity of specifying a hose reel system. The cabinet comes preassembled, so installers only need to determine if they want top or bottom inlets, and whether to install recessed or surface mounted. Exhibit 2592, 3840

Kuvings Commercial Auto Blender Chef CB1000 Kuvings Vacuum blending has been the hot ticket in blending lately, pulling air out of the container before blending begins to create remarkably smooth, fine consistency with greatly reduced oxidation and foam. Kuving takes it to the next level with much quicker blending and true one-touch operation that automatically closes the enclosure, vacuum seals the container, blends perfectly, shuts down and selfopens—all in 25 seconds. Exhibit 2895, 3585

WMF 5000S+ Fully-Automatic Coffee Machine WMF Americas, Inc. The WMF 5000 S+ represents a feat of modern engineering for the fullyautomatic espresso machine category. New features such as the groundbreaking AutoClean system is capable of eliminating any common hygiene issues related to milk. The WMF 5000 S+ allows operators to execute a top-quality coffee program with minimal staff oversight. Exhibit 3692, 4431



Food Fair Magazine I NRA 22 Issue

State of Plant Based Foods Today & a few firms to check out at NRA ‘22

Investor confidence soared. In 2020 total investments in plant-based foods was a very significant $2.1 Billion. Compare this to the 2019 figure of $693 million.


By Chris Gudenzi, Editor May 1, 2022

ome of us may remember not too long ago when Paul Wenner delivered the first all plant based burger, the “Gardenburger” back in 1981, for his vegetarian restaurant, The Gardenhouse. To zoom out a bit, veggie patties have been circulating in Asian dishes for millennia, and Indian cuisine has the famed Koftas (either meat or veggie). Speaking of India, this veggie loving country opened it’s first all vegetarian McDonald’s in 2012. (I have to try that!) The west is a mighty big ship to turn when it comes to food perception and tradition but the data shows that this action is well underway and increasing exponentially. “Consumers are purchasing plant-based foods, especially protein alternatives in the meat and dairy aisles, in increasing numbers. Meat alternatives in particular have jumped 60% over the past two years, driven by better-tasting and more widely available products.” - NielsonIQ, As a foodservice operator, anticipating your guests tastes by understanding the changing marketplace is key to not only increasing your bottom line but also demonstrating that you are in touch with their wants and desires. According to NielsonIQ, three categories are currently driving the market. 1. Consumers are prioritizing with health, wellness and social issues in ever increasing numbers and this

translates into greater awareness leads to making conscious choices about food, lifestyles and values in general. Some choose plants over animals for health, while others for ethical concerns. I would guess both would make the majority, but that’s just my two cents. 2. Taste, quality and Variety. Product innovation has greatly helped increased the consumer appetite for plant-based protein products. The days of dry and pasty patties are long gone. The pandemic and post pandemic shortages in animal products also helped in driving consumers to trying plant based for the first time. 3. Investor interest in the sector is very strong which naturally leads to innovation and competition. Investor confidence soared. In 2020 total investments in plant-based foods was a very significant $2.1Billion. Compare this to the 2019 figure of $693 million. By all accounts, the writing is on the wall and Meatless Monday has become a tired and to many, an almost embarrassing cliché. As opposed to adding meatless cuisine to your menu as a trend that is quickly becoming the Soup Du Jour. Visit these plant based food companies in this brief overview while at the show or find them online if not at the show. Look for our Food Fair Post-Show Issue which will be all digital and contain interviews with several plant based companies at NRA this year. If you are not on our mailing list please visit www.thefoodshownetwork. com and get on our list found on bottom of home page. This is a partial sampling of NRA Show Plant Based Food companies at NRA ’22.

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rafted to look, cook and taste like traditional animal-based chicken tenders this product is launching this summer in over 400 restaurants where it will be used as a chicken substitute in a variety of dishes and appetizers. Beyond Chicken Tenders contain 14g of protein per serving and have 40% less saturated fat than the leading foodservice chicken tender, according to their website. Beyond Chicken Tenders are also made with no GMOs, antibiotics or hormones and have no cholesterol. According to Beyond Chicken Tenders tasted at parity in overall flavor to animal-based chicken tenders in consumer tests, and the National Restaurant Association recently awarded the tenders with its famed Food and Beverage Industry Award. The Beyond Chicken Tenders are made from a base of faba beans.

Stop by for a tase: #678 South Hall

Beyond Meat -Chicken Tenders

“Beyond Chicken Tenders tasted at parity in overall flavor to animal-based chicken tenders in consumer tests.”

Daiya Foods

At Daiya, we believe that plant-based eating will change our world. We lead the way forward with feel-good favorites from cheeze shreds to cheezecakes, cheeze slices to our new look, new formula cream cheeze - guaranteed to deliver delightful flavors that bring everyone to the table.

diners, grocery stores to online shelves, Daiya is providing dairy-free and plantbased alternatives for all to enjoy - because that means greater accessibility, sustainability, and the dreamy taste of plant-based on their, or your, menu!

including dairy, gluten, and soy, so everyone can truly dig in with confidence! Taste the Daiya Difference - try the new, improved, and delicious recipes that made us America's Most Trusted Cheeze, today!

No matter what your (or your customer’s) dietary needs are, we’re here to From college campuses to local restau- earn our place on your plates - all Daiya NRA Booth #882 South Hall in Orrants, national chains to Mom and Pop products are free of the top 8 allergens, ganic & Natural



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What is TiNDLE? and fried to perfection, through Goldbelly’s curated marketplace. Who’s behind TiNDLE? TiNDLE is the first chicken made from plants that was created specifically by chefs and for chefs — a versatile, easyto-work-with product that has caught the eye of culinary professionals internationally. It features unique similarities in taste, texture and aroma to chicken from birds – thanks to Lipi™, the company’s proprietary emulsion of plant-based ingredients that mirror the aroma, cookability and savory qualities that typically comes from chicken fat.

TiNDLE is the first product by Next Gen Foods, a Singapore-founded food tech company that is developing and commercializing innovative and sustainable foods. Next Gen Foods was founded in 2020 by Brazilian-born poultry exporter and food industry veteran Andre Menezes, and German native Timo Recker, whose family business made schnitzel and other meat products for three generations. After initially meeting, they decided to work on products that reduce humanity’s reliance on animal agriculture.

TiNDLE is made of only nine simple ingredients, all of which are ubiquitous and well known to international regulators and food manufacturers. In addition, it is high in protein and fiber and contains no antibiotics, hormones, cholesterol, or genetically modified ingredients. Convenient to use and perfect across a range of global cuisines – from Italian meatballs and chicken parmesan to dumplings and katsu, as well as cordon bleu or kebabs – TiNDLE has gained the attention of all-star chefs across the world including James Beard Award winner and The New York Times best-selling author Rocco DiSpirito and Emmy- and James Beard Award winning personality Andrew Zimmern – who have both recently joined the company as business and culinary advisors. Where can TiNDLE be found? As of today, the popular plant-based chicken is available in nearly 500 restaurants around the world, having seen success in several culinary epicenters, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Dubai. TiNDLE is served in restaurants across some of America’s top food-loving

On average, chicken made from plants uses less land, less water, and produces less CO than chicken from birds. Based on a 2020 Blue Horizon report, choosing plant-based chicken over avian meat saves 82% less water, 74% less land and 88% less greenhouse gas emissions. About TiNDLE

cities, including New York City, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Philadelphia – and soon, Chicago. (Learn where to find TiNDLE in a city near you here.) American diners nationwide can also find TiNDLE – and the restaurant-worthy experience as prepared by BBQ master Chef Chad Rosenthal – through the Motel Fried Chicken storefront on Goldbelly. Chef Chad Rosenthal offers a convenient and interactive meal kit featuring his signature TiNDLE Picnic Chicken Sandwich, made with housemade pickles and a TiNDLE patty brined in his secret mixture of herbs and seasonings

TiNDLE is a juicy, plant-based chicken that offers mouthwatering taste, texture, and versatility – and uses a fraction of the land, water and energy needed to produce meat from birds. Made with only nine simple ingredients, TiNDLE is the first product by Next Gen Foods, a Singapore-founded food tech company that is developing and commercializing innovative and sustainable foods. Available in restaurants globally, TiNDLE is the first chicken made from plants designed by chefs and for chefs and is a winner of the National Restaurant Association’s 2022 Food and Beverage Innovation (FABI) Awards. For more information, visit or follow @ tindlefoods on Instagram and @tindle. foods on TikTok.

NRA ‘22 Booth #1016

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Impossible Foods

More of what diners want, less of what they don’t. Consumer interest in plant-based meatball is high. In fact, it’s second only to burgers. When asked “Which of the following types of plant-based meat alternatives have you tried, or would you be interested in trying?” 76% of consumers asked for meatballs.* *Mintel Super Protein Report, Feb 2021, n=1,800 Gen Pop 18+ Consumers care about their health and seek better options. That’s why Impossible™ Meatballs are an excellent addition to the menu. Packed with 12g of protein, 0mg cholesterol and 30% less sodium than the leading animal meatballs*, now you can offer your guests mouthwatering choices that they feel good about.

“Packed with 12g of protein, 0mg cholesterol and 30% less sodium than the leading animal meatballs*, now you can offer your guests mouthwatering choices that they feel good about.”

*The leading homestyle animal meatballs contain 15g of total fat and 4.5g of saturated fat while Impossible Meatballs Made From Plants contain 12g of total fat and 3.5g of saturated fat per 85g serving Have a taste at exhibit #10012 Lakeside Center

JUST Egg Best. Eggs. Ever. We really love eggs. And we know you do too because, well, why else would you be here? We love eggs so much we found a way to make them even better – from plants. We separated the egg from the chicken because the industrialized egg system sucks for the planet, for us and, let’s be honest, it’s not a party for the birds either. Oh, and these eggs are also just really delicious. The principal ingredients are Mung Beans and Turmeric and comes to you in this convenient 12oz bottle containing: Water, Mung Bean Protein Isolate, Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, Contains less than 2% of Dehydrated Onion, Gellan Gum, Natural Carrot Extractives (color), Natural Flavors, Natural Turmeric Extractives (color),

Potassium Citrate, Salt, Soy Lecithin, Sugar, Tapioca Syrup, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Transglutaminase, Nisin (preservative). (Contains soy.) Nutrition facts Visit EAT JUST at #10207 Lakeside Center



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Two ovens,

one minimal footprint, one affordable price


he Double MiLO® brings the unmatched quality, speed and consistency of cooking that Ovention is known for. Consistent with the rest of the Ovention lines, the Double MiLO® oven is ventless, giving you flexibility for installation location. It also provides USB loading capabilities for easy programming and sharing of settings between ovens. MiLO® uses a first-of-its-kind technology called linear impingement and Infrared (IR), the first successful integration of hot air and IR in an oven that applies the strength of each technology. The hot air in the enclosed cavity allows for even, consistent cooking and a higher yield. The IR elements on both top and bottom of each cavity provide more efficient caramelization without over-drying. With the Double MiLO® active venting technology, humidity is removed from the cooking cavity on demand, resulting in high-yield and food integrity of a closedcavity cook while reaping the benefits of the IR and crisping food like never before possible. The Double MiLO® has two completely independent cavities, each with its own independent, full-color, UI control. Operators now have the flexibility to use both cavities at different temperatures simultaneously or conserve energy by using only one at a time. Visit us at NRA, Exhibit 3612 South Hall

Flexible. Ventless. Labor-Saving

Food Fair Magazine I NRA 22 Issue

Flexible. Ventless. Labor-Saving.

Innovation Working For You MiLO® brings the unmatched quality, speed and consistency of cooking that Ovention is known for. Using cutting edge Linear Impingement and Infrared (IR), MiLO enables you to serve even more delicious. • Small footprint with sleek, curved-glass door for a theatrical middle-of-the-house installation. • Active venting allows you to remove humidity from the cooking chamber on demand, giving you unprecedented flexibility like never before. • MiLO is now available in three sizes; MiLO-14 is a single cavity unit, Double MiLO 2-16 is a two-cavity unit; and the new MiLO-16 is a single-cavity unit that may be stacked on a Double MiLO 2-16 to create a three-cavity unit or used independently.

Visit Us at Booth #3612



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Make your Drinks Go Viral with Ripples


housands of businesses worldwide use Ripples to create their own armies of influencers. But don’t just take our word for it. “Customers are really impressed and excited when they see it. They share a photo of their drink on social media… it helps build buzz.” -Two Ruba Bar, London

– customers take out their phones, snap photos, and share them online. Adding Ripples to your social media marketing strategy is an easy way to increase engagement and boost your reach for new and returning customers alike.

“It became viral online. Everyone wanted to have that experience.” - Café Georgetown, Washington D.C. “People enjoy interacting with their favorite beer brand and the numbers prove it. We will definitely continue engaging our consumers using Ripples in other campaigns.” -Carlsberg IBBL, Israel “We see lots of people taking photos of their drinks and tagging Hilton Tel Aviv…It’s the exact effect we’re looking for. -Hilton Tel Aviv “We get a lot of influencers visiting our restaurant. We don’t hire them, they all found us themselves thanks to social media. The power of word-ofmouth marketing, especially by these young women keeping an eye on the

Are you ready to make your drinks go viral? Learn more at latest trends, is amazing.” -Nautilus Restaurant, Tokyo “It was a no brainer. People started coming in droves to visit us.” -Carrera Café, Hollywood, CA It’s time to upgrade to today’s most effective, Instagrammable, word-ofmouth marketing tool. The reaction to receiving a drink topped with personalized content is universal

Once you’re convinced, use code NRA-FREEPOD when you order your Ripple Maker II and get your first pod (vegetable extract cartridge) free. That’s up to 2000 prints!

Visit Ripples for a live demo at Exhibit 1874 South Hall I NRA 22 Issue

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Still serving naked drinks? Add Ripples to your drinks service to elevate your brand, increase sales, and boost social media engagement.

Scan to learn more

Exhibit 1874 South Hall



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automated beverage station. I NRA 22 Issue

SEE US AT NRA, BOOTH 9242 $GG UHYHQXH VWUHDPV ZLWK FUDIW $GG UHYHQXH VWUHDPV ZLWK FUDIW $GG UHYHQXH VWUHDPV ZLWK $GG UHYHQXH ZLWK FUDIW FUDIW IRUVWUHDPV HYHU\ GD\SDUW GD\SDUW EHYHUDJHV IRU HYHU\ EHYHUDJHV IRU HYHU\ GD\SDUW EHYHUDJHV HYHU\ GD\SDUW EHYHUDJHV LFHGIRU WHDV IODYRUHG ,QIXVHG LFHG WHDV IODYRUHG ,QIXVHG LFHG WHDV IODYRUHG ,QIXVHG WHDV FRIIHHV IODYRUHG ,QIXVHG LFHG LFHG OHPRQDGHV LFHG FRIIHHV DQG PRUH PRUH OHPRQDGHV DQG OHPRQDGHV LFHG FRIIHHV DQG PRUH OHPRQDGHV LFHGcheck FRIIHHV DQG craft PRUH Increase guest in with beverages for every daypart. 9fki`jkX c\m\iX^\j \Xjp$kf$lj\ \hl`gd\ek 9fki`jkX c\m\iX^\j \Xjp$kf$lj\ \hl`gd\ek 9fki`jkX c\m\iX^\j \Xjp$kf$lj\ \hl`gd\ek 9fki`jkX c\m\iX^\j \Xjp$kf$lj\ \hl`gd\ek Infused iced Xcfe^j`[\ X c`e\ f] `e^i\[`\ekj teas, flavored k_\ ;i`eb9fk Xcfe^j`[\ X c`e\ f] `e^i\[`\ekj k_\ ;i`eb9fk k_\ ;i`eb9fk Xcfe^j`[\ X c`e\ f] `e^i\[`\ekj k_\ ;i`eb9fk Xcfe^j`[\ X c`e\ f] `e^i\[`\ekj lemonades, energy drinks, iced 9`9j kf [\c`m\i \e[c\jj Z_f`Z\j% kf [\c`m\i \e[c\jj Z_f`Z\j% 9`9j 9`9j kf [\c`m\i \e[c\jj Z_f`Z\j% 9`9j kf [\c`m\i \e[c\jj Z_f`Z\j% coffees and more! 8lkfdXk\[% C`d`k cXYfi Xe[ nXjk\ 8lkfdXk\[% C`d`k cXYfi Xe[ nXjk\ Automated. Limit labor and waste 8lkfdXk\[% 8lkfdXk\[% C`d`k cXYfi Xe[ nXjk\ C`d`k cXYfi Xe[ nXjk\ :ljkfd`q\[ d\el Xe[ i\Z`g\ fgk`fej =c\o`Yc\% Flexible. Customized menu and :ljkfd`q\[ d\el Xe[ i\Z`g\ fgk`fej =c\o`Yc\% :ljkfd`q\[ d\el Xe[ i\Z`g\ fgk`fej =c\o`Yc\% :ljkfd`q\[ d\el Xe[ i\Z`g\ fgk`fej =c\o`Yc\% recipe options I\[lZ\[ ]ffkgi`ek Xk , jh% ]k% JdXcc% I\[lZ\[ ]ffkgi`ek Xk , jh% ]k% JdXcc% I\[lZ\[ ]ffkgi`ek Xk , jh% ]k% JdXcc% I\[lZ\[ ]ffkgi`ek Xk , jh% ]k% JdXcc% Small. Reduced footprint at 5 sq. ft. Hl`Zb% Fi[\i kf gfli `e aljk )' j\Z Hl`Zb% Fi[\i kf gfli `e aljk )' j\Z Hl`Zb% Fi[\i kf gfli `e aljk )' j\Z Quick. Order to pour in just 20 sec Hl`Zb% Fi[\i kf gfli `e aljk )' j\Z @ekl`k`m\% <Xjp kf lj\ `ek\i]XZ\ @ekl`k`m\% <Xjp kf lj\ `ek\i]XZ\ Intuitive. Easy to use interface @ekl`k`m\% <Xjp kf lj\ `ek\i]XZ\ @ekl`k`m\% <Xjp kf lj\ `ek\i]XZ\

C\Xie dfi\ Xk nnn%Yfki`jkX%`f fi C\Xie dfi\ Xk nnn%Yfki`jkX%`f fi C\Xie dfi\ Xk nnn%Yfki`jkX%`f fi ZfekXZk lj Xk jXc\j7Yfki`jkX%`f ZfekXZk lj Xk jXc\j7Yfki`jkX%`f ZfekXZk lj Xk jXc\j7Yfki`jkX%`f

Learn more at or contact us at

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POlisH yOur iMage The Bar Maid GP-100 Commercial Glass Polisher and CP-7000 Cutlery Polisher make polishing your glassware and cutlery fast and easy, while reducing labor costs, risk of injury and unhygienic handling associated with hand polishing.

Glass Washers & Polishers • Glassware Detergent • Blenders • Juicers Citrus Wedger • Keg Cart & Dolly • Bar Necessities

Bar Maid Corporation Feb. 7-9, 2019 • Orlando, FL

BOOTH #712

2950 N.W. 22nd Terrace • Pompano Beach, FL 33069-1045 Tel: (954) 960-1468 • Fax: (954) 960-1647 •


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BusinessFocus: BarMaid Corporation

Quality and reliability you trust. Innovative, problem-solving products you need.


ar Maid Corporation first developed the 5-brush electric glass washer in the 1960’s and has been making it better ever since, becoming the number one manufacturer of electric glass washers in the world! When you have a really great product, there are always competitors that try to imitate. “Low-cost” Chinese imports recently became available. Like anything else, they are “lowcost” for a reason… and in this case there are several reasons that may affect both dealers and end-users. Most importantly, they may lack safety features and certifications. “Without UL/CSA and NSF testing and approval, can you really be sure the product you are using is reliably safe and worth the liability risk?” says George Shepherd, president of Bar Maid. Shepherd warns not to be influenced by the CE mark. The CE mark is often the ONLY mark found on some imported products. CE is not valid in the USA or Canada. It is often “self-declared” with no testing, and may not be recognized by insurance companies, health departments or other agencies in the United States. Bar Maid Electric Glass Washers offer unmatched quality, performance and safety. Both the A Series Upright Glass Washer and SS Series Submersible Glass Washer feature heavy duty, durable construction that is built tough for use in even the busiest, most demanding bars and restaurants. Both mod-

A-200 Electric Glass Washer with 2-Year Warranty Use the A-200 Electric Glass Washer with LoSuds Liquid Glassware Detergent, Sani Maid Quaternary Sanitizer Tablets and Sanitizer Test Strips for superior cleaning power.

BLE-300 3HP Commercial Blender with plunger/spatula for pushing ingredients into a continuous blend without contacting the blades.

els are used by many of America’s • “Bi-Bristle” brushes perform siglargest chains. nificantly better and far outlast import brands. Large variety of accesFactors that set Bar Maid Electric sory brushes for cleaning virtually Glass Washers above the competi- any size of glass tion: • Made in USA and known for reli• Exclusive NEW 2-year warranty. ability for nearly 60 years (Registration required for year 2). Bar Maid customers asked for • Electrical safety testing and cer- a super power, quiet operation tification to UL and CSA required blender and the BLE-300 3HP by OSHA and most Health Depart- Heavy Duty Blender delivers. With ments simple Hi/Low On/Off controls and a virtually unbreakable BPA• Sanitation testing and certifica- Free 64 ounce Eastman Tritan® tion to NSF standards required by Copolyester container, this blender Health Departments has the power and versatility I NRA 22 Issue

CP-7000 Cutlery Polisher Polish up to 4,000 pieces of cutlery per hour to a sparkling shine with Bar Maid CP-7000 Cutlery Polisher. Prevents water spotting, saves time, reduces labor costs, maintains sanitation by eliminating hand polishing, increases customer confidence of cleanliness. NRA 19 Exhibit 11215 Lakeside Center

GP-1M Glass Polishing Wand comes with one washable, lint-free polishing cloth. Additional cloths sold separately.

Food Fair Magazine

GP-100 and CP-7000 Polishers and CP-7000 Cutlery Polisher make polishing glassware and cutlery fast and easy, while reducing labor costs, risk of injury and unhygienic handling associated with hand polishing.

professionals need behind the bar question its cleanliness. The CPand in the commercial kitchen. 7000 can polish up to 4000 pieces/ hour depending on the operator and Bar Maid’s top-selling GP-100 cutlery being polished, removing Glass Polisher is fast and efficient… water spots and eliminating at least five times faster than hand unsanitary hand polishing. polishing, easily paying for itself with huge labor savings and more “The glass polisher and cutlery sanitary than using a bar rag to polisher are the perfect polishing polish glassware. But since its partners,” said Shepherd. “Busy release two years ago, the number restaurants, hotels and banquet one reason customers say they are providers are going to love the timebuying it is… SAFETY! With the saving efficiency and sparkling GP-100 there’s virtually no glass results.” breakage or associated injuries resulting in considerable savings For those with a lower volume in glassware and potential Workers of glasses to polish, Bar Maid Compensation claims. recently released the GP-1M Glass Polishing Wand. It’s a hand held While the GP-100 is key to wand with a soft, lint-free cloth sparkling glassware, Bar Maid’s sleeve covering its flexible rubber new CP-7000 Cutlery Polisher is tip that allows it to conform to the indispensable for quickly turning shape of the glassware. Great for wet, clean cutlery into dry, spot- polishing any type of glassware, it free, sparkling cutlery. Water- is perfectly shaped to polish inside spotted cutlery can make patrons tall champagne glasses.

Visit Bar Maid online at



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Prefera Foods Announces Launch of Plant-based Seafood Brand Unfished® in North America


refera Foods is entering the plant-based seafood category in North America with its Unfished® brand. “We decided to develop the company’s portfolio in the plant-based category. We’re betting on the long-range potential of the plant-based seafood category, as the expectation is that it will develop and grow in a similar fashion as the plant-based meat category has. Our aim is to make an impact in this plant-based category and offer an entire portfolio of ocean-safe, future-friendly foods. We believe that our Unfished® brand will have a sustainable influence on our oceans and addresses the environmental impact of global overfishing”, says Celina Condorovici, marketing director of Prefera Foods. od solution Unfished® represents more than a plant-based, protein and Omega 3-rich alternative to seafood. It offers delicious, sustainable, plant-centered flavor profiles for individuals who enjoy seafood but want to preserve our valuable ocean resources. According to Raul Ciurtin, CEO of Prefera Foods, “we are convinced that this category will become an important option in the future and are increasing production capacity for these types of products to meet the expected demand.” The Unfished® portfolio is currently comprised of plant-based alternative tuna, salmon, and other seafood products for both the Food Service and Retail sales channels. Items include fish sticks, fish fillets, breaded shrimp, canned alt-tuna, as well as salmon & tuna steaks for sashimi sushi.

About Prefera Foods Prefera Foods, established in 2009, is one of the largest manufacturers of canned foods in Romania. Prefera Foods has been granted the prestigious International Food Standard (IFS) certification, a global safety and quality standard recognized by the Global Food Safety information, contact John Davis, Initiative (GFSI). VP of Sales for Unfished®, at john. Their products are distributed in North America by Matahari Visit Prefera at NRA “22 Booth Spice in Chicago, IL. For further #9405 Lakeside Center I NRA 22 Issue

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BusinessFocus: Earthborn Studios, Inc.


he universal question is: ‘but will it work for me’? …or some derivative thereof… Earthborn pottery has been proven in the restaurant industry since 1997. The journey started with a willing chef and a hungry potter who both had something to gain from the relationship. Earthborn pottery and its process developed over time and yielded a product uniquely situated to custom design. Working one-on-one with the chef, insights to specific functionality can easily be translated into a finished vessel. The collaboration between the two artists yields a personal statement available in no other way. Here are the reasons Earthborn pottery has achieved so much success for so many: Just like creating successful food, it’s all about the science….

Core Materials

Earthborn begins with a custom blend of clay designed for strength and beauty. High in iron content, the clay is fired to maturity at 2400 degrees. When it chips (and it takes a beating to make it chip) it chips dark, disappearing into the natural edge and design of each piece. Vitrification prevents any absorption.


Ram press vs casting: When clay is cast, it is dissolved in water and poured into a mold. When Earthborn clay is Ram pressed there is already more material in the vessel because the ratio of clay to water is higher. Hence the piece is more dense and stronger because of this process.

Glazes Earthborn glazes are the result of years of testing refractory material and its relationship to the clay. These ‘borosilicate’ glazes are extremely hard and withstand the daily use seen in restaurant environments, including the thermal shock of dishwashers and abrasive detergents. High-fired and intrinsically interesting, the glaze and vessel fuse to form a tight bond and beautiful frame for culinary art. I NRA 22 Issue


Earthborn pottery is fired twice—bisque and glaze. The final glaze temperature tops out at 2400 degrees. The clay is totally vitrified at this point.


One of the beautiful things about Earthborn pottery is the design attribute availability to the chef/culinary professional. Chefs are artists too, and rightly so want the proper frame for their creations. This is where Earthborn excels. One-on-one collaboration results in a truly unique-tothe-property dining experience.

Made in America

A potter since the 1970s, Tena Payne developed Earthborn specifically to make plates for chefs. A coincidental meeting in 1997 led to the creation of tableware for the now-famous Hot and Hot Fish Club. Now Tena and her family create plating for over 100 properties worldwide. Made in Leeds, Alabama, and housed in a re-purposed watch factory, Earthborn Studios is a Certified Woman-Owned Business.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Earthborn stands behind their product 100%. If for any reason a customer is unhappy with the product or its performance, Earthborn will replace. NRA 2019 Booth #4278 Earthborn Studios, Inc. 7575 Parkway Drive Leeds, AL 35094 205-702-7055 (Studio)

“It’s an honor for me to work these plates and I put my reputation on the quality of these great products.” Chef Timon Baloo Executive Chef/Partner Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill, Miami, Las Vegas, Brooklyn

“I just took inventory and have over 90% of the product I purchased from you 15 years ago.” Jeff Jackson, The Lodge at Torrey Pines

“Earthborn is the only plate ware I will use at Springhouse.” Chef Rob McDaniel, Springhouse at Russell Crossroads

“Their handmade quality brings out the beauty of our artisanal fare, and presents our guests with a truly exquisite and delicious experience.” Chef Daniel Doherty Chef de Cuisine of Duck & Waffle, London

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Nestled in the treasured Gold Coast neighborhood of Downtown Chicago, Ambassador is renowned for hosting countless celebrities dating back to 1926. As part of JDV by Hyatt, begin your iconic experience in one of our 232 guest rooms, 50 spacious suites, or 2 luxury terrace suites. Ambassador has 8,600 sq.ft. of flexible event space, including our uniquely individual Artist in Residence Studio and exclusive 17th floor outdoor rooftop terrace with views of the city skyline and Lake Michigan. First opened in the 1930s, the Ambassador has hosted glamourous events for Hollywood royalty like Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe. With a modern touch, the Ambassador Room serves American cuisine complemented by contemporary takes on classic cocktails. Guests can enjoy an elegant dining experience under the iconic champagne bubble chandelier in our main dining room or host a semiprivate event in the Sinatra Gallery. We proudly embrace our history, and look forward to creating new memories during your next visit.



312 787 3700



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Ecolab: A Case Study in Pest Elimination using the Ecolab Cockroach Multi-Station

Cockroach Monitoring Devices Help Protect Restaurant Brand Case Study — Pest Elimination SERVICE RESULTS: COCKROACH HOT-SPOTS FULLY ELIMINATED INSIGHT A full-service restaurant was experiencing high levels of cockroach activity. Cockroaches were routinely visible, posing a risk to both the restaurant’s food safety and its brand reputation. Areas of cockroach pressure had proved difficult to identify in the past because traditional cockroach traps would routinely be removed by staff members who were either cleaning with pressure washers, or who wanted to get rid of any evidence of cockroaches. INNOVATION The Ecolab Pest Elimination Service team installed Ecolab Cockroach Multi-Stations to establish a highly effective cockroach monitoring service that identifies the presence and location of German cockroach activity with 24/7 vigilance. The benefits of this monitoring service include discrete placement and appearance, durability and sustained brand and food safety protection. The Ecolab Cockroach Multi-Stations are placed in areas where cockroaches naturally harbor and are likely to move through. The Cockroach Multi-Station’s discreet design helps reduce staff tampering and unwanted visibility. Additionally, these permanent and durable stations are made to withstand busy, wet and steamy kitchen environments. Ecolab’s patented innovation is highly effective in capturing all life-stages of German cockroaches. The unique design of the multi-station offers increased monitor sensitivity, therefore effectively catching more cockroaches

than traditional glue boards. Additionally, this provides earlier warnings of an infestation and can provide proof of elimination services. INVESTIGATION By deploying this new way of monitoring cockroach activity, the Ecolab Pest Elimination Service team quickly identified cockroach ‘hotspots’, narrowing their area of focus to investigate the origin of cockroach pressure. The hot-spot within this account was identified as an area under a prep table which had rolling garbage bins that were moved between the kitchen and a communal dumpster area. Understanding that the bins were acting as cockroach transport from the dumpster area was a significant breakthrough.

quickly the Ecolab team got after the problem and their ability to identify where the cockroaches were coming from. The cockroach multi-stations that they used kept out of the way of my staff, and I think this made a big difference. The fact that the cockroaches aren’t visible means that we can be confident that monitoring is happening out of sight and the Ecolab team let us know what needs to happen if we do have a problem.” - Ecolab Customer

Not only can it be used as a monitoring device, it can also be used with gel baits as part of a comprehensive elimination program. The multi-stations remain in place for the long-term to continue to monitor for any future cockroach activity. The Ecolab Cockroach Multi-Station combined with expert root cause analysis and a highSOLUTION ly effective treatment plan eliminated Upon inspecting the dumpster area, the cockroach problem and protected a large cockroach harborage was dis- the restaurant’s brand, food and facilcovered, and a full remedial plan was ity safety.TM put in place. This involved chemical treatments, improving cleaning and sanitation best practices and sanita- 1 Ecolab Place St. Paul, MN 55102 tion advice for the customer on how US: 1-800-325-1671 CANADA: to properly manage their garbage han- 1-800-352-5326 dling procedures to prevent the intro- LEARN MORE AT: duction of pests into the kitchen areas. The Ecolab Cockroach Multi-Station © 2020 Ecolab USA Inc. All rights also played a part in the remedy. reserved CSCR101/0720 Visit Ecolab at NRA ’22 located at “I was really impressed with how the entrance to the South Hall. I NRA 22 Issue

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KIA Winner Botrista delivers a breakthrough beverage machine


otrista provides high-tech & easy-to-use equipment—the DrinkBot—alongside a line of pre-packaged ingredients. DrinkBot is a cloud-connected automated drink maker using algorithmic dispensing to deliver a variety of craft beverages, including infused iced teas, flavored lemonades, energy drinks, iced coffees, smoothies, and more. Botrista’s differentiator is that it can serve all-natural and highly viscous liquids, instead of thin artificial syrups that are used in fountain beverages. Drinks are ordered via an onboard touchscreen, so the experience is contactless, and they are mixed and served in less than 20 seconds. “Operators are being asked to do more with less labor and still provide a great guest experience,” says Hsu, who is the co-founder and CEO at Botrista Technology Inc. “Our program allows for a new revenue driving category with little training and very limited space.” “The Halal Guys, a Mediterranean fast-casual restaurant franchise…tested bottled beverages but customers weren’t interested in something that wasn’t fresh …and started offering 12 beverages made by DrinkBot, including a variety of teas and lemonades as well as a creamy mango beverage with frothed oat milk. As a result, there was a 115 percent increase in drink sales…” Botrista takes a vertically integrated approach as it provides the hardware as well as the drink ingredients. DrinkBot is connected to the Botrista CloudBar, which provides it with drink recipes, automated inventory management, as well as sales and menu performance analytics. This allows operators to offer high-margin items without the investment in a full bar, as Botrista’s system takes up just 5-sq ft and enables customizable drink recipes at the touch of a button. Through its innovative solution, Bo-

trista has enabled many brands to “steal” sales away from customers who would otherwise visit a coffee shop after getting their food - all without the operational complexities that block QSRs/LSRs from serving these drinks today. For instance, the company helped The Halal Guys, a Mediterranean fast-casual restaurant franchise introduced their own line of premium beverages. They had tested bottled

beverages but customers weren’t interested in something that wasn’t fresh and they could buy for less at the store. Plus, its operations team was struggling to strike a balance between their daily tasks and adding more SKUs. The Halal Guys started offering 12 beverages made by DrinkBot, including a variety of teas and lemonades as well as a creamy mango beverage with frothed oat milk. As a result, there was a 115 percent increase in drink sales without the cannibalization of their existing menu. Even more importantly, they increased their profit by over $35k/ store-year. Visit Borista at NRA 22 Booth #9242 Lakeside Center and #3193 South Hall in Kitchen Innovations Showroom



Food Fair Magazine I NRA 22 Issue I NRA 22 Issue

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Food Fair Magazine I NRA 22 Issue

A Sampling of Live Demos This Year @ NRA ’22! Location: The Culinary Experience – Lakeside Center – 10448

See these distinguished foodservice pros’, and many more not listed here, do their thing with live and lively demonstrations! Download the Restaurant Show App for iPhone or Android. (search “Restaurant Show”.) With the app you can track your schedule, view exhibitors, make notes and more. Online visit the NRA Show and search “speakers” for the full list of 164 remarkable guests.

SATURDAY ---------

Chef Rick Bayless and Lanie Bayless Culinary & Beverage Demo May 21 • 10:30 AM - 11:15 A _______________________ Fabio Viviani Ken McGarrie Peter Romeo The Power of Successful Chef & Restaurateur Collaborations May 21 • 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM _______________________

SUNDAY -------

Culinary Demo with Chef Lamar Moore May 22 • 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM _______________________ Culinary Demo with Chef & Restauranteur Ryan Manning True Mexican Cantina May 22 • 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM _______________________ Cannabis Infused Beverages May 22 • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM _______________________ Culinary Demo with Chef Andrew Zimmern May 22 • 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM _______________________

MONDAY --------

Culinary Demo with Chef Edward Lee May 23 • 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM _______________________ Book Signing with Chef Edward Lee May 23 • 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM _______________________ Wines by the Glass: Tactics to Grow Sales Now May 23 • 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM _______________________ Mixology Demo with Angela Barnes and Renauda Riddle of Nobody’s Darling May 23 • 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM _______________________ Dontain Jackson A Bar Manager’s Guide to Increasing Cocktail Profits May 23 • 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM _______________________ Angela Barns Charleen Badman Deborah VanTrece LeeAnn Trotter Maria Loi, Rohini Dey Let’s Talk Womxn Entrepreneurs: Power, Parity and Positive Collaboration May 23 • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM _______________________

MONDAY --------

Liz Pearce Exciting Flavors, New Techniques, and Consumer Crazes: How to Bring the Wow Factor to Your Spirits & Cocktail Program May 23 • 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM _______________________

TUESDAY --------

Culinary Demo with Chef Maria Loi May 24 • 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM _______________________ Michael Ponzio Jeremy Ford Chef Wook Kang Lilly Chan Kimberly Brock Brown The Next Generation of Chefs: Conversation, Cooking, and Call to Action May 24 • 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM _______________________ I NRA 22 Issue

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Food Fair Magazine I NRA 22 Issue

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