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C PREVIEW Sunroad Boat Show Preview, P. 22 No. 1068

California Boating News Since 1971

Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018

High Seas: Marijuana, Boating and You




Modernizing Fishery Management: Is the Debating Getting Old?


he Modern Fish Act, depending upon who you ask, is either a significant boost to the country’s recreational fishing population or is about as “modern” as the typewriter or fax machine. P. 6



hat does California’s new (lax) laws on marijuana mean for boaters, marinas and harbors? The state’s new governance of recreational green use remains in the grey – especially on the water, where conflicting jurisdictions is the current norm. It might take awhile to fully understand the role of recreational marijuana in your boat or on the water. P. 14

Resolution introduced to protect California waters from offshore drilling


SCYA’s 89th Midwinter Regatta adds two yacht clubs


s many as six locations off the California coast could be candidates for new offshore drilling opportunities, according to a plan announced by the Trump administration. Legislators in Sacramento hope to oppose the plan and keep the feds away. Will the protest work? P. 15

Morro Bay and Yacht Club in Central California and Nevada Yacht Club at Lake Mead join more than two-dozen other yacht clubs in hosting the 89th annual Midwinter Regatta. The competitive sailing event will mostly be held Feb. 10-11 and Feb, 17-18. P. 27

Dockmaster at Chula Vista Marina retires after six years Mike Sullivan, a former broadcaster, hung up his shoelaces and navigated off into the sunset after six years managing Chula Vista Marina. His retirement comes ahead of major changes in store at Chula Vista Harbor. P. 16

Veterans fishing license bill clears Assembly committee California legislators continue to make a case for fishing license reform, as an Assembly committee kicked off the New Year by supporting a proposal to reduce fees for veterans, Jan. 18. P. 31

January 25-28

Sunroad Resort Marina and Yacht Center, 955 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, CA 92101



25-28, 2018

Sunroad Resort Marina & Yacht Center 955 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, CA, 92101



The Log  •  Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018  •  3

Commissioners agree to supply automated trash project with up to $100,000 for one year. By Parimal M. Rohit

SAN DIEGO — A one-year pilot program proposing to remove marine debris from the Port of San Diego’s waters earned the support of the port district’s Board of Port Commissioners, Jan. 9. Zephyr Debris Removal’s project would, according to port district staff, demonstrate a “skimming vessel for marine debris removal.” Commissioners specifically approved a resolution to fund Zephyr Debris Removal’s one-year pilot program for up to $100,000. The marine debris vessel is one of four pilot project proposals for the Port of San Diego’s “blue economy” incubator, which were approved by the Board of Port Commissioners. The other proposals approved by the port district, as part of it second round of consideration, will focus on the development of oil sensor technology, an ocean monitoring platform and offshore aquaculture infrastructure. Blue economy projects focus on aquaculture-themed ventures. “We’re environmental stewards,” Commissioner Dan Malcolm said,

expressing his support in the port district’s pursuit of various blue economy initiatives. Malcolm added the pilot projects would also be good investments for the port district, as funding proposals for marine debris removal, boat washes and ocean monitoring would benefit the local environment while also yielding profitable returns. “It’s the right thing to do. I think more governmental agencies should be doing the kinds of things that we’re doing,” Malcolm said. The Port of San Diego is currently home to four ongoZephyr Debris Removal proposed introducing a skimming ing blue economy projects vessel to help remove foreign items from the Port of San Diego’s waters. Commissioners approved the pilot program already underway: an oyster proposal for a one-year trial. nursery known as Floating Upweller System or “FLUPSY,” copper remediation, drive-in boat wash “Ports are indeed at the forefront and a smart marina app. of challenges and opportunities of a Similar blue economy initiatives in growing blue economy and uniquely place at the Port of Rotterdam in The positioned to play a leadership role to Netherlands, Port of Seattle, Humboldt support ocean entrepreneurs who are Bay Harbor in Northern California, developing sustainable aquaculture Port of Ventura and Port of Los Angeles, and blue tech businesses,” LeBlanc told according to port district staff. commissioners. Philippe LeBlanc, the port district’s The port generally partners with blue technology program manager, said organizations such as NOAA, Scripps, Port of San Diego plays an instrumental The Maritime Alliance, CleanTech San role in fostering innovation and cultivat- Diego and UCSD in pursuing blue ing opportunities in the blue economy economy initiatives. space. FLUPSY, the recently approved

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Port of San Diego photo

Marine debris removal pilot program earns Port of San Diego nod oyster nursery, recently launched its five-year pilot project near Tuna Harbor and is expected to produce as many as 4 million oysters in its first run. The nursery’s annual capacity is expected to be 20 million oysters. A drive-in boat wash developed by Rentunder is also on the clock, according to port district staff. The 2-year pilot project would demonstrate innovative technology for in-water hull cleaning, LeBlanc told commissioners. Water quality testing and monitoring will also be conducted as part of the project. Red Lion, meanwhile, will be conducting a one-year pilot project to demonstrate innovative technology for copper remediation. The project, specifically, would capture dissolved copper released during in-water boat hull cleanings. LeBlanc also highlights a mobile application for local marinas, developed by Swell Advantage as part of its pilot program. The app would, according to LeBlanc, “automate and optimize the management of the marina,” specifically help managers with slip allocation and boater communications. Board Chair Rafael Castellanos also formed an ad hoc committee to review medium- and long-range plans for the port district’s blue economy initiatives; Commissioners Ann Moore, Dan Malcolm and Marshall Merrifield were added to the committee.

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4  •  Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018  •  The Log

SeaCharger, the world’s first autonomous, solar-powered boat, has been retired 2C

Hawaii was a triumph, a followup trip from the U.S. to New Zealand failed to see the same success. SeaCharger became lost at sea, going in circles for more than a month. Eventually, McMillan’s mother contacted James Dawson of Sofrana Unilines in New Zealand, who contacted the captain of a ship named Tourville, and an intervention was staged to pick up SeaChanger.

According to the blog post by McMillan, dated Jan. 18, 2017 “SeaCharger was covered with all sorts of nasty ocean-dwelling creatures … the rudder was gone and the propeller blades were both broken. No wonder it wasn’t making any progress! I was glad to hear that the motor was still spinning, though. In addition to the broken rudder and propeller, the hull had a couple of nasty gouges in it. I prefer to think that a Great White [shark] took a bite out of it, but it was probably just driftwood or something.” On Jan. 5, McMillan updated his website after a year of silence. During that time, SeaCharger spent some time in the New Zealand Maritime

Museum and was then shipped home to McMillan. Unfortunately, SeaCharger was 2C quite damaged and would cost DARK much time and expenseBKGND to repair. McMilland decided to retire SeaCharger from voyaging the seas. A blog post from Jan.BW 5 stated, “Repairing the boat and sailing it again would require a lot of time and expense. There are many parts of it that were permanently glued on (like the solar panels) or sealed shut (like the electronics enclosure), so replacing those components would be tricky. I think it’s probably better to quit while we’re ahead. For now, I plan to show the boat at schools or similar groups when the opportunity arises and hope that somebody finds it interesting or, better yet, inspirational.”

turtles be listed as “threatened,” but not endangered, under the Endangered Species Act. The giant reptiles, which can weigh 2,000 pounds, would remain protected under federal law, but their status would be moved down a notch. NOAA officials have said the agency has reviewed the petition from New Jersey-based Blue Water Fishermen’s Association and found “substantial scientific and commercial information” that the move might be warranted. The agency now has about eight months to make a decision about the status of the turtles. Leatherbacks live all over the world’s oceans and have been listed as endangered by the U.S. since 1970. Deciding whether the

listing should be changed will require determining the stability of the population, said Jennifer Schultz, a fisheries biologist with NOAA Fisheries. Blue Water Fishermen’s Association requested the change of listing in part to spur new research into the status of the leatherback population, said Ernie Panacek, a past president of the organization. Data about species such as sea turtles and marine mammals play a role in crafting fishing regulations, and fishermen fear the government is using outdated data about leatherbacks, he said. The leatherback sea turtle has been the subject of intense interest from conservation groups

over the years. It’s listing as endangered by the U.S. predates the modern Endangered Species Act that was enacted in 1973. The Costa Rica-based Leatherback Trust, an international nonprofit group, describes them as “ancient creatures celebrated in creation myths belonging to diverse cultures around the world.”

By Devon Warren

SILICON VALLEY — Damon McMillan, an engineer who works for Liquid Robotics, has retired his SeaCharger, a breakthrough in boating technology as the first solar-powered boat that sailed itself. McMillan created SeaCharger in a garage several years ago as a hobby, not a commercial project. SeaCharger was the first watercraft of her kind and successfully sailed from the U.S. mainland to Hawaii in 2016. The trip totaled more than 2,200 miles and progress was tracked and recorded on the official website at seacharger. com, which can still be viewed. Though SeaCharger’s trip to

 NEWS BRIEFS NATION/world Leatherback sea turtle, the world’s largest, is making a comeback and could be removed from endangered species list NEW JERSEY— Federal ocean managers say it might be time to move the East Coast population of the world’s largest turtle from the United States’ list of endangered animals. An arm of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has received a petition from a fishing group asking that the Northwest Atlantic Ocean’s leatherback sea

Log Abroad The Log’s taken you all over California ... Now it’s your turn to show us where you’ve taken The Log. Email your photo, contact information and details about your trip to or send it to: The Log Editor, 18475 Bandilier Circle, Fountain Valley, CA 92708-7000.

Gathering at Hong Kong Container Ship Port Jeff and Josie Jellick recently traveled to Asia to visit their son, Matthew, who is teaching at a university there. The Jellicks are avid boaters and owners of the 45-foot sailboat, Sooooo Lucky, based in Alamitos Bay. On a Sunday afternoon, the three took a Hong Kong Container Ship Port Tour with a copy of The Log in hand. The fourth largest port in the world (according to Forbes magazine), the Port of Hong Kong is immense, handling nearly 24 million TEU’s annually. The Container Port Tour lasted about five hours, beginning and ending in Victoria Harbour.

China prepares to send robot sub to excavate sunken Iranian oil tanker BEIJING (AP) — China is preparing to send a robot submarine possibly followed by divers to explore and plug holes in a sunken Iranian oil tanker whose 32 crew members are all believed to have died, See NEWS BRIEFS page 11

Dog Aboard Is your pet as avid a boater as you? Send The Log pictures of your fourlegged first mate. Email your photo, contact information and a description about your pet and boat to or send it to: The Log Editor, 18475 Bandilier Circle, Fountain Valley, CA 92708-7000. Bentley McStockton visits Catalina Island Bentley, a 19-year-old Bichon Frise, is caught resting on the bow of his 34-foot CHB trawler, Sea Jack, after a long day. Boating and swimming in Avalon are two of his favorite pastimes with his owners, Carolyn and Paul McDonough.

Founded in 1971 No. 1068

Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018

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10/2/17 3:29 PM

6 • Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018 • The Log




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Letters/Online Comments BW

Re: Make Offshore Drilling Great Again? Trump Administration Seeks Oil Exploration (Jan. 12-25 issue)

The dirty on clean energy So you spend most of the article talking about the negatives and none talking about the positives. The fact the leases are more than 3 miles offshore, the fact that oil is constantly leaking under natural pressure in the Santa Barbara channel, that any lease that is let will directly provide badly needed money to the general fund of the State and I can go on. Whether you or the folks that hate oil and natural gas like it, it will take this form of energy and more to power all of their green vehicles. Look it up, you could give everyone in the state a free electric car to replace their gas powered vehicles and you would crash the entire electric grid trying to charge them since it cannot produce the required amount of power. It gets worse if you replace all of the “dirty” energy with “clean” energy. If you want to cut your throats and not accept any of the money as Gavin Newsom has stated,

along with, “that not a drop of oil or gas from new offshore drilling ever makes landfall in California”, the Federal Government will take that money and laugh all the way to the bank. For all you folks that are not old enough to have been here when we had active wells, the law required that all that oil was only to be used for the citizens of the State, the fuel prices at that time were some of the lowest in the country not the highest that they have become. Kevin Pack

Leave the fossil fuels alone Drilling for oil and natural gas off of our coast is reckless and completely unnecessary. We need to continue moving toward renewable energy sources and leave the fossil fuels under our pristine oceans alone. If only the fossil-thinking Mr. Pack could expand his mind and consider the dangers to our coast and wildlife, instead of simplemindedly supporting right-wing oligarchic money-hungry profiteers, he might have a chance of understanding that there are no positives to this drilling. Jack

On Board With Johnson

by J.R. Johnson



Modernizing Fishery Management: Is the Debating Getting Old? Some say federal fisheries need to be updated, but others argue current proposals won’t get us there. By Parimal M. Rohit NATIONWIDE — The Modern Fish Act, depending upon who you ask, is either a significant boost to the country’s recreational fishing population or about as “modern” as the typewriter or fax machine. Two bills are floating around in Washington, D.C., both angling modernize the management of recreational fisheries nationwide. Rep. Garret Graves (R-Louisiana) proposed House Resolution 2023 (H.R. 2023) in April 2017, in hopes of addressing challenges anglers face when dealing with federal fisheries management. This bill is commonly referred to as the Modern Fish Act. House Resolution 200 (H.R. 200) was introduced a few months earlier with the intent of updating the Magnuson-Stevens Act, or MSA. The act governs the management of marine fisheries in federal waters. H.R. 200, which was introduced by Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) in January 2017, cleared a House committee a few days before the start of 2018. Young, who

authored the original MSA in 1976, positioned his recent proposal as providing fisheries managers with flexibility to manage stocks according to regional needs. The MSA, according to background provided by Young’s staff, has been riddled with improper science and poor management decisions since its 2006 reauthorization. Graves’ proposal, meanwhile, specifically seeks “to modernize recreational fisheries management.” A statement issued by the American Sportfishing Association (ASA) shortly after H.R. 2023 was proposed stated current federal laws don’t favor the nation’s anglers. “The current federal laws have never properly addressed the importance of recreational fishing. This has led to shortened or even cancelled seasons, reduced bag limits, and unnecessary restrictions – none of which is good news for the recreational fishing industry,” ASA staff said in a published statement. Passage of The Modern Fishing Act would improve access for anglers while conserving natural resources, ASA staff continued. The Center for Sportfishing Policy (CSP) issued a similar statement for H.R. 200. “This legislation addresses many of the challenges faced by recreational anglers, including allowing alterSee STANDING WATCH page 7

FAST FACTS: The Hermits of Anacapa Island By Parimal M. Rohit ANACAPA ISLAND — Anacapa Island, the small volcanic rock off the Oxnard/Port Hueneme coast and part of the Channel Islands National Park, was once home to not one but two “hermits,” one of which was dubbed as the rock’s unofficial mayor. Charles “Charlie” Johnson spent most of the 1930s living on Anacapa Island. He arrived on the island in 1931 and remained there until his death in 1939. Johnson was the island’s “mayor” during his time there, governing the lighthouse and managing its staff. Also living on the island at the same time was Raymond “Frenchy” LeDreau, who spent 28 years residing at Anacapa. A book surveying the history of lighthouse in Ventura County featured a brief section on Johnson, quickly summarizing his life and influence. “Prior to his self-imposed exile, [Johnson] was an avid fisherman, served as a steamship skipper on the Great Lakes, and was a veteran of the Spanish-American War,” an entry in Rose Castro-

Ban’s “Lighthouses of the Ventura Coast” stated.“As the mayor, he always made it a point to greet any fishing parties and would row his skiff alongside them, spin a few yards, and barter for a few bottles of beer.” LeDreau, meanwhile, was already living on the island when Johnson arrived. He moved onto the island in 1928 and remained there until a major injury forced him to leave in 1956. LeDreau, according to the National Park Service,“was an educated man, apt to discuss literature and sing an aria in a tenor voice. “During prohibition he made money by watching over caches of liquor stored in many of Anacapa’s caves by rumrunners and bootleggers,” a National Park Service blog on the history of Channel Islands residents. Frenchy Cove, where LeDreau built huts and interacted with visitors, is named after the former island resident. Sources: National Park Service,“Lighthouses of Ventura County”

The Log  •  Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018  •  7

Standing Watch From page 6

native management tools for recreational fishing, reexamining fisheries allocations and improving recreational data collection,” the CSP statement, issued in December 2017, read.“The bill aims to benefit fishing access and conservation by incorporating modern management approaches, science and technology to guide decision-making.” Attempts to update the MSA, be it through H.R. 200 or H.R. 2023, are not necessarily championed by everyone on the water. Some claim the legislative campaigns do not benefit anglers or marine life. A blog post on the Marine Fish Conservation Network stated The Modern Fish Act would actually open the door to overfishing. “Proponents of the Modern Fish Act feel that such precautionary management is unfair and needlessly restricts access to fishery resources. But the ‘solutions’ offered up in this bill are not good ones. They are considerably worse than the problems they are trying to address, as they will undoubtedly increase the risk of overfishing,” John McMurray said in his blog post, which was published Dec. 14, 2017.“I’d take it a step further to say they will, in most cases, result in chronic overfishing and a decrease in fish abundance.” Another blog post published by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) also questioned whether the push to update the MSA would actually create more confusion in fishery management. “H.R. 2023 would amend the MSA to make clear … ‘recreational fishing and commercial fishing are fundamentally different activities, therefore requiring management approaches adapted to the characteristics of each sector,’” Monica Goldberg, an environmental attorney with EDF, wrote in her April 27, 2017 blog. Ending overfishing has already been a goal of fisheries management since the passage of the MSA in 1976, according to Goldberg. She added regulators already have the authority under current laws to pursue alternative management measures for commercial and recreational fisheries

when developing fishery management plans. “It is abundantly clear that (1) recreational and commercial fishing are different undertakings and (2) managers can and do use different methods to regulate them,” Goldberg continued.“But under current law those different approaches play out under the auspices of sustainable quotas that form a backstop against overfishing. H.R. 2023 would remove those safeguards, exempting every fishery … [federal officials determine] is not subject to overfishing.” Advocates on both sides of the issue are certainly vocal in presenting their respective positions. Where do the politics end and the merits of whether the Modern Fish Act is sound policy begin? Pietro Parravano of Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations tried to put the issue into perspective. “The regional council process has been fraught with conflict. The intent of providing regional input into federal fisheries management has been subverted in a number of ways. State fishery managers, jealous of their turf, often act to prevent councils from taking actions to help a fishery where such an action might conflict with a state administration’s policy,” Parravano wrote in an article,“Challenges Facing the U.S. Commercial Fishing Industry.” “The public members are often financially conflicted and too often are association heads, lawyers or executive directors, instead of commercial or sport fishing men and women with ‘on-the-grounds’ experience,” he continued. He added subsidized fishing operations and short-term profits, instead of sustainability, often motivate policy positions. “Overfishing is a problem around the world and much of it is coming from government-subsidized fishing operations, most notably large trawl and factory trawl operations,” Parravano wrote.“Most of the large trawl and factory trawl operations are owned or controlled by corporations where the driving force is short term profits – satisfying shareholder demands for maximum quarterly dividends – rather than long term sustainability.”

TAKE ACTION So what do we make of The Modern Fishing Act, H.R. 200 and the future of Magnuson-Stevens? Are current attempts to update fishery management policy truly a benefit for recreational fishing interests? Is The Modern Fishing Act actually bad news for federal fishery management? What are the underlying interests of those advocating for and against the federal proposals? Here are a few people you can reach out to if you seek to continue the conversation and, ultimately, find answers about the true intents of H.R 200 and H.R. 2023. Rep. Garret Graves 202-225-3901 Twitter: @RepGarretGraves Rep. Don Young 202-225-5765 Twitter: @RepDonYoung Center for Sportfishing Policy 225-382-3754 American Sportfishing Association 703-519-9691 Marine Fish Conservation Network Twitter: @MarineFishCons John McMurray One More Cast Charters (New York) 718-791-2094 Environmental Defense Fund Phoebe Higgins, Director, California Fisheries Fund 202-572-3272 California Sportfishing League Marko Mlikotin, Executive Director 916-936-1777 Twitter: @SaveFishing

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8  •  Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018  •  The Log

Neil Barnes photo

Struggling dolphin freed after being entangled in waters near Dana Point Harbor

By Devon Warren DANA POINT — Whale watching adventures often lead to the sighting of other creatures such as sea lions and dolphins, but one cruise from Dana Point Harbor lead whale watchers to see a truly spec-

tacular, and nail-biting, event. On Jan. 13, passengers aboard an excursion out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing and Whale Watching witnessed a heroic effort that saved a common dolphin’s life. Capt. Frank Brennan became aware of a distraught dolphin while looking through his binoculars on the whale-

watching vessel. Brennan thought this was very odd. “I saw the dolphin’s nose poking up out of the ocean,” Brennan said. “Seeing one dolphin is extremely rare. Usually they travel in pods of 100 to 3,000.” As the boat approached the dolphin, Brennan noticed it was having difficulty swimming due to a string or line of some kind that had become ensnared around its tail. “The dolphin was carrying about 10 feet of rope with a really big knot at the end,” Brennan, who believes the string could have come from a kite that blew into the water, said. Acting quickly, Brandon Endo, the vessel’s deckhand, cut the lines away allowing the dolphin to swim to safety. At this time, Brennan and Endo also realized the dolphin had been cut very badly from the line; they knew if they didn’t intervene this dolphin would not have lived much longer. “The dolphin cooperated with us,” Brennan said. “It was almost like he knew we were going to help him.” Brennan continued, “He could have been shark food.” Mako sharks dwell in

those waters off the coast of Dana Point and it’s not uncommon for them to eat dolphins that drift away from their pod. Once the dolphin was freed, he stopped to breath and then began swimming away. Passengers of the whale-watching boat were standing by and took photos and video of the rescue. Brennan is no stranger from helping marine life. In the past, he has been active with the Orange County branch of NOAA’s Disentanglement Team, having helped a Pacific gray whale that was caught in a lobster trap around 15 years ago but never a dolphin. “I’ve touched a dolphin at SeaWorld, but I’ve never touched a wild dolphin before,” Brennan told The Log. Donna Kalez, general manager at Dana Wharf Sportfishing and Whale Watching, said beach visitors need to be careful about leaving their trash behind and this event is an example of what could potentially happen to marine life that encounter human discards. “Please be careful what you throw in the water,” she said. “It may harm sea life!”

Fee increase would fund the building of permanent moorings. By Devon Warren NEWPORT BEACH— On Jan. 10, Newport Beach Committee of Harbor Commissioners met to discuss the next steps and actions to take in implementing protocol for these large vessels. Matters considered included determining size, anchoring, and permit fees, as well as forming a new committee to settle mooring rates and how larger vessels may affect costs for Harbor Operations Division. The Harbor Commission’s agenda stated they would “define the requirements concerning larger visiting vessels in the Turning Basin area with specific focus on size, anchoring style and permits.” “The Planning Commission acted in December to recommend to the City Council that any vessel 80 feet in length or greater be required to obtain a permit to anchor in Newport Harbor, to anchor in a designated area, and to anchor bow and stern,” Commission Chair William Kenney told The Log. “All rules applicable to any vessel anchoring in Newport Harbor would also apply.” Commissioners also discussed whether the fee charged for vessels measuring 80 feet and larger could possibly fund plans to install moorings

instead of anchoring. In addition to specifying those requirements, the previous ad hoc committee was disbanded and a new ad hoc committee was formed to review vessel fees and additional fees related to moorings and Harbor Operations Division. “The city of Newport Beach recently conducted an appraisal for purposes of establishing mooring rates for transient vessels as well as slip rates for Marina Park,” Kenney stated. “At our January meeting we created a committee to study the appraisal and bring recommendations back to the Harbor Commission for a transient fee for a large vessel installing a mooring can as well as transient mooring rates for all moorings, Marina Park slips and the dinghy racks at Marina Park.” The new committee formed comprises of commissioners Kenney, Duncan McIntosh and John Drayton. Large vessels visiting Newport Beach Harbor is a hot topic and somewhat controversial subject matter. On one hand, visitors who are passionate about yachts love to view gargantuan superyachts such as Invictus. On the other, some feel the harbor is not large enough, nor offers the type of amenities for such a large vessel to dock — at least not for long. During a recent interview with Mayor Marshall “Duffy” Duffield, he responded to a question concerning large vessels visiting Newport Beach

File photo

Newport Beach Harbor Commission plans changes for anchorage of large vessels

Newport Beach Harbor Commission is still working toward defining permitting and fees for the mooring of large vessels measuring 80-feet or more, such as Invictus, and plans to bring issue in front of City Council in spring.

Harbor. “Bring them on,” Duffield told The Log, “There won’t be many because there are not many places to go other than Catalina and once you visit the island a few times it gets redundant. I never get tired of it, but I’m not super rich like owners of superyachts. Some would like us to cater to superyachts, but I say our harbor is too small and we don’t have the supporting businesses to maintain such large vessels. But, if they want to visit I say come on down!” When asked about large vessels and whether they were considered problematic, Assistant City Manager Carol Jacobs responded, “We welcome larger visiting vessels to Newport Harbor, and we’re happy that we’re developing a program that integrates them in to our harbor while still keeping the concerns

of the harbor community in mind. With only a very small handful of requests per year, this isn’t a problem issue.” Jacobs also stated while the fees have not yet been established the issue could be in front of the City Council at some point this spring. “Permitting and fees for larger vessels is still a work in progress for the city,” Jacobs said. “We’re hoping to address this at the commission level around April, then council shortly after that.” While it doesn’t appear that larger vessels will be completely off the maps in Newport Beach Harbor any time soon, owners of superyachts should prepare to spend more money on mooring fees as well as see certain regulations concerning anchorage in the future.

The Log • Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018 • 9

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Avalon’s beachfront is rapidly losing sand, spurring the local City Council to look into solutions. One council member warned the city’s entire beachfront could disappear due to erosion.

What’s On Tap: The city plans to consult with various firms in the next few weeks to develop a plan to sample sediment, discuss a pile grouping foundation, determine pre-bid cost estimates and review scheduling constraints. Obtaining funding and alternative funding sources (such as grant assistance from California’s Division of Boating and Waterways), could prevent the city from addressing erosion issues as quickly as possible, Greenlaw told council members. “We were approached by the Division of Boating and Waterways, they have funding available to do this, but their funding cycle is in 2019-20,” Greenlaw said, adding the money, if awarded, would likely come in the following fiscal year.

What Happened: The Redondo Beach City Council approved an amendment to a professional services contract for the replacement of a dilapidated sportfishing pier at King Harbor, Jan. 16. Council members extended the contract for public outreach, environmental assessments, design services and other related tasks through 2023 The contract between city and vendor – Moffatt & Nichol – was crafted in such a way as to allow Redondo Beach’s council and staff to pursue the sportfishing pier rebuild in phases, according to city staff. A phased approach to the rebuild would open the door for the City Council to use the sportfishing pier as a centerpiece for other opportunities, such as determining the location of a boat launch ramp and making King Harbor a destination for sailing events at the 2028 Summer Games in Southern California. Moffatt & Nichol performed an assessment last year and performed a report. The assessment determined there were damages and defects to the pier’s piles. Activity on the pier was reduced, accordingly, what with boat tie-ups no longer allowed at its far end. City officials fully shut down the pier as of this month. City staff added the pier overall structure appears to be in “serious condition,” with broken piles found above and below the water surface and damage to the venue’s lateral timber braces. Repairing the sportfishing pier would not extend its life enough to warrant such a course of action, leading city officials to advocate for its complete replacement. Council members, in August 2017, agreed to replace the sportfishing pier in entirety. What’s On Tap: Public outreach on the project is expected to begin in March and continue through the spring and summer. The City Council will revisit the project again in the summer, before moving forward with conceptual design and permitting. City staff expects to complete permitting by Spring 2019 and design by Summer 2019.

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What Happened: Avalon’s City Council was given a brief update on the status of a planned sentiment study, Jan. 16. The beachfront at Avalon Harbor has been losing sand for about 20 years now, according to a news report published in The Log on Nov. 3, 2017. Council members, in October 2017, discussed a plan to dredge about 5,000 cubic yards from Avalon Harbor – mostly near the Green Pleasure Pier. The dredged sand would be used to re-construct South Beach. City staff is also contemplating modifications to Catalina Express’s docking practices or to the floating docks near Cabrillo Mole. Most of the erosion resulted from wave action and docking practices, according to Bob Greenlaw, Avalon’s director of public works. Council member Joe Sampson questioned whether the city could somehow request emergency funds to help fund its efforts and prevent further erosion of Avalon Harbor. “We’re about to lose our entire beachfront,” Sampson said. “It’s going to happen. We’re fighting Mother Nature.” Greenlaw, in response, stated a devastating event would have to occur in order to trigger emergency funding. He added funding could be available from other sources.

Redondo Beach approves contract amendment for sportfishing pier replacement


Avalon continues to discuss erosion of harbor

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10  •  Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018  •  The Log

H. Parker Hospitality anticipates finalizing lease for new Ventura hotel this summer Port District grants boutique hotel developer 60-day extension to complete due diligence.

VENTURA — Ventura Port District’s Board of Port Commissioners approved an amendment to the pre-option agreement between the harbor’s governing body and H. Parker Hospitality, Jan. 10; both parties are aiming to finalize an accord to develop Parcels 5 and 8. As announced last year, the Board of Port Commissioners unanimously voted to approve a new boutique hotel and adventure lodge, which garnered much excitement from the community. In the amended agreement, it was stated that for a period of 60 days both parties agree to an extension, culminating on March 12. This extension would allow both parties to tend to any orders of due diligence. Dana Severy, Senior Vice President of H. Parker Hospitality and who is leading the planning and entitlement effort for this project, tells The Log in an email, “In the intervening months since our selection by the Port District through the Request for Proposals process, we have been focused on due

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By Devon Warren

to Ventura.” Severy predicts a number of events already scheduled in the Ventura area will be a draw for visitors. He added the conveniences offered by the new hotel and hostel will complement the atmosphere already established in the city of Ventura. “The hotel’s expansive program provides a number of meaningful opportunities to engage locals and make it a favored destination for them,” Severy said. “The inviting beachside café with its energizing live music (i.e. the free “Concerts in the Sand” program) should be popular with locals and certainly will offer a convenient [food and beverage] destination now lacking at Harbor Cove (beachgoers won’t have to traverse a packed parking lot and cross busy Spinnaker Drive to access food and beverages).” A public boardwalk surrounding the hotel on its waterside is also proposed, according to Severy. A planned “Events Barn” will hosted both private and public events. “We have preliminarily engaged with the Park Service to utilize the Barn for a public lecture series on the natural wonders of Channel Islands National Park. This flexible facility will be equally proficient at hosting art shows, live music, wine tastings, culinary events, and other engaging programs,” Severy said. “It is also worth noting that we propose to include a landscaped public pocket park overlooking the harbor on the nearby hostel site.”

An agreement to build a new hotel project at Ventura Harbor was recently amended by the local Board of Port Commissioners. The amendment gives both parties an extra 60 days to complete any due diligence.

diligence activities and lease negotiations with the Port District. “With respect to our multi-disciplined due diligence activities, we remain on a trajectory to complete this foundational effort by mid-March,” Severy continued. “In that our development is predicated on consummating a long-term lease with the Port District, we have been working closely and productively with the Port District to advance our negotiations. Given our good progress to date, we would anticipate finalizing a lease this summer. Looking ahead, we anticipate commencing our entitlement activities with the city of Ventura shortly after finalizing our lease with the Port District.” Severy also made it clear this project has been a collaborative effort with the Port District. “In collaboration with the Port District, we have been very active in advancing the project since being selected by the Port District at the end of May last year to develop two lodging types that are currently absent from the Ventura market,” Severy said.

“With our proposed high-quality family oriented boutique hotel and an affordably priced hostel property, we are introducing land uses that are complimentary not competitive with existing Port businesses or lodging properties throughout the City. We view our project as fundamentally about ‘addition,’ not ‘division.’”

Hotel Plans A first of its kind, H. Parker Hospitality plans to design a four-star hotel in Ventura. “We are proposing Ventura’s first four-star hotel so we are creating a new resort market in the city and finally providing the resort traveler a compelling reason to get off the 101 freeway in Ventura rather than speeding through it on their way to Santa Barbara,” Severy told The Log. “The family orientation and differentiating character of this boutique hotel, which does not depend on the group business trade for economic sustainability, means this property will draw a new demographic

Feedback While it appears the plans have been met with mostly positive feedback, there are some issues that may arise from the new developments. Janet Lawson, a member of Ventura Yacht Club, stated, “I’m concerned about parking and traffic.” With newer businesses arising aimed to attract more outsiders, certainly there is a possibility on whether traffic flow and parking could be problematic when the hotels are finally built. At this time, Severy says, “Our proposed parking program for the hostel and boutique hotel includes surface and structured parking capacity. Interestingly, our parking plan provides significantly more capacity than will be generated by on-site demand during prime recreational boating and beachgoing hours.” The Port District was unavailable for comment at this time.

News Briefs From page 4

the Transport Ministry said. No timeline was given from the deployment, although the Shanghai Maritime Search and Rescue Centre and a Hong Kong newspaper said authorities will send larger salvage vessels to support the operation. They said divers might also be able to pump out oil from the 85,000-ton vessels’ fuel tanks before they leak and contaminate the seabed. China said Sanchi was laying at about 115 meters (377 feet) of water in the East China Sea. It caught fire after colliding with a freighter on Jan. 6 and exploded and sunk about 530 kilometers (330 miles) southeast of Shanghai. The report said an oil slick 58 square kilometers (22 square miles) in size from its cargo of natural gas condensate is being monitored for potential environmental damage with cleanup efforts being organized. The cause of the collision remains under investigation. All 21 crew members of the freighter were reported safe. - Patrick Whittle, Associated Press

STATE Residents rebuild amid devastating mudslide in Santa Barbara County MONTECITO, California (AP) — Residents of mudslide-ravaged Montecito gathered to grieve, pay tribute to victims and commit to rebuilding their cherished community. Mourners lit prayer candles and left flowers as a makeshift memorial for the 20 victims who were killed. They shed tears, hugs and prayers during the vigil outside the Santa Barbara County courthouse. At least four people remain missing. Bethany Harris, who lives in Santa Barbara, brought her two young sons to the vigil. She said she wanted to make sure they understood the impact the devastating storm has had on the community. But despite the damage in the neighborhood, Montecito residents still have hope their community will recover. Santa Barbara County Supervisor Das Williams said residents were exhausted but trying to live their lives normally. - Michael Balsamo, Associated Press

West Coast Multihulls to open Sea of Cortez location SAN DIEGO —West Coast Multihulls (WCM), a well-known boat dealer, brokerage, charter company and sailing school based in San Diego, has announced they will be expanding their charter and sailing school operations to the Sea of Cortez in February. This expansion comes from a freshly signed contract with new management at Marine Puerto Escondido. WCM will start with a small office in the region as well as two catamarans that will arrive in the coming months. From there, fleet building will begin as demand requires, and the Sea of Cortex location will feature several exciting opportunities for sailors. Among the features will be opportunities to acquire charter ownership, learn-to-sail vacation plans, local guides/ contacts to ensure visitors can travel safely, a well-equipped marina facility with fuel, groceries and restaurants, and a beautiful

The Log  •  Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018  •  11

and world-class location to participate in outdoor activities such as paddling, snorkeling and hiking. For more information about courses through WCM, call Mike Tolda at 619-5175630 or visit the website at To learn more about Marina Puerto Escondido, visit the website at

New President Elected for Recreational Boating Organization STATEWIDE — John L. Marshall, a resident of Newport Beach, has been elected the new president of the Recreational Boaters of California (RBOC). Marshall succeeds Peter Robinson, who resides in Sacramento. Marshall was raised in the yachting com-

munity, his father having been commodore of Mission Bay Yacht Club in San Diego. With more than 51 years of sailing experience, Marshall is currently a staff commodore of South Shore Yacht Club in Newport Beach and has been on the Southern California Yachting Association board of directors since 2016. Marshall has also served as the RBOC Vice President-South before his election to president. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, RBOC’s mission statement is to protect and enhance the interests of the state’s recreational boaters before the legislative and executive branches of the state and government.

West Marine Hires New CEO WATSONVILLE, California — West Marine,

Inc. announced today the arrival of its new Chief Executive Officer, Doug Robinson, who joins with three decades of specialty retailing experience. Most recently Robinson spent 13 years with Lowe’s and his last role was President, International Operations and Development. Robinson is an avid sailor and longtime customer of West Marine who is very eager to help the brand become one of the best retailers in the country. He is also a supporter and participant in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Leukemia Cup Regatta, an event West Marine has supported the last 22 years. He will take the helm on Jan. 29. West Marine is a retailer exclusively offering boating gear, apparel, footwear and other water lifestyle products.

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12  •  Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018  •  The Log

Al Larson Boat Shop: Standing the Test of Time A historic commercial boatyard business with more than 100 years of service, Al Larson Boat Shop is an impressive landmark in San Pedro.

SAN PEDRO — Al Larson Boat Shop is a marvel to behold. Located on Terminal Island in San Pedro, this shop is not open to the public, but has a very important history in the Long Beach and San Pedro boatyards. In California, with relatively newer infrastructure in comparison to the rest of the world, Al Larson Boat Shop has existed for 115 years. Portions of the establishment installed in 1923 still remain standing today. Peter Adolph “Al” Larson was a Swedish boat builder who arrived in San Pedro via his shipwright’s apprenticeship in San Francisco seizing the opportunity to invest in the growing fishing industry. “If you visit a yacht yard, you can see how truly different a commercial boatyard is,” owner Jack Wall told The Log. Wall’s father, Andy who followed in his father’s love for the sea, bought Al Larson Boat Shop from Larson’s son back in 1959 and it has been a familyowned business since. Looking around the boatyard, there is a constant reminder that the industries operating large vessels were part of a job boost in California and there used to be plenty of workers arriving at the berths – in fact, it still is with a large number of individuals being employed in the shipping industry in San Pedro. When the post-World War II economy was booming during the 1950s, the port was home to quite a few jobs but there was no shortage of change, what with multiple recessions and a shifting economy.

Working at Al Larson’s As the port evolved, so did Al Larson’s relationship with those associated with one of the largest trade centers in the world. Linda Shaffer, the secretary who’s

Devon Warren photo

By Devon Warren

Employees at Al Larson Boat Shop are beginning a day at work in a portion of the business that has been standing since 1923. Many might recognize this area as a popular set for films and television such as “Sons of Anarchy.”

worked at Al Larson for more than 30 years, said the port’s other boatyards shared a proximity to the boat shop. “We used to be like family,” she said. “Well, now you can see that has changed. You can see all the containers.” Most employees have been here for a long time. “I’ve been here the longest. I started young,” Shaffer, told The Log. Stability can be attested to as one employee named Alan who resides in Westminster and works at the entrance. “I’ve been here about 5 years. I’m the new guy,” Alan said. From the sheer number of boats being repaired, it becomes evidently apparent just how important California’s coast is to business owners, profitmakers, entertainers, the military, traders, and a whole slew of others who have used the waterways to transport currency in a sense. Standing before Al Larson’s, one sees how essential the commercial boating world has been to the coast’s economy. Holding even with more than 100 employees, Wall stated, “We have carpenters, painters, and electricians – just about the whole spectrum to work on these ships.” There are also the impressive stages the boats go through to be repaired, including the massive dry docks that happen to be empty when The Log arrived. Wall’s particular fondness for this massive system can be seen; he has a photo of the dry docks holding a ship as his screensaver on his computer. The dry docks are waiting for the next ship to



begin work. As well as the dry docks, which hold up to 1,000 tons, Al Larson also boasts a marine railway to 600 tons, 1,000-ton barge ways, and a commercial marina with 120 slips.

A Slice of [Hollywood] History

In many ways, Al Larson’s compares to a maritime museum. Just from a short visit, you can count the historical sites from the well-known ships being repaired to the original dock buildings that haven’t changed much at all since 1923 when they were originally built. Wall also shows me an old derelict building that has been cited as a history building by the city; Al Larson’s doesn’t occupy it, but they don’t tear it down either. The fate of it is still in limbo. “Directors just love to film here,” Wall, who begins to list off a number of television shows and movies that have been filmed in the vicinity from “24” to the popular final episode of “Sons of Anarchy,” said. There is a great chance most anyone who has ridden on a cruise ship, ferry, or tour boat out of Newport Beach or other areas in Orange County or Los Angeles County has ridden on a boat that at one time or another has been repaired

at Al Larson. With a wide clientele, Al Larson fixes most everything from boats at Hornblower’s including the late John Wayne’s boat, Wild Goose, to naval fleets, barges, tugboats, and more. Al Larson’s is making repairs on boats from all kinds of clientele. At one time, recreational yachts were fixed at Al Larson, but over the years that was phased out. “We concentrate on boats starting at 60-feet and move beyond that,” Wall stated. As one of the few notable commercial boatyards between San Diego and San Francisco, it makes sense to focus on the aspect of business where there is not as much competition. For the past 40 years, Al Larson’s has run lease-free. Wall explains that means they have a kind of 90-day lease and it’s a complicated matter. “If you want to know more about that,” Wall frankly stated, “you can contact the city and ask them.” While the history may be the main selling point, it’s notable to mention that in 2017 Port of Los Angeles, which is in close proximity to Al Larson Boat Shop, broke the all-time record for cargo volume at 9,343,192 20-Foot Equivalent Units. The Port of Los Angeles, in its 110year history, has thrived off of its global maritime movement. When your business is navigating cargo through the waterways – be it supplies, products or passengers – it is fair to say there is also a high demand for repairing the vessels carrying the cargo. Al Larson Boat Shop has met such a demand longer than the port has existed.

IN MEMORIAM — Jeff Trask Bay Area native who worked with Sail California Newport Beach lost battle with cancer. By Parimal M. Rohit SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA — Jeff Trask, a mainstay in the local sailing community, died after a two-year battle with cancer. He was 58. Trask died Dec. 28, 2017 in Tustin, California. The Bay Area native was active with Sail California Newport Beach; his father, Don Trask, was affiliated with Sail California Alameda. Jeff and Don Trask earned acclaim within the sailing industry as brokers, builders and promoters of the J Boat brand. The younger Trask also raced racecars. He spend about 20 years of his later life making a name for himself within the Porsche community and spending time working on vintage models of the high-end European vehicle brand. A brief statement of Trask’s life described the former sailor as witty and warm.

Trask was in the presence of his wife, Tracy, and sons Andrew, Jonathan and Christian at the time of his Jeff Trask death. He is also survived by his father and two sisters (Katie Worthington and Jillian Mack). A celebration of Trask’s life was held Jan. 6 at Bridge Community Church in Orange, California. A GoFundMe page was set up on Dec. 24, 2017. Nearly $92,500 was raised as of Jan. 12; the donation goal was set at $100,000. The fundraiser, according to the page, was set up to help pay for Trask’s medical bills; Trask died five days later. The website is at jeff-trasks-family-support. The GoFundMe page detailed Trask’s battle with cancer. He was initially diagnosed with cancer in August 2015; the cancer was in remission a few months later but returned in March 2017.

The Log • Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018 • 13

Bayside Performance Park, Seaport Village transition plans vetted

SAN DIEGO — A stretch of San Diego’s downtown waterfront slated for significant redevelopment projects was at the heart of two items vetted out by the Port of San Diego’s Board of Port Commissioners, Jan. 9.

San Diego Symphony

Diego Symphony.

Seaport Village Port district staff also vetted out three vendors to potentially manage the transition of Seaport Village from its previous management regime. The vendors operate various commercial retail centers in Southern California: Flower Hill Promenade in San Diego (Protea); Terra Nova Plaza in Chula Vista (NewMark); and, Fifth and PCH in Huntington Beach (Stream Realty Partners). Commissioners directed staff to negotiate terms with Protea, despite port district staff’s recommendation to move

Commissioners spent a few minutes reviewing and approving details of a proposed project hoping to bring a permanent outdoor performance and event venue to the Convention Center area. The quasijudicial board specifically certified a Final Environmental Impact Report and approved a The Port of San Diego appears to be making progress with plans to build Letter of Intent with San a permanent outdoor concert hall at Embarcadero Marina Park South, which is near Fifth Street Landing and Marriott Marquis Marina and Diego Symphony. Hotel. A few details surrounding Seaport Village’s redevelopment were The Bayside also fleshed out. Performance Park venue would be built at Embarcadero Marina forward with Stream Realty Partners. Park South, near the Marriott Marquis Whether commissioners ultimately and Fifth Avenue Landing. select Protea will be contingent upon San Diego Symphony proposed to both sides renegotiating the proposed bring the outdoor performance and fee structure. events venue to the city’s Embarcadero Stream Realty Partners proposed a Marina Park area; the arts organization, fee structure much more amenable to according to the port district, invest port district costs, however Protea made about $45 million to make improvethe case it was better suited to work with ments and ultimately provide an the project’s developer – 1HWY1 – and outdoor venue for concerts and other oversee a transition from away the curevents. rent management regime, which is set to Embarcadero Marina Park South legally expire on Sept. 30. had hosted a Bayside Summer Nights Four commissioners – Rafael (formerly Summer Pops) concert series Castellanos, Garry Bonelli, Dan Malcolm since 2004, according to port district and Robert Valderrama – voted to staff. conditionally award Protea the manage “Each year in the park, the Symphony Seaport Village’s transition during its assembles and disassembles a musicredevelopment. Commissioner Marshall festival-style stage, bleachers, seating, Merrifield was the sole vote against; ticketing booths, concession stands, commissioners Ann Moore and Michael food stands, portable bathrooms, a Zucchet were excused from the vote. chain-link fence and other items for The commission’s decision was not the summer season,” port district final – Protea must renegotiate its fee staff stated. “The proposed Bayside structure (potentially saving the port Performance Park would allow the district money along the way) in order Symphony to offer a limited number of to gain the commission’s final approval. performances and events year-round by Stream Realty Partners or NewMark replacing the temporary performance could still be selected as the transition and event venue with a permanent stage management firm if the port district and and acoustic shell.” Protea do not come to terms on a new Temporary chairs would be used fee structure. for audience seating, port district staff Seaport Village, home to several continued. restaurants and shops on the Downtown San Diego Symphony also proposed San Diego waterfront, is part of a larger adding permanent public restrooms and overhaul of the city’s Embarcadero – a bay viewing deck. including the Bayside Performance Port district staff still needs to obtain Park proposal (above), new boater and California Coastal Commission certifica- visitor-serving amenities and a Spacetion and finalize negotiations with San Needle-like structure.

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A premier location in front of the Ritz Carlton and Marina City Club.

Tucker Sadler rendering

Port of San Diego’s commissioners weigh in on Seaport Village project vendor and plan to add permanent event venue to waterfront.

Essex Marina City Club





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14  •  Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018  •  The Log

High Seas: Marijuana, Boating and You Cannabis is now welcome in California, but green on the water remains in a grey area. By Parimal M. Rohit

STATEWIDE — The dawn of 2018 was met with relaxed excitement by California’s marijuana supporters, as recreational cannabis use became an accepted activity under state law. Lighting up a joint within California came with certain qualifiers and restrictions, to be sure, but recreational marijuana use is no longer fully prohibited. Legalizing marijuana on land is one thing – what does California’s new policy mean for boaters? Marijuana, to be fair, remains illegal at the federal level, which could pose issues for anyone who wants to light up a joint while aboard a boat or personal watercraft. Federal laws are generally applicable on all navigable waters. The Coast Guard, accordingly, can supersede California law and would be within its perfunctory duties to board your boat if they suspect marijuana or other drug use. A reader-submitted letter to The Log’s editor asked: What does California’s new marijuana policy means for boaters? “With marijuana being legal for recreational use, I can see that it would be easy for skippers and crew to believe this is no big deal assuming one would not operate the boat [while] impaired,” the reader stated in his letter. “What does that mean since there appears to be no test to determine impairment, but only presence of marijuana in the bloodstream? “I wonder if I need to be sure to make a point of telling my friends who

sail with me to be sure they are not carrying their ‘legal’ marijuana when aboard my boat,” he continued. The Log researched the issue and reached out to various law enforcement personnel. Some elements of California’s marijuana law are clear: Recreational marijuana use cannot be consumed in public, nor could anyone younger than 21 years of age possess cannabis, for any reason. A boater operating any vessel under the influence of marijuana could certainly be subject to DUI charges under Harbor and Navigations Code Section 655(b). The state law specifically prohibits anyone from operating any sort of watercraft “while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage, any drug, or the combined influence of an alcoholic beverage and any drug.” Clarity appears to end here. One cannot possess recreational marijuana in an open container, for example. In the context of recreational marijuana, what, exactly, is an open container? At least one law enforcement officer who spoke with The Log on this issue said he knows what an open container of alcohol looks like but has no idea whether he could identify the recreational marijuana equivalent. A L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy told The Log a few issues are still being ironed out by the state legislature, which means regulating recreational marijuana use on the water isn’t yet a straightforward matter. “Some things that we may not enforce anymore are still being enforced by the USCG,” Dep. Richard Nichol, who operates out of Marina del Rey’s Sheriff Station, told The Log. “From what I understand, Senate Bill 65 is still being worked on and may soon shed some new light on future possession/ingestion of marijuana on

California officially made it easier for marijuana smokers to light up this year, but what does the new law mean for boaters and those visiting local marinas? Law enforcement officials are still trying to figure it all out.

boats.” He added federal and state laws continue to be in conflict. “Currently, any violation of boating law (operational, equipment etc.) coupled with the smell of marijuana would typically result in a boating under the influence of drugs investigation,” Nichol said. “If the operator was found to be under the influence, he would still be charged with [operating under the influence]. “Simple possession is not a simple question,” he continued. “It’s still being worked out and has a lot to do with the amount. This is covered under section 11357 of the Health and Safety code. Until we receive more direction from the legislature, it’s hard for me to give you any more of a definitive answer.” There are other nuances also in play, according to San Diego Harbor Police Sgt. Victor Banuelos. Marinas, for example, can legislate their own policies governing recreational marijuana use. Banuelos added any law enforcement agency has the right to stop or

board a vessel where the occupants are under reasonable suspicion of criminal activity or probable cause of breaking the law. Any sort of legal stop could lead to Harbor Patrol officers or Coast Guard officials to conduct a sobriety test to determine whether a boat operator is navigating under the influence. However there appears to be a grey area on the books as to how certain laws apply to boating. Vehicle Code 23222, for example, prohibits alcohol consumption by anyone occupying a vehicle, whether or not they are driving. The same prohibition doesn’t necessarily apply to boats. The Log was unable to determine whether the Harbor and Navigations code makes it illegal to possess recreational marijuana on a boat. Yet another question is whether the Coast Guard, in light of California’s new policy, will be more aggressive in monitoring recreational marijuana use at local harbors, marinas and ports. The Log will continue to pursue these questions and more.

Federal officials declare California sea lion population as rebounded

By Parimal M. Rohit

STATEWIDE — California sea lions have reached the same carrying capacity as the species did in 2008, according to the result of new research and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries. Numbers of the pinnipeds declined after 2008 due to a prolonged warming of waters off the California coast, NOAA Fisheries staff stated. Federal officials credited the Marine Mammal Protection Act, or MMPA, as the reason why the California sea lion population has been able to rebound. The MMPA establishes goals for each species covered under the policy;

states are specifically responsible for guiding an impacted species to its Optimum Sustainable Population, or OSP. “California sea lions have now reached those [OSP] levels, according to the new assessment by scientists from NOAA Fisheries’ Alaska Fisheries Science Center The population of California sea lions has rebounded to a healthy level, and Southwest according to NOAA Fisheries. Are there unintended consequences, however, of the population rebound? Fisheries Science Center,” federal officials stated, Jan. 17. come into balance with its environResults of the study were published ment,” report co-author Sharon Melin, in the Journal of Wildlife Management. a research biologist at the Alaska “The population has basically Fisheries Science Center who has

Parimal M. Rohit photo

West Coast number reach 2008 numbers, thanks to protections under Marine Mammal Protection Act.

tracked sea lion numbers in Southern California’s Channel Islands for years, stated. “The marine environment is always changing, and their population is at a point where it responds very quickly to changes in the environment.” Researchers, in reaching the reported conclusion, studied several data sets between 1975 and 2014. They specifically looked at sea lion pup counts in the Channel Islands region and surveyed survival rates to determine pinniped population growth during the 40-year study period. “Market hunting, bounties, pollutants … and other forces depressed sea lion numbers in the middle of the last century. The new study found that the species then rose from less than 90,000 animals in 1975 to an estimated 281,450 in 2008, which was roughly the carrying capacity for sea lions in the California Current Ecosystem at that See SEA LION REBOUND page 16

The Log • Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018 • 15

Dept. of Interior photo


California, following Florida’s lead, challenged a federal policy to pursue offshore drilling opportunities off the state’s coast. The state could pass a resolution demanding the state’s federal waters be off limits to new offshore drilling.

Resolution introduced to protect California waters from offshore drilling Assembly member Catharine Baker challenges Pres. Trump’s plan to explore oil and gas off state’s coast. By Parimal M. Rohit SACRAMENTO — Pres. Donald J. Trump’s plan to explore offshore drilling opportunities at as many as six locations off the California coast has met with opposition from a Republican legislator from the state’s Bay Area. Assembly member Catharine Baker, R-Dublin, introduced House Resolution 70 (HR 70) in the state legislature’s lower house, Jan. 12. The resolution specifically urges Trump and his administration to exempt federal waters off California’s coast from oil and gas exploration. “The Assembly of the State of California supports the prohibition of new oil or gas drilling in federal waters offshore California consistent with the California Coastal Sanctuary Act of 1994,” language of HR 70 read. “[We urge] President Trump and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to exempt federal waters off the California’s coast from the planned new oil leases, thereby protecting California’s coast from the increased risks of oil spills that could result from increased exploration and drilling.” Baker’s resolution might be more than lip service and grandstanding, as resistance to Trump’s plan by policymakers in Florida proved successful. “After protests from Florida’s Gov. Rick Scott, Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke announced that Florida would no longer be included in the plan and that new oil drilling would not be allowed off Florida’s coast,” the language of HR 70 stated. The resolution touted California’s long coastline – 840 miles in length – and why offshore drilling might be bad news for the state’s ecosystem and

economy. “California has 840 miles of coastline with five of California’s most populous counties bordering the Pacific Ocean. California’s coastal economy from those counties bordering the Pacific Ocean creates $662 billion in wages and $1.7 trillion in Gross Domestic Product,” the proposed resolution stated. “Nearly 500,000 California jobs are dependent on ocean-related activities that together contribute over $44 billion to the economy. “Outdoor coastal recreation, including boating, wildlife observation, hiking, swimming, surfing, diving, and beach visitation, is vital to California’s economy and well-being, with oceandependent tourism and recreation employing over 350,000 Californians and generating over $17 billion annually,” the resolution continued. Baker’s resolution added the world’s economy is also somewhat dependent on the state’s commercial and recreational fishing industry – an industry that could be seriously harmed in the event of an offshore drilling disaster. California’s commercial and recreational fishing industry, which according to HR 70 supports about 120,000 jobs and generates about $6 billion in economic activity, operates in both state and federal waters. The potential dangers of a major oil spill were also cited as a reason to oppose Trump’s offshore drilling proposal. Scott and other Florida policymakers had protested the offshore drilling proposal, in part, due to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon event. California experienced its own oil spill disaster in January 1969, when an oil platform off the Santa Barbara coast blew out and released about 3.2 million gallons of crude oil into the ocean. The oil, according to the resolution, “fouled Santa Barbara County’s ocean beaches from Goleta to Ventura and See OFFSHORE DRILLING page 16


Call for more information or to schedule a visit:



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16  •  Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018  •  The Log

Dockmaster at Chula Vista Marina retires after 6 years Mike Sullivan discusses the perks and pitfalls of working at Chula Vista Marina, his lifelong joy of sailing, and potential changes in the South Bay.

CHULA VISTA — Mike Sullivan, who has been a well-known active dockmaster at Chula Vista Marina for the past six years, retired on Dec. 31, 2017. Sullivan spent much of his time enjoying the benefits, as well as the challenges, of being dockmaster, including starting a much-needed boat concierge service and creating one-of-a-kind boating courses in the Marina Room. With a background in broadcasting for 25 years, Sullivan told The Log his previous job utilized a lot of the same skills. Sullivan was familiar with the marina because he used to visit the restaurant with clients when he was a broadcaster. Initially one might not see the connection, but Sullivan compared it to where in broadcast one is selling “air time or a theater of the mind – a nontangible thing” to selling boat slips in a marina. In Chula Vista, selling slips can be a difficult task. Chula Vista Marina is in a farther proximity to the ocean as well, about 10 miles away, which may also be a factor as to why it can be more difficult to find patrons to rent the slips. Another issue may be the proximity of the dock to the nearest fuel station. “Nearest fuel dock is 7 miles up the way,” Sullivan said, “but fuel is expensive.” During the 70s, Sullivan built and taught others to sail Hobie Cats in Mission Bay, which developed his lifelong passion for sailing. In fact, the Baja Ha-Ha sailing event really impressed Sullivan and was partial motivation for him to retire. Sullivan told The Log, “Chula Vista Marina is larger so Latitude 38 created Baja Ha-Ha to train people to cruise in a group. People from all over were able to come here. All the competitors were closer to my age, wrapping up their

Sea Lion Rebound From page 14

time,” federal officials said in a NOAA Fisheries statement about the Journal of Wildlife Management report. “It then fluctuated around that level, reaching a high of 306,220 in 2012 before declining below the carrying capacity in the years since as ocean conditions changed.” Small changes in weather patterns are enough to alter the species’ growth or reduction. A 1-degree (Celsius) increase in water surface temperature off the West Coast, for example, would, according to NOAA Fisheries, reduce the sea lion population growth to zero. Increasing the surface water temperature by 2 degrees (Celsius) would

Devon Warren photo

By Devon Warren

Mike Sullivan retired as Chula Vista Marina’s dockmaster after a six-year tenure. He previously spent time building and teaching people how to sail Hobie Cats. Sullivan was also a broadcaster prior to his time overseeing a portion of Chula Vista Harbor.

careers, sending the kids off to college. I would encourage those people to come here. It’s good motivation for the people on the dock and they motivated me to say, ‘hey, I’ve got to get out there.’” While walking on the marina, Sullivan seemed to know each and every boat, regaling stories of boat owners ranging from marine biologists who came to Chula Vista to study plankton to young engineering types with the brains to revitalize quite old vessels. Keeping the marina busy with plenty of activities for boaters to do has been one of Sullivan’s best accomplishments. Chula Vista Marina has also had its fair share of problems with derelict boats, so Sullivan began a boat concierge service to help long-distance visitors upkeep their boats while they were away from the marina. Sullivan also maintained the Marina Room with Bill Anderson to provide boating classes for boaters of all levels and ages to learn about safety, navigation, electronics and more. Another fun event created by Sullivan was a dinghy poker run, complete with prize giveaways and dozens of participating boats. Sullivan also wrote the Chula Vista Marina newslet-

result in a population decline of 7 percent. Unusually high water temperatures in 2013 and 2014 resulted in the sea lion population dropping to about 250,000. The population rebound, however, does have some unintended consequences. NOAA Fisheries is looking to grant the states of Idaho, Oregon and Washington to remove sea lions from a stretch of Columbia River near Bonneville Dam, where pinnipeds are preying on salmon protected under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Sea lions and adults have also struggled to co-exist, with one humanpinniped interaction in the summer of 2016 resulted in a young girl being pulled from a dock and into the water.

ter because no one else wanted to take on the task. In a lot of ways, Chula Vista Marina runs more like a yacht club than some of the other marinas in San Diego, but without the exclusivity. At Chula Vista Marina liveaboards are popular and there is a revolving crowd of people since the RV resort is also a part of the marina for now. “People are thinking more of boating as liveaboard,” Sullivan said. “When you have a big boat, you turn it into a condominium and come in from Arizona or hot climates. Boating to me was always recreational and racing. Get back to the dock, have a drink or two, and go home. I never really thought of it as an option to liveaboard.” Though Sullivan stays positive about the more enjoyable and exciting parts of his job, there have been some more difficult tasks to deal with as well. As a dockmaster, you are on call 24 hours a day and Sullivan had his fair share of calls in the middle of the night for emergencies where vessels had sunk. “We recently had a very interesting emergency. There was an owner from Florida with a 82-foot 1952 Feadship trying to get it back to Netherlands to fix, but it popped a plank and security officers had to untie it to let it go down. I just heard it’s going into a box to be

Offshore Drilling From page 15

killed approximately 3,500 seabirds and marine mammals.” “This tragic spill helped usher in a new era of environmental protection in California aimed at protecting and conserving our valuable natural resources for future generations,” the language of HR 70 stated. “California has not issued new offshore oil leases for over 50 years, and has repeatedly called upon the federal government to prohibit new offshore oil development in federal waters off California’s coast.” Gov. Jerry Brown, in the final weeks of Pres. Barack Obama’s second term, filed a request to permanently withdraw California’s Outer Continental Shelf as a potential location for new oil

shipped to a boatyard in Scotland to have it completely refurbished. “ Another way recreational boating has changed over the years can be seen simply from the aging generations changing. “The WWII-era have mostly aged out,” Sullivan said. “They knew how to fix everything and had no qualms about fixing everything themselves. If you have to start paying to do some of that stuff it gets really expensive. We’re not seeing the number of guys who can do all that stuff themselves.” However, the younger generations seem to be revolving back around to the mentality of “mend it, fix it, make do or do without.” Sullivan mentioned that some of the younger boaters are engineers with the intelligence to fix almost anything that breaks, but also some are embracing the internet age of knowledge. “Now you can log onto YouTube and see how to rebuild a carburetor from 1979, so if you go on YouTube you can see all that.” With the changes in recreational boating, Sullivan also hinted at change that may be coming to Chula Vista. The renovations that are being undertaken at Port of San Diego, Chula Vista is on a track similar. “[I think the city is] trying to create another Seaport Village. There are some rumors starting that the RV Park may move and the new construction may impact the Chula Vista hotels.” In the future, Sullivan wants to travel and spend time with family. “I have a daughter in Hawaii. My wife’s family is in Boston and they have a house on an island in Maine.” For the time being, it is unknown who will take over Sullivan’s position as dockmaster. “There are 100 people who would want this job tomorrow. I’m going to miss it for sure.” With a change of hands from one dockmaster to the next, there is sure to be more in store for Chula Vista. Mike Sullivan would like to stay active in boating events and other passions that call to him, so the residents of Chula Vista Marina will likely keep seeing his name as he enjoys his retirement.

and gas leasing. Meanwhile, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management recently extended a moratorium on new oil and gas leasing at undeveloped areas of the Pacific Outer Continental Shelf through 2022. HR 70 also cited the California Coastal Sanctuary Act of 1994, which “prohibits any new leases for the extraction of oil or gas in state waters, unless the President of the United States has found a severe energy supply interruption and has ordered distribution of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, the governor finds that the energy resources of the sanctuary will contribute significantly to alleviating that interruption, and the legislature subsequently amends that act to allow that extraction.”

The Log • Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018 • 17

Dock Lines With Capt. Nicole

When things go wrong at the marina Premium Service. Natural Protection. Remote Adventure.

Story and photo by Capt. Nicole Sours Larson

uproariously as screaming kids impeded boats’ passage to and from their slips. Both parents and kids ignored the danger. I drowned the noise with music, but resolved to chat with our neighbors about the kids’ unknowing recklessness – but they changed marinas first. Sometimes troublemakers stir up needless animosity. One nearby dock mate got cross-wise with marina management – never a good idea! – when he didn’t get what he wanted. Rather than accept the dockmaster’s offer of another slip or just move to another marina, he lobbied everyone on the dock to take his side, complain to the dockmaster’s boss and threaten to leave if the dockmaster didn’t comply with his demands. Instead, he succeeded only in riling his neighbors against him and not persuading anyone to depart. Marina management handled the situation well, calming other tenants before suggesting he move to another marina. Word later spread that boater had been evicted from several marinas. What should you do if you find yourself in an unpleasant situation? Get to know your neighbors and try to defuse the tension or resolve the

SAN DIEGO — Have you noticed the similarities between marinas and apartment houses: the constantly changing cast of characters, occasional high drama and emotional interpersonal disputes, complaints about management and inevitable parking issues? There’s one noteworthy contrast. While most people are accustomed to occasional conflicts with neighbors or building management on their home turf, people who keep boats at marinas expect life to be a constant holiday. And when someone or something disrupts that expectation of relaxing pleasure, matters can deteriorate rapidly, especially when excessive alcohol is involved. Arv and I have experienced several unpleasant encounters. At our Chesapeake Bay marina, another tenant temporarily moved into our friendly neighbor’s slip while the neighbor awaited a new boat’s delivery. One night when we arrived we found a line stretched across our dock at shin level, creating a trip hazard and impeding access to our boat. I moved it to a safer location; he restored it. I moved it again. He yelled and threatened to shoot me if I touched it again – which I did for safety. Winter intervened before the situation worsened, but I began hating to go to the boat. I knew I needed A careless neighbor left these stand-up paddleboards on a finger pier for to change the dynamic, but how? days, impeding access to his neighbor’s boat and creating a trip hazard. I decided to try “killing him with kindness.” The next time I saw him I gave matter on your own. Try to look at the him my warmest smile and treated him dispute from the other person’s perlike my dearest friend. He didn’t know spective. Does your dock mate have a how to react, confusing and rattling him. valid beef? Are you intruding on your But he never troubled me again. neighbor’s peace and quiet? Or littering Noisy neighbors are a more common your shared dock, leaving your clutter problem. Fortunately most of our on the pier? occasionally noisy slip mates quickly Assume marina staff doesn’t want to lower the volume the rare times we ask. be pulled into personal disputes. Reality But sometimes it’s a touchier issue of is that with current near-full marina exceptionally noisy kids whom permisoccupancy it’s often difficult to move to sive parents ignore. another slip. But management may offer We had a situation at one marina to exchange slips as a last resort before – again, a short-term tenant – involvinviting one of the feuding parties to ing boat owners who invited friends to leave. bring passels of kids. They turned the Good communication prevents kids loose with water toys on the marina many problems. Above all, be nice – and fairways as the adults imbibed, laughing polite.



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18 • Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018 • The Log

Catalina Connection Avalon residents to vote on transit tax for a new hospital

By Devon Warren AVALON — The Avalon City Council voted unanimously to initiate a measure that will impose a tax on passengers arriving or departing from Catalina Island’s only municipality via cruise ship, ferry or aircraft to raise funds for a new medical center. The new tax, which will be on the voting ballot in April, would charge $1 to each individual traveling one way. Jason Paret, CEO of Catalina Island Medical Center, made a case for why this tax would be so important for islanders, as well as visitors, at a special City Council Meeting, Jan. 12. All hospitals will be required to pass earthquake safety standards in alignment with the state of California’s qualifications by 2030. Currently, Catalina Island Medical Center would not be within the specifics to meet these standards, possibly causing the hospital

possible to see that this community has health care for years to come,” Paret stated. “Waiting is not an option.” Catalina Island currently has close to 1 million visitors per year. The tax would be applicable for passengers arriving and departing An initiative will be on the April ballot, asking Avalon voters if they want to the island; for a to impose a tax on everyone visiting the island. The tax would help fund a new medical center in the city. The current Catalina Island Medical Center round trip it would won’t be up to new hospital codes, which will be in effect by 2030. be a $2 tax for each individual. The tranto close if it is not rebuilt or renovated. sit tax is estimated to affect 90 percent During a presentation Paret gave at of travelers, while it would only impact the meeting, he stated the cost to build about 10 percent of locals. a new hospital, the option he theoSome concerns opposing the tax rized was less disruptive than making were mentioned by the general public renovations to the current medical including where the new medical center center, would cost between $50 and $60 would be built, but overall there was an million. The amount would need to be overwhelming agreement a new hospifinanced primarily from fundraising tal needs to be welcomed. and USDA loans. It was estimated when Imposing an additional tax might the project begins, it would take around dissuade vacationers from coming two years to design and “break ground.” to the island, Council member Ralph “I want to get things done as soon as Sampson countered, but there is also Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce photo

Initiative, which proposes $1 hike on all passenger crafts to the island’s only city, will be on the April ballot.

the matter of creating more housing and finding more professionals to come to the island. “Right now, we’re losing professional experts,” Sampson stated. In response, Paret stated Catalina Island Medical Center is “one of the largest employers in the community.” The City Council generally saw benefits in continuing to gather information about how local businesses would be affected with hopes that this tax would have minimal impact on businesses, residents and visitors should it pass. In April, when voters turn out to the polls, this tax measure would take a two-thirds vote in favor in order to pass. If passed, the tax would be imposed for an open amount of time. Several groups have sponsored the transit tax including Catalina Island Medical Center, Catalina Island Medical Center Foundation, Catalina Express, Catalina Island Company, and, of course, the Avalon City Council. Architectural plans for the hospital would likely include two operation rooms and 12 to 15 rooms to offer patients improved care for both locals and visitors.

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Solutions on page 32

71 st Year

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The Ultimate Outdoor Experience! Bakersfield

Long Beach

March 7-11

March 22-25

Fred Hall Central Valley Sports Show Kern County Fairgrounds

Fred Hall Show Long Beach Long Beach Convention Center

Fred Hall Show Del Mar Del Mar Fairgrounds

March 2-4


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San Diego

Costa Sporting Chef Café Accurate Saltwater Aquarium Seminars Cousins Main Seminar Stage Mammoth Lakes Seminar Stage Hobie Kayak Fishing Seminar Room Mammoth Lakes and Shakespeare Kids Fish Free Trout Pond Hobie Kayak test rides on the Hyatt Lagoon Ram Truck Ultimate Air Dogs Great American Duck Races Marine Electronics from the Leading Brands & Johnson-Hicks Marine DFW Kids Casting Contest Jack Dagger, the King of Fling Daiwa Bass Bin • Casting on the Lagoon Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show Umarex Air Gun Range. Soft Air Range. Archery Range Convict Lake Food Court…and Much, Much More!

Note: Not all attractions are available at all shows.

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20 • Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018 • The Log


Sunroad Marina Boat Show San Diego



Endurance: The Antarctic Legacy of Sir Ernest Shackleton and Frank Hurley

Jan. 25-28

Santa Ana

• Join in the fun at Sunroad Resort Marina for this once-a-year event presenting well-loved boat brands on show, free boating seminars, boat rides, delicious food and drink, and more. Cost: Adults $15; Military $5 discount; Children under 12 free; active military, EMTs, police, and fire personnel free on Jan. 25-26. Visit the website at or call 619-497-5254 for more information.

• Bowers Museum presents Endurance, an exhibit of photographs by Frank Hurley as he chronicled the Imperial Trans-Atlantic Expedition from 1914 to 1917, undertaken by Sir Ernest Shackleton. An impressive quest to explore uncharted territories, the exhibit is also accompanied by a selection of artifacts from the expedition as well as narrative composed from logs and diaries of Shackleton

and his crew. This is the last weekend to view the incredible story of human survival as presented through the eyes of Hurley, Shackleton, and the crew of this venture. Time: 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Cost: $15 for adults; $12 for students and seniors. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the website at Call 714-5673600 for any other queries.


Jan. 26-28

extended. A story of heroism during the Vietnam conflict, experience firsthand accounts and photos of the men who were there navigating the Mekong Delta waterways amid the threat of naval mines and enemy ambush. Exhibit is included with general admission. Visit to view hours or operation and reserve tickets, or call 619-234-9153 ext. 101 for general information.


Swift Boats at War in Vietnam

1977 Catalina Sailboat at Lien Sale

San Diego

Jan. 26-Jul. 31

National City

• After high demand, this engaging exhibit hosted by the San Diego Maritime Museum has been

• Pier 32 Marina will host a lien sale offering a 1977 30-foot Catalina

Jan. 27

Boating Classes Cost: $50 Note: Lunch and beverages provided; course qualifies for California Boater Card


About Boating Safely Jan. 27-28, 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. • 3801 Cinnamon Way, Oceana East 1 Community Clubhouse, Oceanside Jack Guida, 760-207-7180,


ABC Boating Course Feb. 2 6-9 p.m.; Feb. 3 9 a.m.-5 p.m. • Southwestern Yacht Club, 2702 Qualtrough St., San Diego 619-475-9773, boatingsafety@ Cost: $55

Belmont Shore, 5373 E. 2nd Street, Long Beach Bob Vatz, 562-493-3479, Cost: $70 Note: Students receive California Boating Card with completion of class.

Basic Sailing Feb. 3 – Feb. 11, 9 a.m.12 p.m.; 1-4 p.m. • Mission Bay Aquatic Center, 1001 Santa Clara Place, San Diego 858-488-1000, Cost: $165; SDSU/ UCSD students $125

America’s Boating Course Feb. 13, 7 p.m.

Sailing Skills & Seamanship Feb. 9 – Mar. 30, 7-9 p.m.

• Ventura Yacht Club, 1755 Spinnaker Drive, Ventura Debbie BraunLawson, 805-407-4777, debbiebraunlawson@gmail. com Cost: $50

sailboat for purchase. One of the most popular designs manufactured by Catalina, this would be a great find for the right buyer. The sale will be held at 3201 Marina Way, National City, CA 91950. Time: 10 a.m. For more information, contact Gill Bossenger at


Whale Fiesta San Pedro Jan. 29

• Cabrillo Marine Aquarium will host an event celebrating the migration of the Pacific gray whale as well as marking the beginning of whalewatching season. Activities planned are fun for the whole family – join in on games, lectures by special guests,

Sailing 101 Feb. 17-Mar. 10, 12:30-4:30 p.m. • Channel Island Boating Center, 3880 Bluefin Circle, Oxnard 805-437-2628, Cost: $130

About Boating Safely Feb. 18, 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m. • Lake Elsinore Marine, 18010 Grand Avenue, Lake Elsinore Pete Dawson, 951-202-1584, Cost: $75 Note: Breakfast and lunch provided; class qualifies for California Boating Card

• Long Beach Fire Station, #8

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Nature, Wisdom and Mindfulness: Inspiration for a Sustainable Future of our Oceans Santa Barbara Feb. 8

• Santa Barbara Maritime Museum invites guests to attend a multi-media presentation with Holly S. Lohuis, a marine biology and diving partner of Jean-Michel Cousteau for the past 22 years. Holly will speak on many aspects of our ocean environment, from the beauty it holds to the crisis that is beginning to develop. Time: 7 p.m. Cost: SBMM members $5; nonmembers $15. To find out more about this event, visit the website at sbmm. org or call 805-962-8404.


Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club Open House Newport Beach Feb. 11

• The “Happiest Yacht Club on the Bay” will host an open house to kick off the New Year. The public is welcome to visit Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. Food and refreshments will be served. Bahia Corinthian YC is at 1601 Bayside Drive, Newport Beach.



February Mixer at Oceanside Yacht Club

Taking Stunning Pictures on the Water

Feb. 15

Feb. 21


• Oceanside Yacht Club presents a mixer including delicious food, a nohost bar, raffle prizes and beautiful views of Oceanside Harbor. Proceeds from the raffle will benefit the American Cancer Society. The public is welcome to join in the fun at this event. Time: 5-7 p.m. Cost: Oceanside Chamber Members $5 prepaid or $10 at door; non-members $20. Visit web. to register online for the event or call Emerald at 760-722-1534.

Go Boating

Marina del Rey

• The California Yacht Club invites boaters for a dinner presentation featuring a lecture by professional photographer Scott Gietler, owner of Bluewater Photo and Travel. Gietler will give tips on taking breathtaking photos on the water. Prior to the lecture, dinner will be provided and a no-host happy hour. Cost includes dinner, tax, service and parking, and is open to the public. Please RSVP to this event. California Yacht Club is located at 4469 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey. Time: 6 p.m. Cost: $28.

Email to make your reservation or call 310823-4567 for any other queries.


37th Annual Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup Catalina Island Feb. 24

• Diving is only allowed in Avalon Bay once a year for this altruistic endeavor hosted by Catalina Conservancy Divers. More than 500 volunteer divers are expected to show at this all-day event to clean up trash and debris. Awards with prizes and

giveaways will follow and proceeds will benefit USC Hyperbaric Chamber and Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies. For more information, visit the website at dornsife.usc. edu or call 310-510-4020.

Do you have a boating class or nautical event you’d like publicized in The Log’s Calendar section? Email details to editor@thelog. com or fax to 949-660-6172 at least one month in advance. Check out the online listing of events and classes at


Dive in at the 37th Annual Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup By Devon Warren AVALON — Join more than 500 volunteers for one of the largest annual dive events at Avalon Harbor to aid in keeping the water and surrounding areas clean; the event will be held Feb. 24. An event that began in the ‘70s, Avalon Harbor now only allows diving once a year for this incredible endeavor to pick up trash and celebrate Catalina’s beautiful beaches and marine life. Last year, 494 participants recovered 5,200 pounds of trash. All proceeds go to USC’s Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber and Wrigley Institute Scientific Diving Program. RSVP to attend this event online at php. Early registration through February 15th is $55; day-of registration is $65; non-divers can register for $30. A schedule of events, including orientation, assigning dive locations, and prize giveaways, is also available online. The entire event will last from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Each diver must complete forms to participate, Safe Diving Practices Form and Informed Consent and Waiver of Release Form; PDFs can be found at

Log AbroAd

Dive teams are also encouraged to register as a group; contact Katie Chvostal at for more information about group registration. If interested in volunteering to help with other aspects of the event, email For any other queries, visit the website at or call 310-510-4020.

USC Wrigley Institute photo

build a life-sized sand sculpture of a Pacific gray whale, enter the Duct Tape Whale Sculpture Contest and more. Time: 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Cost: Free. Visit the website at or call 310-548-7562 for more information.

The Log • Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018 • 21

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22  •  Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018  •  The Log

PREVIEW Expanded dock space highlights 2018 San Diego Sunroad Marina Boat Show New services and products will complement familiar brands and companies at four-day show, which kicked off Jan. 25 on Harbor Island. By Parimal M. Rohit

SAN DIEGO — The beginning of a new year means it’s time for another boat show at the east end of

Harbor Island. Boaters, manufacturers, vendors and other marine industry professionals are in San Diego to check out the latest in boats, gear, products and services at the 2018 San Diego Sunroad Marina Boat Show. Doors to the show opened Jan. 25; the boating exposition continues through Jan. 28. Boating enthusiasts will fill into San Diego’s Sunroad Marina this final weekend of January to walk the docks of a large in-water boat display, attend informative seminars and check out the latest in marine services and boat-

ing accessories. The 2018 San Diego Sunroad Marina Boat Show, which runs Jan. 25-28, returns for its 28th edition and featured the addition of more floating docks. The added docks allow for several larger vessels to moor at the show. Of course, the boat show features a wide variety of vessel displays, activities, seminars, entertainment events and marine vendors. This year’s show will feature new and pre-cruised sailboats and motoryachts at the in-water display, marine vendors with the latest nautical products and services as well as special boating events and boat rides for kids and adults. Several free seminars are on the schedule, beginning with Mike Gunning’s presentation of going electric or diesel; Gunning’s seminar begins at 12:30 p.m., Jan. 26. Also hosting free seminars are Ullman Sails, Mexico Tourism and National Weather Service. The free seminars will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Visit for seminar times. Nearly 75 exhibitors are expected to be at the boat show, including the likes of Alexander Marine, Bay Yachts, California State Parks, Chuck Hovey Yachts, Denison Yacht Sales, JK3 Nautical Enterprises, Mexico Tourism Board, Naos Yachts, San Diego Sail and Power Squadron, Shelter Island Boatyard, South Coasts Yachts, Southwestern Yacht Club, Sun Country Marine, Ullman Sails and U.S. Coast Guard Auxillary. Boats expected to be on display at the show include the 85 Ocean Alexander, 34 Catalina, 44 Sea Ray, 62 Mikelson Nomad, 58 Fontaine Pajot Catamaran, 68 Little Hoquiam, 65 Marquis and 37 Island Packet. Show hours are noon-6 p.m. Jan. 25-26; 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Jan 27-28. Admission is $13 for adults and free for children 12 and younger. Active military, EMTs, police and fire personnel will be admitted free Jan. 25-26 with I.D. Sunroad Resort Marina is located at 955 Harbor Island Drive. General parking is located at the corner of Harbor Drive and Harbor Island Drive. For more information on the San Diego Sunroad Boat Show call 619-497-5254 or visit

South Coast Yachts to display new Beneteau Powerboats, Sailboats, and debut new Wellcraft and Four Winns models at the San Diego Sunroad Boat Show! South Coast Yachts in San Diego and Newport Beach will be displaying an attractive variety of brand new Beneteau Sailboats & Powerboats in San Diego, along with their debut of the new Wellcraft Center Consoles and Four Winns Runaboats! Beneteau’s Top Customer Service Dealer in North America will also debut their Flagship Monte Carlo 6 (60-foot pictured) at the entrance to the show! The Monte Carlo 6 (MC6) is the largest production luxury motoryacht built by Beneteau and this beautiful Blue Hull is the first MC6 on the West Coast. European Motorboat Awards Judges stated,“The Monte Carlo 6 is the crowning achievement of the premium line created by Beneteau and she has won over the most demand-

MC6, Oceanis 45, Wellcraft 302 Fisherman

ing boaters worldwide. The MC6 has carved itself a niche through style, innovative systems, and a top quality build. She has all the qualities of a megayacht, of this there is no doubt.” She joins her Beneteau Powerboat sisters, the Swift Trawler 44, GT 40, and GT46 at the show. A boat show would not be a show without a full line up of new Beneteau Sailboats and their loyal following of cruising and racing owners. See the new Beneteau Oceanis Range from 31 to 55 feet at the Sunroad Resort Marina. (Oceanis 45 pictured) South Coast was chosen as the new Wellcraft and Four Winns Dealer for Southern California. See the new

Wellcraft 302 Fisherman and Four Winns H290 Outboard in the show! Wellcraft and Four Winns are Group Beneteau Brands. The team at the South Coast Yachts welcomes you aboard our boats! Please stop by and say hello to our friendly team. We are proud to have been awarded the North American Dealer of the Year and Top Customer Service Dealer with 100 percent Customer Satisfaction scores from our Beneteau owners. Come experience the Beneteau and South Coast Family! South Coast Yachts can be reached by phone at 619224-7784 (San Diego office) or 949-673-1607 (Newport Beach office). Visit for more information.

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Boat Loans from Joni Geis at Sterling Associates If you’re looking for a boat loan, Joni Geis is the person to see. For nearly 20 years, including the past 12 at Sterling Associates, Geis has been securing financing for boaters throughout the United States. “This is my niche,” says Geis, who is based in San Diego. “There wasn’t a presence here prior to me and I’m still the only person with an office here.” Geis is also one of the country’s only boat loan specialists with a personal website,, where customers looking to purchase a boat can easily navigate through the process of securing financing. “I want everybody to be successful, so being able to manage the process when things sometimes get sticky Joni Geis, Sterling Associates is really key,” Geis says. “There are a lot of moving pieces to what we do, and I want to make sure harder for each customer than my everybody feels like a hero at the end competition.” of the day.” “For customers, you need to be on When putting together a loan, Geis top of all the transactions that take believes that communication with place in a deal and be able to be prothe customer and understanding the fessional in dealing with everybody. My needs of the boat dealer and broker communication skills are my strength, are critical elements to a successful and I keep those sharpened.” outcome. Buying a boat should be easy andf! “I highly respect the broker and the We keep it simple so the only thing you dealer that sends me business,” she need focus on is getting the right boat says. “I understand the financial situafor you and your family. tion they’re in and what’s on the line, Call Joni Geis today at 877-224so that motivates me to do everything 4468. For more information, visit the to get the customer approved. I work website at

Marine Filtration and Watermaker Sales and Service Since 1945, Oil Filter Service, Inc. has provided excellent service and competitive pricing to the marine and industrial filtration industries. This includes small pleasure boats to larger power yachts to the commercial maritime industry, and the United States Navy. O/F Filter Service is a complete filtration warehouse and stocking distributor for Parker/Racor Filtration, Parker Water Purification Watermakers, FRAM, Baldwin, Donaldson, Fleetguard, Nalcool 2000 Engine Cooling Treatment, and many more manufacturers. One of our largest marine products is Parker Water Purification. Under the Parker Water Purification umbrella is Village Marine Tec, Horizon HRO, and Sea Recovery Watermakers. We are a full-service stocking distributor and repair facility for all three

H Custom-fit sheet sets H Custom boat

mattresses & toppers

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brands. We offer sales and installation of new units, maintenance service of existing watermakers, and in-house shop repairs of all watermaker units. All of our work is performed by factory certified technicians, who have great knowledge of the PWP family of watermakers. Please contact us today at 619-2396622 or visit our website at oilfilterservice. com.

Let's make your stateroom, A STATEMENT ROOM!

(213) 254-5835

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Step aboard an instant classic — the 2018 Bertram 35! The iconic Bertram sportfisherman has been resurrected after a short absence to once again reclaim mastery over fishing grounds throughout the world. Known internationally since the 1960s for their boondockstough build, sea-smoothing ride, and incredible attention to detail and quality, the newly launched Bertram 35 signifies the Florida boat builder’s homage to the classic Bertram 31-foot SF of days gone by while incorporating state of the art design, construction, propulsion and performance. Thanks to a tweaking by master naval architect Michael Peters, the new 35-foot is not only fast but stable, dry, rock solid and sexy as can be. Bringing the storied Bertram name back to the West Coast, 117 Yachts in San Diego (as in 117* longitude) is proud to be the Bertram dealer for the West Coast, Baja, and Hawaii. 117 Yachts brings longtime Bertram owners and local yachtsmen Chris and Harry DeNardi together with veteran yacht broker Dean A. West to form a dealership that will be coupling the finest boats made, with the most attentive client

service and luxury ownership experience available anywhere. The first 35-foot yacht on the West Coast will be at the San Diego Sunroad Boat Show along the main Face Dock, and the team will be there to answer questions, show off the new boat, and introduce preliminary photos and data on the exciting new Bertram 61-foot, due to launch later in 2018. Stop by and see what all the excitement is about, the new Bertram 35! For more information, contact 117 YACHTS by phone at 1-888-BERTRAM or view the website at

62-foot ’06 Mikelson Nomad Yachtfisher, Celtic Pride, offered by Chuck Hovey Yachts CELTIC PRIDE, a long-range Tom-Fexas-designed yachtfisher has three generous staterooms plus aft crew quarters, and the master stateroom is full-beam. It is powered by twin 660HP Cummins diesels with 2,000 gallon fuel capacity. Offered at $1,595,000 by Chuck Hovey Yachts, the exclusive West Coast Dealer for Fleming Pilothouse 62-foot Mikelson offerecy by Chuck Hovey Yachts Motoryachts measuring 55, 58, 65 and 78 feet and a full-service yacht brokerage in Newport Beach with 675-8092, in San Diego at 619-222-0626, offices and display slips in San Diego or in Seattle at 206-624-1908. Email is and Seattle. welcome at info@chuckhoveyyacts. For more information, call Chuck com, or visit the website at Hovey Yachts in Newport Beach at

Tayana 48 deck salon and 42 Grand Banks on display at Sunroad Show Many sailors want a boat with traditional looks, fine joinery, strong construction, 48’ Tayana offered by Cabrillo Yacht Sales conservative lines, and all the modern conveniences. The craftsmen at Tayana have been putting those elements together for years. The Tayana 48’s hull is a power! A boat show special that will solidly built Bob Perry design. disappear! The 42-foot Grand Banks is the powVisit Cabrillo Yacht Sales at the show erboat cruisers look for - safe, strong and or contact them at 619-523-1749 or great sea-keeping abilities with Caterpillar

The Art Brooks Sea Co. Presents the New 65-foot Johnson Sky-Lounge The Art Brooks Sea Company was estab- boat builder to use the Dixon Design lished in 1994 as a Premier Brokerage Group, based in the UK and known for House for previously enjoyed vessels. their engineering of high performance Through the years we have gained luxury yachts. the expertise to best serve our clients We at the Art Brooks Sea Company whether they are buyers or sellers of live by the creed that there isn›t private and/or commercial vessels. anything more endearing in life than We’re located in the hub of the boating the enjoyment of family and friends, community in beautiful Newport Beach, together on the water! You’re in good California. In 2002, The Art Brooks Sea Company was selected as the exclusive sales agent to represent: Johnson World Class Motoryachts - semicustom, performance enhanced vessels, renowned for their speed, luxury and stability at a comfortable New Johnson 65-foot Sky-lounge offered by Art Brooks Sea Co. price point. Johnson Yachts deliver superior designs for ultimate sea-keeping hands with our crew - let us help you abilities, exquisite craftsmanship and find that perfect addition, or to list your intelligent layouts that just make sense, boat to sell when it’s time for a change. a few of the features that attract the Art Brooks Sea Co. is located at most discerning buyer. It takes a sincere 101 Shipyard Way Suite S, Newport collaboration of skill sets, talent and Beach, CA 92663. For more information materials from around the world to call 949-673-1669 or visit the produce yachts this magnificent. websites at or Johnson Yachts is the only Taiwanese

EuroYachts International at the Sunroad Boat show Stop by EuroYachts International at the Sunroad Boat Show to view a beautiful Sea Ray 540 Sundancer and Sea Ray 510 flybridge Motor Yachts. This Sea Ray 540 Sundancer is an example of what an express cruiser should be with all the latest technology 540 Sea Ray Sundancer offered by EuroYachts International such as pod drives, joystick docking and skyhook. She’s loaded with options from stem to stern and has attend important boat shows and visit been professionally maintained with an significant shipyards. As a result, he is well open checkbook. Also on display is a Sea aware of the rapidly changing laws and Ray 510 Flybridge Motoryacht with feacodes that affect the large-yacht pedigree, tures like SeaKeeper Antiroll gyro, Skyhook, safety, and value. joystick docking, infrared night vision, Please feel free to contact hydraulic swim step, opening hardtop and Mark at 619-204-3686 or marka@ more. for assistance Always in the service of his clientele, with any of your yachting interests. Mark is Mark Andries has traveled extensively to a licensed broker in Florida and California.

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Maritimo M50 2015 Motoryacht: Seakeeper Equipped New to the West Coast, this one-owner rarified find is for those who want a big volume 50-foot boat that is sporty while offering a full-beam master cabin! This M50 features the beautifully understated decor of Stewart Design with rich gloss teak timber, Bose sound system, twin Stidd Helm Chairs, leather-covered helm with additional cup holders, teak laid decks, Garmin Electronics, Maritimo 50 offered by Compass Point Yachts Glendinning Cable Master with remote, a custom flybridge table, oil comfortably accommodated in a forward changing system for engine and generaguest suite, bunks to starboard and a day tor, cockpit camera, shaft drives (not pods), head easily accessed by both rooms. a bow and stern thruster for easy dockThe internal staircase leads up to the ing, walk-around decks, cockpit controls, air-conditioned, fully enclosed flybridge SEAKEEPER, tender and davit, and too with Garmin electronics and opening much more to list here. sunroof and side windows! Guests can be Step aboard the Maritimo M50 and you accommodated in the second helm seat will notice the wide walk-around decks and lounge settees. Aft on the flybridge and enlarged cockpit with tri-fold doors, you will be surprised by the size of the which brings the saloon closer than ever; balcony; a large and versatile space for and al fresco dining is easy with the wellentertaining, relaxing and taking in your designed galley aft that incorporates fullstunning surrounds. size fridge, a Fisher Paykel stovetop, plenty The M50 is an incredible value and of counter space, and a well-appointed offers unparalleled safety and comfort pantry ideal for easy entertaining. whether you are cruising the toughest The Maritimo M50 incorporates a fullseas or just hanging out at the docks.   beam master suite with an abundance of Contact Bill King of Compass Point storage in drawers, a separate day bed, Yachts by phone at 949-870-2239 or email full-size bureau with full-length mirror, at for vanity, and private ensuite. Your guests are more information.

Sol Pursuit on display at Sunroad Show



Sol Pursuit offered by Northrop & Johnson

The 89-foot (27m) cockpit motor yacht Sol Pursuit is a top-pedigree, fully custom, tri-deck yachtfisher designed by Ed Monk, Jr. and built by Nordlund Boat Company. Boasting an outstandingly large cockpit, you can spend your days fishing or diving at ease. The yacht also showcases a comfortably spacious aft deck where you can dine alfresco, relax while taking in the views or watch the fishing action. Sol Pursuit offers a main salon perfect for entertaining or lounging; it features a large L-shaped sofa and full entertainment center. The yacht’s well-equipped galley is perfect for cooking or socializing.

Sol Pursuit accommodates seven guests in three nicely appointed staterooms. The yacht boasts a full-beam master stateroom, a twin bed stateroom, a stateroom with three twin beds and a crew stateroom with three beds. This motor yacht is in top condition, being maintained by the same captain and crew for the past 10 years. For further information, please contact Central Listing Agents, Todd Rittenhouse at 949-933-8329 or Todd. Rittenhouse@NorthropandJohnson. com, or Kevin Kramer at 949-500-0171 or Kevin.Kramer@NorthropandJohnson. com

VMT Little Wonder 145

HRO Seafari Versatile

WATERMAKERS SALES • SERVICE & INSTALLATION • REPAIRS FACTORY CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS 2636 Main St. San Diego Ca 92113 PHONE: (619) 239-6792 (619) 226-4195 FAX: (619) 239-0946

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Silver Seas Yachts is pleased to offer a well-rounded group of world-class brands Silver Seas Yachts is pleased to offer one of the most complete line-ups of quality, world-class brands in the market; Cruisers Yachts, Princess Yachts, Tiara Yachts and, in certain markets, Maritimo Yachts. With locations in San Diego, Four brands offered by Silver Seas Yachts Newport Beach, Sausalito, Seattle and Scottsdale, we are able to serve the each designed to the highest standards needs of the entire west coast boating and as a great performing yacht. community. Silver Seas Yachts’ brokerage division Cruisers Yachts offers a premium, continues to be one of the leaders on high-value proposition in Express, the West Coast. With the advantage of Coupe and Flybridge yachts from 31 to also representing new yacht lines, we 60 feet. Tiara Yachts, with their award are able to generate numerous leads winning quality, is recognized throughand attract quality listings. out the world as one of the best-built Be sure to stop by our display at the brands in the U.S. with models from San Diego Sunroad Marina Boat Show, 31 to 53 feet. Maritimo Yachts brings Jan. 25-28, and see what’s new and all a unique design with their M-Series that we have to offer for the 2018 boatfeaturing a fully enclosed Flybridge from ing season! 51 to 70 feet. Princess Yachts rounds Contact Silver Seas Yachts at 619out our offerings with one of the most 453-0423 to schedule a private showing, expansive yacht line-ups to ever come or visit to search out of Europe from 40 feet to 40 meters; for new and pre-owned models online.

Cruising Yachts celebrates new lineup and West Coast debut of Elan Impression 45 and Elan GT 45 sailboats Cruising Yachts invites you aboard our lineup of new Jeanneau, Bali and Elan sailboats, yachts and catamarans, and the West Coast debut of the Elan Impression 45 and Elan GT 45 sailboats. Our show lineup includes the following yachts: 2018 Jeanneau 58, 2017 Jeanneau 54, 2018 Jeanneau 519, 2018 Jeanneau 44 Deck Salon, Bali 4.0 Sailing Catamaran, the 2018 Elan Impression 45 and the 2018 Elan GT 5. Bali catamarans were designed to meet the needs of yachtsmen looking to sail with maximum living space, comfort and safety, with innovative ideas as yet unseen in this sector, breaking with maritime tradition. At Jeanneau, skilled craftsmen and professionals have always been essential to boat construction. They transmit their experience and their passion for work well done. Jeanneau owns the largest production site for cruising boats in Europe, stretching over 40 hectares. Over a hundred specialized engineers and technicians work in the Jeanneau design offices at the heart of a technological center. For Jeanneau, quality is an obsession. Impression Yachts by Elan have designed a full range of new Deck Saloon yachts to satisfy the demanding needs of modern yachtsmen. The on-deck systems allow for easy sailing, especially for shorthanded cruising whilst giving the space and

comfort that you might only expect from a much larger yacht. The Launch of the NEW GT Series will begin with the GT5: this will be based on the award-winning Elan E5. This yacht will bring the true meaning of Gran Turismo to the yachting world. At Cruising Yachts, we carry the largest selection of new and pre-cruised sailing and motor yachts on the West Coast. Visit us at or call your closest Cruising Yachts, Inc. at San Diego 619681-0633; Marina Del Rey 310-821-8300; Newport Beach 619-681-0634; Alameda 510-521-1327; Sausalito 415-269-4909.

The BALI 4.0

Dufour 520 Grand Large, 2018 Cruising World Boat of the Year, at Sunroad Boat Show The luxurious Dufour 520 Grand Large will be featured at the San Diego Sunroad Boat Show, January 25-28. Having recently been awarded 2018 Cruising Boat of the Year in the Best Full-Sized Cruiser category, she truly is a must see. Denison Yacht Sales will additionally be presenting a 2017 58-foot Fountaine Pajot Ipanema, Dufour 520 Grand Large by Denison Yacht Sales the Dufour 460 Grand Large and a 2009 47-foot Riviera GT Open Flybridge. Be sure to say hi to the members of program by calling one of the California the Denison team who will be at the show offices: Newport Beach, 949-791-4220; including Kurt Jerman, Tom Cardosa, Kim Marina del Rey, 310-821-5883; San Dumas, Dave Millett, Nathan Dotson, Bill Diego, 619-822-2715; San Francisco, 510Petersen, Will Peterson and Denise George. 981-2021. Visit the website at Inquire about our “Boat as a Business”

It’s as Simple as A,B,C at Big Bay Yachts — Albemarle, Brokerage and Cobia Boats! Big Bay Yachts is the dealer for Albemarle and Cobia boats and also represents some of the finest brokerage vessels around. Come by the show and check out this incredible brokerage 33-foot L& H Express Walkaround SF, LLC-owned and 220DC Cobia offered by Big Bay Yachts loaded with electronics, and ready to fish. This boat is loaded with options. best value available on the water today. We at Big Bay Yachts feel that We are happy to announce the March Albemarle and Cobia represent some of arrival of the Albemarle 29-foot with the best vessels for the dollar in today’s SEAKEEPER gyro system. marketplace. We are showcasing the Big Bay Yachts is a full-service yacht Cobia 201CC and the west coast debut brokerage with purchase, sales, manof the 2220DC models at the Sunroad agement and construction services Boat show; these 20-foot and 22-foot dedicated to providing professional, designs offer amenities of larger boats. quality service and counsel to our clients Add the quality fit and finish with the to maximize their boating lifestyle and great Cobia ride/performance, comenjoyment. bined with attentive service from Big Call 619-222-1124 or visit Bay Yachts and you have some of the for more information.

Let’s make your stateroom a STATEMENT ROOM with makes updating and outfitting your boat a quick and easy process! Whether you need, custom fitting sheets and bedspreads or new mattress, toppers, blankets, pillows and duvets, has you covered. With upfront pricing, excellent customer service, and over 18 years of design experience, Shannon and Ryan, and the team, strive to make the purchase of quality custom mattresses and bedding a fun and enjoyable experience. meets customers at their boat from San Diego to Santa Barbara, and with over 1000 different patterns on file they ship to customers worldwide. Stop by and see at the San

Diego Boat Show at Sunroad Marina from Jan. 25 -28. For more information or to set up an appointment call 213-254-5835 or visit the website.

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Nancy May photo


More than two-dozen yacht clubs are now participating in the 89th annual Midwinter Regatta, which kicks off Feb. 10. This year’s regatta added two yacht clubs: Morro Bay YC and Nevada YC. The regatta is held annually at marinas across Southern California, including Dana Point Harbor (pictured).

SCYA’s 89th Midwinter Regatta adds two yacht clubs By Parimal M. Rohit SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA — One of the largest boating races in the nation will be a little bit bigger this year, as Southern California Yachting Association (SCYA) added two yacht clubs to the 89th Midwinters Regatta, which is scheduled for the second and third weekends of February at multiple venues. Hundreds of powerboats, radio controlled boats and sailboats will compete in the 89th Midwinters Regatta, held Feb. 10-11 and Feb. 17-18 at multiple yacht clubs. SCYA added Morro Bay Yacht Club in Central California and Nevada Yacht Club in Southern Nevada to this year’s event. Sailors competing at the Morro Bay YC and Nevada YC events will compete off the San Luis Obispo coast and in Lake Mead, respectively. In all, the 89th Midwinters Regatta will have boats competing in 100 separate classes at 27 yacht clubs, with about 2,500 sailors expected to participate. The entry fee ranges from $17 for model boats to $55 vessels larger than 30 feet. The partial list of participating yacht

clubs include: Alamitos Bay; American Legion; Bahia Corinthian; Balboa; Cabrillo Beach; Channel Islands; Coronado; Dana Point; Dana West; Lake Mission Viejo; Long Beach; Mission Bay; Newport Harbor; Oceanside; San Diego; Seal Beach; Silver Gate; and, Southwestern. Lake Gregory Yacht Club will be hosting its Midwinter Regatta race on May 19. Some of the classes featured in this year’s Midwinter Regatta include 505,

Cal 20, Lido 14, Harbor 20, Thistle, Senior Naples Sabots A and B, Mercury, Tartan 101, J/109, Flying Tigers 10, PHRF A-D, Optimist Carrie Series, Nirvana RC, Balboa 13, Farr 40, Laser Radials, Beneteau 36.7, Catalina fleet and Capri 14.2. The annual regatta was first introduced in 1928, when SCYA and the L.A. Junior Chamber of Commerce worked together to promote winter sports activity in Southern California. Sailors from across the country reportedly competed

in the regatta. A perpetual trophy for the sail competition was deeded to the Midwinters Regatta in 1930; it is still awarded to the winner of the Star class. Sailors interested in participating or registering in the 89th Midwinters Regatta should visit or contact Themis Z. Glatman at SCYA, an umbrella organization for more than 90 yacht clubs in the western United States, is now in its 96th year.

Islands Race kicks 2018 racing calendar into high gear Ninth annual regatta, hosted by San Diego and Newport Harbor yacht clubs, kicks off at Long Beach Harbor. By Parimal M. Rohit

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA — San Diego and Newport Harbor yacht clubs will be hosting a 130-nautical-mile offshore regatta across Catalina Channel, as the two-day Islands Race comes to Long Beach Harbor, Feb. 16-17. Teams will race out of Long Beach and head west to Catalina and San See ISLANDS RACE page 28 photo

About 2,500 sailors are expected to compete in one of the largest boating races on record.

Sailors will compete in a 130-nautical-mile race from Long Beach Harbor to San Diego, as two yacht clubs host the ninth annual Islands Race, Feb. 16-17.

28  •  Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018  •  The Log

Islands Race From page 27

Clemente islands, before heading toward the finish line at Point Loma in San Diego. More than 25 boats are expected to compete in this year’s Islands Race. Last year’s race featured Steve Campo’s Hobie 33, Bazinga, and Roy Disney’s Andrews 70, Pyewacket. It was Pyewacket who won the 2017 edition of the Islands Race; she also claimed victory in the 2016 Puerto Vallarta Race. An awards ceremony will be held at

the San Diego Yacht Club clubhouse, Feb. 17; food and drinks will be served as early as 3 p.m., though the exact time depends upon when a majority of boats finish the race. Information about the regatta is available online at; live tracking of the regatta will also be available on the website once the race begins. The Islands Race is part of a quartet of regattas that includes the Puerto Vallarta Race in March, SoCal 300 in May and Rum Runner Race in October.

Valentine’s-Day-themed regatta encourages teams to maintain gender balance. By Parimal M. Rohit

Pac52 photo

Santa Barbara Yacht Club to host Sweetheart’s Race

Interlodge VI joins the Pac52 class in 2018. The vessel is owned by Austin Fragomen and hails from New York Yacht Club.

from other yacht clubs who are also members of U.S. Sailing can join the regatta as a guest of Santa Barbara YC. PHRF rated vessels are eligible to compete in the regatta; one-design boats are also permitted to enter with the following standard and non-spinnaker ratings: 204 and 224 (Harbor 20); 168 and 183 (J/24); 114 and 152 (J/70); 90 and 114 (J/105); and, 90 and 117 (Melges 20). Trophies will be awarded to all fleet members; the exact number of trophies awarded will be based upon final

Santa Barbara YC photo

SANTA BARBARA — The American Rivera serves an ideal backdrop for a Valentine’s-Day-themed regatta, as Santa Barbara Yacht Club will host the Sweetheart’s Race, Feb. 11. Teams competing in the Sweetheart’s Race are encouraged to maintain an equal number of men and women aboard. Teams without such gender balance will be allowed to compete but, according to Santa Barbara YC’s Sailing Instructions, “will be penalized 10 seconds per mile for each crew member over an equal ratio of men and women.” Children younger Love will be in the air the weekend before Valentine’s Day as Santa than 13 years old Barbara Yacht Club will host its Sweetheart’s Race at the local harbor, Feb. 11. as of the date of the regatta are allowed to be aboard a team’s vessel but won’t be participation. counted as part of the crew. More information about the regatta The Sweetheart’s Race is open to is available on the Santa Barbara YC Santa Barbara YC members. Teams website, which is at

Pac52 Class welcomes Interlodge VI to 2018 season By Parimal M. Rohit

STATEWIDE — A seventh vessel will be added the Pac52 Class’s 2018 season – and the new entry hails from New York Yacht Club. Interlodge VI was added to the Pac52 Class roster, team owner Austin Fragomen confirmed. The boat is actually the former Bronosec TP52, designed by Botin Partners and built by King Marine in 2015. Her design matches the hull of Fox, one of the other Pac52 Class members. The 2017 Pac52 Class season featured Bad Pak, Beau Geste, Fox, Gladiator, Invisible Hand and Rio competing against each other. “Austin Fragomen started sailing while growing up in Illinois and then after school moved to New York and began sailing J/24s, Swan 42s and then TP52s in the 52 Super Series,” Julie Servais, the Pac52 Class manager, said in a released statement. “Austin has

sailed on the West Coast but never with one of his own yachts, and he is looking forward to racing with the Pac52 Class because of its ‘convenient location’ in California. “Austin’s wife, Gwen Fragomen, regularly sails with the team and the yacht’s captain is Kris Matthews, who has been with Team Interlodge for 10 years,” Servais continued. Interlodge VI will make its Pac52 Class debut at the Yachting Cup, to be held at San Diego Yacht Club, May 4-6. The Yachting Cup is the first of five regattas scheduled for the 2018 Pac52 season. The other events are Cal Race Week (California Yacht Club, June 1-3), Long Beach Race Week (Long Beach Yacht Club, June 22-24), Rolex Big Boat Series (St. Francis Yacht Club, Sept. 13-16) and Pac52 Cup (St. Francis YC, Sept. 28-30). More information about Interlodge VI and the Pac52 Class is available online at

Support By Supporting Our


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Submissions for Class of 2018 will be accepted through March 30. By Parimal M. Rohit NATIONWIDE — The next batch of sailors worthy of being inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame must be nominated within the next few weeks. The submission period for Hall of Fame entries is currently active and will remain open until midnight, Pacific Time, March 30. Names already adorning the National Sailing Hall of Fame include Betsy Alison (2011), Hobie Alter (2011), William Ficker (2016), Gary Jobson (2011), Buddy Melges (2011) and Ted Turner (2011). Candidates must be a U.S. Citizen and at least 45 years of age or be deceased for five or more years. Selected inductees would be entered into the Hall as one of three categories: contributor, sailing or technical. Sailing inductees are recognized for “achievements made on the water as a sailboat racer, cruiser or offshore sailor.” The “Technical” category, according to the National Sailing Hall of Fame, “recognizes those who have significantly contributed to the technical aspects of sailing” and is open to boat builders, designers and sailmakers. Inductees in the “Contributor” category are recognized for “other significant contributions to the American sailing experience.” Eligible inductees for the Contributor category are teachers, coaches, administrators, media (including authored works, TV, film, etc.), artists, musicians, promoters and organizers. Hall of Fame staff stated the process “is neither a popularity contest nor a lottery.” Nominations received after the March 30 deadline will be considered for the 2019 class.

U.S. Sailing Coach of the Year U.S. Sailing’s Olympic Sailing Committee, in a separate announcement, had been soliciting nominations for 2017 Coach of the Year awards. American sailing coaches will be recognized in five categories for work they’ve done at youth, national and international levels. The nomination period closed Jan. 20; nominees and winners will be announced later this year. Nominations were specifically

accepted for the following categories: national coach of the year; volunteer coach of the year; development coach of the year; paralympic coach of the year; and, an award for the coach who best used scientific techniques and equipment in his or her methods.

NSHOF/Stephen Cloutier photo

Nomination period open for National Sailing Hall of Fame The National Sailing Hall of Fame is accepting nominations for its 2018 class. Last year’s class (pictured) included Robby Naish, Corny Shields and Sham Hunt.

30  •  Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018  •  The Log

Fish Taco Fridays

Newport Landing photo

Sculpin was the catch of the day for anglers aboard Western Pride’s Friday twilight fishing trip, Jan. 12. The fish count for the local jaunt was 230 sculpin and seven sand bass. The vessel’s captain has been targeting sculpin – which Western Pride describes as “perfect for fish tacos” – and shallow water bass at depths of 20 to 100 feet.

Southern California fishing news

By Parimal M. Rohit

STATEWIDE — The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are working on a final rule for the 2018 catch limit of Pacific bluefin tuna. NMFS and NOAA action on a 2018 quota is necessary to fulfill the United States’ obligations as a member nation of the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) and part of a larger effort to rebuild the Pacific bluefin tuna fishery. Public comments on the proposed rule were submitted to federal officials through the Jan. 8 deadline. The proposed rule – issued on on Dec. 7 – stated the U.S. commercial fishing fleet is likely to be limited to 120 metric tons of Pacific bluefin tuna catches in 2018. “U.S. commercial fishing vessels are subject to a biennial limit for 2017 and 2018. Preliminary estimates indicate that the catch limit in 2018 is approximately 120 metric tons,” the proposed rule document stated. “To avoid exceeding the biennial limit, NMFS is proposing a 1-[metric ton] trip limit – except for large-mesh drift gillnet vessels, which would be subject to a 2-[metric ton] trip limit – throughout 2018 or until the 2018 catch limit is reached and the fishery is closed.” An NMFS determination in 2011 declared the Pacific bluefin tuna biomass as overfished. A stock assessment in 2016 determined Pacific bluefin tuna continue to be overfished and subject to overfishing, leading to the adoption of catch limits by IATTC (and implemented by NMFS). Pacific bluefin tuna constitutes only a small portion of the overall revenue purse seine vessels earn in the United States. Only four of eight purse seine vessels in California were involved in the

landing about 401 metric tons of Pacific bluefin tuna in 2014, according to the proposed rule document. The tuna on those four vessels were worth about $588,000 at West Coast ports. Five purse seine vessels netted about $75,000 worth of Pacific bluefin tuna in 2015, according to the proposed rule document. “The revenue derived from Pacific bluefin tuna is a fraction of the overall revenue for coastal pelagic purse seine vessels (3.9 percent annually from 2006-2015) as they typically harvest other species, including Pacific sardine, Pacific mackerel, squid, and anchovy,” federal officials stated in the proposed rule document. Such statistics could certainly provide fuel to all who state the United States is not responsible for the current state of the Pacific bluefin tuna biomass. A tuna auction held at Japan’s Tsukiji’s Fish Market on Jan. 4, conversely, reportedly yielded $323,311 for an 890-pound bluefin. It was the final fish auction held at the Tokyo market, which is set to relocate. The all-time record for a tuna sale in Japan was set in 2013, when someone paid $1,398,100 for a bluefin, according to Reuters. The biennial catch limit for IATTC

The 2018 catch limit for Pacific bluefin tuna is likely to be 120 metric tons, according to federal projections.

member and non-member nations was 600 metric tons for 2017 and 2018; the United States already reported about 480 metric tons of Pacific bluefin tuna caught in 2017, meaning the 2018 catch limit would top out at 120 metric tons (assuming the final 2017 numbers do not increase). Mexico was the only country not subject to the 600-metric-ton biennial catch limit; the Mexican commercial fishery contingency cannot exceed 425 metric tons of Pacific bluefin tuna catches in any given calendar year.

The United States is one of 21 nations and four cooperating member nations of the IATTC. The commission itself, according to the NMFS-NOAA proposed rule document, “facilities scientific research into, as well as the conservation and management of, tuna and tuna-like species.” IATTC’s conservation area is primarily the Eastern Pacific Ocean, including the Western United States. Contact Celia Barroso of NOAA at for more information about the proposed final rule.

Halibut Heaven By Parimal M. Rohit

DANA POINT — A Jan. 14 drift trip aboard Clemente out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing had a field day reeling in halibut by the handful. Halibut were biting between San Mateo Point and near Laguna Beach’s closure. The halibut, according to Dana Wharf Sportfishing, have been drawn to the area by schools of small mackerel and sardine. The halibut bite on Jan. 14 coincided with Dana Wharf’s derby for the flatfish. A 36-pounder currently tops the leader board. Also biting strong off the Orange County coast at the outset of 2018 are sculpin. Bass bites, however, aren’t doing so well despite water tempera-

Dana Wharf Sportfishing photo

The highly migratory species actually makes up a small percentage of catches for West Coast fisheries.

NOAA/Danilo Cedrone photo

Federal officials to set 2018 catch limits for Pacific bluefin tuna

tures in the 60-degree range, according to Dana Wharf Sportfishing.

The Log  •  Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018  •  31

Veterans fishing license bill clears Assembly committee AB 986 would discount fishing licenses for disabled veterans and recovering service members. By Parimal M. Rohit

Tight lines — By Parimal M. Rohit

to the bill, which proposed shifting California’s fishing license scheme from a calendar-based fee to a 12-month system. Sportfishing license sales yielded nearly $59 million in revenues for the state in 2016, according to an AB 986 fact sheet issued by Gallagher’s office. Disabled veterans and recovering service members, who are the ben-

NOAA West Coast Fisheries photo

SACRAMENTO — California legislators continue to make a case for fishing license reform, as an Assembly committee kicked off the New Year by supporting a proposal to reduce fees for veterans, Jan. 18. Veterans would be allowed to pay $7.30 – as opposed to the current rate of $47 – if Assembly Bill 986 (AB 986) became law. AB 986 also proposed a 12-month fishing license system. The bill, however, isn’t exactly smooth sailing for An Assembly Committee approved a bill seeking to make California’s fishing license cheaper for veterans. all anglers: the California Sportfishing League stated the cost of a license, overall, would eficiaries of AB 986, purchased about increase to $62.86 per year. $105,000 worth of sportfishing licenses “The ridiculously expensive fishing in 2016. license will increase under this bill?” “This bill requires sportfishing Duane Massa angrily asked on Twitter, licenses to be issued for a period of 12 replying to a post on AB 986’s commitconsecutive months from the date of tee passage. Assembly member James purchase and discounts lifetime huntGallagher, who introduced the bill in ing and annual sportfishing licenses early 2017, was included in Massa’s for all honorably discharged California reply. veterans by 25 percent,” Gallagher’s AB 986, nonetheless, made it fact sheet on AB 986 stated. “This is an out of the Assembly Appropriations incentive for fishermen and veterans Committee – the same committo buy annual licenses, increasing revtee where Senate Bill 187 died a few enue for the Department of Fish and months earlier – by a 17-0 vote. Wildlife and reversing the decline of The Appropriations Committee, annual sportfishing license sales.” in September 2017, held SB 187 AB 986 moved to the Assembly floor back despite no known opposition for a full vote.

NOAA Fisheries seeks public comment for green sturgeon recovery plan CENTRAL CALIFORNIA — The public will be able to comment on a recovery plan for green sturgeon through March 12, according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries. NOAA Fisheries labeled green sturgeon as “one of Central California’s most ancient fish” and a species in need of recovery. “The green sturgeon will soon have a new recovery plan to steer it toward sustainability,” NOAA Fisheries staff stated in an official notice. A non-regulatory draft recovery plan was under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) was released by NOAA Fisheries, Jan. 9. The plan, according to NOAA Fisheries, “will promote recovery of the green sturgeon’s depressed southern population.” Federal biologists determined the “southern population” of green sturgeon was mostly found in Central California. “In 2006, the southern population – covering Central California – was listed as threatened under the ESA,” NOAA Fisheries staff stated. “The northern population was more abundant and listing was not warranted at the time.” The proposed recovery effort would focus on threats to spawning and rearing habitats. An estimated 1,300 green

sturgeon remain in Central California. The species primarily lives in near shore waters off the California, Oregon and Washington coasts. “Like other sturgeon and salmon species, they are anadromous, meaning they return every few years from the ocean to freshwater rivers to spawn (unlike salmon, sturgeon don’t die after they spawn),” NOAA Fisheries staff stated. “This southern population has declined over the last several decades due largely to both habitat loss and dams that have blocked access to their traditional spawning areas. “Most spawning adult sturgeon are found in the Sacramento River. This singular concentration of spawning adults puts the southern population at greater risk of being wiped out by a single catastrophic event,” NOAA Fisheries staff continued. Green sturgeons generally start reproducing at age 15 and could live as long as 50 years. Some green sturgeon could grow to about 7 feet in size and weigh as much as 350 pounds. “Because they are long-lived and slow growing, scientists may not see evidence of rebounding abundance for years,” NOAA Fisheries staff stated. Comments on the draft recovery plan can be submitted to The deadline for comments is midnight (Eastern Time), March 12. The draft recovery plan could be viewed online at NOAA Fisheries’ green sturgeon website,

Ocean Protection Council opens up grant cycle California projects on aquaculture, ocean acidification and others are eligible for $6 million in grants. By Parimal M. Rohit

STATEWIDE — California’s Ocean Protection Council (OPC), in conjunction with USC Sea Grant Program and California Sea Grant, are seeking proposals for the Proposition 84 Competitive Grant Program. The funding program helps implement scientific research projects on a variety of marine-themed issues. The current granting cycle will specifically provide funding in six broad areas: ocean acidification and hypoxia; sustainable fisheries and aquaculture; sea level rise adaptation and coastal resilience; coastal sediment management; marine pollution; and, marine renewable energy.

Eligible institutions can request between $85,000 and $250,000, for up to three years. In all $6 million will be available to support research projects in the six priority fields. All projects receiving funding must specifically benefit the state of California. California Sea Grant will be reviewing grant proposals for projects focusing on ocean acidification and sustainable fisheries/aquaculture. Projects proposed in the other four categories must be submitted to USC’s Sea Grant program. Proposals can be submitted to California Sea Grant via eseagrant2. or USC Sea Grant via usc. An informational webinar will be held Feb. 20. All pre-proposals are due by 5 p.m. (Pacific Time), March 15. The application review period continues until October; awards become effective Dec. 1.

Clockwise from top left: Anglers aboard New Lo-An are still having their pick of tuna, even though the weather is cooler and the calendar reads January 2018. The same story held true aboard Pacific Queen’s fishing expedition out of San Diego. The largest tuna reeled in tipped the scales at 178 pounds, but plenty of the highly migratory species were caught during the 1.5-day trip. Of course tuna is not the only fish out there. An angler aboard Reel Fun shows off the triggerfish he caught during a Jan. 23 trip out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing in Dana Point. New Lo-An, Pacific Queen and Reel Fun photos

32  •  Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018  •  The Log

SoCal and Baja’s #1 Source for Fresh and Saltwater Fishing

SALTWATER OCEAN FISHING REPORT By Terrence Berg BLUEFIN AND OFFSHORE UPDATE: While there has been almost no pressure on the bluefin tuna in the past week, a couple of boats continue to make offshore runs on 1.5-day trip. Those boats continue to see good action on 40- to 60-pound bluefin -- if they find the fish. The abundant yellowtails offshore are the backup fish. New Lo-An out of Point Loma Sportfishing had 32 anglers on its Jan. 14 1.5-day trip and landed 13 bluefin and 77 yellowtails. On Jan. 17, it took them until afternoon to find bluefin, but they had 25 on the boat with more going when they reported in late in the day. Condor out of Fisherman’s Landing had 37 anglers on its Jan. 14 1.5-day trip and never found the bluefin but landed 159 yellowtails. SAN DIEGO LOCAL YELLOWTAIL: While the half-day bite on yellowtail tanked not long after it was reported last week, there are still a few three-quarter-day boats finding a few yellowtails. There is such light pressure it has been hard to gauge the action this week. Mission Belle out of Point Loma Sportfishing had 14 anglers on its Jan. 13 three-quarter-day trip and landed 23 yellowtail, 70 rockfish, 15 bocaccio, 15 whitefish, five calico bass, one lingcod, and one halibut. MEXICAN ROCKFISH BITE: A few boats in the San Diego fleet have headed into Mexican

Bob Vanian’s

waters where the rockfish season remains open year-around. Everything from half-day to 2.5-day boats is scheduling a few trips south. In the past week, Relentless out of H&M Landing returned from a 2.5-day rockcod trip on Jan. 15 this week getting limits. The 21 anglers on board had 105 red snapper, 105 rockfish, 105 whitefish, 22 lingcod, and seven bonus yellowtails. On Jan. 15, the half-day Premier fished Mexican waters with 32 anglers and they landed 248 rockfish, 70 red snapper, and two lingcod. LOS ANGELES-ORANGE COUNTY LOCAL UPDATE: While much of the fleet is in port doing maintenance, the few boats from landings in Los Angeles and Orange counties making runs are focusing on the bass – both calicos and sand bass – and the sculpin. The action is actually pretty good with two to four or more fish per rod common. Sportking out of L.A. Waterfront Sportfishing had 14 anglers on its Jan. 16 three-quarter-day trip and landed 23 keeper calico bass, 21 sand bass, eight perch, two triggerfish, and one barracuda. The Jan. 13 trip with nine anglers produced 18 keeper calicos (95 shorts released), 54 perch, six sand bass, and four sculpin. New Del Mar out of Marina del Rey Sportfishing had 19 anglers on its Jan. 16 halfday trip and landed 25 sculpin, 20 perch, eight sand bass, two calico bass, and two triggerfish. Also out of Marina del Rey, Spitefire’s Jan. 15 three-quarter-day trip had 20 anglers and landed 90 sculpin, 60 keeper sand bass, and eight calico bass. Western Pride, currently the only boat running out of Davey’s Locker, has been running


www.976BITE.COM For Internet Reports Visit For Personal Reports Call (619) 226-8218

Chuck Byron Lithographs

both three-quarter-day and twilight trips over the past week. The Jan. 15 twilight trip had 81 anglers land 195 sculpin, 10 sand bass, and eight perch. On the Jan. 14 three-quarter-day, 67 anglers caught 190 sand dabs, 185 sculpin, 63 perch, and one sand bass. NORTHERN LANDINGS: The landings from the Ventura and Santa Barbara region and the landings in the Morro Bay and Avila Beach region are closed down for fishing during the closed rockfish season. INSTRUCTIONAL CHARTERS: 976-TUNA offers instructional charters throughout the season. These trips are held from early spring through fall, offering advice to beginning or veteran anglers and on-the-water teaching of techniques for different saltwater species. The first trip scheduled for 2018 is a two-day trip aboard Pacific Queen out of Fisherman’s Landing for offshore tuna and yellowtail. The early booking price is just $450 (normal price is $575). Meals and permits are additional. For more information, check on or call 562352-0012 for details.

Sportfishing); Malibu Pier Sportfishing, 310328-8426; Marina Del Rey Sportfishing, Marina del Rey, 310-822-3625; Redondo Sportfishing, Redondo Beach, 310-372-2111; Rocky Point Fuel Dock (skiff rentals for King Harbor), Redondo Beach, 310-374-9858; 22nd Street Landing, San Pedro, 310-832-8304; L.A. Waterfront Sportfishing, San Pedro, 310-547-9916; Long Beach Sportfishing, Long Beach, 562-432-8993; Pierpoint Landing, Long Beach, 562-983-9300; Marina Sportfishing, Long Beach, 562-598-6649; Newport Landing, Newport Beach, 49-675-0550; Daveyís Locker, Newport Beach, 949-673-1434;

For complete reports, visit Crossword puzzle solution From page 18

LANDING CONTACTS Southern California: Virg’s Sportfishing, Morro Bay, 805-772-1222; Patriot Sportfishing, Avila Beach, 805-595-7200; Sea Landing, Santa Barbara, 805-963-3564; Harbor Village Sportfishing, Ventura, 805-658-1060; Channel Islands Sportfishing Center, Oxnard, 805-985-8511; Hook’s Landing, Oxnard, 805-382-6233 (Port Hueneme Sportfishing has merged with Channel Islands

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Nautilus 10 VSX w/Honda BF20SRT

Twin Yamaha OB’s move this beast to the fishing grounds and her dry Carolina Classic ride makes sure you get there in comfort and style. A great interior provides everything the family needs. Available with a wide range of options from Towers to SeaKeeper’s. Call today for more information or a quote for a custom 29'!

20' Cobia Center console with Yamaha 150XCA

2018 model loaded with options and ready for family fun & fishing! This model in stock and equipped with T-Top, Garmin touch Screen, underwater lights, custom hull color, and much more! Solid, safe & easy! Fish and play in comfort and style with high sided security, a deep Vee hull for smooth running & tons of standard creature comforts, the 201CC is perfect for fun-filled family days on the water!

Good Times, Great Boats! Financing Available!

The lawyers say we have to add the fine print, call for more details.....Subject to prior sale. Prices does not include sales tax or registration fees.


Scott Lampe

(619) 222-1124 R HT B OKER AC Y


2811 Dickens St., Suite 130 San Diego, CA 92106


2810 S. Croddy Way, Santa Ana, CA 92704

Sales Management Construction Licensed & Bonded since 1982 Brokerage Slips at Intrepid Landing


For optimum performance and safety, we recommend you read the Owner’s Manual before operating your Honda Marine product. Always wear a personal flotation device while boating.


44 • Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018 • The Log

W.D. Rodgers Company Ya c h t B r o k e r a g e

Gary Stevens


Rare model designed by Ed Monk Jr. from this quality builder. 3 Stateroom/2 Head teak interior. CAT power with stabilizers, watermaker, 8kw genset, inverter, diesel heat, and SAT TV. Beautifully maintained by an active yachting family.

103’ Westport/Eagle - CALL FOR DETAILS!


This high performance cruising yacht deftly combines superb sailing performance with a light, bright, contemporary interior. Comprehensively equipped with top-of-the-line gear. Beautifully presented. Offered for the first time.

2001 Hatteras 65' $649,000

2003 Viking 65' $839,000


1990 Offshore Sedan 52' $445,000

Popular “Plan B” model with Honey Ash interior. Low hour 370hp Cummins power. Original owner, enjoyed locally for harbor cruises and day trips. Professionally maintained.Inspect in Newport Beach.

1997 Tiara 40' $169,000

P.O. Box 3491, Newport Beach, CA 92659 (949) 683-0626

227 20th Street, Suite 101 • Newport Beach CA 92663 • (949)422-9960

“30 Years in the Same Location” NEW








We are the proud dealer for Island Packet, Blue Jacket and Seaward Yachts. Call us today to discuss pricing and let’s get started on building the boat of your dreams!

42' Catalina 1990 - $69,900

52' Spindrift 1984 - $149,900


Ours are selling fast! Call or come in to discuss your marketing plan! PRIC


47 Beneteau 2002 - $175,000







32' Island Packet 1998 - $89,900

(619) 295 9669 FOR MORE



2009 Island Packet 485 . . . .$639,000 2009 Island Packet 485 . . . .$619,000 2005 Island Packet 485 . . . .$499,000 2001 Island Packet 420 . . . .$259,000 2015 Blue Jacket 40 . . . . . . . .$378,000 1994 Island Packet 40 . . . . . $179,000 1999 Beneteau 381 . . . . . . . . . .$89,000 2003 Island Packet 380 . . . .$215,000 2004 Island Packet 370 . . . .$219,000


Cheoy Lee Pedrick 36' . . . . . . . .$46,500 1999 Island Packet 320 . . . . . . .$99,000


1990 42' GB Classic . . . . . . . .$249,000 1984 Ocean Alexander 38' . . . .$115,000 1985 Carver Mariner 36' . . . . . .$29,900 1981 Grand Banks 36 Classic .$115,000 2009 Ranger Tug R-25 CL . . .$119,000

1551 Shelter Island Dr., Ste. #102, San Diego, CA 92106

(619) 523-8000 •


The Log • Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018 • 45

s ock rD u O

2003 48' Navigator Pilothouse

Immaculate one owner Navigator. Bow & stern thruster. 10 kW Genset. LLC owned. $369,000

1988 48' Offshore Sedan

Lowest priced 48’ Sedan on the market! 3208 Caterpillars. $189,000

46' BERTRAM '78. Refit 2015. $175,000. 46' BERTRAM '81. Fish ready. $185,000.

cks Do r Ou

1988 37' Bertram Convertible

Custom C-Fab hardtop, 2 stateroom layout, large cockpit w/fiberglass tackle center & 8kW Genset. $125,000

Re duc ed

62' MIKELSON NOMAD '06. Three staterooms plus crew. Twin 660hp Cummins. $1,595,000.

1983 44' DeFever M/Y

Naiad stabilized. Ford Lehman diesels. New fuel tanks. Cruise ready. $179,000

58' AZIMUT FLYBRIDGE '02. Three staterooms plus 58' VIKING '96. Lease option. $389,000. 70' VIKING PRINCESS '06. $1,495,000. crew. Original owner. NOW $559,000.

cks Do r Ou

2002 39' Beneteau 393

Two stateroom, Two head layout. Westerbeke diesel w/ 820 HRS. $119,000

2002 56' Post Convertible

12 Cyl. MAN’s. 3 Stateroom layout. Caribe raft & 1,000 lb Brower Davit. $519,000

5866 E. Naples Plaza, Suite A, Long Beach CA 90803

(562) 438-8669

50' MARINE TRADER '82. Great liveaboard! 3 State- 41' PLUS DIESEL DUCK '08. Long range couples rooms, A/C, watermaker, bow thruster. $174,500. cruiser. Steel hull. Full beam master. $390,000.

NEWPORT BEACH (949) 675-8092

SAN DIEGO (619) 222-0626

SEATTLE (206) 624-1908


receive Professional Photos & Offered Discounted Slips if Available

Exclusive Dealer Price Reduced

Seeking Quality Listings Keen Seller

Just Listed

at BBY Showdock








1 0'-



34' Larson 330 Cambrio Express 2003 22' Cobia Dual Console 2018 NEW! Available Stock

TAYANA's USED: (2) 55's, (3) 52's, 42',48', 37' PRESIDENT 2017 60'-150' MOTORYACHTS/LRC’s TAYANA's NEW: 72', 64', 58', 54', 52', 48', 46', 42', 37' Custom built to the highest standards Zero degree stabilization,, twin Cats. 142 Custom Helicopter ready LRC!


78' Ferretti 780 MY 2010





Sales Management Construction Licensed & Bonded since 1982 Brokerage Slips at Intrepid Landing

Scott Lampe

(619) 222-1124 2811 Dickens St., Suite 130 San Diego, CA 92106




New 2014 Mercury OB’s warranty till 2019 LLC owned - recent full service - super clean 2014 new electronics & more Call Bob Woodard MTU 12v2000 - Gyro stabilizers - loaded! Was $95,000 Now New Asks $89,995! $79,000



29' CHawk SportCabin SF 1995



Reduced $100K 70' HATTERAS CPMY Loaded, Custom Interior,

Yamaha 200 HP - head - ski Pylon cooler - bait well - awesome ride!





Low hours Mercruiser 5.7L - Bimini with enclosure Mid-cabin layout - great accommodations! Call Jim McIntyre


46 • Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018 • The Log

Marine Directory From A to Z, You’ll Find What You Need!


To place an ad, call the classified experts at:


AD DEADLINE: Every other Friday @ 5PM • Email: BOAT BUILDERS



BOAT YARD SAN DIEGO / STORAGE High HP Diesel and Gear Box Rebuilder Full Service Machine Shop E Hull and Paint Technicians 1/4 MIL FROM Offshore Systems and R E WAT Deck Machinery Repair Open 24 / 7


3 Work Shifts

Civilian Small Craft • Yachts • Navy • Workboat • Fishing

676 MOSS ST. 91911 •





2835 Canon Street San Diego, CA 92106



What’s the worst that can happen en

when you don’t advertise?

Nothing! Start your ad today! Call


The Log • Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018 • 47

TO PLACE AN AD, Call 800-887-1615, or email




Marine Electrical Licensed and Insured Marine Electrician

License # C10 987835

Thorough & Educational

Inverters • Chargers • Isolaters Satellite/Data Installations Galvanic Isolation Testing Battery Replacement • Maintenance Autopilots • Radar • Transducers Lighting • Pumps • AC/DC Specialist

Member: SAMS, AMS, ABYC • Prepurchase, Appraisal, Damage Discount Insurance Surveys •

800.944.4789 or 619.223.7380


Eclectic Electric

We Specialize in Complete Re-Wires!




Marine Electrical & Computer Diagnostics

Open 7 Days A Week

2819 CANON ST., SAN DIEGO, CA 92106


Starters & Alternators • Battery Banks & Inverters • Engine Shut Downs Shore Power • Lighting • Alarms • Wiring • ABYC Certified • Insured


Call 619.796.8432 Visit www. Email







SO ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS! Advertise. Call (800)887-1615




Lic. #720731

(619) 260-1068 (714) 972-2060 1-800-826-0379




Most Mexico Paperwork • Notary Services

FUEL OIL POLISHING COMPANY Guarantees Fuel Like New Serving All So. California


The Comfort of Home, on Your Boat Free MeasuringiFree Delivery Local ShowroomiLargest Selection



(619)223-2279 • Fax (619)223-1002 |

HYDRAULIC HOSES • ALL TYPES & SIZES Stainless Steel & Brass Fittings are our specialty. USCG Approved hose and fittings for fuel, oil, & water makers. Silicone hoses, Stainless Steel T-Bolt clamps, Octiker Clamps. Marine Fire Services Available. Hoses for all your marine applications. Give us a call or stop by for all your hose & fitting needs. 670 W. 17th Street, Unit G5, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 Phone: 949-645-2661

To place an ad in the Marine Directory, call Jon at 800-887-1615. 7919 Silverton Ave, San Diego CA 92126

48 • Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018 • The Log

Marine Directory

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FLOPSTOPPER.COM No more rocking and rolling.


Hang off a cleat or pole, any boat. Anchor / Moor / Dive / Fish Tuck-away stowable (10x36x4)


!=38>->:$/8>9/0= =<; 9*6<2=<;>.>:+<<=<;>:=;;=<; 916;=<;>>>>> '=80=<8(>>>>>>)6321638

7 %7:# :4554&5> 97:"4,79 2822 Canon St. San Diego, CA (619) 225-9411 (800) 532-3831


If you are reading this ad... SO ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS!


Call 800-887-1615 for advertising ideas.

CALL 1-800-887-1615 TO PLACE AN AD!


New and Used Boats, Engines, Gear and Services


To place an ad, call the classified experts at: 800-887-1615 or visit our website: AD DEADLINE: Monday, February 5 • Email:

$195 Run `til it sells photo ad. $75 One month photo ad.

(up to 13 issues). Includes 30 words and a photo. BOATS FOR SALE ONLY

(2 issues). Includes 30 words and a photo.

$45 One month text only ad.

(2 issues). Includes 30 words.

1/2 PRICE Run your ad

in Sea Magazine as well for half the normal price. Call for details.

Note: Additional words over 30 accepted at the rate of $0.75 per word.


17’ CHRIS CRAFT SUPER SPORT 1964 with 220 hours on the original 327 Chevrolet engine. This is a 3 owner boat, clean inside and out. Ready for fun! I have 4 boats and need to sell 2, therefore I will take the best offer. 714-222-5157



9’5” TAURUS, 2016: Aluminum hard bottom dinghy with Yamaha 9.9 hp engine. Approximately 10 hours use. Like new. Bought in 2017 but change in plans has caused the sale. Bought for $5K new, asking $3,000. 520-904-8013.

14’ HARD-BOTTOM CARIBE: 16’ Pacifica trailer. Center console, 40hp 4-stroke, like new. Garaged. 80 hours on engine, all serviced. Cover, bimini, fishring rod holders, anchor, emergency gear. New tags. $10,000. 949-338-2215

13’ BOSTON WHALER SUPERSPORT: 40hp Mercury outboard engine. As new condition. $6,500. Call 949-233-8369.

18’ DUFFY SNUG HARBOR, 2014: Low hours. Professionally maintained. Newport Beach location. $29,900. Call 949-290-3834.

KAYAKS & CANOES KAYAK TANDEM 13’X3’: Multi-Channel hull. Max. cap 500lbs. Paddles, seats, many extras included. Center storage, can add seat for child. $699. Call 805-526-2386.


19’ CHRIS CRAFT RACING RUNABOUT, 1949: Hull #229. Professionally restored. All mahogany and meticulously maintained. Boat turns heads everywhere and has appeared in several classic wooden boat shows, e.g. Lake Arrowhead and Balboa Yacht Club Wooden Boat Festival in 2016, 2017. Powered with Chevy 350 and stored on trailer. Includes trailer and all accessories.Reduced: $58,500/obo. 858-354-2644

The Log • Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018 • 49

TO PLACE AN AD, Call 800-887-1615, or online at


21’ DUFFY, 2006: Electric boat. In good condition. **SOLD**

2015 STRIPER 220 WALKAROUND w/Yamaha 200hp. & aluminum trailer. Engine warranty till 9/2018. Comes with: 12” & 10” Fishfinder/GPS/ Plotter, VHF radio, Galley & More! $54,900 760-724-3323 Sea Witch Marine.


34’ CHB TRI-CABIN TRAWLER, 1978: Low hours, much work just done. Autopilot, teak decks, depth sounder, 120 Ford Lehman. Runs like a champ. At Kona in SD. Bill: or 619-840-9626.

34’ CUSTOM, 1998: Single screw 400 hp Cummins diesel. Glass over ply. Rock solid built. Needs paint. Runs well. Redondo Beach. $30,000. Call Paul 310-383-2724.

2013 BOSTON WHALER DAUNTLESS 230: Includes trailer. Immaculate condition. Bottom painted in 2016. Mercury Verado 250hp, 400hrs. Raymarine Touch Screen GPS/Fish Finder. Baittank, All Activity tower, Black Sunbrella covers. $49,000. Contact Ray Walker: 714-328-0118.

34’ SEA RAY 340 SPORT PACKAGE, 2005: Pristine condition. Two professionally maintained Mercruisers, 370hp / 450 hours. Preventative maintenance on engines and entire vessel! Original owner! $112,000. 805-402-7853

27’ FARALLON PILOT HOUSE 1993: 270 HP diesel, Bravo 3 outdrive, 155 gallons fuel capacity. 80 gallons offshtore bait tank. Furuno 1731 30 mi. radar. Furuno 1850DF DGPS plotter sounder. Sitex SP-80 autopilot. New 15,000lb Pacific trailer. $57,900. 562-335-4207

2009 EVERGLADES 350CC: Great center console for fishing! Triple Yamaha 350s, newer bottom paint and batteries. Furuno NavNet w/2 MFDs, Simrad autopilot, electric windlass. Trailer not included in sale. Asking $169,000. Call Mark: 562-810-8801.

30’ WILLARD TRAWLER 1976: Delightful fiberglass trawler. Modern electronics, inc. new autopilot; new windows and frames; inverter, new house batteries. 1.5USG/hour at 7 knots! $64,900. Call Ian at 562-505-3502


34’ CHB TRAWLER, 1977 120HP FORD LEHMAN DIESEL, RECENTLY RESTORED...$24,500 (310) 830-0260, L.A. Harbor

36’ PACIFICA SPORTFISHER, 1977: Family owned. Great shape. Fiberglass. Upgrades 2003 & 2017. Repowered: Twin Cummins 330 hp each, only 320 hrs. 27 knots. Inflatable dinghy, 2 outboards. $103,000. 951-677-0029.


37’ CHRIS CRAFT CONSTELLATION,1963: A classic Woodie! Twin Gas 454’s. Trim Tabs. Great live-aboard. See in Channel Islands Harbor, out of the water. $9,950. Serious only please. 805-206-4394.

2001 MAINSHIP 390: Original owner, 300 Yanmar turbo diesel 930hrs, Kohler 8KW generator, refinished teak salon floors, new carpet, master queen, Purasan head, air/heat, icemaker, 2500 Freedom inverter, Raytheon electronics, Stidd chair on flybridge, large bath & shower. Extremely well maintained. $139,000. Contact Truman: 925-787-2565,

42’ MC2 OVERSEAS MONK TRAWLER, 1986: Twin diesel range 4, 135 Perkins engines, generator, hot water,etc... All fiberglass. Clean boat overall. Boat is in excellent shape. $125,000. 714-363-2798


SEAS THE MOMENT! Fantastic Liveaboard! 1976, 42’ Glen-L Argosy Trawler. Fiberglass over wood. Single 165HP Nissan diesel. Runs great, always maintained. Docked in Ensenada, Mexico. Furuno electronics. Wicked comfortable! 207-615-8766

459 MERIDIAN MOTOR YACHT 2004: Excellent condition throughout. New bottom paint. 330HP Cummins diesels w/541 hrs. Upgraded electronics package w/touchscreen +WIFI. At Harbor Island. $245K. Text, call 505-250-3695 or 317-997-1460.

48’ OFFSHORE PILOTHOUSE, 2001: In excellent condition. Twin 450hp Cummins, hydraulic swim platform/lift. Rare pilothouse model! LLC owned. Just reduced! Now $495,000. See video at: 50’ Santa Barbara slip also available. 562-310-2755.

50 • Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018 • The Log

Log Classifieds POWERBOATS

TO PLACE AN AD, Call 800-887-1615, or online at




ISLANDER BAHAMA 28, 1976: 3 year old Yanmar 2-cylinder diesel inboard engine w/139 hours (cost $16,000). New prop-shaft, battery charger and bilge pump. Past 5 years, new roller-furler and genoa, new cabin windows, upholstery, new holding tank and plumbing. Includes tiller auto-pilot and doger. $15,000/obo. Contact Bill: 949-892-8396.

50’ DEFEVER COCKPIT, 2007: 16’ beam. Defever’s best all around Yacht. Powered by Caterpillar C7 450hp, 675 hours., Furuno Nav-Net electronics, Naiad Multisea Stabilizer system, FCI watermaker, Sub-zero refrigeration, two state rooms, with full size bathrooms and showers, spacious salon with joined galley and Helm. Nice walk-in engine room with 6.5 ‘ head room. Sea Chest, 1150 gal fuel capacity , 350 gal fresh water, 10 water heater, Westerbeke diesel generator 900 hours, full annual services performed, New bottom paint. All bright work in top condition, zero oxidation with recent exterior polish performed. Never lived aboard and meticulously kept. Comes with 2013 13’ AB tender. $539,000. Would consider partial trade vessel, vehicle or real estate. 951-313-2753, 951-318-0753, email

72’ OFFSHORE 2006: Gorgeous example of this prestigious motor yacht, 3 staterooms plus crews quarters. Low hours, updated electronics and extra fuel capacity. $1,699,000 USD. 250-656-1138

34’ SLOOP, 1950: Denmark, L.A. Harbor, Nyborg shipyard, Norwegian Pine on Danish Oak, Sails and rig in excellent condition, Atomic 4, full cover, fast capable sailor, Sleeps 4. $28,000.


SAILBOATS BOAT LIEN SALE: 1977 25.01 FT. Catalina sailboat. Hull ID # CTYJ0079M77G. CF # 3082 GC. Lien sale date: 1/27/2018 10:00 AM. Location: Pier 32 Marina. Address: 3201 Marina Way, National City, CA 91950.

28’ SPIRIT BY GLASTRON, 1978: Good condition, easy handling coastal cruiser. Oceanside slip. Very clean. 15HP Yanmar diesel, autopilot, tiller, bimini, new VHF and antenna, Lazy Jacks, lots of Teak, dock steps. Must see. $9,900. 760-489-7808 BOAT LIEN SALE: 30’ Make Unknown sail boat. Hull ID # RRW300379242. CF # 902211. Lien sale date: 1/27/2018 10:00 AM. Location: Pier 32 Marina. Address: 3201 Marina Way, National City, Ca 91950.

WD SCHOCK 2011 HARBOR 25 - Extras including: stack pack mainsail system, new folding prop, tiller auto pilot, new Ullman sails and more! Immaculate condition. $66,000 OBO. Call Larry: 626-429-8890

55’ SYMBOL 1998: 450 Cummins, Northern Lights generator, watermaker, Webasto Hydronic, W/D, DW, full beam master, queen guest, 2 heads/showers. Equipped to cruise. Alaska/Mexico veteran. $395,000. 360-970 0656,

31’ PACIFIC SEACRAFT MARIAH, 1978: World cruiser. Watermaker, Furuno radar, chartplotter, autopilot, propane stove, refrigerator, electric windlass, 3 anchors, Sail-O-Mat self-steering, 2 sets of sails, and much more. $52,500. 949-306-7195.


2 cyl. Yanmar diesel w/low hours. New rigging, good main, roller furling, & wheel. Needs some cosmetic work...$9,800 Slips Available

(310) 830-5621, L.A. Harbor

35’ COLUMBIA 10.7: Ventura Harbor. Solid classic cruiser. Great liveaboard. New mainsail and genoa. Roller furling job. Volvo diesel. Pedestal steering. Monitor windvane. Bottom paint 2015. $27,900. or 805-350-8893.


58’ MASON BRAGG TRAWLER 1974: One of a kind. Best liveaboard you’ll find. Huge master birth, bathroom, closet, engine room. Must see if looking for a liveaboard. $225,000. 818-652-7772,

27’ CATALINA, 1976: Custom interior, completely remodeled, custom electronics, autohelm, new head and holding tank, Corian counter tops, Memory foam, much more! Current registration pink slip in-hand. $6,500. 818-359-4999.

To place your classified ad, call 800-887-1615.


37’ HUNTER LEGEND, 1987 LEASE: 1/3 annual lease, includes all expenses. $495/mo. Brand new main, bottom, interior, dinghy, motor and generator. Shoreline Marina, Long Beach. Call 909-936-3670 or email

(310) 830-5621, L.A. Harbor




February 13, 2018 @ 9:00AM 997 G Street, Chula Vista, CA 91910

619-427-6767 ext 116 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.



CF 8260 GH CF 1088 RG CF 1841 EZ CF 4118 SP CF 7939 EN DOC#548519 DOC#504739 DOC#573164

27’ SAIL / 1972 CATALINA 25’ SAIL / 1969 CORONADO 21’ SAIL / 1972 CLIPPER 22’ SAIL / 1967 COLUMBIA 26’ SAIL / 1970 ODAY 50’ POWER / 1973 MAXWELL ADAMS 37’ SAIL / 1966 WILLIAM GARDENER 42’ SAIL / 1976 WESTSAIL

MIN. BID: $5,542.25 $5,398.75 $7,486.75 $5,504.00 $5,364.25 $7,371.25 $7,364.75 $7,124.75


32’ ERICSON MK-II, 1976: Extremely desirable. Priced for quick sale. Sails close-to wind. Fast over-sized Genoa. Many upgrades 2015/2016. Rebuilt inboard engine 42hrs, standing rigging, bottom, lifelines, more. *SOLD*

CROSS 39: Offered as part of Catalina Adventure Sailing charter operation. 2 Permits & 2 leased moorings in Avalon. New 2017 Yanmar, Raymarine E9 full electronics. Call Ryan: 310-569-9843. DONATE A BOAT OR CAR TODAY! Boat Angel. “2-Night Free Vacation!”. 1-800-CARANGEL. Sponsored by Boat Angel Outreach Centers. STOP CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN. You can place your Log classified ad by calling 800-887-1615, emailing or placing your ad online at

The Log • Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018 • 51

TO PLACE AN AD, Call 800-887-1615, or online at




25’-55’ SLIPS AVAILABLE LIVEABOARDS WELCOME 1961 LAPWORTH 40: Universal 25 diesel, roller furling, self tailing wenches, GPS, refrigeration, stove/oven, solar, recent survey, water tight, new paint & varnish. More info at Located Long Beach. Reduced @ $29,000 OBO. 909-518-8811.

1974 CAL 2-46: Replaced fuel and water tanks, wiring, refrigeration, windows, windless, hot water heater. Rebuilt engine, Harken furling. $115,000. Broker LBYS (714) 916-0200,

Chula Vista n (619)422-2595

25’-70’ SLIPS AVAILABLE Los Angels Harborn (310)834-7113

25’-40’ SLIPS AVAILABLE Coronado n (619)435-5203

To place your classified ad, call 800-887-1615.

2006 HUNTER 45CC: 45 foot center cockpit design. Turn-key, beautiful condition. Ready to use locally or the world! Many upgrades, super low price. Email cathyd04074@gmail for full specs, pictures. $189,900.

28’-130’ SLIPS AVAILABLE! End-Ties available for Catamarans. Beautiful New Marina! Shortest Run to Catalina!



44’ EDSON SCHOCK 1956, “LYDIA”: Built by Chapman in Costa Mesa, CA. Same owner for past 17 years. Wood construction, Mercedes Diesel. New mast and rigging, 2007. Master Mariner Regatta winner. Complete maintenance records available. Located: Alameda, CA. $65,000. Ask for TOM CORKETT: 714-322-1667

(310) 514-4985

Redondo Beach n (310)376-0431 San Pedro n (310)732-2252

1/3 OWNERSHIP OF 1989 CATALINA 42 in San Pedro. Master double, two aft double staterooms, heads forward and aft. See =2497. Inflatable dinghy, O/B, GPS, autopilot, furling jib, Dutchman flaking system, self-tailing winches, electric winch handle, electric windlass, dodger, new cushions and covers. $20,000. Dues $400/month. Continuing partners are in L.A. Contact Julia Surtshin in Portland, Oregon 503-968-2544 or


50’ HUNTER CENTER COCKPIT, 2009: Rare! $100,000 in options, including 110-hp turbo Yanmar, bow-thrusters, electric wenches, Northern Lights genset, tall-rig, deep keel, staysail, AIS, new bottom paint, much more! No Brokers. $298,000. 619-750-2630,


30’ AVALON MOORING FOR SALE: $91,500. Next to Tuna Club. Priced to sell! Cheapest mooring in Avalon. Call Tom: 949-295-5042. 40’-60’ CHANNEL ISLANDS HARBOR SLIP: Ventura County, Mandalay Bay. Easy docking at water corner berth. No “for sale” or sail. No overnight liveaboards or fixers. Private, $7.00 per foot. 805-985-8653.


52 • Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018 • The Log

Log Classifieds SLIPS, DOCKS, MOORINGS 40’ NEWPORT HARBOR MOORING: Off Balboa Island south side in B block. Easy in and out of harbor, easy access to mooring without long drive down peninsula. $40,000. Call 714-376-4228.

TO PLACE AN AD, Call 800-887-1615, or online at



AVALON MOORING #W6: 45’, Descanso Bay. First row. Great location. Skin dive & swim off your stern. Near casino. $79,500/obo. Call George or Barry: 310-850-0808

NEWPORT BEACH 40’ to 45’ • Outside Slip 18’ - 22’ (Duffy Size) Slips Available

AVALON MOORING #W46: 130’ Descanso Bay. $279,500, trades considered. Call 626-8189781 or email

AVALON MOORINGS FOR SALE 30 ft. to 130 ft. Inside/Outside

310-544-4667 310-795-2311


WINTER SPECIAL: Slips 25’-75’. Private marina, quiet harbor, close to parking, special rates, pump out. Call 714-840-5545 or email

Main channel, Easy Ingress/Egress Utilities, Parking, Restroom Facilities Live Aboard Considered

Port Calypso Marina • 949-645-6900


50’ AVALON MOORING FOR SALE!! LONGEST afternoon sun and LOWEST priced 50’ in the harbor!!! $445,000. Call or txt: 714-501-0549 or email

BAYSIDE VILLAGE MARINA, NEWPORT BEACH: Slips and storage. Call for availability. 949-673-1331

60’ NEWPORT MOORING #A173: Easy in and out of the harbor. Contact Art for info: 714-376-7688.

L.A. HARBOR Leeward Bay: (310) 830-5621 25’ slips, $9.00-10.00/ft. 30’-39’ slips, $11.00/ft. 40-50’ premium slips, $12.00/ft.

60’ NEWPORT MOORING AVAILABLE! C-24, great location, close to ferry landing and fun zone. $57,000 OBO. Call Christ at 714-906-4300.

Pacific Yacht Landing: (310) 830-0260 20’26’ slips, $10.00/ft. 28’-32’ slips, $11.00/ft. 33’-45’ slips, $12.00/ft. End slips, $13.00/ft.

60’ SANTA BARBARA SLIP AVAILABLE: Marina one. Contact Chuck: 805-895-5300. 60’ LONG BEACH SLIP for one year least. Beautiful view of the city. Shoreline Marina. $1332 per month. Full hook-ups. Call 760-559-5394 or 760-559-5395. 70’ LOS ALAMITOS SLIP SUBLEASE: Dock 2, Near Crab Pot and other restaurants. Huge turning basin. Available 6 months to a year. Maximum overall 74’11”. $1475. Contact Bob: 714-393-7670.


HUNTINGTON HARBOR DOCK for 35’ to 40’ boat, $450. 250 feet to Captain Jacks. Walk to beach and/or restaurants. Patio, BBQ, full bath, free washer/dryer, 30A power. Dean: 562-787-3636

LIDO YACHT ANCHORAGE has the following premium slip available: Slip: A205, Length: 135’, Beam: 27’, Power: 3-phase 220 amp, singlephase 120 amp, $8,640.00/month. Availability: Immediately. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Lido Yacht Anchorage at 949-673-9330.

NEWPORT HARBOR 60’ MOORING J-107: Outside row, easy in and out. Near end of Lido peninsula. Available now. $59,000/obo. 909-921-5881. PIER 32 MARINA, SAN DIEGO BAY: 28’, 52’ & 60’ slips available now - Also 72’ slip. Call 619477-3232 or email POINT LOMA MARINA - SAN DIEGO: 70’ slips available now - also 95’ End Tie.. Call 619-7186260 or email SAN DIEGO MOORING COMPANY: Visit our website for information & application or cal 619-291-0916. SANTA BARBARA 50 FOOT SLIP: Marina 1. Large dock space. Call 562-310-2755 for more information. SLIP NEEDED IN NEWPORT BEACH for 2-4 weeks to prepare for Race To Alaska. Corsair F28, currently in Colorado. Contact Tom Bohanon 970-618-7926 or email

AL LARSON MARINA ...Slips & mooring bouys available. All sizes. Closest run to Catalina Ship store. Call (310)832-0526.



LIGHTHOUSE YACHT MARINA: 1ST & 2ND MONTH 1/2 OFF (With This Ad), 34’ END-TIE FOR CAT OR TRI + 25’ TO 50’ SLIPS. L.A. HARBOR. Water/electricity/dock box included. Showers, laundry, pario area. Gated, clean & quiet, lockers. Close port to... Catalina. Berth 205-B, 1300 Anchorage Rd, Wilmington. Call Barbara: 310-834-9595. Email LONG BEACH SLIPS & END-TIES 25’-50’: NO LIVEABOARDS. Harbor Light Landing Marina, views of downtown and Queen Mary. Call 619-807-7245. Email:

SLIPS AVAILABLE: Marriott Marquis - San Diego Marina, San Diego’s Premier DOWNTOWN Marina has 30’ to 55’ slips available NOW! Restroom/Shower/Laundry, Fitness Center, Pool, Jacuzzi, Marina Kitchen, Roy’s, Starbucks. Walk to Gaslamp Quarter and PetCo Park. Call 619-230-8955.

The Log • Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018 • 53

TO PLACE AN AD, Call 800-887-1615, or online at





SLIPS AVAILABLE IN NEWPORT BEACH: The Balboa Yacht Club Marina is located in Corona del Mar, California. It is the closest Marina to the Harbor Entrance. 30’, 35’, 40’ and 46’ slips are currently available. Contact the Dockmaster at 949-673-3515 ext.142. SLIPS AVAILABLE IN DANA POINT HARBOR: 30’ to 65’. Charter your sailboat and generate income. Great location. Excellent parking. Call Dave or Roger at 949-493-9493. SLIPS L.A.HARBOR: $7.00/ft Sailboats | $9.00/ft Multi-Hull. Detached dock. No utilities. Leeward Bay: 310-830-5621

YACHT HAVEN MARINA 36’-43’ Available $10 - $11/ft Great location. Cafe, yacht brokerage, store on site. 877-559-2248 310-834-6892 n



FOR SALE: Yacht Brokerage and Charter Co. Opportunity in Bellingham, WA. Bellhaven Yacht Sales and Charters has offered professional, licensed brokerage services and small charter fleet to customers for 35 years. 41 slips from 37’ to 50’ available as well as a 120’ tee head. Newly expanded office space - 2000 sq. ft w/workshop, loft storage and updated office systems. TURNKEY OPERATION. Serious inquiries only please. Complete confidentiality assured. Contact:


San Diego Powerboating Academy BALBOA ISLAND FERRY in Newport Beach is accepting applications from U.S.C.G. licensed Captains with an active 25 Ton Inland Master Mariner Crediential or greater. Contact the operations manager: 949-673-1070, BOATYARD MANAGER/SHIPWRIGHT: Knowledgeable in sailboats and marine repairs. In Channel islands Harbor Oxnard. Apply in person at Anacapa Boatyard 3203 S Victoria Ave, Oxnard CA 93035.

DICK SIMON YACHTS is looking for a Experienced Broker/salesmen to join our team. We are a premier Yacht Brokerage with offices in Dana Point Ca, Long Beach Ca, and Cabo San Lucas Mexico. We seek someone with boating sales experience, and knowledge of the marine industry. Please send resume to or call 949-493-2011. DO YOU KNOW THE LOCAL WATERWAYS LIKE THE BACK OF YOUR HAND? If so, we want to hear from you. Sea Magazine is currently seeking mariners with a strong knowledge of boating and cruising in California to contribute ideas and stories to the CA Regional section. Applicants should be able to tap in to the local boating scene and spot potential stories of interest. Ideal candidates will be able to put their working knowledge of the local boating community to use by writing cohesive articles that boaters will enjoy. All interested candidates should send a resume to or Sea Magazine, 18475 Bandilier Circle, Fountain Valley, CA 92708. Attn: Mike. EXCITING AND CHALLENGING: Highest end carpenter, electrician, mechanics, high end metal fab. 1099 contract work.



OCEANSIDE MARINE CENTRE 619-921-4812 n (800) 441-8672 3, 5, 7/day Private Professional Liveaboard Instruction RPBA Twin Inboard Certification USPOWERBOATING Bareboat Chartering Certification w/night endorsement Coastal Navigation Certification Kona Kai Resort

BECOME A MASTER MARINE SURVEYOR: Best in business. NAVTECH/US Surveyors. Marine surveyor course. 1-800-245-4425, Commercial & recreational available.

3M CUSTOM INTERIORS & CANVAS: Marine interior design, fabrication. Complete boat interiors. Exterior and Interior cushions, carpet and canvas. Now offering residential retractable awnings. 25yrs experience. Serving San Diego to LA. 949-375-1770,, BOAT YARD SAN DIEGO/STORAGE: Full service. Call 619-218-1018 or email SHIPWRIGHT & SURVEYOR: Custom woodworking and fiberglass repairs, restorations, & modifications. Quality work. Reliable. Reasonable rates. Fully equipped shop. References available. 619-995-1924 **USCG MASTER** offers Boat Operation Instruction. Yacht Delivery, and Safety Training, etc. aboard your vessel. Call for pricing information: 951-642-2489, or email

54 • Jan. 26 - Feb. 8, 2018 • The Log

Log Classifieds YACHT DELIVERY

TO PLACE AN AD, Call 800-887-1615, or online at


DELIVERIES, INSTRUCTION, and all other professional Captain services. Sail, power., 619-275-3839, San Diego Skippers Association

YACHT DELIVERY USCG LICENSED 100 TON MASTER: Delivery, Instruction, Private Captain Services. Professional and courteous service. Located in San Diego. Please call Captain Dean at 602-653-7429 or go to SAN DIEGO BOAT MOVERS/STORAGE: Specialists 40 Years. Backyard, Longhaul, Oversize. 619-582-0700 or 800-660-8132.

USCG LICENSED 100 TON MASTER: Delivery, Lessons, Private Captain. Sail/Power. Experience, courteous. Over 160,000 blue water miles. Contact Jeffrey Matzdorff: 323-855-0191,

ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT SAILING, LLC: Experienced USCG licensed Captains up to 500 gross tons. Worldwide deliveries focus on Pacific Coast, including Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii. Personalized instructions, yacht sales, yacht management and consulting services. Check us out first! 619905-1967

BOAT STORAGE & TRANSPORT: A&D Logistics, Inc., previously Cal Western Boat Movers. Visit our website: 50 years experience. Call 619-722-6113.

USCG CERTIFIED CAPTAINS: Deliveries, Charters, Instruction. From Alaska to Panama. Multiple deliveries Hawaii to California, Atlantic crossing, Caribbean, Mediterranean. Captain Nikolay Alexandrov 858-531-1175, Captain Assen Alexandrov 858-531-4788

HOBBIE SUP WITH CARBON PADDLE: Model ATR-11. Lightly used, near new condition. $995 is less than haf of retail. 949-350-7861. ONYX INFLATABLE LIFE VEST: A/M 24, US Coast Guard approved (adult size). Brand new. Cost: $108. First $50 takes it. Ventura, CA 541-941-7451 PARA-TECH SEA ANCHOR, 18’ Cape Horn, $400. Nissan 2-stroke 8hp outboard, $500. 60lb CQR $100. Van Nuys or MDR. 818-781-2111 EMPTY 55 GALLON DRUMS for sale. $10.00 each. Call 619-562-5666 18 FOOT BOAT TRAILER: $500/obo. Call/text: 619-507-7673.

YACHT CHARTERS • MANAGEMENT • Deliveries • Instruction • Excursions • Sunset Sails • Fishing. Call Captain Don Grigg: 980-722-1674 or email:

**USCG MASTER** offers Boat Operation Instruction. Yacht Delivery, and Safety Training, etc. aboard your vessel. Call for pricing information: 951-642-2489, or email


ALLBOATMOVERS, LLC: Boat transport, power/sail, 16’ to 65’. US and world-wide. Land & sea. Veteran owned since 1991. Call Pasta Bobby at 800-926-2875 Ext. 415, email, or visit


PFAFF-130 SEWING MACHINE Sews leather, canvas, Sunbrella, straight and zigzag stitch. New motor. $150. 562-598-5444, Larry. WW-II NAVY SEXTANT: Accurate. Undamaged telescope. Filters. Original wooden box. Collector’s item. Serious inquiries only. $500. Jim: 619-280-3910.

EQUIPMENT, PARTS & GEAR I BUY HONDA OUTBOARDS in poor condition for salvage. 2-90hp only. Will pick up and pay cash. Overhauls. Call for reconditioned sales inventory. Wanted: Honda remote throttles. 818427-2144., MAXWELL VWC-1200 WINDLASS with solenoid. Like new, $1000 obo. SUNCOR SEAMASTER polished stainless steel danforth 45lb anchor. Like new, $900 obo. Uline Icemaker model 195. Like new, $650 obo. Darryl: 949-463-2570.

CUSTOM FABRICATED WINDOW TREATMENTS for any shape window. Blinds, Roman shades, Roller shades, Cellular shades. 310-308-1844, 888-771-5309,,

TRAILERS & ACCESSORIES 27’ PACIFIC DOUBLE-AXLE TRAILER, 2006: In great condition. Disc brakes, side boards. Original owner. $3,500. Call 760-207-7447 or email TRAILER REPAIRS: Modifications, wholesale, sandblast, zincpoxy, loaners, rentals, roadside emergency service, new aluminum trailers, sideguides, bunks, disc conversions. Call 619-301-7880. WALLSTRONG TRAILER SERVICE & REPAIR business for sale. 31 years. 5 star business. Huge inventory and turn key operation. Must relocate. $250-$300 gross annually. Sale for $100,000. Steve: 562-889-0936






96’ OCEAN ALEXANDER MY 2009/2012 100’ BROWARD SKYLOUNGE MY 1986 Twin Detroit 12v71s, vey spacious layout, many upgrades. Twin CAT C32 ACERT 1,825 hp, semi-custom Ed Monk Jr. design. Paul Enghauser (949) 606-3952, Newport Beach. Rick Weisenberger (714) 745-6560, Newport Beach.



66’ AZIMUT FLYBRIDGE MOTORYACHT 2017 Lowest-priced on market, Sleeps 8 in 4 staterooms + 2 crew, twin CAT C18 diesels w/ 125 hrs, Seakeeper stabilized, fully equipped, price to sell. Stunning. Rick Weisenberger (714) 745-6560, Newport Beach.


82’ MYSTICA 2008 65’ VIKING CONVERTIBLE 2003 Bow & stern thrusters, stabilized, tender, beautiful interior. Twin 16V 2000 MTUs, 30 knot cruise, 38 tops, 4 cabins, throughout w/ 5 crew/guest rms. Eric Pearson, San Diego. fish equipped. Jim Birschbach, Newport Beach.


SOLD 60’ MCKINNA EXPRESS 2000 2 stateroom, CAT power, tender garage, A/C cockpit, beautiful interior. Eric Pearson, San Diego.

56’ CARVER VOYAGER 2006 Mint, low hrs, upgrades throughout, water maker, bow/ stern thrusters. Eric Pearson & Jacques Bor, San Diego.

55’ OCEAN ALEXANDER 2001 T-CAT 3196, 656 hrs, 3 strm 2 head, stabilized, AC/heat. Paul Enghauser (949) 606-3952, Newport Beach.

54’ BERTRAM CONVERTIBLE 1987 Twin Detroit 12V92s, upgraded int, loaded, tournamentready. Paul Enghauser (949) 606-3952, Newport Beach.

50’ SEA RAY SUNDANCER 1998 Detroit engines upgraded to CAT 3176. 2 staterooms, 2 heads w/showers. Jacques Bor, San Diego.

48’ PACIFICA 1972 Immaculate, fully upgraded w/ new electrical panel, wiring, etc. Phil Kinnison, San Diego.

44’ NAVIGATOR CLASSIC 2002 Volvo diesels, 2 staterooms, 2 heads, lower helm, watermaker. Todd Sherman, Newport Beach.

43’ CALIFORNIAN COCKPIT MY 1985 CAT 3208T, water-maker, upgraded interior, great liveaboard. Guy Buxman (714) 330-1514, Newport Beach.



38’ BLOCK ISLAND 1960 1 of a kind, exceptionally maintained, new sails, full cover, 9.5’ hard bottom tender. Alan Faiers, San Diego.

38’ EGG HARBOR CONVERTIBLE 1994 Great Catalina boat, large 15’ beam, 100 hrs on rebuilt engines, 2 staterooms. Todd Sherman, Newport Beach.


36’ OFFSHORE PT CONVERTIBLE 1987 35’ CHAPPARAL 2006 Twin Ford Lehman 275 hp, low hours, outriggers, new 2 staterooms, heat/AC, generator, tender, bow thruster, Bimini. Paul Enghauser (949) 606-3952, Newport Beach. matching black hull, full canvas. Eric Pearson, San Diego.


35’ TIARA EXPRESS 2001 T-Cummins 370 hp, exceptional living space, AC/heat. Paul Enghauser (949) 606-3952, Newport Beach.

32’ EVERGLADES 325CC 2015 T-350 Yamaha, loaded w/options + custom black hull, 50 mph. Paul Enghauser (949) 606-3952, Newport Beach.

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32’ INTREPID CC 2013 Smooth, dry ride. Custom-built factory-direct for each customer. Todd Sherman, Newport Beach.

SEATTLE (206) 625-1580

29’ TIARA CORONET 2006 Twin Crusaders, 375 hp each, extremely clean, custom arch, teak cockpit table. Dennis Riehl, Newport Beach.

NEWPORT BEACH (949) 574-7600

W W W. C R O W S N E S T Y A C H T S . C O M

SAN DIEGO (619) 222-1122

The Log Newspaper – January 26, 2018  
The Log Newspaper – January 26, 2018