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SoCal Classics – Phantom, P. 19 California Boating News Since 1971

No. 1078

National Safe Boating Week is proclaimed into law by Pres. Trump


oating safety is a year-round practice, but that hasn’t stopped federal officials from trying to raise awareness of best practices on the water. Pres. Donald J. Trump, just the same, recently signed a proclamation favoring National Safe Boating Week. What does this seven-day period mean for boaters? P. 16



June 15 - 28, 2018



Port of San Diego hopes to get a grip on illegal charters


nglers, boaters and other marine professionals congregated at the Port of San Diego headquarters on June 4 to share their collective frustrations with illegal charter operations in America’s Finest City. Will the port district find a way to manage charter operations in San Diego Bay? What can other harbors and marinas and ports learn from what’s happening in San Diego? P. 6

“In-Danger” designation for vaquita habitat could be delayed


species of marine mammal forecast to be extinct within the next few years would not earn an “In-Danger” designation, if a UNESCO recommendation were approved on June 24. Fewer than 30 vaquita porpoises exist in the northern reaches of the Gulf of California. When can the species, which is losing its population at a rapid rate, earn an “In-Danger” designation, if not now? P. 18

E15 gas pump labels might be beefed up Legislation has been proposed in Washington, D.C., to require conspicuous labeling of fuel pumps containing gasoline with 15 percent ethanol, or E15. Will the proposal gain traction in Congress (and eventually land on Pres. Trump’s desk for signature)? P. 3

OC Coastkeeper releases observational report of local MPAs More than 21,000 people visited Orange County’s Marine Protected Areas, according to an OC Coastkeeper report issued in early June. The report found most human activities in the MPAs revolved around boating, diving, running, snorkeling and swimming. P. 28

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Oceanside Yacht Club will again support The Elizabeth Hospice The 16th annual Charity Regatta to benefit The Elizabeth Hospice returns to Oceanside, as the local yacht club will host the racing event in the nonprofit’s honor on Aug. 4 and 5. P. 26

Save the waters you love The next time you hop on board your boat, stop by the bathroom first or be prepared to visit a sewage pumpout station later. To find the one nearest your favorite spot download the Pumpout Nav App at


The Log • June 15 - 28, 2018 • 3

E15 gas pump labels might be beefed up

By Parimal M. Rohit

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Two representatives from the Southeastern U.S. introduced a consumer protection bill on Capitol Hill as part of an effort to prevent boaters from misfueling at the pump. Reps. Austin Scott (R-Georgia) and Lois Frankel (D-Florida) introduced House Resolution 5855 (H.R. 5855) on May 16 and proposed to require gas pumps with 15 percent ethanol fuel, or E15, blends to feature new labeling. The labels would clearly inform boaters and consumers they are filling up with E15, which has regularly been identified by boating advocates as corrosive and harmful to recreational vessels. Scott and Frankel, by requiring gas station owners to provide clearly written notifications about E15, hope boaters would be on notice of a gas pump containing potential corrosive or harmful fuel. H.R. 5855 – also known as the Consumer Protection and Fuel Transparency Act of 2018 – specifically calls for gas pumps dispensing E15 fuels to be equipped with more

“By making fuel pump labels easier to decipher and coordinating public education programs, this legislation can save consumers time and energy at the pumps and avoid headaches and costs down the road,” Scott continued. Gasoline blends with 15 percent ethanol are prohibited from being used in boats, chainsaws, lawnmowers, motorcycles and snowmobiles. However E15 fuels still manage to get into those engines due to misfueling, according to various advocacy groups and media stories. Misfueling occurs whenever a gas pump does not H.R. 5855, if passed and signed into law, would require new – and more conspicuous – labeling of fuel pumps with E15 properly inform users (gasoline fuel blends with 15 percent ethanol). (through labeling) it contains E15 fuel. detailed labeling, informing boaters “E15 fuel has been determined to and others of the pump’s gasoline not be suitable for small engines in content. outdoor equipment and non-road “As we are presented with more products as E15 can cause corrosion, choices at the gas pump, it is imperreduced fuel storage, and less engine ative that American consumers know lubrication resulting in engines to exactly what kind of fuel they are overheat,” a statement issued by Scott’s putting into their engines,” Scott said office said. “Examples of impacted in a released statement. “Gas pumps equipment include items such as lawn today are riddled with confusing labels mowers, weed eaters, generators, that fail to adequately warn consumers motorcycles, all-terrain vehicle (ATVs), of the dangers of fueling small engine and boats, among others. E15 can also equipment with E15. cause issues for vehicles, especially Parimal M. Rohit photo

Proposed bill in House of Representatives calls for ethanol gas pumps to be labeled more clearly.

those produced before 2001.” Scott and Frankel are both members of the Congressional Boating Caucus. The representatives discussed the bill at a press briefing hosted by National Marine Manufactures Association (NMMA), the boating organization that has regularly opposed E15 fuel uses in marine engines. NMMA and other recreational boating-themed organizations have advocated for the use of biobutanol fuel in marine engines. “NMMA will also continue to work to promote a safe E15 alternative, biobutanol, as well as continue to fight back against efforts to expand the sale of E15. However, as long as E15 is on the market, more consumer safeguards are needed and the Scott-Frankel legislation helps tremendously in this regard,” a NMMA blog post about H.R. 5855 stated. Thom Dammerich, NMMA’s president, urged passage of H.R. 5855 as a means to protect the nation’s 142 million boaters from misfueling. “Currently 63 percent of consumers assume all products sold at these stations are safe for their engines despite the fact that high ethanol fuel blends are prohibited in boat engines [and] 95 percent of boat owners fuel their boat at a local gas station,” Dammerich stated in an NMMA statement. “Consumer awareness at the pump is so critical.”

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4  •  June 15 - 28, 2018  •  The Log


Ocean Beach residents catch rare glimpse of a mermaid over holiday weekend


By Devon Warren

 NEWS BRIEFS NATION/WORLD Trump praises Coast Guard during change-ofcommand ceremonies in Washington WASHINGTON, D.C. (LOG NEWS SERVICE) — Pres. Donald Trump proclaimed America is safe because the U.S. Coast Guard is “strong.” “You are the elite force that defends our borders, patrols our waters, protects our cities, and keeps our enemies at bay,” Trump said. Trump spoke June 1 while presiding over a Coast Guard

sure as to exactly who and how Princess of the Sea came to sit atop the rock, and no evidence has been confirmed. While some have taken kindly to the Princess of the Sea, others have not been as

iconic mermaid statuesDARK to represent their cities, includBKGND ing Havis Amanda in Helsinki, Finland and the Syrenka in Warsaw, Poland. In 2006, town residents of Beaufort, BW South Carolina decided to decorate and place 31 statues in likeness to the mythical sea sirens for an art project. And, of course, Copenhagen, Denmark is home to the famed “Little Mermaid” statue that pays homage to the popular fairytale-turned-Disney-movie originally penned by Hans Christian Andersen. As the story develops, The Log will be sure to make any updates about where Princess of the Sea came from – she has certainly made a splash with Ocean Beach visitors.

change-of-command ceremony in Washington during which Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Paul F. Zukunft handed command to Adm. Karl Schultz, who became the nation’s 26th commandant. “On behalf of the American people, I thank you for a lifetime of noble service. Congratulations on everything you have achieved,” Trump told Zukunft. Trump said that during his 45 years of service Zukunft “has led every kind of mission, and he has never backed down ever, ever, ever.” During his tenure as commandant for the past four years, Zukunft “has lead with extraordinary skill, and devotion, and

pride.” Zukunft worked tirelessly to protect America’s interest in the Arctic, the president said.“[With our] new budget, $700 billion … this year, $716 billion next year … you’re going to be very well taken care of,” Trump said, adding that the Coast Guard is on course to receive its “first new, heavy icebreaker in more than 40 years, and plenty other ships and boats and equipment and everything you need.” Trump recalled watching the Coast Guard last year after powerful hurricanes struck Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. Trump said no brand has gained more than the Coast Guard and the public has

“tremendous respect” for it. “Through driving winds and pounding rain and thundering seas, the Coast Guard is always there, doing what it does best: saving lives,” Trump said. “With this ceremony,” Trump said,“we proudly pass the helm of the United States Coast Guard to the man who oversaw those emergency operations: Admiral Karl Schultz.” As commandant, Schultz is responsible for all worldwide Coast Guard activities and oversees some 41,000 active-duty and 7,000 part-time military personnel, 8,500 civilian full-time employees and 31,000 civilian auxiliary volunteers.

Gary Buzel -

SAN DIEGO — Locals were mystified when a mermaid – or rather an art installation of sorts replicating one – appeared on Sunset Cliff’s Ross Rock over Memorial Day Weekend. Onlookers have dubbed her “Aquatica,” “Ariel” and “Princess of the Sea.” The rock the mermaid sits on is also known as “Bird S***Rock” by locals and is in proximity to Ocean Beach. Some have reported two men were seen atop the rock posing the mermaid, which is seemingly mannequin-like. Though photos were snapped of the two men, locals are not


pleased by her sudden presence. According to reports by CBS8, Sunset Cliff Advisory Council referred to her as graffiti. On the opposite end, a San Diego City spokesperson stated she does not pose a threat to anyone. An overwhelming number of comments on Twitter seemed to enjoy the mermaid and encouraged city officials to allow her to stay. Katie Thompson wrote, “I say keep the mermaid! She’s beautiful and just might bring more business to Ocean Beach by her being there.” Another commenter on Twitter wrote, “Keep the mermaid. Ditch the haters.” Many other locations around the world have adopted

This mermaid, known to locals as “Aquatica,” “Ariel” and “Princess of the Sea,” is currently sitting atop Ross Rock at Sunset Cliff.

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June 15 - 28, 2018

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HEART AND SOUL OF A SAILOR Pictured here, Malaika Grace, a 10-and-a-half-year-old American Hairless Terrier, explores beautiful Newport Harbor aboard her Harbor 20. Her owner, Debra Haynes, says, “She is my heart and soul. Since I am allergic to dogs with fur or hair, I have her because she is a hairless breed. She is a good girl and a great sailor!”

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News Briefs From page 4

Schultz, a native of East Hartford, Connecticut, graduated from the Coast Guard Academy in 1983.

RV maker Winnebago gets into boating with purchase of ChrisCraft DES MOINES, Iowa (LOG NEWS SERVICE) — Recreational vehicle manufacturer Winnebago Industries announced June 4 that it had acquired boat maker Chris-Craft to expand beyond motor homes and travel trailers and create a diversified outdoor lifestyle products company. Winnebago, based in Forest City, Iowa, hasn’t disclosed details of the transaction but said it would finance the deal with cash and debt. Chris-Craft has a recreational boating brand history dating back to 1874 when 13-year-old Christopher Columbus Smith built his first wooden boats referred to as “punts” or “skiffs.” Known worldwide for their luxurious mahogany-hulled open cockpit powerboats of the 1920s through 1950s, ChrisCraft built their last mahogany boat – a 57-foot Constellation – in 1971. In the early 1950s, Chris-Craft expanded its lineup to include 139 powerboat models and by 1955 they had manufactured their first fiberglass boat. Currently Chris-Craft has a broad portfolio of stern drive and outboard boats ranging in size from 21 to 38 feet, which the firm says, have been sold in more than 50 different countries since 2010. London-based investment firm Stellican Ltd. has owned Chris-Craft since 2001. Michael Happe, Winnebago’s president and CEO, said he sees a significant intersection between the RV and marine lifestyles and views the boat business as a natural addition to its existing outdoor recreation portfolio, with similar customer demographics and ownership crossover. An article in the June 4 edition of the Des Moines, Iowa Star Register reported Ashis Bhattacharya, Winnebago’s vice president for strategic planning said that about a third of the company’s customers are boat owners in addition to having recreational vehicles and that the opportunity for Winnebago to have an added presence in the general outdoor lifestyle market has been a priority. Stephen Heese will stay on as ChrisCraft president and Winnebago expects to maintain the boat manufacturer’s Sarasota, Florida headquarters.

House of Representatives committee approves E15 education amendment WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. House of Representatives’ Appropriations Committee approved an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2019 Interior, Environment and Related Agencies spending bill, June 6, calling for a public education and outreach campaign of E15 (gasoline with 15 percent ethanol). The amendment, introduced by Rep. Andy Harris, R-Maryland, and supported by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), would encourage the Environmental Protection Agency to pursue campaign educating the public on the effects of E15 on marine engines. The bill, as a whole, would provide $35.25 billion in funding for a variety of

The Log • June 15 - 28, 2018 • 5

environmental and interior programs. Committee members adopted the Harris amendment by voice vote. -Parimal M. Rohit

STATE Training Resources Ltd. announces merger with Maritime Institute, Inc., of San Diego SAN DIEGO — Training Resources Ltd., Inc., announced the operations of Maritime Institute, Inc., of San Diego, would be merged into Training Resources’ San Diego facilities. Training Resources CEO Dave Abrams, who recently acquired 50 percent of the company, will be the chief executive of the combined operation. “Combining Maritime Institute’s great team with TRL’s world class facilities will allow us to serve the certified US Coast Guard training needs for all professional mariners. Maritime Institute has a stellar reputation for taking care of their students and because of that they were a great fit for our culture, and their courses fill a void in our offerings for lower tonnage ratings,” Abrams said. Training Resources provides training experiences for professional mariners and has more than 50 approved Coast Guard courses to provide certifications in deck, engineering and safety requirements. Maritime Institute, meanwhile, was founded in 1976 and was most recently owned by H.G.“Rags” and Kathy Laragione. The company also provided training to professional and recreational mariners.


BOOM July 4, 2018 at 9 pm


Listen or watch live

Council District 2&7

Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer

BAE Systems • Bay Club Hotel & Marina • Best Western Island Palms • Chicago Title • EDCO • Harrah’s Hilton San Diego Airport/Harbor Island • Hilton San Diego Bayfront • Hornblower Cruises and Events Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn • SD International Airport • Kona Kai Resort and Spa San Diego Convention Center• San Diego Marriott SpringHill Suites & Residence Inn • San Diego Symphony

Port of Los Angeles completes Harbor Boulevard roadway improvement SAN PEDRO — The Port of Los Angeles and City Council member Joe Buscaino officially celebrated the completion of Harbor Boulevard’s $15.6 million roadway improvements in San Pedro. The newly configured road, according to city and port officials, improves traffic flow and provides more streamlined access to the planned San Pedro Public Market space on the L.A. Waterfront. Los Angeles Harbor Commission President Jaime Lee added the port district’s next project would bring a new town square on the San Pedro waterfront online. The planned town square would be built where a marina and restaurants once existed. “The town square and promenade is expected to begin in spring of 2019,” Port of L.A. staff stated in a release.“The new public promenade will run parallel to the Los Angeles Main Channel for more than a half mile, meeting the new town square at 6th Street, just east of Harbor Boulevard. The promenade and town square will include such amenities as public seating, landscaping, hardscaping, architectural finishes, handrails and lighting.” San Pedro Public Market is expected to occupy 40 acres and cost about $152 million to build. Port district staff plans to open the new waterfront destination in 2021. Harbor Boulevard’s improvement took about 18 months to complete. More than half of the project’s funding – $8.6 million – came in the form of a L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority grant. -Parimal M. Rohit

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6 • June 15 - 28, 2018 • The Log




Write to: The Log Editorial, 18475 Bandilier Circle Fountain Valley, CA 92708-7000; or email


Letters/Online Comments

Devon Warren photo

Re: Redondo Beach’s controversial “Waterfront” redevelopment remains in limbo (June 1-14 issue)

Harbor uses should remain the priority Emdee and Bruning accusing residents of playing the race card is purely revisionist fiction. Early in the process, Bruning was quoted in a local paper saying the area needed revitalization because there are “scary people down there.” The most avid supporters of CenterCal posted about people with “ghetto blasters” at Seaside Lagoon; Mexicans camping on the pier, and people “not reflective of Redondo demographics.” Bruning took what a few people said about a theater at the waterfront and ignored the overwhelming majority who spoke in opposition. The fact of the matter is Bruning was the first to talk about a theater as part of the development. And Emdee is copping out. The people want broad harbor revital-

BW ization. But they want one that is not so impactful on long standing recreational uses of the harbor as an actual harbor. We have many, many alternatives to shop, dine and see movies, but in the 25 miles of coastline between MDR and the Port of Los Angeles there is only one harbor. Harbor uses should remain the priority of the harbor. And we can revitalize without supersizing. Jim Light

The unwanted “Mall by the Sea” Did you ever read the pro-CenterCal Facebook page moderated by Tony Trutanich, Jr. and Chris Voisey? It is full of race-baiting and fear of “the other” with many, many instances of derogatory rhetoric directed at non-Redondo residents. This article makes no mention of that, and instead swallows the CenterCal-approved B.S. claiming the racism is actually coming from…we, the residents??? CenterCal, you miserable scumbags: Get the hell out of our city and bring your fired ex-VP and chief propagandist Ms. Marraffino and your unwanted Mall by the Sea with you. You are not worthy of our time. John

On Board With Johnson

See COMMENTS page 8



Port of San Diego hopes to get a grip on illegal charters Community input meeting is met with standing-room-only crowd, but solutions remain unclear. By Parimal M. Rohit SAN DIEGO — Frustration? Meet Bureaucracy. Bureaucracy? Meet Frustration. Tempers aren’t yet flaring but local anglers, boaters and other maritime professionals are engaged in a tense dance with Port of San Diego officials, with both sides trying to figure out how to address the topic of illegal charter operations. Also in the mix is the U.S. Coast Guard and San Diego city officials, meaning there are several thumbs in the pie. Whether there are too many cooks in the kitchen remains to be seen, but there were certainly an overflow of attendees at a recent public workshop on illegal charter operations. Port district staff hosted the workshop in hopes of gathering as much input as possible within a one-hour span. It could be a while before the provided input – and there was certainly plenty of input to go around – translates into tangible policy. Even more time would pass before whatever the Port of San Diego decides to enact trickles up north and (potentially) influences policymaking at other harbors and marinas. The issue, of course, is the pursuit of operating

a boating-themed business while circumventing already established regulations. There appears to be no shortage of people out there who offer fishing trips, harbor tours or whale-watching excursions without meeting Coast Guard or Port of San Diego requirements. These under-the-radar operations, in turn, avoid sharing a slice of their respective revenues with the port district, while also undercutting the regulation-complying competition. Those illegal charter operators, coincidentally and obviously, were probably the only ones not attending the Port of San Diego public workshop (which was held at the port’s headquarters on June 4). The regulation-complying operators – and those attempting to comply – took turns sharing their perspectives on how to minimize illegal charter operations, which happens to be a prevailing issue at several harbors. (The Log has already covered this topic in Dana Point and Marina del Rey, for example.) Some believed stricter or more proactive enforcement of the rules and regulations already on the books would go a long way in reducing illegal charter operations in San Diego Bay. Others worried the advent of illegal charter operations was the direct result of bureaucracy and frustration with the system. One person who moved to San Diego from Alaska, for example, See STANDING WATCH page 8

by J.R. Johnson

FAST FACTS: San Miguel Island’s “Lost Liberator” By Parimal M. Rohit

CHANNEL ISLANDS — One of the Channel Islands – San Miguel Island – was the site of a plane crash. The plane: a bomber belonging to the U.S. Army Air Forces. The B-24 Liberator was lost on July 5, 1943. She was dispatched out of Salinas Army Air Base that day to search for another B-24 – Eddie Rickenbacker – which went missing during a training mission off the Santa Barbara coast the previous evening. Foggy conditions apparently caused Liberator to crash into San Miguel Island’s Green Mountain. The mountain’s peak is 817 feet and Liberator was believed to be flying at a 500-foot altitude. Officials reportedly required eight months to

recover wreckage of the plane – and the bodies of the 12 men aboard. Those 12 men will be honored on July 5 of this year – exactly 75 years after they crashed into Santa Miguel Island. Eddie Rickenbacker’s wreckage was eventually found on the mainland, 10 miles north of Santa Barbara. Fuel shortage reportedly caused the bomber’s crash. Her crew, according to a report, parachuted from the plane prior to the crash. Eight of the bomber’s airmen reportedly survived. Santa Barbara Maritime Museum will host an event commemorating the lost flight of Liberator. The “Salute to San Miguel Island’s Lost Liberator” event will be held July 5, 4-6 p.m., at the museum. Santa Cruz Island Foundation, Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation and the museum sponsor the event.



sun s



t a c h w the ot

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8  •  June 15 - 28, 2018  •  The Log

Standing Watch From page 6

stated he has been making every effort to start his own compliant charter operation but has been unable to do so because the port district makes it too difficult to succeed. Yet another complaint: Marinas, which are given deference to provide charter operations with dock space, aren’t cooperating. Several charter operators who attended the June 4 workshop complained marinas don’t accept such vessels at their docks. The advent of illegal charter operations translates into the industry as a whole becomes less and less lucrative for those who do follow the rules, according to one operator. Illegal charter operators charge lower rates, which means those who operate legally have to maintain low prices themselves just to compete. Yet how can regulation-following charters function financially whey they can’t make enough money to cover compliance issues or what they owe to the port? Also complicating the issue is the multijurisdictional element of enforcing regulations. Agencies on the federal, state and local level are all involved. San Diego’s Harbor Police, meanwhile, hopes to address the issue through increased education. “I don’t want to criminalize everything. I don’t want to make this a law enforcement … issue,” Chief Mark

Comments From page 6

Re: Pres. Trump signals okay for yearround sales of E15 (June 1-14 issue)

More expensive, lower mileage So why we are still burdened with ethanol? More expensive, lower mileage. Paying off the farmers at the expense of the consumer who pays higher gas prices, higher food costs and less performance and mileage is not I expected from Trump. Rollo

Re: Sneakaboards: Too Much Government Regulation? (May 18-31 issue)

Are liveaboards effecting the environment? The big complaint I remember hearing

Stainbrook told the standing-room audience at the June 4 workshop. Stainbrook added it was his aim to share with as many people as possible the rules and regulations for them to follow. Yet some stated education is not enough, adding fines and enforcement of regulations already on the book must

be part of the port district’s approach in addressing illegal charter operations. Establishing dedicated public dock space for all charter operations or maintaining a sanctioned marina/ landing was also suggested at the public workshop. The port district also has to factor

Mission Bay into the equation; the area north of the port district is within the city of San Diego’s jurisdiction. Any approved policy, ideally, would be a coordinated effort between the port district and San Diego City Hall, as to prevent illegal charter operations leaving the harbor and invading Mission Bay.

TAKE ACTION Port district staff must still develop an initial ordinance and flesh it out before the Board of Port Commissioners takes up a vote on the issue. Accordingly there is still plenty of time for interested parties to chime in and make suggestions of what the port district should do. Here are the key contacts to reach out to: San Diego Harbor Police Officer James Dreher 619-686-6277, Chief Mark Stainbrook Harbor Police Dispatch 619-686-6272 Port of San Diego Port President and CEO Randa Coniglio 619-686-6200, Commissioner Rafael Castellanos

Commissioner Robert “Dukie” Valderrama Commissioner Marshall Merrifield

Francis Barraza 619-236-6330 Twitter: @SDMayorsOffice

Commissioner Garry Bonelli

San Diego City Attorney Mara W. Elliott 619-236-6220,,

Commissioner Dan Malcolm

Gerry Braun, Chief of Staff 619-236-6220,

Commissioner Michael Zucchet

Code Enforcement Unit 619-533-5655

City of San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer

U.S. Coast Guard Office: 619-278-7025 After Hours: 619-252-1304

Commissioner Ann Moore

about too many live aboard was the effect on the environment. While this may have been true when people were dumping their sewage overboard that is not the case now. I do not think the people that live on their boats want to see our harbors decline anymore than anyone else. If anything they would be even more concerned about the ocean environment. The exception may be those that live on moorings away from a dock. It’s harder for them to avail themselves to dockside facilities such as restrooms, trash receptacles or showers. Mark Kamerer

Liveaboards infringing on homeowners Consideration to where some ‘liveaboards’ try to live on their own boats is necessary in this discussion. Some mooring spots are right in front of homeowners’ homes. A

homeowner does not want to be seeing the ‘liveaboards’ on their boats right out in front living and caring on their life. Often … not always some of these people pee in the bay, throw trash in the bay, and lead a noisy life style with little regard to the home owners whose front yards they are living in. This is one other aspect of LIVE ABOARDS that happen around So. Calif. Mary Longpre

No fairness in sneaking aboard The term “sneakaboard” is a totally valid term to indicate individuals that live on a vessel outside the compliance of the marina’s rules and policies. I’ve been on waiting lists for the privilege of living on my boat, and paid liveaboard fees once permission was granted. Where is the fairness to individuals like myself when others break the rules and “sneak” aboard. Marinas should

do a better job of policing the situation or just abolish the limitations and let everyone live on their boats if they want. Rules and policies are a waste if they are not enforced. Bob Eberwire

No smoking policy on the docks? I totally agree with Parimal Rohit. I have had boats in several local marinas and have always appreciated having some liveaboards in close proximity to help with security. As long as they don’t annoy others or start hanging out laundry or leave extraneous items on the dock, they are more than welcome in my book. One thing I would request though: A no-smoking policy on the docks and in their boats. This is a serious problem for the other tenants which can be easily overcome by a simple rule, easily enforced. Wayne Ford


The Log • June 15 - 28, 2018 • 9

Blips on the Radar Latest News Updates Updates are in the works for Oceanside Harbor’s operational manual and rules What Happened: Sources in Oceanside have confirmed revisions to the rules and operations of the municipally owned harbor are currently being made. An email from Vickie Prosser, Aide to City Councilmember Jack Feller, to The Log stated that Feller was aware these changes to Oceanside Harbor’s “Blue Book” are in the process of being made, but could not elaborate on the exact changes and “has not received anything definitive at this point.” Prosser continued on behalf of Feller, saying the changes will be addressed in the near future.

Ventura Port District Rendering

What’s On Tap: Some of the changes expected to be under consideration concern longstanding problems due to regulations – or lack thereof – with a focus on improving the management. The Log has confirmed changes to Oceanside Harbor’s rules are in the works but information of when such alterations – and how sweeping they might be – have not yet been shared. - Devon Warren

Work on the new Holiday Inn Express and Suites at Ventura Harbor is underway.

Construction starts on hotel expansion at Ventura Harbor What Happened: Construction on the Holiday Inn Express and Suites at Ventura Harbor is officially underway, according to a report. The hotel is located at the Ventura Port District, alongside a stretch of the harbor’s marinas. What’s On Tap: The hotel expansion will add 40 new guest rooms within a 10-minute walk of the harbor. Construction should be completed in spring 2019, according to a Ventura Port District statement. Port district staff added Holiday Inn’s room count would jump to 109 once work is completed; the hotel will also have an expanded lobby and views of boats in the marina whenever guests check-in. There will also be a new exterior entryway. Newport Beach-based Brighton Management owns and manages the Holiday Inn Express and Suites, which is located at 1080 Navigator Drive in Ventura. - Parimal M. Rohit

State Senate kibosh’s “Under the Influence” bill What Happened: Senate Bill 1247 (SB 1247), which proposed to extend to law enforcement officers who have reasonable cause to subject someone he or she believes to be operating a vessel under the influence of alcohol or drugs to a chemical test of blood,

By Parimal M. Rohit and Devon Warren

breath or urine, was held in the State Senate an will not advance to a larger vote. The bill, which was introduced by State Sen. Ted Gaines, R-El Dorado Hills, in February, was listed as “held in committee” after a May 25 hearing, meaning SB 1247 won’t move forward this legislative session. SB 1247 initially passed out of the State Senate’s Committee on Public Safety in April, but was placed on the suspense file when it arrived at the Appropriations Committee in early May. Gaines’ proposal did not progress from there.

What’s On Tap: The “Under the Influence” proposal won’t be going anywhere this year, and it is not yet clear whether Gaines or anyone else would introduce a similar proposal in the near future. - Parimal M. Rohit

L.A. County reaches agreement with Long Beach on marine debris agreement What Happened: Los Angeles County will reimburse the city of Long Beach up to $500,000 to cover the costs of removing

marine debris generated from upstream lands deposited at the city’s beaches and marinas via the Los Angeles River. Both agencies have entered into this arrangement annually since 1989. The county’s Board of Supervisors approved the reimbursement agreement June 6. “This agreement will provide the city [of Long Beach] with the funding assistance necessary to remove debris from the beaches and marinas generated by upstream land uses and conveyed by storm flows in the Los Angeles River,” county staff said in a report to supervisors. What’s On Tap: The $500,000-per-fiscal-year reimbursement would cover debris removal activities between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2019. - Parimal M. Rohit

Thursday, July 26, 2018

BCYC Leukemia Cup Golf Tournament with a Live and Silent Auction at Oak Creek Golf Course

10  •  June 15 - 28, 2018  •  The Log

Redondo Beach holds community outreach meeting on the rebuilding of Sportfishing Pier The general public is encouraged to give feedback on $693,000 design plans to update crumbling pier.

Sportfishing Pier Features/Amenities • Sportfishing (as of 6/8 the top ranked by voters) • Commercial operations (water taxis, Catalina Express, charters) • Floating dock (dock-and-dine, Kayak/SUP launch) • Special events space • Outdoor aspects (benches, fire pits, interactive art, etc.) • Pier building (restaurants, other operations)

REDONDO BEACH — Though it may be up in the air what will happen with Redondo Beach’s controversial harbor revitalization plan – referred to as “The Waterfront Project” – momentum has picked up during the community planning session to update the city’s tired Sportfishing Pier. The Redondo Beach City Council, in January, approved a contract with Moffatt & Nichol, the marine engineering firm that designed a $693,000 plan to update the structure of the decaying wooden pier. The pier has also been closed since the beginning of the year. All vendors operating there – including a local favorite Polly’s on the Pier, which had been open for more than 30 years – have moved to other locations. The fate of the Waterfront project won’t factor into the city’s plans for the Sportfishing Pier. At the first meeting, it was revealed there had been severe damage to the pier, including timber piles with complete breakage and large holes in the structure. Redondo Beach’s City Council decided to completely rebuild the pier instead of making repairs. Rebuilding

File photo

By Devon Warren

Two public outreach meetings have been held on the rebuilding of Sportfishing Pier in Redondo Beach. City survey results report that the top amenities requested has been sportfishing.

the pier could cost as much as $6 million. During a second meeting, the conversation continued as to how the new pier design can best serve the city. Findings so far have stated a desire for sportsfishing is currently the top favored amenity. Geraldine Trivedi, Civil Engineer for the City of Redondo Beach, stated in an email to The Log: “The City has held two community meetings on this subject to date and I

would describe the meetings as very positive and optimistic. Our City Council gave staff direction to solicit community input on this project so the redesign of the pier can best meet the community’s needs. Showing the community the possible features/amenities and receiving comments has been an exciting process. I’m happy to report that the highest desired amenity has been sportsfishing.” The public input phase of the process began on April 21, and the last of three planned outreach meetings is tentatively

Conceptual design options reviewed* • Bucktown Harbor Waterfront (New Orleans, LA) • Crown Bay Cruise Port (St. Thomas, Caribbean) • Pointe-a-Pitre Waterfront (Guadalupe, Caribbean) *The City has considered these structures to further determine the best option for the pier remodel. slated for the end of July, coinciding with evaluation of the preferred concept design between city officials, Moffatt & Nichol and a California Coastal See REDONDO BEACH page 14

IN MEMORIAM — Philip Tondreault By Devon Warren

With a 35-year city career under SAN PEDRO — Longtime property his belt, manager of Cabrillo Way Marina in San Tondreault Pedro and city worker, Philip Tondreault, began as has passed away at the age of 71. An outa junior pouring of heartfelt comments came as a administrative result of his sudden death as Tondreault assistant with had been a well-liked colleague, friend the police Philip Tondreault and family man. department’s Born in Boston, Tondreault was raised fiscal operain Long Beach. He received a B.A. in history tions division. In 1982, after taking night and two M.A. degrees in history and courses to transition into his true calling, public administration. Tondreault became a real estate officer



and transferred to the harbor department. A statement released by the Port of L.A. said:“Phil spent 17 years in the Real Estate Division handling many projects over time and taking a special interest in the marinas and land acquisition. It is thanks to Phil’s diligent work on acquiring land in Wilmington that the Port was able to build the Wilmington Waterfront Park.” During 2004, Tondreault returned as head of the Property Management Division at the Port of L.A after a brief departure after accepting a promotion in the General Services Department in the downtown area. Tondreault retired from city service in 2007, but his love of the harbor took him down an active path in the San Pedro city community. Those who knew him said he “was not afraid to roll up his sleeves to make things happen,” “was always willing to take on a leadership role,” and “staff remembers him for his kindness and genuine interest in their welfare and willingness to share his expertise.” His presence will be missed at the Harbor Department, Cabrillo Way Marina and San Pedro business community, according to his colleagues. Tondreault is survived by his wife, Korla, (who he met while she was a fellow colleague for the Port of L.A.) and their daughter, Alexis. A Celebration of Tondreault’s Life was held on June 12 in the main office of Cabrillo Way Marina.

The Log  •  June 15 - 28, 2018  •  11

Will legislation help state officials identify the why California’s fishing license sales have been declining? By Parimal M. Rohit

SACRAMENTO — An effort to determine why fishing license sales in California have steadily declined year over year appears to have gained some momentum, as Assembly member James Gallagher’s proposal to create an advisory group study California’s angling industry made it out of the state’s lower house, May 29. The Assembly unanimously approved Assembly Bill 2465 (AB 2465) shortly after the Memorial Day Weekend, setting the stage for Gallagher’s proposal to be deliberated in the State Senate. AB 2465 specifically proposes the creation of a “sport fishing industry group” to work with the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) in identifying barriers to sportfishing participation. The group – known as R3 Group – would also be tasked with developing and approving recommendations to remove the barriers it believes contribute to the steady decline in sportfishing license sales. R3 stands for “Recruitment, Retention, and Reactivation.” The R3 Group would be activated by Feb. 1, 2019, should AB 2465 become law. “Fishing license sales in California peaked in the early 1980s with approximately 2.5 million licenses being issued in a single year. In 2017, there were approximately 1.8 million licenses issued. However, in that time, annual (year-long) licenses fell from nearly 2.3 million to approximately 1 million,” a legislative analysis of AB 2465 stated. DFW’s revenues from sportfishing activity, when adjusted for inflation, have remained steady at $60-65 million annually since the 1980s, according to a legislative analysis of AB 2465. The annual revenue supports the department’s Fish and Game Preservation Fund, or FGPF, but the discretionary account’s status is dire, according to the Assembly’s May 26 legislative analysis. “The FGPF has a structural deficit of approximately $20 million annually,” the legislative analysis stated. Gov. Jerry Brown, interestingly enough, proposed to address the budget deficit with his 2018-19 budget, which will be up for a vote shortly. Brown specifically proposed to direct $51 million in new funding toward DFW, with $20 million allocated to cover the FGPF deficit and $31 million “to expand DFW activities.” The $51 million would be funded by tire recycling fees, vehicle registration and driver’s license fees (Motor Vehicle Account) and the General Fund. Operating the R3 Group would also come costs, though a specific budget has not yet been determined.

The Assembly’s Appropriations Committee stated associated costs for the group could include fulfilling public meeting law requirements and hiring an R3 Group coordinator. Gallagher’s bill might give legislators and policymakers some insight on why California’s sportfishing interests have been diminishing. To date there has been no clear consensus of what path state officials, industry leaders and everyday anglers should take in addressing the states sportfishing participation woes.

Parimal M. Rohit photo

Assembly approves proposal to address barriers to sportfishing

Assembly member James Gallagher’s proposal to create a group to study the sportfishing industry and make suggestions to reverse declining participation rates was approved by California’s lower legislative house.

DFW already offers free fishing days, Fishing in the City, Fishing

Passport Program, Heritage Trout Challenge, Trout Fest events, Vamos A Pescar Grant Program and direct email marketing. “The extent to which these programs are coordinated or address common failures of R3 efforts is not clear,” the Assembly legislative analysis stated. Anglers and recreational fishing advocacy groups, meanwhile, have argued inflexible license fee schemes, the creation/expansion of Marine Protected Areas and attempts to ban lead fishing weights are the leading disincentives to fishing in California.

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12  •  June 15 - 28, 2018  •  The Log

Assembly approves bill to create Office of Sustainable Outdoor Recreation Proposal aims to promote job growth and recreational activities such as fishing and kayaking.

SACRAMENTO — Prospects of what some might consider an added layer of bureaucracy took one step forward on May 30, as California’s Assembly members unanimously approved Assembly Bill 1918 (AB 1918). The bill proposes to establish an Office of Sustainable Outdoor Recreation. AB 1918, which was proposed by Assembly member Eduardo Garcia, D-El Centro, is now being considered in the State Senate; the bill’s first stop is the upper house’s Committee on Rules. A recently published legislative analysis of AB 1918 stated the office, if ultimately created, would achieve four goals: • Promote economic development and job growth in California’s outdoor recreation economy • Develop data on the effects of outdoor recreation in California • Recommend and coordinate policies to increase and enhance recreational activities, and

Parimal M. Rohit photo

By Parimal M. Rohit

Plans to establish an Office of Sustainable Outdoor Recreation is moving through the state legislature. Assembly members approved AB 1918 on May 30. Will the proposal gain traction in the State Senate?

• Operate as the “central point of contact for the outdoor recreation industry in California.” The office would also have an advisory board “to provide advice, expertise, support and service,” according to the Assembly’s most recent legislative analysis. Members of the advisory board would hail from nonprofit organizations, tourism boards, businesses offering outdoor recreational goods or services, government agencies engaged in land management and state


Call for more information or to schedule a visit:



agencies. Other states have similar offices or agencies already in place, according to a statement issued by Garcia’s office in April. “Despite the fact California by far holds the largest outdoor recreation economy in the nation, eight other states have already established similar offices of outdoor recreation or statelevel positions dedicated to this same purpose,” the statement issued by Garcia’s office stated. “The office [proposed in AB 1918] envisioned by this measure will work in conjunction with the diverse public, private, and nonprofit partners to help make our state’s programs and policies more relevant to the experiences that people are having and want to have in the outdoors.” California’s outdoor recreation industry and participation, according to AB 1918, contributes about $92 billion to the state’s economy while also supporting 691,000 jobs. “California’s outdoor recreation economy is the largest in the nation,” language of AB 1918 stated. “Encouraging sustainable recreation practices will help grow the economic development potential of the outdoor recreation economy and enable wise public lands management decisions.”

Statistics cited in the Assembly’s most recent legislative analysis were slightly different. “According to the proponents, California’s outdoor recreation economy is the largest in the United States. It generates [more than] $85 billion in annual consumer spending and creates more than 730,000 direct jobs,” the Assembly legislative analysis, which was published on May 26, stated. “Sales of consumer goods, travel and tourism expenses, and the cost of participating in outdoor recreational activities all generate this spending that likewise contributes significantly to federal, state and local tax revenues.” The legislative analysis went on to explain why the Office of Sustainable Outdoor Recreation is needed. “Despite the size and impact of the outdoor recreation economy in California, there is no single state-level office or governmental body that has the visibility and authority necessary to promote and advance the sector and harness its impact to improve outdoor recreation opportunities in the state,” the May 26 legislative analysis stated. “Additionally, as California’s population continues to grow and diversify, there is an opportunity to actively engage the outdoor recreation industry to continue and grow its leadership on issues related to stewardship of natural resources and connecting Californians, especially those from diverse communities, to the outdoors.” Garcia’s proposal was approved by a 75-0 vote (with three votes not recorded). Both houses of the legislature must support the bill before moving forward to the governor’s desk for approval or veto. Proposition 68, a ballot initiative on the June 5 ballot, could provide support to the Office of Sustainable Outdoor Recreation, if created. The proposition, which was approved by voters, will authorize $4.1 billion in general obligation bonds climate adaptation, flood protection, natural resources protection, parks and water quality.

The Log  •  June 15 - 28, 2018  •  13

Voters approve $4.1 billion debt plan for outdoor recreation investment Proposition 68 would allocate funding for water projects and coastal protection. By Parimal M. Rohit STATEWIDE — California will assume $4.1 billion in general obligation bonds to fund projects on coastal and environmental protection, restoration and water infrastructure, thanks to voters approving Proposition 68 on June 5. The initiative – known as the California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access For All Act of 2018 – was placed on the primary election ballot after being approved by legislators last year. Proposition 68 was approved by 56 percent of the electorate (2,158,311), according to California’s Secretary of State office. Kevin DeLeon, the state senator who is currently challenging Sen. Dianne Feinstein for her U.S. Senate seat in Washington, D.C., introduced the initiative in 2017 to create, improve or increase access to recreational areas while also protecting the environment. “Many Californians across the state lack access to safe parks, wildlife, trails, and recreation areas, which limits their ability to experience the outdoors, improve their physical and emotional health, exercise, and connect with their communities,” the initiative’s language stated. “Investments to create and improve parks and recreation areas, and to create trail networks that provide access from neighborhoods to parks, wildlife, and recreational opportunities, will help ensure all Californians have access to safe places to exercise and enjoy recreational activities. “Continued investments in the state’s parks, wildlife and ecological areas, trails, and natural resources, and greening urban areas will help mitigate the effects of climate change, making cities more livable, and will protect California’s natural resources for future generations,” the initiative continued. Improving California’s water infrastructure was also a focus or Proposition 68. “California’s water infrastructure continues to age and deteriorate,” the initiative’s language stated. “Protecting and restoring lakes, rivers, streams, and the state’s diverse ecosystems is a critical part of the state’s water future and ensures the quality of life for all Californians.” Several Southern California waterways will receive millions of dollars under the initiative for conservation and management programs: • Two conservancies (Santa Monica Mountains, San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains) will receive $37.5 million, each, to enhance the Los Angeles River

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Proposition 68 – June 5 Vote Yes No

2,798,978 56.7 percent

2,139,301 43.3 percent

Slips, Anchorage and Now Renting Moorings Call for Pricing!

SOURCE: Secretary of State watershed • The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy will also receive $30 million, each, in general • Other Southern California conservancies receiving funding are Salton Sea Authority ($30 million), Sierra Nevada Conservancy ($30 million), Santa Ana River Conservancy Program ($16 million), San Diego Conservancy ($12 million), Santa Margarita River ($10 million), Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy ($7 million) and Baldwin Hills Conservancy ($6 million). California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife, meanwhile, will receive $50 million for deferred maintenance. Restoration activities identified in the Salton Sea Management Plan would receive $170 million, thanks to the bond; the funding here would satisfy California’s obligations under the management plan. Funding would also cover the following: • $175 million for ocean, bay and coastal protection • $443 million for various climate adaptation and resiliency projects • $18 million to the Wildlife Conservation Board for wildlife corridors, habitat protection for endangered species, habitat connectivity, and public access or trails • At least $25 million is available for stream restoration to benefit fisheries and wildlife • At least $60 million to the Wildlife Conservation Board to improve fish passage • At least $30 million for Southern California steelhead habitat • At least $30 million for fish, wildlife, wetland and habitat to the Department of Fish and Wildlife • $40 million to the Ocean Protection Trust Fund for climate resilience. The California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access For All Act of 2018 was approved by the state legislature (as Senate Bill 5) in September 2017 and signed by the governor in October 2017, allowing the proposal to be placed on the June 5 ballot.

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14 • June 15 - 28, 2018 • The Log

Illegal Defense: Improper Techniques of Seal Prevention A dock in Newport Beach Harbor apparently used nails to defend against seals.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA — A reader of The Log recently sent us a few photos of a dock in Newport Beach Harbor, with the sharp ends of long nails sticking out from its edges. The nails were apparently being used to deter – and injure – any seals seeking to claim a spot on the dock. The Log reached out to the city of Newport Beach and two state agencies – the California Coastal Commission and Fish and Game Commission – to determine whether nails could be used in this manner to deter seals away from a dock. We’re unsure who owns this dock or who placed these nails sharp side up along its perimeter. It’s also unclear whether these photos where doctored. What we were able to confirm, however, is use of nails in the manner portrayed in these photos is illegal. No one is allowed to use the sharp end of nails to prevent a seal from jumping onto a dock. Two sections of Newport Beach’s Municipal Code – 10.50.020 (Nuisances) and 17.25 (Berthing, Mooring and Storage) – were cited.

Eric Grandia photo

By Parimal M. Rohit

A dock in Newport Harbor had the sharp end of several nails pointed upwards (foreground and along the right side) as a defense mechanism against seals. The deterrent is illegal, according to Newport Beach staff. It is unclear who installed the nails on this dock.

Chapter 17.25 specifically stated: “Appropriate deterrent measures shall be defined as the latest methodology permitted by National Marine Fisheries Service to minimize sea lion boarding of vessels assigned to a mooring.” “Appropriate deterrent measures,” according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), include: • Closely spaced posts • Bull rails • Netting • Swim step protector • Flags • Pinwheels • Streamers • Flashing lights or strobes • Balloons • Horns

Sunset Aquatic Marina Redondo Beach of Huntington Harbor From page 10

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Slip sizes ranging from 18’ to 100’ Controlled access gangways 30 and 50 amp electrical service Free pump-out station Nighttime courtesy patrol Multiple-lane launch ramp open 24/7 Dry storage for trailered boats Convenient wash-down station Shipyard and Harbor Patrol on site 15 minutes to open ocean

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• Whistles • Bells • Clapping or banging on pots, pans or drums • Music • Bird screamers. “Guard dogs are not included on the list of suggested measures because of risks to both dogs and marine mammals, including the potential risk of disease transmission between them,” NOAA staff stated. NOAA listed the following deterrent measures as techniques to avoid: • Firearms with “live” (lethal) ammunition • Devices with injurious projectiles (archery gear, crossbows, spear guns, bangsticks) • Sharp/pointed objects (harpoons,

spears, gaffs, nail studded bats/ poles/clubs) • Entangling devices (loose webbing, snares, concertina wire) • Aggressive tactile methods (no striking animals with bats, hammers etc., impact with vehicles or boats) • Tainted baits or poisons. Sea lions are a protected species under federal law (Marine Mammal Protection Act, or MMPA). Anyone who has questions on best techniques to deter sea lions should contact their local harbor patrol or law enforcement office. NOAA’s West Coast Fisheries office in Long Beach is also available for advisement or guidance; the office can be reached at 562-980-4050.

their opinion by accessing a survey online at The survey must be completed before midnight on July 1. “The goal of this effort is to assemble a plan for King Harbor Sportfishing

Pier Replacement that provides a community driven vision for the future,” the official survey states. “The Final Design Plan developed as a result of the community outreach process will set the stage for the future waterfront identity, give the planning and design team’s direction on community needs, and set the stage for the regulatory processes.” A few of the significant features involved include feedback for public outdoor areas, the pier building, commercial operations in the waters (charter services, etc.), a floating dock, sportfishing operations and areas to access special events such as music festivals, yoga practices and more. According to the first outreach presentation by the City of Redondo Beach, Moffatt & Nichol, established in 1941, is an experienced coastal engineering firm that has contributed to 45 piers and wharves along California’s coast including Huntington Beach Pier, San Clemente Pier, Manhattan Beach Pier, Santa Cruz Wharf and many more.

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The Log  •  June 15 - 28, 2018  •  15

City’s South Beach, which was hit by winter storms, is in need of sand replenishment. By Parimal M. Rohit AVALON — The Avalon waterfront was handed a bad batch of lemons when last winter’s storms caused a local beach to suffer from sand erosion. City officials, however, won’t allow the lemons to be made into lemonade. A proposal to install a lemonade stand at the base of the Green Pleasure Pier was rejected by the Avalon City Council on June 5. Avalon city staff and council members stated the proposed lemonade stand was not an allowable type of commercial establishment allowed under the city’s Municipal Code. Council members – in a separate action two weeks earlier – directed city staff to work on a Request for Proposals (RFP) to a planned dredging and beach sand replenishment.

Lemonade Stand Rejected A proposal to operate a lemonade stand where the Green Pleasure Pier meets Crescent Avenue was rejected by council members, June 5. City staff recommended the rejection, stating the lemonade stand, as proposed, would be placed in the middle of a public right of way. At least one council member opined the lemonade stand wasn’t the best use of the city’s property for public benefit. The applicant – Jerry Dunn – filed for a permit to sell Scoop’s Frozen Lemonade from a mobile cart on the Avalon Waterfront, at an area near where boaters, locals and tourists regularly frequent. Scoop’s is an ice cream shop, coincidentally located on Crescent Avenue near the pier. “[Avalon] is sensitive to the fact that the many vendors that sell beverages and ice cream along Crescent Avenue pay premium monthly rents. [City]

staff is also sympathetic to the many businesses that would like to have an opportunity to have a business along Crescent Avenue or somewhere in the downtown area but cannot because of the limited or unavailable commercial space,” city staff stated in a report to council members. “The city has rejected similar proposals due in part to the community outcry and the request not meeting in the minimum standards set forth in the [Avalon Municipal Code],” city staff continued. Allowing the establishA proposal to place a lemonade stand where the Green Pleasure Pier meets the Avalon waterfront was rejected by the ment of a lemonade stand local City Council. could set a bad precedent, City staff added. “A new precedent will be set and the city will continue to receive staff. usable beach.” requests for kiosks, tents, performers Dredging from Avalon Harbor City officials have been looking and others interested in utilizing the would greatly benefit the city’s lower into solving the harbor’s sediment public right of way for commercial beach, city staff added. issue since last year. A sediment study purposes,” city staff stated in its report “The sand source for the replenwas approved by the City Council in to council members. ishment would be generated through October 2017, with the hope of develDunn said all he was seeking was a dredging the sand from the harbor, oping solutions for sand erosion. test run to see what works best for the which has been deposited in the The planned RFP will seek a vendor business and city. harbor through the combination of who could perform engineering, envi“I think having some newness in harbor currents and forces,” city staff ronmental and permitting tasks ahead town is … good,” Dunn told council stated in a report to council members. of the dredging and sand replenishmembers, who later added he was “This will provide safety and security ment project. open to operating the lemonade stand of the sea wall and steps infrastructure Council members authorized the at other locations. “I’m trying to create as well as providing a safer and more RFP at its May 15 meeting. a positive. If it turns into a negative … then you just tell me to move or go and I’m gone.”

Dredging and Sand Replenishment



Avalon, in hopes of stabilizing sand erosion at the city’s South Beach, will begin the process of finding a vendor to complete a dredging and sand replenishment project. The city anticipates conducting such a project during the current 2018-19 fiscal year. Sand erosion at Avalon’s South Beach was recently “exacerbated by this winter’s storms,” according to city

IN MEMORIAM — Jim Gladson

L.A. Maritime Institute’s youth sailing program founder, Jim Gladson, dies By Devon Warren

LOS ANGELES—Jim Gladson, Founder of Los Angeles Maritime Institute’s TopSail Youth Program, died in his sleep on Wednesday morning May 30, 2018. On July 3, Gladson would have celebrated his 88th birthday. In a newsletter released by L.A. Maritime Institute it was stated, “The impact that Jim had on his family,

friends, students, volunteers, employees and community was immense and we could not do justice to his legacy in this short email.” The newsletter continued on to say one of the two sayings that summed up his passion was “We will sail with no empty berths and we will leave no child on the dock for their ability to pay.” Gladson will be buried at sea and his family is planning a celebration of life in August. Details will follow at a later date.


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Avalon rejects waterfront lemonade stand, seeks contract for dredging

16  •  June 15 - 28, 2018  •  The Log

National Safe Boating Week is proclaimed into law by Pres. Trump

By Devon Warren

NATIONWIDE — Boaters are some of the most prepared people around to handle emergencies, according to Ventura Harbor’s Harbormaster during the California fires last year. Though boaters typically are model citizens in terms of taking precautions on the water, it never hurts to keep seeking additional education. In the name of safe boating practices, Pres. Donald J. Trump recently signed National Safe Boating Week into law, issuing a proclamation stating it will be recognized nationally from this point forward. However, National Safe Boating Week is by no means a new thing — and wearing safety vests, though it has been said time and time again, is still one of the main subjects in boating safety awareness. For more than 70 years since the conception of National Safe Boating Week, recreational boaters have been showing up to marinas, harbors and other waterways leading into the summer months to bring recognition to safety issues on the waters. While Trump may have written National Safe Boating Week into law, boaters and government agencies on the local, state and federal level have been participating for decades.

Proclaimed into Law Dubbed Proclamation 9780, National Safe Boating Week became law on May 18 and the document was published on May 24. The official event was slated to be recognized in 2018 from May 19 until May 25. From this year on, National Safe Boating Week will be annually observed during the 7-day period leading up to Memorial Day. Trump encouraged all Americans

accessed on the U.S. Coast Guard’s official website, the opening line states, “It all began with Steve Sadowski, a Coast Guard Auxiliarist in Amesbury, MA, who persuaded the town to issue a proclamation on Auxiliary Day in June 1949.” Leading up to the bill passed on June 4, 1958, which was sponsored by Representative Charles Chamberlain of Michigan, Auxilarists on the East Coast had organized the Courtesy Marine Examination (now Vessel Safety Check) and Auxilarists in Hawaii garnered support from “Hawaii Five-O” television star “Lucky” Luck to promote the vessel inspection and National Safe Boating Week. The year 1957 saw the first Boaters have been honoring National Safe Boating Week for decades, but the practices promoted during the week nationwide observance of – such as wearing life jackets – should be recognized year-round. Pres. Donald J. Trump, meanwhile, memorialNational Safe Boating Week, ized National Safe Boating Week with Proclamation 9780. and after the bill had passed, Senators at the time insisted that who participate in boating activities to prevent more than 80 percent of boatJuly 4 would be covered in the initial take the chance to learn more about ing fatalities.” launch. boating procedures and take educaEventually a National Safe Boating tional opportunities. He also encourThe Birth of National Safe Committee would be established aged “appropriate officials of all units Boating Week and the dates moved up to May since of government” to urge American the committee argued that boaters boaters to take part in these activities “Educating new and avid boatwould already be on the water by the to further inform their knowledge of ers never goes out of style,” Ramona Independence Day holiday. boating. Fernandez, chief of boating operations Recognition of boating safety for California’s Division of Boating No “ifs,” “ands” or “buts” — evolved from joint resolution approved and Waterways (DBW), tells The Log. wear a safety vest! on June 4, 1958 (36 U.S.C. 131) and has “Boaters take the role of protectbeen amended to include the obsering themselves and their loved ones “Like the U.S. Coast Guard, our top vance of National Safe Boating Week. seriously.” priority is to encourage recreational Language of the Proclamation Upon passing off the corresponboaters to always wear a life jack while stated: “Americans should take precaudence, DBW’s Information Officer on the water,” Fernandez said. “Three tionary actions to ensure that everyone Gloria Sandoval also said the division out of four boating fatalities could have makes it home unharmed after fun takes National Safe Boating Week very been prevented had the boater worn a on the water. Inspecting your boat seriously. life jacket.” thoroughly and participating in a free Seldom does one meet an expeThough it has been repeated vessel safety check offered through rienced boater who does not take through multiple sources, not solely the Coast Guard can help ensure both boating safety seriously, and, perhaps, the DBW, wearing a safety vest is not a you and your boat are ready for the since early Americans were so tied to laughing matter. water … Boaters should also wear life traveling by water this has stuck with Over the Memorial Day holiday, a jackets and make sure there is always us. Not to mention, inattention to five-year-old boy was rushed to the someone onboard who is unimpaired recommended procedures could cost hospital after falling from his family’s and capable of operating the boat. The you, a friend or family member his or houseboat near Greasy Cove at Lake Coast Guard and its Federal, State and her life. Kaweah in Tulare County. Though the local partners estimate that avoiding In “A Condensed History of National child had been wearing a life jacket alcohol and wearing a life jacket can Safe Boating Week,” which can be See SAFE BOATING WEEK page 23 Parimal M. Rohit photo

Safe practices on the waters will continue to be observed – nationwide seven days leading up to Memorial Day – beyond 2018.

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The Log • June 15 - 28, 2018 • 17

Dock Lines With Capt. Nicole

Public safety the main focus of new San Diego Harbor Police chief Story and photo by Capt. Nicole Sours Larson

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When preparing to interview Stainbrook, I mentioned my meeting to friends. “Oh, that’s not a real police department,” one commented. Oh, yes, it is. While it began 55 years ago as a team of security guards, during the ‘70s and ‘80s SDHPD developed into a fully professional police force, with

SAN DIEGO — San Diego Harbor Police Chief Mark Stainbrook, who March 1 became chief and the port district’s vice president of public safety, realized early he wanted to become a chief and prepared accordingly. He joined the Los Angeles Police Department following service in the Marines, found the right mentors and undertook key assignments in patrol, gangs, internal affairs, intelligence and counterterrorism, while continuing in the Marine Reserves. Like most senior offiSan Diego Harbor Police Chief Mark Stainbrook was sworn in as Chief cers tagged as future and Vice President, Public Safety, for the San Diego Unified Port District on March 1. He served as deputy chief and acting chief since 2011, leaders, he graduated having joined the department after retiring from the Los Angeles Police from the FBI National Department as a lieutenant. Academy. When former Chief John Bolduc looked for a deputy chief officers graduating from the same police the well-qualified Stainbrook was a academy as other law enforcement natural choice. He twice served as acting officers. It now handles about 60,000 chief and provided a stable transition for calls per year. a department, which, prior to Bolduc’s While it may be small – only about arrival, endured too many short-tenured 135 current sworn officers – compared chiefs. to San Diego’s approximately 1,800 Stainbrook shares Bolduc’s emphasis officers and L.A.’s 9,000 officers, SDHPD on protecting public safety, promoting is a fully-functioning police force, overcitizen education on land and water seeing public safety within the tidelands and community policing. Cognizant of and waters under the Port District’s quality of life issues bedeviling waterjurisdiction. The only crime they don’t front communities, he secured Prop. 47 handle is murder investigations, which funding to provide Alpha Project social they pass to local police. workers to connect local homeless, Unlike most police departments, substance abusers and chronic petty SDHPD’s officers are all cross-trained in criminals with social services to break firefighting, boat operations and airport the cycle of offending and dependency. security, since officers fight fires from He sees education as essential to the water aboard specially equipped improving safety on the water, encourboats and patrol and provide security aging boaters to get their California to San Diego International Airport. They boaters’ cards and hands-on training. also have a SWAT, specially trained for “Especially on holiday weekends marine operations, and a team of about officers see boaters who take their 20 divers. boats out only once or twice a year and SDHPD officers also play key roles in don’t know what they’re doing. Refresh guarding the port for national security, yourself on the Rules of the Road and participating in numerous inter-jurisdicget training on your own boat from an tional task forces focusing on counterexperienced captain,” Stainbrook said. terrorism, narcotics and cross-border He explained it’s the roving petty issues. thieves who cause boaters and tourists What should boaters watch for to much grief. He urges prevention and help protect our waterways, whether in vigilance: lock up your boats, cars and San Diego or elsewhere? bicycles and don’t leave “pocketable” “Watch for something that looks electronics, credit cards or money unatoff: a boat that’s overloaded or sitting tended anywhere. too low in the water, with too many on Despite the prime role SDHPD plays board or too little or too much safety in patrolling and protecting the San equipment. Or where people are fishing Diego harbor, California’s fourth and the in the wrong place or running at high nation’s ninth largest, the department speed at night,” Stainbrook explained. faces the challenge of not being taken With education and vigilance, we can seriously by the general public. all be safer at sea.

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18 • June 15 - 28, 2018 • The Log

“In-Danger” designation for vaquita habitat could be delayed

By Parimal M. Rohit GULF OF CALIFORNIA — A vanishing species mostly found in protected waters apparently won’t earn an “In-Danger” designation from an international agency, potentially allowing the endangered marine mammal to become extinct within the next three years or sooner. A joint recommendation by UNESCO World Heritage Center and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) stated consideration of the vaquita porpoise earning “In-Danger” status would be put on hold. UNESCO, its World Heritage Committee and IUCN could revisit the “In-Danger” designation for vaquitas in 2019. The question is certainly begged: Are we doing all we can to save the marine mammal from extinction? What more can be done if we are not? Fingers are certainly (and consistently) being pointed at the United States, Mexico and (now) UNESCO/ IUCN for the dire circumstances surrounding the vaquita porpoise. Fewer than 30 vaquita porpoises exist in the world, according to a report published by the International Committee for the Recovery of the Vaquita. Another report presented to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Southwest Fisheries Science Center in La Jolla added the vaquita porpoise population has disappeared almost entirely between 2011 and 2015. The World Heritage Committee recommendation was vociferously opposed and challenged by the Center for Biological Diversity, or CBD. Members of the nonprofit organization stated the vaquita porpoise could be fully extinct by 2021 if no immediate action is taken to protect the species. (What if even more vaquita die off by the time the World Heritage Committee/UNESCO/IUCN finally declare the species as “In-Danger?” When is it too late to designate such status, assuming the time for an “In-Danger” tag isn’t now?) CBD staff blamed Mexico Pres. Enrique Peña Nieto for failing to protect the vaquita population, which are mostly found in protected waters of the Gulf of California, from extinction. U.S. Pres. Donald J. Trump was also sued by CBD, Animal Welfare Institute and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in December 2017 for failure to enforce international agreements protecting vaquitas from incidental entanglements and drownings. The lawsuit stated the vaquita population could be extinct by 2019 – about two years earlier than mentioned in a press release published by CBD in

least one estimate indicates only 12 vaquita remain. Committee members added they welcome efforts to strengthen surveillance of the vaquita population, enact a permanent gillnet ban, increase net retrieval operations and enforce regional and international regulations. An exhaustive search for the recommendation on UNESCO’s website revealed a draft decision with several actions There are fewer than 30 vaquita porpoises remaining worldwide, according to most recent estimates. Yet the UNESCO World proposed by the Heritage Committee has recommend delaying an “In-Danger” designation of the marine mammal species, despite its rapidly declinWorld Heritage ing population. Committee to address the diminishing vaquita population, which are mostly found in the Gulf of California “Removing vaquita to a temporary sanctuary is not a viable in northwestern Mexico. option and … the only way to safeguard the species from “[The World Heritage Committee] extinction is therefore the cessation of illegal fishing activities expresses its concern that insufficient progress has been made on the develwithin its habitat.” opment and introduction of multiple -World Health Committee draft decision and viable alternative fishing gears that do not endanger vaquita and other non-target marine mammals, sharks and turtles [and] regrets that the Vaquita Conservation, Protection and Recovery programme (CPR), set-up to establish a small captive population in order to avoid extinction of the species, had to be abandoned after one of the captured animals died,” the draft decision stated. “Removing vaquita to a temporary sanctuary is not a viable option and … the only way to safeguard the species from extinction is therefore the cessation of illegal fishing activities within its habitat,” the draft decision continued. NOAA Fisheries photo

UNESCO recommends postponing protection status of diminishing small porpoise population.

Quick Facts – Vaquita Population:

Less Than 30


4-5 feet


Northern Gulf of California


120 pounds

Feeds on:

Bony Fish, Squid

Failed Conservation? Sources: Zoological Society of London, World Wildlife Fund

late May. “While the vaquita inhabits Mexico, its fate is closely tied to actions taken and withheld in the United States by both consumers and the U.S. government. Consumers have contributed to the vaquita’s precipitous decline by unwittingly demanding, purchasing, and consuming seafood products from the Upper Gulf of California caught by fishermen using vaquita-harmful gillnets,” the joint lawsuit stated. “The U.S. government has contributed to the vaquita’s decline by failing to keep such seafood out of the market as required by law. “The United States has long had

both the authority and the mandate to ensure that foreign nations that export seafood to the United States meet the same strong marine mammal protection standards that apply to U.S. fishermen,” the lawsuit continued. Let’s first try to figure out the UNESCO/IUCN position.

World Heritage Committee – Not Hitting Panic Button Yet UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee stated it has “utmost concern” about the vaquita’s current population status. Some reports state there are fewer than 30 vaquita remaining; at

The April 2018 issue of World Heritage magazine, which is published by UNESCO, said the attempt to save the vaquita is “a story of (failed) conservation.” Efforts to conserve or protect the Upper Gulf of California, where vaquitas are common, have been in effect since 1993. “The vaquita population declined 90 percent between 2011 and 2016, leaving the population at an estimated 30 individuals,” the magazine’s feature story on vaquitas stated. “As we continue to witness this decline and legal fishing activities are suspended, the government struggles to control totoaba poaching and its illegal trade. “A weak governance system, where See VAQUITA page 20

The Log • June 15 - 28, 2018 • 19


Classics – Phantom on the Columbia River, which runs through Oregon, Washington and Canada. Her aim at this time was to protect the Kaiser Shipyard, and she was painted gray from bower to stern and re-fitted with a 30-caliber machine gun on her foredeck.

By Devon Warren In this feature, The Log looks at notable boats — sail and power — that continue to turn heads in Southern California harbors. Boat name: Phantom Length: 50 ft. Draft: 12’10” Beam: 3’8” Year Built: 1936 The Origins: Not many boats can claim the legend that is Phantom, a 50-foot wheelhouse cruiser christened on Jan. 19, 1936. She was designed by the well-known naval architect, Joseph Dyer, and was constructed at Astoria Marine Construction Shipyard.

The Theft of Phantom: A few decades later in the 1980s, Phantom was stolen, run into the Columbia Bar and left as abandoned. Her rescuer, a famed wooden boat enthusiast and member of Portland Yacht Club, Chuck Kellogg, spent three years restoring Phantom to her original glory.

Original interior & re-fit: Phantom is made of double-planked Port Orford cedar over oak stringers with teak houses, teak decks and Honduran mahogany paneling inside. With a luxurious interior, a vanity was added for the first owner’s wife. There is also a bathtub constructed in Monel and a gas fireplace suitable for the damp, cold seasons in the Pacific Northwest. Though she was originally powered by twin Palmer Conversion Ford V8 engines, she is now fitted with two 240hp Yanmar engines, which are capable of reaching 21 knots.

At Home in Newport Beach: The current owners Rick Ingold and Dean Kiser purchased Phantom in March 2017. “Phantom now flies the Balboa Yacht Club burgee

Phantom’s Naval Service: In 1941, Phantom was requisitioned by the U.S. Navy and served as a patrol

and calls Newport Beach her home port,” says Kiser, who also cites he enjoys taking the family to Catalina for the weekends on this incredible boat. Awards & Honors: Anyone who lays an eye on Phantom recognizes she’s an especially valuable and historic wooden boat. In 2017, Phantom won “People Choice Over 40 Feet” and the “Harbor Masters Award” at the Newport Beach Wooden Boat Festival.

Have a favorite yacht in your harbor that should be covered as a SoCal Classic? Email suggestions and/or photos to or mail to: The Log, Editorial Dept., 18475 Bandilier Circle, Fountain Valley, CA 92708-7000

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Solutions on page 31

20  •  June 15 - 28, 2018  •  The Log


From page 18

legal frameworks are not reinforced with the necessary legal, human and economic resources, is unable to support conservation efforts on the ground, exacerbating the environmental and social challenges,” the article, authored by UC Riverside Gulf of California Marine Program Director Catalina López-Sagástegui, said. The Islands and Protected Areas of the Gulf of California became a World Heritage site in 2005. The area was designated as a World Heritage site in an effort to protect the vaquita. CBD staff estimate the vaquita loses nearly half of each population each year due to fishing gear entanglement. “The vaquita’s population has continued its downward trend, fishing has remained or increased, and totoaba illegal fishing activities are on the rise,” López-Sagástegui stated. “To stop, or at least stabilize, the vaquita’s population decline, President Enrique Peña Nieto declared a gillnet ban in the Upper Gulf in April 2015, and fishermen have been receiving compensation while alternative fishing gear and methods are identified and implemented. The Mexican government issued a permanent gillnet ban in June 2017.”

Illegal Fishing Those who are monitoring the plight of the vaquita blame illegal fishing activities as the reason why the marine mammal is almost extinct. “The vaquita is the world’s smallest porpoise and can only be found in the Gulf of California. It is a victim of by-catch from illegal fishing of another Critically Endangered species, the totoaba, whose swim bladder fetches high prices in Asian markets,” a July 6, 2017 article published by IUCN stated. An IUCN report on the vaquita presented at the Southwest Fisheries Center in La Jolla, Dec. 11-12, 2017, stated there has been a continued effort to find and remove abandoned or illegal fishing gear. “A multi-institutional program to find and remove illegal and abandoned fishing gear in the range of the vaquita has continued. In 166 days of field work through December 8, 2017, 518 pieces of illegal, abandoned, or derelict fishing gear were retrieved and 220 of these were active fishing gear,” the IUCN report stated. “This shows that illegal fishing activities, particularly the setting of large-mesh gillnets for totoaba, continue at alarming levels within the range of the vaquita.” IUCN officials recommended the Mexican government ramp up enforcement of illegal fishing activities and continue removal of gillnets from the vaquita habitat. “The Government of Mexico [should] prohibit all fishing and navigation [within the exclusion zone], increase enforcement presence to a level which is able to respond to any report of illegal activities within 30 minutes, increase and focus net removal efforts are within in the exclusion zone [and] negotiate the

Strategies Used to Save the Vaquita • • • •

Fishing permit buy-outs Establishing a vaquita refuge Banning gillnets Developing new fishing equipment

appropriate transit corridors to allow legal fishing to continue outside the exclusion zone,” IUCN officials stated in their 2017 report. They also recommended using drones to monitor for possible vaquita entanglement.

The Situation, though, is Dire … and Getting Worse

• Developing new livelihoods • Attempting to capture live vaquitas • Vaquita CPR

Vaquita Population Decline 200 100 2012


60 2016

30 2017

Source: Marine Mammal Center The IUCN report presented last December acknowledged the status of the marine mammal is conservation measure before the dire … and worsening. vaquita population disappears entirely? “As of November 2016, only approximately 30 vaquitas likely Extinction by Red Tape and remained. Analysis of the 2017 Acoustic CBD Opposition Monitoring Program data showed that the decline has continued unabated. UNESCO’s World Heritage Thus, the already desperate situation Committee will vote on the draft decihas worsened, despite existing consersion at a June 24 meeting in Manama, vation measures and current enforceBahrain. The question is whether conment efforts,” the IUCN report stated. servation measures are enacted while The report added the vaquita there are still vaquita left to save. monitoring program must continue in CBD staff stated the application order to determine the best and most of an “In-Danger” designation to the efficient conservation measures. What vaquita population could expedite happens, though, if the monitoring efforts to address illegal fishing within program does not yield an efficient the marine mammal’s habitat.

“An ‘In-Danger’ listing would help raise attention to the plight of the vaquita and lend both logistical and financial support to Mexico to eradicate illegal fishing in the vaquita’s habitat,” CBD staff stated in a recently released statement. The World Heritage Committee and IUCN, in April 2017, actually recommended and “In-Danger” designation for the protected areas in the Gulf of California. “The Mexican government lobbied to postpone the decision until 2018, based on commitments and promises that it failed to uphold,” CBD staff alleged. CBD’s Mexico representative said any delay in safeguarding the remaining vaquita population essentially functions as a death sentence for the marine mammal. He specifically urged UNESCO to force Peña Nieto to act immediately, lest suffer the consequences of the vaquita population vanishing entirely within the next three years. “Delay equals death for the vaquita,” Alejandro Olivera, CBD’s Mexico representative said. “More than half the vaquita’s population has vanished during President Peña Nieto’s time in office. UNESCO should not delay these crucial safeguards until the next administration and let the president off the hook for failing to protect these porpoises.” Various agencies, countries, NGOs and nonprofits have studied the vaquita porpoise’s population since the 1990s. Has bureaucracy/the lack of enforcement come in the way of saving the marine mammal from extinction?

2017 Recommendations and Mission A reactive monitoring mission headed by IUCN and the World Heritage Committee in 2017 developed several recommendations to be implemented. The mission specifically recommended: • A permanent ban gillnet use in the vaquita habitat, prohibition of night fishing • The retrieval of illegal nets • Multiagency enforcement of illegal fishing activities. • The establishment of an Attorney General Office in San Felipe to allow for efficient investigation and enforcement • The establishment of “a small captive population in order to avoid extinction of the species.” Efforts to maintain the small captive population of vaquitas “ had to be abandoned after one of the captured animals died,” according to the World Heritage Committee’s draft decision. “The only way to safeguard the species from extinction is the cessation of illegal fishing activities within its habitat,” the IUCN/World Heritage Committee draft decision stated. “It is encouraging that so far only one

net entanglement fatality has been recorded during 2018 but even with the increased at-sea surveillance, illegal totoaba nets continue to be recovered on a regular basis, demonstrating that illegal fishing activities still occur.” Progress has reportedly been made on some of the priority recommendations, but the World Heritage Committee wants more time to determine whether implementation of the recommendations are actually working. IUCN and the World Heritage Committee stated more time is needed to “further strengthen surveillance and monitoring, speed up the introduction of viable alternative fishing gears, strengthen the legal status of the permanent gillnet ban and more effectively address the illegal trafficking of totoaba products.” “It is too early to determine how effectively the efforts … to implement the 2017 recommendations have averted the risk of extinction of the vaquita and it is therefore recommended that the [World Heritage] Committee postpone a decision on the possible inscription of the prop-

erty on the List of World Heritage in Danger to its 43rd session in 2019, when more data from the 2018-2019 season when illegal totoaba fishing occurs are available,” the draft decision stated. It remains to be seen whether an “In-Danger” status would protect the vaquita population from extinction, or whether the strict enforcement of illegal fishing activities would be enough to save the handful of marine mammals still swimming in our waters. Active enforcement against illegal fishing activities, just the same, should not cease in the event that efforts to save the vaquita aren’t successful. Questions about the vaquita habitat should be directed to the following contacts: • Alejandro Olivera, Center for Biological Diversity (Mexico), +521612-104-0604, • Marjorie Fishman, Animal Welfare Institute, 02-446-2128, margie@ • Kari Birdseye, Natural Resources Defense Council, 415-875-8243,

The Log • June 15 - 28, 2018 • 21

By Devon Warren

AVALON— With California’s sea lion population back on the rise, there has been much controversy with some boaters who, at times, find the creature to be a nuisance. While many do not wish these creatures harm, they can attest to the funlovingly willful personality of Southern California’s sea lion. One sea lion made history with his playful shenanigans and has been immortalized in the hearts of Avalon residents for decades — that would be Old Ben. Around 1898, Old Ben, an obese and especially tuna-obsessed beggar, showed up on the beaches of Avalon. He must have been as captivated by Avalon’s beautiful harbor as visitors of the time because he decided to stay. Locals recalled his bellowing — sometimes unrelenting — call as he beseeched tourists grant him a fish or two of which he would take directly from a person’s hand. Tourists and locals alike loved him, even going so far to declare him a kind of unofficial pet on Avalon.

Newspaper reporters found Ben a wonderful subject for news as he was covered by such outlets as Los Angeles Times and The Catalina Islander at the turn of the century. Old Ben was even shown in a film from 1914 called The Sea Nymphs starring Fatty Arbuckle and Mabel Normand. A oneof-a-kind performer, Ben loved playing pranks on vacationers and, in some ways, led the course for sea lion performances and was A picture of Old Ben, taken in 1908, as he is about to partake of an afternoon snack in Avalon. pictured on postcards sent round the world. Bill Short, the Mayor of Avalon in 1910, even posed in a photo while feeding reported him dead falsely several times and sandwich shop, is also named after Ben. from 1914 through 1926. In the tabloid him and features a logo in his appearAlthough there are theories, Ben’s fodder, he was “found shot dead” or ance. Catalina Island Museum also fate is unknown— some say he landed captured by fisherman, but then would holds a collection of his photos, which is himself in a fisherman’s net, but optireappear. Regardless of what happened, one of their most popular exhibits. mists like to think he died at sea around his legend lives on today. Story written with sources from 1926. Gail Fornasiere, Catalina Island Several landmarks on the Island still “Catalina Island” by Jeannine L. Museum Marketing & PR Director, exist for Ben’s namesake. A monument Pederson and “The Legends of Old Ben,” suggests evidence states the fishing net of Old Ben was dedicated in 1975 in Old compiled by Loyd Rathburn and Chuck story is not likely. Multiple news sources Ben Park. Ben’s Bakery, a local dessert Liddell.

What You Can Do Make your voice heard through your purchasing decisions and by contacting key Mexican decision-makers. Boycott Mexican Shrimp! Scientists, experts, and citizens from around the world

are calling on Mexico to permanently and immediately ban all gillnets in vaquita habitat, drastically step up enforcement on the water and at Mexico's borders, and remove all illegal nets from the Upper Gulf of California. But Mexican officials haven't listened, even as the vaquita slips ever closer to extinction.

The Boycott Mexican Shrimp campaign asks you to send the strongest possible message to the Mexican government: Act now or lose the vaquita forever.

For more details, go to:

Library of Congress - Lester Clement Barton photo

Avalon’s infamous sea lion, Old Ben, leaves behind heartwarming legacy

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The Log  •  June 15 - 28, 2018  •  23

OC’s Chief Real Estate Officer foresees Dana Point Harbor revitalization contract submission in near future

By Devon Warren

DANA POINT — If Dana Point Harbor were Sisyphus, the boulder he pushes for eternity would likely be an appropriate contract negotiation in the lengthy revitalization process spanning more than 20 years. However, it appears as if the infernal boulder might finally be on track to see some momentum. Chatter of a contract between the County of Orange and Dana Point Harbor Partners may finally go before the Orange County Board of Supervisors for review by the end of June after months of radio silence on the subject have been circulating recently. Scott Mayer, Orange County’s Chief Real Estate Office, had recently attended a Dana Point Harbor Advisory Board (DPHAB) meeting and provided his predictions on the pending contract agreement between the county and Dana Point Harbor Partners, it was announced in the Dana Point Boaters Association (DPBA) eNewsletter. DPBA’s newsletter stated: “At this week’s DPHAB meeting, the Chief Real Estate Officer for the County of Orange predicted that a proposed contract

Safe Boating Week From page 16

earlier in the day, he had taken it off to watch a movie. Later at the hospital, the boy died with injuries related to the accident. A variation of this story is seen consistently with children. In the unsafe practices that are mostly observed by DBW, the two most common are not wearing a life jacket and not taking a basic boating safety course. “In 2016, more than 800 California recreational vessels were involved in reported accidents, resulting in 50 deaths. More than 266 were injured in severity beyond first aid treatment. Only one of the boat operators involved in fatal accidents had taken an approved boating safety course. Increased numbers of boaters taking approved safety courses will benefit all California boaters,” Fernandez said. “Life jackets are the single most important piece of boating equipment. They can greatly increase your chances of survival in an accident,” Fernandez continued. “The good news is that life jackets are not the same today as they were even five years ago. They are more comfortable and come in a variety of styles, fit and function. Boaters should always read the labels and wear the life jacket that is approved for their

harbor. According to the newsletter, this could and would likely lead to higher slip rates, tenant rents and other operational costs. In DPBA’s newsletter closing, it stated: “We sincerely hope and expect that the final contract will serve our harbor community as described above. If it does, we will enthusiastically champion its way through approval and implementation. This needs to get done. However, if after review After more than 20 years in the works and at least one scrapped plan, the OC Board of Supervisors may review a new conof the proposed contract draft between the County of Orange and Dana Point Harbor Partners before the end of the month. tract, we conclude that it undermines our community’s interests, we with their private development partLenthall, who is the president of DPBA won’t hesitate to protest its approval.” ner would be submitted to the Orange and chair of DPHAB, revealed previous At this time, those invested in the County Board of Supervisors for design plans had been insulting to resstakes of the new contract will likely approval at their June 26th meeting. If idents. A proposal including helicopter have to wait before they can get a true, this is a milestone development.” rides and supersized hotels possibly glimpse of what will be presented. Will If an agreement is reached and blocking ocean views did not repreit be a haven for boaters with updated a proposal is submitted, the newssent the vision Dana Point locals were amenities and keep in line with the letter continued, the public would hoping to achieve. nostalgic charm of Dana Point? Or will have access to the contract at least As confirmed by Lenthall before it be on par with the original plans that two weeks in advance of the Board of and according to the newsletter, one desired to put the harbor on the map as Supervisors meeting. of the major concerns has been “the a garish tourist destination? No one will In May, The Log covered James aggressive negotiating tactics” from know until the fine print is unveiled. Lenthall’s and other residents’ annoyboth the County of Orange and Dana Mayer and O.C. Parks spokesperson ance that a contract had been promPoint Harbor Partners in attempting Marisa O’Neil were contacted but were ised by the end of 2017 but failed to to maximize returns and possibly unavailable for comment at the time of show up for review. In an interview, increase the costs of rebuilding the press. Parimal M. Rohit photo

A contract for Dana Point Harbor’s project might go before Board of Supervisors at the end of June after a severalmonth-long delay.

intended activity.” In asking for any final advice on behalf of the DBW, Fernandez stated: “At the risk of sounding like a broken record, wear your life jacket and take a boating safety course.” “Check our website, boatcalifornia. com to find on-the-water classes,” Fernandez continued. “Check out to find an online, classroom or home study boating safety course and then apply for your California Boater Card. We want to wish recreational boaters a fun and safe boating season. Remember to protect yourself and your loved ones by wearing life jackets and following simple, life-saving tips.”

Local Observation & Impact Bill Anderson, an Auxiliarist and boating instructor, has taught many boating safety classes at Chula Vista Marina’s Rainbow Room. The Log has viewed the classroom, which is covered with decor such as maps and photos of travels. It’s a wonderful gathering space for boaters and a great way to make a friend or two to share sea adventures. While Andeson states he’s glad to see the law proclaimed, he also points out National Safe Boating Week has a long and storied history as an annual

event leading into the summer months. Locally, there are many opportunities to get involved and beginning boaters, as well as avid boaters, are urged to take part in these activities. “DBW fully supports National Safe Boating Week and partners with the National Safe Boating Council to bring awareness of boating safety to the millions of California recreational boaters,” Fernandez said. “For example, DBW reaches over 60,000 new and avid boaters during National Safe Boating Week through our partnership with aquatic centers and boating facilities throughout the state. Our partner, Crown Cove Aquatic Center at Silver Strand State Beach hosted a National Safe Boating Week event on May 20 that drew over 700 people to learn about boating safety classes.” The first step according to DBW is to learn about local waterways from harbor and marina operators. Reaching out to local Coast Guard Auxilliary flotillas, U.S. Power Squadron chapters and American Canoe Association/paddlecraft organizations about classes, meetings and local boating activities is another avenue to educate oneself on learning how to best care for, operate and maintain safe practices on the water. In terms of whether boaters are fol-

lowing up and observing National Safe Boating Week, Fernandez says it’s in the numbers. “DBW receives positive feedback from our over 100,000 Facebook followers, aquatic centers and directly from boaters at outreach events. They have told us that they appreciate our marina posters, signage, billboards, radio and print messaging,” Fernandez said. “We survey boaters each fall to determine awareness of our boating safety messaging, and well over half of the survey respondents say they have heard or seen our messages and that it has affected their behavior on the water. Self-reported life jacket wear has increased since we began focusing our messaging on life jacket wear a few years ago.” Harbors, marinas and boating agencies in Southern California from San Diego and up to Santa Barbara make it known boating week is taking place providing classes on using flares, giving CPR, life jacket safety and trade-in events and almost any boating subject under the sun. As echoed by the Coast Guard, DBW, local marina and harbor operators, and experienced boaters and sailors, The Log wishes all boaters a safe and enjoyable boating season as we enter the summer months.

24 • June 15 - 28, 2018 • The Log



Marina Swap Meet Ventura June 16

• For anglers and boaters who want to peddle the gear they didn’t use last season, there will surely be someone who wants to take it off your hands this year at the Ventura West Marina Swap Meet. Take a gamble and see if there are any must-have finds. Ventura West Marina is located at 1198 Navigator Drive. Time: 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Cost: Free. To reserve a booth space or for other inquiries call 805-644-5858 or visit the website at

Chili at the Beach 2018 Huntington Beach June 16

• Head over to Downtown Huntington Beach, a short jaunt away from the ocean, for Chili at the Beach. Vendors will be set up passing out chili and salsa samples among surfing, shopping and restaurants. This event will take place on the 100-300 blocks of Main Street and 5th Street in Downtown Huntington Beach. Time: 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Cost: Free; chili and salsa tasting $10 advanced, $15 day of the event. For more information, visit


28th Annual Wooden Boat Festival San Diego June 16-17

• A San Diego Father’s Day weekend

tradition, the San Diego Wooden Boat festival is the premier annual event for Southern California wooden boat enthusiasts and provides a rare opportunity for the general public to view some of the most beautiful and well maintained wooden crafts up close. While this event features mostly well preserved vintage vessels, there are also plenty of new boats that have been handcrafted with skill and meticulous detail. Koehler Kraft is located at 2302 Shelter Island Drive. Time: June 16, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; June 17, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Cost: adults $5; kids 6-12 $2; children under 5 free. For more information, email Liz Karhan at liz@


Sipping on the Sea by Telegraph Brewing Santa Barbara June 21

• Embark on a scenic ocean voyage aboard Double Dolphin while sipping local wine or beer from a featured vendor. Representatives from wineries and breweries join guests to provide tasting and education of a selection of alcoholic beverages, while the Captain of Double Dolphin narrates the scenes around the tasting. Cruise includes a reusable Santa Barbara Sailing Center Govino cup that can be taken home as a souvenir. Time: 6-8 p.m. Cost: $50. To learn more about this event, visit the website at, call 805-962-2826 or email anchor2@

Wonderfront Summer Solstice Sunset Picnic San Diego June 21

• Enjoy the longest day of the year with a picnic at Harbor Island Park.

Sweet treats, prize giveaways and contests will also be on offer. Music group Alvino & The Dwells will begin playing at 6 p.m. Time: 6-9 p.m. Cost: Free. For more information about this event, visit where-to-go.


Clean Boating Expo San Pedro June 23

• Cabrillo Way Marina is going to host the Clean Boating Expo sponsored by Port of L.A. With an array of activities for the whole family such as an ocean critter touch tank, crafts and food trucks, this event will focus on environmentally safe boating practices and products. Learn about safe boating through various exhibits, presentations and demonstrations brought to you by the Clean Boating Expo. Time: 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Cost: Free. Cabrillo Way Marina is located at 2293 Miner Street near 22nd Street and Harbor Blvd.


Doheny Surf and Art Festival Dana Point June 23 & 24

• A two-day celebration dedicated to the Southern California surfing lifestyle, Doheny State Beach presents Doheny Surf and Art Festival. Just a few of the activities that can be expected are the Menehune Surf Contest, Surfers Vendor Village, 60s Surf Contest, Surk Tricks Contest, Kona Beer Garden, various art displays, live music, Classic Longboard Exhibit, Polynesian dancing and more. Sponsors of the event include Kona

Log AbroAd The Log loves adventure! Bring it along on your next getaway and snap a photo for Log Abroad! See page 4 for details.

Brewing Co., The Allen Family Automotive Group and St. Joseph Health Mission Hospital. Cost: Free. Time: 9 a.m.-6 p.m. To learn more about the event, send queries to or call 949-496-6171. For information about surf contests, email The event’s official website is at

salsas? Head over to Dia de San Juan Salsa Festival and visit vendors featuring authentic dishes from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico and more! Exhibitors will also offer artwork, T-shirts for sale and other fare. Cost: Free. Time: 10 a.m.-6 p.m. To learn more, visit



26th Annual Seal Day


San Pedro

Summer Beach Bingo

June 24

• In years past, more than 1,500 guests have showed up to Marine Mammal Care Center’s annual event celebrating seals. Visitors will have a chance to see and learn about seals and sea lions as they rehabilitate from injuries or illnesses. This year, a twist will be adding a Comic and Anime Pavilion, which could be perfect for kids and teens. All parking and animal viewing is free, but some exhibits may charge a cost as a donation to the hospital. There will be well over 30 vendors, musicians and food trucks participating, including US Coast Guard Auxiliary, Aquarium of the Pacific, LA Harbor Dragon Boat Club and more. The Marina Mammal Care Center is at 3601 South Gaffey Street in San Pedro. Cost: Free. Time: 10 a.m.-4 p.m. To learn more about this event, visit marinemammalcare. org or email Julianne Black at jblack@ to inquire about participating.

Dia de San Juan Salsa Festival San Diego June 24

• What better way to enjoy the sunny culture of San Diego than to spend time sampling a variety of delicious

Avalon July 3

• A recurring event every Tuesday and Thursday during the summer, South Beach invites beach-goers to take part in the Summer Beach Bingo games. Bingo cards can be purchases at the South Beach Lifeguard stand. Prizes will be granted to the winners! Cost: $1 per bingo card. Time: 6-7 p.m. For more information, visit


Trashmageddon Beach Cleanup San Pedro July 5

• After the busy Independence Day holiday, there is destined to be plenty of trash on the beach front. Cabrillo Beach Aquarium sponsors this cleanup event to make sure debris, plastics and other wastes do not make it into the ocean about a day of festivities. Cost: Free. Time: 8-10 a.m. To learn more about this important trash cleanup, visit

Support By Supporting Our


The Log  •  June 15 - 28, 2018  •  25 taking care of the environment while providing fun athletic activities and competitions. From the 5K Beach Run to the SUP Surfing Championship, there are a multitude of swimming, surfing, running, boating and other sporting events for people of every fitness level. Booths, refreshments and food will also be in the vicinity. To find out more about volunteering opportunities or to enter one of the many athletic events, visit the official website at


San Clemente Ocean Festival San Clemente July 21 & 22

• Dubbed “The Greatest Show on Surf,” San Clemente Ocean Festival is a family friendly event dedicated to supporting ocean safety and

Go Boating

Boating Classes

Do you have a boating class or nautical event you’d like publicized in The Log’s Calendar section? Email details to editor@thelog. com or fax to 949-660-6172 at least one month in advance.



Check out the online listing of events and classes at

-June 19, 7-9 p.m. • Southwestern Yacht Club, 2702 Qualtrough St., San Diego Doug Bass, 415-321-9800, Cost: $25 Note: Learn anchoring basics in this two-hour seminar by San Diego Sail and Power Squadron.


San Clemente Ocean Festival raises awareness for protection of the Pacific Coast through dory boat races, beach-related athletic activities

Understanding Weather

By Devon Warren

Sheri Crummer photo

SAN CLEMENTE — The annual San Clemente Ocean Festival, in an effort to promote ocean safety and protecting the environment, will be held with an array of surfing, boating, swimming and other challenges for all ages. This two-day event will occur the weekend of July 21-22. “Ocean Cleaning Systems is an environmental sponsor, and new to our event this year,” Peggy Vance, San Clemente Ocean Festival’s executive director said.  When questioned on some of the best events for boaters, Vance told The Log there is a variety of challenging boating races to anticipate. “We have the Dory Boat races on Saturday (lifeguard competition – 300-pound boats that two-man teams paddle around a course that takes them past the surfline and back to shore – two times) and Marine Raider Boat Challenge on Sunday, which is new to the event this year (six-man teams take inflatable boats around an open water course),” Vance said. In addition to the boating challenges, there will be a Woody Car Exhibit on the pier, with 15 different cars each day. The San Clemente Ocean Festival, at this time, is also looking for volunteers to assist with registration, product sales, offering refreshments, awards and more. As an event entirely run through volunteer efforts, those who like to offer their time are appreciated and an extensive

June 20-Aug. 15, 7-9 p.m.

listing of volunteer opportunities can be found on the official website. The year’s presenting sponsors will include Fisherman’s Restaurant & Bar, Murf Electric Bikes and Youtheory. Registration begins at 6 a.m., located at the picnic shelter north of San Clemente Pier. Events take place both days from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and range in pricing from around $20 for kids’ events to $60 to register for adult events. Proceeds go to raising funds for nonprofit organizations, such as San Clemente Junior Lifeguard Program, San Clemente and State Lifeguards, Ocean Institute’s Adopt-A-Class program, city of San Clemente Aquatics program, Meals on Wheels and more. For more information about the sporting events, volunteering and a full-length schedule of San Clemente Ocean Festival, visit the website at

• Southwestern Yacht Club, 2702 Qualtrough St., San Diego Bob Gibbs, 858-265-9527, Cost: $75 for San Diego Power Squadron members; $115 for non-members

About Boating Safety June 23, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. • Van Nuys Fly Away, 7610 Woodley Ave., Van Nuys Barry Chapman, 818-9031139 Cost: $35 Note: Register by Tues., June 19 to receive class materials prior to beginning the course.

Weekend Navigator June 23 & 24, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. • Chula Vista Marina, 550 Marina Parkway, Mariners Lounge, Chula Vista Bill Anderson, 619-922-0231, Cost: $50; $60 for couples

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sharing materials

Weekend Navigator June 29-Aug. 17, 7-9 p.m. • Fire Station Community Room, 5373 E. 2nd St., Long Beach Robert Vatz, 562-493-3479, Cost: $40 Note: Plotting instruments needed to take this course.


About Boating Safely July 7, 8:30 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. • West Marine, 3433 Via Lido, Newport Beach Sue Hutchings, 714-309-5789, Cost: $40 Note: Email or call to reserve a seat and pay at the door. Book and test provided. Certificate issued with passing grade of 80. Qualifies for CA Boating Card.

Boating Skills & Seamanship July 14 & 15, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. • Auxiliary Training Deck, 4202 S. Victoria Ave., Oxnard Paul Fielding, 805-676-0206, Cost: $45

About Boating Safely July 15, 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m. • Lake Elsinore Marine, 18010 Grand Ave,, Lake Elsinore Pete Dawson, 951-202-1584, Cost: $75 Note: Breakfast and lunch is provided during the course.


Sailing Sailing

26 • June 15 - 28, 2018 • The Log

Photo courtesy Oceanside YC

said in a released statement. Terri Manok, Oceanside YC’s Charity Regatta chair, said the sailing event raises funds for a worthy cause. “Oceanside Yacht Club chose The Elizabeth Hospice as the beneficiary of our Charity Regatta because of the important work they are doing for the people in our community,” Manok said in a released statement. “The organization’s compassionate caregivers bring comfort and counsel to people and their families during challenging times. By donating the proceeds from the event to The Elizabeth Hospice, we are showing our appreciation for the services they offer to all who are in need.” A seven-day Holland America cruise for two to the Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska or Canada/New England is the raffle’s grand prize offering. Raffle tickets are offered at $20, each. Round-trip tickets on Southwest Airlines to any U.S. destination and jewelry from Famulare Jewelry, among other items, will be offered as part of the auction. Oceanside YC is at 1950 A regatta supporting The Elizabeth Hospice returns to Oceanside, Aug. 4-5. The 16th annual Charity Regatta will feature sailboats competing against each other to benefi t a nonprofi t offering assistance to children and adults suffering from life-limiting diseases. Harbor Drive North in Oceanside. Visit OceansideYC. net, email tmanok@sbcglobal,net or call 760-207-9489 for more information. The Elizabeth Hospice, according to an Oceanside YC statement, is a nonprofit healthcare provider offerCharity regatta returns to Oceanside, as the local yacht club will post-race parties with cocktails, food, ing “comfort and counsel to children and adults who are facing life’s most Northern San Diego County for host the racing event in the nonprofit’s live music, raffle prizes, silent auction honor on Aug. 4 and 5. and a trophy presentation to follow. difficult challenge and restoring hope 16th year. Oceanside Yacht Club’s Charity The entry fee is $50. to grieving children and adults who are Regatta for The Elizabeth Hospice will “The community can join the fun feeling lost and alone.” The nonprofit By Parimal M. Rohit feature sailboats, ranging from 25 to by boarding a luxury powerboat with was founded in 1978 and has served 50 feet in size, competing against each a $100 donation to The Elizabeth more than 97,000 people. Find our other for trophies while also benefitHospice. Everyone is welcome to more about The Elizabeth Hospice by OCEANSIDE — The 16th annual ing children and adults suffering from attend the post-race festivities, free-ofcalling 800-797-2050 or visiting www. Charity Regatta to benefit The life-limiting diseases. charge, beginning at 3 p.m. on Saturday Elizabeth Hospice returns to Sailboat races begin at noon, with and 2 p.m. on Sunday,” Oceanside YC

Oceanside Yacht Club will again support The Elizabeth Hospice

San Diego Yacht Club hosts Kettenburg and Classic Yacht Regatta By Parimal M. Rohit

SAN DIEGO — Coronado Roads will be home to the Kettenburg and Classic Yacht Race during the first weekend of summer, with powerboats and sailboats competing for a variety of prizes. The San Diego Yacht Club regatta will be held in the Pacific Ocean (Coronado Roads) and the San Diego Bay, June 22-24. At least three classes – PC Class, Racing Class A and Racing Class B – will be designated for fleet racing and scoring. Powerboats must pay an entry fee of $60; the fee includes slip

assignment, use All payments must be of San Diego YC made online – facilities for up to kettenburg – and by credit nine days (three card. days before race, Skippers and owners three days during of PC Class, PCC Class, all race and three Kettenburg boats built before days after race), 1985 and wooden hull powerreception and boats/full keel sailboats built cocktails. before 1985 are eligible to Sailboats, participate in the regatta. meanwhile, Prizes include Best of Show must pay $75 by and KCY Charity Cup. June 15 or $100 Contact San Diego YC after; the entry Waterfront Director Jeff fee includes slip Johnson (619-758-6310, The Kettenburg and Classic Yacht Regatta will feature three classes: PC, Racing A and assignment and or Regatta use of San Diego Racing B. The regatta will feature both powerboats and sailboats. Co-Chair Greg Stewart (619YC facilities 723-3078, to for up to seven learn more. General informadays (two days before race, three days sailboat entry fee also includes reception is also available online at www. during race, two days after race); the tion and cocktails. Chris Tucker photo

Powerboats and sailboats will race at Coronado Roads, June 22-24.

The Log  •  June 15 - 28, 2018  •  27

Dana West Yacht Club raises funds for American Cancer Society The 21st annual charity regatta, held June 1-3, brings in money through dingy poker run, wine tasting and auction.

DANA POINT — Thousands of dollars were raised to promote cancer awareness during the first weekend of June, with Dana West Yacht Club hosting its annual Charity Regatta benefitting the American Cancer Society, June 1-3, for the 21st year. A Newport Harbor-to-Dana Point sail kicked off festivities on June 1, followed by buoy and random leg courses outside of Dana Point Harbor on June 2 and 3. The Dana West Yacht Club’s race chairman, Roger Salway, was excited to have 24 race entries compete over three days. Salway believes this regatta is unique because it is the only regatta in Southern California providing racers to compete in three different course con-

Photo provided by Dana West Yacht Club

By Parimal M. Rohit

Sailboats navigated outside of Dana Point Harbor to participate in a charity regatta raising awareness for American Cancer Society. Thousands of dollars were raised at this year’s regatta, which was held June 1-3.

figurations (OWC, RLC and Buoy). The Dana West Yacht Club raised funds for the American Cancer Society at the yacht club over the three days through silent and live auction, wine tasting and a dingy poker run. The racers and crew alone raised $6,800 over the course of the event through donations, and the club race

hats have the slogan “Sailing for Life.” The regatta has a trophy for the top racer’s fund raising; this year’s trophy winner was Tomol, which raised $2,350.

Results Non-Spinnaker Class A 1 Out of the Blue (Jeff Brown)

2 Besame Mucho (Dan Hannegan) 3 Tomol (Sue Griesbach) Non-Spinnaker Class B 1 Campbell’s Sloop (Susan Campbell) 2 Vincaimo (Dave Stege) 3 Mahalo III (Dick Davidson) Non-Spinnaker Class C 1 Elizabeth (Carl Paez) 2 Tempest (Tom Myers) 3 Caravela (Scott Ryan) PHRF A Random Leg Spinnaker 1 Aimant de Fille (Steven Ernest) 2 Papillon (Manny Galvez) 3 HUNU (Robert and Bill) PHRF B Buoy RLC and OWC 1 SHOT (Jim Barnes) 2 Firewater (Rich Bennett) 3 Sol Mate (Cindy Wynne) All Women Crew 1 Campbell’s Sloop (Susan Campbell)

Newport Harbor YC Facebook photo

Seal Beach to Dana Point Race celebrates golden jubilee

Newport Harbor Yacht Club host the Baxter Bowl, which features competitions of Finn and Star class boats, off the Central Orange County Coast, June 23-24.

Star and Finn class boats to compete in Baxter Bowl Newport Harbor Yacht Club hosts regatta off Newport Beach coast, June 23-24. By Parimal M. Rohit NEWPORT BEACH—All Finn and Star class boats in good standing with their respective class associations are eligible to participate in Newport Harbor Yacht Club’s Baxter Bowl, which will be held in the Pacific Ocean off Newport Beach on June 23 and 24. The course is expected to be windward-leeward type, according to the Notice of Race. Star class competitors will race for the Baxter Bowl perpetual trophy, which will be awarded to the winning

boat. The top three boats in each class will also be awarded take-home prizes. Registration and check-in will begin at 8 a.m. on June 23, followed by a competitors’ meeting at 9:30 a.m. The tow leaves Newport Harbor YC at 10:15 a.m. on both days of racing; first warning is at noon, also on both days of racing. Trophies and awards will be presented after all racing is completed. Then entry fees are $25 for Finn class and $50 for Star class; entry forms are available online at All entries must be submitted by 9:30 a.m. on June 23. Contact Newport Harbor YC Race Director Laurel Dinwiddie at or 949-723-6870 for questions or more information.

Regatta along Orange County coast returns for its 50th year, July 7. By Parimal M. Rohit ORANGE COUNTY — Dana Point Yacht Club and Seal Beach Yacht Club will co-host the annual Seal Beach to Dana Point Race for a 50th time this year, as the regatta along the Orange County coast is set for July 7. Shawn Ivie won last year’s Seal Beach to Dana Point Race aboard Limitless, crossing the finish line with a corrected time of 4:43:27; Viggo Torbenson finished second aboard Timeshaver (4:51:38), followed by Guy

Rosenlof (Lodgehall, 4:56:10), James Devling (Carbon Footprint, 5:00:59) and Seth Hall (Marisol, 5:03:49). Last year’s race featured 37 boats competing against each other in the PHRF class. The ORCA class featured two boats – Trident and freestyle – competing against each other; Trident won the race with a corrected time of 6:26:18 (freestyle did not finish). Details for this year’s golden jubilee race were not available as of press time. Last year’s race started near Seal Beach Pier and continued to an area close to the Dana Point jetty. Contact Bob Hubbard, Seal Beach YC’s race chair, for more information. He can be reached at 562-498-9396 or

28  •  June 15 - 28, 2018  •  The Log

Jackpot Calico?

Dana Wharf Sportfishing photo

Two anglers pose with a quality-sized calico, which was reeled aboard Sum Fun (out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing) on June 1. The photo was shared on Dana Wharf’s Facebook page and quickly received some comments, including “Looks like a jackpot fish to me. Was it?” and “That’s a really big one!”

Southern California fishing news

OC Coastkeeper releases observational report of local MPAs Vast majority of human activities in Orange County’s Marine Protected Areas are not consumptive.

More than 21,000 people visited local Marine Protected Areas, or MPAs, in 2017, according to an OC Coastkeeper study. Most of the visits were non-consumptive.

consumptive actives in the Upper Newport Bay - Inner Layer MPA. OC Coastkeeper volunteers also observed 73 onshore consumptive activities in the Crystal Cove MPA and 50 onshore consumptive activities in the Upper Newport Bay - Inner Layer MPA, followed by Laguna Beach MPA (27) and Dana Point - Outer Layer MPA (25).

Onshore non-consumptive activities produced the lion’s share of observed activities, according to OC Coastkeeper’s statistics: • Laguna Beach MPA, 8,560 • Crystal Cove MPA, 7,196 • Dana Point - Outer Layer MPA, 1,891 • Upper Newport Bay - Inner Layer MPA, 232.

Springtime Blue(fin)s aboard Liberty By Parimal M. Rohit SAN DIEGO — The nine anglers aboard Liberty Sportfishing out of Fisherman’s Landing in San Diego returned from a fullday trip, May 29, with five bluefin tuna. Two of the bluefin catches were posted on Liberty’s Instagram and Facebook pages. “Today we had several very good opportunities at 25-70lb bluefin tuna. After several heartbreaks we ended our day with 5 tuna from 25-40lbs,” the May 29 Instagram/Facebook post stated. Most of the other full-day jaunts aboard Liberty returned to land with yellowtail bites – although a May 15 expedition yielded nine bluefin and three yellowtails.

Liberty Sportfishing

ORANGE COUNTY — A study analyzing human activity at Orange County’s seven Marina Protected Areas (MPAs) in 2017 was recently released by one of the region’s most active environmental groups. The study found more than 21,000 people visited the local MPAs last year, with nearly six out of seven visitors, on average, participating in running, sunbathing or swimming activities. Boating, diving, snorkeling and surfing were the other observed activities. Orange County Coastkeeper’s MPA Watch report, which relied upon volunteers observing various human activities while patrolling the local MPAs, added 98 percent of activities in the Marine Protected Areas were non-consumptive, meaning marine life was allowed “to thrive undisturbed.” “Volunteers also counted 101 potential violations of MPA regulations,” an OC Coastkeeper statement issued with the MPA report said. “Coastkeeper says these potential violations demonstrate a need for continued community education to inform the public how to sustainably enjoy MPAs. The organization also calls for increased enforcement of MPA regulations to hold violators accountable.” The Crystal Cove MPA - which is south of Newport Beach Harbor and north of Laguna Beach - had the highest number of offshore consumptive activities, according to OC Coastkeeper’s MPA Watch report. There were 60 offshore consumptive activities reported in the Crystal Cove MPA, according to the MPA Watch Report. Dana Point - Outer Layer MPA had the second-most number of offshore consumptive activities with 43, according to the OC Coastkeeper report. There were 24 observed offshore consumptive activities in the Laguna Beach MPA and six observed offshore

CDFW photo

By Parimal M. Rohit

Offshore non-consumptive activities were most frequent in the Laguna Beach MPA (1,245) and least frequent in the Dana Point - Outer Layer MPA (448). There were 789 observed offshore non-consumptive activities in the Crystal Cove MPA and 507 observed offshore non-consumptive activities in the Upper Newport Bay - Inner Layer MPA. Orange County’s seven MPAs are: • Bolsa Bay SMCA • Bolsa Chica Basin No-Take SMCA • Crystal Cove SMCA • Dana Point SMCA • Laguna Beach No-Take SMCA • Laguna Beach SMR. SMCA stands for State Marine Conservation Area, while SMR sis a State Marine Reserve. MPAs have been a source of great debate in California. Environmental groups hail MPAs as a necessary tool to protect marine resources and threatened species. Angler groups, however, argue the MPA system is one of the leading reasons why angling participation has been steadily declining in California. The OC Coastkeeper report was released June 4.

The Log  •  June 15 - 28, 2018  •  29

House committee advances Billfish Conservation Act amendment The U.S. Senate approved a similar proposal in October 2017. By Parimal M. Rohit

The National Marine Manufacturers Association, or NMMA, expressed its support of H.R. 4528. “The Billfish Conservation Act of 2012 banned the importation of all billfish caught by foreign fleets into the continental United States and, perhaps most importantly, set an example for other countries to pursue similar conservation efforts once thought impossible,” an NMMA statement

Southwest Fisheries Science Center photo

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A federal bill aiming to amend the Billfish Conservation Act of 2012 and limit the sales of billfish caught by U.S. fishing vessels made it out of a House of Representatives committee, June 6. House Resolution 4528 (H.R. 4528), which was introduced in December 2017 by Rep. Darren Soto, D-Florida, would specifically update the Billfish Conservation Act of 2012. Members of the House’s Committee on Natural Resources allowed Soto’s proposal to move forward. Rep. Darren Soto’s proposal to amend the Billfish Conservation “Under current law, Act of 2012 was approved by a House committee, June 6. billfish caught by U.S. vessels that land (number or poundage of fish unloaded onshore by on H.R. 4528’s committee passage commercial fisherman) in Hawaii or stated. “However, questions arose over Pacific Insular Areas (American Samoa, whether the same prohibitions on forBaker Island, Guam, Howland Island, eign-caught billfish imposed by the bill Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, Kingman also applied to billfish caught commerReef, Midway Island, the Northern cially in Hawaii. If commercially caught Mariana Islands, Palmyra Atoll, and billfish could be transported from Wake Island) may be sold and exported Hawaii to the U.S. mainland, it would to non-U.S. markets or transported circumvent the intent of the conservato other U.S. markets,” the published tion measure. summary of H.R. 4528 stated. “This bill “H.R. 4528 and S. 396 simply clarify requires billfish caught by U.S. vessels that billfish landed in Hawaii must be that land in Hawaii or Pacific Insular retained there. Implemented as origiAreas to be retained for sale in those nally intended, the law should make it areas.” easier for the U.S. to establish a greater The U.S. Senate approved a similar leadership role for the international bill – Senate Bill 396, or S. 396 – on Oct. protection of billfish,” the NMMA 2, 2017. statement continued.

TIGHT LINES — By Parimal M. Rohit

NOAA partners with National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to restore habitats WEST COAST — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) joined forces with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to restore habitat damaged by hazardous waste releases and oil spills off the California coast, it was reported. Both organizations agreed to a fiveyear partnership with a potential $1.5 million budget for habitat restoration. Additional funding could be added to the partnership to support similar projects in other areas. “The multi-year partnership will help NOAA make major progress toward restoring areas impacted from the S.S. Jacob Luckenbach and M/T Command oil spills, and the Montrose hazardous waste site,” NOAA Fisheries staff said in

a released statement. “Priority activities include restoring 37 acres of kelp forest and planning for restoration of a rocky reef at the Montrose site, essential habitats supporting a diversity of fish and marine life that are important components of commercial and recreational fisheries, and other recreational industries.” NOAA, through its Damage Assessment, Remediation and Restoration Program, works to restore nature resources and allow habitats to return to its condition before the hazardous waste or oil spill event. The federal agency stated it has “more than $10 billion from those responsible for environmental harm to implement habitat restoration across the country.”

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Tasty Tail – David Misterly poses with a yellowtail caught off Catalina with Kayla’s rod (she is the one kissing the fish) while aboard Freelance from Davey’s Locker.

To upload your own Kiss Your Katch photo, visit, click on the Kiss Your Katch logo, then click “Upload.” You certify that the photograph you are submitting to FishRap’s “Kiss Your Katch” gallery promotion is original to you, and that FishRap’s use of the photograph will not violate any laws or rights of any other person or entity, including, without limitation, any copyright rights or rights of publicity or privacy. You agree to indemnify and hold FishRap harmless from any claims arising from use of the photograph.

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30  •  June 15 - 28, 2018  •  The Log

San Diego Report

Warming waters translates to improving bluefin, calico bass and yellowtail bites SAN DIEGO — The first day of summer arrives on June 21 and the water temperatures are starting to warm up as one would expect during this time of year. The increase in water temperature has coincided with improved and warming weather conditions. The rising water temperatures are now up in the 65- to 70-degree range along the San Diego County coast and in the 66- to 68-degree range on the offshore fishing grounds. These water temperatures reflect a 2- to 5-degree increase during the first 10 days of June. Bluefin tuna and yellowtail continue to bite offshore and there have been a few yellowfin tuna in the mix. Bluefin have been biting while fishing out to the southwest of San Martin Island at 155 to 160 miles from Point Loma. This zone to the southwest of San Martin Island is where a few yellowfin tuna and kelp paddie yellowtail have been found. Most of the bluefin in this zone have been in the 25- to 35-pound class. Some of the more productive sportboat trips fishing down this way have returned home with limits of bluefin tuna. In more local offshore waters, boats have been finding some action on a mix of bluefin tuna and yellowtail while fishing out to the west and southwest of the 371 Bank. This area has you fishing from 30 to 38 miles 215 to 228 degrees from Point Loma. The bluefin in this zone out to the west of the 371 Bank have been mostly the 25- to 40-pound fish but there are fish to 200 pounds being seen and sometimes caught. A 173-pound bluefin was reportedly caught aboard Pacific Queen out of Fisherman’s Landing on June 10. As an example of the recent fishing, Condor out of Fisherman’s Landing fished a 1.5-day trip on June 9 and had 23 anglers catch seven bluefin. Tribute out of Seaforth Sportfishing fished an

overnight trip on June 10 and had 16 anglers catch four bluefin tuna and one yellowtail. The fishing around Los Coronado Islands has been good for a mix of yellowtail, bonito, barracuda and calico bass. Skippers have been finding good action while fishing a variety of areas with the best reports coming from the weather side of South Island and the Middle Grounds. Recent days have seen some of the yellowtail counts get well up over the 100 mark on the yellowtail. Halibut have also been more active around Los Coronado Islands Increasing temperatures means more chances to in recent days. There was a recent reel in bluefin tuna, such as this one brought in report from a private boater who had over the rails aboard Tribute. caught four legal sized halibut while drifting sandy bottom areas inside of South Island. Anglers focusing on calico whitefish and an occasional halibut. bass and barracuda have done well If you want to give La Jolla a try for while fishing kelp bed spots such as the yellowtail, the best bet has been fishing Ribbon Kelp and South Kelp. Calico bass outside of the upper end of La Jolla with have also been active in shallow water a live mackerel, surface iron or yo-yo around the boiler rock structure of the iron while out in the 18 to 30 fathom Islands. depths. Looking for meter marks, sonar The yellowtail around Los Coronado marks or spots of breaking fish has been Islands have been found by locating the best way to locate yellowtail. The meter marks, sonar marks and spots of best bet for a white sea bass at La Jolla fish up working on the surface. Yellows has been slow trolling with a live mackhave also been located by getting trollerel along the edges of the kelp beds at ing strikes on Rapalas or trolling strikes the upper end of La Jolla. on slow trolled sardines. Once located, Calico bass are biting well at some of the yellowtails have been biting well on the kelp bed areas up and down the San flylined sardines, surface iron and yo-yo Diego County coast. Capt. Joe Cacciola iron. The yellowtails have been running of Sea Star with Sea Star Sportfishing from 6 to 20 pounds, with the majority and the Oceanside Sea Center reports of the fish in the 8- to 16-pound range. the water temperatures in the kelp bed The fishing along the San Diego areas they have been fishing between County coast continues to produce an Leucadia and Solana Beach have occasional nice sized yellowtail or white jumped up from the 63- to 65-degree sea bass at the upper end of La Jolla and range to 68- to 70-degree water. The there is also a chance at scratching out water in the kelp beds has been an off a nice sized white sea bass while fishing color green and Cacciola says the water with live mackerel at the Barn Kelp and cleans up a bit when a moderate current View Point areas above Oceanside. The is running. rest of the fishing along the San Diego Halibut fishing has been improving County coast has been good for a mix of along the coast with some legal sized sand bass, calico bass, sculpin, rockfish, halibut reported to be biting for boats Tribute Sportfishing photo

By Bob Vanian

(Left to right) Two separate fishing trips out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing returned home with quality catches. Anglers aboard a June 11 trip aboard Reel Fun, for example, reeled in eight barracuda. A June 9 trip aboard Helena, meanwhile, featured an angler reeling in a 62.9-pound white sea bass. Also out on the water on June 9 was Stardust, which hooked several reds off the Santa Barbara coast. An angler shows off the sheephead he caught on the June 2 trip aboard Pacific Islander Sportfishing out of Channel Islands Sportfishing Co. in Oxnard. Photos: Dana Wharf Sportfishing, Stardust Sportfishing. CISCO

fishing outside of the Imperial Beach Pier, inside of San Diego Bay, outside of Mission Beach, off Solana Beach and off Leucadia. Fishing the sandy bottom adjacent to structure and the sandy bottom adjacent to kelp and hard bottom has been the best bet. Private boater Rex Finney reported a recent catch of two legal sized halibut while fishing in San Diego Bay. His experience is the halibut start getting active once the water temperature gets up to around 65 degrees. There have been some pretty good to sometimes good numbers of yellowtail and calico bass biting at San Clemente Island. Best areas for yellowtail have been while fishing off West Cove, Pyramid Cove, White Rock and Purse Seine Rock. Live squid has been the best bait for the yellowtail and calico bass. Squid has been hard to catch for bait but at times Skippers report being able to jig a bit of squid for bait at night at West Cove and Pyramid Cove. There have been some pretty good numbers of yellowtail biting for boats fishing spots around the middle part of the front side of Catalina Island, as well as for those fishing the back side at spots between the V’s and Ben Weston. The spring fishing season is getting ready to roll over into summer and the water temperatures and the fishing are both heating up. The prime summer months are upon us and I hope you can get on the water and get in on the action. Keep on fishing and I hope to see you out on the water! Bob Vanian is the voice, writer and researcher of the San Diego-based internet fish report service called 976-Bite which can be found at www.976bite. com. Vanian also provides anglers with a personal fish report service over the telephone at 619-226-8218. He always welcomes your fish reports at that same phone number or at bob976bite@aol. com.

The Log  •  June 15 - 28, 2018  •  31

SoCal and Baja’s #1 Source for Fresh and Saltwater Fishing

SALTWATER OCEAN FISHING REPORT By Terrence Berg BLUEFIN TUNA UNPREDICTABLE: The bluefin tuna have been all over the map this past week, but with generally much slower and less consistent fishing this past week. The fish have been everywhere from half-day to two-day range and everyplace in between. Anglers are seeing lots of fish running from 20 to 200 pounds, but they haven’t been biting very well. Most have been 20 to 30 pounds. Perhaps the best score came on a two-day trip aboard Pacific Voyager out of Seaforth Sportfishing that returned on June 4. The 16 anglers on this trip had 44 bluefin, one yellowfin tuna, and five yellowtails, but Condor out of Fisherman’s Landing radioed in on June 6 with limits of 20- to 30-pound bluefin for all on board. One of the best fish of the week came on Prowler, out of Seaforth, on June 2, when 15 anglers on a 1.5-day trip managed to land a 160-pounder. That was the only fish of the day after sliding up on schools all day. Fisherman III out of H&M Landing had 32 anglers on a June 4 half-day and two bluefin tuna were landed along with 50 mackerel, 31 rockfish, and four sculpin. Go figure. Old Glory out of H&M Landing was on an overnight trip on June 2 with 29 anglers and landed just one bluefin and 40 rockfish. SAN DIEGO YELLOWTAIL PRETTY GOOD: The weekend bite for yellowtail on full-day trips out of San Diego was very good, and the action has continued into this week, but just with fewer

numbers in the bag. Mission Belle out of Point Loma Sportfishing had a full-day trip on June 6, and the 31 anglers on board caught 35 yellowtails, 29 keeper calico bass, 11 barracuda, seven rockfish, and two barracuda. The June 4 trip with 22 anglers produced 41 yellowtails, 30 calicos, seven whitefish, and five bonito, while a June 3 trip with 21 anglers returned with 64 yellowtails, 18 calico bass, three bonito, and three rockfish. Liberty out of Fisherman’s Landing has also been running full-day trips, and the June 6 jaunt with 29 anglers produced just 20 yellowtails and five calicos. The best trip of the past week was June 4, when 29 anglers landed 91 yellowtail and 10 calicos. Also on June 4, San Diego out of Seaforth Sportfishing had 33 anglers on its full-day trip and landed 109 yellowtails and 35 calico bass. But the June 6 trip this week with 37 anglers produced just 19 yellowtails, 48 rockfish, 20 barracuda, and two bonito. LOS ANGELES-ORANGE COUNTY UPDATE: The Catalina Island and San Clemente Island bites are finally starting to really heat up with a lot of yellowtail showing in the past week, along with decent bass action, and good bottom fish still showing. Some yellows are also showing up along the nearshore kelp paddies, and the surface bite is improving near the coast, too, as water temperatures rise quickly with the warming weather. Thunderbird out of Davey’s Locker in Balboa had 30 anglers on an overnight trip June 6 and landed 57 yellowtails, 132 rockfish, 68 whitefish, and 13 calico bass. The June 5 overnight with 30 anglers produced 30 yellowtails. But even Western Pride, on a half-day trip June 6 with 29

• California Boater Card : Do get behind the wheel w n’t ithout it • Boat lau nch ramp v e n d o r tract appro ved despite con p ro test • Is the Ca lifornia ang ler fading into the pa st? • Coast Gu ard continu es to take aim at illeg al charters

anglers, managed to get one yellowtail, 35 calico bass, 12 perch, five sheephead, four sand bass, and two whitefish. Sport King out of L.A. Waterfront Sportfishing had 39 anglers on its June 5 three-quarter-day trip and landed one yellowtail along with 95 whitefish, 15 calico bass, 11 sheephead, 10 perch, and three bonito. The June 4 trip with 28 anglers returned with nine yellowtails, 35 whitefish, 27 bonito, six sheephead, and five keeper calicos. There were 35 yellowtails hoisted over the rails aboard Pursuit out of 22nd Street Landing on its June 6 full-day trip. The 70 anglers on board also landed 57 bonito, 33 keeper calicos, 11 whitefish, 10 perch, six sheephead, three barracuda, and one halibut. The June 4 trip with 25 anglers produced 31 yellowtails along with 35 bonito, 22 calico bass, 10 whitefish, five sheephead, five barracuda, and two perch. OXNARD TO SANTA BARBARA UPDATE: While afternoon winds continue to be a problem, most landings in the Oxnard to Santa Barbara region are running boats every day and finding good to excellent rockfish action, and the surface bite is actually pretty good with both white sea bass and yellowtail showing in the counts most days. The calico bass are also picking up. At Channel Islands Sportfishing in Oxnard, Aloha Spirit had 19 anglers on June 6’s all-day trip, and they landed one white sea bass, 84 rockfish, nine whitefish, and two sculpin. Sea Jay had 10 anglers on its June 6 full-day, and they caught three white sea bass, one yellowtail, along with 27 keeper calicos, four rockfish, and one sheephead. At Hook’s Sporfishing in Oxnard, New Hustler had 22 anglers on an overnight trip on Sunday, and they landed 220 rockfish, 140 whitefish,

seven lingcod, and six sheephead. At Ventura Sportfishing in Ventura, Amigo was on a full-day trip with 10 anglers, and they landed one white sea bass, 75 whitefish, 34 rockfish, 10 calico bass, and nine barracuda. At Sea Landing in Santa Barbara, there were 21 anglers on Coral Sea’s three-quarter-day trip June 6, and they landed limits of 210 assorted rockfish along with one lingcod.

For complete reports, visit

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The Endurance Series by Hampton Yachts represents a new standard for safety, comfort and efficiency in a long range cruising yacht. The series embodies a fully-integrated set of vital features that function together synergistically. Comfort, safety effeciency, solid quality construction and fine finishes are smoothly blended into a yacht that feels right and works flawlessly for confident passagemaking and lasting value.





Legendary performance with comfort and amenities for the whole family. Powered by Triple Yamaha 350s. Below she boasts a beautiful teak interior with queen pedestal bed, dinette, galley, and head with stall shower. Features include diesel generator, air conditioning, sunroof, power awning, joystick docking, bow thruster, and 16” Garmin displays, radar, auto pilot. AVAILABLE FALL 2018

87’ Endurance 870 LRC 2018

72’ Endurance 720 LRC 2018

65’ Hampton 650 MY 2018

68’ Endurance 680 LRC 2018 AVAILABLE NOW!

76’ Hampton 2014

JOIN US SEPT. 20 - 23!

47’ Azimut 2009

64’ Ocean Alexander 2008

Mike Hickey 949.228.8758

83’ Hampton 830 Skylounge 2014

Chris Elliott 949.254.2551

Last chance for a new boat this season ...we ordered these just for you! ST L GU VA AU RRI A




‘18 Beneteau Oceanis 45

‘18 Beneteau Oceanis 41.1


‘18 Beneteau ST 35



20 ‘19 Beneteau Oceanis 51.1

‘18 Beneteau Oceanis 38.1

‘18 Beneteau GT 40 SP



9 OW 22 SH AL $ I EC

5 OW 22 SH AL $ I EC


‘18 Four Winns 290

‘18 Wellcraft 302 fisherman


2000 HYLAS 54 - $499K

2014 BENETEAU GT 44 - $428K 2017 BENETEAU 55 - $749K

2001 BENETEAU 50 - $220K

sd (619) 224-7784 • nb (949) 673-1607











2019 SAONA 47

Owner's Version | 2 Volvo 60 HP D2 Engines | Solar Panels

2019 Fountaine Pajot AstrĂŠa 42

2019 Fountaine Pajot MY44

412 G R A N D L A R G E

We will pay for your marine survey on our aggressively priced trades. san diego marina del rey newport beach seattle

619.822.2715 310.821.5883 949.791.4220 206.686.5400


WEST COAST DEBUT OF THE JEANNEAU 440 & 490. Come aboard June 16 at the San Diego Open House.

2017 Jeanneau 54

2018 Jeanneau 490

2018 Jeanneau 440 2018 Jeanneau 519 ONDER OR



2018 Elan Impression 45

2018 Jeanneau 58 IN K OC ST

t t es bu W t De as


Co W as es tD t eb ut




2018 Jeanneau 44ds

2017 Bali 4.0 Cat

2018 Elan GT5

Need to SELL? List with us! We sell a boat every 2 and a half days on average. Please visit our website at to see a complete list of all of our brokerage boats.

San Diego (619) 681-0633



‘03 VIKING 65 $898,000

‘06 JEANNEAU 49DS $244,500

Newport Beach (619) 681-0634

‘06 BENETEAU 523 $340,000

‘15 JEANNEAU 469 $378,000

Marina del Rey Alameda Sausalito (310) 821-8300 (510) 521-1327 (415) 269-4901

‘13 JEANNEAU NC 9 $179,500

GALEON 510 SKYDECK | 2018 available now

OCEAN ALEXANDER 85 MY | 2018 available now

A Z I M U T 5 0 F LY B R I D G E | 2 0 1 8 available now

AQUILA 44 | 2018 available now

CARVER C40 | 2018 available now

Let us find you your

dream boat.

A L E X A N D E R M A R I N E U S A™

has an experienced team of yacht consultants that will find you the boat of your dreams. Contact us today.

REGAL 35 SPORT COUPE | 2018 available now

PURSUIT 325 DC | 2018 available now

PURSUIT C 238 | 2017 available now


A L E X A N D E R M A R I N E U S A™

® | Newport Beach 949.515.7700 | San Diego 619.294.2628

The Log • June 15 - 28, 2018 • 39

(619) 295-9669 “30 Years in the Same Location” THR




46' Hunter 466 2004 $175,000


Island Packet, Blue Jacket and Seaward Yachts welcomes NEW California dealer: California Yacht Sales!

42' 1989 Catalina $72,000


Nauticat 43' 1999 Sparkman & Stephens $349,000





31' 2002 Formula PC $69,900

2015 Island Packet 485 ..................................................................$895,000 2009 Island Packet 485 ................................................................$599,000 2001 Island Paciet 420 ................................................................$299,000 2015 Blue Jacket 40 ......................................................................$398,000 1994 Island Packet 40 ..................................................................$179,000 2003 Island Packet 380 ................................................................$199,000 2004 Island Packet 370 ................................................................$219,000 1999 Island Packet 320 ................................................................$109,000 SOLD

Exclusive Dealer

Seeking Quality Listings


Season Sale prices while the fishing and boating is HOT!

In Stock! Ready for summer fun!! 2002 34' Intrepid

1998 42' Nordic Tug

Repowered w/twin 300hp Suzuki Outboards in '15 (270 hrs). 450 HP Cummins, bow/stern thruster, Echo Pilot forward scanning sonar. Cuddy cabin, live well, new Simrad electronics. $119,000 2 Strm, 2 Head layout. Excellent condition. LLC owned. $299,000

22' Cobia 220DC Dual Console 2018

1988 37' Bertram Convertible

2003 38' Sea Spirit

Custom C-Fab hardtop, 2 stateroom layout, large cockpit Twin Yanmars w/ 350hrs. 16kts @ 3200RPM. Two w/fiberglass tackle center & 8kW Genset. $119,000 staterooms, air conditioning. All teak interior. $185,000

New ready to deliver loaded for summer fun! Yamaha 200HP XCA power, Ski pylon, livewell & saltwater washdown, head w/deck pumpout, freshwater washdown, cooler, great seating layout for everyone. Family fun or bring the gang for local fishing with this Dual Console by Cobia. Bimini top, Garmin touchscreen plotter/sounder, Trim tabs, bluetooth stereo, underwater lights & more compliment this Atlantic Blue hull. New boat/engine warranties apply as well as special discounts. Subject to prior sale, last 2018 models available!

20' Cobia Center console with Yamaha 150XCA 2018 model loaded with options and ready for family fun and fishing! This model in stock and equipped with T-Top, Garmin touch Screen, underwater lights, custom hull color, and much more! Solid, safe & easy! Fish and play in comfort and style with high sided security, a deep Vee hull for smooth running and tons of standard creature comforts, the 201CC is perfect for fun-filled family days on the water!

Good Times, Great Boats! Financing Available!

The lawyers say we have to add the fine print, call for more details.....Subject to prior sale. Prices does not include sales tax or registration fees.

Sales Management Construction Licensed & Bonded since 1982 Brokerage Slips at Intrepid Landing 2002 56' Post Convertible

5866 E. Naples Plaza, Suite A, Long Beach CA 90803

2811 Dickens St., Suite 130 San Diego, CA 92106


(619) 222-1124 R HT B OKER AC Y


(562) 438-8669


1998 50' Viking

Galley up, three stateroom, two head layout. 144 sq ft 12 Cyl. MAN’s. 3 Stateroom layout. Caribe raft & cockpit. MAN diesels. LLC owned. $469,000 1,000 lb Brower Davit. $449,000


40 • June 15 - 28, 2018 • The Log

Santa Barbara Channel Islands LA Harbor Long Beach Newport Beach San Diego

805.962.8195 805.200.3161 310.547.8007 562.431.8699 949.673.3354 619.209.7360

Local Knowledge, Unsurpassed Experience, and Digital Marketing Expertise from Santa Barbara to San Diego

48’ Silverton Convertible 2004 $449,000

48’ Californian Cockpit MY 1990 $179,900

46’ Bluewater Yachts Sportfisher 1998 $139,900

42’ Grand Banks Classic 1999 $315,000

38’ Hinckley 1969 $62,500

26’ Robalo 265 Cuddy Cabin 2013 $99,000

Beneteau 473 2006 “Sea Horse” is the popular three cabin layout and has been very well cared for by her knowledgeable owner. She is loaded with equipment including a full suite of Raymarine electronics, bow thruster, electric winches, air/heat, solar panels, RIB dinghy/outboard, full canvas including a new custom bimini and dodger with Strataglass, and much, much more! Offered at $219,000


38’ Catalina 380 2001 $89,900

38’ Silverton Convertible 2005 $169,900

Trade Wind Inflatables Nouvurania INFLATABLES

In Stock! Deluxe Console Tenders 11’ – 18’ • Made in the USA

Gary Stevens

Novurania 430DL w/ Yamaha F60LA

Novurania 400DL w/ Yamaha F50LA

Novurania 550DL w/ Yamaha F115LA

Novurania 460DL w/ Yamaha F90LA

103' Westport/Eagle - CALL FOR DETAILS!

2001 Hatteras 65' $649,000

1988 Mako 28' Dual Console $62,000

Tues-Sat 9am – 5pm Sun-Mon by Appointment

2008 Everglades 35' $175,000

60' Hatteras $689,000

227 20th Street, Suite 101 • Newport Beach CA 92663 • (949)422-9960

949-574-8667 2810 S. Croddy Way, Santa Ana, CA 92704

The Log • June 15 - 28, 2018 • 41





Mark W. Mowery Owner/Broker





2011 SUNSEEKER 64' - $1.29M

LLC owned, great condition, low hour Cats, easy to see in Newport, slip available

2000 TIARA 35' - $174,500

2002 CARVER 396 - $149,000

LLC, Cummins, UW lights, transferable slip, Cummins TD's, new batteries, cooling system serviced, new electronics new bottom paint & 4 new shaft seals 4-5-18, ready to go.

1963 KETTENBURG 50' - $109,000

New engine and Generator, Bristol sailing yacht, Sat TV, New Electronics

Pric eR edu ced !

38' SUNDANCER '07 $174,900

Immaculate & perfectly maintained. New btm paint 5/18, trans slip, dinghy w/OB

2000 TIARA 41' OPEN - $189,000 Cat’s recently serviced, new electronics, hard top, transferable slip.

We have slips in Newport for our buying & selling clients, call us directly at 949-548-9999 •


receive Professional Photos & Offered Discounted Slips if Available

Exclusive Dealer Price Reduced

Seeking Quality Listings Keen Seller

Just Listed

at BBY Showdock







1 0'-


78' Ferretti 780 MY 2010

Available Stock

TAYANA's USED: (2) 55's, (3) 52's, 42',48', 37' PRESIDENT 2017 60'-150' MOTORYACHTS/LRC’s TAYANA's NEW: 72', 64', 58', 54', 52', 48', 46', 42', 37' Custom built to the highest standards Zero degree stabilization,, twin Cats. 142 Custom Helicopter ready LRC! 48' DS 20 48 2015 $419k, At Our Dock




Reduced $100K 70' HATTERAS CPMY Loaded, Custom Interior,

Twin Yamaha 250hp’s - incredible electronics SONAR! super clean great layout - stable platform - lots of customs!

$125,000 Price Reduction!!








32' Endeavor Sloop 1979

Complete upgrades, new interior/exterior Yanmar diesel, Very clean, call Jim McIntyre Was $40,800 Now Asks $30,000

38' Blackfin Combi 1995

Twin Dsl, fresh motors, new gen Fish ready, super clean, many updates! $129,000 Ask. Best Deal!

Sales Management Construction Licensed & Bonded since 1982 Brokerage Slips at Intrepid Landing

Scott Lampe

(619) 222-1124 R HT B OKER AC Y


2811 Dickens St., Suite 130 San Diego, CA 92106



32' Glacier Bay 3080 Coastal Runner SF '08




LLC owned, recent full service, super clean MTU 12v2000, Gyro stabilizers, loaded!




42 • June 15 - 28, 2018 • The Log

Marine Directory From A to Z, You’ll Find What You Need!


To place an ad, call the classified experts at:


AD DEADLINE: Every other Friday @ 5PM • Email: BATTERIES






BOAT YARDS / BUILDERS BOAT YARD SAN DIEGO / STORAGE High HP Diesel and Gear Box Rebuilder Full Service Machine Shop E Hull and Paint Technicians 1/4 MIL FROM Offshore Systems and R E WAT Deck Machinery Repair Open 24 / 7


3 Work Shifts

Civilian Small Craft • Yachts • Navy • Workboat • Fishing

676 MOSS ST. 91911 •


per issue*

That’s all it takes to advertise in Southern California’s Premier Boating & Fishing Newspaper! Grow your business economically with The Log Newspaper! Call 800-887-1615 for more info. * - $50.00/issue rate requires 26 issue commitment

The Log • June 15 - 28, 2018 • 43

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Marine Electrical Licensed and Insured Marine Electrician

License # C10 987835

Inverters • Chargers • Isolaters Satellite/Data Installations Galvanic Isolation Testing Battery Replacement • Maintenance Autopilots • Radar • Transducers Lighting • Pumps • AC/DC Specialist

Eclectic Electric

We Specialize in Complete Re-Wires!


Marine Electrical & Computer Diagnostics Starters & Alternators • Battery Banks & Inverters • Engine Shut Downs Shore Power • Lighting • Alarms • Wiring • ABYC Certified • Insured

A MOBILE MARINE 619.796.8432

HYDRAULIC HOSES • ALL TYPES & SIZES Stainless Steel & Brass Fittings are our specialty. USCG Approved hose and fittings for fuel, oil, & water makers. Silicone hoses, Stainless Steel T-Bolt clamps, Octiker Clamps. Marine Fire Services Available. Hoses for all your marine applications.



Give us a call or stop by for all your hose & fitting needs. 670 W. 17th Street, Unit G5, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 Phone: 949-645-2661



per issue*

* - $50.00/issue rate requires 26 issue commitment

#"! ! "##"


That’s all it takes to advertise in Southern California’s Premier Boating & Fishing Newspaper! Grow your business economically with The Log Newspaper! Call 800-887-1615 for more info.



The Comfort of Home, on Your Boat Free MeasuringiFree Delivery Local ShowroomiLargest Selection

858-566-4408 7919 Silverton Ave, San Diego CA 92126







Ph: 949-209-8870 • Fax: 949-209-3109


What’s the worst that can happen en

when you don’t advertise?

We Super Clean Your Fuel Your Tanks - At Your Boat WE INVENTED IT. PATENTED & INSURED.

FUEL OIL POLISHING COMPANY Guarantees Fuel Like New Serving All So. California

(619) 260-1068 (714) 972-2060 1-800-826-0379



(619)223-2279 • Fax (619)223-1002 |

Nothing! Start your ad today! Call


44 • June 15 - 28, 2018 • The Log

Marine Directory

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If you are reading this ad... SO ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS!




Takes ‘da motion out ‘da ocean!


Largest platform yet stows 10x36x4 Makes every anchorage comfy

Call 800-887-1615 for advertising ideas.



* Hang from midship cleat or pole *


• Wire / Rope Splicing • Standing & Running Rigging • Swaging 2804 Canon St. San Diego, CA • Lifelines (619) 225-9411 • Hardware (800) 532-3831


Call (800)887-1615

CALL 1-800-887-1615 TO PLACE AN AD!


New and Used Boats, Engines, Gear and Services


Run `til it sells photo ad. (up to 13 issues). Includes 30 words and a photo. BOATS FOR SALE ONLY

To place an ad, call the classified experts at: 800-887-1615 or visit our website: AD DEADLINE: Monday, June 25 • Email:


One month photo ad. (2 issues). Includes 30 words and a photo.


One month text only ad. (2 issues). Includes 30 words.

1/2 PRICE Run your ad

in Sea Magazine as well for half the normal price. Call for details.

Note: Additional words over 30 accepted at the rate of $0.75 per word.



DINGHY FOR SALE: Dana Point Harbor. 10’4” Fiji 2014 dinghy with 6hp Tohatsu outboard, full cover. $1950. Air pump included. 916-802-1151. 18’ DUFFY SNUG HARBOR, 2014: Low hours. Professionally maintained. Newport Beach location. $29,900. Call 949-290-3834.

CARIBE DL11 2007 RIB: 11.1’ Center Console with Honda BF30. Low hours, high quality. Hypalon fabric, VHF, synthetic teak decking, full Sunbrella cover. Includes Pacific galvanized trailer w/guides. $8,900. 949-379-0392. Email your classified ad to


19’ CHRIS CRAFT RACING RUNABOUT, 1949: Hull #229. Professionally restored. All mahogany and meticulously maintained. Boat turns heads everywhere and has appeared in several classic wooden boat shows, e.g. Lake Arrowhead and Balboa Yacht Club Wooden Boat Festival in 2016, 2017. Powered with Chevy 350 and stored on trailer. Includes trailer and all accessories. Reduced: $52,500. 858-354-2644


2015 ROBALO CAYMAN 206 with Yamaha 115, less than 100 hours. Garmin GPS with depth and fish finder, Alpine stereo with marine speakers and Bluetooth capability, VHF marine radio, Built-in bait tank with pump, washdown pump and hose. Pete O’Hara: 909-725-0695.

20’ SEAWAY 1990 LOBSTER SKIFF: Honda 4stroke, 135hp outboard. Electradyne electric puller. Asking $20,000. For more information, call 949500-0553 or email

The Log • June 15 - 28, 2018 • 45

TO PLACE AN AD, Call 800-887-1615, or online at


2006 CUSTOM LAUNCH: This has been the most noticeable boat on Lake Arrowhead for 10 years. Fiberglass hull. All mahogany cabin and deck. Custom built in 2006, 20 feet with 10HP diesel engine. Trailer. $19,500. 310-454-0526, 909-337-4194.


2007 SEA FOX 256 WA: OAL 25’ 6”, BM 9’3”. Twin Suzuki 175s, trailer. Decked out for catching. In excellent condition. Price: $43,750. Mike Rooney: 760-889-7060


30’ TOLLYCRAFT DOUBLE CABIN, 1969: Female friendly party boat. What kind of summer do you want? $7,500 will change you rlife! More info at Call 310-467-1007.

27’ FARALLON PILOT HOUSE 1993: 270 HP diesel, Bravo 3 outdrive, 155 gallons fuel capacity. 80 gallons offshore bait tank. Furuno 1731 30 mi. radar. Furuno 1850DF DGPS plotter sounder. Sitex SP-80 autopilot. New 15,000lb Pacific trailer. $57,900. 562-335-4207 30’ WILLARD TRAWLER 1976: Delightful fiberglass trawler. Modern electronics, inc. new autopilot; new windows and frames; inverter, new house batteries. 1.5USG/hour at 7 knots! $64,900. Call Ian at 562-505-3502

GRADY WHITE SEAFARER 22: 2004 Suzuki 250hp 4-stroke under 400hrs. Armstrong Bracket. Standard Horizon VHF Lowrance chart unit, Fusion bluetooth, trim tabs, SeaDek, Sunbrella softtop. The ULTIMATE Southern California fishing boat, fully loaded. $26,000 310-291-0181,

27’ SEARAY AMBERJACK, 2007: Very well maintained with the latest Simrad Evo-3 electronics, 10 rocket launchers, 4 AGM batteries, 2 new Taco outriggers. $65,000. Email for pictures/info., 951-203-8490. 32’ LUHRS SPORTFISHER 1973: Flybridge. Twin Turbo Perkins T6354 diesel engines, 165hp each. 112/110v, inverter, sleeps 6. $30,000. Contact: Gary Bourne: 626-488-0106, email: GLB37CHEV@VERIZON.NET.

2008 SEA RAY 240 SUNDECK: Excellent condition, 350 MAG, 425 hours., bottom paint, maintenance records, bimini top, two covers, 6 months in water, 6 months at home. $32,950. Freddy: 619-322-7412.

24’ SKIPJACK CUDDY CABIN, 1981: Clean, upgraded with numerous custom features you will never see in a SkipJack of this generation. Enhancements include: new white gel coat, ¾ inch stainless steel rub rail, numerous custom teak finishes, fresh carpet in V berth, custom designed instrument/control panel, rewired throughout, Alpine sound system, porta potty, sunbrella bimini top and custom cover. Recent 2017 maintenance investments include: exhaust manifold/risers, outdrive reverse lock mechanism, steering control cable, exhaust bellows, steering yoke, U-joint, distributer, coil, battery and spark plugs. Engine: 350HP Chevy Block with low hours (installed new out-of-crate in 2003), Volvo Penta parts and OutDrive. Comes with Pacific Trailer. Call Cameron at 714357-3315 or email

1987 SUNRUNNER 286: OAL 31.5ft Twin Volvo Aq151 engines, resealed outdrives, 5.5K Genset, Radar, GPS, W/H, Windlass. New front berth mattress, twin rooms. Clean, ready to go. $18,000. Rob: 949-933-6817.

29’ WELLCRAFT: Don’t lose the opportunity to own this great fishing and family cruiser with spacious cockpit and comfortable accommodations for four. Comfortable floorplan. $6,300, lowest price on market. 619-279-6090


33’ SEARAY SUNDANCER, 2006: Low hours, incredible shape, equipped with generator, dinghy, A/C, cockpit and cherrywood interior. Perfect to cruise and trips to Catalina. Comfortable accommodation for four. $87,500. 619-279-6090

34’ BAYLINER 1989 W/TRAILER: Twin Mercury 5.7 V8s,sleeps 8, both motors & sterndrives freshened last year, new 3.4 cu.ft. fridge, bimini, stero, bottom paint, 32” TV, carpet, new brakes and tires (this year) many other extras. $30,000. 951-970-3684

34’ CALIFORNIAN, 1979: Economical Trawler with 10+ cruising speed & spacious interior. Twin turbo Perkins, port engine rebuild 8/17. 2 staterooms, custom aft hardtop awning, new Simrad electronics. $39.500. 949-701-0647 You can place your Log classified ad by calling 800-887-1615, emailing or placing your ad online at

46 • June 15 - 28, 2018 • The Log

Log Classifieds POWERBOATS

TO PLACE AN AD, Call 800-887-1615, or online at





34’ CHB TRAWLER, 1977 120HP FORD LEHMAN DIESEL, RECENTLY RESTORED...$24,500 (310) 830-0260, L.A. Harbor

1998 BAYLINER 4088 AVANTI: Crusader 7.1 with only 300hrs, 7kw generator, inverter and dual A/C. Dripless shafts, swim-step lighting. Many upgrades. San Diego slip available. $65,500. Jack Buckley: 619-778-2998,

40 FT HERSHINE TRAWLER 1981: Solid, comfortable cruiser, she’ll take the gang to Catalina for the weekend or offshore for the tuna. Set-up for family and fishing. Asking $75,000/obo. Call 562-325-1926 for details.

34’ MAINSHIP HARDTOP TRAWLER, 2008: 14’1” beam, 380HP Yanmar single diesel, 193 hours, Kohler 9kw Gen 200 hours, bow-thruster, new Simrad electronics, cameras, upgrades. Hard to find model in fresh water until late last year with little use. Shows like new from meticulous owner. REDUCED! $199,000. 626-945-6107. 38’ DELTA FBSF, 1980: Single Cat 3208T, cruise 9019kts, 1.5mpg, 5 scoop bait tank, 6kw generator, 2x all electronics, new paint, varnish. Absolutely turn-key. $85,000. Call Bruce: 714900-5632.

2009 EVERGLADES 350CC: Great center console for fishing! Triple Yamaha 350s, newer bottom paint and batteries. Furuno NavNet w/2 MFDs, Simrad autopilot, electric windlass. Trailer not included in sale. Asking $169,000. Call Mark: 562-810-8801.

40’ BLACKMAN FISH FINDER CPMY, 1996:Sport fishing gear never added. Was pleasure craft. Low usage San Diego to Catalina. Twin Volvo Turbo diesels, 600hp, watermaker, dinghy w/outboard. $129,000. 425-785-5552

41’ EGG HARBOR CONVERTIBLE 1989: Only 839 original hours on 375hp Cats! New FB enclosure, full electronics & AC, Divorce sale, Only $79,500. McClintock Yachts: 949-278-3418.

FORMULA 41 PC 1998: Great condition, huge aft-deck for entertaining. Novurania 25 Honda, TNT Lift, Cummins diesels, low hours, many items new or updated. $99,500. 619-606-8006,

35’ SALTSHAKER, 2004: 300cc Twin 2015 Suzuki 300’s. Vessel is loaded!! Dual Garmin touchscreens, fuel efficient! $94,000/obo. Call Matt: 928-237-0485.

58’ MONK: Twin Detroit Flybridge Yacht. 732 hours. No Smoke ever! Mint restoration. Buyer Calls Only. $177,000. 805-206-4394

72’ OFFSHORE 2006: Gorgeous example of this prestigious motor yacht, 3 staterooms plus crews quarters. Low hours, updated electronics and extra fuel capacity. $1,699,000 USD. 250-656-1138

75’ LUXURY LIVEABOARD/CRUISER, 1992: Well outfitted custom yacht. Well maintained with a current insurance survey noting meticulous maintenance. Bilges are bone dry no orders or liquids. Great coastal cruiser and livaboard . Some of the gear as follows; Jacuzzi, 2 Generators (8 and 15 KW), Vacuum Heads (Master, Guest, and Crew), 55hp Hydraulic Bow Thruster, Hydraulic Bow Windless with 90lb Delta Anchor and 650 Chain, New Custom bow roller, Custom Galley, Large Master and Guest Staterooms, Crew quarters sleeps 3, Large Flybridge deck with upper helm, 4 control Stations for yacht maneuvering, 3000watt sinewave Inverter/Charger with large AGM battery bank. All tankage recently inspected and cleaned. Asking $549,000., 310-357-9673.

53’ HATTERAS CONVERTIBLE 1979: 2 staterooms galley down, 12V71 TI Detroit diesels, Northern lights generator. 3 bait tanks, outriggers, full electronics. Excellent price! Only $119,500. McClintock Yachts: 949-278-3418


DONATIONS 1986 LOWLAND 76: Aluminum hull. Passage maker w/extra fuel in keel, stabilizers, many upgrades. Over $200,000 invested. Twin Man diesels, two generators. Needs some cosmetics. $599,000. Jack Buckley: 619-778-2998,

The Log • June 15 - 28, 2018 • 47

TO PLACE AN AD, Call 800-887-1615, or online at

SAILBOATS 22’ COLUMBIA FIBERGLASS SAILBOAT: All new upgraded rigging, Quantum Sails, electric motor. See in Redondo Beach and sail to Catalina. ?$?3?5?0?0? $2,750.. Call 310-892-3096.





2 cyl. Yanmar diesel w/low hours. New rigging, good main, roller furling, & wheel. Needs some cosmetic work...$9,800 Slips Available

(310) 830-5621, L.A. Harbor

J-37, 1988: Original owner! EXCEPTIONALLY CLEAN & BEAUTIFU YACHT. Sidekick is a performance cruiser/racer and has won innumerable club & offshore races. See YachtWorld ID 3153877. $79,900. Kathy: 310-600-4055, agt. 1978 CF27 (THRILLSEEKER): New Main, Jibs 135 &155, (3) Spinnakers and 5hp outboard. Located in San Diego CA. Any reasonable considered. Contact Jeff: 619-820-9957.

35’ COLUMBIA 10.7: Ventura Harbor. Solid classic cruiser. Great liveaboard. New mainsail and genoa. Roller furling job. Volvo diesel. Pedestal steering. Monitor windvane. Bottom paint 2015. $24,900. or 805-350-8893.

38’ DOWNEASTER 1979: Blue water cutter rig sloop. In good condition throughout. Great liveaboard. Rebuilt Universal diesel engine. $29,900. Email or call 949-735-6205.

28’ CAL T-2 SLOOP 1972: New rigging. Solid, fast, safe. Fiberglass hull, 6’ headroom, 7’ Vberth. Radio, elec., furler, dinghy. Liveaboard, race or family time. Low expense boat. $14,900. 310-692-4480

44’ EDSON SCHOCK 1956, “LYDIA”: Built by Chapman in Costa Mesa, CA. Same owner for past 17 years. Wood construction, Mercedes Diesel. New mast and rigging, 2007. Master Mariner Regatta winner. Complete maintenance records available. Located: Alameda, CA. $55,000. Ask for TOM CORKETT: 714-322-1667 36’ COLUMBIA SAILBOAT, 1970: Lots of extras. Needs some TLC. $10,000/obo. Call 714-968-5844.

30’ ISLANDER, 1971: Loaded for cruising. Quiet rebuilt A/4, tiller. Includes 2001 Achilles dinghy. 2015 Torqueedo electric outboard available. Call 619-202-6821, E-mail: for complete info. Firm prices of $7,000 - $8500 (with outboard). Chula Vista.


(310) 830-5621, L.A. Harbor

34’ CATALINA, 1989: Beautiful example of this California classic, upgraded throughout, North Sails, Standard Horizon VHF/AIS linked to Raymarine Chart Plotter. $45,000. Contact: Mark Kent at or 805-389-5326.

1/3 OWNERSHIP OF 1989 CATALINA 42 in San Pedro. Master double, two aft double staterooms, heads forward and aft. See =2497. Inflatable dinghy, O/B, GPS, autopilot, furling jib, Dutchman flaking system, self-tailing winches, electric winch handle, electric windlass, dodger, new cushions and covers. $20,000. Dues $400/month. Continuing partners are in L.A. Contact Julia Surtshin in Portland, Oregon 503-968-2544 or

“ISLAND TIME”. 1980 Lancer 40. A roomy center cockput cruiser, superb live-aboard boat, she is beamy and spacious inside and out. Many upgrades. Boats located in Ensenada Mexico. $64,999. 207-615-8766.

Email your ad(s) to

48 • June 15 - 28, 2018 • The Log

Log Classifieds SAILBOATS

46’ HUNTER, 2000: 2 staterooms + office with berth, very clean with generator, watermaker, inverter, coldplate refrigerator, air conditioning and heat, Magna BBQ, several sails; inmast main furling, spare main, 3 furling genoas, cruising spinnaker, Nu-Teak cockpit decking, full cockpit canvas enclosure, new dodger. $169,950. 310-701-5960,

TO PLACE AN AD, Call 800-887-1615, or online at



50’ HUNTER CENTER COCKPIT, 2009: Rare! $100,000 in options, including 110-hp turbo Yanmar, bow-thrusters, electric wenches, Northern Lights genset, tall-rig, deep keel, staysail, AIS, new bottom paint, much more! No Brokers. $298,000. 619-750-2630,

50’ AVALON MOORING FOR SALE!! LONGEST afternoon sun and LOWEST priced 50’ in the harbor!!! $445,000. Call or txt: 714-501-0549 or email 50’ NEWPORT MOORING: Near 15th Street. 2nd to end, near the American Legion. $40,000 firm. Call 949-675-4257.


60’ NEWPORT MOORING AVAILABLE! C-24, great location, close to ferry landing and fun zone. $52,000 OBO. Call Chris at 714-906-4300.

78’ HATTERAS CPMY FOR CHARTER: Cabo San Lucas. Professtional licensed Captain available., 619-888-4505. 78’ HATTERAS CPMY FOR CHARTER: Cabo San Lucas. Professtional licensed Captain available., 619-888-4505.

SLIPS, DOCKS, MOORINGS BEAUTIFUL 1979 PERRY 47’ CUTTER, Cruising yacht, known for speed, stability and comfort. Presently beautiful inside and out and suitable for local sailing, and with eventual upgrades, the perfect long distance cruising, yacht! Asking $59,000. Gerry at Purcell Yachts: 310-701-5960, 50’ ALDEN MOTOR SAILER with 40-50’ Newport Beach mooring, #H67, near 15th Street and the American Legion. $40,000. For info, write: PO Box 1774, Newport Beach, Ca 92659.

18’ SHORE MOORING: 9th Street, next to NHYC, P-72. Maintained. Available now. Call Tom: 818-749-1582. 20’ X 13’ PRIVATE BOAT SPACE AVAILABLE: Behind home in Point Loma. Lights, electric and water. $300/mo. Call 619-223-8603 or email You can place your Log classified ad by calling 800-887-1615, emailing or placing your ad online at


(310) 514-4985

28’-130’ SLIPS AVAILABLE! End-Ties available for Catamarans. Beautiful New Marina! Shortest Run to Catalina!

AL LARSON MARINA ...Slips & mooring bouys available. All sizes. Closest run to Catalina Ship store. Call (310)832-0526.

AVALON MOORINGS FOR SALE 30 ft. to 130 ft. Inside/Outside

310-544-4667 310-795-2311 n

30’ AVALON MOORING FOR SALE: $88,900. Next to Tuna Club. Priced to sell! Lowest priced mooring in Avalon. Call Tom: 949-295-5042. 40’ CHANNEL ISLANDS HARBOR SLIP: Ventura County, Mandalay Bay. Good location. No “for sale” or sail. No overnight liveaboards or fixers. Private. Reasonable. Call 805-985-8653 and leave message. 40’ NEWPORT OFFSHORE MOORING: Straight off 14th Street. $40,000. Call 949-645-9127.

BAYSIDE VILLAGE MARINA, NEWPORT BEACH: Slips and storage. Call for availability. 949-673-1331 BALBOA ISLAND SHORE MOORING FOR SALE: Very desirous South Bay location (Between Apolena & Coral streets). Includes Lido 14 Sailboat with cover and all gear. Asking $25,000. Call Dave: 714-345-6641. Serious buyers only.

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BRAND NEW MARINA: Slips 25’-75’. Private, quiet harbor, close to the beach, shopping, restaurants, parking, and more. Call 714-840-5545 or email

The Log • June 15 - 28, 2018 • 49

TO PLACE AN AD, Call 800-887-1615, or online at


L.A. HARBOR Leeward Bay: (310) 830-5621 25’ slips, $9.00-10.00/ft. 30’-39’ slips, $11.00/ft. 40-50’ premium slips, $12.00/ft.



NEWPORT HARBOR 60’ MOORING: Easy in and out. Outside row, near tip of Lida peninsula. #J-107. $59,000/obo. Call 909-921-5881.

BOAT YARD SD in Chula, currently issuing work contracts for: Electrician, Upholsterer, Carpenter, Mechanic, Installer. Email: attn. Greg Mooreboat builder/engineering/onsite inspector 619-218-1018.

NEWPORT HARBOR 50 FOOT MOORING A221: Shore-side 1st row. $39,950. New buoy 2016 and extra 600 lb weight. Inspected June 2017. Contact Pat: 949-648-1009.

Pacific Yacht Landing: (310) 830-0260 20’26’ slips, $10.00/ft. 28’-32’ slips, $11.00/ft. 33’-45’ slips, $12.00/ft. End slips, $13.00/ft.

NEWPORT HARBOR 40’ MOORING: J514 located between Lido and the American Legion. $34,000. Call Scott at 949-280-0416. PIER 32 MARINA, SAN DIEGO BAY: 28’, 52’ & 60’ slips available now - Also 72’ slip. Call 619477-3232 or email

OWN THE DREAM! Call me today. Kevin Reynolds, RE/MAX, BRE #02035870. Call 949-416-0397

POINT LOMA MARINA - SAN DIEGO: 70’ slips available now - also 95’ End Tie.. Call 619-7186260 or email

LIGHTHOUSE YACHT MARINA: 1ST & 2ND MONTH 1/2 OFF (With This Ad), 34’ END-TIE FOR CAT OR TRI + 25’ TO 50’ SLIPS. L.A. HARBOR. Water/electricity/dock box included. Showers, laundry, pario area. Gated, clean & quiet, lockers. Close port to... Catalina. Berth 205-B, 1300 Anchorage Rd, Wilmington. Call Barbara: 310-834-9595. Email LONG BEACH SLIPS & END-TIES 25’-50’: NO LIVEABOARDS. Harbor Light Landing Marina, views of downtown and Queen Mary. Call 619-807-7245. Email: NEWPORT BEACH 40 FOOT MOORING: J711, between Marina Park and Lido Island. Expandable to 45’. With Catalina 27 and dinghy. $40,000. 626-487-9444.

PUT YOUR SAILBOAT IN TO CHARTER in Dana Point Harbor with Aventura Sailing Association. Have your boat make money when you aren’t using it! Slips available. 949-493-9493. SAN DIEGO MOORING COMPANY: Visit our website for information & application or call 619-291-0916.

35’Main Channel Slip Duffy Size Slips (18’-22’) Slips Available Main channel, Easy Ingress/Egress Utilities, Parking, Restroom Facilities Live Aboard Considered

Port Calypso Marina • 949-645-6900

PREMIERE BROKERAGE SLIP Is your boat for sale? We have prime 22’ to 55’ main channel slips in Alamitos Marina area with security cameras. Great views and great exposure from the top selling So. Cal brokerage.

Call Tony Duni of Seacoast-Heritage at 310-995-9989

COME ENJOY WATERFRONT TOWNHOME with 40’ boat slip. Mandalay Bay, Ventura County. Southern exposure, great view, large 2 story, wood burning fireplace. No brokers. Offered by owner, $1,150,000. Call 805-985-8653.

BOAT YARD WORKER & PAINTER: Full time boat yard worker and marine painter needed. One year or more experience a must. Call or send resume to, 805-290-5370, Oxnard, CA. DO YOU KNOW THE LOCAL WATERWAYS LIKE THE BACK OF YOUR HAND? If so, we want to hear from you. Sea Magazine is currently seeking mariners with a strong knowledge of boating and cruising in California to contribute ideas and stories to the CA Regional section. Applicants should be able to tap in to the local boating scene and spot potential stories of interest. Ideal candidates will be able to put their working knowledge of the local boating community to use by writing cohesive articles that boaters will enjoy. All interested candidates should send a resume to or Sea Magazine, 18475 Bandilier Circle, Fountain Valley, CA 92708. Attn: Mike.

SANTA BARBARA 50 FOOT SLIP: Marina 1. Large dock space. Call 562-310-2755 for more information. SHORE MOORING FOR SALE: Located close to Coral Avenue (between Coral and Apolena). New can just installed. Contact B. LARKIN at 714-240-7671 or email with offers.

NEWPORT BEACH DOCK FOR RENT on Lido Isle. Private dock fits up to 67 foot sail or power boat with 20 foot beam and 8 foot draft. Secure private gate access with electricity and water included. Easy on and off with unrestricted access to harbor opening in 15 minutes. Call Rick: 714-514-6386.




PUMPOUT BOAT/BUSINESS: Well established business and equipment. Alcore Commercial USCG Certified Waste Transportation Vessel. Licensed and legally operating in Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Turnkey. $99,900., 855-PUMPOUT. SLIPS AVAILABLE: Marriott Marquis - San Diego Marina, San Diego’s Premier DOWNTOWN Marina has 30’ to 55’ slips available NOW! Restroom/Shower/Laundry, Fitness Center, Pool, Jacuzzi, Marina Kitchen, Roy’s, Starbucks. Walk to Gaslamp Quarter and PetCo Park. Call 619-230-8955. SLIPS AVAILABLE IN NEWPORT BEACH: The Balboa Yacht Club Marina is located in Corona del Mar, California. It is the closest Marina to the Harbor Entrance. 30’, 35’, 40’ and 46’ slips are currently available. Contact the Dockmaster at 949-673-3515 ext.142. SLIPS L.A.HARBOR: $7.00/ft Sailboats | $9.00/ft Multi-Hull. Detached dock. No utilities. Leeward Bay: 310-830-5621

YACHT HAVEN MARINA 36’-43’ Available $10 - $11/ft Great location. Cafe, yacht brokerage, store on site. 877-559-2248 310-834-6892 n


HELP WANTED BOATING, SALES ASSOCIATE: If you have a passion for boating and San Diego’s boating community, this is the job for you. We are seeking an individual with an all-around outdoor persona who is very knowledgeable and excited about both power and sail boating in San Diego Bay and beyond. You will interact with both prospects and existing Customers in upselling Concierge Services, and you will be responsible for new slip rental sales. Email cover letter and resume to


ESTABLISHED MULTI-OFFICE YACHT BROKERAGE is seeking Sales Professionals. Prior experience in yacht sales desirable, only candidates with related marine experience will be considered. Please send resume to HIRING NEW CAPTAINS & DECKHANDS: In Long Beach. Seasonal & year round. Must have good reference. Equal Opportunity Employer. Drug Free Environment. Email resume to or call 562-9836880.

SEA TOW FRANCHISEES in CA looking for energetic Part-Time Captains with Towing endorsement and dispatchers to join our growing team. Marine Assistance towing experience helpful but will train the right people. Please email resumes to


50 • June 15 - 28, 2018 • The Log

Log Classifieds HELP WANTED

TO PLACE AN AD, Call 800-887-1615, or online at




SPORT FISHING BOAT CAPTAIN with mechanical ability for 60 foot Hatteras. Full-time. Send resume to: P&M Mgt., PO Box 749, San Pedro CA 90733. TRUTH AQUATICS NEEDS CREW for the 2018 season. We are looking for 2nd Captains, Deckhands and Galley. Crew needs to be friendly, customer service oriented and hardworking. Captains and Deckhands must be dive certified. Email a resume to, or bring it to the SEA Landing in Santa Barbara Harbor at 301 W. Cabrillo Blvd. Santa Barbara, CA 93101. 805-962-1127

WANTED TO BUY: Powerboats 1986 and newer, running or not, up to 34’ in length. We will help with removal from your slip. Call Al for more info: 800-613-5410.

BOATING COURSES/SCHOOLS BECOME A MASTER MARINE SURVEYOR: Best in business. NAVTECH/US Surveyors. Marine surveyor course. 1-800-245-4425, Commercial & recreational available.

FORTRESS ANCHOR: FX37, $200. Call 714-527-5833.


San Diego Powerboating Academy


3M CUSTOM INTERIORS & CANVAS: Marine interior design, fabrication. Enclosures, affordable custom mattresses, window replacement, exterior and Interior cushions, carpet and canvas. 25 years experience. Serving San Diego to LA. 949-375-1770,,

CUSTOM FABRICATED WINDOW TREATMENTS for any shape window. Blinds, Roman shades, Roller shades, Cellular shades. 310-308-1844, 888-771-5309,,


DELIVERIES, INSTRUCTION, and all other professional Captain services. Sail, power., 619-275-3839, San Diego Skippers Association n (800) 441-8672 3, 5, 7/day Private Professional Liveaboard Instruction RPBA Twin Inboard Certification USPOWERBOATING Bareboat Chartering Certification w/night endorsement Coastal Navigation Certification Kona Kai Resort

USCG CERTIFIED CAPTAINS: Deliveries, Charters, Instruction. From Alaska to Panama. Multiple deliveries Hawaii to California, Atlantic crossing, Caribbean, Mediterranean. Captain Nikolay Alexandrov 858-531-1175, Captain Assen Alexandrov 858-531-4788

VOLVO PENTA MS3-C 207.1 273.1 transmission 1984. With 3800hrs.  Works great. Includes broken one for parts. $1000. 760-450-7249 USCG LICENSED 100 TON MASTER: Delivery, Instruction, Private Captain Services. Professional and courteous service. Located in San Diego. Please call Captain Dean at 602653-7429 or go to

NAVIGATOR 9’ DINGHY w/sail kit, $300. Astra III sextant w/case, $300. Bosun’s chair, never used, $75. Skip: 619-865-2184.

BOAT STORAGE & TRANSPORT: A&D Logistics, Inc., previously Cal Western Boat Movers. Visit our website: 50 years experience. Call 619-722-6113. BERING SEA CAPTAIN FOR HIRE:100-ton Master. 200-ton Mate. AB Unlimited. Radar Observer Unlimited. RFPNW. Proficiency In Survival Craft. Able Seafarer. Cold Water Survival. Valid TWIC. Valid Passport. Valid Driver’s license. First Aid & CPR certified. Over 4000 days logged at sea from all waters in and around Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii. I started working on boats with my father, grandfather, and uncle at age 12 fishing crab, salmon, and albacore. At 25 years old I became a Bering Sea crab skipper. I have recently retired out of the commercial fishing business at 35 years old and am located in San Diego, California. Please do not contact me unless you are a powerboat owner. Thank You, Captain J. Stedman, MMC reference #3542543: 360-470-8086. SAN DIEGO BOAT MOVERS/STORAGE: Specialists 40 Years. Backyard, Longhaul, Oversize. 619-582-0700 or 800-660-8132.

EQUIPMENT, PARTS & GEAR LEAD KEEL - 32,000LBS: Came from a 72’ ketch and was cast in 1915 by Omaha & Grant. Located in Southern California. Taking offers. 949-395-1708.

ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT SAILING LLC.: Experienced Professional USCG licensed 100Ton Master. Worldwide deliveries with a focus on the Pacific Coast, including Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii. Personalized instruction, yacht sales, management and consulting services. Check us out first!, 619-905-1967 **USCG MASTER** offers Boat Operation Instruction. Yacht Delivery, and Safety Training, etc. aboard your vessel. Call for pricing information: 951-642-2489, or email

MISCELLANEOUS I PAY CASH for old U.S. hand tools. Also pre1960 picture postcards. Call 818-398-8863.


BOAT YARD SAN DIEGO/STORAGE: Full service. Call 619-218-1018 or email SHIPWRIGHT & SURVEYOR: Custom woodworking and fiberglass repairs, restorations, & modifications. Quality work. Reliable. Reasonable rates. Fully equipped shop. References available. 619-995-1924 **USCG MASTER** offers Boat Operation Instruction. Yacht Delivery, and Safety Training, etc. aboard your vessel. Call for pricing information: 951-642-2489, or email You can place your classified ad by calling 800-887-1615, emailing or online at

USCG LICENSED 100 TON MASTER: Delivery, Lessons, Private Captain. Sail/Power. Experience, courteous. Over 160,000 blue water miles. Contact Jeffrey Matzdorff: 323-855-0191, ALLBOATMOVERS, LLC: Boat transport, power/sail, 16’ to 65’. US and world-wide. Land & sea. Veteran owned since 1991. Call Pasta Bobby at 800-926-2875 Ext. 415, email, or visit

YACHT CHARTERS • MANAGEMENT • Deliveries • Instruction • Excursions • Sunset Sails • Fishing. Call Captain Don Grigg: 980722-1674 or email:

27’ PACIFIC DOUBLE-AXLE TRAILER, 2006: 10,000 G.V.W. In great condition. New disc brakes, good tires, LED lights, side boards. Original owner. $3,900. Call 760-207-7447 or email TRAILER REPAIRS: Modifications, wholesale, sandblast, zincpoxy, loaners, rentals, roadside emergency service, new aluminum trailers, sideguides, bunks, disc conversions. Call 619-301-7880.





150’ DELTA MARINE 1994 5 staterooms, on-deck master, recent paint, refit 2003/2017, 6,000 mile range. Eric Pearson, San Diego.


78’ BUCK SMITH YACHTFISHER 1983/2018 Impressive refit. Great value. 4 double private cabins. Rick Weisenberger (714) 745-6560, Newport Beach.

115’ SOVEREIGN 1998/2007 5 staterooms, on-deck master, 2018 updates, charter potential. Michael Selter, San Diego.

96’ OCEAN ALEXANDER MY 2009/2012 A semi-custom entertainer’s dream! Ed Monk, Jr. design. Paul Enghauser (949) 606-3952, Newport Beach.



84’ DELTA CUSTOM 1985/2001 Proven world cruiser, 4000 mile range. 2014 cockpit extension. Michael Selter, San Diego.


72’ QUEENSHIP 2002 65’ VIKING CONVERTIBLE 2003 Loaded, 3 staterooms + crew, Sub-Zero under-counter ref/ Twin 16V 2000 MTUs, 30 knot cruise, 38 tops, 4 cabins, freezer. Paul Enghauser (949) 606-3952, Newport Beach. fish equipped. Jim Birschbach, Newport Beach.

58’ RIVIERA ENCLOSED BRIDGE 2009 2x C-32 CATs, double cabins, 3 heads, fish-equipped, incredibly well set up! Dennis Riehl, Newport Beach.


56’ CARVER VOYAGER 2006 Mint, low hrs, upgrades throughout, water maker, bow/ stern thrusters. Eric Pearson & Jacques Bor, San Diego.

55’ OCEAN ALEXANDER 2001 54’ HALLETT 2002 T-CAT 3196, 656 hrs, 3 strm 2 head, stabilized, AC/heat. 1 of a kind ride, unique performance express by very Paul Enghauser (949) 606-3952, Newport Beach. respected West Coast builder. Michael Selter, San Diego.



50’ CARVER 2000 Huge condo-like interior, full-beam salon & aft master, reliable Cummins. Todd Sherman, Newport Beach.


50’ SEA RAY 1998 50’ VIKING CONVERTIBLE 2009 “JACKPOT” 48’ MIKELSON SPORTFISHER 1989 48’ OCEAN CONVERTIBLE 1997 Curved bulkheads, designer furnishings, 2 private stateExtensively equipped, 211 engine hrs, 50 hrs on gen, Rare 3 stateroom/3 head w/ day head, dependable CATs, Watermaker, life raft, dinghy, launching davit, molded-in rooms, 2 heads w/ stall showers. Jacques Bor, San Diego. nearly-new, 3 staterooms. Todd Sherman, Newport Beach. fish equipped, bottom paint 4/17. Jacques Bor, San Diego. HT, cockpit controls. Todd Sherman, Newport Beach.



48’ SEA HAWK 1986 46’ OCEAN ALEXANDER 1994 Sleek lines, powerful Volvo 71A turbo engines, roomy Aft cabin, Cats w/ low hrs, 2017 11’ RIB w/20hp, newer main salon w/ custom furniture. Phil Kinnison, San Diego. canvas & isinglass, well cared for. Jacques Bor, San Diego.

38’ BLOCK ISLAND 1960 36’ LUHRS CONVERTIBLE 1998 1 of a kind, exceptionally maintained, new sails, full cover, Large cockpit, staircase to roomy flybridge w/ 2 Captain’s 9.5’ hard bottom tender. Alan Faiers, San Diego. chairs, recent isinglass. Todd Sherman, Newport Beach.

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41’ TIARA OPEN 2002 Large cockpit for fishing, factory hardtop, full isinglass enclosure, 450 bhp 3126 CATs. Michael Selter, San Diego.



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44’ NAVIGATOR CLASSIC 2002 Volvo diesels, 2 staterooms, 2 heads, lower helm, watermaker. Todd Sherman, Newport Beach.

29’ TIARA CORONET 2006 Twin Crusaders, 375 hp each, extremely clean, custom arch, teak cockpit table. Dennis Riehl, Newport Beach.

SEATTLE (206) 625-1580

28’ GAR WOOD RUNABOUT 1936 Incl. 3-axle trailer, orig Scripps V12 316hp aircraft engine, full hull & deck wooding. Michael Selter, San Diego.

NEWPORT BEACH (949) 574-7600

W W W. C R O W S N E S T Y A C H T S . C O M

SAN DIEGO (619) 222-1122

June 15-28, 2018 - The Log Newspaper  

California's Boating & Fishing News

June 15-28, 2018 - The Log Newspaper  

California's Boating & Fishing News