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FISH P. 6RAP P. 21

NO.1148 1221 NO.

Our 50th Year




DECEMBER FEB. 8 - DECEMBER 19 – MARCH21,4,2023 2021




$20 $70


overnor Gavin Newsom’s proposed 2021-22 budget, released Jan. 8, includes a proposal to raise the vessel renewal fee from $20 every two years to $70 every two years to help stabilize a $52 million deficit in the Harbors and Watercraft Revolving Fund. P. 8 he Port of San Diego, along with the Southern California Caulerpa Action Team, the city of Coronado, and the Coronado Cays Homeowners Association, has announced their response to the discovery of an invasive seaweed in the Coronado Cays area of San Diego Bay. P. 14


T Proposed Budget Includes Potential 250% Increase In Vessel Registration Fee DANA POINT RECOGNIZED AS A WHALE HERITAGE SITE


n January of this year, Dana Point was recognized as the first Whale Heritage site in North America and one of four in the world by the World he City of San Clemente is warming up to begin the San Clemente Shoreline Sand Cetacean Alliance. P. 20


Replenishment Project to reduce erosion, add new beach areas, and implement future efforts to preserve the sand. P. 11

s y a d i l o H ar W BOAT



NE n 52 Apollonia Pilothouse GT Targa 45 Fairline o 25 Metri Magellan Pardo 43 ve 390 Back Co





E 1908

2020 HOUSE,


: S PecEh E D F O35R3 Fa st D E E N Formula







25 METRI 43

e Y w e N & END OF


YEAR 2020



$5.00 USA

E 112, NO.



1 ,0 0

+Sea OFC


dd 2







8:23 AM

white w/ red anchor




he three-year pilot project launched by the port district and eco-engineering company ECOncrete will demonstrate and study a new design of ECOncrete’s interlocking Coastalock Tidesun Pool in two he days of soaking up the onArmor the water aredifferent on Harbor Island, man-made behind us locations for now. While boating and afishing are only a these few hundred feet wide. P. 11 still peninsula possible during colder winter months, there are new precautions to include in your routine until temperatures rise again. P. 10



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It’s Electrifying!

If only an Electric Torpedo Ray could light up the Dana Point Boat Parade! Because Dana Wharf Sportfishing found a rare species at the end of their line on Nov. 29 – an electric torpedo ray. An electric torpedo ray, also known as an electric ray or torpedo, is a type of fish belonging to the family Torpedinidae. These rays are known for their ability to produce electric shocks, which they use for various purposes, including hunting, self-defense and navigation. There are several species of electric rays, and they are found in both saltwater and freshwater environments, but it is rare when they make an appearance. Electric rays have specialized electrogenic organs composed of modified muscle cells called electrocytes. These organs are arranged in stacks, and when activated, they can generate electric charges. The electric discharges are used for stunning or immobilizing prey, deterring predators and navigation. Specialized electroreceptor cells are distributed over the ray’s body, especially on the head and around the mouth. These electroreceptor cells are sensitive to the electric fields generated by the ray’s electric organ discharge (EOD).

The ray can sense changes in the electric field around it, allowing it to perceive the presence of nearby objects, including other fish, prey or potential obstacles. In addition to navigation, the electric shock produced by these rays serves various purposes. For hunting, they can use low-voltage discharges to locate buried prey, such as crustaceans and small fish. When threatened by predators, they can deliver more powerful shocks for self-defense. Electric rays are generally nocturnal hunters who spend much of their time buried in the substrate during the day, becoming active at night. They are opportunistic feeders, using their electric sense to detect prey hidden in the sand during low-visibility hours. Electric rays are typically found in sandy or muddy bottoms of coastal and offshore waters. They are commonly encountered in tropical and temperate seas around the world, but some species can also inhabit brackish and freshwater environments. The ray’s physical appearance is traditional, with a flattened body resembling a round or oval disc with large pectoral fins that are often fused to the head. They are well-adapted for life on the seafloor. Most species have a camouflaging color-

Dana Wharf photo


ation that helps them blend with their surroundings. While electric rays are fascinating creatures, they can potentially deliver electric shocks that may be uncomfortable or even harmful to humans. However,

these shocks are usually not dangerous and are more of a defense mechanism for the ray. As with any wildlife, observing them from a respectful distance in their natural habitat is advisable. No one was harmed in catching this ray, but it was an electrifying experience for all on board.

Essex Marina City Club A premier location in front of the Ritz Carlton and Marina City Club.

• Along the iconic Marina City Club tower condominiums and the Ritz Carlton, our renovated concrete docks are walking distance to dozens of restaurants. • Slip fees include power, water, electronic key access, a large storage dockbox, and access to renovated restrooms with showers. Features include free covered parking for boaters & guests, dock carts, laundry facilities, and a restaurant on site. Storage units for rent. Become a member of Marina City Club for pools, fitness center, saunas, spa pools, tennis, squash, & pickleball courts, and more. • Short term guest slips upon availability.

Call or email us today for information! 310.823.3032

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The Christmas Tree Ship



While the tree is often a focal point for holiday festivities, imagine the shock when divers found one standing properly on the deck of the shipwrecked schooner SV Rouse Simmons, which had been lost on Lake Michigan in 1912. The SV Rouse Simmons, now known as the “Christmas Tree Ship,” sailed from Michigan to Chicago for more than 30 years in the early 20th century, delivering Christmas trees to families in the city. It has since become a part of maritime history in the Great Lakes region.

The discovery of its remains decades later opened an archaeological investigation into the vessel’s history, including its final voyage. The Rouse Simmons was a three-masted schooner built in 1868 by Allan, McClelland, and Company in Milwaukee, Wis. Her registered dimensions were 124.2 feet in length, 27.6 feet in breadth and 10.1 feet in depth of hold. Originally constructed for the lumber trade, the vessel was primarily used to transport lumber and other cargo across the Great Lakes. From 1890, brothers August and Herman S chuenema n n, bot h Gre at Lakes sailing captains, invested in partial ownership of such vessels. The Schuenemanns en-

On Board with J.R. Johnson

visioned bringing Christmas trees f rom nor thern Michigan to Chicago, where the demand for fresh-cut trees was high. According t o w i s c on s i n, “many Christmas tree ships sold their c a rgo to wholesalers. Other captains, however, turned their ships into floating tree lots along the Chicago River, welcoming The Rouse Simmons became a symbol of the holiday season in the early 20th cencustomers tury, as it played a significant role in transporting trees to Chicago. aboard and taking great pride and pleasure in their to as the official beginning of bu si ne ss. E a ch November, that year’s holiday season. The most infamous chapter the captains Schuenemann in the ship’s history occurred loaded the schooner the Rouse The Schuenemanns bought on Nov. 23, 1912. The Rouse Simmons with evergreens in vessels late in their careers, Simmons, laden with Christmas Thompson, Mich.» purchasing the most inexpen- trees, left Thompson bound for sive senior schooners, wringing Chicago, never arriving at her desA f ter sa iling south, the them out for their last bit of tination. A strong winter storm captains moored their vessel life and profiting from them in had struck Lake Michigan, and to a downtown pier, hoisted a the lumber trade. The Rouse the ship, overloaded with trees decorated tree up the mast and Simmons was already 42 years and ice, sank in the frigid waters. strung electric lights throughout old when Herman Schuene- Captain Herman Schuenemann, the rigging, turning the ship into mann purchased his 1/8 interest along with the crew, perished in a giant Christmas decoration. – a very old and worn boat by This display was often referred any standards. Please see FAST FACTS, PAGE 15

Letters/Online Comments RE: Mt. Ada to host Holiday Open House, Dec. 7 (2017) “Really excited to see this [year’s] magnificent holiday decor and island festivities with good cheer.” — -Anonymous

Wikkimedia Commons image


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aligns with Taiga Motors’ focus on sustainability and commitment to a cleaner future.


news briefs By Log Staff

New Oversight for U.S. SailGP Team The United States SailGP Team is undergoing changes as a new ownership group has bought the team and released CEO and driver Jimmy Spithill (AUS). Observers have suggested that Taylor Canfield (USA) will fill Spithill’s role. Spithill had taken over the team for Season Two, with the league now preparing for the sixth event of Season Four. An announcement regarding the new regime is planned for Nov. 29.

DJ Steve Aoki, along with former NFL quarterback Tom Brady, have recently joined E1 as team owners, alongside tennis star Rafael Nadal. Rodi Basso and Alejandro Agag, co-Founders of the E1 World Championship, were inspired to create this event to advance their mission of promoting clean technologies and decarbonizing the leisure boating industry. Beyond that, they’ve created the Blue Impact Programme to help restore polluted coastal habitats across the globe. This

“We are thrilled to join forces with Taiga Motors, a brand that shares our passion for sustainability in the context of racing and entertainment,” said Basso in the press release. “We look forward to letting E1 fans discover Taiga’s electric PWCs.”

For 13th Consecutive Year, Port of Hueneme is Recognized for Excellence in Financial Reporting PORT HUENEME — The recognition streak

as the Oxnard Harbor District was awarded a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) of the United States and Canada. Oxnard Harbor District, which owns the Port of Hueneme, received the honor for its annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022. “I a m e x t r emely pr oud of t he hard-working financial team we have at the Port of Hueneme,” said Jess Herrera, district president, in a press release.

continues for the 13th consecutive year

Please see NEWS BRIEFS, PAGE 17

“I leave it in as good a shape as I could,” Spithill told the Associated Press in an interview. “If I look at when I started it, what I built and how I’m leaving it, it’s basically qualified for the final right now, having just won the last event, giving them a team with a winning culture and that’s competitive and with some value.” The league was established in 2018 with funding from tech billionaire Larry Ellison, but the requirement was for all teams to be commercially sustainable by the end of the fifth year. The league still owned the USA team.

Taiga Motors Has Partnered with UIM E1 World Championship MONTREAL — Taiga Motors Corporation, a Canadian electric power sports brand, is set to be the exclusive Personal Watercraft (PWC) supplier of the UIM E1 World Championship, the world’s first and only all-electric powerboat championship. By joining forces with E1, Taiga Motors is at the forefront of a new era of boat racing based on clean technology that positively impacts marine environments.



DECEMBER 13 -17, 2023

The first official E1 World Championship race is scheduled to occur in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Feb. 2-3, 2024. The inaugural season will take the tour to some of the world’s most iconic cities on the water, with the full calendar of events to be announced shortly. “We are proud to partner with E1 in our common mission to advance sustainable on-water adventures by pioneering cutting-edge electric technologies,” said Sam Bruneau, CEO and co-Founder of Taiga Motors, in a press release. “We look forward to supporting the innovative E1 World Championship with Taiga’s OrcaTM watercraft.” The championship will see up to 10 teams racing using identical RaceBird boats that utilize innovative hydrofoil technology. Teams must tackle tight and technical circuits, reaching speeds close to 98 km/h (58 mph). After a series of knockout rounds, one team ultimately will secure the coveted E1 title, Champions of the Water.





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ask a maritime attorney


By David Weil

California’s Boating and Fishing News

How will the Coast Guard regulate the 2C license of a hired captain after crashing aDARK BKGND sailboat?


I have been reading a lot lately about a hired captain who ran a sailboat into the rocks at the entrance to Turtle Bay in Mexico in early November. The reports and statements by people who seem to know the facts indicate that this was a clear case of human-error by the captain, for allowing the boat to get so close to the rocks. If that is true, will the Coast Guard revoke his Captain’s license? He apparently had a 200-ton Master’s license issued by the Coast Guard, but I haven’t heard or read anything about efforts to revoke his license. How does the Coast Guard regulate these things?

David Weil is the managing attorney at Weil & Associates (www. in Seal Beach. He is certified as a Specialist in Admiralty and Maritime Law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization and a “Proctor in Admiralty” Member of the Maritime Law Association of the United States, an adjunct professor of Admiralty Law, and former legal counsel to the California Yacht Brokers Association. If you have a maritime law question for Weil, he can be contacted at 562799-5508, through his website at, or via email at

ANSWER: The Coast BWGuard issues Captain’s licenses and ot her Mercha nt Ma r i ner ’s Documents (“MMD”), and yes - what the Coast Guard gives, they can take away. But the disciplinar y process can be complicated. Let’s first provide some background for this particular case. The incident referred to by our reader involved a licensed captain who was “hired” by the owner of a 38-foot recreational sailboat to skipper the boat during the “Baja Ha-Ha.” The event, promoted by Latitude 38 magazine, is an annual cruiser’s rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, organized as an Please see ATTORNEY, PAGE 7

Founded in 1971 NO. 1221


W R ITE TO: 3980 Sherman Street, Suite 100 San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 313-4322

E D ITO R I A L /CR E ATI V E Publisher Dave Abrams General Manager Tammy Poole Operations Manager Kathleen Ford Editor Katherine Clements Design/Production Meredith V. Ewell Contributors JR Johnson, Bob Vanian, Catherine French, David Weil, Capt. Pat Rains

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Attorney From page 6

unofficial kick-off to the beginning of the winter cruising season in Mexico. It attracts a wide range of sailors and cruisers, and this year’s online entry page listed 131 participating boats. The Rally includes three stops along the way for participants to socialize ashore. The first stop is Bahia Tortuga, also known as Turtle Bay. The entrance to the bay requires boats arriving from the north to give a wide berth to the rocky point at the western end of the bay. By all accounts, the hired skipper of the sailboat made his approach from a tight angle. He hit the rocky point near the entrance and the boat sank. So, our reader, and a slew of other people on social media, believe that the skipper was negligent and, as such, the Coast Guard should revoke his license. But it’s not that simple. The Coast Guard probably lacks jurisdiction to act in this case. Jurisdiction is the power of an entity, such as a court or an administrative body, to hear or determine the case. Jurisdiction in Coast Guard misconduct cases is established only if the alleged misconduct occurred while the mariner was acting under the authority of his license (see 46 U.S. Code §7703). A mariner acts under the authority of a Coast Guard-issued credential or license if the credential or license is required either by law or regulation, or by an employer as a condition of employment (see 46 C.F.R. §5.57(a)). A Coast Guard credential or license may be required by law or regulation under a wide range of circumstances, especially when a mariner is working aboard a large commercial vessel. But with recreational yachts, this is usually limited to vessels that are carrying passengers for hire. Chartered sportfishing boats, dinner cruise boats, Catalina ferries and other small commercial passenger services all require a licensed captain because they carry passengers for hire. This was clearly not the case

with the skipper of the boat in the Turtle Bay incident. So, the next question is whether his status as a licensed mariner was required as a condition of employment aboard the boat? We may be tempted to say “yes.” The fact that the owner agreed to pay the skipper’s out-of-pocket expenses may be deemed to create an employment relationship. But it does not appear that the skipper’s license was expressly required as a condition of employment. He had a license, and he may have discussed the license with the boat’s owner, but the relationship was just too ambiguous to really draw any conclusions about the detailed terms of employment. I should note that a licensed mariner may also be deemed to be acting under the authority of his license when performing certain administrative functions on dry land, such as applying for renewal, taking examinations for raises of grade, taking drug tests, or appearing at a suspension or revocation hearing. But in our case, it simply does not appear that the skipper was acting under the authority of his license, which means that he will not face a disciplinary hearing for the incident, whether or not he was negligent. But this discussion only addresses his license status. It says nothing about whether he will be able to defend a civil lawsuit against him for negligence relating to the incident. David Weil is licensed to practice law in the state of California and as such, some of the information provided in this column may not be applicable in a jurisdiction outside of California. Please note also that no two legal situations are alike, and it is impossible to provide accurate legal advice without knowing all the facts of a particular situation. Therefore, the information provided in this column should not be regarded as individual legal advice, and readers should not act upon this information without seeking the opinion of an attorney in their home state.

The Log Calendar SEE PAGE 16


Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern Open for Brunch Saturday & Sunday


Pier 32 Waterfront Grill Open for Brunch Friday, Saturday & Sunday Point Loma Marina, 4980 N. Harbor Dr., San Diego, CA 92106 619.718.6260 / Pier 32 Marina, 3201 Marina Way, National City, CA 91950 619.477.3232 /



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Holiday Rendezvous for Mexico Boaters San Diego


c Point Loma Publishing



San Puerto Peñasco Felipe

Is Todos Santos

t as Co st Lo


Francisquito Guaymas

Puerto cio TuAsun reojon Ignlae park Concepción Yavaros a Ab Sa wh San Carmen

Gatos San Bahia Ohuira C San Lázaro EvaristoJose Espiritu Santos ia


ar M ay ta ag B Malvates n a M n s


Check out any of these three great holiday rendezvous locations below. Remember, in Mexico, holiday celebrations run from December 12 through January 25. They include lots of special foods, candlelit processions with carols through the streets, dinghy caroling around the marinas and anchorages, pinatas for the kids, dancing, fireworks, solemn evening “posadas” with hymns to a church or private home and boat that are decked out in poinsettias and pine boughs.

Lower Mazatlán

Pulmo e Frailes oc nto Inn os Sa ks SJC n d Ba To as me uc Jai



n Sa


Teacapan Isla Isabela San Blas Chacala Guayabitos

Gulf of Mexico

Puerto Vallarta





C Caalet m ad po e s Pe t Zi Ixt alco a


p Pe ua a t Po atla tan P Pa ue tos n ej pa rt i o no o a

za Láz Cárdenas be gra Ca Ne

er to Pu Es er con to d A io ng el H Ba ua ys tu of lc o Sa li Bo na C c r P a So ue To uz r n co to a nu A la sc ris o ta

C h Te am el n N B aca a av a tit id rra a ad

Cabo Corrientes Yelapa




La Paz




Costa del

Puerto Chiapas



Golfo de Tehuantepec


The three best boat spots for a holiday rendezvous with friends or family from “up north.” Santa’s not the big event here. But do bring a hostess gift if you’re invited into a private home or boat for a holiday celebration.

LA PAZ La Paz is the gateway to the 400-mile long Sea of Cortez, also known as the Gulf of California. La Paz (population 1.9 million) is the capital of southern Baja, offers you five full-service marinas to pick from, the best provisioning in the region, two international airports, and a variety of good eateries around downtown. No wonder it supports the largest liveaboard cruising community in Mexico.

Photo Pat Rains

So far, these qualifications could apply to a couple dozen spots throughout Pacific Mexico. But two special attributes will yield your short list: (6.) ample activities for offthe-boat time for young and old, and (7.) some special sparkle and glam for holiday celebrations that you and your family or friends will remember all through 2024.

Holiday Spots for Boaters with Guests from “Up North”

Bahia San Ignacio Topolobampo

Copyright Point Loma Publishing 2023

o nicEscondido Jua Agua Verde

tez or


You’ll want to rendezvous (4.) in or next to a marina that offers safe and easy boarding of your holiday guests prior to casting off for nautical adventures on the water, and (5.) a comfy overnight slip for the whole holiday period - or only as needed.

Pta Lobos

Santa Rosalia Mulege


eB rtl ción s

RENDEZVOU REQUIREMENTS Yes, invite them down – but in one or two smaller groups of folks who hopefully are compatible in a small space, and invite them for shorter stays that don’t overlap. First pick a rendezvous spot that provides (1.) easy international transportation links, so guests can arrive and depart pretty easily. You’ll also want a spot with (2.) good grocery stores, to let you provision the boat with fresh meal fixings and gourmet goodies as needed. A good alternative to preparing and eating all meals on the boat is (3.) a few interesting restaurants near by.

d un t Fo oas C




ic cif


id tiv



During this winter holiday season 2023-2024, families and friends “up north” are begging to gather with you adventurous boaters “down south.” Their kids are off school break for two weeks, but it’s already cold and rainy up north. So, consider creating a unique holiday rendezvous with them aboard your boat in some fabulous resort port in sunny Mexico. OK, maybe you don’t want all your kin aboard for a whole week – unless maybe your “yacht” has that many staterooms. Or unless you book them rooms at a nice hotel overlooking the marina. Despite the marketing brochures, most recreational boats can “sleep” way more bodies than you’d ever want to also entertain, house, bathe, toilet, feed and clean up after for multiple days. I mean, just think of the heads!

500 nautical miles

Cabo Colnett Isla San Martin Encantadas San intin Gonzaga Tepoca Qu Angel Sanrlos Sargento a C Small LATiburón Kino Hopes Isla San Benitos Bay Guadalupe San Carlos Cedros

The Espiritu Santos Islands off La Paz are a compact cruising ground where you could easily spend two weeks on board, each night anchored in a different beach cove. Guests love to fish, dive, hike and relax amid dramatic island scenery.

Ask your guests if they might like to stroll the pedestrian “malecon” along two miles of harbor beaches. Or visit nice waterfront stores, check out the farmers’ market, and maybe stop off a holiday Margarita at one of the many beach cantinas? If that’s their style, I’d suggest you try to grab a slip close to downtown, either at Marina Palmira, Marina de La Paz or, if summer-storm damage is repaired, Marina Cortez. On the other hand, if your guests are up for a boat ride, deep sea fishing, exploring an uninhabited island, playing

a few rounds of golf or just relaxing in tranquility, then perhaps opt for Marina CostaBaja. It’s the closest marina to open water, which allows you best daily access to the islands.

Want to give your guests a tiny sample of the cruising lifestyle? Anchor out one or two overnights at the islands. But get a Conservation Passport for each of your guests in La Paz.

Anchoring out at the Espiritu Santos Islands is a must. Only about 14 miles north of Costa Baja, this island chain offers 20 intimate beach anchorages, many docile reefs to dive, an underwater cave, submerged sculpture gardens, and – if you want to stretch your legs – two short but unique hiking trails.

PUERTO VALLARTA Over on the mainland, Puerto Vallarta (or “P.V.”) lies 440 n.m. southeast of La Paz, so your guests from up north will fly there. At this time of year, P.V. is likely to be warmer and sunnier than La Paz, and Please see MEXICO REPORT, PAGE 9

THE LOG | December 8 - December 21, 2023 | 9


From page 8

you’ll find more flights to P.V. Four marinas are spread along the 15-mile north shore of Banderas Bay. Marina Vallarta is closest to the international airport and to downtown P.V. Their enclosed harbor is surrounded in shops, restaurants and pedestrian walks, sure to be decorated in pine boughs and sparkly lights. But for a securely gated resort atmosphere, Paradise Village Marina is inside the Nuevo Vallarta Inlet. This marina and amenities are top drawer. For shore explorations, within walking distance are an air conditioned cinema, big shopping center, private volley-ball beaches, two golf courses, a real zoo with tigers and a dolphin petting pond. If your guests don’t want Paradise, get them a room at Paradise Village Beach Resort within walking distance of this marina. Also in Nuevo Vallarta Inlet, Vallarta Yacht Club holds a holiday boat cruise across Banderas Bay taking presents to children in the village of Las Animas. For holiday lights, taxi to Puerto Vallarta’s downtown zocalo, cathedral and Rio Cuale pedestrian island.

winter, snow covers the flanks of extinct Volcan Nevado (14,250 feet), and active Volcan Colima (12,700 feet) sometimes smokes. Take jackets and boots if you plan to hike. And a 6-pack cooler to bring snowballs back to the boat! Ask the hotel travel desk to book your trip to the volcanoes. Feliz Navidad, Yatistas. Y Prospero Ano Nuevo 2024!

Marina Puerto de la Navidad is decked out spectacularly for the holidays, nestled below the Wyndham Grand Isla Navidad golf and beach resort. From here, you may opt to visit the snow flanked slopes of Colima’s Vulcan Nevado – and bring snowballs back in a cooler.

X-Mas Parades

This Year don’t be left out! Join in the fun with the

Holiday Parade of Lights

at your local Marina in your New Boat from Anglers Marine!

Barra Navidad is the most spectacular holiday rendezvous, thanks to the 5-star Marina Puerto de la Navidad in its private sheltered basin, and to picturesque Grand Bay Hotel (a Wyndham lux resort) that climbs the hills behind the marina. Slips open up as Panama Posse boats departs. Marina guests fly to Manzanillo’s international airport (ZLO) and grab the hotel’s shuttle right to the docks. Even megayachts enjoy ample shore power here. Hotel amenities open to marina guests include two pools, day spa, three restaurants, 18-hole golf, horses, beach club and the travel desk. Plan breakfast onboard, because the French Baker delivers fresh croissants and pastries to your swim step from his panga. For lunch or dinner, visit the funky surfer town of Barra Navidad across the lagoon for lunch or dinner. It’s easy to take a water taxi from your slip, or take your own dinghy and tie up below one of the “dock and dine” restaurants. The Grand Bay’s restaurants provide room service to the boats, and the hotel’s chef can cater your onboard holiday party. Snowball in Mexico? Take a tour bus from Barra up to Colima’s Volcano Park. Stop in the quaint capital for lunch, then 25 miles farther to visit the volcanoes. In

Be Your Own Captain


CHRISTMAS BAY On December 25, 1540, Mexico’s first viceroy anchored in this pleasant bay and named it Bahia Navidad. By 1564 the name Barra Navidad applied to the shipyard and town built atop the huge sand bar (barra) at the southeast end of Bahia Navidad. Capitan Legaspi’s famous fleet of Manila galleons was launched from here.

Photo courtesy Turismo Colima

Mexico Report

New Sun Tracker Party Barge 22 DLX

New Sun Tracker Party Barge 18



Mercury 150HP, 11-Person capacity. Includes Trailer, Table & Bimini

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New Bayliner M-15

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Mercury 50HP OB 5-Person Capacity. Includes Trailer

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*Plus tax and license. (714) 666-2628

3475 E. La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92806

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On the Water During Winter Winter is coming, bringing harsh conditions for on-the-water activities. The fun isn’t over, but your equipment and procedures will need to be adjusted. Read on for tips and instructions on how to make the most of the water during these colder months. By: KATHERINE M. CLEMENTS

On-the-water activities during the winter months can present some unique challenges, but proper preparation and precautions can still offer a rewarding experience. Below, you will find helpful tips to keep yourself in good health and maximize your winter water experiences. First and foremost, dress in layers. St ay ing wa r m helps suppor t your

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The days of soaking up the sun on the water are behind us for now. While boating and fishing are still possible during these colder winter months, there are new precautions to include in your routine until temperatures rise again.

Lake Tahoe is a popular winter destination in California where winter boating and fishing remains an attraction throughout the season even as temperatures drop down into the low 30s (Fahrenheit) during the days. immune system and reduces the risk of exposing you to conditions that make you more susceptible to illness. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer that sits close to your skin. This layer helps to move sweat away from your body, keeping you dry and preventing the cooling effect of wet clothing. Choose materials like merino wool or synthetic fabrics. The middle layer is the insulation layer, which traps and retains heat. Choose materials like fleece, down or synthetic insulations. The thickness of this layer can vary depending on the severity of the cold. The outer layer provides protection from wind, rain, water and snow. The outer layer should be waterproof and windproof to keep you dry and prevent cold air from penetrating. Breathable materials are the most comfortable as they allow moisture to escape. Complete this look with a warm hat that covers your ears, mittens or gloves and a neck gaiter. The more waterproof gear you wear, the better, as it will help prevent against hypothermia. Next, protect your extremities from cold temperatures. Your hands, feet and nose are more susceptible to heat loss because they have a higher surface area relative to their volume, and the cold temperatures affect your hands and feet first. This can be prevented by wearing insulated, waterproof gloves and warm socks to prevent frostbite. Hand and foot warmers are also nice to keep in your pockets and shoes for additional heat. Your gear and equipment should change with the weather as well. There are fishing rods designed specifically for cold weather and winter fishing conditions. These rods are often engineered

to address the challenges posed by colder temperatures and icy conditions. Cold-weather fishing rods are constructed from materials that perform well in lower temperatures. Graphite and fiberglass are used for their durability and flexibility in cold conditions. Additionally, some rod handles are made with materials that provide insulation, preventing your hands from getting too cold when holding the rod. Cork and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foam are popular materials for handles. Winter-specific rods have a coating that is resistant to temperature extremes. This feature can help prevent damage and deterioration caused by exposure to cold weather. Lastly, monofilament, fluorocarbon, braided and other cold-weather coated lines help with preparation for cold temperatures. Monofilament lines remain relatively supple in cold temperatures, reducing the chances of line memory (coiling) and making them easier to handle. Fluorocarbon lines are known for their low visibility underwater and abrasion resistance. They resist absorbing water, making them suitable for cold temperatures and are often stiffer than monofilament, so be aware of this characteristic when selecting a line for your fishing conditions. And braided lines, made from woven synthetic fibers, are famous for their strength and sensitivity. These lines are less prone to line memory and ice buildup compared to monofilament. This may be obvious – or not, but it’s important to stay hydrated even in cold weather. We are made of water. According to, our bones comprise 22% water, muscles are 76% and blood, 83%. Drink warm fluids to help maintain

body temperature. Water also transports nutrients, carries waste away from the cells and helps regulate body temperature by distributing heat and cooling the body through perspiration. If you’re in a location where there is snow, use sunscreen. The sun’s reflection on snow and ice can be intense and cause sunburn. Wind chill also will make cold temperatures feel even colder. It might be helpful to check the weather forecast to prepare for wind by wearing wind-resistant clothing. In addition to preparing yourself with all the appropriate clothing and gear, take breaks to warm up if the weather is becoming intolerable. Know when to call it a day, always let someone know your schedule for the day and carry emergency supplies, such as a basic first aid kit and an emergency blanket. Being educated on the signs of hypothermia is important as well. Hypothermia occurs when the body loses heat faster than it can produce it, causing a dangerously low body temperature. When it starts, it needs to be promptly addressed. Pay attention to shivering, slurred speech, clu m sine ss, la ck of c oord inat ion, confusion, fatigue and weakness. Safety should always be a top priority when boating and fishing in winter conditions. Taking these precautions will make for a more enjoyable and safe experience during the colder months. For more tips and instructions on executing safe boating, visit https://dbw. For information regarding fishing in California, please visit

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Sand Project set to Replenish San Clemente Beaches Starting December The City of San Clemente is warming up to begin the San Clemente Shoreline Sand Replenishment Project to reduce erosion, add new beach areas, and implement future efforts to preserve the sand. By: LOG STAFF

The C it y bega n t o a dd 51,000 cubic yards of sand to the beach in late November, starting about 1,800 feet south of the City’s municipal pier and moving straight 1,800 feet north of the pier. The sand for the beach is being recovered from an offshore sand deposit south of San Clemente and will be brought through a dredge that will connect to a pipeline onshore. Sand will be pumped as a slushy mix of seawater and sand and will be spread out on the shore to create a 50-foot-wide new beach area. The project will be repeated every 5-6 years, roughly over the next 50 years, for a total sand volume of 2 million cubic yards.

Image courtesy of the City of San Clemente

The total construction cost for this project is $14.3 million. It is funded 65% by the federal government (roughly $9.3 million) and 35% by the City of San Clemente ( roughly $5 million) with the assistance of California State Parks. The city has been awarded a $3.4 million grant from the California Department of Boating and Waterways for the construction project. This beach nourishment project was developed to widen the beach, reduce beach erosion, and restore the natural protective buffer between essential infrastructures and the ocean while simulPlease see SAND PROJECT, PAGE 15

Image courtesy of the City of San Clemente

The City of San Clemente, in collaboration with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), a federal agency under the Department of Defense with a primary mission of providing engineering services and support to the nation, and California State Parks are restoring the main public beach in San Clemente. The project is intended to accomplish the following objectives: • Reduce coastal storm damage to property and infrastructure along the study area shoreline and the bluff top before emergency action. • Improve public safety in the study area by reducing the threat of life-threatening bluff failures caused by wave action against the beach and bluff base. • Reduce coastal erosion and shoreline narrowing to improve recreational opportunities for beach users.

Image courtesy of the City of San Clemente

The San Clemente Shoreline Sand Replenishment Project will begin next month by placing a pipeline near the San Clements Pier. A dredge will connect to the pipeline to deliver sand onto San Clemente beaches. This pre-construction action will involve waterside and landside mobilization of vehicles to get the pipeline situated. The beach and water are temporarily closed near the dredge pipeline from the Pier to Lifeguard Tower 1 to maximize public safety. Signs concerning the temporary beach and water closure have been posted to ensure people keep clear of the dredge pipeline. The first sand deliveries are expected to arrive in mid-December.

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Celebrating the Life of Bob Stapp and his Contributions to the Marine Industry

Stapp's cold-mold construction method was used on vessels like the 32-foot Seaway that was built for the Long Beach Fire Department.

Image courtesy of Chett Lehrer

Southern California boating legend and shipwright Robert Gordon “Bob” Stapp, 91, died Aug. 14 in San Pedro after having served the South Bay community as a boat builder and community leader for over 40 years. Born in Inglewood on Sept. 16, 1931, Stapp served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War, during which time he acquired many of the skills that would later contribute to his boat-building acumen. He spent most of his service time at Point Mugu running AVRs (aircraft rescue vessels) and at Norton Sound, Alaska, running PT (patrol) boats during missile testing. Stapp’s love of the ocean and all things nautical gradually evolved into a deep appreciation of the unique mix of engineering and aesthetics and how they contribute to great boat design. After his discharge from the Navy, he attended college and studied drafting and engineering, which would aid him extensively in his future career as a boat designer and builder. Later, having carefully observed the designs of U.S. Naval vessels and the extensive variety of small vessels in his home town, he began experimenting with his own concepts upon returning to civilian life in San Pedro. After sketching a variety of boats, Stapp began laying out the lines of coastal vessels and building them under his new company name, Seaway Boat Company. The small start-up gradually grew, producing high-end fishing boats, plus a series of vessels for lifeguards and other emergency services along the Southern California coast. From the 1960s until recent years, Seaway built many lifeguard boats and fireboats for the city of Long Beach, along with other coastal communities, at its boat yard on Terminal Island. Until recently, Stapp owned one of the last two remaining wooden boat building businesses on the West Coast. Seaway boats are known particularly for Stapp’s careful design and his use of cold-molded construction, which is superior to fiberglass in many ways. Fiberglass offers a quick, easy method of construction with hand-laid glass cloth soaked in polyester resin, or a “chop gun” to fill a mold with resin-soaked fiberglass thread, forming a rough mat. Cold-molded construction, on the other hand, is achieved by laying up of thin pieces of hardwood to achieve strength. The cold-molded technique is especially prized by builders because ironically, instead of using an actual mold, highly skilled boatwrights use their hands to bend and fasten, or “mold,” the thin strips of wood carefully to the vessel’s wooden frame. Applying epoxy between each pair of opposing layers of diagonal wooden strips ensures an extremely strong yet flexible hull capable of withstanding extensive abuse in a

Image courtesy of Chett Lehrer


crowded harbor or on a rough ocean. As many California sailors agree, Stapp’s cold-molded motor boats and sailing yachts are highly prized for both their beauty and brutal strength on open water, making them the perfect choice for emergency vessels, crew taxis for cargo ships and high-end sailing and motor yachts. Beyond boat building and woodworking, Stapp was also an avid restorer of classic automobiles. He completely dismantled and rebuilt a number of antique autos, stripping them down to the frame

and reassembling chassis, suspension, engine, steering system and brakes, turning old clunkers into essentially brand-new cars. His superior knowledge and mastery in the use of construction polymers, which he had learned while building and finishing boats, added the finishing touch to his rebuilt automobiles. Perhaps most telling regarding Stapp’s love of life and nature was his dedication as a conservationist. He was an avid spokesman for the need to protect California’s natural environment, particularly state beaches and waterways.

Stapp advocated limiting pollution in his local haunts of Los Angeles Harbor and Newport Beach, and he made an ongoing, focused effort to influence fellow boaters and anglers to follow his example. Stapp found yet more ways to combine community service with his mastery of boat building. At St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in San Pedro, he was known for his skill and willingness to repair or rebuild church pews and other wooden Please see SEAWAY BOATS, PAGE 13

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Seaway Boats From page 12


Image courtesy of Chett Lehrer


Sea Recovery Whisper VMT LittleAqua Wonder 145 Pro

Village Marine Little Wonder HRO Seafari Versatile


PHONE: (619) 239-6792 (619) 226-4195 FAX: (619) 239-0946


Image courtesy of Chett Lehrer

Southbound Cruising Guides

structures on the church grounds. His woodworking talent and access to a high-end carpentry shop helped keep the St. Peter’s church structure in Bristol condition during his many decades of service to the congregation. Stapp also served for many years as both a vestry (management council member) and usher at St. Peter’s, where he devoted much of his free time to helping his church community. Church members remember him with respect and fondness as he was always willing to offer a helping hand. Perhaps Bobbie Cusato, a fellow member of St. Peter’s, best summed up Stapp’s dedication to serving others while pursuing a successful life as a shipwright and avid boater and angler. She shared a memory from years ago. She was teaching a lesson on Noah’s Ark in a vacation Bible study program, and asked Stapp for some type of tool she

could use so her young charges could get an idea of what the ark might have looked like, given the description from the Old Testament. Fulfilling Cusato’s request beyond her wildest dreams, Stapp built a miniature wooden Ark for the class, combining the vague details available in Genesis with some of the limited available knowledge of boat-building practices in ancient times. To her utter surprise, the vessel was a long rowboat, big enough to fit all the kids in the Bible class. The exa mple Bob St app est ab lished for young children and hardened mariners alike will continue to inspire and motivate younger generations for years to come. The next time you see a tough-looking wooden emergency vessel along the coast of Southern California, you will appreciate the dedication and hard work of this amazing man.

Mexico Boating Guide Pacific Baja, all Sea of Cortez, mainland - all 3 in 1 comprehensive cruising guidebook. 300 GPS charts of cruising anchorages too small on govt charts for accuracy. Paperwork Cha Cha, diving, fishing, eco boating. TRUSTED. Written by Pat & John Rains, experienced Mexico cruisers, USCG masters, created for southbound boaters. NO gaps, NO fluff! Updated 2023 $79.95

Cruising Ports: the

Central American Route Starts where Mexico Boating Guide ends. Covers Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, PanCan Transit. W. Caribbean, Belize, Mexico’s Yucatan & Gulf Coasts, Cayman Is., Western Cuba to Key West. 105 GPS charts, 290 color photos. Resource Directory: marinas, fuel docks, boat yards. Full index. Updated 2023 $69.95

Together these 2 guides get you from one US coast to the other!

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Invasive Seaweed Discovered in San Diego Bay The public is being urged not to drain saltwater aquariums into bays, streams, ponds or storm drains as the rapidgrowing invasive species is a threat to ecosystems. By: LOG STAFF

The Port of San Diego, along with the Southern California Caulerpa Action Team (SCCAT), the city of Coronado, and the Coronado Cays Homeowners Association (CCHOA), has announced their response to the discovery of an invasive seaweed scientifically known as Caulerpa prolifera in the Coronado Cays area of San Diego Bay.

According to the Port of San Diego, Caulerpa is an algae native to Florida and other subtropical and tropical locales. In non-native areas, it can disrupt the ecosystem, superseding native plants and the animals that rely on them. In San Diego Bay, state and federally protected eelgrass habitats are especially at risk as eelgrass is used by native green sea turtles, a threatened species, as well as 70 different fish species that rest within and feed on eelgrass. Caulerpa poses no threat to humans. Caulerpa is used predominantly in saltwater aquariums. In California, possessing, selling or transporting any Caulerpa seaweed is illegal (AB 655, 2023), and fines can range from $500 to $10,000 per violation. Divers found a small patch of Caulerpa prolifera in late September while conducting an in-water pre-construction eelgrass/Caulerpa dive survey as required by a permit condition for a dock replacement project. Additional patches were discovered nearby during follow-up surveys. The total find within the Cays is about one-quarter of an acre. A press release sent out by the Port of San Diego reads: “The SCCAT has prepared a Rapid Response Eradication Plan to address the immediate need to eradicate this invasive species. This plan includes the following components: • Control of Infestation Site – To prevent disturbance by boat anchors and boat wakes, the affected areas are being controlled through coor-

Port of San Diego image

A notable characteristic of Caulerpa prolifera is its reproductive strategy. It can reproduce both sexually and asexually. Asexual reproduction occurs through fragmentation, where pieces of the alga (fronds or stolons) can break off and give rise to new growth. This high reproductive potential contributes to its ability to colonize new areas rapidly.

NOAA Fisheries was first notified in September 2023 of the invasive algae species discovered in Coronado Cays in Coronado, part of San Diego County. The algae, which is native to Florida and other subtropical and tropical locales, is scientifically known as Caulerpa prolifera. This is the second positive identification of Caulerpa prolifera on the U.S. West Coast. dination with the CCHOA and slip occupants. • Localized Eradication Level Survey – Diver surveys are being conducted within and adjacent to the affected area. Divers locate, record and map any Caulerpa prolifera found. • Tr e a t m e n t – T h e C a u l e r p a prolifera is being covered by trained divers with a sealed barrier that will kill the algae by exclusion from light, oxygen and circulation. This method has been successfully used in the past at other Caulerpa infestation sites in other areas of Southern California. • Post Treatment Surveys – Diver surveys will be conducted both immediately following treatment and over a longer timeframe to help ensure the species is completely eradicated and does not repopulate the area. • Broad Area Surveys – Diver surveys will occur in surrounding areas of San Diego Bay to determine if other areas have been invaded. The estimated cost for the surveys and eradication is to be determined. The Port of San Diego has contributed approximately $92,000 to date. The Port and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have applied for a grant from the Rapid Response Fund for Aquatic Invasive Species to cover the remaining costs.

Additional funding from the State Water Resources Control Board’s Cleanup and Abatement Account also may be available; the Port and other parties may be eligible for reimbursement through these funding sources. Caulerpa can rapidly and aggressively transfer and develop from contact with vessels, fishing equipment, and even tidal exchanges. It is suggested that boaters, kayakers, swimmers and divers avoid the areas or gently transit the channel at high tide to prevent the involuntary spread of this invasive species. The Port believes that the most likely source of this infestation is the release from a saltwater aquarium into the bay as Caulerpa, though illegal, is a popular and common saltwater aquarium plant. If you have or sell saltwater aquariums: • DO NOT use Caulerpa in your aquarium. • DO NOT dump your aquariums into California waters or even pour the contents into streets or storm drains that often discharge to the bay or ocean. ONLY drain aquariums into sinks or toilets as the water will circulate to a treatment plant to help minimize the threat. • DO NOT share or sell Caulerpa. If you are a boater, diver, or fisherman:

• Learn what Caulerpa looks like and

keep an eye out for it.

• Inspect your anchor, fishing gear or nets for Caulerpa that may have been picked up from the bottom. • Learn more and report sightings to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife at Conservation/Invasives/Species/ Caulerpa. This is the first discovery of Caulerpa prolifera in San Diego Bay’ an infestation in Newport Bay has been fought since 2021. Another species of Caulerpa infested part of Huntington Harbour and Aqua Hedionda Lagoon in Carlsbad in the early 2000s. There has been routine monitoring of Caulerpa in California since that time. The SCCAT includes representatives from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board, the California Coastal Commission, California State Lands Commission, NOA A Fisheries, Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The group partners with the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board and State Water Board.” To l e a r n m o r e , p l e a s e v i s i t west-coast/habitat-conservation/ caulerpa-species-west-coast.

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Sand Project

Image courtesy of the City of San Clemente

From page 11

taneously increasing the recreational area along the shoreline for beachgoers.

habitat for birds, fish, and other coastal wildlife.

A c c or d i ng t o t he C it y of S a n Clemente, over many decades, upland land development for purposes of water supply storage, flood control, and other infrastructure benefits has resulted in the rivers and creeks being dammed such that the normal supplies of sand that have historically reached the beach have been largely cut off and are prevented from reaching the coast. Beach nourishment reintroduces natural sediment into the natural sediment cycle, reestablishing wide protective beaches for residents and visitors and enhancing sandy beach

To keep the sand in place and make it last longer, the city is currently enforcing a counterpart effort called the “nature-based coastal resiliency feasibility study,” which is assessing different compromises to keep the new sand in place for as long as possible and to facilitate future costs of beach nourishment. This study is underway, and a draft feasibility study will be prepared in 2024.

Fast Facts From page 4

the tragedy. The location of the Rouse Simmons wreck remained a mystery for 59 years. Christmas trees washed up along the coastline for years after the wreck. In 1923, Captain Schuenemann’s wallet came up in a fisherman’s net near Two Rivers, Wis. It was not until 1971, when Milwaukee diver Kent Bellrichard discovered the vessel’s remains 12 miles northeast of Two Rivers in 165 feet of water, that the story began to unfold. Rouse Simmons had been flying a distress flag five miles offshore while driving a northwest gale southward. With no hope of catching the drifting ship, the Kewaunee station’s captain telephoned the Two Rivers’ Life-Saving Station, 25 miles to the south. The station quickly launched a lifeboat to thwart the distressed vessel and bring the crew to safety. However, the Rouse Simmons had vanished when the lifeboat set sail on the lake. After reviewing historical records, it was uncovered that contrary to the famous story that the vessel had just vanished in front of the life-saving vessel heading towards her, the ship was lost under precise conditions. Office: (619) 224-4466 Cell: (619) 823-5220

Call Joni Today! (619) 823-5220

For more information, please visit

“By recreating the search pattern of the Two Rivers lifeboat and comparing it with the Rouse Simmons’ location today, the [Wisconsin Historical Society] WHS deduced that the Two Rivers lifeboat completely encircled the Rouse Simmons and was never more than a few miles from where she lies,” says an article from “With a reported six miles of visibility that day, if the ship were still afloat as the lifeboat rounded Two Rivers Point at 4:20 p.m., the life-saving crew would have seen her. Additionally, the snowstorm that many lake captains reported as “the worst they had ever seen” may well have been terrible, but it began around 5 p.m.—well after the Rouse Simmons would have been on the bottom.” To d ay, t he s t or y of t he Ro u s e Simmons continues to be remembered and honored through various events, even though she lies six miles northeast of Rawley Point in Manitowoc County at 44 degrees 16.640’ N, 087 degrees 24.863’ W. Her legacy lives on at annual events, including the annual Christmas Ship Parade on Lake Michigan, where a modern-day vessel is decked out with holiday lights and sails in honor of the tradition started by Captain Herman Schuenemann and the original Christmas Tree Ship.

Custom Sheet Sets Custom Bedspreads, Duvets and Blankets Custom Boat mattresses and Toppers Featuring custom linens from Matouk, Sferra, Perennials & Thibaut Hinged mattresses for access to storage!

Newport Beach Showroom 2507 West Coast Highway #191 Newport Beach, CA 92663

San Diego Showroom 955 Harbor Island Dr #135 San Diego, CA 92101

(949) 239-6459 OR (619)550-4406

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San Diego International Auto Show From Dec. 29 through Jan. 1, the San Diego International Auto Show will be in town, featuring the widest variety of new vehicles under one roof. The event will take place from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and costs between $12 and $18 per ticket. Kids 12 and under get free admission. The event will take place at the San Diego Convention Center, 111 West Harbor Drive, San Diego. Guests can take test drives, see releases and debuts, learn about the present and future of driving electric cars, and have a fun family day. For more information, please visit

San Clemente Sunsets with Santa From Dec. 16-17, the city of San Clemente will host Sunsets with Santa, a free event where guests can visit with Santa on the San Clemente Municipal Pier with a beautiful sunset as their backdrop. Bring your own camera. Santa will be available for visits from 3-5 p.m. For more information, please visit https://www.

SC Social: Polar Express Trolley Adventure All aboard the Polar Express! On Dec. 15, from 5-8 p.m., the city of San Clemente invites you to experience the magic of the holiday season at their festive SC Social Trolley Adventure. Celebrate the holiday season with pizza, hot chocolate, games and a gingerbread decorating contest. The night’s highlight will be a thrilling trolley ride through the city to see the twinkling holiday lights, with activities along the way.

Dana Point The Ocean Institute’s Modified Schedule and Upcoming Events The Ocean Institute in Dana Point has announced its schedule and new visitor offerings. Dive into an ocean of discovery and adventure with their engaging programs and experiences. Holiday Schedule: • Dec. 16-23: Open • Dec.24-25: Closed • Dec. 26-30: Open • Dec. 31-Jan. 1: Closed

Squid Dissections: • Dec. 16 - Jan. 7 • Time: 10:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m. • Price: $5/Participant Sea Star Feeding: • Dec. 16 - Jan. 7 • Time: Noon - 12:35 p.m. • Pricing: $10/Participant Behind the Scenes Tours: • Spirit of Dana Point Tour: • Dates: Dec. 16 - Jan. 7 • Time: Sunday, 1-2 p.m., Monday/ Wednesday, 1-2 p.m. • Pricing: $25, adults; $20, kids; $10, toddlers • Aquarium Tour: • Dec. 16 - Jan. 7 • Time: Saturday 2 -3 p.m., Sunday, 11 a.m.-12 p.m., Tuesday/Friday/ Sunday, 11 a.m.-12 p.m., Monday/ Thursday/Saturday 2 p.m.-3 p.m. • Pricing: $35, adults; $30, kids; $10, toddlers

Newport Beach Creative Communal – A Holiday Market

Complimentary holiday photos available from 12:30 p.m.-3:30 p.m. Loree Scarborough will also provide a complimentary gift wrap service. In addition, a non-perishable food drive will benefit the ASI Food Pantry, which provides food for Balloons will be released as it hits midnight to bring in the new students at Long year in a dramatic and colorful manner. Beach State, sponsored by Robb Smith of Alley Cat Deliveries. For more milestone event on Dec. 31 from 6:45 information, please visit https://www. p.m. to 1 a.m. See a sparkling night with gowns, tuxedos, champagne, halls-holiday-concert-in-the-parkingdining and dancing – all at the one and lot/. only 50th Anniversary New Year’s Eve Gala Celebration in the world-famous Casino Ballroom on Catalina Island. It is recommended that you book early, as past galas have sold out. Image courtesy of Love Catalina

San Diego

• Jan. 2-7: Open Offerings: Sailors Life Tours: • Dec. 16 - Jan. 7 • Time: 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. (The last tour leaves at 12 p.m.)

San Pedro

Reservations for the gala include a gourmet buffet dinner with a carving station, desserts, dancing, one champagne split per person, party favors and the classic midnight balloon drop. Musical entertainment will be provided by The Perfect Event’s Christien Anthony Band, featuring nine musicians playing everything from Big Band music to contemporary and pop, along with DJ Izzy.

On Dec. 13 from 4-8 p.m., the city of Newport Beach will host the Creative Communal Holiday Market, an openair market that brings local artisans and families together and is free to enter. Complete your holiday shopping at the Night Market during the opening festivities of the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade – Marina Park, Balboa Peninsula. The event will include local creators, face painting, a prime view of the boat parade, kid-friendly activities, fireworks and photo opportunities. The market is pet-friendly and will have food and live music. For more information, visit https:// creative-communal-holiday-market/.

Online sales are open. For more information, please visit https://www. new-years-eve-gala/.

Catalina Island

Deck The Halls: Holiday Concert In The Park(ing Lot)

50th Anniversary New Year’s Eve Celebration, Casino Ballroom Cheers to 50 Years! Ring in 2024 at this

Long Beach Long Beach Night Market The Long Beach Night Market returns to host the best local food pop-ups at The Promenade at Mosaic on Dec. 16, 6-11 p.m. Taste chicken wings, hamburgers, tacos and other eats from local chefs and explore Downtown Long Beach at night. For more information, please visit events/long-beach-night-market/.

On Dec. 17 from 11 a.m.- 5 p.m., Belmont Shore will host a holiday celebration at CHASE Bank on 2nd Street. The Concert in the Park(ing lot) will feature the Jazz Angels and SeaFunk Brass Band.

Christmas Craft Fair San Pedro Art Association

On Dec. 16 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the San Pedro Art Association will proudly bring back its holiday craft fair located at 25th and Western. The craft fair will be open from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. The event will host SPAA artists as well as others. This is the only time outside artists will be allowed to set up and sell with SPAA. The event will feature a wide array of gift items, from hot sauce and food gifts to hand-crafted jewelry and fine artwork. Pop-up in the parking lot at the Northwest corner of 25th Street and Western Avenue (Bank of America). For more information, please visit https:// christmas-craft-fair-san-pedro-art-association/.

Los Angeles A Charlie Brown Christmas 5k/10k Kick-start your holiday festivities on Dec. 16 from 7 -11 a.m. and join the city of Los Angeles for the inaugural ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas 5K/10K’. The Snoopy Kids Dash kicks off the event at 7:30 a.m., followed by the 10K at 8 a.m. and the 5K at 8:30 a.m. at Griffith Park (flat and fast, out-and-back course in the park).

Please see CALENDAR, PAGE 17

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• Coastal Cone & The Parlor: Open 11

All participants will receive an Officially Licensed Peanuts finisher medal, participant bib and performance tech t-shirt. There also will be an appearance by Santa and post-race refreshments. Participants are encouraged to come out and show their best holiday attire and spirit.

• The Greek Mediterranean Steak &

From page 16

This event will be limited to the first 1,800 participants; the city expects an early sell-out. This event is a part of the ongoing Peanuts Event Series, with over 50,000 participants across all 50 U.S. states. For more information, please visit event/2023/12/16/a-charlie-brownchristmas-5k10k.

Ventura Holidays by the Sea – Christmas Eve & Christmas Day From Dec. 24 - 25, guests are invited to celebrate the holidays at the Ventura Harbor Village to grab last-minute gifts and certificates in a beautiful setting to entertain family and friends and dine at the seaside.

a.m. - 4 p.m.

Seafood: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

For more information, please visit event/christmas-2023/2023-12-24/.

Winter Wonderland and Holiday Marketplace 2023 Visit Santa and Mrs. Claus and get up close to two of their live reindeer at Winter Wonderland & Holiday Marketplace 2023 on Dec. 16 from noon to 4 p.m. in Ventura Harbor Village. Faux snow will be falling, carolers will be singing, holiday characters will be roaming, the Toy Soldier Band will be playing, Lakeshore Learning will host free crafting and more. Admission and parking are free. Cruise around to discover more happening at Village businesses including:

• Barefoot Boutique is hosting a

Holiday Open House from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. featuring crafts, snacks and a sale – 20% off everything in store.

• Ventura Pottery Gallery is giving

away handcrafted free ceramic gifts with a purchase of $30 or more in-store (while supplies last).

Christmas Eve, December 24: Select Ventura Harbor Village stores and restaurants close after 3 p.m. Individual shop hours vary; please check with individual businesses.

• Ventura Boat Rentals has nighttime

Christmas Day, December 25: The following Village businesses will be open for select hours (please double check times with businesses to confirm)

For more information, please visit event/winter-wonderland-2023/.

News Briefs From page 5

“They have consistently demonstrated an obligation to uphold program and industry standards, which is important to our stakeholders who have entrusted us to be fiscally responsible by maintaining a high level of professionalism, transparency and experience.” According to GFOA, the Certificate of Achievement is the highest recognition in governmental accounting and financial reporting. “The Port team put together an ACFR highlighting FY 2022 Port activities in an easy-to understand, 110-page report that includes information about cargo trends, market updates, environmental framework, CAPX projects, marketing, community outreach, Port statistics, as well as a breakdown of financial information,” said Austin Yang, the port’s chief financial and chief administration officer, in the press release. “It goes beyond a financial report. As the name suggests, it is a comprehensive report that took a great deal of time and effort to compile from every department in the district.”

lit pedal boat rentals. Cruise around the marina in a twinkling swan, dragon or duck pedal boat starting at 4:45 p.m.

A team of independent industr y auditors, professional financial statement preparers, academics, and other finance professionals thoroughly reviewed the Port’s ACFR. The Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Program encourages and assists state and local governments to go beyond the minimum requirements of generally accepted accounting principles to prepare financial reports that demonstrate the spirit of full disclosure and to succeed in achieving that goal. The Government Finance Officers Association was founded in 1906 and represent s public fina nce officia ls throughout the U.S. and Canada. The association’s more than 21,000 members are federal, state/provincial and local finance officials deeply involved in planning, financing and implementing thousands of governmental operations in each jurisdiction. GFOA’s mission is to advance excellence in government finance by providing the best practices, professional development, resources and practical research for its members and their communities.

ANACAPA BOATYARD Full Service or Do-it-Yourself

Since the 1960’s, we hold our commitment as the “Friendliest” boatyard: a yard and chandlery that welcomes Do-It-Yourselfers.

We Service: Pumps Shafts Bearings & hoses Used Boat Parts for sale in our Chandlery

Full Paint Service: Gelcoat Fiberglass Buff & Wax In Harbor Tow Service


(805) 985-1818

LOG ABROAD The Log’ss taken you all over California ... Now it’s your turn to show us where you’ve taken The Log. Email your photo, contact information and details about your trip to

Canvas Specialist On Site

18 | December 8 - December 21, 2023 | THE LOG


Catalina Connection 2023 Catalina Island Audubon Christmas Bird Count CATALINA ISLAND — Join the Catalina Island Conservancy – the Trailhead, staff, and other naturalists – from 6:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dec. 17 to count and record as many birds and species of birds as possible to contribute to the Audubon Christmas Bird Count during a trip into the wildlands of Catalina Island. This event is free to attend.

The Chr istma s Bird Count is a long-standing program of the National Audubon Society in which thousands of volunteers across the U.S., Canada, and other countries in the Western Hemisphere go birding over 24 hours to contribute to an early-winter bird census. The data for these bird counts have been used in hundreds of analyses, peer-reviewed publications and government reports over the decades. No birding experience is required to participate. Less experienced birders will be grouped with those who have spent more time birding, so everyone will have the guidance needed to contribute. Teams will write down their bird sightings on the provided data sheets. If you can photograph the birds, that would also be helpful for those who can’t identify species. During this time of year, besides Cata-

Image courtesy of the Catalina Island Conservancy

Image courtesy of the Catalina Island Conservancy


Originally introduced into North America from Asia, the Spotted Dove is uncommon and is presently found only in a local neighborhood in east Los Angeles and on Santa Catalina Island. lina’s assortment of resident species, birds that can be seen on the Island include common winter migrant species such as the White-crowned Sparrow or the less common Cackling Goose. Participants may even be able to help spot species just newly being documented as they expand their global range, such as the Swinhoe’s White-eye. “The Audubon Christmas Bird Count has been going strong as an annual event more than 100 years since 1900,” said Jessica Boudevin, Sr. Manager of Communications for the Catalina Island Conservancy, in an email to the Log. “Catalina

Island has participated for many years including from 19882006, and annually since 2021.”

The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker is a medium-sized woodpecker native to North America. The primary range of the Yellowbellied Sapsucker includes the eastern part of North America, with breeding grounds in the northeastern United States and parts of Canada. Still, the bird has made appearances on Catalina Island.

This event begins at the Trailhead visitor center at 6:30 a.m. Participants will be split into groups to cover as much of Catalina that falls in the officially designated birding circle as they can. Groups will return to Avalon at 1 p.m. for lunch provided by the conservancy and to discuss birds seen throughout the day.

a full day outside in the field, standing and walking. Sturdy, close-toed shoes, sun protection and a refillable water bottle are required. Bring binoculars and a notebook if possible. Expect some walking on uneven terrain. Lunch, extra binoculars and water refills will be provided.

Participants must come prepared for



ACROSS 1. 5.

Chemical pollutants banned in 1975 Uncompromising law

8. 12. 13.

Starting Nope Regret

14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 21. 22. 23.

--- fide (genuine) Golfer’s shout Retirement arrangement A lot Outburst of controversy Cushion Two identical things Attention-seeking throat-clearing sound 25. Of a thing 28. Intelligence agency 29. “Unsafe At Any Speed” author 31. Security lapse 33. Become fully developed 34. Thick 35. Wig 36. Valueless writing 37. Capital of Azerbaijan 38. “... sting like ---” (Ali) 40. Unfashionable 41. Arizona modelmaker 46. Link together 48. Rowboat lever 49. Point 50. Molten rock 51. Meadow 52. Type of lens 53. --- Cross, Morgan Freeman role 54. Class 55. Old Indian coin



2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 19. 20. 24. 25. 26. 27. 30. 32. 33. 35. 39.

Bok ---, Chinese cabbage Prickly seed vessel Rams and lambs Beaten by the Continental Army Polar lights Close Missile interceptor Extra-powerful Being filmed Saudi King after Khalid Private place Office head Top gear Big Blue Court Tranquilizer Salesperson Demand Former Egyptian President Tennis star --- Nadal Main female character in “Pygmalion” 40. North of Tex. 42. Escherichia ---, potentially dangerous bacterium 43. 2,000 lbs 44. Light gas 45. Jane Austen’s matchmaker 47. Use to the limit

Crossword solution on page 23

THE LOG | December 8 - December 21, 2023 | 19


Image courtesy of SailGP

Sailing Changes to the U.S. SailGP Team

Spithill announced his departure from the team in late November, suggesting the team’s sale. He did not disclose the sale specifics, but confirmed that the new ownership group would bring in their driver and CEO. This means Spithill, who has driven for the U.S. team since Season 2, will no longer race with the American team, including at next month’s Emirates Dubai Sail Grand Prix. Notable changes include the additions of Taylor Canfield and Mike Buckley, founders of Stars + Stripes Team USA, who unsuccessfully sought to compete in the 2021 and 2024 America’s Cups. Below is the team’s announcement from Nov. 29: “SailGP’s U.S team has been purchased by technology investor and founding Uber engineer Ryan McKillen, Margaret McKillen and two-time world champion sailor Mike Buckley. They are joined by a diverse group of investors representing the sports, technology, entertainment and media industries. The Avenue Sports Fund, led by Avenue Capital Group CEO Marc Lasry, is the lead investor in what will be the most prominent team acquisition in SailGP history. Other members of the investment group include: • Actress and producer Issa Rae. • World champion heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder. • Global D.J. and producer Gryffin. • NFL stars DeAndre Hopkins, Malik Jackson, Roquan Smith and Kayvon Thibodeaux. • University of Alabama football star Dallas Turner. • Former U.S. soccer player Jozy Altidore. • University of Michigan basketball legend Katelynn Flaherty Yates. • Muse Capital’s Assia Grazioli-Venier. • Serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. SailGP is the most exciting racing on the water. The global league features high-tech, high-speed 50-foot foiling catamarans raced by the world’s best athletes in 10 national teams and broadcast in … 200+ markets (CBS and YouTube in the U.S.). In SailGP’s fourth season, the quickly growing global sailing league (will)

Under the new U.S. SailGP Team str uc ture, McK illen w ill ser ve a s chairman and Buckley as chief executive officer. The team has appointed seven-time world champion sailor Canfield as team driver. ‘By bringing together this remarkable group to acquire the United States SailGP Team, we have reached an important milestone in the growth of our sport,’ said McKillen, team co-owner and chairman. As sailors, we love this sport and want to introduce it to millions; as entrepreneurs, we recognize the potential and growth trajectory of SailGP and how our U.S. SailGP Team can introduce the future of on-water racing at the highest level. Our incredible ownership group is a testament to the growth and expansion of SailGP into the mainstream.’ ‘We believe that diversity is a competitive advantage and it needs to start at the top,” said Buckley, team co-owner and CEO. “We have assembled the most diverse ownership group in the history of our sport. Collectively, we have an enormous amount of work to do on and off the water, but I think that I have shown I am not going to back down from this important challenge.’ Avenue Capit a l Group recently launched the Avenue Sports Fund to provide capital solutions to various sports teams, owners, and leagues and invest in sports-related media and entertainment rights, real estate and other adjacent businesses. The U.S. SailGP Team is the second central team investment by the Sports Fund. ‘The investment by the Avenue Sports Fund in the U.S. SailGP Team is a perfect fit for our strategy of supporting emerging sports and leagues to capitalize on the globalization of sports and related areas of potential rapid growth,’ said Lasry, the group’s chairman and CEO. We are thrilled to join Ryan, Margaret, Mike and the broader investor group as the U.S. SailGP Team competes on an exciting global stage.’ U.S. SailGP Team partners Red Bull, T-Mobile for Business and Zhik have reaffirmed their commitment to the U.S. SailGP Team, working with the team and league to cater to a growing fan base, innovate across tech, sport and lifestyle, and deliver premium event experiences.”

Image courtesy of SailGP

A new ownership group has bought the United States SailGP Team and CEO and driver Jimmy Spithill (AUS) had been released.

Taylor Canfield celebrating a win.

provide 13 live events year-round – six of which occur in North America, including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago – at the most iconic waterfront locations worldwide.

New U.S. SailGP Team debut in Dubai, Dec. 9-10

The U.S. SailGP Team will race at the Emirates D uba i Sa i l Gra nd P r i x presented by P&O Marinas Dec. 9-10; athletes have yet to be announced. Dubai is the sixth stop on SailGP’s Season 4 global calendar. The league returns to North A mer ic a in t he spr ing; monthly events begin with the Bermuda Sail Grand Pr ix (May 4 -5) and the ROCKWOOL Canada Sail Grand Prix in Halifax (June 1-2). The first opportunity for the U.S. SailGP Team to race in front of American fans will be in New York, June 22-23 at the Mubadala New York Sail Grand Prix, followed by t he Sa i lGP Season 4 Grand Final in San Francisco on July 13-14.

Image courtesy of SailGP


From left to right, Taylor Canfield, Ryan McKillen, and Mike Buckley.

20 | December 8 - December 21, 2023 | THE LOG


A regatta is a term used to describe a series of boat races, typically for sailboats or rowboats. Regattas can vary in size and scale, ranging from local events organized by sailing clubs to major international competitions. These events can feature a variety of boat classes and racing formats, and they are often organized for both recreational and competitive purposes. For those who need to be better versed in sailing lingo, let’s clear up some key terms that are sprinkled throughout the sailing community. Regattas often have different categories or classes of boats based on factors such as size, type or design. Each category may have its own set of rules and specifications. One of those classes is called multihull. In a regatta, a multihull class refers to boats with multiple hulls (or pontoons) connected by a structure. Multihull boats are characterized by their stability, speed and efficiency, and they can be either sailboats or powerboats. The most common types of multihull sailboats are catamarans and trimarans. Multihull classes may have specific race courses

to compete on a more equal foundation. The PHRF system is widely used in sailing clubs and regattas, particularly in Nor th America. The goal of PHRF is to provide fair competition by adjusting each boat’s elapsed time based on it s perceived handicap or performance potential. Pexels image

Racing season has begun to slow down a bit in Southern California, therefore it is a good opportunity to revisit the world of regattas and provide a breakdown of the sport for better understanding.


tailored to their unique capabilities. These courses can include reaching legs and downwind legs that take advantage of the speed and maneuverability of multihull boats. More specific classes include J-24. The J-24 is a specific sailboat class popular in regattas that is a one-design class, meaning that all boats in the class are built to the same specifications. This ensures that competition is based on the skill of the sailors rather than variations in boat design. The J-24 class has an international presence, and regattas featuring J-24s are held worldwide. The boat has been widely adopted for club racing and is a popular choice for both amateur and professional sailors. The J-24 is typically sailed with a crew of four or five people with positions such as helmsman, main trimmer, headsail trimmer, and foredeck. Then there are PHRF classes. PHRF stands for Performance Handicap Racing Fleet, and PHRF classes in a regatta refer to a system of handicapping sailboats of different designs and sizes to allow them

When you look at a Notice of Race, you’ll often see the line, “the regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing for 20212024.” The World Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) are a comprehensive set of rules established by World Sailing, the international governing body for the sport of sailing. These rules govern the conduct of sailboat racing and ensure fair competition on the water. The rules are updated every four years. However, the rules can be amended, so racers should check for the most recent version. As with most competitive races, there is a method of scoring the participants. Scoring a regatta involves assigning points to boats based on their performance in individual races or events within the regatta. The scoring will ultimately determine the overall winner or winners. The specific scoring system may vary based on the rules established for the regatta, but there are common methods

used in sailboat racing. One widely used system is the Low-Point Scoring System, as outlined in the Racing Rules of Sailing. The basic idea is that the boat with the lowest total score at the end of the regatta is the winner. The boat that finishes first in a race is awarded one point, the second-place boat gets two points, and so on. The term “regatta” originates in Venice, Italy and is derived from the Venetian word “regata,” which means a contest or competition. The first recorded regatta as a boat race with competitive elements occurred in Venice in the 16th century. As the story goes, the first regatta was a race held in 1274 to celebrate the marriage of Venetian nobility. Yet, the structure of early regattas might have differed from contemporary sailboat races; the historical record is unclear. Over the centuries, regattas evolved and became more formalized, with rules and standardized practices developing to ensure fair competition. Today, regattas are held worldwide and encompass various events, from local races to international competitions. The term “regatta” is now used more as an umbrella term to describe organized boat races and the events that have become an integral part of sailing and boating culture. Regattas are not only about the races, but also about the social and cultural aspects of the sailing community. Many regattas include social events, award ceremonies and festivities, creating a sense of community and camaraderie among participants, while often benefitting charities.

Offshore Racing Congress Weather Routing Scoring By: LOG STAFF

On Nov. 26, the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) announced that it has chosen to step away from “Scoring Wind” for coastal and offshore races and start using forecasted weather instead. In 2023, several submissions to the ORC Congress asked why the “Scoring Wind” for coastal and offshore races was often very different from the wind conditions experienced by the competitors. According to the ORC, this can happen when offshore and coastal races are scored using the All-Purpose Handicap (APH) method, which is based on a mix of the wind speeds and accurate wind angles from the polar curves on a sailor’s certificate. Whatever the conditions the sailor experiences in the race, the race is consistently scored on the same mix of wind speeds and directions when APH is used. The “Scoring Wind” does not match what the sailor experienced because the APH mix of conditions was different from the actual weather. However, the APH is like

a broken clock— only right twice daily. This situation can be improved by finding a mix of wind speeds and points of sailing that match what racers see in the race. Attempts to score races based on the “observed” conditions have never been successful because: - the data from the boats is hard to collect and does not give course-wide conditions. - the race can only be scored after the finish if this approach is used. Nevertheless, using these methods and their inherent inaccuracies, offshore sailors have for years had to endure the possibility that despite their best efforts at racing their boat, they could still lose the race to a ship that was “lucky” by simply having weather that was more favorable to their rating. The way the ORC has chosen to fix this problem is to use the forecasted weather. How the procedure will work: • A few hours before the race starts, the whole fleet will sail a simulated race using the forecasted weather

or GRIB files. GRIB is a World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) format for gridded data. The operational meteorological centers use GRIB for storage and exchanging gridded fields. • This will allow each boat to pick its optimum route and point of sail around the course. • The simulation w ill deliver the optimized route and predicted elapsed time for each boat. • The Time Correction Factor for each boat to use in the race will be calculated from the differences in the Predicted Elapsed Time. Ea ch boat w i l l leave t he st a r t line know ing the Time Correction Factors (TCFs) of all its competitors based on the best forecast of the race conditions. For 2024, the ORC staff will use this process described below to handicap and score offshore races at ORC Championship events: • A few hours before the race starts, the ORC scoring sof tware w ill simulate the race using:

• the best weather and current

forecasts available for the race area and duration • the polar curves from the boat’s certificate • the course geometry input by the race organizer • the “Predict Wind” optimum weather routing software This process delivers a predicted optimum route and elapsed time (PET) for every boat in the race. At the same time, ORC will develop the software needed to include Weather Routing Scoring as an accessible option for all race organizers. It is important to note that race organizers who are happy using the various scoring options on the certificate do not need to stop doing this. Weather Routing Scoring will do better if a fleet has problems with APH for coastal and offshore courses. For the complete news r e l e a s e , p l e a s e v i s i t h t t p s : // orc-weather-routing-scoring.

THE LOG | December 8 - December 21, 2023 | 21


There’s Fun Found in Fishing! “Looking for a fun day on the water with family over the Holiday weekend? The @patriotsportfishing has room! They’ll be targeting Rockfish, Sheepshead, Whitefish and more.”

Newport Landing Sportfishing Facebook photo




Commission Suspends and Terminates Fishing Privileges for Two SoCal Commercial Lobster Fishermen During its Oct. 12 meeting, the California Fish and Game Commission adopted recommendations from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) to suspend or revoke the commercial fishing licenses of two Southern California fishermen, Michael Volaski and Arthur Esparza. CDF W recommended a five-year suspension of Volaski’s lobster operator permit and commercial fishing license. Volaski is a commercial lobster fisherman from Oxnard. The action stems from a three-day hearing in front of an administrative law judge who listened to testimony from Volaski and CDF W regarding Volaski’s history of violations in the lobster fishery. CDFW wildlife officers recounted multiple incidents and documented violations, which included

leaving lobster traps in the water after the close of the season, failing to retrieve a closed and baited lobster trap from the water after the close of the season, unlawfully placing traps within 750 feet of a public pier or jetty and three separate occasions that undersized lobsters were found on Volaski’s vessel. In the matter against Esparza, a commercial lobster fisherman from San Diego, CDFW recommended a lifetime suspension of his lobster operator permit and his commercial fishing license, both issued by CDFW. During the May 1 hearing, wildlife officers detailed 17 diverse violations of the Fish and Game Code and regulations adopted under the Fish and Game Code. Some of these violations included the unlawful taking of undersized commercial lobster on six separate occasions, the unlawful taking of lobster in the La Jolla State Marine Reserve and the South La Jolla State

Image courtesy of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife


Marine Conservation area, failing to service lobster traps, failing to maintain and complete lobster logs, unlawfully tagged lobster traps and the unlawful take of finfish with a lobster trap. Whether hunting, recreational fishing


Fishing— The gift that keeps on giving! “The great fishing continues! Water temps are still in the 63°-65° range which is great for this time of year and the fish have been biting. Let’s go!” Dana Wharf Sportfishing Facebook photo

or commercial fishing, the opportunity to take and possess marine fish and wildlife resources in California requires a high degree of mutual trust between law enforcement and the public, according to CDFW. The agenc y ’s w ild life officers protect the state’s marine resources by patrolling and enforcing the law along California’s vast 840-mile-long coastline. CDFW must be able to rely on commercial fishermen to comply with laws and regulations, including avoiding Marine Protected Areas. Those who do not comply, officials say, erode the trust between CDFW and the public, including the law-abiding fleet, and threaten the sustainability of coastal ecosystems. “The majority of people who fish commercially are law abiding and care for the resource,” said Nathaniel Arnold, acting chief of the CDFW Law Enforcement Division in a press release. “There are a few individuals, however, who choose to partake in commercial poaching. These individuals will eventually be caught and will likely lose the privilege to commercially fish in this state through either criminal or administrative actions.”

22 | December 8 - December 21, 2023 | THE LOG


Dungeness Crab Fishery Restrictions Expand


The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is continuing the temporary recreational crab trap restriction from the Sonoma/Mendocino county line to Lopez Point (Fishing Zones 3 and 4) and expanding the restriction to the California/Oregon state line to Cape Mendocino (Fishing Zone 1) due to the presence of humpback whales and the potential for entanglement from trap gear. The recreational trap restriction for Fishing Zone 1 went into effect at 6 p.m. Nov. 26; it will continue in Zones 1, 3, and 4 until at least the next risk assessment. This means recreational crabbers must remove all traps in Zone 1 by the time the restriction goes into effect. CDFW reminds recreational crabbers that taking Dungeness crab by other methods, including hoop nets and crab snares, is allowed during a temporary trap restriction. Recreational crab traps in Fishing Zones 2 and 5 are still

allowed. In addition, the Fleet Advisory issued for all Fishing Zones (1-6) for the recreational fishery remains i n e ffe c t . C DF W encourages recrea t ion a l c r a b b e r s to implement best practices, as described in the Best Practices Guide. According to Fish and Game Code section 8672.2, CDF W Director Charlton H. Bonham delayed the northern California commercial Dungeness crab season, which had been scheduled to open on Dec. 1, due to poor crab meat quality test results for Mendocino, Humboldt and Del Nor te counties (Fishing Zones 1 and 2). The commercial Dungeness crab fishery in this area will be delayed until at least 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 16, pending another round of meat quality testing. The commercial Dungeness crab fishery in Fishing Zones 3-6 also will remain delayed due to the high numbers

Fishing Tip: Fish around crowded surface layers The autumn season brings changing colors and falling leaves, but these leaves can create a problem for anglers. Treble hooks will often snag on the leaves, causing the lure’s action to change. Try casting your crankbait where the leaves are not sitting on top of the water – this clean surface is called a pocket. This will bring you more success due to better visibility, reduced snagging, better lure presentation for the fish, and in some cases, the water temperature may be higher in an area where the surface is not crowded – and that’s where fish are more active. Happy fishing!

Image courtesy of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife

CDFW extends partial recreational crab trap restrictions and delays commercial Dungeness crab fishery due to poor meat quality and whale entanglement risk.

of humpback whales and the potential for entanglement with lines and traps in this fishery. CDFW anticipates the following risk assessment will take place on or around Dec. 7. At this time, Bonham will re-evaluate the temporary recreational crab trap restrictions and commercial fishery

Catalina Connection From page 18

“ The Audubon C h r ist ma s Bi rd Count encourages locals to learn more about their surrounding environment and add to more than a century of community science,” said Boudevin. “By capturing data of birds moving south, the community can add to an incredibly important wildlife data set that helps assess the health of bird populations from a vital long-term perspective.” Data has been gathered for more than a century and has also been contributed to from across the Americas, according to Boudevin. The hard work for the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is primarily undertaken by volunteers and birding enthusiasts, making it a community science effort that benefits the larger scientific community. “Bird health, in particular, has been known to act as a gauge for biodiversity,” said Boudevin. “By community members tracking trends and population changes during the [CBC], scientists [can] use the data, in combination with other surveys, to see larger patterns that are indications of environmental health. This data informs strategies to protect not only birds and their habitats but also help identify larger issues that could affect all of us. The CBC data has been used in

delay. That risk assessment is expected to inform the potential for a commercial fishery opener and the recreational trap restriction modification. For more information on the risk assessment process, please visit CDFW’s Whale Safe Fisheries page. For more details on the Dungeness crab fishery, please visit www.wildlife. reports by the Environmental Protection Agency, the North American Bird Conservation Initiative of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and more. The data has helped create models indicating that more than 300 species will lose more than 50 percent of their current range within 60 years. The Trailhead is Catalina Island Conservancy’s flagship facility at 708 Crescent Avenue in Avalon. It is the place to begin any Catalina adventure, with knowledgeable Conservancy team members available to answer questions about the Island, activities, retail space, a restaurant, and a native plant garden. It is also a great meeting spot for events like the Christmas Bird Count. The National Audubon Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of birds and their habitats. It was founded in 1905 and named after John James Audubon, a renowned ornithologist, naturalist and painter known for his extensive studies and illustrations of North American birds. The mission of the National Audubon Society is to protect birds and the places they need today and tomorrow. For more information, please visit audubon-christmas-bird-count/.

THE LOG | December 8 - December 21, 2023 | 23



The 2023 fall fishing season for bluefin tuna and swordfish help up very well through Thanksgiving but anglers saw the bite for both of those species fall off during the post-Thanksgiving period ahead of December. Anything could happen as we continue to head toward 2024 but for the moment there is not much to report with regard to the offshore fishing for bluefin tuna and swordfish. The water temperatures fell into the low 60’s during the last week of November and this likely had a lot to do with the decline in the bluefin and swordfish bites. The last areas where bluefin were reported to be biting were at the Tanner Bank and the Butterfly Bank and once the bites went into decline with the cooling of the water most people thought it was not worth the long run offshore to try and relocate a better bite. Private boater Ray Millman of Go The Distance was aboard one of the last sportboat trips out to the Tanner Bank while on a 1.5 day trip aboard Pacifica out of Seaforth Sportfishing that fished on Thanksgiving weekend. Millman reported that they caught a mixed bag of bluefin, bonito and yellowtail at the Tanner Bank and that the fish count was 28 anglers on a 1.5-day trip catching 2 bonito, 2 yellowtail and 25 bluefin tuna. Millman reported that most of the bluefin were in the 8-to-20-pound range and that they had a big fish on the trip of about 25 pounds. He said it was mostly the type of fishing where you had to use light line, small hooks, and a lively sardine to get a bite from the touchy bluefin. Millman’s report was that a good way to go was using 20-to-25-pound test line, a size #2 or #4 hook and the liveliest sardine you could find in the bait tank. A couple of other trips went out to the Tanner Bank and the Butterfly Bank following Thanksgiving weekend and they found slow fishing. As far as I know, those were the last trips out looking for bluefin.

Deep drop fishing for swordfish has also been on the decline since Thanksgiving to where most recent trips have been finding the deep drop swordfish fishing to be slow. The last reports I have are from a couple of commercial deep drop swordfish fishing boats that were fishing the 9 Mile Bank and the 178 Spot outside of San Diego and had one swordfish bite between them during their day of fishing. Ken Morris of the Ken Dandy got in on the swordfish bite before the post-Thanksgiving decline and Ken reported about a trip that he and his brother Daniel took aboard Mark Backes’ boat December Girl. It was the day before Thanksgiving when they went out to the upper end of the 9 Mile Bank and the nearby 178 Spot to give the deep drop swordfish fishing a try. They patiently fished their deep drop rigs that were baited with large squid and at about 2:00 PM they got bit and hooked up. The swordfish jumped one time during the hookup and they eventually boated a 265 pound swordfish after an intense 2.5 hour battle. Backes was the angler for this spectacular catch and congratulations go out to Ken, Mark and Daniel for their 265-pound swordfish! Productive areas for the deep drop swordfish fishing during the fall season have been the 9 Mile Bank, 178 Spot, the 181 Spot, the 277 Spot, the Slide, Avalon, the oil rigs in the Catalina Channel and 3 to 8 miles off the stretch of coast between La Jolla and Newport Beach. Of all those areas the 9 Mile Bank, 178 Spot, La Jolla, Carlsbad and Newport Beach have been the best. There have not been any recent reports about the fishing at Los Coronado Islands with few if any boats out giving it a try. The last reports were of slow surface fishing and of good fishing for an assortment of bottom fish species that include reds, salmon grouper, whitefish and a chance at a bonus lingcod. The best place for a chance at a late season yellowtail has been around North Island. Trying places where you locate your cleanest and warmest water might also be helpful in trying to find some

Bob Vanian’s 976-BITE FISH REPORTS

www.976BITE.COM For Internet Reports Visit For Personal Reports Call (619) 226-8218

Images courtesy of Bob Vanian

By Bob Vanian of

The 265-pound swordfish caught the day ahead of Thanksgiving by angler Mark Backes. surface fishing activity. The bottom fishing around Los Coronado Islands has been very good for a mix of reds, rockfish and whitefish along with a chance at a bonus lingcod. The best areas for the mixed bag bottom fishing have been to the northwest, north and northeast of North Island in 25 to 60 fathoms. An important reminder to anglers fishing in United States waters is that the fishing for rockfish in Nearshore waters and the fishing for Nearshore Rockfish species no matter where they are caught is currently closed. Please refer to the Department of Fish and Wildlife website for all the details about the closed areas and the closed species at Anglers also need to know that the current closure regulations are in effect through December 31, 2023, when the usual seasonal rockfish closure will come into effect and be in effect from January 1, 2024 through March 31, 2024.

also been a chance of getting lucky and finding a biting yellowtail at La Jolla. Productive areas for calico bass, sand bass, sculpin, whitefish and sheephead have been the Imperial Beach Pipeline, the hard bottom to the northwest of Buoy #3 at Point Loma, the Green Tank, La Jolla, Solana Beach, Leucadia, South Carlsbad, the Barn, and San Onofre. Full story will be found online. Bob Vanian is the voice, writer, and researcher of the San Diego-based internet fish report service called 976-Bite which can be found at Vanian also provides anglers with a personal fish report service over the telephone at (619) 226-8218. He always welcomes your fish reports at that same phone number or at Solution from CROSSWORD, PAGE 18


The rest of the fishing along the San Diego County coast has been pretty good for a mix of calico bass, sand bass, sculpin, whitefish and sheephead and there has


















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The fishing for rockfish has been good in areas that are outside of the current closure zones at places such as the 9 Mile Bank, South Carlsbad, Box Canyon, and the 14 Mile Bank.


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0 $

Send U Best Shs Your ot by

Dec 14, 2023

Deadline: December 14, 2023 Prints or high-res digtal photos are preferred. email to: thelogeditor@

Kiss YourKatch Kiss YourKatch

You certify that the photograph you are submitting to FishRap’s “Kiss Your Katch” gallery promotion is original to you, and that FishRap’s use of the photograph will not violate any laws or rights of any other person or entity, including, without limitation, any copyright rights or rights of publicity or privacy. You agree to indemnify and hold FishRap harmless from any claims arising from use of the photograph.


66’ VIKING 2014 - Impeccable condition, 1,800hp Cat C-32 ACERTs, 4 double cabins, 5 heads, new Seakeeper, new tender & outboard, incredibly equipped. Bob Steel (949) 422-2633.

70’ VIKING SPORT CRUISER FLYBRIDGE MOTORYACHT 2009 - 2 Seakeepers, upgraded Garmin electronics in 2019, hydraulic swim platform 2018. Dan Wood (206) 719-1800.

60’ M2 POWER CAT 2007 - Twin MAN power, 2 staterooms, 2 heads, Kevlar construction, total refit of soft goods & paint, low hours. Dan Wood (206) 719-1800.




52’ ABSOLUTE FLY 2015 - Immaculate, 3 cabins + crew/guest, 42’ SABRE EXPRESS 2017 - Bristol condition, a rare find on Volvo IPS 600s w/ joysticks at both helms, 425 hours, hydraulic the west coast, very well equipped with twin Volvo IPS 500s, swim platform, very well equipped. Alan Baron (949) 933-2112. LLC owned. Steve Besozzi (949) 355-4644.

44’ RIVIERA 440 SPORT YACHT 2012 - Excellent condition, ready to go, all new interior bedding & soft goods, dive tank compressor, watermaker. Todd Sherman (714) 325-8181.


52’ TIARA SOVRAN SALON 2006 - Original owner, upgraded Cat diesel C15s 850 hp, only 465 hrs, watermaker, recent electronics upgrade, like-new interior. Todd Sherman (714) 325-8181.

48’ SWAN 2001 - World-renowned Swan quality, one of the finest builders ever, Frers design, 2 private cabins, 2 heads, carbon fiber rig, electric winches. Bob Steel (949) 422-2633.

100’ US NAVY TUG 1943 - Trades considered, converted to live-aboard, steel hull, sleeps 8 guests / 3 crew, 2 galleys, Enterprise main, 3 generators. Dan Wood (206) 719-1800.


42’ MARQUIS SPORT COUPE 2008 - Open concept, joystick 34’ JEANNEAU NC 1095 FLY 2021 - Excellent condition, large 55’ HACKER-CRAFT BRIDGE DECK 1926 - Family owned controls, sport yacht, 2 staterooms, low hours, fully serviced flybridge, modular cockpit, easy side access, very flat accelera- for 70 years, covered moorage and 2 major refits. This classic and ready for crusing. Dan Wood (206) 719-1800. tion and ride, great fuel efficiency. Dan Wood (206) 719-1800. is ready to go anywhere. Dan Wood (206) 719-1800. W NE TING LIS



53’ LYMAN MORSE CUSTOM CRUISING YACHT - Designed 48’ LANSA CUSTOM TRAWLER 1987 - Detroit 6V92TAs, & built for world cruising, 2 private cabins, 2 heads, sleeps up 1,100 total hp, well-maintained interior with teak & holly cabin to 8, 1,500 mile range under power. Bob Steel (949) 422-2633. soles & granite counters in galley. Vic Parcells (206) 229-3134.

For instant listing updates,



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(949) 574-7600

(206) 625-1580

29’ TIARA OPEN 2005 - Very rare model with hard top and a pair of 260 hp Volvo diesel D4s. Vic Parcells (206) 229-3134.

WWW.CROWSNESTYACHTS.COM Each Crow’s Nest Yachts office is independently owned and operated.




955 Harbor Island Dr., #160 2442 Westlake Ave. N 1801 Roeder Ave. #128

619.733.0559 206.323.2405 360.770.0180 •

Dealer of the Year '23 • ‘22 • ‘21 • ‘20 • ‘19 • ‘16

Year-End Clearance Sale • All 2023 Models • Call For Details Year-End Clearance Sale!

Year-End Clearance Sale!

2023 Jeanneau 349 #77845: $258,355 • SAVE $19,275

2023 Jeanneau 380 #77418 $359,835 • SAVE $40,760

2 Just Arrived!

Just Arrived!

Just Arrived!

2024 Jeanneau 410 #78650 - 3C/2H: $453,310 • SAVE $24,895 2024 Jeanneau 410 #78652 - 2C/1H: $461,885 • SAVE $24,805

2024 Jeanneau 440 #77848 548,532 • SAVE $40,733

2024 Jeanneau 490 #77391: $694,868 • SAVE $53,627

Arrives March!

Ready Dec. ’24

Ready May

2024 Jeanneau Yacht 60 #78210: $1,698,468 • SAVE $83,063

2024 Jeanneau Yacht 55: All New! • $1,369,380

2024 Jeanneau Yacht 65: All New! • $2,658,190

New Listing

1986 O’Day 35 • $42,500

2003 Viking Princess MV 65 • $809,000

New Listing


2007 Jeanneau 36i • $135,000

2023 Jeanneau 380 • $354,900

2018 Prestige 630 MY • $2,195,000 2015 Jeanneau 509 Roads • $489,500 Transferable Slip at Sun Marina

New Listing

Choose from 2!


2002 Ocean Alexander PH 64 • $949,000

2018 Prestige 630 MY • $2,195,000 1985 California MY 58 • $150,000 Transferable 2006 Navigator • $209,900 Slip at5100 Sun Roads Marina

Your West Coast Dealer for La Mare Houseboats!

Modern on-water f loating homes, offices, guest houses, vacation homes, “she” sheds or “man” caves! Ideal for water front properties & marine vessels - no permits required! Several models to choose from, custom interior layouts, custom f inishes, and more!

Ranging from 26' - 50'. Easily moored in a marina, equipped with twin OB engines and steering station, or as a barge.





Mark W. Mowery Owner/Broker


d ate d p yU l e Nic

Tran sfera ble S lip Viking 65 Conv. 2001 4 staterooms 4 heads, Bow thruster LLC owned Caterpillars

$1.19m $849k

st Mu

e Se

1988/2008 Bertram 54’

LLC, $2m spent on 2008 refit includes Cat C18s, everything was new in 2008, 1000lb davit, genset, electronics, Interior, wiring, plumbing, cabinetry, flybridge hardtop, audio, video, galley appliances & more!

$675k $595k

2001 Hatteras Convertible 50’

CAT 3506’s, 3 staterooms, LLC. Located in Dana Point. Slip may be available.

$449K $399k

1999 Sea Ray 540 Sundancer

LLC, thruster, Sat TV, hydraulic swim step, Trans NB slip.


w Ne

g! tin s i L 2006 Sunseeker Manhattan 50’

LLC, Volvo Diesels, Trans NB slip, freedom lift, 3 staterooms


w Ne

! ing t s Li

2000 Tiara Open 41’

Highly upgraded and maintained, Caterpillars, Inverter, Watermaker, UW lights, New Batts, $110k recent upgrades.


We have slips in Newport for our new brokerage clients, call us directly at 949-548-9999 |

NB d ock avai l


Love N Life

Lori Lynn


Pork Chop

Don Juan

Silver Oak




The Sea Is For Me

128’ (39.01m) :: Palmer Johnson :: 2000/2021 $3,200,000 :: ‘+1 949 933 8329

85’ (25.91m) :: Yachting Development :: 2002 $1,200,000 :: ‘+1 714 322 1667

65’ (19.81m) :: Halmatic :: 1970/2004 $499,000 :: +1 714 299 1286

95’ (28.96m) :: Princess :: 2011 $3,595,000 :: +1 949 933 8329

74’ (22.56m) :: Hampton :: 2007 $1,600,000 :: ‘+1 949 274 0813

63’ (19.2m) :: Baia :: 2004 $475,000 :: +1 310 343 0999

89’ (27.13m) :: Norldlund :: 1995/2020 $1,995,000 :: +1 352 442 6517

72’ (21.95m) :: Elliott :: 1983/1996 $1,250,000 :: +1 949 610 5812

63’ (19.2m) :: Riva :: 2016/2022 $2,295,000 :: +1 310 503 0844



54’ (16.46m) :: Cruisers Yachts :: 2005 $349,000 :: +1 619 228 1942 NEWPORT BEACH 2801 West Coast Highway, Suite 260 Newport Beach, CA 92663

41’ (12.5m) :: Concorde :: 2014 $569,000 :: +1 714 322 1667 SAN DIEGO 1551 Shelter Island Drive, Suite 105 San Diego, CA 92106

48’ (14.63m) :: Meridian :: 2006 $349000 :: ‘+1 858 740 1987






58ʹ SEA RAY 2007 | MARINA DEL REY, CA BILL PETERSEN • (310) 871-1977




55ʹ PRESTIGE 2015 | SAN PEDRO, CA BILL PALMER • (760) 809-6333







85ʹ MARES 1997 | SEATTLE, WA ARI SHERR • (772) 240-0888



58ʹ ABSOLUTE 2019 | SAN PEDRO, CA TOM HUGH-JONES • (310) 658-0700


V& A


46ʹ PRESTIGE 2019 | SEATTLE, WA ARI SHERR • (772) 240-0888

53ʹ DUFOUR 2023 | MARINA DEL REY, CA WILL PETRSEN • (310) 420-1502


41ʹ JEANNEAU 2023 | LONG BEACH, CA CHRIS ALVARADO • (909) 576-3900



116ʹ TRANSWORLD 2014 | SAN PEDRO, CA ALEKS TALDYKIN • (310) 569-3821 JOHN DWYER • (949) 933-0278




36ʹ PURSUIT 2019 | MARINA DEL REY, CA JOHN DWYER • (949) 933-0278

+1 949.791.4220



34ʹ CHRIST-CRAFT 2021 | SAUSALITO, CA NICK DEUYOUR • (415) 595-5373

San Diego, CA Newport Beach, CA Long Beach, CA Marina del Rey, CA San Francisco, CA Seattle, WA

619.822.2715 949.791.4220 562.594.9716 310.821.5883 510.981.2021 206.686.5400


THE LOG | December 8 - December 21, 2023 | 29


Avalon is only 30 minutes away! DB/43

The DB/43 OB promises moments of pure exhilaration. Full speed crossings, with a pause for sunbathing and a swim, stunning sunsets, shared smiles, a glass in hand... you don’t have to choose between enjoying intense sensations and simple pleasures. Jeanneau’s DB/43 will get you to Avalon in the style you deserve not to mention how comfortable you’ll be when you get there.

HUNTINGTON HARBOUR 16214 Pacific Coast Hwy. Huntington Beach, CA 92649

SAN DIEGO 2700 Shelter Island Dr. 619-880-8892


s lip y S le a l p ab Dis vail A


Q tin ual gs ity Wa nte


Ou rD oc ks

66’ BELIZE ’19. Stunning sedan sets the new 55’ PALM BEACH ’23. Rare opportunity to own standard for yachting. 3 Ensuite cabins. $2,895,000 virtually new Palm Beach! $3,595,000

Ou rD oc ks

45’ WALLY TENDER ’05. New decks! Stateroom with head. Dry & stable riding boat. NOW $334,000




42’ GRAND BANKS CLASSIC ’89. High quality and great sea keeping abilities. NOW $257,500

NEWPORT BEACH (949) 675-8092

37’ BACK COVE ’13. Clean! Thrusters, generator, SAT TV. Fresh bottom paint. 2 Staterooms. $585,000


23’ CASTOLDI JET TENDER. Versatile with seating for 14. Megayacht tender or Harbor cruiser. $98,500

SAN DIEGO (619) 222-0626

SEATTLE (206) 624-1908

30 | December 8 - December 21, 2023 | THE LOG


Santa Barbara • Channel Islands • MDR • LA Harbor • Long Beach • Newport Beach • Oceanside • San Diego



37’ CATALINA 375 2001

Electric winch, Northern Lights 6kw genset, 2 AC units, Raymarine touch screen electronics. Dee Ann::424-298-1123 $133,000

Impeccably maintained and ready to cruise. Only 408 hours on Yanmar 40hp engine. LLC Owned. Jack: 323-422-8966 $179,000

BOATING IS WHAT CONNECTS US. Our Services Unsurpassed Experience

Your Go-To California Yacht Brokerage

Marketing Expertise

41’ BENETEAU 411 2001

38’ CATALINA 380 2001

Incredibly clean and well maintained. Sleeps six plus two comfortable in three private cabins. Tom: 808-339-4116 $110,000

One single and one double berth. She’s perfect for island hopping and she’ ready to go! Andy: 310-508-8492 $98,500

Listing Distribution

The Seacoast Way

Local Knowledge

For over two decades, Seacoast Yachts has been supporting local boating communities. Seacoast continues to expand with multiple offices and a growing team of agents who will go above & beyond to help clients with their next venture.

Digital Tools

Contact Us 28’ CATALINA MKII 2005

35’ CATALINA 350 SLOOP 2003

Ready to take you and the family to the Catalina Islands. New engine.Transferrable slip w/approval. Andy: 310-508-8492 $39,500

Professionally maintained, hard dodger, full electronics, new batteries and more Angela: 562-716-4574 $119,000 WWW.SEACOASTYACHTS.COM

Trade Wind Inflatables 40+ Years of Customer Satisfaction!

Boats 8' – 28' • 10 Year Warranty • Orca CRM Fabric All Boats Powered By Honda Marine Engines

Exclusive Dealer Price Reduced

Seeking Quality Listings Keen Seller

Just Listed



Nautilus 15 DLX w/Honda BF75

Nautilus 14 DLX w/Honda BF60

120’ Crescent Cockpit Motoryacht 2001

Twin MTU 16v2000’s new 2011* Atlas system new 2022, 24’ Everglades CC * 18’ RIB* Must see! Fish and Cruise the World! Call Scott


Nautilus 12 DLX w/ Honda BF40

at BBY Showdock

35’ Cabo Express 2004

CAT 3126B, 420hp each* updated Garmin/ Simrad electronics* 100 Gal cockpit baittank* Great fishing boat- Great value! Call Joel Swan for boarding and information

Live Zoom, Personal Walkthrough Tours of our Boats CALL TO ARRANGE

Nautilus 10 VSX w/Honda BF20SRT

54’ Pershing 5X 2018 Express LLC Owned* Super Clean! Loaded! * IPS- Joystick

For optimum performance and safety, we recommend you read the Owner’s Manual before operating your Honda Marine product. Always wear a personal flotation device while boating.


39’ Tiara 3900 Sovran Express 2007

LLC Owned * Super clean * Updated Garmin elecs was freshwater for 14 years! IPS serviced!

Sales Management Construction Licensed & Bonded since 1982 Brokerage Slips at Intrepid Landing

2810 S. Croddy Way, Santa Ana, CA 92704

2811 Dickens St., Suite 130 San Diego, CA 92106

Scott Lampe

(619) 222-1124

THE LOG | December 8 - December 21, 2023 | 31


Free Digital Guide!

Pacific Coast


“30 Years in the Same Location”

200 Hunter Passage 420 $129,900

1988 Bertram 50 Sportfisher $279,000

2009 Tiara 3600 Open $235,000

2003 Hunter 466 $209,000

• Guest slips • Launch Ramps • Restaurants • Fuel Docks • And More!

(619) 295-9669

(619) 295-9669

2018 Ranger Tugs R-31 CB 1988 Catalina 400 $375,000 $150,000


(619) 295-9669

Years in the Same Location”

ExclusiveDealer Dealer Exclusive Dealer Exclusive

Exclusive Dealer

eanneau 2004 Hunter 466 4,900$150,000

1999 46' Ocean Alexander 460 36 Pacifica $210,000$105,000

2004 Hunter 466 $150,000

36 Pacifica $105,000

SeekingQuality Quality Listings Seeking Quality Listings Seeking Listings


Seeking Quality Listings

Pick a Cobia GO! and Select Cobia Brokerage Pick a Cobia GO! and

28’ Cobia 280CC 2023 LIVE

er-Rassy 36 Packet 94 35' Island ,900 $93,000

1985 1994 35' Island Packet 198740' 42'Passport Ocean Alexander Sedan $134,900 $90,000 $93,000

2016 Boston Whaler 315 Conquest $280,000


22’ Cobia 220CC 2023

ZOOM TOURS On Order for Winter delivery! IN Stock! Boat Today! Yamaha power- many options! LOA 21’7” JL audio stereo and speakers & CHAT! Call for full details and EarlyBird $aving$!' Beam 8’ 6” Windlass Draft 18” T-Top weight (approx with engine) IN Stock! 26 gallon livewellToday! On Order for Winter delivery! Boat OnINOrder for Winter delivery! Stock! Boat Today! IN3,640 Stock! Lbs Boat Today! Insulated fishbox 50 gallons Yamaha powermany options! 1987 42' Ocean AlexanderLOA Sedan LOA 21’7” JL audio Fuel capacity 89 Gallons Boarding ladder stereo and speakers Yamaha powermany options! 21’7” JLfull audio stereo speakers LOA 21’7” Deadrise 20 degrees JL audio stereoElectric and speakers Call for details andand EarlyBird $aving$!' head Windlass $90,000 8’ 6” Call for Beam 8’ 6”full details and EarlyBird $aving$!' Windlass Beam 8’ 6” YamahaBeam Windlass 200XCA hp Big Bay New Boat package Draftsteering 18” Draft 18” T-Top Best in her class with all theT-Top Draft 18”Hydraulic controls/ T-Top gallon livewell Haze gray(approx hull/ Mattewith black engine) features and quality 26 of Cobia weight (approx with engine) 26 gallon livewell weight (approx withweight engine) 26 gallon livewell powder coating boats! Perfect for fishing and 3,640accents Lbs Insulated fishbox 50 gallons 35' Cobia 350CC 2023 3,640 Lbs Insulated fishbox 50 gallons 3,640 LbsAmeratrail dual axel trailer Insulatedfamily fishbox 50 togallons fun! Call schedule Currently Flagship of the fleet! FuelGPSMAP capacity8610XSV 89 Gallonsyour appointment to Boarding ladder Fuel capacity 89 Gallons Boarding ladder Garmin preview Fuel capacity 89 Gallons Boarding ladder 35' to 20' Center Consoles- order today! Deadrise 20 degrees Electric head Airmar B60M transducer today! Deadrise 20 degrees Electric head

2014 Carver C34 Fly $259,000


ZOOM TOURS LIVE 30’ Cobia 296CC 2016 LIVE 22’ Cobia 28’ 2023 22’ CCCobia 2023280CC& 22’ Cobia 220CC 2023220CC 2023 CHAT!ZOOM TOURS 28’ Cobia Cobia 220 280CC 2023




26’ Cobia 261CC 2018

Deadrise 20 degrees Yamaha 200XCA hpElectric head Big Bay New Boat package Yamaha 200XCA hp Big Bay New Boat package Yamaha 200XCA hp controls/ Bigsteering Bay New BoatBest package Hydraulic in her class with all the Hydraulic controls/ steering Hydraulic controls/Haze steering Best in her class with all the gray hull/ Matte black features and quality of Cobia Financing Available! Haze gray hull/ Matte black Haze gray hull/ Mattepowder black coating features and quality of Cobia accents boats!fees.Perfect for fishing and The lawyers say we have to add the fine print, call for more details.....Subject to prior sale. Prices does not include sales tax or registration powder coating accents 35' Cobia 350CC 2023 powder coating accents Perfect for fishing and Call to schedule Ameratrail dualboats! axel trailer family fun! Ameratrail dual35' axel Cobia trailer 350CC 2023 Currently Flagship of the fleet! Management Ameratrail dual axel trailer fun! Call toyour schedule Sales Construction Garmin GPSMAPfamily 8610XSV appointment to preview Garmin GPSMAPCurrently 8610XSVFlagship of the fleet! Licensed & Bonded since 1982 Brokerage Slips at Intrepid Landing 35' to 20' Center Consoles- order today!Garmin GPSMAP 8610XSV appointment to previewtoday! Airmar B60M your transducer Airmar B60M transducer 35' to 20' Center Consoles- order today! Airmar B60M transducer today!

Good Times, Great Boats!

End of Year CLO$EOUT $ALE! $AVE $$$! 24’ Cobia 237CC 2016 Good Times, Great Boats! Scott Lampe Good Times, Great Boats!

1977 Pacifica 44 Convertible $375,000

2017 Grady-White 307 Freedom $245,000


Waterfront Offices in NEWPORT BEACH DANA POINT 2600 Newport Blvd #122

24450 Dana Point Harbor Drive #A1

(949) 673-2060 WCYACHTS.COM

Financing Available!

(619) 222-1124

FinancingAvailable! Available! Financing St., 130call for more details.....Subject to prior sale. Prices does not include sales tax or registration fees. The lawyers 2811 say weDickens have to add theSuite fine print, Thelawyers lawyerssay saywe wehave havetotoadd addthe thefine fine print, callfor for more details.....Subject Subjecttotoprior priorsale. sale.Prices Pricesdoes doesnot notinclude includesales salestax taxororregistration registrationfees. fees. The print, call more details..... San Diego, CA 92106

Sales Management Construction Sales & Bonded Management Construction Sales Management Construction Licensed since 1982 Brokerage Slips at Intrepid Landing Licensed && Bonded Bonded since since 1982 1982 Brokerage Brokerage Slips Slips at at Intrepid Intrepid Landing Landing Licensed

2811 Dickens St., Suite 130 2811Dickens DickensSt., St., Suite 130CA 92106 2811 Suite 130 San Diego, SanDiego, Diego,CA CA92106 92106 San

Scott Lampe Scott Lampe Lampe Scott (619) 222-1124

(619) 222-1124 222-1124 (619)

32 | December 8 - December 21, 2023 | THE LOG

Marine Directory


From A to Z, You’ll Find What You Need!

G E T R E S U LT S !

To place an ad, call the classified experts at:


AD DEADLINE: Every other Friday @ 5PM • Email: BOAT / YACHT ANODES



At we take yacht preservation to the next level. Protect your valuable investment with our top-quality yacht anodes. 844-367-9462 | SALES@YACHTZINCS.COM | WWW.YACHTZINCS.COM

AD SPACE AVAILABLE What’s the worst that can happen en

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View Marine Directory & Classified Ads Online at


SO ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS! Advertise. Call (800)887-1615

THE LOG | December 8 - December 21, 2023 | 33


TO PLACE AN AD, Call 800-887-1615, or email




HYDRAULIC HOSES • ALL TYPES & SIZES Stainless Steel & Brass Fittings are our specialty. USCG Approved hose and fittings for fuel, oil, & water makers. Silicone hoses, Stainless Steel T-Bolt clamps, Octiker Clamps. Marine Fire Services Available. Hoses for all your marine applications.

Give us a call or stop by for all your hose & fitting needs. 670 W. 17th Street, Unit G5, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 Phone: 949-645-2661

Visit us online @

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• Standing & Running Rigging • Swaging 2804 Canon St. San Diego, CA • Lifelines (619) 225-9411 • Hardware (800) 532-3831

151 Shipyard Way • Suite 1 • Newport Beach, CA 92663

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WITH WATER MAKERS Marine Directory Call 800-887-1615

34 | December 8 - December 21, 2023 | THE LOG



New and Used Boats, Engines, Gear and Services

G E T R E S U LT S ! $205

To place an ad, call the classified experts at: 800-887-1615 or visit our website: Email: AD DEADLINE: Monday, December 18th @ 5PM NEXT ISSUE: December 22nd



THREE MONTH photo ad. ONE MONTH photo ad. BOAT-4-SALE SPECIAL! Six months (13 issues). Includes 30 words, (6 issues). Incl. 30 words, photo & more! (2 issues). Includes 30 words + photo. $45 One month text only ad. photo & featured ad upgrade. (Boats for sale only) $105 Three month text only ad.


PRICE PICKUP! Run your ad in a 2nd category for HALF the normal price! Call for more info: 800-887-1615

Note: Additional words over 30 accepted at the rate of $0.75 per word.


9.6’ AB VENTUS RIB 2012:With 9.5 HP Tohatsu (2014). Super clean. Low hours. Recently serviced. With many extras. $3,500. Call 949-370-0959.


2006 SEA-DOO GTX (2): Supercharged. Asking $4,500 EACH. Floats included. Available for viewing at Newport Sea Base at 1931 W Coast Hwy. Go to, or call 949-402-8730.


12’ CARIBE 2006 HB INFLATABLE w/25HP Honda 4 stroke with electric tilt. Includes trailer, elect bilge pump, lifting sling, compass, inflating pump, 2 life jackets, 2 paddles. $8,895. 562-618-1241

MID-CENTURY GLASPAR: All new/restored to period, 2019/20 then garaged. New keel, stringers, interior decks, LP, upholstery, trailer. Yamaha 25, new rigging and accessories. $15,800. Call 714-325-2440.




18.50’ ALUMINUM GREGOR CENTER CONSOLE, 1998 50 hp. four stroke Mercury two years old apx. 200 hours, custom T-Top, six rocket launchers, custom bow cushion with canvas sun shade, Pacific steel galvanized trailer, new tires including spare, Humming Bird fish, speed, depth, and temp,new canvas covers, never in salt water $17,950 OBO.


22’ DUFFY BAY ISLAND 2019 W/SLIP NEWPORT HARBOR. HEATED. Excellent Condition, upgraded. Black exterior, canvas top. 120v 3000w INVERTER. Slip: $750mo. NEW BATTERIES. $59,000 incl/tax. OR BEST OFFER. Duff: 949-903-6794

28’ BAYLINER 2855 CIERA 2000

20’ SKIPJACK 1969 CUDDY CABIN w/1969 Arroyo trailer, I/O, 350 chevy, new batteries/water pump, double Bimini, captain seats, bait-tank, trim tabs. Trailer has full set of new tires. $4,300. 626-705-5112.

Well cared-for by the current owner, she’s ready for trips to the island or fun for local cruising. $19,000. Shoreline Yacht Group, Nick: 310-748-5409,

31’ SEA RAY SUNDANCER 310 1999: REDUCED! $42,500. Repowered in 2015 with NEW Marine Power 350 hp twin engines. Brand new Raymarine Radar with 9” screen. Brand new AIS. Upgraded full cockpit bimini and canvas cover. Includes 9’ Achilles tender with Nissan 5hp outboard engine. Contact Jack: 323-422-8966

THE LOG | December 8 - December 21, 2023 | 35


TO PLACE AN AD, Call 800-887-1615, or online at


2005 CHAPARRAL SIGNATURE 350: Both engines and electrical systems completely overhauled. New batteries, canvas and vinul. Bait-tank, davit, pole holders and many extras. Runs great. Newport Beacg marina. $103,500. 949-244-3316


1989 PACE/OCEAN CONVERTIBLE 40’ $99,000. Fresh 6V53T’s, New generator, 2 staterooms. Contact Mark Mowery, Allied Yacht Brokerage (949) 548-9999





is a remarkably comfortable boat, with two double staterooms, two heads and showers, and a third statroom/office. An aft cockpit leads directly into a large salon, with a full galley. A roomy pilot house and an open flubridge and sun deck finish the arrangement. The boat is on a mooring. Has peen a perfect, comfortable liveaboard and vacation getaway. $118,000. Call for further details/photos: 949-500-3440

THIS VESSEL HAS BEEN DONATED TO THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, SAN DIEGO IMPERIAL COUNCIL: NEFARIOUS is a 41.7’ KAOHSIUNG TAIWAN BUILT 1976 GRAND BAHAMA TRAWLER. THIS SLIP IS NOT TRANSFERABLE, BOAT MUST BE MOVED WITHIN 10 DAYS OF PURCHASE. We do have an alternate temporary slip that can be sublet, for up to 6 months in Chula Vista. Port motor Runs, Starboard motor needs a starter. being Sold As-Is. Boat needs batteries, TAKING OFFERS, ASKING $9,000/obo. 619-208-2830

Very spacious, light and bright. Sleeps 6. Aft sundeck with full wet bar, sink and icemaker, much more. $129,000. Shoreline Yacht Group, Dee-Ann: 424-298-1123,

Classic heavy fiberglass Sport Sedan modified V-hull. Spacious interior and ample cockpit space for fishing or diving. Cummins diesel. $49,000. Shoreline Yacht Group, Nick: 310-748-5409,

42’ OCEAN ALEXANDER SPORT SEDAN 1991 A beautiful yacht. Twin 275hp Cats, Westerbeke genset, teak throughout. Open salon with cook galley. 2014 inflatable w/20hp Yamaha. $169,500. Shoreline Yacht Group: 833-258-3722

38’ CHRIS CRAFT COMMANDER 1966: Fiberglass. Repowered (40hrs). Good for fishing/liveaboard. GPS, AIS, VHF, fish finder, chartplotter. New interior upholstery. Recent yard work completed. Sleeps five adults. **SOLD**

43’ MIKELSON SPORTFISHER 1998 New to the market! Low hours on rebuilt diesel engines. In excellent condition. New isinglass. $199,000. Shoreline Yacht Group, Nick: 310-748-5409,

38’ UNIFLITE: Twin diesel, fiberglass sportfisher PRICED AT $5,000 FOR QUICK SALE. Currently in Newport on mooring # A-272. Which is available for ADDITIONAL $50,000. Please text Mike @ 951-634-1131.

48’ SEA RAY SUNDANCER 480 2006

47’ LIEN HWA ACMY 1987


Enclosed Bridge, Offshore fishing/Diving. 950g fuel, well maintained, 200g water, 2 heads, 1 shower, 1 master stateroom queen bed, forward bunks sleeps 3. Down Galley, Air conditioning, twin 871 Detroit Deisels, 1 20kw Northern Lights generator, 1 10kw New Koler generator, 4 steering stations, Furuno 48-mile Radar, Watermaker, 12’ Caribe skiff 25hp Johnson, Marlin fighting chair. $228,000. 310-490-2364

In immaculate condition. Twin Cummins QSC 8.3 540hp engines. Recent 1,000 hour service done, and much more! $420,000. Shoreline Yacht Group, Larry: 760-914-0091,

36 | December 8 - December 21, 2023 | THE LOG


Log Classifieds POWERBOATS

TO PLACE AN AD, Call 800-887-1615, or online at




BOATS WANTED Let us sell your boat! We have the expertise to get the results you desire. From attracting buyers through the sale and closing, we have you covered. Call 310-748-5409

49’ BENETEAU GRAND TURISMO 2017 In truly immaculate condition with significant upgrades and improvements throughout. 3 staterooms. 330 hours. Professionally maintained. LLC owned. $749,000. Shoreline Yacht Group, Ben: 310-293-7497

HARD TO FIND WEST COAST MARQUIS 59: With Twin Rolls-Royce 825 hp MTUs! Super clean, meticulously maintained & loaded with over $100,000 in upgrades/extras. LLC held!! $669,500., 619-750-2630.

CAPRI 13: Excellent condition. New trailer and launch dolly. Can’t use social media devices while sailing, perfect for young adults needing to get outside and on the water. $3,900. 619-467-7479


67’ MIKELSON 1994

50’ CRUISERS YACHT, 2000 Professionally maintained. Hauled out in February with a full survey, bottom paint, new 16.5kw generator, new underwater lights. New electronics on both helms. Too much to list. Asking $275,000. 714-296-8531

Twin Detroit 8V92 eight cylinder twin turbo diesels. This boat is almost ready! Just got out of the yard. Tons of work has just been done. Unfortunately aging owners and health issues have made this a project for someone looking for a great boat for a great price. $219,000. 602-684-2288,

48’ 1949/2024 Chris Craft. $200,000. To be restored as-new. Includes income as an LLC Charter Company. Instagram page: starshine • 619-871-3615


16’ JOEL WHITE HAVEN 12 1/2: Gaff-rigged sloop, strip planked Atlantic white cedar on stream bent oak frames, bronze fastened. $12,000/obo. Contact, 619-694-7696

MARINA OWNED BOATS Sailboats for sale ranging from 22ft to 30ft, located in Los Angeles Harbor in Leeward Bay Marina: 310-830-5621 & Pacific Yacht Landing: 310-830-0260

Visit us at

46’ LAGOON 450-F 2016

52’ CRUISERS 520 EXPRESS 2007 Beautiful and well maintained yacht is in a successful 6-pack charter business. Boat and business are being offered. $274,000. Shoreline Yacht Group, Don: 949-274-6595


In excellent condition. LLC owned. Generator, A/C, watermaker. Flybridge model. $649,000. Shoreline Yacht Group, Rex: 925-900-8528

Jack Sarin design, 24’9 beam, 6’ draft, twin 1450hp diesels, twin 50Kw Northern Lights, 5 staterooms, 6300 gallon fuel, 900 gal water, 400 gal holding, naiad stabilizers. $5m. Jeremy Anderson: 949-943-9994,

25’ BENETEAU 25 FARR DESIGN 1998 A winner with extensive GREAT sail inventory. “Radical Departure” has been DRY sailed and is in exceptional condition. Trailer, motor included. $16.500 Dennis: 949-500-6453

50’ TRI Well suited for Liveaboard, Channel Islands Charter or world-class “comfort cruising”. Fully equipped, professionally maintained, comfortable cruise accommodation for 12. 30+ year owner. Delivery Ready! $219,000/obo. 808-630-6084,

35’ TARTAN THOMAS 1990 A state-of-the-art design with high performance capabilities wrapped around a practical, comfortable interior. A yacht any serious sailor will appreciate. $37,400. Shoreline Yacht Group, Steven: 310-720-6999

WHEN YOU CALL our advertisers, we’d appreciate it if you told them “you saw it in The Log”!

THE LOG | December 8 - December 21, 2023 | 37


TO PLACE AN AD, Call 800-887-1615, or online at




Los Angels Harbor n (310)834-7113

25’-30’ SLIPS




PIER 32 MARINA, SAN DIEGO BAY: Call for slip availability 619-477-3232 or email

L.A. HARBOR 25’ slips @ $11.00/ft. 26’-32’ slips @ $12.00/ft. 33’-45’ slips @ $13.00/ft., End-Ties @ $14.00/ft.


30’ - 40’ SLIPS

Pacific Yacht Landing: 310-830-0260



45’ NEWPORT BEACH MOORING in the BYC mooring field. Prime location close to harbor entrance. Looking to trade for a mooring in F or G field. 949-279-5048.

Slips & Moorings Buoys from 25’ to 55’, at $10.00/ft. Closest Run to Catalina. Beverages & Snacks Sold in Office. 310-832-0526 or

AVALON MOORINGS FOR SALE 30 ft. to 130 ft. Inside/Outside

310-544-4667 310-795-2311 n

BAYSIDE VILLAGE MARINA Prime back bay location in Newport Beach. Slips and storage. Call for availability. 949-673-1331

BRAND NEW MARINA: Slips 25’-75’. Private, quiet harbor, close to the beach, shopping, restaurants, parking, & more. Call 714-840-5545 or email

BUY A BOAT? NEED A SLIP? Yacht Haven Marina

310 834-6892 •

REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL: Detailoriented and meticulous, Contact Aayeesha Essue to begin your journey buying, selling, or investing. Transform your dreams into concrete achievements. 424-371-7312 | | Lic #2129008

25’ slips @ $11.00/ft. 26’-32’ slips @ $12.00/ft. 33’-45’ slips @ $13.00/ft., End-Ties @ $14.00/ft.

Coronado n (619)435-5203


POINT LOMA MARINA - SAN DIEGO: Call for slip availability. Call 619-718-6260 or email

Leeward Bay: 310-830-5621

Redondo Beach n (310)376-0431 San Pedro n (310)732-2252


Two end ties are available with our program! Get an unobtanium slip now, no wait list! Be 5 minutes to open water in the best, most desirable harbor of them all! Call us for options! 949-493-9493

LIGHTHOUSE YACHT MARINA: 1ST & 2ND MONTH 1/2 OFF (With This Ad), 34’ END-TIE FOR CAT OR TRI + 25’ TO 50’ SLIPS. L.A. HARBOR. Water/electricity/dock box included. Showers, laundry, pario area. Gated, clean & quiet, lockers. Close port to... Catalina. Berth 205-B, 1300 Anchorage Rd, Wilmington. Call Barbara: 310-834-9595. Email

MARINA CORTEZ - SAN DIEGO: Stunning location, improved amenities. 10’ - 120’ slips, end ties, and side ties. 30’ Slips available NOW. Call 619-291-5985.

KOZWEL BOATWORKS IS HIRING!! We have the following positions open: • Marine technicians • Engine builder • Parts Dept. Manager / Sales • Warehouse help • General Shop help / apprentice Contact: 714-432-1771

SHORE MOORING FOR UP TO 18’ BOAT on 10th St. Beach. Best location on peninsula. $40,000. 310-560-0351.

SHORE MOORING at Newport Island. Up to 18’. $5,000. 714-296-5132

Advertise your mooring with The Log! Call Jon at 1-800-887-1615 or email


NEWPORT BEACH SLIPS AVAILABLE Main Channel, Balboa Island near the ocean. Duffys, Sailboats, or Powerboats up to 68 feet. Call 949-688-0299 for size availability and any questions.

BOAT CAPTAIN & DISPATCHER NEEDED: San Pedro. US Water Taxi. We are looking for a Boat Captain. Must have 100-Ton Master (required). For more information call 310-5198230 or email

SAN DIEGO MOORING COMPANY: Visit our website for information & application or call 619-291-0916.

LONG BEACH SLIPS & END-TIES 25’-50’: NO LIVEABOARDS. Harbor Light Landing Marina, views of downtown and Queen Mary. Call 619807-7245. Email:

LOW PRICE SLIPS - LA HARBOR $9.00/ft - Sailboats $12/ft - Multihulls Detached dock - No utilities Leeward Bay: (310) 830-5621



MEXICAN CASITA WITH 4 ACRES Mexican stone “casita” & 3 out buildings on nearly 4 acres with 300’ beachfront in Baja. New certified survey available. 24/7 Guard. Corporation owned and approved for marine businesses, etc. See video, Fiesta del Mar: $300,000 • Bahia de Los Angeles, Baja MX •

38 | December 8 - December 21, 2023 | THE LOG



TO PLACE AN AD, Call 800-887-1615, or online at



100-TON MASTER with over (15) years’ experience is available to help with yacht maintenance, yacht management, charters, private excursions, delivery, instruction or whatever need you might have. Primarily NB. 714-574-4065

DELIVERIES, INSTRUCTION, and all other professional Captain services. Sail, power., 619-275-3839, San Diego Skippers Association


USCG CERTIFIED CAPTAINS BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY 20% OWNERSHIP 48’ 1949/2024 Chris Craft. $200,000. To be restored as-new. Includes income as an LLC Charter Company. Instagram page: starshine • 619-871-3615

BOATING COURSES/SCHOOLS BECOME A MASTER MARINE SURVEYOR Best in business. NAVTECH/US Surveyors. Marine surveyor courses. 1-800-245-4425, Commercial & recreational available.

CLUB MEMBERSHIPS AMERICA’S BOATING CLUB: Many boating education courses. San Diego, Oceanside & Newport Beach. Raft-Ups, Sail races, On-Water Training, BBQs & fun. Not For Ptofit. New Members Welcome. Website:, Email:

USCG LICENSED CAPTAIN 3M CUSTOM INTERIORS & CANVAS Marine interior design, fabrication. Enclosures, affordable custom mattresses, window replacement, exterior and interior cushions, carpet and canvas. 25 years experience. Serving San Diego to LA. 858-329-1140, 617-791-0910,,

available for deliveries & charters of sail or motoryachts. English / Spanish fluent. Mechanically handy. CPR / First Aid certificates. Call Capt. Dustin Conlon 858-988-9023 or email

CORONADO YACHT MANAGEMENT:San Diego’s Yacht Care Specialists - Custom Yacht Management Packages, Cleaning / Detailing, Captain Services, Charter Coordination, Yacht Delivery, Boat Handling & Sailing Lessons, Vessel Improvements. 858-630-6630, You can place your Log classified ad by calling 800-887-1615, emailing, or directly online at


CONVAIR SAILING CLUB: 21 ft. Victory & 23 ft Ensign sailboat fleets. Not for profit annual membership club. Regattas and socials, sail any time. New members welcome, training provided.


EQUIPMENT, PARTS & GEAR I BUY USED MARINE ELECTRONICS: Text photos or call 619-962-6969. Email MAINSAIL for 41’ sloop, 5 years, need work. VIKING survival raft, 4 man. 100a Balmar alternator/regulator, 200hrs. (3) Water Jerrycans, 16”x48” flexible silar panel, Caframo 6” 12v fan, 1g Prestone Dex Cool, Dinghy wheels (plastic), Simpson/Lowrance manual anchor windlass.


USCG Licensed Capt. Michael Elias Email: Call 562-896-3797

Delivery, Lessons, Private Captain. Sail/Power. Over 196,000 documented Intl blue water miles. Well respected in the marine industry. Many dozens of references. Jeffry Matzdorff: 323-855-0191,

Mobile service - Repair - Parts - 25 Years Experience - All makes outboards & small jet boats - Yamaha & Jet Boat Certified. Call 858-888-6785 or email DISSTECHMARINE@GMAIL.COM.

SAILBOAT GEAR YACHT CHARTERS • MANAGEMENT • Deliveries • Instruction • Excursions • Sunset Sails • Fishing. Call Captain Don Grigg: 980-722-1674 or email:

2000 GOOD USED SAILS! Listed at More info? Email Open Thurs-Fri-Sat. 9 to 5 & By Appt.


Deliveries, Charters, Instruction. From Alaska to Panama. Multiple deliveries Hawaii to California, Atlantic crossing, Caribbean, Mediterranean. Captain Nikolay Alexandrov 858-531-1175 Captain Assen Alexandrov 858-531-4788


WANTED TO BUY: Powerboats 1986 and newer, running or not, up to 34’ in length. We will help with removal from your slip. Call Al for more info: 800-613-5410.



CAPTAIN DAVE’S YACHT SERVICES: Deliveries, private instruction aboard your boat, rules of road, navigation, electronics. Yacht management and maintenence. 30+ years experience West Coast, Panama, Oregon, Washington, canada, Alaska, San Juan Islands. 619-997-2378

CUSTOM FABRICATED WINDOW TREATMENTS for any shape window. Blinds, Roman shades, Roller shades, Cellular shades. 310-308-1844, 888-771-5309,,





Beautiful condition and expertly maintained with many upgrades. Volvo diesels with 621 hours. Steven: 310-720-6999 $330,000

Mercuiser 7.4 engines installed 7/21 with less than 100 hours. In beautiful condition. Many upgrades. Steven: 310-720-6999 $119,000


32’ CARVER 320 VOYAGER 1996

Well cared for. Completely renovated and restored in 2020. Interior presents like a brand new boat. Troy: 424-537-6280 $99,450

Transferrable MDR slip, Only 700 hours on Crusader 350’s. Very spacious layout. Dee Ann: 424-298-1123 $34,000



Luxurious and stylish. Recent interior upgrades including new couches, TV, refinished counter, etc. Troy: 424-537-6280 $139,999

Contact Shoreline Yacht Group to find out how we can market your Carver to sell ... fast! Call Steven: 310-720-6999 today!

FOR ALL YOUR MARINE POWER NEEDS PROUDLY SERVING GREATER SAN DIEGO, HAWAI’I, AND GUAM The team at Hawthorne Marine Power has a unique understanding of the wants and needs of vessel owners and the engineering crews who run them. From marine engines to generator sets, power solutions and genuine Cat® parts, Hawthorne Marine Power provides a one-stop solution to keep you up and running. Plus, we’re backed by the global network of 500 Cat dealers, so anywhere the sea takes you, we have you covered.

ASK US ABOUT • Advanced marine diagnostics • Advanced mechanical repairs • Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) Options • Mobile service • Marine engine rebuilds and repairs • Performance analysis reviews • And much more!



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