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The 2024 Newport Beach International Boat Show kicks off April 18, with an invitation-only pre-show followed by three days of exhibits open to the public, Friday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. P. 18


Most of us know Newport Beach as Southern California’s epicenter for surfing, sailing and sunbathing. However, this proud city also boasts another big feather in its cap: great restaurants, from short order shops to upscale, fine dining establishments. P. 10


Nestled along the scenic coastline of Southern California, Newport Harbor stands as a beacon of maritime heritage and modern-day recreation. Its storied past, dating back to the early 20th century, is intertwined with the development of Newport Beach into a premier destination for boaters, sailors and waterfront lovers alike. P. 14

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® Releasing sewage into waterways while boating or fishing spreads disease, harms aquatic life and, bo om line, it is just plain gross. Learn more about how sewage a ects the environment and download the free Pumpout Nav app today.

Find floating restrooms, pumpout and dump stations


Digging Up 10 Fun Facts About Newport Beach – a Coastal Gem

NEWPORT BEACH — Nestled along the stunning coastline of Southern California, Newport Beach captivates visitors with its pristine beaches, vibrant culture and rich history. While renowned for its picturesque harbor and luxurious waterfront properties, there are a treasure trove of fascinating facts and lesser-known tidbits about Newport Beach that add to its allure. Let’s delve into some fun facts about this coastal gem:

1. Hollywood Connections:

Newport Beach has served as the backdrop for numerous lm and television productions over the years. From classic movies like “Beaches” to popular TV shows like “The O.C.,” the city’s scenic beauty and iconic landmarks have graced screens both big and small, earning it a place in Hollywood history.

2. Balboa Island’s Ferry:

One of Newport Beach’s most beloved attractions is the Balboa Island Ferry, which has been transporting passengers between Balboa Island and the Balboa Peninsula since 1919. The quaint ferry ride o ers stunning views of the harbor and is a throwback to a bygone era of coastal charm.

3. Surf City USA:

While neighboring Huntington Beach is often referred to as “Surf City USA,” Newport Beach boasts its fair share of legendary surf spots, including the world-famous Wedge. This powerful shore break attracts thrill-seeking surfers from around the globe, making Newport Beach a mecca for wave riders of all skill levels.

4. Fashion Island’s Floating Christmas Tree:

Every holiday season, Fashion Island, Newport Beach’s premier shopping destination, unveils its iconic oating Christmas tree. Towering over the waters of Newport Harbor, viewing this dazzling spectacle has become a beloved tradition,

drawing crowds of spectators to marvel at its sparkling lights and festive décor.

5. Annual Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade:

Speaking of holiday traditions, Newport Beach hosts one of the nation’s oldest and most celebrated boat parades each December. The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade features elaborately decorated vessels cruising through the harbor, adorned with twinkling lights and festive decorations, delighting spectators lining the shores.

6. Crystal Cove State Park’s Historic District:

Nestled between Newport Beach and Laguna Beach lies Crystal Cove State Park, home to a beautifully preserved historic district. This coastal enclave boasts vintage beach cottages dating back to the 1920s and ‘30s, o ering visitors a glimpse into California’s beachside lifestyle of yesteryear.

7. The Wedge’s Unique Wave Phenomenon:

8. Rich Maritime History: Newport Beach’s roots as a maritime community run deep, with a history steeped in sailing, shing and recreational boating. The Balboa Island Museum, now part of the ExplorOcean complex,

The Wedge, located at the eastern tip of the Balboa Peninsula, is renowned for its massive waves, owing to a unique phenomenon. When swells from the south and west collide with the jetty, they create towering waves that challenge even the most experienced surfers and bodyboarders, earning the Wedge its reputation as a surfers’ paradise.

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Image courtesy of the Balboa Island Museum
Annual “Spring Clean” SWAP MEET Free Entrance Free Space Free Coffee & Donuts Clear out your Lazarette's & Hunt for New Treasure! 2040 Harbor Island Drive San Diego, CA 92101
Balboa Island Museum Newport Beach preserves and promotes local history and culture, o ering free admission for all.
The Balboa Island Ferry landing is located adjacent to 410 South Bay Front, Newport Beach. Shutterstock image; Log Archive Image.


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Celebrating Earth Day: Honoring Environmental Stewardship in Boating, Sailing and Fishing

As the world gears up to celebrate Earth Day on April 22, communities, organizations and individuals across the globe are reminded of the importance of environmental stewardship and sustainability. Earth Day, which originated in the United States in 1970, has since grown into a worldwide movement dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues and promoting actions to protect our planet. California boasts one of the nation’s most bustling recreational boating scenes, thanks to its extensive 1,200-mile coastline, numerous navigable rivers, lakes, and the expansive

Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. These abundant waterways allow the state’s boating enthusiasts to enjoy their leisure time on the water.

Earth Day came to be through the e orts of Sen. Gaylord Nelson, who, inspired by the anti-war protests of the 1960s, envisioned a grassroots demonstration to raise public awareness about environmental concerns. The rst Earth Day on April 22, 1970, saw millions of Americans coming together to rally for environmental protection, leading to the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the passage of landmark environmental legislation such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act

On the Waterline with Jaiar

and Endangered Species Act.

Today, Earth Day serves as a reminder of the ongoing need to address environmental challenges, including those faced by the boating, sailing and shing industries. With millions worldwide enjoying recreational activities on waterways, it’s crucial to recognize the impact of these activities on the marine environment and take steps to minimize negative e ects.

In recent years, the boating industry has increasingly embraced sustainable practices to reduce its environmental footprint. From adopting cleaner propulsion technologies to implementing eco-friendly manufacturing processes, boat manufacturers and marinas are working towards greener solutions. Additionally, initiatives such as boat recycling programs and e orts to reduce marine debris help protect our oceans and waterways for future generations.

Newport Beach

From page 3

Sailing enthusiasts also play a vital role in promoting environmental conservation. Sailors are often at the forefront of advocating for clean oceans and sustainable practices, with many participating in regattas and events dedicated to ocean health and marine conservation. By embracing practices such as responsible anchoring and minimizing waste, sailors contribute to the preservation of marine ecosystems.

Similarly, anglers and shing communities recognize the importance of maintaining healthy aquatic habitats. Sustainable shing practices, such as catch-and-release programs, habitat restoration projects and adherence to shing regulations, are essential for ensuring the

pays homage to the city’s seafaring heritage, showcasing artifacts, exhibits and interactive displays that bring Newport Beach’s maritime past to life.

9. Newport Beach Film Festival:

Each spring, Newport Beach plays host to the Newport Beach Film Festival, one of the largest and most prestigious lm festivals on the West Coast. Showcasing a diverse selection of independent and international lms, as well as star-studded premieres and red-carpet events, the festival draws lmmakers, industry professionals and cinema enthusiasts from around the world.

long-term viability of sh populations and preserving biodiversity in our oceans, lakes and rivers.

As we celebrate Earth Day this year, let us re ect on the interconnectedness of our actions with the health of our planet’s ecosystems. Whether it’s enjoying a day on the water, sailing the seas or casting a line, let’s strive to be stewards of the environment, working together to protect and preserve the natural world for future generations.

10. Environmental Conservation:

Newport Beach is committed to preserving its natural beauty and protecting its coastal ecosystems. From beach clean-up initiatives and dune restoration projects to e orts to reduce plastic pollution and promote sustainable practices, the city actively engages in environmental conservation e orts to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy Newport Beach’s pristine shores. From its Hollywood connections to its legendary surf spots and cherished holiday traditions, Newport Beach is a coastal playground brimming with charm, history, and endless opportunities for exploration. Whether you’re strolling along the boardwalk, catching waves at the Wedge, or admiring the twinkling lights of the Christmas boat parade, Newport Beach o ers something special for everyone to enjoy.

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Explore Nautical Finds at the Spring 2024 Marine Swap Meet

DANA POINT— Prepare for a day of maritime exploration at the Spring 2024 Marine Swap Meet, hosted by The Marina at Dana Point. Scheduled from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 20, this event promises to o er a treasure trove of marine and nautical items, catering to buyers and sellers alike. Held at the West Basin Cove Parking Lot, 24500 Dana Point Harbor Drive, attendees can browse a wide array of o erings, ranging from boats and watercraft to marine supplies, shing gear and surfing-related items.

The Marine Swap Meet presents a unique opportunity for individuals to buy, sell or trade marine-related goods. Whether you’re in search of boatbuilding tools, scuba equipment or marine art, there’s something for everyone.

In addition to o ering an extensive selection of marine merchandise, the Swap Meet provides a platform for individuals to upcycle and repurpose pre-loved items, contributing to sustainable practices within the Dana Point community and harbor. By giving new life to marine equipment and accessories, participants can reduce waste and environmental impact while nding incredible deals for their next ocean adventure.

Vendor spaces are available for those interested in showcasing marine-related products or services. For inquiries about vendor space, please contact 949-4966137 to reserve your spot.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor, avid sherman or simply passionate about all things nautical, this event promises a day of excitement and discovery by the sea.

POSTPONED: A Day at the Park: A Port Experiences Series

The Port of San Diego postponed the rst “A Day at the Park: A Port Experiences Series, “ originally scheduled for Saturday, March 30, at Pepper Park in National City due to stormy weather forecasts.

The event has been rescheduled for May 18. The port will announce additional details in the coming weeks.

For more information or to keep up with additional details, please visit https:// www.portofsandiego.org/.


Invasive Species Art Contest:

Calling All Young Artists to Combat Environmental Threats

Invasive species pose a signi cant threat to ecosystems, economies and human health, but young artists have the power to raise awareness and inspire action. The “Species Reporters Wanted – What’s the Scoop on Invasives” art contest, open to students in grades 2-12, o ers a creative platform to delve into the facts and shed light on the impact of invasive species.

These unwelcome invaders, whether plants, animals or microorganisms, disrupt native environments by establishing themselves, rapidly reproducing and spreading unchecked. To participate in the contest, students are encouraged to choose an invasive species and illustrate at least one aspect of its existence: where it resides, its environmental impact, a ected stakeholders, reasons for eradication or methods to prevent its spread.

Artistic expression knows no bounds in this contest, with a variety of mediums including drawing, painting, collage and comic strips welcomed. Not only does this initiative foster creativity, but it also aligns with California curriculum standards in science, English language arts and visual art, o ering an educational opportunity for young participants.

Submissions are due by May 3, providing plenty of time for students to channel their creativity and deliver compelling visual narratives. Winners will be announced during California Invasive Species Action Week, June 1-9, with winning artwork showcased on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s social media platforms.

To enter the contest or for more information on submission guidelines, interested participants can visit wildlife.ca.gov/ conservation/invasives/action-week/poster-contest or email invasives@wildlife. ca.gov.

Explore the Nimbus Fish Hatchery on a FamilyFriendly Guided Tour

GOLD RIVER— Discover the wonders of the Nimbus Fish Hatchery and the adjacent American River with a free guided tour hosted by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). Held every second Saturday of the month at 11 a.m., this engaging excursion o ers families an educational and immersive experience.

Located at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery Visitor Center, 2001 Nimbus Road, Gold River, the tour provides participants with insights into the fascinating life cycle of salmon and steelhead. Led by knowledgeable guides, visitors will have the opportunity to stroll along the scenic banks of the American River while delving into discussions about hatchery operations and the importance of conservation.

During the tour, attendees may encounter a variety of wildlife, including migratory birds, signs of mammal activity and intriguing insects that call the surrounding ecosystem home. Please note that tours are subject to cancellation in the event of heavy rain and are limited to a maximum group size of 25 people, available on a rst-come, rst-served basis.

Designed to be inclusive to all ages and abilities, the guided tour is ADA-accessible, ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy the experience. For those interested in joining the tour or seeking additional information, please contact (916) 358-2884 or email molly.shea@ wildlife.ca.gov.

Essex Marina City Club

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WORLD NEWS news briefs
NewportBeach HarborDepartment 949-270-8159 VHF19A newportharbor.org Short-TermGuest Slips,ShortandLongTermMoorings,& Anchorage PublicDocks PumpOutLocations OtherGeneralHarbor Questions OurHarborAmbassadors arereadytoserve.Ask usabout.... LOCATEDAT A premier location in front of the Ritz Carlton and Marina City Club. Call or email us today for information! 310.823.3032 marinacitymarina@essex.com www.marinaatmarinacityclub.com • Along the iconic Marina City Club tower condominiums and the Ritz Carlton, our renovated concrete docks are walking distance to dozens of restaurants. • Slip fees include power, water, electronic key access, a large storage dockbox, and access to renovated restrooms with showers. Features include free covered parking for boaters & guests, dock carts, laundry facilities, and a restaurant on site. Storage units for rent. Become a member of Marina City Club for pools, tness center, saunas, spa pools, tennis, squash, & pickleball courts, and more.
By Log Staff
Short term guest slips upon availability.

ADVICE ask a maritime attorney

How do I handle the warranty on my new boat?

QUESTION : I am in the process of buying a new boat. This is my rst boat and I am concerned about the warranty. What is generally covered, and how long is a typical warranty? What are the legal requirements? How are warranty claims handled?

David Weil is the managing attorney at Weil & Associates (www. weilmaritime.com) in Seal Beach. He is certi ed as a Specialist in Admiralty and Maritime Law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization and a “Proctor in Admiralty” Member of the Maritime Law Association of the United States, an adjunct professor of Admiralty Law, and former legal counsel to the California Yacht Brokers Association. If you have a maritime law question for Weil, he can be contacted at 562-799-5508, through his website at www. weilmaritime.com, or via email at dweil@weilmaritime.com.

The Log’s taken you all over California ... Now it’s your turn to show us where you’ve taken The Log Email your photo, contact information and details about your trip to thelogeditor@ maritimepublishing.com

ANSWER: Boat warranties vary considerably between manufacturers and whether you are buying a new boat or a used boat it’s a good idea to spend some time reading the ne print.

Unlike a car warranty, the warranty for your boat will generally cover only the components that the manufacturer was directly responsible for building and installing. In many cases this will be limited to the structural integrity of the hull and deck and certain parts that are actually manufactured by the boat builder. Important equipment such as engines and generators are likely to be covered separate-

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Preparing for Hurricane Safety in or out of Mexican Waters

This topic may seem a little bit early, but NOAA says that the early part of summer 2024 in the Eastern Pacific (April, May, early June) is still being affected by a lingering El Nino – the more dangerous warm phase that feeds tropical storms in Mexican coastal and offshore waters and the Sea of Cortez. In February, the sea surface temperatures there were 2.9°F above normal.

So, for recreational boaters who are still in Mexican waters at this time, it’s not too early to think about hurricane preparations. “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining,” said President J.F.K.


Migrating out of Mexican waters before hurricanes arrive usually means facing the 720-n.m. northbound route outside of the Baja California Peninsula.

Every year and month present different wind and sea conditions, but look at the Coast Pilot, and you’ll see that northbound boats generally must “bash” into t he prevailing northwesterly winds and southbound current. Capt. Jim Elfers’ humorously instructive book “The Baja Bash” details how to safely bash north up Baja with the least amount of pain and suffering.

Personally, I’ve done the Baja Bash with my husband a couple dozen times while delivering yachts. Some trips are unpleasant and slow, but those blessedly “glassed off” conditions are possible too. The Baja Bash requires close attention to weather forecasts in order to pick the least bad weather windows. (We’ll discuss the Baja Bash in more detail in the next issue.)

Alternately, some boaters opt to have their vessels moved north (or south) of hurricane alley. Smaller yachts can be trucked to almost anywhere in the U.S. by either Cabrales Boat Yard in Puerto Penasco, Sonora, or by Marina Seca at Marina San Carlos, Sonora. They all use special hydraulic trailers that conform to the hull shape. Ask about your boat’s height, length and hull shape.

Larger yachts can either get craned aboard a SevenStar Yacht Transport ship, or float on and off a DYT Yacht Transport ship. Check their schedules, itineraries and prices. Popular pick up and pick up and drop off ports on the Pacific are La Paz, Ensenada, Victoria, and Golfito, Costa Rica and Panama.

Migrating south of hurricane alley is another reasonable option for many longrange cruising yachts and big sportfishing boats. They summer over at comfy s tops along the 1,100-n.m. coast from Guatemala to the Panama Canal.

Cruisers’ summer hangouts in El Salvador are Bahia del Sol and Barillas. Marina Puesta del Sol is about the best spot in Nicaragua. In Costa Rica, there’s Marina Papagallo, Marina Flamingo, Marina Los Sueños, Marina Pez Vela at Quepos and several less expensive spots

in Bahia Golfito. In Panama, check out Boca Chica in the Gulf of Chiriqui, also Bahia Honda and Isla Cebaco. In Panama Bay there’s Marina Vista Mar, the Perlas Islands and Marina Flamingo. All are rainy season favorites with refugees from hurricane season.


Summering over and commuter cruising both became possible thanks to more and better marinas and to good airport connectivity between many Mexican ports and the U.S. and Canada. To summer over, it’s best (1.) to reserve a marina slip for the whole summer, if possible, (2.) to live aboard until the heat gets too oppressive, (3.) prepare the boat for your summer absence (See below.), and then (4.) fly away home or to cooler latitudes for short or long periods.

Marinas in Mexico offer generous discounts for longer stays, such as a 1-, 3- or 6-month reservation. But pick a marina with beefy breakwaters, a good record for hurricane safety and a staff that will contract to look after your boat in your absence.

Some marinas have knowledgeable staffers who will go aboard daily to check your bilges and batteries, while others might put a local captain on board to keep your bridge and cabins aired out and to button it up if rain threatens.

Draw up a list of exact duties you need performed for your boat in your absence; discuss it and sign an agreement with your summer marina manager. Maybe bring your nephew down to boat sit for you.

Before you depart, make copies of important documents to take home with you. For insurance purposes, take lots of pictures of your boat in its “before hurricane” condition. Hopefully you’ll never need them.


Are you staying aboard? Start securing your boat yourself as much as possible at the first “hurricane watch” (winds 74 mph or higher are possible within 48 hours). Maybe hire a marina staffer to help.

Charge up the house batteries and drain the bilge; you’ll probably lose dock power but will want to leave bilge pumps running during the storm.

Prepare a Go Bag: change of dry clothes, passports, documents, flash lights, power bars, water and medical supplies, because the town might be seriously damaged.

Remove all gear on deck that’s not bolted down: sails and rigging, dinghy and outboard, solar panels, Starlink antenna, canvas dodger, barbecue, jerry jugs, cushions, chairs, ice chests, etc. Flailing sails and rigging often damage neighbor boats, dock boxes, power panels, etc. Dock stairs can blow sky high. Stow it all ashore before the first “hurricane warning” (hurricane conditions will definitely happen within 36 hours).

Set your boat’s four dock lines and at least two spring lines, using ¾- to 1-inch

line, doubled up if in doubt. Secured reliable chafe gear in place where any lines might chafe after hours of heavy wave action. Fender the hull with every fender you’ve got, and hang them with a couple tight clove hitches. Avoid granny knots that prevent repositioning quickly. Fender whatever could puncture the hull if the dock finger breaks loose, tips or sinks.

Below decks, imagine you’re entering heavy seas. Dog down windows and port lights. Gather sponges and towels near places that sometimes leak. Fix any latches that might let drawers or lockers come open. Re-stow that top heavy table lamp, restack those heavy paint cans. Cushion the crystal. Use expansion bars in the fridge to corral heavy jugs on a top shelf or big bottles in an overhead locker.

Before 50-knot gusts arrive, grab your Go Bag and step off the boat to hunker down ashore. According to the National Hurricane Center, more than half the deaths in Hurricane Hugo 1989 were boaters, all drowning while attempting to save their boats.


Set the storm anchor where you have room to safely swing 360°, away from other boats that could drag down onto

you. Rig a spare anchor to drop off the bow or forward quarter if you start drag. Hourly, plot the hurricane’s closest point of approach to your anchorage. Set the radar’s perimeter alarm to mark the nearest rocks or shoreline, and watch the depth sounder for any significant change not related to tide.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) website constantly graphically updates cyclone activity in our area of the Eastern North Pacific: https://www. nhc.noaa.gov/cyclones/?epac

NOTE: If you think an emergency mooring at Puerto Balleto (21°38.135’N, 106°32.231’W) on Mexico’s Islas Marias would improve your boating safety in Mexico, please email me YES. patrains@ mexicoboating.com Thanks.

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“The Baja Bash” by Capt. Jim Elfers graphically explains everything boaters need to know about bashing up the outside of the Baja California Peninsula. SevenStar Yacht Transport is one of several companies that ship yachts north out of the tropics before hurricane season starts - and drop them off in Ensenada and Victoria. Photo Pat Rains
Photo courtesy SevenStar Yacht Transport

ly by the manufacturers of those items. Similarly, marine electronics, stoves, propellers, and almost everything else that is important to the operation of a boat will be covered separately.

The warranty documents will answer a lot of important questions, including (1) what is covered by the warranty (or warranties)? (2) What is the time period of the warranty coverage? (3) What are the claims procedures? And (4) may the warranty be transferred from the original owner to a subsequent owner?

State and Federal consumer protection laws require manufacturers and dealers to process claims promptly and in good faith. However, procedures for making a warranty claim will di er between manufacturers, and there are generally no legal minimum standards for the items that must be covered by warranty. The warranty is basically viewed as a marketing feature which should be considered by a prospective purchaser when evaluating the other features of the boat.

Assuming a particular failure is covered, the claim process under a boat warranty may nonetheless be very frustrating. Most of us are familiar with the “Lemon Law” that protects the buyer of a new car from warranty frustration, but the Lemon Law does not protect the buyer of a boat.

As the buyer of a “consumer good,” a boat buyer in California is protected by a body of law known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (California Civil Code sec. 1790). The Song-Beverly Act enforces manufacturer’s warranties on all consumer goods sold in California. It covers everything from computers to refrigerators, and it does cover the purchase of a new boat. Under this law, a manufacturer who fails to x a problem covered by a warranty after a “reasonable number of attempts,” must either replace the product or reimburse the buyer for the purchase price, less the amount “directly attributable to use by the buyer” prior to the discovery of the problem (depreciation). Failure to comply with the law will subject the manufacturer to strict penalties.

The Song-Beverly Act has one glaring problem for the buyer of a new boat: It fails to consider that a boat is a complicated machine, with a long list of complex systems that may be subject to failure. A manufacturer will be in compliance with the Song-Beverly Act if it repairs each of those failed systems within a “reasonable time,” notwithstanding that it may have deprived the owner of the use of the boat for many months of accumulated down time during the repairs, and notwithstanding that there is no de nition for what amounts to a “reasonable time.” Song-Beverly may work ne for a toaster or a television, but it does not adequately protect the buyer of a new boat.

In contrast, new car buyers are in a much better position. California’s “Lemon Law” is set forth in the Tanner Consumer Protection Act (Civil Code sec. 1793.22), but the scope of the law is expressly limited to “new motor vehicles.” The Tanner Act o ers a number of protections to the buyer of a new car, including

a requirement that the manufacturer replace the car or refund the purchase price if, during the rst 18 months or 18,000 miles, the car is out of service due to warranty repairs for a cumulative total of more than 30 calendar days. Further, under the Tanner Act the new car buyer is entitled to a refund of the full purchase price without any deduction for depreciation.

Most of the 50 states have some sort of “lemon law” protection, and the law is almost always limited to buyers of new cars. Exceptions may exist, however, and the best approach for a boat owner who is either concerned about the warranty prior to buying the boat or concerned with a continuing problem is to contact an experienced attorney for advice on

their particular case.

David Weil is licensed to practice law in the state of California and as such, some of the information provided in this column may not be applicable in a jurisdiction outside of California. Please note also that no two legal situations are alike, and it is impossible to provide accurate legal advice without knowing all the facts of a particular situation. Therefore, the information provided in this column should not be regarded as individual legal advice, and readers should not act upon this information without seeking the opinion of an attorney in their home state.

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Newport Beach Harbor

Most of us know Newport Beach as Southern California’s epicenter for surfing, sailing and sunbathing. However, this proud city also boasts another big feather in its cap: great restaurants, from short order shops to upscale, fine dining establishments.

If you are visiting Newport Beach for the first time, make sure to enjoy a stroll along the boardwalk on Newport Harbor, taking in the scenery across the harbor and the long line of beautiful yachts tied to the quay.

One of the first waterside restaurants you will see along Via Oporto is Lido Bottle

Works, where light, savory, gourmet fare is the order of the day. As you peruse the menu, start with their mint avocado ceviche or cucumbers in herbed yogurt and basil oil while you sip a Peninsula Margarita or a Shore Break, an effervescent drink with Kombucha.

If you’re stopping by Via Oporto for weekend brunch, enjoy a crispy jidori chicken sandwich or Spanish chorizo hash with poblano hollandaise and guajillo aioli. The dinner menu will entice you with such house specialties as curried beef meatballs, braised rabbit pici, steelhead trout or Mary’s Chicken with parsnip puree and braised treviso. Your choice from a robust wine list will tantalize your tastes and round out your dining experience.

Got kids? They will love the Fun Zone, which is situated a bit farther down Balboa Peninsula. Established in 1936, the Fun Zone features an iconic, big, colorful ferris wheel, the Coconut Climb and other attractions. If you are really daring, strap yourself into Ocean Motion, a trampoline that lifts you up into the air to spin like a wheel – right next to the water’s edge!

Feeling hungry? After you have had your fill of fun, choose from one of the numerous restaurants sharing a spectacular view of the harbor. Pizza Pete’s can meet your demand for flavor with a wide assortment of gourmet toppings. Also on the menu are hot dogs and a variety of sandwiches, all at reasonable prices.

Only a few yards away is Azar’s Pizza, which is also well priced and prepared to bake your pizza with a blend of your choice of toppings. Azar’s will whet your appetite with aromas of pepperoni, fresh onions, bell pepper and a blend of cheeses just waiting to be baked to your pleasure.

After a day of boogie boarding at the beach and strolling along the boardwalk, choose from one of several indoor restaurants lining the dock adjacent to the Fun Z one. Newport Landing Restaurant & Oyster Bar, a favorite haunt among yachties, has Stella Artois, Kona Brewing and a few IPAs on tap, plus a wide selection of bottled beer. Along with the standard well drinks, Newport Landing features a list of signature cocktails, including their Organic Cucumber Cooler, Skrewball Frankie with Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey and Frangelico Liqueur and the Big Kahuna with dark rum, Sauza tequila and Grand Marnier.

Newport Landing’s menu opens with a creative list of appetizers, including coconut shrimp, ahi poke nachos and blue point oysters. Entrees include several pasta dishes, salads, burgers, sandwiches, tacos and rice bowls.

Easily the most commanding presence along the Newport Harbor waterfront is the Balboa Pavilion, established in 1905

and housing a number of businesses, the most prominent of which is Harborside Restaurant and Grand Ballroom. If there is a wedding occurring anywhere in Newport Beach, there is a good chance the reception will be held at Harborside, a popular venue for major events, f rom wedding receptions to corporate gatherings.

Allow yourself several minutes to peruse Harborside’s long list of appetizers, salads, dinner entrees and desserts. For openers, try the Caprese skewers with tomato, basil and mozzarella or one of my personal favorites, shaved roast beef canapes with creamy horseradish.

Harborside has separate buffet and plated menus for both lunch and dinner. Plated dinner selections include grilled Hawaiian chicken, grilled tenderloin tips and vegetable skewers, grilled swordfish with tropical fruit salsa buerre blanc and petite filet mignon with Canadian lobster tail. If you are planning a large gathering, particularly a wedding reception, contact Harborside well in advance to secure a date and select the desired menu items.

If you ask the local “old timers” where they go for comfort food in a casual setting in Newport Beach, they will invariably place The Crab Cooker at the top of their

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Bill Morris image Bill Morris image
Please see DOCK, DINE & DRINK, PAGE 18
Courtesy of Lido Bottle Works
’S & D R INK
Lido Bottle Works Executive Chef, Joel Gutierrez.

Navigating the Seas of DIY: A Sailor’s Guide to Solar Panel Installation

In the world of sailing, mastering the art of boat maintenance is as essential as hoisting the sails themselves. For seasoned sailors and newcomers alike, embarking on a DIY project to enhance their vessel can be both rewarding and practical. From routine checks to transformative upgrades, here’s a comprehensive look at a DIY project that sailors can undertake to ensure their boat is shipshape and seaworthy.

Project Title: Installing a Solar Panel System

With a growing emphasis on sustainability and energy e ciency, installing a solar panel system on a boat has become an increasingly popular DIY project among sailors. Not only does it o er the convenience of generating electricity on board, but it also reduces reliance on traditional power sources and minimizes environmental impact.

Marine solar panels are crafted to endure harsh marine conditions, using corrosion-resistant materials like aluminum frames and tempered glass. They’re compact and lightweight, tting well on boats with limited space and can even ex to t curved surfaces. Products such as the 140 Watt Flexible Marine Solar Panel from Sun Powered Yachts o er 140 Watt Semi- exible Marine Solar Panels that are ideal for mounting on a bimini top or a curved deck surface. These panels o er diverse mounting options, with specialized hardware for secure attachment. Marine Solar panels feature enhanced waterproo ng, often meeting IP67 or IP68 standards and include safety features like overcharge protection. Across the board, marine solar panels ensure reliable and e cient power generation for boats and yachts, contributing to sustainability and energy independence.

Materials Needed:

• Solar panels

• Charge controller

• Battery bank

• Mounting hardware

• Wiring and connectors

• Tools (drill, screwdriver, wire cutters, etc.)

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Assessment and planning: Begin by assessing your boat›s layout and determining the optimal location for mounting the solar panels. Consider factors such as sun exposure, available space and accessibility. Plan the layout of the system, including

the placement of panels, controller and battery bank.

2. Selecting solar panels: Choose high-quality marine-grade solar panels designed to withstand the rigors of marine environments. Consider factors such as wattage, size and e ciency to meet your energy needs.

3. Mounting solar panels: Install mounting brackets or racks on the boat›s deck or cabin roof using appropriate hardware. Ensure that the panels are securely attached and positioned at an angle to maximize sun exposure.

4.Wiring and connection: Connect the solar panels to the charge controller using suitable wiring and connectors. Follow manufacturer instructions and adhere to proper safety practices. Route wiring neatly and securely, avoiding potential hazards or obstructions.

5. Installing charge controller: Mount the charge controller in a well-ventilated and easily accessible location. Connect the controller to the battery bank, ensuring correct polarity and wiring con guration. Set up any additional features or settings according to manufacturer guidelines.

6. Connecting battery bank: Install the battery bank in a designated compartment or storage area, securely fastening it to prevent movement. Connect the battery bank to the charge controller, fuse box and onboard electrical system.

7. Testing and commissioning: Once the installation is complete, conduct thorough testing to ensure the system functions properly. Verify that solar panels are generating electricity and charging the battery bank e ciently. Test all electrical connections and components for any signs of malfunction or irregularity.

8. Maintenance and monitoring: Regularly inspect and maintain the solar panel system to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Clean panels periodically to remove dirt, debris, or salt buildup. Monitor battery voltage, charge levels and system operation to address any issues promptly.

Embarking on a DIY solar panel installation project can empower sailors to harness the power of the sun and reduce their environmental footprint while enhancing onboard comfort and convenience. With careful planning, proper installation and ongoing maintenance, sailors can navigate the seas with con -

dence and sustainability, one solar panel at a time.

Additional Resources:

• Online tutorials and guides

• Marine electronics retailers

• Boatbuilding and maintenance forums

• Professional marine electricians or technicians for consultation

Editor’s Note:

While the DIY tips and projects outlined in this article o er valuable insights and guidance for boat maintenance, it’s important to emphasize that they are intended as suggestions and recommendations. Every boat is unique, and the scope of maintenance and repair tasks may vary depending on factors such as vessel size, age and con guration.

Boaters should exercise caution and discretion when undertaking DIY projects, especially those involving electrical systems, structural modi cations or other complex tasks. Prioritize safety at all times and consult professional marine technicians or experts when in doubt.

Additionally, The Log recommends that readers conduct thorough research, seek multiple sources of information and consider their own skill level and experience before attempting any DIY projects. While these projects can be rewarding and cost-effective, they should never compromise the safety or integrity of the vessel.

With a 12V system an estimated daily yield for a single 100W panel is potentially around 32-34 amp hours.

Ultimately, the goal of DIY boat maintenance is to empower boaters to take an active role in caring for their vessels and enjoying the maritime lifestyle to the fullest. Whether tackling minor repairs, upgrades or routine maintenance tasks,

SunPower flexible panels are known for power output within their product class. Constructed using lightweight polymer materials, these panels o er convenient transport, installation, and flexibility of up to 30 degrees.

boaters should approach DIY projects with diligence, patience and a commitment to quality craftsmanship.

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Image courtesy of Sun Powered Yachts Image courtesy of Sun Powered Yachts

A Helpful Guide to Preparing Your Boat for Sale

Selling a boat can be a daunting task, but with careful preparation and strategic planning, it can also be a rewarding experience. Whether you’re looking to upgrade t o a new vessel or simply parting ways with your current boat, proper preparation is key to ensuring a smooth and s uccessful sale. From setting the right price to presenting your boat in its best light, here’s a comprehensive guide to preparing for the sale.

Setting the Right Price:

Setting your price, or the acceptable net monetary amount the sale will provide you, is crucial for a positive selling experience. However, it’s essential to be realistic about your expectations. While you may have an emotional attachment to your boat and hope to fetch top dollar for it, getting the full asking price is rare, if not unheard of. You’ll need to make compromises, and you’ll undoubtedly feel a pinch.

To determine a fair asking price, research the market value of similar boats in your area, taking into account factors such as age, condition and features. Websites, forums and online marketplaces specializing in boat sales can provide valuable insights into current market trends and pricing dynamics. Additionally, consider hiring a professional appraiser to assess the value of your boat objectively.

Preparing Your Boat for Sale:

Once you’ve set the right price, it’s time to prepare your boat for sale. Start by giving your vessel a thorough cleaning, both inside and out. Remove any personal belongings and unnecessary items to create a clean and clutter-free environment that will appeal to potential buyers.

Next, inspect your boat for any visible signs of wear and tear, damage or mechanical issues. Address any maintenance or repair issues promptly to ensure t hat your boat is in optimal condition for sale. Consider investing in cosmetic upgrades or improvements, such as fresh paint, upholstery or detailing, to enhance its visual appeal and marketability.

Marketing Your Boat:

To maximize exposure and attract potential buyers, leverage a variety of marketing channels to promote your boat for sale. Create high-quality listings with detailed descriptions, specifications and photographs showcasing your boat’s features and amenities. Utilize online platforms, social media, boating forums and classified ads to reach a broader audience of potential buyers.

Consider enlisting the services of a reputable yacht broker or boat dealer to assist with the sale process. A professional broker can help market your boat effectively, negotiate with buyers on your behalf and handle the paperwork and

logistics associated with the sale, saving you time and effort in the process.

Navigating Negotiations:

As offers start to come in, be prepared to negotiate with potential buyers. Keep in mind that flexibility is key to reaching a mutually beneficial agreement. While you may not get your desired asking price, be open to reasonable offers and willing to make concessions to close the deal.

Consider factors such as the buyer’s financing options, timeline and contingencies when evaluating offers. Be transparent about your boat’s condition, history and any known issues to build

trust and confidence with potential buyers. Work closely with your broker or legal advisor to review and negotiate purchase agreements, contracts and other legal documents to ensure a smooth and legally binding transaction.

Selling your boat can be a challenging process, but with careful preparation, strategic pricing and effective marketing, you can increase your chances of a successful sale. By setting realistic expectations, presenting your boat in its best l ight and navigating negotiations with professionalism and flexibility, you can navigate the sale process with confidence and achieve a positive outcome.


David “Woody” and Linda Wood are together again at sea – fair winds and following seas! Woody peacefully left us on December 3, 2023, after his wife of 38 years, Linda, left on February 22, 2021.

Woody was born and raised in San Diego, graduating with the Sweetwater HS Red Devils class of 1967. He served in the Army National Guard and then worked for San Diego County before moving to SDSU. Linda was born in Denver and moved to San Diego during her college years. They met in the early 1980s on the campus of SDSU.

Woody introduced Linda to sailing, K Dock life, and all things ocean from fishing to racing Nomad. They were founding members of Point Loma Yacht Club (PLYC) and each served as Commodore there. They were also members of Cortez Racing Association and Silver Gate Yacht Club, as well as the Southern California Yachting Association where Linda served as a Director. Linda was a volunteer coordinator for SEA San Diego when the America’s Cup World Series came to the San Diego Harbor. Over the years, Woody went on to be Commodore of Pacific Coast Yachting Association, and they were both past Commodores and current members of the International Order of the Blue Gavel.

In addition to the sea, family and friends (and their pets, all favorites) were oh so important to Woody and Linda. Sports also played a major role in their lives. From the NFL and being longtime Chargers season ticket holders, to an occasional pick up volleyball game,

sports filled their days. They played on many softball and a few OverThe-Line teams, hit the ski slopes and bowling lanes, and enjoyed catching an Aztecs or Padres game. Once they were introduced to golf, Woody and Linda each played every chance they had, on Men’s/Women’s clubs, in tournaments, or just in a round with friends.

Woody and Linda also loved traveling, with many sails to the Channel Islands, cruises to Mexico, drives across America, and adventures in Hawaii, the Bahamas and throughout Europe.

As a microbiologist, Linda knew so much. Woody knew everything, whether sports, current affairs, or Trivial Pursuit challenges. He was a wizard. During a game of Pictionary, the word was “argyle”, and Linda drew a gargoyle. These two belonged together.

PLYC will honor Woody on Opening Day, but otherwise feel free to celebrate their lives as you wish, such as sharing memories with friends and a toast!

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Pexels image

Harbor Island West Marina Hosts Annual “Spring Clean” Swap Meet

SAN DIEGO — San Diego’s Harbor Island West Marina is gearing up for its annual “Spring Clean” Swap Meet, scheduled to take place from 7 to 11 a.m. April 27. Boaters, sailors and maritime enthusiasts alike are invited to participate i n this exciting event, which offers a unique opportunity to buy, sell and trade marine-related items.

Attending a boating swap meet offers numerous benefits for boat owners. They provide an excellent opportunity to buy, sell or trade various items, including boat parts, equipment and accessories, allowing owners to find what they need at affordable prices or offload items they no longer require. These events provide a platform for discovering new products, learning about the latest trends and accessing valuable resources and services from local vendors and experts. And while boaters reap all these benefits, they’re also clearing out their lazarettes and hunting for new treasures.

The Annual “Spring Clean” Swap Meet serves as a community gathering for individuals to declutter their boat lockers, garages and storage spaces while discovering new treasures for their maritime adventures. Attendees can expect to find a diverse range of marine equipment, supplies and accessories, including boat parts, fishing gear, watercraft and more.

“We’re thrilled to host our annual ‘Spring Clean’ Swap Meet once again,” says Marina Manager Sarah Johnson. “It’s a fantastic opportunity for boaters and marine enthusiasts to come together, exchange goods and prepare for the upcoming season on the water.”

In addition to offering a wide selection of marine merchandise, the event boasts complimentary coffee and doughnuts for attendees to enjoy while browsing the various vendor booths. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere makes it the perfect setting to connect with fellow boaters, share stories and glean valuable insights into the local maritime community.

Participation in the annual “Spring Clean” Swap Meet is free. Individuals interested in reserving a space to sell their marine-related items can do so by contacting the marina office at (619) 291-6440. Spaces are limited, so early registration is encouraged to secure a spot. Alternatively, attendees can reach out via email at marinaoffice@harborislandwest.com or visit the marina’s website at www.harborislandwest.com for more information.

Harbor Island West Marina, 2040 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, offers

easy access to boating facilities and amenities. Whether you’re in search of a specific boat part, looking to upgrade your fishing gear or simply eager to connect with fellow boaters, the annual “Spring Clean” Swap Meet promises a morning of excitement, camaraderie and maritime discoveries.

Opening Night – Friday June 7th

First Ever Friday Launch in WBF History!

Opening Day – Saturday June 8th

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For more information please visit www.newportbeachwoodenboatfestival.com
Courtesy of Harbor Island West Marina
Dockside Cocktails Aboard Feature Boat – the America! Early Access to a Select Set of Curated Boats! A Front Seat to the Opening of Top Art & Craft Exhibits! Exclusive Meet & Greet with Featured Artist and Craftsman! Gala Dinner Under the Stars! 8th Annual JUNE 7 – 8th, 2024 THE ART & CRAFT OF THE WOODEN BOAT Celebrating IN NEWPORT BEACH, CA
40 Vintage Wooden Boats
Artist Featured Boat Craftsman
Aboard Feature Boat – the America Plein Air Artists Painting
Hull Display Craftsman Demo Stations
Model Exhibit
The Art & Craft of the Wooden Boat Over

NEWPORT BEACH — Nestled along the scenic coastline of Southern California, Newport Harbor stands as a beacon of maritime heritage and modern-day recreation. Its storied past, dating back to t he early 20th century, is intertwined with the development of Newport Beach into a premier destination for boaters, sailors and waterfront lovers alike.

The history of Newport Harbor started when the area was primarily marshland and tidal flats. In 1870, the McFadden brothers, James and Robert, began dredging the channel to create a deeper waterway, enabling access for small boats and facilitating the growth of commercial and recreational boating activities.

By the early 1900s, with the completion of additional dredging projects and the construction of jetties to stabilize the entrance, Newport Harbor had transformed into a bustling hub of maritime commerce and leisure. The area’s natural beauty and sheltered waters soon attracted affluent residents, yachtsmen and tourists seeking respite and recreation along its scenic shores.

T hroughout the 20th century, Newport Harbor underwent significant development and expansion to accommodate the growing demand for waterfront properties and boating facilities. Balboa Island, Lido Isle and the Balboa Peninsula were among the key areas developed for residential, commercial and recreational purposes, shaping the harbor’s distinctive character and charm.

The construction of public marinas, yacht clubs and waterfront restaurants further enhanced Newport Harbor’s appeal as a premier boating destination. Today, the harbor offers an eclectic mix of luxury yachts, sailboats, fishing vessels

Exploring the Rich Maritime History of Newport Harbor

and paddlecraft, reflecting its vibrant maritime culture and diverse recreational opportunities.

Mooring Options for Boaters:

For boaters seeking to explore Newport Harbor’s pristine waters and scenic coastline, a variety of mooring options are available to suit different preferences and vessel sizes. Among the most popular mooring options are:

1. P ublic marinas: Newport Harbor features several public marinas offering transient and long-term moorage for boaters, including Balboa Marina, Bayside Marina, Villa Cove Marina and Bayshore Marina. These marinas provide amenities such as fuel docks, pump-out stations, showers and shore power, making them convenient bases for exploring the harbor and nearby attractions. Visit https://newportbeachmarinas. com/the-marinas/ for more information on these marinas.

2 Private yacht clubs: E xclusive yacht clubs situated along the harbor›s shores offer mooring facilities for members and visiting sailors. Newport›s private yacht clubs include Newport Harbor Yacht Club, Newport Beach Yacht Club and American Legion Yacht Club. These clubs provide a range of amenities, including guest docks, dining facilities, social events and reciprocal p rivileges with other yacht clubs worldwide.

3. A nchorages and mooring balls: For boaters seeking a more secluded and tranquil setting, anchorages and mooring balls are available in designated areas within Newport Harbor. These locations offer sheltered anchorage and secure mooring options for vessels of various sizes, allowing boaters to enjoy the harbor›s natural beauty and serenity. For more information

about available anchorages, please visit https://www.newportbeachca.gov/government/departments/ harbor/anchorages.

4.T ransient slips and guest docks: M any waterfront restaurants, hotels, and commercial establishments in Newport Harbor o ffer transient slips and guest docks for boaters visiting the area. These facilities provide convenient access to dining, shopping and entertainment amenities, making t hem popular choices for transient boaters exploring Newport Beach. For more information, please visit https://www.newportbeachca.gov/ government/departments/harbor/ guest-slip-rentals#ad-image-1.

A s Newport Harbor continues to evolve and adapt to changing demographics and environmental challenges, efforts a re underway to preserve its maritime legacy and natural beauty. Through initiatives such as water quality improvement projects, habitat restoration and sustainable boating practices, stakeholders are working together to ensure that Newport Harbor remains a vibrant and cherished resource for boaters, residents and visitors alike.

Newport Harbor stands as a testament to the enduring allure of coastal living and recreational boating in Southern California. From its humble beginnings as a tidal estuary to its current status as a premier boating destination, Newport Harbor’s history is a testament to the vision, perseverance and stewardship of those who have called its shores home

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Newport Harbor, 1947 Balboa Pavilion Newport Beach Jetty Log Archive Image Newport Beach Historical Society image Newport Beach Historical Society image
ISLAND YACHT ANCHORAGE slips@islandyachtmarina.com www.islandyachtanchorage.com 2255'' --5555'' SSLLIIPPSS AAVVAAIILLAABBLLEE NNOO W W !! CALL FOR SPECIALS 310.830.1111
Historical PHOTO

Living Afloat: Exploring the Life of a Liveaboard

Living aboard a boat is a lifestyle choice that o ers a unique blend of freedom, adventure and simplicity. For those who embrace this unconventional way of life, the experience can be both rewarding and challenging, as they navigate the waters of self-su ciency and adaptability.

The Pros:

One of the primary attractions of liveaboard life is the unparalleled sense of freedom. Imagine waking up to the gentle rocking of your boat and stepping out onto the deck to watch the sunrise over the water. For liveaboards, this is a daily reality – a connection to nature that is unrivaled by life on land.

Additionally, living on a boat often means living with less. The limited space encourages minimalism, forcing individuals to prioritize the essentials and let go of unnecessary possessions. This simplicity can be liberating, freeing up both physical and mental space for new experiences and adventures.

From secluded anchorages to bustling marinas, liveaboards have the freedom to choose their surroundings, allowing them to tailor their environment to suit their preferences. Whether they crave solitude or seek community, there is a berth waiting for them in harbors around the world.

The Cons:

While the liveaboard lifestyle o ers many bene ts, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. One of the most significant obstacles is the lack of space. Living quarters on a boat are typically compact, requiring individuals to be creative with storage solutions and mindful of clutter.

Another challenge is the constant maintenance required to keep a boat in seaworthy condition. From routine tasks like cleaning and painting to more complex repairs, maintaining a boat can be time-consuming and expensive. Additionally, adverse weather conditions and rough seas can pose safety concerns for liveaboards, requiring them to be vigilant and prepared for unexpected challenges.

Tips for Successful Living Aboard:

Despite the challenges, many liveaboards nd that with careful planning and preparation, the rewards of life on the water far outweigh the drawbacks. Here are some tips for those considering the liveaboard lifestyle:

1. Choose the right boat: Selecting the right vessel is crucial for a successful liveaboard experience. Consider factors such as size, layout and seaworthiness, and prioritize features that align with your lifestyle and needs.

2. Learn the ropes: Before setting sail, invest time in learning the basics of boat handling, navigation and safety protocols. Taking a boating course or seeking guidance from experienced sailors can help build con dence and competence on the water.

3. Embrace minimalism: Living aboard a boat requires downsizing and simplifying your possessions. Prioritize essentials and opt for multi-functional items that maximize space and minimize clutter.

4.Stay flexible: Flexibility is key to adapting to the unpredictable nature of life on the water. Be prepared to adjust your plans in response to changing weather conditions, mechanical issues or unexpected circumstances.

5. Build a support network: Cultivate connections within the liveaboard community and seek support from fellow sailors. Sharing knowledge, resources and camaraderie can enhance the liveaboard experience and provide valuable assistance during challenging times.

The liveaboard lifestyle o ers a unique blend of freedom, adventure and simplicity, along with its fair share of challenges. By embracing the rewards and overcoming the obstacles, liveaboards discover a deep connection to the sea and a sense of ful llment that transcends the con nes of traditional living.

Servicing Large and Small Vessels for over 33 years!


Together these 2 guides get you from one US coast to the other!

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35 Ton and 220 Ton � Pexels image
Southbound Cruising Guides
Guide Cruising Ports: the Central
Route MexicoBoating.com
Pacific Baja, all Sea of Cortez, mainland - all 3 in 1 comprehensive cruising guidebook. 300 GPS charts of cruising anchorages too small on govt charts for accuracy. Paperwork Cha Cha, diving, fishing, eco boating. TRUSTED. Written by Pat & John Rains, experienced Mexico cruisers, USCG masters, created for southbound boaters. NO gaps, NO fluff! Updated 2023 $79.95 Starts where Mexico Boating Guide ends. Covers Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, PanCan Transit W. Caribbean, Belize, Mexico’s Yucatan & Gulf Coasts, Cayman Is., Western Cuba to Key West. 105 GPS charts, 290 color photos. Resource Directory: marinas, fuel docks, boat yards. Full index. Updated 2023 $ 69.95

Catalina Connection

Soar into the Skies at the Avalon Kite Festival

Mark your calendars for a day of high- ying fun as the city of Avalon

presents the much-anticipated Kite Festival on April 13. Hosted at Joe Machado Field, this family-friendly event promises a spectacular showcase of colorful kites soaring against the backdrop of Avalon’s picturesque landscape.

From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., attendees can indulge in the timeless joy of kite ying or simply bask in the sunshine and enjoy a leisurely picnic. Virgie’s Snack Bar will

be open, serving up delights to satisfy every appetite.

Kites are available for purchase at the Community Services Department for those looking to take their kite- ying experience to new heights. Whether you’re a kite enthusiast or a novice yer, the Avalon Kite Festival promises an unforgettable day of outdoor adventure and camaraderie.

Best of all, admission is free, making it the perfect opportunity for families, friends and kite lovers of all ages to come together and celebrate the simple joys of ight and community.

Catalina Museum for Art & History

Announces Inaugural Tamale Festival

Get ready to indulge in a

esta of avors as the Catalina Museum for Art & History proudly presents the inaugural Tamale Festival on April 27. This free event promises to celebrate culture, cuisine and community, bringing tamale fans from near and far to savor the rich and savory tradition of homemade tamales.

The festival will feature an array of tantalizing tamales crafted by local vendors, o ering attendees the chance to sample an assortment of traditional and innovative avors. From classic recipes passed down through generations to creative twists on this beloved Mexican dish, there will be something to satisfy every palate.

From 3-6 p.m. the Tamale Festival also will showcase live music, dancing and engaging demonstrations highlighting the artistry and craftsmanship behind the tamale-making process. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a tasting to crown the Best Tamale of the festival, adding an element of friendly competition to the festivities. A special performance by Ballet Folklorico Quetzal will follow at 6 p.m. with a group dance lesson for all ages.

For more information, please visit https://www.catalinamuseum.org/ calendar/event/3779290.

THELOG.COM 16 April 12 - April 25, 2024 THE LOG
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1. Balance 2. Incisive tool 3. Painful patch? 4. Star arrangement 5. Magazine 6. Bloodhound’s clue 7. Chewed stimulant 8. Fully anesthetized 9. Sleep inducer 10. Shore bird 11. Rope fiber 13. Purgative 15. Of a Pharaonic dynasty 20. Energy unit 21. Zipped 23. Terrible Russian leader 24. Painter’s media 26. Machine-like 27. Lake Superior fish 28. Negative particles 29. Bee here, if you’re fired up about something 31. Eyepiece 32. Unbouncing return 33. Chemical group I’ll kill for, by the sound of it 35. Dish carriers 38. Golf hazard 39. --- Building, historic Washington site 41. One of three painting roses red (“Alice in Wonderland”) 42. Dos Passos trilogy Crossword solution on page 31
Pexels image


San Diego

La Jolla Half Marathon & Shores 5K

Date: May 18

Time: 6:30 – 10 a.m.

Location: Del Mar Fairgrounds, 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, CA 92014

Description: Experience one of America’s most scenic races!

The La Jolla Half Marathon starts at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and takes you on a picturesque coastal route, including a challenging climb to Torrey Pines State Park. The course then winds through La Jolla Shores before finishing at La Jolla Cove. For a shorter option, join the La Jolla Shores 5K, featuring stunning views of the last 3.1 miles of the half marathon.

Prices range from $54 to $119.

Contact: For more information, call 760692-2900 or email lajollainfo@inmotionevents.com.

San Clemente

Earth Day Beach Cleanup and Eco-Friendly Activities

Date: April 20

Time: 9 - 11:00 a.m.

Location: Pier, 622 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente, California 92672

Description: Join us at Parque del Mar for eco-friendly activities, giveaways, and information from City environmental and utilities staff. Then, participate in a beach cleanup at the nearby Pier. Early registration at www.ClearthePier.org ensures

a FREE* lunch from the Fisherman›s Restaurant. Free lunch available for early registrants.

Dana Point

Free Tours of US Coast Guard Narwhal Ship

Date: April 13

Time: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Location: Ocean Institute, 24200 Dana Point Harbor Dr, Dana Point, CA 92629

Description: Join us at the Ocean Institute for a special day of free tours aboard the United States Coast Guard Narwhal ship. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to explore the vessel, meet its officers and crew, and participate in a range of maritime activities. Tours will be available from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the Ocean Institute’s Maddie James Seaside Learning Center and Historical Wharf. Visit our website for more information: https://oceaninstitute. org/event/uscg-narwhal-tours-2/

Newport Beach

OrangewoodFEST 2024: An Epic Party at the Dunes

Date: April 20

Time: 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Location: Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina, 1131 Back Bay Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Description: Join us for the annual OrangewoodFEST hosted by Orangewood Foundation at Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort. This vibrant

gathering supports Orange County’s foster and community youth. Enjoy live music, delicious food from local vendors, and engaging activities for all ages. Tickets available at https://www.orangewoodfest.org/events/orangewoodfest-2. Don’t miss out on making a positive difference while having a great time!

Catalina Island

Conservancy Naturalist 2 Training

Presented By: Catalina Island Conservancy

Date: April 27

Time: 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Price: Member $50, Non-member $75

Description: Join us for a 7-hour excursion into Catalina Island’s wildlands, expanding on Naturalist 1 Training concepts. Led by education staff, explore Catalina’s landscape and ecosystem.

Meet at the Conservancy’s Trailhead visitor center, 708 Crescent Avenue. Course workbook included. Boat fare not included. Lunch not provided; bring or buy your own. Wear sturdy shoes, sun protection, and bring a water bottle. Expect walking on uneven terrain.

San Pedro

Harbor Interfaith Children’s Center Fundraiser

Date: April 17

Time: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Location: Zimmerman Automobile Driving Museum, El Segundo

Join the South Bay Auxiliary of Harbor Interfaith Services in supporting the Children’s Center at HIS. Help provide a safe learning environment for kids while their parents work towards financial independence. Become a sponsor at https://www.hisauxiliary.org/event.

Contact: Kathy Christie, President 310-831-0603

Redondo Beach

3rd Annual Adams Health & Wellness Festival

Date: April 20

Time: 1– 4 p.m.

Location: Adams Middle School

Gymnasium, 2600 Ripley Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Join us for a day of fun and health at the 3rd Annual Adams Health & Wellness Festival! Enjoy interactive workshops, fitness classes, healthy food vendors, and more. Don’t miss out on the Ninja Warrior Course, Rock Wall, Inflatable Obstacle Course, and free raffle with big prizes! See you there!


• Ninja Warrior Course

• Rock Wall

• Inflatable Obstacle Course

• Fitness Sessions & Mini-clinics

• Blender Bikes

• Mindful Moment Lounge

• Free Food Samples

• Exhibit Booths

• Live Music by The Redondo Dads

• Food Trucks

Port of Los Angeles

Earth Day Chalkfest

Date: April 20

Time: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Location: Wilmington Waterfront Park Main Plaza, 604 West C Street, Wilmington

Celebrate Earth Day with family-friendly art at the Earth Day Chalkfest! Free chalk provided or bring your own biodegradable chalk. Enjoy activities including a Mini-desert garden activity (while supplies last). Don’t miss out—come early!


Plein Air Paintout and Reception

Date: April 20

Location: Ventura Harbor

Experience the beauty of art at the Plein Air Paint Out on April 20, at Ventura Harbor! Join over 15 artists as they create stunning paintings of the harbor’s landscapes, boats, and wildlife. Witness art in action along the Promenade, capturing the essence of Ventura Harbor. After the event, visit the Buenaventura Art Association at Harbor Village Gallery and Gifts to view the En Plein Air exhibit showcasing the artwork created during the paintout.

THELOG.COM THE LOG | April 12 - April 25, 2024 | 17
MOBILE Sunset Inflatables and Marine AUTHORIZED INFLATABLE BOAT SALES & REPAIR 714-568-0187 1441 E. Pomona Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92705 www.sunsetinflatables.com All Boats Powered by Honda Foroptimumperformanceandsafety,werecommend youreadtheOwner’sManualbeforeoperatingyour HondaMarineproduct.Alwayswearapersonalflotation devicewhileboating. Walker Bay Generation Available in 11', 12', 13', 14'
Katherine Clements image

Newport Beach International Boat Show

The 2024 Newport Beach International Boat Show kicks off April 18, with an invitation-only pre-show followed by three days of exhibits open to the public, Friday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

If you are looking to buy the right boat for inland recreation or coastal cruising, this is your chance to get an up-close look at the latest design concepts in vessels competing to offer you the best combination of speed, safety, fun and comfort on the water.

One of the many exhibitors you will want to visit is Nordhavn, a leading builder of offshore luxury motor yachts capable of taking you to Hawaii or around the world. Since its first design, the N46, was delivered in 1989, more than 150 Nordhavns have crossed oceans, eight have circumnavigated the planet and several are known to be currently underway on circumnavigations.

Although it is impossible to show the entire line of yachts at the boat show, models range from 41 feet to 120 feet. Specialty Nordhavn models range from a 56-foot motor sailer to the 75-foot Expedition YachtFisher, not to mention the semi-displacement, 59-foot Coastal Pilot.

Northrop & Johnson, a yacht brokerage offering complete services for its clients and overseeing everything from design and construction to final sale of superyachts, will be onsite to provide aspiring yacht owners with the vessel of their dreams. The minimum size of luxury boat handled by Northrop & Johnson is roughly 100 feet in length, a scope far beyond the trailer ski boats you also will see at the show.

If you are looking to invest in a large, luxury ocean vessel, meet with a Northrop & Johnson representative at the show and start that conversation ultimately leading to the design and construction process of your dream superyacht. The company claims, “We are devoted to delivering yachting services and world-class experiences for our clients.” You may contact a Northrop & Johnson representative at one of their two Southern California locations

Dock, Dine & Drink

From page 10

list. Located a few blocks away from the Fun Zone, this is the kind of place where you can sit down at a table in your swim trunks, tee shirt and flip flops and enjoy a hot bowl of clam chowder while waiting for your choice of numerous seafood entrees.

The Crab Cooker was established in 1951 by World War II veteran Bob Roubian, who understood the magic of using mesquite for grilling fish. Roubian was known for pointing out, “Good

in San Diego and Newport Beach.

Another key exhibitor, Bayport Yachts, is a dealer specializing in large, openocean, recreation and fishing boats, from the 39 Solar Coupe to the Ocean Class Hybrid 68. Along with connecting buyers with desirable water craft, Bayport also modifies boats to meet the specific needs of individual buyers, from cockpit extensions to the installation of hydraulic cranes and electric dinghy davits.

If you are looking to buy a smaller boat for water skiing or fishing, visit the Cali Marine booth, where a consultant will connect you with your choice of pontoon, ski or wake boat for day cruising and floating picnics. Cali Marine is a dealer for both Mastercraft and Barletta boats. Consider treating yourself and your family to a new Barletta Aria A22UC, a 21-foot pontoon boat complete with a Mercury 200-liter engine, power bimini, reclining seats, LED lighting, USB charging ports, stainless steel transom swim ladder, Hertz marine stereo and more.

Newport Yachts, a “full-service brokerage,” also will be onboard to connect boat buyers with sellers of an unlimited variety of vessels in Southern California and abroad. Rather than rep-

fish is easy to cook if you let its taste shine through over a hot fire with light seasoning.”

Roubian’s appreciation for the value of simplicity in preparing great food has led to The Crab Cooker’s long history of satisfied lunch and dinner guests over the past 73 years. After the original building, a former branch of Bank of America, was demolished to allow construction of a new condominium complex, a new restaurant structure was built in 2021. The building design closely resembles the original, and the owners have retained much of the décor, which is rich in local

resenting strictly yacht builders or dealerships, Newport Yachts represents both sides of the equation, matching buyers with sellers directly, thereby reducing much of the time and cost involved in more complex dealership and showroom operations.

One vessel currently listed by Newport Yachts is the 164-foot luxury superyacht Liberty, which has a cruising range of 4,000 miles and a luxurious interior designed by Rene Van Velden. Amenities include a gym, Wi-Fi, a variety of personal watercraft and at-anchor stabilizers to ensure a comfortable night of sleep in any anchorage.

With all the high-end yacht builders and brokerage firms at the Boat Show, those of us of humbler means also will find plenty to see. If you have found yourself marveling at those long, thick boards people stand on to paddle across calm water, one booth you will want to visit is Pop Board Company, based in Santa Ana.

Pop Board designs, fabricates and distributes its unique designs of stand-up paddle boards to appeal to young, athletic individuals looking for a peaceful, meditative pace of moving through the water

maritime history. And the sign above The Crab Cooker still says, “Don’t look up here!”

Whatever your plans for visiting Newport Beach, you can find parking along side streets in residential areas or at the Balboa Pier Parking Lot, which is a short walk from the Fun Zone and nearby restaurants. The rates are a bit higher from May through September at $3.40 per hour as compared to $2.30 per hour October through April.

For visitors arriving by boat, anchorages are available at various locations

w ithout the hassle of messing with a motor or anchor, or even getting wet.

Visit the Pop Board booth and select from a variety of models of both rigid and inflatable boards. Each board comes with a paddle, and inflatable boards include a manual pump and equipment bag.

The exhibitors listed here are only a small sample of the boat manufacturers and representatives you will meet at the Newport Beach International Boat Show. General admission to the boat show is $28 to $40, with VIP tickets available for $195. Children up to 2 years old enter for free. There are also discounts for military service members and first responders with valid IDs or credentials.

For parking, bear in mind this is a large event with limited space at the Lido Marina Village parking structure, so you can expect heavy local traffic and limited space. Parking validations cost $50 per day but do not include admission for the show, so if you are coming from Orange County or Los Angeles County, consider ride-share options to save time and money. You also will find free parking at Hoag Health Center, 538 Superior Ave., Newport Beach, with free shuttle service to and from Lido Marina Village.

inside Newport Harbor and at Corona del Mar State Beach just outside the harbor. You may take a free mooring for the day, but you must leave the mooring before sunset, said Joseph White of the Newport Harbor Department. When you enter the harbor, contact the department on VHF channel 19A or call by phone at (949) 270-8159. Also visit newportbeachca.gov for regulations regarding anchoring in these areas.

If you are looking for that special place where you can spend the day surfing, sightseeing and meeting up with friends and family for great food, you need look no farther than Newport Beach. Enjoy!

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Nordhavn Yachts The Nordhavn 68 is one of many fine vessels built by Nordhavn Yachts, which will be present at the Newport Beach International Boat Show.

Get ready to set sail into the ultimate maritime experience at the Newport Beach International Boat Show (NBIBS) in Newport Beach from April 18-21. This year, participating exhibitors have


eagerly contributed short bios, expressing their excitement for the show, introducing themselves, and detailing what they offer. Held at Lido Marina Village, the NBIBS will feature on-water and

It’s Showtime for Silver Seas

Silver Seas Yachts, one of the leading yacht dealers in the western U.S., is excited to showcase its world-class brands at the upcoming Newport Beach Boat Show from April 18th-21st, 2024. With a presence in San Diego, Newport Beach, Sausalito, Seattle and Anacortes, Silver Seas Yachts offers an extensive range of high-quality yachts and boats to serve the needs of boating enthusiasts across the West Coast.

The lineup of world-class brands includes Aquila, Aviara, Cruisers, Galeon, Princess, Saxdor and Tiara. Cruisers Yachts offer a high-value proposition with a range of express, coupe, and flybridge yachts from 34’ to 60’. Tiara Yachts are renowned for their award-winning quality and exceptional performance. Princess Yachts offers a wide selection of European yachts designed to the highest standards for performance and comfort. Galeon arguably produces some of the most innova-

on-land exhibitions, activations, and entertainment, transforming the marina i nto a picturesque coastal experience. With over 200 vessels available for tours, more than 40 boat builders and

brokerages, and an anticipated 5,000 visitors daily, this year's show promises an unforgettable celebration of all things nautical.

tive yachts on the water. Aviara brings day boating to a whole new level of luxury.

During the Newport Beach International Boat Show, Silver Seas Yachts will have an impressive selection of boats and yachts on display. Visitors will be able to explore the Tiara Yachts 34LS, 38LS and 43LS, Cruisers Yachts 34GLS and 50GLS, Aviara 32 and 36 and Princess Yachts V50, among others.

If you can’t make it to the boat show, Silver Seas Yachts invites you to browse their website at www.SilverSeasYachts.com to find new and pre-owned models online. You can also call their Newport Beach team at (949) 274-9082 or San Diego team at (619) 453-0423.

South Coast Yachts to display new BENETEAU Sailboats & Powerboats in the 2024 Newport Beach International Boat Show!

South Coast Yachts in San Diego and Newport Beach will be displaying an attractive variety of brand new BENETEAUS in Newport Beach! BENETEAU’s North American Dealer of the Year for 2023 will display new models in the show.

See the gorgeous new BENETEAU GT45 and GT 41 Express Cruisers! The BENETEAU Gran Turismo range runs from 32’ to 45’ and is a very popular choice for Southern California cruising in style. Their large open cockpit and swim deck allow for comfortable entertaining for many friends and family. “Designed for family fun in the sun, BENETEAU’s Gran Turismo seamlessly

connects inside and outside spaces!” -Yachting Magazine

The most popular Trawler line in the world is the BENETEAU Swift Trawler. Enjoy boarding the new BENETEAU ST35, the perfect efficient island cruiser for your vacation at the Isthmus! Sleeps 6 and is driven by a single Cummins Diesel with dual thrusters. If you’re thinking about a smaller weekender for an overnight or fishing trip, also see the new BENETEAU Antares 8 Fishing version.

For BENETEAU Sailboats, you can enjoy getting

aboard the new BENETEAU Oceanis 38.1 and 40.1, our two most popular designs for coastal or distance cruising. Compare 2-cabin vs. 3-cabin layouts to fit your need for comfort.

Please stop by and say hello to our friendly team. We are proud to have been awarded the Top Customer Satisfaction scores in the USA from our BENETEAU owners for the last 10 years. Come experience the BENETEAU and South Coast Family!

South Coast Yachts; San Diego (619) 224-7784; www.scyachts.com

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Galeon 470 Sky, Princess Y72, Princess V50 offered by Silver Seas Yachts. Oceanis 40.1 , Gran Turismo 41 Offered by South Coast Yachts

Chuck Hovey Yachts – West Coast Dealer Fleming Yachts – Fleming 58 On Display

Chuck Hovey Yachts is the exclusive West Coast Dealer for Fleming Pilothouse Motoryachts 55, 58, 65, 78 & 85 and is a full-service yacht brokerage in Newport Beach with offices & display slips in San Diego and Seattle. The Fleming is a wellproven raised pilothouse motoryacht for 40 years and is designed and built for serious cruising. Fleming Yachts offer cruising speeds up to 18 knots and now flexible layouts including midship master staterooms. See the Fleming 58 on display at the show along with the 45’ Wally Tender Express, 50’ Hatteras Convertible and 31’ Rybovich.

Also, in the area available to view by appointment are the 60’ Sunseeker, 58’ Viking Enclosed Bridge, 32’ Tiara Open, 30’ Monte Carlo, 30’ Serenella, and 28’ Albin.

For more information call Chuck Hovey Yachts in Newport Beach at 949-6758092; San Diego, 619-222-0626, and the Seattle office at 206-624-1908. www. chuckhoveyyachts.com info@chuckhoveyyachts.com

At this year’s NBIBS, Boat Specialists is pleased to have on view three new brands recently added to our lineup! Guests can board a Ranger Tugs, which is fully equipped for off-grid cruising, or test out the captain’s seat on the new Solara 250 Coupe.

If you’re curious about inflatable boats, come and see how you can dominate the Channel with the rugged durability and speed of a Zodiac Medline or Flexboat Cabin Cruiser or catch the waves head-on in a Highfield Sport 900 –you’ll never have to miss out on an epic surfing or fishing day again!

Save the Date: Boat Specialists’ Annual Boat Show & Tent Sale will be held May 4th from 11-4 at our dealership in Ventura, CA.

6060 Nicolle St., Ventura CA 93003; (805)644-6290; boatspecialists.com

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Easy Docking. Every Time. READY TO TAKE THE STRESS OUT OF DOCKING YOUR BOAT? Simply provide us with your address or slip number at your marina or private residence, and we’ll handle the rest. Our team will visit your location, take precise measurements, and provide you with a no-obligation quote. Once approved, our craftsmen in Huntington Beach will handmake your custom fenders using our industry-leading, carpeted, closed-cell foam technology. Coming back to shore after a great day’s boating shouldn’t be stressful. ProFender™ offers a straightforward solution to streamline the process and protect your investment. Experience stress-free docking with ProFender™. Contact us today to schedule your consultation. CALL US NOW FOR A NO-OBLIGATION QUOTE: 855.776.3363 or 949.400.2013 sales@profenderamerica.com www.profenderamerica.com THREE-LAYER PROTECTION 1 a closed-cell foam core that comes with a lifetime warranty guaranteeing no water absorption 2 a heat seam welded polyurethane vinyl cover which encases the closed-cell foam core 3 an exterior non-marking, UV-protected, marine-grade carpet cover, designed to be replaced if or when required ensuring the product well exceeds the warranty periods TOP-GRADE MATERIALS
protection for vessels and docks. The materials required to manufacture our product are hand-picked from around the world to ensure a first-class product suitable for the harshest marine environments. ProFender™ is guaranteed not to mark or chafe your vessel – regardless of finish (be it Gel-Coat, 2-pack paint or vinyl wrapped hulls). WARRANTY ProFender™ stands behind the quality of our products with a comprehensive 5-year warranty. Many of our original fenders have seen over 15 years of service with our clients and are still in use to this day. TRUSTED BY BOATING EXPERTS ProFender™ Super Fenders are used and recommended worldwide by yacht clubs, marinas, and most leading yacht manufacturers. ProFender’s innovative Dock Fender System was designed and patented in Australia over 20 years ago. With a rich, successful history in the local and export marine industry, the founder Ross Cooney has brought the product here to the US, setting up a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Huntington Beach, CA. ProFender™ International: Australia’s Innovative Dock/Slip Fender Protection System Now Manufactured Here in the USA
Our design provides superior
Ranger Tugs, Zodiac and Highfield on Display at Boat Specialists’ Exhibit
Fleming 58 Offered by Chuck Hovey Yachts Ranger 27R Tug offered by Boat Specialists

AI at the Helm: Revolutionizing Boat Service and Ownership with BoatBot’s Smart Technology

Southern California’s own David and Maryann Johndrow, avid boaters with a profound love for the sea, have launched BoatBot, an innovative platform aiming to redefine the boating experience for owners, vendors, and brokers alike.

Fueled by personal frustrations with the maintenance challenges of boating, the Johndrows embarked on a mission to create a solution that brings peace of mind and joy back to boat owners.

BoatBot facilitates real-time communication, predictive maintenance, and a comprehensive digital service record, simplifying marine service operations and enhancing the overall boating experience. With AI-powered features designed to support not just boat owners but also service vendors and brokers, BoatBot introduces a level of connectivity and efficiency previously unseen in the marine industry. Brokers can now effortlessly coordinate maintenance, access detailed service histories, and offer a virtual service department, instilling confidence and transparency in transactions.

Stop by our booth at the Newport Beach boat show and experience firsthand how BoatBot is dedicated to helping you “Get Your Ship Together,” ensuring your boat is always ready for the next adventure!

Bellingham Marine at NBIBS

Industry leader, Bellingham Marine, specializing in marina construction, engineering, and design, is excited to announce that it will participate in the 2024 Newport Beach International Boat Show.

Our fully integrated service model, along with a design/build methodology, provides our clients a low risk, cost effective, and highly streamlined approach to their project.

Having supplied over 25 million square feet of floating systems for clients around the world in our 60+ year history, we know what’s been tried, what has worked and what hasn’t.

Time-proven construction methods combined with advancements in materials and an appreciation for value engineering are the foundation of our award-winning portfolio of projects. A

fully integrated service model along with our vast knowledge and network of professionals provides our clients with a low risk, cost-effective and highly streamlined approach to their projects. Every project we undertake offers market testing, product patents, manufacturing in ISO or PCI certified, quality-controlled facilities and highly skilled & crosstrained employees. To learn more about Bellingham Marine and what we offer, stop by our booth to talk to one of our project managers. Visit our website at www.bellingham-marine.com and check out which of our worldwide offices can help you.

Bellingham Marine

2014 Dennis St. Jacksonville, FL 32224.

Phone Number: 800-733-5679


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C E L E B R A T E S SAILTIME NEWPORT BEACH Call Joni Today! (619) 823-5220 www.BoatLenderUSA.com Office: (619) 224-4466 Cell: (619) 823-5220

Marine Servicenter - Yacht Sales since 1977 - displaying new Jeanneau & Catalina Sailboats at the 2024 NBIBS

Marine Servicenter, your West Coast experts on Jeanneau and Catalina sailboats, is excited to showcase three new Jeanneau sailboats: the 410, 440, and 490, and a new Catalina 355 at the Newport Beach International Boat Show. With offices in San Diego and Marina del Rey, CA., Bellingham and Seattle, WA., Marine Servicenter has maintained an unparalleled commitment to their boat owners and after-sales care since 1977.

The experienced team of sales professionals at Marine Servicenter live and breathe boating. They cruise, sail, fish, run powerboats, some live aboard, and many race sailboats. Combined, they have well over a century of boating experience to share with you.

With five consecutive Jeanneau North American Dealer of the Year Awards, Marine Servicenter is already a top-notch Marine Dealer. For 2024, the company expanded their offerings to include Catalina Yachts, True North Powerboats and XO Crossover Powerboats to fulfill your boating desires.

Life is too short to sit at the dock. See Marine Servicenter at NBIBS to help fulfill your boating dreams.  Can’t make it to the show? Shop their new and preowned models at www.marinesc.com. You can also call their San Diego team at 619.733.0559, or their Marina del Rey team at 310.963.3750.

THELOG.COM 22 | April 12 - April 25, 2024 | THE LOG
Catalina 355, Jeanneau 440 Sun Odyssey 440 o ered by Marine Servicenter

Visit West Coast Yachts at NBIBS

West Coast Yachts has been dedicated to serving both buyers and sellers of premium pre-owned vessels since 2010. Our team of brokers are knowledgeable and experienced professionals, distinct from mere captains turned yacht brokers. Choose us as your seller’s agent. We take pride in representing your listing. We employ professional drone photography and videography services, meticulously stage boats to showcase their finest features, and invest the time to truly understand your yacht, ensuring it presents its best face to potential buyers. Our marketing efforts extend nationwide, bolstered by an unmatched reputation in the industry.

As your buyer’s agent, our focus is on aligning you with the perfect yacht that fits your preferences, budget, and requirements—not simply what’s convenient. With extensive experience in sourcing, purchasing, and shipping boats from around the globe, we assure you that settling is not an option.

Trust West Coast Yachts to elevate your boating experience to its fullest potential. wcy.com

ProFender™ International: Australia’s Innovative Dock/Slip Fender Protection System

Now Manufactured Here in the USA

After a very successful NBIBS last year, ProFender™ Dock Fenders will be back this year with their on-water exhibit.  Our Boat Show special is also back for 2024 with free installation for any Dock Fenders purchased/ordered from our friendly team at this year’s show.

ProFender’s™ innovative Dock Fender System was designed and patented in Australia over 20 years ago and is now offered locally at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Huntington Beach, CA, guaranteed not to mark or chafe your vessel’s hull regardless of finish (Gelcoat, 2-Pac, timber, or wrapped hulls). Our product comes with a five-year warranty.

THELOG.COM THE LOG | April 12 - April 25, 2024 | 23 The AI-powered Future of Boating The innovative solution that harnesses the power of AI to automate communications, documentation, and accountability between boat owners and their trusted service providers. It’s time to... Introducing BoatBot Watch Video! www.boatbot.ai Jim Weston Regional Sales Manager, Southwest Region Cell: 949-278-9467 Ryan Heslin Area Sales Manager Cell: 805-636-7167 Kirk Smith Area Sales Manager Cell: 949-688-7578 Mindy Benard Area Sales Manager Cell: 949-887-1081
CALL US NOW FOR A NO-OBLIGATION QUOTE: 855.776.3363 or 949.400.2013 sales@profenderamerica.com; profenderamerica.com ProFender Dock & Slip Protection Systems

Cruising Yachts Showcases New European Catamarans, Sailboats and Powerboats at Newport Beach Boat Show

Cruising Yachts, the exclusive West Coast importer for Bali Catamarans from France, and Bavaria Sailing and Bavaria Power from Germany, is excited to invite guests aboard an array of award-winning European yachts.

The Catspace from Bali Catamarans is known for maximizing its volume for its overall length. With its innovative design, unique features and advanced capabilities, the Catspace is sure to impress the sailor and entertainer inside us all. Named the European Boat of the Year, the 40-foot Catspace allows the boater to explore far away destinations while avoiding slip limitations of larger boats.

The Bavaria Powerboats, also on display, invite offshore enthusiasts to take a

closer look at German engineering at its finest. Explore what’s under the floorboards and behind the cushions to peer deep inside the DNA of the darling of the Dusseldorf Boat Show.  There will be three Bavaria Powerboats on display including the Vida 33, Virtess 420 and the West Coast debut of the R-40, representing top-of-the-line execution in elegance and sport.

Cruising Yachts, one of the West Coast’s largest volume dealers of new and used yachts, features three locations in San Diego, Marina Del Rey and Alameda in the Bay Area. We are delighted to earn your business and invite you to step board some of the industry’s leading European-made yachts. Cruisingyachts.net.

Yacht Financing from Joni Geis at Sterling Associates

For 28 years I have been securing financing for Yachts and Boats throughout the U.S. and abroad. I am the best at what I do because I know what it takes to get the clients handled with efficiency and ease for brokers and dealers.


Because Sterling is bank owned, Joni is also one of the country’s only boat loan specialists with the ability to finance larger yachts. We can loan up to $22 million to a customer. I also have my own personal web site, https://www.boatbanker. com/meet-joni-geis-boatloan-specialist/, where customers looking to purchase a boat can easily navigate through the process of securing financing.

Buying a boat should be Easy and Fun! We keep it simple so the only thing you need to focus on is getting the right boat for you and your family.

Call or Email Joni Geis today

Joni Geis 619-224-4466


Charting a Course for Ocean Conservation: Join the SeaKeepers Mission

The International SeaKeepers Society is proud to be celebrating twenty-six years as a registered 501(c)(3) charity committed to enhancing the health of the world’s oceans by enabling the yachting and boating community. With headquarters in Florida and an additional office in Newport Beach, California, and international chapters in the South Pacific, the United Kingdom, and Asia, SeaKeepers has an impact on a global scale. The organization fosters oceanographic research, conservation, and education by engaging directly with the yachting and boating community to take full advantage of their unique potential to advance research and raise awareness on global ocean issues. Since the inception of the DISCOVERY Yacht

Program, SeaKeepers has facilitated over 500 programs and educated over 80,000 students indirectly and directly about the oceans’ significance, establishing itself as a crucial advocate for marine science and sustainability.

SeaKeepers relies on yacht donations to propel its mission. For the yacht owner, a vessel donation can result in meaningful tax benefits as well as a quick and easy way to transfer title and relieve responsibility and carrying costs. For the broker, yacht donations serve as another option to present to clients, especially in situations where the market and client don’t agree on valuation. To learn more about SeaKeepers, please visit our website at WWW.SEAKEEPERS. ORG.

THELOG.COM 24 | April 12 - April 25, 2024 | THE LOG
Geis, Boat Loan Specialist at Sterling Assoc.
Bali Catspace, Bavaria Vida 33, Bavaria R40

Allied Yacht Brokerage Exhibits at NBIBS

Allied Yacht Brokerage will be exhibiting a beautiful example of an updated Tiara 41’ Open that is ready to go.  Also on display is an Everglades 35’ offered at a great price of only $199,000.

Allied’s inventory not at the show includes a Viking 65 Convertible for $825K, Bertram 54 Convertible at $365K, Hatteras 50 at $399K, Sea Ray 54 with updated 2021 Cummins QSM Turbo diesels for $240K, Sunseeker Manhattan 50’ with low hours + transferrable Newport

slip, and a Freres 48’ offered with a 3-year purchase/lease for $125K.  In addition, be sure to ask about our Pace 40’ Sportfisher, nicely updated with rebuilt turbo diesels and new Onan genset with sound shield, $95K.

Allied Yacht Brokerage offers slips in Newport Beach for clients who are buying and selling.  Contact Mark Mowery directly at (949) 548-9999; alliednewport@gmail.com

SailTime Celebrates 20 Years!

SailTime debuted for the first time at the Lido Boat Show in 2005.  In January of this year, SailTime proudly began its 20th year of business in Newport Harbor.

Local residents Chris and Angele Jester launched SailTime Newport Beach with one 33-foot sailboat. Since then, SailTime Newport Beach has expanded to include PowerTime, and the fleet now has over 25 Beneteau monohulls and Swift Trawlers, as well as Lagoon catamarans.

SailTime/PowerTime create and manage a partnership of one owner and six fractional lease holders.  With the help of SailTime/PowerTime, the owner buys a new sailboat or powerboat and places it into an LLC.  The owner receives tax benefits, including paying boat expenses with pretax dollars earned from SailTime/PowerTime, plus Section 179’s accelerated depreciation.

SailTime’s sister company, Newport Beach Sailing School, offers both sail and powerboat training.  Whether you are new to boating or need a refresher, their accredited school can get you certified to boat with confidence.

SailTime/PowerTime will be at the boat show April 18th – 21st, 2024.  If you can’t make it, schedule a fleet tour at 714 878-7700 or OrangeCounty@ SailTime.com.  They are located at Balboa Marina, 201 E. Coast Hwy. Newport Beach, CA 92660.  www.SailTimeNewportBeach.com

Stop by Trident Funding at the Newport International Boat Show

Trident Funding is one of the largest, and most experienced financing companies in the U.S., specializing in Boat, Yacht, RV & Aircraft Loans.

Our vast knowledge of Marine/Boat Loan financing allows us to match you with the best loan options – giving you access to the best rates and terms in the marketplace.

We offer individual, full-service care to provide you with a boat loan that best meets your needs. We also help coordinate marine surveys and inspections, insurance, and titling or registration.

Come see us at our booth at the 2024 Newport Beach International Boat Show, visit us at www.tridentfunding.com, or call us directly and speak with one of our Southern California representatives(949) 475-0760.

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Tiara 41 $245K o ered by Allied Yacht Brokerage Jim Weston Mindy Benard Ryan Heslin Kirk Smith


Changes in NOAA/NWS’s Coastal Waters Forecast to Enhance Wave Detail Reporting

In a bid to enhance maritime safety and provide more comprehensive information to coastal communities, National Oc eanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)’s National Weather Service ( NWS) has announced significant changes to its Coastal Waters Forecast (CWF). These changes are set to revolutionize wave forecasts, offering a more detailed and nuanced understanding of sea conditions.

Under the current format, wave activity is described in terms of Wind Waves and Swell, with limited information provided regarding height, d irection, and period. For example, a typical forecast might read “Wind waves around 2 feet or less. Swell west 2 feet at 12 seconds.” However, the new format will offer a more detailed breakdown, with specific emphasis on the height, direction, and period of all impactful wave systems for at least the first three days of the forecast.

Gone are the terms Wind Wave and Swell; instead, the new format will provide a clearer picture of sea conditions with information such as “Seas around 3 feet. Wave Detail: west 2 feet at 10 seconds and south 1 foot at 15 seconds.”

This shift towards a more detailed wave forecast is expected to bring several benefits. Firstly, it will provide mariners with additional information to better plan routes and operations at sea. By offering insights into both short and long period wave hazards, mariners will be better equipped to navigate more safely through varying sea conditions.

Furthermore, the standardization of the CWF across the National Weather Service will ensure consistency in reporting, simplifying interpretation for users and enhancing overall reliability.

NOAA/NWS has made these changes with the aim of improving safety and decision-making for all those who rely on a ccurate and timely weather information along the coastlines. The updated Coastal Waters Forecast can be accessed through various channels, including the NOAA/NWS website (weather.gov/sgx/ marine), the Watches, Warnings & Advisories (WWA) map on weather.gov/ sandiego, and most marine band radios utilizing WX Channels 1-7.

The CWF serves as a vital tool for

providing comprehensive information about m arine weather conditions along coastal areas. Its primary objective is to ensure maritime safety by furnishing accurate and timely forecasts, aiding mariners, including commercial vessels, recreational boaters, fishermen, a nd other stakeholders, in making informed decisions regarding navigation. The CWF facilitates effective planning a nd operations by forecasting parameters such a s wave heights, and wind speeds, enabling mariners to plan routes and activities while minimizing risks associated w ith adverse weather..

As NOAA/NWS continues to prioritize the safety and well-being of maritime communities, these changes mark a significant step towards providing the most comprehensive and reliable wave forecasts possible.

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Image courtesy of NOAA Image courtesy of NOAA Image courtesy of NOAA

Navigating Stormy Seas: Tips for Boaters to Stay Safe During Bad Weather

As boating enthusiasts take to the water for a day of adventure, it’s crucial to be prepared for the unpredictable nature of the weather, especially during stormy seas. With lightning strikes, microbursts and sudden squalls posing significant risks, boaters must take proactive measures to ensure their safety and the safety of their passengers. Here are some essential tips to help boaters navigate through bad weather:

Lightning Preparedness:

When lightning strikes, it can be a serious threat to boaters, as water conducts electricity. To stay safe during a thunderstorm, it is recommended that:

1. Monitor weather forecasts before heading out and be aware of any thunderstorm warnings issued for the area.

2. If a thunderstorm approaches, seek shelter in a sturdy enclosed structure on land if possible. If caught on the water, head to shore as quickly and safely as possible.

3. If shelter is not available, avoid the tallest object on the water, i.e. a mast or fishing rods, and stay low in the boat’s cabin.

4. Disconnect all electrical appliances and avoid using electronic devices until the storm has passed.

Dealing with Bad Weather:

In the event of encountering bad weather while out on the water, boaters should:

1. S tay calm and assess the situation. Keep a lookout for dark clouds, sudden changes in wind speed or direction and other signs of approaching storms.

2 I f possible, navigate away from the storm by changing course and heading to the nearest safe harbor.

3. S ecure all loose items on deck to prevent them from becoming projectiles in strong winds.

4 E nsure that all passengers are wearing life jackets and are prepared for rough seas.

Understanding Microbursts:

Microbursts are sudden and powerful downdrafts of air that descend from thunderstorms and can cause extreme wind gusts near the surface. They are typically short-lived but can be extremely dangerous for boaters. Microbursts are created when a strong downdraft of cold air within a thunderstorm hits the ground and spreads out in all directions, creating a burst of wind that can reach speeds of over 100 miles per hour.

The dangers of microbursts for boaters include:

1. Sudden and unpredictable changes in wind direction and speed, making navigation difficult.

2. V iolent and turbulent seas, which can capsize or damage boats.

3. Falling debris and objects propelled by strong winds, posing a risk to both passengers and vessels.

In encountering a microburst while boating, it is crucial to:

1. S eek shelter in a protected area, such as a cove or inlet, if possible, to wait out the storm.

2. Secure all loose items on deck and ensure that all passengers are wearing life jackets.

3. Avoid trying to outrun or navigate through the microburst, as it can lead to even more dangerous situations.

By staying informed, prepared, and vigilant, boaters can minimize the risks associated with bad weather and enjoy safe and enjoyable experiences on the water. Remember, safety should always be the top priority when venturing out into the open sea.

Editor’s Note:

The safety tips provided in this article serve as valuable recommendations for boaters facing challenging weather conditions. However, it is essential to emphasize that boaters should always prioritize their safety by staying up-to-date

on boating safety laws and regulations, as well as completing relevant boating safety courses. Additionally, thorough preparedness before embarking on any voyage is crucial, including checking all necessary safety equipment, ensuring the vessel is in good working condition and familiarizing oneself with emergency procedures. Tracking weather forecasts and heeding any warnings or advisories issued by relevant authorities is also paramount. Ultimately, boaters must exercise caution, use good judgment and be prepared to navigate safely through any adverse weather conditions they may encounter on the water.

California’s Division of Boating and Waterways Allocates $4.25 Million for Public Safety and Waterway Preservation Grants

The Division of Boating and Waterways (DBW) within California State Parks is currently accepting grant proposals to enhance safety and preserve the integrity of California’s waterways, while also addressing issues related to abandoned and unwanted vessels. A total of $4.25 million in funding is available for two competitive grant programs: the Boating Safety and Enforcement Equipment (BSEE) program and the Surrendered and Abandoned Vessel Exchange (SAVE) program. Applications for these grants are open until April 30.

The BSEE program enhances waterway safety by granting funds for patrol boats, equipment and enforcement activities. It is funded by the U.S. Coast Guard’s Recreational Boating Safety Program.

T he SAVE program addresses abandoned vessels in California’s

waterways, providing grants for their removal by local agencies. Funded by the Abandoned Watercraft Abatement Fund, it protects the environment, enhances safety and supports waterway integrity.

Ramona Fernandez, deputy director of DBW, emphasized the importance of these grants in promoting safe and enjoyable outdoor experiences for both experienced and novice recreational boaters. She also expressed gratitude to the boating law enforcement community for their ongoing efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of California’s boating community.

Maintaining and preserving California’s waterways is important for numerous reasons. The water bodies serve as vital habitats for diverse aquatic species, crucial for biodiversity and ecological balance. Additionally, clean and preserved waterways contribute to the overall health of surrounding ecosystems, supporting recreational activities such as boating, fishing and swimming,

which are essential for both physical and mental well-being. Waterways play a significant role in providing drinking water, irrigation for agriculture and supporting local economies through tourism and commerce. By prioritizing the cleanliness and preservation of California’s w aterways, the state can safeguard the environment and its inhabitants and ensure sustainability and prosperity for present and future generations.

Last year, DBW awarded a total of $1.57 million in BSEE grants and $2.75 million in SAVE grants, supporting a range of initiatives. This year, DBW is stepping up its commitment, aiming to allocate up to $4.25 million to eligible applicants through these highly sought-after and competitive grant programs.


he BSEE grant program, with up to $1.5 million available in funding, is intended for local government agencies statewide. These agencies can use the grant funds to acquire patrol boats, re -

placement engines, personal watercraft, search-and-rescue equipment and other resources to bolster recreational boating safety and enforcement activities. These grants are meant to supplement existing local resources rather than fully fund boating safety and enforcement units.

Meanwhile, the SAVE grant program offers up to $2.75 million, also for local public agencies statewide. This funding is allocated for the removal and disposal of surrendered recreational vessels and derelict vessels from coastal and inland public waterways.

Applicants for both grant programs are required to submit their proposals through the Online Grant Application System (OLGA) by the April 30 deadline. To assist new applicants, DBW recommends viewing a 45-minute instructional v ideo on creating an OLGA account and navigating the application system.

For more information, please visit https://www.parks.ca.gov/.

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Stocking Up for Safety: How to Prepare Your Boat with Adequate Provisions for Bad Weather

As boaters set sail for adventures on the open waters, one crucial aspect that should never be overlooked is ensuring that the vessel is adequately provisioned, especially in preparation for potential encounters with bad weather. Whether embarking on a day trip or an extended ocean voyage, having a well-stocked supply of provisions onboard can make all the difference in ensuring safety and comfort during challenging conditions. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to prepare your boat with the necessary provisions to endure bad weather:

1. Water:

Water is perhaps the most critical provision to have onboard, as staying hydrated is essential for survival, especially during extended periods at sea. Plan to carry at least one gallon of water per person per day, accounting for both drinking and sanitation needs. Additionally, consider investing in a watermaker or desalination system for long-term voyages to replenish your freshwater supply from seawater.

2. Non-perishable food:

Stock your boat with a variety of non-perishable food items that are easy to store and p repare. Canned goods, dry pasta, rice, beans, nuts, granola bars and dehydrated meals are excellent options that provide essential nutrients and energy. Don’t forget to include a manual can opener and any necessary cooking equipment, such as a portable stove or grill.

3. Emergency rations:

In addition to regular provisions, it’s essential to have emergency rations onboard in case of unforeseen circumstances or

extended periods of bad weather. Coast Guard-approved emergency food rations, such as energy bars or freeze-dried meals, are specially designed to provide essential nutrients and calories in compact, long-lasting packages.

4. First aid kit:

A well-stocked first aid kit is a must-have onboard any boat, containing essential medical supplies to treat injuries or illnesses that may occur while at sea. Include items such as bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, seasickness medication, sunscreen and any prescription medications needed by passengers.

5. Safety equipment:

In addition to provisions, ensure that your boat is equipped with essential safety gear to handle emergencies and adverse weather conditions. This includes life jackets for all passengers, a marine radio for communication, signaling devices such as flares or a signaling mirror, a waterproof flashlight and a well-stocked ditch bag containing essential survival items.

6. Fuel and spare parts:

Keep your boat’s fuel tanks topped up and ensure you have an adequate supply of fuel for the duration of your voyage, including extra reserves in case of unexpected delays or diversions. Additionally, carry spare parts and tools for basic repairs and maintenance to address any mechanical issues that may arise while underway.

7. Weather forecasting tools:

Stay informed about weather conditions along your planned route by carrying reliable weather forecasting tools onboard, such as a marine weather radio, satellite weather receiver or smartphone app with real-time weather updates. Monitor weather forecasts

regularly and be prepared to alter your course or seek shelter if adverse conditions are predicted.

8. Communication and navigation:

Maintain communication with shorebased contacts or fellow boaters using a marine VHF radio or satellite phone. Ensure your boat is equipped with reliable navigation equipment, including GPS, charts, compass and backup navigation tools in case of equipment failure or loss of GPS signal.

9. Crew training and emergency drills:

Lastly, ensure that all crew members are familiar with emergency procedures and know how to operate safety equipment onboard. Conduct regular safety drills to practice responses to various emergencies, including man overboard situations, fire, flooding and abandoning ship scenarios.

By following these guidelines and adequately provisioning your boat for bad weather, you can ensure that you and your

crew are prepared to handle whatever challenges may arise while at sea. Remember, preparation is key to staying safe and comfortable during ocean voyages, so take the time to plan and stock up before setting sail on your next adventure.

Editor’s Note:

The suggestions provided in this article are offered as recommendations by The Log and are intended to serve as a helpful guide for boaters in preparing their vessels for potential encounters with bad weather. It is important to note that while we strive to provide valuable information, The Log is not a professional safety course or authority on maritime safety. Boaters should exercise their own judgment and consult with certified safety experts or undergo official safety training courses for comprehensive guidance on boating safety practices. Ultimately, the responsibility for ensuring safety onboard rests with the boat owner and crew, and thorough preparation and adherence to established safety protocols are essential for a safe and enjoyable boating experience.

Boating Safely in High Traffic and Small Spaces

Navigating high-traffic harbor areas poses unique challenges for boaters, especially when it comes to avoiding collisions between boats, paddleboards, k ayaks and other vessels that roam the calmer waters.

Expert research outlined in the article “Visibility Factors in Small Boat Collisions,” by Robson Forensic, offers valuable insights on how boaters can enhance safety on the water and minimize the risk of accidents involving kayaks and small vessels. For the full article, please visit https:// www.robsonforensic.com/articles/ small-boat-visibility-factors-expert.

The research, based on on-the-water tests involving volunteers in kayaks and powerboats, underscores the importance of early detection. One key finding reveals

that kayaks may not be visible to powerboats until they are approximately a quarter of a mile away. The sooner a small vessel is spotted, the better the chances of avoiding a collision.

A significant observation from the study indicates that 75% of powerboat operators first noticed the “paddle flash” when encountering kayaks. Notably, a white or light-colored paddle blade significantly enhances visibility compared to a dark blade. To further enhance visibility, experts suggest adding paddle tip reflectors to kayak paddles.

For kayakers, implementing safety measures is paramount.

Recommendations include carrying an audible signaling device, wearing fluorescent life vests or shirts, opting for paddles with white or light-colored blades, avoiding kayaking in areas with high boat traffic whenever possible, and

utilizing flags that can be mounted on kayaks to increase visibility.

Owners of larger boats also play a crucial role in preventing collisions with kayaks a nd small vessels.

Key practices include wearing sunglasses to aid in spotting smaller craft, maintaining a proper lookout at all times and exercising heightened vigilance in areas where encounters with smaller boats are likely.

By incorporating these guidelines into your boating safety practices and

remaining vigilant while navigating high-traffic harbor areas, boaters can significantly reduce the risk of collisions and ensure a safer and more enjoyable experience for all waterway users.

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Booming Bottom Fishing!

Way to start the season @aggressor_sportfishing The Aggressor overnight is still fishing San Clemente Island but has had fantastic bottom fishing so far, with rockfish, BIG Lingcod and even some Yellowtail on deck! They’ll be at it again tomorrow on the 3/4 day to the island with LIGHY loads. They’re limited to just 32 anglers, but likely will run with just a dozen or less for tomorrow. Tap the link in our bio to check out our schedule

Or give us a call at 949-675-0550.


Casting Off: Exploring Fishing Charter Options in Newport Beach

Newport Beach, with its picturesque coastline and bountiful waters, is a haven for anglers seeking thrilling shing adventures. With a variety of charter options available, shermen can embark on unforgettable excursions to reel in the catch of a lifetime. Among the premier charter companies in Newport Beach are Newport Landing Sport shing and Davey’s Locker Whale Watching and Sport shing, both o ering a range of packages tailored to suit every angler’s preferences.

Newport Landing Sportfishing:

Newport Landing Sport shing has been a cornerstone of Newport Beach’s shing scene for over 30 years, renowned for its top-notch eet of vessels and experienced crew. Anglers can choose from a diverse selection of charter packages, including half-day, three-quarter-day and full-day trips, as well as overnight excursions for the more adventurous.

For spring shing enthusiasts, Newport Landing Sport shing o ers opportunities to target a variety of species, including yellowtail, halibut, calico bass and rock sh. Their customized departure times and trip lengths balance comfort and convenience for guests while maximizing their shing opportunities. Customized all-inclusive meal and drink packages are also available in all-in-one charter quotes. For more information, please visit https://newportlanding.com/ index.html.

Davey’s Locker Whale Watching and Sportfishing:

Davey’s Locker Whale Watching and Sport shing o ers a wide range of shing and whale-watching experiences. With a eet of state-of-the-art vessels equipped with the latest technology and amenities, Davey’s Locker provides anglers with comfortable and productive shing trips.

Anglers can choose from a variety of charter packages, including open-party trips, private charters and specialty excursions targeting speci c species such as yellow n tuna, white seabass, and giant blue n tuna. With knowledgeable captains and crew members at the helm, Davey’s Locker ensures that every

shing adventure is both enjoyable and rewarding. For more information, please visit https://daveyslocker.com/.

During the spring months, Newport Beach o ers prime shing opportunities for a variety of species. Yellowtail, a prized game sh known for its strength and agility, migrate closer to shore, providing anglers with exciting action just minutes from the harbor. Additionally, halibut and calico bass are abundant in the nearshore waters, making them popular targets for anglers seeking delicious table fare.

O shore, anglers can target pelagic species such as yellow n tuna and dorado,

which begin to migrate into Southern California waters as temperatures rise. These high-energy sh provide anglers with thrilling battles and the chance to reel in trophy-sized specimens.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice looking to experience the thrill of deep-sea shing, Newport Beach’s shing charter options o er something for everyone. With Newport Landing Sport shing and Davey’s Locker Whale Watching and Sport shing leading the way, anglers can embark on unforgettable shing adventures and create lasting memories on the bountiful waters of Newport Beach.

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Newport Landing Sportfishing Facebook photo Newport Landing Sportfishing Facebook photo

California Implements Measures to Protect Whales: Changes to Dungeness Crab Fisheries

In a bid to safeguard migrating humpback whales from entanglement risks, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Director, Charlton H. Bonham, has announced significant alterations to both commercial and recreational Dungeness crab fisheries. The decision comes after aerial and vessel surveys conducted in mid-March revealed an uptick in humpback whale numbers returning to forage off California’s coast.

Migrating whales can get caught in Dungeness crab traps due to their size and trap design. This happens when whales swim near traps, becoming tangled in the lines attached to buoys. Entanglement can lead to injury or death. Measures are needed to reduce entanglement risk and safeguard whales while maintaining the crab fishery’s sustainability.

The changes went into effect at 6 p.m. April 8, when the commercial Dungeness crab fishery in Fishing Zones 3, 4, 5 and 6 – spanning from the Sonoma/Mendocino county line to the U.S./Mexico border – closed.

T his entails a complete prohibition on the commercial take a nd possession of Dungeness crab from these waters. Additionally, a 30-fathom depth constraint will be enforced for the commercial Dungeness crab fishery in Fishing Zones 1 and 2, stretching from the Sonoma/Mendocino county line to the Oregon border. Traps used by the commercial fishery in these zones will be banned in waters seaward of the 30-fathom contour.

A recreational crab trap prohibition will be implemented i n Fishing Zones 3, 4 and 5 to mitigate entanglement risks further, extending from the Sonoma/Mendocino county line to Point Conception. However, recreational crabbers are reminded that t he take of Dungeness crab by alternative methods, such as hoop nets and crab snares, remains permissible until the end of the season.

California Fish and Game Commission Adopts

2024 Groundfish Regulations

The California Fish and Game Commission has unanimously approved adjustments to the 2024 groundfish season, a ffecting opening dates, fishing depths and bag limits. Following restrictions in 2023 due to exceeding federal catch limits on quillback rockfish, designated as an overfished species, the new changes offer additional fishing opportunities, but come with new requirements for anglers.

These regulations complement federal waters regulations, particularly to avoid quillback rockfish in their primary depth range of 20 to 50 fathoms off the northern and central California coastlines. Notably, new waypoints defining a 20-fathom boundary line will confine fishing activities shoreward of this line, facilitating an ‘Inshore Fishery’ within several groundfish management areas (GMAs) during t he 2024 season. Conversely, during “offshore only fishery” months, fishing for groundfish will be limited to seaward of the 50-fathom boundary line, with restrictions on certain species. Divers and shore-based anglers remain exempt from boat-based season restrictions, aligning with current regulations.

Additionally, the commission has mandated the carrying and immediate availability of descending devices on vessels fishing for federal groundfish

While all open Fishing Zones continue to be under a Fleet Advisory for both commercial and recreational Dungeness crab fisheries, CDFW emphasizes the importance of adhering to best practices outlined in the Best Practices Guide. Moreover, under emergency regulations authorized in early March, commercial Dungeness crab vessels are permitted to retrieve an unlimited number of lost, damaged, abandoned or derelict commercial Dungeness crab traps in Fishing Z ones 3 through 6 starting from 6 a.m. on April 15. Vessels operating under these regulations are urged to report any retrieved gear promptly to WhaleSafe -

to improve the survival rate of released fish suffering from barotrauma. Another significant change involves the division of the central GMA at 36º N. latitude, providing opportunities for anglers in areas south of this line with historically minimal catch of quillback rockfish. To safeguard vermilion rockfish, the sub-limit within the Rockfish, Cabezon and Greenling complex has been reduced in specific GMAs. Recreational GMAs in California are slated for six months of all-depth or inshore fishing opportunity in 2024, with season summaries outlined for each GMA approved by the commission.

The 2024 regulations are anticipated to be reviewed and approved by the O ffice of Administrative Law and come into effect in state waters in early April, with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife providing updates on its Summary of Recreational Groundfish Fishing Regulations web page. Anglers are advised to consult this resource for the latest season openings and regulatory information before heading out to fish.


W hile these measures may pose challenges for anglers, they are essential for the protection of migrating whales. CDFW anticipates conducting the next risk assessment in mid-April and encourages individuals to stay informed about updates related to the risk assessment process by visiting CDFW’s Whale Safe Fisheries page. For more information on the Dungeness crab fishery, anglers are advised to visit wildlife.ca.gov/crab.


Drop the Line for Rockfish!

The rockfish opener along the beach was a bit slow with funky water and fish that didn’t really want to bite. But the deep water on the 14 Mile bank kicked out some good ones later in the day. Back at it mañana. Are you coming?

#danawharf @danapointharbor

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CDFW image Dana Wharf Sportfishing Facebook photo Pexels image

san diego fish report


The early spring fishing season has brought bluefin tuna to offshore waters within 1.5 day range of Point Loma and has also provided good fishing for reds, rockfish, sand bass, calico bass, sculpin and whitefish at spots along the San Diego County coast and Los Coronado Islands. The fishing along the San Diego County coast has also had some large yellowtail biting at La Jolla and the San Diego County coastal fishing is also producing an improved halibut bite. Anglers are anticipating continued spring time improvement in the surface fishing offshore, at the islands and along the coast but a series of recent weather systems have brought high seas, strong winds and rain which seem to have temporarily stalled the development of the spring surface fishing. This should be only a temporary setback though and a prolonged stretch of nice weather should help a lot.

Bluefin tuna have been biting during the late winter and early spring season but the past few trips that I know of that were targeting bluefin struggled to locate biting bluefin. I think a large part of the recent decline in some of the bluefin catches can be blamed on the recent series of weather systems that have been moving through Southern California and Northern Baja.

Bluefin were biting much better before the recent series of storm when there were near limit to limit catches being made on fish that were mostly in the 50 to 180 pound range. These fish were biting in the 1000 fathom basin below the 1010 Trench in the region of the Catcher’s Mitt between 90 and 105 miles 180 to 190 degrees from Point Loma.

Bluefin have been caught during the night and during the day with the night time fishing usually being the best. Knife jigs fished during the dark around sonar marks and meter marks have been working best. Also try sinker rigged sardines during the night and the day as well as flylined sardines during the day.

The fishing around Los Coronado

Islands has not seen much in the way of recent yellowtail or other surface fishing activity but the fishing has been very good for a mixture of reds, rockfish, whitefish and an occasional lingcod. The best areas for the mixed bag bottom fishing have been to the northwest, north and northeast of North Island in 25 to 60 fathoms. Not far away, also try fishing for rockfish on the Mexico side of the border at the lower end of the 9 Mile Bank. Another productive rockfish zone has been at the South Kelp Ridge below South Island in the 25 to 45 fathom depths.

Anglers were happy to see the seasonal rockfish closure on the US side of the Mexico border come to an end on April 1. There were a lot of anglers out fishing on opening day and there were some areas that produced well and other areas where the reports were of slack current and slack drift conditions where the fishing was just fair. On opening day, reports of the good rockfish fishing were from boats fishing off Del Mar and Box Canyon. Good news is that in subsequent days the current and drift conditions improved in other areas and the fishing also turned good at spots such as the 9 Mile Bank, The 270, Carlsbad and Leucadia. Another area off the Orange County coast that has provided good rockfish fishing since the opener is the 14 Mile Bank. Please refer to the Department of Fish and Wildlife website at www.wildlife.ca.gov. to keep up with the ever changing rockfish regulations.

The fishing along the San Diego County coast continues to provide a chance at catching a large yellowtail at La Jolla. There are yellowtail seen off La Jolla most every day. Some days see good sized schools of yellowtail being metered and seen and other days just a few small spots of yellowtail are located. It continues to be difficult to get the yellowtail to bite but the effort can sometimes result in catching a nice sized yellowtail in the 18 to 40 pound range.

The majority of yellowtail hookups have been on yo-yo iron or surface iron that are fished around spots of bait, meter marks, sonar marks or spots of breaking

fish. The yellowtail activity is usually found in 8 to 30 fathoms with the 14 to 20 fathom depths often being the best.

The key to finding yellowtail has been locating schools of bait. The best zones to try to locate yellowtail have been along the outskirts of the MLPA closure zone at the lower end of La Jolla as well as outside of the upper end of La Jolla while fishing to the west of “The Hotel.”

Yo-yo iron that is fished around deep meter marks found around deep bait balls continues to account for most of the yellowtail hookups and good choices for yo-yo iron include Salas 6X and 6X Jr. jigs in blue and white and scrambled egg colors. Colt Sniper style yo-yo jigs have also been effective at times.

Surface iron has also been working for yellowtail at times when you can cast the jig to breaking fish before they sound. Good choices for surface iron include Tady 45 and Salas 7X light jigs in blue and white, mint and sardine colors.

As the spring season progresses there have been more yellowtail hooked using things other than iron and trolled Rapalas have been one of the things that has producing an occasional yellowtail. Also effective have been mackerel and sardines when fished on a dropper loop rig or when slow trolled.

In addition to a chance at a yellowtail at La Jolla, hard bottom and structure areas up and down the San Diego County coast have been producing a good mix of calico bass, sand bass, sculpin, sheephead, whitefish and halibut.

Productive areas for the sand bass, calico bass, sculpin, sheephead and whitefish include the Imperial Beach Pipeline, the hard bottom to the northwest of Buoy #3 at Point Loma, the Green Tank, the Jetty Kelp outside of Mission Bay, the Variety Kelp at the lower end of La Jolla, the upper end of La Jolla, Solana Beach, Leucadia, South Carlsbad, the Barn and San Onofre.

There have been improving numbers

of halibut biting along the San Diego County coast and areas that have been producing halibut activity include the sandy bottom adjacent to the Imperial Beach Pipeline and the sandy bottom adjacent to hard bottom outside of the Imperial Beach Pier.

San Diego Bay has also been producing halibut when drifting outside of the sunken jetty located on the Coronado side of the entrance to San Diego Bay. Inside of San Diego Bay, a productive area has been from Harbor Island on down to the Coronado Bridge while drifting on the Coronado side of the channel. Another productive area inside of San Diego Bay has been drifting off National City and Chula Vista on the National City and Chula Vista side of the channel.

Going further north, other areas producing an occasional halibut have been the sandy bottom next to the structure of the sunken NEL Tower and the structure of the Yukon Shipwreck off Mission Beach, the sandy bottom off South Ponto Beach, the sandy bottom next to the structure of the artificial reefs outside of Oceanside and the sandy bottom next to structure outside of San Onofre.

Full story will be found online. Bob Vanian is the voice, writer, and researcher of the San Diego-based internet fish report service called 976-Bite which can be found at www.976bite.com. Vanian also provides anglers with a personal fish report service over the telephone at (619) 226-8218. He always welcomes your fish reports at that same phone number or at bob976bite@aol.com.

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38’ VAN DAM 2003 - Major refit in 2021, new paint on deck, bottom, & hard top, Honduran mahogany sanded to raw before new stain and clear coat. Dan Wood (206) 719-1800. 44’ RIVIERA 440 SPORT YACHT 2012 - Excellent condition, ready to go, all new interior bedding & soft goods, dive tank compressor, watermaker. Todd Sherman (714) 325-8181. 52’ ABSOLUTE FLY 2015 - Immaculate, 3 cabins + crew/guest, Volvo IPS 600s w/ joysticks at both helms, 425 hours, hydraulic swim platform, very well equipped. Alan Baron (949) 933-2112. 48’ SWAN 2001 - World-renowned Swan quality, one of the finest builders ever, Frers design, 2 private cabins, 2 heads, carbon fiber rig, electric winches. Bob Steel (949) 422-2633. 52’ TIARA SOVRAN SALON 2006 - Original owner, upgraded Cat diesel C15s 850 hp, only 465 hrs, watermaker, recent electronics upgrade. Todd Sherman (714) 325-8181. 48’ SEA RAY SEDAN BRIDGE 2000 - Popular model, 3 staterooms, 2 heads, large flybridge, cherry interior, full dinette, great maintenance & care. Todd Sherman (714) 325-8181. 70’ VIKING SPORT CRUISER FLYBRIDGE MOTORYACHT 2009 - 2 Seakeepers, upgraded Garmin electronics in 2019, hydraulic swim platform 2018. Dan Wood (206) 719-1800. 66’ VIKING 2014 - Impeccable condition, 1,800hp Cat C-32 ACERTs, 4 double cabins, 5 heads, new Seakeeper, new tender & outboard, incredibly equipped. Bob Steel (949) 422-2633.
38’ CATALINA 1997 - 40hp Westerbeke diesel (under 500 hrs), walk-though transom, 2 private cabins, excellent electronics, impeccable condition. Gene Prizer (310) 749-4232. NEW LISTING 47’ CATALINA 2000 - Original owner, Yanmar 4JHTE-2000 hrs, recent engine service, recent 10’ RIB w/outboard, Max Prop, two heads, fin keel. Gene Prizer (310) 749-4232. NEW LISTING 53’ LYMAN MORSE CUSTOM CRUISING YACHT - Designed & built for world cruising, 2 private cabins, 2 heads, sleeps up to 8, 1,500 mile range under power. Bob Steel (949) 422-2633. 52’ VIKING SPORT CRUISER / PRINCESS 2000 - Nice blend of power and economy for extended cruising, great visibility, wide side decks. Steve Besozzi (949) 355-4644. JUST REDUCED JUST REDUCED 57’ CARVER VOYAGER 2005 - Bow & stern thrusters, hydronic diesel heat & AC, hauled 5/23. A well-maintained, beautiful, spacious distance cruiser. Dan Wood (206) 719-1800. NEW LISTING 62’ CUSTOM LAPWORTH - 2 major refits/upgrades, easily sailed by 2, classic wooden yacht in beautiful condition. Bob Steel (949) 422-2633. NEW LISTING SOLD WORLD CLASS SERVICE SINCE 1974 For instant listing updates, follow us on social media! NEWPORT BEACH (949) 574-7600 SEATTLE (206) 625-1580 WWW.CROWSNESTYACHTS.COM Each Crow’s Nest Yachts office is independently owned and operated.
70’ VIKING ENCLOSED BRIDGE 2012 - Recent survey, MTU 16V-2000-M94 2600 hp, Seakeeper 26 NEW 11/22 w/ extended warranty 4 years/2,000 hrs. Dan Wood (206) 719-1800.
Dealer of the Year '23 • ‘22 • ‘21 • ‘20 • ‘19 • ‘16 MARINE SERVICENTER San Diego Marina del Rey Seattle Bellingham 955 Harbor Island Dr., #1604655 Admiralty Way, Ste 2082442 Westlake Ave. N1801 Roeder Ave. #128 619.733.0559 310.963.3750 206.323.2405360.770.0180 info@marinesc.com • www.marinesc.com 2024 Jeanneau 380 #77846: $389,560 • SAVE $25,180 2024 Jeanneau Yacht 55: All New! • $1,369,380 Transferable Slip at Sun Roads Marina Marina del Rey New Listing - SD! In Stock - Seattle 1998 Catalina 36 MKII • $89,950 2023 Jeanneau 380 • $354,900 San Diego AT THE SHOW! Yacht Sales Since 1977 San Diego San Diego AT THE SHOW! 2024 Catalina 355 #181: $349,835 • SAVE$13,511 2024 Jeanneau 490 #77391: $694,868 • SAVE $53,627 In Stock & Sale PricedMarina del Rey Marina del Rey 2007 Catalina 42 MKII • $198,500 2022 Beneteau Flyer 9 Sundeck • $211,000 2003 Viking Princess MV 65 • $809,000 Marina del Rey 2024 True North 34OE • $694,231 • SAVE $8,305 West Coast Dealers! Modern on-water f loating homes, offices, guest houses, vacation homes, “she” sheds or “man” caves! Ideal for water front propertiesmarine vessels with no permits required! Ranging from 26' - 50'. Easily moored in a marina, equipped with twin OB engines and steering station, or as a barge. Modern 11 - In Stock Seattle SO CAL & PNW DEALERS FOR: WEST COAST DEALERS FOR: Newport Beach, CA APRIL 18-21 AT THE SHOW! 2024 Jeanneau 440 #77935: $550,998 • SAVE $40,733 2024 Jeanneau 410 #78148: $463,719 • SAVE $11,356 AT THE SHOW! 2023 Jeanneau 349 #77845: $258,355 • SAVE $19,275 - SD 2024 Jeanneau 349 #78185: $278,895 • SAVE $6,860 - MDR In Stock & Sale Priced Marina del Rey & San Diego Arrives April! Ready November! 2024 Jeanneau Yacht 60 #78210: $1,698,468 • SAVE $83,063 CROSSOVER 2019 Edgewater 280 • $239,000 2009 Azimut 62S • $775,000
+1 949.791.4220 Sales@DenisonYachting.com DenisonYachting.com San Diego, CA Newport Beach, CA Long Beach, CA Marina del Rey, CA San Francisco, CA Seattle, WA 619.822.2715 949.791.4220 562.594.9716 310.821.5883 510.981.2021 206.686.5400 1948 NEW INVENTORY 58ʹ SEA RAY 2007 | LONG BEACH, CA BILL PETERSEN (310) 871-1977 SELECT BROKERAGE 65ʹ SUNSEEKER 2022 | MARINA DEL REY, CA ERIK MAYOL • (949) 338-7907 37ʹ EXCESS CATAMARAN 2023 | SAN DIEGO, CA KIM DUMAS (619) 248-3194 52ʹ SEAWIND 2024 | SAN DIEGO, CA KURT JERMAN (619) 571-3513 116 TRANSWORLD 2014 | SAN PEDRO, CA ALEKS TALDYKIN • (310) 569-3821 JOHN DWYER • (949) 933-0278 39ʹ DUFOUR 2023 | SAN DIEGO, CA KIM DUMAS • (619) 248-3194 37ʹ DUFOUR 2023 | MARINA DEL REY, CA WILL PETERSEN • (310) 430-1502 PIRANHA $635,000 22 $2,975,000 EXCESS 11 $616,404 SEAWIND 1600 $1,382,684 HARLEY G $4,395,000 DUFOUR 390 $474,232 DUFOUR 370 $356,845 88 SUNSEEKER 2011 | MARINA DEL REY, CA ALEKS TALDYKIN • (310) 569-3821 46ʹ EXCESS CATAMARAN 2024 | SAN DIEGO, CA KURT JERMAN (619) 571-3513 INDECENT PROPOSAL IV $3,150,000 EXCESS 14 $1,117,875 42ʹ LAGOON 2018 | MARINA DEL REY, CA DENISE GEORGE (310) 490-9432 KUSUNOKI $575,000 66ʹ AZIMUT 2017 | OXNARD, CA DENISE GEORGE • (310) 490-9432 TCHANTCHES $1,799,000 41ʹ DUFOUR 2024 | MARINA DEL REY, CA TOM HUGH-JONES • (310) 658-0700 DUFOUR 41 $506,975
We have slips in Newport for our new brokerage clients, call us directly at 949-548-9999 AlliedNewport@gmail.com | MovieYachts.com FILAC O RNIA YACHT BROKERS ASSO C I NOITA MEMBER Mark W. Mowery Owner/Broker NicelyUpdated NBdockavail TransferableSlip Viking 65 Conv. 2001  4 staterooms 4 heads, Bow thruster LLC owned Caterpillars $1.19m $825k 1999 Sea Ray 540 Sundancer  LLC, thruster, Sat TV, hydraulic swim step, Trans NB slip. $249k 2001 Hatteras Convertible 50’ CAT 3506’s, 3 staterooms, LLC. Located in Dana Point. Slip may be available. $449K $399k 2000 Tiara Open 41’ Highly upgraded and maintained,  Caterpillars, Inverter, Watermaker, UW lights, New Batts, $110k recent upgrades. $245k 1988/2008 Bertram 54’ LLC, $2m spent on 2008 refit includes Cat C18s, everything was new in 2008, 1000lb davit, genset, electronics, Interior, wiring, plumbing, cabinetry, flybridge hardtop, audio, video, galley appliances & more! $675k $549k 2006 Sunseeker Manhattan 50’ LLC, Volvo Diesels, Trans NB slip, freedom lift, 3 staterooms $474,500 MustSee HugeValue! $265k REPOWER in 2021

Leight Star

143’ (43.6m) :: Custom Palatka :: 1984/2008

$9,750,000 :: +1 310 343 0999 chad.pordes@northropandjohnson.com RECENT


70’ (21.33m) :: Johnson :: 1996/2023

$810,000 :: +1 310 503 0844 rolf.smith@northropandjohnson.com


63’ (19.2m) :: Baia :: 2004

$475,000 :: +1 310 343 0999 chad.pordes@northropandjohnson.com

Lucky Marlin

55’ (16.8m) :: Ocean Yacht :: 1987

$289,000 :: +1 949 610 5812 robert.petrina@northropandjohnson.com

Lori Lynn

89’ (27.13m) :: Norldlund :: 1995/2020

$1,995,000 :: +1 352 442 6517 jaco.stofberg@northropandjohnson.com


68’ (20.7m) :: Azimut :: 2011

$845,000 :: +1 310 503 0844 rolf.smith@northropandjohnson.com


62’ (18.9m) :: Benetaeu :: 2022

$1,433,000 :: +1 858 740 1987 graham.rutherford@northropandjohnson.com


42’ (12.8m) :: Tiara :: 2003

$339,000 :: +1 949 274 0813 johan.kritzinger@northropandjohnson.com


74’ (22.56m) :: Lanzarote :: 2013/2016

$2,495,000 :: +1 619 228 1942 paul.daubner@northropandjohnson.com


66’ (20.12m) :: Hines-Farley :: 1994/2014

$3,495,000 :: +1 949 610 5812 robert.petrina@northropandjohnson.com

3 Ten

58’ (17.7m) :: West Bay :: 1997

$579,000 :: +1 714 322 1667 tom.corkett@northropandjohnson.com


41’ (12.5m) :: San Juan/Concorde :: 2014

$549,000 :: +1 714 322 1667 tom.corkett@northropandjohnson.com

2801 West Coast Highway, Suite 260 Newport Beach,
:: +1 619 226 3344
Shelter Island Drive, Suite 105
Diego, CA 92106
:: +1 949 642 5735
CA 92663
YOUR NEW YACHT IS WAITING 2023 Catalina 425 $40,124 SAVE 2023 Bali CATSPACE CruisingYachts.net Exclusive California Dealer for $750,000 $490,000 2023 Bavaria Vida 33 $344,961 $40,000 SAVE $46,913 SAVE 2023 Bavaria SR36 $490,000 $51,137 SAVE Now is the time to take advange of close out pricing on all 2023 models! 2023 Bavaria Virtess 420 Fly $809,696 $125K SAVE In-stock 2024 models 2024 Bavaria C50 $814,887 Bavaria C45 $653,560 2024 Bavaria R40 Fly $890,535 Alameda 510.521.1327 Marina del Rey 310.821.8302 San Diego 619.681.0633 $50,000 SAVE CALIFORNIA DEBUT
THELOG.COM 40 | April 12 - April 25, 2024 | THE LOG HOW WILL YOU DO CATALINA THIS SUMMER? The DB/43 OB promises
exhilaration. Full speed crossings, with a
for sunbathing and a swim, stunning sunsets, shared smiles, a glass in hand... you don’t have to choose between enjoying intense sensations and simple pleasures.
moments of pure
get you
www.schockboats.com DB/43 Avalon is only 30 minutes away! HUNTINGTON HARBOUR 16214 Pacific Coast Hwy. Huntington Beach, CA 92649 949-673-2050 www.schockboats.com SAN DIEGO 2700 Shelter Island Dr. 619-880-8892 53’HCBSUENOS2021 Atrue10!Five(5)450hpMercuryOBs.NewAGM batteries,SeaKeeper,Joystickw/Skyhook&more. DonRoss:949-274-6595 $1,399,000 58’STEPHENS1968 Restoredtobetterthannewinmanyways.Rebuilt engines,spectacularexterior&interiorcondition. StevenHenry:310-720-6999 $485,000 310-748-5409 yachtbroker@pacbell.net www.shorelineyachtgroup.com 42’PROWLERRENAISSANCECAT2021 (4)300hpMercuryVeradoOutboards.Unique asymmetricalsponsonsforastable,fast&softride. StevenHenry:310-720-6999 $590,000 42’SEARAY420SUNDANCER2005 ThebestSundanceronthemarket!Twocabins, twoheadlayout.Perfectlyforweekendgetaways! StevenHenry:310-720-6999 $227,800 Seetheseboatsatthe NewportBeach InternationalBoatShow April18-21
Jeanneau’s DB/43 will
to Avalon in the style you deserve not
mention how comfortable you’ll be when you get there.
THELOG.COM THE LOG | April 12 - April 25, 2024 | 41 2811 Dickens St., Suite 130 San Diego, CA 92106 Sales Management Construction Licensed & Bonded since 1982 Brokerage Slips at Intrepid Landing Bigbayyachts.com Price Reduced Keen Seller Just Listed at BBY Showdock Seeking Quality Listings Exclusive Dealer Scott Lampe (619) 222-1124 39’ Tiara 3900 Sovran Express 2007 LLC Owned * Super clean * Updated Garmin elecs was freshwater for 14 years! IPS serviced! 35’ Ocean SuperSport SF 1990 Twin Cummins 6BTA (new 2005) * 450 hours Dinette version* Motivated seller! Call Joel Swan for more info and boarding 54’ Allied Sportfish 1968/ 2006 Active business in Kona Hi. CAT 3406 diesels. Includes prime Honokohau 55' slip, corporation, website and a proven fish raiser. Call Scott REDUCED! 33’ Bayliner 3288 Sedan MY 1989 Super clean* Many updates- upgrades! Fish or cruise!* Priced to sell! Call Johnathan for boarding and more info! Live Zoom, Personal Walkthrough Tours of our Boats CALL TO ARRANGE WEST COAST YACHTS NEWPORT BEACH 2600 Newport Blvd #122 (949) 673-2060 WCYACHTS.COM 2016 Boston Whaler 315 $269,900 2009 470 Sea Ray Sundancer $409,000 2007 Carver 43 MY $319,000 VISIT WCYACHTS.COM FOR MORE INVENTORY Waterfront Offices in DANA POINT 24450 Dana Point Harbor Drive #A1 2017 Grady White 307 Freedom $245,000 “30 Years in the Same Location” 2016 Marlow-Hunter 37 $199,000 2000 Hunter Passage 420 $129,000 1988 Bertram 50 Sportfisher $249,000 1987 Spindrift CPMY/Aft Cabin 58 $159,000 1997 Island Packet 45 $211,000 1999 46' Ocean Alexander 460 $210,000 (619)295-9669 “30 Years in the Same Location” www.CaliforniaYachtSales.com 2006 54' Jeanneau $354,900 199 8 Hallber-Rassy 36 $159,900 36 Pacifica $105,000 2004 Hunter 46 6 $150,000 1985 40' Passport $134,900 1987 42' Ocean Alexander $90,000 1994 35' Island Packet $93,000 SOLD (619) 295-9669 www.CaliforniaYachtSales.com 1999 46' Ocean Alexander 460 $210,000 (619)295-9669 “30 Years in the Same Location” www.CaliforniaYachtSales.com 2006 54' Jeanneau $354,900 199 8 Hallber-Rassy 36 $159,900 36 Pacifica $105,000 2004 Hunter 46 6 $150,000 1985 40' Passport $134,900 1987 42' Ocean Alexander Sedan $90,000 1994 35' Island Packet $93,000 SOLD 1997 Sea Ray 420 Aft Cabin $157,000
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11’CARIBE2006: ModelDL11with30hp Honda4-stroke.Built-inbatterycharger,bilge pump,Biminitop.LocatedinMarinaDelRey. $6,500.310-560-4684, wtfellows@gmail.com

12’CARIBEHBINFLATABLE2006 w/20HP Honda4-strokeandtrailer.Electrictiltengine,

15.5’NOVURANIA 460DLRIB2005 with2019Honda90HP.Anexceptional opportunitytoownawell-maintained 15.5’boatwith94originalenginehours. Stillunderwarrantywithrecent100-hour servicein2024.$22,000.310-738-9555


18’DUFFY1988: Completerestoration2023. Newbattery,newpaint,newcanvas,new upholstery.InOxnard,CA.$19,000.Call424268-0885oremail edweitzer@aol.com formore information.



FISHINGBOAT1984: Evinrude250hpoil injectedmotor,recentlybeenserviced.Hasa bigtank,newCaptainschairs,newupholstery. Haswoodtrimthroughouttheboat,whichcould betouchedup.Includesafish-finderalongwith manyotherextragoodies.Boatcurrentlyisin Newportdrystackstorageanddoesnotcome withatrailer.$15,000.949-463-1732.

22’SEAWAYCENTER CONSOLE1981 RepoweredVolvodiesel,Duoprop outdrivenewlyserviced.Electronics included.Newbottompaint,fueltank.All clean.Simplefishmachine,cruiserready togo.$32,500.949-433-9190

25’SKIPJACKEXPRESSCRUISER1983: Greatweekenderorfishingboat!Inthemarket foranexpresscruiser?Looknofurther! Includestrailerand15HPHondaoutboard greattrollingmotor.$19,900.619-929-9462, tkarinen3@gmail.com



THELOG.COM THE LOG | April 12 - April 25, 2024 | 45 Classifieds Toplaceanad,calltheclassifiedexpertsat: 800-887-1615 orvisitourwebsite: thelogclassifieds.com ADDEADLINE: Monday,April22ND @5PM NEXTISSUE: April26TH Email: classifieds@thelog.com G E T R E S U LT S ! NewandUsedBoats,Engines,GearandServices $20/issue ($260 for6months) Specialadpackageincludes1photo&upto30words inprint+upto6photos&unlimitedwordsonline. BOAT-4-SALE SPECIAL (BoatsforSaleOnly) $32/issue ($192 for12weeks) Adpackageincludes1photo&upto30wordsin print+upto6photos&unlimitedwordsonline. 6ISSUESWITH PHOTO $25/issue ($50 for4weeks) Adpackageincludesupto30wordsinprintplus unlimitedwordsonline. 2ISSUES TEXTONLY (NoPhoto) $42/issue ($84 for4weeks) Adpackageincludes1photo&upto30wordsin print+upto6photos&unlimitedwordsonline. 2ISSUESWITH PHOTO Additionalwordsover30acceptedattherateof$0.75perwordperissue.•Otheradpackagesareavailable,call800-887-1615fordetails!
electricbilgepump,custombuiltliftingsling, custom“J”Barboardingassist,compass, inflatingpump,handbilgepump,2lifejackets,2 “breakapart”paddles,$8,895,CASHONLY. 562-618-1241 w/1969 Arroyotrailer,I/O,350chevy,new batteries/waterpump,doubleBimini,captain seats,bait-tank,trimtabs.Trailerhasfullsetof newtires.$4,300.626-705-5112. 25’GRADYWHITE247ADVANCE2000: Great condition.Drystackstored.Two150hpYamaha saltwaterengines,10yearsmaintenance records.AluminumTrailer.Don’tneedtrailer? Reduceprice$4,000.$46,500.949-599-6469. 27’RINKERFV250EXPRESSCRUISER2006: 8.5’beam,285hours.5.0Lenginewithfresh watercooling&fuelinjection.Sleeps4.A/C. Customradararch.$19,900.760-277-8329. WHENYOUCALL ouradvertisers,pleasetellthem that“yousawitinTheLog”!



28’ boatwithengines(withoutlowerunits). Sturdyfiberglasshull.Aluminumtrailer included.FREEContact: scubaluvcatalina@att.net





RedondoBeachslipavailable Jack323-422-8966

2005CHAPARRALSIGNATURE350: Both enginesandelectricalsystemscompletely overhauled.Newbatteries,canvasandvinul. Bait-tank,davit,poleholdersandmanyextras. Runsgreat.NewportBeacgmarina.$103,500. 949-244-3316


Freshwaterboatkeptundercoveruntil March2023.Professionallymaintained throughoutherlife.Recentlymaintenance completed.CLEAN!$55,900.

ShorelineYachtGroup,Helen: 310-254-4081, helenkaz@gmail.com



Wellmaintained.Newupholstery,linens andflooringthroughout.Twofull staterooms,bothwithheads/showers. Largetwo-levelsalon,more.$79,000. ShorelineYachtGroup,DeeAnn: 424-298-1123, deeanndavis.shorelineyacht@gmail.com



PerformanceExpressCruiser.Slipin MarinaDelReyavailablewithMarina’s approval.$79,000.ShorelineYachtGroup, Redondo:888-258-3722

1989PACE/OCEAN CONVERTIBLE40’ $99,000.Fresh6V53T’s,Newgenerator, 2staterooms.ContactMarkMowery, AlliedYachtBrokerage(949)548-9999


41’CHBTRAWLER1979: Beautifulfiberglass. TwinPerkinsdiesels,Teaktrim&interior. Provencapable,comfortable,reliable bluewathercruiser.Wellappointed,highly maintained.Excellent.$98,500.ContactDennis St.Clair:949-873-1172

42’OCEANSUPERSPORT1995: Afully outfittedfishingmachine,yetelegantyacht. Detroit6-71swith650hrs,25ktcruise.8kw generator,Leeoutriggers,customrodholders andstorage.Spacioushardtopflybridgewith controlsandfullelectroincs.Asking$125,000. 949-548-4195.


Just310hoursontwinVolvoD11-725HP engineswithdirectdrive.Asnewwith optionsandLLCowned.$949,000. CallJoeat303-241-3399or email joe@acsystems.com

46’GRANDBANKSCLASSIC: Twin375HP Caterpillars.Generatorw/air&heat.Two staterooms,galleydown.Newfueltanks, swimstep,batteries,RaymarineGPSpilot. Dinghyw/electricdavit.$245,000.Richard, SeattleYachts:310-430-1769

47’BAYLINER4788PILOTHOUSE2001: ALL newGarminelectronics,newbimini,new flybridgeupholsteryandmuchmore.Verywell maintained!TwinCummins6BTA5.9withless than700hours!$235,000.CallorText: 619-922-2530


Inimmaculatecondition.TwinCummins QSC8.3540hpengines.Recent1,000 hourservicedone,andmuchmore! $420,000.ShorelineYachtGroup,Larry: 760-914-0091, ljgagnier@aol.com

Youcanplaceyour Log classifiedadbycalling 800-887-1615,emailing classifieds@thelog.com, ordirectlyonlineat www.thelogclassifieds.com Log Classifiedadscanbeeasilyplacedbycalling usat 1-800-887-1615 M-F,8A-5P,byemailing classifieds@thelog.com,oryoucanplacethead viaourwebsiteat: www.thelogclassifieds.com

THISBAYLINER45PILOTHOUSE isaremarkablycomfortableboat,with twodouble-staterooms,twoheadsand showers,andathirdstatroom/office.An aftcockpitleadsdirectlyintoalarge salon,withafullgalley.Aroomypilot houseandanopenflubridgeandsun deckfinishthearrangement.Boat includes2yearsuseofmooringfreeof charge..Hasbeenaperfect,comfortable liveaboardandvacationgetaway. Reduced:$109,000.949-500-3440


Professionallymaintained.Hauledoutin Februarywithfullsurvey,bottompaint, new16.5kwgenerator,newunderwater lights.Newelectronicsonbothhelms.Too muchtolist.Verymotivated!$265k. 714-296-8531

THELOG.COM 46 | April 12 - April 25, 2024 | THE LOG
LogClassifieds TOPLACEANAD,Call800-887-1615,oronlineat thelogclassifieds.com

TOPLACEANAD,Call800-887-1615,oronlineat thelogclassifieds.com



Greatcondition.Manyupgrades.1970 Washer/Dryer;Upgradedgalley;Kingbed inmaster;Queenbedinguest.6’Bathtub; TwinDetroits,runsgreat.$115,000. LocatedSanDiegoSouthBay. 619-972-3629.


Justpainted.1000hrserviceonmainsjust complated.Everythinglooksbrandnew andrunsperfectwithonly2100original hours!Noneedtobuynew.Thisisalso LLCowned.Topofthelineelectronics, andreadytogofortheseason.New Eisenglass,therightcolorinterior,thelist goeson.Youwillnotfindabetterboatfor themoney.$749,000.949-439-1155, jack@equitywavelending.com


Conveysconfidenceandclassthemoment youstepintothiswonderfulvessel. Handlesverysmoothintheturns.Owner financingpossible.$359,000. ShorelineYachtGroup,Chuck: 562-455-0143.


TheULTIMATEYachtingandEntertaining Experience!Aneclecticworkofartthat defiesdescriptionwitharichhistory. $CALL$.ShorelineYachtGroup,Steven: 310-720-6999


Beautiful&luxurious,withclassiclines andenormousentertainingspace. LiveaboardslipinMarinadelRey transferrablewithmarinaapproval. $760,000.ShorelineYachtGroup,Nick: 310-748-5409, yachtbroker@pacbell.net.

BOATSWANTED Letussellyourboat!Wehavethe expertisetogettheresultsyoudesire. Fromattractingbuyersthroughthesale andclosing,wehaveyoucovered. Call310-748-5409



PartofSanDiego’sMaritimeHistory 5052marinegradealloyhullbuiltby McDonnellDouglasengineers.Fully equipped,passageready,documented, professionallymaintained.$100,000. 562-667-9112, svproteus@gmail.com.

46’CHRISCRAFTCONSTELLATION1967: Woodboattwincatdiesels2heads1shower highlyrestoredsurveyorestimatevalue$89,000 -$153,000asking$135,000mastercabin headroom6’.Messagequestionsto: 707-495-7014


Manynewupgradesincludinglower-end units,newAGMbatteries(4),bottom paint,majorservice,andmore.$58,500. ShorelineYachtGroup,Don:949-274-6595 donross4yachts@yahoo.com


Ttheultimateinsafe,world-class, “comfortcruising”orChannelIslands Charter.Fullyequipped,professionally maintained,cruiseaccommodationfor12 w/6’6”headroomthroughout.Reducedfor quicksale,$208,000.Gordie:808-630-6084, gomorrishi@gmail.com.


Saygoodbyetothetimeandexpenseof sellingyouboat!YourTAXDEDUCTIBLE donationsupportstheyouthmaritime programmingweoffer.Call714-923-3191.



Seasonedlocalyachtsmanseeksa50/50 Partnertoacquirea22’BostonWhaler Temptation(withhead)andYamahaor Mercurypower.$50,000budgetso $25,000/$25,000,and50/50sharingof berth,insurance,diver,andmaintenance expenses.949-283-9706:Mobile DrDonaldWWise@gmail.com:E-Mail


Sailboats for sale ranging from 22ft to 30ft, located in Los Angeles Harbor in Leeward Bay Marina: 310-830-5621 & Pacific Yacht Landing: 310-830-0260 Visit us at www.pacificyachtlanding.com


AwinnerwithextensiveGREATsail inventory.“RadicalDeparture”hasbeen DRYsailedandisinexceptional condition.Trailer,motoriincluded.$16.500 Dennis:949-500-6453

Placeyouradtoday!CallJon: 1-800-887-1615

30’CATALINA1981: Showsprideofownership. witha2-cylinderdieselengineallowingpowerful andcomfortablecruising.Rearpilotallowsfor exteriorvisibilityandsheamazinginteriorroom. LocatedinCoronadoCa.$16,000/obo.619208-2830, joe@joebradley.com. Thisvesselhas beendonatedtotheBSA,SanDiegoImperial Council.

THELOG.COM THE LOG | April 12 - April 25, 2024 | 47

44’KELLYPETERSON1981: Bluewater center-cockpitcruiserdesignedbyDoug Peterson.Cutterrig.Perkins4-154diesel. Monitorwindvane.Spectrawatermaker.Caribe dinghy.Furlingjib/staysail.Newbottompaint. Newtankage.$99,000/obo.InCoronado. lusitana@sbcglobal.net,619-985-5138.

2001BENETEAU46.1 inHarborIsland,San Diego.Seeking2partnersfor1/4(each)share ofequity/expenses.13weeksusageperyear, plususeofminivanandMarinafacilities. Contact:415-852-1824.

1997HUNTER450 PassageNON-EQUITY3rd usagepartnership.Recentlyrefitwithnew canvas,mattresses,cushionsinterior,ground tackle,Electronics,andmuchmore.Includesall maintenance,slipfees,fuel,insurance, etc..909-936-4670.

45’NELSONMAREK1994: Customracing yachtbuiltbyGoetz.Asking$40,000obo.View atNewportSeaBaseat1931WCoastHwy.Go to www.newportseabase.org/boats-for-sale,or call949-402-8730.



25’-30’ SLIPS


Los Angels Harbor n (310)834-7113

25’-30’ SLIPS

Redondo Beach n (310)376-0431

30’ - 40’ SLIPS

San Pedro n (310)732-2252


Coronado n (619)435-5203


40’EndMooringCanJ312offLidoIsleoff ViaGenoaboatgarden.$50,000OBO+ permitchangefees. Pleasecall949-244-9390.

50’MOORINGA-111: Bestmooringin Newport.FirstlinefrombeachatG-Street.Tons offreeparkingalways.A-mooringsareclosest tooceanexitforcleanwater.818-259-7633. $65,000.818-259-7633.

50’MOORINGFORSALE: K2.Goodwind protection.Quetrow.$65,000.949-494-6425, nickinlaguna@gmail.com

60’MARINA 1SANTABARBARAHARBOR SLIP permitavailableNOW!Asking$700,000 obo.ContactsalesagentSpencerMacRaeat SeacoastYacht:805-451-2079, spencer@seacoastyachts.com.


Slips&MooringsBuoysfrom25’to55’, at$10.00/ft.ClosestRuntoCatalina. Beverages&SnacksSoldinOffice. 310-832-0526or 1046larsomarina@gmail.com

AVALONMOORING#130,: Insideharbor. $135,000OBO.35feet11inchboatsize.Great Views.LogDigitalhasphotos.Yourboatyear roundonmooring.MUSTSELL. johnsalazar08@gmail.com or858-229-6820


30 ft. to 130 ft. Inside/Outside www.avalonmooringsforsale.com

310-544-4667 310-795-2311


RecentoverhaulbySouthMooring, includingnewlines.Max18’vessel. $32,500.Pleasecallortext:949-466-3919.


PrimebackbaylocationinNewport Beach.Slipsandstorage. Callforavailability.949-673-1331 www.baysidevillagemarina.com

26’-32’ slips @ $12.00/ft. 33’-45’ slips @ $13.00/ft., End-Ties @ $14.00/ft.

LIGHTHOUSEYACHTMARINA: 1ST&2ND MONTH1/2OFF(WithThisAd),34’END-TIE FORCATORTRI+25’TO50’SLIPS.L.A. HARBOR.Water/electricity/dockboxincluded. Showers,laundry,parioarea.Gated,clean& quiet,lockers.Closeportto...Catalina.Berth 205-B,1300AnchorageRd,Wilmington. CallBarbara:310-834-9595. www.lighthouseyachtmarina.com.Email barbgmarina@gmail.com

HUNTINGTONHARBOURMARINA: Slips 25’-75’.Private,quietharbor,closetothe beach,shopping,restaurants,parking,and more.Call714-862-2688,email huntingtonharbourmarina@gmail.com,or visit www.huntingtonharbourmarina.com

THELOG.COM 48 | April 12 - April 25, 2024 | THE LOG
TOPLACEANAD,Call800-887-1615,oronlineat thelogclassifieds.com
SLIPS AVAILABLE 50’-60’ for $810/mo. Yacht Haven Marina 310 834-6892 • www.yachthaven.org BUY A BOAT? NEED A SLIP? Yacht Haven Marina 310 834-6892 • www.yachthaven.org
310-830-1111. L.A. HARBOR Pacific Yacht Landing: 310-830-0260 25’ slips @ $11.00/ft. 26’-32’ slips @ $12.00/ft. 33’-45’ slips @ $13.00/ft., End-Ties @ $14.00/ft. L.A. HARBOR
slips @ $11.00/ft.
310-830-5621 25’
LOW PRICE SLIPS - LA HARBOR $9.00/ft - Sailboats $12/ft - Multihulls Detached dock
utilities Leeward Bay:
PREMIUMNEWPORTBEACH SHOREMOORING LocatedbetweenNewportHarborYacht Cluband10thSt.Beach.Recently serviced(newrope,paint,etc).Rarestair accesstowater/sand,Fitsupto18’boat, Location:9thSt.P75.$40,000. Randy310-283-8804 Advertiseyourboatwith TheLog!CallJonat 1-800-887-1615 oremail classifieds@thelog.com
- No
(310) 830-5621 MARINACORTEZ-SANDIEGO: Stunning location,improvedamenities.10’-120’slips, endties,andsideties.30’SlipsavailableNOW. Call619-291-5985.


PIER32MARINA,SANDIEGOBAY: Callfor slipavailability619-477-3232oremail office@pier32marina.com

POINTLOMAMARINA-SANDIEGO: Callfor slipavailability.Call619-718-6260oremail office@pointlomamarina.com

SANDIEGOMOORINGCOMPANY: Visitour websiteforinformation&applicationwww.sandiegomooring.com orcall 619-291-0916.


BOATCAPTAIN&DISPATCHERNEEDED: SanPedro.USWaterTaxi.Wearelookingfora BoatCaptain.Musthave100-TonMaster (required).Formoreinformationcall310-5198230oremail jflores@watertaxius.com







Contact: Kelliw@kozwel.com 714-432-1771

MARINEMECHANICWANTED: Experience withDiesel,GasandOutdrives.FullTime position.GreatatmosphereinbusyOceanside boatyard.Compensationbasedonexperience. ContactYardmanagerat760-722-1833



REALESTATEPROFESSIONAL: Detailorientedandmeticulous,ContactAayeesha Essuetobeginyourjourneybuying,selling,or investing.Transformyourdreamsintoconcrete achievements.424-371-7312| aessue@theagencyre.com |Lic#2129008


AMERICA’SBOATINGCLUB: Manyboating educationcourses.SanDiego,Oceanside& NewportBeach.Raft-Ups,Sailraces,On-Water Training,BBQs&fun.NotForPtofit.New MembersWelcome.Website: www.sdsps.org Email: log@sdsps.org

WEAREDEVOTED tobringenthusiastsof classicboatstogetherviashows,cruising rendezvous,maintenance/restorationexpertise, publicationsandmore.Learnmoreat ACBSSoCal.org orcallBobat714-915-2051.


100-TONMASTER withover(15)years’ experienceisavailabletohelpwithyacht maintenance,yachtmanagement,charters, privateexcursions,delivery,instructionor whateverneedyoumighthave.PrimarilyNB. 714-574-4065


TOPLACEANAD,Call800-887-1615,oronlineat thelogclassifieds.com


WANTEDTOBUY: Powerboats1986and newer,runningornot,upto34’inlength.We willhelpwithremovalfromyourslip.CallAlfor moreinfo:800-613-5410.


WINDSOFSANTAANA isaspiritualhistory, environmentalstudy,andsailingmemoirof SouthernCalifornia’scoast,islands,andwaters. PublishedbyWipf&Stock,EugeneOregon.



onMay5thfrom10:00to3:00,Comeby andmakeoffersonkayaks,paddleboards, smallsailboats,andgear. 1931W.CoastHwy.



CANON: Fitsintosailboatdeckwinches.Fires 12gaugeshells.Blanksavailableonline.Ihave over$3,000invested.Asking$1,000.Comesin customcarryingbox.949-300-5616.

THEMARINAATDANAPOINT1STANNUAL MARINESWAPMEET! Saturday,April20, 2024,7AMto2PM.WestBasinBoaterParking Lot.24500DanaPointHarborDr-DanaPoint, CA92629.Whetheryouarebuying,selling, tradingorjustbrowsing,there’ssomethingfor everyone! 2024SCYA’s33rd WOMEN’SBOATINGEVENT DELREYYACHTCLUB SAVETHEDATES!


Bestinbusiness.NAVTECH/US Surveyors.Marinesurveyorcourses. 1-800-245-4425, www.navsurvey.com


Marineinteriordesign,fabrication. Enclosures,affordablecustommattresses, windowreplacement,exteriorandinterior cushions,carpetandcanvas.25years experience.ServingSanDiegotoLA. 858-329-1140,617-791-0910, www.3mcanvas.com, threemcanvas@yahoo.com.


SanDiego’sYachtCareSpecialists. CustomYachtManagementPackages. Cleaning/Detailing,CaptainServices, CharterCoordination,YachtDelivery, BoatHandling&SailingLessons, VesselImprovements. 404-441-9414



Mexican stone “casita” & 3 out buildings on nearly 4 acres with 300’ beachfront in Baja. New certified survey available. 24/7 Guard. Corporation owned and approved for marine businesses, etc.

See video, Fiesta del Mar: https://tinyurl.com/yc7eks5c

$300,000 • Bahia de Los Angeles, Baja MX • capnernie1@aol.com

THELOG.COM THE LOG | April 12 - April 25, 2024 | 49
September28thBeginning, September29thAdvancedSailing October5thand6th:USSailing SanctionedInternationalSafetyatSea Hands-onTraining.SailingSAS
WHENYOUCALL ouradvertisers,we’dappreciate itifyoutoldthem“yousawitinTheLog”!



ReturningfromLapazafterdoingthe2023 HAHA.WillbeinSanDiegoMay1st. OFFSHOREcomander3.0liferaft4person,$1900.EBIRBGlobalV5cat2 manual,$700.WestMarinedinghyPSB310 PVCaluminumfloorroll-up,$1,100. FortressFX3721LBcolllapsibleanchor withbag,$500.Rainmanwatermakerwith HondamotorandhighoutputROfilters.

30plusgallonsahour$5,200 775-691-9147, twasik6747@gmail.com



Listedat minneysyachtsurplus.com

Moreinfo?Email minneys@aol.com



DELIVERIES,INSTRUCTION, andallother professionalCaptainservices.Sail,power. www.KeithEricson.com,619-275-3839,San DiegoSkippersAssociation



Delivery,Lessons,PrivateCaptain. Sail/Power.Over196,000documentedIntl bluewatermiles.Wellrespectedinthe marineindustry.Manydozensof references.

JeffryMatzdorff:323-855-0191, earthakat@msn.com. www.offshoredeliveryskipper.com.

USCGLICENSEDCAPTAIN availablefordeliveries&charters ofsailormotoryachts. English/Spanishfluent.Mechanicallyhandy. CPR/FirstAidcertificates. CallCapt.DustinConlon 858-988-9023 oremail Oceanonearth@gmail.com


Deliveries,Charters,Instruction.From AlaskatoPanama.Multipledeliveries HawaiitoCalifornia,Atlanticcrossing, Caribbean,Mediterranean. www.SanDiegoCaptains.com

CaptainNikolayAlexandrov858-531-1175 CaptainAssenAlexandrov858-531-4788



foranyshapewindow.Blinds,Roman shades,Rollershades,Cellularshades. 310-308-1844,888-771-5309, boatblinds@prodigy.net, www.boatblindsinternational.com


12′ INMAR2021: 30hpSuzuki15hours,very littletimeinthewater,comeswithcover,anchor, stereo,oars,etc.Onabrandnewtrailer,looks brandnew.$16,500Redlands909-362-1881

THELOG.COM 50 | April 12 - April 25, 2024 | THE LOG
TOPLACEANAD,Call800-887-1615,oronlineat thelogclassifieds.com


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