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NEIMAN MARCUS at Fashion Show Mall THE ATRIUM at the Palazzo TESORINI at the Bellagio Lobby Shops RADIANCE at Aria Lobby Shops

Rosina, an elegant and luxurious cocktail retreat celebrates the classic cocktail, boasting a menu of beloved originals, crafted with the highest quality ingredients, and served in an environment that embodies seductive glamour.





















Note From The Publisher

May you always be entertained. As a publisher who frequents Las Vegas and Los Angeles every month, something I always enjoy is entertaining myself in the simplest ways. For some of us that’s hitting a few rounds of golf at Reflection Bay in Lake Las Vegas, or people watching at The Grove in Los Angeles…things that make us grateful to be enjoying whatever is happening in any given moment. For me, picking up a luxury magazine stirs up a similar energy (and judging the feedback we get, it seems like it stirs it up in you, too…something for which I’m so grateful!). Speaking of good energy… I’ll gladly brag about what happened around here on Oct. 22, 2017, as I thank the people in this city who chose me as one of the top “30 Under 30.” Getting to be honored that night at XS Nightclub was an exciting and humbling way to end my 30th year (…got in under the gun!). In spirit I’m sending Gucci bags of winning vibes back your way. I’m truly grateful! As for this new issue, as you page through the features I hope you’ll feel ignited by the spirit of entertainment that lies within what you read. We’ve invited to our book reality TV bachelor, Josh Murray, who lends a masculine vibe to this, our tenth issue (in a Rolls Royce, no less!). Our team also dove into stories of leaders in our communities; we’ve got entertainment profiles; and mentions of wildly stunning new restaurants.  Not to miss is our new “Mix In Luxury” photo gallery that showcases who we spotted among the celebrities at our parties. We think it’s a treat and hope you do, too. So, please! Go ahead and enjoy entertaining yourself. I know I will. Sincerely,

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Wherefore art thou, Rosina, you beautiful bubbly bar, you. (Why, right at The Palazzo Las Vegas!)



YOU WANT FRIES WITH THAT? Upleveled dinering. It’s a thing at this place.





Chelsea Abate

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PAWS WITH A DEFINITE CAUSE A ‘PUPdate’ with Vanderpump dogs!



Speak when silent.



The Private Gym To Experience WATCH

Pure Private Fitness features Olympics-approved Ivanko free weights, Pure Mahsheed Barghisavar’s story Strength machines and the only digital Technogym Kinesis® Personal VISION is pure encouragement installed on the U.S. West Coast. for anyone who is starting over.

Technogym Kinesis® Personal VISION Image courtesy of

20 | Deluxe Version Magazine

New Year. New You. New Gym.


Pure Private Fitness opened its doors in December with a sim-

ple goal: create a unique fitness experience by raising the bar on workout training in Las Vegas. The talent behind this cutting-edge concept includes a trio of experts: Dana Wong, the Pilates and marketing guru; Dr. William Wong, the business development back office “guy”; and Gabreal Velez, the visionary fitness trainer-to-the-famous. Together, they were able to get the Henderson, Nev.-based gym up-and-running in less than 2 months. “We wanted a gym that was synonymous with luxury and upscale fitness equipment and training,” says Velez. “We provide a state-of-the-art luxury gym facility to do that. We are catering to a fitness-conscious clientele that we feel in the past has not had the opportunity to experience this type of a workout facility.” Velez, a Los Angeles native, has 25 years of personal training experience under his “weight” belt. His past clients—which include Microsoft founder Paul Allen, the Saudi royal family and actor Richard Dreyfus—had him working out around the world: on yachts (in Monte Carlo), movie sets (in South America) and even at the Seattle Seahawks training camp. At one time, he was the official trainer at the Hotel Bel-Air, and he even co-designed athletic centers in the South of France. His attention to detail, mind-body focus and getting results makes him a oneof-a-kind trainer. At the same time, Dana Wong was making her mark in dance and Pilates. Armed with an education degree in dance, kinesiology and functional anatomy, she brought a disciplined methodology to her training. For over 30 years, she worked exclusively with professional ballet dancers from major dance companies, both in the United States and abroad, honing her unique skills in restorative Pilates. While this private gym is small in size, it’s big on high-end gear. Velez, along with his outside personal trainers (who pay an access fee to use the gym), help you get your exercise on using Olympics-approved Ivanko free weights, Pure Strength machines and a digital Kinesis Wall equipped with 200 different exercises.

The founders at the grand Opening: Gabreal Velez, Dana Wong, & Dr. William Wong.

By partnering with Technogym, the world leader in fitness and wellness, Pure Private Fitness combines the latest technology, cardio training and personal attention all into one boutique studio. This allows Bluetooth access so you can sync all your workouts to your smartphone, and the video screens make you really feel like you’re running a marathon or simply enjoying a jog on the beach. The elliptical machine and treadmill even come equipped with surround sound and cameras so that you can FaceTime or Skype while you are doing your cardio workout. If hi-tech isn’t your jam, Pure Private Fitness offers Pilates, kickboxing, and cycling. You can round out your experience at this gym with your own personalized meal plan, thanks to BLT Foods (, topped off with an iDrink water and a refreshingly cold eucalyptus towel. Now that their unique flagship fitness center is off the ground, Velez says they are pumped for success and are looking forward to expanding in the near future. “You do what you love,” says Velez. “My partners and I share the same passion for working out and we think this is our true calling. Our gym, Pure Private Fitness, is a tangible reflection of that passion.”

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A ‘PUPdate’



– By Hayley Clover


Photography: Tim Hancock. Makeup: Kelly Tull.

first met up with philanthropist John Sessa, executive director of Vanderpump Dogs, when he was just starting his journey with West Hollywood’s hip new adoption shelter. His focus was set on creating a fun and welcoming environment that removed some of the stigma that comes with adopting a pet. Almost 10 months later, the pink, sparkly dog haven is flourishing, having helped hundreds of dogs find their “furever” home. For Sessa, the shelter needed to be more than just a place for adoption. It needed to give back. That’s why with dog adoptions running so smoothly, Sessa has new goals for 2018, starting with teaching what he calls, “Compassion Education.” The New Year is also bringing many new programs to Vanderpump Dogs, including a youth after school program, which has already kicked off with six teenagers ranging from 12 to 15 years of age; a mentorship/ internship program for those in the juvenile delinquent system; and a “Seniors for Seniors” program that will help place senior dogs with those living in nursing homes. “We have World Dog Day and other events that are community driven,” says Sessa, “but now [with the start of these programs] we are seeing the

effects on each individual…we are getting letters from parents who are saying that we have changed their child’s life.” Sessa is not only helping to change lives through the shelter, he is continuing his work to end the Yulin Dog Festival in Yulin, Guangxi, China. As we mentioned in our last issue, Road to Yulin, the documentary Sessa created with friend and business partner Lisa Vanderpump—a cast member on The Housewives of Beverly Hills—premiered at the LA Awareness Film Festival in October 2017, and won the Audience Choice award for best Short Documentary. “[The shelter] was a huge setting for the new season of the Housewives. Last season, we only had about six minutes of air time with Lisa, so I can’t even imagine the social impact we will have with five or so full episodes this season!” Sessa spent Christmas 2017 in Haiti to help misplaced dogs get needed vaccinations. It was his second trip to Haiti last year, and his second step toward his and the Vanderpump Foundation’s 2018 goal of helping dogs beyond West Hollywood (even China) as they spread their philanthropy and advocacy worldwide.

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The Story of Frank Napoli – By Stacey Gualandi

hen Frank Napoli tells you, “There are no bad days and no challenges I can’t overcome,” he speaks the truth. Long before carrying on his father Frank Sr.’s legacy with The Napoli Group—making it one of the leading luxury realty brands in Las Vegas—this 37-year-old Valley native literally had to fight for his life…twice. At 22, he was carjacked, and with a gun to the back of his head he was forced to drive out to the desert. (“I begged and pleaded to get out of that situation. Fortunately, I did. He left me out there on the side of the road. It was a near death experience.”) But that was nothing compared to what happened just a month after his 23rd birthday. The self-described, fear-averse adrenaline junkie—who raced motocross— broke his neck while snowboarding. He woke three days later to his parents having to share his devastating diagnosis: “The doctor said I was going to be quadriplegic,” says Napoli. “Several vertebrae shattered and went into my spinal cord.” Napoli was soon moved to a rehab center to learn how to live life in a wheelchair. But it was his father—by his side every day—who saw his son briefly move his leg muscles and encouraged him to fight. “I would say to my nurse, ‘You’re wheeling me in, but I’m walking out.’ I ended up walking out of that hospital carrying my own luggage in 3 months.” Napoli says that father-son bond never wavered. His dad, Frank Sr.—the Brooklyn-born, Vietnam vet-turned-entrepreneur (who once lost everything but took the last 65 cents in his pocket, filled his gas tank and drove to pick up his first real estate client in 1991)—continues to drive him to this day. His goal for The Napoli Group, which was passed on to him in 2012 after his 65-year-old dad lost his battle with cancer, is to be even bigger and more successful. “I never want to let fail what my dad devoted his life to building,” says Napoli while fighting back tears. “He worked hard, and gave his whole life to [this company]. I owe it to him to keep it going and make it better.” The well-respected realtor has learned some hard-earned wisdom in his young life: Nothing you’ve worked hard for is guaranteed; never take anything for granted; and learn the value of a dollar. And, of course, never give up.

Now, Napoli plans to promote his passion for positivity with the world. That includes a memoir, a mentorship program and ongoing talks with patients in hospitals.

“While [my accident] could have been the worst thing to happen in my life, it was the absolute best thing. It made me who I am.”

“I’m very comfortable teaching people how to achieve their goals. Not only in real estate, but also in life.”

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Deluxe Version HEART FOR A CAUSE

Heroes Don’t Always Wear Capes – By Chelsea Abate As Brad and Kristen Mainor started the charity, Superheroes 4 Sully, they had one mission in mind: Give back and help as many children as possible, like their beloved son, Sully. Sullivan Mainor, who passed away at age 9, was noted as being “the champion of the underdog.” Kristen Mainor remembers her stepson as “the first person to befriend the new kid in school.” She recalls, “In many regards, he was a typical child. He liked to play with his friends, play with games, but he had a desire to help others. He would hand out his allowance to other people who were sitting on side of he had earned from doing chores. He even wanted to give to adults who needed help.” When trying to decide what to name their charity, the Mainor family enlisted the help of family and friends. Sullivan, known for his profound love of superheroes, made it an easy decision. Superheroes 4 Sully would become their sacred slogan. Knowing that they wanted to help children, Superheroes 4 Sully began working with numerous organizations like The Shade Tree. This led them to the donation center, Peggy’s Attic, located next to the child haven in Las Vegas. The center provides items for children rotating in and out of foster care. The charity collects monthly donations of new superhero-themed items such as toys and other goods needed by children. “These kids are in pro-

26 | Deluxe Version Magazine

tective custody due to bad situations. Usually when they go, they only have the clothes on their back. It’s a scary situation, so we try to help them any way we can,”says Kristen. “They go to Peggy’s Attic, where they can choose something that will belong to them. They’re told it has ‘Sully Power’ [and will help] them to be strong, to be brave, and to be kind to others.” Continuing the spread of Sully Power, the charity works with radio station 98.5 on its KLUC Toy Drive every Christmas. Superheroes 4 Sully also helps raise bike donations in honor of Sully’s birthday, Dec. 9. The Mainors describe the true Superheroes for Sully experience as “parents taking their children to pick out things for other children who need help, to get their minds thinking of helping others.” Superheroes 4 Sully has managed to turn tragedy into a lasting legacy for Sully’s kind spirit by working month by month to bring the community together to help those in need, and by showcasing what philanthropy truly means in the light of giving back.

Deluxe Version HEART FOR A CAUSE

Philanthropy at its Finest (...and with an edge) – By Mariah Walton Rexalynn Martinez Walberg is more than the beautiful broker that we’ve

seen on A&E’s Flipping Vegas...she is also quite the philanthropist, filtering her efforts through one of her loves: real estate. But watch your back. This woman is a force to be reckoned with (...she carries!). More on that later. Humble to her core, even with two brothers-in-law in the military (one each in the Army and Navy), Walberg has had oportunites to be of service herself... without enlisting.  One of her most favorite episodes of Flipping Vegas, was the “Pay it Forward” episode.  She was able to participate in helping Scott and Amie rehabilitate a home in which the couple had donated it to a wounded veteran. When asked what prompted the noble act, she lightly replies, “...because Scott and Amie Yancey have big hearts and the means to do so, and I, too, am inspired to help people.” Simple and clear. So often there are litanies of self professions from folks proclaiming to be “for the people” (along with the sounding of a horn to inform others of forthcoming acts of kindness); but not so with “Rexy” (which she’s often called). Her humility runs deep. She is a member of the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors (GLVAR) and is involved with a few of its committees: Community Outreach, Market Trends and the Young Professionals Network. She also serves on the board for the Women’s Council of REALTORS® Las Vegas.

No novice to running businesses, before landing in real estate, at 23 she was already solely operating an anti-aging medical clinic alongside her then spouse. As for future ventures, Walberg says she’d “love to start a brokerage to help everyone be successful in business, including other women.” And about her “carrying?” Finding herself in potentially unsafe situations like late-night showings in not-so-desirable neighborhoods, Walberg uses her training with weapons’ handling to protect herself in the event of a dangerous situation. She has participated in long-range shooting competitions and has her concealed carry weapons license. “...If I ever needed to protect myself, ” she says cautiously. In the wake of the #metoo movement, it’s an understandable move. What’s really striking about Walberg is that her goodwill and community involvement isn’t relegated to just women (although she clearly has a heart for her gender). But being involved in diverse organizations, her giving back is simply to who needs it, which is not only inspiring and motivational but also contagious. Walberg is the definition of a true philanthropist. We salute her.

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Deluxe Version HEART FOR A CAUSE

Women Like Her

An interview with director and global crusader Sally Colon-Petree – By Stacey Gualandi

“I found myself while making this movie.” That wasn’t part of the script when filmmaker Sally Colon-Petree originally set out to make her first documentary back in 2014. Women Like Us had a simple mission: to “shed light on things happening to women around the world, locally and globally.” But little did she know it would become her life’s mission. “I’m starting fresh. This is who I am now,” says Colon-Petree. “God has chosen for me to bring all this stuff out to change lives. I feel that is my purpose now.” The self-taught director shared this revelation at a recent private screening in Las Vegas of Women Like Us: Three Journeys. One Mission. To Change The World. Hosted by Deluxe Version Magazine, it was just one of dozens of “empowerment forums” being held across the country to promote the film and inspire action. “I want people to be aware, not to live in fear,” says Colon-Petree. Colon-Petree’s personal transformation began when the former actress/singer/TV host and producer made an eye-opening trek to Kenya, followed by stops in cities across America, to highlight the stories of 14 women dedicated to changing the lives of others. Together with journalist Catt Sadler and Women Like Us Foundation founder Linda Rendlemen, Colon-Petree tackled “unimaginable social injustices young women face,” including sex trafficking, female genital mutilation, teen suicide, poverty, and bullying. When the documentary debuted in November 2017, it couldn’t have been more relevant in the current “women’s movement” climate. It also hit close to home for its creator. “I was bullied in the worst kind of way,” says Colon-Petree. “…My family wasn’t welcome because we were Hispanic. [Bullies] burned our garage down three times to get us out of the neighborhood. I was chased almost every day after school. It was the worst kind of bullying.” Colon-Petree says Women Like Us wouldn’t have even been possible without a mother like hers. “My mom always wanted me to direct.” But in 2014, Carmen Alicea, who devoted her life to social work for special needs kids, passed away. So, Colon-Petree decided to spend the money her mom left her traveling to Kenya and creating a film to honor her.

28 | Deluxe Version Magazine

“My mom gave me the motivation for finishing this! My mother would be proud.” Did this labor of love also include a what-the-heck-was-I-thinking moment ? Colon-Petree laughs. “A friend just asked, ‘If you knew then what you know now, would you still have done it?’ I said, ‘No way!’ I’m glad I didn’t know how hard it was going to be. But I woke up [one] morning and felt it in my belly. This is what I’m supposed to do. So I went full-speed ahead and didn’t stop until 3 and a half years later.” As a mother of two daughters ages 11 and 12, Colon-Petree says she hopes to carry on what her mother taught her. Social media is off limits and both girls went with her to the Dominican Republic to build homes for homeless people. “Kids are so entitled these days. It’s just our society. But I want to raise them to be good human beings.” As Colon-Petree begins shooting a short film in Puerto Rico— post-Hurricane Maria, where her family is originally from—she’ll continue to share her message through Women Like Us and ultimately empower women and men to do something. To quote from it directly: “Your basic abilities matter, and can be a miracle in someone’s life.” Sally Colon-Petree certainly believes in miracles. For more information, visit:

Photo by Matt Sayles. Wardrobe Stylist Quentin Owens.

Deluxe Version STAR PROFILE

The Swearing-In of

CAR RIE KEAGAN – By Stacey Gualandi

Deluxe Version Magazine | 31


Carrie Keagan has never met a curse word she didn’t like. Like

that time she dropped the F-bomb on her grandmother when she was 3. Or when she got sent home from high school for wearing a t-shirt that read “Motherf---er.” Oh, and that other time she blurted out, “It’s all about the c—k” during a TV interview. Not once has her mouth been washed out with soap (“I was a good kid. I just experimented with my language”). Instead, this “cunning linguist” parlayed her potty mouth into a lucrative on-camera career getting celebrities to swear. “There was always this inner dialogue in my mind saying, ‘Just do you. Let Carrie be Carrie.’ The older I get, the more that rings true. You have to listen to your own intuition. You have to live in your own skin.” As the face and founder of No Good TV (, the digital online network she created with her visionary partner Kourosh Taj, she became one of the first YouTube stars with over two billion views. The turning point in her career? Her interview on Borat’s lap (!) which led to the cover of The Hollywood Reporter; movies roles in The Hangover; and TV host/producer gigs for VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live and Bravo’s After Hours (now in its second season). She even appeared on the New Celebrity Apprentice with Arnold Schwarzenegger. As a fellow entertainment reporter, I have admired Keagan since I saw her uncensored online debut in 2007, and read her 2017 memoir Everybody Curses, I Swear. Uncensored Tales from the Hollywood Trenches! This is a gal who changed the status quo by “giving people a fun and safe place to verbally let their hair down.” When we recently met at the W Hotel in Hollywood for a drink and an expletive-filled chat-fest, she explained how f-ing with the famous is the “great equalizer.” “I think why these celebrities were always so open with me is because I never gave them the feeling I was out to get them,” says Keagan. “I threw myself in the middle of it with them…I was about the ‘come here’ not the [tabloid] ‘gotcha’.” Everyone from Cage (her first) to Clooney (her fave); Washington (the wisest) to Willis (the worst) has shot the proverbial shit with Keagan. But this so-called “Naughty Critic” admits she wasn’t always popular. Growing up in Buffalo, she was bullied relentlessly. “I got boobs in the fifth grade. (I didn’t mean to!) I figured out early on [that] what I was being bullied for were things I couldn’t change. [So] I learned to take control of what I could control,” she says. It worked. Keagan has amassed nine thousand innuendo-filled interviews, fanatic followers called “Keagals” (wink, wink) and her own “Index of Profanity” (see: Everybody Curses). This year, she says she’s working on something big…a role she was meant to do. Until then, Carrie will keep on being Carrie…both naughty AND nice. Because as she puts it: “When I’m good, I’m really good; but when I’m no good, I’m better.”

32 | Deluxe Version Magazine

Deluxe Version Magazine: Has much changed in entertainment since you first went viral? Carrie Keagan: Not much: There is still no woman in late night television. Thank God all this #MeToo stuff is happening right now. It’s coming out finally, so maybe something will change. I see a little shifting in our direction. Go girls! DV: How do you relate to this shift? CARRIE: There are two sides to this: my personal journey, and what happened when the cameras were rolling. When rolling, I was in control. It got as dirty as I wanted it to, or allowed it to. There was never a moment where I felt out of control. BUT, I can’t say ‘not me’ because #MeToo. DV: You write in great detail about the “blatant misogyny that pervades the entertainment industry.” CARRIE: I was told right off the bat if you want to get a job in the record industry, ‘you gotta fuck somebody in the mailroom.’ Well, hello?! Countless people were inappropriate, or tried to use their power to manipulate me in some way, or dangle job offers, or threaten me. An agent told me, ‘We should just have sex because I’m not going to rep you anyway.’ Was I asking? It’s been accepted like this since the Stone Age. The most important thing [about the #MeToo movement] is this could not have been done by one woman. It had to be a bunch of us. DV: How did being bullied as a kid prepare you for Hollywood? CARRIE: I read once, ‘Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue.’ When you go through something like that…it can destroy you or toughen you up. I get flashbacks every once in a while, [about] executives. But I’m an adult now. I don’t have to take their shit now. Back then, in school, I didn’t know what I was doing. DV: Many stars who have let loose with you in the past have recently been pulled in to the #MeToo movement (Dustin Hoffman, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, etc.) Do you look at your interviews differently now? CARRIE: I do think they were being their true selves with me because they were in a safe place to do that. Nothing that ever happened in my space was something to be afraid of. I never felt harassed, worried or threatened, because I set the tone. I don’t want this all to be the death of innuendo. I want there to still be a place to joke around and be the sexual animals that we are, but in a good space! DV: You were really ahead of the curve when you created the “Emancipation Dicklamation.” CARRIE: That really goes to what is happening right now. Women need to take back the control. We need to own the word ‘cunt’ and take power over of all the things that scared us. We need to start owning our reputation rather than letting people use that against us. DV: Which celebrity is playing hard to get? CARRIE: Howard Stern! We’ve never interviewed each other. (I think he might be afraid of me…ha!) DV: Before I forget, you say you’re a “glass-half-full-of-whiskey” girl. I’m a whiskey virgin. Tell me what to order? CARRIE: Since you enjoy espresso, I suggest a Yamazaki. Neat. DV: And last question: What do you hope people say about you years from now? CARRIE: She gave a f—k! And she kept on giving them!

Photo by Lucas Noonan. Wardrobe Stylist Quentin Owens.

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Deluxe Version BETTER FOR LIFE

Stop Using BUSY As An Excuse. First things first: The NEW YEAR IS HERE. What’s your resolution? Don’t have one? Or do you? I have a few. I’ve been reading The Morning Pages every morning, and I take notes. One of the notes I bolded, pink highlighted and underlined 23,948 times was this: “WHEN YOU’RE TOO BUSY, YOU CONFUSE MOTION FOR PROGRESS.” Once I read that quote I knew—KNEW!—I had to write about this topic, and make a proclamation at the same time: I, Lauryn Evarts, am going to stop using “I’M TOO BUSY” as an excuse. The Man Repeller (love that blog!) recently posted: “According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, most of us aren’t really as busy as we lead ourselves and others to believe. As of a 2016 study, even those we think of as busiest tend to have a good amount of breathing space in their lives to say…return a text message to your mom. Most of us work around 42 hours a week and sleep around eight hours a day. If you’re quick with math, that equals a surplus of time for leisure pursuits. It’s also no secret our generation is getting married later and having fewer kids. So we’re generally not busy with the things that consumed our parents — i.e., waking up at 7 a.m. to take their future Olympians to U-10 soccer practice.” THE TRUTH IS PRIORITIES COME IN TO PLAY HERE. I believe you prioritize what you want to get done first. Meaning, if you’re too busy to do something, you don’t want to do it. I found myself using the excuse of being too busy a lot last year. I was snapped back into reality by a recent podcast (James

38 | Deluxe Version Magazine

Altucher, featuring Tony Robbins...if we’re getting specific.) Robbins talks with Altucher about how no one is “too busy.” It’s a weak excuse. I agree. I’ve literally removed it from my vocabulary. WHAT’S BEEN REALLY HELPING ME WITH GETTING RID OF THIS EXCUSE IS THREE THINGS: 1.) Laying everything out the night before: I have been laying everything out. EVERYTHING. This includes weird things you wouldn’t think about like crackers, my next-day’s full outfit, sunglasses, a packed purse, vitamins, my toothbrush and skincare routine. Even my water tumbler’s out and ready. Here’s the thing, though: they’re laid out strategically. For instance, my clothes are laid out right where they should be, you know? All kitchen stuff is organized in a little corner. Purse is packed by the door. So I can fly out the door and not feel overwhelmed or busy in the morning. FAIL TO PLAN, PLAN TO FAIL. Yeah...we’re going back to kindergarten apparently today! 2.) Google Calendar-ing EVERYTHING: You know this already but it deserves a repeat mention: If something happened to my phone’s Google calendar app, I’d cry a couple of Lauren Conrad tears. Really though. Every morning before I start my day, I pull up Google Calendar and it’s perfectly color coordinated with times, names and conference dial-in info. EASY. Now, don’t think I’m crazy, but I literally keep a schedule from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. This calendar tells me when I’m working out, talking on the phone, posting social media content, emailing, planning posts, shooting posts, meeting TSC Team, filming video, editing posts, working on TSC Bombshell Body Guide, taking meetings, hanging out with friends, going on dates, running errands, going to appointments, and even getting my nails done. Also, a lot of what I do is multi-tasking—like, walking on the treadmill and returning emails—so I will schedule those together, and all in my Google calendar. Literally, I’m surprised it doesn’t tell me when to sleep. Also, my entire month is scheduled in advance. Obviously, things are added last minute, but my calendar is set up so things are scheduled weeks in advance. Trust me, as a former flower-child business woman, this way is more efficient.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS OUTFIT?! Especially with the New Year, I feel like I need the right shoes, apparel and accessories to sustain my New Year’s resolutions. And I am so in love with it. It’s so comfortable and effortless. I worked all day and then did yoga in it. Now I’m warm at my desk typing this to you. The whole situation is very much a favorite. The grey crop with super flattering leggings just does it for me. Head to toe Nike here, even the shoes (I love a black sneaker). Nike always does it for me. If you’re looking for an errand/workout/work outfit, this is for you.

3.) Batching projects: This has been something I have been doing a lot lately. Basically, I’ll pick days to do certain tasks. For instance: Fridays are usually shoot days, and all my conference calls are scheduled for Wednesdays. About five podcasts are usually recorded in two days up in L.A. Blog posts are written on Mondays a lot...but sometimes not though, if we’re being honest (like today) because I am a spur of the moment kinda girl. I like doing house work on Monday, too.

Deluxe Version BETTER FOR LIFE

And, I batch emails a lot, too. I won’t look at my email unless I’m on a treadmill OR I do one hour in the morning and one to two hours at night. Direct messages and Snapchat messages now are even batched. It’s easier than returning them throughout the day. (Don’t kill me, but I even batch text messages. I do them all at once, once a day.) This works VERY well for someone like me. I’m becoming a BATCHING QUEEN. It’s a thing.


For Clearer Skin If you know me, you know I sure do love to“go there.” So, ACNE. It’s something a lot of women deal with on a day-to-day basis. You definitely know this if you’re a member of The Skinny Confidential secret Facebook group: I mean, we talk A LOT about skin. And pimples, if we’re getting specific. Whenever I get a pimple, I turn to FaceTune. I kid, I kid. But really, when a pimple pops up, I do three very SIMPLE things.Things that I have tested. Things that work. And things—guys!— things that are inexpensive! (You with me? Good.)

they announce 250+ winners. The awards are considered the beauty industry’s ultimate stamp of approval. How To Use The mask situation is so simple...a one-step acne treatment that covers your face and is easy to use at home. All you do is: 1.) Cleanse and dry your face. 2.) Plug the mask’s power cord all the way into the activator. 3.) Put on the mask like a pair of sunglasses. (I LIVE FOR THIS!) 4.) Press the power button and hold it down for one full second until the lights power on. 5.) Sit back, relax and enjoy your 10 minute treatment. You do not need to press the power button again—your mask will automatically turn off at the end of treatment. (I like to listen to a podcast while my mask is on.) You can use it every day for clearer, healthier skin.

You know I’m your human guinea pig...always testing, trying and researching potions, lotions and the works. I’m here to try 800 bazillion products and inform you of the 2 percent that I like. The ones that are ride or die.

And sure, Michael thinks I’m psycho for walking around the house looking like Freddy Kruger in pink floral...but what kills me is that I caught him using my light therapy mask last Tuesday. So who’s nuts now?

Anyway, this is a very long, rambly way of telling you that life isn’t over if you have acne, so don’t freak out. We got this. Next time you have a zit—and we all get them—have this page saved and ready to go so you can refer to it.

2.) BLACKHEAD POPPER REALNESS: I’ve been using this handy-dandy, super-inexpensive tool off Amazon since I was in high school. And let me tell you, it works. I take this very seriously because I’ve very much perfected this over the years. In fact, it’s kind of a magical cure.

1.) LIGHT THERAPY MASK: This is all the rage: Light therapy helps eliminate acne-causing bacteria that causes inflammation, and the one I love is super inexpensive. The mask is by Neutrogena and it has tons of benefits: it clears acne, allows the skin to heal, and has blue light (which targets acne-causing bacteria). It also has clinically proven technology, by the way. So much so, it’s actually dermatologist-strength light.

Here’s what it does: • One end is a loop tip for pressing and extracting, the other sharp end is for piercing or poking. • To minimize damage to your skin, the needle is an effective way to remove blackheads, acne or pimples. • The remover is also a safer way to clear your pores than squeezing blackheads using your fingernails. • With the help of these needles, it will lessen trauma to the surrounding skin.

I am a freak about light/sunlight on my face, but this one by Neutrogena is different. It’s a UV-free treatment that’s safe for skin and eyes because the mask emits no UV light. Also, it won Allure’s Best of Beauty. Allure editors test thousands of products over a four-month period, and every October

If you don’t have a blackhead remover…check out this breakdown to pop a zit: “When you get out of the shower, wipe your face with a clean, never-

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Deluxe Version BETTER FOR LIFE

been-used, freshly washed towel. Cover your fingers with a tissue. Even after showering, your hands and nails have bacteria that can infect your about-to-be-popped pimple. To do this, fold a tissue in half and wrap it around your index finger. Repeat with your other hand. Consider yourself prepped for zit surgery.” (Throw your mask on afterwards.) 3.) ZIT CLAY WHILE YOU SLEEP: Zit clay is essential. It’s nothing avant-garde and quite simple and to the point of boring, really. The zit clay I use isn’t clay. It says it infuses minerals that minimize oil production and significantly increase healing times up to five times faster than water-based acne products. It contains no dyes, synthetic or added chemicals. It also clears acne fast, as well as pimples, rashes, bug bites, itches, ingrown hair, blackheads, and much more. Basically it pulls out remaining impurities preventing potential scarring. Individual pimples will heal and clear up faster with spot treatments. My zit clay was recommended by my favorite esthetician, Lindsay. It’s from Sweden and has so much praise. Plus, it has two flipping ingredients: TWO! One of them being water. And, it has no dyes or synthetic additives. I have used it FOREVER. The stuff works ASAP, immediately. I’ve never seen anything so magical. Here’s the main secret though: The directions say to leave it on for 10 minutes…but I leave it on the zit OVERNIGHT. So I sleep with the clay on the pimple. Works like a charm. Those three items combined? Buh-bye acne. You will kill those little suckers. ANYWAY! That’s it. I’m off to put on my light therapy mask, grab a cup of tea, and then lend the mask to Michael after I’m done. Lauryn Evarts is an influencer and the creative director behind The Skinny Confidential. It represents the movers, the shakers, and the ones who without a doubt want to be the best damn version of themselves. The Skinny Confidential has been featured in SHAPE, Women’s Health Magazine, The Huffington Post, SELF Magazine, & Who What Wear. Since the launch of the brand, it’s evolved into a book, fitness and nutrition eBook, podcast, YouTube channel, and app. Some of Lauryn’s partnerships include collaborations with Nordstrom, TopShop, Free People, SHAPE, Reebok, Nasty Gal, Elizabeth Arden, Show Me Your Mumu, Victoria’s Secret, Skinnygirl, Benefit Cosmetics, Roberto Cavalli, Urban Decay, ViX, Urban Outfitters, & bareMinerals. She lives in San Diego and Los Angeles, California with her husband, Michael (who guest posts frequently!) and their two chihuahuas, Pixy and T. Boone Pickens. Follow Lauryn on Snapchat to see BTS. Username: laurynevarts. Original full-legnth post and podcast can be found at

Photography By Arielle Levy

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JOSH MURRAY –By Stacey Gualandi

Photos By Tim Hancock Makeup & Hair By Get Ready Agency Styled By SAKS Fifth Avenue Las Vegas

44 | Deluxe Version Magazine

Josh Murray ON THE COVER


ooking For Love In All The Real Places.

an NFL commercial on his first audition while in high school. But ultimately, his sports abilities took precedence and gave way to a successful 5-year professional baseball career.

When it came to 2018 New Year’s resolutions, Josh Murray’s list was short and sweet: “I want to “My parents taught me [that] whatever I put my get married and have kids!” mind to, I can do. And I have. I loved baseball—I got drafted—but it was monotonous and I was The twice-engaged Murray has come “this” close missing my family. I lost the passion. I am a firm as one of TV’s favorite suitors during Season 10 believer in doing what you love to do, and not of The Bachelorette, and Season 3 of Bachelor in doing something for money.” Murray adds, “You Paradise. But getting to “I do” has proven elusive. have to be able to enjoy yourself on some level.” “I went on those shows to find love. I was 2-for-2 then 0-for-2. Winning is losing on that show for me! Ha!” laughs the native New Yorker. “[But] I learned what I don’t want in a wife: I don’t like fake. I have had to deal with that in the past.”

Murray’s passion now is using his athleticism and reality-show fame for good. He just completed a new season of MTV’s The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars where he competed to win a share of the $150,000 prize for ESP (, a non-profit that creates opportunities for families But Murray hasn’t given up; he says he just needs with disabilities and a charity he supports. to be more “active.” Which means he may need to add one more resolution to that list. “Like the Bachelor shows, you had to be conniving; but [on this show] you’re supposed to be “I’m shy at meeting people. If I see an attractive competitive for charity!” admits Murray. woman, I don’t know what to say,” he says half-jokingly. “I can’t say anything. I have no pickup lines! He comes by his altruistic ways naturally. As a I’m 33 years old and still, no pickup lines!” young teen in a Jesuit all-boys Catholic school, he spent weekends doing community service around If he’s shy, Murray didn’t show it during his recent the country. “I went to Belle Glade, Fla., an AIDS visit to Las Vegas to host Deluxe Version’s “One capital at the time. I was 14 and I remember these Hundred Roses for Christmas” event at The Cos- kids were like, ‘Can you be my daddy?’ I’d be so mopolitan of Las Vegas. That’s where I and doz- emotional about it. I loved seeing how happy they ens of women posed with him (and, of course, a were, full of love. My family has always taught me signature Bachelor rose). Murray is a natural in to give back.” front of the camera (just look at our cover!), which explains his television appeal. It even landed him Moving past the negative trappings of TV dating, Deluxe Version Magazine | 49


Murray now promotes “More Love Less Hate” on his social media. He has a memoir in the works; a podcast planned with his brother, former NFL quarterback Aaron Murray; and a desire to further develop his own philanthropy in the near future… something that will involve kids and dogs. Over a year ago, he lost his beloved pup Sabel to cancer, a loss Murray describes as one of the “toughest times of my life.” It took him 10 months to bring a new French Bulldog into his life. Now, Gizzy Da Frenchie has an Instagram account that could someday rival her master’s. “She always gets photo approval,” adds Murray. With a devotion to dogs, a focus on family (“my parents are my mentors!”), and a champion for charity, Murray’s days as a bachelor may end sooner than he thinks. He’s optimistic 2018 will be the year he steps up to the marital plate; but until then, the former shortstop describes his life now with a simple baseball analogy: “I wish it were a Grand Slam! I am grateful, but the one missing piece is finding somebody. So, I can’t say everything is fulfilled, but I’ll tell you what: I’ve had a very fulfilling life and so many great opportunities. I don’t need to accomplish anything else personally. I have goals and will keep pushing, but if today were the last, I’d be so grateful” Josh Murray is indeed a proverbial catch; however, ladies…don’t expect any thorny gestures of love. When asked his favorite flower, Murray said with a laugh: “Anything but roses.”

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Mens Briefs: Versace Dress: Roberto Cavalli

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Images courtesy of Doheny Room SBE Los Angeles

Fine Dining


Deluxe Version


West Hollywood’s Best New Restaurant

DOHENY ROOM – By Dani Reeves

If you haven’t heard by now that the Doheny Room

in West Hollywood is the spot to see or be seen, you might want to come out from hiding and join the list of celebrities who are spending their evenings inside this brilliantly stylish restaurant and lounge. Love at first sight is walking into an entrance adorned with lush plants hanging like chandeliers through the second floor of the restaurant. A visually immersive atmosphere with a mid-century modern touch, the wealth of greenery warms the space throughout as you sip signature cocktails from the bar in sight of artwork that never takes itself too seriously. When you’re ready to indulge in the eclectically delicious menu, the kitchen does not disappoint, and delivers mouth-watering creations by the award-winning chef, Danny Elmaleh. Star-studded guests? Decor that stuns and leaves you talking about it for days? The Doheny Room definitely has you covered! Savor the authentic dishes that have you posting all over Instagram. You’ll definitely want to re-live your meals from the entrees to dessert! We’re proud to name The Doheny Room as winner of the Deluxe Version Magazine 2017 Publisher’s Choice for Best New Restaurant in West Hollywood. Dinner Reservations: Call 424.777.0266

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ROSINA LOUNGE BAR NONE? BAR ONE. – By Stacey Gualandi Rosina…you had me at Mai Tai. With your divine drinks, artistic glamour and throwback Gatsby-esque vibe, Rosina Lounge inside The Palazzo Las Vegas feels like the roaring 20s re-imagined for today’s emerging classic cocktail culture. Described by Patrick Lang—vice president of global restaurant and nightlife development, Las Vegas Sands—as being “inspired by the jet set crowd of a different era” and designed to look like an elegant train car from the past, Lang is right about Rosina offering an experience rarely found in Las Vegas. It is the latest luxurious lounge to open its doors, following the success of The Venetian’s award-winning The Dorsey. Boasting fine-tuned, hand-crafted drinks created by the master of mixology himself, Sam Ross, from martinis to Manhattans, there is a passion behind every concoction. General Manager Lu Lopez says this intimate retreat (the “Crown Jewel”) will be interactive and tailored to individual tastes. “I want it to have a notorious reputation for offering something that you can’t get anywhere else,” says Lopez. The attention to detail in the cocktails is matched with the elegant Art Deco décor: There are crystal chandeliers above, gold-plated floors below and royal red-velvet booths in between. But Rosina also has a few hidden treats. Jonesing for a Julep? Ask for the secret Julep menu. Got bubbly on the brain? It’s but a push away with “Champagne Call Buttons” strategically situated throughout. And if you’re feeling the sky’s the limit, there are $125 hand-painted Japanese glasses specifically for Japanese whiskey…and, no, you can’t have your drink to go. Truly taken with the experience, it does prompt one to ask who is this Rosina transporting us back in time? Says Lopez: “She is just a legend. She can be anyone you want her to be.” As far as this writer is concerned, she’s my new best friend. Rosina images courtesy of Palazzo Las Vegas.

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Old Fashioned Yes, sir, may I have another....


A Champagne refresher with a splash of honey highlighting its sweet side.


Classic and true never tasted (or looked!) so good.

Secret Menu

Avoiding predictability at every turn, Rosina has a few hidden treats. Jonesing for a julep? Be sure to ask for the secret menu that’s full of them. Rosina images courtesy of Palazzo Las Vegas.


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Black Tap – By Stacey Gualandi

Who says you can’t teach an old diner, new tricks? Because that’s exactly what Joe Isidori (Michelin-starred chef) and Chris Barish (Gordon Ramsey Pub & Grill)—the Vegas veterans behind Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer— did when they brought the famed SoHo eatery from the east coast to The Venetian Las Vegas. Across from the sports book and a dice-throw from the casino floor, Black Tap is a nostalgic throwback to the great American luncheonette with an old school hiphop pop persona, all-American burger menu, endless craft beer selection, and the world-famous Crazyshakes ™ milkshakes. And since this is Las Vegas, they went big: a Strip-view outdoor patio; a new Truffle Burger exclusive; and smack in the center of all the eating and drinking—really, the heart of the store—is an “off-thechart shake bar” where, according to Chef Isidori, “You can watch our milkshake makers create our whimsical CrazyShakes™ right in front of you.” (Black Tap even offers shakes in a non-virgin version: frozen sips with a blast of booze, like the Bam Bam or Sweet n Salty. I highly recommend the Cookies n’ Cream Supreme.) Once inside Black Tap, millennials feel like they’ve died and gone to Instagram heaven. Every inch proffers a photo op, and as a result, has earned the chain hundreds of thousands of followers…and, a celebrity following. Katie Holmes, Kate Hudson, Joe Jonas, and Kobe Bryant are mad for the milkshakes.

Images courtesy of Black Tap Las Vegas

“Black Tap is a game-changer,” says Sales and Events Manager Jose Saenz. “We feel it is all about the energy. It is all-inclusive. You can mingle with the folks next to you…dance a little. It’s a good vibe and a good time.” And it’s not ready to tap out on expansion just yet. Black Tap recently opened a Geneva location, two in Dubai and is planning a shake destination in Disneyland. (Mickey Mouse Milkshake anyone?)

Deluxe Version Magazine | 61

Chili Cheeseburger

Falafel Burger Salad

Deluxe Version


Black Tap even offers shakes in a non-virgin version: frozen sips with a blast of booze, like the Bam Bam or Sweet n Salty. I highly recommend the Cookies n’ Cream Supreme.

Images courtesy of Black Tap Las Vegas

– Stacey Gualandi

Cookies and Cream Supreme

EMPANADAS Housemade pastry dough stuffed with braised ground beef, sweet plantains, black beans, queso fresco, spicy guasacaca pico CHICALASVEGAS.COM | @CHICALASVEGAS

Deluxe Version Approved


Before the usual crew heads over to your house for game night, girl’s night, or whatever-you-name-it night, suprise them upon arrival with these Casamigos inspired cocktails. Let the fun begin!

Cozy Up & Sip Happily CASAMIGOS MARGARITA 2 oz. Casamigos Blanco 1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice .25 oz. Fresh Orange Juice .5 oz. Agave Nectar .5 oz. Orange Liqueur Combine all ingredients into a shaker. Add ice. Shake vigorously for 8-10 seconds. Strain into a rocks glass. Add fresh ice. Garnish with a lime wheel through a skewer.


4 oz. Casamigos Reposado 3 Tbs. Instant Hot Chocolate Powder 2 Cups Whole Milk .5 Cup Half and Half .5 Tsp. Cinnamon Chopped Dark Chocolate (2-3 small squares) 1/8 Tsp. Cayenne Pepper Garnish with marshmallow cubes Mix hot chocolate, milk, chocolate chunks, cinnamon, and cayenne in a pot over low heat until all chocolate has melted into a nice, sippable consistency. Add Casamigos Reposado Tequila, serve and garnish.

For more incredible cocktail recipies visit Enjoy Responsibly.

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The Ultimate Expression of Waterfront Luxury The Estates at Reflection Bay includes 9 stunning one-acre lots and 23 half-acre lots, in an exclusive gated enclave.

Sales Office Open Daily: 10am - 4pm 2030 Lake Las Vegas Parkway, Henderson, NV 89011

A 8,597 square foot residence, designed by award-winning Swaback Partners, LLC and built by Merlin Contracting, 2017 Custom Home Builder of the Year.

Lago Vista by William Lyon Signature Homes

An Exciting New Year At

LAKE LAS VEGAS – By Katie Rose

It’s a new year, and everyone at Lake Las Vegas is feeling the energy. Between new homes, new restaurants and a community that’s growing again, everyone is excited about what 2018 has in store. The obvious question is…will you be visiting the lake this year? Here are our best reasons why your answer should be “yes.”

are already in the works. Under the direction of the new owners, SouthShore Country Club LLV will be updated and upgraded…providing one of the best private club experiences in the Las Vegas Valley.

NEW RESTAURANTS AT THE LAKE Reflection Bay Golf Club has a brand-new grill and pub NEW HOMES AT THE LAKE next to the golf shop, on the bottom level of the Reflection By now, you’ve heard that Pulte and Lennar Homes are Bay Golf Club. Called the Bayside Grill, it’s the perfect 19th coming to Lake Las Vegas. Pulte’s new community, Bella- hole for golfers after a game. no, opened model homes Jan. 20, and there are three single-story floor plans to choose from. The homes start in (And it’s not just golf that’s growing at Lake Las Vegas: the low $300,000’s, making luxury living affordable for any- Expect new restaurants opening throughout the Montelone who wants to live in Lake Las Vegas…but don’t forget ago Village this year, starting with a wine, tapas and jazz about the custom home lots available on the north shore. lounge.) Ranging in size from quarter-acre to one-acre lots on the water, these estates will give you the chance to build your custom dream home on the waterfront. For these reasons and more, Lake Las Vegas is more than a lake: it’s a lifestyle; a private, desert-oasis community loNEW GOLF HAPPENINGS AT THE LAKE cated just a short drive from the Las Vegas Strip; and with a Big news at Lake Las Vegas SouthShore! The SouthShore 320-acre lake in the front yard, Lake Mead in the backyard Golf Course was sold at the end of last year to a group and shopping just 10 minutes away, Lake Las Vegas is the dedicated to keeping its prestigious reputation. This Jack perfect location to enjoy a peaceful yet active life. If you’ve Nicklaus-designed golf course has a bright future, and been to the lake lately, you know that now is the best time renovations and physical improvements to the clubhouse to stop visiting and start living.

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Bellano features three popular single - story homes ranging from 1,579 to 1,920 square feet. More information to purchase Visit: or come in to Sports Club (Information Center) at Lake Las Vegas. Prices shown are estimated base prices, do not include lot premiums or options and are subject to change without notice. Lot premiums may apply. Please see a sales representative for details. This material shall not constitute a valid offer in any state where prior registration is required or if void by law. Photography and illustrations are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to be an actual representation of a specific community, neighborhood, or any completed improvements being offered. Offers and availability subject to change or withdrawal without notice. This material shall not constitute a valid offer in any state where prior registration is required or if void by law. Pulte Home Company, LLC is a licensed Nevada real estate broker (lic.#B.0144746) 7255 S. Tanya Way, Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV 89113 (702) 914-4800, NMLS Entity Identifier #1007381-240. Š2018 Pulte Home Company, LLC. All rights reserved. 1/8/2017



Noteworthy Reads

OUR FAVORITE BOOKS OF THE SEASON – By Stacey Gualandi IN BED WITH BROADCASTING by Ken Davis Ken Davis began his career as a small-town radio DJ during his college years. Little did he know he would later find himself faceto-face with a notorious serial killer in the middle of the night; be nearly shot by a world-famous music producer; or unexpectedly come across the lifeless body of a legendary Hollywood bombshell. Along the way, he hung out with everyone from Barack Obama to Walter Cronkite to Sting. These are but a few of the many adventures in Davis’s memoir about his colorful Emmy award-winning career in television. But this is much more than a “tell-all” book filled with juicy anecdotes about famous people. It’s a down-to-earth and often humorous story of a man who must juggle his family and his “mistress” while trying to overcome adversity, ethical dilemmas, and an industry going through relentless change. Prepare to go behind the closed doors of one of the most enjoyable, harrowing and seductive industries in the world. Once you hop In Bed with Broadcasting you may love her or you may want to run for cover—but you will never forget her.

20 WOMEN CHANGEMAKERS by Pamela Burke and Patricia Caso (I did several of the interviews featured!)

HOW DO YOU CHANGE THE WORLD? It begins with one person, often one ordinary woman, who sees a need, finds a way to fill it and ends up doing extraordinary things to make a positive difference. We are veteran broadcasters and journalists who started The Women’s Eye website and radio show to shine the light on these special impactors and bring them to you. Changemakers features twenty of these remarkable women who will amaze you with their ideas, fortitude and grit. They tell you how they did it, and how you, too, can take action!

EVERYBODY CURSES I SWEAR! UNCENSORED TALES FROM THE HOLLYWOOD TRENCHES by Carrie Keagan There’s so much more to talk show host, internet entrepreneur, and original YouTube sensation Carrie Keagan. You may know her as host, writer, and producer of VH1’s hit morning show Big Morning Buzz Live with Carrie Keagan, but before Judd Apatow made being dirty mainstream, she was pioneering the R-rated, A-List celebrity digital video to an audience of tens of millions on one of the first and most successful YouTube networks ever, No Good TV. She’s turned swearing into an art-form and invited all of Hollywood to join in. Everybody Curses, I Swear! is the quintessential book on the wonderful world of potty-mouthed depravity inside Hollywood!

And for the perfect pen to mark up your books…. Graf Von Faber-Castell Guilloche Cisele Rollerball Pen

The contrast between the polished high-gloss caps and tips and the fine guilloche barrels produces a very special fascination. The barrel is made of a tough and durable material and each barrel is hand crafted then lacquered, polished and engraved separately with precision to create that very unique guilloche pattern which is not identical to any other pen, even in the same category. The cap and grip section is plain rhodium coated contrast to the patterned barrel and is ensured.

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“There is a fine line between abuse and addiction and once you cross that line you lose the ability to choose. The best example [goes like this]: Once a cucumber becomes a pickle it will never be a cucumber again. And that’s how the brain is.” – Sydney Smith

Transcend Addiction


The new year is here and many of us have already made our resolu-

tions. The usual eating better and exercising more are always good; but what about, “I’m going to beat my addiction to gambling”? It’s a more common resolution than you’d might think, and why Sydney Smith, founder of Rise Center for Recovery, is here to help explain gambling behavior, the signs to look for and how best to get help.  

often feel crazy because gamblers are very good at manipulation and lying. A gambler in action will actually mimic bipolar behavior. They also may complain about often having skull crushing headaches, stomach problems, anxiety, or even have high blood pressure.

Other questions for people to ask themselves: Have you ever bet more than you intended? Or have you ever lied or concealed the gambling to other How would you describe a gambling addiction? people? Are you able to set limits? Have you ever lost the ability to stop? Gambling comes in all forms. It’s not just casino gaming. It’s the lotto, stock Answering yes to these questions could be red flags when diagnosing an market, sports betting. Betting is any time you make a wager or you make addiction. a bet where the outcome is unknown.  How does RISE Center help overcome this disease? Addictive behavior (gambling) is only the symptom of the problem. With First, with any addiction it’s important to help the person realize that what so much biology behind addiction, tests have shown that the brain activity they do in their addiction is not really who they are as a person. At Rise, we of a drug addict who is high is the same as when a gambler is betting. So take more of a holistic approach to recovery. The world disease, when brojust because you are not ingesting anything, your body is still experiencing ken down, is “dis-ease,” which is a disconnect between the head and body. the same effect.   At Rise, we treat the person as a whole...mind and body is as one. We are connected. What are the first signs of addiction? What behaviors should we look for? When dealing with something so complex such as a gambling addiction, Gambling is an invisible disease. Family and friends [may] know something Rise knows it’s not easy to overcome. Recovery is an inside out job. It’s someis wrong but they can’t physically see it. There are a few things to look for if thing you can’t do alone… but you have to do by yourself. you believe someone you know has an addiction. Is there unaccounted-for For help or for more information visit time? Is there money missing? Missing valuable items? Are there any abRise Center For Recovery at normal mood swings? Family members who are living around the addiction *In the event of an emergency always call 911 first. This article is for informative use only and you should always consult with your doctor directly.

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A DESIRED DESTINATION FOR LOCALS…AND TOURISTS –By Dani Reeves Ever think on your trip to Vegas, “Let’s stop by the fertility

center and plan for a baby”? It’s not as out-there as you’d think. While most tourists plan a spa day or to sample several resort shows—even a stop at a wedding chapel—there has been a recent change in guests’ itineraries as visiting Vegas for a particular fertility specialist and clinic is growing more popular. Eva Littman, MD, FACOG, is the founder and practice director of Red Rock Fertility Center. Her reputation has made her one of the most successful fertility doctors in the area, attracting patients from all over the world. Littman’s compassion toward her patients is boundless since she’s experienced the same procedures her clients must undergo: Blessed with three children she is not only relatable to her patients but a success story herself. Why do you think your fertility center attracts patients from thousands of miles away?   It’s all about the quality. Red Rock Fertility Center is a stateof-the-art facility and is home to one of the most advanced in-vitro fertilization (IVF) laboratories in the nation. The ambiance is warm and inviting, helping ensure that the patients are comfortable and relaxed…which is why it’s known as one of the best-looking fertility centers in the world. Offering everything from IVF and genetic testing to special services such as egg, embryo and sperm freezing, Red Rock Fertility Center offers a personalized experience to each patient’s needs. What are the center’s success rates? For women under 35: 88 percent for first-time moms, and our over 40’s age range is 75 percent (and that’s high because we offer genetic screening). Because most centers don’t include genetic screening, at RRFC you get the boutique-style setting along with all the procedures at the same price.

Your center clearly stands above the rest. We offer what others don’t have. More than being beautiful, the fertility center is one of the most advanced in the nation including a “Class 6 Clean Room” where the air is 166,000 cleaner than an ordinary room. This allows the embryos to progress without having bacteria land in the dish... insuring our patients get the best treatment possible. Our staff also has more than 15 years of experience, and goes above and beyond by making hotel arrangements for patients, if necessary. To learn more about Littman and her dedicated team of doctors, please visit

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CHOOSING THE RIGHT DENTIST FOR YOUR HEALTHY SMILE! – By Dani Reeves Why is the thought of going to the dentist so daunting even as an adult? The fact is, our teeth are one of the first things people notice about ourselves. Having that perfect smile is achievable and no one would know better than Dr. Jonathan Dean from Summerlin Smiles and Distinctive Smiles here in Las Vegas. Dr. Dean is a leading cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas, practicing for over 14 years. He is one of four acknowledged professionals here in the Las Vegas valley, and comes highly recommended for his expertise in Invisalign and implantology. He works alongside his colleagues, Ton V. Lee, Sarah Kitchen, and Meron Anghesom, at both Las Vegas based dental practices. This team’s ultimate mission? Encouraging patients to be proactive with their own dental health with the latest dental technology, products, skills and knowledge. Dr. Dean, why Las Vegas? You have lived all over the world; what was it about this city that made you want to call it home? “The sunshine!” Dean laughed. Although the weather did have an impact on his decision, Nellis Air Force Base was actually the reason for his move here. After graduating at the University of Maryland / Baltimore College for Dentistry he had an opportunity to practice and travel with the Air Force. “I

76 | Deluxe Version Magazine

was a Captain and served for three years; the Air Force really allowed me to focus on my craft.” After serving in the military, Dean knew he was going to stay in Las Vegas not only for the sunshine, but to be a positive influence in helping with the growth of the city and community he now calls home. What makes you stand out above all the other cosmetic dentists? “No matter what career I have had, I always wanted to help people.” Dean’s favorite quote is: “Change your smile and share it with the world.” Being able to transform someone’s life through their smile is what makes his job so fulfilling. “I have had adults cry after seeing what cosmetic dentistry can do for them. You don’t have to live with a smile you don’t like.” Why are Summerlin Smiles and Distinctive Smiles so highly recommended? “Out of all the practices I have seen we really pride ourselves on personal connection. We want to treat our patients like family here and I think when you are with our staff you can really feel that.” Want to know more? Visit


CRYO-RECOVERY SubZero Is Recovery To The Stars

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a systematic anti-inflamitory treatment in-

volving skin exposure to ultra-low temperatures for a brief, controlled time. We are here to help you achieve the recovery and results that you have been looking for. Our top of the line cryosauna, localized cryotherapy and SubZero Facials can help with a number of sports recovery processes as well as help with your overall wellness. Let us freeze you into better health! SubZero Recovery specializes in Whole Body Cryotherapy and Local Cryotherapy. Whole Body Cryo will help reset and recharge your entire body. With Local Cryo we will be able to focus on one specific area of your body. The combination of the two will show dramatic benefits and pain relief. How it works When we subject our bodies to ice cold temperatures, our bodies go into a fight-or-flight response that is meant to keep us from freezing. As the cryosauna exposes the skin to super-cold temperatures, our bodies go into “I am freezing, must survive” mode and the blood rushes to our core to keep our organs going. There, it is enriched with oxygen and nutrients as our body works in super-survival mode. As soon as we step out into the warm air, the oxygenated blood rushes back out, flooding the peripheral tissues and flushing out toxins.

How this helps the body, skin, and muscles The brief “freeze” activates collagen in the skin similar to laser treatments, improving skin elasticity and tone and reducing cellulite. The constriction of blood vessels followed by the post-cryosauna flushing also flushes out toxins and helps with conditions like psoriasis and rosacea. The procedure also boosts endorphins and speeds up metabolism, pushing the body to burn 500 to 800 calories in the few hours after the procedure (and more over time with regular sessions). The anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect also helps with joint disorders and muscle soreness. Overall, immunity is boosted. Why it’s better than an ice bath Ice baths can be painful, and even after 30 minutes or so, submerged the skin temperature doesn’t go below about 41 degrees. And by that time, the muscles are literally frozen and pretty immobile. For athletes, this means downtime they can’t afford. With cryosauna treatments, the skin is exposed to dry cold of minus 220 degrees Fahrenheit. As soon as you step out of the cryosauna, blood rushes back out from your core and you feel a rush of endorphins and energy— making for a quick and high-octane return to physical activity. To book your cryotherapy session, please call (702) 907-8304, or use our easy 24-hour online-booking. We believe in giving you our full attention and making your experience as enjoyable as possible!

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Doheny Room Los Angeles November 4, 2017

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Doheny Room Los Angeles November 4, 2017

Madeleine Coghlan, Darren Barnet, Tawnie Jaclyn, Tim Hancock, Amanda Lynn, Tyler Ryan

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Eden Sassoon, Chris Javier

Jamillette Gaxiola, Dani Reeves Madeleine Coghlan, Stacey Gualandi

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Launch Party – Photos By Brian To & Milla Cochran

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Josh Murray Hosts

100 ROSES Deluxe Version Magazine Holiday Event – Photos By Christopher Sebastian

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CLIQUE Bar & Lounge December 13, 2017

Neville Campell, Josh Murray, Tashi Campbell

Julie Hammell, Reva Sumner, Josh Murray, Stephanie Hill, Tonya Johnston

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Deluxe Version Magazine Issue No.10  

Winter 2018 Featuring Josh Murray

Deluxe Version Magazine Issue No.10  

Winter 2018 Featuring Josh Murray