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Art Duty “To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts. Such is the duty of the artist.” – ROBERT SCHUMANN



















Brenda Ferrell beautifies the heads and faces of L.A.’s finest at the heels of Eden Sassoon. But this stylist’s outlook on life is so much deeper than skin.




Villa Renata nestled on the coast Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is one of the sexiest mega homes for rent in this popular year round destination. One of many destinations we are sharing with our readers in this issue!



Meet The Team

Tim Hancock

Jen Chase

Stacey Gualandi

As a high-end fashion photographer and creative director for the last decade, Tim Hancock has collaborated with clients Billionaire Couture, IK Retail Group, Fizz, and Global Beauty Masters, where he passionately showcases each brand in perfect light, crafting and driving the visual voice of his clients’ brands and visions. A Las Vegas native, Hancock’s work has been sought by the city’s elite print and online publications, from headshot work and stylized shoots to red carpet affairs. Hancock is also the creative director for Vegas Legal Magazine (VLM), where he produces a product that is crisp, professional and pursuant of perfection. As founder of DLXVRSN Magazine, this is Hancock’s inaugural publication.

From Boston to Las Vegas and places in between, for 20 years Jen Chase’s food and lifestyle writing has featured the stories of good companies and people doing great things, in more than 500 clips across multiple formats. Owner of Button Soup Consulting, Chase’s work has appeared in content for brands MasterCard®, Breville®, Bertolli®, and The Juice Standard; the television show PBS’ Ciao Italia; publications Forbes Travel Guide, Hard Rock Hotel magazine, Time Out Las Vegas, and lifestyle magazines on both coasts. She is the editor of two publications—DLXVRSN Magazine and Vegas Legal Magazine (VLM),—working with writers to elicit the very best content for the pubs’ very best readers. Find her on Instagram at @culinarietherapie and her Tumblr blog by the same name.

There’s not much Stacey Gualandi won’t do for a story: The Emmy award-winning journalist (KTNV/Ch. 13 Action News) once went 80 hours with no sleep to test the effects of sleep deprivation; painted the Hollywood sign; and even flew a plane after only 15 minutes of instruction. But her tenacity is tempered with humor and softness that puts colleagues and interviewees at ease…evident in both in her ability to get the tough “get”— she obtained the first interview with Mary Kay Letourneau’s young lover and a rare interview with Kit Culkin, Macauley’s father, about the case against Michael Jackson, just to name a few—and, her graceful, playful way with words. Drawing from her reporter years with Inside Edition and American Journal, Gualandi is DLXVRSN Magazine’s contributing editor.




Tyra Bell-Holland

Tyler Morgan

Andy Gil

It is an exceptional skill to influence a room of executives and one that Tyra Bell-Holland commands with grace. As DLXVRSN Magazine’s publicist, her 15 years both as a medical executive and within the hospitality industry have given her the necessary aplomb (and Rolodex) to ensure that any Bell-Holland event is a successful, media-covered one. As president of Ava Rose Agency, with a focus on expert branding, influencing, marketing, and overall “instigating,” clients include Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Nobu, STK, Rent The Runway, and The One Group, among other satisfied clients.

Born and raised in Miami, Fla., Tyler J. Morgan graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s in finance before attending both St. Thomas University School of Law and the same school’s School of Business, earning his JD and MBA, respectively. Morgan is a licensed attorney in both Nevada and Florida, owner of Southern Nevada Medical Group and publisher of Vegas Legal Magazine (VLM). With successful careers in both the legal and medical fields, he parlays his experience into curating content and developing relationships that can enhance DLXVRSN’s content as it relates to art, fashion and fine living in the United States and beyond.

Andy Gil began his work in Las Vegas radio as Mid-Day Host on Wild 102 FM (Clear Channel), then moving to CBS Radio at 98.5 FM KLUC and Mix 94.1 FM. While making huge strides in the radio industry as a top contender in his craft, he was voted “Best Radio DJ” By With his career track record, it shows Gil’s versatility is his production credits. His most recent work in radio was with Royce Broadcasting where he handled Marketing and On-Air roles for 104.3FM in Las Vegas, NV, 97.7FM KRCK in Palm Springs, CA and 92.7 The Revolution in San Francisco, CA. Andy continues to expand on his formula for success. He currently is Director of Media for Marshall Injury Law and Media corespondent for DLXVRSN Magazine





Juliene Gibeson

Patrayna Bhoolsuwan

Krista White


Mariah Walton

Since being crowned the Cycle 14 winner of America’s Next Top Model, White has walked the runway for Roberto Cavalli, Nicole Miller, Betsey Johnson, and Helen Yarmak, among others. Through her travels and appearances in world-renowned fashion weeks, and through her exposure with the world’s top designers, White now brings her fashion background to the forefront by curating DLXVRSN Magazine’s design and fashion content, blurring the line between couture and everyday beauty.

Urian Booze

Diane Tuazon

Chelsea Abate


Derek Sante

As DLXVRSN Magazine’s culinary director, Chef Scott Commings brings a patchwork of food and beverage experiences to the publication as he educating them on the origins of deeply good food. Good food is something Commings knows: The Season 12 winner of the Fox network’s Hell’s Kitchen, Commings is the executive chef of Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nev. Despite the outward glam, his relationship with food began tending chores on his family’s Wisconsin farm, where he gained an appreciation for an honest day’s work and the beauty of in-season harvesting, recipe development, cooking, and eating. Commings graduated from Purdue University’s Hotel Restaurant Management Program. Following restaurant positions in the Midwest, he was hired by Loyola University to create its “Sustainable Campus,” where over 3 years he developed a five-acre organic garden to feed the campus with an eye on highlighting the importance of teaching and knowing from where our food comes.

Letter From The Creative Director New One Coming Will Insert Here Sincerely,

Tim Hancock


DARING BEAUTY Scaffolding? STK? Mexico? No canvas is too large, no destination too far for this wanderlusting artist with the heart-ist. Meet Mallory Dawn.



FASHION FORWARD When life gives you lemons, make margaritas... or in this designer’s case, put the school of hard knocks to use in your work. (and never sleep on a park bench again). Meet Willfredo Gerardo



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Zara Larsson #InTheStudio

TAKING OVER POP MUSIC This very talented Superstar you may know from the track “Never Forget You” and now her track “It Aint My Fault” will take her to the next level of pop stardom. Deluxe Versions’ own Andy Gil chats with Zara Larsson about bringing her Swedish Swag to the USA and World wide. Andy also asks Zara about making the big time stage and who influences her to keep rocking the mic. Click to watch! GET TO THE MUSIC:

Dowload Larsson’s latest single Ain’t My Fault on iTunes.

20 | DLXVRSN Magazine




HAILEE STIENFELD //Multitalented has a new meaning with this vibrant new voice

STARVING FOR MORE You can’t miss Hailee Steinfeld since the superstar is everywhere...from her latest role in the movie The Edge of Seventeen to her hit track (on EVery radio station) with Zedd, Starving. This 19-year-old talent is doing everything right, starting with making you love her. Click to watch her here as she sits down with DLXVRSN’s own Andy Gil. GET TO THE MUSIC:

Dowload Steinfeld’s latest single Starving and her EP titled HAIZ on iTunes.

DLXVRSN Magazine | 21

Blair Bomar – By Stacey Gualandi

“I think people from Texas stick out like a sore thumb…in a good way!” says Blair Bomar, a one-time Dallas debutante now making her way through Hollywood. If this statement holds true, it’s great news for up-and-coming actress who isn’t afraid to go full-tilt Texas drawl on command…especially if it helps her land a role. “I like to think I can do a livin’ breathin’ Steel Magnolia,” says Bomar. As they say, you can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take the Texas out of the girl, and that Southern flair fits in nicely for her role in the USA network’s “raw and gritty” summer series Queen of the South, (which just so happened to be filmed in Dallas) where she played Kim Brown, the girlfriend of a drug lieutenant who has teamed up with soon-to-be-female drug “queenpin” Teresa Mendoza, aka the “Queen of the South.” “The show is about survival and these women who are putting up this fight despite all of these really terrible circumstances,” says Bomar. “Kim has definitely brought out the survivor in me—things that I’m proud of—which I’m still discovering.” Queen of the South is Bomar’s second series—she played a snake vampire in Robert Rodriguez’s TV adaptation of From Dusk Til Dawn—and it follows film roles in Claire Danes’ Temple Grandin and Lisa Kudrow’s Bandslam. Bomar says that acting has always been the plan since she caught the bug at 9. Initially a dancer, she studied music and dramatic arts both in London and New York before moving to Los Angeles to forge her acting career 6 years ago. She describes having amazing friends and family in Texas who encouraged her adventurous spirit, but admits, “I always had the desire to explore and cast the net out a bit further. I wanted to see about blazing new and different trails.” And that trail now includes becoming a multi-hyphenate. Not one to rely only on her accent and good looks, Bomar has worked in casting, produced a web series and is now co-writing two short films. And she still had time to sit down with DLXVRSN Magazine to answer our eight cut-to-the-chase questions about what drives her heart and career. Southern hospitality is alive and well.

24 | DLXVRSN Magazine

Photo by Wes Klain

Photos Courtesy Of Steven Starr

Blair with Southern Flair:

Meet Blair Bomar Why diversify? I think that’s the calling across the board for actors these days. You have to have your hands in everything, especially with social media. It’s about showing people what you can do instead of waiting for them to pick you. What is your mission? To tell stories which move and empower people; to inspire people to feel and think and evolve past their immediate circumstances and perceptions. What is your fashion sense? I’m a flower child at heart. If I had my way I’d probably be barefoot in a sexy black suit with a daisy behind my ear. What is one unknown fact about you? I can run very fast. The adrenaline rush I get from sprinting is super intense. What is your perfect day? I love being in nature, on a great hike with my family who are nearest and dearest to me, and with [mixed breed pup] Bruno, my obsession. What is your best advice? I would say make sure you have people around you who you can trust, [who] know who you are and will remind you who you are when you forget. And, who will remind you what you are capable of and will inspire you when you feel downtrodden. What is the quote you live by? “…And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom,” by Anais Nin. What is your other favorite quote? “Sometimes great hair is the best revenge.” Thanks Dolly Parton!

DLXVRSN Magazine | 27


FERRELL Beautifying Tinseltown With Heart –By Mariah Walton Connecting with Brenda Ferrell was definitely one of those situations where you say to yourself, “all good things come to those who wait.” Amidst her demanding schedule of traveling around the world and hairstyling for reality TV shows, to becoming the personal hair and makeup artist for Eden Sassoon (daughter of the late, world renowned hair technician Vidal Sassoon), Ferrell is wise beyond her 26 years and is on an uphill slope to extreme success. If you’ve ever had endeavors you’d like to see come to pass in your own life, her story will be both refreshing and encouraging. Interviewing her between clients, I deduce the magnitude of her work ethic and learn it was gained from watching her mother, a divorcée, juggle life with five children while working as a cross-country truck driver. Ferrell grew up with mainly just her siblings at home and took many odd jobs as a kid. All were in customer service. From servicing others, she learned how rewarding it can be to give rather than receive. In her young adult years, Ferrell became interested in hair. She began taking cosmetology classes at night and worked during the day. After 2 years of that packed schedule, Ferrell graduated cosmetology school and decided to work in Beverly Hills, hailing from downtown LA herself. Applying and landing a stylist assistant gig at the then Warren Tricomi Salon, she continued to work her day job until she finally stepped out to work here solely. Through a friend, she applied and got her dream job hair styling “on the floor,” as the stylists call it, at EDEN by Eden Sassoon Salon, now working part time at both salons until Warren Tricomi closed, forcing her to only work at one place.

28 | DLXVRSN Magazine

Brenda Ferrell


When asked how she felt about ultimately working at only one place, she replies, “I just had the determination to make it. I was not interested in relying on anything or anyone else.” The idea of not having a choice, and making whatever it is you have to work with simply “work,” always bodes well in my book. Part of our conversation about that very topic went something like this:

Mariah Walton: “So how did you get into working directly for Eden Sassoon?” Brenda Ferrell: “I simply showed up to work. I mean, you never know what could happen. Eden came in needing a blowout, I was available and she loved it!” MW: “You do her makeup as well. How did that part come to be?” BF: “A divine connection. Eden was going to an event and her makeup artist wasn’t available. Eden Sassoon’s salon is full service, [so] with that, I was trained in makeup application. [I] was available and did her makeup. From then, I became her personal hair stylist and makeup artist. From that experience I just tell people to always be ready. Honor your craft and have fun with it!” Listening to Ferrell, I quickly conclude that the story of her life embodies what she calls “divine connections.” Each opportunity happened either through a friend, or was simply a case of perfect timing. However, most of the time that isn’t all it takes to reach your maximum potential. In her case, Ferrell grew up equating—and exuding—success from within the service industry. Each experience has taught her that her clients’ needs come first and foremost, and if the client is happy, she’s doubly satisfied. I believe this mindset of genuinely putting others’ needs ahead of her own is really the force behind what has catapulted Ferrell to success, and what continues to work for her. Her passion is clearly there…if you’re in her chair, yours comes first. She leaves me with this golden nugget: “If you don’t have a vision of where you’re going, you’re going to fail.” The word “vision” immediately jumps at me. Vision is defined as the faculty or state of being able to see. I challenge you dear reader: Have you seen your future? Much like our highly motivated and naturally inspiring example Brenda Ferrell, begin to see it and experience all that is waiting to be uncovered. I know I will be.

Find Brenda Ferrell at EDEN by Eden Sassoon Salon 8600 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069 To read more from Mariah Walton, visit

DLXVRSN Magazine | 31

LIVING ON THE EDGE FOR SUCCESS – By Derek Sante Many have remarked that they have “put their life on the line for success,” but how many of them had a documentary made showing just how thin that line was? Enter Billionaire Richard Branson...the airline, space travel, cell phone, adventuring magnate with the keys to music’s Rock Vault. What I thought I knew about this billionaire was defined by the media and shows like The Simpsons: a crazy adventuring man with too much money and not enough sense. And while history hasn’t counted out his final chips, more than likely you will decide that this sly fox was grinning his way to success with the largest betting token available: His life. His new documentary Don’t Look Down is interesting and thrilling, to say the least. Learning about the real-life issues and drama that Branson went through, by his own choice, was chilling. For the Virgin Airlines brand to fly, Richard Branson may have had to take a deadly plunge. By boat or balloon, he taught us that crashing can be defined a success, as long as you spin it right! We had some fun with Branson as we discussed whether being Batman was as option for the adventuring billionaire. Will he take the voyage to Mars that Elon Musk won’t? From his Virgin Records days, we inquired where music is today and where the industry of radio and records might take it. And finally, we talked about the group The Founders and what it is doing to help secure peace in our time. This interview—while focusing on his new documentary Don’t Look Down—also touches upon his choices in life, the next stage of space travel and how he is attempting to heal the world. At 66, don’t count Branson as being ready to take a one-way ticket to Mars, yet.

Watch the full video interview with Derek Sante 32 | DLXVRSN Magazine

Photo Courtesy Of Gravitas Ventures

Richard Branson #Interview

All Match Points For

Mayleen Ramey –By Jen Chase Mayleen Ramey. Heard of her? If not, you will soon, whether you’re a Wimbledon fan or not. This former Tennis Channel host is part television personality, part diverse entrepreneurial spirit, who spent her Fall 2016 having her glowing self photographed at a London English manor while waiting on the good word about self-developed TV programming she pitched to media execs in Monte Carlo (where all good things go to happen, right?). Ramey’s happy strides toward tennis media world domination—in the name of injecting a little more life into an otherwise slightly serious sport—balance nicely with the things that put a smile on her approachable face. So forget Virginia: Meet Mayleen Ramey instead, before this sweetly driven beauty is so successful her accolades won’t fit within our glossy pages. You can say you knew her back when…. DLXVRSN Magazine: We heard you have a rather interesting travel background. Dish. Mayleen Ramey: I’m biracial (Chinese and French-American). I grew up overseas (on five continents) and then I moved to the United States when I was 11. At university, I studied economics and accounting...then decided I’d try to become a TV host, with no experience or training (not recommended!). But I got lucky and have been doing this for 14 years now. I still can’t believe it sometimes and am grateful each day. DLXVRSN: Talk about falling into something! Who hired you first with all that non-experience experience? MR: My first big gig was as a VJ for MTV’s college network, mtvU. And I have worked primarily in music, sports and entertainment, until finding my way back into the tennis world, when I started hosting a travel show on the Tennis Channel called Destination Tennis.  DLXVRSN: Tennis? MR: Yup! I grew up playing competitive tennis, then stopped after high school. In 2009, when I got called in to audition for Destination Tennis, I didn’t even have a racquet and had borrow my mom’s! Despite being a little rusty, they picked me and I spent 3 years traveling to the world’s best tennis resorts. It truly was a dream job—and it brought my worlds of tennis and TV together, really shaping the path of my career.  DLXVRSN: Sounds like you had a knack for adaptability... which is a real gift in this industry and one that’s rewarded with the chance to keep re-inventing yourself. That said, what followed the Tennis Channel?

34 | DLXVRSN Magazine

MR: After DT ended, I was hired as a host and producer for newly-launched OK! TV, a nationally syndicated entertainment news show. DLXVRSN: And now? MR: After 2 years I really missed tennis and saw a need for fun, off-court content in the sport where fans can see the real personalities of these amazing athletes. So in June 2015, I co-founded and launched an online media channel, Outside the Ball. Our weekly segments are different and cool. I take viewers behind-the-scenes...from attending parties with Genie Bouchard to singing karaoke with Serena Williams. Even improv acting with Novak Djokovic. We go beyond the game and the fans love it. Since we started, we’ve created a dedicated fan base and millions of views! This past April, we launched a TV show on regional sports channels in the States, reaching over 60 million households. DLXVRSN: Sounds diverse, and likely extremely welcomed by fans of the sport. What’s your fave part of the project? MR: Everything! OTB combines my passion and purpose. I have a connection with this sport that I started playing at 3 years old. But I also love creating—there’s nothing more fulfilling than having your vision come to life. I get to do that each week with producing our #TennisTuesday videos, as well as with our shoots and TV show. Each day—with running the business and mapping out our future—I’m always looking ahead...I love a challenge! Of course, none of this would be be possible without my team. They are incredible: they support me, push me and inspire me to do better each day. DLXVRSN: And it’s OTB that you pitched in Monte Carlo? MR: Yes! I attended a sports media convention to sell our digital content and TV show internationally.  DLXVRSN: Wows. “World domination” is right! But enough about work, Girl. What makes your soul sing? MR: I love FOOD! [And] dancing; learning languages; creating businesses and taking on new projects; opera; LONDON; the Victorian era (specifically Queen Victoria, my hero); philanthropy; and being silly. DLXVRSN: Silly! Love it. A true Renaissance woman. Will you come back and give us some updates in our next issue? Worky stuff, but maybe more about all that food and culture love for life you’ve got? MR: Absolutely! I have something special planned in London and would love to bring your readers along to my favorite city and my fairytale....


Photo Courtesy Of Elizabeth Buehring



Santa Barbara is home to Playback Studios, a destination designed to allow an artist’s imagination run wild and where owner and founder Tucker Bodine has built an environment where any musician may comfortably record. A remarkable space with an artistic vibe, this hidden gem doesn’t disappoint. Bodine teamed with internationally acclaimed studio acoustics designer, Chris Pelonis, to bring his vision to life. Pelonis has worked with artists like 3rd Eye Blind and companies like Disney and Sony Playstation, and his knack for designing one-of-a-kind studios (he’s also a musician so he knows what he likes) has led to his success. Having been a proud fanboy of the savvy designer, Bodine is now proud of the masterpiece he and Pelonis have created together. “The goal was to give the artist many different options for recording, so they could have different palettes to choose from when they are in a creative state of mind,” says Bodine. In 2009, Playback Studios earned a TEC award— “technical excellence and creativity,” for all of us normal folk. The foundation that hands out the award is known for acknowledging companies that are creating new and innovative ways of producing sounds and recordings. Some of the studio’s amenities go above and beyond what most would consider impressive. “I wanted to create a studio where I could have an incredible vibe, as well as an amazing sound in the tuned rooms. The rooms had to have a relaxing atmosphere that would sing back to you,” says Bodine. Where some other studios can lack in customer service, Playback provides an innovative team of highly trained staff ready to help in any way. “When mixing the project, we always include the artist and producer on sonic decisions so the end result is a client who helped craft the sound of [their] genre of music, so their vision of the project will translate to their fans,” says Bodine. And with connections to local hotels and luxury vacation rentals, something as simple as comfort is never an issue for the artist. Bodine’s musical palace is designed to cater to artists at all levels, and with varying needs. Whether it’s beat production or extra live musicians, these things are at their disposal. Beat Producer and Chief Engineer “DJ Overtone” Austin Sexton has created a daresay unbeaten in-house production team trained to perfection. “At Playback Recording Studio, we never settle on good,” says Sexton. “It has to be groundbreaking. We go to great lengths to make sure the project sounds perfect, from timing of the instruments to all the correct pitch inflections while tracking vocals.” State-of-the-art equipment isn’t the only neces-

36 |DLXVRSN Magazine

sity for maintaining Playback’s award-winning rep. A great booking manager, excellent engineers, a clean and beautiful space in which to work, a good vibe, and creating and maintaining an excellent reputation are all factors Bodine credits for the studio’s success. And at Playback, that dedication to excellence starts the moment an artist walks in with an unlikely accolade: its cleanliness. Guests aren’t just greeted to colorful, eccentric booths that are dimly lit…they are wowed by the well-maintained equipment the studio houses. “We also make sure that all the gear is functional, and that the engineers have a deep knowledge base of our analog and digital equipment,” Bodine says. Some of the talent Playback Studio has recently worked with includes Rebelution, Dylan Ortega and Erisy Watt. Committed to participating in its local community music scene, Playback has staged a variety of private shows and was the first studio in the United States to stage an event where 24 DJs performed in 24 hours. Playback also enjoys working with local radio stations to promote

smaller shows (Pepper, The Kongos) with on-air ticket giveaways, and promoting local artists in the local newspaper. This diverse dream team doesn’t cap its sites on the music industry, but also swims with big fish—corporate ones, at that—taking on clients such as Geico, EA Sports and Burger King by helping to ensure the quality of their recording and sound production. The project variety should only give the company more cred. What’s ahead for the studio? A publishing catalogue, for starters, as well as working with post-production clients (Disney’s The Lion Guard with Rob Lowe and the feature film The Giver with Jeff Bridges, to name two). Playback offers projects like those a professional environment where acoustics can come to life, and has created a name for itself not only in Santa Barbara, but also in the music world.


400 E. Gutierrez, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

The Artist To Know


DLXVRSN Magazine | 37

Mallory Dawn – By Stacey Gualandi

Mallory Dawn has just spent a long, hot weekend creating a visual masterpiece on a massive corrugated metal wall inside the Las Vegas headquarters of the luxe resort, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. It followed a 48-hour stint on a ladder painting a lifesize mural inside a client’s southern Nevada home. And before that, she spent five nonstop days at the holistic healing center Hope4Cancer, in Cancun, Mexico, where she painted a 60-foot mural to help brighten the experience of the folks being treated there. Now, Dawn is taking a short, albeit a much-needed break…though the visual artist makes standing on a 20-foot ladder while on top of a ledge seem like just another day at the office for a creative who thrives on embracing any unique challenge that is put in her path. “It drives me to learn,” says Dawn, who lives in Downtown Las Vegas. “It takes me out of my comfort zone. I never say no when it comes to something challenging. I’m like, ‘Ok, sure: I’ve never done this, but let’s figure it out!’” With a stroke of a brush, that resourceful attitude has catapulted Dawn to new heights (literally and figuratively) in relatively short order. In addition to elite locations like The Cosmopolitan’s inner sanctum, Dawn has been commissioned to lend her eye and touch to the foyer of the resort’s steakhouse, STK (…the mammoth painting in the restaurant’s entry—featuring the brand’s sexylegged woman with a cleaver behind her back—is Dawn’s work). She’s also painted at the Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas; her work is hanging at the nightclub Jewel at Aria Resort and Casino on the Strip; she’s painted in private residences across the Las Vegas Valley; and at venues in Los Angeles and Laguna Beach, Calif., and New York City. Much of her work is driven through word-of-mouth gush. And bypassing a more traditional commissioner-artist exchange of a customer asking for something particular and an artist going along with the ask, when a potential client contacts Dawn, she spends significant time getting to know them…a favorite aspect of her painting. “Relationship-building is one of my biggest strengths as an artist,” she says. “That will allow me to understand what they want and bring it to fruition. It’s an amazing creative process for me: it opens up more and more ideas in ways to see the world. That’s why I continue to do it,” she says.

38 | DLXVRSN Magazine

DLXVRSN Magazine | 39

Photos By Emily Westberg


Dawn can’t remember when she first picked up a paintbrush yet says that as a girl, she remembers always wanting to paint in a Paris park. Growing up on an Ohio farm where there wasn’t a lot to do, at one point, the self-described science nerd thought about being a veterinarian but soon realized she was too emotional about animals. Next…art became her interest. “My first memory of some kind of creative [moment] was laying in the grass with my brother looking at the clouds…and telling each other what we saw in the shapes. I thought that was so cool.” While attending school at Ohio State University, Dawn explored fine art, then switched to graphic design, and after a productive stint working for Abercrombie & Fitch, she moved to New York City with no job or place to live. That’s when she first experienced people actually painting in a park… and, when her pragmatic self changed her long-held Parisian artistic dream. “I realized that was not what I was going to do, financially speaking!” laughed Dawn. “But it was such a beautiful idea. An idealistic fairy tale.” One idea that Dawn says took root and stayed put from those early cloud-examining days is her habit of examining things with differing points-of-view. “Changing perspective is exciting for me,” she explains. “I know that the mental way that I process [an] idea is part of what gets me out of bed every day; part of what gets me creating every day.

“Anything can exist, and we have the power to create it. I really believe that and live it every day.” That creative vision for her future truly began to flourish when Dawn moved to Las Vegas 7 years ago with two suitcases and a one-way ticket. Since then, she has never looked back. She created a line of t-shirt designs called “Model Comics”; built an artwork following with her trademark signature tag “ice cream and cupcake”; and became the creative director for The Juice Standard, a cold-pressed juice bar with three Las Vegas locations. In fact, that’s where DLXVRSN caught up with Dawn as she used chalk and her freehand lettering and illustrations—which have become something of a signature of the brand’s signage—to edit menu items on the chalkboards hung high on the juicery’s interior walls. There’s more than a little tongue-in-cheek humor in cold-pressed juice finding its way into Dawn’s diet. “I went through a straight decade of believing I could live on sugar,” she admits. “Which is ironic [now] that I’m a part of [The Juice Standard]. I was addicted to sugar, cotton candy…all of it.” The sugar love extended into her art, where Dawn says she used the symbols for ice cream and cupcakes instead of a signature when she first started selling her work. “I was kind of embarrassed…it was egotistical in a way that I wasn’t comfortable with,” she admits. “That was my alias. But it’s so a part of me now. I don’t even think of it.” Now, Dawn can be found most days perched high on a ladder, painting huge canvases, while listening to Kanye, French rap or in total silence. She shares her mural creation via time-lapse video on social media…except when she wears only underwear to paint. “It does seem silly to paint in clothes because they get ruined…I’ve ruined everything! I just said [forget] it and started painting in my underwear.” Looking back on her journey, Dawn believes everything has fallen into place—maybe not when she wanted it to, but as it should have. “I have comfort in knowing that it will continue that way,” she says. This year will also mark a turning point for her: In the coming months, through the support of friends and the community, she plans to combine what’s going on in the world with her own voice, and infuse that into her art. It’s too soon to offer details, but no canvas will be too big. “Now, I want to be on a scissor lift or scaffolding,” she admits. “I want to be certified, like those window washers, so I can be on the side of a building.” The fearless artist also says she wants to travel all over the world, to experience every culture, and perhaps one day actually paint in a park in Paris. “I want to learn and hopefully help and inspire and give hope to other people. I am actively pursuing finding other walls in other countries. That’s where I see myself going.” For Dawn, scaling new heights is all part of her process. But when it comes to painting on a ladder, her advice is simple: “Just don’t think about it. Have faith.” Oh: and don’t look down.

40 | DLXVRSN Magazine


DESMOND MASON REMAINS IN (THE) PAINT – By Stacey Gualandi Watching Desmond Mason work a jam-packed art gallery is the same as watching the former NBA star finesse his way down the court for one of his signature “slam dunks.” He keeps his eye on the crowd, tries a zone defense with a critic, gets an assist from a potential investor, lays up…and then, boom! Sold. Nothing but net. The only difference here is hoop fans are now art enthusiasts, and the two-pointers are his one-of-a-kind art pieces. As a forward with a 7-foot wingspan for the Seattle SuperSonics, and later with the Milwaukee Bucks, Mason spent the better part of 10 years shooting “in the paint.” Now, he puts paint to canvas, with his personal take on abstract expressionism. His latest collection was on full display recently for an at-capacity crowd inside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, proceeds from the event benefitting two charities: Kickin’ Childhood Hunger and The Public Education Foundation. “I’m excited, honored, blessed and humbled,” says Mason. “I’ve been here 2 years, and every time, my goals are to make it better, and to have a bigger show. We do it for all the right reasons.” Not one to warm the retirement bench, Mason opted to continue his lifelong passion for painting in 2010. It was a passion that saved him from drugs and violence as a young boy growing up in Texas. While at Oklahoma State University, he maintained a “traveling studio” of artwork to showcase. And just after his rookie year in the NBA, he had his first show. “I knew that I would paint forever: whether it was for monetary value, or charitable purposes, it was always going to be a part of my life,” admits Mason. The father of two took a shot and it’s paying off. Mason has sold many of his original works to high-profile art collectors (ahem…George Clooney!) and he continues to evolve as an artist. DLXVRSN Magazine caught up with the “dunking savant”-turned- visual artist in Las Vegas to talk

overcoming childhood tragedy, giving back and selling his very first painting. His motto has and always will be: “You evolve or you dissolve. The world continues to move on and you have to find a way to keep up. For me, I just want to be known as an artist.” It looks like Mason has scored another slam-dunk. DLXVRSN Magazine: There is no question that you have “made it” as an artist. Do you still pinch yourself when you see your artwork on display? Desmond Mason: You know you hope, you wish, and you have all these dreams and aspirations of getting together a show and having it packed and selling work, but when it comes to fruition and you look up and see people actually coming out and supporting you, it’s a little overwhelming. DLXVRSN: So what’s a former NBA player like you doing in an art gallery like this? Desmond: A lot of guys have hidden talents but they just don’t put themselves out there. It was hard for me to do it. I was nervous at my first exhibition, the reason being I played sports and was always successful at sports. On my talent level, I didn’t lose very often. I lost games, but I felt like I was always progressing. When you put yourself out there and don’t get the feedback that you want to get or you’re not that great at something, it hurts as an athlete. I got past that and moved forward but I enjoy it. I enjoy people giving me their positive feedback, and the negative feedback I take it and try to be better. There aren’t that many artists/athletes out there, but there are some, that’s for sure. DLXVRSN: Art is subjective so you can’t please everyone, but do you worry about feedback? Desmond: It’s emotional–its abstract expressionism–I paint off of my emotions, my experience: past, present, and my dreams going forward. Not everyone likes my work. I’ve gotten some bad reviews on individual pieces, but 95 percent of the time they’ve been good, so when you put yourself out there and get good feedback, it feels good, and when you get punched in the stomach, it doesn’t feel so good, but it is my passion and I love it. DLXVRSN: Your interest in art didn’t begin after retiring from the NBA in 2010. You started as a young boy, right? Desmond: I started painting at 11. I took legitimate classes and began taking it serious. It was more to keep myself out of trouble. Going forward, I started doing ceramics and sculpture, then I started going to watercolor, oil and pencil and continued to progress. I was a studio art major at Oklahoma State and started having shows my second year in the NBA. Since that point, I have been trying to be the best artist possible.

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DLXVRSN: Was art therapeutic for you? Desmond: Ever since I was a little kid I internalized feelings. I hold things in. When I was younger, [art] really allowed me to express myself growing up in a neighborhood that had so much violence and drugs. I couldn’t talk to a lot of people. We were all living in the same world but they didn’t understand where I was coming from as an artist and didn’t care because they had their own set of issues. Being able to express myself artistically definitely took a lot of the weight off, for sure. DLXVRSN: What did it feel like the first time you sold a painting? Desmond: It was pretty amazing. My first piece I ever sold was to David Stern, the commissioner of the NBA. In college, they wouldn’t allow us to sell, so when I got in the NBA, the summer out of college, I was in New York and David heard I was an artist and contacted my agent. I went to his office and he bought a drawing I did of Al Pacino in the movie Carlito’s Way and hung it in his office. It was an amazing feeling. But from there, I was all about just trying to be better and utilizing the gift I had to better lives, which is why I do what I do now. DLXVRSN: What is your biggest career highlight? Desmond: I’ve had a lot of highlights. I have to be very honest about that. Graduating from high school. Having the chance to be able to go to college. Just being drafted into the NBA alone was big. Winning the dunk contest [in 2001] was actually bittersweet for me because it followed the Oklahoma State plane crash and I knew all the guys who passed away on the men’s basketball team. Artistically, I think my biggest highlight was getting a positive review from an art critic in Chicago while playing for the Milwaukee Bucks. I was nervous: I thought he was going to rip me apart. But he gave me a phenomenal review! And then after that, selling a piece of art to George Clooney and to [Starbucks CEO] Howard Schultz. I played for his team in Seattle. [Sports broadcaster] Joe Buck, I’ve sold work to him. These people, they are collectors, and they appreciated my work enough to put it in their homes. DLXVRSN: What is this collection about that you are showing today? Desmond: It’s a series I did called “geometric metallics.” It fluctuates through my life during a 10-month span: the good, bad and ugly. Stress and not stress. I’m human just like the next person. Because of professional sports, a lot of people don’t see it that way. I deal with [stress] the same way. I have kids. Life is life. I stress, and you look at these pieces and there’s a lot of stress and serenity at times, peace at times, and turmoil at times within the center of them. But then there’s this gold border that is crisp and clean and very geometric; that is kind of the shell of us and we all hide those feelings deep inside and so that’s what its about. I keep it inside. As I said, I internalize, until I just decide to rip a canvas apart. You look at it and you’re like, “now that’s busy. That’s erratic!” Well, I was a little stressed and just trying to get it done. I was letting out every emotion. I love getting it out of my body and onto canvas and being able to reflect on it later. If people like it, that’s great. And if they don’t…well, I got it out of me because that’s the most important thing. DLXVRSN: It’s like you are giving away a piece of you.

basketball for free. I just love it. I love what it does for me as an individual. I’ve played since I was 5. I just knew it was something that was always going to be in my life. I don’t play basketball [now] and I want to be known as an artist, but realistically, it’s part of my life. Art is the same thing. I knew it was going to be in my life to some extent, whether people like it or not. I appreciate the opportunity to express myself on canvas, paper, or wood, whatever it may be. DLXVRSN: You transitioned from one lucrative career into another lucrative career, but a lot of your focus is on being charitable. Why? Desmond: I love it. So many people along my journey have helped me out. They’ve made life easy for me. They’ve been there for me; they’ve been real. They didn’t sugarcoat anything. And they helped me. Whether it be from a financial standpoint— with my best friend growing up, I didn’t have anything; his dad bought my first YMCA membership—to just [having] someone to listen, because I didn’t really trust anyone to talk to about the hard stuff in my life. People have been there for me, so my goal is to utilize this talent—and I did with basketball, as well—to give back as much as possible because the world is changing. We see all the things that are going on worldwide, but I think we all lose sight that there is another generation or two below us. They need positive influences and they need help, so my goal is to do everything I can— just little ol’ me—to better some lives. DLXVRSN: Basketball or art. Could you choose one over the other? Desmond: No, they go hand-in-hand. Without art, there was no me in basketball because I was a creative dunker. So it was artistic. And without basketball, there is no me in art. With me, art was always my getaway. It was always a motivation to have something going forward. I didn’t want to retire and have nothing to do, so I’m a busy guy. Honestly, without the arts–and this is my pitch to the world— there is none of this. DLXVRSN: Who knows where you would be now? Desmond: I don’t think it would be a good place. So for me, I look at the world I live in and realize, artistic people create this for us and I appreciate that. DLXVRSN: Is there anyone in particular you would like to see buy a “Desmond Mason” original? Maybe someone like President Obama? Desmond: Wow! That’s a good one. Obama! Honestly, I want people to have my work and appreciate it. You could go down a list of people who have money, but if I had to look back into the past, I would love [artists like] Warhol, Keith Haring, Basquiat, to appreciate my work. I collect their work, but for them to appreciate my work, that’s more important than a Warren Buffet buying one of my paintings! DLXVRSN: What kind of an artist do you want to be? Desmond: I just want to be known as an artist. At the end of the day, you evolve. My motto has been in the last 5 years, “You evolve or you dissolve.” And that’s the truth in everything. I love this style right now, but I don’t know if this is what I’ll be painting when I’m 60 …but I do know I’ll be painting!

Desmond: And basketball is the same way. I would have played

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Elena Bulatova


It’s not every day that you walk into an art gallery and are instantly reminded of your childhood… and if not your childhood, of the creative fantasies we develop when we’re young that our busy lives often prevent us from recalling. But at Elena Bulatova’s Fine Art Gallery, you can almost taste happiness. Her work invites you to leave worry at the door, and instead, enter a fantasyland of nothing but positivity and possibilities. That, my friends, is what Elena Bulatova’s artwork can do to you in just a simple moment. “I like when people come into gallery and see things they never thought they’d see,” says Bulatova. “I like to surprise them and remind them of maybe their childhood.” Bulatova is referencing just one of her masterpieces…the lollipop sculpture known as the “Sweet Life Series.” These colorful lollipop sculptures range in size, from coffee table proportions to giant lollipops that decorate well-known hotel lobbies like the Hyatt. Each sculpture is painted with vibrant colors that are sure to catch your eye, and maybe even awaken your craving for something sweet. “Cravings as a kid were simple. You just wanted candy or chocolate. It’s about human nature,” says Bulatova. DLXVRSN Magazine | 47

Elena Bulatova ARTISTS TO KNOW

“I felt very free in California compared to Moscow. It brought me to my creativity.” – Elena Bulatova

Bulatova also tackles mainstream media in a lighthearted and tasteful way. In one treatment, she rips a page from the Wall Street Journal and paints a colorful comic book or superhero character right on top of it. It’s her way of depicting the world needing saving from a hero who brings light into a dark situation. “The world has so many negative things happening, and art is positive and it lets people turn that negative switch in their minds for a moment,” says Bulatova. She had the idea when she got tired of reading sad, negative newspaper stories that were strategically placed next to glamorous advertisements. “[It’s the] colliding of two worlds. The awful event happening in the world, and then the glitz and glamour of buying something in an ad,” says Bulatova. Elena Bulatova’s Fine Art Gallery has caught the attention of many art lovers around the world, and even from locals meandering through The Shops at Crystals in Las Vegas, Nev. But her love for art galleries didn’t start in Las Vegas: Palm Springs, Calif., is where she claims her creativity was awakened, not her home country of Russia. “I felt very free in California compared to Moscow. It brought me to my creativity.” Aside from the influence her mother gave her growing up, and from her boyfriend Efi Mashiah (also an artist), Bulatova gives herself the credit for her own success. “You should always believe in yourself,” she says. “If you want to achieve something, anything is possible. Make goals for yourself and pursue [them], and don’t listen to people who discourage you.” Much like her artwork, from abstract paintings to pop-art and lollipop sculptures, her life journey holds quite the vibrant, yet unexpected variety. “Going through your own journey is part of the process. Just believe in yourself.”

48 | DLXVRSN Magazine

Maintaining Spine Health

During Luxury Winter-Sporting – By Andrew M. Cash, M.D.

Although West-coast meteorologists aren’t likely to predict freezing temperatures any time soon, winter is on approach in much of the United States. Many of us on the left coast enjoy vacationing in snow-laden areas for the luxury and relaxation of ski slopes, and fortunately, most seasonal Winter-Sports Warriors only suffer the aches and pains in muscles that have not been used in a while. However, there are serious injuries that can result from negligent or sometimes even over-cautious, winter-related recreational activities. Since knowledge is power, it can be helpful to pre-empt outdoor wintertime activity with a realistic reminder of what could happen if we don’t ease back slowly into our seasonal hobbies. Skiing and Snowboarding: An Inconvenient Truth Often, skiers and snowboarders suffer from sprains, fractures, cartilage injuries, or dislocations of a variety of body parts. Ankles: Ankle treatments can require rest, ice, compression, and elevation; protecting the amount of weight bearing down on a foot or ankle with a boot; or, potentially, surgery. There are also fractures, which can be associated with dislocations and, if involved with a joint, can result in accelerated degeneration of the joint requiring future care such as surgical interventions. Knees: The spectrum of injuries that can occur in one or both knees includes tendon sprains or strains; ligamentous sprains grades 1-3; fractures; and/or dislocations. Some knee fractures are associated with a high incidence of neurologic injury causing reduced sensation and paralysis in the ankle and foot. Other knee fractures are associated with vascular injury and essential limb-threatening disasters requiring emergent operative intervention. Hips: As we move up the lower extremities, hip fractures and/or dislocations can occur, but are much less likely than the others I’ve described. Depending on the severity, operative intervention might involve screws and plates or even an immediate hip replacement. Prolonged rehabilitation often involves wheelchairs and walkers. Upper extremities: The most likely serious injuries in the arms include wrist sprains and fractures, and occasional elbow or shoulder dislocations or fractures. Sprains can take longer than fractures to heal, and at a minimum they serve as distractors during work and play. Surgical intervention can be followed by immobilization with slings or casts; then, by prolonged range of motion and strengthening exercises. Head and Spinal Cord: Closed-head injuries—wherein a skier might strike his or her head into an immovable object such as a

50 | DLXVRSN Magazine

tree, a barrier or ice—can be catastrophic. Epidural and subdural hematomas require emergent evaluation and potentially a decompressive, life-saving surgical procedure. Equally catastrophic are spinal cord injuries to the neck or mid-back. The complete paralysis is often permanent if the spinal cord is functionally severed at the neck, resulting in the inability to feel or move the upper and lower extremities. (That was the bleak Christopher Reeve injury, wherein he fell off a horse.) Mid-back spinal cord injuries are often associated with the inability to feel or move the lower extremities. Lifetime wheelchair dependence is among the many disheartening complications. Low-back fractures and dislocations are often associated with nerve injuries and not total paralysis unless the fractures or dislocations occur high in the low back. Permanent leg pain, burning and numbness are combatted by partially effective medications, while foot drop requires a leg brace for successful ambulation. Snowmobiles: Second Verse, Same As The First…. Snowmobiles are fraught with some similar injuries as skiing and snowboarding, should a collision occur or a driver or passenger be thrown from the vehicle. Personally, this activity was my favorite of the three. However, the calming effect of slow-falling snow against a backdrop of glistening white and reflective sunshine disengages the rider’s cognition from the alarming danger of unrestrained bodily speeds in excess of 90 miles per hour. Expert Advice: Use Common Sense If nothing else, this article should act as an eye-opener to the potential dangers of the wintertime recreational activities many of us enjoy during our hard-earned down time. The best advice medical professionals can offer is simple, tried and true: Safety first. Listen to your body, and do what you feel you can…not what you may want to do. There’s always tomorrow. If you exercise mindful caution while trying to enjoy yourself as much as possible, your wintertime recreational season will last from first flake to last, and each snowfall in between. Andrew M. Cash, M.D., is a board certified orthopedic spine surgeon specializing in neck and back care with a focus on minimally invasive operative treatments. His practice—Desert Institute of Spine Care—is located at 9339 West Sunset Rd., Suite #100, Las Vegas, NV 89148. For more information, visit or call 702.630.3472. This article first appeared in Vegas Legal Magazine, 2016



Designer Profile


From benches to runways, when fashion spoke to Wilfredo Gerardo, thankfully (for his clients), he listened. While he was a struggling fashion designer-to-be in New York City, Willfredo Gerardo had a choice: use the remaining few dollars in his pocket to pay for a hotel room, or buy himself a meal. He opted to eat, and then spent the next three nights sleeping on a sidewalk bench. A Trump Tower bench, to be exact. “That moment was when I really knew I was going to do something with my life, but I had to go through that moment of being almost homeless—when people are most vulnerable and [when] you don’t know what to do or where to go,” says Gerardo. “I had a vision.” It didn’t take long for that vision to materialize. He learned everything he could about fashion design during that year in New York. Then he decided to take the plunge. In 2013, Gerardo opened his own 20-by-20 foot studio in downtown Los Angeles, with 500 hardearned dollars. He made a small collection of six gowns, and then waited to see what would happen. “The biggest thing for me is that I do believe in myself. I see myself where I’m going to be,” he says. “It doesn’t matter what anyone tells you. Some people will say, ‘Who do you think you are?’ You got to think that you are someone, and have the capacity to [follow through]. God gave you this talent for you to show it.” Gerardo came by his talent naturally and calls his Mexican mother his “constant muse.” “I would see my mom put on her eyeliner and accessories, and I would be this little gay boy [watching her] elegance. She could throw on a $2 scarf and make it look like a Hermes. That gave me the desire for fashion.” He also learned everything about design technique from his El Salvadoran stepmother, who would make paper patterns in her garage. Born in North Hollywood but raised in Orange County, Calif., by his Cuban grandparents (“I was the only Latino boy in Fullerton,” Gerardo jokes), his passion went from singing baritone in performing arts school to designing wedding dresses. Soon after it evolved into his designing red carpet-ready gowns. He credits Instagram for his break-through moment: After posting photos of his designs, Latin celebrities like actress Ninel Conde came knocking on his small studio door. After that, his work insta-blew up. “Everyone wanted to be dressed by me,” he boasts proudly. “I’ve been blessed. I’ve dressed every A-lister in the Latin community that you can imagine.” Then, in February, he presented his collection for the first time at NY Fashion Week, and considered his listing in the Vogue calendar a

pivotal moment. He’ll also be in mass production soon on 22 pieces for 14 specialty boutique stores, something he calls, “scary, but very exciting.” Gerardo’s fall was filled with more firsts: He has teamed up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation for a charity motivational event, and his Spring 2017 collection—featured on DLXVRSN’s current cover—will make its debut at NY Fashion Week. Gerardo says these new pieces represent love and purity. “I’m in love. I’m taken. A very special person, Justin, came into my life a year ago. He motivates me every day.” Design goals also continue to motivate Gerardo. “This is just the beginning. Eventually I want to design handbags, ready to wear…you name it.” And he wouldn’t mind seeing Jennifer Lopez and perhaps one or more Kardashians in his creations. “You never know where life is going to take you.” Not too long ago, Gerardo went back to New York with a best friend and decided to visit that Trump Tower bench that he once slept on for three nights, under the stars. He took pictures of it, reflected and says he has no regrets. “It allowed me to be where I’m at now.” Now, the once-struggling, bench-sleeping designer is a star. without a doubt, enhance your life tremendously! I shudder to think of all the opportunities I had to respond properly to offenses, but instead responded emotionally and lost a reward. Thankfully, we can change our compass and begin traveling in the right direction. So here’s to relocation from offenses! Welcome to your happy place.

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Army OF BEAUTY FEATURING Fashions Curated By Willfredo Gerardo

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cover THE



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the other room Collection By Stephen F. Featuring Alex Lundqvist Photographed By Nick Finochio

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Don Benjamin #YearOf TheWildOnes

Photography by Tim Hancock Wardrobe by Billionaire Couture USA DLXVRSN Magazine | 71

Y ou Oughta – Visit


Cabo + Cannes + Saint-Tropez + Paris + Santorini We’ve got insider intel to inform your next luxe-destination vacation decision.

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Villa Renata Photos Courtesy of:



This paradise retreat sleeps 12 people spaciously across two floors of decadcence. For here at DLXVRSN, this was the perfect place to celebrate a best friend’s birthday and have all the comforts of home. The property comes with top notch service, a travel host, daily houskeeping, and a chef to cater all of your meals from morning to night. (And when we wanted to head to town, the villa hosts coordinated a taxi the took us to popular spots just 10 minutes away!) Located in Santa Carmela, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. To book, visit:


Known for over a decade as the best dining spot in Cabo San Lucas, Niksan is a favorite among those who like to party in a mod environment that’s always in in vogue. It’s the perfect meeting place for enjoying Japanese with friends. Exceeding expectations has been the mission since its opening. It remains a favorite and a true reference point of gastronomy in Los Cabos. Located at Marina Blvd. Lot 10 Local 2, Plaza de la Danza Cabo San Lucas, BCS ENJOY A SUNSET CRUISE Many properties like Villa Renata come with a very knowlegable host that can set you up on a boat from the coast. If you get the chance, do it. You’ll thank yourself for the chance to take in the views from the sea and appreciate the finest views Cabo San Lucas has to offer.

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{Spacious Comforts} HÔTEL LE CANBERRA

We picked this four-star stay for its close proximity to the famous Croisette. Located in the French Riviera, it’s ideal for a relaxing stay during which you can enjoy the swimming pool, gym, lounge bar, and restaurant, Le Café Blanc. In season, this hotel has a partenership with two beaches (Ondine in Cannes and Royale Beach in Cannes), both of which are near the hotel. Even better...when you book a room with a terrace, a junior suite or a suite, a welcome gift will await you. (Tres magnifique!) Located at 120 rue d’Antibes 06400 Cannes, France



The Riviera is your oyster for the duration of your stay in the Cannes. We were charmed by the picturesque streets and neighbourhoods, the narrow alleys of the old town of Le Suquet, and the oh-so-Provençal charm of the markets. It’s a world and an atmosphere which can be retraced through its history. DINING BY THE COAST Le Voilier is located in the heart of La Croisette, in front of the Carlton Hotel with breathtaking views of the sea and the Esterel mountains in the background. We found it to be the perfect place to relax, and where you can enjoy typical Mediterranean cuisine prepared with fresh, seasonal produce. Located at 61 Boulevard De La Croisette 06400 Cannes, FR

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Less than 500 meters from Place des Lices and its famous terraces—shaded by hundred-years’-old plane trees—Villa Cosy is an oasis of quiet and serenity. It comprises 13 independent bedrooms and suites, each with a private terrace around the swimming pool. A pure boutique hotel, Villa Cosy is elegantly decorated with natural colours using the finest materials: marble, tesk, stucco, and polished concrete. This intimate setting is complemented by a warm welcome and 24/7 high-quality service, as well as a concierge, porter, valet parking, private-chauffeur, room-service, laundry, beauty care, massages, and wine cellar. Located at Chemin de la Belle Isnarde 83990 Saint-Tropez - France

{Be Entertained} SIGHT SEE THE CHANEL MANSION French fashion house Chanel took up its residence at the private mansion La Mistralée in beautiful Saint-Tropez. Its innovative team of interior designers worked for months to transform the mansion into a decadent pop-up store in the heart of the city. This was a seasonal pop up that intended to close October 2016, but who knows... maybe they’ll be back this next year! DINE AT LE OPERA SAINT-TROPEZ L’Opera is a unique experience in the heart of the Saint-Tropez village. Built as an arena, the restaurant mixes with refinement and exceptional gastronomy. Dinners delight diners with a sumptuously glam atmosphere, and enthrall guests with the creative and modern shows while allowing them to enjoy the seclusion of the private club. Located at Résidence du Port 83990 Saint-Tropez

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Paris {Seriously: Go Get Lost} SPEND A DAY AT MEUSÉE DE LOUVRE

Enter through the glass pyramid and see the historic worlds from civilizations that lived hundreds to thousands of years before us. The Louvre is the “godfather” of museums, and an experience in time that you can nevr replicate. When in Paris, this is a must see. JOURNEY TO THE PALACE OF VERSIALLES The Palace of Varsailles is just a quick 20 minute trip out of Paris throught the woods. Here you be immersed in the life of the kings and queens for France and see first hand what the royal quarters where like. The palace still remains as polished and vibrant as the royal days. PICNIC UNDER THE EIFFEL TOWER If you don’t feel like standing in line for hours to ride an ancient elevator, then chill. Impressively, the grassy green grounds at the Eiffel Tower are the perfect place to stop and have a picnic. Just bring your blanket, champagn and snacks and you’ll be set!

{Parisian Finds} STAY AT THE BAUME The Baume is a comfortable, elegant hotel with interior design inspired by the 1930s and updated for the modern day, using the iconic elements of early 20th century décor such as exotic wood veneer, shagreen, satin and textured silk. Reminiscent of one of Paris’ haute couture fashion houses, the seating is upholstered, the lamps are inspired by ornate flapper headbands and mirrors with imitation feathers hark back to designs by Schiaparelli. Located at 7 rue Casimir Delavigne 75006 Paris CAFÉ DE L’HOMME The cafe de l’homme, situated in the Musée de l’Homme wing in the place du Trocadéro is a magical place. Entirely redecorated in art-deco style by designers Gilles & Boissier the cafe has one of the most beautiful terraces in Paris with an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower. There is also a mezzanine which is a private room for up to 15 people. Located at 17 Place du Trocadéro, 75016 Paris, France 78 |DLXVRSN Magazine

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A boundless expanse of blue and white...from sea to sky and everywhere in between. With jaw-dropping views from every angle and an active volcano seemingly an arm’s reach away, it’s the island hopper’s dream that simply can’t miss if Greece is on the itinerary. This sun-drenched maze of pure beauty welcomes visitors to get lost on its winding paths and take in sights peppered with plenty of sweet spots sprinkled about, allowing visitors to sit and catch their breath while taking the breath away, all at the same time.

{Plan A Perfect Day} Peacefully serene mornings give way to endless possibilities as you meander into the capital of Fira for an afternoon of artisanal food and shopping exploration. While you’d be very lucky to find an elevator anywhere on the island, the built-in fitness fix of endless stairs comes with killer vistas help justify every scrumptious bite of your last perfect gyro. Dancing helps too, as the nightlife scene isn’t lacking…so after a fun night of bottle popping under the stars at Koo Club, consider a nearby 24-hour bakery for a delectably sweet nightcap.

{In Vino Veritas} Santorini’s wineries prove to be well worth a drive to the village of Megalochori. Showcased here are unique grape varietals that are never actually watered, the volcanic soil of this island attracts all the moisture they need to thrive and produce stellar wines. Full-bodied tastings paired with locally grown olives and flavorful cheeses write the poetry of a truly palate-pleasing adventure. (And yes, the wineries have amazing views, too.)

{Water, Water, Everywhere...} Nothing embodies Santorini’s luxury like a private yacht cruise around the island. As with most of the island’s other activities, sunset is prime time: You simply can’t go wrong with fantastic Greek delicacies prepared by an onboard chef and served with local wine, good company, and a refreshing dip into calm, blue waters surrounded by majestic cliffs and caves that could’ve been hand-chiseled by the gods. Red, white and black sand beaches can be spotted along the way...some tucked right into the jagged rock. While each small village of Santorini has its own explanation for why its sunset spot is the absolute greatest (Oia especially), a well-appointed vessel on the Aegean Sea is arguably the best seat in the house. Whether traveling alone, celebrating romance, or making new memories with a group of great friends, Santorini is undoubtedly one of those magical places you’ll want to visit again and again.

First Person, By Urian Booze

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The perfect spot for some caviar!

Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

The Club Where Supper’s The Star –By Jen Chase Back in the 30s and 40s, some smooth cat could’ve joked that booking a two-top at a supper club was the lazy date planner’s easy way out. Serving up drinks, dinner and entetainment in one place, supper clubs negated the need to traipse to three addresses when one was all you needed for a bang up night. Fast-forward some 70 years and lo, the appeal still holds even if the slang didn’t. And while supper clubs still dot major cities across the globe, when it opened in early 2014, Rose. Rabbit. Lie. at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas became our local home to the concept…only this one was turned on its ear. Back in the day, traditional supper clubs were known for more familiar fare that appealed to the masses. Today, Rose. Rabbit. Lie. has become an adventurous Vegas destination dining experience as much as for what you’ll eat and drink as what you’ll watch while you do. Eat. Me. Drink. Me. Yeah, there’s a solid dose of Alice and Wonderland here. The receiving area is in front of a door (or is it two?) and you’re not real sure where you’re headed until you’re lead. Maybe to The Study, which looks not so vaguely like a library? Or maybe the dining room, with its magical colored lights that glow even amid the dark and sexy ambience…ambience that at times feels more like being backstage at a theatre than at a table ready to eat. Note that you can eat a full meal in The Study, too…and you might want to if you just can’t stand the awesomeness of mid-dinner entertainment unfolding around you. More on that in a sec. No Really: Drink Me. Wherever you’re seated, the food and drink are the main event. Cocktails that come through The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’s libation program are historically, deliciously complex and contain multiple ingredients, many of which are made in-house (think bitters, mixers and the like). And since any Rose. Rabbit. Lie. cocktail is a good cocktail, we can’t even suggest one. It would be too much-

like admitting our favorite child (cough, the One Night In Amsterdam). There. We did it. And…Eat Me. No matter how hard your server tries selling that chocolate sculpture under a dome, skip it and fill up on Caviar Tacos instead. People talk up these morsels for a reason. The caviar comes in a crispy potato chip-like shell with a little yellowtail and lots of flavor. Plus, they’re perfectly sized—no feeling like a bunch of fishy boba are popping in your mouth. You will, however, walk away with a sumptuous flavor memory you’ll savor long after you swallow. Definitely worth your stomach’s real estate. See Me. In true supper-club fashion, there’s music and dance at intervals throughout the night featuring everything from a young buck who jazzily breakdances on the bar and tabletops with the help of the live band, to the gorgeous crooning of former American Idol contestant and prime Las Vegas performer Mikalah Gordon. Acts get up close and personal with tables. Diners can sometimes feel like they’re a part of the show whether they intended to or not. Truth? It’s cliché to say there’s something for everyone at Rose. Rabbit. Lie., but there is. Yes, the adventurous menu might intimidate meat-and-potatoes diners, but that’s only until they realize the menu’s meat and potatoes’ offerings will deliciously satisfy while leaving enough intrigue elsewhere on its pages to make any foodie swoon. And, thanks to it being a supper club and all—and one that’s actually in a hotel—when your drinks, dinner and entertainment have plum worn you out, rest and relaxation is only a short stroll away.

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IndulgeYourself Easy Recipies

Chef Scott Commings

SPREAD LOVE WITH THE SEASONS Despite the months inching closer to winter, autumn is still upon us wielding it fantastic bounty. Orchards bursting at the seams; the root crops ready for a long storage; and the withering tomato vines that may just be holding on to one more piece of fruit all remind us that it’s time to eat! Fall to me is truly about the senses: the feel of the cool morning air; the falling leaves and colors that fill the landscapes; the damp smells of decomposing grasses that will become the rich, black soil for next year’s growth. The days get shorter, and family tables just feel a little more meaningful. That’s because fall is a celebration. A celebration of the harvest, a celebration and reflection on the long-past busy summer. And it’s also a prelude to the cycle of rest: Winter. As a seasonal cuisine, fall gets a little more of my attention. Wild game or mushrooms become part of the menu. Light salads become laden with nuts, maple and duck. Braises become more rich with root vegetables and hardy greens. Roasts are back in play with potatoes just taken from the field. And apples become part of any menu in many different forms, from salad to desserts and everywhere in between (…and don’t forget the fresh cider that tastes still alive straight from the press!). There is no better time of inspiration and creation as when everything softens during this transitional season, giving us chefs a great opportunity to hone our craft. And while I believe all chefs enjoy all seasons, this one, to me, just seems a little bit special. I have created a menu of some of my fall favorites. Please turn this page to enjoy, celebrate, and eat!

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Creamy Polenta and Ragu Serves 2

Scott’s Recipies

Ingredients: ½ cup cornmeal (see recipe below) 2 cups water ¼ cup heavy cream ½ cup shredded parmesan cheese Salt to taste

Potato Gnocchi with Sweet Corn, Wild Mushrooms and Melted Leeks Serves 6

Ingredients: 6 small Yukon Gold potatoes 1 box kosher salt 3 egg yolks ¾ cup flour, plus extra on hand if needed 2 whole ears of fresh corn, kernels removed ½ cup wild mushrooms, of your choice ¼ cup heavy cream 1 tablespoon butter Method: Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Place the potatoes in a baking pan and completely coat with kosher salt. Bake them until they’re cooked through, or approximately 45 minutes. Set aside and allow to cool.

Butternut Squash Soup Makes 2 quarts

Ingredients 1 butternut squash Oil Kosher salt ½ teaspoon ground cloves ½ cup heavy cream Raw pumpkin or squash seeds 4 tablespoons crème fraiche ½ cup brown sugar Method: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cut the butternut squash in half, lengthwise. Scoop out the seeds and pulp—tossing the pulp, saving the seeds—and season the flesh side with kosher salt. Place in a baking dish flesh down, and then rub the skin side with oil. Bake in the oven until squash is tender, about 45 minutes. Let cool. Once cool enough to handle, scoop the squash from the skin and place it in a sauce pot. Cover with water and add the cloves and brown sugar. Bring to a simmer and allow to cook for 20 minutes. Add the heavy cream and purée the soup with a stick blender (or in small batches in your regular blender) until completely smooth. Season with salt. Top with toasted seeds (see following recipe) and a tablespoon of the crème fraiche. For The Pumpkin Seeds: Toast the pumpkin seeds by lightly sautéing in a small pan with one teaspoon of oil over low heat. As the seeds begin to brown (and as you start to smell them), season them with salt and pepper, or even garlic or cinnamon if that is your preference.

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½ pound ground pork 1 pound pork neck bones or similar 16 ounces canned diced tomatoes ¼ cup tomato paste 1 carrot peeled 1 stalk celery ¼ cup fennel bulb, sliced 4 garlic cloves 2 sage sprigs 1 rosemary sprig Fresh basil For The Sauce: In a food processor, finely chop the carrot, celery, fennel, and garlic. Set aside. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a sauce pot. Add the sprigs of sage and rosemary and allow to cook and crisp. Remove from pan and reserve. Add the carrot mixture and cook until tender. Add the pork neck bones and the ground pork. Brown slightly. Add the tomatoes, paste, 6 cups water, and the fried herbs. Allow the sauce to cook, reduce and season. Finish with salt and pepper, and ¼ cup of chopped basil. For The Polenta: In a sauce pan heat 2 cups water and ¼ cup heavy cream. Bring to a boil. Using a whisk, start stirring the water and cream mixture and in a steady stream whisk in the polenta. Turn it down to simmer and cook it until it’s tender, about 10 minutes. Season with salt and finish with ½ cup shredded parmesan. Serve the polenta topped with the ragú.

Once cool, peel the potatoes and mash with a fork. Add the egg yolks and mix through. Then, slowly add the flour and mix together gently. Roll the gnocchi in batches, into 1-inch logs; then, cut the logs into 1-inch pieces. Using the tines of a fork or a traditional gnocchi board, form the gnocchi by using your thumb to press each piece of pasta into the fork or board so that a lined, textured pattern is left on the pasta. Set aside your pieces. Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Cook the gnocchi in batches. They are finished once they float to the top. Immediately transfer to the gnocchi to an ice bath to chill. Then drain them and set them aside. To finish the dish, heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a sauté pan over high heat. Then add the mushrooms and sauté them until the get a little color. Add the gnocchi and cook until lightly colored. Add the corn and gently toss. Add the cream and allow to reduce slightly. Finish with a tablespoon of butter and season with kosher salt.

Bitter Greens “Adult Salad” (aka: Lemon Caesar with Sliced Beets) Serves 4

Ingredients: 1 head radicchio 1 head endive 3 small beets 1 egg yolk 2 garlic cloves 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard ¼ cup red wine vinegar Juice of 2 lemons 1 ½ cups olive oil Method: Bring a small pot of water to a boil on the stove with 1 ablespoon of kosher salt. Trim and add the beets, and cook until tender (approximately 30 minutes). Remove them from pot, cool, remove their skin and slice them into thin rounds. Then, set aside. Cut the head of the radicchio into quarters and remove the core. Peel back the leaves and add them to a bowl. Slice the endive into bite-size pieces and add to the mix. In a blender, add the egg yolk, mustard, garlic, vinegar, and lemon. Blend on low speed. Slowly add the oil in a steady stream till the dressing emulsifies. Season with salt. Toss the greens and beets in a bowl with the dressing. Season with salt, and serve.



When you think of a superhero, a cape and an array of supernatural powers is what comes to mind. However, for Ashley Chanel, her superpowers come out through her creative approach to life. From work, to lifestyle, to raising four beautiful little mini versions of herself, her energy is radi-ant. With 10 years of experience under her belt in the production world, Chanel noticed the need for higher-end service in event planning. She decided to create the ultimate production company and called it Girl Gang Production. Armed with a bevy of beauties ready to pull the trigger on the industry and change the game, Chanel launched her business. And in its first 9 months, its name has spread from the mouths of the mighty in the PR world. Premiering in wedding events and catering to the brides of California, Girl Gang Production leads in excep-tional performance. The happiness is evident in the smiles on their clients’ faces, which can be seen on their Instagram page, Girl Gang Production. Chanel has since added a variety of events to her list of accomplishments, expanding

her busi-ness and crossing over from wedding vendors to corporate event vendors. With her rock star team of event staff for hire, Girl Gang Production offers it all to their clients. From music shoots, photo shoots, high end corporate events, and media events, Chanel has trained her staff to provide service every step of the way to ensure the best experience for her clients. One area the team holds dear to its heart is planning charity events. A recent event that broke new ground for Girl Gang was a Unite to Light Foundation event, a nonprofit foundation that helps provide low-cost lighting to those who go without electricity. Chanel describes it as one of the smallest events the company has put on, but one with the most heart. Girl Gang Production teamed with another female-charged event design company, Wild Heart Event, to help raise funds for a good cause. Chanel notes about the event that “tons of different creative elements” go into the process of creating something so spectacular. She was very proud to have the acoustic sounds of illuminat-ing band, Scars on 45 playing at the event.

After watching the successful outcome of the Unite to Light event, Chanel would like to work more on smaller events with Girl Gang Production. She has set her sights on smaller intimate celebrations such as luxury dinner parties, charity parties and engagement dinners. Chanel’s work doesn’t stop at Girl Gang Production: she’s the owner of Grato sb, a gifting company in Santa Barbara, CA. And when this passionate entrepreneur isn’t crossing her T’s and dotting her I’s at work, she’s enjoying laughter and playtime with her children. Those brown eyes may be piercing, but her gentle spirit shines through as a loving mother. With the world at her feet and with wind in her sails, Ashley Chanel has paved the way for young women everywhere to follow their dreams. With her never-ending determination, Girl Gang Production (and any other endeavor she embarks on), has a bold future if she’s at the helm.

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The Secret

to Winning at Gift Giving We want you to be the star of giving this season. So win big with our suggestion for your special someone. “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”–Aesop

Gifts Available at Saks Fith Avenue Located In The Fashion Show Mall Las Vegas 3200 S Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109

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Wearable Art

Valentino // Short Sleeve Silk Dress & Rolling Rockstud Leather Shoulder bag Jackpot: Gifts that light up her eyes and begin a styling obsession often come in pairs. She’ll boast the best reason to wear this dress out and make time to be seen wearing her new bag.

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Jocelyn Fox Fur Jacket

Win: Seriously too soft to be vegan fur... oh, but it is. The colors lend versitality to wear it day and night with nearly shoe. Truly makes her life warm...and, quick to style.

Prada Baby

Bicolor Velvet Crisscross Platform Sandals Score: She’ll love this pop of red through the holidays and will thank you for the incoming compliments whenever she wears them.

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Morning TEA

Manolo Blahnik

The Carolyne Collection

With as many choices as a the tea box at the Mandarin, we dare you to pick a color that’s your fave.

Make Memories

Kilian // Good Girl Gone Bad Eau de Parfum

Home Run: Every once in a while a scent defines a character (oh, if a soul could carry a fragrance!). This is one she’ll cling to while making memories with the one she loves...preferably you.

Just Stand Still Piaget Polo S Chronograph watch 42 mm, automatic steel

Win: A watch so simple yet crisp is enough to make heads turn and spark, er, “timely� conversations.

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Think Guilty

GUCCI Guilty Pour Homme Set

“If I have to be guilty of anything in life, why not be guilty of carrying the scent that nods my presence as a man of high quality.” – Tim Hancock Creative DIRECTOR

Body Refuel Kiehl’s Since 1851

Score: Getting your guy a gift that energizes his body and face also energizes his whole day and the people around him. Everyone wins with good skin.



Want to slay your holiday and late-winter look so you’re glam, not greasy? Luminosity is easily achievable, but it’s no given unless you grab the right tools like these DLXVRSN Magazine-approved items.

SLAY THAT HIGHLIGHTER Tom Ford’s Moonlight Skin Highlighting and Illuminating Powder Duo comprises two of the most flattering highlighters for the face (the radiant golden shade creates a particularly incredible candlelight illusion). Both highlighters can be applied individually or layered together to create that sunny glow.

THE PERFECT POUT There is no more dramatic accessory than a perfect lip. Tom Ford did it for us again by creating an ultra-creamy textured lipstick with an incredibly smooth application that’s blended to deliver pure color that defines the savvy woman’s whole look. (After all…who doesn’t like sexy luscious lips?)

CHEEK CHECK Sculpt your cheekbones with Tom Ford’s Cheek Blush. From a sexy glow to a dramatic, color-rich look, it’s to easy create the style that best suits your needs. And we all know that the perfect blush is everything. ALL DAY IN Pureology’s Anti-Fade Complex Serious Colour Care is a multi-tasking leave-in conditioner for colour-treated hair. Bonus? It’s 100 percent vegan for those of you craving products that are good for your skin and soul.

STEAL THE SHOW You’ll become totally obsessed with ColourPop Super Shock Shadows because they’re dreamy and creamy and they give you that pearly finish that doesn’t fall over and under your eyes. Once you try them, you’ll be officially in l-o-v-e.

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INGA Late-Night Snack: Banana or apple. Life Goal: My mom, a BOSS lady. Guilty Pleasure: Champagne and chocolate. Animal Ego: Arctic Tern, to see from the top and fly all over the world (can fly a million km). I love to travel. Coolest Thing Ever: Flying a helicopter. That was cool! Hoping to do it without an instructor one day. Listening To... Zhu & Coldplay.

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LIBERTY Late-Night Snack: Golden Oreos with a cup of green tea Life Goal: I wanted to be a film director (still do)! Guilty Pleasure: Starbucks. I get the Strawberry Acai refresher, put lemonade instead of water and add a couple pumps of mango. (You can thank me later.) Animal Ego: A monkey, because I could just swing around in the beautiful tropical rainforest and eat bananas all day. Coolest Thing Ever: When I first moved to Vegas I met GG (Golnesa) from The Shahs of Sunset a tv show that I love randomly at the airport and she gave me a huge hug and took a photo with me. Listening To... Solange. I’ve been listening to her new album nonstop!

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KRISTA Late-Night Snack: A toss up between Twizzlers or anything chocolate. Life Goal: When I was younger, I wanted to be a princess. (I know: crazy but true! ) Guilty Pleasure: I really don’t have a guilty pleasure! Unless you count drinking Dr. Pepper and Coke... but I don’t feel guilty about it. Animal Ego: If I could be any animal I’d be a gazelle. I’ve always been fascinated with them. Coolest Thing Ever: The coolest thing to ever happen to me was winning America’s Top Model! I didn’t have expectations to win the show. I truly just wanted the exposure and God blessed with winning the whole show! No matter what, winning that show will always follow me. Listening To: I listen to Hillsong Worship everyday. It just does something to my spirit daily. I love, love, love, worship music!

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AUTUMN Late-Night Snack: Anything with chocolate, specifically.... vegan Ice cream! Life Goal: Growing up I wanted to do everything from modeling and singing to helping animals by becoming a veterinarian. You could say I was a little scatterbrained...and maybe still am. Animal Ego: It would be so cool to be so many different animals, but if I have to pick just one, I’ll have to go with the eagle because they are the symbol of pride, confidence and freedom.

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate and tequila! I just bought chocolate coffee Patron and you could say I am pretty ecstatic! Coolest Thing Ever: I’ve had some really great experiences in the past years, from meeting people who have always inspired me to exploring places I never dreamt I would be able to explore. However, something that always stands out is swimming with sharks in Tahiti, one of the most exhilarating experiences!! Listening To: I’m big on listening to music that suits my mood. For working out I like some hardcore rap or rock. If Im chilling I like to listen to something old to pick a favorite right now is nearly impossible! From artists of the moment, Sia is one of the artists that inspires me the most currently.

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Watching Julien Asseo work his magic in a kitchen is like watching a kid in a candy store…only this 29-year-old is the executive chef of the two Michelin star- rated restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip, and it’s as if the candy store is his. (Read Full Article)

UFC Octagon girls are known for their beauty and that’s certainly the case for the 26-year-old stunner Jamilette Gaxiola. The Cuban-Mexican model and beauty queen is currently rocking the Octagon ring for UFC Mexico…an experience Gaxiola says has been phenomenal so far. (Read Full Article)


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