The Phipps Biannual Community Report - December 2021

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2021 BIANNUAL COMMUNITY REPORT Photo: Phipps Fest in Lakefront Park, August 14, 2021

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13 2020–2021 Contributing Supporters OUR MISSION Celebrate the creative spirit. OUR VISION The Phipps Center for the Arts will be a leader in attracting artists and patrons through an eclectic mix of creating, producing, presenting, and exhibiting artistic expression. Educational offerings will welcome persons of all skill levels to explore the arts. Programming will take place at the center and at sites throughout the region. Talented artists, loyal attendees, enthusiastic volunteers, and generous contributors will support this exemplary nonprofit organization. STATEMENT ON EQUITY, DIVERSITY, AND INCLUSION The Phipps Center embraces equity, diversity, and inclusion as core beliefs and values. We strive to create and foster an environment of respect, where everyone’s creative spirit is supported and celebrated, no matter their race, ethnicity, creed, color, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, socio-economic status, religion, age, gender, or gender identity. We, at The Phipps, will endeavor to maintain an equitable, diverse, inclusive, and accessible organization by actively addressing barriers, exclusions, and biases. We will honor differences to make The Phipps a place in which each unique person can collaborate, create, and celebrate with others.



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INTRODUCTION: A VIBRANT NEW COMMUNITY HUB The Phipps has always been about building community. It is a place where we celebrate the creative spirit. We could never be The Phipps without the contributions of our artists and volunteers, the instructors and directors, the families and our staff, and the great financial support of foundations, corporations, local businesses, and individuals. We are proud and so very thankful for all the remarkable things all our community members do with and for us. Earlier this year we began to update our space and strengthen its connection to our community, an arts hub where people could gather to create and appreciate art in its many forms. We engaged White Design Group, Sperides Reiners Architects, Inc., and Gavic Construction to envision and construct a welcoming environment that personifies The Phipps. “We wanted to create a space that the public would

immediately recognize as a place where art happens. So many art forms are present in The Phipps, and we wanted them represented to visitors as they enter the space,” said Steven White of White Design Group. The lobby is brighter and more open. A welcome desk and new way-finding signage will help visitors as they enter to navigate the building’s many levels and spaces. Bold graphics of artists, musicians, dancers, and instruments provide a vibrant new energy, telegraphing all that happens inside the facility. Internal signage is more visible from the street inviting visitors in to experience the center. And the Rotunda Lounge is a new area of the lobby, connected to The Phipps Patio, both overlooking the scenic river and forming an extended gathering space. The Phipps is about community, and now the community has a place to meet. The Phipps has enjoyed great success in Hudson because of the support of the community. It is an asset that belongs to the community for all generations, new and old, to experience. The renovations are thrilling. But equally thrilling are the members of our community that bring the center to life on a daily basis. We hope you enjoy a few of their stories. 2021 BIANNUAL COMMUNITY REPORT




he Phipps Center for the Arts is a place to “Celebrate the Creative Spirit.” However, for about 15 months in 2020 to 2021, that celebration was in spirit only. There was plenty of creativity happening - dancers were dancing, actors were acting, artists were creating, and musicians were singing. Celebration was cautious and socially distanced. Audiences were scarce and the building lacked its normal energy. The building closed for long-overdue renovations and improvements. Summer of 2021 came accompanied by renewed enthusiasm in our community. We were ready to get together, to celebrate, and to reconnect with our neighbors. Phipps Fest was born out of the desire to bring the community together and toast our new communal future. With the center closed for renovation, we needed a space outside where we could gather. Lakefront Park across the street seemed the perfect venue, and the city of Hudson agreed! Phipps Fest marked a major undertaking. We had never programmed outside the Phipps on that scale. Over 1,200 people attended. We brought in a mix of artists—some familiar, some new—to bring attention to the event and attract people who maybe weren’t Phipps regulars. Wisconsin indie favorite, The BoDeans were joined by jazz and blues singer Annie Mack, bluegrass act Monroe Crossing, and Charanga Tropical, a Latin swing group. Phipps Executive Director Darby Lunceford emphasized the goal of keeping the event accessible. “A priority was to keep it free so that anyone could participate. We wanted to offer something unique and surprising, an amazing collection of artists that would not be expected at a free concert in Hudson,” he said. “This was our gift to a community that has supported us in such a significant way for so many years,” he continued. Response to the event has been very positive. New audience members came. Regular audience members found new music genres. Sponsorships and partnerships were built with businesses and vendors in the community. It represents an evolution for The Phipps to create experiential programming that reaches outside the building’s walls. By the end of the evening, the energy was palpable. People danced to the BoDeans with vigor. Everyone was connected in a way that they hadn’t been for a long time. They relished being together again.






Photo © Sobottka photography



ikhail Baryshnikov once said, “I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.” That philosophy is at the core of The Phipps dance program. While the focus is equal parts creativity and technique, it is also very much about building dancers’ confidence. Competitive dance is a hot genre at present, but The Phipps works to tame down the culture of comparison. Instead, it works to provide each dancer with the skills they need to enjoy the art form and express themselves. Christina Leines, a member of the dance council and 2021 BIANNUAL COMMUNITY REPORT

Director of The Phipps Dance Company noted, “We provide a space that celebrates individuality and creativity, allowing the participant to experience the art of dance.” The dance program is one of the fastest growing programs at The Phipps in terms of participants. Classes consist of a multitude of genres and styles—jazz and contemporary are the most popular with all ages, the percussive nature of tap tends to attract more adults, and ballet is a staple. Regardless of style, each class works to help each dancer gain proficiency and improve upon where they began. Classes run

from September to May and end with a dance recital where students of all ages showcase what they’ve learned to family and friends. While the lessons are all about developing the individual, the program also provides opportunities to dance within the context of a group. The Phipps Dance Company (9–12 graders) and Junior Dance Company (5–8 graders) create group pieces for performance. The companies work to provide participants a more diverse picture of dance by introducing them to a variety of styles. Members of the dance companies work with multiple

choreographers each session to explore different genres, and ultimately to set pieces in performance.

We provide a space that celebrates individuality and creativity, allowing the participant to experience the art of dance.” –Christina Leines, Director of The Phipps Dance Company

The dance program hopes to continue growing. There continues to be interest in it and, the need to bolster confidence will always be there. It has built a community where people can learn skills for fun, for recreation, for fitness, or for a career. That will never go out of style.

Photo © Marnie Marie Photography

Photo © Bill Cameron

The nurturing nature of the program appears to be bearing fruit. A recent survey of participants found that 100% of respondents felt that the program increased their confidence as a dancer, 97% said it increased their skills in dance performance, and 90% felt it increased their overall selfconfidence. Said Greta Lewis, dance council member and Director of the Junior Dance Company, “Our goal is to help students feel empowered by dance. It is a form of expression that is unique to them, and they can share it in a way that is exhilarating.”



Photo © J&K Photography MN

DANCE IMPACT SURVEY 2021 felt the program increased their confidence as a dancer.


felt the program increased their overall selfconfidence.

Photos by Greta Lewis


said it increased their skills in dance performance.


A NEW CHAPTER FOR STORYTIME support life-long learning,” explained Tougas, “and early childhood literacy is a cornerstone of our organization.” Storytime is a program that focuses on getting children familiar with and enjoying reading. Held multiple times a week, these highly interactive sessions stimulate the kids’ imaginations and begin to give them a view of the world outside their own. Serving kids between 1–4 years old, the program focuses on a weekly theme, and Librarian Sara O’Brien reads stories, leads the kids in song and other activities to engage their minds. “Storytime provides an opportunity for kids to begin to start learning key language skills. Storytelling and singing slow down language, making it easier for kids to understand and practice using. This helps as they transition to school,” explained O’Brien.

Fortunately, the community stepped up for HAPL. The Phipps, along with the YMCA, the school district, Hop and Barrel and others loaned space to the library to continue its programming. “Libraries are known as a place to borrow books, but we do so much more to promote literacy, to engage and connect the community and

Storytime has taken a lot of forms over the past couple of years. It transitioned entirely online for many months, which served to connect with kids but didn’t provide the interaction and socialization that is central to the program. With warm weather, Storytime went on the road and held events in six parks throughout Hudson. It finally moved back to its permanent home in September, only to be shut down by the storm damage. Now it has a home until the library is ready to reopen in 2022. “One of the goals for The Phipps when it underwent renovations this year was to open the center up to more people in the community and provide a new gathering space. We’re happy we can help our neighbor so they can continue their important work,” Lunceford said, and the kids and their parents seem to appreciate having a space and routine they can call their own.


Photo Courtesy of Hudson Library


udson Area Public Library (HAPL) Director Shelley Tougas clearly remembers being awakened at 4:30 a.m. on September 17th, with a horrible text. “The front of the library is gone,” it read. She knew it had been storming, but surely not that bad. She rushed through the eerily dark downtown to find the multi-story windows shattered. “To say it looked like a bomb had gone off is a cliché,” said Tougas, “but the damage was more than I could have ever imagined.” Clean-up was a daunting prospect. There were shards of glass everywhere. The carpet would need to be replaced and the books cleaned one-by-one.

As The Phipps narrowly missed the same fate as the library, we wanted to help. We have space available during the morning, are located directly across the street, and now Miss Sara loads her wagon with books, toys and story aids three times a week and heads to The Phipps. In addition to stories and play, she brings a selection of books and lets the kids choose some to check out. It has been a natural extension of the program. “This made so much sense for The Phipps to make the space available,” Lunceford explained, “Both organizations are about fostering creativity and innovation, and that creates a nice synergy. It’s great to have the music room used early in the day.”



Photo by Anastasia Shartin



he arts occupy an outsized space in the St. Croix River Valley. There has always been a deep connection between the community and its arts. The Phipps has nurtured that relationship and found ways to build bridges throughout our region. But what happens when those most in need of art can’t come to the center or attend an outdoor event? The Phipps takes the art to them. 2021 BIANNUAL COMMUNITY REPORT

When planning began to build the new Hudson Hospital in 2000, leadership there and in the community recognized that healing was about more than just patients’ physical well-being. It is also about balancing their minds and spirits. There was a growing body of research to suggest that art rich environments allow people to recover more quickly and effectively. And so a partnership was struck to create the Healing Arts Program first at Hudson Hospital

& Clinics when it opened in 2003, and then expanded to Westfields Hospital & Clinics in New Richmond in 2013. At the core of the Healing Arts Program* is the presentation throughout these facilities of regularly rotating exhibits of original work by regional artists, curated and maintained by The Phipps. The program was so impactful and well-received that it soon became apparent others would benefit

Wisconsin at River Falls, designed and hand-dyed an Honor Quilt that is used to this day to shroud residents as they leave their home for the final time. It is a symbol of love from the community to envelop them as they transition. The Enriching Arts Program was expanded to Woodland Hill in Hudson in 2016 and that facility brought its own opportunities to the program. The space is conducive to showing 3-D works as well as 2-D, leading to additional collaborations. As with the Healing Arts Program, artists selected for the Enriching Arts Programs are identified through The Phipps annual call jury review process, and each exhibit is displayed for 3 months. The rotating exhibits are chosen specifically for those venues and represent a variety of genres. “We want to provide exhibits that stimulate new thoughts, new conversations,

and new experiences, while being respectful to the residents. After all, these are their homes and their communities,” said Anastasia Shartin, Director of Visual Arts at The Phipps. Shartin sees so much potential for this type of program that can easily be expanded to other non-art venues. “Art presented in this way can enrich everyone’s daily life,” says Shartin, “the inherent connectivity to regional artists has the power to keep us and our community vibrant.”

*Although the Healing Arts program has been suspended at Hudson and Westfields due to the pandemic, conversations are currently underway on future efforts. The Enriching Arts Program has been able to continue at both Croixdale and Woodland Hill with minor interruption.


Photo by Anastasia Shartin

from the escape, reflection, and memory the art evokes. This led to a partnership with Croixdale, a senior living community in Bayport, MN, to launch the Enriching Arts Program in 2005. Modeled on the Healing Arts Program, residents, their guests, and staff enjoy rotating exhibits of original work by regional artists in the most public areas of the building. Through this partnership, The Phipps also has been able to provide opportunities for residents to share their creative gifts with the community. They collaborated with local artist Judy Sell to design and build one of the first Art Bench Projects, “Kindness is Key”, placed near the main entrance as a warm welcome to the community; worked with artist Christopher Lutter Gardella and Stillwater High School students to make props for a theater production at the School; and, with a fiber student from the University of





Photo Courtesy of Michelle Lehman, Production photos © Sobottka Photography

o say volunteering is Michelle Lehman’s forte is an understatement—she has been an active volunteer for many organizations throughout her life. In 2010, the oldest of her two sons got involved with Children’s Theater Company (CTC) at The Phipps, so naturally, she did too. Eleven years later, both her children have moved on from performing at The Phipps, and she is still volunteering and leading the CTC as Council Coordinator.


an outlet to do normal things, and to be able to safely socialize and connect with peers,” said Michelle. With an abundance of caution, face masks, and social distancing, CTC was able to keep young people engaged and safely on stage. Moving ahead, Michelle would like to see the CTC evolve to provide a richer theatrical experience through a stronger educational component. The emphasis has been on acting, but there is more to great theater than being on stage. As children get older, they can help behind the scenes and find new ways to channel their creativity. Michelle has seen so many young people benefit from their experience, she hopes to keep developing it as an asset to them and the community.

Volunteering at The Phipps allowed Michelle to tap into her creative persona. She loves to sew and create costumes so it made sense for her to use her skills for CTC, and in return, it opened a world of interests and talents for her. She soon started helping in the scene shop, running lights and sound, and doing whatever was needed to produce a show. She loved the collaborative spirit of bringing a play to life, and as part of the creative team, she’s been able to express ideas and contribute Elf (2019), costume design by Michelle Lehman to the artistic vision of the play. Each experience is fresh and new. CTC faced a difficult challenge during the pandemic: how to keep theater alive while keeping everyone safe. “During the period of distance learning, young people needed

One Upon a Pine (2020), costume design by Michelle Lehman


+ QA


How does CTC serve the students who participate in productions? CTC meets kids at an interesting time in their lives. They are just starting to understand who they are and what they like. It’s a time when they are starting to try new things. CTC becomes a safe place where they can experiment among their peers. Each cast forms its own bond, allowing young people to be themselves. I can see the growth and change in each student I work with from year to year. What should others know about CTC? None of the adults involved with CTC have a theater background. They started volunteering because it was an activity to do with their kids. By working with professionals at The Phipps, they’ve learned new skills and have been able to provide an amazing and satisfying experience for the students. It’s impressive what a dedicated group of volunteers can accomplish. What are you excited about for CTC? I am excited that we will be presenting The Addams Family this season. This will be an opportunity to present a show with a little more edge and a stronger storyline. We’re hoping it will attract some new audience members to The Phipps and allow our students to forge a deeper connection to the community.



he generous support of the community is a commitment to the continued quality of the productions, concerts, exhibitions, and educational opportunities offered by The Phipps Center for the Arts. The Board of Directors is deeply grateful to all donors who gave of their resources to further the Center’s mission. The following are lists of Annual Fund and Endowment Fund contributors from October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021. These lists are updated annually.

LEADERSHIP CIRCLE • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Our deepest gratitude to our Leadership Circle of current and past members of the board of directors for their generous support of $25,000 in matching contributions. Nancy & Darrell Burman Ryan & Camille Cari Peter Clements & Sara Wagner Thomas & Carol Dahle Paul Gavic Mark & Maeta Gherty Sue Gherty Bill & Sally Giese

Todd & Kristen Gillingham Sonya & James Jansma Chuck & Jill Koosmann Michelle & John Lehman Kevin & Christina Leines Dawn & Mike Lewandowski Jim & Sheila Lutiger George & Cheryl Moore

Thomas & Marcia Ochs Roger & Jenny Olson Gary & Melissa Porter Beth & Jim Reidenbach Tom & Dina Van Pelt Monica & Steven Weekes Claire Zajac & Brian Huffman

INDIVIDUALS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • DIRECTORS CIRCLE Pacesetters ($1,250+)

Anonymous Suzanne Ammerman Sarah J. Andersen Meredith Berg Bruce Beutel Bill & Winkie Coyne David and Carol Cumming Cathy & Doug Driscoll June D. Eagleton Debra Erickson Sally Friedlander Mark and Maeta Gherty Bill & Sally Giese Gillingham Family Fund of the Hudson Community Foundation, an affiliate of the St. Croix Valley Foundation The Goodwin Family Gary & Michele Griswold Joseph Hubanks Phyllis Jensen & Mark Loughney Merrill & Dody Johnson

Ruth Johnston Gerry Klecker Chuck & Jill Koosmann Mike Kovanda Paul McGinnis Shirley Snyder McKercher George & Cheryl Moore Aaron & Liesl Nelson Nicholas & Kathryn Nelson Tom & Marcia Ochs James & Phyllis O’Connor Melvin Olson Robert J. & Barbara L. Peterson Gary & Melissa Porter Mary Claire & John H. Potter Barbara Richardson Linda Robertson & Warren Schneider Family Foundation Fund of the Hudson Community Foundation, an affiliate of the St. Croix Valley Foundation Marjorie Ross Claudia and Mark Stannard

John and Diana Swanson Amy E. Thurston Robert & Cecilia Vytlacil Trust Mary Beth Walsh Juergen M. & Astrid E. Weidling Louise Weiher Burton & Patricia Witthuhn Young Family Fund of the Eau Claire Community Foundation THE PHIPPS CIRCLE Guarantors ($900–$1,249)

Nancy & James Bensen Jeff & Kristi Cernohous Susan Gavere Davis Mark & Adele Dolan James H. & Judith A. Freund Fund of the Hudson Community Foundation, an affiliate of the St. Croix Valley Foundation Penny & Mike Hucovski Brian Huffman & Claire Zajac

Catherine Mayer Mary Post John Schultz & Colleen Wall Mike & Gyneth Slygh Kurt & Susan Sroka Mark & Sue Schaeffer Vicki & Si Ford Patricia Sauer Benefactors ($650–$899)

Tracy Habisch-Ahlin & Bill Ahlin Bryan & Deb Byers Janet & John Clymer Tom & Carol Dahle Susan Kattas & Deborah Monicken Ron & Nancy Langness David & Marybeth Mataya Carl & Judy Meincke Joan Palm & Richard Sirek Nick & Karen Schmit David Sonstegard Richard & Georgia Whitcomb Patrons ($400–$649)

Alice Aamodt Gloria Adrian Mark & Beverley Anderson



Lynette & Kurt Beinlich Roger & Patsy Bevers Jordan & Kristen Bieber Jennie & Chuck Boeder Michael Brown Alan & Jill Burchill Ryan & Camille Cari Sam & Teresa Cari Janelle Dixon Sharon L. Docksteader Bernard & Michele Drevnick Stephen Dunlap Gloria Gaynor Kendra Grams Donald Hale Jan Hayman Gorden Hedahl & Jean Loudon Scott & Jenifer Hedin Hitchcock Family Endowment of the Hudson Community Foundations, an affiliate of the St. Croix Valley Foundation Judy Huftel Tom & Jackie Hugdahl Patty Kuebker Johnson Kristi Erickson Kampmeyer Bebe & Pete Keith Karl & Virginia Kunz Jim & Ellen Laird Donald & Mary Lou Lewis Tom & MarJean Malchow Lucy J. McAllister Lorraine McGrew Darci Strutt & Mike McQuiston George Nelson Patricia O’Connell Mike & Sarah Oebser Roger & Jenny Olson Roger & Karen Pavlis John Pietras in memory of Michaela Mahady Ronald G. Raymond Jim & Beth Reidenbach Pat & Jeanne Riley Paul & Bette Vandersteen Jill Waalen & Douglas Schulz Tony & Jane Zappa



Donors ($100–$249)

Associates ($250–$399)

Anonymous (10) Adam & Amy Bast Gordon & Karen Abrahamson Jerry & Georgia Adams Jean Allan Ales & Gary Ales Barbara & Chip Allen Carl Alms in memory of Joseph Alms Mary & Brian Anderson Jeff & Kathy Andrews John & Marcie Andrews Mary Beth Arthaud Sarah Atkins Sharon Babcock J. Michael Barone Deb & Jan Beaudway Carla & Mike Bebault Kathryn Beito & John Sutherland Diana Berg & Dave Morrison Paul Bower & Jessie Saul Sally Brady Judith Brandt Nancy Braschler Nancy Bratulich Martha Breard in memory of Melissa Nicole Breard Sharon Brick Duane Brown Darrell & Nancy Burman Ashley & Nathan Burt Terry Butler James Byrne David & Lois Cahoy Mr. & Mrs. Gery Campbell Colin & Joy Case Carole Casey Patrick & Shelly Christiansen Jay & Mary Clemens Russell Clymer Candice & Craig Collins Nick & Blanche Comon Bill & Annette Cook Jennifer Cook Cindy Coulter Richard & Trudy Cragg Tim & Laura Deis Delores Dickman Mike & Leah Dixon Nancy Donovan Lois & Dennis Duerst Clark & Susan Duffey

Anonymous (2) Peg Audley & Chris Babbitt Randy & Dianne Bach Sally Bean Barbara & Harold Bend Bob & Darlene Berglund Patricia Brown Rob & Tara Brown Kim & Kent Brunner Howard & Teresa Cameron Dave & Leslie Clauss Peter Clements & Sara Wagner Colleen Conard Edward & Joanne Dandanell Doug & Kathy Ernie John & Meme Fehr Bob & Patricia Feidler WIlliam & Deborah Fristad Sharon Germain Charles & Patricia Giffen Mary Gillespie Deanna Grigus Sylvia Grubb Ken & Lynn Heiser Bettyann Henry Dale & Barbara Johansen Daryl & Katie Jones Mary Keefer Marianne Kelly in memory of William C. Kelly John Korson Jim & Mimi Kron Kathleen Montgomery Jack & Ann Piepel Marty Purintun Harold & Julie Richardson Chuck & Kathy Roberts Norma Roessler The Rother Family Lana & Roy Sjoberg Shirley Chartrand & Charles Stewart Dick & Veronica Stine Takkunen Family Foundation of the Hudson Community Foundation, an affiliate of the St. Croix Valley Foundation Jim & Marian Webber Doug & Jean Weiler


Bob & Jo Ecker Julie & Richard Edstrom Arlys Eilts Jonathan Erickson Mary & Bryan Evans Karen A. Evenson Steve & Kimberly Fanning Duane & Nancy Fier Denise Flaherty Michael & Vicki Foster Dave & Joan Frick Cally Fuchs Daniel & Sally Gaeu Kaye Gavic Paul Gavic Craig Gibson & Marie Capelle Susan Gilbert Keri & Tom Goeltl William & Marilyn Gorham Nancy Gunderson Nancy Hable Kathryn Hagen Jill & Scott Halberg Laurie & Delaine Halberg Dianne Wright & John Halloran Ann Hansen Eric & Sue Hanson Jane C. Hanson Barbara Hayes William & Annette Helwig Mary Hertogs Merry Hines Rob & Carole Howard John & Angie Huenink Charles & Cynthia Huntley Everett Hutton Michael & Terilynn Hutton James & Kathy Irvine Gary Jader Layton & Linda James Sonya & James Jansma Skip Jewett in memory of Joann Jewett Jamie & Jean Johnson Neal & Karen Johnson Steven & Diane Johnson Andrea Jorgenson Donna Kidd Tom & Cynthia Kindler Julie & George Kinney Becky Kleager & David Rusterholz Raymond & Ruth Knapp

Jana Martin & David Fredrickson Ann Martinson Darren & Christine Mattila James & Vicki Mayer Sylvia McCallister H. Wesley McClain Carol McConaughey Phil & Karen McConville John & Deidre Mead Memorial attendees in memory of Michaela Mahady

Ruth Ann & Greg Michnay Richard Mockler Amy Moore Kathryn Murphy Jean & Craig Nelsen John & Evy Nerbonne William & Henrietta Ness Maurice & Sara Newell Mark & Karla Newman Dorothy M. Nordstrand Rich & Cindy O’Connor Patricia & Stephen Ogborn Pat & Debbie O’Keefe Timothy Old & Morgan Clifford Karen Olson Mary Louise Olson Nor & Kevin Olson Patrick & Patricia O’Meara

Margaret & Charles Opp Timothy Palmer Henry & Mary Ellen Paulson Sue & Doug Pearson Roger Penman & Susan Strand-Penman Cary Peterson Doug & Barb Peterson Solvay Peterson Steven & Kris Petrini David & Jeanette Plummer Virgil & Jackie Polinske Chuck Prissel & Jonathan Timm Michael Ptacek Donald & Karen Quass Anton Rang & Dian Dewi Thomas & Linda Redding Kerry Reis Reid & Kimberly Roebbeke James & Kerry Rouleau Michael & Linda Sager Xavier & Naomi Salgado Mary Samuelson Phillip Sanders James & Louise Schatz Bernie Schmitz Cheryl Schneider Gerald Schnobrich Lorna M. Schrade Jean Schuknecht

Marilyn Schultz Dean & Jane Schwanke in memory of Mona Fay Pett Daniel & Sally Score Garry & Linda Sill Lana Sjoberg Judy Smith David & Lynn Sontag Joan Sorensen Mary Stanton John & Linda Stary LeAnn Stein & Jack Stamp Rebecca Stibbe Avalene Swanson Karen Swisher & Joe Grinstead Jill Tammen & Dave Long Lisa & Daniel Tangen Evelyn & Chaim Teitelbaum Katie Timbers R.A. Tobias Donald J. Tulgren Mary Jo Veenendall Linda Larson Walbrun Mary Weller Margaret Welshons Charles E. White Kathleen Williams Merry Willman B. Byrd & Dorothy Wilson

Camelot & Camelitle, 2021 © Sobottka Photography

Angela Kondrasuk Heidi Kriesel David & Molly Kvarnes Lucinda Lamont Slater & Edith Lampman Victor Langer Barb LaRock in memory of Judi Langmack Linda & JanPeter Larsen Yvonne Larsen Thomas & Eldora Larson Darlene LaValle Rita Lawson Lisa Leahy Keith & Judy Leary Gabe & Nancy LeBrun Heidi Leeson Kevin & Christina Leines John & Janet Lestock Dawn & Mike Lewandowski Susan & James Lewis Lorraine & Chris Libbey Sheryl Lindholm Juliette Lohman Gayland & Sandra Luedke Joan Lyksett Alyssa Lynch Kathleen Majka Ed & Karen Manor Patricia Mara



Douglas Wilson Carol M. Worrell Heather Zehring

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Anonymous (18) David Anderson Elwood Anderson Michael & Sandra Annen Gerald & Erlene Barriault Alycia & Lance Benzer Jim & Mary Berg Gurtie Berkner Bob Bertram Amanda Bierbaum Barbara Bjorkman Judith Blackford Vicki Bolton Laura & Michael Bond Lisa Bonte Rob & Diane Bosworth Sandra & Tony Brace Kathy Brakke Rita Zawislak-Brandt & Warren Brandt Mary Ann Bunczak Lucas Burlingame Suzanne Caldwell Jesse & Marylyn Chapman Diane Christensen Don Cogswell & Peggy Drews Lynn & Dave Colburn Rueben & Darlene Coleman Cathy Connor Karen & Myren Cowles Russ & Anita Cummings Judy Dannholz Marcia Dettling Sally DiMartini Jim & Sharon Eaton Marian Ellertson Rod & Mary Ellner Brian & Danielle Erdrich Clyde Erickson Dianne Erickson Helen & Duane Fayerweather Kent Ferraro & Sharon Whitney Vinnie Ferraro Nicki & Jason Finch Kathy A Fleming Wanda Foster & Kent Bakke Jeff & Kristi Fox Jeanne Friedell Goldie D. Frost Sheila Fugina Stephen J. Gates

Kathleen & Collin Geraghty Nicholaus Gfrerer Kathleen Gould & Gordon Granroth Carrie Graham Georgia & James Greeley Sheryl E Grover Carmen Guilfoyle Rick Halverson Paul Hambleton Max & Nancy Hansen Donna Hanson Ann Haraldson Theresa Harsma Pat Haskins Scott Hawley Margaret & David Hayden Virgil Heinen Heidi Heinze John & Joni Henning Jerry & Arlene Herbst James Hicks Scott & Linda Hiltgen Jodi & David Holm Marlys Holmstadt Janet Houck Joseph & Carol Incremona Benjamin Jackson Robert Jackson David & Marilee Jackson Robert & Lorraine Jacobson David & Roxane Jakupcak Cindy & Mark Johnson Kathryn Johnson Margel Johnson Harold & Vicki Jordan Donna Jorgenson Kathryn Julius Donald & Judith Kadidlo Lee Kisling Jill Kivi Jeannette Klasen Patrick Kohler Claire Kolbinger Kenneth Krautbauer John & Patricia Langford Donna Lanni Joann Larson Judy Larson Patricia & Paul Larson Bill Leahy Michelle Lehman Adrianne & Mike Lemberg Greta Lewis Anthony Liberko Diane Lindstrom


Heather Logelin Melodee Loyer Demetria Lueneburg Barbara L Lynskey Rita Lynum Joyce Lyon Rita MacDonald Julie Madaris Meri Makovec Cheryl Maplethorpe John & Carol Marnell Rita Marrinan Jeanette Maruska Elizabeth McCambridge Layl McDill Diane McDonald Maureen McDonnell Donna G. Miller Joshua & Jennifer Miller Gayle & Ronald Monson Kelina Morgan Peggy Moriarty-Nelson Elaine Mucciacciaro Charley B Murphy Rebecca Nagel Donna Nederloe Chris & Kate Nelson Constance Nelson Sandra Nelson Barbara Nickell Peggy Oakland MaryAnn O’Brien & Duane Miller Brian Ogren & Sarah Bertsch Dana Okerlund John Onkka Nancy Orgeman Lynn Pagliarini Michelle Paulisich Ralph & Helen Pennie Steve Perry Cathryn Peters Rhonda Petree & Don Kirkpatrick Diane Petterson Rachel Peulen Jerry & Kathy Priess George & Carol Pruchnofski Janet Quinto Dorothy Reeves Rich Rhinehart C.A. & Jeanette Richards Nancy Riegel Steve & Cheryl Rinta Marcia Robert Colette Roche

Carroll Rock Jerome & Marcella Rodewald Jody Rood Douglas Ross Sue Rowe Heather Rutledge John & Judith Rys Tammy Sachse Ellen H Saul MaryEllen Sax Nancy Schaeppi Gretchen Schilling Robert Schmidt Peter & Gayle Schneider Beth Schulze Mary Kathleen Scott Robert & Kathy Setzer Juli Smothers Krista Spieler Marty & Silvia Stahn Ronald & Linda Stancer Beth Hoppe Stidham Gerald Stiff Derek Stoa Jim & Teddy Stone Victoria Bradford Styrbicki Susan Sveda-Pachaud Aaron & Deanne Swanson Suzanne Swanson Dwight Tangren Denise Tennen Sharon Tepper Cheri & Jim Thies Robert Tholkes Shelley & Paul Thomas Laura Tiede Greg Tinberg Kelly Van Ranst Christy Volk Gary & Mardell Walton Linda Webster Katherine Weed Maureen & Ted Wegleitner Steve & Terri Wilcox Karn Winberg Carole & Louis Winslow Matthew, Charlie & Mia Woodruff Ben & Marg Wopat Wendy Worner Rich & Kay Youngblom Jodi Youngman Judd & Paula Zandstra Dawn Zuber



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Anonymous (2) Al & Laurie Hein Trust Andersen Corporate Foundation City of Hudson Creative Integration & Design, Inc. Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation The Henkel Foundation Hugh J. Andersen Foundation Katherine B. Andersen Fund of the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation MAHADH Fund of HRK Foundation Margaret Rivers Fund Robert E. Ringdahl Foundation St. Croix Valley Foundation Strobel & Hanson, P.A. Marvin P. Verhulst Foundation Weekes Family Foundation William H. Phipps Foundation Wisconsin Humanities Council Xcel Energy Foundation

AnnMarie Foundation Bradley W. Nordstrand Fund for the Visual Arts of the St. Croix Valley Foundation First State Bank & Trust Hudson Home & Garden Club Hudson Physicians Fund of the Hudson Community Foundation, an affiliate of the St. Croix Valley Foundation Hudson Women’s Club The Purple Tree SIMKO Support Center

Art Doyle’s Spokes & Pedals Couples & Family Therapy Center, LLC Stevens Engineers, Inc. The Resultants Western Wisconsin Photography Club

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MEMORIALS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Pat Bettschen Barko Dietz Peggy Hansen

Judi Langmack Mr. & Mrs. Mike Cossetta The Couffer Family Marybeth Gudal Hudson Area Senior Center Board Tamara Langmack Todd & Donna Lien Christopher & Amy Seitz Cheryl & Michael Snook Casey & Mary Ann Vilandre Margaret Wilhelm Virginia A. Zuercher

Edythe Howard Rob & Carole Howard

Gordon Lefto Alison Humphrey

Memorial gifts honoring those listed in italics were received in 2020–2021. George Allen Charles & Cynthia Huntley James Chitwood Pat & Burt Witthuhn

Miracle on 34th Street, 2021 © Sobottka Photography

Dorothy Clare Bill & Mary Fetzer



Grant Leonard Bruce & Cindy Leonard Mark Lightfoot Beverly Lightfoot Michaela Mahady Molly Kelliher Memorial Attendees John Pietras Kay Sandeen Anonymous Robert Vytlacil Lili Chester Hon Family John H. Potter

Nick Whitney Karen Chitwood Johannes & Arlene Dahle Gail O’Connor John H. Potter Vicki & Russell Schaeffer & Family Kathy & Mark Paul Smith Laura Whitney

ENDOWMENTS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • NAMED ENDOWMENTS Marie B. Blakeman Memorial Fund Kelly Ann (Brookman) Fayerweather Memorial Fund Winkie & Bill Coyne Fund Ethel Daisy Cuddeback Memorial Fund Herman G. Erickson Memorial Fund George A. Hardenbergh Memorial Fund Frank R. LaPlante Memorial Fund for Drama Roger R. Lenzmeier Memorial Fund Bradley W. Nordstrand Fund for the Visual Arts Donna W. Petersen Fund for Music Wendell A. Petersen Family Fund for Arts Education The Phipps Center Endowment Fund John H. Potter Fund David & Judith Sonstegard Fund

JOHN H. POTTER TRIBUTE FUND Gifts to endowment honoring the retirement of John H. Potter were received from: Anonymous Donald & Judith Kadidlo Mary Claire Potter Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Schmidt Malcolm & Mary Tuve

Gifts for general endowment were received in 2020–2021 from the following: Marie & Harry Blakeman Memorial Fund of the Hudson Community Foundation, an affiliate of the St. Croix Valley Foundation

THE LEGACY SOCIETY Endowment is today’s investment in the vision for tomorrow: to continue to advance the mission of The Phipps Center for the Arts. The Board of Directors gratefully acknowledges the vision and generosity of the members of The Legacy Society. Members establish Named Endowments, make outright gifts of $5,000 or more for endowment, or inform The Phipps in writing of estate gifts for endowment. Dan & Jean Greenwald* Sylvia & Hollis* Grubb• Hugh F. & Edna H. Gwin*• C.R. Hackworthy Family George A. Hardenbergh* Marilyn Henderson*• John & Edrys Heywood*• Pamela W. Hodge-Miller Catherine L. Johnson*• Merrill & Dody Johnson Vivian E. Johnston* Barbara & Pete Keith Steve & Gloria Keller• Gerry & Connie* Klecker John B. & Doris Knauff* Florence V. LaPlante*• Roger R. Lenzmeier*• Jim & Sheila Lutiger J. Keith* & Barbara B. MacKenzie C.W. Malick• Catherine A. Mayer, M.D. Edwin W. Mayer* Drs. Loring* & Lucy McAllister Shirley Snyder McKercher•

Willis H. Miller* Winifred W. Netherly* Fredrice E. Nord• Family and Friends of Bradley W. Nordstrand Tom & Marcia Ochs• James & Phyllis O’Connor Phyllis C. Olson* Warren C. Pagel• Donna W. Petersen*• Wendell A. Petersen John H. & Mary Claire Potter• Janet L. Quinto Barbara Richardson Norma & Dick* Roessler Thomas P. Rose A.K. Sandeen* Nick & Karen Schmit Mr. & Mrs. Roy A. Sjoberg Carol & Joel Skinner Family David & Judith* Sonstegard St. Croix Valley Foundation Charles Stewart & Shirley Chartrand

Douglas & Jacqueline Stohlberg• Fred & Robyn Stoller Inez Roach Thexton*• Amy E. Thurston Kristin A. & Daniel M. Tjornehoj Bob & Ce Vytlacil Trust* Charles E. & Ruth Anne White Delores & Dale Willi* John B. & Cleo A. Young• Eileen & Dallas Zimmerman*

• indicates Charter Members * deceased


Camelot & Camelittle, 2021 © Sobottka Photography

Suzanne & William* Ammerman• Anonymous (6) Catharine Bell Mrs. Louis M. Benepe*• The Benoy Family in memory of Brian Benoy Bob & Darlene Berglund Arline* & Bruce Beutel Marie B. Blakeman*• Charles W. Bradham* Hugh & Laverne Bryce*• David & Ellen Burnley Teresa & Howard Cameron Jim Caspers & Cory Pope Winkie & Bill Coyne The DeLonais Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Herman G. Erickson*• Bryan & Mary Evans Dale Fayerweather Sally & William* Friedlander• Glen* & Gloria Gaynor• Sally & Bill Giese Charles & Patricia Giffen Todd & Kristen Gillingham


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