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Wedding Planner and Guide Your complete guide to planning and organizing the perfect wedding.


Food With Attitude We Cater Offsite Special Events! Endless Catering Options...Whether a small event or a large gathering, we can find a menu and plan for your needs!

CATERING FOR PRIVATE PARTIES IN OUR BANQUET ROOMS. North Shore - 46 people South Shore - 88 people

Perfect for Grooms Dinners, Bridal Parties or any Special Event. 1100 North Shore Drive, Detroit Lakes MN 218-844-FIRE (3473)

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#1 BBQ/Ribs in the Lakes Area

spitfirebarandgrill.com LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED


Introduction So you’re going to the chapel, the church, the barn, the lake, the beach... Congratulations! We know there are many details that go into planning your perfect wedding and our goal with the Wedding Planner is to assist you in that planning process. We wish you a memorable and beautiful wedding day— more importantly, we wish you a lifetime of happiness.


Index BRYAN AND KRISTI’S ENGAGEMENT STORY.......................................5 PLAN AHEAD CHECKLIST.............................................................................6 LOWELL AND VIVIAN’S ENGAGEMENT STORY...................................8 REGISTRY TIPS..................................................................................................9 CHET AND TILLY’S ENGAGEMENT STORY...........................................10 CEREMONY................................................................................................. 12-13 CATERER......................................................................................................14-15 WEDDING EXPENSES................................................................................... 16 WEDDING GUEST LIST..................................................................................17 PHOTO/VIDEOGRAPHY..........................................................................18-19 INVITES/CAKES/PARTIES..................................................................22-23 FORMAL ATTIRE...................................................................................... 24-25 FLOWERS................................................................................................... 26-27 WEDDING DRESS FITTING........................................................................ 28 WEDDING INSURANCE............................................................................... 29 EMERGENCY KIT............................................................................................30 WEATHER OBSTACLES................................................................................ 31 TOP WEDDING DANCE SONGS.........................................................32-33 MAKE HEALTHY HABITS............................................................................. 34 INVITATION PROTOCOL.............................................................................. 35 GET THE MOST OUT OF BRIDAL SHOWS............................................ 36 QUESTIONS FOR THE MUSICIANS.........................................................37 Supplement to The Detroit Lakes Tribune, Park Rapids Enterprise, Perham Focus and Wadena Pioneer Journal

Bryan + Kristi Delage A Proposal That Reached New Heights Dent, MN It was November 1986, around Thanksgiving. Bryan, who was 23 at the time, and I being 20, were on our way to Brooks, Minn., to meet Bryan’s parents and family for the first time. I grew up in the Twin Cities, so I was excited and a bit nervous to meet this new group of people in this tiny little town. We met and visited with his parents and siblings, and then Bryan came up to me and said he really wanted to go to the farm of one of his best childhood friends to visit him, his wife and children. I said, “Sure!” and we headed over to the farm, which was only about three miles from his parents’ house. We arrived, and I was excited to meet “Klinger,” which was Bryan’s horse at the time. He kept it at his friend’s farm, and me, having a horse of my own and loving horses, was happy to go! We arrived and visited with his friends for a bit, and after while, Bryan headed down to the barn. I stayed and visited for a bit longer, then went down to the barn to see what Bryan was up to. Continued on page 8

arrowwoodbrainerd.com |

6967 Lake Forest Rd Baxter, MN 56425 | 218•822•5634 YOUR PERFECT WEDDING 2020 | 5

Plan Ahead ENGAGEMENT  Announce engagement.  Engagement photo. This can be used with engagement or wedding announcement for your local newspaper.  Set the date and choose a location for the wedding.  Create a budget.  Choose attendants.  Start shopping for your gown and bridesmaids' dresses.  If you wish to, hire a wedding coordinator. 6 TO 9 MONTHS  Start compiling a list of guests. Ask your mother and the groom's mother to do the same.  Book the photographer, band/D.J., caterers, florist, videographer, caterer, etc.  Begin a list of favorite music and requested songs to give to the band or D.J.  Choose an officient.  Go with the groom to a formalwear store or tailor. After the groom's attire has been chosen, the ushers and groomsmen should go in and get fitted as soon as possible. 4 TO 6 MONTHS  Order invitations, napkins, programs and anything else that requires a certain amount of time for printing.  Choose your wedding bands.  The mother of the bride should shop for her dress. When she has chosen what to wear the groom's mother should do the same.  Discuss whether you should reserve hotel rooms for out-of-town guests with your parents.  Set a time for the wedding rehearsal.  Plan rehearsal dinner.  Plan honeymoon. If traveling meet with a travel agent.  Book accomodations for wedding-night. 2 TO 4 MONTHS  Finish up with alterations and try it on with all of the accessories to make sure everything looks good.  Book a final fitting and start breaking in your shoes.  Final alterations on bridesmaids' dresses.  Confirm contracts with florist, photographer, D.J., caterer, videographer, etc. Make sure all is in order.  Set up appointments for hair, manicure, makeup. It might be a good idea to set up a prewedding appointment to make sure you are 6 | YOUR PERFECT WEDDING 2020

satisfied with the style and it works with the dress.  Shop for bridesmaids' gift and groomsmen's gifts.  Register for wedding gifts.  Start addressing invitations. Ensure proper postage by bringing one to the post office and have it weighed.  Take a day off from all the wedding planning to pamper yourself. This is a day just for you to relax, have a massage, take a day off of work. 6 TO 8 MONTHS  Mail invitations.  Go over rehearsal dinner details and finalize them.  Confirm reservations at hotels for out-of-town guests and also your reservations for your wedding-night.  Confirm travel plans for your honeymoon.  Ask the Maid of Honor and your attendants for help with small tasks.  Pick up wedding rings.  Have your gown pressed and make arrangements for pick-up date and time.  Marriage license. 3 TO 6 MONTHS  Plan seating arrangements.  Start packing for the honeymoon.  Meet with the D.J./Band and go over any special music requests.  Meet with the coordinator at the reception site to go over all details, such as the time when the cake and flowers can be delivered and where on the day of the wedding.  Set up time for pictures with the photographer. Make sure all parties who need to be there know this information ahead of time...don't forget to tell grandma and grandpa, brothers and sisters in case you are having family pictures at this time.  Check over all contracts thoroughly. When they need to be paid and if all requirements are met.  Take some time for the two of you...it's good to get away from all the stress of planning for awhile. 2 WEEKS  Call the newspaper for information on placing a wedding announcement in the paper.  Take care of life insurance beneficiary, health insurance plans that best suit both of you. If you are changing your name contact the DMV, bank, credit cards and Social Security.  If possible start writing checks for those needing to be paid. The officient, photographer,

videographer, D.J./Band, etc.  Assign some friends or family to be responsible for getting gifts to reception and transporting them at the end of the evening. 1 WEEK  Contact the caterer with the final guest count.  Take care of any last minute details with florist, musicians, etc.  Write a note to your parents and his parents for their love and support.  Put together a bag of everything you will need for the wedding day. Things to include...jewelry, extra pair of pantyhose, aspirin, bobby pins, safety pins, mints, undergarments. And don't forget something old, new, borrowed and blue! 3 DAYS  Talk to the head usher about special seating arrangements or guests with special needs.  Don't forget the marriage license. You may want to give it to the Maid of Honor or Best Man to bring to the ceremony.  Notify attendants and parents on when they should arrive at the rehearsal. Give bridesmaids and groomsmen their gifts at the rehearsal dinner.  Get plenty of rest and eat right and drink your water. THE WEDDING DAY  Eat a sensible breakfast.  Give the Maid of Honor the groom's ring.  Drink plenty of water.  Get your hair and make-up done.  Don't forget your "everything you need" bag.  Get to the church on time.  Relax and enjoy your day! NOTES: ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________

A Beautiful Setting for Your Wedding Located in the heart of Central Minnesota’s Lake

with catering and an experienced, friendly staff.

Country, Thumper Pond is a full-service resort

Guests have come to appreciate the personalized

and conference center with 78 guest rooms, on-

attention, professional service and quality food

site restaurant, championship 18-hole golf course

we are known for. Our beautiful setting and

and a brand new indoor waterpark. We offer

impeccable service will add a special touch to a

multiple sites for ceremonies, receptions for 300

wonderful day to be treasured for a lifetime.

218-367-2000 | 1-877-294-7981 www.thumperpond.com

300 Thumper Lodge Road | Ottertail, Minnesota 56571

Thumper Pond



Lowell + Vivian Hunt A Christmas Eve Engagement, 1949 Detroit Lakes , MN I met Vivian in a hardware store in the summer of 1946. She was 15 and I was 17. We went to high school in Canby, Minn.; she was a sophomore and I was a junior. We had our first date in the fall of 1946 and started going steady, as we used to call it, in the summer of 1947. Back then we went to the movies and an occasional dance, but spent a lot of time at school functions. Vivian participated in a lot of activities: band, choir, plays, etc. I was out for football, but being a farm boy, had a lot of chores on the farm. We were both farm kids. Vivian was the oldest of four girls and I was the second oldest of my family of two boys and four girls. We had a great courtship; broke up a couple of times but love took over and we got back together in pretty short order both times. Well, it was early in December of 1949 when I thought, “I want this young lady to be my wife.” I went to our local jewelry store and picked out a diamond ring. We didn’t talk about carats, we talked about price and payment. I had a fine man for a jeweler. His name was E.B. Coil, and he set up a $5/week payment schedule, and I got the ring. On Christmas Eve 1949, Vivian and I went to church in Gary, S.D., and were invited to Vivian’s grandparents’ farm home. When we left the church and got to the farm, everyone else was already there. So I parked the car, a 1932 four-door Chevorolet, and popped the question. And she said, “Yes!” We went inside and I will never forget the kissing and hugging that went on. My future mother-in-law squeezed the breath out of me, and turned out to be the best mother-in-law anyone could ever have. Continued from page 5 I saw him out in the pasture trying to catch his horse and not having any success whatsoever. He tried to catch Klinger for about 15 minutes, and then threw down the halter in disgust. He stomped over to a ladder on the side of a grain bin, and climbed all the way to the top. I watched all of this and went over to the grain bin and called up to him, “Hey! What are you doing?” But he didn’t respond. I was very confused about what was happening, so I climbed up to the top of the bin and found Bryan sitting on the top, with arms folded and a scowl on his face. 8 | YOUR PERFECT WEDDING 2020

We got married on April 2, 1950, which will be 70 years in 2020. We have seven children, one deceased, and 15 grandchildren, one deceased, and 24 healthy, happy greatgrandchildren. I thank God every day for the life he has given Vivian and I, which all began in a hardware store in the summer of 1946. Submitted by Lowell. I asked him, “Bryan, what is going on … And why did you decide to climb up to the top of your friend’s grain bin?” He looked up and held out a small box, and inside was an engagement ring! He slowly said, still scowling, “I know how much you love horses, and I wanted to take you for a ride on my horse, down by the creek, in the pasture, and give you this ring, but I couldn’t catch that stupid horse!” The two of us hugged and laughed, still on top of the grain bin. We climbed down, proceeded to tell all of our family and friends, and after 32 years of marriage, our anniversary being on December 19, we still laugh at our unusual but sweet and memorable engagement story. Submitted by Kristi.



uilding a wedding registry is a task unlike any other couples may encounter during their lifetimes. Wedding registries are invaluable resources that provide engaged couples’ loved ones with gift suggestions. In spite of that value, couples may find it daunting and even a little uncomfortable to build their wedding registries. Building a wedding registry can feel like walking a tightrope. Couples likely won’t want to ask for too much or for gifts that are too expensive, but a poorly built registry can be a major inconvenience for guests. The following tips can help couples build adequate registries that benefit them without asking too much of their guests. Register with more than one

store. It’s important to register with more than one store. Doing so makes things as convenient as possible for guests and increases the chances they will be able to shop at stores they’re familiar with. Unless your guest list is predominantly local, try to register with at least one national chain so guests who live in different regions can shop for gifts in-person if they prefer to do so. Make a large list. Some couples are hesitant to make large wedding registries, feeling that doing so gives the impression that they’re asking for too much. But large registries simply give guests more options to choose from. Many industry insiders advise registering for two to three gifts per guest. That might seem like a lot, but guests will appreciate

having all of those options. Don’t hesitate to include expensive items on your registry. Couples also may be hesitant to include especially expensive items on their wedding registries. However, the couples’ parents and other close relatives may be honored to purchase more expensive items, so couples should not feel embarrassed to include them on their lists. It’s also important to note that many retailers, after couples’ wedding days have come and gone, discount registry items that weren’t purchased. So even if no one purchases the more expensive items, including them on a registry may significantly reduce their cost for couples who want to buy such items themselves after tying the knot.

Vary the prices of items on the list. In addition to including more expensive items on the registry, make sure to include moderately priced and inexpensive items. This gives guests more options and ensures guests who might be spending a lot to travel to and from the wedding can still purchase gifts without digging too much deeper into their pockets. Periodically update the registries. Periodically update your registries to remove items you have already received and to add items if many of the less expensive ones have already been purchased. This also makes things more convenient for guests. Building a wedding registry is a unique task that couples can embrace as their wedding day draws near.

Spanky’s Stone Hearth is the ideal place to host your rehearsal dinner or wedding reception. The entire staff at spankys stone hearth are committed to making your special day memorable.

Catering services available.

34785 co. hwy. 4 • vergas, mn • on the shores of rose lake 218-334-3555 • spankysstonehearth.com YOUR PERFECT WEDDING 2020 | 9

Chester + Thelma Bugstrom (a.k.a. Chet and Tilly)

She said ‘Yes’ Verndale, MN We met on March 27, 2002. I was out with my sister and her friend for “ladies night out” at the VFW in Princeton, Minn., and while we were there, we met these two guys. One was Chet and his brother was “Butch.” I danced with Butch and my sister talked to Chet. She said he was asking questions about me. Chet got up and while he was gone, we left. About two weeks later, my sister and I went to the Legion. Chet came in and walked over to our table, sat down and asked if he could buy me a drink. I said, “Yes.” My sister wasn’t feeling well, and she asked Chet if he would mind giving me a ride home. He didn’t mind, and my sister left. He and I talked and danced for awhile, and then left for my sister’s place. It was raining out. On the way there, he asked if I wanted to see his place. I said, “Yes. Why not?” When we arrived, he parked in the garage. We talked, then he asked if I had ever heard the song, “The Rose.” I said, “Yes. It is one of my favorites!” He turned on the CD player and we danced to “The Rose.” Afterwards, we ran in the rain to his house. I just loved it. Then he took me to my sister’s. We planned to see each other again soon, and Chet arrived at my sister’s place the next day. He brought pizza and pop. Also, he brought me a single red rose. When he left, he gave me a note and $20 in an envelope — it was to buy time on a phone card. We saw each other often for about a month. We talked about getting married. He bought flowers a lot. I started to look at rings. One day, I found one. He wanted me to get it. A couple days later, the phone rang and it was Chet. We talked for awhile and then he asked me to look out the window that I was sitting by. I said, “Why?” and he said, “Just look out the window.” So I did. There was a medium-sized sheet of cardboard pressed against the window, and on it was written, “Will You Marry Me?” I laughed and laughed so much that he came into my 10 | YOUR PERFECT WEDDING 2020

place and set the phone down. He also brought a dozen red roses. He took the ring out of the box and put it on my finger. We set a wedding date for June 7, 2003. I had always wanted a country-style wedding in a small church. We planned for it. I met his children, I hosted a family reunion for his family, and I met all his family members. They liked me. Chet and I continued dating and getting to know each other better. In October, Chet had a massive heart attack. He had eight stints put in his heart vessels. He stayed at my apartment while he recovered, and in November, I quit my job and moved into his place. On June 7, I got my dream wedding. We left the church in a big white buggy pulled by two Clydesdales, to the reception and dance. Chet sold his prize Mustang to give me the wedding of my dreams. We now have been married for 16 years, 6 months. Every day we tell each other, “I love you.” Submitted by Thelma, a.k.a. Tilly.


Callaway Event Center

Worth the trip!

Rehearsals • Receptions • Anniversaries Dances • Showers • Reunions • Meetings Seating and place settings for up to 250 people. Plated or buffet style dinners. Dance floor, stage and full bar. Affordable Options Available! Rental’s starting at $100. Whole building rental $350. Includes bartenders and security!

218-375-4691 • WWW.CALLAWAYMN.COM

Ceremony WEDDING DATE/TIME______________________________












OFFICIANT/PHONE________________________________ CONTACT/PHONE_________________________________ REHEARSAL DATE/TIME ____________________________ FEE_________________________________________

___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

MUSICIAN_____________________________________ ORGANIST/PIANIST________________________________ SINGER/SINGERS_________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

RESERVED SEATING ROW 1/PEW 1 ___________________________________ ROW 1/PEW 2___________________________________ ROW 1/PEW 3___________________________________ ROW 1/PEW 4 __________________________________


ROW 1/PEW 5 __________________________________

AISLE RUNNER? _________________________________ CANOPY?______________________________________

ROW 2/PEW 1 ___________________________________


ROW 2/PEW 2___________________________________

KNEE CUSHIONS?________________________________

ROW 2/PEW 3___________________________________


ROW 2/PEW 4 __________________________________

DRESSING ROOMS?_______________________________

ROW 2/PEW 5 __________________________________


QUESTIONS TO ASK THE OFFICIANT – Do we have to be a member of this church? – Are we required to attend pre-marital couseling? – If so, how many sessions? – What is the cost to book the church? – How far in advance do we need to make a booking? – How many people can the church hold? – Are we allowed to take photos and video the ceremony? – Are there restrictions regarding flowers, candles and other decorations? – May guests throw rice, birdseed, rose petals or blow bubbles? – Is there wheelchair access? – To what extent can we personalize the content of the ceremony? – Are there music restrictions? – Are there restrictions regarding the day of the week, or the time that the ceremony can take place? – What is the church policy regarding interfaith marriages? – Is there another wedding booked on the day of our planned ceremony? If so, what time?


Caterer CATERER____________________________________



ALL NECESSARY EQUIPMENT?_______________________

ADDRESS____________________________________ __________________________________________ PHONE #____________________________________ SERVICE DATE/TIME _____________________________

ROOM SETUP?________________________________ CHINA/FLATWARE?_____________________________ CAKE CUTTING?________________________________


SERVERS (HOW MANY)?__________________________

RECEPTION LOCATION____________________________

SETUP & CLEANUP?_____________________________


TAXES & GRATUITY? _____________________________


OTHER?_____________________________________ __________________________________________


PER PERSON __________________________

X # OF GUESTS __________________________

__________________________________________ __________________________________________

+ (ANY ADD'L COST) __________________________

= FINAL COST $__________________________

MENU __________________________________________

LIQUOR/BEVERAGES SUPPLIER___________________________________ ADDRESS____________________________________


PHONE #____________________________________




PICKUP OR DELIVER?____________________________

__________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________

ICE________________________________________ OPEN BAR FROM ________________ TO_____________


CASH BAR FROM _______________TO______________


CHAMPAGNE FOR TOAST__________________________


WINE(S) FOR DINNER____________________________

__________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________


PUNCH _____________________________________ SOFT DRINKS_________________________________ NON-ALCOHOLIC WINE/BEER/CHAMPAGNE______________

QUESTIONS TO ASK THE CATERER – Are you a full-time caterer?

– Do you have a special menu for children?

– How much experience have you had with weddings?

– Is food provided for the photographer, videographer, band or DJ?

– Have you handled events of my type and size? – Do you specialize in a particular food or service style? – How far in advance do we need to book? – Can you arrange a tasting of the dishes we’re interested in serving?

– What type of food items do you recommend for my budget and the number of guests? – If we choose a buffet style, is the service charge included or is it extra? – Can you accommodate special dietary requirements?

– Will you provide wait staff?

– Do you provide alcohol and other beverages?

– What is the staff-to-guest ratio?

– If so, do you have a flexible wine list?

– Can you provide a list of references? – What kind of kitchen facilities will you require?

– If you don’t provide beverages, when should we get them to you? Is there a corkage fee?

– Do you work with fresh or frozen food?

– Do you have the correct glassware for the beverages being served?

– How many menu selections do you have?

– How much time is needed to set up?

– What are the cost differences per person?

– What deposit is required?

– Are china, glassware and utensils included or are they – Is there an overtime charge? What about breakages? – When is the final payment due? an extra cost and how much?

The Perfect Dessert Perfect Day for your

Each cheesecake is made from the heart and we don’t skimp. We use only Philadelphia Cream Cheese™ and fresh ingredients to achieve the greatest taste possible.


Creamy Creations

You’ll love our amazing cheesecakes!

CHEESECAKES & MORE 866-668-3029 18633 Cty Hwy 14 • Callaway, MN 56521

Ask us about our cakes, cookies, pies, bars, muffins and breads. Let us do the baking for you and make every occasion special. 001675364r1


Wedding Expenses

BRIDAL CONSULTANT RINGS Engagement Ring Her Wedding Band His Wedding Band

Estimate Deposit Paid Balance Paid

WEDDING ATTIRE Bride's Dress Headpiece Shoes Hair/Make-up/Manicure Groom's Tux/Suit Shoes Hair Stylist Bride's Attendants Groom's Attendants PRINTING Invitations Reply Cards Postage Programs Announcements Thank-You Notes Napkins CEREMONY Marriage License Location Fee Officiant Rentals Other RECEPTION Location Fee Food/Caterer Beverages Cake Servers Rentals Other

FLOWERS Ceremony Bride's Bouquet Attendant's Bouquet Flower Girl Boutonniere's Corsages Reception Site

Estimate Deposit

Paid Balance Paid

MUSIC Ceremony Reception PHOTOS Engagement Wedding Photographer Videographer Other TRANSPORTATION Limo Out-Of-Town-Guests GIFTS Attendants Groomsmen Favors Other PARTIES Engagement Rehearsal Dinner HONEYMOON Transportation Accommodations Expenses MISCELLANEOUS Expenses

NOTES: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 16 | YOUR PERFECT WEDDING 2020

Wedding Guest List NAME _____________________ ADDRESS____________________ __________________________ INVITATION SENT  GIFT ______________________ THANK YOU SENT 

NAME _____________________ ADDRESS____________________ __________________________ INVITATION SENT  GIFT ______________________ THANK YOU SENT 

NAME _____________________ ADDRESS____________________ __________________________ INVITATION SENT  GIFT ______________________ THANK YOU SENT 

NAME _____________________ ADDRESS____________________ __________________________ INVITATION SENT  GIFT ______________________ THANK YOU SENT 

NAME _____________________ ADDRESS____________________ __________________________ INVITATION SENT  GIFT ______________________ THANK YOU SENT 

NAME _____________________ ADDRESS____________________ __________________________ INVITATION SENT  GIFT ______________________ THANK YOU SENT 

NAME _____________________ ADDRESS____________________ __________________________ INVITATION SENT  GIFT ______________________ THANK YOU SENT 

NAME _____________________ ADDRESS____________________ __________________________ INVITATION SENT  GIFT ______________________ THANK YOU SENT 

NAME _____________________ ADDRESS____________________ __________________________ INVITATION SENT  GIFT ______________________ THANK YOU SENT 

NAME _____________________ ADDRESS____________________ __________________________ INVITATION SENT  GIFT ______________________ THANK YOU SENT 

NAME _____________________ ADDRESS____________________ __________________________ INVITATION SENT  GIFT ______________________ THANK YOU SENT 

NAME _____________________ ADDRESS____________________ __________________________ INVITATION SENT  GIFT ______________________ THANK YOU SENT 

NAME _____________________ ADDRESS____________________ __________________________ INVITATION SENT  GIFT ______________________ THANK YOU SENT 

NAME _____________________ ADDRESS____________________ __________________________ INVITATION SENT  GIFT ______________________ THANK YOU SENT 

NAME _____________________ ADDRESS____________________ __________________________ INVITATION SENT  GIFT ______________________ THANK YOU SENT  YOUR PERFECT WEDDING 2020 | 17





PHONE NUMBER________________________________


DATES FOR REVIEW ______________________________ CONTACT ____________________________________ DATES & TIMES FORMAL PORTRAIT_______________________________

����������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� �����������������������������������������





NUMBER OF PHOTOS _____________________________

FORMAL CEREMONY BEFORE______________________________________ AFTER_______________________________________

����������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������� �����������������������������������������



RECEIVING LINE________________________________




DANCE ______________________________________ PACKAGE PRICES/DESCRIPTIONS _____________________ WILL WE RECEIVE ALL PHOTOS?______________________

����������������������������������������� �����������������������������������������






QUESTIONS TO ASK THE PHOTO/ VIDEOGRAPHER – Will you personally be taking the photographs/ video at our wedding?

– Do you have a list of different locations that may be suitable for our wedding photos/video?

– How many years of experience have you had? How many weddings have you done?

– How do you charge: A flat fee or by the hour? Will you stay longer if required? If so, what are the rates for overtime?

– Have you had any formal training? – Can we see your portfolio? – How far in advance should we book? – Do you have another job on the day of our wedding? – What are your criteria for choosing what you will photograph/video at a wedding? – Are we able to give you a list of the photographs we would like?

– Do you have back-up equipment if something goes wrong? – Will there also be an assistant? – Are there any other costs (travel, etc.)? – Do you have package deals? If so, what is included? (albums, CDs) – What is your payment and cancellation policy? – Do you offer any type of guarantee?

– Are you available before and after the ceremony, at my home and at the reception?

– On average, how long does it take for the proofs of the pictures to be ready?

– Have you previously worked at our ceremony and reception site?

– Once we have ordered the photos, how long will it take before we receive them?

For an Elegant Event e h t e s Frazee Event Center o cho

Spacious & Affordable Frazee, MN

218-334-3423 001818662r1


The Meadows on Lind 11463 US Highway 59 Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

Call Erlene - 701.361.8319

Minnesota’s Premier Outdoor Wedding Destination - Where Mother Nature is your backdrop -

Outdoor Weddings & Receptions We’ve created a beautiful setting to host a spectacular day for your wedding. Being outdoors gives a sense of relaxation, freedom, and visual incitement that four walls just can’t achieve indoors. Disclosing your vows and saying “I do” with a slight breeze in the air and the sun setting behind the trees is romantic and unforgettable. Smells of the lake, woods and hearing nature’s voices calling out to you can’t be found anywhere else but here at . . .The Meadows on Lind


f be


Invites • Cakes • Parties PRINTER/STATIONERY__________________________



ADDRESS _________________________________

PHONE ___________________________________


ADDRESS _________________________________


ORDER DATE_______________________________ READY DATE _______________________________ NO. OF CEREMONY GUESTS______________________ NO. OF RECEPTION GUESTS ______________________

WEDDING CAKE NUMBER OF SERVINGS/PERSON___________________ DESCRIPTION_______________________________ CAKE TOP OR FOUNTAIN________________________


MINTS ___________________________________




NUMBER OF PIECES___________________________

LOCATION/ADDRESS __________________________


RSVP CARDS & ENVELOPES INFORMATION RESPOND BY_______________________________

PACKAGING ________________________________ MISCELLANEOUS_____________________________

RECEPTION CARDS____________________________




THANK YOU NOTECARDS________________________




EMBOSSED NAPKINS__________________________



LOCATION/ADDRESS __________________________

GUEST/GIFT RECORD BOOK______________________




CEREMONY PROGRAMS_________________________


NOTES: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 22 | YOUR PERFECT WEDDING 2020

WEDDING CAKE QUESTIONS – Do you work with fondant or buttercream? – Can you make sugar flowers? If I choose fresh blooms, will your work with my florist? – How far in advance will my wedding cake be prepared? – Who will make my wedding cake? – How are your wedding cakes priced? – Does the wedding cake price include the top tier? – Do you provide cake stands? – What’s the delivery process? – Is the baker licensed by the state?

Barn the

Xsperience Photography

Barn the

Great Two location with Two Great Wedding VenuesMention this One with One Great location ad and receive a complimentary The Barn or OurWedding Traditional VenuesHotel Ballroom! withVenuesTwo Great Wedding Venueslocation with Two Great Mention this One GreatGreat Wedding gift with your booking. ad and receive a Please contact us with any questions or to schedule a tour. OurTraditional Traditional complimentary Our Traditional Hotel Ballroom! Ballroom! The The BarnBarn or or Our Hotel gift with your Hotel booking. Please contact us with contact usBallroom! with any any questions questions orortotoschedule scheduleaatour. tour. 320.763.6577

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Formal Attire BRIDE BRIDAL SHOP___________________________________________

MAID OF HONOR PHONE #____________ SIZE______ FITTING______ PICKUP_____

CONSULTANT___________________________________________ FITTING DATE___________________________________________ ADDRESS_____________________________________________ PHONE #______________________________________________ PICK-UP DATE__________________________________________ DRESS DESCRIPTION______________________________________ HEADPIECE____________________________________________ ACCESSORIES/UNDERGARMENTS ______________________________ SHOES_______________________________________________ BRIDE’S ATTENDANTS BRIDAL SHOP___________________________________________ CONSULTANT___________________________________________ FITTING DATE___________________________________________

BRIDESMAID___________________________________________ PHONE #___________ SIZE _______ FITTING ______ PICKUP______ BRIDESMAID___________________________________________ PHONE #___________ SIZE _______ FITTING ______ PICKUP______ BRIDESMAID___________________________________________ PHONE #___________ SIZE _______ FITTING ______ PICKUP______ BRIDESMAID___________________________________________ PHONE #___________ SIZE _______ FITTING ______ PICKUP______ BRIDESMAID___________________________________________ PHONE #___________ SIZE _______ FITTING ______ PICKUP______ BRIDESMAID___________________________________________ PHONE #___________ SIZE _______ FITTING ______ PICKUP______ BRIDESMAID___________________________________________ PHONE #___________ SIZE _______ FITTING ______ PICKUP______ BRIDESMAID___________________________________________ PHONE #___________ SIZE _______ FITTING ______ PICKUP______

ADDRESS_____________________________________________ PHONE #______________________________________________ PICK-UP DATE__________________________________________ DRESS DESCRIPTION______________________________________ HEADPIECE____________________________________________ ACCESSORIES/UNDERGARMENTS ______________________________ SHOES_______________________________________________ NOTES_______________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________


BRIDE’S MOTHER STORE/CONSULTANT______________________________________ ADDRESS/PHONE #_______________________________________ DESCRIPTION___________________________________________ FITTING_______________________________________________ PICK-UP______________________________________________ GROOM’S MOTHER STORE/CONSULTANT______________________________________ ADDRESS/PHONE #_______________________________________ DESCRIPTION___________________________________________ FITTING_______________________________________________ PICK-UP____________________________________________

Formal Attire FITTING DEADLINE_____________________________________ BRIDAL SHOP________________________________________

GROOMSMEN_____________________________________ SIZES: COAT________ TROUSER_ ____ SHIRT_____ SHOES ___

CONSULTANT________________________________________ FITTING DATE________________________________________ ADDRESS__________________________________________ PHONE #___________________________________________ PICK-UP DATE_______________________________________ PACKAGE INCLUDES:___________________________________ GROOM STYLE/COLOR________________________________________ SIZES: COAT________ TROUSER_ ____ SHIRT_____ SHOES ___

GROOMSMEN_____________________________________ SIZES: COAT________ TROUSER_ ____ SHIRT_______SHOES ___ GROOMSMEN_____________________________________ SIZES: COAT________ TROUSER_ ____ SHIRT_____ SHOES ___ GROOMSMEN_____________________________________ SIZES: COAT________ TROUSER_ ____ SHIRT_____ SHOES ___

GROOMSMEN TUXEDO RENTAL______________________________________

GROOMSMEN_____________________________________ SIZES: COAT________ TROUSER_ ____ SHIRT_______SHOES ___


FITTING DATE________________________________________ ADDRESS__________________________________________ PHONE #___________________________________________ PICK-UP DATE_______________________________________ DRESS DESCRIPTION___________________________________ HEADPIECE_________________________________________ ACCESSORIES/UNDERGARMENTS ___________________________

GROOMSMEN_____________________________________ SIZES: COAT________ TROUSER_ ____ SHIRT_______SHOES ___ USHER_________________________________________ SIZES: COAT________ TROUSER_ ____ SHIRT_____ SHOES ___ USHER_________________________________________ SIZES: COAT________ TROUSER_ ____ SHIRT_____ SHOES ___

SHOES____________________________________________ NOTES____________________________________________ ________________________________________________

RINGBEARER_____________________________________ SIZES: COAT________ TROUSER_ ____ SHIRT_____ SHOES ___

________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

FATHER OF THE GROOM______________________________ SIZES: COAT________ TROUSER_ ____ SHIRT_____ SHOES ___ FATHER OF THE BRIDE_______________________________ SIZES: COAT________ TROUSER_ ____ SHIRT_____ SHOES ___ YOUR PERFECT WEDDING 2020 | 25

Flowers FLORIST ______________________________________________



DELIVERY DATE/TIME______________________________________



PHONE #______________________________________________ SILK FLORIST___________________________________________ CONTACT_____________________________________________ ADDRESS_____________________________________________ PHONE #______________________________________________



ALTAR FLOWERS ________ _______ _________ AISLE & PEW DECORATIONS ________ _______ _________ OTHERS ________ _______ _________ RECEPTION FLOWERS DELIVERY DATE/TIME______________________________________

WEDDING PARTY FLOWERS DELIVERY DATE/TIME______________________________________





HEAD TABLE ________ _______ _________ BRIDES BOUQUET



GUEST TABLES ________ _______ _________ CAKE TABLE ________ _______ _________

FLORAL HEADPIECE ________ _______ _________

BUFFET TABLE ________ _______ _________

THROW BOUQUET ________ _______ _________

OTHERS ________ _______ _________

MAID OF HONOR BOUQUET ________ _______ BRIDESMAID’S BOUQUETS ________ _______ _________ FLOWER GIRL ________ _______ _________ FLORAL HEADPIECES ________ _______ _________ GROOM’S BOUTONNIERE ________ _______ _________ MEN’S BOUTONNIERES ________ _______ _________ ________ _______ _________ OTHERS NOTES_______________________________________________ ___________________________________________________

REHEARSAL DINNER FLOWERS DELIVERY DATE/TIME______________________________________ WHERE:______________________________________________ FRESH SILK


CENTERPIECES ________ _______ _________ GUEST TABLES ________ _______ _________
















QUESTIONS TO ASK THE FLORIST – Will you personally be the florist for our wedding? – Do you have a portfolio of your work? – How far in advance do we need to make a booking? – Are you familiar with the ceremony and reception venues? – What kind of experience and formal training do you have? – What type of design do you specialize in? – Approximately how many weddings do you do per year? – When are the deposit and balance due? – How do you price your flowers and what is the cost of delivery and set-up? – Are there any additional charges (travel, etc.)? – What flowers are in season and are they a less expensive option? – What kind of containers and rental items do you offer (vases, plants, candelabras, etc.)?

Popcorn Maker

R&R Rental Inc.







ecause fashion preferences were once ornate and dependent on precise fits, ready-to-wear clothing really did not become widely available until the early 20th century. Such attire is now available in just about any retail store. Because ready-to-wear clothing is so readily available, the average person may be unfamiliar with custom-made or tailored items. In fact, a couples’ wedding may be the only instance in their lives when they require the services of a seamstress or tailor. Fittings are a part of wedding planning, and here’s how brides-to-be can navigate the process of finding and being fitted for a dress.  Try on sample gowns. The first step is to make your rounds to various gown shops and try on the samples they have available. Most sample sizes will not be the size you wear every day, so expect them to be ill-fitting. Do not be discouraged. Once a gown is chosen,

the dress shop will take your measurements and order the gown according to the manufacturer’s sizing guide. Again, this can be shocking, since the size will likely be larger than what you wear in street clothes. Some shops will also order a little larger to allow for adequate tailoring.  Schedule the first fitting. The first fitting should be anywhere from eight to 12 weeks before the wedding date, according to experts at WeddingWire, an online wedding information provider. This is the time it takes to complete most standard alterations. Complex customizations can take even longer. Brides should also budget a minimum of $500 for alterations, which may or may not be included in the price of the dress.  Bring shoes and undergarments. Remember to bring along the exact shoes and undergarments you will wear with your

gown. A change in shoes or bra/corset can result in the alterations fitting poorly the next time. Bring these items along to all subsequent fittings.  Speak up. Martha Stewart Weddings suggests speaking up at fittings if anything is uncomfortable or needs tweaking. Seamstresses are masters at their crafts, but only if they understand the desires of the bride.  Check the details. The second fitting is designed to check that all issues from the first fitting have been addressed, the gown is comfortable and you can move freely. At the last fitting, ask the maid of honor to come along so that she understands how to bustle or help you handle complicated straps or closures. Open communication with a seamstress and bridal shop can ensure brides-to-be get a dress that fits like a glove.

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Located in Itasca State Park, Coborn’s Lake Itasca Tours offers a unique atmosphere with a beautiful setting for your special occasion on board the

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“Chester Charles II”

Wedding ~ Reception ~ Groom’s Dinner Engagement Celebration Private Charters available for all Occasions & Celebrations Wedding ceremony performed by State Captain & licensed minister or your own officiant 1 HOUR $700.00 • 1 3/4 HOURS $950.00


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ouples spend thousands of dollars on their wedding ceremony and celebrations. The cost of a wedding varies depending on geographic location, but according to the business and financial resource Business Insider and The Knot 2017 Real Weddings Study, the average wedding in the United States costs $31,391. Insurance policies can help couples protect their wedding investment. Special event insurance provides coverage for various scenarios, including extreme weather, damaged gifts, lost jewelry, vendor cancellations or no-shows, venues closing before the wedding, and canceled weddings, according to Travelers Insurance. Insurance also may cover other unforseen scenarios, such as unexpected expenses from injuries during the wedding or spoiled food. Policies will pay directly for any damage or injuries that occur, or reimburse the

Wedding insurance policies put protections in place that can reimburse couples should weather or other issues interfere with their wedding day bliss.

couple if the wedding is postponed or canceled. If weddings occur at home, some people’s home insurance or umbrella policies may cover certain wedding liabilities. Most wedding venues carry their own liability insurance, so couples may not have to overlap there. However, for those who desire extra protection for vendor mishaps, it is wise to speak with an insurance professional about special wedding coverage. Prices for wedding insurance policies can start at around $100 to $200 for minimum coverage and reach $1,000 for more expensive ceremonies, according to the financial advisement website NerdWallet. Speak with an insurance agent and

read policies carefully before purchasing one. Non-covered issues typically include theft or loss of an engagement ring; rainy days that do not classify as extreme weather; switching vendors after a deposit is made; and risky entertainment, such as fireworks or live animals. Protecting wedding expenditures with insurance policies can provide couples with added peace of mind on their big days.


WEDDING DAY EMERGENCY KIT - Mini sewing kit: Make sure it includes scissors, needles, thread, buttons, and safety pins. - Tweezers: From stray hairs to splinters, you never know when you’ll need one. - Baby powder: A little baby powder will help everyone stay fresh. It keeps beaded bodices from chafing.

hungry feeling on such an important day. - Straws: So the ladies can stay hydrated without messing up their lipstick. - Super Glue: For fixing shoes, nails, jewelry, head pieces and more. - Stain remover pen: For spills and would-be stains.

- Extra undergarments: In case the baby powder fails.

- White chalk: If something gets on the wedding dress that simply won’t come out, you can usually mask the stain with chalk.

- Q-tips and makeup remover: Eyeliner mistakes happen.

- Lighter: For sealing the edge of frayed ribbons.

- Blotting papers: For absorbing shine and oil.

- White duct tape: Grab a roll of the white tape to fix just about anything.

- Nail polish (one clear top coat; one in the shade you’re wearing) and a nail file: Polish chips and stocking runs don’t stand a chance. - Tissues: For tears, both happy and sad. - Mini first aid kit: Include Band-Aids, burn relief, liquid bandages, and antiseptic. - Medicine (pain reliever, allergy medicine, antacid): For headaches, allergies and indigestion. - Sunscreen: Even if the wedding is indoors, the wedding party will be outside for photos. - Deodorant: Someone probably forgot to use it. - Razor: Again, someone may have forgotten. - Granola bars or other easy-to-carry snacks: Nobody wants that 30 | YOUR PERFECT WEDDING 2020

- Lint roller: Especially helpful for the groom and groomsmen’s suits. - Cash: Include some change in case a necessary purchase arises. - Dental floss/toothpicks: You might need it after snacks. - Eye drops: Don’t let red eyes or irritating contacts cause problems. - Extension cord and phone charger(s): Be prepared to make that emergency call or snap a quick photo. - Lotion: It helps tame dry skin patches and flyaway hair. - Toothbrush and toothpaste: Fresh breath is never a bad idea. - Extra earring backs: In case of a loss, you’ll still be able to wear those earrings. - Hair elastics and bobby pins: Hairspray and a comb/brush are also good ideas.



ummer, the promise of warm temperatures. Weather is one reason why summer is such a popular season to tie the knot. But just because sunny skies and rising mercury are par for the course, that does not mean Mother Nature won’t invite herself to the festivities — and attempt to upstage happy couples in the process. Some feel it’s good luck for couples to get rain on their wedding days, but many couples would trade in a little of that luck for clear skies. However, weather can be fickle, and couples who build contingency plans into their wedding festivities are much more likely to overcome inclement weather than couples without such plans. Have solutions for sun and heat. Couples don’t want their wedding guests or bridal party members passing out due to heat exhaustion. Make sure to offer shade if the ceremony or reception is outside. Stock the

Staples, MN

area with cold bottles of water or a chilled lemonade stand. Have fans and umbrellas available just in case guests need a way to protect themselves from the sun. Strong storms. Over the course of hot and humid days, storm clouds can develop and roll in. Afternoon thunderstorms are quite common on summer days. Accommodate for sudden downpours by hosting early luncheon receptions or ensure there is a plan B that includes a covered area. Couples can stash spare shoes or even rain slickers in a car to keep their wedding attire protected against rain as they dash between venues or take photos. Embrace the rain. Vivid skies with lightning or overcast days can make for unique and striking wedding photography. Couples needn’t look at the downside of rain, but rather they should see the opportunities for one-of-a-kind memories. Keep a generator on standby. Storms

may knock out power. Some reception halls or banquet facilities may have their own backup power, but be sure to address how power outages are handled. If need be, bring in a portable generator to keep the reception room cooled by fans. Plan for wind. Coastal outdoor weddings present beautiful backdrops for weddings. But being near the shore may mean accepting windy conditions. Tie down tents and use weights to keep wedding programs or other papers from catching a current. The bride and her wedding party should opt for free-flowing tresses so they needn’t worry about intricate updos coming undone. Maintain a sense of humor. It’s impossible to predict wedding day weather, but staying calm, going with the flow and laughing at things they can’t control can help couples make memories that last a lifetime.

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TOP WEDDING SONGS THAT WILL GET YOUR GUESTS ON THE DANCE FLOOR Your Premier Choice for Wedding Dresses, Tuxedos, and Everything in Between

“Marry You” by Bruno Mars “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith “My Girl” by The Temptations “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz “You’re the One that I Want” from Grease “One Kiss” by Dua Lipa “Marry Me” by Train “Havana” by Camila Cabello “You and Me” by Dave Mathews Band “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” by Whitney Houston “Best Day of my Life” by American Author “Shallow” from A Star is Born “Could It Be I’m Falling in Love” by The Spinners “Bennie and the Jets” by Elton John “You Make My Dreams” by Hall and Oates “Still Falling For You” by Ellie Goulding “Love Me Now” by John Legend


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“Come on Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers “Drew Barrymore” by Bryce Vin “Body Moves” by DNCE “The Cure” by Lady Gaga “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran “Dancing in the Moonlight” by Toplander “CAN’T STOP THE FEELING!” by Justin Timberlake “Wake Me Up” by Avici1 “I Feel It Coming” by The Weekend (feat. Daft Punk) “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars “Stay” by Zedd & Aleissa Cara “Endless Love” by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie

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fter the big question is popped and loving partners decide to spend their lives together as a married couple, a whirlwind of activity will ensue. Although wedding planning is exciting, some couples may feel overwhelmed with all the decisions that need to be made before they can tie the knot. In this state of increased pressure, stress may build and health could falter. According to a Cornell University study, more than 70 percent of brides-to-be have weight loss on the brain, but shedding pounds shouldn’t be the only health factor to consider. Here are some easy ways to stay mentally and physically fit in advance of a happy wedding day.  Get daily exercise. Exercise is important for maintaining a healthy body weight and keeping stress levels in check. Exercise also can boost mood. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends getting at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity each week. Strength training exercises

performed at least twice a week complete a well-balanced exercise regimen.  Slow down and relax. Those who go full-throttle with all of their responsibilities — including wedding planning — may burn out. Stress can weaken the immune system and make people vulnerable to illness. Schedule some time for date nights with your fiancé, and don’t overlook the benefits of hanging out with friends and getting away from wedding planning for a bit.  Eat body-boosting foods. The foods we eat can impact everything from energy levels to skin radiance. Foods like berries, sweet potatoes, broccoli, greens, green tea, and dark chocolate all contain antioxidants that boost the immune system, states The Food Network. Avoid drastic diets that can do more harm than good. Simply cutting 500 calories a day can help the average person lose a pound per week if weight loss is a goal. Simple ways to trim calories are to choose skim milk over whole milk and choose low-calorie snacks.

 Cut down on alcohol consumption. Toasting to the future with a glass of wine may become rote in the months leading up to the wedding, but alcohol is a diuretic and a source of liquid calories. Alcoholic beverages dehydrate the body and cause it to hold onto water.

When imbibing, stick to lowcalorie cocktails like a vodka spritzer (60 to 80 calories) instead of a calorie-laden frozen margarita (300 calories). Feeling and looking one’s best starts long before the wedding day. By making health a priority, couples can start their new lives together on healthy footing.

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The word “and” in between two names usually implies that those people are married. Names of unmarried hosts or guests should be stacked. The phrase “request the honor of your presence” is usually reserved for a church or place of worship. You can spell it as either “honor” or “honour.”

The details

Don’t use abbreviations. Traditionally, middle names, street information and state names are spelled out. Registry information is typically included with bridal shower invitations or word of mouth, not invitations.

Reception cards

If the ceremony and reception are held at the same venue, use “Reception to follow” at the bottom of the invitation. If held at a different location, it should be treated as a separate event. Include a card with the event details.

Activities cards

Activities cards outline organized activities, meals, and other events taking place over the course of the days surrounding the wedding.

Information cards

A card detailing any other information that might be pertinent to your wedding can be enclosed with your wedding invitation. Information such as transportation, directions, lodging and suggestions can be provided on this card.

RSVP cards

If you are including RSVP cards, make sure to keep the wording consistent with your wedding invitation. A good rule of thumb for the RSVP date is allowing guests half the time between receiving the invitations and the date of the wedding. So, if you send your invitations eight weeks in advance, set the reply date four weeks from the wedding.

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ecently engaged couples may be excited to get a jump on wedding planning. Bridal shows can be a great way for couples to meet and familiarize themselves with local wedding professionals, all the while introducing themselves to the terminology of wedding planning. Though they’re a great source of information, contacts and samples, bridal shows also can be a bit overwhelming. Learning how to maximize time spent at shows can help couples plan their weddings as efficiently as possible. Start small. If the idea of large crowds is unappealing, attend the more intimate, boutique shows that are often held at local reception halls and restaurants instead of the larger installations at convention centers and hotels. Scout out vendors. Check the bridal show’s website for lists of exhibitors and see if your desired vendors are on the list. But even if

Bridal shows can provide inspiration to couples planning their weddings.

they’re not, keep an open mind and use the show as a chance to compare offerings. If an event map is available, marking off must-visit booths can help save time. Pre-register. Pre-registering for bridal events saves time at check-in, and doing so may make you eligible for discounted tickets. Come prepared. Chances are each vendor is going to ask couples for information so that they can follow up with a phone call or email with more detailed offerings and estimates. Couples attending the show can expediate the process by coming equipped with labels that feature their names, contact information and wedding date. They can then stick the

labels on sign-in sheets or use them like business cards. Dress comfortably. Bridal expos involve a lot of walking and roaming around. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Consider a backpack or hands-free bag so you are not weighed down when collecting the swag and other handouts throughout the day. Ask questions. When face-to-face with vendors, rely on their expertise but don’t hesitate to ask questions concerning themes, colors, recommendations for honeymoon locations, invitation paper suggestions, and much more. Stay for the fashion show. Many shows will offer a runway experience to present the latest gown and tuxedo offerings. This can be an entertaining way for couples to formulate their wedding styles. Wedding shows introduce couples to vendors and set them on the path to making decisions regarding the planning of their weddings.

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QUESTIONS TO ASK THE MUSICIANS – Have you had experience with weddings?

– What equipment do you provide?

– How many have you played at?

– What time will you arrive to set up your equipment?

– Have you received any formal training? – Do you have references?

– How much space do you need?

– Is it possible to see one of your performances or get an audio demo?

– How often do you need a break and for how long?

– How far in advance do we need to make a booking?

– Will you provide music while on a break?

– Do you have the appropriate music and variety for our function?

– Do you provide background music for the meal?

– Can we see a playlist?

– Do you offer lighting effects and a microphone for speeches?

– What size is your music library?

– When is the deposit and final payment due?

– Can we pass on a list of songs we do and don’t want played?

– What are your overtime rates and any additional charges? (travel, etc.)

– Are you capable of acting as emcee? Have you done so before?

– What band, if any, would you say you most resemble in terms of musical style?

Beautiful smiles are forever. Experience the difference a beautiful white smile can make in your life. Call for a complimentary, no-obligation smile analysis. To learn more call (218) 237-7200 or visit our website www.pleasantavenuedentistry.com

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Wedding, Birthday, Family Reunion or Company Party Preferred Venues, but not limited to.... THE VINTAGE GARDEN THE BARN AT GREEN PAVILION OF Barnsville MN GARDEN FARM DETROIT LAKES 218-329-8108 www.vintagegardenvenue.com

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At Holiday Holiday InnInn- Lakefront, Lakefront, At

Every Season Season is is Wedding Wedding Season Season Every Holiday Inn Inn -- Lakefront Lakefront Holiday offers a picturesque offers a picturesque

location and impeccable location and impeccable service that, when service that, when combined, result in treasured combined, result in treasured memories for you and your memories for you and your guest on one of your most guest on one of your most memorable days together. memorable days together. Holiday Inn- Lakefront offers Holiday Inn- Lakefront offers endless possibilities during all endless possibilities during all seasons of the year. Summer, seasons of the year. Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring! Fall, Winter and Spring! Contact us today to begin Contact us today to begin your dream wedding plans. your dream wedding plans.

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