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February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide Northland

Real Estate The Northland Real Estate Guide is published monthly by Detroit Lakes Newspapers. For advertising information contact: Detroit Lakes Newspapers Mary Brenk 218.847.3151

Index of Advertisers ABC Realty. . . . . . . . . . . . . 30-31

Edina Realty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29

Accel Realty/Pat Doele. . . . . . . 27

ERA Northland Realty. . . . . 10-12

Action Realty . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25

First Security Bank. . . . . . . . . . 28

All American Title Company. . 23

Frank Hanson Home Inspection. . . . . . . . . . 28

Answers for Every Need . . . . . 22 Jack Chivers Realty, LLC.. . . . . 3-9 Coldwell Banker at the Lakes . . . . . . . . . . . 14-17

Lake Country Association Of Realtors . . . . . 2 Midwest Bank. . . . . . . . . . . . . 23

Consolidated Abstract Company . . . . . . . . 17

MMCDC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24

Counselor Realty. . . . . . . . . 18-20

State Bank & Trust . . . . . . . . . 32

Seifert’s Realty & Auction Co.. 24

Dakota Properties. . . . . . . . . . 27



Publisher’s notice: All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation, or discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, family status, or national origin”

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February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

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1110 Hwy 59 S • Detroit Lakes





The Lakes Area Real Estate Experts

Jack Chivers, Broker/Owner 218-841-7624

Carol Winskowski ABR, ASP™, CRS, GRI 218-849-5996

Jim Brouse ABR, GRI 218-849-5556

Maureen Engel Broker/Agent 218-841-0958

Lynette Conmy Broker/Agent 218-850-0700

Matt Brenk Agent 218-234-7040

Bruce Zeller Agent 218-849-7778

Mari Kvam Agent 701-200-6754

Lisa Jasken Marketing Coordinator

~ Lake Property ~ Check out our website for a complete inventory of our exclusive listings!

LAKE LIDA. 100 front feet. 1736 sq ft 3 bdrm 3 bath. $375,000. #20-2487.

BIG DETROIT LAKE. 100 front feet. 800 sq ft 1 bdrm 1 bath. $459,000. #20-2485.

LONG LAKE. 85 front feet. 2688 sq ft 4 bdrm 3 bath. $349,000. #20-2479.

HEIGHT OF LAND LAKE. 196 front feet. 1979 sq ft 4 bdr m 2 bath. $449,000. #20-2478.

LAKE IDA. 169 front feet. 4108 sq ft 6 bdrm 3 bath. $549,000. #20-2473.

COTTON LAKE. 75 front feet. 720 sq ft 3 bdrm 1 bath. $164,900. #20-2467.

LAKE MANY POINT. 60 front feet. 2656 sq ft 3 bdrm 2 bath and 3 cabins. $498,000. #20-2456.

LAKE LIDA. 70 front feet. 1456 sq ft 3 bdrm 2 bath. $179,000. #20-2454

LAKE LIZZIE. 150 front feet. 3348 sq ft 3 bdrm 3 bath. $399,900. #20-2448.

LITTLE CORMORANT LAKE. 50 front feet. 2084 sq ft 3 bdr m 3 bath. $339,000. #20-2443.

LITTLE DETROIT LAKE. City beach. 1800 sq ft 2 bdrm 2 bath condo. $350,000. #20-2442.

WEST MCDONALD LAKE. 150 Front feet. 1620 sq. ft. 3 bdrm 2 bath. $395,000. #20-2440.

BIG CORMORANT LAKE. 50 front feet. 1568 sq ft 3 bdr m 1 bath. $334,900. #20-2433.

COTTON LAKE. 155 front feet. 960 sq ft 2 bdrm 2 bath. $329,900. #20-2432.

Little Detroit LAKE. City beach. 2200 sq ft 2 bdrm 2 bath condo. $435,000. #20-2431.

LAKE 610. 400 front feet. 1280 sq ft 2 bdrm 2 bath. $249,000. #20-2424.

lake ida. 60 front feet. 1500 sq ft 3 bdrm 1 bath. $249,999 #20-2420.

big cormorant LAKE. 100 front feet. 1056 sq ft 2 bdr m 1 bath. $489,000. #20-2418.

b i g D e t ro i t L A K E . C o m m o n access. 2 bdrm 2 bath condo. $275,000. #20-2417.

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February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

1110 Hwy 59 S • Detroit Lakes




~ Lake Property ~

LAKE SALLIE. 252 front feet. 6468 sq ft 5 bdr m 4 bath. $2,498,000. #20-2182.

LAKE LIDA. 814 front feet. 5432 sq ft 4 bdrm 4 bath. $1,985,000. #20-2170.

BIG DETROIT LAKE. 125 front feet. 3800 sq ft 4 bdrm 4 bath. $1,595,000. #20-2399.

BIG CORMORANT LAKE. 325 front feet. 5532 sq ft 4 bdr m 5 bath. $1,500,000. #20-2133.

BIG DETROIT LAKE. 220 front feet. 3 lake homes. $985,000. #20-2441. BIG Detroit lake. 105 front feet. 4804 sq ft 4 bdrm 4 bath. $1,290,000. #20-2171.

west leaf LAKE. 175 front feet. 5372 sq ft 4 bdrm 4 bath. $1,185,000. #20-1943.

LAKE MELISSA. 107.68 front feet. 2300 sq ft 3 bdrm 3 bath. $999,999. #20-2457.

BIG CORMORANT LAKE. 150 front feet. 4024 sq ft 3 bdr m 3 bath. $965,000. #20-2143.

BIG CORMORANT LAKE. 150 front feet. 2366 sq ft 3 bdr m 3 bath. $849,000. #20-2474.

BIG CORMORANT LAKE. 200 front feet. 3072 sq ft 3 bdr m 4 bath. $849,000. #20-1980.

LITTLE DETROIT LAKE. 126 front feet. 2060 sq ft 3 bdr m 2 bath. $789,000. #20-2452.

LITTLE DETROIT LAKE. 125 front feet. 2324 sq ft 3 bdr m 3 bath. $774,000. #20-2223.

BIG DETROIT LAKE. 75 front feet. 3305 sq ft 5 bdrm 3 bath. $749,000. #20-2455.

LAKE LIZZIE. 550 front feet. 896 sq ft 2 bdrm 1 bath. $749,000. #20-2395.

BIG PELICAN LAKE. 88 front feet. 2516 sq ft 4 bdrm 2 bath. $749,000. #20-2300.

LAKE melissa. 150 front feet. 1700 sq ft 3 bdrm 2 bath. $749,000. #202423.

EAST SPIRIT LAKE. 850 front feet. 2372 sq ft 4 bdrm 4 bath. $685,000. #20-2316.

BIG PELICAN LAKE. 75 front feet. 2936 sq ft 4 bdrm 3 bath. $629,000. #20-2398.

RUSH LAKE. 120 front feet. 2912 sq ft 3 bdrm 3 bath. $599,900. #20-2404.



February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

1110 Hwy 59 S • Detroit Lakes

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~ Lake Property ~ Little Detroit LAKE. Common access. 3 bdrm 2 bath condo. $275,000. #20-2416.

Little Detroit LAKE. Common access. 3 bdrm 2 bath condo. $275,000. #20-2415.

big pelican LAKE. 50 front feet. 1096 sq ft 5 bdrm 2 bath. $350,000. #20-2412.

LITTLE DETROIT LAKE. 10 front feet. 2610 sq ft 4 bdrm 3 bath. $379,000. #20-2403.

BIG DETROIT LAKE. 118 front feet. 1050 sq ft 3 bdrm 1 bath. $399,000. #20-2380.

BIG DETROIT LAKE. Boat slip. 2 bdrm 2 bath Town Home. $289,000. #202379.

LAKE SALLIE. 66 front feet deeded access. 2690 sq ft 4 bdrm 3 bath. $299,000. #20-2374.

JOHNSON/REEVES LAKE. 240 front feet. 2351 sq ft 3 bdr m 3 bath. $324,995. #20-2293.

LITTLE CORMORANT LAKE. 390 front feet. 2544 sq ft 4 bdrm 3 bath. $389,000. #20-2260.

PICKEREL LAKE. 250 front feet. 2120 sq ft 3 bdrm 2 bath. $498,500. #202256.

BIG DETROIT LAKE. 150 front feet. 2184 sq ft 4 bdrm 2 bath. $289,900. #20-2234.

LAKE EUNICE. 60 front feet. 1040 sq ft 2 bdrm 1 bath. $279,000. #20-2225.

LAKE SEVEN. 90 front feet. 1568 sq ft 3 bdrm 2 bath. $444,900. #20-2217.

BIG DETROIT LAKE. Boat slip. 3936 sq ft 4 bdrm 3 bath. $499,900. #202195.

LITTLE DETROIT LAKE. Common Access. 1 bdrm 1 bath condo. $86,900. #20-2194.

BIG Detroit lake. 50 front feet, 1911 sq ft 5 bdrm 2 bath. $589,000. #20-2168.

BIG DETROIT LAKE. Marina slip. 1490 sq ft 2 bdrms 2 bath. $229,900. #202135.

BIG DETROIT LAKE. 50 front feet. Duplex. $399,000. #20-2109.

UPPER FLOYD LAKE. 1289 front feet. 5760 sq ft 4 bdrm 4 bath. $549,000. #20-2099.

HEILBERGER LAKE. 313 front feet. 1688 sq ft 3 bdrm 2 bath. $249,000. #20-2080.

BIG CORMORANT LAKE. 100 front feet. 870 sq ft 3 bdrm 1 bath. $399,900. #20-2364.

franklin LAKE. 162 front feet. 4400 sq ft 6 bdrm 4 bath. $450,000. #202414.

Check out our website for a complete inventory of our exclusive listings! leaf LAKE. 115 front feet. 2448 sq ft 4 bdrm 2 bath. $339,000. #20-2411.



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February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide


1110 Hwy 59 S • Detroit Lakes

REALTY ~ Lake Property ~


BIG DETROIT LAKE. 100 front feet. 1824 sq ft 3 bdrm 2 bath. $492,500. #20-2073.

SILVER LAKE. 100 front feet. 2120 sq ft 2+bdrm 2 bath. $174,500. #20-2002.

little floyd lake. 75 front feet. 2288 sq ft 4 bdrm 2 bath. $324,900. #20-1997.

LITTLE DETROIT LAKE. 250 front feet. 2872 sq ft 3 bdrm 3 bath. $549,000. #20-1942.

LONG LAKE. 90 front feet. 2242 sq ft. 4 bdrm 2 bath. $274,900. #20-1938.

BIG DETROIT LAKE. Marina. 4 bdrm 3 bath twin home. $323,000. #20-1839.

DEVILS LAKE. 110 front feet. 2776 sq ft 3 bdrm 3 bath. $399,900. #20-1703.

BIG DETROIT LAKE. 75 front feet, 1072 sq ft 2 bdrm 2 bath. $389,000. #20-1375.

~ Lake Lots ~

LITTLE FLOYD LAKE. Common Interest Community. TROWBRIDGE LAKE. 365 front feet. $99,999. #20-2211 $34,900. #20-2469 SHELL LAKE. 326 front feet. $215,000. #20-2210 LITTLE FLOYD LAKE. Common Interest Community. ELBOW LAKE. 169.98 front feet. $96,400. #20-2197 $85,900. #20-2468 LITTLE FLOYD LAKE. Common Interest Community. SILVER LAKE. 250 front feet. $74,500. #20-2110 $44,900. #20-2465 LAKE MELISSA. 100 front feet. $449,000. #20-2107 LITTLE CORMORANT LAKE. 158 front feet. $99,000. Big Detroit Lake. 125 front feet. $395,000. #20-2071 #20-2458 WHITE EARTH LAKE. 150 front feet. $175,000. #20- FISH LAKE. 300 front feet. $199,000. #20-2021 2436 LITTLE SUGARBUSH LAKE. 900+ front feet. $279,000. BIG CORMORANT LAKE. 980 front feet. Common Inter- #20-2007 est Community. $339,000. #20-2426 FISH / Pelican LAKE. 1375 front feet. $1,649,000. #20UPPER CORMORANT LAKE. 800 front feet. $129,900. 1981 #20-2387 LITTLE PELICAN LAKE. 181 front feet. $349,900. #20BIG DETROIT LAKE. 100 front feet. $479,000. #20-2385 1967 REEVES LAKE. 252.57 front feet. $69,500. #20-2369 BIG PINE LAKE. 162 front feet. $129,000. #20-1940 TOWN LAKE. 340 front feet. $55,000. #20-2360 BAD MEDICINE LAKE. 758 front feet. $774,000. #20BIG CORMORANT LAKE. 150 front feet. $475,000. #20- 1865 2354 LOON LAKE. 226 front feet. $199,000. #20-1781 LOON LAKE. 150 front feet. $119,000. #20-2344 MUSKRAT LAKE.160 front feet. $109,000., #20-1775. BIG CORMORANT LAKE. 100 front feet. $349,900. #20BIG PINE LAKE. 114 front feet. $259,000. #20-1748. 2271 MUNSON LAKE. 100 front feet. $99,000. #20-2218

ABBEY LAKE. 2800+ front feet. $1,500,000. #20-1455.



February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

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1110 Hwy 59 S • Detroit Lakes



~ Rural Property ~ 1.3 acres. 18254 302nd Ave, Detroit Lakes. 3 bdrm 2 bath. $179,000. #20-2480.

3.75 ACRES. 14888 Leisure Dr, Detroit Lakes. 3 bdrm 2 bath. $249,000. #20-2486.

10.61 acres. 804 Highland Dr, Detroit Lakes, 2 bdrm 2 bath. $199,000. #20-2482.

2.48 ACRES. 18117 Cherry Creek Ln, Detroit Lakes. 4 bdrm 2 bath. $179,000. #20-2464.

1.95 ACRES. 22045 Co Hwy 7, Lake Park. 4 bdrm 2 bath. $199,000. #20-2447.

1.7 acres. 30884 Carefree Ln, Frazee. 3 bdrm 2 bath. $219,000. #20-2428.

7 acres. 878 246th St S. Hawley. 4 bdrm 3 bath. $239,000. #20-2413.

141.43 acres incl Vineyard. 10945 280th Ave. Detroit Lakes. 2 bdrm 1 bath. $550,000. #20-2351.

30.91 acres. 30741 Co Hwy 35, Ponsford. 4 bdrm 1 bath. $249,900. #20-2299.

3.3 ACRES. 37593 Co Hwy 3, Pelican Rapids. 2 bdrm 2 bath. $129,900. #20-2205.

20 ACRES. 26940 260th St, Detroit Lakes. 3 bdrm 2 bath. $259,000. #20-2025.

6 ACRES. 25218 Co Hwy 22, Detroit Lakes. 5 bdrm 3 bath. $399,000. #20-1695.

Check out our website for a complete inventory of our exclusive listings! 160 ACRES. 12481 310 St. NE, Newfolden. 3 bdrm 2 bath. $229,000. #20-2477.

~ Rural Lots / Land ~

.97 ACRES. XXX Valley View Rd, Frazee. $16,000. #20-2463

98 ACRES. Co Hwy 3, Fergus Falls. $577,500. #20-2183

4 ACRES. 28005 75th Ave N, Hawley. $29,000. #20-1834

17 ACRES. 0 Sauer Lake Highlands. Detroit Lakes. $325,000. #20-2359

3.52 ACRES. 16075 Gravelle Ln, Detroit Lakes. $38,500. #20-2084

112.25 ACRES. Hwy 113, Waubun. $299,000. #20-1833

1 ACRE. Blk 1 Lot 10 Woodhaven, Vergas. $34,900. #20-2347

3.2 ACRES. 185th St, Audubon. $49,500. #201883

9 ACRES. Co Hwy 32, Rochert. $29,500. #201437

5.49 ACRES. Cormorant Heights Rd, Lot A, Audubon. $27,500. #20-2243

26 ACRES. 75th St, Hawley. $289,000. #201835



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February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

1110 Hwy 59 S • Detroit Lakes




~ City Homes ~

1986 Long Bridge Rd, Detroit Lakes. 3450 sq ft 3 bdrm 3 bath. $246,000. #20-2484.

1814 CELIA ST, Detroit Lakes. 2723 sq ft 5 bdrm 4 bath. $269,000. #20-2466.

326 ROBERTS ST, Detroit Lakes. 2128 sq ft 3 bdrm 2 bath. $137,500. #20-2425.

Check out our website for a complete inventory of our exclusive listings!

1832 Aspen Dr. Detroit Lakes. 3000 sq ft 4 bdrm 3 bath. $339,000. #20-2391.

1824 Aspen Dr, Detroit Lakes. 3542 sq ft 3 bdrm 2 bath. $297,000. #20-2383.

1140 Lake Ave, Detroit Lakes. 2912 sq ft 5 bdrm 2 bath. $199,900. #20-2318.

1323 BAYRIDGE DR, Detroit Lakes. 2812 sq ft 3 bdrm 1 bath. $199,900. #20-2248.

1518 Randolph Rd. Detroit Lakes. 3792 sq ft 4 bdrm 2 bath. $164,500. #20-2224.

210 Manitoba St. Callaway. 48x36 shop & apartment. $84,900. #20-2212.

7004 3RD ST. Lake Park. 2912 sq ft 5+ bdrm 2 bath. $164,000. #20-2117.

1110 PHINNEY AVE. Detroit Lakes. 2982 sq ft 4 bdrm 3 bath. $164,500. #20-2011.

Check out our website for a complete inventory of our exclusive listings! 727 Lake Forest Circle, Detroit Lakes. 1541 sq ft 3 bdrm 2 bath. $229,900. #20-2489.

22 5th Ave SW, Pelican Rapids. 3830 sq ft 5 bdrm 3 bath. $329,000. #20-2231.

~ City Lots/Land ~

1421 MAPLEWOOD LN, Detroit Lakes. .76 acres. $42,000. #20-2475 728 LAKE FOREST CIRCLE, Detroit Lakes. .40 acres. $29,900. #20-2472

885 BALSAM BLVD, Detroit Lakes. .40 acres. $30,000. #20-2450 885 BALSAM BLVD, Detroit Lakes. .29 acres. $20,000. #20-2449 Lake Forest Addition. Detroit Lakes. 8 lots. $119,000. #20-2400

1904 Bridgeview Blvd, Detroit Lakes. 2.4 acres. $200,000. #20-2336 1036 TIMBER DR, Detroit Lakes. .85 acres. $27,500. #20-2287



February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

1110 Hwy 59 S • Detroit Lakes

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~ Commercial Property ~

Commercial Building on hwy 10. 1900 East Shore Dr, Detroit Lakes. $399,000. #20-2488.

SNELLMAN CONVENIENCE STORE. 47075 St Hwy 34, Osage. $199,900. #20-2470.

LAKE CENTER STORE. 14901 Co Hwy 11, Audubon. $199,000. #202444.

Mobile Home Park. 32 units. Audubon. $352,000. #20-2401.

DL Commercial Bldg. 3000 sq ft. $135,000. #20-2388.

BED AND BREAKFAST. East Spirit Lake. 44854 Fredholm Rd, Vergas. $685,000. #20-2317.

ADULT ASSISTED LIVING, Pelican Rapids. 3192 sq ft 5 bdrm 2 bath. $137,500. #20-2181.

LITTLE FLOYD LAKE-MADSEN GROVE RESORT. 350 front feet, 12 cabins. $895,000. #20-2177.

COMMERCIAL BLDG. 601 Frontier Dr, Fergus Falls. $398,000. #20-2154.

STORAGE UNIT(S). 185th St, Audubon. $249,000. #20-2013.

COMMERCIAL BLDG. 512 Washington Ave, Detroit Lakes. $129,000. #201947.

C-STORE/ GAS/ LAUNDROMAT. 32000 Co Rd 143, Ogema. $114,900. #20-1931.

storage unit. 185th St, Audubon. $36,900. #20-1884.

HISTORIC BUILDING. 500 Summit Ave, Detroit Lakes. $149,000. #201095.

FORMER SINCLAIR STATION. 303 & 3 1 5 Fra ze e S t , D e t r o i t L a ke s. $439,000. #20-1024.

43,314 sq ft. 1143 Hwy 10 E, Detroit Lakes. $500,000. #20-1988.



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February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

This Is The Year To

Northland Realty Company

Buy A New Home

Earning Your Trust Since 1972

lake sallie

quality home in private setting with deeded lake sallie access & dock right next door Thoughtfully designed home with the amenities you dream about. The charming walkout rambler has a maintenance free--shake exterior, main floor master and laundry, decked out kitchen, walls of glass, fireplace, sunroom, family room, 6 panel doors, bonus room, workshop, & pole barn for lake toys. Private & wooded. #50-7145 $354,900.

Give us a call for a FREE, no We're Selling obligation analysis to find your home is worth! Properties! out whatmarket



sold little cormorant lake home where the owners attention to detail is everywhere! Cherry cabinetry, 6 panel oak doors, 2 fireplaces, 2 living rooms on main floor for ultimate in entertaining, fabulous lake views, jacuzzi tub, main floor laundry, central air, steel and brick siding and on it goes. This quality built home is nestled on a treed 2.35 acre point with 184 feet of lakeshore. Wow! #50-7141 $525,000.


Quality home with 250 feet of sand beach on pristine pickerel lake This '94 walkout rambler was quality built from the start but has since been updated with new kitchen, granite, stainless steel, flooring, paint, bedroom built-ins and more. Four plus bedrooms, 3 baths, main floor laundry, 2 fireplaces, 2 decks, family room, bonus room, and more. Pickerel is 358 acres, 74' deep with 16' water clarity. #50-7151. $399,900.

sold small at might look - but wait first glancet inside! until you genines, this 4 bedDecorated to the has a totally room, 2 bath home or with the latest remodeled interi ws, hardwood do win w ne s, lor co pliances, glass floors, kitchen aporways and more. block, arched do od close to school, Great neighborho#50-7139 park and beach. $144,900.

Spacious home close to marina & detroit lake access This 4 to 5 bedroom home has wood floors, gas fireplace & master bedroom with new ceramic floors & large whirlpool tub. New flooring, paint & fixtures, vaulted ceilings, steel and brick siding, patio and a 8x12 storage shed with concrete floor. Great landscaping with lighting, gardens, apple trees & auto sprinkler system. Great lake views! #50-7128 $214,900.

tulaby Lake

Pickere lake

Patty LaBarre Cell: 218.841.4854 Office: 847-5638

new ! is l ting


Little t n o C rmora

Excellent buy on cotton lake. Meticulously cared for home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, sunroom, family room, central air, steel siding & fabulous decks. Three plus acre lot with 106' of frontage with zero weeds and sand bottom. Attached garage plus detached that has separate water and heat. End of road privacy, great landscaping and magnificent views of Shelley Island to top it all off! #50-7157 $389,000.

Dave LaBarre Cell: 218.841.3033 Office: 847-5638


Tulaby Lake This beautiful 100' lot is studded with huge white pines. The year round 2 bedroom home has gorgeous views to the lake, all newer kitchen appliances, most furnishings, two single garages all recently remodeled and in excellent condition. #50-7109. Only $219,900.

sold WELL BUILT IN NICE LOCATION Well built city home close to everything. This 2-3 bedroom, 1 bath has spacious rooms, hardwoo home floors, eat in kitchen, built ins, d shingles and central air. The new ment has a bedroom which baseneeds an egress. Detached garage and back yard. #50-7153 $119,90big 0.

se Purcha g in d n Pe It's GRRRREAT! GREAT LOCATION, GREAT CONDITION & GREAT PRICE! Well built 3 bedroom, 1 bath home with brand spanking new flooring, paint, lighting & stainless appliances. Eat in kitchen, dining room with French doors, living room with woood burning fireplace and great deck. Univinished basement ready to rock! Newer furnace, 6-inch well and certified septic. Just 1 block from Big Floyd lake access. #50-7159 $129,900.

se Purcha g in d n Pe

newly updated home across from big floyd lake It's easy to fall in love with this well built 3 bedroom, 3 bath rambler in a terrific neighborhood. Brand spanking new updates including interior paint, flooring, light fixtures, 2 main floor remodeled baths, kitchen appliances, garage door, storm doors and new septic system. Tons of closets and storage, steel siding and gorgeous wooded lot to boot! #50-7167 $159,900.

Decorated to the nines. Move right into this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in a quiet neighborhood close to parks, beach and high school. Maintenance free siding, wood floors, central air, newer boiler and shingles. Add egress in basement for additional bedrooms. Hard not to fall in love with this one! #50-7173 $145,900

new ! listing

Lakeview without the taxes Well maintained 4 bedroom 2 bath home with tons of updates including shingles, furnace, well pump, wood laminate flooring and tile, decking, fence plus newly painted inside and out in a neutral color palette. Main floor family room will be your favorite place in the house! Lots of windows overlooking private, wooded backyard. Lower level rec room leads to patio with hot tub! Close to town. #50-7174 $229,000

February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

Big Detroit

Page 11

Price d reduce


island lake

Huge p million dollar home on a million dollar lake Open the door and you will be wowed every step you take. The views, the walls of windows, master suites, gourmet kitchen, fireplaces, luxurious baths, screened gazebo, decks and more. Four bedrooms, 3 baths plus guest cottage with an upbeat vibe that makes you feel like you are on vacation everyday! Weedless, sand bottom on crystal clear lake seven with 17.5' of water clarity. Back lot also available. Must see inside! #50-7169 $769,000

n Reductio

100 feet of sandy beach on east shore of big detroit Great family room with 3 bedrooms, 4 baths and handicap accessible main floor with lower level walkout. Detached two stall garage with heated shop and additional single detached. The home has a maintenance free exterior with many built-ins, hardwood floors, fireplaces, central air and jacuzzi room. Bonus room for office or hobbies. Super landscaping. Come look! #50-7079 $699,000.

Spacious Family home on 4 acres Just 5 minutes from Detroit Lakes, this spacious walkout rambler is in the beautiful Maple Hills addition. It sits high on a hill with over 4 acres. Newer home with open floor plan, wood floors, sunroom, main floor laundry, sauna, hot tub and extra shop/garage. Basement is finished but left open to add more bedrooms if needed. Frazee/DL choice school district. #50-7116 $274,900.

New g Listin

newly updated home - close to town This spacious split level home has tons of updates including a new 2 story addition with new master bath and jacuzzi tub, oversized double garage, energy star windows, shingles and steel siding. The 4 bedroom, 3 bath home has a gas fireplace and in floor heat in the new addition. Super convenient location and a must see property. PRICED UNDER TAX VALUE! #50-7130. $179,900.

Country home with 10 acres overlooking holbrook lake Two bedroom, one bath home with attached and heated garage. New kitchen, flooring, interior paint and dual heat furnace. This home also has a newer septic, shingles and well. Beautiful acreage with raspberries, fruit trees and 3-hole frisbee course. Just 10 minutes from DL or Pelican. #50-7176 $124,900.


Juggle lake

New g Listin

REMODELED CITY HOME This 4 bedroom, 2 bath home has been totally redone including new kitchen, floor coverings, woodwork, roof, new furnace and more! See it today. #50-7122 $129,900

Rental ! Income

Brenda Hayden Cell: 841.2268 Office: 847-5638

New g Listin

Character home with new heated garage Keep Mama happy with the beautiful details in this older home including wood floors, built-in bookcases, claw foot tub, original woodwork and spacious bedrooms and living room with big windows for lots of natural light. Dad will be thrilled with the newer 24x30 garage that's heated with piping for future in-floor heat. Additional single car garage and shed. #50-7172 $147,900.

r Furtheion Reduct

LAKESHORE, FISHING, HUNTING AND ACREAGE its all here on Island lake, a well thought of wooded lake known for fabulous fishing. The 5 bedroom, 3 bath home is in excellent condition with open floor plan and large rooms for big family or extended family retreat. Walkout basement, central air, deck, triple car garage plus approximately 1600 feet of lakeshore and 19 acres for the ultimate in privacy. #50-7150 $515,000.

Gene Lof Cell: 849.4978 Office: 847-5638

crystal clear water, fish, peace & quiet is all your with this 2 bedroom year around lake home with open floor plan, stone fireplace, sunroom & level 205' beach. Both the 24x32 & 24x24 garages are heated for projects, water toys and possible bonus sleeping space. New windows, shingles, doors in the last 4 years. Juggler lake is 365 acres, 78' deep with 23' water clarity. This is a nice buy! #50-7147 $249,900.

Affordable home in good shape This home has had many updates in the past few years including windows, kitchen, sheetrock, wall and ceiling insulation, electrical, siding, soffitt and shingles. Garage is sheeted and insulated. Stove and microwave included. Property to be sold as-is. #50-7175 $53,000.

detroit lake

Easy living You can live on the main floor with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and rent out the 2 bedroom basement apartment and have your loan covered! Or use this property as a rental. Each floor is rented out for $675 per month. Many upgrades have been added. See it today. #50-7160 $129,900.

Price d reduce

condo on north shore drive of little detroit lake Super 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo with vaulted ceilings, patio, central air and dock just a stone's throw away. The condo has been redone with new windows, flooring and the newest colors. Great location. The condo fee covers lawn care and snow removal. What could be easier? Priced below tax value! #50-7126 $199,000

Northland Realty Company

twin home with bunkhouse Quality Woytassek built 2 bedroom, 3 bath twin home with bunkhouse for extra guests. This home has a gas fireplace, master suite, den, granite counters, ceramic tile, oak panel doors, main floor laundry, full basement and attached garage. Many upgrades throughout with over 2600 square feet of living. Possible third bedroom in lower level. #50-7168 $220,000

901 Washington Avenue • Detroit Lakes, MN • e-mail:

218-847-5638 • 1-800-450-5638 • Fax 218-847-2716



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February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

New Listing Bruce Bergeron Cell: 849.0457 Office: 847-5638

ADORABLE AND AFFORDABLE SO JUST MOVE IN! Two bedroom, 2 bath home with attached single garage that is heated. Sliding patio door to deck, fenced in yard and main floor laundry. New central air, furnace and water heater plus main floor bath have recently been added. Great starter home that's been updated in all the newest colors. #50-7164 $94,900.

Newly Updated HOme Located within walking distance of schools, lake, park, hospital and downtown. Two bedrooms, 1 bath and single car garage. Wood floors, central air and an attic which cold be finished for bonus space. Shingles are just 6 years old. #50-7166 $80,400.

commercial building Currently being leased to Pro Nails Salon. This 2,100 square foot building has bath and storage. Equipment not included - building only. #50-7171 $164,900.

Lake Melissa

HANSEL & GRETEL LIKE WOODLAND HOME Woodsy 2 to 5 bedroom, 2 bath home with stone fireplace, oak floors and built ins galore. Full basement with seperate entrance for possible rental. Two detached garages,new windows, boiler and electrical. This is a stoke up the fire, put on a pot of soup and surround yourself with stacks of books, family & friends kind of home. #50-7165 $142,500

r Furtheion Reduct AFFORDABLE HOME AND SHOP Three bedroom, 2 bath home with open floor plan, Central air, vaulted ceilings and large master bath. All Appliances included. The 30x40 garage is heated, sheeted and insulated with off peak electric heat. Handicap ramp too. #50-7149 $89,900.

Melissa cottage - super sand plus $94,000 under tax value! What's to think about? Cute 2 bedroom Melissa cottage with 60 feet of super sand beach and sunroom with a great view of the lake. Small yard so you can play instead of slave away! New insulation, sheet rock and some new windows. Electric baseboard heat. #50-7133 $239,000.

affordable with lots of updates 2 bedroom, one bath city home with new plumbing, sheetrock, insulation, water heater, and new bath. Vaulted ceilings in living room, cute kitchen and detached garage. Maiintenance free siding too. #50-7148 $76,000.

Price d Reduce

spacious city home Nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Callaway. Detached 16x24 garage. Recently remodeled and painted inside. #50-7121 $73,500.

Price d reduce

3,000 square foot home for you and 30 acres for the horses Everything is like new in this 3-4 bedroom, 3 bath home with full basement and over 3,000 square feet of living space. Insulated and sheeted 24x40 garage, 30x45 pole building plus a 12x24 - 3 sided shed for the horses. The 30 acre parcel is in the popular Cormorant area and has a large pond and fenced pasture. Owners will consider CFD. #50-7138 $229,000.

shiny as a new penny in callaway This home has been totally redone from top to bottom with new insulation, sheetrock, plumbing, electrical, siding, windows, doors, you name it! Main floor laundry, central air, spacious upper level bedroom with bath. There is an additional bedroom in the new Foltz building with in-floor heat. If you're looking for an affordable place to live with no work, this is it! #50-7137 $54,900.

TAMARACK LAKE HOME ON 3 ACRES — NEEDS SOMEONE TO FINISH IT UP! This is really a great opportunity for the handyman to finish. Three bedrooms, 1 bath, porch and new appliances. 348 feet on a natural environment lake with a beautiful 3 acre lot. Many materials are included to finish home. Detached garage. #50-7154 $74,900.

HEAVENLY LAKE SEVEN THAT'S PERFECT IN EVERY WAY! No emergent vegetation here! If lake quality matters to you, this is the lot. Perfect elevation, shoreline and beach. This 153' lot is wooded and would make the ultimate site for your dream home. Lake seven is 254 acres with 17.5' of water clarity. #50-7155 $259,900.

WATER,WOODS & ACREAGE makes this a perfect building spot for the nature lover. This 4.69 acre lot has 215 feet on a natural environmental lake called Smith Lake across the road from pristine Lake 7. It is studded with pines and over 150 valuable Black Walnut trees that can be harvested for income in the future without sacrificing the beauty of the lot. Great building site on hill with lake view. #50-7163 $125,000

Price d Reduce

near pickerel & cotton lakes The tranquil view of the pond out your windows is awesome. This 2 bedroom home features cathedral ceilings, tiled whirlpool tub and tiled shower. Hickory kitchen cabinets, covered patio and open design! 36x40 attached garage with heated floor. State of the art heating and cooling and more! See it today! #50-7040. $219,000.

Commercial Building Plus Apartments Three income generating apartments upstairs. First floor is currently set up for food processing, but could be converted into more apartments. Annex building which could be an additional source of income. #50-7026. $110,000.

901 Washington Avenue • Detroit Lakes, MN • e-mail:

218-847-5638 • 1-800-450-5638 • Fax 218-847-2716



little floyd lake Great lot close to town with 100 feet of shared access to Little Floyd Lake #50-7170 $89,900. 2.5 acre rural lot Just 3 1/2 miles from Detroit Lakes, this 275'x381' lot is priced to sell! #50-7161 $23,900. Willow springs lot contract for deed financing A beautiful place to build your new home. This lot is located in a fun and friendly neighborhood in the country but so close to town for added convenience. The lot measures approximately 111'x212'. #50-7162 $22,000. 4.68 wooded acres on duck lake This lot is on the Price corner of County educed R Hwy 9 and Duck Lake Road and is nicely wooded with oak trees. It is located directly across the road from a 50' lot of public land on Big Pelican Lake. Priced to sell below appraised value. #50-7114 $49,900. Fox Lake Lot Nicely wooded 5 acre lot with 160’ frontage. S ­ eclusion on the lake ­within ­minutes from Detroit Lakes. New road and some clearing of lot has been done. #50-6818 $139,900. wooded lot near Fox lake Just minutes from town and just off a tar road. #50-6912 $34,900 commercial potential with 965' on highway 10 Take a look at the commercial potential of this 16 acre tract with 965 feet of Highway 10 frontage between Detroit Lakes and Audubon. There is an old farmstad on the site with well and septic to be sold as-is. #50-7125 $225,000. Commercial lots Between only K-Mart & WalmarT 3 left! Now platted: Lot 6-100x325 $199,900. Lot 7-100x329 $199,900. Lot 8-121x400 $249,900. Includes water retention for each parcel. #50-6720 elbow lake price reduced This dream of a lot is beautifully wooded with 185 feet of frontage and 1.3 acres. Beautiful view and gentle slope for ideal elevation. Owner will finance. #50-7135 $155,000.

February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

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Why Use a REALTOR®? All real estate licensees are not the same. Only real estate licensees who are members of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® are properly called REALTORS®. They proudly display the REALTOR "®" logo on the business card or other marketing and sales literature. REALTORS® are committed to treat all parties to a transaction honestly. REALTORS® subscribe to a strict code of ethics and are expected to maintain a higher level of knowledge of the process of buying and selling real estate. An independent survey reports that 84% of home buyers would use the same REALTOR® again. Real estate transactions involve one of the biggest financial investments most people experience in their lifetime. Transactions today usually exceed $100,000. If you had a $100,000 income tax problem, would you attempt to deal with it without the help of a CPA? If you had a $100,000 legal question, would you deal with it without the help of an attorney? Considering the small upside cost and the large downside risk, it would be foolish to consider a deal in real estate without the professional assistance of a REALTOR®. But if you're still not convinced of the value of a REALTOR®, here are a dozen more reasons to use one: 1. Your REALTOR® can help you determine your buying power — that is, your financial reserves plus your borrowing capacity. If you give a REALTOR® some basic information about your available savings, income and current debt, he or she can refer you to lenders best qualified to help you. Most lenders — banks and mortgage companies — offer limited choices. 2. Your REALTOR® has many resources to assist you in your home search. Sometimes the property you are seeking is available but not actively advertised in the market, and it will take some investigation by your agent to find all available properties. 3. Your REALTOR® can assist you in the selection process by providing objective information about each property. Agents who are REALTORS® have access to a variety of informational resources. REALTORS® can provide local community information on utilities, zoning. schools, etc. There are two things you'll want to know. First, will the property provide the environment I want for a home or investment? Second, will the property have resale value when I am ready to sell? 4. Your REALTOR® can help you negotiate. There are myriad negotiating factors, including but not limited to price, financing, terms, date of possession and often the inclusion or exclusion of repairs and furnishings or equipment. The purchase agreement should provide a period of time for you to complete appropriate inspections and investigations of the property before you are bound to complete the purchase. Your agent can advise you as to which investigations and inspections are recommended or required. 5. Your REALTOR® provides due diligence during the evaluation of the property. Depending on the area and property, this could include inspections for termites, dry rot, asbestos, faulty structure, roof condition, septic tank and well tests, just to name a few. Your REALTOR® can assist you in finding qualified responsible professionals to do most of these investigations and provide you with written reports. You will also want to see a preliminary report on the title of the property. Title indicates ownership of property and can be mired in confusing status of past owners or rights of access. The title to most properties will have some limitations; for example, easements (access rights) for utilities. Your REALTOR®, title company or attorney can help you resolve issues that might cause problems at a later date. 6. Your REALTOR® can help you in understanding different financing options and in identifying qualified lenders. 7. Your REALTOR® can guide you through the closing process and make sure everything flows together smoothly. 8. When selling your home, your REALTOR® can give you up-to-date information on what is happening in the marketplace and the price, financing, terms and condition of competing properties. These are key factors in getting your property sold at the best price, quickly and with minimum hassle. 9. Your REALTOR® markets your property to other real estate agents and the public. Often, your REALTOR® can recommend repairs or cosmetic work that will significantly enhance the salability of your property. Your REALTOR® markets your property to other real estate agents and the public. In many markets across the country, over 50% of real estate sales are cooperative sales; that is, a real estate agent other than yours brings in the buyer. Your REALTOR® acts as the marketing coordinator, disbursing information about your property to other real estate agents through a Multiple Listing Service or other cooperative marketing networks, open houses for agents, etc. The REALTOR® Code of Ethics requires REALTORS® to utilize these cooperative relationships when they benefit their clients. 10. Your REALTOR® will know when, where and how to advertise your property. There is a misconception that advertising sells real estate. The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® studies show that 82% of real estate sales are the result of agent contacts through previous clients, referrals, friends, family and personal contacts. When a property is marketed with the help of your REALTOR®, you do not have to allow strangers into your home. Your REALTOR® will generally prescreen and accompany qualified prospects through your property. 11. Your REALTOR® can help you objectively evaluate every buyer's proposal without compromising your marketing position. This initial agreement is only the beginning of a process of appraisals, inspections and financing -- a lot of possible pitfalls. Your REALTOR® can help you write a legally binding, win-win agreement that will be more likely to make it through the process. 12. Your REALTOR® can help close the sale of your home. Between the initial sales agreement and closing (or settlement), questions may arise. For example, unexpected repairs are required to obtain financing or a cloud in the title is discovered. The required paperwork alone is overwhelming for most sellers. Your REALTOR® is the best person to objectively help you resolve these issues and move the transaction to closing (or settlement).

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February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

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rural homes ing List w e N

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OPPORTUNITY ing List w e N

2BR hunting cabin near Lt. Sand Lake. Situated on 6 acres, very private. #10-1888. $65,000. Call Tom 218-841-2241.

Very Nice 4BR, 3BA home on 4.56 acres with additional 4.4 acre parcel, 26x40 gar/shop. Must See!! #10-1889. $163,500. Call Tom 218-8412241.

close to melissa public beach & lk access. Like new 3-4BR dblwide on full bsmt. Loaded w/extras, 2+ stall gar., lg. wooded lot. #10-1873. $159,000. Call Shelley 218-841-0298.

Toll Free: 866-457-6900

tidy it is! New-New-New. Oak doors, C/A, 2 decks, fenced yard, updated inside & out. 3BR, 2BA, 2 stall garage. #10-1879. $119,900. Call Kayla "The Red Shoed Realtor" 218-234-9205.

in new condition w/updates. 3BR, 2BA dblwide on rented lot in Twin Haven Est. Set up & ready to move into. #10-1881. $49,000. Call Shelley 218-841-0298.

immaculate home located on the corner of Hwy 34 & Sw hol Dr. Close to hunting & fishing. 24x40 heated shop/gar. for the toys. #10-1883. $189,000. Call Tom 218-841-2241.

3BR 3BA home on 40 ac. vault ceilings and beautiful kit. walkout lower lvl. Mast. suite, large heated shop w/bath. Land is wooded. #10-1840. $300,000. Call Steve 218-841-8533.

dl: 31.98 acres. Newer home with open fl. plan. Gas FP, loft, mst. bth. lwr walk-out. 2nd home 2BR. Att. gar. 30x30 gar, 30x50 pole bld. Fenced area. #10-1826. $260,000. Call De 218-841-8522.

hunting retreat built in 03. Next to 348 ac. of public hunting land. 2BR, 2BA, custom kitchen, floor heat, concrete-siding. Take a look. #10-1850. $149,900. Call Arland 218-849-3086.

1 level home in ex. cond. w/new drainfield, fenced back yard & patio. 3 lg. BR's, w/open kit. & din. area, vaulted ceilings, in-floor heat & att. gar. #10-1852. $149,900. Call Steve 218-841-8533.

10 ac nature lovers dream! 3BR, 2BA, 1 level home w/4 stall att. & heated gar. Nice mast. suite & open floor plan. In floor heat! Great hunting! #10-1792. $179,900. Call Steve 218-8418533.

5 BR, 3 BA, Home on 53 ac. near Lake Park. Several outbuildings! Lg. kit. & din. Dbl. att. gar. Lg. lower level fam. rm. Private setting with lots of trees. #10-1767. $230,000. Call Steve 218-841-8533.

9.75 acre hobby farm w/4BR, 3BA home in exc. cond. Open liv. area & lg. kit., mast. suite. Lg. fam. rm. Decks frt. & back. Huge shop & new storage bld. All fenced. #10-1867. $219,000. Call Steve 218-841-8533.

39.98 wooded acres minutes from DL. Completly remodeled in 2003. 3BR, 2BA, jacuzzi, C/A. deck, 4 stall garage. #10-1869. $269,000. Call Kayla "The Red Shoed Realtor" 218-234-9205.

3BR, 2BA home near Lake Park. Perfect for running a bus. Home in ex. cond. w/newer wind., shing., & sid. 2 insul. shops, perfect for a const. bus. or ? #10-1802. $167,000. Call Steve 218-847-8533.

horse lovers. 31 ac, horse barn-9 stalls-riding arena-fenced pasture. Plus 4BR, 4BA home, mst. suite, lg. kitchen, FP, close to DL. #10-1730. $359,000. Call Carmen 218-849-4819.

New Construction near Floyd Lake. 3 Bed, 2 Bath over 1300 sq. ft. on main level. #10-1760. $230,000. Call Kevin 218-850-9417.

Newer DL Home. 4BR, 4BA on 8.4 acres. Open floor plan, spacious rooms, finished lowerl level, 64x32 4 stall horse barn. Lots of room. #10-1744. $285,000. Call Jim 218-234-6541.

4br 4ba country home w/3 ac, lg mast w/ ba, 3 car gar. 1BR apartment for mother in law. Lg rooms, vaulted ceilings & breakfast room. #101836. $254,900. Call Steve 218-841-8533.

February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

Rural homes

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Toll Free: 866-457-6900

cormorant lakes area Newer 3BR, 2BA on 5.37 ac. F/P, att. gar., solid oak floors, custom cabinets, 56x36 htd. shop w/kitchen & BA. #10-1720. $425,000. Call Shelley 218-841-0298.

unique. Live in the quality 4BR, 3BA w/att. dbl. garage and rent out the 1BR, 1BA w/att. dbl. garage. All on 5 ac. in Cormorant Lakes Area. #10-1480. $229,000. Call Shelley 218-841-0298.

11.78 ac & pond. 4BR. 2 BA. Privacy. 36x48 garage. Nice. #10-1528. $239,900. Call Tom 218-841-2241.

11 ac. 3br 2ba updated hobby farm. 32x40 det. gar., 36x42 barn, pasture, steel siding, new roof, septic, flooring & more. Move right in! #10-1842. $179,900. Call Brian 218-841-5840.

3br 2ba home on 2ac. Newer shingles and all nicely updated. Dbl. att. gar. Newer fl. Lots of windows & lg. deck. Huge fam. area. Lots of trees. #10-1866. $169,000. Call Steve 218-841-8533.

4 BR, 2 BA, Country Home. 2200 sq. feet on two levels. 2 stall insulated garage with shop area all minutes from DL. #10-1761. $159,900. Call Kevin 218-850-9417.

10 ac. farmstead. 3BR, 2BA modular home with full basement. Home to be sold "AS IS" "WHERE IS". No disclosures. #10-1845. $96,000. Call Tom 218-841-2241.

lake homes PRICE REDUCED!

lake melissa. 125' sandy shore. perfectly level. Lg. back lot w/garage. Inc. 2 older mobile homes. Perfect to build on. #10-1871. $525,000. Call Steve 218-841-8533.

little detroit. 5BR contemporary home on Villa Lane. 1/10 ownership of 100 ft. lot w/marina for your boat. Home is priced to sell! #10-1872. $249,000. Call Brian 218-841-5840.

munson lake. Affordable home w/walkout LL. Lakeside deck. Needs TLC. Home sold "As Is". #10-1877. $114,900. Call Tom 218-841-2241.

buffalo lake. 170 ft. w/beautiful beach. 4BR, 3BA, Jacuzzi, sauna, f/p, screened in porch and hot tub. #10-1880. $329,900. Call Kayla "The Red Shoed Realtor" 218-234-9205.

Leaf lake. Very affordable lake living. 2-3BR yr. round. Lg. family w/f/p, deck, vinyl siding & garage. #10-1887. $139,900. Call Shelley 218-841-0298.

long lost lake 195' 4BR, 2BA. Unique chalet style lake home. Open floor plan w/2 gas f'places. In-ground pool. 3 car garage. Peaceful. #10-1727. $309,000. Call Tom 218-841-2241.

long lake 4BR, 2BA home w/6 stall gar. & 125' of nice shoreline. 2 f/p, walkout LL, updated kit w/ hardwood fl., yard is sprinkled. Very nice! #10-1863. $425,000. Call Steve 218-841-8533.


long lake. Opportunity knocks. 3BR, 2BA, dbl. garage, lakeside deck. Priced below market value. #10-1885. $209,900. Call Tom 218-841-2241.


big toad lake 200' sandy shore, level lot, onelevel home w/4BR, 1.5BA. Great swimming & fishing. Many updates. "Up North" decor. #10-1861. $399,000. Call Leslie 218-841-9656.

big floyd 150' 2BR, 1BA, yr. round/updates. You'll love the knotty pine interior, one of a kind. Bunkhouse, garden & more. #10-1853. $398,000. Call De 218-841-8522.

meadow lake Unique charming log home - 300 ft. + 1 ac. 3BR, 3 porches, large kitchen & sunroom. Must see! #10-1804. $479,900. Call Carmen, owner/agent 218-849-4819.

little detroit. Unique home w/150 ft. on north shore. 4BR, 3BA, 2FP & guesthouse. Update & make this your dream home! #10-1756. $700,000. Call De 218-841-8522.

Melissa 100 ft - unique 2BR, 2BA, LR w/FP, sitting rm & DR. Inc: guest cabin w/BR BA sunroom. Both fully furnished! #10-1827. $575,000. Call De 218-841-8522.

pickeral lake 4BR, 4BA. 181' frontage. CA, hot tub room, addn 20x60 gar. Turn key! Incls. furn, dock, lifts, boat, etc. #10-1709. $590,000. Call De 218-841-8522.

little floyd. One level 3BR, 2BA with 100' frontage, open floor plan with FP, family room & lg. pantry. Insl & heated garage. #10-1753. $214,000. Call De 218-841-8522.

Detroit Lake. 12 Unit yr round resort/motel plus 4BR home. Many updates. Adjacent to 100' beach. #10-817. $399,900. Call De 218-841-8522.

big toad lake. 4BR 2BA. 288 ft. Private, gorgeous lot, excellent beach, Det. garage.workshop heated & insulated. #10-1674. $379,900. Call Leslie 218-841-9656.

big detroit 100 ft. frontage, sandy beach, fabulous view. 3 BR, CA, dbl. gar. with heated wkshop. Kit., din. & lr, lakeside. #10-1803. $429,900. Call De 218-841-8522.

big cormorant estate. 9BR 7BA covd deck lakeside. 4 stall htd gar + heater, lg. game room & hot tub. Beautiful south shore living. #10-1664. $639,900. Call Steve 218-841-8533.

Toll Free: 866-457-6900

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February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

lake homes

west mcdonald 2BR, 2BA, cedar sided A-Frame on 60x150 lot, 3 steps down to sandy beach and clear water. Big decks, furnished #10-1789. $185,000. Call Arland 218-849-3086.

little cormorant Hidden on 288'. 3BR, 3BA lg. home on 2.9 ac. Huge rooms & walkout lower level. Att. gar. & lg. yard. Undeveloped shore. #10-1847. $295,000. Call Steve 218-841-8533.

wymer lake 4BR, 2BA, cedar home w/200'. Wooded lot w/great views. Priced below assessed value - BARGAIN PRICE! #10-1460. $174,000. Call LaRae 218-849-6907.

Toll Free: 866-457-6900

city homes

big mcdonald lake 3BR, 2BA rambler w/big lakeside deck. Well kept year round. Sandy beach, level lot & back lot. Priced to sell! #10-1689. $279,900. Call Arland 218-849-3086.

pearl lake Open floor plan, lg. deck, beautiful home close to town. Peaceful setting on 150' lakeshore. #10-1865. $215,000. Call Tony 701-866-8702.

dl city home. 2BR, 1BA. Cute & clean w/ some updates: roof, siding, flooring, paint, gas stove. Priced $4,300 below assessed value. #101884. $52,900. Call Leslie 218-841-9656.

affordable. Detroit Lakes City Home w/a country feel. 2BR, spacious kit., det. gar., fenced yard, mature trees, w/extra storage bldgs. #10-1886. $69,900. Call Merry 218-841-7415.


dl 4br, 2ba maintenance free home on lg. wooded lot. Knotty pine vaulted ceilings, granite, appliance, deck w/hot tub. triple gar. #10-1860. $219,900. Call Kayla 218-234-9205.

3br, 2ba city of dl. Many updates. Fresh & Charming. Great location & neighborhood. Garage & storage shed. #10-1579. $104,900. Call Leslie 218-841-9656.

cute detroit lakes home 4BR, 3BA, 2900 sg. ft., steel siding, newer windows, fireplace, great appeal. #10-1838. $164,900. Call Jim 218-234-6541.

large 5br 2 ba home in Lake Park featuring real hdwood flooring, vault. ceilings, & huge bonus rm. over gar. Walkout lower lvl. and more! #10-1844. $209,900. Call Steve 218-841-8533.

4br 2ba hawley home with custom Hickory cabinetry, lg. fam. rm. w/fireplace & bar, huge mast. Bdrm. All in ex. cond. Lg. gar.-heated. Must see! #10-1848. $199,900. Call Steve 218-841-8533.

Newer city home in Audubon. Open floor plan, vaulted ceiling, laminate wood floor. 3BR, 2BA, f/p, bonus room + lg. att. garage. #10-1864. $146,000. Call Merry 218-841-7415.

6.88 ac in city of dl 2BR, 2BA, family room with f/p, & extra detached garage. Large private back yard. In city limits! #10-1855. $132,500. Call De 218-841-8522.

Easy living in this 2 BR 2 Bath townhome. Has vaulted ceiling, loft/sitting area. Attached g a r. # 1 0 - 1 3 6 1 . $ 1 3 9 , 9 0 0 . C a l l D e 218-841-8522.

affordable 3BR Home in move in condition within walking distance to MN. St. Comm. & Tech College. #10-1856. $102,000. Call Dave 218-841-0412.

slowing down or starting out? 3BR, 2BA, 1 level home in Aud. In exc. cond. Lg kit. & liv, fireplace, dbl. att. gar. Corner lot. #10-1830. $122,900. Call Steve 218-841-8533.

nice city home! 2 BR, ofc/den, steel siding, new deck, 6 yr old nat. gas furnace, detached garage. Check it out! #10-1784. $82,900. Call De 218-841-8522.

great split level home located in Audubon. 3BR, 2BA with 2-stall attached garage. Great starter home. #10-1833. $117,041. Call Kevin 218850-9417.

detroit lakes 1BR, 1BA, home on large lot located close to hospital and city beach. #10-1799. $45,000. Call Dave 218-841-0412.

lake park city: Newer 3BR, 1BA, Open floor plan, appl., unfinished lower level, att. 2 gar., shed, garden. #10-1828. $114,900. Call Dave 218-841-0412

easy living! 2BR condo in great location. All updated! Must be 55 or older to purchase or live there. Owner/Agent. #10-1506. $71,500. Call De 218-841-8522.

Waubun Duplex Priced to sell. 2 one BR units w/single, gar. All main. free ext. & corner lot. Rent or make a large home! #10-1834. $51,900. Call Steve 218-841-8533.


lots & land

ing List w e N

Downtown vergas. Est. business w/super location. Renovated w/addn in '03. Start your own or continue the existing. Inv. sold separately. #10-1890. $175,000. Call Arland 218-849-3086.

choice commercial location. Opportunity to build your business - offered at near land & bldg. valuation. Priced to sell! #10-1507. $375,000. Call De 218-841-8522.

67 acres Great location, easy access. A combination of water, woods, rolling hills and open meadow. Deer, turkeys, grouse & waterfowl. #10-1849. $149,900. Call Brian 218-841-5840.

beautiful wooded 20 ac. and 200 ft. of level lake shore on Big Detroit Lake. Build your dream home. City sewer and water available. #10-973. $499,000. Call Carmen 218-849-4819 owner/agent.

February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

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lots & land

All Lots $15K

Island lake South shore, no weeds in front of this lot. Great view of the entire lake. Walleye fishing is great. #10-1488. $159,000. Call Tom 218-841-2241.


• sybil lake. Build your dream home or cottage on this lg. private wooded lot. 204 ft. frontage. #10-1851. $199,000. Call De 218841-8522. • long lake by Vergas. Lg. ac. lake lot. 18 ac. of high ground, solid bottom shoreline. Priv, great fishing & swimming. Priced to sell. #101800. $174,900. Call Arland 218-849-3086. • turtle lake. Not many left like this. 1.9 ac. lot on east side. Gentle slope to lake, mature trees-perfect to build on. #10-1807. $225,000. Call Steve 218-841-8533. • Height of Land Lake - w/over 1240'. Very private, 11 miles east of DL. C4D option. #10-1018 & 10-1020. $79,000 & $99,000. Call Leslie 218-841-9656. • bejou lake. Build your lake home here. Mature trees and level lot, 206 ft. #10-1658. $84,150. Call Steve 218-841-8533. • bejou lake. This lot features 184 ft. to build your home on. Mature trees and level lot. #10-1659. $86,680. Call Steve 218-841-8533.

detroit lakes city lots 20% to 45% Off for a limited time. Great location. Call Leslie 218-841-9656

• big pine lake. Convenient to golf course and Perham. Clean frontage on paved road. #10-1697. $149,900. Call Arland 218-8493086. • Toad Lake. 90' of paradise. Privacy, great swimming & fishing. Owner will carry. #101691. $64,900. Call Leslie 218-841-9656. • lake 610. 280' & just under 5 acres. Perfect building lot with gentle slope to water. #101715. $79,900. Call Steve 218-841-8533. • east spirit lake. Large beautifully wooded lake property. Crystal clear waters with extreme privacy. Take a look. #10-1752. $150,000. Call Arland 218-849-3086. • meadow lake. 200' & 2 ac on this beautiful lake. Level wooded & private, on dead end rd. Perfet for your dream home. Covenants. #10-1773. $169,000. Call Carmen 218-8494819. • tulaby lake secret! 400 ft. w/7 Ac. Septic in place for 3BR, 2BA home. Steel bldg. w/plu. roughed in. Privacy and wildlife. Up north! #10-1876. $139,900. Call Wade 218-

Stilke Lake Acres 5 miles east of Detroit Lakes by Maple Hills Golf Course and ­overlooking Stilke Lake. 9 lots. 4 with 200’ lakeshore, most are ­wooded. #10-1211 - 10-1218. Lots starting at $28,000. Call Shelley 218-841-0298.



• affordable building lots in Lake Park. No special assessments, city water and sewer. #10-1617 to 10-1642. $10,000$13,000. Call Steve 218-841-8533. • Large lots excellent view of Long Lake. Near Vergas, walking distance city beach. #101605 to 10-1616. $25,000-$40,000. Call Jim 218-234-6541. • A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT. 13.63 acre north of Lake Park. The Buffalo River runs through it, trees galore. #10-966. $61,300. Call Shelley at 218-841-0298. • arbor lane near Floyd Lake, minutes from DL. Call Kevin 218-850-9417. Check out the woods today! #10-1758, 10-1759, $46,600 to $47,400 • lot 13 6.90 Ac. #10-1389. View of Little Floyd. Just min. N of Detroit Lakes on Co. Hwy 21. $45,000. Call Kevin 218-850-9417. • CHOOSE 2 ac. wooded lots 5 mil. S. of DL by

rural lots in Cormorant Lakes area. Everything from hardwood forests to scenic river settings. No special assesments. C4D option. Call Shelley 218-841-0298.

golf and lakes. #10-928. $22,000-$38,000. Call Carmen 218-849-4819 owner/agent. • wooded lot 2 mi West of Audubon. . 5 ac. $29,000. #10-1372. Call Tom 218-8412241. • 209 AC Prime Hunting East of Height of Land Lake & bordering 874 ac. State Land and Tamarac Refuge. Open pond & river. #10-1824. $125,500. Call Shelley 218-841-0298 • 5 wooded lots. Rural Frazee. 1+ ac. each. Quiet neighborhood. #10-1819 to #101823. $18,000-$24,900 each. Call Jim 218234-6541. • Vergas Wooded Lot in city limits. 1.2 Ac. ready to build, utility access. In the heart of the lakes area. #10-1870. $18,900. Call Jim 218-234-6541. • affordable building lot w/privacy in Christian Retreat Ac. near Strawberry Lake. On black top all the way to town. Priced to sell! #10-1882. $9,800. Call Wade 218-841-0187.

  1953

 



              

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February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

421 Main Street West, Detroit Lakes

218.844.5557 fax: 218.844.5558

MIKE RING Dave Schiller Eric Lundmark Lisa Piche Dave Nelson Dick carr matt wimmer 218.234.9734 218.849.5478 218.849.0383 218.841.9242 218.841.3355 218.841.2238 218.234.5176 Broker

rural Homes New Price

shell lake area

Northwoods Feel. 19 wooded acres with wildlife pond and forest views. The home has 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a 1/2 bath, and many updates. Field stone fireplace. Large hot tub, outdoor pool. A 40'x48' heated shop. Dave Schiller. #22-55689 $179,000 or the home & 119 acres #22-55697 for $279,000

2314 St. Clair Circle

Located in Berquist Estates this 2.73 Acre City Home has the Convenience of Location with the Feel of Country Life. 4BR, 3BA, 2 Living Areas, Hobby Area, Spacious Decks, Bon Fire Pit and Garden Areas Make this an Ideal Home. Call Lisa. #22-55915 $194,000

20593 CR-29 Rochert

Enjoy awesome sunsets and beautiful Cotton Lake views from this one level rambler located on 4 acres of woods and a pond. This home has 2 bedrooms, in-floor heat, finished & heated garage, vaulted ceiling and an open floor plan. There is also an extra 2 stall garage and storage building for all of your toys. #22-55732. $229,900.

Detroit lakes

Priced well below the tax assessed value and ready to sell, this beautiful split level 3 bedroom, 3 bath home on an incredible 2 acre corner lot features 2 living rooms, over sized main level master suite, oak cabinetry, eat in kitchen and so much more. You don't want to miss this one! #22-55922. $199,900

Detroit Lakes

Spacious suburban living in this 4 bedroom 3 bath well decorated home close to Detroit Lakes and Frazee. Built in 2004, the home features designer colors, vaulted hard wood ceilings, open floor spaces, master suite, large family room, sauna and a sun room off of the living area. #22-55929 $264,900.

country living

This 3 bedroom and 2 bath home is conveniently located 2 miles East of Detroit Lakes in Hidden Hills. Home has many updates. Including carpet, interior & exterior doors trim and base board, garage overhead doors and septic. There is a large yard and plenty of privacy. Owner has taken good care of property. Call Eric. #22-55937. $165,000.

rural vergas

Want peace and quiet at an affordable price? Check out this 2 bedroom Schult mobile home on 20 wooded acres south of DL near Tee Lake. The 24' x 32' Foltz garage/shop is insulated and heated. Enjoy the beautiful hardwoods on your trails, view wildlife, with excellent deer hunting, too. Good landscaping with many perennials. Magnificent maples! Call Dave Schiller. #22-55944. $129,000.

rural frazee

rural detroit lakes

Beautifully Landscaped 1.76 Acres, w/Updated 3BR, 2BA Home with Pole Bldg/Shop, Detached Garage all Located Just 4.5 Miles from DL. Call Lisa Today. #2255972. $157,000.

Hwy 10 Frazee

Located on 10 acres this cozy 2 bedroom home is ideal for the person looking for privacy and convenience. Nearby fishing gives you an escape to enjoy too! Call Lisa for details. #22-55962 $119,000

This 3 bedroom 2 bath home features 2 living rooms, possible extra bedrooms, 7 acres of privacy and a beautiful duck pond all located close to town. This home is very private and set back into a park like setting. If you are looking for elbow room and easy highway access this is the one! Call Mike. #22-55894. $169,900.

commercial commercial building

Commercial building

Need good commercial space for your contracting business? Building built in 1983 with 2,560 sq. ft., half in heated garage and half in customer space and 4 offices. Dave S c h i l l e r. # 2 2 - 5 5 7 6 6 $135,000

commercial lot north edge of dl Commercial building lot on the north edge of Detroit Lakes, located north on Richwood Road and west of the Industrial Park. Lot is 150' wide by 200' deep, .69 acre. Dave Schiller. #22-55875 $35,000

Located in the heart of downtown Detroit Lakes this retail outfit has 3500 sq. ft. of main floor, full basement and two upper floors. Building is connected to Washington Square Mall. Agent related to seller. #22-55982 $149,000

thrifty car wash


Key piece of property in the re-development of Detroit Lakes. Call Eric. #2255427 $179,000

Thrifty car wash is a great income producing business with 3 bays (1 oversized for larger vehicles) the only pet wash in the area, 3 vacuum islands, 2 change machines and 5 vending machines just off of busy U.S. Highway 10. Call Eric. #22-55330 $189,900

February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

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lake Homes

Big Floyd lake

When driving in to this upscale home on Big Floyd Lake, you will notice the attention to detail and quality throughout. The property features a lushly landscaped yard, 150 ft of level sugar sand swimming in a very secluded setting, all for this custom built 7500+ sq ft 7 bdrm 6 bath home and guest cottage built in 2004. The huge living spaces, gourmet kitchen and screen porch are to die for!! Call Mike. #22-55970 $1,627,000


This is one of Detroit Lake finest offerings! Perfect for entertaining, this quality 6 bedroom, 4 bath home has a main house with an attached 4 season guest house, huge deck overlooking the lake, open kitchen and large living spaces throughout for all of your guests. The home features an eat in kitchen, awesome lake views, tons of storage/ garage space and heated shop for your lake toys. Call Mike. #22-55705 $999,900

Toad lake

fox lake

This 2 bedroom 1 bath year round home on Fox Lake features 75 feet of level beautiful beach front, huge yard with a park like feel and amazing lake views. Make this your new retreat at the lakes. Call Mike. #22-55971 $189,900

Cabin completely remodeled and up graded, vaulted ceiling and 2 sky-lites give it a more spacious feeling. Turn-Key deal,most all furnishing,boat, dock, etc-etc. Has 2 storage bldgs and an old 1/2 ''mooner'' for more storage. Would make a great ''Place at the lake''. See Pictures. --OWNER SAYS ''SELL''-- Call Dick. #22-55933 $129,000



This is prime Detroit Lake living with a rare opportunity to live close to downtown. Enjoy morning coffee or evening dinner with friends and family overlooking beautiful Detroit Lake with this newly remodeled lake home in 2005. This maintenance free lake home features an all new kitchen, living room, bathroom and exterior. There is an extra garage/shop and cute cottage for guests or for a rental. Please call Dick or Mike! #22-55939 $680,000


Large 3 bedroom, 3 bath home remodeled and updated on 10 acres with 775’ on Momb Lake near Rock Lake. Features include a 2 bedroom apartment in lower level, master suite, guest house, and heated shop/garage. Close to Tamarac Refuge, hunting, fishing, and wildlife. Dave Schiller. #22-55980 $295,000

Price Reduced big detroit

Fish Lake

Private 18 wooded acres located on Fish Lake with 3 Bdrm, 1 Bath year around Home. New Kitchen, Well and outbuilding. Lake is over 60ft deep with no public access. Property is Gated. Additional 80 acres negotiable. #22-55934 $198,000

new pearl lake home

lake eunice

New in 2009, this contemporary and very efficient lake home on Pearl Lake features an open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, tile heated floors, huge master suite, steel siding and geo-thermal heat. Call Mike. #22-55924 $389,000

juggler lake

Enjoy classic lake living in this 2+ bedroom year around home on crystal clear Juggler Lake, featuring 150' of sand shore. Also included is a 24' x 24' garage, 12' x 24' garage, knotty pine interior and wrap around deck. Juggler is an excellent fishing and recreation lake with 23' water clarity! Dave Schiller. #22-55906 $229,000.

Newer 3 bedroom 2 bath 75' Gem on Big Detroit. Over 3000 feet of Living Space, 24x30 Garage for Cars & Boat, a 12x16 Garden Shed, Asphalt Drive, Fireplaces and a Heated Enclosed Porch for Watching those Dreamy Sunsets... All with Location, Location, Location! Call Lisa. #22-55674 $425,000

This quality 3 bedrooms 2 baths home, a huge master suite with jetted tub, giant game room, lower office/shop area and a next to new open kitchen, dining & living room with gas fireplace. Call Mike. #22-55805 $349,900

little detroit

Year Round Home 2 BR Completely Remodeled in 2008 with New Interior Sheet Rock & Pine, Wiring, Fixtures, Plumbing, Insulation, Flooring, Cabinets, Counters, Appliances, etc. Includes W/D, Refr./ Range, Diswasher. Call Lisa. Owner/Agent. #22-55867 $219,000

Little detroit lake

Patina White Decorator's Dream HOME with 3BR & 2BA & Rec Area AND 2 Quaint 2BR+ Cabins on 100' of Frontage Make This a RARE Find! A Perfect Property Secluded with Trees to be Enjoyed with Friends or Use as Rentals. Call Lisa. #22-55847 $200,000

perch lake paradise

Here is a nature lover's paradise on Perch Lake, just minutes east of DL. 5.5 wooded acres with 205' of shoreline frame this 3 bedroom, 3 bath home with cedar siding, gas fireplace, jetted tub, floor heat, central air, loft, open design, heated garage and great landscaping. Dave Schiller. #22-55758 $389,000

Country living w/lake access

Country living with Lake access to Little Pelican. All appliances, central air, deck, permanant siding, 4" well, everything in ready to go condition. Large two stall garage has 100 amp service. Pretty setting with lots of trees and wild flowers. Call Dick. #22-55723 $144,000

Tulaby LAKE Privacy Peace and quiet on a 9 acre lot and 300' of shoreline on Tulaby Lake with a nicely finished 3 bedroom cabin, plus a travel trailer and 2 more cabins and a storage building. Dave Schiller. #22-55803 $180,000

Long lake lots

Single family lake lots Starting at 4 lots sold $199,900 0! in 201go to for details or Call Mike.

we Need listings! If you are looking to sell in 2011 - call a Counselor Agent Today! profit from our experience

Front: Matt Wimmer, Lisa Piche, Eric Lundmark. Back: Dave Schiller, Mike Ring, Dick Carr, Dave Nelson.

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February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

city Homes New Listing!


dl city

Triplex Downtown close to city beach. Great investment property! Call Matt. #22-55786 $158,000

This is a well built 3 bedroom and 3 bath home in the town of Audubon on a great lot with mature trees and a park right next door. New carpet in lower level and a large game room and family room with a wood burning fireplace. Big screen TV included. Call Eric. #22-55858 $149,800

dl city

Want space and room to roam in the city? Take a look at this 3 bedroom home with formal dining, eat-in custom kitchen, family room, central air, 2 car garage, 36' x 45' storage building, and other outbuildings as well, all on 4.5 acres. Additional 4.74 acres available. Plenty of room for yard, hobbies, and more. Enjoy a country feel with city services and convenience. Call Dave Schiller. #22-55950 $189,000

mahnomen city home

103 4th St NW, Frazee Adorable 2 bedroom remodeled home with garage located 1/2 block from the viewing pond in Frazee. You will fall in love with this home… Call Lisa Today! #22-55942 $69,900

lake avenue

Great price on this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home including matinenance free exterior, gas fireplace, 10' ceilings, maple floors and large 3 season porch. Oak kitchen with center island. 2 car detached garage and large backyard. Porch could easily be converted to 4-season. Call Dave N. #22-55985 $137,000

Very livable home on a large treed corner lot, has lots of room, TV room, family room w/fireplace and a living room w/fireplace. Tons of storage space. Large deck and a 10 X 10 garden shed. Does need some updating. Call Dick. #22-55718 $124,900

Dean st., 4BR, 2BA

No work to do here! Here is a 4 bedroom, 2 full bath split level home with vaulted ceilings, central air, steel siding with brick, 2 car garage, nice cedar deck, appliances, and good yard. Special assessments are paid. Just maove in and enjoy! Dave Schiller. #22-55917 $154,000

dl city 2BD Condo. No maintenance! Priced below market value. Call Matt. #22-55780 $65,000

DL City Home

With over 2100 sq. ft. 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, this recently built D.L. city home features large living spaces, an eat-in kitchen, central air, maintenance free exterior and a huge deck to entertain family and friends. This home is turn key and very well decorated. #22-55976 $172,900

406 N. Lake Ave. New windows, siding, roof and shingles, furnace, cabinets, flooring and much more since 2005. 4BR, 2BA home in ideal locatioon. Never shovel a driveway in the winter with street side parking. Call Lisa. #22-55776 $99,999

pembina trail

1010 craig street

Adorable, Private, 2 Bedroom Home With Such A Feeling of Seclusion You Will Be Shocked You're Only Blocks From Everything. Full Unfinished Basement. Sunroom Filled with Comfort. Call Lisa for Details Today! #22-55927 $129,000

This 4 bdrm 3 bath, 4 level home has brick and steel exterior, master suite, central air, large great room with attached 2 car garage. 3 bedrooms on upper level and 1 on lower. Large lot with mature trees in great neighborhood. Lots of built-ins and storage. #22-55904 $179,900

1210 Long Ave. Condo

314 Union Street West

2BR, 2BA Condo w/Kitchen Island, Pantry, Large Living & Dining. Enjoy Evening Sun on the Covered Deck. 2 Stall Garage, Garden Spot, Manicured Lawn & Amazing Location. Relax... $80 Monthly Condo Fee Includes Lawncare, Water, Sewer & Garbage. Call Lisa. #22-55700 $95,500

DL condo

3 Bedroom remodeled home has a detached oversized garage. New concrete driveway and character that is unsurpassed! Call Lisa for details. #22-55941 $85,000

Enjoy carefree living in this quality condo. 2 bedroom, 1 bath, great living area, a;; oak cabinets and woodwork, 4 panel doors and an attached 2 car garage. $100/mo. fee covers snow, lawn, garbage, sprinklers and bldg insur. Patio on the East side of unit. #22-55979 $125,000

LAND & Lake Lots

708 Bowling Avenue

Updated in 2008! One bedroom cozy home ready for you to enjoy with new kitchen and bath and more! Extras include bright porch, basement for storage, main floor laundry and storage shed. Fantastic home or rental. Call Lisa for details.

Boot Lake 100', $35,000 22-55935 (Dave S.) E. Mahnomen 160A, $116,000 22-55753 (Dave S.) Elbow Lake 23A, 2300', $399,900 22-55887 (Dave S. & Eric) Fish Hook Lake 180A, 1267', $210,000 22-55928 (Lisa) Floyd Lake 101', $139,000 22-55901 (Dave S.) Floyd Lake Area $39,000 22-55895 (Dave S.) Juggler Lake Lots $145,000-$149,000 22-55936 & 55968 (Dave S.) Lake Maud Area $30,000 22-55853 Pelican River 7A, 150', $85,000 22-55827

Pickerel Lake Lot 150', $159,000 22-55702 (Dave S.) Rat Lake Trail 80A $72,900 22-55616 (Lisa) Rock Lake 99A, 7700', $1,590,000 22-55895 (Dave S.) Shell Lake 265.5A, 2800', $139,000 22-55885 (Dave S.) St. Clair Lake Lot 5.4A, 549', $109,500 22-55481 (Dave S.) Sugar Bush Area 5A $29,500 22-55772 (Dave S.) Tamarac Lake 14.7A, 500', $78,000 22-55869 (Lisa) Tamarac 11A 630' $75,900 22-55671 (Lisa) • •

February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

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February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

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February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

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February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide




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Home Warranties Available

SO. LIDA: Great lake place, great fishing. 100 x 150’ lot w/some elevation, just like new 14x16 MH w/2 bdrm, bay window, one bath, storage shed, large deck. $169,900.00 #32-4339

LIDA: Cute 3 bdrm chalet style cabin, storage shed, level lot, newer windows/siding/ septic system. Dock included. $174,900.00 #32-4466

PRAIRIE lake: Very nice 3 bdrm yr round w/steel siding, bonus room over garage, 3-season room, 100' frontage on level lot, dock, pontoon/lift. $249,000.00 #32-4372

PELICAN LAKE: Cute 3 bdrm cabin, fireplace, great lake bottom, level and spacious lot. Short commute from FM area. $335,000.00 #32-4337

Lizzie: Great beach adds to this 4 BR rambler, level lot, 68’ frontage, steel siding, deck, boat house, storage shed, great swimming. $195,000.00 #32-4464

Lida: Start your dream here w/2BR, 35’ RV w/sunroom addition, clean move in condition. Gentle steps to lake. Large backlot. Ideal setting to build walk-out home. $159,000.00 #32-4467

ROSSMAN: Affordable 104’ ftg, lot w/2 bdrm MH. Detached garage w/elect., deck, steel storage bldg. gentle slope. Access to upper Cormorant & numerous lakes. 30 min from F/M area. BRING OFFER. $109,900.00 #32-4398

Turn A Foreclosed House Into Your Dream Home! The Midwest Minnesota Community Development Corporation wants to help you make a foreclosed home into a place of your own, by offering down-payment and closing-cost assistance loans of $10,000 when you purchase in rural Minnesota. Plus, these loans have no interest and no monthly payments! Call our loan officers: Kathy (218) 844-7015 Karen (218) 844-7013 Some restrictions apply. See web site for details.

Hunting Land: 79 acres mixed treed. $28,500.00 Sand Lake Area: 2 to 10 acre lots. Some treed, w/water. $18,500-33,900.00 SO LIDA backlots: 2 backlots (sold together) in Stony Bar Estates. Restrictions apply. $39,900.00 praire lake area: Terrific bldg lots overlooking Prairie Lake. Approx. 5-7 acres each. $22,500.00 –$95,900.00 ulen, mn: 200 acres W/(3) 4 acre bldg. sites, great hunting land in WRP. $144,000.00 15 acres: Great bldg. site w/good hunting also. $49,900.00 Erhard, MN: 19.5 acres $65,900.00

Lake Lots

ELBOW LAKE: 32 ac. W/1200’ shoreline, peaceful bldg location $299,900.00 JACOBS LAKE: Undeveloped lakeshore. 20 acres w/ 994’ frontage on lake. $189,000.00 OLAF: 115’ ftg. Ready to build on w/elec/driveway/concrete. $95,500.00 FRANKLIN: 208 ftg.’Nice mix of trees/open area. Tar rds. $199,000.00 DEAD: 237’ ftg., 12.90 acres, nice tree mix, secluded. $229,000.00 ELBOW: 2 to 400’ftg., new dev., near Franklin Public access $29,000 –$69,000.00 STAR LAKE LOT: No cov/restrictions. $129,000.00 CRYSTAL LAKE BACKLOTS: 8 combined nicely wooded lots w/bldg. options. $51,900.00 CRYSTAL LAKE BACKLOT: Wooded lot w/good potential. $24,900.00 LIDA:100x200’ lot, well groomed,60’ elevation w/trees on bank. $149,900.00 LIZZIE: 150x325 lot. Elevated w/trees, Great lot for bldg $199,900.00 TAMARAC: Level, sandy beach w/MH, great bldg. lot. $200,000.00 W MC DONALD: Cleared lot w/beautiful trees, electrical there, great swimming. $179,900.00 so. Lida: 240' ftg. lot overlooking Maplewood State Park. $169,900.00 TAMARAC: Level, sandy beach w/MH, great bldg. lot. $200,000.00 Lake Fifteen: 3 acres, 145' ftg. $84,000.00

February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

Page 25 1102 WASHINGTON Ave 218-847-1658 1-800-726-1664 DETROIT LAKES, MN



Lakes Area MLS and Fargo MLS

lake homes / Condominiums & Twin Homes

Franklin Lake Home! This lake home offers the homeowner a great place to live or vacation. Sit back, relax and let someone else cut the grass and you enjoy your 3 plus bedroom, 4 bath lake home. Cherry kitchen, maple flooring, outdoor kitchen and so much more. Sandy shore and only 6 steps to the lake. #88-4875-LH. $307,000.

lake melissa Executive country home with lg common area, boat slip, dock and the finest sand beach. Home features 4 bdrms, 4 baths, mf laundry, custom cabinets, master suite with private deck and a finished WO basement. #88-4889-LH. $499,900.

Beautiful Cabin on Height of Land Lake. Can be year round. Has 3 Bdrm, excellent swimming and fishing, close to snowmobile trails, many updates, dock and furniture negotiable. #884843-LH. $199,900.

pearl lake home that features 3 Bdrm 2 BA, large decks, 2 car detached garage and gradual slope to lake. Great hard bottom lakeshore for swimming. #88-4868-LH. $219,000.

little detroit lake home with 5 Bdrm, 4 BA, oak harwood floors, guest quarters above garage, circular concrete drive, immaculate landscaping and manicured lawn, decks, and breathtaking views. #88-4818-LH. $499,900.

developers model condo! Many extras...2 Bdrm 2 Ba, fireplace, family room and a view only your could dream of overlooking City Park. #88-4821-LH. $169,900.

franklin lake cabin! Nice and cozy is the best way to describe this little retreat! 2 bedrooms, nice covered deck, and beautiful sunsets. Association fees apply. #88-4887-LH. $147,500.

lake lizzie condo 3 Bdrm, 3 Ba condo with association that includes tennis courts, swimming beach are & play ground. Home has great lake views off back deck, open kitchen w/island, vaulted ceilings, etc. #88-4831-LH. $329,900

City / rural homes

blessed with children? Then you will appreciate the lg treeshaded yard that comes w/this 2200+ Sq ft, 5B/2B rambler in one of the finest neighborhoods in Frazee. The home, which has been mostly completely remodeled, offers a full finished bsmt, huge lower level family room, CA, dual heat, patio, beautiful perennials, newer windows and much more! #88-4872-CH. $117,000.

4 Bdrm, 2 BA, 10.80 acres, fireplace, hardwood flrs, spacious bedrooms. #88-4813-RH. $239,900.

3 bdrm 3 bath rural home with 6.64 acres. Lge master suite, vaulted ceiling, fireplace, 36x64 Foltz bldg. #88-4803-RH. $379,900.

3 bdrm 2 stall garage, central air, storage. #88-4791-CH. $119,900.

lots! glawe lake with big detroit lake access

corner lot! Well maintained and updated home on the corner of Lake and Willow. Has 3 Bdrm, 2 Ba, fireplace, updated kitchen, great yard and detached garage. #88-4869-CH. $149,500.

LITTLE DETROIT LAKE: 2 Bdrm, 2 bath cabin with lg deck and wonderful screened porch. Has own city water and sewer. Use of 2 pools, sauna,dock and maintenance fees are only $50/month. #88-4886-LH $159,900.


2 story structure. 6,900 sq ft, extensively remodeled in 2001 including replacement of elevator and new roof covering #88-4726-CO. $471,000.

The Best Connection to All the Lakes Area Properties!

Located in the heart of lake county

Beautiful Wimer Lake

commercial Commercial building in Frazee. Just reduced $20K… lots of storage and conveniently located on Main Street. Currently leased through June 2011. #88-4425-C. $45,000.

This is the setting for 13 beautifully wooded lots in the city of Detroit Lakes. Beauty of nature is brought to the city. New development in a great location. City water & sewer, special assessments paid. $59,000-$149,000. build your dream home at the preserve

Opal Rogstad, Owner 841-8189

8 undeveloped lake lots • Priced from $29,500 to $195,000. #88-4312 to #88-4319 Nice lot just off of Hwy 10 - Frazee. No covenants. #88-4778 UA. $19,900. big floyd lake. Approximately 2 acres and 220' of frontage on lake. Lot is to be split from an existing parcel and survey to be completed before closing. Great frontage. Very private.. #88-4885-LL. $189,900.

Lief Rogstad Broker/Owner 841-8707

Bob Jernberg GRI 847-6626

Roosevelt Avenue. Great 4 bedroom, 3 bath home with many updates and full fenced backyard. Home is well cared for. Has CA, good appliances, maintenance free windows, and wood laminate on the main floor. Don't pass this one up! #88-4883-CH. $154,900. Acreage and Lakeshore! 61.35 acres w/1250' of lakeshore on Round Lake. Great investment! #88-4807 LL. $499,900. 4 Acres on Leaf Lake. Lake lot with over 1340' of lakeshore. A must see! #88-4808 LL. $199,900. beautiful building lot! Old farmstead on 6.6 acres with shed and newer 4" well. Overlooks pond, nearby woods and is very quiet. Great location in Vergas area! #88-4835-RL. $50,000. Wooded Back Lot on Wimer Lake: 13.25 acres. Covenants apply. #88-4321-RL. $35,000.

Nichole Bristlin 396-0068

Mike Wasvick Broker, GRI 849-9325

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February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

Everyone deserves a home of their own.


February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

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Jude Ostgarden 218-850-9498

9.29 Ac Hawley Hobby Farm

3 brm 2 bath, MF Laundry, Lg country kitchen, many updates. Lg yard. Barn w/back stalls and partially finished loft. heated shop, cabin in woods. 75-1378 $209,900. Call Jude 218850-9498

Kennedy Acres

Town Lake

3 brm 4 bth packed with character & modern comfort.End-of-the road park like setting with 289' frontage. Open floor plan. Att gar. 125' additional lakeshore available and a 30x40 gar for additional $124,900. $324,900. Call Jude 218-850-9498.

18147 Cherry Creek Lane, Detroit Lakes

1513 Gary Ave, Detroit Lakes

2 bm 1 bth rambler. New floor coverings, new paint, new cabinets, permanent siding and more. Attached Gar. Great location. 75-1381 $104,900. Call Jude 218-850-9498.

Choice 1.4 ac bldg lot overlooking pond in Rolling Hills Sub. No Rest Covenants apply. 751380 $17,900. Call Jude 218-850-9498.

Well cared for 3 brm 2 bath home. Features new kitchen counter tops, spacious brms, APPL. att heated gar, lg deck and nicely wooded 1 acre lot with chain link fence. 2 sheds. Close to ATV & SM trails, Fishing, walking, hunting, birding and more. 75-1386 $149,900. Call Jude 218-850-9498.

Jason Ziegler 701-367-2376

Cotton Lake

Open floor plan, rock gas FP, Oak cabinets w/ island. Bonus FR over gar. Att Heated Gar, Steel Siding. Landscaped. Shared sandy lakeshore with dock system for your boat. Owner/Agent. 75-1376 $359,900 Call Jude 218-850-9498.

Little Floyd Lake Charmer Great Beach Area

517 E Main, Detroit Lakes

Convenient to Everything! This 2 brm 1 bth is ‘move in’ ready! New kitchen cabinets, flooring, windows, shingles, doors and Hi Eff GFA furnace. Open floor plan. Lg yard. 75-1383 $97,900. Call Jude 218 850 9498.

50’ Level lot w/3 Brm 3 bth yr round features designer kitchen, newly remodeled open LR & DR. Gas FP. Lg Master. Sun Room, Lg upper sleeping area w/bth. Gar. rip rapped shoreline. 75-1382 $269,900. Call Jude 218-850-9498.

38000 610th Ave, Blufton, MN

This Otter Tail County 160 acres has it all; excellent cover, food, water and minimal hunting pressure. Hunting opportunities include deer, turkey, grouse, and bear. Good income from CRP and crop rent. $288,000. Call Jason 701367-2376.

1322 Bay Ridge Drive, Detroit Lakes

Newer 3 brm 2 bth home with spacious open floor plan. Kitchen w/center island. Vaulted ceilings. Sitting area off kitchen. Main floor laundry. Lower family room w/room for bath. Views of det lake. Nice yard. $229,900 751377 Call Jude 218-850-9498.

Brian Mohr 218-770-5049

36524 Perrine Drive, Rochert, MN

1222 Madison Ave

4 brm 2 bth w/many updates. Att & Det Gar, Nice Yard, Quiet neighborhood. Close to everything! $164,900. 75-1390 Call Jude 218-850-9498

1319 Loring Ave

Bring us an offer! Priced below assessed value. Solid 3 brm 2 bath close to Sr High. Updates. Det Gar. Alley access. $84,900. 75-1389 Call Jude 218-850-9498

This Height of Land Lake home sits on 150' of shoreline and offers impressive views! This home is just minutes away from some of the best waterfowl and big game hunting that MN has to offer. An adjoining 1.23 acre lot is also available. $250,000. Call Jason 701-367-2376.

15945 Chokecherry Drive, Nevis

Spectacular 3 bedroom, 2 bath cedar sided cabin on 15 wooded acres in Hubbard County. Comes with 2 garages and a guest house. Close proximity to 3rd and 4th Crow Wing Lakes. Owner/Agent. $215,000. Call Brian 218-770-5049.

Twin Home On Riverview RD Priced below assessed value!

Brand New Maintenance Free 2 brm 2 bth. Open fl plan, Oak cabinets, trey ceilings, pantry, master suite with bth & walk-in closet. Att insulated gar. Specials PAID. Come take a look today! 751379 $159,900. Call Jude 218-850-9498.

perfect place to build

New Listing

rural Detroit Lakes

4BR, 2BA, split entry, adjacent to state land. Entertainment sized family room, plus office. #42-406 $210,000.

Building lot in a wonderful subdivision across from Big Cormorant Lake. Development features a park, with swimming pool, tennis court and basketball court. #42-409 $29,900.

Wonderful Rock Lake home. Windows galore on lakeside. Huge deck, living rm & dining rm w/patio doors & library lakeside. Lg kitchen, master suite w/ master bath. Main fl laundry. Lower level walk out w/ kit & din rm lg bdrms & bath.Level lot to beach. Detached steel bldg w/24x22 gar/shop + 2 bdrms, full bath & bar guest house. Tarred driveway. #42398 $379,000.

Possible 6BR home, with open living space on main level. Lower level walkout with family room & bar area. #42393 $158,575.

5 Acres on the edge of town. Eighth Street and Highland Drive. 5 Bdr. home included. #42-392 $179,000.

Detroit Lakes

Detroit Lakes


DL city home

Detroit Lakes

Garden Level with updates. New carpet/ paint. Well maintained unit. Commons laudry on same level. 2 bedrooms/1 bath. Garage included. Maintenance fee is $125 per month, includes lawn service, snow removal, building maint. #42-390 $69,900.

This 3 Bedroom, 1.50 bath home is located in a quiet area close to the beach. Fenced backyard with flower gardens. 4 Season sun room and spacious living room, dining area, bedrooms, and galley kitchen. New windows. #42-369 $125,000.

Great country home with 5 outbuildings. Barn, heated garage, machine shed (28x40), calf station with fenced in pasture. 2 Bedroom, 1 bath home with open kitchen, full baement. #42-411 $149,500.

Many updates from when they purchased. New flooring, remodeled bathroom with beautiful ceramic tile. Some new windows. Family room finished in 2008, ceramic tile flooring. Home is spotless. All appliances are new and stay with home including, just purchased washer and dryer. #42-387 $124,900.

Very nice city home across from city park. and a block from senior high school. This is a 3BR, 2BA, year round home or could be a get away home at the lakes area. Hardwood floors, master bath has a Jacuzzi tub, oak cabinets in kitchen, family room in lower level. #42-391 $131,000.

Nature at it's best!

252 Acre Hunting Paradise. Partial acres in WRP (Wildlife Restoration Project), wooded creek bottom, woods and open with native grasses. 40'x60' Foltz building. Wild Rice River also flows thru this property. #42-399 $299,000.

Pat Doele

rural Detroit Lakes

5 acres

Rick Kalinoski Lucy Carlson Renee Kluenenberg Rochael tobol



514 Summit Avenue, Suite 1, Detroit Lakes

218-844-4200 Office 218-844-4203 Fax

Broker/Owner 218-850-0293

Broker/Associate 218-847-2735

Real Estate Agent 701-799-1785

Real Estate Agent 218-849-6877

Office Manager 218-844-4200

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February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide 

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40 acres hunting

golf course

Rolling Hills Golf Course. Great 9 Hole Golf Nearly New 3 BD 3 BA Walkout Rambler on Nearly 40 Acres, 4BD, 3 BA, 2007 Home. Course in Exc. Cond. Just South of Pelican the Banks of the Pelican River. Check Vir- Huge Garage, Landing Strip. Check Virtual Lake. Includes Clubhouse, Storage Buildings tual Tour. $205,000. #45-1813. Call Jill. Tour. $300,000. #45-1814. Call Gene. for Golf Carts, Equipment. $525,000. Call Judy.




Lovely Home on 1 Acre in a Peaceful Neighborhood. 4BR, 4BA Natural Woodwork & Hardwood Floors, 3 Stall Garage. Warranted. $269,000. #45-1802. Agent Related to Seller. Call Gaye.

Price Reduced

timber creek


Upscale 3BD, 2.5BA, Triple Garage, Main Floor Laundry. Gas Fireplace, In-Ground Sprinkler, Spotless-Move-In Ready. Virtual Tour. $279,900. #45-1787. Call Jill.

18381 324 Ave, DL, MN. A Rare Find. 5BD 3BA and Nearly 4 AC. Outbuildings to Store Toys and More. Updated. Close to DL. $210,000. #45-1829. Call Jill.

own less than rent Fresh Updated, Great Kitchen, New Appliances, 2 Full BA, Wrap-Around Deck, Air Conditioning. $99,000. #45-1824. Call Jill.

Privacy on Dead Lake. 2 Acres of Hardwood and Trails, 196' Frontage, In-Floor Radiant Heat, 40' Dock, Shore Station Boat Lift Included. Lakeside Storage Shed. $226,900. #45-1798. Call Maury.

Price Reduced

Price Reduced

Oak Hills Lake Eunice 3 BR, 2 BA Year Around Home on Level Lot with Sandy Beach. Furnished. Inc. Dock, Lift. $295,000 #45-1823. Call Judy.

Great location in Oak Hills end of Cul-DeSac. 4 Bed 2 Bath. Great deck, Many Updates, Private Nearly 1 AC Yard, Oversized 2 car detached garage. $178,602. #45-1831. Call Jill.

dead lake Lake Melissa Fabulous Fern Beach, Summer Home on Level Lot, 4BD, 2BA, 75' Frontage. $400,000. #45-1822. Call Jill.


jewett lake

eagle lake Year Round-Updated 4 BD 3 BA, Boathouse/ Guest Quarters. 163' Frontage. EZ Access to US 10. $299,000. #45-1811. Call Jill.

Excellent Swimming with 75' of Frontage. Year Around 3BR Home w/Steel Siding and Deck off Living Room. Large 3 Season Porch on Lower Level Overlooking Lake. 2 Stall Garage. Sprinkler System. $264,900. #45-1736. Agent Related to Seller. Call Judy.

cotton lake Updated Cottage 2 BD 2 BA. 60' Frontage. 2 Stall Garage. Located on Blacktop. $199,000. #45-1809. Call Gene.

dl condo Very Affordable 2 Bd 1 Bath Condo. $70,000. #45-1735. Call Jill.

Newer Audubon City Home with Recently Finished Lower Level Featuring a Large Family Room Trimmed out in Basswood. 4BR, 2 Full BA. Deck off Dining Area. Attached Insulated 2-Stall Garage. Large Lot. No Specials. Home Warranty Included. $167,500. #45-1830. Call Judy.

lots / lake lots East Shore Drive Perfect Spot to Build! Corner Lot on East Shore Drive and OxCart Trail. $34,000. #45-1804. Agent Related to Seller. Call Gaye. HEWITT Excellent Mix of Woods/Tillable. Great Hunting. 50.1 Acres for $87,000 or 90.4 Acres for $159,900. C4D Available. Call Judy. Audubon Beautiful 11 Acre Shel-

tered Prime Country Location just 1/2 Mile off Hwy 10. Nature Lover's Dream. $80,000. #45-1803. Agent Related to Seller. Call Gaye. Little Cormorant Lakeshore lots 12 to Choose From. Owner will Provide Electricity to all Lots. Seller Financing Available. Star ting at $49,900

Shell Lake Large 5.1 Acre Lot on South Side with 325' Frontage. Great Building Site with Some Elevation. $150,000. #45-1720. Call Judy. Grove Lake - New Development 8 Lots, Starting at $80,000. Agent Related to Seller. Call Judy. 8 acres in Detroit Lakes City Limits, 486' Frontage on State Hwy

34. City Water and Sewer. $225,000. #45-1789. Call Gaye. Detroit Lakes City lot, EZ Access to 59 & 10. W. State Street. $25,000. #45-1808. Call Gene. Near Dunvilla, 40 Acre Parcel on the Corner of Co Hwy 9 & State Hwy 34. $90,000. #45-1739. Call Gene.

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February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

A "HouseSold" Name


113 North Street East Detroit Lakes, MN 56501 Office: (218) 847-6536 Fax: 844-6537


of Detroit Lakes LLC


Gerald Sather Ron Peterson







Gary Pieske GRI


Don Lefebvre GRI


Mary Ann Sather

Office Coordinator

homes with acreages FRAZEE



Scenic 7.32 ac. farm site overlooking the Ottertail River near both Frazee and Detroit Lakes. Numerous updates on this well-kept property with a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home and 32'x32' heated, attached garage. Outbuildings include a 40'x60' metal building, 6'x10' storage building and 30'x60' barn with metal roof. Fenced pasture. $145,000 #49-258

Large country home, built in 2002. Features: 3 bedroom, 2 bath and a double car garage. All on 2 acre lot. Home needs some finishing work on the trim. Call for details today! $94,900. #49-303

The home is located on 2.52 acres close to Wymer Lake. Features a split level with 4 beds, two full baths with attached two car garage, with an extra detached 24x24’ garage. Many oak trees and much privacy. Call today! $89,900 #49-296




io uct



detroit lakes

Great 4 bedroom home, 2 bath with gas fireplace on 10 acres. Open floor plan with vaulted ceiling. Purchase 30 additional acres for $59,000. The lower level is studded up to have a extra bath, family room and 3 more bedrooms if needed. It is a walkout with a patio door. Quiet, peaceful setting. $225,000 #49-290

Good solid three bedroom home that needs some updates. Nice hardwood floors in the bedrooms and hall. Good garage. Also has a pole shed. All this on 9+ acres. $129,000. #49-271

Park Rapids

Beautiful home located on Fish Hook River. Features walkout basement with open floor plan. Custom made kitchen cabinets. Two bedrooms on main floor and 4 bedrooms and large family room in lower level. Large steel outbuilding measures 40x80’ half insulated with concrete floor. Sits on 8.04 acres. $284,800. #49-312

detroit lakes


pelican rapids

Features 3 bedrooms; full bath on main level. Great location. Property sits on over 7 acres of land. Call today for your showing! $89,000. #49-304

Affordable home with acreage. Features 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, 1.5 stories. Detached 2 car garage. Call For Showing Today! $58,900. #49-310

Country home with 7.29 acres. Features 3 bedroom, 2 baths all on one level. Yard has large trees; located close to Highway 34. Call today! $69,900. #49-306

hobby farms

lake properties Spider Lake


height of land

Nice rambler style home with 67 acres of land. This property features a barn {32x60}, metal storage building {30x48}, double car garage. Fenced pasture and some hay land. The home has 2 bed, 1 full bath and formal dining room with hard wood floors. Motivated seller. Call today! $198,000. #49-294

Nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, with large deck on front. Features: 2 car detached garage and a many trees with 150’ of shoreline. Call today for your showing. $126,900. #49-305

Detroit Lakes

little cormorant

Detroit Lake

tulaby lake Inn

Just put on your boots & Stetson hat.This property is ready to go! Barn with stalls, corral, white vinyl fence, 4 bd home w/new siding, windows & roof. Rock fireplace. Lots of trees, oak, pine, apple. Play house. All on your own 10 acres. $259,900 #49-279

This is a very nice three bedroom, 2 full bath home. Oversized garage with insulated, heated shop in the north end of the garage. Large deck, two docks, pontoon. Most furniture and hot tub go with the home. Items too numerous to mention. 195 feet on the lake. $295,000 #49-300

North shore home with a great view of Big Detroit Lake. Unique floor plan with many windows and doors facing south. Features wood burning fireplace and open floor plan. Guest cabin with 1 bedroom. Call for your showing today. $259,000 #49-299

Former Tulaby Lake Inn east of Waubun on #113. Priced to sell with attractive bank financing. Many possible uses. Operate as bus. or convert to lakeshore living. 100 x 255 lot, guest cabin, gazebo, boats, lift, dock, gas pumps, some furnishings. $175,000 #49-229

Beautiful 4 bedroom, 2 bath log home. Features: rock fireplace, large deck with a walkout lower level. Double detached garage with landscaped yard. Mature pine trees and sandy beach. $189,900 #49-286

Check for New Listings daily on our website

February 2011 Northland Real Estate Guide

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city & rural homes detroit lakes

detroit lakes

UNIQUE FLOOR PLAN is focus of this DEERWOOD PARK 3 bedroom, 3 bath new home. Features: fireplace, Corean bar on Cherrywood cabinets, appliances, BR suite, open staircase, finished triple garage on 2 acres. Call Don. Owner/agent. $258,900 #49-233.

Newer 2,068 sq. ft., one level, 4BR, 2BA, home located near Tech College. Impressive entertainment center w/big screen TV, 9' ceilings and lgr. dble. garage. $199,900 #49-215

Ideal 3 Bdrm, 2 BA, 1.5 story family home overlooking edge of city soccer fields. Home was moved into newer neighborhood with 9'x14-1/2' deck added. Many updates incl. new foundation, steel siding, garage addition, living room, new roof, furnace, kitchen cabinets and laminate. Large dining room and kitchen. Very good overall condition. Lots of storage. $139,900 #49-237

Detroit Lakes

Detroit Lakes


Great starter home in Detroit Lakes, features 3 bed, 1.5 baths, large garage, and wood deck on the back of home. The full basement makes a lot of extra room. Located in a quiet neighborhood and 3 blocks from Little Detroit Lake. Call to make your appointment today! $121,900 #49250

Very nice lot and location with metal chain link fenced back yard. Three bedroom (w/egress window in basement for possible 4th), 2 bath home and double garage. Elevated lot w/12’ x 20’ front deck and large LR bay window offers great view of neighborhood. $117,900 #49-287

Nice home in a great loction. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, spacious living room, hardwood flooring. Lower level family room. $115,000. #49-309


Detroit Lakes

detroit lakes

Quality built duplex on large lot. Each unit has two bedrooms, one bath, stacking washer/dryer, range, & refrigerator. Each has a 10'x12' treated deck, attached 12'x22' garage with opener. New roof in 2008. $110,000 #49-219

Great starter home or rental property. Features 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, and single detached garage. Located close to the lake, schools and shopping. Mature trees and nice yard. $73,000. #49-195

Sunny garden level condominium priced right. Clean and ready to move in. No snow to shovel or grass to mow. Easy garage access. $65,500. #49-278




This home in Elbow Lake Village on 1.25 ac near the lake access has a total interior update and new roof. Attractive bank financing offered to qualified buyer. $62,000 #49-285

Two story home with lots of character. Features: 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, and many updates. Attached two car garage. Open kitchen with dining area. Close to downtown area. $56,905. #49-307

Great location; small town living! This home features 3 bedrooms, full bath and single car garage with off street parking. Large backyard and deck on back of home. Many windows; open floor plan. Call today. #49292. $55,900

detroit lakes



Updated 2 BR 1.5 BA home with excellent rental history. Newer shingles, siding, SGD to large new deck, 1-car garage. Close to downtown. $49,900. #49-196.

Updated kitchen, bath, with 1 bedroom. Three season porch on front. Large deck on back side. Double car detached garage. Large yard with many trees. Call for your showing today. $30,900. #49-311

Very nice older home with many updates. Features 4 bedroom, full bath in this 1-1/2 story home. Exterior has newer siding, doors and windows. 2 car detached garage located on corner lot. $58,950. #49-313


building lots & land vergas: Secluded, wooded lot. 4.37AC. $30,000. #49-281 detroit lakes: 14AC $49,900. #49-160 detroit lakes: 5AC. $62,000. #49-173 ogema: 40AC near Strawberry Lake. Cleared shooting lanes. $69,500. #49-280 wheeler lake: Wooded lots on natural environmental lake. $75,000. #49-208 & 49-209

callaway: 171.97 AC Hwy 59 access. $99,900. #49-291 detroit lakes: Canyon Blvd. Choice building lots. $22,900. #37, 46 & 47 detroit lakes: Deerwood Park. Country setting. Covenants apply. No assessments. $35,000 & $40,000. #49-231 & 49-232 BAGLEY: Secluded wooded 37.7 ac N of Bad Medicine Lake. $47,500. #49-308

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