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March - April 2017

Weddings LOVE via LEASH

March - April 2017


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March - April 2017

Weddings LOVE via LEASH

28 Understanding Border Collies

Nancy Sarra-Allen has been creating photographic images for more than 35 years. Her portraits display creativity and professional quality. Nancy’s love for animals inspired her to pursue pet photography specializing in working with Canine and Equine. For a personal consultation go to Nancy’s web site at Cover Courtesy of Nancy Sarra-Allen

“Lacie” belongs to Tammy, the owner of Pupperdoes in South Windsor March - April 2017 | Connecticut Dog


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Unleash the

March - April 2017 | Connecticut Dog


March - April 2017


HE CALL OF SPRING – This time of year is an invitation to love, which ushers in a season of surprises. In this issue you might find some help planning a wedding from a surprising source: your pet! Sure, including your pet in the ceremony or reception may take a little extra work, but seeing the beaming smiles on the faces of your guests will definitely make for delightful snapshots! If you are looking for a unique wedding spot to tie the knot, look no further then these two fabulous pooch-friendly wedding venues: Avon Old Farms Hotel with its country charm and idyllic gardens or the sea, the moon, and the fun at the Saybrook Point Inn & Spa.


RING ON SPRING – March 20th is the first day of Spring! Ah, the sunshine and longer days makes us all a little contagious with Spring Fever. It’s when our senses and hormone levels reach a high giving us a boost of energy and giddiness. Spring also coincides with Easter and Passover. These seasonal celebrations are among humanity’s most ancient and enduring traditions. It is the time to celebrate unconditional love, family, friends, and it should inspire us to look at God’s creatures in a new way…because love is in the air! CONNECTICUT DOG AND SUPPORTS ADOPTION – Instead of an Easter Basket this year, consider bringing home a homeless dog. It will do wonders for your health and your social life. I believe strong relationships rely on common interest, like owning a dog. Studies prove that dogs bring more harmony and less conflict to any relationship. So, forget about Cupid, check out our Adoption Pages…adopt a dog, and find your soulmate! APRIL SHOWERS BRING MAY FLOWERS – Behind this rhyme there’s a meaning, as well. It’s a reminder, that even the most unpleasant of things…in this case, the heavy rain in April, can bring about very enjoyable things - a loving home for a lonely dog, the abundance of love at a spring wedding, and of course, flowers in May!

Happy Easter and Passover

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Canine Smiles

We want to see your canine’s smiles! Submit your photograph by visiting or email Please be sure to include your dog’s name. All images must be a minimum 300 dpi. Thanks for sharing!!

Cisco Bella


Blake Harley




Ricky Henry

Boswell & Dora Yogi



Calvin Kara Venus

Frankie March - April 2017 | Connecticut Dog





Due to Roaring Brooks Love & Compassion


n Monday, November 28th, Sunny Craig came into Roaring Brook Veterinary Hospital as an emergency because he had been vomiting and had labored breathing. Sunny, a 19-week-old Goldendoodle puppy, was new to his family, “He was incredibly depressed when he got here,” said head technician Alison Smith. “We immediately did chest x-rays to assess his congestion and started IV antibiotics and fluids. We also used nebulization techniques and performed coupage (a technique used to dislodge mucus) as the doctor suspected that he had come down with pneumonia.” The next seven days and nights were the toughest this puppy will hope� fully ever have to endure. He was transferred to the local emergency hospital every night and back to Roaring Brook every morning. “It was touch and go for a while,” said Smith. “His progress just wasn’t what we all had hoped it would be but both his owner and Dr. Joshua Malouin did not want to give up on him. Finally after about four days into the process we started to see some improvement.” On the eighth day the pup finally started eating on his own and it was decided that a night at home might be just what Sunny needed. So for the next few nights instead of going to the emergency hospital, the Craigs would bring him home and then bring him back to the hospital during the day for supportive care, until he was finally ready to stay home on oral antibiotics. While everyone was ecstatic that this puppy could finally be home where he belonged, the Craig family now had to face the bill that constant around the clock care entails. Luckily, our hospital works closely with the Ameri� can Veterinary Charitable Fund, an organization which allows us to set up local support for pets in need in the community. Roaring Brook often does fund raising events to be able to contribute to this fund, and we were happy to share these funds to assist the Craigs in paying Sunny’s hospital bills. Often the funds are used for good samaritan or unexpected emer� gency cases, disaster relief, service dogs, and rescued pets. Roaring Brook felt that Sunny and his family fit the criteria to receive assistance from our fund. The Craig family was grateful for the help and were over the moon to have a happy and (on his way to) healthy puppy!

8 • March - April 2017 | Connecticut Dog

Photo of Owner - Leslie Craig with dog “Sunny”

Allison Smith (Vet Tech) and Sunny


Veterinarians Caution Pet Owners: Dangers at Easter Time T

he veterinarians at Pet Poison Helpline, a national 24/7 animal poison control center, receive hundreds of calls this time of year from pet owners and veterinarians concerning cats that have ingested Easter lilies. “Unbeknownst to many pet owners, Easter lilies are highly toxic to cats,” said Ahna Brutlag, DVM, assistant director at Pet Poison Helpline. “All parts of the Easter lily plant are poisonous – the petals, the leaves, the stem and even the pollen. Cats that ingest as few as one or two leaves, or even a small amount of pollen while grooming their fur, can suffer severe kidney failure.” In most situations, symptoms of poisoning will develop within six to 12 hours of exposure. Early signs include vomiting, loss of appetite, lethargy and dehydration. Symptoms worsen as kidney failure develops. Some cats will experience disorientation, staggering and seizures. “There is no effective antidote to counteract lily poisoning, so the sooner you can get your cat to the veterinarian, the better his chances of survival will be,” said Brutlag. “If you see your cat licking or eating any part of an Easter lily, call your veterinarian or Pet Poison Helpline immediately. If left untreated, his chances of survival are low.” Treatment includes inducing vomiting, administering drugs like activated charcoal (to bind the poison in the stomach and intestines), intravenous fluid therapy to flush out the kidneys, and monitoring of kidney function through blood testing. The prognosis and the cost – both financially and physically – to the pet owner and cat, are best when treated immediately. There are several other types of lilies that are toxic to cats as well. They are of the Lilium and Hemerocallis species and commonly referred to as Tiger lilies, Day lilies and Asiatic lilies. Popular in many gardens and yards, they can also result in severe acute kidney failure. These lilies are commonly found in florist bouquets, so it is imperative to check for poisonous flowers before bringing bouquets into the household. Other types of lilies – such as the Peace, Peruvian and Calla lilies – are usually not a problem for cats and may cause only minor drooling.

it can become anchored around the base of the tongue or stomach, rendering it unable to pass through the intestines. It can result in a linear foreign body and cause severe damage to the intestinal tract, often requiring expensive abdominal surgery. Lastly, during the week of Easter, calls to Pet Poison Helpline concerning dogs that have been poisoned by chocolate increase by nearly 200 percent. While the occasional chocolate chip in one cookie may not be an issue, certain types of chocolate are very toxic to dogs. In general, the darker and more bitter the chocolate, the greater the danger. Baker’s chocolate and dark chocolate pose the biggest problem. The chemical toxicity is due to methylxanthines (a relative of caffeine) and results in vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, an abnormal heart rhythm, seizures, and possibly death. Other sources include chewable chocolate flavored multi-vitamins, baked goods, or chocolate-covered espresso beans. If you suspect that your dog ate chocolate, call your veterinarian or Pet Poison Helpline immediately. Spring is in the air and Easter is a wonderful holiday. Remember that your pets will be curious about new items you bring into your household like Easter lilies, Easter grass and chocolate. Keep them a safe distance away from your pets’ reach and enjoy the holiday and the season.

About Pet Poison Helpline Pet Poison Helpline™, a division of SafetyCall International®, is an animal poison control service based out of Minneapolis available 24 hours, seven days a week for pet owners and veterinary

Thankfully, lily poisoning does not occur in dogs or people. However, if a large amount is ingested, it can result in mild gastrointestinal issues such as vomiting and diarrhea.

Other Dangers to Pets at Easter Time Pet Poison Helpline also receives calls concerning pets that have ingested Easter grass and chocolate. Usually green or yellow in color, Easter grass is the fake grass that often accompanies Easter baskets. When your cat or dog ingests something “stringy” like Easter grass,

professionals who require assistance treating a potentially poisoned pet. The staff can provide treatment advice for poisoning cases of all species, including dogs, cats, birds, small mammals, large animals and exotic species. As the most costeffective option for animal poison control care, Pet Poison Helpline’s fee of $35 per incident includes unlimited follow-up consultations. Pet Poison Helpline is available in North America by calling 800-213-6680. Additional information can be found online at

March - April 2017 | Connecticut Dog




Provide Privacy and Safety for Deserving Veteran National military nonprofit and South Windsor fence company team up to provide peace of mind for veteran and his family


hanks to the national nonprofit Hope For The Warriors and South Windsor-based Fence One, Army veteran Sgt. James Amaro recently  received a donation of a privacy fence that will provide a private and safe  environment for his family and service dog.       Living with PTSD, Amaro is transitioning back to civilian life with the assistance of Hope For The Warriors and his service dog Lucky. Living in a high-traffic area heightens his PTSD and therefore he desired a privacy fence to make his family’s  backyard a secluded sanctuary for him, his wife, children and Lucky but did not  have the means to pay for it. (Left to right) Fence One Co-owner Al Kupchunos, Fence One staff, Fence One Co-owner Patrick Kupchunos, Sgt. James Amaro and service dog, Lucky in front of Amaro’s newly donated fence.  

As �������������������������������������������������������� a part of Hope ����������������������������������������� For The Warriors’ Critical Care Coordina� tion program, social workers serve as advocates for clients in many areas including financial assistance and connecting veterans with community resources. Working with Sgt. Amaro and his social worker, Fence One donated 100 percent of the materials and labor, totaling over $6,000, to make this dream a reality.     “Words cannot explain the appreciation I feel for Fence One for donating its services to my family and my service dog, Lucky. The new fence will provide a safe place for Lucky’s continued training,” said Sgt Amaro. “I’m also extremely grateful for Hope For The Warriors and my social worker, Jory as she’s never given up on me. This could not have been possible without the combined efforts of Fence One and Hope For The Warriors and its generosity and commitment for helping veterans.” Amaro, born and reared in Hartford, joined the Army in 2006. He was based at Joint Base Fort Lewis McChord in the state of Washington and then with the United States Army Reserve in Connecticut, where he served for nine years. Deployed from October 2007 to January 2009 in Iraq, one of Amaro’s many duties included driving a truck as part of a supply convoy. With convoys a constant and prime target, Amaro’s job was a difficult one. As a result he was rewarded for his dedicated service with the Army Commendation Medal and the Driver and Mechanic Badge for driving over 8,000 miles in Iraq accident free.      “Sgt. Amaro is not alone. It’s not uncommon for military members to take years to transition from post-combat life and to have a heightened sense of security, “  said Robin Kelleher, co-founder and president of Hope For The Warriors. “Sgt. Amaro had an

10 • March - April 2017 | Connecticut Dog

extremely dangerous job in the military and we’re grateful to Fence One for making him feel more comfortable in his backyard thanks to the donated fence and labor.”     “When we heard about Sgt. Amaro and his service dog, Lucky, and their need for a backyard fence we decided it was an ideal fit for our company,” said Patrick Kupchunos, owner of Fence One LLC. “Our company is small but we like to think we  have a big heart when it comes to helping people. We just felt this was a project where we could help a deserving veteran and make his life a little easier.”      “Sgt. Amaro’s black lab, Lucky, will now be able to enjoy a fully enclosed backyard with black chain link. This will allow Lucky to safely exit the back of the house and have his own personal dog park,” added Kupchunos.     Fence One is a South Windsor residential and commercial fence company in its 12th year in business owned by lifelong South Windsor residents Patrick Kupchunos and his father, Al Kupchunos.     Celebrating 10 years of service, Hope For The Warriors assists veterans, service members and military  families with a variety of programming including clinical health and wellness,  sports and recreation, community and military relations and transition  services.  For ����������������������������������������������������������� more information on Hope For ���������������������������������� The Warriors, visit hopeforth�, Facebook or Twitter.      For more information on Fence One, visit or call (860) 644-5757.   



playing with dogs

Saturday, May 20th 7:30pm Mortensen Hall at The Bushnell Written by Rebecca Runk


anson Youth Institution (MYI) in Cheshire is home to a very special breed of dog/dog handler team. Just ask the volunteers who enter the prison on a daily basis to visit resident greyhounds who are being housed, cared for, and trained by inmate handlers. These caring volunteers are mem� bers of Connecticut Prison Greyhounds, Inc. (CPG) a nonprofit organization created to continue the canine training program at the prison. Its goal is to train greyhounds who are recently retired from racing (and who continuously arrive from other states) in order to ease their transition from track to home life. CPG works in partnership with Connecticut Department of Corrections, Connecticut Greyhound Adoption-GPA, Greyhound Rescue and Rehab, and Grateful Greyhounds, Inc. During each 6 week training period, a volunteer trainer instructs inmate handlers in proper greyhound care as well as training procedures to teach basic obedience commands such as sit, lie down, wait, and to go into their crates. The inmates and volunteers also assess the needs and personalities of each hound, sometimes using these unique personality traits to teach other “tricks” such as shaking paws/hands and even taking a bow! CPG positively impacts everyone that it touches – from the hounds all the way to the inmates and volunteers – as they work together to achieve the common goal of introducing these wonderful dogs to a world in which they will bond with their humans and lead happy lives. In the words of one of the inmate handlers, “CT Prison Greyhounds is a life changing program, not only for the dogs but for the in� mates who train them. Our goal for these dogs is to help them live a normal life in their forever homes.” For more information on CPG go to

Get ready for a fabulous night with our favorite furry friends! Conducted by HSO Assistant Conductor Adam Kerry Boyles, with creative direction by the legendary Broadway animal trainer Bill Berloni, the HSO brings together music and mutts like you’ve never seen before. On-stage action will include incredible canine performers, dazzling choreography, filmed sequences and heartwarming stories of our unique bond with man’s best friend – all set to music inspired by our very special love of dogs! POPS! SERIES PRESENTING SPONSOR

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PROVIDING QUALITY SERVICE SINCE 1956 March - April 2017 | Connecticut Dog



Meet Handsome Dan

Written by Steven Conn

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he newest Yale mascot, Handsome Dan XVIII, has been selected, the Yale University Athletics department reports.


The Olde English Bulldogge was born on Sept. 23, 2016, and is a true New Englander, coming from a breeder in Maine. He was part of a litter that included a brother and five sisters. Yale athletics conducted a national search for the next mascot after the passing of Sherman (Handsome Dan XVII), who was a familiar figure on the sidelines at games, serving as arguably the most famous mascot in college sports for more that nine years.

Dr. David Staudacher • Dr. Peter Berk Dr. Candace Hersey-Benner • Dr. Jacoba Nassar Dr. Joshua Malouin

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Going into the search process, the athletic department was aware of current breeding concerns of English Bulldogs. Christ Getman ‘64, the caretaker of four yale mascots, recommended looking for an Olde English Bulldogge- a larger, stronger and healthier version of the breed that got its name herding bulls. Handsome Dan XVIII will now attend a training school befitting an Ivy League icon before assuming the role of big dog on the Yale campus. Yale fans will be able to follow him on Instagram @handsomeDanXVIII and Twitter @HandsomeDan18. The new keeper of the mascot is Kevin Discepolo 09, a former lacrosse player who is now Yale’s assistance athletic director of facilities, operations and events. Handsome Dan XVIII will come to work at Ray Tompkins House, and Discepolo will take Dan on daily walks around campus, as well as to the many contests hosted by Yale. “It’s an honor to be involved with such a long-standing Yale tradition,” said Discepolo. “For over a century, Handsome Dans have provided excitement for Yale students, faculty and our fans. While this puppy might be the cutest mascot in college athletics, or rather the most hand� some, I’m confident he will grow into a strong and courageous bulldog who will inspire our student-athletes for many years.” The history of Handsome Dan dates to 1889, when Andrew Graves ‘925, a football player and rower during the days of Walter Camp, first named Yale’s mascot. The Bulldog tradition began a few years earlier, in 1890, when Harper, a champion English bulldog, was brought to football games to inspire the athletes. Getman, a former Eli baseball player, took care of most of yale’s mascots over the last 33 years, including Sherman, Maurice, Whizzer, and Louis. The exception was Mugsy.

Sh pping Guide March April 2017

• Waterproof and stain resistant • Six attachment points keep the hammock in place • Can be used as a hammock, or remove the front attachments to create a bench seat cover • Zippered openings allow use of seatbelts, pet restraints, and child car seat latches • Center zipper opens to accommodate passengers • Quick-release headrest buckles for easy installation and removal • Made of strong ripstop fabric with cross-hatched weave which resists tears as well as thick reinforcement threads for durability • Fray-resistant taped back seams • Comes in messenger style bag for easy storage when not in use • Designed to lie flat on a bench seat. Do not use with bucket seats or over an open space without a bench seat • Size: 55” wide x 56” long

Journey Dog Hammock $70.00

This dog hammock is our toughest, most durable one yet. Made of waterproof and resilient ripstop fabric with cross-hatched weave and reinforcement threads, this hammock will stand up to the most active of dogs. The double-stitched and taped back seams mean your hammock will last a lifetime. Contact Info: 877-847-3868

Dog Lover

One Acre Fenced in Yard 24 Hour Pet Sitting In My Home Anything so your dog is happy!


LUCKY DOG’S 39 Maplehurst Ave New Britain, CT 06053 860-357-2969 March - April 2017 | Connecticut Dog




Writtenby: by:Rebecca RebeccaLaCapria LaCapria Written

Old Farms Hotel is situated 20Take acres pool. yourof dogmanicured for a leisurelygrounds walk in theand hotel’s idyllic gardens von Oldvon Farms Hotel is situated on 20 acres of mani� on

offers uncompromising Connecticut Petcolorful friendly accommodations thatover boast that include flowerbeds and a wooden bridge a tranquil cured grounds and offers uncompromising Connecticut lodg� lodging. stream; enjoy a game of chess on the life size garden chessboard or select plush down feather beds and comforters ensure that you and your dog will enjoy relaxation in style ing. Pet friendly accommodations that boast plush down feather beds a book from our quaint librarybreakfast and curl up in the garden and comforters ensure that you andmorning your dog will in and comfort. Start your offenjoy withrelaxation our complimentary continental where yougazebo. can style and comfort. your morning ourlobby complimentary conti� with breakfast in Seasons Restaurant. Guests have enjoy casualStart fireside diningoffinwith the or indulge historic Colonial Highway just steps from the back of the nental breakfast where you can enjoy casual fireside dining in the access to our 24-hour fitness center and saunalobby as wellExplore as ourtheoutdoor seasonal pool. Take your dog for hotel or venture out to enjoy miles of hiking on the Farmington Canal or indulge with breakfast in Seasons Restaurant. Guests have access to a leisurely walk in the hotel’s idyllic gardens that include colorful flowerbeds and a wooden bridge over Heritage Trail. If you are looking for a more vigorous workout hike up our 24-hour fitness center and sauna as well as our outdoor seasonal a tranquil stream; enjoy a game of chess on the life size garden chessboard or select a book from our Talcott Mountain and take in the ex� quaint library and curl up in the garden gazebo. pansive views of the Farmington Val� Explore the historic ley from the top of the Heublein Tower Colonial trail. Highway just steps from the back of the hotel or venture out to enjoy milesHotel of can Guests of Avon Old Farms enjoy dining in our award-winning hiking on the Farmington Sea� sons Restaurant Trail. and TapIf Room. Canal Heritage youSeasons are serves inspired innovative American looking for a more vigorous cuisine and our Chef creates seasonal workout hike up Talcott menus utilizing fresh, local ingredients Mountain and take in the that capture the essence of each season. expansive views of the Guests have the option of sitting in the Farmington Valley from the topal main dining room, tap room or dining of the Heublein Tower trail. fresco on our seasonal patio. If loung� 14 • March - April 2017 | Connecticut Dog


Guests of Avon Old Farms Hotel can enjoy dining in our award-winning Seasons Restaurant and Tap Room. Seasons serves inspired innovative American cuisine and our Chef creates seasonal menus ing is on your to do list, the hotel also offers room service for breakfast, and dinner casual poolside dining. While the essence of each season. Guests have the option of utilizinglunch fresh, local oringredients that capture planning weekend getaway be sure check out sitting the in perfect the main dining room, tapto room or dining al our fabulous Sunday Brunch. Let your pup sleep in while you fresco on our seasonal patio. If lounging is on your to do enjoy delicious Brunch offerings that change weekly. Staples list, the hotel also offers room service for breakfast, lunch include breakfast breads & bagels, a smoked seafood display, and dinner or casual poolside dining. While planning the an extended salad bar with toppings, eggs benedict, custom perfect weekend getaway be sure to check out our omelets, sausage and bacon, a meat carving station featuring fabulous Sunday Brunch. Let your pupIndulge sleep in while you prime rib, as well as made to order Belgium waffles. enjoy delicious offerings thatmade change your sweet tooth with aBrunch selection of fruit or freshly pas� weekly. Staples include breakfast breads & bagels, a smoked tries and decadent desserts. seafood display, an extended salad bar with toppings, eggs benedict, custom omelets, sausage and bacon, a meat carving station featuring prime rib, as well as made to order Belgium waffles. Indulge your sweet tooth with a selection of fruit or freshly made pastries and decadent desserts. The hotel also specializes in wonderful wed� The hotel also specializes inreason why ding weekends… and we see no your wedding best friend can’t be a part of and one ofwe the wonderful weekends… most important day of your lives! With pictur� see no reason why your best friend can’t esque locations, a beautiful be a part of outdoor one ofceremony the most important glass terrace that showcases our serene setting day of your lives! With picturesque an intimate ballroom that can accommo� outdoorandceremony locations, a beautiful date up to 160 guests. The Avon Old Farms glass terrace that showcases our serene Hotel has so much to offer all of our guests and setting their andpets! an intimate ballroom that can accommodate up to 160 guests. The Avon Old Farms Hotel has so much to For more information or to make offer all of our guests and their pets! a reservation please call: For more information or to make a (860) 677-1651 or visit: reservation please call: (860) 677-1651 or visit: March - April 2017 | Connecticut Dog


Weddings Photo by: Love & Light Photographs

love leash via

Photo by: Love & Light Photographs

Weddings are truly timeless. If you find yourself daydreaming about getting married, renewing your vows, or perhaps secretly planning to elope – it doesn’t really matter, because the results are all the same…excitement, romance and love! In the affairs of the heart, the word “wedding” can conjure up so many different images for couples from all walks of life. But there is one ele� ment that most couples do agree on…a wedding should be surrounded by love. Today, it seems more and more dog owners are tending to include their pets in shopping, dining, and just about every aspect of their everyday life. Some may feel this is beyond all reason… but for Stephanie Cone and Brenton Liba, it is very reasonable. As a matter of fact, it was so reasonable to them, that they decided to have their two TAILS OF LOVE join in their dream wedding celebration. Yes, love can be full of surprises, and it can also mean…four legged and furry!

Connecticut Dog asked Stephanie and Brenton, “Please share with our readers, why was it so important to you both to have your dogs at the wedding?” This is what they had to say, “We simply could not imagine not having Cooper (white male, mini Aussie-doodle) and Riley (beige/ golden female, mini Golden-doodle) there. We wanted all of our family and friends to share in our special day, especially our “kids” which bring us constant joy, and fill our hearts with so much love. We feel fortunate to have them in our lives.” Before you consider, something old, something new, something bor� rowed, something blue – and something chewed…there are a few precautions you should take. Consider Your Pets Personality – Even the most outgoing, and friendly dog can be overwhelmed by loud noise and large crowds. March - April 2017 | Connecticut Dog


18 • March - April 2017 | Connecticut Dog

Photo by: Love & Light Photographs

Not every pooch likes to be dressed-up, maybe a bowtie or a simple nontonic flower attached to the collar is all you need. Also, keeping your dog on a short leash would be best.

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue – and something chewed.”

Notify Your Guests – That your pet will be attending the wedding and the reception. Some of your guests might be very frightened of animals, or even have allergies. Make arrangements For a Pet Sitter – Having a responsible pet sitter will give you the best of both worlds without worries, and still get to enjoy all the wet kisses. They will assist in all the small duties: meal time, potty breaks, and of course, play time throughout the day. Don’t forget to remind your sitter of the dangers of chocolate and toxic flowers! Hiring A Photographer – Your photographer will need a heads up before the Big Day. Have him/her ready to capture that, “one in a

million” adorable shot of your pet that will give you, and your guest years of beaming smiles.

Most Important Detail – Confirm that your furry pooch will be wel� comed in the church, or in the reception facility you wish to celebrate your nuptials. History does repeat itself. The favorite pet of Ancient Egypt was the dog (the Egyptian word for dog was “iwiw”) they were even given hu� man names. Painting and mosaics over 3,000 years old were discovered having illustrations of Pharaohs and Queens with their royal pets. Can’t you just picture Cleopatra being escorted throughout the royal place by her Greyhound, guarding her every move. Time may have passed, but the love humans have for dogs, has not. Name dropping was just as impressive back then as it is today. Below are a few names of royalty in which the Greyhound has been linked to, and a list of some celebrities of today who also have included their pets in their nuptials.

Weddings Of the Past King Tutankhamen Queen Hatsheput Amenhotep II Cleopatra VII

Of Today Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi Tori Spelling & Charlie Shanian Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher Kaley Cuoco & Ryan Sweeting Stephanie Cone & Brenton Liba with their furry kids,

Cooper & Riley

March - April 2017 | Connecticut Dog



Stephanie and Brenton Liba 07.18.2015 | Saybrook Point Inn & Spa Baby Breath - toxic to dogs Calla Lily - toxic to dogs Carnation - toxic to dogs Chrysanthemum - toxic to dogs Delphinium Gardenia - toxic to dogs Hydrangea Gerbera Daisy Ivy - toxic to dogs Lily - toxic to dogs Lily of the Valley - toxic to dogs and humans Peony - toxic to dogs Ranunculus Rose Stephanotis

The Most Popular Wedding Flowers 20 • March - April 2017 | Connecticut Dog

Stock Sweer Pea - toxic to dogs and humans Tulip - toxic to dogs Photos by Love & Light Photographs Flowers designed by Leah, at Ranunculus Flower Shoppe


Pet Dental HEALTH

By Dr. Monica Dijanic


very year certain organization such as the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Veterinary Dental Society work in conjunction with other groups to promote pet dental awareness. Did you know that oral disease is the most frequently diagnosed health problem of dogs and cats? According to the American Veterinary Dental Society 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of dental disease by the age of 3. Dental disease begins with bacterial build up in the mouth. The bacteria in conjunction with food debris form plaque accumulations on the tooth. These plaque accumulations can then mix with calcium deposits and form tartar. This starts a cascade of events which leads to inflammation and infection resulting in periodontal disease which can then lead to tooth loss. Some signs of oral health issues are bad breath, painful mouth, difficulty eating, drooling, and/or discoloration of the teeth just to name a few. Even if your pet is not showing signs of problems it is worth asking your veterinarian for a dental checkup. But be warned, oral disease does not stay in the mouth, the inflammation and infection can spread to other organs in the body such as the heart, kidneys, and liver. The good news is that oral disease is usually preventable. Prevention includes annual veterinary exams to assess the overall health of your pet including his or hers teeth. It also includes a good at home dental care program including tooth brushing with approved pet toothpaste. If your pet is diagnosed with periodontal disease your veterinarian should discuss with you what stage of disease he or she is at and an appropriate treatment plan. Most treatment plans include a thorough ultrasonic cleaning under anesthesia. Dental radiographs (X rays) may also be indicated depending on your veterinarian’s exam findings. If tooth extraction is necessary during the procedure be sure that your pet has good pain medication and appropriate antibiotics if indicated. There are many dental tools at our hand that may be recommended for your pet post procedure – dental diets, dental chews, oral rinses, sealants and don’t forget tooth brushing to just name a few. Make this year the start of your pet’s new dental care plan. Schedule a visit with your veterinarian. Discuss your pet’s dental health. Schedule a dental cleaning if needed. And most importantly follow up with a home care plan suggested by your veterinarian. Remember, pets need dental care too.

22 • March - April 2017 | Connecticut Dog

Dr. Monica Dijanic is co-owner of Beaver Brook Animal Hospital in Wethersfield, CT with Dr. Howard Asher, C.V.A. Beaver Brook Animal Hospital is an integrative practice offering conventional Western medicine in conjunction with complimentary modalities such as TCVM and Laser Therapy and is Fear Free certified. Their website is

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St. Paddy’s Day Doggie Patties

Ingredients: 1 1/2 cup all purpose flour 1 cup whole wheat flour 2 tsp. baking soda 4 cups green peas (cooked, drained and cooled) 2 Tbsp. water + more as needed when kneading dough

Directions: • Pre heat oven to 325 • Blend peas in blender or food processor until smooth. • Put dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl Add blended peas to dry ingredients • Knead dough...You may need to add another tablespoon or so of water depending on how wet your peas are. Dough should stick but not be too wet.Roll or pat dough to 1/2 inch thickness and cut with desired shaped cookie cutters...I used Shamrocks for these cookies.

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• Bake for 25 minutes Cool completely on wire rack then store in air tight container for up to a week

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How Close Are You and Your Dog? LODGING • LODGING

Safe, Clean & Comfortable Environment Inside Suites with Outside Patio • Safe, Clean &• Comfortable Environment • Inside Suites•withTrail-Walk Outside Patioand Courtyard Activities • Trail-Walk and Courtyard Activities • Daycare Available while Lodging LODGING • Daycare Available while Lodging LODGING Condos too! • Feline Condos• & Feline Apartments, too! & Apartments, • Safe, Clean & Comfortable Environment GROOMING GROOMING • looking Inside person Suitesapproaches with Outside Patio 1. If a suspicious you, how anxious • Grooming Staff with over 40+ years exp. • Safe, Clean & Comfortable Environmen does your dog•get? Trail-Walk and Courtyard Activities • Consultations Grooming Staff with over 40+ years exp. with Outside Patio • Groomer-Client • Inside Suites a. Not anxious at all • Daily Appointments • Daycare Available while Lodging • Groomer-Client Consultations b. Shows some concern • Experienced with All Breeds • Feline Condos & Apartments, c. Gets very worried and protective • Dailytoo! Appointments • Trail-Walk and Courtyard Activities DAYCARE with All Breeds LODGING • Daycare Available while Lodging 2. How many nicknames does your dog have?• Experienced

GROOMING • All Day Fun & Exercise with Friends • Area Safe, Clean & • Comfortable • 8,700 Square Feet of Play FelineEnvironment Condos DAYCARE Staff with over 40+ years exp. • Outdoor Areas are Astro • TurfInside for YourSuites with Outside Patio

a. None b. A few • Grooming c. Too many to count!

& Apartments, too!

• Groomer-Client Dog’s Consultations Our Entire Facility Safety, & Cleanliness • Health All Day & Exercise with Friends • Fun Trail-Walk and Courtyard Activities Is Heated & • Indoor Areas • Daycare Available Daily Appointments 3. How often • do you play with your dog?& Outdoor GROOMING Air Conditioned while Lodging • Day! 8,700 Square Feet of Play Area • Free Evaluation Walk-in Tours Anytime too! a. parents and siblings play withAll himBreeds • Feline Condos & Apartments, • Experienced with • Outdoor Areas are Astro Turf for Your b. Maybe a couple times a week Grooming withFacility over 40+ years Mon-Fri 7am-7pm • Sat 8am-6pm SunCleanliness 12pm-5pm Staff Our Entire Dog’s Safety, Health••& c. Every single day! GROOMING DAYCARE Is Heated & •withGroomer-Client Consultations • Indoor•& Grooming Outdoor Staff Areas over 40+ years exp. Air Conditioned 4. Are you the main caretaker of your dog? • All Day Funcare & ofExercise Friends Free Evaluation Day! Hebron•with Ave., Glastonbury, CT • • Consultations 860-633-6878 a. No, the rest of my family takes 2811 him Walk-in Tours Anytime • Groomer-Client Daily Appointments b. For the most•part8,700 Square Feet of Play Area• Daily Appointments c. Yes! I feed him I’m there Areas whenever he goes to the or the • •AllExperienced All12pm-5pm Breeds •andOutdoor are Astro Turfvetfor •Your Experienced with Breeds Mon-Fri 7am-7pm Sat 8am-6pmwith • Sun groomer Our Entire Facility Dog’s Safety, Health & Cleanliness Is LODGING Heated & DAYCARE 5. Does your dog sleep in your room? • Indoor & Outdoor Areas DAYCARE Air Conditioned • Clean &with Comfortable Environment a. Nope, he sleeps in a different part of the house • All DayAve., Fun &Safe, Exercise FriendsCT • Free Evaluation Day! 2811 Hebron Glastonbury, • Inside Outside Patio • 860-633-6878 Walk-in Suites Tours with Anytime b. Once in a while


• 8,700 Square Feet of Play Area Activities • • Trail-Walk and Courtyard Experienced Professional Grooming StaffFriends All Day Fun & Exercise with • Outdoor Areas are Astro Turf for Lodging Your • Daycare Available while Mon-Fri 7am-7pm • Sat 8am-6pm • Sun 12pm-5pm Groomer-Client Consultations • • Feline Condos & Apartments, too! Feet Our Entireof Facility Dog’s Safety, Health & Cleanliness 8,700 Square Play Area 6. When your dog learned how to sit or give paw, Is Heated & Daily Appointments who taught him? • Indoor & Outdoor Areas GROOMING Air Conditioned • Day! Outdoor Areas are Astro Turf for Your a . I have no idea Experienced All Breeds • Free Evaluation • Grooming Staff with overwith 40+ years exp. Walk-in Tours Anytime c. Practically every night!

Consultations 2811 Hebron Ave., Glastonbury, CT ••Groomer-Client 860-633-6878 Dog’s Safety, Health & Cleanliness • Daily Appointments Mon-Fri 7am-7pm • Sat 8am-6pm • Sun 12pm-5pm • Experienced with All & Breeds • Indoor Outdoor Areas 7. When you’re feeling sad what does your dog do? a. Nothing? DAYCARE • DayFree Evaluation Day! b. He notices, but doesn’t do much • AllAve., FunGlastonbury, & Exercise with Friends 2811 Hebron CT • 860-633-6878 b. My parents/sibling c. Me!

c. Goes over to you to make sure you’re okay

Mostly a’s: Not very close! Don’t worry, it’s not too late. There’s tons of little things that you can do with your dog to be closer though. Try taking him for more walks, feeding him a few treats throughout the day, or teach him a few new tricks. You could also try to take on a few more responsibilities with your dog, like feeding him his meals! It might take time, but it’s worth it in the end. Mostly b’s: You’re pretty close! There’s still ways that you can improve your bond though. Just follow the tips in the ‘mostly a’s’ section! Mostly c’s: Best friends! You and your dog are super close. You’re definitely your dogs favorite person, so it’s a match made in heaven!

• 8,700 Square Feet of Play Area • Outdoor Areas are Astro Turf for Your Dog’s Safety, Health & Cleanliness • Indoor & Outdoor Areas • Free Evaluation Day!

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pring S S

Safety Tips


pring Cleaning has been a long time tradition in most households. Although it’s common in areas where the winter season is colder, spring cleaning refers to a yearly act of cleaning your house inside and out and from top to bottom. In early 19th century North America and northern Europe, the annual spring cleaning often happened during the month of March. Before vacuum cleaners were around, March was a great time to dust the house. The reason for this was because it was warm enough to open the windows and doors so that the high winds could carry the dust right out of the house. There wasn’t a worry for insects and bugs because it wasn’t warm enough for them to come out yet. Today, many people clean their homes in March because it is the perfect weather to get the cleaning fumes out of the house. A family with dogs will have to take on a few extra tasks to ensure the safety of their pets. When cleaning a room or area of the house with cleaners, keep all pets out of that area until the room is well ventilated and the cleaning products have dried. When doing house improvements be sure to keep toxic chemicals out of reach. Read the labels carefully to see if the product you are using is safe around your pets. Don’t overlook other objects that you might have lying around the house like nails, staples, razor blades, and other sharp objects. It would be a good idea to keep your canine companion in another part of the house if you have plans to renovate an area of your home.

Chemicals that you may use in the garden may also be hazardous to your dog. Many of the things that you use for your plants and grass are poisonous to your dog. Items such as fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides should be put away so that your dog cannot get into them. Various types of mulch and pre-treated wood chips are not safe for dogs to eat. For example, cocoa mulch is highly toxic. There are many beautiful plants such as flowers, shrubs, and trees that can be poisonous to your dog. Do your research before you plant anything. Visit for a complete list of toxic and non-toxic plants for your home and garden. Now that you are opening your windows, check to make sure the screens do not have holes in them. You wouldn’t want insects to get in or your dog chewing on the screen to make the hole larger. Also, make sure screens are secure and fit properly in the window. Check around your fenced property to make sure that there are no areas where your dog can escape. If you notice some gaps or openings, find ways to fix it before it’s too late. This is the time of the year to build the walls around your house higher so that your growing dog cannot jump over and escape. 26 • March - April 2017 | Connecticut Dog

If you are going through storage bins and containers, make sure that you do not leave anything out for your dog to get into. It’s easy to forget what was packed away so if you step away even for a few minutes, your dog can get into things that they shouldn’t have. Have your dog tested for heartworm. Your dog should be put on heartworm medicine. Make sure that your dog gets their flea and tick control medication, too. Spring cleaning is a good time to check on your dog’s identification tags. Too many dogs get lost or wander off this time of year. To avoid a lost dog, be sure that your dog has proper up-to-date identification on their tags including their name, address, and phone number. Also, if you have a microchip in your dog, you will need to make sure that the chip information is current. Many dogs shed this time of year. Keep your home clean by regularly brushing your dog. Your dog will be happy to lose that winter coat now that the weather is warming up. This will make for a happy and healthy pet.

“The Adventures of Dirty Dog, Lady Jane, and Sparky”

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mP o T s

ET mEmorial bo xE



119 Oakland St. Manchester, CT 06040 (860) 649-0485

By Animal Artist Marty Gordon

HaND PaiNTED, PErsoNaliZED PET mEmorial boxEs & CrEmaTioN urNs For Your PETs!

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order Collies are widely known for their intelligence, loyalty, and obedience. This breed was devel� oped in the Anglo-Scottish border region for herding livestock, especially sheep. One trait that sets Border Collies apart from other breeds is the use of the ‘eye’. When they are working, they crouch

down, and have an intense stare that seems to hypnotize the livestock. Border Collies are workaholics and it’s unfortunate that this breed has moved from the farmyards to suburbia.

Please consider answering these questions before you bring a Border Collie home. 1. Are there children in the household regularly? If so, will they be fearful when the dog nips at their feet and hands? 2. Are you willing to exercise the dog 3-4 times a day for periods of 45 minutes? 3. Will you interact with the dog playing with Frisbees, and balls? 28 • March - April 2017 | Connecticut Dog

4. Will the dog be left alone in the house more than 4 hours, causing the dog to entertain itself, or can the dog accompany me everywhere? 5. Will you commit to obedience training to increase the levels of learning in order to keep the dog stimulated?

LIFE SPAN: 10-17 years.

TEMPERAMENT: Alert, tenacious, responsive and very intelligent.

HEIGHT: Male 19-22 inches, Female 18-21 inches.

WEIGHT: Male 30-45 lbs. Female 27-42 lbs.

COLORS: Black, Red Merie, Gold, White, Sable Merle, Chocolate, Brindle, Lilac, Sable, Liver and Blue Merle.

ORIGIN: Scotland, Wales, Ireland, England and United Kingdom. March - April 2017 | Connecticut Dog




The Simon Foundation,Inc. Check us out on Facebook!

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sabelle came from N.Carolina with her litter of 10 puppies. She is a tricolored hound mix. Isabelle will do best with an active family that is kind, loving and looking forward to sharing their life with this beautiful and deserving dog


apone is a big boy with a big heart. Originally from Kentucky, he traveled to Simon in hopes of find� ing a better life with a loving family. Capone is a strong dog that will need an experience handler to show him some basic obedience.








arley is a goofy Coonhound/Shar Pei mix that is finally ready to find a forever home. Harley is a friendly guy that would be good with older chil� dren, great with other dogs, but is terri� fied of cats. He crates easily and know his basic commands.


insey is from a local animal con� trol. Kinsey is a beautiful girl with a sweet disposition. She will benefit from a patient experienced handler and a laid back lifestyle.


inus is one of the sweetest old guys to come our way. His gray muzzle shows his age, but his twinkling eyes show his amazing spirit. This dog de� serves to spend his golden years being spoiled in a loving home.

Molaki is a handsome guy with a strong personality and plenty of energy. He will be a wonderful dog for the right person. An adult only household with previous breed experience is necessary. Molaki will enjoy frequent daily walks.









ubin is a loveable big lug that came from a CT animal control. His time was up and we wanted to give him a chance at a new life. Rubin is a mastiff mix and will need a strong han� dler with breed experience. 30 • March - April 2017 | Connecticut Dog

tta is a beauty that came from N.Carolina. She was left in a high kill shelter, emaciated, infested with parasites and ringworm. She has made an amazing recovery and now has a chance at a wonderful life.

iles came from a local animal con� trol. He is playful, energetic and sweet as can be. He has been through multiple basic obedience classes with our dedicated volunteers here and loves to play in our doggie play groups.

sa is an amazing senior pitbull mix that we pulled on his last day at a local animal control. He is friendly, loves to play with toys and is okay with other dogs. Please give this wonderful dog a new loving home.

ill was owner surrendered when his mom lost her apartment and she was unable to care for him any lon� ger. Will was lucky to have a person that cared enough about him to find a place like The Simon Foundation.

igby was 7 months old when she came to our foundation from a neglectful home. She was very shy around strangers and had no manners, or social skills. Rigby was adopted into a loving home and did very well.


MISSION K9 RESCUE • (713) 589-9362 • Check us out on Facebook!


CWD Astor

CWD Astor


ce needs that special someone to call her own who will take their time to under� stand that she has worked in hard conditions her entire life. She is slowly learning to trust humans again. She will not be adopted into a home with young children or with other ani� mals in the home.


stor was an Explosive Detection K9 in Af� ghanistan. He is a loving boy who is great with people however he does not like other dogs. He must be the only dog in the home. He is also a very strong boy and he needs someone who can handle a strong dog.


CWD Cibo

CWD Etzel

CWD Kilo




ibo is a retired Contract Working Dog (or CWD) and he worked his entire life overseas in Afghanistan as a Bomb Detection K9. We recommend no small children or other animals. Cibo was trained in Dutch commands which we will help the adopter become familiar with.

tzel is a very active dog so she will need to be placed in a home where she will be kept busy and emotionally stimulated. Etzel is not potty trained or obedience trained so any new home must be willing to work with her. She is an amazing dog who loves all people and just needs a home to call her own.

ony was an explosive Detection dog in Af� ghanistan. She is a loveable girl  but does not do well with other dogs so she will only be adopted to a single dog household. She is great with people and loves to play ball. She is very strong and will pull on the leash, so her leash manners need to be worked on.

ilo is a young boy who was born in Kuwait. Un� fortunately his litter developed Distemper so he never went on to start training for explosives detec� tion.  Kilo is completely healthy now, however his teeth have enamel damage caused by the distemper virus.  Kilo loves people and does well with most dogs non alpha dogs.  He has not been tested with cats.

CWD Hanien

CWD Mira

CWD Radja




anien is an amazing smart girl who is happy,  active and loves to be around the people. Hanien prefers a very quiet home and needs to be an only dog as she does not ap� preciate other dogs in her space. She will not be placed in a home with cats or other dogs as she prefers to be the only animal.  

ira is a wonderful girl who worked as a Narcotics Detection dog in Afghanistan and is trained in Dutch commands. Her favorite thing to do is to play ball. We recommend slow introductions with other dogs and it is best for her not to be placed with an Alpha dog. She is amazing with people and loves to be loved.

adja spent his entire life over in Aghani� stan as an Explosive Detection Dog. He prefers to be an only dog as he does not like other dogs. He is good with people but small children is not recommended. He needs an owner that is familiar with working dogs and preferbly a prior handler. March - April 2017 | Connecticut Dog


Fun for the whole family.

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Welcome to Connecticut Dog magazine. We are a free bi-monthly family-owned and operated publication . We love dogs and we hope you do to! Ou...

Connecticut Dog Magazine  

Welcome to Connecticut Dog magazine. We are a free bi-monthly family-owned and operated publication . We love dogs and we hope you do to! Ou...