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DISCOVER 3D in EDUCATION CYBER ANATOMY 3D MED VR (advance medical software) This new age 3D technology provides a realistic and immersive environment for virtual dissection and exploration of human anatomy (male and female). Cyber Anatomy Med VR is a three dimensional, virtual -reality model of the complete human (both male and female) body. More than 13000 body parts are displayed in full colour, with medically accurate details. This enables us to understand the spatial relationship between the bones, muscles, arteries, veins and nervous that one finds in actual cadaver. The 3D model allows multiple students to perform the same exercise, something that would not be possible using an actual cadaver. Doc-

tors, teachers, and other health professionals using this 3D product are able to explain the anatomy of human body, without fully relying on actual cadavers or sacrificing precious cadaver organs. Cyber-Anatomy’s real time simulation environment makes a full set of interactive functions available. Rotation, dissecting, zooming in/out, peeling away skin, muscle layers, labeling, focusing on any specific organs are just a few examples of the flexibility allowed to students on global scale. This can meet the shortage of qualified medical faculties at many places now and in near future. The three dimensional presentation and mobility of each structure create an open, freely moving, virtual dissection experience that draws students in, always providing an accurate sense

of the spatial relationships between anatomical structures. This unique programme is not a necessary substitute for cadavers, but rather a way to enhance education of medical students. Every teacher will acknowledge the importance of dissecting an actual cadaver, but this programme provides insight into the human body that goes beyond standard anatomy education. Dispro Visual Technologies Ltd proudly offers these 3D Educational products equipped with softwares/hardwares set up catering to different segments as:CYBER ANATOMY Med VR (Medical Colleges, Universities) CYBER SCIENCE 3D Interactive 3D science models for (K-12 students) EDU MAGIC 3D (pre school kids) Learning can be so much fun for kids.\\

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