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What if


developed entirely new teaching technology that was better, more intuitive, more affordable, and a lot easier for teachers? (Imagine that.)

In the world of interactive teaching, Mimio products stand apart. The NEW MimioClassroom™ family of products. We took award-winning teaching technologies. We gathered meticulous input from teachers and administrators. We then challenged some of the best engineering minds in the industry to create an entirely new standard. All MimioClassroom tools are designed to work together. Simply. The MimioTeach™ interactive system transforms the whiteboards you already have into interactive whiteboards. The MimioCapture™ ink recording system lets you use dry erase markers to write, edit, and erase directly to your computer. The MimioVote™ assessment system provides instant testing results with a handset that’s easier for students—it automatically renumbers in a convenient storage and charging tray. The MimioView™ document camera displays high-resolution images and launches the onscreen software simultaneously. When Ken Royal of Scholastic experienced the new MimioClassroom tools, he said they were “…simple to use, priced right, and not confusing for teachers….” Exactly what we had in mind.

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