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To make his new video, that is. For his new single ‘You Don’t Scare Me’ Josh in imploring his fans to create a music video, and there are some great prizes to be won.

#96 - June 10 - June 23

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The best clip will be chosen by Josh himself and it will be premiered on Channel Ten’s Video Hits. Along with the recognition all over music television, the winner will also receive $2500 and signed copies of all of Josh’s albums.

Last issue’s cover stars, The Protectors, are all set to play their two Tassie shows on the 12th and 13th of this month. If you’ve missed the last edition than you missed out, so don’t let it happen again! Get to the gig to see one of the hottest up and coming bands in the country, who sport a stunning live act and a catchy as hell glam rock sound!

Opinions expressed in Sauce are not necessarily those of the Editor or staff. Sauce Publishing accepts no liability for the accuracy of advertisements.

Contributors: Carl Fidler, Glenn Moorehouse, Dane Hunnerup, Nick Hay, Tabitha Fletcher, Mike Wilcox, Mick Lowenstein, Rebecca Taylor, Dave Elliston.

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Get your music heard on Australia’s first digital radio station dedicated to undiscovered artists.

There’s no brief, so be creative! After you’re done, upload the vid to YouTube and it will be linked to the Josh Pyke video competition channel. For more details and terms and conditions, head to: 0

NO MORE NO NO’S After just under four years together, The No No’s are calling it quits as front man David Edmondson leaves to pursue solo projects. But Edmondson will join his band mates, Rohan Ewington on bass and Duncan Ewington on drums, for a farewell show at the Republic on June 10. Forming in August 2005, The No No’s played their own brand of rock-a-billy meets punk meets roots and a little bit of everything in between. Over their time together, the group played nearly four hundred shows and developed a massive following. With shows in Tasmania and the mainland, the band has received airplay all over the world. The band has played big shows such as the Falls Festival and were fortunate to win an Amplified award just last year.


0 10 June @ The Republic, Hobart

Young Tasmanian filmmakers Harriet and Stella MacDonald are to be congratulated for the recent success with their health video Hep C – The Movie.

PEATS RIDGE TICKETS The Peats Ridge Festival has released their first batch of tickets, on Monday June 8th.

To get a taste of the band and the EP, you can head to the band’s website for a free download of the lead single ‘I’m A Sister.’

The seven minute short film took first prize in the competition run by the World Hepatitis Day Alliance, and features vox pops, interviews and animation.

In a new initiative, the festival will be offering a layby system to help make tickets more affordable, especially during the GFC.

If YouTube videos are anything to go by, the bands live performance is a force of nature not to be missed. Try for samples of what you can expect from the Tassie shows. You can also head to for an interview with singer Pete Stals.

Hep C – The Movie was produced in partnership with The Link Youth Health Service, the Department of Health’s Hepatitis C Project Officer, and the two filmmakers of Tigermoth Productions.

The lay-by system will break down the cost of your ticket into four equal payments, and they will then be deducted monthly.

The Sydney band have been making fans far an wide, and have recently racked up some impressive supports including Eagles of Death Metal and Mickey Avalon, but now their touring in support of their debut EP Tarantula.

0 12 June @ The Republic Bar, Hobart 0 13 June @ Hotel New York, Launceston

Simon Hancock

Editorial Assistant: Meegan May Email:


"Tasmania's own"

REDLINE Coach Services STUDENT FARES Up to 18 years of age 60 cents per sector on all services Over 18 years of age 50% discount applies (Launceston – Hobart $17.30)

Adults Advance Return*

The judges were impressed with the documentary that highlighted the misunderstanding and lack of awareness about hepatitis C among young people in Tasmania. Stella and Harriet have both been active users of services provided by Wide Angle Tasmania, and have recently located to London.

The ‘green’ festival is held over the New Years period in the picturesque Glenworth Valley, about an hour north of Sydney, and features music, art, theatre, children’s entertainment, workshops, stalls and more. 0

DJ DOLL RETURNS Well we may have missed out on DJ Minx, but Havana Brown will soon be back in town, and will surely not disappoint fans of female DJs.

GET REVIEWED The Ozjam Review recently launched on June 1st as another tool aimed at helping Australian musicians rise to the top.

Still holding the title of Australia’s number one female DJ, Havana will be returning to Lonnies to glam it up with her gold headphones.

The service will get your music reviewed by some of the leading names in the Australian music industry, giving you some great advice and getting your music noticed.

After having entered the music business as a singer, Havana started to spin after the demise of her group Supafly. One of the members was an international DJ, and showed her the ropes.

Hobart to Launceston $62.10 Save $15.50!!

From there she was quickly noticed, and is now playing some of the biggest venues and parties in the country.

(*Conditions Apply)

Havana has recently finished a tour supporting The Pussycat Dolls again, as well as Lady GaGa.

Reservations/Credit Card Payments 1300 360 000

The service will only be offered for the first and release of tickets, between June 8th and the end of August.

0 13 June @ Lonnies, Launceston

All you need to do is register as a VIP with the website for $9.95, upload some audio or video clips to your profile that you’d like reviewed, and soon it will be heading directly to the ears of three top reviewers. 0 Visit for more details.

MUSIC VIDEO SEMINAR Internationally acclaimed director Kris Moyes will soon be host to a seminar on directing music videos, which will surely be of interest to all filmmakers and musicians. As director of videos for acts such as Beck, The Presets, Wolfmother and many more, the seminar will feature a screening of his work; discussions on ideas, craft and technical issues involved with production; and addressing how budget constraints can be overcome with creativity! This is a unique opportunity, and as it’s a free seminar, bookings are essential.


0 To register:

CDs & DVDs New + Second Hand 37 Wilson St Burnie 03 6431 6616 4

. ISSUE 96 . JUNE 10 - JUNE 23 2009





Chasing That Feeling

“…[‘Chase That Feeling’] was another case of lyrics been driven by the sample...a lot of the times when I’m writing a chorus there won’t even be words, it will just be phonetics and harmonies...”

The state of the art that is Australian hip-hop seems to be in a very good place right now. With a buzz surrounding the entire scene, an array of artists coming onto the front, and both chart and critical success for the genre. It seems to be the perfect time for the biggest names in Aussie hip-hop to branch out on their own, launching not only a new album, but a new label too. “I think it’s definitely developed. Early on there were three categories: people trying to be American, or people trying to be too Australian, and then there was people just doing their thing and just trying to make good hip-hop. I think it’s coming down to the third option now. It’s narrowing down and Australia’s really finding their voice without having to be American or over Australian.”

and we just wanted to start up our own thing…We wanted to have a place where we could bring up artists we wanted to put out. It just felt like time for us.” Although Obese Records had always given them artistic freedom (Suffa mentions that the writing and recording process had never been interfered with), the new label has been created firstly for their fifth album, State of the Art.

As MC Suffa (Matt Lambert) describes, Australian hip-hop is really coming into its own. The Hilltop Hoods, along with top artists like Bliss N Eso, Drapht and Pez are releasing hit albums and singles, and getting a large amount of airtime. It’s clear that over the past few years Aussie hip-hop has moved out from the underground and into the mainstream, and the Golden Era for the genre is clearly underway.

The process of creating State of the Art was a little different than their previous four albums. The increased distance between where the guys were living meant a change in the way they wrote and recorded for the new album. Most of the Hilltop Hoods have moved out of their old ‘hood in south-eastern Adelaide (known by the local youth as “the hilltop”) and, in the case of Suffa, into a more rural area. Although they’re still fairly close geographically, Suffa describes that a lot of the writing for the record was done separately and then brought together. It also gave them time to really think about a track before the opportunity to get together and work on it arose.

With this kind of success, more opportunities have presented themselves for the tight-knit hip-hop community. The Hilltop Hoods have taken the chance to launch their own record label, aptly titled Golden Era Records. “Our contract with Obese was expired 6

. ISSUE 96 . JUNE 10 - JUNE 23 2009

“It was a lot of rewriting and rerecording. We were probably the most fussy we’ve ever been with a record. The hardest thing for me personally was the last track on the record, I wrote that over three months and it took me ten or eleven recording sessions to get it down.” Chasing perfection for the new album has led to the creation of a powerful, and much darker, follow-up to 2006’s award winning record The Hard Road. The album also features a richness gained from the addition of more session musicians than previous recordings, including an appearance by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, revising their collaboration for 2007’s The Hard Road Restrung. The album is now ready to hit shelves on the twelfth of this month, and the Hilltop Hoods are currently on their State of the Art tour. Fans can still expect the popular tracks like ‘The Nosebleed Section’ to remain on the set list, but room has to be made for the new tracks such as ‘Chase That Feeling,’ which is currently hitting the airwaves. The song itself was, as Suffa describes, “another case of lyrics been driven by the sample. When I made that beat, a lot of the times

when I’m writing a chorus there won’t even be words, it will just be phonetics and harmonies and then the lyrics for ‘Chase That Feeling’ came in over the top of that. We reverse engineered that, wrote around the samples.” So, what feelings does MC Suffa chase? “I’m not a religious person or anything, I guess my spirituality comes from music and community and family and that sort of thing… And booze.” Hopefully Suffa can find at least a one of these things while he’s on tour throughout July.


Shows are selling out fast, so get your tickets now. 0 30 July @ City Hall, Hobart WWW.SAUCE.NET.AU







T I C K E T S $ 1 0 P R E S A L E OR $ 1 2 O N T H E D O O R W W W. R E P U B L I C B A R . C O M , 2 9 9 E L I Z A B E T H S T. H O B A RT, 6 2 3 4 6 9 5 4





TICKETS $10 ON THE DOOR 1 2 2 Y O R K S T. L A U N C E S T O N , 6 3 3 4 7 2 3

"Frontman Pete Stals oozed intensity, from his fembot Iggy Pop image to the screaming abandon of his vocals..." DRUM MEDIA E P O U T N O W, ' TA R A N T U L A ' W W W. M Y S PA C E . C O M / T H E P R O T E C T O R S


Storm Warning

The Thundamentals began with a bunch of friends from the Blue Mountains who all shared a love of hip-hop. Finding they had a lot of time on their hands, apparently there’s not much to do up there, the band “found ourselves starting to write music to keep ourselves entertained and the rest is history!” Jesse Ferris aka Jeswon lets us in on the fundamentals of The Thundamentals. What’s been a bigger influence for you, Australian or International hip-hop? It’s hard to say. I know that Australian releases like Culture of Kings had a big impact on us but so did many international releases and U.K hip-hop in particular. What do you see as the biggest difference between the two? I think a big difference between Aus and U.S hip-hop is there tends to be a bit more humility and reality in the Aus scene. There aren’t really too many Australian artists running round in mad bling and bragging about how well paid they are, because that’s not the reality here. The fans and most of the artists are working class so the listener won’t relate to an emcee boasting about how sick they are, and how much cash they have. I think the Aus scene is a lot closer to the U.K scene in this regard. Is the Australian hip-hop scene as close-knit as it seems? Pretty much. I think that although it is as strong as it’s probably ever been, it is still somewhat of a fledgling scene, so you get to meet most people who are involved in it quite quickly. And overall our dealings with other artists and fans has been nothing short of remarkable. Other artists understand the time and effort that goes into your craft and it is that unspoken respect that connects total strangers and very often turns them into friends. You say what sets Thundamentals apart is your dedication to composition. So, what’s your writing process? We try to approach our songwriting as just that, the writing of a well-rounded song. It is more than just laying down some raps over a beat. Often songs will develop in different ways. Sometimes the producers will give us a skeleton of a beat and we will come up with a concept for a song and let the producers know what we want to do, then they will go away and add to the beat with sounds or samples that will complement our idea. Other times we may already have an idea for a song and we will take that idea to Morgs or Tommy and they will come up with a few beats that they


. ISSUE 96 . JUNE 10 - JUNE 23 2009

think match the idea or the sentiment we already had in mind. Both the lyrics and the beats are highly detailed. Our beats are heavily layered and have a lot of musicality about them.

“…The forecast for our Tassie show is straight Thunda clouds followed by blinding sunshine! ...”

What does the latest EP tell us about Thundamentals? It tells you that Thundamentals are an eclectic bunch of fellas! We wanted to show a variety of styles that have influenced us over the years. The EP moves from Reggae influences to heavy bass and straight boom bap sounds. It tells you that Thundamentals kick ass! What were the ‘Highs & Lows’ of making it? Lows were probably running out of money during mixing. Highs were just the actual recording process, being in a professional studio environment, collaborating on the artwork and getting the CD back from the printers and playing it on the home stereo for the 1st time. You’re currently touring with Astronomy Class and have made the rounds with a lot of other hip-hop acts from Australia and the world over. What’s the best thing about touring with other groups? Touring is the best part of this whole caper. To be able to travel to new places, connect with different people and make new friends and fans is an incredible thing. To be able to do it with people of the stature of Astronomy Class is even better. You learn so much and so far the tour has been unbelievable. What’s the forecast for your Tassie shows? Should we expect a ‘Storm Warning’? The forecast for our Tassie show is straight Thunda clouds followed by blinding sunshine! Bring your brollies people, we will be dropping acid rain in ya area! sMEEGAN MAY Thundamentals’ self-titled EP is out now, and they are currently on tour with Astronomy Class. 0 13 June @ Republic Bar, Hobart


Authorised by the Australian Government, Capital Hill, Canberra.


It’s Obscene

CrackWhore are the garage punk rockers from Melbourne who aren’t afraid to get dirty. Fronted by Stacy Gazoonga, who formed the band along with lead guitarist James Rotten, CrackWhore are ready to take on Tasmania, but is Tasmania ready? We ask Stacy all about the band, who we’re assured are on Crack and ready to Whore up the stae. How did CrackWhore get together? Basically I left my home town including my first band (Gazoonga Attack) to settle in the stinky bohemian armpit of Melbourne. It didn’t take much tempting from James to persuade me to scrape some gutter trash together and before long CrackWhore was still born. So what if we have been through a few drummers? We’ve been cursed with some kind of drumming curse! Now we have Jaz. It hasn’t quite set in what she’s gotten herself into, so Jaz is happy to live in denial, who knows, may be this one will be hard to get rid of like a wart that just wont freeze off... Naf (bass) has been with us (myself and James) from the start; we put an ad up in the local record store and like a fly to shit Naf became a Whore.... For those who haven’t heard you, how would you describe the band? From the lyrics of our song ‘It’s Obscene,’ “Dirty, sleazy rock and roll…” Pretty much sums us up. We are 95% influenced by female fronted bands like X Ray specs, Souxie and the Banshees, L7, Bikini Kill even Loretta Lynn...etc. There’s much more to bitch about when you’re a chick. I find it so empowering and for some reason people are drawn to some cranky bird on stage.

“…‘Dirty, sleazy rock and roll…’ pretty much sums us up...”

Irish Murphy’s 211 Brisbane Street, Launceston

What were you hoping to evoke with a full-on band name like CrackWhore? It was a choice between “CrackWhore” or the “Hillbilly Bugger Boys”…we went for CrackWhore…. Embrace your inner Whore! How do you keep things dirty? It’s a lifestyle not a life choice. Besides there are strict water restrictions in Melbourne. What does punk rock mean to you guys as a band? How does CrackWhore embody that? Whisky and cigars. Lots of both. All the time. We are riot girl punk. Armed with razor sharp lyrics with an attitude to match, we’re rude, obnoxious and couldn’t care less. We here to make a point…Is my stiletto pinning you down point enough? You guys are definitely not backward in coming forward, with songs like ‘Bastards’ and ‘Suck Me’. Do you think punk rock gives you that freedom or is it just the CrackWhore spirit? It’s built into our nature. We rage against scum pox bastards in the street and facile pricks who whimper suck me! Reaching deep into the guts of societies scum bags and ripping them up with the lyrics of our songs. It’s liberating getting it off your chest. Having a female front the band allows us to explore the seedy side of passion with a feminist twist. One thing that shits me is a lead singer in a band that has been chucked up the front because she has a vagina. I wanna be there and have balls, be passionate about what we play and scare a few vaginas along the way... You guys have a pretty distinctive look. Do you have any fashion tips for punk rock wannabes? Are you kidding? This question is probably the most ridiculous one we’ve ever had to answer…But here goes…Punk is about being raw and individual, DIY. If you have to ask it’s not Punk.

· Live music 7 days a week· · Great meals in our family restaurant· · Shamrocks restaurant open 7 nights a week· · Wood fired pizza oven· · 3 bars including roof beer garden· · Outdoors in summer & cosy fires in winter· · Accommodation for genuine backpackers·

What’s the best thing about a CrackWhore live show for the band and for the audience? This Whore machine that drives us is our happiness. Not fame, not the money, well may be the fame a little, we really are the real Aussie battlers, we play for just about anyone a good CrackWhore should! Do you think Tassie is ready for CrackWhore? How should we prepare for your gig? Every year for the last two years has been the year of the whore...but this year, this year we are all on Crack and giving it all we’ve got. So look out, grab your ear plugs and get ready for a thrashing cos we’re coming atcha loud and fast…CrackWhore style. Are Tasmanians ready for us? There is no preparing for the chaos of the Whores. We’ve got the lube and rubber gloves on ready to grope as many maps of Tassie as we can get our filthy mitts on. sMEEGAN MAY Look out Tasmania, CrackWhore are coming. 0 12 June @ The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart 10

. ISSUE 96 . JUNE 10 - JUNE 23 2009

Wednesday, 10 June 'An evening with...' Nathan Wheldon And The Two Timers Wednesday, 17 June Justin Carter (NSW) Tom Tuena (NSW) WWW.SAUCE.NET.AU


Circle the Wagons

Turn off Walk the Line and hit pause on your Nick Cave playlist, because Wagons are here with their own brand of rich, deep-fried country rock. With their fourth album The Rise and Fall of Goodtown proving to be a game changer, the band are in the middle of an extensive tour, and we chat to Henry Wagons himself about how a bunch of guys from the suburbs manage to embody the good old-fashioned south. So how did a bunch of guys from Melbourne get together and develop such a rich Southern country style? The suburban life in Melbourne can sometimes have the same stark isolation and desolation as living on a Texan ranch in the middle of nowhere. Instead of dealing with cattle you deal with Bubble o’ Bills running out at the milk bar. My parents record collection, my love of Cormac MacCarthy novels and listening to American Recordings of Johnny Cash when I was in my late teens also set me down the path of trippy Southern imagery. Your style seems to throwback to earlier country. What do you think of the state of mainstream country music today, both in Australia and overseas? I don’t like a lot of mainstream country music. I’m talking Garth Brooks, Shania type stuff. The genre has a bad reputation for a reason. I much prefer the outlaw country singers, like Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. What do you think Johnny Cash would have to say about Garth Brooks’ shirts? Ponder that. Who have been your biggest influences?

I was particularly influenced by a lot of 70s driving music on this album. We did a lot of touring in a stinky Tarago in the past year and needed some impetus to make the miles go by without fainting because of the pungent flavours in the car. We listened to a lot of Creedence and Blue Oyster Cult, as well as Elvis and Roy Orbison. If you mix those with Will Oldham and Bill Callahan you’ll have something near what we came up with on The Rise and Fall of Goodtown. How have Wagons changed over the years and the four albums? We feel this is our first album in many ways. We have sat on our arses in and around Melbourne for years, sucking off the teat of its vibrant scene. We felt it was time to spread the Wagons good word and hit the road playing songs from our first three records to all and sundry. Though our initial attempts at touring went well (around 2007), something didn’t quite fit. Rocking up to the Gold Coast and singing slow, morbid songs about death didn’t always go down too well. So, now we have written some faster morbid songs about death, as well as a few extra treats that made us all smile. The Rise and Fall of Goodtown is out now. How does this album represent the band? Have things

sunday 21st june


steve poltz


+ gregory page (USA)

$18pre / $20door

The No No's 'The Last Gasp' Final Show



Jazz Upstairs: Swingamathing & Special Guests











THe protectors + chimp militia + nofoto Astronomy Class + The Tongue + Thunda Mentals cake walking babies you survivors + 5G’s patrick & ruth


WOLF & CUB + the scare

What can you tell us about a Wagons show to entice Tassie fans along? We will give every audience member one thousand dollars and a shoulder massage. sMEEGAN MAY

If Henry’s promise doesn’t eventuate, you can still catch his deep old-fashioned tones and old-fashioned country style rock. 0 19 June @ The Alley Cat, Hobart 0 20 June @ The Royal Oak, Launceston

wednesday 24th june


JUNE 2009 : Wednesday 10TH

You’ve got quite a full-on tour schedule for the new record. How has it been going? The tour has been great so far. Check out our blog on or follow me on

How have people new to the band tended to react when you play? We always leave torrents of blood, sweat and tears behind after our shows. We put everything we have into each show. By and large, people enjoy themselves and seem to appreciate me working myself up into a sweaty pulp.

299 Elizabeth St North Hobart Ph. 6234 6954

friday 19th June

$20pre / $25door

What about Goodtown are you most proud of? Do you have a favourite track? It’s the first album we’ve done which I have been totally happy with. There is a lot of good stuff on there that I think stands up to repeated listens. All the tracks are my babies. I can’t choose one over the other. Some tracks are beautiful, perfectly behaved angelic daughters and others are drug-addicted, ugly, rampaging, over-sexed teenagers. I have a soft spot for all my children.

Twitter (@HenryWagons) to get a full blow-by-blow account of the events. In summary, the shows and people have been great to us, but we have had to eat too many roadhouse pre-packaged egg and lettuce sandwiches.


Tix Available Online

+ phrase

changed for you since its release? Despite the often dark content of the songs, our live show has always been quite action packed. This record reflects that in the music more than ever before. The album seems to have stuck in a way that others haven’t, so attendances to our shows have increased quite a bit. Particularly in the capitals. Once upon a time we would once play to the last dregs of a fancy dress bucks night in Hamilton, none of whom paid particular attention to us, now we have a venue full of people watching our every move.


sunday 28th june

Ross HanNaford Rosie burgess & BAND + Paul Madigan $5




Wednesday 17TH

whahbash avenue



Jazz Upstairs: Swingamathing & Special Guests


joe pirere & the blackberries



6pm $20 9pm Friday


funkoars + phrase

$20/$25 10PM




$12/$15 10PM



Steve poltz + gregory page (usa)

$18/$20 10PM

$5 8.30 pm



justin carter + tom tuena

9 pm



abbet doggett + amy kendall

$10/$12 10pm $12/$15 10pm 9 pm


. ISSUE 96 . JUNE 10 - JUNE 23 2009

9pm 11


The Big Bang As a member of the Bang Gang Deejays (also featuring Jaime Doom, Dangerous Dan, DJ Damage and Ajax, along with Nolan Nolan), Gus Da Hoodrat is about to unleash his solo sounds at Syrup in Hobart.

“…There are so many people in the scene that are at the top of the international game; it is really pleasing to see these young kids making wild music that is loved worldwide...”

What’s the makes you excited about the Australian dance scene right now? The people we get to work with all the time. Everyone is amazing…even if you don’t like their music you just seem to be able to share good times with them. And there are so many people in the scene that are at the top of the international game; it is really pleasing to see these young kids making this wild music that is loved worldwide. Is there anything in need for improvement? Venues, Venues, Venues. Well, in Sydney at least. What’s the best time you’ve had while wearing headphones? Well, I have a pair of headphones connected to a turntable next to my bed that I strap on when I get home and usually listen to something to send me into outerspace or innersleep. I can remember a number of times lying there (completely high on acid and others) thinking that it doesn’t get any better than that…. NAKED, STONED, DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, the best! Are there more good times in the pipeline for you and the Bang Gang Deejays? Oh yes, I hope so. If there wasn’t I wouldn’t be doing what I thought was fun. I’d be somewhere else. We are just starting to work in the studio, which is fun… I never thought I would be driven to do so…but people change, don’t they? I hear the Bang Gang Deejays started as a party in Sydney. How did it evolve from there? Well , we were doing a party playing the music that we wanted to hear. Probably doing a terrible job of it, but who can remember such details. And we found that people wanted us to start playing at other parties – which we did – and we let it all get out of our grasp and ended up where we are now… At other peoples parties drinking their drinks and playing music for them… How does playing a gig alone compare playing with the Bang Gang crew? Its great, I finally get to play back-to-back Glen Campbell all night long without getting any hassle from my team members… Does your sound or style change much? Yeah definitely, but that is why we all work together when we play as Bang Gang because we all have the things that we are most into. I think at the moment I am definitely trying to push Carnival tech-beat onto my buddies… not sure if they are digging though. If your sound is a gangbang, what styles go in there to make up the party? There is Techno, disco, Hip Hop, Speed fart (kind of like fidget with more humour), Carni-tech-beat, Wonky house and electronic sounds from all ages and for all ages. What can Hobartians look forward to from your Syrup set? I am going to attempt a headstand on the turntables and A million volts of party conducting… sMEEGAN MAY

Get your gang together for Gus’ set at Syrup’s Crack Taxi. 0 19 June @ Syrup, Hobart 12

. ISSUE 96 . JUNE 10 - JUNE 23 2009


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Present this ad for a  free set of  Gibson  strings valued at up to  $15.95 MODERN MUSICIAN - 106 Murray Street Hobart - 6234 5537 - WWW.MODERNMUSICIAN.COM.AU WWW.SAUCE.NET.AU

. ISSUE 96 . JUNE 10 - JUNE 23 2009



The Datsuns

“…It’s great when songs come out from just jamming together rather than preconceived ideas...”

As a New Zealander now living in Europe, Datsuns’ guitarist Phil Buscke has developed a longing for the comforts of home. “I miss fresh fish,” he confesses, his unmistakeable Kiwi accent echoing down the phone line. “I used to be on the boat every now and again catching fresh fish back home and cooking ‘em up on the barbie. But mind you, the food in Germany’s pretty good and a lot of it comes from New Zealand - our best export in Europe is food pretty much. We went all the way to Germany and we were getting Kiwi fruit!” So why the shift from London to Germany for you guys? Well, we initially just went over there to record and we met up with a friend on the road who had a studio in a small town in Germany. We wanted to move out of England and go somewhere a bit cheaper. And we were playing a lot of shows around Europe anyway and it just worked out better for us.

Yeah, we just did the current album ourselves with our live engineer, a guy called Scott who’s been with us from the early days and who knows exactly what we like and how to get good performances. He just engineered the record and we produced it, the five of us, just like our third record which we did by ourselves. Kalle, the Soundtrack bass player would come in if we had any problems.

How’s your German? We’ve picked up the odd bit of German - we can order a beer now!

And it hasn’t really deviated from the blueprint sound-wise? It sounds more live I suppose, more so than any of our stuff. I thought our third record sounded a lot more like us live and this one is kind of even more so. But in terms of the songs, we’ve always just done whatever comes out and there’s been a lot of variation on all of

Having worked with someone like Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones in the past, were you confident recording on your own this time?

the records really. The last album we had some gospel songs and some slide guitar as well as the fast stuff we’re known for. But there’s always been this element with us of trying something new and it’s not like a planned thing. It’s just whatever comes out of us. So this record is even more varied than our last one Smoke n’ Mirrors. You’ve found a new drummer too I believe? We parted ways with our last drummer (Matt Osment) who was with us for 11 years and we got an old friend in (Ben Cole). So for a while there we were getting used to the change but he’s slotted in really well and the music that we’re making now is similar to the old stuff but there’s heaps more that we wouldn’t have been able to do before. It’s a different

combination of people so it’s always going to be a little bit different. And everyone’s feeling really good about it because it’s almost like the band had to start again with a new guy. Actually a lot of the jams that we had first off worked into some of the songs that are on the record. It’s great when songs come out from just jamming together rather than preconceived ideas.


The Datsuns new album Headstunts is out now. They are currently preparing for their US tour.







Jug around the clock from 5pm

Jug around the clock from 5pm

Jug around the clock from 5pm

Two 4 One on drinks

Chicken Parmi around the clock from 5pm

from 9pm with societies card Live Music from 10pm 14

. ISSUE 96 . JUNE 10 - JUNE 23 2009

Two 4 One on bubbles from 7pm $3.00 spirits from 8pm

Chicken Parmi around the clock from 5pm Open mic from 9pm WWW.SAUCE.NET.AU

GIG GUIDE Wednesday, 10 June sHobart The Republic The No No’s 392 - 394 Elizabeth St. North Hobart Ph: 03 6234 5975

The Alley Cat Bridget Pross The Brisbane Hotel The Little Cubas + The Hippolytes + Alex Martin Irish Murphy’s The Greenhouse: Sam Cole + The Frets + The Tokyo Room

The Republic Astronomy Class + The Tongue + Thundamentals Syrup Call It…: Tristan + Gillie + Parky The Alley Cat The Hippolytes +Truckshow + The Thieves Irish Murphy’s Covered: Dave Wicks + The Smashers sLaunceston

sLaunceston Irish Murphy’s Top Shelf: An Evening With…Nathan Wheldon and the Two Timers Thursday, 11 June sHobart Hotel Soho DJ Macca The Republic Jazz Upstairs: Swingamathing.

Irish Murphy’s 3 Some The Royal Oak Really Awesome Music Night: Shoe + The Little Cubas + Guthrie The Commercial Hotel DJ Skip Lonnies Havana Brown

sLaunceston Irish Murphy’s The Geale Bros

Saturday, 20 June

Wednesday, 17 June

The Republic Mr X

sHobart The Republic Whahbash Avenue Irish Murphy’s The Greenhouse: Abbey Doggett + Snert + Stalker Pavillion sLaunceston Irish Murphy’s Top Shelf: Justin Carter + Tom Tuena The Royal Oak Live Music Thursday, 18June sHobart


Brookfield Vineyard Aido & Cato Syrup Call It…: Corney + Gillie + Turner The Brisbane Hotel Grey Daturas + H E I R S + The Ghost an The Storm Outside Irish Murphy’s Covered: Sambo + The Wolfe Brothers sLaunceston

The Royal Oak Wagons + The Little Cubas

The Republic Jazz Upstairs: Swingamathing.

The Commercial Hotel Hard Drive

Joe Pierre & The Blackberries

Hotel New York Sam La More + Cam + Doctor J + Luke Warren

Wolf & Cub + The Scare Syrup Mash Up Da Town: DJ Boucher

The Commercial Hotel Off The Cuff

Syrup Mash Up Da Town: DJ Boucher

The Alley Cat Rock Quiz

Sunday, 14 June

The Alley Cat Alley Cat Comedy Night

Sunday, 21 June sHobart


103 Elizabeth St Hobart 03 6231 5578

Irish Murphy’s The Greenhouse: Amy Kendall and the Kitchen Hands + The High Lows

Hotel Soho Open Mic


The Brisbane Hotel Baddd + Wheelsfalloff (Sukoseki Men) + HDOT

Irish Murphy’s Glenn & Jade The Royal Oak Samuel Bester Lonnies Pure Glam Hotel New York Black Japan Friday, 12June

The Republic Cake Walking Babies Irish Murphy’s The Greenhouse: Australian Songwriters Association: Josh Durno + Hannah Bartle Duo + Dan Hennessy + Melly Frank Raincheck Live Acoustic Music

Irish Murphy’s The Greenhouse: Ben Wells + Michael Peter + Al Campbell sLaunceston Irish Murphy’s Tash & Caz The Royal Oak Lonnie Tunes Lonnies Pure Glam

Friday, 19 June

sHobart If you are after a young, enthusiastic look at ways to sell your property please contact your local area agent David Hernyk for obligation free advice and appraisals. David Hernyk PROPERTY CONSULTANT MOBILE: 0438 088 496 Harcourts Launceston, 187 Brisbane Street EMAIL:

The Republic The Protectors + Chimp Militia + NoFoTo Syrup I Heart Techno: Corney + Tristan + Samex The Alley Cat The Tokyo Room + Russian Prison System + The Bursting Sun The Brisbane Hotel Crackwhore + Superkunts + Scurvy + Smashed Irish Murphy’s Covered:Michael Clennett + Running With Scissors

Brookfield Vineyard. 1640 Channel Highway. Margate. 7054. Ph 6267 2880 Licensed cafe open 7 days & late for all events

Friday 19th June Folk Night featuring the Hot String Band Saturday 20th June Aido & Cato Saturday 27th June Rosie Burgess, Faye Blais, Andrew Marshall & Dominic Francis. All have meals available. -


sLaunceston Irish Murphy’s Strap Daddy



Irish Murphy’s Nathan Wheldon + Glenn & Jade + Carl Fidler + Victor Charlie Charlie

The Republic Funkoars + Phrase

The Royal Oak Open Folk Group Monday, 15 June sHobart Hotel Soho The Smashers

Hotel Soho Open Mic The Republic Steve Poltz + Gregory Page The Brisbane Hotel Fringe Festival Fundraiser Irish Murphy’s The Greenhouse: Jam Jar Raincheck Live Acoustic Music sLaunceston

Hotel New York Funkoars + Phrase + Vents

Irish Murphy’s Carl Fidler + Sara & Dave + Brief Illusion + Selecta The Royal Oak Open Folk Group Monday, 22 June sHobart

Brookfield Vineyard Folk Night: The Hot String Band

Hotel Soho The Smashers

Syrup Crack Taxi: Gus Da Hoodrat + Kir + Parky

The Republic Justin Carter + Tom Tuena

The Alley Cat Wagons + The Moon Dogs

The Alley Cat Cult Film Night: Freaks sLaunceston

The Republic Young Survivors + 5G’s

The Brisbane Hotel Beaches + Mum Smokes + All Fires The Fire + Our Sails

Irish Murphy’s The Geale Bros

The Alley Cat Cult Film Night: Bram Stokers Dracula

Irish Murphy’s Covered: Crystal & Jamie + Dr Fink



Irish Murphy’s Victor Charlie Charlie

The Royal Oak Andy Collins

Irish Murphy’s Ben Castles

The Commercial Hotel DJ Skip

Tuesday, 16 June

sLaunceston The Royal Oak Jerome Hillier

Tuesday, 23 June

The Republic Abbey Doggett + Amy Kendall Irish Murphy’s The Greenhouse: Word Man not Bird Man + Gretel and the Teramachi

sHobart Saturday, 13 June sHobart The Brisbane Hotel All Ages: Scenic Flights + Manchester Mourning + Psycedelic Jesus + Bring Sophy To Me + Burning Ernie

The Republic Patrick & Ruth Irish Murphy’s The Greenhouse: Andrew Marshall + Sarah Mophett + A-Alex

The Commercial Hotel Hard Drive Hotel New York Jordan Miller & The Question

Bookings Essential Call Dave Venter for a quote 0408 373 066 or email

Launceston Studio

Irish Murphy’s Pocket Rocket

Hotel Soho DJ Macca

Hotel New York The Protectors + The Dirty Love + Sole Stickers

Recording Mixing Mastering Production

sLaunceston Irish Murphy’s Nathan Wheldon

The Biggest Variety Of Comedy In Tassie! Stand up, Sketch, Physical, Musical Comedy, Burlesque, Sitcom.

Next Show: Monday August 3rd - 8pm

@ The Backspace Theatre Sackville St Hobart


REHEARSAL ROOMS Equipped With Full Vocal Pa, Foldback, Mixing Desk, Mics & Stands, Drum Riser Derwent Park Area $50 Per 4 Hour Session Ph Jeff 0403 119 443

Venue Guide HOBART Brookfield Vineyard 1640 Channel Highway Margate 6267 2880 Hotel SOHO 124 Davey Street 6224 9494 Irish Murphy’s The Greenhouse 21 Salamanca Place 6223 1119 The Metz on the Bay 217 Sandy Bay Road 6224 4444

The Alley Cat Bar 381 Elizabeth Street 6231 2299 thealleycatbar LAUNCESTON The Commercial Hotel 27 George Street 6331 3868 Irish Murphy’s 211 Brisbane Street 6331 4440 www.irishmurphys. Hotel New York 122 York Street 6334 7231

Syrup 1st Floor 39 Salamanca Place 6224 8249

Lonnies 107 Brisbane Street 6334 7889 www.lonniesniteclub. com

The Republic Bar 299 Elizabeth Street 6234 6954

The Royal Oak 14 Brisbane Street 6331 5346 leapinlimpout

The Brisbane Hotel 3 Brisbane Street 6234 4920 thebrisbanehotel

. ISSUE 96 . JUNE 10 - JUNE 23 2009


GREEN FINGERS - MORE FERTILISER FROM PARIS All the freshest produce from The Greenhouse, Irish Murphy’s, Hobart.

Dear Trudy, I am writing you from a little café on La Rue Jardin in Boulogne Billancourt, basking in the late afternoon sun and eating these deliciously disgusting un-pasteurised cheeses watching two little dogs tussle over scraps on the floor inside the café! It’s all so wonderfully risqué! You were so right about Paris, walking around in the afternoon is like a warm bath, and I do believe I’m even starting to get a little brown. I am spending my days catching trains to the outlying areas in the morning and wandering through the hilly brush and undulating fields. Often picnicking or stopping at a wayside farmhouse for a baguette and sausage before returning to the guest house for a midday nap. Oh I do feel for you Trudy, stuck in little old Hobart town with nary a ray of sun and continuous rain for a week I hear. Why, you must be positively deficient in vitamin D! My word, at least you can go to the Greenhouse to escape the woeful drudge of your grey days. Why, I hear you have some quite interesting concerts coming up on the schedule in the next two weeks even? Is that lovely man from Atendisk Recordings playing a set on Tuesday the 16th of June? A-Alex isn’t it? Oh I would like to see what he does with a guitar. I’m not sure about that Word Man not Bird Man ensemble, I hear they are quite lewd in nature and not at all suited to our delicate temperaments although on the 23rd of June I shall be in Bordeaux supping cabernet amongst the vines! It’s also lovely to see that Australian Songwriters Association is going so well. I hear they have even expanded into two nights a month and that the first ASA Sunday will be on Sunday the 14th of June!? If you must insist on remaining in such a bleak cold little town during the wondrous European summer Trudy, at least you have the Greenhouse at Irish Murphy’s Hobart to warm the cockles of your heart. Anyway, I must be off. It appears that a Parisian gentleman has sent some wine to my table and has a wickedly suggestive glint in his eye. Forever yours, Ferty.

Get seedy in The Greenhouse: 0 Every Sunday - Thursday night @ Irish Murphy’s, Hobart


ADVERTISING SALES REPRESENTATIVE Advertising sales contractor required to work on a commission basis, selling advertising in SAUCE, in person, statewide. Hours are flexible. Experience in sales preferred, but not essential. Confidence in meeting new people and an ability to follow direction more important. Training provided. An opportunity to enter the advertising/publishing/media industry. Got confidence in yourself, then give it a crack! Earning potential is only limited by the hours you put in, and the manner in which you conduct yourself.

Car licence essential. Vehicle preferred, but not essential. Email interest to Or call 0400 940 699 16

. ISSUE 96 . JUNE 10 - JUNE 23 2009


y e l l A Cat The Alley Cat Bar 381 Elizabeth Street North Hobart 03 6231 2299

Friday 19th Of June

Sunday 14th June

OFF THE SHELF Hello peoples of Tasmania and welcome to Off The Shelf, the fortnightly column where we fill you in on what’s happening and what’s happened at Top Shelf at Irish every Wednesday. The past few weeks have really cemented our winter sessions vibe and with a host of acoustic nights coming your way we believe we are offering some of the finest music heard around our state.

ASA and The Greenhouse present Wax Lyrical at Irish Murphy’s


Friday 26th of June

Josh Durno Hannah Bartle Duo

Dan Hennessy Melly Frank Faye BLAIS

8.30pm - 10.30pm



You Get A Meal (Special Of The Night Plus Veg Option) A drink: House Wine,10oz Beer or Soft Drink And A Fab Film All For $15 Byo Beanbag! - Bookings Recommended KASPER Tonight, Wednesday June 10, Nathan Wheldon and The Two Timers will be taking to the Top Shelf stage to deliver our first in a series of ‘An Evening With...’ The aim of these nights is to offer bands the chance to explore their music on a new level and take the time they need to accomplish this exploration. There is no doubt that NW&TTT will take advantage of this and produce one of their finest shows to date and with a plethora of instrumentation at his disposal expect

Nathan’s songs to take on a new life. The evening kicks off at 9:30pm so get down early and get settled in. As we mentioned last issue Justin Carter is stopping in on his national tour, Wednesday June 17, with Tom Tuena supporting. With a swag of awards to his name and an expanding fan base, Justin will no doubt play one hell of a show to prove why he is one the finest blues/roots acts going round. Drummer, Johnny Rollins, has joined him for the latest album, Painting Pictures, as well as the national tour and will certainly provide the groove for a great night in at Irish. Last week, June 3, saw the debut of Kasper at Top Shelf, the latest offering from ex-Embers front man, Mick Attard. His contribution however was not as singer/songwriter but bass player extraordinaire! Well maybe I pushed that a bit far but it must be said that his simple yet thoughtful bass lines provided the perfect backbone to their beautiful music. Dan Callaghan’ percussion work was hypnotic at times delivering a deep groove without ever dominating the songs. The sign of a good musician. Yet the night still belonged to the talented Tess Kasper whose voice sailed above the music not so much commanding attention, more drawing you in like a sirens song. A reference to Tracie Thorn (Everything But The Girl) is worthy here, not in tone but simplistic beauty. An awesome show, we will definitely be seeing these guys again soon. The Stoics lived up to the hype for their acoustic performance on May 27 delivering a show that was a pure pleasure to witness. Ciaran’s comfortable nature on stage set the mood for the evening with a set that played more like an afternoon in their band room than a night in a pub. There is so much that could be said about The Stoics however the simplest explanation is this, their music and performance is of such a standard that they should be recognised nationally if nothing else. If I had to pick a highlight... the drum/percussion playing of Beau who took their songs to new heights. Well done guys. Remember Top Shelf at Irish runs every Wednesday at Irish Murphy’s Launceston from 9:30pm. sCARL FIDLER & GLENN MOOREHOUSE



Irish Murphy’s

21 Salamanca Place, Hobart Ph: 6223 1119

Monday 15th of June BRAM STOKERS DRACULA Monday 15th of June FREAKS (1931) Monday 15th of June A CLOCKWORK ORANGE



Friday 12th June Andy Collins

Thursday 11th June Samuel Bester

Wednesday 10th of June BRIDGET PROSS Thursday 11th of June ROCK QUIZ

Wednesday 17th June Live Music Thursday 18th Lonny Tunes Sarah Jane, Fiona Brown, Summer Edmunds with Nic Hill


Friday 19th June Jerome Hillier Wednesday 24th June Open Mic Night Thursday 25th June Deux Peverts


Friday 26th June Mick Attard IN THE BOATSHED (FROM 9PM)

Saturday 13th June Really Awsome Music night Feat. Shoe, The Little Cubas & Guthrie $ 6 cover Saturday 20th June Wagons with The Little Cubas $5 cover Saturday 27th June FatSmalls, The Little Cubas Halfway To Forth, Jesus and The Jedi, The Dudley nightshades $10 cover EVERY SUNDAY FROM 5PM

WEDNESDAY NIGHT SPECIAL 6PM - 9.30PM Reach for the Top Shelf! 0 Every Wednesday night @ Irish Murphy’s, Launceston


$10 Beaut Beer & Bonza Burger Night. Your choice of beef, chicken or vege Alley Cat Burger with a 10oz. of Cascade Draught or Pale Ale.

Open Folk Group






14 Brisbane Street, Launceston 6331 5346 . ISSUE 96 . JUNE 10 - JUNE 23 2009



Shopping Around

Hailing from the Central Cost, heartfelt acoustic singer-songwriter Michael Peter has recently released his debut LP, Something Along Those Lines… After having recently visited Hobart, he’s back again to play three more shows in Tassie, this time on the ‘Shop Around’ Tour.

How does the new full-length album differ from your previous two EPs? When I did those EP’s I was just beginning to find my feet as a solo artist. The songs on the album have a confidence that I gained while touring the EPs around Australia and discovering who the hell I was as a singer/ songwriter. I could point out the technical differences - studio/engineer/producer etc but at the heart of it the biggest difference (aside from 12 new songs) was the life experience I took in to the studio with me thanks to all the touring I did. How did you decide on the title Something Along Those Lines…? Couldn’t think of anything better… Played any lounge room gigs lately? Yeah, my lounge room almost every night. My neighbours now know all my songs! Other than offering yourself to fan’s lounge rooms, you also share your poetry and blog about your experiences with fans. How important is creating an intimacy with your fans, and what drives you to do it? Lyrics are a massive part of my songs so it’s really important for me to make sure I create an intimacy that allows people access to that part of my writing. If someone wants to get lost in a lyric or a story, I have found an intimate environment is really affective. It’s a great way to make friends as opposed to fans. What do you see the differences between writing poetry and writing lyrics? There are exceptions to any rule when it comes to using words as art but for me it’s pretty clear. Sometimes I can move the music to fit the words other times I can move the words to fit the music. This is a lyric. But when the words are uncompromising and can stand on there own with out music and still sound as beautiful, I’m dealing with a poem. With ‘Feminine Skin’ you explained that it was almost too personal and you needed your mother’s blessing before recording it. Does this


. ISSUE 96 . JUNE 10 - JUNE 23 2009

happen often? Are there songs so personal we’ll never hear them? This was a song about my mum’s ex-husband that I felt the need to write cause as a kid I went through that divorce too - in my own way. It was supposed to be put in the pile of songs only my wife and mum will hear (yes there are a few of those) but my mum bravely suggested that maybe it was an important part of the album. Had it not been for that, there’s no way I would feel right about telling that story.

“…Lyrics are a massive part of my songs so it’s really important for me to make sure I create an intimacy that allows people access to that part of my writing...”

On your MySpace you tell the stories behind the other song s from your new album. Which would you say is your favourite track and why? My favourite song is ‘Heads Up’ probably because I feel there were other forces involved when I was writing it. I managed to stay out of the way and listen to what that song wanted to be. It started in a dream and as I woke up I was already singing the tune in my head. It’s like I was still half asleep as it came out. When it was finished I knew it was the best thing I had ever created. What was your favourite show or experience on your ‘My Favourite’ tour? The gigs were all amazing but I saw an aussie funk/ soul band that blew me away in Adelaide called Trans Atlantics. What can we hope to experience from one of your shows now you’ve decided to ‘Shop Around’? Well let me leave you with a lyric from ‘Shop Around,’ cause no doubt I will be playing this song at every show… “Please don’t try to sell me something just give me something real; Please don’t try to shock me in just give me what you feel” sMEEGAN MAY To get a sneak peak of the album and performances, check out Michael’s MySpace, 0 17 June @ O’Keefes, Launceston 0 18 June @ Irish Murphy’s, Hobart 0 19 June @ Spurs Saloon, Devonport


games, gadgets, and other digital distractions: MUSIC // PLAYSTATION 3

Singstar - Queen

“…Keeping up with the epic band Queen is hard work in comparison to some of the other games in which the pitch analysis seems more forgiving of strangling cat noises...”

Singstar has grown in popularity immensely with almost 20 titles on the Playstation 2 and with the growing number of titles available for the Playstation 3 not only able to be purchased on disc but also from their online store via the Playstation 3. legendary voice. After seeing the popularity of the Abba title it’s little wonder this band has breached barriers into becoming a console game. The aim is to sing and have fun with modes to score points or to freestyle with no scoring for a good singalong. Pitch analysis of the game is fairly average but is always good when you get the golden notes for some bonus points. Keeping up with the epic band Queen is hard work in comparison to some of the other games in which the pitch analysis seems more forgiving of strangling cat noises being entered into the mic. Lucky for you singing by yourself in front of you TV may not seem as fun as singing with a bunch of friends and turning your loungroom into an entertainment venue. Game modes include solo, duet, battle and of course the party games in which up to 8 players can battle it out on teams in a variety of modes and medley of songs. Gamers’ serenading skills are put to the ultimate Queen test in this very fun singing game. Using the USB microphone one can meet their match with crooning along to most of the classic hits of Queen and see how they rate against the late Freddie Mercury’s

Improvements seen in the Playstation 3 would be the note gauges and the fluidity of the karaoke text worming it’s way below and above screen depending on 1 and 2 player options. Also there are some further flashy effects on the golden notes and bonus

line points you get which make it a little prettier but nonetheless essentially the same as the many predecessors of the Playstation 2. Fortunately the PS2 microphones will work on your PS3. Further, for ultimate singer experience you can invest your hard earned dollars in a PS3 Singstar kit where you obtain the game and the PS3 wireless microphones so you don’t get all a tangle when rocking out. My favourite titles in this and this is also why I think it’s a worthy title to add for party madness are: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ memories of punking out in the car reminiscing about that time Wayne’s World was on TV; ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love,’ for that ever smooth 50s style; ‘I Want To Break Free,’ who can forget the middle class parody and Freddie vacuuming in net stockings? And last but not least ‘We Are The Champions,’ a song we should end every day being a victory on, eh? In comparison to the release available on the PS2 this version boasts some exclusive tracks however I don’t feel, unless you’re a Queen fan, that this exclusive tactic is really required. All in all this one is not another to bite the dust in my opinion and will become part of my (still growing) collection of Singstar games. sTIARNE DOUBLE

0 GAMEPLAY: 80% Fundamentals of singing into a plastic microphone with a machine telling you how well you rate are met in this one. 0 GRAPHICS: 90% Yay for original film clips which were somewhat lacking due to reasons unknown to me in previous titles. It’s like MTV from waaaay back. 0 SOUND: 70% The sound is better than listening to your home made cassette tape but again there are some problems with levels and clarity. I guess we can’t have it all. 0 PLAYABILITY: 90% More fun than singing in the shower or the car, and once you get some friends over it becomes are really party starter. 0 OVERALL: 82.5% Queen could only be met by ABBA with popularity over the decades and it is a great choice for a standalone compilation of greatest hits. Singstar – Queen is available now forPlaystation 3.




Your Sexual Health STI Mythbusters Examining The Crown Jewels


. ISSUE 96 . JUNE 10 - JUNE 23 2009


Stranger than Micktion Read from the Book of Mick: Chapter III

So, I think I might be in a bit of an Old Testament place at the moment. Not like Mount Sinai, but I do find it kind of quirky and fun. Take the book of Genesis, written by Phil Collins, full of interesting question posers.

mopeds? Was there a highly developed reptilian public transport infrastructure? These are exactly the sort of things Phil Collins overlooked when he was writing it. But then, it was just another day for him in paradise. Thought to self: No one under 30 will get that reference.

First off, God makes light. Makes light of what? The fact he made light without making any heavy? Only God knows. He then spends a further five days making everything. All without building approval. I’m guessing this was his first attempt and creating everything, so he can’t have been that organized. I’m sure he must have done stuff like created backpacker hostels and then thought: “Hang on, I should really have created Finland first… oh wait, I should get the whole planet Earth thing sorted before that… and it’s going to need like gravity and solar power and stuff… this is going to take ages…” That’s how most people approach DIY projects don’t they? And we are made in His image are we not? The other way around perhaps. So the final things he creates are a man, out of dust, then a woman out of a rib and finally a moral dilemma out of narrative need. Snakes, apples and instant nudity are quite engaging for a reader. So the snake gets busted and is doomed to always crawl along the ground on its belly. Well, I guess it beats being stuck in a box by Barry and Garry (two Biblical extras). It begs the question; how were snakes getting around before then? Did all the snakes in the Garden of Eden ride

And somewhere in the whole creation thing, around day five, a bunch of dinosaurs showed up saying “What about us then eh?” Joined shortly after by herds of angry mammoths, disgruntled saber toothed tigers and a confused Australopithecine who was promised a walk on part after finally managing to actually walk. This is where God puts his fingers in his ears and starts to sing loudly. Then he just starts creating things at random. “Unicycles, done. AK47’s, check. Choose your own adventure novels, good. Parachute pants… oh. Ahhh, they’ll catch on eventually. Charles Darwin… oops.” There came a point where God himself or herself or itself just looked at the whole thing and went “This is crap.” And instead of tinkering with it a bit he did the Biblical Control+Alt+Delete maneuver. Just start again, no one will even notice. “Hey Noah…” Not even the tiniest bit true story. sMICK LOWENSTEIN

Meeting People Is Easy #1 Saturday July 4th 2009 FEATURING:

The Little Cubas British Battlegrounds Frankie $5 COVER CHARGE



Catch The Short Back and Sideshow! 0 3 August @ The Backspace Theatre, Hobart


MAGAZINE DELIVERY PERSON Contractor wanted 2 days per fortnight. Every second Tuesday and Wednesday, to deliver SAUCE to Burnie, Devonport, Launceston and Hobart.

$300 per edition. Van and fuel provided. Email interest to For more info, call 0400 940 699

Friday June 13th DJ Skip Friday June 13th Off The Cuff Friday June 19th Hard Drive Saturday June 20th Hard Drive

Biggest & Best Pub Meals Dining & Function Room Real Beer Garden Alfresco Dining THE COMMERCIAL HOTEL DINING HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK

Lunch 12 noon - 2.30pm | Dinner 5.30pm - 8.30pm (9pm Fri & Sat) 27 George St Launceston, 03 6331 3868 20

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To Be Or Not To Be?

“…I think that the present day setting will illustrate how universal the themes of the play are and that they can apply to any period in history...” That is the question. We talk to Hamlet himself, played by Andrew Casey, and ask him a few more questions about the new production of this muchloved classic. Hot on the heels of the latest Uni Revue Obama Mia!, the Old Nick Theatre Company is about to begin a limited run of the Shakespeare’s Hamlet, directed by International theatre legend and former Director of NIDA, John Clark. The Company has just finished a successful run of the Uni Revue Obama Mia! Do you think any of the Revue spirit has spilled over into Hamlet? Clare Gray: Old Nick is a tight-knit company so, yes, a successful season gives everyone a buzz. I’m not sure how much Revue spirit you’d want spilling over in Hamlet; however, as I can’t think of two more contrasting shows! How has John Clark’s direction enhanced the production? Andrew Casey: Having John as the director is really a once in a lifetime opportunity. He is an icon in Australian theatre and the arts, and has a lifetime of knowledge which he readily imparts to all of us. He is an extremely creative, passionate individual and directs actors in such a way that he draws the best from you, arms you with knowledge, helps you make discoveries along the way and is such a nice bloke as well! A lot of the time I have found myself watching John and work and thinking “Oh My God…. this man has trained Oscar winners…this man trained Mel Gibson and Cate Blanchett...This is so awesome!” What the audience will get is a clear interpretation of the story of Hamlet and that rests a lot on John’s direction. How does it feel being a part of a work that is so iconic, and has been performed by so many legends? Claire Gray: It’s an incredible privilege to perform in any well-directed production of Shakespeare’s plays. In this case, I’ve really enjoyed seeing how excited people get when I tell them that I’m involved with Hamlet. It seems to be a favourite for a lot of people. Rather than being intimidating I find this exciting. Tell us about your role in the production. Andrew Casey: I play Hamlet. Very briefly, he is a Prince who has returned from his studies at University to find his whole life in turmoil. His father is dead, he has lost the throne of Denmark to his uncle, who also seduced and married with his Mother. He learns from the Ghost of his Father that he was murdered, which sets Hamlet on a course for revenge. He certainly is not heroic in the traditional sense of the word. The character is extremely human. He questions all the time what is doing and what he must do, he lacks faith in himself, lets his emotions get the better of him and ultimately hurts those around him. Which begs the question, would Hamlet have made a good king? For my mind, at the start of the play…no way…but by the end, well you’ll have to come and see the play to find that out. Clare Gray: I play Gertrude, Hamlet’s Mother. It’s


a fantastic role because, as with most characters in the play, she experiences an incredible, roller coaster journey as events spin further and further out of her control. She’s a flawed woman who makes decisions then wrestles with her conscience about what she’s compromised in the process. Does the Shakespearean language make it more difficult or easier to get in character? Andrew Casey: Yes and No. For a 21st Century actor, and possibly audience, the language of Shakespeare can be an immediate barrier. But once you have a sense of what the character wants to do with each line, and the actor begins to own the language, then the text is no longer a barrier for the actor or for the audience.

person, even those who would consider themselves “traditionalists”. Even though this production is a shorter, more modern interpretation, there are still those elements within the play that audiences look for in Hamlet; murder, death, revenge, love, acts strange and unnatural, beautiful language, oh and big fight scene at the end. Clare Gray: Absolutely! If you’ve never seen Shakespeare performed live this is definitely the production to come and see. sMEEGAN MAY

Bookings are available from Centretainment. For more information about the Old Nick Theatre Company, including more details about Hamlet and their other upcoming shows, head to their website: 0 12-21 June @ The Peacock Theatre, Hobart.

What part of the story and themes do you think are most relevant today? Clare Gray: They all seem so relevant to me: power dynamics within families and governments; the struggle to understand what’s right and having the courage to act on one’s conscience; our response to grief and what lengths we can be driven to, under intense pressure. As one of the most performed Shakespearean plays, what makes this production of Hamlet different? Clare Gray: Well, it’s live and it’s local. Hamlet hasn’t been performed many times in Hobart in recent history so it’s a great chance to see the play performed live. Also, the beauty of Shakespeare is that there’s always something to be gained each time you see one of his plays. The fact that Hamlet is being put on at this time by this group of people makes the production unique. Finally, Jon Bowling’s set design should not be missed – it’s stunning. How does the present-day setting and necessary editing of the script affect the story? Andrew Casey: Well, the editing does reduce a typically four hour long production to a very tight 2 and a half hours. This means that a lot of the psychological and philosophical postulating is removed and a focus is directed very much on the action and the story of the play. However, important soliloquies such as “To be or not to be,” “Alas Poor Yorick,” “What a rogue and peasant slave am I,” etc. are still in. I think that the present day setting will illustrate how universal the themes of the play are and that they can apply to any period in history, even though the play was written nearly four hundred years ago. Does this mean it will appeal to more people? Andrew Casey: Oh yes. I think it will appeal to any

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SOUNDCHECK - out and about in the hottest venues THE PRESETS @ Derwent Entertainment Centre, 23 May


With Hitman pulling out of the show at the last minute, the spot was left open for the acoustic sounds of Zac Slater. Mixing crude humour with his music, Zac’s songs generated laughs from everybody. Next to take the stage was Beatty Street; a fresh new act from Launceston with members of Hitman and the well-known Sunday, Something Ruined. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen a funnier set in my life with their vocalist at one point singing in nothing but his underwear. That aside, I really enjoyed their music. For A So Called Hero, this was one of their first shows in almost a year. However it was very evident that the lost time has in no way affected them badly. Their new material obviously influenced by bands like Every Time I Die, this was made quite clear when they covered an ETID classic, ‘I Been Gone A Long Time’ which they pulled of very well, with a great effortless style. Resilient, since their inception last year have made quite a name for themselves in a fairly short amount THE PRESETS AFTERPARTY @ Syrup, 23 May


. ISSUE 96 . JUNE 10 - JUNE 23 2009

of time. Tonight proved they are making their mark and showing that punk influenced positive hardcore has began springing up all over Tasmania, with this being the music that has raised the bar amongst the hardcore scene nationwide. With a strong, positive lyrical message and a quick energetic set with music sounding to be influenced by bands like Verse, 50 Lions and Miles Away, Resilient clearly are not wasting time with what they’ve got and they’re making the music they love. Sunday, Something Ruined are about to release their very long awaited EP, which I can say with a sure conviction, will blow your mind. Mixing a vast array of genres to create their own blend of frenetic hardcore, SSR’s song writing ability is no doubt at an outstanding best. With all new material under their belt, SSR take their performance up a notch with songs like ‘5’ and ‘Cancer Branches’ really showcasing their talent and generating a lot of movement with tough breakdowns and lasting gang vocals. Watch out for these guys. sDAVID DOWLING Photo by Matt Tildesley.

I had just been talking about always walking in on the last song from the support when I walked in to the Derwent as Van She wound up. Maybe next time. It seemed however that many of the punters in Hobart had come from all over to see Architecture in Helsinki in their only Tassie show. Definite floor fillers ‘That Beep’ and ‘Heart it Races’ were fun, though I really enjoyed their rendition of ‘Teardrops’ to which many others looked on in bewilderment. Having seen the Presets perform in Tassie a couple of times, I was prepared for a solid show, and the opener ‘Talk Like That’ seemed to indicate that this would again be the case. However, from there things definitely cranked up a notch. Drawing all possible bottom-end from the decent front-of-house stack, the two lads from Sydney pumped out a completely new and tastefully remixed set of Apocolypso, accompanied by a spectacular light show catering for the more

psychedelically-inclined. I reckon it’s the best light show to come to Tas and certainly one of the best at any main-stream concert that I’ve witnessed. Kim was going off up front, gyrating and fist pumping under the lights. By far the highlight for me was an epic 18-minute remix combining ‘Are You The One’ and ‘Together’ complete with stacks of squelchy psychedelica over a thundering, rolling bassline. Crowd favourite ‘My People’ wound up the set before they returned for an encore, by which time I’d managed to slip out to beat the rush. This was definitely the Presets at their best, and displayed their ongoing commitment to refining their live shows. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Ministry Of Sound Sessions Six Tour Feat Goodwill + Tommy Trash @ Hotel New York, 29th May




LEENA Mean Old Clock You will often read in music news or album reviews that an artist has “exploded onto the scene, almost overnight!” I doubt that this ever the case. Certainly, this might be Leena’s first release, a five song EP showing depth and independence, but even at a cursory listen, you will probably be able to pick up the years of small gigs and travel and, well, not to sound too corny about it, but ‘life’ that is at the core of the songstress’ music. ‘Family Tree’ opens the EP with a cold, metallic sounding electric piano, so quiet you can hear the key strokes, before Leena’s distant voice begins a story of departure. Soon, the warm vocal harmony part comes in and the initial coldness is gone, though not the eerie sense of detachment. ‘Family Tree’ is a great opener, grabbing you with curiosity rather than fanfare. Tracks 2 and 3, ‘Universe Can Wait’ and ‘In Love & Lost’ respectively, offer pretty and dynamic instrumentation with numerous parts fading in and out, sometimes only appearing for a verse before departing. They are a joy to listen to, with just enough tension and plenty of hook. ‘Knife’s Edge’ takes on a country-folk sound as acoustic guitar is carried along by bright piano stabs, topped off by a slide guitar solo, all of which is reminiscent of Icelandic band ‘Without Gravity’, managing to sound just as gently beautiful. The EP closes with title track ‘Mean Old Clock’ sounding immediately darker; imparting a sense of un-seen dread and foreboding with a jagged guitar gliding unevenly between your speakers like something horrible happening just out of sight, offering a wonderful contrast to Leena’s warm, but weighty melody. Leena didn’t come out of nowhere, but she is definitely an artist at the beginning of her career. 8/10 sLOCHIE JAMES

MIXED BY TOMMY TRASH, GOODWILL AND DIRTY SOUTH Ministry of Sound – Sessions Six On this, the sixth installment of ‘Sessions’ MoS have extended themselves to a three a three disc compilation mixed by some of their most popular DJ’s. This album has met with mixed reaction from fans and I am like to see why. It seems that every time I listen to a CD from these guys that there is more and more infiltration from the commercial pop genre. Yeah that’s right, why on earth are All American Rejects on this album? This song has already been played to death on commercial radio for months and it was painful to my ears before then. Perhaps this is their version of reaching a wider audience, but to me and other existing fans this is very disappointing. Also a lot of the songs have been released early to mid 2008. Not much of a preview there. As with the inclusion of several mixes of songs that are now years old. In consolation, there are some excellent tracks that balance out the album, providing your fix of footstomping MoS sounds of old. I just think there could be more. Popular tracks include ‘To Protect and Entertain’ by The Crookers, ‘Signs’ by Bloc Party, and ‘Quicksand’ by La Roux. ‘Double Up’ by Killaqueenz is a standout. This is the kind of fresh new hit I expect of ministry, with a new, fast sound and powerful vibe. Keep an eye out for them. I enjoyed Tommy Trash’s CD the most, followed by Goodwill’s. Although my report is not all positive, this album has wide appeal and fills your prescription with the necessary ‘get up pumped to go out’, ‘dance your butt off ’ and wind down upon the return home. Most likely you will love some songs and distinctly dislike others. Patriotic MoS fans should be prepared for the new direction, as this is a trend across their new albums. sTABITHA FLETCHER

THE FUMES Sundancer

WOLF & CUB Science and Sorcery

The Fumes are a duo consisting of Steve Merry on guitar and vocals, and Joel Battersby on drums and percussion. Keep an eye out for these guys as they are two talented musicians.

Wolf & Cub are an Australian rock group with a certain uniqueness that immediately sets them apart from other bands playing this type of music, namely; they have two drummers. Not one drummer and an ‘auxiliary percussionist’ but two full drum kits on stage with them, which, apart from providing gig organisers with a logistical nightmare, provide a very full, beat driven sound. The other main drawcard for Wolf and Cub is lead guitarist and vocalist, Joe Byrne’s variety. From riff driven distortion of songs, ‘One To The Other’ and ‘The Loosest Gooses,’ to the spacey ‘Restless Son,’ and the blues-rock of ‘Spider’s Web’ lying somewhere in-between, Byrne showcases his ruthless guitar chops in some numbers while demonstrating the rare ability of being able to step back, play chords, and let the rhythm or ambience of a song pull the listener in. The album can be both gentle and demanding, as it opens with the almost primal drums of ‘Sevens Sevens,’ which stirs up an ancient desire to dance within the vicinity of fire, and finishes with the gentle but none-the-less groovy ‘Burden.’ In some cases, Science and Sorcery almost drifts into Portishead territory with some definite trip-hop allusions in the aforementioned ‘Restless Son.’ This, coupled with the two drummers and palate of synthesiser noises placed seemingly at random throughout the album, bring Wolf and Cub dangerously close to being labelled a “gimmick.” And whether they cross this line will most likely be a matter of opinion. Personally, I think they are unique enough to push past a gimmick label, though it shouldn’t matter anyway. When it comes down to it, Science and Sorcery is good music; full of progression and change, it’s interesting enough to keep you listening from start to finish, and, most importantly, it’s lots of fun. 8/10 sLOCHIE JAMES

I’ve known of these guys for a while when I heard their old song ‘Automobile’ on the radio and just had to find out what it was. This is their second album and they have improved and polished their sound in a progressive way. Steve’s gravelly bluesy vocals and Joel’s energy on the drums is amazing. You can just tell that these guys love their music. You’d think there’s a whole band rocking out but it’s just two guys. They fill the space where other instruments would generally be found and the sound is still excellent. It’s a real rock sound with a bluesy edge. Their music has similarities with perhaps the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club but with something old school to it, a bit of Led Zeppelin. A good indicator of a quality album is its ability to instill an emotion in their audience this band can do that. Favourite songs would be ‘Slay the Liar,’ with a catchy beat and strong vocals. ‘High City Lights’ is another favourite. ‘Never Gonna Get Back Home’ is another stand out for the album as it moves in a slower more romantic direction than usual. ‘Python For a Pillow’ is another good track. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more from these guys – give them a listen. They have toured alone and with the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, so if you get a chance to see them do. They’re coming here soon, and they rock out live. sTABITHA FLETCHER


JESSE ROSE What Do You Do if You Don’t


DJS ARCHIE AND KCB Wild Weekends 09

Huckleberry Swedes. Interesting name. Their new album Suburban Dreaming is the latest from these Australian folk country rockers.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t pick this album up purely because I saw Hot Chip were featured – I love their vocalist’s unusual and distinctive lyrical sound. I’d not heard of Jesse Rose and was unsure of the music style he produced. I checked out his MySpace and figured I’d be interested in what he had to offer as I have a penchant for German DJs. What I found however, is that I’m left questioning whether I like it at all and if this guy is just a name in the house scene or if I’ve outgrown the genre. ‘Forget Me Not,’ featuring Hot Chip, started to spin and I was not impressed. There was a chirpy, constant base line that filtered through a mainly uninspiring song. I found the track and the four following, two dimensional, lacking in any form of layering or difference in tempo. I was about to turn it off, all hope lost that Hot Chip had actually had any influence on this album at all, until ‘Day is Done’ (featuring Hot Chip) began to flow from my speakers. This had a darker base line, with deep synth cords and a more familiar sound. The song that redeemed the artist for me is ‘Touch my Horn’. The buildup of trumpet-esque tones with an engaging layer of various tempo stretched beats, underpinned with a barely audible cheer was enough to make me consider seeing this guy live, should the opportunity arise. Whilst the track was in my mind, slightly repetitive, it worked, I wanted to dance and I didn’t want it to finish. The final song ‘Never Ending’ is very similar – I wish the whole album was like this. 6/10 sGEORGINA FREEMAN

Hope Is Not Enough is the debut album from UK group Royal Treatment Plant, released last month. This tentrack album consists of fun/rock/softpunk/electro sounding songs. Each song consists of the female lead singer with her cheeky yet nasally sounding voice and lots of drum and guitar work. Some of the songs try to appear more ‘edgy’ by having a whole lot of thrash guitar work and electro, but this suddenly vanishes mid song. I’m not quite convinced this actually works. Royal Treatment Plant sounds like a mixture of Garbage, No Doubt, Muse and Killing Heidi. The first five songs on this album are the standouts while unfortunately the rest of the album sounds pretty similar to these ones. By the time the album has finished the whole experience seems a bit blurred. Sitting through another five songs that aren’t memorable leaves the album experience a bit hazy.

This two-disc album consists of songs from 2009 and 2008. CD one features all mixes by KCB while CD two features Archie’s mixes.

The album begins with slow song ‘Dust Storms Falling,’ which features lots of harmonies, strings, piano and slow guitar work. The rest of the album features songs in various paces and with instruments including banjos, lap steel and percussion. Each song has a story to tell and consists of the kind of energy that shows that this album was made with a lot of thought and care. You can basically imagine the band members playing with big smiles on their faces. Unfortunately, this type of album does not match my own music tastes so reviewing it may seem a bit harsh. None of the songs really grab my attention for very long and the occasional shouting of the lyrics by the lead singer doesn’t really help. I can’t really think of anything overly negative to say about this album but after listening to it several times I can’t really remember a single track. That said it’s a good album to have if you want some nice background music while doing various other things. You can have its presence there without really focusing on it too hard. Stand out tracks are ‘Small Cage, Big Land’ and ‘Wild Peace Pie.’ 4/10 sSKYE CROSSWELL WWW.SAUCE.NET.AU

Overall it’s a fun sounding album with a few highlights in the opening tracks but afterwards it doesn’t really seem to have anything to actually give. As it doesn’t offer anything new it just ends up sounding quite generic like a blend of various popular bands. There is defiantly a fun vibe and energy in their sound so they would possibly provide a better experience live. I can see teeny boppers and young teenagers liking this album due to its fun bouncy sound. Worth listening to: ‘Hope Is Not Enough’ and ‘Undercurrent.’ 5/10 sSKYE CROSSWELL

I must admit I don’t know who these DJs are. I also don’t know anything about the art of DJing, but I don’t think this matters while listening to this album. Some of the well known artists which have had their songs remixed include Britney Spears, Sneaky Sound System, The Prodigy, Lady Gaga and Kaiser Chiefs. These remixes of these popular songs allow for a new way of appreciating the songs and gives a new experience into listening to the songs. I especially like what Archie has done to Kaiser Chiefs’s ‘Good Days Bad Days’. This remix makes it sound like an entirely new song. This is what I imagine gives DJs their kick, being able to transform songs into their own creation. The title of the album suits the remixes. I can imagine it being played at a party where people all have different tastes but you want a universal sound to dance to. This album would sit comfortably at any party, right amongst the chips and dip. 6/10 sSKYE CROSSWELL

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TA S S I E ’ S



Vehicle Graphics

The Drift Consortium

This new identity has been formulated this year to assist both Tasmanian Drift Clubs. It comprises of six Tasmanian businessmen who have a desire to see drifting grow here in Tasmania. Initially all members were unidentified, but that is changing as the season progresses. At round one, we saw a $2000- “purse” offered to the podium winners. Also there were prizes arranged from local businesses for 4th to 10th place-getters. The Consortium certainly attracted a great entry-list for the start of drift season, and it set the scene for a great year’s racing ahead. Round two, saw record entries, and this time the Consortium put up a Drift Stimulus Package, offering the 1st twenty drivers to enter, a $60- cash back, which was paid on race day. Also, there were prizes donated again by local businesses, for 1st to 8th place getters. It is yet to be confirmed, but it will be another “purse “ for Rnd 3, which should attract good support from mainland drivers, seeming it does not clash with any mainland drift meets, as it did at both the first two rounds. Having said that, there were six + mainlanders at each of those rounds!!!

CONSORTIUM MEMBERS : 1/ LABELLA PIZZA Cloaky. ( spokesperson and founder ) 2/ GOODYEAR-HOBART Wayne and Helen. 3/ TAS MOBILE MECHANICS Martin and Allen. 4/ QUIK FIT TYRES LAUNCESTON Bob 5/ REVOLUTION RACEGEAR Hamish.


1 4 3


C H A R L E S S T L A U N C E S T O N P H : 6 3 3 1 6 8 4 6 . ISSUE 96 . JUNE 10 - JUNE 23 2009

Adidas are the king of old school cool! Available at Route 66 WWW.SAUCE.NET.AU

$40 Fashionista

BY REBECCA TAYLOR Model: Emily Cappelletti

0 PIECES USED IN SHOT Jacket(Cooper St) – $10, Showgrounds Market Top (Mambo Goddess) – $2, Garage sale Black Top (Just Jeans) - $2, Red Cross Skirt (United Colours of Benetton) - $2.50, Salvo’s Store Stockings- $12, K-Mart Shoes (Puzzles by Grosby) - $8, Vinnies (Brand New)


MONDAYS / TUESDAYS Industry Night • $25 Beer Buckets – Any 5 stubbies from our fridge for $25

WEDNESDAY - UNI NIGHT Gonna have a big night? We will fill you up! • Paella $25/hd • $15 Sangria Jugs •10pm – 12pm $10 Cocktails • Schooners @ 10oz prices

THURSDAY It’s a jungle out there, so why not add some roar to your outfit with a little animal print? There are several to choose from including cheetah, tiger, zebra, ladybug (you didn’t really think they were polka dots did you?) and my personal favourite, leopard. Animal prints can add spice to your outfit, but the key is not to go overboard. Steer clear of spandex tiger print jumpsuits. Look instead for individual pieces to pair with non-animal print clothing, such as a tiger print skirt with black tights and a funky tee. For a more bold fashion statement try an animal print coat…but remember, keep the rest of the outfit subtle, and no more animal print! You don’t want people to think you’re actually trying to BE an animal. Now, more than ever, designers have extended this look beyond clothing. This is great for those who like the heart of the jungle look, but only want hints of it. Look for animal inspired footwear and accessories, such as handbags, gloves, scarves, and even umbrellas. It’s fun, it’s flashy, and it’s stylish, so add some creature feature to your outfit, head out, and get wild! WWW.SAUCE.NET.AU

Ladies Night! Girls leave the boys at home and come in for a stiff one! • Cosmos $10

FRIDAY • Free Tapas between 5pm and 6pm with every drink

SATURDAY / SUNDAY Lazy Afternoons • Schooners @ 10oz prices 3pm – 6pm RELAX in our couches upstairs or the sunny courtyard. Got a FUNCTION? We can cater for any budget.

Corner of Burnett & Elizabeth St, North Hobart Opposite The Republic Bar 6231 5931 • . ISSUE 96 . JUNE 10 - JUNE 23 2009


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Don’t let Ice destroy you

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