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good conversation, good company, abandonment; often in the context of socialising while eating, drinking or with music. Quintessentially Irish, also meaning news or gossip, which influences the common expression “What’s the craic?”

Craic noun /pronounced - krack/ Fun, enjoyment,

DJ Mike Hyper Saturday April 18

pureglam pure glam

One of the nation's top RnB DJs back in Australia after playing in Asia DOORS OPEN @ 10




The Whole of Sole #92- April 15 to April 28

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How is Sole Stickers different and similar to what each of you have done before, with other bands? Matt: Sole Stickers is different to me in that it contains no inward feelings, elements or sounds when I play, the music itself is a wall of British-like 60’s sounding rock that ‘fattens’ my own perception of what and where rock started. Similarities would of course be the same entourage of energy within whenever we’re in practice. James: Different drummer and bass player, similar style songs to the old band. Jono:It is not as intense as most other projects I have been involved with. But it’s still loud, still dirty and still rock so the similarities are still there. When I think of Sole Stickers, I think of chewing gum. How did you come up with the name? Matt: We came up with it the same way as Kevin Rudd decided to give everyone money... We thought it was a good idea at the time and betted on the fact that everyone would agree. Is that an answer? James: I like the sound of the word ‘stickers’ and wanted to incorporate it in a band name. Plus it’s easy to search for on the internet. Jono: Lucky dip. To what extent do you believe that people have souls? Matt: Sound is the common word we use for a mixture of frequencies, as far as I’m aware frequencies and different combinations of and alike is what make the entire universe including you and I exist, so therefore I believe more than just people have ‘souls’, every thought you or I create has a soul of it’s own. James: To the fullest extent possible. Jono: Everyone’s got a soul. But not everyone knows how to use it. Apart from music, what feeds your soul? Matt: A good ol’ block of Cadburys and a stack of books of course! Oh I’d better throw in the positive surrounds of good family & friends to smooth off the edge a little... James: Playing Monopoly. Jono: Life in general and of course my lovely wife.

Sauce Team: Hobart: PO BOX 4542 Bathurst St PO Hobart 7000 Editor - General Manager - Advertising: David Williams Email: Phone: 0400 940 699

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Sole Stickers: The new band from ex-Reactions singer/guitarist James Dilger, with Matt Labedzki on drums, and Jono Hill, ex-The Styles, on bass. The Tassie 3-piece answer a few sticky questions.

Simon Hancock

Editorial Assistant: Meegan May Email: Opinions expressed in Sauce are not necessarily those of the Editor or staff. Sauce Publishing accepts no liability for the accuracy of advertisements.

What connection is there between the music you make, and soul music? Matt: The term or style “Soul music” would have different meanings to every reader out there I’m sure, so inturn the answer I’ll give would go somewhere along the lines of a connection ‘like sticky gum to your shoe’. James: We both have the ‘fonk’ (said in a Rufus Thomas style voice). Sole also means ‘alone’, so what do you like to do by yourself?


Next Edition:

drums. With a pair of drumsticks. One in each hand. James: It was cluttering up the path in the front yard and I didn’t want anyone to trip on it. Jono: To light a fire. With each of you being in other bands, previously, and then parted ways, what’s going to keep you sticking together this time? Matt: I’d like to put that length of time out to the public to determine and also keep my two fingers crossed. James: Selleys Liquid Nails. Jono: Good question, hopefully the chewing gum will keep us together. sDAVID WILLIAMS

Sole Stickers have a new single out on iTunes, ‘Sometimes I Just Don’t Know,’ and are playing gigs around Launceston soon. 0 18 April @ Hotel New York 0 22 April @ Irish Murphy’s



Get your music heard on Australia’s first digital radio station dedicated to undiscovered artists.

So register now by calling 6267 2880, or visiting the website,


. ISSUE 92 . APRIL 15 - APRIL 28 2009


Some of the returning champs from last year are already set to defend their titles, including longest playing winner (at over 8hrs), Steve Young, winner of best dinner music Allan Badalassi and reigning best audience participation champ Margot Lampkin.

Sauce #93 - 29/04/09 to 12/05/09 Ad Artwork Deadline 24/03/09 @ 3pm


What did you pick up a stick for, last? Matt: I in fact last picked up a Pair of sticks. Drumsticks that is. To practice. The drums. Practice playing the

Although the line-up is beginning to fill (and look rather impressive), there are still a few coveted spots left to be a part of this great event, raise money for charity, and battle it out for some great prizes.

Carl Fidler, Glenn Moorehouse, Dane Hunnerup, Nick Hay, Tabitha Fletcher, Mike Wilcox, Mick Lowenstein, Rebecca Taylor, Dave Elliston.

37 Wilson St Burnie 03 6431 6616

Why do you prefer not to do that with other people? Matt: I wouldn’t as so much say it was a preference, although those things I do in my own time are generally that because those particular activities would not be nearly as entertaining for others as they are for me to do privately. James: So I can absorb the brilliance of Howard Moon uninterrupted. Howard is the true genius and his eyes are just the perfect size. Jono: So that no one can talk in the good bits.

PIANO MARATHON The annual piano marathon held at Brookfield Vineyard is looking for more competitors.


CDs & DVDs New + Second Hand

Matt : Lots of things! In between practicing my instrument I’m constantly reading and researching all kinds of things from business & management through to psychology, science and physics. So really I feel I’m never alone as such. James:Watch Mighty Boosh DVDs. Jono:Watch TV.

0 1-3 May @ Brookfield Vineyard, Margate UNITED TOUR ADJUSTMENTS Well, get out your calendars (again) and remark them for the United Tour.


IS THIS YOUR REGO? YOU WIN! If this is your car, email a pic of yourself in front of your rego to, with STICKER WINNER in the subject line by Friday 24th of April @ 5pm to win some CDs or DVDs! If you don’t get to us in time, the prize will JACKPOT, so next edition there will be six CDs or DVDs to be won. And so on … Get a SAUCE sticker (email competitions@sauce. with your postal address and CAR STICKER in the subject line if you want one!) and whack it on your vehicle! Check each edition of SAUCE to see if you’ve won. It’s that easy!

A few of the venues have changed for the fantastic five artists lined up to do the tour, which includes Tara Simmons (QLD), Edward Gugliemino (QLD), mcArtney (NSW), Coby Grant (WA) and Simon Kelly (WA).

392 - 394 Elizabeth St. North Hobart Ph: 03 6234 5975

Performing in Launceston, Hobart and Burnie, the gang will be on stage together and alone, performing their own songs and climbing aboard for each other’s. With five of the freshest upcoming talents in the country, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss this special musical event. 0 25 April @ The Royal Oak, Launceston 0 26 April @ Republic Bar, Hobart 0 27 April @ Stage Door, Burnie WWW.SAUCE.NET.AU


No Holding Back

When DJ-producers Dave Goode and Jonny Sonic first arrived in Australia from Ireland, they didn’t come here as superstar musicians, but as backpackers. Shortly after they met in 2002, they formed a duo. Adding Brisbane’s Blue MC in 2005, and vocalist Ilan Kidron a year later, we now see them as what they are today, some of the biggest stars on the Australian dance scene - The Potbelleez. “I came out with a suitcase and a box of records. Dave and I just had the same focus and same ideas. We knew of each other from back in Dublin so when we met over here it was like fuck it, let’s get together and do something. I think we collaborated and came up with two mixes and were the only Australians at the time that had the same ideas as we did.” Johnny explains that after the band got together they had the concept, the name (“The name is a piss take on ourselves, not taking things too serious, fun and leaving the gym realising our potbellies were not getting any smaller!”), and “then badabing badaboom, three years later we met Blue and then another year after that Ilan. The group has being going strong for six years now and it has been great.” Having a few club chart hits in 2006, like ‘Junkyard’ and ‘Duuurty Dreemz,’ The Potbelleez debut EP In The Junkyard was released in April 2007, and its

limited edition run was sold out in just six weeks. But it wasn’t until their single ‘Don’t Hold Back’ dropped late 2007, when the band, and the song, became monster hits. What both Blue and Iland describe as “an avalanche”, the track spent an amazing seventeen weeks at number one of the ARIA dance charts and twenty-nine in the overall ARIA Top 40 singles chart. The single went platinum and garnered the band three ARIA nominations in 2008. Since then, it’s been massive hit after massive hit and The Potbelleez are lighting up dancefloors all over Australia and the rest of the world. The international success has seen the band topping charts in the UK and playing all over the globe. Dave talks about their 2008 trip to Germany, “Dance music in Europe is so ingrained in their culture, it has been since the early 80s, and so they’re well up for anything electronic. At some of the first shows they didn’t really react to us

+ RED RIVAL + POWERCHILD $10pre / $12door




Work off your own potbelly, and get your groove on: 0 30 April @ Tattersalls Hotel, Hobart 0 1 May @ Hotel New York, Launceston 0 2 May @ Siroccos, Burnie




TARa Simmons (QLD), Edward Guglielmino (QLD), mcArtney (NSW), Coby Grant (VIC) and Simon Kelly (WA)

$17pre / $20door





Wednesday 22nd

Kobya + Tortribe (Reggae)



Charlie Parr (USA)



Edge Radio birthday party: WHiskey Go Gos










United Tour: Tara Simmons (QLD), Edward Guglielmino (QLD),

no cover 9pm



Quiz Night




Joe Piere & The Blackberries

APRIL: Wednesday 15th

Ben Kweller + Linc & The Insiders



Tom Richardson



The Vandas + Red Rival + Powerchild



Bridget Pross Band + Matt Kelly & The Keepers $10 10pm



Jordan Millar + Matt Kelly & The Keepers



Digney Fignus (U.S.A) + G.B. Balding



Fee Whitler


The cool things Dave and the band have planned

Or better yet, get your dancin’ shoes on the ground and your ears pointed towards a stage near you.

299 Elizabeth St North Hobart Ph. 6234 6954

saturday 18th april


The third single from their self-titled debut LP ‘Trouble Trouble,’ was one of the most added songs on radio for the first few weeks, and the album has also climbed all over the charts since its release in November last year. “It has been a long road and it is finally finished. We are all very proud of it and now can kind of move on with our lives. The first hurdle of organising and introducing our band to the world has just finished and now we can move on and really do some cool things with it.”

include touring the country (as well as New Zealand and Canada), and are smack bang in the middle of it now. Punters can expect to see the two producers up the back over four CDJs, two mixers and two FX units, and the two vocalists making magic up the front. “We also have Utah Saints and MYNC project collaborations happening this year and we are currently doing remixes for many artists. Keep your ear to the ground.”


Tix Available Online FRIDAY 17th april

while we were playing, so you didn’t know if they were enjoying it or not until right at the end. I’d say, ‘thanks we’re the Potbelleez’ and they’d go crazy.” The band have also successfully toured Dave and Jonny’s home country of Ireland, which is also where some of their new album was recorded.

$32pre/$35door 9pm 9pm $10pre/$12door 10pm





$17pre/$20door 9pm

mcArtney (NSW), Coby Grant (VIC) and Simon Kelly (WA)


9pm 8:30pm

. ISSUE 92 . APRIL 15 - APRIL 28 2009

9pm 5

GREEN FINGERS All the freshest produce from The Greenhouse, Irish Murphy’s, Hobart. I’m going to count from 10 to 1. With each number, you’ll feel your body relax, you’ll breathe out the pressure of the day and you’ll feel warmth permeate throughout your body. Your eyes are growing heavy. And it is completely natural and comfortable to bring your entire attention to the words below. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 I will now tell you about something. Something that, when you finish this article, you will not recall immediately. Instead you will feel an overwhelming urge to attend the events about which you are going to read. Step 1: Every first Tuesday of the month you will attend a night, not at all inspired by the karate kid, called Wax Lyrical. It is an Australian Songwriters Association night. It features new performers, or established artists trialling new material, or never before seen collaborations. It is dynamic, the sets are short and it has 5-6 performances in one night. You will enjoy a pint of bitter while you listen (Kilkenny) and you will experience a good time with some hilarity. You may even feel the desire to play yourself. In fact if you’re new to the stage, the Wax Lyrical nights are used at The Greenhouse to feed into being feature length sets on other nights. If you feel so inspired you will email Jess Dix at . Relax and smile. Step 2: Every fortnight on a Tuesday you will attend the Tasmanian Artist Management Collective. You will remember that the next two events are on the 21st of April and the 5th of May and you will join the facebook group called the Tasmanian Artist Management Collective. You do this because you are interested in either managing a band or artist or managing your own music or band. You will remember how good the last one was with Brian Ritchie, of The Violent Femmes, discussing the methods of curating a music festival and you will be excited about what may be coming up at the next ones. In fact as the ideas infiltrate your dreams, you will communicate your desire for information via the facebook page and let the coordinators know what you would like to find out about. The mere presence of a helpful and informative group that meets from 8-9pm in the Irish Murphy’s function room is a comfort to you reinforced with the fact that it is completely free of charge. Relax and smile.

Josh Durno, ‘Get the hell out of my face paparazzi scum, I’m tuning up!’


Step 3: Every third Sunday of the month you will attend the

Melly Frank and random Greenhouse punter making sex noises and singing about shagging on the carpet. Greenhouse Jam Jar. It has come to your attention that you have a taste for jazz, in fact you enjoy it whilst drinking Sloe Gin and indulging from the Irish Murphy’s brand new Autumn menu. You feel the most exciting thing about the Jam Jar night is that it has an open stage policy. People keep getting up with the band and joining in which seemed a little bit strange at first and now you realise that it keeps it interesting and evolving. In fact you have been harbouring a secret desire. When you have been alone at home you have been fiddling, fiddling with your instrument and learning a couple of jazz standards because you are approaching a time when you have a quiet word with the band and then step up onto the stage and have a play. Relax and smile. Now as I count from 1 to 10 you will feel your focus returning to the world around you and your eyes will flick to the next page. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 sFERT

Get seedy in The Greenhouse: 0 Every Sunday to Thursday night @ Irish Murphy’s, Hobart


WEDNESDAY SESSIONS AT THE METZ 7:00 - 9:00PM $8 BEER JUGS $5 METZ BREADS - $10 PIZZAS. 9:00 - 11:00PM $4 BASIC SPIRITS! DJ FROM 8PM TILL LATE. “It’s not Jamal’s cup of tea, but we’re sure you’ll love it!” WWW.THEMETZ.COM.AU 217 SANDY BAY RD 6

. ISSUE 92 . APRIL 15 - APRIL 28 2009


LA CASA is Hobart’s Home of House. Round Midnight (the 2nd level of Syrup) gives you your ‘fill of funky’ on the first Friday of the month, featuring the best & funkiest House music from every corner of the globe! Every LA CASA night brings something new to the floor, something new from the world of House Music! Whether it be funky, Latin, or Afrohouse, vocal, dub or Tribal House, you’ll find it on the dance floor at LA CASA! LA CASA boasts the best jackin’, Chicago and San Fran House anywhere in Tasmania, and guarantees the sort of tunes you can’t help bustin’ a groove to. Not just content with playing the latest tunes, the DJs at LA CASA love to mix it up a bit with some favourite tracks such as Freemasons, Basement Jaxx, Eric Prydz and Jamiroquai to name but a few. Uplifting diva

vocals, or a little on the dirty side, it’s all right here! LA CASA also welcomes many guests DJs including James Curd, Nathan G, Wei Shen and Ben Morris, and has played host to Housexy, Ministry of Sound and Kink tours. Round Midnight features cool graffiti murals, a powerful soundsystem, and a brand-spanking new chillout area where you can take a well-earned break from the dancefloor grind. And when you return to the dance floor, the light show will dazzle your senses. The bar staff are always friendly, and keeping it fresh by mixing up exciting new creations Friday May 1st is the date to mark in your diaries -the official re-launch of LA CASA at Syrup. Dress neat casual, or just dress to impress – it’s a fun night so why not live it up? Only $10 entry, free for GOLD Syrup VIP members and Uni Students (show ID upon entry) $5 for Silver VIPs. The club kids will be there. The pretty ladies will be there. The funky House DJs will be there – where will YOU be? 0 The first Friday of every month @ Syrup

Prepare to step into a world of bazaar fashion, A fusion of crack addled funtasy, wrapped up in a cheesey carnivale atmosphere. A new kitsch glitz party of trash glam fashion & dance floor debauchery. Driving dancefloor DJs KiR and Parkey are at the wheel every 3rd Friday night of the month, as the CRACK TAXI extravaganza stops into Syrup Level 2 for an evening packed with Nu Disco, Indie Dance, Electronica, Baltimore Club and Acid... Calling all fashionista’s, goths, glitter fueled party animals, music junkies and trashbags that wanna get loose, this is Hobart’s Class AAA funfair. The CRACK TAXI  team are recreating the theme of decadent house party. Expect a hilariously transformed room, the bar serving cheap cocktails on early arrival to get you into the theme, outrageous outfits from all walks of life and a bundle of diverse fun & dirty tunes from Hobart locals, national/international superstars. There’s a CRACK TAXI dress theme every month which will get you into the club for free, allow you to get dressed up big time & be your alter ego or just aid you to have a memorable blast. CRACK TAXI opening party on the 17th April with the dress theme ‘Euro

I LOVE TECHNO on every second Friday of the month is a night dedicated to a journey through the underground sounds of minimal, tech house and techno. It is a night that has been developed through a passion for a sound not yet represented in Tasmania. Resident DJs Tristan, Samex and Corney have a constant eye on the international scene and an ear for the latest sounds so you know your going to get a unique next-level dance floor experience. Maybe you’re an old school techno head, maybe you love your minimal but only hear it on your home stereo or maybe you want delve deeper than your regular club WWW.SAUCE.NET.AU

nights, then I LOVE TECHNO is where you should be. Its a night about the music as much as the party, but don’t worry you will be partying till dawn with the infectious groove and future line up of international talent and some of Australia’s most respected DJs and producers. Expect to hear stripped back clicks and blips to wonky dance floor mayhem to deep, dark, percussive and rolling. The music will go anywhere from a funky groove to mind melting sounds that are best heard through the Syrup sound system. Join us Friday the 8th of May at Syrup with Grafton Primary for your first taste of I LOVE TECHNO, Tassie’s Premiere ‘Tech’ night. 0 The second Friday of every month @ Syrup

Like it harder? Faster? Louder? Then PICKLE vs PITCH BLACK is definitely the event for you! Now almost into its third year of action, the amalgamation of Syrup’s original Hard-genre night ‘Pickle’, and DJ Shad’s ‘Pitch Black Trance’ has ignited the Hobart Hard Dance scene, and continues to pave the way for all things Hard Dance, Hard Trance and Hardstyle! PICKLE vs PITCH BLACK brings you nothing less that the absolute best in local, interstate and international

Trash’ will be a big one! The first 50 guests to arrive at the rank will recieve a VIP membership, there will be drink cards for best dressed and cheap cocktails from 11 to midnight, so an early appearance guarantees for a beautiful mess later. Australia’s favourite Modular artists, AJAX and Gus da Hoodrat, the Bang Gang DJs, reknown for their glam trash parties, will be dropping in for a spin in the coming months of May and June. AJAX, Australia’s no. 1 DJ for years running, will greet us with dancefloor spankin tunes on the One Love Sound Machine Tour on the 15th of May. The Crack Taxi brigade will be pulling into the Parade dressed for the ‘carnivale’ of Crack. Gus da Hoodrat is the man! playing a mashed up dirty indie disco set on 19th of June. ‘Plastic Cracktastic’ is the theme, the atmosphere will be very fitting! CRACK TAXI is the new wave of xtreme clubbing in Hobart. You love a crack? You love really decent beats? You love a dress up party? You’ll love the CRACK TAXI. Get a black marker out and write thick on your calender NOT TO MISS -- CRACK TAXI  - 3RD FRIDAY EVERY MONTH! Kir and Parky are looking forward to meeting you at the Euro Trash CRACK TAXI opening party. 0 The third Friday of every month @ Syrup

talent, with guest DJs such as Alex Kidd, Steve Hill, Amber Savage, and Bexta all filling the dance floor at recent events. Combine all that with a top notch sound system, crazy lights and décor, and a rock solid crew of dedicated hard dance junkies on the dance floor at every single event, and you’ve got yourself a party of hard beats, epic breakdowns and soaring synth lines! In 2009, PICKLE vs PITCH BLACK raises the bar again, to deliver the cream of the international Hard Dance scene, right to the centre of Hobart! PICKLE vs PITCH BLACK: Hard beats and Trance treats; direct to the dance floor! 0 The last Friday of every month @ Syrup . ISSUE 92 . APRIL 15 - APRIL 28 2009



Talk of the Town

Hailing from Boston, singer/songwriter Digney Fignus is in town to continue promotion of his CD Talk of the Town and to jump up on stage and on the airwaves to play us a few tunes. Playing music with a mix of roots and country, it’s a far cry from his earlier work with the punk band Spikes, which led him into the world of nightclub managing, ‘Streets,’ a punk club in Boston. After scoring exposure through the American MTV’s contest The Basement Tapes,’ Digney picked up a short lived recording contract with Columbia Records, that ended leaving a rather sour taste win Digney’s mouth. It took a while, but after other success with writing a town anthem for his native Boston, Digney returned to the scene in 2006 to start the new chapter of his musical career. It was the year of he released Trouble on the Levee, the rootsy concept CD, which experienced success on the Americana Roots Rock chart in the States, spending 22 weeks on there. The CD followed the story of Johnnie Boudreaux, “a man too good lookin’ for his own good,” a story that continues on his latest album Talk of The Town. Digney will soon be appearing on ABC radio on the 22nd of April and be playing a couple of gigs while he’s in town before heading over to Melbourne for the Blessing of the Bonnets, an event honouring the

twenty-five thousand women transported to Australia during the 1800s. He will be performing his song ‘All For Love,’ a track inspired by love tokens left behind by Australia’s convict women.

Find out what they’re talkin’ about: 0 20 April @ Republic Bar, Hobart 0 24 April @ Forth Valley Pub, Forth



Wednesday 15th April Cruel Like That Deux Pervertis Wednesday 22nd April Sole Stickers British Battlegrounds THE BEST OF TASMANIA’S


Wednesday 29th April The Tokyo Room Mark Edmunds

There ’ s Always Something ...

Superstar DJ of the Hip-Hop/RnB/ Mash-Up persuasion, Mike Hyper is back in town and ready to blow the lid off Lonnies! Showcasing his turntable skills in clubs all over the country, as well as in Bali, New Zealand, America and the UK, DJ Mike Hyper has also supported and toured with huge acts such as Nelly, Akon, 50 Cent, g-Unit and Sisqo. He’s had residencies in some of the hottest clubs in Sydney, such as the St James Hotel and Stadium Nightclub, and has managed a guest spot in every state in Australia. But it’s not just hot clubs that have been a showcase for Mike Hyper’s thumpin’ beats, but he’s also been the official DJ for big companies such as Virgin Blue Airlanes, XBOX 360, Autosalon Australia and General Pants Clothing. So if dancing to a dynamite DJ is on your to-do-list, get your groove on to DJ Mike Hyper this April. Get hyper: 0 18 April @ Lonnies, Launceston 8

. ISSUE 92 . APRIL 15 - APRIL 28 2009


Tuesday April 21 LUKE PARRY Thursday April 23 KRISTY & STEVE Friday April 24 LONG WAY HOME Saturday April 25 IN LIMBO Sunday April 26 BEN CASTLES, TWO STRUNG, LONG WAY HOME Monday April 27 CARL FIDLER Tuesday April 28 NATHAN WHELDON



WHAT’S THE STORY With Patrick Walker of A Friend of Mine Genre mixing post punk rockers A Friend of Mine are heading down to Tassie to launch their new album God Mode. So we asked Pat, what’s the Story?

y e l l A Cat

Behind your band name? Not sure, but strangely enough, it was a friend of ours who thought of it. About how the band got together? A bunch of friends who’d been playing music together forever eventually realised it would be a good idea to start an actual band. True story. Of the first gig you ever played together? It was very late at night at a friend’s 21st, playing to super-drunk friends who pulled up chairs and gazed at us. We ended with a very epic, psychedelic version of ‘Planet Caravan’ by Black Sabbath. It was cool. Of the last time you were completely pissed off? I’m usually more just slightly miffed than completely pissed off. When I’m truly pissed off, it’s government’s fault. Of the last time you were in trouble with the law? Three of us (Pat, Snazz, Davd) were hanging out in our old high school in the middle of the night for no good reason. Cops showed up, we ran, they chased, we kept running, they gave up, we got away. So we didn’t get in trouble. Llod’s got some court dates coming up for graffing ‘n’ shit but the rest of us are pretty well behaved, or at least, more discreet. Of the last famous person you met? Never really met any. We played scrabble against John Saffran at a party once. He didn’t say much but he sure kicked our arses.

The Alley Cat Bar Behind your most prized non-music related possession? We don’t have many of those. I have a stainless steel teapot that does a hell of a brew, but it’s not mine. I dunno. This computer’s pretty good.

381 Elizabeth Street North Hobart 03 6231 2299

Friday 17th April

Behind your most prized music-related possession? Mine is an acoustic guitar bought by my dad in 1971 for $35 which I use most of the time these days. Great, shit sound. Irreplaceable, but totally worthless. We’ll be writing about your band in five years? There’ll be plenty of ammo by then I’m sure. Time permitting, we may have turned into plastic surgery monsters. Get friendly: 0 25 April @ The Alley Cat, Hobart


Wednesday 15th April Holy Cow Band In the Boatshed - $2 cover @ 9ish Thursday 16th April Live Music Friday 17th April Mick Attard in the Bar @ 9ish Saturday 18th April Wizard, The Whores, Cat Fight and Vamp In the Boatshed @ 9ish $5 cover Wednesday 22nd April Ben Castles in the bar @ 9ish

Bob Log III (US) + Bloodspots (QLD) Fri 24h April

Thursday 23rd April Lonny Tunes Fiona Brown, Mic Attard, Jeano & Simon In the bar @ 9ish Friday 24th April Jerome Hillier in the bar @9 ish Saturday 25th April Live music


TURN THE DIAL TO 11 With Ed Guglielmino Brisbane muso Edward Guglielmino likes to tour a lot, he says it’s in order to steal stories from unsuspecting patrons and make them his own. “Like the time I visited my mother in prison and found out I was Bon Scott’s son.” We get the feeling that his persona is a little tongue-in-cheek. “My songs have hooks and use a fairly conventional format. Think Nirvana if Scott Walker was the singer. I’m really a musician and a song writer, it’s not a hobby, it’s my full-time occupation. It is for this reason that I have no money and therefore ask you to buy my record.” 11 years ago… I was 15. Living a nightmare, I was an artistic fat kid in touch with his feminine side at an all boys private school. I came home with bruises every day. A teacher or a student told me I was homosexual every three minutes. The school was Brisbane Boys College. If you have seen the film Dead Poets Society the school was like that except without the art, the cool teachers, the excitement, and of course Robin Williams. If you haven’t seen Dead Poets Society go down to video city and rent it. It’s awesome. 11 months ago… Exactly 11 months ago today I was at The Troubadour, where I worked, and I found a girl’s phone. It was full of baby photos. I contacted her to say I had her phone. She told me that she had already claimed it stolen on her insurance. Not only did she want me to commit insurance fraud by throwing the phone in the bin, she also wanted me to email her baby photos to her. I emailed all the photos to her, but for some reason they never went though. I burnt them on a disc and told her to come into my work and pick it up, she never did. Not only was she an insurance fraudster, but also a negligent mother.

You Get A Meal (Special Of The Night Plus Veg Option) A drink: House Wine,10oz Beer or Soft Drink And A Fab Film All For $15 Byo Beanbag! - Bookings Recommended






14 Brisbane Street, Launceston 6331 5346


Mon 27th of April Dr Strangelove 1964 (Stanley Kubrick) Mon 4th of May Fellini’s 8½ 1963 (Italian Classic) UPCOMING SHOWS: Thursday 16th of April Wishing Well 9pm $5 Friday the 17th of April Bob Log 111 (Tucson, Arizona) Bloodspots (QLD) 9.30pm $12 11 minutes ago… Rob and my guitarist Matt were in the other room working on parts for the song. I started to wonder when I was going to get my Rudd bonus. I think the government should send us a $20 bonus every hour, what a great way to simulate the economy. After all that’s what we are trying to do before the total meltdown. Kind of like driving your car really fast for fun before a meteorite hits the earth.

11 days ago… I was tour managing this tour I was on, selling my old CDs at cash converters to get money for groceries. My band was all arguing with each other, and I was dealing with it by taking my Dad’s pain killer medication and watching the zeitgeist on YouTube.

11 years from now? I’ll be living in a commune with 26 other people, set up after America and China went to war and the fall out caused the global economic crisis to heighten to a state where money was useless. The Internet will still be running but it will take days for travel as there won’t be any fuel left. I’ll post songs on my very popular website, my only reward will be offers from other communities to stay there or play shows to. During the day I’ll look after the crops, and at night I’ll watch the fire. I’ll be the leaders helper. I’ll be in line for the head role in 30 years when master Matt dies.



Thursday 30th April Mick Ahern Trio in the bar @ 9ish

Mon 20th of April Easyrider 1969 (Dennis Hopper)

11 weeks ago… I had just been signed to a new agent. I had gigs lined up in Berlin, which I had to cancel after the economic crisis hit and the dollar dropped. I was about to do a bunch of shows down the east coast. I was particularly excited because FBI radio was featuring one of my songs.

11 hours ago… I was recording a new track with Robin Waters from The Boat People. All I did was write the song and sing the vocal take. It’s fun when you have a super proactive producer. You can sit on the couch and eat curry and play with his dog while he plays all the parts with my guitarist. We are going to make a song using a lapel mike and a cheap laptop. Its the hottest new thing to do. He is only charging $20,000.

The Hoodangers + The Swell Tones

Wednesday 29th April Invisible Boy in the bar @ 9ish

Share a story with Ed: 0 25 April @ The Roal Oak, Launceston 0 26-Apr @ Republic Bar, Hobart 0 27-Apr @ Stage Door, Burnie

Saturday 18th of April Sirca Invisible Boy The Ben Wells Band 9.30pm $5 Thursday 23rd of April Andrew Swift (VIC) Luke Thomas (The Turnaround) Patrick Marshall (Your Demise) 9pm $5 Friday 24th of April The Hoodangers The Swell Tones 9.30pm $6 Saturday 25th of April Death Mattel (Sydney) A Friend of Mine (Melb) 9.30pm $5 WEDNESDAY NIGHT SPECIAL 6PM - 9.30PM $10 Beaut Beer & Bonza Burger Night. Your choice of beef, chicken or vege Alley Cat Burger with a 10oz. of Cascade Draught or Pale Ale.

ASA and The Greenhouse present Wax Lyrical at Irish Murphy’s

Tuesday 5th May Nick Papadakis Dari Srhoj Jess Patmore Melly Frank 9pm - 11pm FREE ENTRY @ THE GREENHOUSE

Irish Murphy’s

21 Salamanca Place, Hobart Ph: 6223 1119 . ISSUE 92 . APRIL 15 - APRIL 28 2009



The Dog Line

OFF THE SHELF Hey all and welcome to Off The Shelf, our fortnightly spiel on what’s happening every Wednesday night at Irish Murphy’s, Launceston. At Top Shelf we aim to bring you the best music and bands that Launceston and the state has to offer. We’ve also been able to present a few national acts along the way. Over the next month we will be showcasing talent from the North West as well as Hobart and a brand new band out of Lonnie. I’ll fill you in shortly but first I have to write about a band from Melbourne called, Me. Last Wednesday, April 8, Me stopped off at Irish to bring their unique take on rock to the Launceston scene. For most people this is an unheard-of band, but to the lucky few that ventured out they are a band that will not easily be forgotten. The welldressed four piece breezed through their 50 minute set with a professional attitude rarely seen, having honed their craft during a 10 month residency at The Evelyn on Brunswick street. Me have definitely raided their father’s Queen records but have managed to maintain their own identity whilst paying homage to some of the greats of rock. The harmony between all three vocals was superbly executed (no mean feat on a corner stage for a rock band!) and was solidly backed up by some great musicianship, the bass lines being a personal highlight. By the time the band broke into the final song of the night, current single ‘Working Life’, I was a convert. Me have the songs, the ambition and the drive to have a good tilt at the commercial market and I am sure this will not be the last we hear of them. We will do our best to get them back ASAP. Tonight, Wed April 15, we give you Cruel Like That with Deux Pervertis supporting. Cruel Like That hail from Deloraine and have been playing for a few years now. This is straightforward sing along rock done well, their sound reminiscent of Nickleback, but with less country crossover twang. Deux Pervertis consists of Andy Collins and Ben Miller playing acoustic versions of their Voyeurs material. Wed April 22 sees the emergence of a new force in the rock ‘n’ roll scene. Sole Stickers, featuring James Dilger (The Reactions), Jono Hill and Matt Labedzki play their first show, and Top Shelf is proud to present this momentous occasion. James Dilger’s (vox/guitar) songwriting is a nod to the sixties power pop of The Kinks and more recently Tim Rogers from You Am I while Jono Hill (bass) brings his rock attitude to the stage from his days with Launceston hard rock outfit, The Styles. Seeing as it is a night of firsts, British Battlegrounds will make their Top Shelf debut as well. Coming up at Top Shelf: The Tokyo Room (Hobart), My Escapade (North-West) and Rob Sawyer. sCARL FIDLER & GLENN MOOREHOUSE sPICS BY TONI M

Reach for the Top Shelf! 0 Every Wednesday night @ Irish Murphy’s, Launceston 10

. ISSUE 92 . APRIL 15 - APRIL 28 2009



Burning Up 4 The First Time

It’s taken a while for The Vandas to get their first LP recorded and released. For a few years the band were smouldering away until a chance meeting on a factory floor with Joel Silbersher, frontman of bands GOD and Hoss and Tendrils. Soon after, studio bookings were made, and now the album Slow Burn is finally on shelves. “It was all done so quickly, it was kind of finished before we knew it. It was great fun recording, because it was just a day of jamming, basically. Well the majority of it anyway, at a rehearsal studio which was going to be our demos for the album and we ended up just really liking the takes that we got, so we basically just spent our budget on getting it mixed really well. I guess the highlight was getting it released, because we’d been waiting to do one for so long.” After not being able to get things going to record a studio album for so long, the band didn’t want to tempt fate and head in to officially record the album after other failed attempts. So with the appropriateness of the sound in the demo tracks (that they recorded over that single day), for both the songs and for The Vandas, it just wasn’t necessary. And there’s no putting out the fire now it’s started. Despite the fact that the band are still touring and promoting the album, Slow Burn, they’re trying to pre-empt waiting another couple of years before the next one and have already started working on it. Chris Altmann, the band’s front man, explains that “basically this year we’ll be working on a new [album] and touring around a bit. We’re always looking for ways of getting overseas, so maybe that will be on the cards.”

It might not exactly be exactly ‘overseas’ (though many young children might not agree), but the band will be heading over the Bass Strait soon to play a couple of Tassie shows, which Chris couldn’t be happier about, he says the band are just “itching to get down [here].” Why, we ask him? “I can tell you in one word. Food.” Last time they were in Tassie the band had two of the best meals they’ve ever had, and after Chris finished banging-on about the “delicious fresh seafood and great King Island steaks,” he also mentions a fondness for the crowd and people here. “People were definitely out to have a good time, too, at the gigs. Melbourne crowds, and Sydney crowds

for that matter too, can often be pretty standoffish, particularly if they’re not that familiar with your stuff; they can be pretty cold. But last time we played down in Hobart everyone was really friendly afterwards, and took us out to nightclubs, it was awesome. We’ve all got high expectations.” sDAVID WILLIAMS & MEEGAN MAY So, will both crowd and band live up to these expectations? There’s only one way to find out. For the full interview, head to the SAUCE website. 0 17 April @ Republic Bar, Hobart 0 18-Apr @ Hotel New York, Launceston


A Little Love Goes a Long Way


“…I can’t imagine spending as much time as we do together and not loving the band. You’ve got to love it if you’re in it. It’s a prerequisite...” Bethany Stephens, of Melbourne band The Little Stevies, has an impressive list of what you’ll love about their upcoming Hobart show. The darlings of Triple J Unearthed will soon be here as part of the release of their new album Love Your Band. How did you all come together, musically, to become The Little Stevies? Our parents were in bands together when they were our age, so we all grew up together since we were bubs and were always participating in some kind of creative pursuit at every combined family dinner, outing and holiday. We were always either making a movie, a dance routine or presenting some kind of live performance for our parents at the end of an evening or holiday. In our late teens we started writing songs and picking up instruments, and I guess that creative pursuit stuck as it seemed a bit cooler than making up a dance routine when you’re 17 years old. What do you see as the best thing about Triple J Unearthed for up and coming artists? It’s such an immediate, quick way to get your music out into the ears and eyes of stacks of people around the country. Because it’s such a massive network of people, you can instantly start making friendships with other bands/artists from your own town and all around the country that you can start hooking up gigs with and start building a national following with. Are there ever any sisterly scuffles? Yes, of course. Byll (Sibylla, my sister) and I get the shits with each other all the time. But they are never usually serious fights. We’re very lucky because Byll is my best friend as well as my sister, so we work really well together. But she is still my ‘big’ sister and there will always be sibling politics that come up from time to time. That’s the beauty of being in a band with your sister and best friends though; you can yell at each other and get over it in five minutes. WWW.SAUCE.NET.AU

You’ve now completed your new CD Love Your Band. What can you tell us about the songs on the album? Do you have a favourite? Love Your Band is a collection of songs that have great stories attached to them. We reckon that’s the key to a good song; a great story, a catchy hook and some killer vocal harmonies. We’re super proud of this album. Half the songs are two or three years old and some were written as recent as when we started recording. There is definitely something for everyone. My favourite song is ‘Dink You’. It’s about dinking your mates home from the pub on push bikes… The recording of your new album was a little unorthodox. Tell us about the Crimea Cubby! We worked with producer, Jimi Maroudas, on this album and we spent two days at Melbourne studios Sing Sing South laying down all the drum and bass tracks, and then we re-located to Robin’s parents house in St. Kilda for the next two months and created the Crimea Cubby where we recorded the rest of the album. It was based on the concept of having a room inside a room. It was constructed from the frame of a pergola and the sides and roof were then filled in with mattresses, sleeping bags, rugs, blankets, foam, pillows, towels and more linen to create a studio space. Jimi knew exactly what he was doing though; he’d worked in similar environments before and knew how to make it sound top quality. It was very comforting doing the album in such a homely environment. So much so that we were very spoilt, as Robin’s dad made us lunch every day! Why do you love your band? I can’t imagine spending as much time as we do

together and not loving the band. You’ve got to love it if you’re in it. It’s a prerequisite. It has allowed us to travel to beautiful places and meet people, who we otherwise probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to visit or meet. What will there be to love about your upcoming Hobart show? Here’s a short list of things to love about our Hobart show… - Costume changes. - A pop folk band who wishes they could write a Hip Hop song. - Plenty of name dropping about people we haven’t met yet. - Hand crafted stage props that Rob spent hours making. - We’re all Tassie virgins. - “We’ve been called the songbirds of our generation” (I may have stolen this from Step Brothers). - The Melbourne International Comedy Festival wouldn’t have us so we decided we’d come to Tassie instead. - We promise we won’t crack a Tassie joke the whole night. - I probably should mention how good a show it will be and how rad we are at our instruments and how this is a once in a lifetime (until we come back in July) opportunity?! - And because we’ll love you if you come… sMEEGAN MAY Love Your Band is out now. Share the love: 0 15 May @ Republic Bar, Hobart

MONDAYS / TUESDAYS Industry Night • $25 Beer Buckets – Any 5 stubbies from our fridge for $25

WEDNESDAY - UNI NIGHT Gonna have a big night? We will fill you up! • Paella $25/hd • $15 Sangria Jugs •10pm – 12pm $10 Cocktails • Schooners @ 10oz prices

THURSDAY Ladies Night! Girls leave the boys at home and come in for a stiff one! • Cosmos $10

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Southern Storm

Enemies of Mediocrity

“…We’re all put off by mediocrity, so I think that’s why we always end up trying that extra bit harder...” Currently on their ‘Runaway’ Tour for the most recent album, Minus, the “foolish and silly” boys from Dukes of Windsor are already working on album number three in their continued battle against the mediocre. “We’re all put off by mediocrity so I think that’s why we always end up trying that extra bit harder, and I find you challenge yourself more that way. It’s certainly a lot more exciting that way too.” It’s this reason, says Oscar Dawson, the band’s guitarist, that has led to a lot of the band’s more interesting choices, such as the inventive videos and recording Minus in Sweden. Oscar explains that “whether it be a photo shoot or within songwriting, we’re always trying to do something more and bigger and better… We all love the kind of thing that really captures your attention within music or film.” What’s recently been capturing people’s attention is the video for the latest single from Minus, ‘Runaway.’ The video features the band in numerous film parodies, including: Ghost, Titanic, Team America: World Police, Brokeback Mountain and American Beauty to name a few. Shooting the video required the use of a few hard to find props, such as a potter’s wheel and the bow of a ship, and also the very difficult task of casting for some girls on roller-skates. “I don’t think it could ever be a painful process to audition roller-skating girls. It’s one that I’m happy to go through, forever,” Oscar jokes, but he admits it was a great experience and the band was lucky to find some people who were “happy to dedicate some of their pride to our foolish and silly idea.”

‘Runaway’ and the rest of the tracks on Minus were recorded in Sweden with producers Pelle Henricsson and Eskil Lövström. It was this drive to challenge themselves and do something different that led the band to Nordic country to work with producers that they saw as having a “unique sound.” It was a trek that not a lot of Australian bands have made, and also something that took them out of their comfort zone. Oscar explains that “it made a lot of sense for us, just getting out of Melbourne and going over there to record for a couple of months, it certainly put us in a different headspace as well, as far as where the songs went which was really cool… To be in this studio so far from home, a studio that was set in this place that used to be a mental asylum a while back. So it had a really interesting feel about it.” It definitely put the band in a different mental space, at least. Even while recording their second album, the band was writing songs that were pushed back to album three. “I mean we’re pretty much writing all the time anyway. And as soon as we finished recording and mixing the second album we sort of got cracking again.” As far as heading to Sweden again for the next record, Oscar isn’t sure. Although it was a great experience, he predicts that a lot of the material may be recorded at home. “It’s just the nature of stuff these days, you can do a lot more just in your home studio, and we all have

our little studios at home. So maybe we’ll work that way and give ourselves a lot more creative control.” Oscar was kind enough to give us a little preview of one of the new songs, letting us know that one of the new tracks will be called ‘Down In Dirt’, which may be released as a download fairly soon. He was careful not to give too much away, joking that “because some of our working titles are just ridiculous… if you didn’t already think I was a tosser you would definitely if I gave you too many more.” But until album three, Oscar and his band mates will continue to fight “the noble war against mediocrity,” which might include some of the roller-skating girls on stage “If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll get on stage wearing roller-skates. [laughs] If you’re lucky in fact.” sCHRIS RATTRAY & MEEGAN MAY

To listen to the full interview, head to Fight mediocrity with the Dukes. 0 23 April @ The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart 0 24 April @ Sirocco’s Bar & Nightclub, Burnie 0 25 April @ Hotel New York, Launceston

After nearly 20 years together as a band, Brazilian death metal band Krisiun is heading down like a hurricane on their Southern Storm world tour. Forming in 1990, the band is made up of three brothers, vocalist/bassist Alex Camargo, guitarist Moyses Kolesne, and drummer Max Kolesne. Their fierce and violent death metal style has seen them compared to early work from Sodom, Morbid Angel and Slayer, and they remain one of the most prominent ‘extreme death metal’ bands on the scene today. In the early years the band produced a few demos and EPs, before releasing their first full-length LP Black Force Domain, in 1995. Numerous albums and many extensive tours around the globe later, the band is back with their seventh studio album and next World Tour, Southern Storm. Recorded in Germany, working again with producer Andy Classen (former guitarist for thrash metal band Holy Moses), the thirteen-track album was released last year and features their signature high-speed blasting, double-bass driven grooves and razor-sharp leads. Since the album’s release, the ‘unholy trio’ have been heralding their thrashing storm all over the place and will soon be blowing in to Hobart for another furious performance. Brace yourselves, Krisiun storm in on: 0 21 April@ The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart


SOHO Miss Angel




3 heats over 3 Saturdays

Industry Night

Around The Clock Jug from 5pm

Around The Clock Jug from 5pm

Around the clock Chicken Parmi from 5pm

Around the clock Chicken Parmi from 5pm

$3.00 Basics from 9pm - 12am

Give us your best with Open Mic from 9pm

Crowd Favourites $1000 cash first place prize by smirnoff Door prizes! 10pm Doors 12

. ISSUE 92 . APRIL 15 - APRIL 28 2009

Around The Clock Jug from 5pm

2 for 1 All Beers & Basics from 9pm



Saturday, 18 April

Wednesday, 22 April




Irish Murphy’s ‘The Greenhouse’: Benn Wells & The Middle Names + The Overview + Mdusu + Dameza

Syrup ‘Call it…’: Tristan + Gillie + Corney

Irish Murphy’s ‘The Greenhouse’: Sam Cole + The Trolls + Ivy Street

SOHO DJ Macca The Brisbane Hotel I Walk The Line + Cocktails & Dreams + Blue Team Go! Republic Bar Ben Kweller + Linc & The Insiders Brookfield Vineyard Faerd sLaunceston The Royal Oak Holy Cow Band

Coach Services STUDENT FARES Up to 18 years of age 60 cents per sector on all services Over 18 years of age 50% discount applies (Launceston – Hobart $17.30)

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Reservations/Credit Card Payments 1300 360 000


SOHO ‘SOHO Miss Angel’: 2nd Heat

Republic Bar Kobya + Tortribe

The Brisbane Hotel The Night Terrors + All Fires The Fire + Russian Prison System


Republic Bar Bridget Pross Band + Matt Kelly & The Keepers

Irish Murphy’s Top Shelf ’: Sole Stickers + British Battlegrounds

Syrup ‘Mash up Da Town’: DJ Boucher + St.Nick

The Royal Oak Wizard + The Whores + Cat Fight + Vamp

Irish Murphy’s ‘The Greenhouse’: Crystal Campbell + Amy & the Ken Dolls

Irish Murphy’s Long Way Home

The Alley Cat Andrew Swift + Luke Thomas + Patrick Marshall

The Commercial Hotel Off The Cuff

The Brisbane Hotel Dukes of Windsor + New Saxons + Ivy St.

Lonnies DJ Mike Hyper

Republic Bar Charlie Parr

Sunday, 19 April

Baraki Nicholas & Elanore

sLaunceston Hotel New York ‘Uni Night’: Victor Charlie Charlie + DJ Doctor J The Royal Oak Live Music Irish Murphy’s Two Strung Lonnies Pure Glam Friday, 17 April sHobart Syrup ‘Crack Taxi’: Kir + Parky + Turner Irish Murphy’s ‘Covered’: Michael Clennet + Entropy The Alley Cat Bob Log 111 + Bloodspots SOHO Tom & Nick Wolfe The Brisbane Hotel Uncle Guido’s Birthday Bash!’: DJ BTC + Shit Tickets + DJ No Requests

Baraki Black Coffee + DJ Squish Brookfield Vineyard ‘Folk Night’: Wishing Well Band

sHobart Irish Murphy’s ‘The Greenhouse’: Jam Jar SOHO ‘Open Mic’: John Harwood Republic Bar Jordan Miller + Matt Kelly & The Keepers Brookfield Vineyard Dancers Delight sLaunceston Irish Murphy’s Nathan Wheldon + Brief Illusion + Victor Charlie Charlie Monday, 20 April sHobart

Syrup ‘Mash up Da Town’: Stirlo Irish Murphy’s ‘The Greenhouse’: Darlington + Home Band

sLaunceston Hotel New York ‘Uni Night’: Long Way Home + Playing With Shadows + DJ Doctor J

sHobart Syrup ‘Call it…’: Grafton Primary + Parky + Kir + Gillie Irish Murphy’s Covered’: Tim Davies + The Smashers The Alley Cat Death Mattel + A Friend of Mine SOHO SOHO Miss Angel’: Final The Brisbane Hotel Happy Noodle Presents Freeform Human + Neuron Compost + Hired Goonz + Disco Trash + Pspiralife+ Kireesh + Psywise + Sklunt + First Psyt

Hotel New York Dukes of Windsor + Bass Kleph + DJ Doctor J + DJ Randall The Royal Oak The United Tour’: Tara Simmons + Edward Guglielmino + mcArtney + Coby Grant + Simon Kelly Irish Murphy’s In Limbo The Commercial Hotel DJ Shane



Lonnies Pure Glam

SOHO ‘Open Mic’: John Harwood

Baraki 217 Elizabeth St Hobart Ph: 6234 9133

The Commercial Hotel 27 George Street 6331 3868

Irish Murphy’s Kristy & Steve The Commercial Hotel Karaoke Friday, 24 April sHobart

Republic Bar ‘The United Tour’: Tara Simmons + Edward Guglielmino + mcArtney + Coby Grant + Simon Kelly sLaunceston Irish Murphy’s Ben Castles + Two Strung + Long Way Home



The Brisbane Hotel A Night Out With The Brisbane Hotel Patron’s Society’: Surprise Bands + DJs

Irish Murphy’s ‘The Greenhouse’: Andrew Swift + NoFoTo

Republic Bar ‘Edge Radio Birthday Party’: Whiskey Go Gos Baraki Transit + DJ Squish

Dancers Delight 3.30 pm

Friday 24th

Daedo & the Blue Mosquitos

The Royal Oak Mick Attard

Republic Bar Fee Whitler

May 1.2. & 3.

Piano Marathon Keep the Piano playing for 55hrs non stop For more info check out

Irish Murphy’s Victor Charlie Charlie

sLaunceston Irish Murphy’s Luke Parry


Irish Murphy’s ‘The Greenhouse’: MIQ


Sunday 19th

Sackville St Hobart

Venue Guide


Hotel New York DJ Luke Warren + DJ Doctor J + DJ Cam

@ The Backspace Theatre



Folk Night guests Wishing Well Band

Next Show: Monday May 4th - 8pm

The Royal Oak ‘Lonnie Tunes’: Fiona Brown + Mick Attard + Jeano & Simon

The Alley Cat The Hoodangers + The Swell Tones

Friday 17th

The Biggest Variety Of Comedy In Tassie! Stand up, Sketch, Physical, Musical Comedy, Burlesque, Sitcom.

Sunday, 26 April

Republic Bar Digney Fignus + G.B. Balding

The Brisbane Hotel Krisiun + Dawn of Azazel + Seperatist + Zero Degrees Freedom

Launceston Studio


Irish Murphy’s ‘Covered’: Nick & Tom Wolfe + Dr Fink

Tuesday, 21 April

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Baraki Matthew Ives Quartet + Stevie + DJ Squish

SOHO John Harwood + Craig Smith

Irish Murphy’s Carl Fidler

Recording Mixing Mastering Production

Republic Bar Sugartrain

The Alley Cat ‘Cult Film Night’: Easyrider


The Commercial Hotel Hard Drive


Saturday, 25 April

Syrup ‘Pickle vs Pitch Black’: Shad + J:M3 + NJC + Gorak + Anfcore

Faerd (Scandanavian Folk)


Thursday, 23 April



Wednesday 15th

All have meals available. -

The Royal Oak Ben Castles

Hotel New York The Vandas + DJ PD + DJ Doctor J

Republic Bar The Vandas + Red Rival + Powerchild Brookfield Vineyard. 1640 Channel Highway. Margate. 7054. Ph 6267 2880 Licensed cafe open 7 days & late for all events

The Brisbane Hotel Hell Raising Riff Hogs + The Ritz

Thursday, 16 April

Baraki Nicholas & Elanore


The Alley Cat Sirca + Invisible Boy + The Ben Wells Band

Baraki Transit + DJ Squish

Republic Bar Tom Richardson

"Tasmania's own"

SOHO DJ Squish

Irish Murphy’s ‘Top Shelf ’: Cruel Like That + Deux Pervertis

The Alley Cat Wishing Well

103 Elizabeth St Hobart 03 6231 5578

Irish Murphy’s ‘Covered’: Dave Wicks + Running With Scissors

The Commercial Hotel DJ Skip

Brookfield Vineyard Daedo & the Blue Mosquitos sLaunceston Hotel New York DJ Luke Warren + DJ PD+ DJ Randall The Royal Oak Jerome Hillier Irish Murphy’s Long Way Home

Monday, 27 April sHobart SOHO Wolfe Brothers Electric Republic Bar Quiz Night

Irish Murphy’s Carl Fidler

Stage Door ‘The United Tour’: Tara Simmons + Edward Guglielmino + mcArtney + Coby Grant + Simon Kelly Tuesday, 28 April sHobart Irish Murphy’s ‘The Greenhouse’: Ruth Berechree + Gretel & the Teramachi Republic Bar Joe Piere & The Blackberries

Brookfield Vineyard 1640 Channel Highway Margate 6267 2880

Irish Murphy’s 211 Brisbane Street 6331 4440 www.irishmurphys.

Hotel SOHO 124 Davey Street Hotel New York 6224 9494 122 York Street 6334 7231 Irish Murphy’s The Greenhouse 21 Salamanca Place 6223 1119

Lonnies 107 Brisbane Street 6334 7889 www.lonniesniteclub. com

The Metz on the Bay 217 Sandy Bay Road 6224 4444

The Royal Oak 14 Brisbane Street 6331 5346 leapinlimpout

Syrup 1st Floor 39 Salamanca Place 6224 8249 The Republic Bar 299 Elizabeth Street 6234 6954 The Brisbane Hotel 3 Brisbane Street 6234 4920 thebrisbanehotel The Alley Cat Bar 381 Elizabeth Street 6231 2299 thealleycatbar

sLaunceston Irish Murphy’s Nathan Wheldon . ISSUE 92 . APRIL 15 - APRIL 28 2009



Up Front and Personal Aussie hip-hop artist Str8-up-T ponders the important questions in life, such as what get’s his toosh shakin’?

“... everyone has a dream”

Describe how you came up with your name, Str8up-T? Str8-up-T represents my personality - Str8-up = down to earth what you see is what you get, T= my real name Trent.

Australia would have the best scene due to the multiculturalism, I myself have English and Spanish Background, I feel with the different cultures within Australia give it a fresh sound that just keeps growing within the Australia Music Industry.

Do you find yourself influenced more by Australian or international hip hop artists? Which ones? I was mainly influenced by American music, although I do listen to all genres & styles of music Australian, UK & USA.

Where does the inspiration for your music come from? My mother mainly inspired me, as I recall listening to Elvis, The Beatles and Queen. I then began writing poetry back in high school; I put my energy into music and brought the rhythmic poetry to life.

What’s the best think about the scene in Australia?

What comes first when you write, the beats or

the lyrics? It starts with the Lyrics, then I match my emotions and mood to the beat then bring the track to life. What will you be drinking if the ‘Drinks on Me’? I am a spirits drinker, I love classic Jim Beam but don’t mind Jack Daniels or Slate. You have a song called ‘That Toosh.’ Do you have a favourite celebrity toosh? It would have to be J-Lo or Angelina Jolie. What gets you shakin’ your toosh? 70’s Disco, Prince or a group of girls on a hen’s night hypnotising me until I reach the dance floor.


Your album is called One Man’s Dream. So, what is your dream? One Man’s Dream - I thought was a good topic, as everyone has a dream. My dream is to make music and to connect with listeners world wide and help the Australian Music Industry elevate by helping up and coming artists. Another dream also is hopefully get married and have kids and a nice house near the beach... until then I will work hard to make my dreams to come true. sMEEGAN MAY 0 Str8-up-T’s album is out now, head to to find out where to get your copy.


I’m Ok, You’re Ok, A-OK


Canadian DJ and Producer Adam K is about to visit Australia for the first time, and he can barely contain his excitement. We speak to him about what’s coming up on the horizon and how losing his socks and shoes at a party was what created his direction..

US country bluesman Charlie Parr has just begun his extensive Australian tour which includes headline dates at The West Coast Blues Festival in Fremantle and other places around the country, as well as twenty shows supporting Australian legend Paul Kelly.

“Australia’s right at the top of the list” What’s going on with you that’s new and exciting? Well, the excitement never ends. I’ll tell you the most exciting thing is a trip planned to Australia for April the 20th, that’s definitely the hottest thing cooking in my oven. So, a trip to Ibiza, London, New York or Helsinki are less exciting then coming to Australia? It just doesn’t live up to it man, I’m telling you. Australia’s right at the top of the list of those places I need to see before I die. And hopefully it’s well before I’m about to die, I’m feeling like I’m a little ahead of the game. So this is going to be your first time? This is my first time in Australia, and I’m really excited. I’ve had lots of friends go out there and tell me amazing things. I have a friend of mine that lives on the Gold Coast right now. I hear that the Australian people are really fun and super friendly, really similar to the Canadian people. So I think we’re going to tear it up 14

. ISSUE 92 . APRIL 15 - APRIL 28 2009

there, and get along just fine. What about production wise, what’s happening in your world in terms of making music instead of just playing music? Well, generally speaking, more of the work on my end is done in the studio. Right now it’s where the touring is starting to come to light, it’s a new thing and it’s really exciting. My partner Soha and myself are nearing completion of our album, it should be done shortly after I return from Australia and as soon as the album’s done, we’re going to start performing that album live, it’s a really exciting time for us, it’s a great opportunity for us to show our live skills, we both come from live music backgrounds, playing guitar, keyboards, drums, all that kind of stuff. I think that’s really the next step for us, just really taking the set to a level where Soha and I are communicating live on the spot. The chemistry we have in the studio together was just phenomenal; it’s an amazing energy that goes on when we’re writing music. So you’ve got an album, lots of tours coming, lots of cool remixes on the way, I can’t really name them (trying not to jinx them), but some

really, really good stuff. We’ve had a lot of great stuff happen to us in the last year, so hopefully there’s going to be a nice little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for this year as well. I always find it interesting talking to producers who do come from a live music background, how does one end up doing music that you now make, compared with the guitar, drums, bass type set up. I grew up listening to live music, and then one day I went to a rave party with some of my friends. I lost my socks and the shoes at the party, they were gone, but the music stayed with me forever. Since then it’s been a mission to fuse all the different kinds of music that I love together with dance music, and I’m happy to have my friends along with me for the ride. sDAVID WILLIAMS To listen to the interview, head to To see Adam K in the flesh: 0 8 May @ Billboard, Melbourne

Hailing from Duluth, Minnesota, Parr has risen to prominence recently on the back of his track ‘1922 Blues’ taken from his critically acclaimed album 1922. As a self-taught musician, he brings a touch of himself to everything he plays, and the album features songs with narrative-based storytelling in his own style of folk and rural-style blues, as he accompanies himself on resonator guitars, the 12-string guitar and occasionally the banjo. With a life of experience to draw from, including a degree in Philosophy and work as an outreach worker for the homeless, Parr is not your average country star. But it’s these experiences and his history that makes his songwriting so rich and gives his music that unique quality. It’s no wonder he’s garnering a wave of admiration of late, and now’s your chance to see why. 0 23 April @ Republic Bar, Hobart SIRCA PLAY HOBART Bombastic seven-piece new age Roots band Sirca, originating in Adelaide, will soon be in Hobart for an energetic and effulgent performance featuring their smooth infectious sound and complex, lush arrangements that only a big band can produce. Formed in early 2007, the band are often compared to the Dave Matthews band, yet offer a fresher sound. Expect to get your toes tapping to some of their big percussion solos and contagious vibe. They’ll also be joined by Invisible Boy and The Ben Wells Band. 0 18 April @ The Alley Cat, Hobart WWW.SAUCE.NET.AU


Encounters with the Incredible

Ten Days On The Island may be over, but luckily artists have no concept of time, so some of the very excellent arty type events are still going strong. One of them is Chance Encounters, running at the Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, until… well, the posters SAY until the 30th of April. But, you never know. These surrealists are a bit of an unpredictable lot. If I were you, I’d get your skis on and get down there now. You never know when an elephant could fall out of the sky and ruin the whole caper. That’s what Chance Encounters, the major exhibition for 2009 presented and commissioned by Salamanca Arts Centre, is about, you see: the sheer randomness and unpredictability of everyday life. Oh, and something about sewing machines … and dissecting tables?

Every Friday and Saturday 8.30 to 10.30 DJ Squish

OK, if this is making no sense to you, well, that is kind of the point. The curators of this exhibition, Maria Kunda and Mary Knights, have deliberately set out to MESS WITH YOUR MINDS! And the artists they have roped into their maniacal scheme are just as eager to MESS WITH YOUR MINDS! They have found their inspiration in surrealist artist (and supreme MESS WITH YOUR MINDSTER), Andre Breton who, in turn, was inspired by a 19th century symbolist poem that declared that beauty could be equated to “the chance encounter between a sewing machine and an umbrella on a dissecting table”. Life really is just about the spontaneous coupling of seemingly incongruous objects – the crashing together of apparently totally unrelated entities.

UPCOMING GIGS: Thursday 16th April 10.30pm to 1.30am

Luckily, while artists may not know if it is Tuesday, May or Christmas Day half of the time, they do know a thing or two about surrealism, symbols, spontaneity ... and sewing machines. The artists in this show Tracey Allen, Claire Barclay, Bianca Barling, Barbara Campbell, Jim Everett, Nicholas Folland, Louise Haselton, Anne Mestitz, Aleksandra Mir and Elizabeth Woods – have literally turned all of the above into an art form.

Nicholas and Elanore

> Blues and Jazz Friday 17th April

The work is an unique juxtaposition of the everyday and the bizarre; the mundane and the wondrous.

10.30pm to 1.30am

Anne Mestitz, who is currently undertaking a PhD at UTAS, has created a marvellously maniacal installation of vividly hued “blobs”, that look like a cross between a hypercolour version of Dali’s floppy eggs and clocks, gigantic flat lollipops without the sticks, and what one might imagine teardrops would look like if we all lived inside the Sony Bravia TV commercial (you know, the one with the colourful rabbits). Her work is a study in the complexities of colour and line, as a means of expression emotion and idea. She attempts to capture sensations in vibrant physical form. Nicholas Folland has produced works of astonishing beauty, working with cut crystal to evoke poignant recollections of hope, yearning and loss. His sculptures are delicate and exquisite, and he is definitely a worthy recipient of the accolades he has been receiving, including the prestigious Ann and Gordon Samstag International Visual Art Scholarship, which he won in 2003. If Folland’s elegant work fulfils the “sublime” aspect of this exhibition, Bianca Barling’s new media art definitely completes the “bizarre” facet. It is a sumptuous, sometimes macabre, always confronting emotional bull in a china shop, combining gothic aesthetics with a compelling commentary on

Black Coffee > Funk

Saturday 18th April 10.30pm to 1.30am


gender, depravity and ideas of what is acceptable and unacceptable in modern sexuality and post-modern society. Arguably the most famous of Andre Breton’s quirky quotes (apart from the famous “The man that cannot visualize a horse galloping on a tomato is an idiot”), is this: “I have always been amazed at the way an ordinary observer lends so much more credence and attaches so much more importance to waking events than to those occurring in dreams... Man... is above all the

Sound Relief @ MCG, 14 March On 14 March, after endless drought in Victoria, the skies opened up to welcome the most impressive lineup of local and overseas artists ever seen together in Melbourne. With almost 80,000 people flooding the MCG, undaunted by the downpour, there was a palpable buzz in the air. Jet opened with gusto before shooting off to play again in Sydney, setting the scene for what was to be a momentous day. After Gabriella Cilmi, Kings of Leon powered out four crowd favourites, cementing their reputation as one of the world’s best, and were followed up by the irrepressible Paul Kelly and Augie March. Bliss N Eso were standout, working the crowd into a frenzy, despite a temporary loss of sound, ably supported by Paris Wells who looks to have a solid future ahead of her. After Kasey Chambers, the prodigious Liam Finn (son of Neil) took to the stage, supported by the multitalented Eliza-Jane Barnes (daughter of Jimmy). The duo were dynamite, blending beautiful melodies with a multitude of percussive instruments. As the sun finally emerged, Liam was joined on stage by Neil and Tim in a surprise appearance, who then collectively belted out the full repertoire of Crowded House hits to WWW.SAUCE.NET.AU

plaything of his memory.” There is no denying the intense emotional impact of this exhibition. Go and see it, before, like Dali’s floppy clocks, it slides from the face of the earth into memory. It will ignite your senses, challenge your perceptions, and remain a plaything of your dreams for ten days, ten weeks, and much longer. sKATE GORDON

Take a chance: 0 25 March - 30 April @ The Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart

> Funk, Jazz and Soul Thursday 23rd April 10.30pm to 1.30am

Nicholas and Elanore

> Blues and Jazz Friday 24th April

the adulation of the crowd, who were happy to provide back-up. Jack Johnson, Kylie and the new-look Wolfmother (introduced by Tony Hawk) all played their part, but it was Hunters and Collectors who really brought the crowd to their feet. The band were obviously enjoying themselves after 11 years apart, and the sound of 80,000 singing along to “Throw Your Arms Around Me” was ethereal. Mark Seymour needing little coaxing to return for an encore, the first band allowed to do so all day. Split Enz followed in fine form, the Finns having already graced the stage earlier, and then Midnight Oil took control. Peter Garret managed to assuage the doubts of those who felt he had sold out since entering politics, and in no time at all looked like he’d never left the stage. Opening with ‘Redneck Wonderland’ then launching into ‘Blue Sky Mine’, ‘Beds are Burning’ and a swag of others, the crowd lapped up every second and chanted for more. Unquestionably the highlight of the festival, the Oils confirmed their enduring legendary status in Australian music history, with most left feeling that Garret’s impact as a musician remains so much more powerful than it could ever be politically.

10.30pm to 1.30am

Transit > Funk

Saturday 25th April 10.30pm to 1.30am

Matthew Ives Quartet & Stevie > Funk, Jazz and Soul

217 Elizabeth St Hobart Ph: 6234 9133




Stranger than Micktion Shining his torch on the lighter side of life.

Who would have thought that a cheap torch could be such an effective torture device? Perhaps that’s the origin of the name. Torcher. I’ve just finished a stint working on Ten Days on the Island, and as part of what I was doing, I had to source 500 torches. Not exactly a trip to the corner shop. It was however, a drive to the Chickenfeed warehouse where I obtained twenty boxes of torches, which is exactly the amount of torch boxes it takes to fill an average station wagon and just leave enough room for the driver to take the park brake off. That was the easy bit. Then there was the opening of the boxes, and taking each torch out of it’s packaging, undoing the lid, putting the batteries in and putting the lid back on again. 500 times. Then I needed something to put them all in, so I got a couple of those big plastic boxes with the lid and the handles. I filled it with torches, and not thinking of how heavy it might be, then tried to lift it. The plastic handles snapped off in my hands and the rest of the box kind of disintegrated and torches went spewing onto my driveway. Fun. I left them there while I went to find a more suitable torch receptacle. I found some better boxes and all was fine, so I left about a hundred torches in the other box like the one that shattered. So this was all fine, but I noticed that if I braked suddenly (no driving sly remarks thankyouverymuch) The torches would all move around in the box and such was the design of the torch, that when the hit against each other, about half of them would turn on. So after every red light I had to scramble around and turn off a couple of hundred torches. I got a bit of a system happening where I didn’t use brakes at all and it went ok. But then about half way through the tour I had to rearrange everything to fit some of the crew in as well. Which meant once the crew got out there was a gap in the car and the initial box that didn’t disintegrate, slid across the void hit the door and smashed to pieces, letting flow a hundred or so torches into the car, so of course the rolled under the drivers seat and under the pedals. Fortunately as I’d stopped using the brakes days earlier, it wasn’t much of a problem. Seriously, if I ever met that superhero the Human Torch, I’d… I’d… I’d probably scum an autograph. Hello eBay. True story. Catch The Short Back and Sideshow! 0 4 May @ The Backspace Theatre, Hobart

Friday April 17th Hard Drive Saturday April 18th Off The Cuff Friday April 24th DJ Skip Saturday April 25th DJ Shane

Thursday April 23

Karaoke 8pm til late

Biggest & Best Pub Meals Dining & Function Room Real Beer Garden Alfresco Dining THE COMMERCIAL HOTEL DINING HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK

Lunch 12 noon - 2.30pm | Dinner 5.30pm - 8.30pm (9pm Fri & Sat) 27 George St Launceston, 03 6331 3868 16

. ISSUE 92 . APRIL 15 - APRIL 28 2009



Rock The Boat


There are plenty of iconoclastic sex symbols aboard the pirate-radio ship broadcasting rock’n’roll to musicstarved Brits of the late ‘60s in Richard Curtis’ new comedy The Boat That Rocked, but one of the deejays the ladies love the most is Dr Dave, played by Nick Frost of Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz fame. “I think it’s quite brave of Richard to make a 20-stone man a sex symbol,” said Frost, who was recently in Australia to promote the film. Indeed, in a plot development that’ll make many heterosexual gents green with envy, his amorous Dr Dave wins the affections of spunky Desiree, played by Bond babe Gemma Arterton. “We can’t really watch Quantum of Solace at home anymore,” said the happily married Frost. “Bit awkward.” He’s quick to point out, however, that gentlemanly conduct was the order of the day when filming intimate scenes with his comely co-star. “It’s just another scene, really,” he said. “I said in an interview the other day that it would be the same if I was kissing a man, that I would prepare the same if I was kissing a man. I then realised that was probably an insult to Gemma! Because it clearly wasn’t: she’s much softer and smells a lot nicer than most men. But she was my first on-screen pash, to use an Australian term, so I wanted to make sure she was very comfortable. Obviously there’s 20 or 30 sweaty guys packed into that cabin, looking at her lithe body, so it’s important that she has a safe place emotionally. And I brushed my teeth quite vigourously and had Tic-Tacs hidden all over the set. I wanted to treat her right.” Discretion has its limits, though. “That said, she does have very soft lips,” he admits with a laugh. Snogging the likes of Gemma Arterton may seem like a primo reason to sign up for The Boat That Rocked but for Frost the main drawcard was Curtis, the writerdirector with hits like Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and Love Actually to his name. “I hate saying this, because it sounds exactly like something an actor would say, but my agent called me and said ‘Richard Curtis has cast you in his new film’,” he said. “I wasn’t aware that he knew I existed as a person or a performing entity. And without even seeing the script I said ‘Absolutely, absolutely’. If you get a call from Richard Curtis saying you’ve been cast in his new film, you would be a complete knobhead to turn it down. Say what you want about Richard’s films but he’s in a position like no one else in British cinema – his films are an event and people want to see them. There are people who are critical of his films,


saying they’re too sugar-sweet, but if you spend any time with Richard you soon realise that that’s who he is, and I think it’s very brave to put as much of himself as he does in every film he does.”

scheme of things, where you fit in. In the end, what you see on screen, everyone fuckin’ around and having a laugh, that’s just us. There’s not much acting going on. Not from me anyway.”

So what of Curtis is in The Boat That Rocked, then? “I think it’s his love letter to pop music and rock’n’roll,” said Frost. “You could say that he took 40 of his favourite songs and said to himself ‘Okay, how can I fit these into a high-seas romp?’”

Don’t go thinking Frost took things lightly, though. When he won the role of Dave, he immediately penned a four-page biography of his character’s life and times. “I gave it to Richard in the hope that he might like me a bit more,” he laughed. “Part of it stemmed from reading the script and coming to the conclusion that while Dave’s a charming character he could be seen as a bit of a rotter. I didn’t want him to be some sex fiend, and if I could justify his actions to myself I could justify them to other people and they then might be able to relate to him.”

While Curtis is well-known as a writer, this is only his second effort behind the camera. Nevertheless, Frost found his approach interesting, invigorating and amenable to good work. “You can only allow improvisation if you’re confident with what has been written already, and Richard is pretty confident in his writing,” he said. “The hard and fast rule was: if it’s funny, it’ll go in. And we could have had another fucking film from the bits we did at the end of each scene. At the same time, if it’s not funny, Richard’ll tell you so in front of everyone. My reference points are somewhat different to his – I’m a much darker person than he is. So he’d come over sometimes and go ‘I didn’t get it. Stop it’, which was fine. It was a great atmosphere, and what I’m learning as I do my apprenticeship as it were is that there’s no right or wrong way to shoot a film. There’s only the film, and what you see at the cinema is what counts in the end.” Filming offshore on the pirate-radio boat also created camaraderie among the eclectic cast, which includes Bill Nighy, Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman, Notting Hill’s Rhys Ifans, Rhys Darby from Flight of the Conchords. During the production’s ‘Boat Camp’ – “it sounds like Boot Camp but we changed one of the letters...very clever!” – the cast spent days out on the boat rehearsing scenes, sharing meals, getting drunk and sleeping it off. “And it really worked,” said Frost. “We kind of became our characters in a way. It really became an issue of finding out who you were in the

According to Frost’s bio, Dave went to the United States in the ‘50s to do rock’n’roll radio after a stint in the army. “He fell in love with a girl and got married but the marriage didn’t last very long,” he said. “He met Rhys Ifans’ character Gavin Cavanaugh on some weird shamanistic retreat, met Bill Nighy’s Quentin through Gavin, and that started his pirate radio career. And after it all, Dave and Desiree went to Woodstock, got married and had two kids. I wanted him to be honourable in the end.” Next up for Frost is an ongoing reunion with long-time friend and co-star Simon Pegg. Having made Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz together, they’ll be appearing as the Thompson Twins in Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg’s ambitious Tintin project. They’ll also co-star in Paul, a “Little Miss Sunshine meets E.T.” road movie they’ve co-written. And once that’s done, Frost, Pegg and director Edgar Wright will collaborate on World’s End, the third movie in their ‘Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy’. sROBERT ROSSER

0 The Boat That Rocked is in cinemas now.

The Alley Cat in Hobart is about to begin a special cult film night every Monday, beginning with the 1969 flick Easyrider. It will be a great chance to see those movies you always meant to see, but never got around to…and with beer! For $15 you get the film, a meal (including a vegetarian option), and a drink. The films will be presented on 16mm projectors with real clickety clack action (where possible)! The upcoming line up will feature the Stanley Kubrick classic Doctor Strangelove: Or, How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb (1964), Frederico Fellini’s 8 1/2 (1963) and 1976s Taxi Driver directed by Martin Scorsese. Bookings are encouraged on 62 312 299, and it’s BYO beanbag! 0 20 April @ The Alley Cat, Hobart (Easyrider)

NEW FILM GEAR FOR HIRE Wide Angle Tasmania have just been granted $25, 000 by the Tasmanian Community Fund and this has enabled them to purchase new equipment and expand the infrastructure available to screen practitioners statewide. The new equipment includes a DigiDolly V2 Kit, a Stedicam, a number of new lights and lighting rigs, reflectors and stands, a Background System and a Professional Sound Kit. For a full list of equipment available for hire, and more WAT news, head to their website. 0

. ISSUE 92 . APRIL 15 - APRIL 28 2009


ALLY MOK Choppy Seas

EPHEL DUATH Through My Dog’s Eyes

LET THE CAT OUT Get it Like That

I am quite familiar with the artist known as Ally Mok. I was actually involved in some recording sessions for this album, though nothing I did made the final edit (which might have been a good decision). People might be disappointed by the lack of accordion amongst the guitars, trumpets and giggling glockenspiels.

As the album title suggests, the entirety of the album’s subject matter is based from a first perspective through a dog’s eyes. Ephel Duath are a band known for their experimental sound, of having the soft and harsh side of music genres clash. This group combines jazz fusion and electronica with rudiments of rock and metal, creating a band unique in there own niche. Jazz music alone with its polyrhythms, syncopation and improvisation approach can be over the top for some people. Ephel Duath seemed to blend it with their sludge edge and produce an abstract of melodic and unprecedented moments, which can all seem hard to listen to, in one take.

I was looking forward to listening to this album for the first time. I had seen Let the Cat Out live before and considered them undeniably groovy.

The EP consists of 5 tracks. I’m not sure where other young people these days get their country swing. There is an overall impression that a swag of eclectic influences have been brought to life here. ‘The Creek Song’ may be Ally’s most ‘classic’ song. It has got a bit of that undefinable something special about it. The last and title track ‘Choppy Seas’ I gather was recorded on a beach. A simple song played simply on the ukulele with a seashore atmosphere in the background. The song is a good summary of the subtle underlying theme of reminiscence and love that I picked up throughout the album. The picture on the cover featuring a boat and the ‘choppy sea’ is Ally’s own felting work.

The first track ‘Gift’ opens with the story of a dog dragging a dead cat to his master for attention, with the dog trying to receive his master’s praise for catching it. The following track ‘Promenade,’ sees the dog walking through the park with his owner, and so the story goes on into a dog’s life in a philosophical way. Combining the life of an everyday pooch with warped music truly makes for a surreal experience. Tracks ‘Guardian’ and ‘Spider Shaped Leaves’ are the songs that caught my attention as the standouts, and though they continue along the same line as the tracks before, they seemed to have more sensibility and structure.

In the end, the words ‘cute’ and ‘sweet’ almost say it all. I believe the best way to enjoy this album is be to sipping tea over-looking some, perhaps, less-then-choppy seas. I’m sure Ally would agree about the tea bit. She should market it to all the scone outlets throughout the land. 7/10 sDAVE ELLISTON

This quartet definitely surprises with each release, never sticking to one style for two albums straight, truly aspiring to new directions with in the world of music. It’s an album for those who like their music with a hint of the bizarre. 5/10 sDAVID WALKER

The first track, ‘Lee Roy’ is the catchiest song on the album. It’s hard to say why – some sort of secret spice was put into the composition of this song about the baddest man in town. The reggae styled arrangement complements it well. The rest of the songs lack the same magic, but if any of them were on the radio I’d turn up the dial just for the feel. There are plenty of cool (if rather stock-in-trade) bluesy/funky licks and riffs going on from track to track. Unfortunately, it all slopes into a rather dynamically linear path after a while and I frequently drifted off and stopped listening. It could be seen as a dance album made by a dance band. Maybe I should go play it at a higher volume and practice my two-step to get a better appreciation. The overall feel is actually quite mellow and ‘nice’, dripping with a fun yet melancholy sexuality. The quality of the playing is great - very slick and sophisticated - but not particularly interesting and all in a rather conservative, neat little box. That’s a box with a disco ball inside it, though, and I wouldn’t mind getting into it on occasion. File this one under good quality, background party music. 7/10 sDAVE ELLISTON








. ISSUE 92 . APRIL 15 - APRIL 28 2009


SOUNDCHECK - out and about in the hottest venues Dance Hall - Mista Savona + Horace Andy @ The Albert Hall, 28 March

Birds of Tokyo @ The Uni Bar, 13 February

VulgarGrad + Undine Francesca & The Lonesome Bluebirds + DJ Kashishi + Jimmy Stewart @ The Brisbane Hotel, 3 April

Undine Francesca & The Lonesome Bluebirds

The night started with Perth musician Tomas Ford. I’m not sure what he thought he was doing, he calls it punk/electronica/pop, and I call it mildly terrifying. About half way through the set, he threw a very childish tantrum at the lack of crowd response. To be honest, I’m on the crowd’s side. Yeah, it was mildly amusing to start with, but once he jumped off stage, there was no respect for personal space and it got very old very quick. Next up was Trial Kennedy, who put on a brilliant show. Watching their onstage energy and the band dynamics is always a pleasure, and they sounded even better than usual. Tim’s vocals seem to get even more impressive each time he takes the stage. I do really wish they’d put ‘Knife Light’ back on the setlist though. I missed Birds of Tokyo last time they were down, so I didn’t know what to expect from the live show, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. After making us suffer through the strobe lights at the start, they launched into one of the best sets I have ever seen. It was the perfect mix of old and new songs, and it seemed like every single song was a crowd favourite. Singer Ian Kenny was particularly mesmerising to watch, as he wavered between interacting with the crowd and drifting off into his own world. It was a great night all around, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next time.

Dance Hall, a collaboration between Melbourne-based Mista Savona and the legendary Horace Andy, was a free concert staged at Launceston’s Albert Hall as part of the 10 Days Festival. Opened by Mista Savona, a 10-12 piece band looking bleary-eyed from the previous night in Hobart, the crowd were up and grooving in no time, prompted by Jake Savona’s declaration that “this is music for dancing, so get up and dance!” This fusion of roots, reggae, dub and hip-hop fared well with the local crowd, with those not on the dance-floor more than content to observe the able musicianship of the band members. Apparently the first Australian group to have ever done so, Mista Savona have just recorded and released a 7” vinyl in Jamaica through One Love records and look to have a bright international future ahead. But it was Horace Andy who the crowd had come to see, many of whom were familiar with his haunting voice from the earlier Massive Attack albums but generally unaware of the depth of his contribution to reggae in Jamaica. A true Rasta, Horace has managed to maintain his voice beautifully, and he danced up a storm for the ladies. “Blessed, all the time blessed” we were to witness one of the world’s reggae greats, who trawled through a monstrous archive of tunes, knocking out an impressive set including ‘Angel’ and ‘One Love’. Andy’s next engagement is a return to England to again collaborate with Massive Attack on an upcoming project. In what seemed the most unlikely of venues, Dance Hall managed to bring together an eclectic group of locals to witness a great, authentic reggae event, albeit without the distinctive waft of Kingston town in the air.



I seem to have a knack, at the moment, of going to gigs where the support acts steal the show, and this was one of those gigs. While the crowd seemed to be there for VulgarGrad, it was Undine Francesca & The Lonesome Bluebirds that were the standout. The VulgarGrad vocalist sings in Russian, so while he made a concerted effort to make hand, face and body gestures for us to get the feeling of what a song was about, I really had no idea. I found it hard to connect, on anything but a primal level, with the tunes and the beat. It was a bit like folk dance-music for me. On the other hand, while Undine Francesca sang with a Russian accent in front of The Lonesome Bluebirds, it was still in English, and I got what was going on. It was supported well by the other members of the band on back-up vocals, in an overall cabaret style. If you see them, which I suggest, you may recognise some of them from a previous Hobart band, Mikelangelo and The Black Sea Gentlemen. Undine was all sex, and the band brought the toys, metaphorically speaking. She writhed and pouted, with a sensual, slippery, but assertive delivery. Growwwwl! The band members were all highly skilled, and it was a great surprise to learn that this was their first gig. Special mention also to bongo beatmaster, DJ Kashishi, blending loops, beats and live instruments, as well to Jimmy Stewart, who did a great job to hold the room, for one man and a guitar. sDAVID WILLIAMS

Raw 09: Chris Fraser + Gillie + Corney @ Syrup, 9 April

The return of Syrup favourite Chris Fraser was always bound to be a great night for dance music! Celebrating the launch of his new Raw’09 CD, there was no doubt that Chris was at Syrup to spread the word... and that word was P.A.R.T.Y!! The vibe was ideal nice and early, with Syrup’s resident legend Gillie playing his trademark big room House, pointing the whole night in the right direction! With a number of top quality remixes of classic 90s House tunes, mixed together with the up-to-the-minute dance floor rockers from all over the globe, Gillie’s set was a retrospective look, and a future glimpse all in one! Chris Fraser started his set off with a selection of big, pumping House. Building on the close-to-capacity dance floor Gillie had created, Chris took the clubbers on a journey through today’s biggest House tunes, into Progressive and Tech House, with an occasional detour into Electro-House. A masterfully constructed DJ set, keeping the dance floor pumping the whole time, Chris’ subtle yet definite genre-skipping style made for a ‘musical journey’, taking the clubbers from one style of House, and transporting them to an entirely different style of House... A true master on the decks!! Syrup’s boss-man Corney, took charge after Chris’ set, giving the dance floor a large dose of Tech-house and Techno. The rolling percussion and funky bass being exactly what the dance floor needed to keep it cranking ‘til the wee hours. Certainly enough to make Mr Fraser himself bust a groove, commenting that Syrup is “the only club I will dance anywhere in Australia. I love this place!” sPETER MAYHEW

DEEP INSIDE With DEATH MATTEL The Sydney trio that is Death Mattel are rocking down to Tassie to launch their new single ‘Mine.’ Made up of Matt (keys/vocals), Kaje (bass/vocals) and Damo (guitar), we get Deep Inside the whole band… What was the last, deepest conversation you ever had - who was it with and what was it about? Damo: It was a drunk conversation with an overzealous taxi driver who was claiming by 2050 the world was going to be controlled by a communist super-computer. Kaje: It was with Death Mattel, about what effect it would have on people and the world if our reproductive organs were on different parts of the body.

one, but if you come across someone less intelligent and/or with opposing political and religious views than your own, then you should just bury them in your backyard. Well it seems logical to me anyway.

What did you learn about yourself or your life? Matt: That I am largely incompatible with my species Kaje: That I’m very compatible with those of my species that are incompatible with the rest.

Do things happen for a reason, or are you the reason things happen? Matt:I am the reason things happen for or to me. If you believe that things happen for a reason ie: Divine intervention, Karma etc. then you equally can’t deny the existence of leprechauns and martians. Kaje: Everything happens as a result of our own actions. The leprechauns told me so.

Describe to me the most profound insight you ever gained from any source – film, music, TV, supernatural phenomena…? Matt: I like the ideas revisited by Kubrick in his hero selections. This was articulately identified in Full Metal Jacket when Joker has to justify a ‘Peace’ badge pinned to his war helmet. He says that he was trying to suggest something about the duality of people and in as few words meaning that we can be both facets of any juxtaposing state. I also think that the most profound lyrics are that of They Might Be Giants “Now it’s over, I’m dead and I haven’t done anything that I want OR I’m still alive and there’s nothing I want to do” Kaje: Well it’s more of a logical insight than a profound

How do you give meaning to your life? Damo: I’ve already spent too much time trying to figure that out. The world is too confusing. Kaje: I keep my fridge as full as possible.

Who are you when you’re alone at night, with nobody to pretend for? Kaje: I’m Katie Jane Damo: Bond, James Bond Matt: Sometimes I’m Katie Jane too To what extent do you feel in touch with some other, intangible aspect of life? Matt: See answer to question #5. As for Kaje, she probably won’t tell you but she really does believe in ghosts.

Working It Out Inc

Who is the deepest person in your band and why? Damo: Wouldn’t you like to know?!

What have you learned about yourself in answering these questions? Damo: Wouldn’t you like to know?! Kaje: Well if you read his answers, it’s quite obviously Matt. See the outside of Death Mattel 0 25 April @ The Alley Cat, Hobart

Anyone interested in joining a community group for same-sex attracted young people in the Hobart area, please contact Working It Out on 03 6231 1200 or

Hobart: 03 6231 1200 Burnie 03 6432 3643 Launceston: 6334 4013


Is it even important to feel some kind of connection to a greater cosmic whole? Matt: To what end? You couldn’t change anything if you did so why would you waste time trying to develop these ‘feelings’.

Kaje: Well if you read his answers, it’s quite obviously Matt.

Not quite straight…? Are you between 14 and 25? Wanna meet other gay, lesbian, bi and trans young people in a safe space…??

Tasmania’s gender and sexuality support and education service

Working It Out Inc. is a free and confidential service

Damo: Sometimes it feels like the forces of life and I understand each other. Sometimes we share a joke. Mostly when bad things happen to shit people.

working it out

Next Hobart meeting Saturday 25th April from 4.30pm At 39 Burnett St North Hobart. . ISSUE 92 . APRIL 15 - APRIL 28 2009



TA S S I E ’ S



Vehicle Graphics


MODS: ENGINE: GT 35/40 turbo Custom manifold Front mount intercooler 2.5” exhaust to 3” tip Hondata ecu External wastegate EXTERIOR: Full Buddy Club body kit 17” Starcorp Racing Fusion wheels in Shadow Tinted windows Fibreglass vented bonnet Clear side indicators Altezza tail lights painted black

Pioneer cd head unit 6” Pioneer speakers in parcel shelf 6” Pioneer speakers in doors 4” Pioneer speakers in front dash 12” Clarion sub in boot Alpine 4 channel amp Battery relocated to boot

Coilovers Whiteline Swaybars front & rear Heavy duty clutch

I purchased the car from a local car yard in September 2003, so I’ve owned her for just over 5 years now.

As soon as I purchased the car the ideas were flowing. The only plan that has changed from the beginning is the colour.

Ideas and inspriation come from many

H A L F P R I C E N AV I GAT I O N ! * Add the convenience of being able to remove the TomTom and use it in your other car. * No more clutter on the window or RRP $1599 unsightly cables on the dash. * Hardwired navigation giving the most accurate navigation available. * Plus Bluetooth, USB, CD, MP3, Have the best of both worlds! Portable and indash navigation! AM/FM & iPod ready. Eclipse indash CD player with integrated TomTom navigation, * Plus 3 years warranty and we Bluetooth phone kit, USB input and iPod ready, wow! match your new car warranty.




. ISSUE 92 . APRIL 15 - APRIL 28 2009

AVN600 In-Car Navigation * DVD-Video, DVD-R/RW, WMA/MPS * 6.5’’ wide touch screen display * Dual play * ipod® control (full) * Reverse camera capability ST * Bluetooth capability INTERE FREE RRP $2999 TERMS BLE AVAILA


hours, browsing the internet, looking at parts and other cars that have features that I like, and putting them all together to create (hopefully) one unique car. Did you do the majority of the Mods yourself? I wish :-( I installed the stereo, painted the tail lights and relocated the battery myself. Everything else I came up with the idea, and paid for. Has it been Dyno’ed? What’s the result? Yes, the first run it did 110kws, after a very quick road tune it pulled I think about 153kws at the wheels.



games, gadgets, and other digital distractions: ACTION - XBOX 360 // GRAND THEFT AUTO IV: THE LOST AND THE DAMNED

Crime ‘Em Up


The Grand Theft Auto phenomenon heralds in an exciting new era in game downloads. The Grand Theft Auto series is no stranger to controversy, with several real world shootings being blamed (at least in part) on the game’s crime-based culture, though I wonder if its maker is aware just how close the material matter of their latest console offering is to the recent uprise in bikie gang wars around the country. Unfortunate timing aside, this latest release from Rockstar Games is nonetheless something of a gaming milestone. Breaking through the traditional mould of downloadable content for existing titles, Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned for Xbox 360 is so much more than the typical fist full of new levels, maps or circuits. It’s the first of two completely fresh, inclusive stories featuring a new protagonist which Rockstar Games has announced that play out within GTA IV’s Liberty City.

take over the club reigns, which sees their tensionfilled friendship serve as the main meat of the single player story mode with its 25 missions.

pigeons in GTA IV?), a new comedy TV show to enjoy, fresh music and DJs, and some new clubhouse minigames to try such as arm wrestling.

Unsurprisingly, this time the main mode of transport is the two-wheeled variety, in fact big honking choppers no less. The handling has thankfully been tweaked considerably since GTA IV, where bikes were less than ideal rides.

Prepare to set aside roughly 10 hours to reach the final, if somewhat predictable, showdown that brings this first fiery episode to a close. Then, of course, if you’re a paid up member of the Xbox Live service there is plenty more hours of gang-related exploits by way of multiplayer offerings. In amongst to the usual suspects on the menu, there are four unique modes including personal favourites, Witness Protection and Chopper vs. Chopper.

Unlike Niko’s solo escapades in GTA IV, Johnny is rarely seen without at least a few bikers offering him a helping hand. Players are even rewarded with health and armour for driving around in pack formation. And when Johnny is riding solo, a cool feature is being able to call on gang members for back-up at almost any point.

This new, though equally seedy underworld drama centres around a bikie gang, The Lost, and the trials and tribulations of one Johnny “The Jew” Klebitz, who you might remember from his brief appearance during the ‘Museum Piece’ mission in GTA IV.

Although you don’t control them, each gang member’s stats are reported after each mission, which go towards a collective toughness rating for the gang as a whole. These new elements do well to capture the essence of bikie gangs and that sense of ‘sticking together’ is nicely represented.

As the highly polished opening cut scenes reveal, Johnny has been the club’s president for some years, while the former head honcho was locked away in the slammer. But Billy has done his time and is back to

In addition to the gang wars to be won across Liberty City, there is also a dozen new bike races, new bike theft missions, several odd jobs to tackle on behalf of others, seagulls to track down and kill (remember the

1300 HEP ABC hepatitis C info line 1300 437 222


Criticisms are few and far between. The game’s sometimes awkward cover and fire system could’ve used some fine tuning since the last game, and don’t expect to find any great leaps in innovative gameplay. Even if the whole GTA juggernaut doesn’t really do it for you, in the end what The Lost and Damned has done in no uncertain terms is successfully raised the bar on what downloadable content can, nigh should, be for all games. With 12 healthy hours of fresh gameplay and countless late nights of online shenanigans for the princely sum of 1600 Microsoft Points, which is roughly $25, this is a no brainer for owners of GTA IV.

0 GAMEPLAY: 85% Sure it’s more of the same, but it’s no less engaging or challenging as the previous fully-fledged offerings. The fresh plot and tasks work well. 0 GRAPHICS: 90% The bustling life of Liberty City remains one of the game’s visual delights. Quality Cut scenes also showcase the game’s excellent graphical prowess. 0 SOUND: 95% The voice acting and music selection has always been a key feature of this series, and things here are no different. The radio stations are once again the highlight. 0 PLAYABILITY: 80% GTA veterans know what to expect here, skilful driving and shooting is the key to success. If these aren’t your core strengths or interests it could be tough going. 0 OVERALL: 90% Owners hankering to dust off their GTA IV disc will be rewarded here with the most feature-packed add-on for a game to date. At this price it’s almost a crime. Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned is available now for Xbox 360.


Think you may have been at risk of hepatitis C? Are you living with hepatitis C? Need some info or just a chat, give us a call on our confidential information and support line: 1300 437 222 or send us an email: Mon to Fri 9am -5pm (Tues 12:30pm - 5pm) . ISSUE 92 . APRIL 15 - APRIL 28 2009


Name? Dane Age? 19 Favourite band? The Dogline How do you cope with the cold? With a jacket and a scarf. Best thing about the Easter break? Alcohol and sleep. What are you spending your stimulus package on? Myself.

$40 Fashionista


Name? Hannah Age? 21 Favourite band? The Dogline How do you cope with the cold? With beanies and scarves. Best thing about the Easter break? No work and the Easter bunny! What are you spending your stimulus package on? Going to the Pink concert

Well, the cold weather is again upon us! But before you go putting your summer clothes away for winter, have a think about how you might be able to still wear your favourites, by simply adding a few layers.

Name? Lutana Age? 26 Favourite band? Grinspoon How do you cope with the cold? There’s no way. Best thing about the Easter break? Family. What are you spending your stimulus package on? My credit card.

Name? Zack Age? 21 Favourite band? Wolfmother How do you cope with the cold? Bed. Best thing about the Easter break? Friends. What are you spending your stimulus package on? Clothes.


On 2nd May Vote 1


Your favourite shorty shorts might look great added to a pair of stockings, and some tall boots. The great thing about stockings these days is how cool and colourful they are. The ones in this shot look like works of art, with snakes and flowers woven down them. One of my favourite ways to wear stockings is to put on a really bright pair (like pink or fluoro orange) and then to add a pair of black lacy stockings or fishnets over the top. As well as looking awesome, you get a little bit more warmth out of them.

0 PIECES USED IN SHOT Blazer (vintage) – Free, Sequel Fashion, New Town Top (Metalicus) - $2, Salvo’s Store Stockings - $10, eBay Shorts (Miss Shop) - $1, Red Cross Boots (Sandler) - $20, Salvo’s Store Scarf - $2, Vinnies 22

. ISSUE 92 . APRIL 15 - APRIL 28 2009

As for your summery tops; you can wear one with a jacket, blazer, jumper, (or cute guy wrapped round you), as well as a scarf, and you’ll find you can keep wearing them in the cooler months ahead. And better yet, because you’ve dressed in layers, all you have to do is cloak the jacket and scarf and rock out in style and comfort at one of the great gigs happening in your area!


Ideas and Energy for a Changing World Passionate about surfing and marine conservation, Jobs and business, work life balance and the environment. For more information go to THINK ABOUT YOUR VOTE !



Sauce - Issue 92, 15-4-09  

Tasmanian music and pop-culture, featuring The Potbelleez, Sole Stickers, A Friend Of Mine, Ed Guglielmino, The Vandas, The Little Stevies,...

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