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Wed 2/03 MARGARIT-A-GO-GO! ½ price Margarita mayhem with 50’s,60’s, 70’s Retro DJ’s, Sven Gali and T.H.C Thurs 3/03 MESH – Hobart’s oldest club night, breaks/drum+bass with resident DJ SPIN-FX+ Loki+ Scott Woodhouse. Fri 4/03 Downstairs 8pm: KO – Resident DJ’s Seb, SPIN-FX & Guests ‘Laying down the Khunks “O” Funk’ Downstairs 10.30pm: BOOGIE – 70’s & 80’s FUNK with resident DJ’s Nick C and Duncan. Upstairs 11pm: BREAKEVEN – Phat breaks & Electro with resident DJ’s AdamTurner, SPIN-FX and guests..


Sat 05/03 Upstairs 3pm: SATURDAY ARVO LIVE SESSIONS – Rock out with the bands: The HUMAN’S + Guest from 3pm to 6pm. Downstairs 10.30pm: TACKYLAND – 70’s 80’s and 90’s RETRO with resident DJ’s Nick C and Roly. Upstairs 11pm: The BEEZ NEEZ presents – DIRTY F*CKN DANCIN – house, electro & breaks, with resident DJ’s Gillie, Adam Turner, Matt B and Guests. Wed 09/03 MARGARIT-A-GO-GO! ½ price Margarita mayhem with 50’s,60’s, 70’s Retro DJ’s, Sven Gali and T.H.C Thurs 10/03 MESH – Hobarts oldest club night, breaks/drum+bass with resident DJ SPIN-FX and guests. Fri 11/03 Downstairs 8pm: KO – Resident DJ’s Seb, SPIN-FX & Guests ‘Laying down the Khunks “O” Funk’ Downstairs 10.30pm: BOOGIE – 70’s & 80’s FUNK with resident DJ’s Nick C and Duncan. Upstairs 11pm: LaCasa – Vocal House with resident DJ’s Matt B, Gillie and Guests. Sat 12/03 Upstairs 3pm: SATURDAY ARVO LIVE SESSIONS – Rock out to LIVE BANDS resident band: THE ROOBS + The GLORIA’S (tribute to Paddi Smith) from 3pm to 6pm. Downstairs10.30pm: TACKYLAND – 70’s 80’s and 90’s RETRO with resident DJ’s Nick C and Roly Upstairs 11pm: The BEEZ NEEZ present DIRTY FKING DANCIN – the best of house, electro & breaks with resident DJ’s Gillie, Adam Turner, Matt B and guests. Sun 13/03 Upstairs 10pm – MINISTRY OF SOUND – CLUBBERS GUIDE TO 2005: featuring GT (Groove Terminator) with Corney Gillie & Matt B Wed 16/03 MARGARIT-A-GO-GO! ½ price Margarita mayhem with 50’s,60’s, 70’s Retro DJ’s, Mr Sven Gali and T.H.C Thurs 17/03 BASS INVADERS: WORLD DRUM & BASS TOUR 2005 featuring SS + INFULK supported by MESH resident DJ SPIN-FX and guests. Fri 18/03 Downstairs 8pm: KO – Resident DJ’s Seb, SPIN-FX & Guests ‘Laying down the Khunks “O” Funk’ Downstairs 10.30: BOOGIE – 70’s & 80’s FUNK with resident DJ’s Nick C and Duncan. Upstairs 11pm: LaCasa – House Funk with resident DJ’s Matt B, Gillie and Guests. Sat 19/03 Upstairs 3pm: SATURDAY ARVO LIVE SESSIONS – Rock out to LIVE BAND: Elvis Christ + support from 3pm to 6pm. Downstairs 10.30: TACKYLAND – 70’s 80’s and 90’s RETRO with resident DJ’s Nick C and Roly. Upstairs 11pm: The BEEZ NEEZ – present DIRTY FKING DANCIN – house, electro & breaks with resident DJ’s Gillie, Adam Turner, Matt B and guests. Wed 23/03 MARGARIT-A-GO-GO! Margarita mayhem with 50’s,60’s, 70’s Retro DJ’s, Sven Gali and T.H.C Thurs 24/03 MESH – Hobarts oldest club night, breaks/drum+bass with resident DJ SPIN-FX + Loki + Scott Woodhouse. Fri 25/03 Downstairs 8pm: KO – Resident DJ’s Seb, SPIN-FX & Guests ‘Laying down the Khunks “O” Funk’ Downstairs 10.30pm: BOOGIE – 70’s & 80’s FUNK with resident DJ’s Nick C and Duncan. Upstairs 11pm: PICKLE featuring TIP/FRAGILE PLANET psy-trance Dj STEVE BARR (MELB) + resident DJ’s CORNEY & DSKO + Doofa La Grande. Full flavoured, Hard House, Psy-Trance & Techno. Sat 26/03 Upstairs 3pm: SATURDAY ARVO LIVE SESSIONS – Rock out to LIVE BANDS from 3pm to 6pm. Downstairs 10.30: TACKYLAND – 70’s 80’s and 90’s RETRO with resident DJ’s Nick C and Roly. Upstairs 11pm: The BEEZ NEEZ present DIRTY F*CKN DANCIN “if it’s good we’ll play it” – house, electro & breaks with resident DJ’s Gillie, Adam Turner, Matt B and guests. Wed 30/03 MARGARIT-A-GO-GO! Margarita mayhem with 50’s,60’s, 70’s Retro DJ’s, Sven Gali and T.H.C Thurs 31/03 MESH – Hobarts oldest club night, breaks/drum+bass with resident DJ SPIN-FX and guests. Fri 01/04 Downstairs 8pm: KO – Resident DJ’s Seb, SPIN-FX & Guests ‘Laying down the Chunks“O”Funk’ Downstairs 11pm: BOOGIE – 70’s & 80’s FUNK with resident DJ’s Nick C and Duncan. Upstairs 11pm: BREAKEVEN – Phat breaks & Electro with resident party hard DJ’s AdamTurner, SPIN-FX and guests. Sat 2/04 Upstairs 3pm: SATURDAY ARVO LIVE SESSIONS – Rock out to LIVE BAND: The KICKS + surprise MELBOURNE support from 3pm to 6pm. Downstairs 10.30pm: TACKYLAND – 70’s 80’s and 90’s RETRO with resident DJ’s Nick C and Roly. Upstairs11pm: The BEEZ NEEZ present DIRTY FKING DANCIN– “if it’s good we’ll play it” – house, electro & breaks with resident DJ’s Gillie, Adam Turner, Matt B and guests. COMING EVENTS SUN MAR 13th - MINISTRY OF SOUND – CLUBBERS GUIDE TO 2005: featuring GT (Groove Terminator) with Corney Gillie & Matt B THUR MAR 17th - BASS INVADERS: WORLD DRUM & BASS TOUR 2005 featuring SS + INFULK supported by MESH resident DJ SPIN-FX and guests. FRI MAR 25th - PICKLE featuring TIP/FRAGILE PLANET psy-trance Dj STEVE BARR (MELB) + resident DJ’s CORNEY & DSKO + Doofa La Grande.




quick shots latest local, national & international news All the best wishes and brotherly love from the whole of the Sauce crew goes out to our man in Hobart, Max Ireland, who is recovering after being seriously assaulted in Sandy Bay in the early hours of Sunday morning. With fractures to his face and a split kneecap, both requiring surgery, Max has a sore road ahead. Anyone who knows anything about this, or saw anything, please get in touch with us at Sauce, or call the Police. Despite his injuries, Max still was thinking about the job - making sure his photos made the deadline. Way, way, way beyond what is expected. Big, Big ups to ya mate. Get better soon. ARCADE FIRE BURN BRIGHT! The Montreal based art-rock sextet are setting tongues wagging around the globe on the strength of their live shows and phenomenal debut album, 'Funeral'. Prior to their album release it had already been an eventful time for the band, in June 2003, Régine's grandmother Nancy died; in August, Win and Régine were married; in September, the Arcade Fire started recording their debut album. In March 2004, Win and Will's grandfather Alvino Rey died; Richard Parry’s Aunt Betsy passed away in April; in May 2004 the Arcade Fire were signed to Merge Records, and completed their album. Having been something of a heavy hitting year, the band's minds were somewhat a-whirl. The deaths of Nancy, Alvino and Betsy brought to mind all the people they had loved who had died: they decided to call their newly completed album 'Funeral'. Since it’s release, 'Funeral' has sold over 100,000+ copies throughout the U.S, Pitchfork featured it as the ‘Album of 2004’ and, what

must have been the band's biggest praise yet, David Bowie posted a message to his fans on his website gushing “THERE'S NOTHING ELSE TO SAY. 'THE ARCADE FIRE' HAVE THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR. You must, simply must, buy it now, today, pronto. Quite the most beautiful, moving and passionate piece of brilliant song-writing and quirky performance I've heard in YONKS !!! It's called 'FUNERAL' and nothing else (and yes, I've heard the new U2) comes close.” We couldn’t say it better ourselves!

Many of you are hearing news and reading information on websites regarding blink-182. The following statement has been issued by their management: "For over a decade, blink-182 has toured, recorded and promoted non-stop all while trying to balance relationships with family and friends. To that end, the band has decided to go on an indefinite hiatus to spend some time enjoying the fruits of their labors with loved ones. While there is no set plan for the band to begin working together again, no one knows what tomorrow may bring."

Bring the Crue to Australia with! The band that rocked a decade may return... and Australians are uniting to see them perform live one more time. Motley Crue are kick-starting their U.S. tour this

month, and as mentioned by drummer Tommy Lee on Rove [Live] last night, Australian fans are petitioning to get the band here. has organised a petition to convince the Motley boys that we want them to tour Down Under... so stand up and be counted people! To sign the petition, log on to and register your details. By signing the petition, you will automatically be entered into a competition to win an awesome Crue pack, including a signed poster, and limited edition Motley Crue dolls.


radio single will be the body-thumping, guitardrenched ‘Robot Rock’; the video for the song will be directed Daft Punk themselves. “Human After All” was recorded at Daft Punk’s home studio in Paris between September and November of 2004. Notoriously press-shy - and uniquely loath to have their photos taken for publication - the duo did have this to say to British music magazine NME in January 2003: "The way the music industry is at the moment is allowing us to experiment. If everything is formulaic and we can finance ourselves to work outside of that formula, then for us there are no rules. We're setting our own agenda.” Daniel Johnston… Discovered Uncovered

Mixing and mastering have been completed on Cog's highly anticipated debut album, and the release date has been set in stone for April 12th - through Difrnt Music distributed by MGM. Staying true to the social conscience of the band, the title of the record "The New Normal" reflects the altered state of mind the world lives in since global events such as September 11 have impacted people's consciousness. The first single "Real Life" will hit radio early February, and the band will be announcing extensive national tour dates for April including their first trip to Tasmania, with a long awaited return to Western Australia since they last hit Perth with the Big Day Out tour in 2003. Daft Punk is set to revolutionize dance floors and music playlists once again with the release of their innovative new album “Human After All”. The album is the follow-up to 2001’s “Discovery,” which sold 2.6 million copies around the world and spawned the smash hit single ‘One More Time’. The new album’s debut

Daniel Johnston is one of the rare, cult figures in US singer/songwriter history. His living legend has grown by word of mouth since his early days of hawking homemade cassettes in his hometown of Austin, Texas. The tapes featured pasted drawings and handwritten tracklistings, the music comprised of Daniel singing songs into a tape recorder, accompanied by rudimentary piano, his mother often yelling in the background. Suffering from mental illness, he spent a lot of his life in and out of institutions. He has since become an unlikely hero to a world of disaffected people, and is credited as the grandfather of lo-fi. His songs are appreciated for their utter lack of artifice and undeniable simple brilliance. The heavyweight fans he has collected along the way are testament to the enduring nature of his work.

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Quick Shots -Continued .... Late Night Tales by Flaming Lips

The Game's 'Documentary' Blasts Off At No. 1

Flaming Lips’ celebrated re-reading of the White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army’, which has been eagerly sought across the worldwide web since being performed live at the Hammersmith Apollo late last year, will finally the light of day as one of the highlights of the band’s forthcoming ‘Late Night Tales’ compilation of their listening “pleasures”.

Playing with his first major-label release, rapper the Game wins the top slot on The Billboard 200 by a landslide this week with his Aftermath/G-Unit/Interscope debut. "The Documentary" sold 587,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan, more than half a million copies ahead of its closest contender.

Playfully dubbed ‘Harry Potter’s and George W. Bush’s Severed Head Army Mix’, the wack-o rendition takes sideswipes at anyone in range with febrile Lipsian logic. Let’s just say, while it may be at pains to be at least as powerful as the original, it sure ain’t faithful to the lyric. GOMEZ DO ONE DOWNUNDER After sell out shows all over the country last year, Love Police and Chugg Entertainment are pleased to announce Gomez will be back in Australia for a national tour next month. And of course, on this their fifth tour down under, the shows will be as magical as ever. For the first tour for a while they will play all capital cities as well as the inaugural Cockatoo Island festival in Sydney, and the East Coast Blues Festival in Byron Bay. Expect sublime beauty, crackin’ rock n roll tunes, lots of dancing about and general mayhem when the lads take the stage. Along the way, the band will be taking with them locals End Of Fashion, and as a special international guest on his first ever tour down under, US wonder kid, Willy Mason. Wednesday 23rd-The Forum, Melbourne (w. Willy Mason, EOF) Ticketek,, Phonecharge 132 849 Thursday 24th-The Forum, Melbourne (w. Willy Mason, EOF)Ticketek,, Phonecharge 132 849 The Wrights - Evie Parts 1, 2 and 3 ‘Evie’, the 11 minute 3 part classic Australian hit recorded by The Wrights as a tribute to The Easybeats frontman Stevie Wright, is being released on February 27 with all profits being split between Stevie Wright, The Salvation Army and The Red Cross. The Wrights’ were the inspiration of Jet’s Nic Cester who persuaded Bernard Fanning (Powderfinger), Phil Jamieson (Grinspoon), Kram (Spiderbait), Chris Cheney (The Living End), Davey Lane (You Am I/The Pictures) and Pat Bourke (Dallas Crane) to record the tribute. Nic Cester said, “The idea with the Evie recording was to celebrate an Australian classic whilst enjoying a sense of community with fellow Australian artists. There are so many great and talented people playing in great bands in this country, and we don’t get to hang out together enough let alone make music together, so it was really that simple. We wanted to create a new awareness of the careers of Stevie Wright and The Easybeats who wrote some absolute classics and were one of the first Australian rock bands to really excite people’s imaginations and make them want to form their own bands. Of course the other part of the whole idea is to raise some money for people who really need it: Stevie Wright who has had a pretty tough life since The Easybeats days, and for the Salvos who do great work looking after people in really tough situations”. Phil Jamieson, vocals on Part 3, said, “Evie Part 1,2 &3 was such a great moment in Australian music history, so when I was asked to be involved there was no question about whether I was doing it or not. It's an honour to be involved in bringing this musical rite of passage to a new generation!” The release of ‘Evie’ follows three live performances by The Wrights – Part 1 at the ARIAs, Part 1 at the Tsunami Benefit Telethon and all three parts at Waveaid - which have blown the crowd away each time. ‘Evie’ was written by Harry Vanda (The Easybeats) and George Young. Vanda has produced this version with ‘Hard Road’ author Glenn Goldsmith.

The Compton, Calif.-born artist's first single, "How We Do" featuring 50 Cent, dropped hints for a successful album debut as it rose 11-9-6 on Billboard's Hot 100 in recent weeks. In addition to 50 Cent, the record features appearances by Dr. Dre, Nate Dogg, Kanye West and Just Blaze. US press are currently comparing this album to classics like Dr. Dre "The Chronic" and Snoop Dogg "Doggystyle". For the past 3 weeks the #1 album on Soundscan has been scanning around 100,000 units. Based on first day sales and reorder patterns, The Game "The Documentary" is a landslide # 1 debut. According to Simone Kapsalides Editor of Urban Hitz Magazine Australia, "The Game's first major label release is a revival of west coast hip-hop's golden days over a decade ago. Amid epic tales of women, weed, gang-banging and survival, it's immediately obvious a true lyrical talent with unlimited potential has arrived." ... "The new 50 Cent - complete with bullet holes" Q Magazine

Dear Sir/ Madam, I am writing to ask for your assistance in attempting to secure the singing talents of Kylie Minogue for a Tasmanian tour date. This year she is to embark on her Greatest Hits tour ‘Showgirl’. So far dates are yet to be announced and many fans would like to see a Tasmanian date included. I have created an online petition and am gathering signatures to send to promoters to let them know the demand is here for such a tour. The petition may be viewed at: Would you please consider promoting the petition in your newspaper so that interested readers may sign the petition? Thank you Yours sincerely Frances

THE NEVILLE BROTHERS - APRIL TOUR Their name is synonymous with the rich R&B legacy of their native New Orleans. Brothers Aaron, Art, Charles and Cyril – the Neville Brothers – ARE the first family of New Orleans funk. And in support of their latest album ‘Walkin’ In The Shadow Of Life’ – their first since 1999 and acclaimed as their best since 1989’s ‘Yellow Moon’ - the nine-piece Neville Brothers will tour Australia in April. These days the Neville Bros are also a family affair, with the brothers bringing in five of their sons to the album. Aaron’s son, Ivan (known as part of Rolling Stones Keith Richards’ Xpensive Winos touring band and releasing his own solo album ‘If My Ancestors Could See Me Now’ in 1988) also co-produced ‘Walkin’ In The Shadow Of Life’. Ivan (keys) and Art‘s son Ian (guitar) are also part of the Neville Brothers band. Thursday 7 MELBOURNE Regent Theatre Ticketek 13 28 49

SCE Australia takes on biggest sport in the country Local office signed to publish local game Sydney, 23 February 2005 – Sony Computer Entertainment Australia (SCE Aust.) today announced the signing of a publishing deal with Australian game development studio IR Gurus Interactive for the marketing, sales and distribution of the latest installment of the AFL game for PlayStation®2. AFL 2006 is due for release in winter 2005. The development team on AFL 2006 is working on dramatic improvements to their previous AFL game by increasing features, including, adding new game modes including online play, improving graphics with updated polygon detailed player models and adopting new development tools. A more lifelike player resemblance has been enabled with the use of DigiMask, and work has been completed to improve game animations and player artificial intelligence.

Launch of the Hobart TasMusic Showcase Gigs TasMusic will launch the first of its Hobart Showcase Gigs at the Trout Bar and Café on Saturday March 12th. The TasMusic Showcase gigs, which will be held the second Saturday of each month, aim to provide original Tasmanian acts with the opportunity to showcase their talents in a supportive environment while gaining valuable skills in live performance and crowd participation. The launch will feature Hobart favourites Sixninja, Hey Mook, who recently released their third album on Chiltone Records, the energetic Kashishi, and Launceston band Modus. The first band kicks off at 9PM and entry is $5 a head. The project will see TasMusic invite artists from Northern Tasmania to participate in the Showcases to increase their exposure and open up further live music opportunities in Hobart. This proposal will also see Hobart bands travelling to the Launceston TasMusic Showcases, which were established in July last year and have proved highly successful.

AFL 2006 will take advantage of a new PlayStation 2 technology called DigiMask, allowing gamers to take a picture of their face with an EyeToy camera and then have it inserted in to the game as a 3D model. For those who have dreamed of lining up for a grand final amongst the greats, this is their chance.

By expanding the event to include artists of different genres as well as solo acts, the TasMusic Showcase will endeavor to include the wider music community.

“This deal provides IR Gurus with committed support to assist in the development, marketing and distribution of a premium sports title that will appeal to both fans of PlayStation 2 and fans of the AFL game,” stated Michael Ephraim, Managing Director SCE Aust / NZ.

After a hectic year of international touring and riding high on the success of their near doubleplatinum selling debut album, you'd think The Cat Empire would wind up the year sitting on a beach somewhere, smoking cigars and drinking rum. You thought wrong!

Mike Fegan, CEO of Melbourne based studio IR Gurus Interactive said, “Carrying the official game license of the AFL, official agreements with all teams and players and our latest publishing agreement with SCE Aust. has allowed our team to focus on enhancing the game. A great new feature is the implementation of network and online play, allowing players to participate cooperatively or head-to-head online; an entirely new feature for the AFL game. We have also made significant gameplay and graphical improvements ensuring we give PlayStation 2 gamers a realistic and exciting AFL experience.” Commenting on the collaboration of SCE Aust. and IR Gurus Interactive, Andrew Demetriou, CEO of the AFL expressed his delight, "The AFL is Australia's number one spectator sport and we are excited to partner with Sony and IR Gurus as we aim to assist the efforts of these companies in the production of Australia’s number one sports simulation game.” In response to a game preview Mr Demetriou was amazed by the new technology allowing ‘face mapping’ and stated, “Every young supporter and many older ones, have imagined themselves matching up with their heroes and winning a big game. Soon, anyone playing the new AFL 2006 will be able take to the field.” The continued support of the AFL has allowed IR Gurus Interactive to develop a game that closely reflects the action of the AFL Season. Even the new rule changes have been incorporated to the Wizard Cup, heritage jumpers are available for all 16 teams and game behavior monitored by an in-built AFL Tribunal designed to distribute reports and suspensions. The PlayStation 2 game AFL 2006 will be available in winter 2005.


Despite a schedule that'd make most people cry and shiver in the corner of a dark room talking mumbo-jumbo, this permanently energetic, infectious and charismatic musical combo packed their instruments last December to travel to Havana, Cuba to record a brandspanking new album, which is due for release April 17, 2005. Touring Tassie in May, The Cat Empire will also proudly showcase the talents of another up and coming Melbourne band ‘Custom Kings’ for the East Coast run of this National Tour. All tour dates and ticket info is below, with tix for all shows on sale no Sat 7 Hobart - City Hall Tiks - Ellison Hawker Newsagency 62 344 099 Sun 8 Launceston - The Saloon Tiks - The Saloon 63 317 355 & The CD Centre 63 345 677

U2: Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own is the second single to be taken from U2's Number One album How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb and was inspired by Bono's relationship with his late father Bob. The video for 'Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own' was shot in Dublin and is directed by long-time U2 collaborator Phil Joanou (Rattle & Hum, One, If God Will Send His Angels). Released on 14th February by Island Records through Universal Music Australia, the accompanying clip sees Bono return to his (real) childhood bedroom on Cedarwood Road in the North Dublin suburbs. Shot in black and white and colour, the action moves from the streets surrounding Bono's birthplace, past Sheriff Street and the post office where Bob worked, finishing at the citycentre Gaiety Theatre - in glorious colour where Hewson senior trod the boards as part of local operatic society productions.

S t r u n g O u t - I n H a w a i i ( O n t h e i r w a y t o Ta s s i e ! ) Southern California punkers Strung Out were formed in 1992, with a lineup featuring vocalist Jason Cruz, guitarists Jake Kiley and Rob Ramos, bassist Chris Aiken, and drummer Jordan Burns. The quintet signed with NOFX bassist Fat Mike's Fat Wreck Chords label in 1993, and issued their debut album, Another Day in Paradise, the following year. Dave Williams spoke with drummer, Jordan How are you? Pretty good. In Hawaii. The weather is a lot better than at home right now. Have you been doing some heavy partying lately? Partying? Oh, yeah. Heavy partying. Just tons of drugs. Sex. Drugs. Rock and roll. You know how it is. Hah. Hah. You missed your plane. What happened there? Yeah. It seems our band always seems to be tardy. If it’s not one … there’s not one person that’s always guilty, but we’ve all been guilty. But we made it … about five hours later. Now we’re here in Hawaii and we’re going to play a little house party as a practice for our gig tomorrow night. We play with NoFX tomorrow night.

crowd goes wild and we go wild too and everyone has a fun time. How are the new songs from “Exile in Oblivion” going down live? The new album has been doing amazing and with us playing it live to everyone, it’s been going incredible actually. Everyone is really into our new songs and everyone’s been calling our new album the best we’ve ever released. So, that’s pretty rewarding. The title is pretty dark. Do you see yourselves as in exile? That’s something that our singer, Jason created. He writes all the lyrics and the song titles and he’s, basically, named every one of our records. He does all the artwork. So we sit back and let him take it in the direction he wants.

Heavy partying. Just tons of drugs. Sex. Drugs. Rock and roll.

That’ll be a big show. It’s about a hundred tickets away from sold out. About 2000 people. How big is punk in Hawaii? I don’t really know, ‘cause we don’t live here, but every time we’ve been here, it’s our third time, the shows have always been good for us. This will be the biggest show we’ve played in Hawaii. The other times, we’ve played with smaller bands but NoFX is huge, wherever they play. I imagine during the live show you guys would all be sitting on stools and taking it easy? Yeah. Hah. Hah. What’s a Strung Out show like? Ummm. It can be pretty energetic and usually the

I think it’s a bit of a myth that singers get the most groupies, but I’ve heard bass players get the most attention. What’s the story with your band? Oh, it’d definitely be the drummer. Who cares about anyone else, you know? Right?

What does punk mean to you these days? I think there’s still some people out there still trying to fly the punk flag like it was in the 1980’s, but in reality it’s, obviously, changed an awful lot. Punk to me, was when, if you had short hair or dyed hair or a Mohawk, you know, you had to worry about getting beat up. But today, it’s fashion and it’s acceptable and not a big deal. And all the music is more acceptable. And you have all these stores, these punk-machine stores, so it’s pretty different, but things are going to change with time, so … What’s a question that you’ve never been asked that you wish you had? Aaah. Hah. Hah. Trying to put me on the spot to make me make up my own questions, huh?

We like to be lazy here. Evidently. Hah. Hah. (He asks Jason, the singer) Jason want me to ask, What are the thing you love about your singer?”

heads sometimes, here and there, but the whole experience worked out to be positive. That’s one good reason, why we made such a really good album.

Hah. Hah. I’ll get back to you on that one. I’ll email you. Aah. We have a question. The merch 9merchandise) guy wants to know, “If the merch guy is the most integral part of any touring crew, is it true that merch runs the world?” we obviously have a rock star merchandise man on pour hands here and he’s asking if his world is important. My answer to that is, “Settle down there, buddy.” He just earned and RSS.

Is the decision to use a producer a signal to a new commercial direction? I don’t think so, ‘cause we’ve never been a commercial band. We’ve never had anything commercial happen to us either. We are definitely an independent band, for sure. We’ve done really well, being an independent band. We’re still with Fat Wreck Chords, obviously, our albums are still selling really well and this last album is selling better than any of our past albums have sold. So, it feels good.

What’s an RSS? You can be RS, which is Rock Star, and then you move up to RSS, which is Rock Star Status. That’s interesting, because in Australia, RS means rat-shit. It means rat-shit. All right, you start him on that. Hah. Hah.

I self - pierce my penis every couple of nights, just for fun. Doesn’t everybody?

How did you feel when you knew you were playing Tassie? We’re really excited about playing in Tasmania. We’ve obviously never been out there before and hopefully everyone is going to come out and show us a good time and we’ll show them a good time. And the whole show will rock and roll.

Are you expecting it to be filled with twirling Tasmanian devil, like in the cartoons? Well, yeah. If we don’t see a Tasmanian devil, we’re going to be really upset. I mean, a long time ago, I nearly got a Tasmanian devil tattooed on me. I’m glad I didn’t. Why do you think the new album has been getting a lot of attention? Well, we worked with a producer on this one, Matt Schild. We’d never worked with a producer before, so it was a new experience for us. It was a very positive experience for us. He gave us a lot of direction, came to our band practice and we butted

So, who’s the one in the band with the smelly feet or the band BO? There’s always one. Let’s see. I would say that may be our merch guy.

Have you ever tried selfpiercing? Oh, yeah. I self-pierce my penis every couple of nights, just for fun. Doesn’t everybody? Just to keep your eye in? Tonight, I’m going to try piercing my balls. Tomorrow, probably going to do the butt-hole again. Maybe, I might move that up and I’ll try the “taint. I’m going to pierce my taint. That’s the new fad right now. Everybody’s doing it. It’s the area between your balls and your butt-hole. There’s a little space down there. It’s a big thing, huh? It is a big thing. Is that what you look for in a partner? Not necessarily in my partner. I did find it in the merch guy once … So, you guys are pretty close?

Co-Starter Gig Review- Ulverstone.... that evening. The Muddy Turds were different to say the least and put on an amusing show allowing the drummer to showcase his exceptional talent. Considering this was the duo’s first gig together they played well. The lagerphone was unusual but suited the performance and the light show during The Muddy Turds was by far the most interesting I have seen in awhile. Well it was the first time I had heard Modus or even heard of Modus and I will admit did initially have some doubts but as soon as these guys started playing they all seemed to disappear.

Dirty Harry & The Rockets

By Racheal Walker On the 11th of February 2005 approximately 100 people attended CoStarter’s 2nd gig, which was held at the River Arms Ulverstone and showcased some of the Tassie’s finest original talent. The Uprising’s performance was gratefully received and many questioned why they had been advertised as “The

The Uprising

They were put on a superb show that the crowd seemed to enjoy which surprised me considering the make up of the audience. The final band of the night was local boys Dirty Harry and the Rockets these guys managed to surprise pretty much everyone there. But looking beyond the “little drummer” and the “huge haired bass player” these guys were splendid in the way they played and handled themselves performance wise. Muddy Turds

Uprising Duo” when there were in fact 3 of them, maybe it was because the CoStarter crew are unable to count or it could just be the drummer had a last minute change of plans and was able to attend the show. Either way I was very impressed with their performance as was several of the punters I spoke to

Crowd participation was at its highest during the last set I have don’t know if this was due to the band performing or the large amount of alcohol that had been served through out the evening. Overall I enjoyed myself and will no doubt be attending more Co-Starter shows in the future.


Spankpaddle (Ltn) seven new songs for the past month or so. STU: We try and do a couple of new songs every gig we do. Liam: We just acquired a jam room, so the cops aren't coming around every time we jam now. Do you mix with other bands around Launceston? Liam: Yeah, a bit. Anthony, the drummer from Modus, filled in for us for a gig. If you wanted to attract someone to your gig who hadn't heard your music before, how would you sell it? Liam: It's a bit of a cross between old-school skater-punk and nu-metal. It's pretty fast. Liam: Yeah. Quick. fast and loud and obnoxious. Hah. hah.

by David Williams

First of all I stuck my foot in my mouth, saying Stu, from Spankpaddle, was the drummer of the band, when he's actually the lead guitarist. Luckily, he let it slide. Also with me and Stu at Stu's place in Launnie is Liam, the rhythm guitarist. Liam: Previously the drummer and the bass player. How did that happen? Liam: I was the bass player and our old drummer, Spazz, broke his hand playing footy and I got really pissed one night and said, "Right, I can play the drums." So, I was on the drums for about the next month, then we got Matt on drums and I'm on rhythm guitar.

They'd better watch out or I'll flog all their songs and record them myself. Hah hah. You've got to watch that with bands. They're ruthless, musicians. Liam: Hah. Hah. So what is the band doing now? Liam: We're just settling in the new drummer. We've had him for about 3 months. And just trying to write a heap more shit and play some gigs. How much stuff are you looking to produce? Liam: As much stuff as we possibly can. Stuff is good. Liam: Hah. hah. hah. The sky's the limit. Hah. Hah. Really, we've been working on about

live, original music? There seems to be the support from the venues, but it’s really up to the punters. Last gig we played, no cover charge. We didn’t get paid. What more can we do to try and get people in there? And play good music. Yeah. It’s up to people to get their asses off sitting at the bar and come and check out the bands. What’s in the immediate future for you guys and what are your long term goals? STU: I’d love to play The Falls. That’d be the best venue in Tasmania. Liam: It’s a fair way down the track. We’re in the process of recording a demo. Our drummer Matt, has a “budding” studio …get that out and keep doing the live shows.

STU: The lead singer sings that fast, that it's like rapping. that's the only way I can describe it. Do you always write together? It's been a bit of a mish-mash for a little while, while we've been sorting out band members. Bass and drums. It's been a bit hard, but lately it’s been a collaboration between us and then taking it to the band. It all comes together. They write their own bits. STU: I might have a riff and so might Leo and sometimes we’ll join them together abnd sometimes we’ll make to songs. You start with the music? STU: Yeah, music first an lyrics second, but Pissy writes page upon page. He has a book, which we’ve termed the bible. How are the venues in terms of support for

Interview with The Violent Femmes’ Brian Ritchie be like when you come down? We set up with all three members in front of stage, even the drummer. We don't use a set list. I call out the songs on stage, so each show is the product of that evenings atmosphere. We will have some guest musicians with us as well. They are called the Horns of Dilemma. They help us make more noise. I understand you've embraced the digital age with the digital only release of 2001's "Something's Wrong," to what extent was that an experiment and was it successful? "Something's Wrong" was a total experiment for us into digital marketing. We didn't know how that would fare, but it was the biggest seller for at the time. Besides that the fans said they liked the music. Some people liked it better than some CD's released conventionally. The Violent Femmes made it big in the ‘80’s with their angry, angsty, catchy tunes. Soon, they’ll be playing on our little island. Dave Williams interviewed Brian Ritchie. Why are we so lucky to have you on tour in Australia? Australia is lucky enough to have us on tour because the Australian public has been very supportive of the Femmes since our first tour there in 1984. So I guess it's not luck, it's just dedication.

rut? We are not stuck in a rut as individuals but the songs continue to reach the same kind of people because the message remains the same. It's fun playing for new kids all the time and I wouldn't trade it for anything. The enthusiasm of a young crowd keeps us alert and engaged. We also appreciate our older long term fans.

What's the strangest place you've ever played? Tasmania. But if not Tasmania, the magnetic north pole was equally strange. We played for 300 contest winners from a Canadian beer company and some Inuits.

I hear some artists say they're sick of playing the same material over and over and others say they enjoy playing what the crowd wants, where do you fit in? Most of our very popular songs are also good songs, so it's not boring playing them over and over. We improvise a lot during the show and that is another way of keeping things fresh. I also think that when you have a popular band and hit songs it is implied in the relationship between band and audience that we should play those songs. People have so many memories and experiences connected with them and they get a thrill out of hearing us play them in the flesh.

I listened to you as a teenager, and you're still reaching teenagers, are you stuck in a

Can you please describe what the set up will be on stage and a little of what the gigs will

What went through your mind when you found out you were playing inTasmania? I thought, "Bad luck the shows happen in the middle of the tour. I think I'll go back at the end for a holiday." And I will.

We have a band in Australia called The

Beautiful Girls and there are nogirls in that band either, I know this is such a worn out question, but where did the name of your band come from, really? A friend of mine asked me what my brother was like. I lied and said he was exactly like me, with a punk band and everything. Actually he worked for an insurance company.My friend asked what the name of the band was and I stammered, "Um....Violent Femmes!" I mentioned this to our drummer Victor and we formed the band just because we thought the name was so great. Lastly, when you're not playing what do you like to do and what will you be doing in between gigs in Tassie? I like travelling. In 1996 I went all over Tassie as a volunteer collecting insects for the American Museum of Natural History in New York. We won't have much time in Tassie while the gigs are happening, but I'm coming

Why was Gwen Stefani Waiting? that I'd go solo. It never crossed my mind, except when people would ask me. The real difference is that with No Doubt everything is a full collaboration, everybody has their vote and their energy: we're a real band. Nothing would be without all of us. Working with (new collaborators) and letting people in to try new melodies and new lyrical ideas was very hard. The idea was to be open and let my ego shut up and sit over in the corner and make something great based on a concept. That's why I don't really see this as a 'solo' record in the typical sense. It's an art project; it's me collaborating with some different people to create something magical."

We've all had that moment when we sense that things are about to change. For Gwen Stefani that epiphany occurred as a high school senior in Orange County. "I remember being this 17 year-old girl, in love and really excited about my future with the boy that I thought was going to be my husband and we'd have babies and that, "she pauses, "was my passion. Then I learned that I could write songs and that is when my life changed. I went from being this really passive girl to 'Oh my God. This makes me feel so powerful when I write these words.' It was such a turning point to find that I had a talent and I had something to contribute, somewhere." Mission accomplished. As lead singer and songwriter for Grammywinners No Doubt, and over the course of the group's four platinum-plus albums, Gwen Stefani has reigned as one of rock's most iconic and cool females. The name of Gwen's much anticipated debut album, Love. Angel. Music. Baby is rhythmic, rebellious, confessional, sexy, fierce, playful, funky, ballsy, emotional and oh yeah, very f'in cool. Working with an eclectic array of musicians and producers who rep everything from new wave to hip-hop, Gwen has fashioned an album that shimmers with exuberance, which was the plan from the start. "I definitely wanted to make a record that would get underneath the skin," Gwen offers. "I wanted to make a very good feeling, classic upbeat dance record that when you first heard it, it would be your guilty pleasure."

While it's true that Gwen might not have been actively mulling over the possibilities of doing something on her own, she definitely had a sense of the music that mattered to her. A long time ska fan, Gwen was also drawn to other influences and would often flash back to those more innocent days when the rush of going out dancing or checking out a song on the radio totally fueled you. Depeche Mode. Club Nouveau. Early Madonna. Prince. The Time. Debbie Deb. The Cure. The sensations of that era were dormant in Gwen's soul. After No Doubt's successful Rock Steady tour, Gwen approached band-mate bassist Tony Kanal and said, "Dude. Wouldn't it be fun to do like a Club Nouveau record? Do a record just on the side. We're going to take a year off, why don't we do it? You could produce it, we could write songs like those songs." That's how the process started and it snowballed. "I thought it was going to be easy and fast because I'd work with a few people, do a few covers and I could just put a side record out, which people do all the time. After 17 years you try something different." Fast and easy it wasn't. Gwen procrastinated. She was distracted by life, (she'd just gotten married), and exhausted. "The clock was ticking in my ears. I knew I had to get started on the album or I'd never get to the next No Doubt record, or the baby or the movie." As fate would have it, Gwen received a call from Linda Perry. They had known each other since Perry was with fellow Interscope act 4 Non Blondes. Gwen dug Linda but despite Perry's insistence to the contrary, just didn't envision her as the woman who could bring Gwen a dance record. Perry let Gwen know that she was ready to begin work and had a brief window of time available. Yet Gwen wasn't feeling inspired and was still unsure of what Perry could offer. Despite her misgivings she pushed herself to meet with Perry. The two women clicked and immediately began to write, coming up with several tracksÉamong them the album's first single, "What You Waiting For?" High energy and all attitude, "What You Waiting For?" is an insistent, spiky new wave/dance track that was inspired by Gwen's self doubt and hesitancy to begin the recording process. "When Linda said to me, 'What are you waiting for?' I was like 'Oh no. You did not just say that!' The next thing I know I'm writing my first single. Completing that song really triggered something in me. I had found my inspiration."

If Gwen was hesitant to work with Perry, she was eager to join forces with Andre 3000, whom Gwen had first met when OutKast remixed "Hey Baby." "If I could be a boy, I'd want to be like Andre. I relate to him so much.�

Helping Gwen achieve that goal are artists like Dr Dre, The Neptunes, Andre 3000, Linda Perry, Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook of New Order, Nellee Hooper, Dallas Austin, Wendy & Lisa, Tony Kanal, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. As you'd expect, that blending of skills and influences makes for a sonically adventurous album. "This record is a collaboration of a lot of great talents coming together and trying to make something that's classic. Something that you want to listen to over and over," Gwen explains speaking to the project's overall intention. "I want the album to be the record of 'now' and to give people some kind of satisfaction and release."

A "solo" effort from a member of a popular band always begs the question: how will this be different? "That was the big controversy because for years people were pulling (No Doubt) apart. I never for one minute thought

If Gwen was hesitant to work with Perry, she was eager to join forces with Andre 3000, whom Gwen had first met when OutKast remixed "Hey Baby." "If I could be a boy, I'd want to be like Andre. I relate to him so much. I just feel like he's so talented and my dream was to do something with him and he said 'yes.'" Andre came to the studio with one song that was nearly completed: an utterly modern Princeinfluenced observation about interracial romance called "Long Way To Go" which he'd originally intended for OutKast's Grammywinning Speakerboxx/The Love Below.

Rock Star Outrageous Demands

28 Days


promotional set. Their demands included seven cases of beer, four cases of soft drink, a dozen bottles of spirits, and food for an army. The band came, they played, and then they left - barely a drink was consumed.

2004 was a big year for 28 Days, They toured the Nation countless times, Got Dropped from a Major Label and released what some say is their best album, Extremist Makeover.

Then there’s the case of Moby when he visited Sydney a few years back. The bald one was booked to play an exclusive industry showcase at a nightclub in Double Bay. Before playing, he insisted that the entire venue be non-smoking. However, the room was full of some of the country’s most powerful music industry figures who were all heavy smokers and the request could not be met. Apparently, Moby “lost it” and refused to play at all. He refused to leave the backstage area and a substitute in house DJ was subsequently organised. The event turned out to be an absolute debacle and a very expensive one at that.

Early 2005 is bringing the boys back to Tasmania as part of the Metal Mulisha Moto X tour. I spoke to Damien ‘Damo’ Gardiner about Ulrich Wild, Tasmania and Life.

Rock stars can be a funny lot. Apart from being rich and famous, many artists today are getting increasingly quirkier with some of the requests that they list on their backstage riders. The “rider” being the contract that contains a list of demands by the artist that a concert promoter must meet before a concert can take place. There are certain musicians that are renowned for the way that they spell out these demands in such meticulous detail a la Spinal Tap. Who could forget the ‘This Is Spinal Tap” mockumentary that poked fun at rock stars with their outrageous backstage requests? Fascinated by this bizarre world of rock stars, I recently went on a mission to track down various promoters, managers and former record company employees (who shall remain nameless) to find out about some of the more outlandish requests. Before delving into those, kudos should be given to the band that are said to have started it all – Van Halen! The case that remains in most people’s minds is the time when the band would ask for a bowl of M&Ms with the request that all of the brown ones be removed by hand. The rider specified, "There will be no brown M&M's in the backstage area, upon pain of forfeiture of the show, with full compensation." This may seem like a strange request but there was a very valid reason behind it. Because the band would travel with a very complex set of equipment, their rider needed to spell out in intricate detail the specifications of setting up this equipment for safety and liability reasons. So their logic was that if they had found brown M&Ms backstage, the promoter obviously didn’t read every line of the contract meaning that there could be some major problems if the show went ahead. Little did Van Halen know just how Original demands from Van Halen much of an influence this simple request would have on the artists of today – many of whom choose to indulge to the extreme with their eccentric requests. Welcome to the real world of Spinal Tap! Riders exist at all levels of the musical food chain but obviously the higher their profile, the more that artists can get away with. Take for example Marilyn Manson. The shock rocker demands every room he enters to be chilled to a deathly freeze with airconditioning on full, a never-ending supply of Coca Cola and a bottomless bucket of ice. Add to that Haribo gummi bears, mini chocolates, Doritos, soy milk, assorted Kool Aid-sweetened, Hanson's cherry vanilla and microwave popcorn – just your typical diet for a Satanist. Manson is often named one of the worst offenders even sending out riders to journalists who are granted a simple interview with him. Then there’s Prince. One of his demands includes having a physician on hand before every show to inject him with a Vitamin B12 shot. His rider also specifies that it is "absolutely necessary" that all food in the dressing room "must be covered by clear plastic wrap" until he uncovers them. The Foo Fighters are one band who like to add a bit of humour to the riders that they submit. The band who refuse to share their dressing rooms with anyone unless they're "Supergrass, Oasis or maybe Led Zeppelin" ask for white tube socks, boxer shorts and Marlboro Red cigarettes in the box. The promoter is then warned, "If you choose to take some moral stance, a $20 US buyout must be substituted. Remember, you are promoting concerts, not saving whales.” They also demand “air-conditioning - as is customary in modern times” and energy bars. In case the promoter doesn’t know of any, they are advised to "ask a hippy for a better suggestion." Iggy Pop once made a bizarre request for seven dwarves. To top it off, he also demanded American Spirit cigarettes (which

he doesn’t smoke) and broccoli (which he hates). Questioned about this bizarre request, his response was that he wanted the broccoli so he could throw it in the bin – obviously to express his hatred for it. It’s anyone’s guess as to why he wanted the dwarves. Glenn Danzig once made a very specific request that the promoter provide a young woman who was intelligent enough to discuss current events with him and who lived no more than a $10 cab ride from the venue! More recently, Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D. fame has been making a name for himself in the diva stakes. One of his latest requests included having his team of 26 people given a proper pampering. This included being supplied with a mammoth 20 crates of Grey Goose vodka, 15 magnums of Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque champagne and another mammoth 20 crates of Bacardi rum. If that wasn’t enough, he also demanded that they be entertained by belly dancers while making their way into the alcohol while a Rolls Royce would be provided to drive him wherever he wanted to go. All at a bill of close to $100,000 Australian! Jennifer Lopez is another artist who likes to make sure that she gets exactly what she wants - even at charity events! While attending the recording session for the charity single ''What's Going On,'' she demanded a trailer of substantial size, furnished all in white with flowers, tablecloths, drapes, candles, and couches, a VCR and CD player, and 43 music CDs selected by her covering all the latest R&B, hip-hop, and salsa. Oh, and she also demands that her coffee be stirred counterclockwise only. But the true diva award certainly must go to Mariah “doesn’t do stairs” Carey. Some of her demands have included bunny rabbits, puppies, and kittens to keep her company backstage, Cristal champagne, a box of bendy straws to sip it with, and the requirement of a special attendant to take care of all her needs. Once she even asked an attendant to dispose of her used chewing gum! She’s even picky about the kind of bottled water that may be kept in the dressing rooms. The rider states, “16-oz plastic bottles of Evian are the only acceptable bottles of water for the dressing rooms." The rider for her dressing room even has a separate list for her backing singers! There are many truly fascinating stories involving this diva. Once during a tour of China, she apparently needed four vehicles to carry her sixty pieces of luggage – including the 350 pairs of shoes that she brought with her. Another time she sent 20 assistants to redecorate the toilets in a music store before an album signing to ensure the toilet paper was in her preferred shade of pink! The woman puts everyone else to shame in the diva stakes. According to many current industry insiders however, local artists are well behaved when compared to some of their international counterparts. One even suggested that the biggest hissy fit they had seen had been for a cup of tea. Nevertheless, I did manage to track down some former promoters and record company employees who were willing to dish the dirt on some of our bigger artists. One involves a current high profile female artist who was on a two-night stay in Sydney for a promotional tour and demanded a C5 Yamaha Grand Piano in her hotel suite “in case” she felt like having a play. It should be pointed out that this is one of the biggest pianos that there is. In order for the demand to be met, all of the doors had to be taken off all the archways between the front of the hotel and her room just to get it in there – which they eventually did. All just in case she felt like having a play during her two-day stay! Another involves an Aussie rock band that were scheduled to play a 35 minute

What has been happening in the day’s world lately? Just finished a huge tour, just been hanging out with my girlfriend and writing some new tunes and hanging at the beach that’s what has been happening in my world. Why so long between Tasmanian tours?

Then there’s good old Elton John. Rumour has it that his ‘African themed’ dressing room during one of his Entertainment Centre shows in Sydney cost a ridiculous amount to dress estimated at over $12,000. Add to that his request of forty kilos of ice but "absolutely no cold cuts." Then there are the old hair bands. Guns N’ Roses were quite content with guacamole, cigarettes and some good old fashioned porn while Kiss would ask for a supply of blow up dolls – of themselves of course! Bon Jovi needed a wardrobe supervisor to take care of Jon Bon Jovi’s stinky leather pants and Richie Sambora's moldy cowboy hat while Poison would ask for sign language interpreters for deaf fans. Ex-Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo used to demand a gym but not the kind that you’re thinking about. The gym would contain state of the art equipment such as a litre of Wild Turkey, two bottles of Chimay ale, three bottles of good French wine, and four packs of Camel Lights. The Rolling Stones, while headlining a tour that included Van Halen, once requested all of the brown M&Ms that Van Halen threw out. The Beach Boys used to demand that no information be released to the media about ticket sales unless the show was a sell-out while Men At Work would refuse to drink Foster’s beer. Other memorable requests include: a monkey for the Bloodhound Gang, Flintstone vitamins for Christina Aguilera, "Corn on the cob: fresh ears, cooked 3 minutes only" for Aerosmith, and a sea of alcohol for Queens Of The Stone Age including a large quantity of Coronas for frontman Josh Homme. Then there’s the large supply of napkins for P Diddy with his name printed on all of them, corn starch for Nine Inch Nails, toilet seat covers for Live, two female dancers for "Weird Al" Yankovic to swivel with, and underwear for Moby and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Even Modest Mouse ask for socks to be purchased for them as they “don’t do laundry” and throw them all out. Britney Spears demands a private phone line in her dressing room for outgoing calls only and fines the promoter $5,000 for any unauthorised incoming calls. Hellbilly rocker Hank III has obviously taken a leaf out of the Van Halen book with his demands which include a monkey, a half-gallon of milk, cereal, Oreos, Lunchables, squeezable mustard and ketchup, and a great white shark. Limp Bizkit make a point about the lights in their dressing room having to be “dimmable” while the Beastie Boys demand mountains of condoms in assorted rainbow colours. In this bizarre world of rock stars, it seems that their every wish is the promoter’s command. Spinal Tap may have been mocking the music business in their documentary but some of the antics of today’s artists show that the spirit of Spinal Tap is well and truly alive.

Its just the way it’s panned out, we will be back there on our own soon. How are things working out with current drummer Adrian? Adrian rocks, He is an awesome drummer and an awesome dude. How is the new record label Rebel Scum Records going? Great, guns it is so cool owning our own label bigger and better things to come out of rebel scum. What was it like working with Ulrich wild? Awesome, he was so cool for a guy that has worked with Pantera, The Deftones Strung Out. A great learning experience When should we start to look out for the When Dickheads Snap 3 DVD? When Hep and Jedi get there asses into gear and start editing. Any plans on coming back to do some headlining shows in Tasmania? We hope to get back later in the year for a tour when we have some new material out. What does the future hold for 28 days? We hope to tour nationally and maybe Over sea’s again, record some new material and more of the usual drinking, smoking, fishing and general 28 Days fun. 28 Days will be performing as part of the Metal Mulisha Moto X Tour at the Silverdome 27th of March. Visit or

J F A : U S A D J V i s i t s Ta s s i e & P l a y s

By David Williams My first question is – I’ve read the blurb, but how did you end up in Tassie? Well, my mom lives here, so I have the good fortune of having a place to come crash, which makes it a lot easier you know. Normally when you travel you go for a couple of days but I’m here for a couple of months and glad to be here. Just a couple of months, not looking to settle? I’m open minded, but I just don’t know. I’d want to do it properly if I was going to, So I’m just on a visitation visa – max 90 days. So I’ll fly out after my ninety days and can definitely come back, which I may do. Can you give me a brief history of your time as a vinyl spinner or a CD spinner. How have you gotten to where you are? Well, when I was a kid I used to get into trouble at public school, so I got sent to private school in the third grade and the neat thing about that was that at that age they started doing private school dances, so I ended up DJing my school dances and that was at a time when there was one turntable and there would be a space between the songs. I was spinning records like ‘Cool and the Gang’, ‘Celebration’ or ‘Oh What a Night’, tracks like that ‘Knock on Wood’? Yeah and it was like the third graders all the way up to the eighth graders and that’s when the school ended, so its four years of those ages and I was DJing. We had a dance probably four times a year and I did it all under the supervision of the guy who did the woodshop there, so that’s where I got my start. So people are like ‘how long have you been spinning?’ and I’m like ‘since I was in fourth grade’. And have you turned with some well known people? Do you want to name drop for me for a sec. Yeah, absolutely – DJ Icey, crystal method – all the guys you read about now and have CDs in Virgin now. Some of the lesser known guys in Australia might be New York jocks like Frankie Bones, who has a record store called Sonic Groove, The Chocolate Factory guys like Onions and Joe Ski. But for name-dropping stuff, I’ve played with Dex DJ, Sugarhill Gang, DJ Swamp, I’ve played with The Far Side, Grandmaster Flash, Mobey, (twice), David Bowie, The Blue Man Crew, I could go on. No I’m sure everyone will be jaw-dropping about now. Cool. Now where will you be playing when you are in Tassie? Just to hang out and meet guys like you, kick it and have beers. And you’re going to be playing a gig or some gigs while you’re down here, what’s all that about and where is that going to be? Yeah, I’m playing for Gavin at the James Hotel in Launceston and that is coming up in March, the middle of March, so I’m pretty stoked on that and then and if people like what they hear

and can squeeze me in I’m sort of a flexible deal, you know, totally up for doing some other things.

down and calm down kind of moment or are we having a kind of laid back, feel the vibe kind of moment.

Cool, and how do you think your approach as a DJ, perhaps coming from the States differs from other DJs, from the UK for example?

(siren in background) They’re coming to get us. JFA: Yeah, I think so.

I’ve played with Dex DJ, Sugarhill Gang, DJ Swamp, I’ve played with The Pharcyde, Grandmaster Flash, Moby, (twice), David Bowie, The Blue Man Crew ...

Well, that’s a great question. First of all the experience I have with those guys over there is what I’ve seen when they come to the States and I’ve seen some tremendous performances from guys that are in my opinion underrated, guys like Boy George, who are absolutely awesome DJs and I’ve also seen some of the bigger name guys that, I don’t really feel like say their names, but were disappointing and my friends and I would say that that turn guy couldn’t mix a cake. Some of the UK guys are really particular about their blends, which is great from a technical standpoint. Where that loses me is when the blends are so long and drawn out that it’s kind of like you give a CD to somebody and they put it in their car and its sixty minutes of all the same music, somebody who doesn’t know the music is saying when is the song going to change, and that’s not what I’m about. I like variety, I like to go on a journey, I like to be brought up and brought down and kicked around, so some of the UK guys kind of draw it out more where I’m all about the ADD vibe, come on, gimme something new, right now. OK, when you’re playing a party and you have people on the floor or you haven’t got people on the floor, what are you watching for? A miracle, ha ha ha.

You were saying before, like, if you get the girls shakin’ their ass then that’s one of the main goals. Yeah, you know one of the main things is to have a good time and you can say whatever you want to about how to have a good time, you can have all the bells and whistles, but the bottom line is, and I think most people will agree, that the women come out and are having a good time, the party is going to go off, it’s going to be a hit no matter what the venue is. So I like to play to the women and that means fun and funky, laid back and not too seriously. I’ll throw down the Hip Hop beats but I’ll never go into the realm of, you know, thugginess and pretentiousness, whether its Hip Hop, House, Breaks or whatever it is it’s never going to be too serious because it is about having fun, it’s supposed to be about, you know, letting go. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to Blockbuster or the movie theatre or the pub for a drink, or to the dance floor, it’s about escapism. It’s about ‘let me forget about my doctor bill, my fender bender and whatever else is bugging the shit out of me,’ it’s about letting it go. And if it is too serious because I am the guy with all the funky Adidas stripes on my clothing and you better pay attention, that’s ridiculous, I play to the people because if it’s not for them, you know, the club owners aren’t happy and ultimately they’re not going to ask my back and nobody cares. So, look, there are so many style and sub styles and sub-genres of dance music these days, how do you sort through that and decide what to play? Just trust my ears, you know really the whole genre thing is totally interesting, you know, for example ten years ago I really heard this style of Hip Hop that I loved and it was kind of like produced through guys like the Chemical Brothers doing Justin Warfield hip hop and it had been in the record stores as Trip Hop and all of a sudden a year or two later it wasn’t cool to use the term Trip Hop and after that I got kind of turned off to the whole genre defining, trying to explain what is this, how do you label it. It’s no different than when you have somebody trying to tell you or categorise what kind of a time are you having right now in this park watching these fire dancers. Are we having a sit

For me it’s good, great, awesome, over the top or it just sucks, you know it’s not about funky house, deep house, minimal house, tech house – it’s just about good house. I was talking to a DJ recently and he said he just basically chooses tracks he believes in and it doesn’t matter what they get called.

the mainstream, it’s a commercial thing, we’ve got big labels which are world wide, organising DJ tours and all that sort of stuff, how do you see that sort of movement from dance music going from underground to the mainstream, do you think it still retains some of its original essence or do you think its lost. Well, I think you see what you want to see when you are looking for it, if the only clubs you go to are really corny where they are doing liquor shot promotions and they’re trying to push whatever the flavour of the liquor is or what with the cheesy shot girl promotions, that’s where you’ll see a main stream party. There’s still handfuls of stuff going on, the Desert, back in the States, every September you’ve got the Burning Man, I know in Hawaii, in Seattle, and some other weird places they do a lot of Full Moon Parties. It’s all about beats, that primal instinct.

Absolutely, I feel the same way, I think it’s great to have that kind of vibe. There’s a DJ I used to really pay attention to a long time ago ‘Doc Marten’ and the reason I would pay attention to him was because he was one of these guys that would play something that was really awesome no matter how new or old it was, where a lot of the guys I was surrounded by, they would only play the newest, coolest underground white label that nobody had yet, the minute it was commercially released, they would play it just for the sake of being purists about having unreleased stuff and, you know, it’s crazy. Dance music used to be non-mainstream, used to be warehouses and drugs and all that sort of stuff and these days its entered

JFA performing under his the name, Skwidboy, at the famous Bluebird Theatre, in Denver, Colorado, USA.










GIG Guide 02/03/05 - 05/04/05 Wednesday 2nd

Hobart Republic Bar Caesars Grapes (Melb ) Syrup MARGARIT-A-GO-GO! _ price Margarita mayhem with 50’s,60’s, 70’s Retro DJ’s, Sven Gali and T.H.C Victoria Tavern Big Swifty

Launceston Batman Fawkner Inn Roundabout Irish Murphys Mainland Touring Act Kitto Mick Attard James Jessie pitcher Lonnies Groove Reality Mac d Saloon LEGENDARY UNI NIGHT Thursday 3rd

Hobart Republic Bar Eugene “Hideaway” Bridges

Groove Lloyds The Unit Lounge Bar The Rodgers Reality Sgt Green plus mac d Saloon ACTION SAM The Loft: Swe@tbeats Sunday 6th

Hobart Republic Bar Harlem Lounge

Wed 16th

Hobart Republic Bar Blue Tique Jungle Syrup MARGARIT-A-GO-GO! _ price Margarita mayhem with 50’s,60’s, 70’s Retro DJ’s, Mr Sven Gali and T.H.C Victoria Tavern Big Swifty

Monday 7th


Irish Murphys Carl Fidler Hobart original act Waiter


James Ben Castles & Bistro

Lonnies Groove

Tues 8th

Victoria Tavern Dr Fink

Irish Murphys Jesse

Batman Fawkner Inn Roundabout

Irish Murphys Brett Boxhall

Syrup Downstairs 8pm: KO – Resident DJ’s Seb, SPIN-FX & Guests ‘Laying down the Khunks “O” Funk’ Downstairs 10.30pm: BOOGIE – 70’s & 80’s FUNK with resident DJ’s Nick C and Duncan. Upstairs 11pm: BREAKEVEN – Phat breaks & Electro with resident DJ’s AdamTurner, SPIN-FX and guests..

James Carl Fidder



Irish Murphys Leigh Radcliffe

Republic Bar Andy Cowan

Irish Murphys Rip Sister

Victoria Tavern Tim B

Reality Fizard plus mac d

Batman Fawkner Inn Roundabout


Syrup Downstairs 8pm: KO – Resident DJ’s Seb, SPIN-FX & Guests ‘Laying down the Khunks “O” Funk’ Downstairs 10.30pm: BOOGIE – 70’s & 80’s FUNK with resident DJ’s Nick C and Duncan. Upstairs 11pm: LaCasa – Vocal House with resident DJ’s Matt B, Gillie and Guests.

Alex Hotel Kitto & The Orphan Jacks


TJ’s Bar ‘Sexy’ Dance Party

Republic Bar Fizard supp. Unleash The Nugget

Lloyds Leigh Radcliffe



Republic Bar Luke Plumb & The Funky String Band


Victoria Tavern Uni + Backpacker Night

Friday 4th




Victoria Tavern The 7 Day Dantists


Fri 11th

Irish Murphys John Collighan Glenn Moorhouse Jesse Summer Melodies

Republic Bar The Black Keys (support The Vasco Era) SOLD OUT

Lounge Bar Oscar

Tues 15th


James sundaze in the city - local DJ's

James Glenn Moorehouse, Jessie Pitcher


Victoria Tavern Mister Sister

Syrup MESH – Hobart’s oldest club night, breaks/drum+bass with resident DJ SPIN-FX+ Loki+ Scott Woodhouse.

Lloyds Kulla Blind

Lloyds Ben Castles

Hobart Republic Bar Kitto Solo Victoria Tavern Tim Brewster

Launceston Irish Murphys Carl Fidler Wed 9th

Hobart Republic Bar Leo De Castro & Friends Syrup MARGARIT-A-GO-GO! _ price Margarita mayhem with 50’s,60’s, 70’s Retro DJ’s, Sven Gali and T.H.C Victoria Tavern Big Swifty

Launceston Batman Fawkner Inn Roundabout

Penguin Co-Starter #4 Incorporating the annual ritual of worshipping the giant penguin. then crazy parades to the official after party gig at Montys Restaurant. Fancy dress will be expected. with music from SHEYANA and ANCHORS AWEIGH and another act yet to be announced.

James Green Beret (members from sgt green) Lonnies Groove Saloon LEGENDARY UNI NIGHT Thurs 17th

Sat 12th

Hobart Republic Bar Coda Syrup Upstairs 3pm: SATURDAY ARVO LIVE SESSIONS – Rock out to LIVE BANDS resident band: THE ROOBS + The GLORIA’S (tribute to Paddi Smith) from 3pm to 6pm. Downstairs10.30pm: TACKYLAND – 70’s 80’s and 90’s RETRO with resident DJ’s Nick C and RolyUpstairs 11pm: The BEEZ NEEZ present DIRTY FKING DANCIN – the best of house, electro & breaks with resident DJ’s Gillie, Adam Turner, Matt B and guests. Victoria Tavern 3pm Tim Brewster 9pm Bettter than Nothing

Hobart Republic Bar Mark Easton Limousine Syrup BASS INVADERS: WORLD DRUM & BASS TOUR 2005 featuring SS + INFULK supported by MESH resident DJ SPIN-FX and guests. Victoria Tavern The 7 Day Dentists

Launceston Batman Fawkner Inn The Blues Brothers Revival Band $10

Irish Murphys Distro

Irish Murphys St PATRICK’S DAY featuring The Dead Kilkenny’s Growling Swallet Jim Marshal Phil Picasso and many more

Lonnies Groove

Lloyds Jesse

Lloyds 24 Seven

Lounge Bar Sgt Green

Lounge Bar The Big Swifty

Lonnies Groove

Reality 27SEVEN plus mac d

Saloon BOMBA


Irish Murphys The Uprising (original)

Saloon VIOLENT FEMMES The Loft: Trash - tough, sleazy, sexy house

Fri 18th

Launceston Irish Murphys Well Strung

James Leigh Ratcliffe

Sun 13th

Republic Bar Sugartrain

James glenn moorehouse

Lonnies Groove

Lloyds Jesse

Reality Mac d

Reality Mac d


Syrup Upstairs 10pm – MINISTRY OF SOUND – CLUBBERS GUIDE TO 2005: featuring GT (Groove Terminator) with Corney Gillie & Matt B


Thurs 10th


Saturday 5th

Hobart Republic Bar Cockfight Shootout Syrup Upstairs 3pm: SATURDAY ARVO LIVE SESSIONS – Rock out with the bands: The HUMAN’S + Guest from 3pm to 6pm. Downstairs 10.30pm: TACKYLAND – 70’s 80’s and 90’s RETRO with resident DJ’s Nick C and Roly. Upstairs 11pm: The BEEZ NEEZ presents – DIRTY F*CKN DANCIN – house, electro & breaks, with resident DJ’s Gillie, Adam Turner, Matt B and Guests.

Hobart Republic Bar Weld Forest Benefit. Nellie & The Fat Band, Fabio, Martin Tucker, Shemozzle, Spondoolie Bros (Donation) Syrup MESH – Hobarts oldest club night, breaks/drum+bass with resident DJ SPIN-FX and guests. Victoria Tavern The 7 Day Dentists


Victoria Tavern 3pm Tim Brewster 9pm Loquasious

Batman Fawkner Inn Roundabout


Irish Murphys Glenn Moorehouse

Irish Murphys Voodoo Lounge (last gig in Launceston)

Lonnies Groove


Hobart Republic Bar Shemozzle

Irish Murphys Robbie Elliot Ben Castles Mick Attard Funkin Unbelieable Reality SMC(hobart) JFA(USA) Randall Saloon DJ BRUV Mon 14th

Hobart Republic Bar Republic Quiz Night


Dr Syntax WAITER (Acoustic) + Fell To Erin Free Entry Syrup Downstairs 8pm: KO – Resident DJ’s Seb, SPIN-FX & Guests ‘Laying down the Khunks “O” Funk’ Downstairs 10.30: BOOGIE – 70’s & 80’s FUNK with resident DJ’s Nick C and Duncan. Upstairs 11pm: LaCasa – House Funk with resident DJ’s Matt B, Gillie and Guests. Victoria Tavern Dr Fink

Launceston Irish Murphys Growling Swallet St pat’s day recovery James John Stitch Lloyds Ben Castles Saloon MINISTRY OF SOUND (Groove Terminator) Sat 19th

Victoria Tavern Uni + Backpacker Night



Forth Valley Blues Festival

Irish Murphys Carl Fidler


GIG Guide

@Venue where?

02/03/05 - 05/04/05 Republic Bar Bomba Halo Phil K The Y4K Tour local djs jesse, spinfx, ryan, artax $15 pre $20 on the door Syrup Upstairs 3pm: SATURDAY ARVO LIVE SESSIONS – Rock out to LIVE BAND: Elvis Christ + support from 3pm to 6pm. Downstairs 10.30: TACKYLAND – 70’s 80’s and 90’s RETRO with resident DJ’s Nick C and Roly. Upstairs 11pm: The BEEZ NEEZ – present DIRTY FKING DANCIN – house, electro & breaks with resident DJ’s Gillie, Adam Turner, Matt B and guests.


Victoria Tavern Uni + Backpackers Night

Reality Niteclub

Batman Fawkner Inn Roundabout


James Bar

Irish Murphys Carl Fidler

James Hotel

Irish Murphys Leigh Radcliffe Lonnies Groove Lounge Bar Oscar

James Beano (duo) Plus Bistro (duo)

1 2 2 Yo r k S t Launceston

Tues 29th

6334 7231


Reality Fabulous Picasso Bros plus Mac d

Republic Bar Graham Rix



Victoria Tavern Tim Brewster

Fri 25th

Irish Murphys Funkin Unbelieable

39 Salamanca Place




Republic Bar Leo De Castro & The Warriors

Irish Murphys Glenn Moorhouse

Lonnies Groove Reality Fabulous Picasso Bros plus Mac d

Syrup Downstairs 8pm: KO – Resident DJ’s Seb, SPIN-FX & Guests ‘Laying down the Khunks “O” Funk’ Downstairs 10.30pm: BOOGIE – 70’s & 80’s FUNK with resident DJ’s Nick C and Duncan. Upstairs 11pm: PICKLE featuring TIP/FRAGILE PLANET psytrance Dj STEVE BARR (MELB) + resident DJ’s CORNEY & DSKO + Doofa La Grande. Full flavoured, Hard House, PsyTrance & Techno.

Victoria Tavern 3pm Tim Brewster 9pm Big Swifty

Saloon DONOVAN FRANKENRIETER The Loft: Robodisco - tech_house, techno, electro Sun 20th

Hobart Republic Bar Bomba

Launceston Irish Murphys Leo Steff and Jason Howard Ben Castles Sgt Green James Sundaze in the city - local DJ's Reality DJ Mac d Mon 21st

Hobart Republic Bar G.B. Balding Victoria Tavern Uni + Backpacker Night

Launceston Irish Murphys Glenn Moorhouse James Ben Castles & Mick Attard Tues 22nd

Hobart Republic Bar Lord Stompy Victoria Tavern Tim Brewster

Launceston Irish Murphys Carl Fidler Wed 23rd

Hobart Republic Bar Kate Meehan Syrup MARGARIT-A-GO-GO! Margarita mayhem with 50’s,60’s, 70’s Retro DJ’s, Sven Gali and T.H.C Victoria Tavern Big Swifty

Launceston Batman Fawkner Inn Roundabout Irish Murphys Melbourne Touring Act The Devil Rock Four Lonnies Groove

Victoria Tavern Mister Sister

Launceston James Carl Fidler Lloyds Kulla Blind Reality DJ Mac d Saloon GOOD FRIDAY BIG NIGHT OUT

Lonnies Niteclub

Syrup MARGARIT-A-GO-GO! Margarita mayhem with 50’s,60’s, 70’s Retro DJ’s, Sven Gali and T.H.C

107 Brisbane St

Victoria Tavern Big Swifty

6334 7889



Batman Fawkner Inn Roundabout Irish Murphys J Christopher Hanson (Hobart original act) James Leigh Ratcliffe Lonnies Groove

Republic Bar 299 Elizabeth St North Hobart 6234 6954 w w w. r e p u b l i c b a r. c o m

Co-Starter#5 - Club Hotel Burnie MAD UNCLE + BALLPOINT + ANOMOLY


Sat 26th

Thurs 31st


The Batman Fawkner Inn


35 Cameron St

Republic Bar Citizen Dog

Republic Bar I and I Bredda Reggae Band

Syrup Upstairs 3pm: SATURDAY ARVO LIVE SESSIONS – Rock out to LIVE BANDS from 3pm to 6pm. Downstairs 10.30: TACKYLAND – 70’s 80’s and 90’s RETRO with resident DJ’s Nick C and Roly. Upstairs 11pm: The BEEZ NEEZ present DIRTY F*CKN DANCIN “if it’s good we’ll play it” – house, electro & breaks with resident DJ’s Gillie, Adam Turner, Matt B and guests.

Syrup MESH – Hobarts oldest club night, breaks/drum+bass with resident DJ SPIN-FX and guests.


Sandy Bay

Victoria Tavern 3pm Tim Brewster 9pm Coba

Batman Fawkner Inn Roundabout

6226 2495


Irish Murphys Phil Picasso

Victoria Tavern The 7 Day Dentists

Batman Fawkner Inn Seven Bands Jam Session $12 KTK, Ashlan, Scurge of the Leper, Nuclear Winter, Church Burning Black Metal, VRA, Dracul


Irish Murphys 24 Seven


Lonnies Groove Lloyds The Unit

Nubeena Nubeena RSL Kate Meehan & Skip Landy Reality Oscar (Hobart) plus DJ Mac d Saloon MELBOURNE’S TOP PARTY BAND The Loft: 360 degrees - breakbeat revolution Sun 27th

Hobart Republic Bar Cake Walking Babies


Irish Murphys John Collighan Jesse Well Strung


James Sundaze in the city - local DJ's

Victoria Tavern The 7 Day Dentists

Republic Bar Lior (support, Geoff Turnbull)

6224 8249



Syrup MESH – Hobarts oldest club night, breaks/drum+bass with resident DJ SPIN-FX + Loki + Scott Woodhouse.


1st Floor

Reality DJ Mac d

Reality DJ mac d

Republic Bar Devil Rock (Melb) supp. The Blue Healers

Wed 30th


Saloon DJ BRUV Mon 28th

Hobart Republic Bar Republic Quiz Night

Friday 1st

Syrup Downstairs 8pm: KO – Resident DJ’s Seb, SPIN-FX & Guests ‘Laying down the Chunks“O”Funk’ Downstairs 11pm: BOOGIE – 70’s & 80’s FUNK with resident DJ’s Nick C and Duncan. Upstairs 11pm: BREAKEVEN – Phat breaks & Electro with resident party hard DJ’s AdamTurner, SPIN-FX and guests.

Launceston Batman Fawkner Inn Nosce Teipsum Zero Degrees Freedom M.S.I Mephistopheles

Club 54 The Batty

Launceston 6331 7222

Uni Bar - Hobart Campus 1 C h u r c h i l l Av e

w w w. t u u . c o m . a u

Blue Cafe Inveresk Railyards 6334 3133

Royal Oak - Launceston C n r B r i s b a n e & Ta m a r S t s Te l e p h o n e : ( 0 3 ) 6 3 3 1 5 3 4 6

I r i s h M u r p h y ’s 2 11 B r i s b a n e S t Launceston 6331 4440

Saturday 2nd

Hobart Polish Hall Zero Degrees Freedom Nosce Teipsum Corpse Carving Mephistopheles $8 Entry

Heat Nightclub 121 Macquarie St Hobart

Syrup Upstairs 3pm: SATURDAY ARVO LIVE SESSIONS – Rock out to LIVE BAND: The KICKS + surprise MELBOURNE support from 3pm to 6pm. Downstairs 10.30pm: TACKYLAND – 70’s 80’s and 90’s RETRO with resident DJ’s Nick C and Roly. Upstairs11pm: The BEEZ NEEZ present DIRTY FKING DANCIN– “if it’s good we’ll play it” – house, electro & breaks with resident DJ’s Gillie, Adam Turner, Matt B and guests.

Launceston Lonnies Groove

To list your gig in the Gig Guide, email details to

Bangin’ Beats One of The Best in Autralia: DJ Phil K in Sydney, Amsterdam ... Now Hobart Amsterdam? Ja Amsterdam. Excellent, what are you doing there? Just working on music, getting cold and eating lots of cheese. I’ve been getting sausage rolls, but it’s a bit hard to get some sauce, some places don’t have sauce. And when you say you are working on music, do you mean you’re doing shows or you’re writing or you’re doing production. Yeah I’ve done a few gigs while I’ve been over here I played in Grease on Thursday night and I played in Fabric a couple of weeks ago and I played in Briton on Saturday night and in amongst that to get with Luke Chable and working on music in the lounge room and just making loads of weird noises and annoying the neighbours. You’ve got heaps going on. Yeah it’s alright, it’s good fun. This is Dave Williams calling from Sauce Magazine in Tasmania. Oh hello man, how are ya? I’m alright, sorry to disturb you, did I get you up? Yeah it’s pretty late. Sorry man. It’s alright mate, I missed your call yesterday, didn’t have a phone handy. What time is it there now? Er, it’s two thirty in the morning. Where are you? I’m in Amsterdam.

Why do other DJs give you the accolades they do? Maybe because I play whatever the fuck I want. I don’t want to be anybody, I just want to play the records I like. Maybe that’s why. That’s what I think I try to do. Keep the ego out of it? Yeah that definitely, just play records. Those guys that respect me probably respect me for what I do and my attitude towards music. It’s not about I want to be the next that DJ or that DJ, I just do things I like doing and playing records how I play them and maybe they respect that. If that’s what they respect then it’s great, I’m really proud of it. 0

What’s the theme to the CDs and what’s the name about Y4K? Well it started off a few years ago now with Distinctive Records, which is a subsidiary of a big Japanese company that owns the label, so it’s been around for a long … Avex, actually, that’s the name of the company. It’s an English subsidiary of Avex Records and the Y4K started off it was Y2K meaning up to the year 2000 and it was started as a compilation of break beat artists or break beat DJs and then it just continued after that, so it’s been going I would say since about, 1999 maybe 98 when they’ve had the first ones and they had all the big English break beat DJs and a lot, not everyone, but a lot have done compilations for them and done the artist’s albums for them and then be asked to do a CD and play what I play, you know I play a lot of break so they asked me to do a CD and I put one together for them. You said before that you play the music that you like, do you see yourself as part of the trend in popularity of breaks in Australia. I like to think that I’m almost part of the new music movement or someone that’s going to play records that are new, something that’s fresh. Seriously, like even five years ago, let’s not even worry about twenty years ago or ten years ago if I had stopped five years ago, my ears after listening to different music I don’t think I’d still be DJing today, you know what I mean, if I stopped at that point five years ago, this is what I’m playing from now on and fuck it, that’s it. If I did that ten years ago would I be DJing now? Yeah, I’d say no. Do you know what I’m saying. Yeah, totally.

Its not about this or that and this or that, it’s about tunes that are fresh, what is new, what makes people just freak out, what makes people when they listen to it go ‘what the fuck is that’. How do you describe that in words, I don’t know what it is. I think its called art. Yeah, it’s just something that does things differently and generally its an old idea represented in a unique and technological way, that’s what makes you go ‘fuck that’s weird, what the fuck’ you know what that is today and what that was five years ago are two different things, so what I look for is what is the next thing that makes you go ‘Eek, what the fuck is that’ that’s what it is, does that make sense? Yes mate it does, because I ask so many artists ‘what is there that is new and fresh on your CD for the listener’, and I am amazed sometimes at the response which is like ‘well, what are you trying to do? Aren’t you trying to put something up there that’s going to be new rather than just copying?’ So I’m really glad that you do. Well you always try to do that, whether you come off, whether you do it successfully, I’m not the judge of that, people are the judge of that but that’s my aim, that’s my goal, that’s what I want to do. People say I did a renaissance again at the start of the year, which again if you go by what the label renaissance is meant to be is a more progressive house and again I don’t really do that but then I did that CD (the latest Y4K break CD), but don’t think necessarily that I’m a break DJ, I just play records that I like. I play a lot of break but also a lot of house. I just play music I like.

Bangin’ Beats

By David Williams

Steve Barr (Melb) - Trance DJ Plays Syrup (Hbt)

? Heee-lo? Hello Steve, it’s Dave. Oh, Hello Dave, how are you? I’m good, how’re you going? Yeah not too bad, I’ve just not long been up, I was up quite late, um, working on some music. Oh right, work or writing or … Producing them. I’ve been producing for a while now so yeah but it takes so long. Your own stuff or are you doing other … Yeah producing my own stuff, I have been for, like, a couple of years. And have you put anything together on CD that we can buy, something like that. The record label that myself and my brother started is called Fragile Planet Records, and it’s basically a UK based label, so my brother is based in the UK and will actually be based out of India as from next year, but getting together with me being here and him being in the UK is quite difficult to work together. Via phone and email, so we have to spend some time to get it together and try to make it work. Go back to India. My parents live there, in Goa. They have a small business there – very small and I’m going to spend some time with them and try to give the label a go. It’s pretty difficult doing it this way at the moment. How long have you been in Melbourne? Nine years. I came from Goa. I met a girl in Goa from Melbourne, I wasn’t planning on coming here at all and then, yeah sort of ended up … that was nine years ago, ha ha. Were you working as a DJ in Goa? Yeah, myself and my brother were doing a lot of free parties over there, back in the early ninties.

So what sort of music was that back then? That was Trance, like the beginning – 94 the old style Goa stuff

difference at all. There are trance tracks the same speed as house tracks so I don’t think it makes any difference at all.

And do you still see yourself as a Trance DJ now? Yeah, very much so. It’s really hard, I mean I don’t like putting labels on things, really, cause the music changes so much. You get so many different styles and variations. There is such a wide range of music involved in it. Everybody likes to give things labels, but I try to stay away from it.

So what the vibe that you will be pushing at your gig in Syrup? Oh basically very dance floor friendly, but lots of energy.

I know, its hard though because people do prefer one type of track to another and you have to call it something. Yeah, but to me its just dance music. I mean I know you can’t print this but its basically made for different drugs.

I played at Earthcore this year, which was huge. About five thousand people on the dance floor at that time, which was probably the major one this year. New Year Eve for Tribadelic was another biggie but there is not that many each year here. So those two and Rainbow Serpent but I haven’t played at Rainbow Serpent for years.

Ha ha, why can’t I print that? I don’t know, it doesn’t look good does it. Well hey, if people don’t know there are drugs on the dance scene its like not knowing there are tyres on a car, really. Its kind of changed, but in the early days it was all written around different environments and different substances, so ecstacy and clubs equals house music, acid and outdoors equals trance music, do you know that kind of formula. Yeah but I think you can apply that to Rock & Rolll as well, where you’ve got alcohol. And you get psychedelic acid and alcohol. And back to the Greeks, where you had red wine and the lyre or whatever, so I think music and mind altering substances of one sort or another have been connected with each other since the beginning of music almost. Yeah for sure. I’d pretty much say so.

High energy? A high energy feel. Something you can move to. And what have you being playing recently?

That’s up in Queensland isn’t it? No its down here actually, it’s in Victoria. Its not strictly a trance sort of thing, they dance the lighter side of trance, the more progressive side. What image does the Tassie dance scene have in Melbourne, do you think? Well Tassie has a really good reputation because quite a few people from Melbourne regularly visit, and have done over the years, to outdoor parties and places like Twin Tribes and there is quite a few of us who play at Twin Tribes over the years, quite a few times, and the clubs so its got a good reputation of being very liberal in what they are into, so you can really let loose and relax in Tassie it’s not so snobby, so that’s why people like flying down there because they can just relax and play what they want, instead of playing to an audience that demands a certain thing.

No that’s good and sounds interesting. So what’s your goal for the night, are you going to have a huge one or … Well I’m playing at the outdoor party at Elephant Pass over Easter, so I’ve been taking it easy for that and trying to take it easy but I’m really professional in what I do now, I don’t drink anymore and I don’t smoke very much, I don’t smoke at all really because you’ve got a bit of responsibility when you get paid money to do something. There is always time to play afterwards. All right, thanks very much for talking with me. Excellent. And I hope I can catch you when you are down here. Well that’s better than trying to catch me up here. Yes it is isn’t it. I was in the toilet one time, the next time I was getting changed in the van, then I was driving and I got done for speeding the other day I and thought ‘I better not pick the phone up’, and then I got to me mates and I hadn’t seen these people for ages and we were right in the middle of dinner and I’m going ‘oh no he’s going to think I’m crazy’ but it was just one of those really sort of keep missing you kind of things – really bad timing. Not a worry. Alright Dave. See you later. OK excellent, have a good day.

What would you say though is a trance track, is it classed by the beats per minute. How do you say ‘that is a trance track, that is a house track?’ I think kick drum and baseline. It’s the main factor it the basis, its the base of the track it’s the bass and the kick drum, because that’s the timing and the structure of the track really. Has it got anything to do with the beats per minute or anything like that? No because trance music ranges from dubbed versions, which are really slow or ambient trance all the way down to less than a hundred beats per minute to a hundred and fifty beats per minute, so there is a pretty wide range so actual speed, tempo doesn’t make any

WEDNESDAYS | JALOPY (JA-LOPPI) noun; informal: ‘An old car’

FREE DRINKS: 10pm - 2am







T P 8

who’s buyin’ TOP 8 SINGLES / NET TOP 50 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08.

Bangin’ Beats DJ Parky (Hbt) worry. I'm playing 'soul fool hip hop/twisted lounge/funky beats. Pretty much anything thats downsy!”

Nelly Nitty Jennifer Lopez Mario Kelly Clarkson Snoop Dogg Destiny’s Child Linkin Park / JayZ

Over and Over Nasty Girl Get Right Let Me Love Since You’ve Been Gone Drop It Like Its Hot Soldier Numb/Encore

(Huw): “Alright... So why are DJ's better than evryone else?” (Parkey): “Coz we have groupies!” (Huw): “Jyeah nigga. Feeling that! Ok, ok. What do you say to other musicians that say turntables are not an instrument?”

TOP 8 SINGLES / NET TOP 50 Ben Lee Interpol Queens Of The Stone Age Shihad Clare Bodwiditch Team America Dogs Die In Hot Cars The Cops

01. Gamble Everything 02. Evil 03. Little Sister 04. Alive 05. Divorsee By 23 06. America Fuck Yea 07. Lounger 08. Good In Bed

(Parkey): “They're wrong!” (Huw): “Fair enough!” (Parkey): “My friend, creativity is the instrument. It's what you do with the turny's and tracks that make the music.” (Huw): “What shizzle makes you feel the rizzle? Who are your influences?”

Parky & Mez @ Halo, Hobart TOP 8 SINGLES Global Deejays 01. What A Feeling The Disco Boys Feat Manfred 02. For You Michael Gray 03. The Weekend Vinyl Shakerz 04. One Night In Bankok Milk & Sugar 05. What Is Love Paris Avenue Feat Robin 06. I Want You Daniel Hope 07. What Is Love Chemical Brothers Feat 08. I Want You

You might remember Parkey from such shows as “A DJ stole my baby” or “Desperate House DJ's!! Subsequently, you may have even seen him playing records at a club near you. Parkey is supa friendly, when I asked him “Can I interview you for Sauce magazine, cause your a wild Ma-fuckkkka!” He looked at me and said.............”Yes.” How easy is that!!

Jennifer Lopez 01. Get Right Elvis Presley 02. Surrender LL Cool J 03. Hush Eminem 04. Like Toy Soldiers The Game Feat 50 Cent 05. How We Do Destiny’s Child 06. Soldier U2 07. Sometimes You Cant Make.. Brian McFadden 08. Almost Here

HOTTEST 100 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08.

Candy Stop Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Let me Love you How We Do 1,2 Step Disco Infirno Rich Girl Since U Been Gone

50 Cent Feat Olivia Greenday Mario The Game Ciara 50 Cent Gwen Stefani Kelly Clarkson



01. Common People 02. Studying Stones 03. Sitting, Waiting, Wishing 04. Take It easy 05. Wheels 06. The World At Large 07. This Photograph.. 08. The Widow

William Shatner Ani Difranco Jack Johnson Bright Eyes Cake Modest Mouse Taking Back Sunday Mars Volta

Edge Radio Recommended Little Wings Magic Wand Various King Jammy in Roots Bang Gang Somethings Wrong Lemon Jelly 64 - 95 Sage Francis A Healthy District Various So Frenchy, So Chic Halfway Between Tomorrow and Yesterday Boomclick Soundtracks for Sunrise The Winston Giles Orchestra

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Fakes T.N.T The Documentary Infinate Signs Of Life Once More With Feeling Apocolypse 91... The Enemy Strikes Back

The Secret Migration The College Dropout

Bihan & Kamien ACDC The Game n8 Placebo Public Enemy Mercury Rev Kayne West

(Huw): “And finally, what keeps you DJ'n?” (Parkey): “Noo rhythm and sounds. Noo technology and producers. There's so much good shit happening and coming out all the time. Also............Free Beer..............anddddddddd.........Groupies!”

(Huw): “So Bru. Where are you slapping dem bithces on da turnies locally?”

TOP 40

(Parkey): “The Doors, David Bowie, Nev Nichols (my fucken main boi!), Beastie Boys, Faith No More.”

(Huw): “Check it out kids. Parkey and his onterage coming to a store near you. Thanks heaps Parkey, keep er' real bro and smash dem dawgs!”

(Parkey) : “Barcelona on Saturday nights, Halo with the Freshly Breaked crew and pretty much any house party for ages 6 and up.”

(Parkey): “Thanks Huwba, reprazent mate!”

(Huw): “Werd Up! Gay-est question ever! What type of music are you playing at the moment mister Park-dawg?”

For more details about Parkey's personal life you can call up chat line and ask for 'The Chad'...............Main Boi about town. Werd Up Parkey!!!!

(Parkey): “Nah bro, gay is the new black don't

Get Into Music Music is cool, seeing your favorite band live is the best..But why not play music yourself?.. You don’t have to be the rock star, just get into it, jam with your mates, learn to play your favorite songs, just pick up your instrument and mellow out. Barratts have a huge range of awesome instruments at various price points, we can put you in touch with a cool teacher, and provide all the learning media like books, cd’s cdroms & DVD’s to get you going. Barratts music, get into music!





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Loser Love Peacock Films

Return of the Living Dead MGM

Loser Love tells the story of a woman with a low self image that lets her be bullied by her boyfriend who treats her abhorrently, following in the footsteps of a mother who stays with her under-appreciating husband.

The re-release of the 1986 Horror sequel to Night of the Living Dead will offer fans of the 80’s a chance to re-visit the past fascination with Zombies and their quest for BRAINS.

Despite the cries of her best friend, Lily (Laurel Holloman) follows a cyclic pattern by returning to her abusive boyfriend Tim (Andy Davoli) until he finally crosses the line through rape and humiliation.

The tag line for the movie is ‘they’re back…they’re hungry… and they’re not vegetarian’ is a good indication that the movie is more humour than horror.

Finally pushed into action, Lily decided embarks on a cunning scheme to retaliate at both the men in her life that have made existence miserable.

Complete with Punk Rockers, the cheerleader girlfriend, token nudity in an out of place striptease in the Resurrection Cemetery and an Army conspiracy gives you all the ingredients for a B-movie classic.

The movie is quite slow at times, and not real optimistic through Lily re-visiting her childhood and providing soliloquies throughout, as if speaking to a therapist.

Over the top acting and questionable make-up make this movie fun to watch as long as not too much is expected from the outset.

This coupled with average acting on the part of support cast including Burt Young (the Drunk Uncle from Rocky) and Lauren Hutton as Lily’s parents make for a mediocre film.

Highly predictable and far fetched, it screams low budget and is dated but worth a viewing out of sheer lunacy.



Damian Chapa plays Kilo the latino gangster( notice i say play and not star), bad ass son of Ismael Carlo aka Manny. Kilo decided when he grows up he wants to be a drug dealing kingpin, like big daddy too.

Directed by Edgar Wright from an original screenplay and Simon Pegg. Shaun of the dead is a romantic comedy with zombies. But it rocks! With clever inappropiate humor and the double entendre's of dialogue, the flat dry sarcasm that gives the Northern territory a run for its money. Underachiever Shaun, 29 years old TV salesmen who dreams of being an electro DJ,his sidekick Ed played by Nick frost, ( Shaun's long life friend from the good old), will have you affectionately praising his nonchalant prowess, you will just want to take the big sloth home and put him up on your shelf , he's so bad hes nasty, that you just cant help but like him, as Shaun sets out to win his girlfriend back Liz played by Kate Ashfield. You'll crack up at Shauns antics to get them all back to the safety of his precious local pub, youll see him fighting off zombies to stop the invasion . A definite for beer lovers, who understand the sacredness of the modern drinking hole, and anyway there's nothing quite like watching a grown boy at 29 turn into a man, even if all it takes is fighting off rotting mangey ravaged zombies, then so be it. Trust me this London production will have you smirking one min, cringing the next at the horrifying scenes, and then cheering for the bravado of Shaun as he tries to survive this night of hell.

Kilo begins dealing to college kids along side Loco and Rudy they start a nice little profitible underground enterprise, that winds them up in jail. From the inside they hook up with the jamaicans and another african american possee, together they begin a coalition which dominates the streets of L.A.. When Manny is released, big daddy returns to his son who is loaded up with the bling bling that the drug culture has supplied , Kilo in sympathy welcomes him back , but daddy has a different view on running things. What a shame with a story line that could of been interesting is not told and over shadowed by a terrible editing and directing attempt and shocking camera work that couldnt deliever one kodak moment. An all round mess of audience show tactics with dodgy attempts at sexy horror that makes you cringe, an over load of bullets and bad scenes that you wonder how they ever got the finance to pull it off...sigh....put it this way..i would have been vexxed if i had paid money to see it essey!

X-Box Game Review - Dead Or Alive Ultimate Thursday night I got a call, " I have a cd for you to review Dead or Alive Ultimate". so I thought I would try it out. The latest versian of Dead and Alive is a two disk set featuring an updated versian of the original and the second disk is actually the new game. There are standard modes in every beat em up, time attack, survival , training etc. Story Mode this is where you choose a character and follow their story through four fights until you reach the main Boss, you do this with each character to unblock characters and new costumes to use. Multi player is where this game is at its best with four player tag team match and upto seven players on xbox live. Online you can gain a

by Zak room with up to 7 people for your own tournaments usually winner plays on style, you can watch while you wait and view other competitors. The updated versian of the origianal is only there for nostalgic porpuses and will probably be left in the case. It also has online multi player. Overall this gam is really a multi player game the single player game mode is just repitive and there is a quick loss of interest in the game. The multi player is the only reason this game should be bought for. sound**** graphics***** game play** multiplayer yes

Albums - reviews by Kris, Elle

& To m

Mick Attard and the Mamacitas Distro Musik



Functional Breaks Dreadzone Vol 4 Soundsystem by Elona

Mick Attard is a name familiar to anyone who frequents pubs and drinking establishments around the State.

A montage of grooves and abience that take you on an electro journey. A fine mist of beats with clever sampling transparent melodies that shimmy through a golden glow of terrific trance. flitering through break beats and effortlessly delivers ,in the concert begins, a computerised voice overlaps a rippling tantilising tune, giving sex advice, quite a cute little number that. A cd with lots of charisma.Summerthing begins with a James Bond 007 moment then cascades into a dancey trancey sea of beats.

Gamble everything for love is a heart thumping melodic journey that takes you away for a moment to another land. Story teller Ben Lee delivers in this track. It is sure to grab everyones attention with its angelic acoustics and folk lorish lyrics , Ben Lee's vocals soar through this song in a way that you cant help by be touched by this song.Brillantly produced, gentle back-up harmonies that compliments this definite winner.

This arrangement of sounds transcends from bass heavy, loud banging , challenging mixes, and producing some decent base tracks for club djs. Wicked beats and breaks that showcase throughout the album, theres alittle bit of everything for all techno trancey electro lovers of house happy tracks and hardcore dance mixes desigened to move to.

Ache for You follows in the same tradition of this gentleman of smooth rock, with this compostion that swoons inbetween gentle beats and acoustics that chime and strum behind the whispering vocals of Bens haunting lyrics once again, Ben nails it, Australian style nail on the head baby!

As always they have been the trendsetters for blending dub and reggae with house , breaks and ambient grooves, incorporating calypso beats with dance samples and slices that cut and corrupt you. then soothe and seduce you.

Mick Attard and the Mamacitas put forth a five track EP that shows off why they are worth a trip to the local to grab a pint and a listen. The album is a mellow listen that exemplifies the professional sound of the group with the strumming of acoustic guitar, bass and accompanying percussion. You can easily picture yourself in front of a warm fire with a thick lager in your hand either watching the group intently or drifting off to them as the soundtrack for the evening.

Cold logic alittle tribal with some rain stick action at the start, introducing some phat beats that pulse and push against the rythyms, pianos and shakers , jazzy glossy vocals dotting it for extra pleasure.Produced by Jaime Olson the album creates its own atmosphere with its imaginary tunes, and clever sampling. From middle eastern beats and strings to space age electro harmonies that carry you off to another plane. A must for trance and electro lovers, and would also reccomend this as fabulous background music for funky cafes and groovy restaurants a definite atmosphere maker for any environment.

Arrested Development: Among the Trees Earshot Music The title Among the trees for the return album for Arrested Development clearly reflects on their green beliefs and fun spirited mentality. Emulating a modern day Parliament (and sounding like them on ‘Luxury Pt II’), the group contains no less than 19 musicians, one of which Baba Oje’, who one of the standout tracks is named after, continues to rage on in his 70’s. Arrested Development still maintain the old sound that they pioneered during 3 Months, 5 Years and 2 Days in the life of… in 1992 with many of the multiinstrumental sounds being paraded by the group. At times, the album attempts to recapture past hits like ‘Mr Wendell’ as with ‘Tings Distracting’ reproducing many of the same sounds and vocal stylings. Although the similarities exist, the album does not reach past ingenuity if years earlier. The album offers an alternative to the heavy grinding and bass driven hip hop of present, with echoes of the positive vibes of the Native Tongue Movement (De La, JB’s and Tribe) while still discussing serious urban issues.

LAYLA: HERETIK OBESE RECORDS by Elona You know what? I tried Layla, but i wasnt feelin it, I was really trying ,but its laughable. I'm wondering if its rude to laugh......well probably not as rude as Im about to get....omg yesh Effie, thats my reaction, well actually let me specify, Effie in New York homeless on crack gets gangsta and starts rapping, this is what it would sound like...Wait wait wait just a minute , let me ellaborate about the music, yesh de mushic, well now every song has a different intro which is nice you know, variety works for me, and then the rest of song is exactly like the other sixteen, which sort of gets boring and monotonous. The engineering is horrific, the lyrics are muffled but when you do get a clear couple of words beneath the ramblings it sounds life Effie, so the question is do you really want to hear everything shes saying...????? to be really honest it sounds like its meant to be funny, it sounds like Effie released a comedy CD and this is it. In the song she says with dramatic foreceful delivery," whats the fuss about sluts, and ive had enough, its time to stir some shit and rumble up the dust...." I mean these are the lyrics I am dealing with,( Im now wondering if this is part of the iniation for being part of sauce) shes paying out Lil Kim and others, but let me tell you Lil Kim can rhyme coherently, in time, and she can shake her ass while she does it. Now, if that isnt talent i dont know what is. Layla, what can I say, I was going to burst into song" got me on my knees Layla Layla," .....this record should not have been passed by quality control and Im leaving it at that.

Desire reaches up to the sky with its pulsating chorus errupting from a gradual build up of electric guitars and Ben Lees vocals exploding into the mating call of Desiiiiiiiiire, a nice little raunchy number from Ben. Overall an album that should be in your collection, whatever genre of music your into this one is defientely one worth having , theres something on here im sure everyone will relate to, a definite story that should be heard.

Once again there outstanding ability to experiment and excite, after 3 years they have returned to create and return and dominate with beats and bobz, A smorgasboard of talent including dreadzone, Brothers bud, Renegade Soundwave, Snuff, Paradox 3000, Bassnectar and the An-Ten-Nae,Tom Real vs The Rogue Element, Scam, Electrotec, Jammin, Freestylers feat Million Dan and the Excorcist, showcasing their skills for your audio pleasure.

Sophie B. Hawkins: Wilderness Tr u m p e t S w a n R e c o r d s

Stand Defiant/The Scandal Disconnect Records

Easy listening fans will gladly embrace the latest album Wilderness from contemporary artist Sophie B. Hawking.

Containing two bands on one album provided the ideal split EP sample of these two punk bands from Hobart. Both Stand Defiant and The Scandal lay it all on the line displaying that to the bone they are punk rockers.

In a more mainstream release than p r e v i o u s e ff o r t s s u c h a s t h e i m m e n s e l y p o p u l a r ‘ D a m n I W i s h I w a s Yo u r Lover ’, the album infuses dance track S t i l l i n g ’s a l o n g s i d e h e r v o c a l e ff o r t s for a more optimistic and upbeat album. Hawkins displays her gifted musical ability by playing numerous instruments such as the keyboards, guitars, and percussion throughout but this can overshadow her singing that sometimes sounds strained and forced on tracks like ‘Blue’. Wo r t h a l o o k i f y o u e n j o y s i m i l a r musicians such as Fiona Apple and need a pick me up with the upbeat album.

Huge guitars, vocals from the belly within and drumming to leave your head ringing remind you of Propaghandi and thankfully do not come anywhere close to the poppunk sounds of bands such as Blink-182. The Scandal play it short, fast and loud on the 2min 12 sec ‘Dead Skin Turns to Dust’ with Stand Defiant stepping it up a notch with increased bellows, driving guitars and a rapid succession of body blows for the listener. A great insight into the punk scene that will hopefully grow within Tasmania to overcome the mass-over-produced music pushed on mainstream radio currently.

Cafe Reviews - The Good, Bad & Disgusting by Kris, Elle

Urban Music - Good DealsTucked Away by Huw Hobart is now host to a dope lil cafe/internet haunt (thanks to Nick Orme).

The thing that makes Urban Music so dope is the fact that it's so dope. How's that??

Urban Music supplies cd's and vinyl, crazy art toys, internet, food and the main man (manager) Astro's bad ass coffee.

It can be extremely hard to find a really good place to chill and scratch your head and wonder where your life went so wrong.

Apparently Astro's coffee is only rivaled by Rbent. Urban Music is supa comphy and has a feel of a clean and user friendly version of your best mates lounge.

A good coffee shop is like a good woman, if your lucky enough to find one then you have to appreciate it everyday and put the time in to make sure they feel special.

It is the only place in Tassie that stocks 'toy art' toys, which (if you are unfamiliar) are toys designed by crazy graff artists and associates.

Drop your head into Urban music and tell Astro he's special. People need to know these things.

Urban Music is located 'down the alley in Hobart where all the graff is', Astro told me. It's right near the shopping centre, a few doors up from Sodium. They have a good selection of treaties to gobble, and seriously.........Astro makes the goodamn best coffee!!!! The idea was spawned from Nick Orme (part owner of RuffCut Records) as he wanted to do something different, he said. "I always wanted a bar and I thought this was the next best thing. I just thought I'd do something a little bit different." Nick Orme is the man about town that will own everything in Hobart one day. So be nice now kiddies and you might be on his X-mas card list. I don't know about you.... but personally, I always need a good coffee shop to chill in. It's an integral part of my life.

If you need any information or I am not making any sense (I'm pretty sure I'm not!!) then just pop ya head into RuffCut Records in Elizabeth St mall (6234 8600) and ask for Nick. Urban Music is (in my opinion) the freshest lil' cafe in town, drop in and try Asrto's coffee, use the net and grab a mad toy! What more could you ask for? Maybe a slot of instore phone chargers. Well guess what? They even bloody have those doo-balacky machines that charge ya phone. I'm not sure what they are called, I probably should have asked considering I'm a journalist but sometimes life doesn't go as planned. Anyway, Urban Music is the new place to be, so be there foo'.

Oh nooooooo!!!!! Irish Murphy’s (Hbt) I may, one day, kiss the “Blarney Stone, but I certainly don’t want to eat it. Some may say Irish food is traditionally thick and stogy, and this may be true, but it should never apply to risotto. And why is an Irish themed pub serving risotto anyway? I’m sure the Irish have enough dishes to choose from, that they need not borrow from the Italians.

rice was well cooked, but the creamy sauce was too gluggy and rich for me. We left withourt finishing. And maybe the waiting staff could take a few pointers from the very friendly bar staff from down the road at Knopwoods, instead of trying to take control. Knopwoods, by the way was overflowing, while Irish was almost empty.

Costing $15.5 (what happenned to the 0?) we ordered two of the Risotto with Chicken and Red Peppers.

I know Knopwoods is an icon of Hobart and especially of the Salamanca scene, but I think staff are the most important thing to a business.

The chicken used was obviously pre-cooked and warmed. It had that “chickeny” taste. The

You will forgive a friend a mistake,so it’s always good to make friends, as we all make mistakes.

& To m


Esther Godoy (Melb) ended up qualifying for the National leg of the AST which was yesterday in which I came 2nd. This means I’ve qualified for the Gallaz skate Jam event in the Globe World Cup in February, so I’m pretty stoked. Super excited to get through and very much looking forward to skating and hanging out with crew from around the globe.” (Huw): “So you had a stint on Neighbours a little while ago, how was that? Did you get to sit in a trailer with Toadie and smash doughnuts?” (Esther): “I love Neighbours. I was so stoked to be stunt doubling for a character because it meant i got to meet the cast. Even though i got paid mad skrills for doing it i would of done it all for free. Channel 10, 6.30pm weeknights, peep that sheeeeet. I didn’t get to meet Toadie though , kind of bummed about that. . .”

BY HUW JOSEPH I became friends with Esther pretty recently, and it’s funny, you almost get the impression that she is quiet and shy. Well, well, well. Cuppla beers one night showed me this girl knows how to hold her booze and don’t take shit from no-one. Esty is supa cool, and holds the flag up high for OZ skating. Esther will be skating at the massive skate demo/music BBQ at Taroona Skate Park on Sat 26 Feb. Don’t be a fool, come and check her out. Maybe even say hi! (Huw): “So whats been happening in the Melbourne skate scene, what have you been up to?” (Esther): “Everything’s been fairly quiet up until about a few weeks ago. I competed in the Melbourne Leg of the AST's (aussie skate titles) about 2 weeks ago. I did fairly well so i

(Huw): “Do you get much work on TV?” (Esther): “Occasionally get the od job, for random companies who want an eXtreme skateboarding girl to promote their eXtreme product. I just did some cottees ad thing, although i missed out on the main part because i didnt look young enough.”

(Huw): “The park you'll be skating is pretty melow and fun, I reckon you'll like it. What do you like skating at the moment Parks/Street/Transition?” (Esther): “I have been skating heaps and heaaaapps of park lately, its getting fairly boring, i would love to skate more street spots, but unfortunately being in the same place for so long u tend to get bored of all the spots....Or maybe I’m just being selfish, after all i do live in one of the best skate city's in the worrrrrrrld, Melbourne reprasent!” (Huw): “What would you like to say to young (or old ) aspiring female skaters?” (Esther): “The only way to become a totally extreme girl skater is to use words like 'SICK GOOD' and 'MAD FRESH'.............and on a more serious note always consider yourself as just a regular skater like everyone else, your not going get anywhere, respect or skate wise if your thinking your different or special because your a girl and you skate. There aint no such thing as 'Chick skaters' we are all just skaters.” (Huw): “True that! Thanks heaps Esther, I'm looking forward to having you out here.” (Esther): “Werd.”

(Huw): What plans do you have with skating, any idea or goal you'd like to reach?” (Esther): “I just want to skate heaaaps, learn new tricks, shoot lots of photos and travel until i cant travel anymore. Traveling is the best part about skating, skating different places and with different people is amazing. But that part will have to wait another 2 years until I finish uni, at least it gives me time to save up some cashhhh.” (Huw): “Are you pumped to come out to Tassie? Have you been here before?” (Esther): “Never been out to Tassie! I’m definitely looking forward to it, traveling is one of my favourite things in the world!”

How do afford to skate for a living? People help me out. Red Herring help me out a lot, with my skating. Bomb snowboards help me with my skating and snowboarding. They always have. And Electric Sunglasses. So they help me out as much as they can. If someone else wants to be a good skater and be sponsored and all that stuff, what advice would you have for them? You've got to love it. Don't try and be sponsored. You've got to love it. Generally, it will come to you. If they think that you're good enough ... put videos together and be professional about it ... it will come to you.

What qualifies you to be taking these skate clinics? I've skated for 25 years. I've been around skateboarding my whole life. I've done a lot of coaching with different things with kids, done a lot of stuff with kids and take it on myself to do it, basically.

What level of skaters are coming to the clinics? A bit of everything. We've got peoiple who don't even have a skatyeboard. We've got gear for them. We have people who've never done it before, up to kids who are pretty good and know what they're doing and want to learn different tricks and that sort of thing.

Where have you skated? I've skated all around the world. New Zealand skating and snowboarding. I've done competitions all around Victoria, Sydney and Canberra. I've been to canada skating and snowboardiing. Basically, trying to chase the dream.

When are the next clinics? They've stopped at the moment. Keep an eye out in the next month. I think they'll start up

What is it about skating that keeps you involved? It is addictive . it is good exercise. it's

Holy fuck.............Was Hobart in for a treat. The Premium skate team, Willy (fucken) Santos and Esther Godoy. Plus the Ozone skate team, who all skate skated rad but I have to mention a MMMMMMASSIVE BIG UPS to Tommy Field. Bro, you tore that bitch up so good. You prob's don't know, but all the pro's were stoked on your style mate. Killed it!!!!!!”

The spot was Taroona skate park in Hobart. Friday the 25th Feb was host to the biggest skate event to hit Tassie............EVER!!!

everything. the lifestyle. the people who do it. it's always changing. there's always somewhere new to skate. Something else to find. Someone else to skate with. yeah, I'm addicted to it. I can't get enough of it.

again. Youth Ark or Red Herring will be able to tell you what's happenning.

'Under the Ozone Moonlight' By Huw Joseph

The Premium team that came out consists of Morgan Cambell, Josh Evins, Alex Gavin, Dayne Brummet, lil' man JAK (if you were at Taroona to see Jak skate then you'd know the deal-eeeo! Jak is goddamn incredible. He's 13 years old and will blow your stoopid mind. Also, local destroyer Klaa Clements, who thought he should of skated better but..........guess what mate? You bloody killed it anyway. Big Ups Klaa Clements for reprazenting the locals!”

Skate Clinics @ Elizabeth College Bowl with Jimmy (Hbt)

Jimmy, what are the skate clinics about and why were you involved? In collaboration with YouthArk and the Hobart City Council. They cam to me with some ideas of what we could do with the park and to get the youtrh involved, and it seemd like a pretty good idea. We've done half a dozen now with guys and girls from the age of about six to about 20, I guess.

SK8 Demo @ Taroona Bowl 25/2/05

There was live graffiti from Dion, also DJ's T-ray, Robbery, Grotesque and Huwba. It was night time, so there was heaps of generator lights for mad sesions. Probs about $2500 worth of give aways and about 500 people! The turn out was great, everyone was soooo into it. Yelling and screaming and totally getting behind it! Thank you to all of Hobart for helping to make this such an all out event. I have to say that the local boys from Ozone were awesome......Big ups to Trav, Nick, Azza and everyone else. You guys all skated rad and reprazented!!! My good friend Esther Godoy was so impressed with everything. She said she had never seen anything like it on the mainland. Not to mention me and Esty smashed up a karoke bar in town on Sat night. Esty knows how to party!!! The demo started about 7.30pm and the guys all skated so good. Morgan Cambell was injured and took it pretty e-z, but everyone else tore it up. There was a comp for un-sponsored crew from ages 8 and up which was awesome. Always love seeing little kids wreck em'selves. There was this crazy little man borad-sliding the whole rail, and some other bloke who we called 'Goon Bag' doing ollie north frontside board slides. Werd Up Goon Bag!!! This whole event was fucken awesome. Huge big ups to Ozone House of Boards/ H.T.J Promotions and RuffCut records, for bringing this all together. I'd also like to mention little Bugz from Canberra. He is Jak's lil brother and he won the bowl jam. He's like 11 years old and is the main man. I'll catch ya next time Bugz...Greg at Ozone put in heaps of work for this event and we all should make sure he knows how much it was appreciated. If you know Greg, or happen to drop into his shop (Ozone) go and say 'Thanks'....Greg is a fucken awesome host and absolute mad chiller!'s kinda hard to describe how good this night was......if you were there, then you'd know how I'm feeling. All I can say really, is that it was absolutely all-time and Hobart rules!!!!! I reckon we'll be seeing more and more of these events..

Bare Threads

street fashion

Name: Polly Age: 21 Music: Techno Drink: Redbull Style: Classic with a modern twist I’m out today because … … I’m on holidays from Adelaide

Name: Mat Age: 17 Music: Seven Dust Drink: Beer Style: Punk I’m out today because … … I’m goin’ for a skate.

Name: Anthia Age: 24 Music: Reggae Drink: Jack Daniels Style: Chilled Out I’m out today because … … the sun is out and it’s a beautiful day.

Name: Adam Age: 22 Music: Red Hot Chilli Peppers Drink: Jagey-bomb Style: Comfortable I’m out today because … … I’m organising a staff party.

Names: Ellyn / Erin Ages: 20 / 22 Music: New Age – anything but Blues or Western Drink: Vodka Sunrise (at Sunrise?) / Vodka and anything Style: Fashionable I’m out today because … … I wanna get pissed and I want to get a fuck / hangin’ with friends

Name: Klaire Age: 19 Music: Destiny’s Child Drink: Vodka & Redbull Style: Porter style I’m out today because … … I’m shouting Jono a latte.

Name: Corey Age: 18 Music: Hip Hop Drink: Woodstock Style: Gangsta I’m out today because … … I like chillin’ and skatin’ around town.

Name: Christine Age: 36 Music: Classical Drink: Lemonade Style: African I’m out today because … … I’m off to buy a bus ticket.

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