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quick shots latest local, national & international news TasMusic To Enter New Era? ANNOUNCING ONLINE SURVEY & INDUSTRY AUDIT - CALL FOR INPUT! Wednesday December 15th, 2004 TasMusic (The Tasmanian Music Industry Association) has commissioned a comprehensive statewide study into the needs and issues facing the Tasmanian contemporary music industry. The study is being conducted by an independent Tasmanian based consultancy, Business Innovations Pty Ltd, and funded through AusIndustry, Canberra, as part of a feasibility study into new infrastructure investment potential through the Small Business Incubator program. As part of encouraging input from as many and as varied members of the industry as possible, an online survey and information site has been created at The online survey is the first of its type conducted in Tasmania and aims to build a clearer understanding of what makes the Tasmanian music industry and community unique and how best to deliver support for musicians and music businesses to stimulate entrepreneurial development and career opportunities. Outcomes from the online survey, consultation process and a broader feasibility study will form part of a submission to AusIndustry in March. Tasmanian Government Minister, Lara Giddings, has also been consulted in the process and with her complimentary portfolios of Economic Development and the Arts; the potential for matching State and Federal Government support is being explored as part of the study.

The name, ‘The Tassie Music Factory’, has been used with the online survey to help communicate the concept that the potential is for a new style of organisation to emerge, representing the interests of all sectors of the music industry from orchestras to commercial record labels, rock bands to promoters and providing the tools required to construct solid platforms for professional music careers. Success depends on the support of the music industry in Tasmania and nationally and in assessing the feasibility of a ‘Tassie Music Factory’, it is critical that the industry is fully involved in shaping, thinking and determining the role and functions of such a body. Plans will take into account the context of the current situation locally and the opportunities and threats in a global industry. Martin Stuart, Manager of TasMusic for the past four years, departs this month after seeing this new study and its steering committee into place, and stated, “it's very rewarding to see this process finally taking shape after years of working toward it and enduring the challenge of trying to build an organisation within the constraints of minimal Arts based funding. We’ve come a long way with the support of the local industry as we’ve grown and we are part of an active national network. Tasmania is positioned for an exciting period through industry development driven funding and everyone has a say in how this will be achieved. We want to hear from as many people as possible.” One of Australia’s leading record producers with multiple ARIA’s, and an expat Tasmanian, Paul McKercher, in providing input to the study stated, “As a result of shortfalls in expertise, many bands and artists throw in the towel after 2 –3

2005 Tasmanian Circus Festival years, their hard work is wasted and the potential returns are lost. Generally this is not due to market dynamics because the product never gets to market in the first place. With the emergence of the Internet as a primary income stream for musicians, the marketplace has become truly internationalised and gives Tasmanian artists the chance to participate without having to leave the state. Tasmania has never been short of creative spirit, what it lacks is an infrastructure that helps develop and drive that talent towards larger audiences and national/international market and the proposals put forward by TasMusic promise to bridge this gap.“ Another expat Tasmanian and leading music industry professional David Sykes, who has owned and managed some of this countries premier recording facilities, completing projects with the likes of Olivia Newton-John, Smashing Pumpkins, Midnight Oil, Jimmy Barnes and Alex Lloyd, to name a few, is recruiting an expert advisory/support group from key national industry personnel to get behind this initiative and states that “through TasMusic’s initiatives and ongoing agenda to improve the local industry it will be possible to have a successful professional music career without having to leave Tasmania to start it. With the capacity to provide the key elements required by artists and entrepreneurs to produce quality products and services, there will be no reason to do what I had to do all those years ago – leave” See survey details including FAQ at

The 13th national Tasmanian Circus Festival,The Playground, at Lonestar, Golconda (48km North East of Launceston), Friday 25 February – Sun 27 February. The Playground is 3 days and nights of shows, circus workshops and fun. For three hours or three days, experience the quality and diversity of contemporary circus. Held in this remote bushland setting, the Circus Festival Playground offers a quality international event with a very grass roots Tasmanian feel. Witness the best in local and international acts. Highlights this year include some amazing new talent, along with the best all time festival favourites. The festival brings together people from all parts of Australia and the world to participate in one of the country’s most exciting performing arts events. This year sees performances by the new award winning companies The Candy Butchers and Throw Down who were big hits at the recent Melbourne Fringe Festival. For the first time in Tasmania the premier flying trapeze company, Flying Trapeze Australia, also offering the public a chance to learn the art themselves. On it’s triumphant return from Europe, The Tiny Top will be a highlight for many at the festival. This miniature venue with its short sharp side show acts will be presenting international oddities from around the globe. Along with many nationally and internationally renowned performers, inspiring companies will again feature at the Circus Festival, with the best from Riggerous, Cirque Risque, 2-Short Sault Poets and The Parting Company. Information online at

The Falls Festival B e f o r e - T h e Ta s s i e B a n d s The Voyeurs

Just being part of such a fantastic lineup makes you feel good, I suppose, but also the exposure that tassie bands will get from people going to see these top bands. Also, there could be record company scouts there. You just don't know at these things. It's really good exposure to play and more good could come from that.

want to play there?


Oh ... i was there last year and had the best time of my life and thought, "Man, if I can play anywhere, it's going to be somewhere like this. How long have you been together?

Is it a good opportunity to watch how these bigger bands go about things? Definitely, we were there just as spectators ... you learn a lot from these bands ... their stage presence, how they perform the show, what makes it, from an audience point of view, great to watch. You pick up all these little things. it's a learning experience. One of two bands to go through to The Falls Festival from the Launceston playoffs was The Voyeurs. Impressed by their live performance, Dave Williams, talked with Conor O'Brien about what the Falls gig means to The Voyeurs. Right. So, what is it that makes you want to play at The Falls Festival? Well, last year we applied and we sent our CD in, which was a really quick, rough recording. That was early days. We weren't at our best then and we didn't get into the playoffs either, so we were pretty disappointed. We were really happy that we'd just made the playoffs this year and afterwe found out that we had a ticket to The Falls, we were stoked. Why is it good to get onto The Falls bill? We believe you're playing alongside a lot of top acts from around the country and other countries ... it's really good exposure to the public. There'll be thousands of people there, not just from Tassie. We went down last year and the whole scene down there is an amazing place and it's great to play a festival like that. What will you get out of playing alongside the bigger acts?

To someone who hadn't heard or seen you before, I'd describe you as a hard rock band with some interesting use of unusual instruments that give the band a unique sound. Is that how you'd like to be described? Yeah. When we started we started as a simple three piece ... I'm a big fan of The Tea Party and they p[lay all these instruments that add so much flavour to the sound. I said I'd be keen to start up a band along those lines. It looks good on stage, too. And it looks good on stage. After every gig we've got people coming up asking, "What's that instrument?" So, I tell the it's an oud.

(c) eggy

Modus, from Launceston also made it through to the Falls lineup. After breaking a bass drum skin half-way through the set, drummer Anthony Beverage was surprised they made it. I was pretty surprised, I guess. leading up to that I'd quit my job 2 weeks earlier with the thought in mind of recording a demo and sending it off to The Falls. At that time Ahmad (singer) was fairly new to the band, but we got this demo together and packaged it really nicely and whammo, there we were. We knew it was something special, when we sent it off, 'cause we didn't think many people would go to that much effort.

Finishing up, I'm planning on bringing a footy down to The Falls and arranging a game of media vs. musicians, so I was wondering if you'd be keen?

That got you to the playoffs .

A footy match? Yeah, I'd definitely be keen. I know that Justin, the drummer, would also be keen, 'cause he used to play footy.

You thought you performed badly?

What position do you want? I'm a bit of a show-pony, so stick me in the forward pocket. (laughs)

Anita George & Northbound

by David Williams we're pretty relaxed. Music is an added benefit from us getting together, but we'd all get together anyway.

Yeah. Honestly, when we got off stage, man, i thought that it was over.

Nick (guitarist) and I started jammin' about 2 years ago. Ahmad came onto the scene about July this year. We played at the Uni comp (Natuonal campus Band Competition playoffs) and we didn't do too well there, but it was only our first gig. This gig at The Batty (the playoffs) was our second gig. I think you did pretty well, then. Cheers, man. I actually missed your set, at the playoffs so for all I know you could be an electronic playing Japanese Jazz/Funk fusion. Is that close? No, not quite. We've been trying to figure out how describe our music. i guess "alternative rock" is the best way to describe it, because it's guitar driven. Most songs will be based around a riff of some description. But there's a lot of different styles mixed in there. There's some dance and funk grooves, some metaltype grooves, a bit of arabian stuff creeps in every now and then. We like a lot of different styles of music and it shows through our music.

Who will you be checking out at The Falls? Oh ... anybody. I'm not going with anyone in mind. I reckon De La Soul is going to be a blast. Those guys have been at it for a while ...

You're easy to please, then? I thought we performed well, but I broke a bass drum skin half-way through and I thought, "This isn't going to Oh, yeah, very easy. (laughs) go down too well," and we wasted a little bit of time trying to fix that, but everything went cool. What is it about the Falls Festival that makes you

Institute of TAFE Tasmania

(laughs) We aren't quite like The Jackson Five we're pretty close-knit and we just want to have fun. We play a funky kind of folk, I guess.


I've heard that the Hobart playoffs had a folky feel, while the Launceston playoffs had a hard-rock feel.

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A bit like The Jackson Five.

That's really interesting, but I don't know why that is. The other bands that were down in Hobart were fantastic. They were so good. What is it about playing at Falls that is attractive to the band?

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Wild card entrants to the Tassie band lineup for The Falls Festival is Anita George and Northbound. The band is an all family affair from Hobart, reminding me of the Partridge Family, the Osmunds or The Jackson Five. So, how did you feel about the performance you gave at the Hobart playoffs and being selected as the Wild card Entry to the lineup of Tassie bands? We're absolutely stoked. We had the best night (at the playoffs) It was a lot of fun and a fantastic audience as well. At the end of the night, when they said that Fell to Erin and The Fat Band had got through and not us, we thought they were great bands anyway, so we weren't that upset. We were pretty happy that we hadn't made fools of ourselves. Then we got the call that we got the wild card, so it was an added bonus. We've been to the Falls Festival in Lorne and Marion Bay, so it's very cool to be in it rather than in the audience.

I think playing at Falls, especially because we've been there twice already, is just amazing. This time last year we didn't even think of playing there, so I guess it's that we've made the switch to be actually playing. But, also the lineup is fantastic and even if we're the very, very first band at 9 o'clock in the morning, just to play on the same day as bands like The John Butler Trio is just amazing. What do you think you'll take away from the experience? We've never played in front of such a big audience before and it's such a nice, relaxed feel, we're just going to enjoy ourselves as a band. Will you be heading off after you perform or dstaying around? Definitely staying. Who will you be checking out?

How does The Fat Band differ from other bands?

Definitely John Butler, and I like Lee Dyson as well. She's great. Are you going?

First of all, we're all family. We're all related. I guess

Yep, I'll be there.

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Tuesday 1, Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 February 2005, 9am - 4.30pm.


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Student Orientation: When:

9am, Monday 7 February 2005.


Institute of TAFE Tasmania, Launceston City Campus, Block C.

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The Falls Festival B e f o r e - T h e Ta s s i e B a n d s The Fat Band

the Nation Award (laughs). They said, "You Tasmanians are wild, " to which we relied we didn't get off the island very often. We had a great time over there. Why do you want to play at The Falls Festival? Why wouldn't you? (laughs) Umm ... I think it's a great, prestigious act at the moment and also because it's only just started (here). For me personally, I grew up around the Marion Bay area, so it's pretty special to go there and play. Just to be on the bill with some of the other acts that are coming down here and, locationwise, it's just fantastic down there.

Dave Williams caught up with Nellie, lead singer of The Fat Band, over the phone as she enjoyed a day by the beach to talk about playing at The Falls. Which beach are you at? I'm near Tinderbox, south of Hobart. It's a gorgeous day. Yeah, awesome. Congrats on getting onto the Falls lineup. Thanks, mate. Yeaaaah! We're stoked. We're fat! How did you feel about the performance you gave at the playoffs, before you knew that you'd got through? I thought it was one of the best performances we've ever done. Since we went away (representing Tassie) to the National Campus Band Competition, we've had three performances since then and we've improved a thousand times in the last month. i was really, really happy. How did things go at The National Campus Band Competition finals in Perth?

Do you tour around the state, much?

BFI THE BATTY 35 Cameron St. Launceston 6331 7222

No, we did our first gig on the mainland when we went to Perth and we're heading off to Victoria next week to play at Folk, Rhythm & Life at Bilyana. There are 64 bands on and we were asked to play. Excellent. I think there will be a few people from Tassie and the mainland at The Falls who haven't heard you play before, so how would you describe yourselves to them. I'd say we're extremely eclectic, 'cause we divert through quite a lot of sounds. Some people say that we're funk, rock and reggae. Other people describe us a funk/jazz gypsies. (laughs) What will you be doing after the gig? At Falls, probably the same as I was doing at The Falls last year, getting merry at Marion Bay. We're doing a CD launch tomorrow night (Sat 27th) called, "Fattitude," released as an independent and recorded at red Planet studios in Hobart. Well, maybe Falls will be the launch pad to bigger and better things. Yeah, I reckon so ...

That was great. We were really well received. We didn't get a place, but we took out the Party Animals of

Fell To Erin

Alright. back at Uni with some guys that I knew. Or first drummer left about 12 months ago. Our third album came out at the end of last year. We are about to start work on another EP. We've been doing some demo's and we're going back into the studio in February. The set you played for the playoffs, is that similar to the set you'll play at The Falls?

Congratulations on getting through the playoffs and onto the bill for The Falls Festival. Thanks. Why do you want to play at The Falls Festival? Well, I guess we get to lay in front of people that might not have seen us before. We can go down and have fun. I guess that's what it's about - getting to have fun. How would you describe the sound of the band, Fell To Erin, to someone who has never heard a note you've played?

I guess we'll see what time of day we're playing. Obviously, if you're playing quite early in the morning, they probably don't want us to go out there, put on a big rock show and knock everyone's socks off. (laughs) Last night (at the playoffs in Hobart) We were up there to have fun. I guess that's going to be the main thing - pick a set so we can have some fun. If someone was going to choose to watch you or someone else, why would you reckon they should watch you? Well, they wouldn't necessarily. It depends. It depends what they're into. If we were on at the same time as TZU, and they want to go see some hip hop, I wouldn't ... tell them, but if they wanted to hear some rock 'n' roll, and have a bit of a groove, come and watch us. Excellent.

I have that problem all the time. People ask that question expecting it to be easy to wrap it up in a nutshell, so I end up just saying we're a rock 'n;' roll band. We are a lot more diverse than that suggests. Why do you think you got through the playoffs, whereas others didn't? Oh, that's a political minefield, that one. The festival is a package and the organisers are trying to put on the best show they can, as a package. So, they're not looking for the best band, I don't think. They're looking for the bands that are going to fit their vision of what the festival is going to be like. If they've got holes in their sound, if they are missing some ingredients they might find that in a local band and if they've got too much of something, they've got to make a choice. It's not a competition, thinking about whose better than other bands, it's just a matter of them getting what they want to round out the festival, i suppose. What's the history of Fell To Erin? We've been together about five years now. Started

A special place just for over 28’s to party in quality surroundings with premium wines, spirits and beer. Open til late Non Smoking

My Falls Festival - by Elle the wood and corrugated iron stage, with a peaceful atmosphere in the air and children dancing on the grass. Unfortunately they had already sold out of his t-shirts, along with most of the other merchandise for the festival.

My friends and I turned to each other and sighed orgasmically, "WOW, we needed that!"

The highlight of the festival was definitely THE CAT EMPIRE, my new favourite band. On New Years Eve day, at midday, these crazy cats boomed onto the main stage and took the crowd to new levels. What a way to finish the year of 2004. With the sun shining, the ocean shimmering in the background, the main stage was packed full of party people and they were fully rocking out. The Cat Empire were most certainly the master of the crowd this festival. I got shivers down my spine as I watched thousands of people waving their hands in the air, jumping up and down in unison, and with not a care in the world but dancing.

Dancing my little arse off, by the time these guys had finished with us, I reckon they could have played all day and night and we would have all been stoked. Once they finished with us, we were all beggin for more. My frineds and I turned to each other and sighed orgasmically, "WOW, we needed that!" What a perfect way to see the new year in. The Falls Festival at Marion Bay turned it up for everyone lucky enough to be there, sunny, warm and a view to kill for. After setting up down on the flats below the main camp area, our first musical experience was Hayden, a Canadian singer/songwriter. His simple lyrics and guitar sounds floated effortlessly out of

On our way back to the main stage, we stopped for some local theatre from the guys at IS in Hobart. Among styrofoam windmills set up on the grass, gently swaying and swirling in the wind, we were taken on a musical journey through the windfields of our minds. Synthetic sounds coming seemingly from the heart of the earth guided the performers through an improvised interaction with the space, and such a great audience, attentive and open, made this act a real success.

When De La Soul came on at 10-ish the first night, Marion Bay was rocking like never before. If any animals died of bleeding ears, at least they went out with a bang, listening to some of the best music in the land. De La Soul rocked the house as the moon rose over the big gum tree behind the beer tent. And even though there were 13,000 people at the festival, there was definietly love in the air. Whether it was the view, the sun, or just the perfect way to end a year, love was in the water, and there was even space down the front of the crowd to dance comfortably and happily.

I am sure the fact that there were only 13,000 people at the festival really made it easy to welcome strangers into your personal space, rather than fighting for air (like at some concerts I have been to were you just can't move). Even the toilets were pretty civilised. Sure, there were lines and it was sometimes smelly, but composting toilets is they was to go when dealing with hoards of

Running into friends we had been looking for, it was one of those festivals. We kept bumping into people we hadn't seen for ages. It seemed to be the way of the day, as I heard numerous people telling their friends of similar experiences in delight and amazement. Spiderbait rocked out as usual, never letting the crowd wind down and really setting the stage for the hours,...and hours of musical mayhem to come. Once they had finished with the crowd, steam was rising, the sun was beating down and the people were hungry for more music.

The Cat Empire




Y o r k

S t r e e t

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6 3 3 4

7 2 3 1

w w w . j a m e s h o t e l . c o m . a u

My Falls Festival - by Elle the very first Falls Festival in Lorne, which was the last time I had seen them. I was not that impressed then, and I was even less impressed this time around. After slagging off hippies and calling every one cunts, then launching in to how he was completely embarrassing himself in front of everyone (to which everyone agreed) lead singer ----------------------- proceeded to fall of the stage and then get into a fight with his band members. God only knows what he was on, but I don't think it was the love drug.

Billy Bragg partyers. No room for water overflow, no blocked toilets that can't be used, just the gentle swaying of the hessian as you listen to Even, or Veruca Salt, either looking at the clear blue sky, or at the stars at night. When Billy Bragg came on at 5-ish, Friday afternoon, I was in heaven. A fan since I was about 8, he sang some of my favourite songs Milkman of Human Kindness, the song the whole world should listen to and live in peace, Sexuality and New England. In true Billy Bragg style he used the opportunity to make some political statements about Australia and the state of the world, and offered Gunns Ltd giant to sue him, along with Bob Brown and Peg Putt, because he likes trees too. Veruca Salt rocked out in true chick style. These lovely ladies were smokin' hot as they marvelled at the view and thanked the crowd for having them to play. I think the artists had as much, if not more fun than the audience, for the simple fact that Marion bay is just gorgeous. When You Am I came on stage, I thought back to

Thank you to the organisers who made it such a great experience by not putting ridiculous restrictions on people, being friendly and helpful, and for doing it in the first place. Special thank you to all the volunteers who picked up the disgusting amount of rubbish after all you people out there who could not be bothered taking two steps and putting your trash in the bins. Extra special thank you to all the volunteers who kept the toilets functioning, I think that effort contributed immensely to the feeling of the festival.

Once they got carried off stage, they had only been playing for about 15 minutes, so some quick improv. earlier acts came back on stage, the highlight being Missy Higgins. Having totally rocked the hills earlier in the day, Missy higgins appeared on stage and announced to everyone that she had concusion. When everyone laughed, she said "No, really, I have." She had been hugged 'really hard' by someone and they had obviously gone down in the process, cracking her head on the way down. For someone really out of it, she did an awesome job and I thought she was right up there with the best. Great Aussie band THE LIVING END were delighted to see the New year in with us and when it came about, everyone was having so much fun, I barely noticed it. Dancing in the dark, we all counted down and hugged around, then kept on dancing into the night. After midnight the crowd thinned out considerable, whether it was due to the partying the night before, or just tent city party time, it meant we could happily rock on down to the front while the boys from Downsyde took us further on the journey and hipped and a hopped us on into the night.

And thanks to everyone who was there, for making it such a special way to see 2005 in. I am predicting that 2005 will be bringing good things to us all, after a strange couple of years of the world shifting and readjusting. Party on people, love your neighbours and love your earth. See you next time at the Bay.

The Living End

The Falls Festival, Marion Bay 2004, was the best New Year’s Eve party I have ever had.

The Falls Festival, Marion bay 2004 was the best New Years Eve party I have ever had. I have been around the world and back, to Glastonbury, UK to the Love Parade in Germany, but Falls 2004 really took the cake. It started like a dream when we pulled at Copping Servo, next to

the person from Hobart who was buying our extra ticket after we had no way to contact them. (Hey Pippa, hope you had a mad time!) Everything was perfect, right down to have exactly enough glow sticks for everyone in our party.


My Falls Festival - by Huw Marion Bay is bloody beautiful. I still haven’t checked out much of Tazzie, but every time I go to a new place it blows me away.

fuck’n or’ible! When we were wading through the bog river, my mate described it as putting both your feet in someone’s nose. This place had everything, I am so impressed at how well organised it was.

Anyway, I couldn’t think of a better place to have it. It’s really easy to get around, I don’t think I got lost once, except for in my brain.

TAZZIE always blows crew out when they come down here to perform, they never expect the huge response they get. The first crew I talked too was TZU, and if you were at FALLS then you’d know how rowdy their set was. They played on the Field Stage at 3.45 on the first day. For me personally, this set officially opened Falls Festival. They smashed that place up!!! They had no idea what to expect either, but they basically thought people would be sitting on the grass and just smiling. That shit was sooooo rowdy!!! The played a 50 min set and the security were kept real busy the whole time, it was like a bloody metal concert.

The set up was excellent. The toilets were luxury as far as camping goes, although I did hear quite a few middle class girls get pretty distressed when coming out of them. I reckon sharing a toilet so intimately with 16,000 people just makes you feel more apart of the community. You certainly cant say your shit don’t stink anymore! Anyway, I didn’t make it to last years Falls, but I heard it was pretty all time. The hype behind this one was Big. Tickets sold out mad fast, they opened it a night early on the Wed and charged an extra $15. 8,000 people took advantage of that.

The Living End

Which made it awesome the next day coz half the punters were already there and set up, which meant less of a shit fight for the other people to come.

crew, or seeing any body having a bad time. Anyone out there who did have a bad time, I apologize to and please believe me when I say I’m sympathetic.

Everything was very easy for me there. I don’t remember being stuck in any lines for very long, having any bad vibes directed at me or my

I just didn’t see anyone having a bad time! The weather was perfect, people were getting crazy burnt, I asked this one guy were he bought his singlet from, coz he had really bad sun-tan in the form of a singlet. I thought it looked funny. They had a stall, where they gave out sunscreen, condoms and toothbrushes. Bloody clever stuff!!! There was heaps of water everywhere, and when all the major bands where playing the security gave out water to everyone up the front of the stage. For Downsyde they even got a fire hose on dem sucka’s! The beach was about a 10 min walk away, beautiful beach. Fucking awesome beach!!! There was this kind of river/bog type of thing that most people waded through to get to and from the beach. There was a barge that was taking people across, but the que was

De La Soul

Veruca Salt

299 Elizabeth St. North Hobart Ph 6234 6954 Lunch 7 Days 12-2 PM Dinner 7 Nights 6-9:30 PM

gig guide thurs wed thurs sat thurs wed

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9pm 9pm 9pm 10pm 9pm 9pm

january 2005

zulya CD launch ($10) dancing fiddler annie piper king marong bondi cigars ($15/12 conc) angie boxall and the blue healers

The Go Set down the doors" to open opportunities for ourselves and more opportunities have presented themselves with this band ... with the attitude that if people like it, great, if they don't, fuck 'em. The whole idea of "Sing A Song Of Revolution" is instead of writing songs about chicks and cars, a lot of it's got an Australian social and political perspective. That's quite rare in the Australian music scene. Aussie Hip Hop comes to mind.

I'm recording this now, so I can hold everything against you. Ok (laughs) You guys have had a busy 2004. Yeah. We've had more going on in the last twelve months that, I think, any of us have ever had before, in our other bands or in this band. Things are certainly moving along at the momet, which is good. So, are you hoping to bring about the fall of the government with this LP, "Sing A Song Of Revolution?" (Laughs) To cut a long story short ... we

all played in bands ... that were similar ... punk rock but fairly commercial. I guess ...we're a bit older now ...a lot of young bands in Australia are really heavily influenced by popular culture, by the fact that Triple J has a certain agenda and so a lot of bands are writing songs that they think will get them some exposure, rather than writing songs about things that they actually think about. I think all of us, particularly me, as a songwriter, have been guilty of that for a lot of years and the great thing about this record is it's the first record that truly, honestly reflects all the ideas that we have and the irish influence that we've all had in our upbringing. It's the most honest thing we've ever done and it's really interesting because we spent so much time trying to "crash

Oh, you'd hope bigger achievements were yet to come, especially since we recorded this in a day and half, a whole album, and mixed it down with a few spliffs and few slabs of beer. I assume you could produce better albums. You recorded it at home?

The only other one I think of is Midnight Oil. I don't know why.

No, we recorded it with Lindsay Gravina ... he's done the early Magic Dirt stuff ... he did "Prisoner of Society/Second Solution with The Living End, so that's why the album's got that raw, bottom end sorta-feel to it, 'cause that's his sound, that dirty, old-school, rock and roll sound.

A lot of people have drawn that comparison.

He's fantastic. There's no other studio I think you could do it in a day and a half.

Do you think it's a good mix, music and politics?

Did recording it in the "live" method you used add to the rawness of the sound?


Dave Williams spoke with The Go Set's Justin Keenan just before Christmas.

What big things are yet to come from The Go Set?

Well, you just are what you are . For years we denied it and tried to write nice songs for people. The thing is you have a "voice" when you write a song and so if people come to your show and only three people know the words, my belief is that instead of walking out the door singing some "hook", they walk away singing about somthing in an Australian accent and about something that is a local issue. I think it's a really, really important mix that not enough bands do, but ... it's good for us that not many band do it and that's probably why our live shows and our record over the last six months have got us a bit of attention, which is good.

We knew that it was going to be a bit "rough and ready" and we knew Triple M were never going to play it, but the whole approach over the last year really feels like we've dropped the shackles. Really. Anyone that saw the band prior to 12 months ago, it's a different band. With the recording we thought, "Let's try and do what we do live and play well ... we don't want any obvious mistakes, but if there are noises in the background and people screaming out and lots of group vocals then that's good 'cause when people buy the record they get an honest representation of what the band's about.

The Beautiful Girls It might have been Matt, not me. No, I'm pretty sure it was you. Oh, really. Fuck. Sorry, man. (laughs)

(laughs) You could have a metal, prosthetic one, I suppose.

How's "The Weight of The World" going for you?

Nah, I don't yet. Maybe later.

We're not sure, mate, 'cause it only came out. I think it was on the radio for the first time yesterday. So, it's all brand new. This tour that we start on Christmas Eve is in support of that, so we haven't found out if anyone likes it, yet.

Dave Williams caught up with Clay from The Beautiful Girls. It was the second try, after interupting a soundcheck. Where were you doing the soundcheck? It's this epic place, actually. It's called Coackatoo Island and it's out in the middle of Sydney Harbour. There are disused warehouses... where they've organised this New Music Festival and we're here for the launch of it tonight. It's going to be on in March. Do you know where you're playing on the bill? Oh fuck, I wouldn't know where we're on the bill. Somewhere below Pete Murray. (laughs)

Is that the way things are at the moment? Yeah, well, he's massive. We're only small-fry. We don't know where we are on the bill, but it's so good out here. I can see the Harbour Bridge. I can see Centrepoint Tower. it's amazing. Do you do most interviews? I do about half of them. I did an interview with you about nine months ago.

What are you looking for in 2005? Actually, I know two guys who have one. If they joined forces ...

How do you compare it with your other work? (Laughs) I really, really like the songs. (laughs)

We're going to be doing a lot more travelling. We're going back to America and if we're really lucky, go to Brazil and squeeze a couple of Aussie tours in there. So, heaps of gigging and travelling, mate. Any New Year's resolutions?

So ... you've released an EP instead of an LP. Why? ... Uh're breaking up again. You sound like a robot ... that's better. We had intended on doing an album by now, but we weren't ready. Beacause we've been travelling so much this year, we haven't written all the material. We're ready now, so as soon as we get a chance, we're gonna record the album.

Uh .. I think it's the same on as the last few years, which I still haven't worked out, which is tolerance towards people ... I'm getting better slowly. That movie, "Anger Management," is really good. (laughs)

(Sarcastically) I didn't think you were going to say that.

If the only constant is change, how are The Beautiful Girls different to when we spoke nine months ago?

What's different about touring Tassie, compared with other places?

(laughs) Is that a good answer or what? No, I really like it. When Matty showed it to me, I thought, "That's sick. i really dig it." We had to record it twice, cause we stuffed it up the first time, but I think we've come good ... we've got some melodic stuff on ther and some DJ stuff a few beats on there.

I think we're pretty much the same, except we've travelled a bit more. Musically ... once we release the album you'll realise we've been listening to heaps of reggae. There's a lot more reggae in the show now, I think. I don't know if it's going to show much on this tour ... and maybe a little more hip hop.

Most places are different to each other, but Tassie ... ummm ... just the isolation factor down ther and when you drive between Launceston and Hobart you get a real feel that you're on this island way down, way, way down off the bottom of the mainland and it's got that pure, untouched feeling.

What happenned with the first recording?

Last time we talked, Felipe was having some personal hygiene problems. Does he still stink?

(The phone drops out - I ring back)

Apparently the drums sounded shit ... the boys weren't happy. I didn't even really hear it. I just did it and left and everybody said, Shit, we've got to do it again." (laughs) (Throughout the interview Clay's mobile phone kept dropping out)

(Laughs) It was you I spoke to. Sorry, Dave. No, he smells good now. He had a baby and he's cleaned up his act. He smells good. The baby smells good. The wife smells good. He's gonna be here in two days and i'll let you know if he smells good or not.

I just rang back to say goodbye. Thanks a lot. No worries, man. Will we see you in Hobart? Launceston. Are we playing the same place?

... maybe it's the metal plate in your head that's interfering with the reception.

Ok. Give him a good sniff for me.

Yeah, The Lounge.

It could be. I actually have one metal ball.

(Laughs) I will.

Cool. I really like that place.

Do you really? Where?

What's your highlight for 2004.

Yeah. It's different.

In my testicle sack. (laughs)

Maybe, if this counts, last New Year's Eve down in Hobart. That was epic. That is still the most epic gig we've done in a while, at The Falls.

It's awesome.

(laughs) I did have a friend who only had one, so it is possible.

OK. Catch you later.

T h e Tu r b o A C ’ s - N e w Yo r k P u n k i n TA S that fits some kinda mold. I think it's energy and honesty that makes our music punk. Why are people attracted to punk music do you think? I was drawn to the energy and the honesty as well as it being something that you could reach out and touch and be a part of, where whatever mainstream bullshit was all just fake shit. I know punk is also a family... you feel that if you meet other people that you don't know that are into punk than they probably share the same philosophy as you... even though there's so many different divisions in the scene now we're all still cut from the same cloth. What similarities are there between the UK punk movement bands and punk bands now?

What's the mood within the band at the moment? The mood of the band is very good, we're all totally stoked about our new songs. It's been a little while since we've been out on the road so we're looking forward to hitting the road again next year. So yeah we're feeling good, ready to smash through some walls! You're described as a punk-rock band, what does "punk" mean to you? Punk is an energy, attitude and a way of life, it transcends race or religion... everything really. To me there's supposed to be a simple knida honesty as well. I think the word punk is pretty abused these days. To us it means we do whatever we want with our music, we're not trying to make commercial bullshit or music

Well there are so amy differences between all the bands these days... I can only say I hope we all share the same attitude and energy that the Ramones had when they picked up there instruments and wrote their first songs. Who are the bands you grew up with that influenced your musical tastes? The Ramones, Dead Kenedys, AC/DC... just to name a few... plus i've always had a love for surf guitar. but there's really so much much more and I'm sure whether we know it or not everything we're ever listened to has had some kind of influence.

Resolutions? Goals for 2005? QUALITY!

We're looking forward to coming to australia and learning something from you guys!

Remember back to when you first found out you were playing a festival in Tasmania, what went through your head?

Australia and the US has become more involved recently with the wars and the cosy relationship between our two elected leaders, what do you think of that?

I thought that was fucking great, I've always wanted to see the world and probably never imagined that I'd ever even see tasmania... now I'll be going there and playing our music?... it don't get much better than that. What are you looking forward to in Australia and Tasmania? I'd have to say meeting the people... seeing a newplace is cool but you don't really learn anything unless you meet the people. When I was in the States, I noticed that America is really different to Australia,culturally. How does The TurboAC's music connect with people from different backgrounds? Our attitude is we're an "international rock and roll machine" and that's just the beauty of it. where ever we go we find people you are cool and into the same stuff we are. that's kinda part of our name the A.C. sometimes stands for action club... all our fans world wide are members.

What's the highlight of 2004 for you? We did a lot of touring in 2004, we've played the best shows we've ever done in our lives, that was a big highlight. But I think getting back to New York and writing the new album that we just finished was an even bigger highlight for me.

I get concerned about the cultural influence of America on that of Australia. Do you see yourself as part of that cultural invasion and should we be worried or am I just being paranoid? We're definitely not a part of any invasion.

We're not into politics, we don't support wars or anything like that. I think unfortunately all governments have secret agendas in place and even if you think you know the truth, you really have no idea.That's why we stick to music, it's the only thing we can offer that's pure, what you see/hear is what you get. The Dead Kennedys, a very political band, have been a favourite of mine - is punk now the place for political expression in music, since it seems to have moved out of the Rap scene, which, in the main, seems a bit "bubble gum" these days? Well i love the Dead Kennedys too but I really loved their music aside from what ever they were saying politicly. I think that there will always be people voicing their political opinions with their music and that's fine with me... as long as music is good. You're waiting in line to get tickets to your favourite band and some guy pushes in front of you, what happens next? It depends I guess... if he takes the last ticket to a show that was really important for me to see he'll be getting a fight. But if there's plenty of tix and for some reason he's really gotta get in before I do, Idon't give a fuck, I'm pretty easy going.

Stand Defiant


After all the wrapping paper has been thrown out, the tree is well and truly dead and the New Years’ hangovers have subsided, Ballpoint and Stand Defiant will take to the road for the State-wide Summer Of Punk 2005 Tour.

cemented in their current line up as a four piece, have been playing throughout 2004 with interstate bands such as the Go Set, The Fray, Pacifier and In The Grey as well as numerous bigger local shows with bands such as The Belchers, Stand Defiant and The Scandal.

release on independent record label Disconnect Records, a split EP with The Scandal, the band supported Florida folk-punkers Against Me! and Newcastle hardcore band Conation at a sweaty, sold-out show at Salamanca’s The Venue.

Taking in Irish Murphy’s in Launceston, The Workers Club in Devonport, the Lewisham Tavern and the Trout Bar in Hobart, Ballpoint and Stand Defiant bring their fast paced, energetic live shows to thrash audiences all around the island until they’re crying out for more.

Headlining the Red Herring Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour in November 2004 gave the band the opportunity to showcase their music to audiences all around the state and their live show garnered rave reviews from punters all over the state.

Hobart’s pop-punk stalwarts Ballpoint, now

Fellow Hobart punk rockers Stand Defiant have had a huge year. After releasing their debut

Mad Uncle

“Trying to be a Tassie band is hard enough” – James Parry Matchless sound, gifted lyrics, humorous digs, and the list just goes on. Mad Uncle is defiantly on the rise. It won’t be much longer before you hear their music blasting on every radio station, on Rage, and maybe, just maybe, we might see them accepting several awards at the ARIARS. Mad uncle mention that the move to Hobart and “getting used to the scene down here”, has so far, been the best thing to happen to them. Formed in Burnie, 2001, they have had a pretty successful career. They have been involved in events such as: the TMIA rock challenges, HOFM new music awards (which they won, 2003), wrest point casino battle of the bands, made it to the top 10 in 2004 youth week 'rock it' competition, national campus band competition, and then they proceeded to win the Burnie Battle of the bands, 2004.

As well as playing support slots with interstate bands The Fray and Away From Now, and headlining Smackfest ’04, an international extreme windsurfing event on Tasmania’s West Coast, Stand Defiant have been receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews in national publications Kerrang! Magazine, Blunt Magazine,, Pee Zine, as well as regular national airplay on Triple J’s and Home and Hosed programs.

The band was also a featured artist on Hobart’s

by Nita Walker

We had to ask, we just couldn’t resist knowing what they felt the most important part of being in a band was, we weren’t disappointed with our answer, “well like any organization it requires a combination of factors of which we feel that professionalism, and musicianship and camaraderie are the most important.” Mad uncle’s ultimate dream is just to become successful, working musicians, and they intend to take this as far as the industry allows them. Watch out for these guys in Jan, 2005, they are planning a Tassie tour, and they are hoping to drag 3 to 2 along with them. For those that are into AWESOME music and have a great taste…[blend 85] is available for purchase, you can grab a copy of this kickass album at Aroma Records, in North Hobart, and at gigs. Mad Uncle are: James Parry – Lead Vocals/Guitar Lewis Tunstall – Lead Guitar Rory Waugh – Bass/Vocals Michael Parker - Drums

EDGE Radio, 2004’s Australian community station of the year. Stand Defiant will be using the tour as a warmup for a Melbourne tour in February 2005 with The Scandal to promote the release of the split EP. The bands have shows lined up with Melbourne hardcore heroes Faux Defeated, Arch Rivals, Mindsnare and In Name And Blood. The Summer of Punk Rock 2005 Tour kicks off in Launceston, on Thursday 13 January at Irish Murphy’s with a free gig, then travels to Devonport on Friday 14 January at the Workers Club, then to Hobart on Saturday 15 January at the Lewisham Tavern, and concludes with another free show at Hobart’s Trout Bar on Wednesday 19 January.

Grinspoon@The Batman Fawkner Inn by Eggy PA. The Stage went black and the distortion kicked in, and then Phil opened his mouth and sang “Your Hard Act To Follow”, the whole room went wild, There wasn’t a person in the room who wasn’t singing along, from that they went straight into Kiss it, which is also from ‘Thrills, Kills and Sunday Pills’. I was ready surprised how well the newer songs come over live, I’m one of these old school grinners but I really enjoyed Kiss It and Bleed You Dry. From there they went into some classics like Lost Control and Post Enebriated Anxiety but in between they played their power ballad and current single Better Off Alone. Which after seeing played live, I still hate. One of the highlights was Phil standing alone on the stage with an acoustic guitar playing the classic Repeat which then he was joined by the rest of the boys and they broke into the crowd pleaser Chemical Heart.

Grinspoon and The Dead Abigals Live @ The Batman Fawkner Inn 16/12/2004 – It had been 2 years since Lismore’s favourite sons Grinspoon had been to Tasmania to play any shows (Last show was Gone South 2002). Tonight they were playing to a sold out room at the Batman Fawkner Inn, seeing the Saloon Bar is currently closed for renovations. The first band off the rack tonight was

Launceston’s finest pop band, The Dead Abigals, they put on one hell of a show, the singer was jumping around and really enjoying himself, he had a few nasty comments about their former manager, who they are currently taking legal action against but All in all, they really showed why they deserved to be supporting the Grinners. After a long 45 minutes and a lot of Grinners chants, Phil, Joe, Kris and Pat come out onto the stage with the Australian classic Evie playing over the

MusicOz Award Winners Amy Cutler & Andrei Maberley Awards, I think they have to be hefty. you could knock someone out with it. Having a few drinks on the night I was juggling between beer and the award and the award lost. You've got to save the beer. (Laughs) It was one or the other. Why do you think you won? I don't know, because all the music was amazing. There weren't any other Tassie entrants. There was a band called Unleash The Nugget, that I thought were a Tassie band. They relocated to Melbourne. Quality-wise, it was amazing, 'cause they're all unsigned artists. What are you going to do with these awards? What are the commercial applications?

Dave Williams spoke with Andrei Maberley, who with partner, Amy Cutler won in two catergories at the recent MusicOz awards. The duo run two projects. Fly Phoenix won best World/Film Music with the song, "Garbek" and Dropdragon won best alternative with "Big Structure." We nominated ourselves. you can apply in as many catergories as you want. They make money out of the nominations. How do you go about winning this from Launceston? It's a web based competition and you just send stuff in. Wasn't it televised? Yeah. The team that puts it together have it really well organised. Big sponsorship. They get a lot of people along . They had Tex Perkins ... Regurgitator played as well .. What do you actually win? (Laughs) You get a little statue, a little plaque with a CD on top, which I dropped. They're quite heavy.

For the alternative stuff, there's always a market in Australia, 'cause it's pretty rock orientated. The world music stuff is something that will develop over time. Amy got some grants from ArtsTas to emply some Tassie muso's, some TSO players and record it in the Federation Hall in Hobart. So you just got the statue? No, we got $1000 to spend at a music store. The big prizes were to dow tith record labels and that stuff, but that's something we've got to think about. We've been locked away in the dark with studio gear. Why did you move your studio down from Brisbane? I moved downat the start of the year, but Amy is a Launceston girl. She moved up to Brisbane to study (The Qld Conservatorium of Music). Digital stuff can be so small, so just packed it all up and came down. Are there any advantages to working from Tasmania? Yeah, "headspace," basically. In big cities, you get pulled along by what's going on. You feel like you have to go out, have to socialise ... but for the music thast we're doing at the moment it's more about what's going on inside your own head as opposed to what's going on in the rest of the world.

They finished their second half of the set with all their best work, Played some of their older stuff (More Than You Are and Champion) and their newer stuff (No Reason and Secrets) but finished their set with the crowd favourite 1000 Miles which Phil introduced the band and the pit went mental. It’s really good to see how far these guys have come as a band. Everyone said they have sold out but who cares, they still can put on one great live show and they seem to really enjoy doing it. After a lot of Grinners chants, they come

out and played one of the best encores you could ever ask for. They played one of their first singles Just Ace and their classic Black Friday, which had the crowd going mad and wanting more. I thought it was a pity they didn’t play some of their better stuff from Easy (Ready 1 and Rockshow) but what can you do? By far the best of 2004, Please don’t take so long now to come back. I give this gig 5 out of 5 Fluffy Bunnies.

GIG Guide 05/01/05 - 01/02/05 Wednesday 5th

Saturday 8th



Republic Bar 9pm Anita George and Northbound

Syrup D o w n s t a i r s Ta c k y l a n d 1 0 . 3 0 p m : D J s Nick C and Roly playing 70s 80s retro hits U p s t a i r s 11 p m B e e z N e e z p r e s e n t s "Dirty F*ckn Dancin " house electro and breaks with Djs Gillie Matt B A d a m Tu r n e r + G u e s t . Republic Bar 10pm Dr Fink

Launceston I r i s h m u r p h y ’s The Rakes The Batty $7 Jugs $ 3 To o h e y s E x t r a D r y Band “Roundabout” St Helens St Helens Hotel Blind Beetroot Thursday 6th Hobart Syrup Hobarts Longest Running Breaks Drum&Bass Club Night "Mesh" with SpinFX and Guests Republic Bar 9pm Zulya CD Launch ($10) Launceston

Launceston Lonnies Niteclub Groove House Grooves from 9 I r i s h m u r p h y ’s Distrotek Lloyds Hotel Funken Unbeleivable Lounge Bar Sgt Green Blue Cafe Our House - House Music Matt C + Friends Royal Oak Blind Beetroot

Lonnies Niteclub $3 Stubbies & $4 Basic Spirits all night

Sunday 9th

The Batty $7 Jugs of Beer $ 3 To o h e y s E x t r a D r y $3 Quickfucks Band “Roundabout”

Republic Bar 8.30pm Night School

I r i s h M u r p h y ’s Ripsister and Friends Lloyds Hotel Jesse


Irish murphy’s Jesse Glenn Moorehouse Funkin Unbelievable Forth

Royal Oak The Rakes

Monday 10th

Syrup D o w n s t a i r s 8 p m t i l l 11 p m " K O " Chunks of Funk with Seb and Guest 11 p m t i l l l a t e " B o o g i e " D j s N i c k C and Duncan Upstairs 10pm "Breakeven" presents Germany's legendary "PUNX" DJs Moguai & Phil Fuldner supported by Gernmany's Moonbootica, Sydney's Declan Lee and locals C o r n e y, G i l l i e , M a t t B , A d a m T u r n e r Republic Bar 10pm The Fuzzy Zellas and the Humans Bridport

The Batty $7 Jugs of Beer $ 3 To o h e y s E x t r a D r y $3 Quickfucks Band “Roundabout”

Sunday 16th


Republic Bar 8 . 3 0 p m M e l t t h e Wa x

Friday 14th

I r i s h m u r p h y ’s Robbie Elliot Mick Attard Well Strung


Monday 17th

Syrup D o w n s t a i r s 8 p m t i l l 11 p m " K O " Chunks 0f Funk with Seb and Guest 11 p m t i l l l a t e " B o o g i e " D j s N i c k C and Duncan U p s t a i r s 11 p m " L a C a s a " Vo c a l House with resident Gillie and Matt B


Republic Bar 10pm Leo De Castro and the Wa r r i o r s ( $ 2 )

Republic Bar 8.30pm Fiona Stewart Launceston I r i s h m u r p h y ’s Jason Dephin Tu e s d a y 1 8 t h Hobart

Lonnies Niteclub Groove House Grooves from 9 I r i s h M u r p h y ’s Growling Swallet Royal Oak Carl Fidler

Republic Bar 9pm Patrick and Anna (Guitar & Violin) Launceston Irish murphy’s Carl Fidler Wednesday 19th

Devonport Hobart

Hobart Republic Bar 8.30pm Josh Wilkinson

The Workers Club Stand Defiant + Ballpoint $5 Lic All Ages w/ After The Flamse & Anchors Aweigh Saturday 15th

Tu e s d a y 11 t h

Republic Bar 9pm Four Letter Fish T h e Tr o u t Stand Defiant + Ballpoint Free 18+ + Support

Hobart Hobart Republic Bar 9pm Blue Flies Wednesday 12th Hobart Republic Bar 9pm Dancing Fiddler Launceston I r i s h M u r p h y ’s The Uprising Jesse Pitcher Band

Launceston Syrup Upstairs 3pm: "Saturday Sessions" Live bands 3-6pm D o w n s t a i r s 1 0 . 3 p m " Ta c k y l a n d " D J s Nick C and Roly playing 70s 80s retro hits U p s t a i r s 11 p m B e e z N e e z p r e s e n t s "Dirty F*kin Dancin " house electro and breaks with Djs Gillie Matt B A d a m Tu r n e r + G u e s t . Republic Bar 10pm King Marong



Lloyds Hotel Glenn Moorehouse

Syrup 9pm Hobarts Longest Running Club Night Breaks and Drum N Bass"Mesh" with SpinFX and Guests

Lonnies Niteclub Groove House Grooves from 9

Royal Oak Mike Elrington

Republic Bar 9pm Annie Piper

Lonnies Niteclub Groove House Grooves from 9

Royal Oak Anne Piper

The Batty $7 Jugs $ 3 To o h e y s E x t r a D r y Band “Roundabout”

Thursday 13th


Lloyds Hotel Well Strung


L e w i s h a m Ta v e r n Stand Defiant + Ballpoint w/ The Scandall 18+

Bridport Hotel Blind Beetroot

Blue Cafe Our House - House Music Matt C + Friends

Lloyds Hotel Ben Castles Royal Oak To n c h M c i n t o s h


Bridge Hotel Blind Beetroot


I r i s h M u r p h y ’s Stand Defiant Ballpoint

Lounge Bar Icon


Lounge Bar Distrotek

Friday 7th

Lonnies Niteclub $3 Stubbies & $4 Basic Spirits all night


Irish murphy’ s Samuel Bester The Batty $7 Jugs $ 3 To o h e y s E x t r a D r y Band “Roundabout” Thursday 20th Hobart Syrup 9pm Hobarts Longest Running Club Night Breaks and Drum N Bass"Mesh" with SpinFX and Guest Republic Bar 9pm Bondi Cigars ($15/$12 Conc.) Launceston

I r i s h M u r p h y ’s Fabulous Picasso Bros

Lonnies Niteclub $3 Stubbies & $4 Basic Spirits all night

The Batty Ta s m u s i c

I r i s h m u r p h y ’s Phil Picasso

GIG Guide

@Venue where?

05/01/05 - 01/02/05 The Batty $7 Jugs of Beer $ 3 To o h e y s E x t r a D r y $3 Quickfucks Band “Roundabout” Lounge Bar Leigh Radcliffe Lloyds Hotel Glenn Moorhouse Royal Oak Samuel Bester

Silverdome The Factory Festival T H I R D D AY & S H A W N M c D O N A L D . QLD PUNK band ROOKIE 7 Ta s s i e B a n d s $ 3 5 Ti c k e t s Monday 24th

U p s t a i r s 11 p m " P i c k l e " w i t h s p e c i a l Guest DJ from Germany D-Nox p l u s r e s i d e n t s C o r n e y, D s k o & K i r p l a y i n g E l e c t r o , Te c h n o , H a r d H o u s e , Tr a n c e

Hobart Syrup D o w n s t a i r s 8 p m t i l l 11 p m " K O " Chunks of Funk with Seb and Guests 11 p m t i l l l a t e " B o o g i e " D j s N i c k C and Duncan U p s t a i r s 11 p m " L a C a s a " Vo c a l House with resident Gillie and Matt B

Irish murphy’s Carl Fidler Tu e s d a y 2 5 t h Hobart Republic Bar 9 p m Wa i t e r A n d T h e Vi e w

Republic Bar 10pm Nellie & The Fat Band ($2)

Huon Quays regatta grounds RESIN DOGS plus special guests THE NEXTMEN (uk)



James Hotel 1 2 2 Yo r k S t


Lonnies Niteclub Groove House Grooves from 9


Launceston Friday 21st

James Bar

Republic Bar 10pm Leo De Castro and The Wa r r i o r s ( $ 2 )

Hobart Republic Bar 8.30pm Joe Pirere

Reality Niteclub

Launceston 6334 7231

1st Floor The Batty 8 Bands

39 Salamanca Place Hobart

Irish Murphys M e l b o u r n e I r i s h b a n d Ty q u i n s Lloyds Hotel Leigh Radcliffe

6224 8249

Republic Bar

Lounge Bar Vo o d o o L o u n g e

299 Elizabeth St

Royal Oak Carl Fidler

6234 6954

North Hobart

w w w. r e p u b l i c b a r. c o m

Saturday 29th

Lonnies Niteclub Groove House Grooves from 9 Irish Murphys Distro Lounge Bar Off The Cuff Lloyds Hotel Ben Castles Royal Oak Sow How

I r i s h m u r p h y ’s Mick Attard James Hotel - Reality The Dead Abigails Wednesday 26th Hobart Republic Bar 9pm Angie Boxall & Band Launceston

Club 54 Hobart

The Batty

Syrup Upstairs 3pm: "Saturday Sessions" Live bands 3-6pm D o w n s t a i r s 1 0 . 3 0 " Ta c k y l a n d " D J s Nick C and Roly playing 70s 80s retro hits Upstairs Beez Neez presents "Dirty F*kin Dancin" house electro and breaks with Djs Gillie Matt B Adam Tu r n e r + G u e s t

The Batman Fawkner Inn

Republic Bar 10pm Unleash The Nugget

6226 2495

Saturday 22nd Hobart Syrup Upstairs 3pm: "Saturday Sessions" Live bands 3-6pm D o w n s t a i r s 1 0 . 3 0 p m " Ta c k y l a n d " D J s Nick C and Roly playing 70s 80s retro hits U p s t a i r s 11 p m B e e z N e e z p r e s e n t s "Dirty F*kin Dancin " house electro and breaks with Djs Gillie Matt B A d a m Tu r n e r + G u e s t Republic Bar 10pm Sugartrain ($2) Launceston Lonnies Niteclub Groove House Grooves from 9 The Batty DJ’s Sweetbeats Lounge Bar 24 Seven Lloyds Hotel Fabulous Picasso Bros Blue Cafe Our House - House Music Matt C + Friends Sunday 23rd

I r i s h m u r p h y ’s M e l b o u r n e I r i s h B a n d Ty q u i n s


The Batty $7 Jugs $ 3 To o h e y s E x t r a D r y Band “Roundabout”

Lonnies Niteclub Groove House Grooves from 9

Syrup 9pm Hobarts Longest Running Club Night Breaks and Drum N Bass"Mesh" with SpinFX and Guest Republic Bar 9pm Blue Healers

I r i s h m u r p h y ’s Vo o d o o L o u n g e

The Batty $7 Jugs of Beer $ 3 To o h e y s E x t r a D r y $3 Quickfucks Band “Roundabout” I r i s h M u r p h y ’s Leigh Radcliffe

6331 7222

Uni Bar - Hobart Campus 1 C h u r c h i l l Av e Sandy Bay

w w w. t u u . c o m . a u

Inveresk Railyards 6334 3133

Royal Oak - Launceston C n r B r i s b a n e & Ta m a r S t s

Lloyds Hotel 24 Seven

Te l e p h o n e : ( 0 3 ) 6 3 3 1 5 3 4 6

Royal Oak Mustang

I r i s h M u r p h y ’s

Blue Cafe Our House - House Music Matt C + Friends


Sunday 30th

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Bangin’ Beats TZU @ The Falls Festival

by Huw Joseph and we’ve been together for 4 years now. There was people crowd surfing, a mosh pit. It felt really good.” (Huw): “Congratulations dude, it was off the hook. So you guys are off to Lorne now?” (Seed MC): “Yeah, we’ve got about an hour to chill out, get something to eat. Then we catch a plane back to Melbourne and head to Lorne. I really don’t know if it can top that show but. That was pretty fun.”

When TZU rocked up to Falls at Marion Bay for their show, they expected people to be sitting on the grass and just hanging out. They did not expect about 4000 people to rocking out and getting very rowdy. There was like 500 peeps bum rushing the stage and yelling every word to every track. The guys were blown away at the response and couldn’t praise the crowd enough. So good on ya, to everyone that participated in making that a crazy set

from the Melbourne based crew. (Huw): “Alright, that was off the hook. I can easily say that your set was the official opening for Falls this year. How was that for you guys?” (Seed MC): “Well, I can honestly say that we new we were playing pretty early in the day, so we thought there would be like 50 people sitting on the grass and checking it out. People we’re screaming, the crowd barrier was braking. That was probably the most hyped gig we’ve ever played

(Huw): “Did you guys realise you were this big down here. There was like a few hundred people up the front who new every single word you guys where spitting. How was that?” (Seed MC): “It’s kinda hard for me to grasp that, coz once you’ve record your music you kinda dislocate from it, so when your performing it’s still live, but it’s hard to see it from an outside perspective. But when you put your music out there and people start to get to know that, and it’s weird you look out at these people singing along and it’s really hard to

relate to. Your just up there rapping and trying to put on a good show. It’s unbelievable, I’m really happy.” (Huw): “What are you guys working on now?” (Seed MC): “Well weve got a new album coming out 2005, and it’s gonna be a bit different, a lot of instruments. It’s kinda hard to tell too much about it until it’s done. It should be really different. So the next few months we are just gonna be concentrating on that, getting it together.” (Huw): “Awesome, well congratulations and good luck smashing it out at Lorne. Happy New Years!” (Seed MC): “Yeah, thanks Huw. Happy New Years mate.” If you were at Falls, I hope you got to check out the TZU show it was crazy. The best way to kick off the Festival. Keep an eye out for their album coming out soon, I’d tell you the name of it but I didn’t fucken ask did I…………!

Bangin’ Beats Downsyde’s Dazasta by Huw Joseph

Bobby Raver

on!!!” (Huw): ”Downsyde smashed it bro. De La, Hoods and Downsyde were the biggest sets off the Festival. Did you expect that?” (Dazastah): “Well no man, coz this is the first show we’ve done in Tazzie so we were like, we hope peeps would come and check it out. We definitely didn’t expect it to be that big. So we we’re like Sick, cheers. They seemed to get into our stuff so that’s cool.” (Huw): “How was Lorne compared to Tasmania?” (Dazastah): “I gotta say Tazzie fucken killed it man, definitely killed it. There was heaps more crew checking out the music and loving it. Definitely Big-Ups to Tazzie.” Downsyde was definitely one of the highlights of the whole Festival. They absolutely smashed dem’ bitches. earthcore 2004 with freq nasty Dave Williams talked with Melbourne DJ, Bobby Raver about how he got to play on the main stage at Earthcore, recently, and what it takes to make a great DJ.

unbiased ears and you get the best crowd feedback.

1. What makes a house track "nasty-ass"? My defintion would be be a tune in the genre of house but with the ability to be played to a variety of crowds right across the board psy, breaks and progressive.

6. How does the audience and atmosphere compare between indoor parties and outdoor? It does’nt. Outdoor is where music was made to be played, but playing to a club full of people who all share the same taste is awsome as well.

2. Do you play a mix of styles or do you specialise and why? Most definitely a variety, primarily breakbeat, though, which I find gives me the opportunnity to play a wider range of styles.

7. What sets a great DJ apart from a good DJ? Technical ability and track selection makes a good DJ, this along side flair and “balls” makes a great one.

3. What's more important - pleasing the dance floor or pleasing yourself? Most definatly the dancefloor. If the dance floor is not happy believe me I will be far from pleased so it’s even more satisfying doing this with all the tunes I love.

8. How did you become a DJ? I moved over from Perth 11 years ago and was captivated by the Melbourne scene. I really just bought decks so i could go home and play tunes and I’m still doing it!!!

4. What's the most memorable set you've ever played? That’s alway,s so hard for me. I can narrow it down to three - WOTW 2002, Earthcore (eldorado closing set) and OME Party Swindlers@ Mt Hotha. 5. What differences are there between how you play for indoor parties and outdoor parties? I think that in an out door venue the people are not there for one particular type of music and the music is not being jammed into them from all four corners. In a small club full of guy,s playing the same tunes they listen with

9. What advice have you got for aspiring DJ's? I do a lot of my record shopping fom the dancefloor. It never lies and beatmix, beatmix, beatmix. You aint doin’ no fancy shit if those records arent on time. And practice mixing your records with all types of tunes - rock, 80’s disco - we used to go home after a big one and plug the tv into mixer and mix records over the top of Video Hits. 10. What do you expect the Sundial party will be like? If my last two visits are anything to go by, awesome!!! I had a ball both times (much respect to nick, corney, kerr and the Syrup massive!!!!)


The whole Field was packed and jumping around like mad, it was an awesome way to finish off the Festival!!! Man, these guys know how to work a stage and rock a show. Dazastah jumped off the stage at the end and slapped every hand hanging over the barrier. Shit, it was such a good show. They were so stoked as-well. By the time their set was over me and Finbar we’re macking it backstage off guts, so if this interview seems a bit way-ward, that’s why!!!! Peep the realness! (Huw): “Alright check it out. Interview with Dazastah from Downsyde.” (Dazastah): “Wat up-wat up-what’s going

(Huw): “The Festival has been supa rowdy, everyones been getting into the music and getting wild. I gotta say, your set was definitely one of the rowdiest.” (Dazastah): “That’s the way we like it bro. We want everyone to get rowdy and have a good time. (Huw): “Alright, you look like you need a beer so I’ll get this outta ya face. Thanks heaps for the gig bro, happy new year!” (Dazastah): “Cheers man. Happy new year.” I know this was a short interview, but the guys put on a wicked show and they looked fucked. I didn’t want to hassle them for too long. Check out the new album ‘When The Dust Settles’…… It’ll blow your stinking socks off guv!

T P 8

who’s buyin’ TOP 8 SINGLES / NET TOP 50

Bangin’ Beats DJ Robbery

By Huw Joseph

Anthony Callea 01. The Prayer Shannon Moll 02. Come On Aussie, Come On Gwen Stefani 03. What You Waiting For Casey Donovan 04. Listen With Your Heart 05. These Kids Joel Turner & The Modern day Poets Destiny’s Child 06. Lose My Breath Eminem 07. Just Lose It Linkin Park 08. Numb/Encore

TOP 8 SINGLES / NET TOP 50 Evermore 01. For One Day Shihad 02. Alive Love Outside Andromeda 03. Tongue Like A Tether Machine Gun Fellatio 04. What The Fuck Elliot Smith 05. Memory Lane Wolfmother 06. Woman Little Birdy 07. Tonight’s The Night The Libertines 08. Music When The Lights Go Out

TOP 8 SINGLES Global Deejays 01. Sound Of San Francisco Michael Gray 02. The Weekend Groove Coverage 03. Runaway Thomas Falcon 04. High Again Scooter 05. One 06. Boom Boom -Suenan Freddy Fader meets Locana Deep Dish 07. Flashdance Lexy & K Paul 08. Vicious Love

TOP 40 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08.

Do They Know It’s Xmas Band Aid 20 Against All Odds Steve Brookstein Father and Son Ronan Keating I Believe In You Kylie Minogue If There’s Any Justice Lemar You Can Do It Ice Cube Boulevard of Broken Dreams Green Day I Got You Babe/Soda pop Merrion/McCall/Kensit

HOTTEST 100 01. Let Me Love You Mario 02. Drop It Like It’s Hot Snoop Dogg 03. 1, 2 Step Ciara 04. Soldier Destiny’s Child 05. Lovers & Friends Lil Jon & The REast Side Boys 06. My Boo Usher 07. Over & Over Nelly 08. Wonderful Ja Rule



01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08.

William Shatner Mates of State Ted Leo & The Pharmacists Me and Mia Joseph Arthur Can’t Exist Cake No Phone Green Day Boulevard of Broken Dreams Interpol Slow Hands Interpol Evil Common People

Goods (All in Your Head)

Edge Radio Recommended De La Soul The Grind Date Architecture in Helsinki Do The Whirlwind Mr Scruff Keep it Solid Steel The Fat Band Fattitude Q and Not U Power Hey Mook Never Gets You Anywhere Bexta Conversations with Zeros and Ones Alison Krauss & Union Station Lonely Runs Both Ways

Sauce Recommended Albums


01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08.

Has Been Street’s Disciple Let’s Bottle Bohemia Groovetrain Sing a Song of Revolution Ministry of Sound 2005 Annual We Came To Party

Off The Record

William Shatner Nasir jones The Thrills Sharif Galal The Go Set Mark Dynamix & John Course

Malente Small Mercies

Okay, not only is Dj Robbery one of the best hip hop beat mixers in Tassie, he’ also a fucken rad guy.

(Robbery): “I love Hobart's guts. fresh air. cascade lager. bullshit free. rad scene. legs and breast chips.”

You’ll notice 4 people in the photo. Robbery is the one with the DARE T-shirt, then there’s Joe, Fin and Seb. I would like to take this journalistic opportunity to give a fucken huge big-ups to the North Hobart Massive!!! Keep smashing that shit lads.

(Huw): “What is your limit of being smashed and still able to play a set?”

Anyway I spoke to Robbery and the first thing he said was. “Jezus christ i'm fukin hungover. Went to a staff party last night, drunk about 72 beers and kicked david boon in the nuts.” He probably didn’t want me to put that in but he wasn’t there when I put this article together. Sorry Bro!!! We did actually conduct an interview though, it went down like this! (Huw): “What's the one thing you hate people doing while your playing a set?” (Robbery): “I really hate people asking what time the next guy is on.” (Huw): “Why is techno shit? in your opinion.” (Robbery): “I know you're not a big fan of the dance music mate, but i'm quite partial to a large chunk of it. I started out playing nubreaks so I still dig that sound, that and drum&bass are influenced largely by hip hop so it's got that funk element. But yeah within dance music there is a lot of shit-shit within certain genres, same goes with any style of music.” (Huw): “Very liberal answer, but I said techno, not D&B and Breaks. I like D&B and Breaks too, just definitely not techno! What has Hobart got that no-where else in OZ has? And don’t say Hobartians.”

(Robbery): “I like to walk the line between jolly and Boris Yeltzined. As far as limiting capabilties, as soon as I start trying to play my records on the ashtray thats my body telling me its watertime. Maybe just one or two beers first though.” (Huw): “Is it true that your called Robbery because you use to have a fetish of stealing girls shoes? Even though nothing was ever proved.” (Robbery): “Yeah that was a crazy time in my life. It hasn't happened for a long time, I occasionly steal my girlfriends trackpants though.” (Huw): “Do you think that there is a good chance of pirates taking over Hobart?” (Robbery): “Lego pirates invaded Hobart when I was a young whippersnapper, but then Ninja Turtles blew them outta the water. Bring back the Lego exhibitions.” (Huw): “What would you like to say to all those ferals out there that say that they like how you dont beat-mix, just like them?” (Robbery): “Get off my cloud.” (Huw): “Shouts outs???” (Robbery): “Hats off to htj, FXU, s.l.u.t productions, freshly breaked crew, north Hobart massive, and the beautiful Sophie.” (Huw): Thanks heaps DJ Cerberus……….I mean Robbery. Hah!

Bangin’ Beats Wicked Beats Sound System

Ian Pooley 3. "What does "Souvenir's" say about your evolution as an artist? Well, after "Since then" I thought about including more guests on my next album.From that idea I ended up having sometimes six or seven people working on one track and what kind of happened naturally is that those tracks begin to take a real song structure.It was very new and very exciting for me to work with so many live instruments and musicians. I am more than happy with the final result. 4. What is there on this release that is fresh and new for listeners? My new haircut. 5. You've got a number of Brazilian artists working on the album, how did the Brazilconnection come about? Rossana & Zellia I've worked with on "Since then" already ,and I knew I would work with them again. Marcos Valle I admired for a long, long time and a chance to have him as a guest on my album was simply a dream come true.Now I sleep better. 1. Your previous 2 releases, "Meridian" and "Since Then" were both with V2 records, why did you not release your new album, "Souvenirs," with them? I had a good relationship with V2, but my manager and I we were considering for a while to start our own label since it would enable us to have more control over distribution partners. And, another reason was that over the years I received so many demos by many artists of which some were really good, so we thought, why not? 2. To what extent do you think the market is flooded with so many different record labels? I don't think it's flooded. If you don't sell records, today you can't survive very long as a label.I like the idea of being signed to a smaller label, as opposed to being signed to a major, for many different reasons.What I do find sad is that so many really good labels had to close down in the last year or so because people just don't buy records as much.

6. How do feel about working in the studio versus a live gig? Live gigs give you the chance to interact with people more, you play music by other artist that you like, something that can be very different from your own productions and the reaction you get is very straightforward. Working in the studio is different in that matter but not any less rewarding. 7. What do you know about Tasmania and what do you think playing here will be like? This will be my first time in Tasmania and I cant wait ,I know it's beautiful. 8. How much of your own production will be played in the live set in Hobart and how much will be other people's? In my DJ sets I tend to play more other people stuff, new records I find exciting, but some of my own as well.

From beats to breaks and covering every groove in between, for years now Sydneybased collective Wicked Beat Sound System have been busy pioneering music that inspires the dancefloor but defies genres. At the core of the WBSS sound is dynamic duo Damian Robinson and Dave Carnovale, better known to the masses as Damo and Crucial D, along with the dulcet tones of vocalist Linda Janssen and the lyrical stylings of MC KYE. When WBSS’s first album (Music From The Core) hit the airwaves, the group’s debut single “Summer Sun” soon became a Triple J fave, followed closely by the much-requested “Local MP”. Heading out across the country, WBSS’s fresh sound soon saw them in demand as remixers, producers and collaborators for a host of local talent. Working with the likes of Yothu Yindi, DIG, Deborah Conway, Iva Davies,

Christine Anu and Renee Geyer, WBSS would later take a step out further leftfield when they accepted an invitation to work with indigenous opera singer Deborah Cheetham. The resulting track, “Dali Mana Gamarada”, was the runaway hit off the hugely successful concept album Corroboration. Tracks like “I Don’t Wanna Know” and “Cookin’ with Kazz” would see WBSS pick up two award nominations that year – an ARIA for Inna Styles and a Dance Music Award (DMA) for Best Band. In 2003 was New Soul Breaks, album number three. The latest, PRE4ORM” is a tasty EP entrée to their upcoming Long Player, “4ORM” due out early next year. Whether live or in DJ mode, one thing is certain: Wicked Beat Sound System will not disapoint


Duel Technicolour

Klepto Peacock

This was Steven Spielberg's first film following school shot in an astounding ten days and put to air on American television three weeks later. It provides an amazing insight into where he began and his foresight even at the time to partake some of the ambitious shots and suspense for a mere nightly movie.

Klepto is an interesting film about a young kleptomaniac Emily (Meredith Bishop) who steals not just for the fun of it, but because she has to.

The movie focuses on a travelling salesman David Mann (Dennis Weaver), as he tries to make his way to a meeting and eventually home on the highways in desert California. The other main character is a Peterbuilt Semitrailer and driver who begin a continuous game of chicken in which Mann becomes the target in an initially unprovoked attack. The film is reminiscent of Hitchcock's suspense with the uncertainty of never seeing the driver, as Mann scans a crowd in a diner, talking to himself with paranoia. Coupled with an experimental score, great driving, brilliant camera shots and acting from Weaver, Duel is an excellent movie that does not date merely for the older style car within. The extras include an interview with Speilberg who recollects the making of the film. This makes excellent viewing for anyone who has any interest in film, be it as a hobby or professionally, to understand the amount of planning, opportunity, ingenuity and professional support required to pull it off.

The style of this film has a real European arthouse feel to it and it is part thriller, part voyeuristic dramatised documentary and overall a very captivating film. Selected for a number of international film festivals, Klepto is written, directed and edited by Thomas Trail. He does a very commendable job on articulating the darker side of impulse, voyeurism and reality. Michael Nouri (Finding Forrester, Flashdance) is a brilliantly obsessed admirer of Emily's shoplifting talents and the two of them become entangled in a strange web of chance and conning all they can. Definitely a worthwhile film to experience.

A Perfect Circle Virgin Records

The Twins Effect Universal

Formed as a side project for Tool front-man Maynard James Keenan, A Perfect Circle release a collection of videos and remixes in this two disc DVD. Th disc includes an array of songs that range in being comparable to Tool, the Smashing Pumpkins and Primus with members of each of these bands included throughout the project.

This Hong Kong production revolves around the Anti-Vampire League and their plight to rid the World of this scourge. To complicate the story line, there is also a war between the vampires who are trying to get a hold of some keys hat are kept inside a group of Vampire princes to unlock a book that will enable them to roam in the daytime sunlight.

There are deeply moving videos for songs like 'Judith", live performances of 'The Noose' and the winning entry from a contest for the song 'Blue' with the stop-go sequencing that we have seen in videos by Tool and Bjork. The second disc is an audio component that offers nine remixes performed by different artists including James Iha (of the late Pumpkins) and Danny Lohner with Massive Attack even adding their own touch to 'All Main Courses'. The DVD offers a fan of the group an excellent sampling of the their output but the occasional listener may become a bit tired of the 'breast humour'. It results in a sometimes light collection that displays the musical prowess and versatility of a side project that doesn't delve into the darkness and soaring sounds not found within a Tool album.

The cast is comprised of a young group of actors (Gillian Chom, Charlene Choi...) who are adept at martial arts, cable stunts and fight scenes popularised by the Matrix. Unfortunately, these are primarily the highlights of the movie with the story falling somewhat flat and cheesy with two different romantic scenarios thrown in for good measure. Jackie Chan makes a cameo in an effort to kick start the Hong Kong film industry and give the Twins Effect some notoriety, but even his trademark humour and stunts make little impact in an otherwise average film that often provides laughs not intentionally, but through the far fetched story and adolescent dialogue.

Game Review - KILLZONE

by Matt C Apparently this is Sony Entertainments answer to Halo 2. The good news is you will be hard pressed to find a better looking game on the Ps2 It also can lay claim to some gorgeous combat set pieces, satisfyingly realistic weapons and effects, and even a great soundtrack. The bad news is that this game is a highly linear and heavily scripted FPS, which doesn’t kill Halo in anyway. In fact, the most notable way Halo wins over Kill Zone is in Game play. First the story. Humanity has colonised the stars, including Helghan, an atmospherically challenged world. Humans living on Helghan – known as the Helghast – were slowly changed by the environment, and have decided to open a can of whoop ass on the rest of humanity. Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? Graphically the environments look awesome; however the experience can get undermined at certain occasions by some seriously noticeable graphic slowdown. Still, when it’s on song, the action is rapid and meaty enough to please PS2 FPS fans more used to low detail shoot fests like the excellent Time Splitters series.

Their aim is pathetic, but this could be due to the developer wanting you to be in on all the action, or let’s hope so at least. The above points may seem a bit trivial, but the excellent environments compensate handsomely for the perceived lack of freedom and stupid AI. Kill Zone also boasts some of the most chunkily realistic weapon effects of any FPS. Not realistic in the “modeled to within an inch of the real thing”, rather you feel like you have a real butt kicker of a weapon in your hands more often than not. The audio and visual effects, not to mention the effect they have on the Helghast is outstanding, and really goes a long way to offsetting some of the more trivial annoyances in-game.

Apparently this is Sony Entertainment’s answer to Halo 2.

There’s also a weird polygonal/texturing issue that crops up at times, rendering some objects and models comparatively low resolution. Game play was faster than expected for the Ps2. There is never a dull moment, with small groups of enemies constantly after beating from the mad collection of weaponry that you can pick up along the way. This is where I was disappointed. The AI in this game is severely lacking any intelligence at all, and the characters you end up siding with work like artificial ‘path blockers’.

Kill Zone is getting pushed hard by Sony, and it is understandable way. It does look head and shoulders above what we have seen on the Ps2, graphically at least.

There will be times when you will say to yourself that this is one of the best looking FPS you’ve seen on any platform, but then the bad, bad, bad AI kicks in and you realize that the party is over. Don’t buy this game if you are thinking it’s the PS2 answer to Halo; buy this game on its own merit. Happy New Year and more important Happy Gaming lol Graphics Sound Game Play MultiPlayer Overall

***** ***** ** YES ***

Albums - Tassie Bands’ CD’s by Kris, Elle

& To m

Waiter: In The Sand TLA Records

Well Oiled Machine Ballpoint

Code The Dead Abigails

April Monday Fell To Erin

Four band Waiter release a four song EP entitled In The Sand that reminds the listener to the vocal efforts of Thom Yorke of Radiohead.

Ballpoint immediately remind you of the likes of NOFX and bands of the same genre, while thankfully avoiding the teen pop/punk sound of Blink 182.

The Dead Abigails follow up their success in Tassie and on the mainland with the release of their six song EP Code.

This is especially true in the initial opening of 'The Beach' with the snare sound and subdued singing before opening up into a full roar that sounds like tracks from OK Computer.

This is especially true with some of the humour the band use in their tracks like 'One Nut' with the poor bastard in the tune only having one testicle and the story attached with it. They even take the high moral ground (?) of how its just not nice to pick on the poor schmuck.

Released two years ago, Fell to Erin's album is more mellow fare than being played by current live acts in Tasmania. They use more subtle guitar playing from Lincoln le Fevre and Tom Butler, with vocals at a lower and consistent volume throughout the album.

Highlights include 'No Before Now' in which the band exhibits their own sound with guitar breaks separating the vocals and creating a more layered track. The disc is a smooth production that displays consistent sounds that still incorporate deviations through the inclusion of a cello on 'The Beach' and tracks that do not merely sound like carbon copies of each other.

They take this further on 'Idiots Guide to Scuba Diving' and the finer etiquette of cunnilingus. The album follows the generic recipe for this genre instrumentally, with rapid-fire drumming, guitar riffs and vocals with subject matter revolving around sex, drugs, booze and the ability to hurl insults at all forth-comers. Still they carve out their own sound in an arena that offers them endless topics to bag the shit out of.

It opens with a show favourite 'The Wall' that has their driving guitars and vocals for a catchy tune written in a prose style that allows you to lose yourself in either. 'Anthem' offers a more subtle approach by the band with the required love/relationship song that seems to be on every album released worldwide. The album delivers a sound that will suit most listeners who enjoy mainstream music that isn't pigeonholed into a particular genre. It avoids the overbearing guitars and vulgarity instead using more embracing sounds and vocals as exemplified on the homage to a loved one on 'Stars'.

Even spots where the vocals increase in intensity on tracks like 'Fairylights' they imbibe a feeling of significance more than needing to yell out your lyrics simply to drown out the mindless gibberish that often overpowers bands in social settings. Overall, the album is a consistent sound from the four members that would undoubtedly cater to those who prefer more introverted music than directly in your face. Small solos across the group and album display some of the individual talent that gel cohesively to complete April Monday.

The Fuzzy Zellas: The Front Line Independent

The Jane Does: The Marshall Mixes

Modus: Lounge Room Sessions Independent

The Reactions: A Three Piece Called... Reverberation

Fuzzy Zellas remind you of a blues influenced band that you'd be swiggin' beer to, with the immediate harmonica of Pascal Chartrain that begins their nine track album. It is reminiscent of the sound of John Popper of Blues Traveller but with a more gruff vocal performance from Jared Zellars that is akin to Lemmy from Motorhead, but without his confrontational style or lyrics.

The Jane Does are evidently impressed with their Sydney based producer Marshall Cullen evidenced with the title of their EP The Marshall Mixes. As they should be, the sound is crisp and layered with great balance throughout.

Yo u a r e i m m e d i a t e l y w e l c o m e d t o t h e four track EP with the bass slapping sound mixed and intermittent driving guitar sounds to contrast each other well on 'Can't Get Enough'.

The Reactions full length release immediately reminds you of old rock of decades past as it was still finding its way and going through changes as punk stylings in it's infancy are slowly embraced.

This five piece all girl review has more balls in their licks and vocals than most Tassie male bands. Jharna Rattray's guitar is ever present on all four tracks with great crisp vocals from Natalie Reid and Rebecca Miller.

T h e y o ff e r a h e a v i e r s o u n d t h a t u s e s a slower tempo allowing the listener to decipher their lyrics.

The album progresses through different transitions as on "Movin' On' with a more traditional singing style, and 'Under the Same Sun' with a more roots driven bass line. It follows a lot of the traditional blues fare in topic with an odd analogy about dying and golf, 'Fairway to Heaven'. The group displays a wide range os sounds and styles throughout. As proof of the vocal range that Zellars performs on the album, the aforementioned track is eerily similar to Hootie front-man Darius Rucker, but thankfully for only the one track, nearly as long as Rucker's career lasted.

On "Threesome', it begins sounding a bit like PJ Harvey until the lone vocals become more melodic once mixed with the singing of other band-mates. It even sounds a bit like the old style of the Go-Go's on Tea Leaves when singing the chorus. The EP serves as an excellent appetiser for fans who have, and should see the ladies rip it up on stage, as they will soon be visible in the video to their 'Amnesia' and heard on an eventual full length album.

This is somewhat sped up and increased in volume at their live shows, increasing the energy and decibels. The band thankfully do not align themselves with the anti-piracy beliefs of the hypocritical Lars Ulrich, by encouraging fans to burn and share their EP to increase their fan base. Ask someone you know to share and check it out.

Tracks such as 'Alright' and 'Ivy" are more similar to the early rock sound with basic rock stylings, but 'My Bike' and 'Popstars' show the direction that the album will follow for the remainder with the twangy guitar of early Elvis Costello and the Attractions, and heavier guitars of The Sex Pistols. This affinity is obvious especially in their professed loathing song 'I Hate John Butler' and the references to Xavier Rudd et al. Overall the album is an excellent artefact to explore if a fan of emerging sounds of the late 70's and early 80's, instead of the current bubble-gum pop favourites of today.

Albums - Tassie Bands’ CD’s by Kris, Elle

& To m

The Styles: The Styles Style Records

The Voyeurs: The Voyeurs Peeping Tom Records

Four piece group The Styles don't pussy foot around and come at you with a grinding rock sound in their six track self-titled album.

Launceston band the Voyeurs has evolved from the earlier band Whalebone to emerge with a driving sound that has secured them a place at the upcoming Falls Festival as the opening act in Marion Bay.

There is an ever present guitar combination with the sound of drums and cymbals coupled with a bass line throughout, with very few outright solos throughout. Overall, they sing a fair bit about women, yet not the traditional love lost style that you find on easy listening radio.

They have developed a sound that indicates there are an array of interests within the band as Eastern flavour mixes with hard rock.

They talk about the contradiction of love on 'My Heaven My Hell', but also about the dirty side of it on "Tease' to accompany their style that reminds you at times of the fist pumping metal of the late 80's but thankfully with more diversity than the formulaic tones of past.

Ben Millers vocals are reminiscent of the Tea Party but still show his personal style as it alters throughout to match the accompanying instruments as they deviate within each track and across the album through the inclusion of guitars, drums, the violin and non-traditional mandolin.

Worth a visit if your a fan of axe wielding guitar rock of a bygone era that offers a new insight into a past genre with more rapid singing styles with the good old yells contained therein.

The production is tight and presents a great foray for the band with highlights including 'De Nile', and the funk driven 'Spikey Drink'.

Comedy Profile: Ben Payne

by Huw Joseph I thought all comedians where manic depressive’s, but Ben’s a supa chill guy!” I’ve interviewed some people in some kinda strange situations before, and interviewing a comedian, I pretty much assumed that this would be no exception. I interviewed Ben by phone and was battling with a check out chick for his attention. I guess the poor guy was trying to figure whom to pay more attention too. Me?: Publicity for his shows. Check out chick?: Has hold of his credit card. Not really a tough call in my book, I’d easily blow off some shit bag journo for a young girl holding all my money. But that just lets you know how nice a guy Ben is!!! I thought all comedians where manic depressive’s, but Ben’s a supa chill guy, he got distracted half way through the interview because he needed to fill up his esky and “Keep my beer cold!”

(Ben): “Ummm, I’d say Ulberstone. The crowd was really receptive and good to us. No beer cans thrown or anything like that. Although once at a show a couple years back, some bloke in the crowd threw a full beer at me and I caught it, cracked it, drank it and threw the bloody empty back in his face.” (Huw): “You’re my fucken hero!” (Ben): “It’s just my role mate, it’s just my role! Ohh, and another place on the tour that stood out was Straun, we got the absolute royal treatment there, treated like celebrities. Love the place, love it!” (Huw): “Ben, you should always be treated like a celebrity mate.”

“No beer cans thrown or anything like that.”

Mate……….Take all the time you need, that was the only thing running through my head. This man has taught me all I need to know about prioritizing in less than 5 mins. (Huw): “So you’ll be doing the Hobart Comedy Festival, is this your first one?”

(Ben): “This will be my fourth year involved with the festival, they’ve really been growing stronger and stronger each year so I’m hoping this one will be real biggy.” (Huw): “And what other gigs have you been doing recently, what have you been up to?” (Ben): “I’ve just finished traveling the state with the Comedy Road Show Tour, that was a great experience.” (Huw): “Any stand out shows on the tour?”

(Ben): “Thanks Huw. Usually we get thrown in vans with hessian bags over our heads from town to town so we never know how to find the places we do shows at. I think they do it because people change when they get famous, and people round here don’t like change.”

(Huw): “SSShhhhh, they could be listening right now!!!!!! So what have you got lined up for the Hobart Comedy Festival? Without giving away too much!” (Ben): “Well I’ve flogged the hell out of my most current material so I’m gonna sit down in the next couple of days and get some stuff together. Anyone that knows me knows that I have 3 kids, 2 of which are 2yr old twins. So I do a lot of stuff about being a Dad and things like that. And if anyone can prove that they’re twins, they get in for half price.” (Huw): “Do you get a chance to do much impro at gigs?” (Ben): “It just depends on the crowd, I have to just feel my way through it. I tell ya though, if some bastards getting cheeky I’ll cut him down. Nah just kidding, I’m a nice guy!”

C o m e d y P r o f i l e : S a m a n d Tu l l y

If you haven’t heard of “Sam and Tully” before, you will very soon. You may see them at a big show. You may see them on T.V. Or you may see them on the street, keepin’ it real, busting fools and busking back where it all began last summer... These two young guys from Hobart, Tasmania (Sam Nicholson and Tully Hansen, both 18) are one of the freshest acts I have seen in a long time. They are an acoustic comedy duo, playing all original songs (bar a few exceptions... but even their covers are original). I wanted to interview these guys because (A) I love their work, and (B) this is no doubt the first in a long line of interviews to come, and I want to be remembered on my deathbed as “The Man That Interviewed Sam and Tully First...” (Huw): “Hi.” (Sam and Tully): “Hi.”

(Huw): “Ummmmm... how are you?” (Sam): “Fine.” (Tully): “Yeah, fine.” (Huw): “Good!” (Tully): “Yep.” <Uncomfortable silence follows...> (Huw): “I’m sorry guys, I just really love your stuff and I’ve wanted to tell you for ages but I’ve been too nervous and then all of a sudden we’re all here together and I don’t know, I... just wanna say thanks.” <Group hug follows that lasts a little bit longer than this reporter feels comfortable with, but what the hell, these guys are great...> (Huw): “Alright, thanks guys. I’m fine now! So, describe yourselves for all those people out there that haven’t had the chance to see you perform yet.” (Sam): “Well I play the spoons and we’re two people that make music and it’s original. It’s NuFolk!” (Huw): “New folk?” (Sam): “No, Nu-Folk’!” (Huw): “Ahhh, Nu Folk!” <All nod knowingly.> (Tully): “I’d agree with that, except for the lie about Sam playing the spoons. Plus I’m under obligation to say our music defies authoritarian categorisation. Man. Sam handles guitar and piano, I jump around and we both sing and dance and maybe even make you laugh.” (Huw): “For the uninitiated, what sort of thing can we expect from your finely crafted original songs?” (Sam): “We’ve got a whole fistful of originals down, dealing with subjects we hope will resonate with the peoples. Like Tully’s childhood lust for the Daleks from Dr Who, for instance, or the beauty of the Janome sewing machine... and rest assured the feeling is sincere, it’s not just a product endorsement. That pillar of rock (metaphorically) that upholds our nation’s favourite current affairs program, Ray Martin, also gets a song of support and admiration.” (Tully): “Yeah, apart from songs regarding affections for Ray, robots and the domestic arts,

another theme we touch upon is, well, misunderstood love. You know, the kind where you can’t tell what no really means. To end our dysfunction we put emotion into song, though nothing gets solved. For years that whirlpool of failed loves has supported the music industry, and we source those experiences also……. I don’t really talk like this, Sam wrote this in later.” (Huw): “Shhh, you’re ruining the magic of print media!” (Sam): “Lyrics are on our site ( so idle away hours there, if you’re interested. Or take up golf, perhaps. Up to you.” (Huw): “What’s inspired your music?” (Sam): “Both of us share (platonic) affection for Paul Kelly, The Gadflys, Tom Waits... um, Hunners (Hunters and Collectors)... our secret desire is to form a synthesiser revival band to relive the Eighties we never experienced. I suppose the ubiquitous Doug Anthony Allstars are been prominent in my collection, and Paul McDermott’s most recent outing with Gud is also amusing and musically amazing.” (Tully): “We got to meet Paul and the Gud boys - we performed two tracks on the pavement outside the Theatre Royal in Hobart. It’s going on all our publicity material from now on - AS SEEN BY PAUL McDERMOTT! As we left he called me a startling boy...” (blushes) (Huw): “Right. I hear you guys applied for a grant to put together a CD, tell me about that.” (Tully): “Yeah, we applied to Arts Tasmania for their “Reel to Reel” grant to help get a CD recorded, and were lucky enough to receive their support. The all-original semi-live debut album is called Scary, Awe Inspiring and Strangely Erotic, and is due out late January – although special pre-release copies will be available at the Hobart Comedy Festival (” (Sam): “That’s great the way you can talk in brackets like that.” (Tully): “Thanks. We’ve had a bunch of people support the making of the album – is theatre

ltd., Hobart Comedy Festival, Suttons Cafe, Don Bate, Stew Long, our man Huw Joseph – the list of endorsements goes on…” (Huw): “I’ll cut you off there… you’ve been performing together for a year now – highlights from 2004?” (Sam): “Well, we were flown to Canberra by the Beacon Foundation to perform in front of 600 Lord Mayors and local government officials. That was great – we… err, reinvested all the money we earnt up there in Canberra’s many CD stores and coffe shops.” (Tully): “And playing the comedy stage at Falls Festival in Marion Bay was an absolute blast, although we were up against a little group called Rocket Science…..” (Huw): “So where can people find you guys performing around Old Hobart Town at the moment?” (Sam): “Suttons Cafe in the Salamanca Arts Centre most every Friday evening from 7:30pm, in the Comedy Festival from the 5th to the 22th of January… oh, and we still busk at Salamanca Market every Saturday.” (Tully): “Almost!” (Sam): “Well, weather-and-slack-co-performerpermitting, we’re there from midday or so. People can also check our website (that’s, if you missed it the first time) for up-and-coming gigs. In fact people should check out the website anyway, because it will change your life!” (Huw): “Really? It will change my life?” (Sam): “No, not really. But check it out.” (Huw): “Awesome. Thanks heaps for the interview guys, and all the best with CD and the touring.” (Tully): “Thank you kindly, good sir.” (Sam): “No, thank you.” (Huw): “Pleasure.” Check out their website (once more for good luck, for contact details and CD info... before they are rich and famous and snub everyone. Deez kids got pop-Check it out ya’ll!

2005 Wrest Point Hobart Comedy Festival Program 2005 WREST POINT HOBART COMEDY FESTIVAL “The world’s smallest cultural event”

CALENDAR OF EVENTS January 5 – 22, 2005 PRINTED PROGRAM Available from 1 December 2004 at Wrest Point Hotel Casino Service Desk, Centertainment in Elizabeth Street Mall and Fullers Bookshop in Collins Street. More information BOOKINGS: For ticketed events at Wrest Point (The Big Finale and The Great Big Comedy Trivia Arvo!) your tickets must be booked at Wrest Point Service Desk, Phone 6221 1700. For all other ticketed events (Tassie Stands Up, Wil Anderson, Justin Hamilton, The Bedroom and Philosopher) you can book either at Wrest Point Service Desk or at Centertainment in Elizabeth Street Mall, Phone 62345998.

TASSIE STANDS UP The cream of comedy talent from across Tasmania and beyond – must see comedy. 8.00 PM January 5 to 22 2005 (nightly except Sundays; no show Sat 15 Jan.) The Venue, Salamanca Place. The line up changes nightly with 5 acts or more a night / no interval / ends 9.30 PM approx. $25 adults, $18 concession, $14 students. See the show more than once – present your ticket from last time when you turn up again and get in for $14 (door sales only).

WIL ANDERSON License to Wil 10.15 PM Thurs 6, Fri 7, Sat 8 January 8 PM Sunday 9 January The Venue, Salamanca Place $25 adult, $20 concession.

THE BIG FINALE! 8.00 PM Saturday January 15 Wrest Point Entertainment Centre Some of the biggest acts in Australia on the one bill with Tassie’s best local acts to provide two and a half hours of laughter and madness! $39 Adults, $32 concession

JUSTIN HAMILTON One Night Stand Up 10.15 PM Friday January 21 The Venue, Salamanca Place All tickets $20

THE BEDROOM PHILOSOPHER In Bed with My Doona 10.15 PM Saturday January 22 The Venue, Salamanca Place All tickets $20

THE GREAT BIG COMEDY TRIVIA ARVO! With JANET McLEOD 2 – 4.30 PM Saturday January 22 The Show Room, Wrest Point Get together a table of any size between 4 and 10 and be ready for the fun, laughs and prizes your combined brain power may win. When Melbourne Trivia-Mistress Janet hits the stage you general knowledge is tested with a lot of free laughter to spice things up. All tickets $15.

FREE EVENTS:HOW TO PLAY BRIDGE A retrospective of the cartoons of KEV BAILEY An exhibition of cartoons by Tasmania’s greatest cartoonists from the two year period following the collapse of the Tasman Bridge on January 5 1975. Pier One Foyer, Wrest Point Throughout the Festival FREE ADMISSION MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF NUTS Photographs by Alan Moyle A photographic exhibition of portraits of famous comedians from around the world taken by acclaimed Tasmanian photographer Alan Moyle. Fullers Bookshop, Collins Street, Hobart Throughout the Festival FREE ADMISSION FUNNY PEOPLE FUNNY WORDS CHILDREN’S EVENT Readings for kids by famous Australian children’s authors Jackie French and Alison Lester. Fullers Bookshop, Collins Street, Hobart. 3 PM – 4.30 PM, Sunday January 9 FREE ADMISSION

Bare Threads

street fashion

Name: Jenna Age: 18 Fave band: John Butler Trio Fave drink: Smoothies Personal style: Very casual Fasion is ... whatever you think it is.

Name: Anders Age: 31 Fave band: The Soundtrack of Our Lives Fave drink: Bitter Ale Personal style: Regular jeans guy. Fasion is ... feeling comfortable.

Name: Huon Age: 18 Fave band: Interpol Fave drink: Milk Personal style: Hippie Fasion is ... an expression of life.

Name: Andrew Age: 21 Fave band: The Lost Prophets Fave drink: Bourbon & Coke Personal style: Urban Fasion is ... overrated.

Name: Julia Age: 18 Fave band: No Doubt Fave drink: Baileyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Personal style: Classic Fasion is ... an interpretation of your style.

Name: Jenna Age: 18 Fave band: The Living End Fave drink: Jim Beam Personal style: whatever goes Fasion is ... to have fun.

Name: Adam Age: 17 Fave band: Grinspoon Fave drink: Jack Daniels Personal style: Holey Fasion is ... not a worry.

Name: Janine Age: 21 Fave band: Armand Van Helden Fave drink: Vodka & Red Bull Personal style: black and casual Fasion is ... hard to keep up with.

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Thursday 6th 9 pm Hobarts Longest Running Breaks Drum&Bass Club Night "Mesh" with SpinFX and Guests Friday 7th Downstairs 8pm till 11pm "KO" Chunks of Funk with Seb and Guest 11pm till late "Boogie" Djs Nick C and Duncan Upstairs 10pm "Breakeven" presents Germany's legendary "PUNX" DJs Moguai & Phil Fuldner supported by Gernmany's Moonbootica, Sydney's Declan Lee and locals Corney,Gillie,Matt B, Adam Turner Saturday 8th Downstairs Tackyland 10.30pm: DJs Nick C and Roly playing 70s 80s retro hits Upstairs 11pm Beez Neez presents "Dirty F*ckn Dancin " house electro and breaks with Djs Gillie Matt B Adam Turner +Guest. Thursday 13th 9pm Hobarts Longest Running Club Night Breaks and Drum N Bass"Mesh" with SpinFX and Guests Friday 14th Downstairs 8pm till 11pm "KO" Chunks 0f Funk with Seb and Guest 11pm till late "Boogie" Djs Nick C and Duncan Upstairs 11pm "La Casa" Vocal House with resident Gillie and Matt B Saturday 15th Upstairs 3pm: "Saturday Sessions" Live bands 3-6pm Downstairs 10.3pm "Tackyland" DJs Nick C and Roly playing 70s 80s retro hits Upstairs 11pm Beez Neez presents "Dirty F*kin Dancin " house electro and breaks with Djs Gillie Matt B Adam Turner +Guest. Thursday 20th 9pm Hobarts Longest Running Club Night Breaks and Drum N Bass"Mesh" with SpinFX and Guest Friday 21st Downstairs 8pm till 11pm "KO" Chunks of Funk with Seb and Guests 11pm till late "Boogie" Djs Nick C and Duncan Upstairs 11pm"La Casa" Vocal House with resident Gillie and Matt B Saturday 22nd Upstairs 3pm: "Saturday Sessions" Live bands 3-6pm Downstairs 10.30pm "Tackyland" DJs Nick C and Roly playing 70s 80s retro hits Upstairs 11pm Beez Neez presents "Dirty F*kin Dancin " house electro and breaks with Djs Gillie Matt B Adam Turner +Guest Thursday 27th 9pm Hobarts Longest Running Club Night Breaks and Drum N Bass"Mesh" with SpinFX and Guest Friday 28th Downstairs 8pm till 11pm "KO" Beats n Breaks with Seb and Guest 11pm till late "Boogie" Djs Nick C and Duncan Upstairs 11pm "Pickle" with special Guest DJ from Germany D-Nox plus residents Corney,Dsko & Kir playing Electro, Techno, Hard House ,Trance Saturday 29th Upstairs 3pm: "Saturday Sessions" Live bands 3-6pm Downstairs 10.30 "Tackyland" DJs Nick C and Roly playing 70s 80s retro hits Upstairs Beez Neez presents "Dirty F*kin Dancin" house electro and breaks with Djs Gillie Matt B Adam Turner +Guest Coming Events:: Fri Jan 7th 10 pm "Breakeven" presents Germany's legendary "PUNX" DJs Moguai & Phil Fuldner supported by Gernmany's Moonbootica, Sydney's Declan Lee and locals Corney,Gillie,Matt B, Adam Turner Fri Jan 28th 11pm "Pickle" with special guest trance DJ from Germany D-Nox, plus residents Corney,Dsko & Kir playing Electro, Techno, Hard House ,Trance



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