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If you've got something to say, send it our way! TAHLIA’S CULTURAL STREET

Like its name suggests, this open-air festival on Tahlia Street celebrates the cultural and historical aspect of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic world. With activities ranging from art and sculpting to literature, the eight-day festival attracted

TRANSPORTATION SOLUTIONS OFFERED to Female Customers in Riyadh Al Nahdi announced a strategic partnership with Careem to overcome transportation obstacles. Under this unique partnership, women in Riyadh can now download Careem’s application and request a ride to the nearest Nahdi pharmacy free of charge at any time. 14 DESTINATION RIYADH DECEMBER 2016

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residents, families and tourists alike. The event also featured several campaigns that promote disease awareness (like cancer and Alzheimer’s), awareness on physiological illnesses and the importance of dental care.


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The challenge will take place Dec. 30 at the King Abdullah walkway. Don’t miss out, download the Nahdi app today. Every step counts!