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SCHOOL GADGETS Available at Virgin Megastore

1 Cupcake Paperclips Why use regular paper clips when you can use a delicious cupcake clip? It is useful and you won’t have to hit the gym afterwards.

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2 Keyboard Keys

Stationery Set

The perfect desktop accessory, the Keyboard Stationery Set is a practical and stylish addition to any work area, freeing up space and reducing clutter.

3 Jumbo Cassette Eraser

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These cassette shaped erasers are a monstrous 5x7 inches! They come in four colors, let us choose which you receive and enjoy the surprise!

4 Babushka Stationery

You will love this adorable Stationery Set. It includes 20 pushpins & 6 binder clips. Add some fun to your office with these pretty Russian dolls!


5 Kitty Cat Pen If you’re a cat lover then you will love these Kitty Cat Pens. They are a set of 12 pens with different 4 colors.



Saudi Arabia  

DJ Issue 44 - September 2012

Saudi Arabia  

DJ Issue 44 - September 2012