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Editor’s Note Dear Reader, We at Slick Magazine are absolutely delighted to see you again! Our staff has worked tirelessly to bring you another issue full of original artwork, photography, and writing created by students at Huntington Beach High School.This class is so hardworking and dedicated to their craft; it truly resonates in this month’s work. We listened to your feedback on our last issue and made revisements based on what you, the readers, want. We even expanded our magazine to over a hundred pages of original work filled with something for everyone. November is a time for thanks and expressing gratefulness. We are extremely humbled and pleased that over one thousand people have read and viewed our first issue, and we thank you for dropping by again. Please continue giving us feedback, and enjoy this month’s edition of Slick Magazine.

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photography by: Briana Dooley

photography by: Gracie Briquelet

photography by: Kenzie Jones

photography by: Kenzie Jones


Proper Definitions By: Kenzie Jones Obviously, the topic is a frail one, but today more and more girls are getting judged for what they wear which is never acceptable. After looking more and more into the topic, I have realized that top publishers like The Atlantic and Huffington Post have acknowledged the issue of discrimination against women for appearances. Women are often shamed for how they dress or express themselves. People use cruel words to disapprove the way someone dresses. These hurtful words are commonly used by high school students in settings where status and popularity are higher on the priority list than education or volunteering. Students speak negatively toward someone to make them feel badly about themselves. Over the years, words have evolved to reference the way someone exposes themselves which is punishing the social identity of the person. The Huffington Post draws up a point that the term is not only rude but sexist because women who dress or act promiscuously are put down while men who act the same are congratulated for their actions. In this day and age, women are told to look good or “hot” but one wrong step can permanently damage one’s self-esteem. Overall, shaming someone for their appearance is not a new thing to the world; it is irrational and destructive.

There are Consequences Many people think they can hide behind a screen in order to belittle someone,

but what really happens on the other end of the conversation? On average, there are 121 suicide attempts a day

throughout the world. If you take the time to think, how many of those are due to the bullying or slut shaming? Statistics show that women are 15% more likely than men to commit suicide. Is the greater popularity really worth a life?

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,”

is a saying kids are taught when they are young to disperse their minds from what is said to or about them. As children begin to get older they begin to think that the saying is far from true. Nowadays, the words we hear everyday depict the kind of person we want to become. As teenagers grow and mold, the expressions they hear about them

cast the shape of who we are going to become.

So Obviously…

"the words we hear everyday depict the kind of person we want to become.”

This needs to stop. One, people are considering taking their own lives. Two, it’s degrading to women and sometimes men. Three, it is unnecessary. Even though I can not change the world and what is happening, I can state the facts. The fact of the matter is that this does happen in the world, and teenagers grow up knowing that they will get judged for their appearance. They ultimately become accustomed to what is not morally right. So before you make comments or accusations on anything, Google the proper definition before jumping to conclusions.


If there was one thing you could tell someone who fears pitbulls, what would it be? [MS] I would say they should stop stereotyping and being [insensitive]. Making assumptions about a dogs character dog based off the dogs breed is like judging someone you don’t know. Have you ever experienced a pitbull being vicious? [MS] Never What would you recommend for dogs that may have problems walking on a leash, or show aggression to other dogs? [MS] I would definitely recommend training and if your dog show aggression to other dogs try having them socialize with another dog, but in portions not all at once.

photography by: Kelsey Fuller


Pitbulls?? By: Kelsey Fuller

Pitbulls, everyone has their opinion but what side will you take? Of course, there are the pitbulls you hear about on the news, you know… the pit bulls who kill people. The aggressive breed of dog. The breed of dog that has to have a separate dog park because they’re “vicious”. Did you know the American pit bull terrier passed with an 84%? Scoring higher than the dog you always want to pet, an Australian shepherd.

Pitbulls were known as America’s Dog up until the 80’s because of an accused murder of pitbulls. That’s when the gossip began, turns out pitbulls have become the main dog for dog fighting. The media began to spread and because of their mean look, people began to blame the breed. You are more likely to be attacked by a border collie than a pitbull, but since pit bulls have a stronger jaw and are bulkier they are considered vicious.

Pitbulls are not a purebred, the pitbull actually has multiple breeds of dogs in it. Back in the 1800’s, they were bred to compete in a blood sport known as, “bull baiting,” bull baiting is when you would tie a bull to a metal stake then throw two to three pitbulls in the pen with the bull and see who could immobilize the bull first. This sport was soon outlawed in the U.K., so that's when dog fighting became popular. People started breeding their English bulldogs with terriers creating the pitbull. They would then throw the dogs in a “pit” and watch them either kill rats or other dogs. That's how the pitbull got its name.

I talked with a pitbull advocate and a contestant on Universal Kid’s Top Chef Jr., Maxine Sutton. She herself has a pitbull, Rosie. Here are her two cents on “vicious” pitbulls.

[MS] I was at a shelter one day, originally looking for a mutt to adopt. Then we saw this adorable puppy, she was just super sweet and I just had to get her. I didn't even realize she was a pitbull. Next thing you know she was ours. Why do you think people believe pitbulls are vicious? [MS] People think pitbulls are vicious because they are stereotyped, but any dog breed could be vicious. Pitbulls just happened to be used for dog fighting because of their muscular build and apparently, their jaws lock. This is completely invalid proof that they are vicious at all. In the temperament test, they scored second behind the lab. photography by: Kenzie Jones

When immigrants started coming over to the U.S., they brought their dog. When the pitbulls came to the US, they were known to be a gentle breed of dog. They were a diligent worker and excellent family companions. If you look at photographs from the 20th century, you will notice baby picture with pitbulls, that's because pitbulls are known as Nanny dogs, meaning their motherly instincts are high and are responsible enough to watch children while parents went to work or were present. Soon enough pitbulls were getting great press, and they were used for WW1 and WW2 campaign ads. Pitbulls symbolize fearlessness, protection, and in some cases neutrality. Some pitbulls were even trained to help wounded soldiers and detect predators. A famous war pitbull named Stubby served 18 months and fought in 17 battles, and he wasn’t the last pitbull to fight in a war either! Pitbulls were known as, “America’s Dog,” up until the 1960’s when dog fighting became popular again.

What drew you to the pitbull breed?


LGBTQ + CLUB By: Carter Bernard


The LGBTQ+ spectrum, or the GSA spectrum, is also known as the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Plus or Gender Sexuality Association. While it usually pertains to those who are Transgender and Queer, it does not exclude people who are Straight and Cisgender (people who identify with their birth gender and how the world sees them). So welcome to the fabulous party that LGBTQ+ has to offer!

At GSA, that's what they are all about. You show up and are surrounded by people that are just like you and not at all like you. But it's not a big deal, you are just looked at like another person. It is a community. The people I spoke with also stated that it has given them a sense of community and belonging. When I spoke with Madison Karl, a freshmen, she praised GSA. She said, "[It’s] helped me and others accept themselves for who [we] are.”

Here at Huntington, our school actually has an LGBTQ+ club. They go by GSA (Gender Sexuality Association). The LGBTQ+ community is an inclusive group of people who mainly identify as not Straight. However, there are so many others in the spectrum than just those listed who deserve to be talked about. These people are proudly recognized in our GSA Club at Huntington Beach High School. Here are some simple explanations for some: When you are straight, you prefer a gender separate from yourself. It is also the most common. Pansexual is when you are okay with literally anyone. Genderqueer where you either relate to no gender or a combination of genders. How you identify yourself is also not purely genetic, but it does play a big part. It’s also not a choice. Your own personal view may change all the time; this can include sexuality and gender. We are continuously faced with different ideals and opinions in our modern day society. We all tend to have something to say about our sexuality and self-identification, which is okay. It’s also okay if you are still figuring it out. The point of GSA Club is to respect and more importantly support their peers. If you consider your sexuality or self-identification a main part of who you are, you are welcome at GSA. The main point of the club is to be a welcoming spot for the youth of our school where peers can share their story and meet new people.

I believe that the GSA at our school is a safe place where you can make cool and fun friends and be part of a great community. Alyx N agrees. "As a queer minority, I moved here from a homophobic community. But now, in this club, surrounded by people who love and accept me, has changed my life” she explains. I know people within the LGBTQ+ community and a few of the people from my main friend group are not straight and or Cisgender/ Cissexual. I get excited when someone is different from straight or what I thought of them, not because I want the ‘Gay Best Friend’ archetype, but because someone I know is in a new light for me. I get excited for them too. I can learn how to be even more open to new things and be a better friend. It may sound bizarre to some people, but it’s true. In order to become a better friend and ally, I try to be informed and compassionate. After all, we are all the same at heart. You might think you don’t know anyone on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, or that you only know one person. The girl across from you could really identify as male. The guy next to you could be asexual, and the person in front of you may be gender-neutral. You can’t know exactly what makes a person tick. Some people can’t be defined by checking a box that says ‘Straight’ or ‘Gay.’ Try to see all the pieces of an intricate person. We all have our biases, so always remember to be open.

artwork by: Gracie Briquelet

To be honest, I only got interested in the LGBT+ club, when I met a friend there to talk to about stuff. When I got to the destination where we were supposed to meet, my friends sat in blue chairs and seemed to be busy with something, so I just hung around. It is held in what looks like a science classroom, and at one end of the class they were making custom buttons. Everything is just normal and full of a nice feeling. It’s a place to open up, peers from GSA agree that the club allows people to be more comfortable with exploration of gender identity and sexuality. Some people want or need support, and others don’t want it. One member explains, “Being asexual is great because I don’t feel the need to be with someone or rely on a partner” Students can come to this club and be able to say, "I don't feel alone here." As you can see, GSA is helping anyone who needs it and gives support; the members believe that they “can help each other and other people.” Love is love, as people say, and a community can be a great place, so stop on by GSA. It’s one of the best out there. Support and friends will be there at our GSA.



photography by: Emi Jimenez


photography by: Dixie Chatt

Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Floods.


These are just some of the many natural disasters that we see on a daily basis as we flip through channels on T.V. or read a newspaper or magazine. We read about how tragic these natural disasters are all the time, but it's two different things to read about a natural disaster and to actually live through one. These disasters don’t have a set date and time and are capable of changing our lives in just a matter of seconds. What can we do to survive? Having a plan before, during, and after can and will help us have a higher chance of survival.

Having some knowledge of the disasters that can occur in your area will let you know what to check for. Is your home properly built to withstand a shake, or is it far too weak and would collapse in a small shake? Do your smoke detectors work? To assure they do you must change the batteries a couple times a year.

BEFORE Materials: -Water -Food -First-aid supply box -Clothes -FlashLight -A cell phone or walkie-talkie Prepare a backpack or bag with these materials needed and you should have them in a place where it's easy to access. You should also have many of these backpacks in various places such as your house, your work office, and car. You’re supposed to have many backpacks because as said earlier these natural disasters don’t have a set date and time.You should be prepared for anything at any time and place. Helpful TIP A helpful tip to keep in mind is to try and always have your gas tank half full. This way if you need to evacuate you can quickly leave the area. You don’t have to worry about not having gas

MEET UP SPOTS Since natural disasters are unexpected you can’t assume that they will come when everyone in the family is home. We all have busy lives and are always at different locations. It’s a good idea to have a meetup spot, and you should practice these routes before the disaster strikes. This way when the day the disaster occurs, you know how to meet up with your loved ones. DURING As a person who lives in the beach cities of California, I know what types of disasters to expect and what to do. EarthquakeThe first thing you want to do is to look for a sturdy surface and crawl under it to protect yourself from the possible danger of things falling on top of you. Then as soon as the shaking stops you evacuate the building you’re in and try to help others that need help before it’s too late for them to be rescued.


TsunamiA tsunami can occur after an earthquake causes a disturbance on a large body of water. The water will quickly rise and cover the dry ground, so you should quickly get to higher ground the higher the better chance of survival you will have. FiresA fire is destructive and can rapidly spread, if this happens, you must find a way to escape the smoke that is being released into the air, most of the deaths that occur in a fire are due to the inhalation of the smoke. If you see the need to or are told to evacuate your home you must do it as quickly as possible. It only takes a couple seconds to make the difference between life and death. One of the things you should do once you are safe is to let your friends and family know you are safe, they could be risking their lives trying to save you while you’re already safe, so letting them know can save their life. AFTER These events are tragic, and cause loss, whether it's a family member's death, loss of your personal belongings or a destroyed home. The most important thing is survival, as long as we are alive and have the the basic needs such as clean water, food, clothing and some type of shelter we will be ok. The loss of many things can cause us to have anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping, working, and thinking, so the best thing to do is find a close friend to talk to about how you are feeling. A smart person is always aware of the possible danger and has a plan to deal with it, so we should all be smart and take the time to make these little adjustments so that we can save our lives.


photography by: Emi Jimenez


October 1, 2017. By: Katy Houchen & Kenzie Jones



as Vegas is primarily known for its luxurious parties, casinos, and concerts. People travel from all around the world to visit this wonderful place of illusion, fantasy, and mystery. Where carefree twenty-one-year-old’s visit to celebrate their newly acquired privileges, while those in their fifties join together to celebrate their milestones. Besides birthdays and parties, many people visit to see their favorite artists and singers, and to see them in live musical performances, and experience the art of their music. Imagine all these people in one place enjoying what seems like the best night of their lives, then have it all taken away with the blink of an eye. In the midst of the Route 91 Harvest festival, under the infamous Mandalay Bay Hotel, a peaceful night, which would all be changed with one shot of a gun, within what seemed to be: a perfectly planned massacre. At 9:59 PM a shot was fired on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. More specifically, at a hotel security guard who was determined to stop Stephen Paddock, the man who planned it all. Six minutes later, at 10:05 PM, more shots broke out from the 32nd floor window upon the crowd of music fans. For ten minutes straight the shots continuously rambled on, seeming like they just would not stop; until they did. The last bullet was fired, at and by the gunman himself. Police found him an hour later, deceased; gone before consequences of his terrible acts were even discussed. Fifty-eight people were killed by Paddock that night, but the real question is “why?� The answer is still a mystery to us and the police of Nevada. To family and friends of Paddock, there was no motive; he had no affiliation with religion or politics. The infamous shooter took his own life that night, and whether he was ashamed or just too coward to face the consequences that he would be given, the heartache that he had deliberately put into the lives of so many innocent people still remains.

If you ever think about how a seemingly small world could get any smaller, then it may be crazy to think that in the midst of all this hysteria, someone that might just be right around the corner from us, was deeply affected by the outrageous acts of Stephen Paddock. Miss Treskes, a bubbly, energetic English teacher at Huntington Beach High School was, in fact, one of those who was affected by this massacre. Steve and Abra Treskes (uncle and aunt to Miss Treskes) were on the scene that night. They were celebrating their trip, having the time of their lives, then suddenly they were bombarded with outrage and commotion, and in an instant, all the fun and laughter was all gone; as people went from dancing to covering their heads, on the floor with fear. We went straight to one of our beloved members of Huntington Beach High School for what actually happened on October 1st, 2017 to make sure that every little detail was true and not misguided. Miss Treskes had filled us in with her knowledge of what happened that tragic night...


Q.What had happened to them during the shootings? and How did that affect them? A. “They heard the shots and then they began running shortly after. My uncle got shot in the leg towards his ankle. He and my aunt were down on the ground at that point and my uncle told her that he got shot. She then told him that they just had to keep running and she pulled him along. They waved down an uber and a lot of people jumped in with them. It was at that point that they saw the blood and told the uber driver to go to the hospital. When they got there, they were one of the first to arrive. They offered my uncle a bed but he refused, telling them that other people would start coming who were going to need that bed more. During the wait, my aunt prayed with people and offered them comfort during this horrific experience. To avoid being too graphic, they saw many things which I will not repeat. Now, they are dealing with the day to day remembrance of what happened and how blessed they are to be alive. Especially since they know that they were completely powerless during the shootings. They bless God and know that it is all by His grace that they made it out of that situation alive. My uncle was told that it is safer to leave the bullet in his leg, rather than risk the damage to his nerves from surgery. He now lives with a constant reminder of God's grace. Now that they are home, certain noises cause them to return to that night and the terror they experienced. Anything repetitive and loud reminds them of the sound of the gunshots.” Q.How did the occurrence affect you personally? A. “Personally, I was affected by this because my family is the most important part of my life. Receiving a phone call after 11:00 pm never feels like a good thing. It is worse when your cousin is on the line telling you her dad has been shot. It reminded me of the value of life and how quickly it can be taken away. By God’s grace, my family was saved, and I believe it is so that he could be glorified in this horrid act of darkness. I am reminded that despite all of the darkness in the world, there is still hope. Many people began reaching out to every single member of my family asking about my aunt, uncle, and their friends. People I have not talked to in years began reaching out social media offering love and support.” Q. How has media bias affected your aunt and uncle’s story? A. My aunt and uncle were asked to be interviewed for the news. Throughout this whole experience, all my aunt and uncle have done is praise God. They seek to only glorify Him and His goodness to them. They realized the lack of control they have over their own lives and that they had nothing to do with surviving this horrendous experience. It has changed their lives. It has changed my whole family. Unfortunately, the media has turned my uncle’s story into something else. They removed all mention of his faith and God and they turned him into a hero who gave up a bed for others. As his niece, I am amazed at the honor that my uncle has. He gave up being helped and getting his leg fixed so that others, more desperate of healthcare, would be taken care of. At the same time, I too recognize that this story is bigger than just my uncle. That is what I know my aunt and uncle want people to focus on. This is not a hero story. It is a story about hope.”

Our prayers go out to the Treskes family, and all the other families that have been affected by this tragic event, and we would like to thank them for their contribution to the magazine. 13

photography by: Nichole Chatt


TYLER, THE CREATOR By: Jameson Jaksch This is where we’ve ended up, in the Garden Shed of Tyler, the Creator’s psyche as this album explores every nook and cranny of Tyler’s personality, fears, and growth as an artist. As if we, the listener, are Tyler’s personal therapist and he, our client, dumping out his deepest insecurities and emotions on our lap for us to shuffle through. This awareness and maturity is something we’ve gotten a glimpse of in Tyler’s previous album, Cherry Bomb, and even earlier with Wolf, but that growth and weight that would soon be praised by critics and fans wouldn’t be fully utilized up until now with his latest release, Flower Boy. The album starts with a brilliant opening with the appropriately named track “Foreword,” in which Tyler raps behind a simplistic, minimalistic beat, about how all this spending and loathing from his success is fun in the moment, but will soon become tiring and grating, a sort of reverse “flexing” if you will. In that I mean a lot of mainstream rappers like to rap about how much money they have, how many cars they own, how expensive their clothes are, and Tyler does this, but in a sort of depressive sarcasm, and how all these things he owns might be filling a void in the moment, but won’t later on down the road. From here, the album then beautifully transfers to the next song, “Where This Flower Blooms,” and on this track Tyler raps about who he was before he became famous, and who he is now as a celebrity. A pretty straight forward song with a feature from Frank Ocean which strangely enough seems sort of out of place, there’s plenty of other singers and rappers who could’ve taken Franks spot easily, Tyler himself probably could’ve done it just fine if we’re being honest. From here the album goes into a skit titled “Sometimes,” which features Shane Powers as a radio DJ for Golf Radio when a listener calls in who remains silent, and this cleverly transfers into the song, “See You Again” with the line “Well since you wanna be Mr. [expletive] secret agent, what song do you wanna hear?” When the listener replies with “...The one about me.” “See You Again” is Flower Boys’ “Yonkers” if you will. it’s the most popular song on the album, and yet, I really can’t find a reason for it.

Yes, it’s a good song, yes it’s pretty, but it doesn’t seem very “Tyler” at all, instead it sounds almost Adele like. There’s no other song on the album like it, which you would think is a good thing, but it actually just gives the song the impression that it doesn’t belong on the album and should’ve just been released as a single. Which it should’ve. After the last three tracks which consist of pretty and colorful instrumentals, we are introduced to the main banger of the album, “Who Dat Boy” through ominous, eerie sounding synths which rise to the first line. The song is fun, quirky, and ridiculous, but again it suffers from the same issue “See You Again” does, it just doesn’t feel like it belongs on the album, in fact, I’d say it suffers more from being out of place than “See You Again” does. At least “See You Again” has a pretty almost floral feeling.“Who Dat Boy” feels like it should’ve been on Goblin or a cut track from Cherry Bomb. “Who Dat Boy” ends when Tyler hits a “pothole,” which then leads into the song, “Pothole.” “Pothole” centers on Tyler trying to get where he wants to be, and is trying to drive on a road to success but all of life’s potholes keep getting in the way, and he’ll have to proceed with caution and “watch out for the pothole.” Lyrically, one of the more clever songs on the album, and even instrumentally, very impressive. There’s still just something that leaves it being one of the more forgettable songs on the album. Then we arrive at “Garden Shed,” with a pretty guitar and soulful backup vocals provided by Estelle greeting us on the way in.

artwork by: Dixie Chatt


“Garden Shed” touches on the topic of Tyler’s sexuality, and how it’s something he’s concealed and tried to avoid since childhood, but how since he’s gotten older he’s had to come to grips with his possible homosexuality and how its nothing to be ashamed of, but how he’s also afraid of how the media and his fans will react. “This is crucial subject matter, sensitive like cooking batter,” are lines that drive this point home beautifully, one of the best songs on the album, even though i’m sure there are a lot of people that would disagree with me on that. From here we go onto “Boredom,” which for some reason just irritates me. On my first listen to the album, it was one of my favorite songs but since then, it’s just worn out on me. Some things in the song that won me over are still there, such as the slick sounding drum beat, or how the vocals go nicely over the piano, but for the most part it’s just become mediocre to me. After all the slow, moody, deep, lovey dovey tracks we get another banger titled “I Ain’t Got Time!” which has more of a place of belonging on the album then “Who Dat Boy” does. The song is pretty straight forward, with the lyrics going right along with the title. Tyler raps about ignoring and telling off people who are now only interested in him because of his success. Instrumentally and flow wise, a great banger, but lyrically very lackluster. If “Boredom” left you ready for “I Ain’t Got Time!” then “I Ain’t Got Time!” left you exhausted enough to relax to the best song on the album, “911/ Mr. Lonely.” Without a doubt, the best. Production, lyrics, flow, style, theme, everything. The message itself is clear and sincere. Even though Tyler is getting all this fame, attention, girls, money, he’s not getting the one thing he wants most. Love from someone who will actually be invested in who he is as a person, and not invested in his money or his fame. When I first heard this song I had never been more impressed by the sound on a Tyler song before, ever. The production is outstanding, and it’s clear Tyler devoted a lot of time into this song, which adds sincerity to the message even more. Tyler continues the album with the next track titled “Droppin’ Seeds” which really just feels like filler. It’s a minute long and it features Lil Wayne through the most of it.

Surprisingly even though the thought of Lil Wayne usually makes me sick to my stomach, he actually works really well on this track. If it wasn’t for him on this track, it would be my least favorite on the album (Which wouldn’t really take that much away from the album since it’s only a minute long). You might be asking, “Where’s my absolute least favorite track on the album?” Well it’s right up next with “November.” This song is so bland, so boring, so bleh. Everytime I hear it in my playlist, I always skip it automatically without hesitation. Even the lyrics in this song can’t be a saving grace. Sure, they’re good, but the lyrics give the same message that most of the songs on the album are trying to push through to the listener, the fact that Tyler used to dream of success and fame, and now he has it but still can’t help but feel an emptiness. Thank God the last track on the album saves it from ending on a bad note. “Glitter” feels as if the everyone involved in the album, every song on the album, every note, verse, are all getting together to sing along to the farewell to Tyler’s best album since Wolf. But if you thought that was the end of the album, you’d be proved wrong. Tyler somehow manages to still impress by bringing the album to a thematic close with the complete instrumental “Enjoy Right Now, Today.” Imagine if all the instrumentals, notes, flows, lyrics that I mentioned earlier, were all packed up into the trunk of Tyler’s McLaren and driven to a storage unit where they will forever hold their place in music history. That’s what this track feels like. I’ve heard a couple critics say that the last two tracks, “Glitter” and “Enjoy Right Now, Today,” don’t feel like wrap ups very much at all, but I believe quite the contrary, the album couldn’t have ended any better. Well, that is Flower Boy by Tyler, the Creator. Without a doubt his best album ever made, and one of my favorite albums on top of that. Even with all the nitpicking I did, it’s still a great album. Every album has issues, and for a Tyler album it’s almost flawless.

8/10 17

photography by: Dixie Chatt

artwork by: Gracie Briquelet


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hh ii ss tt oo rr yy vv aa pp oo rr ww aa vv ee By: Gracie Briquelet

Meet vaporwave, one of the most familiar music subgenres on the internet. Internet culture goes hand in hand with nostalgia when it comes to this genre. Often times, one hears vaporwave through a “dank meme,” and decides to take a listen for irony’s sake. From there on, they are sucked into an undeniably life changing audial experience, reminiscent to that of spliced an 80’s pop sound with a lower pitch and a slurred tempo, or elevator music. It is music to listen to a few hours before the sun has risen, lulling you into a dreamlike state. Vaporwave creates a nostalgic atmosphere due to its heavy use of synthetic sound and reverberation. A saxophone or other jazz instruments may be sprinkled throughout a vaporwave mix. The origins of this subgenre are a bit fuzzy. It is generally hard to trace a subgenere of music back to one specific source. What we do know is that vaporwave flourished in the 2010s, and would not have spread so widely if it weren’t for internet forums such as Reddit or Tumblr. One particularly big influencer was Daniel Lopatin, who released an album called Eccojams, under the alias, Chuck Person. The album was initially a joke—it consisted of choppy, heavily altered tunes of the 80’s that looped over and over—but it quickly inspired others to create their own variations of the strangely alluring methodology.

To give you a better idea of what the everyday person at Huntington Beach High School thinks of vaporwave, I interviewed a young music aficionado known as Jameson Jaksch. Jaksch enjoys listening to music, writing his own lyrics, and sharing his passion of music with others. I played a small sample of “MACINTOSH PLUS” for Jameson and asked him what he thought. The track is from Floral Shoppe, a prominent vaporwave album. Jaksch noted that the song made him feel as if he were “floating on a cloud,” which makes perfect sense, for the genre often attracts those who are searching for relaxing, atmospheric music. Jameson added that he “would like to see where vaporwave could go. [He] thinks that it would have a lot of potential as an actual genre if the artists made everything by their own hands, but because they’re stealing [others’ content], it is stuck in a weird place.” I wholeheartedly agree with Jameson that original sounds would draw in a larger audience, though it seems that stealing other tracks has become a dominant aspect of the subculture. 20

PLAYLIST For those who are new to this specific microgenre, or wish to find new songs, I have compiled a mix of timely vaporwave tracks. Enjoy it, and listen to it with an open mind. If you do not prefer this style of music, that is just fine! You have just taken your first step into a world of sub genres that you might never have heard of.

MACINTOSH PLUS fell in love in a dream


the eye of truth


this is how it ends romantic memories B:/ Start Up MAC TONIGHT

Phillip von Wartenberg waterfrontdining Blank Banshee Saint Pepsi


On The Way Out

you win

Telan Devik




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The 80s

, the era of outlandish outfits, politics, and most importantly good music. Michael Jackson and Madonna were the powerhouses of the music industry during this time, but soon new and improved genres of music began to rise. In the early 80s, music began to have more meaning and less about entertainment values. MTV played a major role in changing the music world. In 1981 MTV launched their first music video, “Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Bugles. This completely revolutionized the way music was produced. Soon, and soon more industries began to invest in extravagant videos. The 80s also introduced a more simple and accessible to music with the invention of the CD. This monumental advancement in technology not only made it easier to listen to music, it also brought great innovative style, and bands such as the Duran Duran began to use this to their advantage. Usage of synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers produced a completely different sound than ever before. With a variety of style of music and techniques coming into play, there was bound to be a controversial issue along the way. Madonna's “Like a Virgin” released in 1984 and soon became the topic of several arguments such as depictions of religious symbolism and virginal wedding garments, which sent waves of shock throughout people. Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Relax” used an ad campaign with the phrase “All the nice boys love sea man,” which was later followed by a ban by the BBC for its sexual content, disregarding its huge success. When “Relax” was first released in the US, it was #67 on Billboard 100.

Mentioned earlier, Michael Jackson had broken off from the Jackson 5 to debut as a solo artist. The 1982 album, Thriller went on to be one of the best selling albums of all time. Thriller was on top of the charts for 37 weeks, which he then earned the title of, “King Of Pop.” From all seven of his album's, nine songs became Top 10 hits including “Billie Jean,” “Beat It,” “Thriller,” and “Wanna Be Startin’ Something”- something which had never been done by someone before. During this same time, Jackson revealed his signature dance move to date, the Moonwalk. By the end of the decade, Thriller was certified with a platinum status for the 21st time by the RIAA, with which the Guinness Book of World Records officially certified the record as the world’s best-selling album. To further explain, the RIAA a trade organization that supports and promotes the financial vitality of major music companies. Madonna, the other powerhouse, also played a huge part in 80s music. Madonna began her music career doing vocals and playing the drums for The Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club was a band that started in 1979, and their biggest hit was “Right on Track.” She then signed to Sire Records in 1982 and released “Everybody” which was an instant success. Her official debut album, Madonna, was released September 3rd, 1983. By March the following year, the album was certified gold. In November, the same year, she released “Like A Virgin.” Right before the decade ended, her album, “Like A Prayer” was released. Especially for Madonna, the 80s was a pop wonderland booming with fresh new bubblegum sounds which allowed artists such as herself to constantly invent new sounds.


Moving from the pop genre to rock, one of the most successful and memorable bands was Queen. Either your aunt listened to it or your younger brother just started to. Queen is truly a universal band we can all enjoy. Truly, their success blew up in the 80s with the release of, The Game. Featured in this album were hits like, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” and “Another One Bites the Dust,” both of which ranked number one in the U.S. After a suggestion from Michael Jackson, “Another One Bites the Dust”, was released as a single. In October 1980, it spent three weeks at number one. The album topped Billboard 200 for five weeks and sold over four million copies in the U.S. Another nostalgic band of the 80s is none other than, Duran Duran. Of course, since they were founded in London they were bound to be huge. With hits like their debut album Planet Earth, they reached the United Kingdom’s top 20 at number 12. But, it wasn’t till their third album ‘Girls on Film’ that really attracted them attention. The song went to number 5 in the UK. The video was shot two after MTV had been launched in the United States. The album peaked in the UK top twenty at number 3. In June 1982, Duran Duran appeared for the first time on American television, performing "Hungry Like the Wolf" and "Rio" on Dancin' On Air, the forerunner to the national hit show Dance Party USA. The 80s gave birth to one of the most popular forms of music where people began to realize what going to change the music industry. From one genre of music to another, rap was also another part of music that was changed during the 80s. The Beastie Boys and Run DMC incorporated a new style of music with their own meaningful touch. The Beastie Boys’ most popular hit, “Sabotage,” gained success with its energetic and fun tones. The Rolling Stone stated said it was about the paparazzi, but others have theorized it’s anti-religious. Rick rolling has become an essential meme. It all originated with the popular song, “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Rick rolling didn’t become a modern day meme until the early 2000s. The song originally came out in 1987 and earned worldwide success. The song won many awards including Best British Single at the 1988 Brit Awards, a year after it was released. . Enjoy these totally tubular melodies from the 80s.



photography by: Gracie Briquelet


NOVEMBER PLAYLIST By: Natalie Han November is finally here! In this month’s playlist, I curated songs that were slower and evoked a folksy-esque feel to them. The playlist includes tunes that make heavy use of acoustic guitar and some orchestral instruments too. Classic bands like The Durutti Column, The Presidents Of The United States of America, and Arcade Fire make an appearance along with some up and coming artists such as Lunar Vacation and Fox Academy. Play while studying or just chilling out and enjoy yourselves.

follow our playlist here:

1. Thanksgiving 2. lovers carvings 3. Danse Caribe 4. Simple Season 5. So What 6. Hey Momma 7. Neighborhood #1#(Tunnels) 8. East Harlem 9. The Start of Something

Fox Academy Bibio Andrew Bird Hippo Campus Avi Buffalo Kay Kay and His. Arcade Fire Beirut Voxtrot

10. Otis

The Durutti Col.

11. Peaches

The President O.

12. Swimming

Lunar Vacation 28


The impact of the Beatles Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cannot be understated. Its influence on the growing rock’n’roll culture during the late 60s and 70s played a massive role in providing a unique and interesting angle to the genre, even attaining the Number One on Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest Albums of All Time.” According to the article, the Beatles’ liberal use of piano, orchestral pieces and “fuzzy guitar,” as well as the eye-catching imagery on the album cover, helped to immortalize the concept of psychedelic rock in 1967’s Summer of Love. Despite not being the first major rock album of history (or even the first major album of the Beatles) according to Jack Hamilton’s article “Sgt Pepper’s Timing was as Good as its Music,” the album has proven popular enough to survive for 50 years. Even today, the album’s importance is celebrated. APA’s MMET program has a concert celebrating the Beatles’ music every year, and 2017’s theme was focused on Sgt Pepper, where student performers sang, strummed, and played their hearts out on stage at First Christian Church on November 2nd and 3rd. How exactly did the Beatles claim a spot in the hearts of millions and remain relevant even today? I was able to interview James Knight and Michael Simmons, the heads of MMET’s Pop and Media departments respectively, as well as John Borack, a music journalist who has written two books on the Beatles. A major factor in the success of the album, according to Simmons, was the timing. During this period, the Beatles’ prior global popularity meant that every teenager of the postWWII generation at least knew about the band. The adolescents were faced with “a lot of social upheaval, both good and bad.” With the Vietnam War rapidly spreading a distaste for the seemingly purposeless conflict and the sheer size of 29

the generation, they became a force that stood perpendicular to the rest of society. Simmons explains the connection between the rebellious young adults and the revolutionary creativity of Sgt Pepper: when the album dropped, “the entire world kind of stopped and paid attention.” Knight was one of the teenagers who found a copy of the record and recalls listening to it for the first time with his friends. Like the majority of other American teenagers, “when the music of Sgt Pepper came on, we all had to stop what we were doing and our jaws literally dropped.” Considering that the rest of the teen population fell in love with the album, and that the year was defined by that revolutionary generation, it became dubbed “the entire soundtrack of the summer of 1967.” Knight says that “everything in the… popular music industry, contemporary music, was considered pop music. With Sgt Pepper, it went to another level and was considered art.” Not only was it admired by the adolescent movement, but it also caught the attention of experts. Another major factor in what caused the album to catch fire as quickly as it did, according to Borack, was the expansion of the instruments and techniques the Beatles used. Although the band was comprised of two guitars, one bass, and drums in their first few years, they started “exploring a lot of new musical territory… their popularity meant they could do whatever they wanted to do in the studio” in 1967. Also, because their producer, the similarly creative Steve Martin, was an open vessel to getting their hands onto new instruments, the Beatles had a limitless opportunity to experiment.

The track “Within You Without You” heavily incorporated Indian instruments, which, according to Borack, “was, for the most part, unheard of at that time.” The band also utilized orchestration, such as the song “She’s Leaving Home,” and a calliope in “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite.” Borack emphasized how incredibly unique the album was, utilizing harpsichords, keys, even crowd noises, and immeasurable array of other sounds that stunned those who heard the songs. A 50 year anniversary remaster was released in the summer of 2017, made by Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and Apple. A study by MassLive shows that 1.7 million active Spotify playlists that feature Sgt Pepper’s songs today. Even music historians still debate on the success of the album, as discussed in Chris Reed’s article “3 Endless Debates About Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Album on its 50th Anniversary.” According to Reed, the primary topics of concern are whether the album was truly the Beatles’ best album, whether it had a brilliant and cohesive concept, and whether it displayed the peak of the band’s creativity. These are solid arguments, undoubtedly, but it seems as if the majority of listeners view the album in a positive light. Nonetheless, the album remains: whether as a catalyst for discussion or simply as a means to listen to good music, it remains a part of the legacy of a revolutionary band. Clearly, the album has cemented itself into the culture of music. Sgt Pepper’s songs serve to both casuals and diehards, the listeners and the analysts. It revolutionized the world of 1967 and left a lasting impression that would never go away. A 50-year-old album ready to last for a half century more: a list of songs that attract fans of old and new. Sgt Pepper might not be everyone’s favorite Beatles album, but it certainly won’t be forgotten. photography by: Dixie Chatt

Izzy’s CorneR W/ Special Guest :

n a m f f u h e v a d @ By: Izzy Agnello Welcome back to Izzy’s corner, where we shine a light on people who enjoy or are involved in music at HBHS. Music can affect anyone from your neighbor to your English teacher. Even the voice you hear every morning at the beginning of second period. “The life of Dave Huffman with your morning announcements; the face behind the voice” was one of the first things Huffman had said to me. He and I are both in marching band, but we have never conversed. Huffman describes himself as “relatively quiet at first, but loud and obnoxious when he gets comfortable.” From what I can tell, he is also a generous friend. During the interview, a freshman in band tried to return money to Huffman. He refused to take the money. He said to her, “I don’t want your money. Go! Leave! Save your money.” She replied with, “It’s not my money anyway.” Huffman’s rejoinder was, “Save that money! Go!” Then the freshman pursued giving Huffman at least a dime! But no. He continued to tell her to leave with the money. His final words were, “I ain’t having that… Don’t worry about it Ana, thank you though.” After the small argument, Dave exclaimed, “Honestly I’m just a second coming of Jesus; let's be real here.” This phrase led to the rest of an interesting conversation with our own Dave Huffman. He originally began music in third grade where he played the violin. He graced the string of the violin for an estimate of six or seven years, yet he lost interest in it. He then began to experiment with other instruments over the course of a few years.


These included the upright bass, for 1 or 2 years; the electric bass. For about a year or two; he then began to start playing drums. Today, he is captain of the drumline in the HBHS Marching Band. Even though he has achieved this, he still has some challenges to overcome as a set drummer. “Tower of Power, best funk band in the world in my opinion,” Huffman elaborated. He is influenced by Tower of Power; even though he hasn’t been listening to funk often. Lately, he’s been listening to punk rock bands like Bad Religion, Dead Kennedys, and System of a Down. Huffman even admitted having a love for vaporwave. We agreed that vaporwave is the type of music you listen to in order to get focused or to just let your mind drift off. “I don’t have a favorite genre of music. Like, why would you just limit yourself to a single genre of music,” he exemfied. Huffman, of course, goes through phases of music like the rest of us. But he doesn’t limit himself to one type in his playlists. For instance, he was listening to a significant amount of punk a few weeks ago, but recently he just got back into vaporwave. “Every genre has really good things to offer.” “I maybe have two hours to stare at a wall and just decompress,” he said staring off into the distance.

photography by: Izzy Agnello


photography by: Izzy Agnello

Huffman describes being in the school’s music programs he is a part of as time-consuming. To him, marching band is his life. Obviously Huffman is involved in the morning announcements, but he is also the unofficial band rep for ASB; he is in APA, jazz band, marching band, and Drumline. He also is somewhat hoping that our award-winning Drumline will be included in the winter sports video at the next assembly. “As a nonspecific memory I would probably say doing The Producers last year,” Huffman said as he stroked his chin. Huffman began to reminisce and describe his favorite musical memories. The Producers, being his favorite musical, left a mark on his mind as not just being fun to watch, but also fun to play and perform as well. Playing the music for this iconic musical also takes the cake as his favorite high school memory. Huffman then continues to reflect on a specific memory that happened his freshman year. “It was my freshman year. I was on bass drum at the time, and there was this one little thing that we did as a visual. It wasn’t like an official visual; it was just us like screwing around one day. It was me, a junior at the time, and I think Brendan, and so what we would do is we were in line right, and we were supposed to turn at a 45 degree angle that’s the visual, but when we did that, since we didn’t play there we would like do like a train thing. Ba BA Ba. Cha ch-cha cha. *insert locomotive train, arm motions* Ba BA Ba. It was really funny,” He described to me complete with motions.


Almost every musician who enjoys playing understands that rush of adrenaline you get when you play something right and that emotional high you reach. That’s how Huffman feels towards music he enjoys the rush and the feeling of everything just locking in and that great feeling of satisfaction. The “yeah, I just did that” feeling. “And remember bananas are a good source of potassium,” Huffman said as his first sign off. The majority of his teachers told him “you should do morning announcements.” Eventually, he tried out his sophomore year, but the position was given to a then senior, Johnny Arnold, who also had a deep voice. Of course, Huffman was a little hurt, but a few weeks into his junior year, his time had come. He went in on his first day and had no clue what to say. This led him to say a random fact about bananas; which he has never done since. Then Huffman was told to say “stay classy.” Ever since the beginning, he has been criticized on how he says things and his voice as well as praised by unknown peers. “If I had to describe APA it’s like sticking a needle in your arm and slowly draining all of the blood out of your system,” Huffman smiled. I know that sounds negative, but he enjoys it. It’s time-consuming and in the end, he says it’s worth it. Huffman believes APA is a good music industry experience especially when it comes to musical theater and performances.

photography by: Izzy Agnello

The music actually is broadway pit music, and it gives the musicians the chance to experience how it would be in the actual production. In his words, “it’s a really good experience it’s just a lot of work. If you don’t love music or you don’t love what you’re doing there is no reason you should do it.”

photography by: Izzy Agnello

When asked about his plans for the future, “They change every four months,” Huffman says. He’s definitely is going to go to community college. He hopes he will get into game design, but he’s not sure what to do specifically. Huffman has lately been wanting to do 3D animation or even level design. Something to do with the creation of video games. Another possibility is that he learns several languages and become a translator. During his time in college, he would also like to have a band sort of like the one he is in now, Skaberry Jam. Skaberry hasn’t been as active as it should be but you all should see them if they do a show soon, I recommend it. “I have no clue,” Huffman said as his eyes widening. He has no idea what he’s going to get from all this music education that he has received. Huffman has always been a musician, but doesn’t wish to pursue it as a career. He has never thought about where all his hours of time and effort poured into music are going to go. Thank you to Dave for taking the time to sit down with me and sharing your views on music with me. You are a bodacious and hilarious dude. Take it easy Oilers.


Forgotten Classics presents: THE

E b AT



uring 1978, a social reform was beginning in the United Kingdom. Political and social upheavals began to split the nation apart. In March of the same year, the band, The Beat opened for the Selectors and played their first ever show in Birmingham, England. After performing, the group was signed to the record label 2-Tone. In the early days, the group was made up of Dave Wakeling, Andy Cox, David Steele, Everett Morton, and Ranking Rogers. They all were brought up in the working class and unlike other bands at the time, spread the simple message of unity during the political discord. The Beat honed their skills on fusing ska, reggae, punk rock, soul, and dance and would later go on to become a main influencer of the British Two Tone Ska movement in Britain.

A year after forming, the band released their first single, “Tears of a Clown” their rendition of the Smokey Robinson song. The song charted in the United Kingdoms and the band proceeded to work on their on their LP album. After sometime, they began to drift from their label and decided to create their own called Go Feet. In 1980, the band’s debut album I Just Can’t Stop It came out and became a success, containing hits such as “Mirror In the Bathroom,” “Hand’s Off… She’s Mine,” and their cover of “Can’t Get Used to Losing You.” The English Beat came out with an additional two albums, Wha’ppen and Special Beat Service. The band began to develop a following in Australia and the United States. Due to another band in the States called The Beat, the band took on the name “The English Beat” to avoid confusion. The English Beat toured extensively throughout the world and performed with the likes of David Bowie, REM and the Talking Heads. 35

By: Natalie Han

Like many other bands, The English Beat broke up. After three albums, the band separated in 1983. The members of the band continued their craft though. Dave Wakeling and Ranking Rogers formed the new wave band, General Public which included former members of The Clash, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, and The Specialist. Everett Morton and Saxa created the International Beat while Andy Cox and David Steele went on to form the alternative rock and new wave Fine Young Cannibals. The band reformed in the 2010’s into two separate touring bands, each lead by Dave Wakeling and Ranking Rogers. Roger’s band released Bounce in 2016 and Dave Wakeling´s band announced they would be coming out with a new album Here We Go Love sometime this year. This past year, I had the privilege of attending one of their concerts held in Sacramento at the Ace of Spades. There were a few drunk middle age men who began to act like children and shove bystanders shove but otherwise it was a fabulous concert. I managed to wrangle myself right in the front and enjoyed the rest of the concert. Dave Wakeling was still cranking out his songs with his signature style of energetic vocals, and Ranking Rogers also made an appearance and rallied the crowd together. The band played many of their hits and some General Public songs including “Tenderness.” I was quite surprised they did not play my personal favourite “I Confess” considering it is one of their most popular songs. Even after almost forty years, The English Beat continues to tour and remains true to their roots; they continue to spread their message through groovy hooks and feel good lyrics.

artwork by: Grace Briquelet

p o P K 4


By: Andrea Cervantes

Music. Everyone listens to different music going from pop to rock to rap and more. Most people stay within their barrier since they feel like they have no need to extend to different genres or different languages. As for the other people, they are willing to give other types of music a try and this is for all you people who are experimental and want to experience something new, such as KPOP. KPOP, also known as Korean pop, has begun to grow tremendously throughout the years due to many artists, such as BTS, EXO, NCT, and more, that have branched out towards different parts of the world. So, all you dummies out there who want to know all about these groups, continue reading and maybe you’ll find your new favorite group.



Now let’s start with one of the biggest groups out there. EXO debuted on April 8th 2012 under S.M.Entertainment. When they were first created, they were separated into two different units M and K. EXO K consists of 6 members; Kai, Sehun, D.O, Baekhyun, Suho, and Chanyeol. EXO M consists of 6 members as well; Tao, Luhan, Chen, Lay, Xiumin, and Kris. EXO K was made for Korean music while EXO M composed of only Chinese music. From time to time they would combine for albums, but mostly stayed separated. As time went on, members Tao, Luhan, and Kris went their separate ways, leaving the group due to issues with the company. Since then, the two groups combined as one. They have managed to achieve many goals, leading them to become one of the biggest KPOP groups in the world.

They have won many awards, such as Artist of the Year for the 2016 Melon Music Awards and Album of the Year with EXODUS. Music videos such as “‘Growl,” “Call Me Baby,” and “Monster’” have reached over 150 million views bringing them to one of the most viewed KPOP videos ever. Their fans, also known as EXO-L’s, have supported them throughout their whole journey, picking them up after hard times. They’re catchy songs and their edgy style has caught the hearts of many EXO-L’s who have brought them to where they are today and will soon bring them to an even greater future.

Day6 There are also some major bands in the KPOP industry as well. Day6 is a band that debuted September 17th 2015 under JYP Entertainment. The band originally started off with six members, but due to some complications there are now only five. These members being: Sungjin, who plays the guitar; Jae, who is the lead guitarist; Young K, who is the bassist; Wonpil, who is the keyboardist; and Dowoon, who plays drums. They are very unique due to the fact that they’ve managed to get very big for being a band and not a typical KPOP group. Their first single, “Congratulations,” introduces them as a group and their main concept brings light and a calming pleasure to their unique style. Their other hits, such as “I Wait,” brings a more edgy style to them which completes the description of their entire concept.

photography by: Andrea Cervantes

#4 BTS

photography by: Andrea Cervantes

#2 Day 6 photography by: Andrea Cervantes

photography by: Andrea Cervantes

#1 EXO

#3 Hyuna


HyunA Now as much as there are many groups and bands out there, there are also some good soloist as well. HyunA is a solo artist that has had more experience than most in the industry. She first started off in a group called The Wonder Girls back in 2007 soon leaving to join a new group called 4Minute in 2009. She soon started her solo career releasing a few mini album’s, even collaborating with PSY for “Gangnam Style”. Soon in 2016 4Minute broke up, leaving her with just her solo music. Ever since then she has achieved many goals as a soloist and as a person herself. As she continued on with her solo music, she soon joined a new group called Triple H featuring members of Pentagon, Edawn and Hui with an mini album called 199X which gives her a new outlook on her music and where she leading her new sound towards. During this time being with Triple H, she still managed to release a new mini album called Following, her single being “Babe” which has reached 7 million views on youtube. She is a great artist that has done very much to meet many goals jumping from different sounds to get to where she is at today. So if you’re interested in cute yet edgy music, then HyunA is your girl.

NCT NCT, Neo Culture Technology, is a group under S.M.Entertainment, that is made to have unlimited amounts of members. Due to this they are separated into different units which they use to represent different cities. NCT U, consists of 6 members: Taeyong, Ten, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Mark, and Taeil. NCT U was the first to debut on April 9th 2016 with two singles “The 7th Sense” and “Without You.” All members of NCT U (except Ten) appear in NCT 127 as well. Continuing, NCT 127, consisting of 9 members: Taeyong, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Mark, Taeil, Yuta, WinWin, Haechan, and Johnny, debuted next on July 7th 2016 with the single “Firetruck.” When they first debuted, members Doyoung and Johnny weren’t in the group yet, until they debuted along with them for their next comeback being “Limitless.” They have achieved many goals with their newest mini-album “Cherry Bomb” becoming the most successful out of all units. The third unit


and last one so far, NCT Dream, which consisting of 7 member: Mark (who is also in U and 127), Haechan (also in 127), Jisung, Renjun, Jeno, Chenle, and Jaemin, debuted on August 24th 2016 with the single “Chewing Gum.” NCT Dream are known for having all members that are under eighteen, the youngest being fifteen. NCT Dream released two mini albums, The First and We Young which have received positive outcomes ever since. Each unit has their own style as U and 127 go for a more edgy concept while Dream goes for a more childlike concept.. Their hard work has gained much popularity from their fans, also known as NCTzens which mean citizens of NCT. NCTzens have made it their mission to get these boys to the top no matter what the cost.

BTS BTS, also known as Beyond The Scenes, is group under Big Hit Entertainment that debuted June 12th 2013. BTS consist of 7 members: Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. BTS has became the biggest KPOP group throughout the years as they started to grow throughout each era. They have achieved many goals, some involve receiving the award for “Artist of The Year” at the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards and “Top Social Artist” at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards making them the first KPOP artist to ever win a Billboard award. They have many different concepts since they don't focus on the typical boy band stereo type by discussing more personal topics into their music. They have created a storyline throughout their albums, using their music videos, such as “Blood Sweat and Tears”, to convey their stories visually. This storyline has received many positive comments due to all the hard work that they have conveyed to each video. They are also known for their amazing choreography such as for “Fire” and their recent single “DNA.” The music video for “DNA” has reached over 120 million views, first reaching 21 million views in 24 hours, becoming the 11th most viewed video in 24 hours in the world and becoming the most viewed video in 24 hours from any KPOP artist. They have received many positive outcomes from their newest album Love Yourself which features a collaboration with The Chainsmokers. Their fans, also known as ARMY, has brought them to where they are today and hope to continue along with their journey as they continue to thrive throughout the world. Kpop is a great way to introduce yourself to something new. Give it a try. You might not like it and that’s okay, it's not intended to be everyones favorite thing; but give it a try, maybe you'll find your new favorite artist.

PLAYLIST ! This is a playlist of my favorite bops including some other songs that aren't appreciated enough. Enjoy!

+ More ! 1. Fire 2. monster 3. cherry bomb 4. the 7th sense 5. we young 6. babe 7. 365 fresh 8. i wait 9. never ever 10. hero 11. like this 12. baby

follow this playlist here:

BTS exo nct 127 nct u nct dream hyuna triple h day 6 got7 monsta x pentagon astro




he stage is set on a glittering catwalk somewhere so extravagantly out of place it might just put the sight of the Palace of Versailles to shame. A highly imaginative, painstakingly built style of fashion lives here. The sheer illusion of avant-garde art, in fashion form. Ultimately confusing for its unwearable nature, but worshiped for its show-stopping performance qualities. The masterminds behind such pieces are not your average designers, in fact, they are highly ingenious artists who push themselves to break the barrier between normal and pure costume. If you were to open a fashion magazine such as Vogue at this very moment, you would be blinded by the glossy photos of models clad in eye popping, page stopping fashion equally as impressive as the picture itself. With a cult-like following avant-garde fashionistas used to, and still do, wait hours on end just to get a glimpse of these designer’s New York Fashion Week shows. Notably, Thierry Mugler’s 1997 Spring/ Summer collection is still, to this day, one of the most incredible showings of all time. Mugler’s fashion career began in the early 70s starting off primarily creating chic and conservative clothing, but that all changed in the 90s. Thierry Mugler’s 1997 collection was a spectacle of its own; consisting of a combination of styles from insects, to birds, with hints of extraterrestrial, mashed up with the everyday Parisian woman in mind. For the finale piece a simple black velvet gown made its way down the catwalk, only to have the model “transform” into a butterfly where she turned around to reveal a beautifully hand sculpted feather winged back.

By: Dixie Chatt

Another example would be the iconic Maison Margiela duvet coat from 1999. In the New York Times article “On The Streets; Northern Comfort” (2000), Bill Cunningham praised the coat as a “replacement for furs” and that “it was time for a return of the down coat”. I could not agree more with that sentiment, even though it was said nearly seventeen years ago. Structured and chic, yet able to keep you cozy and stylish, the perfect combination. The beauty of avant-garde style is that it can leave you completely awed, with no choice but to openly gawk at it. Sometimes these art pieces are impossibly made, not even able to be worn, but other times they are. An example of this would be designer Harry Gordon, who created dresses entirely out of paper; which he deemed “poster dresses.”An acclaimed couture designer could make a dress out of raw meat and still garner attention and critical acclaim, or in Lady Gaga’s case, make someone into an even bigger red carpet star. Of course many still do not understand, or still think that Gaga was insane, for wearing such an outfit to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Ultimately what we should understand is that this was for shock value, and to get people talking, which is exactly what her garments accomplished. When Björk completely bedazzled her face to match her Alexander Mcqueen gown, was another great example of when two artists come together to create a memorable look. Personally, I am led to believe that fashion is an elevated version of art. photography by: Dixie Chatt


photography by: Dixie Chatt


A painter creates a one dimensional masterpiece, while an avant-garde designer creates three dimensional, even four dimensional gowns, hats, and shoes. With regard to Alexander Mcqueen, he is believed to be one of the greatest avant-garde designers to ever live. Mcqueen once put together a captivating performance piece in 1999 where model Shalom Harlow was put into a plain white dress secured by two brown belts where she then stood on a rotating disk in the middle of the runway and was sprayed with black and yellow paint by industrial robots. This wonderful spectacle created an entertaining, yet mysterious show, with a gorgeous outcome.

In the words of former Vogue editor-at-large, André Leon Talley, “I’m so sick of mermaid dresses, trains, borrowed bling-bling and a pose.” It is better, in my personal opinion, to effortlessly be different than to succumb to fashion conformity. At first, like you may be, I was just a little confused. Why is an odd art culture, such as avant-garde, so sought after? To fully understand you need to do some research. After you finish reading this last sentence, look up some of those designers I listed previously and be transformed into a world of wild imagination and immense creativity.

Many would disagree with me that fashion is in direct correlation with art, but like fashion itself, everything is subject to an individual’s opinion and criticism. If you ever have the time search designers such as Comme des Garçons, Gareth Pugh, Iris van Herpen, Patricia Underwood, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Guo Pei, Kobi Levi, Elsa Schiaparelli, Helen Britton, André Courrèges, and Vivienne Westwood, just to name a notable few. These designers have carved the way and raised the bar for fashion as we know it. Of course, you do not need to wear giant feathers and trailing veils for your outfit to be considered avant garde. Being avant garde means that you are simply appreciative of a unique art form, in this case fashion. You could wear jeans and a shirt with a custom print that you hand painted and be avant garde.

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photography by: Dixie Chatt

photography by: Dixie Chatt



When you come from a small town, you don’t see too many experiment with their fashion. As a new student to Huntington Beach High School, the first major difference I observed was how people expressed themselves through their clothing. Whether it is through their hair, clothes, or makeup, the students here are able to fully convey their personalities through their appearance. In this month’s issue, I interviewed Valentino and Cierra on their wardrobe.

Cierra Williams @ciierrugh How would you describe your fashion? That’s a good question. Honestly, I am very 90’s inspired. I like old, really bad 90’s movies that no one can remember. Like cult classics like “Empire Records” and that kind of stuff. What are some of your influences? I like Winona Ryder and I follow a few people on Instagram who I am influenced by like @hotcheetomami. She is a goddess. My mom definitely. I will look up old pictures of her in the 90’s and I get inspiration from her. She would definitely be one of my style icons. Do you have a fashion icon? Definately Instagram. Fashion is a big part of who I am as a person and I like to follow a lot of different clothing brands, Instagram models, or even people who like put together their outfits nicely.

photography by: Natalie Han

How does the media influence your style or life? This includes music or videos platforms such as Youtube or Instagram. Literally just wear anything. Like right now I’m wearing like a pillowcase that I turned into a skirt. For real, just wear whatever you want. Personally, there are things I wouldn’t wear like low waisted jeans and jeans on jeans because it hurts me.but if you look good in it and you feel confident in it. Wear it. Don’t let people dictate your style. Any fashion tips or tricks? Confidence plays a big part. I put a lot of time into how my outfits look and I really depend on that kind of thing for my confidence not because I want other people to think I look good. It’s more about feeling good myself and I feel my personality is really output by how I dress. Where do you shop for your clothes? I really like thrift stores like Savers but even some mainstream things such as Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters are good. Brandy Melville isn’t the best company but they have some nice clothes. Like I’ll buy things that are considered popular but I won’t buy it because it’s persay popular. I don’t really believe people buy things because they’re popular but because they like it and that’s what I do!

photography by: Natalie Han


photography by: Natalie Han


photography by: Natalie Han

Valentino Petrozzi @valtrozzi How would you describe your fashion? I’d describe it as very outgoing. I like to look like I’m screaming but with colours or like something else insane! I want people to say,“Like look at that kid!” when they see me. What are some of your influences? My uncle, he is the guitarist for band, The Vandals. He wears similar clothing to me like wild colourful stuff but maybe not ostrich slippers like I do. He definitely wears crazy colours though and dresses pretty fun and interesting. Do you have a fashion icon? Probably my uncle from before. His name is Warren Fitzgerald. He just wears some really cool stuff like I’ve said.

photography by: Natalie Han

How does the media influence your style or life? This includes music or videos platforms such as Youtube or Instagram. I like to be the exact opposite of pop culture a lot of the times. I like to break the social norms and be a weirdo pretty much. That’s kinda my thoughts on life too. Any fashion tips or tricks? Wear what you want, not what other people want or wear. More than anything, if you want to wear something just wear it. For example, if you like the colour black, wear the colour black it’s up to you. You should also be yourself and be confident. Confidence is a big thing in fashion. You just have to put yourself out there. Where do you shop for your clothes? If I’m buying more regular clothes, I’ll go to Vans. If I wanna buy some more unusual clothes I’ll go to Macy’s, Savers, or Goodwill to find the strange things.

photography by: Natalie Han


photography by: Natalie Han


photography by: Natalie Han


Congrats Football! Our team would like to extend our greatest congratulations to the Oiler football team on an amazing season! Lookbook By: Matt Sargent





NBA Trades 2017-2018 Season

By: Julien Hereld Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets Last season ended Chris Paul's contract with the Los Angeles Clippers. This made Chris Paul a free agent and all teams tried to get him before any other team could. The one team that came out successful was the Houston Rockets. They traded 7 players off of Houston to get Chris Paul. These players were Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, Sam Dekker, Montrezl Harrell, Darrun Hilliard, DeAndre Liggins, Kyle Wiltjer. This was an amazing trade and having 2 All-Star players on the Rockets (James Harden and Chris Paul) will make a change in this upcoming season for the rockets. Houston Rockets will also have a first-round pick next year with cash considerations. Since James Harden moved and is now the current point guard for the Houston Rockets, Paul's position for the Rockets might be a little different this year than it was last year for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Jimmy Butler to the Timberwolves This season the Timberwolves made a smart move. Jimmy Butler the small forward and shooting guard is now on the Minnesota Timberwolves. For the last 6 years, Jimmy Butler was the main shooting guard and small forward for the Chicago Bulls. While on the Bulls, Jimmy was a three-time All-Star and was a three-time NBA All-Defensive Team honoree. The Timberwolves traded both Zach LaVine and Kris Dunn for Jimmy Butler. Most say that the Bulls completely botched the inevitable Jimmy Butler trade.


Paul George and Carmelo Anthony to the Oklahoma City Thunder This year OKC gets two amazing All-Star players, Carmelo Anthony and Paul George. Paul George was the guard and a forward for the Pacers. OKC made a 2 player trade for Paul George. They traded Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis. For Oklahoma, getting Paul George was the best trade they got over the summer. OKC needed another AllStar since Kevin Durant left to join the Golden State Warriors. Not only did OKC get Paul George, they also got Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo Anthony was the small forward for the New York Knicks. Anthony is a 10 time NBA All-Star and the NBA Scoring Champion in 2013. Getting Carmelo Anthony completed OKC’s lineup. OKC now owns 3 major All-Stars. Those players being Carmelo Anthony, Paul George, and Russell Westbrook. Their starting lineup with consist with Russell Westbrook (Point Guard), Steven Adams (Center), Carmelo Anthony (Small Forward), Paul George (Small Forward), and Andre Roberson (Small Forward).

Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics The duo for the Cleveland Cavaliers is over. During the summer Kyrie Irving made the choice to go to the Boston Celtics. Lebron James and Kyrie Irving made an amazing duo of the Cleveland Cavaliers for 4 years straight. This trade caused drama all over the internet. People were burning Irving's jersey and talking on Twitter. His former teammate, LeBron James, has been defending him throughout the trade process. Kyrie Irving is a 4-time All-Star and an NBA Champion in 2016. He has earned the nickname “Ankletaker” from his ability to dribble and break the defender's ankles on the court. The Boston Celtics traded Isaiah Thomas, 2-time All-Star, went to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Both Cleveland and Boston have a strong duo for the 2017-2018 season. The Cavaliers have LeBron James and now Isaiah Thomas, both NBA All-Stars. Boston has Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving.

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health benefits of

SWIMMING By: Briana Dooley “Swimming is normal for me. I’m relaxed. I’m comfortable, I know my surroundings. It’s my home.” - Michael Phelps.

There are many ways you can benefit from swimming not only physically but also mentally. Swimming for thirty minutes has been proven to enhance the quality of your mood and contribute to orthodox and more reasonable sleeping patterns. Swimming regularly, these aquatic athletes also show less symptoms of of depression and anxiety. According to, “Studies among both amateur and professional swimmers have shown that those who swim regularly experience less tension, depression, and anger after a session in the pool, and they gain significantly more energy through swimming than through other types of exercise.” Not only does swimming decrease stress and brighten your mood, it also is a really great way to make new friends and meet new people. While swimming, you can share tips with others near you and start a conversations while you are swimming! I have interviewed the swim coach, Huntington Beach City Junior Guard instructor, and lifeguard, Ryan Camps. I have asked him a series of questions about how swimming has benefitted him throughout the years.

BD: How did swimming benefit you? RC: “I think swimming did a lot of things for me. Swimming in general tends to be long practices. It tends to be very individualistic, what you’re focused on, your goals. It really taught me that if I work hard, I can achieve what I want to achieve, and at the same time it taught me about time management.

How I will be able to be an athlete at the same time as trying to get good enough grades to get into college and just on a daily basis get the homework done. By being shown how to do all those things it helps when you get to there’s less structure because it teaches you about how you have to personally work hard to reach those goals. We live in a society where we try to blame other people, but in theory, it really comes from how much work you put into it.”

BD: Would you say swimming helped you to relieve stress? RC: “I really liked swimming for that purpose. I could put my head down and workout for two hours not necessarily having to talk and deal with some of the things I was worried about. It was able to give me a break from some of that stuff I was worried about. Whether that was school, some of the social issues I had to deal with on a daily basis and in terms of just being in high school, it allows you a break from that.”

BD: How did you balance out school and swim/ water polo? RC: “It was tough, it was a little different back from when I was at school here. I had different coaches. I think I had six or seven water polo and swim coaches just in the four years I was here at Huntington Beach High School. Each one always wants something different from you, kind of like teachers.


You have some teachers you like and some you don’t like, but your whole goal is to try to learn from people you get along with and those you don’t get along with. The same thing with learning how to balance was quite difficult. The first coach I had was for freshman/sophomore. We would practice for two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon along with club water polo. It was a lot. I think at an earlier age it was a lot of trial and error. if I was doing poorly it was because I wasn’t managing my time correctly so, I had to figure it out on my own. My parents were supportive, but at the same time they didn’t really want to hear me complain about it. At no point did my parents give me the opportunity to blame anyone besides me. I wasn’t able to make swimming or school an outlet for my blame because I knew if I wanted to do both I had to be able to manage my time correctly or I could just do one or the other. They always gave me that option, “You don’t have to swim you could just do school but if you swim you’re going to do what the coach requires of you and learn how to manage your time.” Trial and error, I think, was pretty much how I learned.”

BD: Did swimming help you socially? RC: “Yeah, I think it [did]. I think it gave me friends that I’ll still talk to today and people that I still know. It’s a group of people that you are able to hang out with not only in high school, but also the rest of your life. Whether it is swimming, playing basketball, joining MUN or being in a club, these options all kind of affect how you are socially, who you hang out with and, what group you try to affiliate with.”

BD: Did swimming help shape who you were in high school? RC: “Definitely! I would say I was always exhausted, but maybe being busy was a good thing. It had me focused on just swimming and school. It definitely shaped who I was, at least on campus.”


Many sports are very good for your health, but swimming is more beneficial than you think. There are many ways swimming can help your body. Swimming doesn’t just work out your legs and arms, it also strengthens your core. Having a strong core helps you glide through the water faster. Water makes more resistance, therefore, strengthens and tones muscles. It’s also a great form of cardio. By moving your arms and legs, it makes blood pump to the tissue which enhances heart muscle. As you start to swim at a faster pace, your lungs strengthen while you breathe faster. Mr. Camps claims, “We don’t really quite understand that most people don’t know how to swim. We live in a very coastal community but the majority of this country and the world doesn’t know how to swim.” Although swimming is such a great way to burn calories and stay in shape, not everyone knows how to swim. On the other hand, for those of you who do, swimming is a great way to work out all aspects of your body. For me swimming has really helped clear my mind when I’m stressed and brightened my mood. It’s a very great skill to have and a fun activity for you and your friends.

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Show Nerd By: Genesis Tapia

Do you never know what to watch on T.V.? Are you aimlessly skipping through every channel trying to find anything worth watching? Well sit back and continue reading. Nowadays people are trying to discover T.V. shows that will catch their attention. If you are a person who enjoys watching action and sci-fi shows then this show is just for you:The Gifted. For you Marvel fans, they came out with yet another show that is based off the X-Men and the Brotherhood that seemed to disappear without a trace. This show is about an ordinary family whose life begins to change when the parents discover that their children have developed mutant powers. Trying to protect themselves, the family is forced to run from a menacing government who takes away mutants that they believe are a threat to the world. The family joins an underground system of mutants who try to save others that are just like them that are also afraid of the world, being taken away from their home, from families, and worst of all, being killed. With each other, they fight to survive in a world where there is fear and confusion and one side is trying to win over the other.


To get a little more insight on the show, I will give descriptions of a few characters, but not on all of the characters because I do not want to ruin the show for people who are looking forward to observing the show for themselves. Clarice Fong AKA Blink is a sarcastic, caring mutant who is part of the mutant underground that has the ability to make round portals and travel to any destination as long as she knows where she’s heading to. She has pink markings appearing on her face as her powers grow as well as pink hair and green vibrant eyes. Marcos Diaz AKA Eclipse is a stubborn and a rebellious mutant who is part of the mutant underground and has the ability to manipulate and absorb photons that he can then shoot out of his hands. He is Mexican with black hair and brown eyes. He may look like an average person who seems normal but will fight for those he cares about. Overall, this show is fantastic to watch especially for those who are looking for an action and sci-fi hybrid. When the trailer first came out I was extremely interested and excited for how the show was going to present itself and which villains to expect. Then after I watched the first episode’ I was impressed at how it introduced the characters and how the plot was set nicely. For a Marvel fan such as myself, I am continually amazed at how they create such fresh and exciting content for their viewers to enjoy. For those of you that are going to view the show, it plays on Mondays on Fox 11 at 9:00 pm. Hope you enjoy The Gifted as I have.


The Last jedi trailer breakdown

By: Grace Galarraga

After a much-anticipated wait from Star Wars fans everywhere, the second trailer for The Last Jedi, has been released. Like most fans, I saw it, screamed, changed my wallpaper to a picture of a Porg, and tried my best to analyze every last frame of it. I had some help from Jacob Conover, a Star Wars fan who has a lot to say about the new trailer. Here are just a few theories about the upcoming Star Wars film, The

Last Jedi.

DISCLAIMER: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! If you haven't seen any of the Star Wars movies prior to this, turn back now, watch them, then come back. THEORY 1: "I need someone to show me my place in all this." The point in the trailer that had fans talking (besides Snoke's bright yellow robes and the tiny Porg scream with Chewie), was the pivotal last scene between mortal enemies Kylo Ren and Rey. Rey, illuminated by a soft yellow glow, says, "I need someone to show me my place in all this." Then, to the surprise of many fans, Kylo holds out his hand. What exactly does this mean? Conover has some answers. “Luke is afraid of Rey’s power because of what happened with Ben (Kylo Ren). She’s upset that he doesn’t trust her and he’s keeping secrets from her, so she’s going to try to go out and find answers, and that’s why she needs someone to show her ‘her place.’”

artwork by: Grace Briquelet

Kylo and Rey teaming up is the basis of many fan theories. However, many believe that the scene is edited to look as if they were having a conversation with each other, when in reality, Rey might be talking to Luke instead. According to the context and speculated location of Rey when she says this, it seems more plausible that she is talking to Luke, not Kylo. When answering the question of whether an alliance between the two force users is possible, Conover said, “I think that Kylo and Rey teaming up is a very likely thing to happen.” According to, there are three possible ways Kylo and Rey could team up. The first theory is that Kylo joins Rey on the light side and becomes Ben Solo once again. The second theory is highly unlikely, but still a possibility. Rey could join Kylo on the dark side. The third, and the theory most Star Wars fans like Conover believe in, is that with Rey’s light and Kylo’s darkness, the two become a very rare type of force user. A force user that is balanced with both the light and the dark. “In the first trailer that was released, I thought it was very interesting that Luke said, ‘it’s time for the Jedi to end.’

People were confused about what he meant, and I think he’s trying to go back to the roots of the force before there were a Jedi and Sith,” Conover adds. These neither Sith nor Jedi individuals that Conover is referring to are known as the Gray Jedi. This also ties back to the title of the movie, a key point in itself that fans seem to miss. Director of the film, Rian Johnson, mentioned that the title had, "something to do with Luke Skywalker." According to the Gray Jedi theory, ‘the last Jedi’ is Luke. Luke will be the last Jedi of his kind, one that is purely on the light side. The others after him will be variations of force users, not a typical Jedi or Sith. It is said that Luke knows about this type of Jedi due to his stay on the deserted island, Ahch-to, where he has been reading and studying Jedi books of old. “It’s speculated that Ahch-to is the home of the original Jedi temple. The book they focus on is the Book of Wills, which is supposed to be written by the ancient force users before there were a Jedi and Sith,” says Conover. No matter how Kylo and Rey team up, it's evident that the two have a connection. THEORY 2: Who are Rey's parents? Many people speculate that due to the intense connection between Rey and Kylo, she could be a Skywalker. Conover has his own thoughts on this matter. “Personally, I don’t like the whole trend going on that everybody has to be related to somebody, but it would make a lot of sense if she were a Skywalker. I feel that there is some sort of connection between them, blood or whatever. Rey can only be a Skywalker or a Solo.”

Many people agree with Conover’s thought process. She clearly has a strong connection to the force and has great piloting skills, just like Luke. The most important part of this, however, is that in the Force Awakens, Rey had visions when she touched Luke’s lightsaber. Theorists are still trying to figure out what the visions actually meant (as well as the meaning behind the voices of Yoda, Palpatine and Obi-wan Kenobi in the background.) The most compelling evidence is that during her battle with Kylo, the lightsaber came to her instead of him, even though they were both calling for it. These are all clear signs that she might be Luke’s daughter. poses the only downfall to this theory, which is that “the Jedi code forbids any form of attachment.” But then again, Luke wasn’t always a Jedi. He had time before he committed to being a Jedi to have a daughter, and perhaps his daughter is Rey. THEORY 3: Ok, but who’s Snoke? Fans have been wondering about who exactly Snoke is. The only thing that is known about him is that he seduced Ben Solo to the dark side, and transformed him into Kylo Ren. In The Force Awakens, Snoke is in the process of training him, and leads Kylo to kill his father Han Solo, in one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the movie. As of right now, information about Snoke’s character is basically nonexistent. In an interview with IGN, actor Andy Serkis, who reprises the role of Snoke in the upcoming movie says that he, “absolutely knows” Snoke’s backstory, but the new movie will probably still leave many viewers puzzled about him. Conover agrees with Serkis’ line of thinking, saying, “I feel like some of Snoke’s backstory will be explained in the movie, but most of it will be in episode 9.” 66

Although Snoke’s backstory may take another year to unravel, people are still trying to find his identity within the vast Star Wars universe. Conover believes that “we don’t really know who Snoke is yet, I feel like he could be an ancient Sith Lord from some expanded universe stuff that they’re bringing back into canon. I just want to clarify, I don’t think Snoke is anybody that we’ve seen before, I think he’s his own person.” Not everyone agrees with the theory that Snoke is a completely new character. With the many characters in the vast Star Wars universe, Snoke could be anyone. Some believe that Snoke is Darth Plagueis the Wise, a character from Revenge of the Sith. According to, “the fan theory goes that Plagueis is far less dead than Palpatine thought he was. Perhaps using his power over midi-chlorians, Plagueis managed to revive himself and assume his place as Supreme Leader.” This, of course, refers to the moment in the movie Revenge of the Sith when Palpatine is describing Plagueis as someone who could create life. The life that he created was Anakin Skywalker, or as described by Conover, “space Jesus.” THEORY 4: Finn and Poe sitting in a tree…


Snoke isn’t the only character fans are curious about. One of the new characters introduced in The Force Awakens was Finn, a stormtrooper who doesn’t exactly know his place in the universe. Poe Dameron, a commander in the resistance’s starfighter corps, was also introduced and became close friends with Finn throughout the movie. He even gave Finn his jacket. Following the events from The Force Awakens, many fans couldn’t help but notice the sparks between Finn and Poe. What might be a bromance may turn into a romance, at least that’s what some fans hope. According to, “the head of Lucasfilm has not only acknowledged the popular fan theory that romance is in the cards for two of Star Wars’ leading men, she’s opened the door wide open for it to become a reality.” Kathleen Kennedy, head of Lucasfilm has been looking at the various fan theories about the two characters and taking everything into account. However, you can’t always get what you want. “We’ve talked about it, but I think you’re not going to see it in The Last Jedi,” says Kennedy. Oh well, at least we still have the fan art.

To sum up this breakdown, Conover adds his final theory: “I feel like, in Kylo’s mission, Snoke wants him to kill Leia so that he can become a full Sith. He fails to kill Leia, because in the trailer you can see he’s very hesitant, and in the last movie after he killed Han, he didn’t become stronger like Snoke promised, he actually became weaker. So he let himself get shot by Chewbacca, and he lost to Rey. I feel like he’s going to fail to kill Leia, and Snoke is going to end up killing her, and that’s going to drive Kylo off the edge.” After reading about and hearing many theories, I have come up with my own. Remember, this isn’t coming from a major Star Wars fan, just someone who is familiar with the franchise due to her father constantly talking about it. I believe that Rey is Han and Leia's daughter and Kylo Ren's twin sister. The backstory would need a lot of explanation, but it's nothing Rian Johnson, director of the film, can't handle. Twins do run in the family. It would also explain the immediate connection Rey had with Han and Leia, for barely knowing them at all in The Force Awakens. The same reason still applies as to why she is sensitive to the lightsaber and to the force. Whether she is Luke or Leia's daughter, she would still be a Skywalker. Conover expresses his excitement for the upcoming film, “I see that in a lot of places they are trying to implement a new canon for forgotten things mentioned in the books. I’m really excited about this movie, and I like the direction that it’s going.” Until the release date, these are all just theories. Take from them what you will, and most importantly, enjoy the film.

The Last Jedi comes out in theatres December 15th, 2017. Tickets are on sale now!

ranked movies (subject to opinion)

4. Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 5. Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones 1. Star Wars 2. The Empire Strikes Back 3. Return of the Jedi 6. Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith 7. Star Wars: The Force Awakens


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RIVERDALE By: Ally Brodmann

Archie Comics has officially gotten another reboot. In late January of 2017, the popular characters Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, and Veronica Lodge are back on the screens in the new show Riverdale on the CW. It is set to be the next classic drama just like Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars. The television program became a phenomenon and teenagers everywhere are constantly on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what happens next. Little do they know, this isn’t the first we’ve seen from Riverdale. The “Archie” universe is actually quite different from the new franchise. The comic-book character Archie Andrews first appeared in 1941 as a cartoon version of Mickey Rooney’s “Andy Hardy,” from the Hardy films in the late thirties. The story closely follows the main character Archie, a beloved comic book character who is relatable teen. MLJ magazines then re-branded after the character’s success and created the Archie Comics Publications. Other characters were added such as: Jughead, an accident-prone, people hater; Betty, the picture-perfect girl next door; and Veronica, the rich new girl in town. Since its publication, the story has adapted to different movements in time such as rock and roll or disco. The latest project from the Archie Comics company is Riverdale, a dark and crime-related drama, not at all like the bright and cheery comic series. While a few of the characters and the theme is different, it still pays homage to the original. Both stories follow a group of teens through their young adulthood and emphasize the struggles of being a teenager. Most of the main characters have received a significant upgrade to relate to the current teen culture. The names are exactly the same, but everything is changed to be more complex and a little darker to fit 2017 rather than 1941. There are less lighthearted jokes and more intrigue added with murder.

Archie is mostly the same: still a redhead, still a high school student, still an athlete, and still a musician. There is still the iconic love triangle between Archie, Betty, and Veronica; but add Ms. Grundy to the mix and you get a love… square? In the new series though, Archie seems to be torn apart by his hobbies and is just too good at it all. But staying true to the original series, he has a huge heart and would do anything to help his friends. Betty, the innocent girl next door, is almost the same as she is in the comics. The super nice Betty is often seen as a trusted member of the Riverdale community who would help out doing odd ends and is actively involved in social and environmental issues throughout the town. Aside from being extremely kind, this character fought the stereotype of a “dumb blonde” by being one of the smarter students at Riverdale High. In the comics, she is seen to have a close friendship with Jughead, while in the TV Show, they are dating. The new Betty Cooper portrayed in Riverdale is almost no differences to the comics. Jughead shares some similarities with his comic-book counterpart but he also has some differences. As one of Archie’s closest childhood friends, Jughead is a foil to Archie’s character. If Archie is the teamplayer and go-getter, Jughead is sarcastic and happy to stand out as the weird kid. Jughead is known primarily for two things: his crown, which in the TV Show is shown in the style of a beanie, and his absolute love of eating. Although he often disapproves of Archie’s ideas, he was always portrayed as being extremely loyal. In the comic, this character is seen to be a people hater, lazy, and the prankster, contrary to the show. 70

artwork by: Grace Briquelet

Veronica has many differences and similarities as well. If Betty is the down-to-earth girl in Archie’s life, Veronica is the complete opposite. As the daughter of Hiram Lodge, one of the richest men in the world, the Lodge family moved to Riverdale in the hopes that a small-town lifestyle might help Veronica grow out of being a spoiled rich kid. It didn’t really work out. In the TV show, this character tries desperately to move out of that image but she is still stuck with the same reputation. In both the comics and the show, Veronica became fast friends with Archie’s small group of friends. Characters such as Cheryl Blossom, Kevin Keller, and Josie and the Pussycats are probably the closest comic book characters to their counterparts. The character that changed the most was Ms. Grundy. In the comics, she is written as an older woman who is a teacher at Riverdale High who focuses on the knowledge of her students. To completely change the individual, Ms. Grundy is portrayed as a young, attractive music teacher who happens to have an affair with Archie Andrews in the TV show. These reimagined versions of the characters change from their classic incarnations. Despite the significant changes of the theme, the show makes sure to bring back the original comic books and cartoon to keep its history. Archie and his buddies have been a staple ever since 1941 and it doesn’t seem like it is going to change anytime soon.


photography by: Dixie Chatt


The Right Path By: Christian Fukino I walk along a dirt path in the forest because I want to see a beautiful view. I do not want to take a difficult path because I am unsure of what would happen if I did. A tree causes a fork in the road. One path to the left. One path to the right. The path to the left has a heavy incline, uneven terrain, and little sunlight. The path to the right is flat and has bright sunlight. A person walks past me and takes the right path. Another person walks past me a takes the same path. I am forced to make a decision. It looks like the path they took is an easier walk. More people are taking that path. The left path has little evidence of people walking on it. I cannot see that far into that path. “Which path should I take?” I ask myself. Another person walks to the fork and asks me, “Are you deciding which path to take?” The person tells me that the right path, while it looks easier, while more people want to go down that path, it does not have as rewarding of a view as the left path. Few people have taken the left path. Few people have succeeded in climbing that path. Those who have taken that path and reached the top have seen something amazing. The person stood in front of the tree and asked me, “Which path will you take?” That’s why I took the left path. Smiling, the person nodded and stepped off of the path for me. As I trek along the dirt path, my legs hurt, I am tired, and I cannot see the top at all. However, now that I am at the top I see an amazing view. As I take a breath, I am pleased with myself. I had taken a path less traveled on. A unique experience seldom witnessed, I had become one of those few. And so, at the end, I knew I had taken the right path. 73

artwork by: Haig Khacheryan


Band - Aid By: Kat Beason

Someone once told me when I was hurt, "You gotta rip off the band-aid." Slow? Or fast? Because they both hurt “The sooner it's over The sooner you can have peace of mind. Ignoring the problem” “Will only lead to more problems. Keep the band-aid on too long, And it will get infected." What would you do? Everything is so hard But pain is pain The sooner it's over The better life gets. Let it hurt Let it not It's your decision Leave the band-aid on, Take it off slowly, Or rip it off. Only one way causes a shorter amount of pain And soon, it all will be better. It's all your choice Choose wisely.


artwork by: Gracie Briquelet


Holiday Traditions & Celebrations :

CULTURE DAY By: Moses Sandoval Have you ever wondered what Japan is celebrating right about this time of year? If you haven't, then that's too bad because that’s what this month's article is about. More specifically, Culture Day. Every once a year, our Japanese neighbors celebrate Japanese Culture Day. This special Holiday is celebrated on November 3.

Although this award usually goes to the citizens of Japan, foreigners have been noted to be recipients in the past, most notably the Apollo 11 astronauts and the literary Scholar Donald Keene. Some locals that have won this award. For instance, Artist Ikuo Hirayama, and Poet Makoto Ooka.

This holiday was first celebrated in 1868 on the birthday of the Meiji Emperor and ceased to be celebrated 15 years after his death in 1912. However, it was later rebranded as Culture Day in 1947. It is known as a day for academic endeavor and the promotion of arts. To this day, Culture day or Bunka No Hi is marked by beautiful art and amazing festivities usually arranged by the local governments. Some schools have Art Exhibitions or festivals to mark the occasion. In the Town of Hakone located in Kanagawa An event known as the Daimyo Gyoretsu or Feudal Lords Parade, which exhibits the costumes, clothing, and traditions of Edo-era Japan.

Culture day is an important Holiday to celebrate in Japan because it reminds them of their culture. This special day honors the Japanese before them, the Japanese now, and the Japanese to come. Culture day is one of the many cultural holidays celebrated throughout the year, but this one is celebrated during this time of the year, as well as Labor/Thanksgiving day.

The most prestigious of all culture day is the Order of Culture award ceremony presided by the Emperor himself. This takes place in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. OC awards are given to any who have significantly advanced science, arts, or culture. This is one of the highest honors that can be awarded by the Emperor.


artwork by: Moses Sandoval


artwork by: Grace Briquelet


History of thanksgiving By: Kat Beason Thanksgiving is a holiday full of turkey and pumpkin pie. To us the day allows people to give thanks, be with loved ones, and eat lots of food. Thanksgiving was not celebrated the same way it was in the beginning and the holiday’s traditions around the world have changed drastically since the first Thanksgiving holiday. In elementary school, we were taught about the first Thanksgiving. This consisted of little first graders making hand turkeys, big pilgrim hats with a belt buckle, and headbands with feathers. Teachers read a short story about the celebration and explained what happened to the best of their abilities so that little first graders could understand. Even though as kids we learned about Thanksgiving, not all of the facts were given. The very first celebration of Thanksgiving was held in 1621 when the newly settled Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag Native Americans shared an autumn harvest feast. The festival lasted for about three days. The second Thanksgiving took place in 1623 after a drought threatened the harvest which led the governor to call for a religious fast. The days of fasting and feasts became an annual practice in New England. George Washington later made an official Thanksgiving proclamation by the national

government in 1789. In this proclamation, he asked the American people to express their gratefulness for the ending of the country's war for independance and the official and successful ratification of the U.S. constitution. Many years had passed and Thanksgiving was celebrated around the states in different ways, different times. During this time, the American south was largely unfamiliar with the celebration. A magazine editor, Sarah Josepha Hale, started a campaign to make Thanksgiving a national holiday. During the ending of the Civil War in 1863, Hale pushed for the holiday to be recognized by the federal government as a national holiday. 30 years later, president Abraham Lincoln pronounced it a National holiday that is to be celebrated each November. Abraham Lincoln made it a national holiday to be celebrated every November. The day it was to be celebrated in November was changed a handful of times before It was settled on being the fourth Thursday of every November. These days, the holiday is focused more on family and the meal and not so much about the religious significance it was originally intended to be. Today, we celebrate Thanksgiving in our homes with our families. We consume a variety of food such as turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. We are also served various pies, cakes and other sweets for desert. The original feast and celebration did not include turkey, potatoes, or pumpkin pie. The meal consisted of five deer that the Native Americans brought to the feast. Any fowl that was captured by the colonists along with maize, nut, and berry dishes likely gathered and prepared in traditional Native American ways. 80

A monthly column filled with artwork by our very own students here at HBHS. By: Emma Ford

morgan halsey

Junior, 17 yrs. old 81

What is your dream project? Morgan is one of my dear friends that I met on my first day here at HBHS. Through meeting and seeing how she interacted with other people, I saw that she was a genuine person inside and out. The word got around to me that she was an artist and I immediately jumped on the opportunity to have her artwork in the school magazine. As we sat down on the couch in the library, we got to talking. She said that she started art when she was young and never gave it up. And when I asked her about her dream project as an artist, she impressed me with her response. “My dream project is to create a piece that is more focused on creativity and meaning. I want to be able to tell a story with my art that has both a message and strong emotion. Something that people will look at it and feel a connection to in their own personal lives. Personally, one idea of this I have had is a large and jampacked mural full of different, unique items flowing from one another. The mural would tell a story with all of it’s different attributes -- whether it be a growing flower or a crashing wave. All of the different images would be interconnected to create one grand piece from afar, but with closer inspection would reveal an interesting story. Each individual that looks at it may have different representations behind each symbol, but there is no right or wrong. I have yet to work towards my dream project, but one day I plan to complete it.” Hearing what her dream project was gave even me, not a very experienced person in any form of fine art, inspiration to start something up. I loved how she said that she wanted “to be able to tell a story with my art.” Told you she was genuine person.

Explain what type of art you do. As I asked how she got into art and how she discovered her type of art, she said that, “Art is a passion I have picked up on ever since I was very young. Overtime I began to form my own style of art which is unique and individualistic. I commonly work on pieces that are photorealistic, such as a lion or a bird. I’ll use a photograph as my guide and imitate it as best I can using my own mediums. My favorite medium to work with is prismacolor pencils, but I also enjoy working with others such as ink, watercolor or paint. My favorite subjects to draw are animals. I have drawn so many different types of animals, such as birds, tigers, dogs, frogs, and horses. Overall, I like the style of art I have formed and what subjects I usually gravitate towards when I am handed a paper and a pencil.”


rhiannon finley

Junior, 17 yrs. old


What do you dislike about the art world? When I first met Rhiannon, I ran into her in I-2. Her outfit caught my eye and I sensed her creativity. I bluntly went up to her and asked, “Do you want your art to be featured in the school magazine?” Even though I caught her off guard, she immediately said yes. I asked her a few questions later that day that I thought would be perfect for her style of art. I asked her if there was any conflicts or things that she hated the style of art she did and she had a response that I would have expected from what I heard about the style of art that she is most experienced in. “A big problem in the ‘art world’ feel is the idea that digital art is easier than other types of ‘traditional’ media. Whether it be sculpting, painting or even just line drawing, purely traditional artists can sometimes look down on digital artists. Personally I was guilty of this for a few years too. Though not all traditional artist feel that way about digital artists it's still an issue I've encountered more often than I'd like to. Though I don't have any real hard facts to back this up, I feel that even just viewers or receivers of art are automatically less impressed by a digital piece than by, for example, a watercolor painting that could have taken just as much time, effort, and skill. I think that digital art is almost looked down upon as "easier" than other forms of art, and the problem with that viewpoint is that every artist has their own niche, that they feel most comfortable and confident with. A sculptor is no better than a painter in the same way a baseball player in no better than a lacrosse player. Yes, they're both playing a sport, and yes they are both talented and yes they may or may not be able to also play the other sport but there's really no way to compare the two.”

What art themes do you gravitate towards? After that easy question that she seemed very passionate about, I threw her a curveball. Instead of asking what she didn’t like, I asked her what themes she liked and gravitated towards. “This is an interesting question because the themes and trends in my art are changing often. For the past year or so I've been in love with drawing portraits, especially of my friends. For a long time I did these like weird macabre full body drawings of women that less so represented society or life and more so were a reflection of my morbid curiosity of what a woman with a candle for a head would look like. If we want to talk about the different types of art I gravitate towards, I do paintings, watercolor, and digital drawings mainly. I like using bright pinks and reds because those are just really fun colors. I'm not very good at doing super serious art that has deeper meaning because I'm not a very serious person and trying to do a serious, emotional piece is boring to me. If my art does have a deeper meaning, which it rarely does, it is usually addressing a current issue in my life, stress, societal expectation, that kind of stuff. I feel like someone's art, mostly pieces not done for other people or a grade, reflect how that person is and what their interests are. Mine just happen to be bright portraits of my friends and grisly drawings of people in impossible and scary situations.” 84

nic helle scura

Junior, 16 yrs. old 85

What type of art do you most identify with?

Describe a real life situation that inspired you?

When I first met Nichelle, I was astonished with how nice she was. In the previous days, I had only exchanged text messages with her, but over text message, you can’t tell a person’s real emotions or behavior. When I sat down and started talking to her about how she found herself and style in art and what art she most identified with she said, “Well, I know it’s not a specific art style, but I most identify with artwork by Claude Monet, who is a famous oil painter from France.

As we kept talking about her art and how her family vacations to various places inspired her, she told me a little story.

Claude Monet was one of the founders of the Impressionist art movement in France, and is seen as the father of it. Monet’s paintings can be found anywhere from the Musee d’Orsay to the National Museum of Art. Many of his famous pieces are very colorful and incorporate visions of nature and its beauty.” When I asked her what she like about the paintings, she said that, “They also have a softness to them, which makes them have a dream-like quality. I most identify with this because I love colors and everything from sunflowers to sunsets make me happy. I am usually in a good mood as well, which is why I can identify with the softness of Monet’s paintings.”

“The spring of freshman year I went to Alaska with my Aunt. I remember getting off of the plane and walking to our rental car and just being awestruck by the beauty of the snow-covered mountains there. Everything just seemed so crisp and peaceful. I have always loved to travel, but seeing the beautiful city of Fairbanks-- from the mountains cutting into the cloud covered sky to the colorful Northern Lights dancing across the stars-- just cemented my curiosity about seeing the world and all of the beauty that it holds. The beauty of nature and the sky are what inspire me daily because of the beautiful colors and curiosity they incite.” Hearing what she had to say about the mountains and the snow made me try and imagine what a breathtaking view that must have been. No wonder many painters have built their whole career solely on landscapes from the places that they’ve traveled. All three artists are different and amazing in their own way. Some like animals, some like landscapes, and some like portraits. All different art, all different meaning behind the art. I’ll leave you with that. Until next time…


top 5 Taco Spots 1. Las barcas $

If you are looking for an authentic taco, then come and enjoy one at Las Barcas. I usually get their taco salad bowl which includes a deep fried tortilla, crispy lettuce, and let's not forget that mouthwatering seasoned meat. Their tacos are also to die for. Starting off with a warm corn tortilla, your choice of meat include shredded beef, chicken, and steak. They then top that taco off with some delicious mild pico and guacamole. The restaurant is usually very busy, but the food is definitely worth the wait.


Although this restaurant may be a chain, it is one of my alltime favorites. Fish tacos at Slapfish are absolute heaven! When ordering a fish taco your expectations are exceeded. Their fish tacos are quite large and deep fried to a golden perfection. Allow me to walk you through their fish taco. You first start off with a piece of tilapia that is breaded and fried. They then slather on their magical creamy sauce. Finally, they fill it with crunchy cabbage and pickled onions which complete the masterpiece. Usually, Slapfish’s are close to the beach so enjoy your taco overlooking a beautiful view.


By: Kelsey Fuller

photography by: Kelsey Fuller

photography by: Kelsey Fuller


3. Super mex $

I’m sure most of you have seen a few Super Mex’s around, which is because of how delicious they are! When I go there usually, I get something off the kid's menu because of their large portions. This restaurant is very authentic, and I am totally in love with their food! Make sure to try their chips and salsa because they’re some of the best!

4. Fiesta Grill $

This little hole in the wall has one of the best-shredded carnita tacos around. Their meat and taco shells were so fresh, I wish I could’ve had two million! They also include chips and salsa with every taco purchased. Their salsa had a little kick to it, but it was very good. You could easily pass this little taco shack so keep your eyes open next time you’re on Seventeenth.

5. lupe’s taco shop $

I found this hidden gem in a small shopping center. It’s so easy to miss but make sure you stop and grab a taco. If you’re looking for a taco tuesday spot, come to Lupe's for $1.50 street tacos. Their tacos are filled, like so full the taco shell was busting open. Personally my favorite was the shredded carnitas. It came with beans, guacamole, pico, and queso. I totally recommend ordering ahead, if you go to their website it’s so easy and quick.


photography by: Kelsey Fuller

craving these tacos? Las Barcas 21032 Beach Blvd Lupe’s Taco Shop 14916 Springdale St Slapfish 19696 Beach Blvd Supermex 19684 Beach Blvd Fiesta Grill 418 17th St 90

photography by: Dixie Chatt

Moody Foodie By: Angie Martinez We all have those moods where we want some food. Forget that, we always want food despite our moods. Sadly, your fridge is empty from your past experiences. The fridge looks vacant, and the small light flickers almost as if it was laughing at you. You yell out in agony, your stomach yelling along with you. Dropping to the floor and clutching your stomach.You pray to the food gods to bless upon you easy food to make. Wham! You get up from the floor, hastily opening the fridge. Inside, you see a few items that weren't there a few minutes ago. Grabbing the apron that suddenly appeared to your convenience, but sadly all your ideas are gone. Poof! Singing harmoniously, angels come down from the heavens and hand you this very article. Grasping and holding it close to your heart, you thank the gods for giving you this. From my computer in my dark bedroom, I smile at you for having these simple recipes in the palm of your hands. I, the great Angie, have composed your top food choice for any certain mood. Are you feeling mad? Eat some delicious hot cheeto mac and cheese. Oh, you're happy? Make this easy and simple ice cream sandwich to have a cooler day. Are you feeling sad? I’ve got the perfect food choice for you.Read along my dear friend.

Angry >:) You angry, bro? Well, I'm angry AND HUNGRY. I’m hangry. And you know what else? I really like Mac & Cheese. Ba da bing. Ba da boom. Insert explosion. BOOM! If you don’t have a box of Kraft mac and cheese in your cupboard, what are you doing with your life? If you don’t know how to cook mac & cheese, what are you doing with your life? Alright, alright let’s just pretend you know how to do all of the above. even if you don’t Hot Cheetos aren’t my personal favorite, don’t @ me. I just don’t think too much of spicy food. But man. Mac & Cheese hurts me. Physically and mentally. Something too godly for this world will now be eaten. When asking my fellow peers around me what food reminded them of anger, they didn’t answer. After asking them for the sixth time, they still didn’t answer. I had finally annoyed them to the extreme, and they answered me.

“I don’t know?” That was it. I ripped off my shirt, yelling at them. My body had morphed into the Hulk and I was beyond mad. Just kidding, that obviously didn’t happen. I just silently yelled at them in my head. Hot Cheetos? That was the response I had spent all my fourteen years looking for. After traveling across the globe, sailing all the seas, and cutting through all the jungles in the world, I had found the correct answer. Now, who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to put Hot Cheetos in mac & cheese? Not me, that’s for sure.


The Attic is located in Long Beach, California. My parents were kind enough to take me and try this bowl of deliciousness. On the menu, they have a small section called Mac & Cheetos. My parents went all out and bought The Clucker. It’s served with a fried chicken drumstick. How much better can this get? It’s some of the best things all in one. I went with the original, Reggae. I like to keep things simple. There is a very simple equation in making godly food. I am not the best person at math. But if food was involved in math, which can be used occasionally, I could possibly pay attention in math. Now, if you take amazing and add incredible you get godly. Too good for this world. Let me repeat one thing very slowly. I don’t like spicy things. My parents judge me about it. My grandparents judge me about it. My cats judge me about it. But this. No, I still don’t like spicy foods.This completely changed me. I had discovered who I truly was. I found my third eye. The inner me. The creaminess, and when the cheese strings did that™ thing. I just shivered thinking about it. #notsponsored

Happy :) Sunshine. Rainbows. Chalk drawings on the sidewalk. Kids laughing and playing soccer. No, not a typical neighborhood. I’m talking happy. These are actually descriptive words I found on Google about being happy. That doesn’t need to be discussed though. One important noun that happened to appear was ice cream. Ice cream is pure and innocent. It’s the first thing most of us say when people ask us what our favorite food or desert is. How can one change ice cream for the better? You can’t. However, I can help you. I can help you with this task of finding ice cream amazingness. We all love fudgy goodness. Unless you’re lactose intolerant, but that’s straying away from my point. Ice cream sandwiches.


Either you love ‘em, or you’d die for ‘em. Looking for this recipe, I ventured into the world of most moms named Linda. The red background with the cursive P haunted me the entire time I was writing this. It whispered in my ear, while I slept, to join the mom side. Why, I would question. Because we have 27 life hacks for camping. Waking up in a cold sweat, I searched for my laptop. They had reached me. They were too close. My hands hurriedly moved across the keyboard. A ring of sweat was forming on my forehead. My right hand was shaking as I argued with myself. Hesitantly, I touched the enter key and my screen was taken to this different world. All the different hairstyles and recipes made me want to throw my laptop into the depths of the ocean. Pinterest. I promised myself I would never go visit the website again. Thus, here I was. Three in the morning in my Hufflepuff pajamas, staring at bright light. Looking at all these different boards, I shudder at what is to come. Fudgy Brownie Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches. Wow. Interesting name for a Pinterest board. But man, does it sound heavenly. Looking at the photo, I genuinely melted into a puddle of happiness and tears. It was beautiful and I could feel the tears beginning to form in my eyes. Suddenly, a dark blue cloud formed over me. My happy attitude was gone, and I just felt my mood drop way down.

photography by: Dixie Chatt

The Attic. The Attic was the one who came up with this marvelous idea.I will admit, I didn’t find out about this place single-handedly. It was two in the morning, and I was procrastinating by watching Buzzfeed. But, don’t we all?

photography by: Dixie Chatt

Sad :( After finding out I couldn’t have this amazing treat, I cried. I cried for five minutes because it just looked so incredible and thinking it will never be near me. I just couldn’t take it. I watched Titanic on repeat for hours, crying because Jack clearly fit onto the door. God, it’s so frustrating seeing stuff like that. I’m getting off topic, but seriously. There was enough space for him. The poor man did not have to die. Alright, I’ll stop. After watching Titanic, I just looked at the wall contemplating life. Contemplating life has become one of my favorite hobbies. We all have those moments where we realize that everything we do might not matter. We are really just a small speck in the universe. Again, getting out of topic. Sulking, I unlocked up my phone and went onto Instagram. Looking at all those accounts that always have perfect foods. It saddens me even further knowing my life won’t be minimalistic or perfect as theirs. But you know what is perfect? Some nice hearty soup? Yes! That’s correct. I grew up eating soup and it was a staple in my house. Except, it wasn’t some nice hearty soup. My mom used to blend tomato and other strange mom stuff. She would boil pasta or macaroni, and add them together. But once in awhile, we would go to Olive Garden and eat some soup. Soup is the universal food. It’s great for when you’re sick. It’s great as a warmth in the middle of a snow storm. I wouldn’t know much about that, I live in Southern California. Or for when you’re watching Titanic and contemplating all your life decisions. Maybe that last is more focused towards me. My mom keeps a cookbook from our grandmother. My grandmother gave it to her before moving away with her third husband in Mexico. I’m messing with you guys. It’s her fifth husband who lives in Puerto Rico. She says all the recipes are original, but I disagree. I found majority of the recipes in Kris Jenner’s cookbook. But, I won’t expose her to my family. The soup she made was out of this world. There is no way to describe the soup. It was nothing compared to Olive Garden’s Chicken & Gnocchi. She usually never cooked for us, so when she did it was a holiday.

We would throw a parade, and for some publication reason, news anchors would show up. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts would show up marching with a banner. People on big floats would be singing or riding skateboards. I’m lying of course. That’s the parade they throw every Fourth Of July. I have also eaten many, many, slices of rotisserie chicken. Again. We are back again with my simple equation of food. If you take rotisserie chicken and make it a nice stock you have amazing. If you take noodles and add the stock you made, you actually get out of this world food. What else could you ask for? This recipe is actually a Kris Jenner recipe from when she guest starred on an episode of the Today show. If you want the recipe word for word, simply search up ‘hearty soup Kris Jenner.” Or simply click the link. But I’m sure you would rather search it up if this is a hard copy. Bringing it up again, why would she choose Kris Jenner? Why not Gordon Ramsey, or that Pioneer Woman. Thinking about it, my grandma is very similar to Kris Jenner. Unimportant. To finalize four pages of me talking about food and Titanic, I am yet to add one more thing. I meant to make this a column but as usual, I got carried away. Happens with most things I do. Right now that soup would be amazing. Or that ice cream. I’m getting sad again. Mac and cheese, I totally deserve some right now. Oh, and now I almost have five pages. It’s fine, I’m sure. The editors did say the more pages the better. And don’t forget. It’s always okay to be moody and a foodie. Take it from me.


A Look Through A Skeptic's Mind. By: Sheldon Stires Conspiracy Of The Month Was the Moon landing faked? Some of us were not alive in 1969, but it’s possible that our parents or grandparents were and if they were alive, they probably watched the moon landing. If you or someone you know was alive for this event, they probably were astounded by the video of people walking on another planet other than our own. However, is it possible that we faked the moon landing to compete with the Russians? At the time, they were in the space race and the Russians were winning by putting a man in space and launching a satellite. Was it possible that the U.S. government faked the moon landing because they wanted to get ahead in the race? There is plenty of probable evidence that the landing could have been staged. For one, why would there be shadows on the Moon if it was facing away from the sun? Also why was the flag not moving at all when they brought it out? Many people have sworn they saw the reflection of a camera in one of the visors that would be “protecting” the astronauts from the space vacuum. At the time, Russia may have put a man in space, but how would we know that putting a man on the Moon would even be safe? Is it possible that the United States faked the Moon landing because they knew it would not be safe? Though we may never know if the Moon landing was faked we have to be skeptical about its authenticity. If it was real it sure would be possibly the one of the greatest human accomplishments. If it were fakes should we be surprised though? American would have done anything to get ahead in the space race. There is no clear answer but, just think was it possible Russia faked the first man in space? 97

artwork by: Sam Roum


e g e l l o C s n o i t s e u Q College, the word that everyone hears. It’s something that, whether you like it or not, everyone has to deal with. But, while it is important, most teens don’t know a lot about college. To shed a little light on colleges, I decided to interview our school counselor, Mrs. Chung, for more information. AZ: What are colleges looking for in an applicant? SC: “Every college has a different way of evaluating applicants, and there are multiple factors that influence admission decisions. This may vary even more for specialized programs and majors. Generally, these are looked at by the majority of 4-year colleges and universities: - Academic achievement: Courses taken (rigor of coursework) and grades received - Standardized Tests: the SAT or ACT, sometimes SAT Subject Exams are recommended or required - Extracurricular Activities: Athletics, Clubs, Programs, Part-time Jobs, Internships, Community Service, etc. How is a student's time spent outside of classroom? This should be meaningful contribution and/or involvement. Other components in the application may include personal statements, teacher/counselor recommendations, interviews.”


By: Amber Zeng

AZ: What are five things that are important for teens to know or do before they apply for colleges? SC: Reflect: College is often talked about as one of the next steps after high school. It's important to take a moment to think about why and in what ways college will be purposeful for you. Even if you are expected to go to college, find reason(s) for yourself as to why want to go college. What does going to college mean to you? What do you want to study and what will a college degree enable me to do? What kind of opportunities do I want in college?

Be and Stay Involved: Maintaining strong

grades are certainly important in college admissions, but so is how you spend your time outside of school. Colleges will want to know about your extracurricular involvement. Just to be clear, the message is not to "get involved for college." Rather, think about what interests you and how you can meaningfully spend your time afterschool. Some examples include, but aren't limited to, athletics, clubs, programs, experiential learning, community service or employment.

Research: Start thinking about the kind of school

you want to attend in the future. Online research is a easy way to explore colleges on your own time. If you have a school in mind, you can easily search up information about the school itself and its admissions requirements. If you are open without a specific school in mind, there are college exploration tools which will populate a list of colleges based on your preferences.

photography by: Amber Zeng

Visit Colleges: Take the time to visit colleges and

go on campus tours. In Southern California alone, we have numerous public and independent colleges in the vicinity that are accessible enough to check out on a nice sunny Saturday. If you are looking beyond the local area, it is recommended that you plan ahead to colleges during winter/spring/summer breaks. Spring break may be a nice time to check out colleges since school is often in session and you may get a better feel of the campus culture.

AZ: What are some good resources for teens that want to learn more about college and how to prepare for it? SC: “College Exploration Tools and Resources Huntington Beach High School:

Talk to College Graduates: Talk to adults you Big Future (Collegeboard): www.bigfuture. Cappex - College Search & Scholarships: California Colleges - not limited to colleges in CA: Assist >> Explore Majors - explore majors at CSU and UC campuses:

AZ: Is doing research on your own or reaching out to counselors important in high school to prepare for college?

Recommended Reads/Books Fiske Guide to Colleges Colleges that Change Lives, by Lauren Pope CTCL Website: Where You Go is not Who You’ll Be, by Frank Bruni”

know who have attended college. Even if you may not be interested in attending the same school they may have attended, you may gain a perspective on the college experience that you may not have had before. Teachers, friends of parents, mentors, etc. There are lots of people you can share conversations with.

SC: “Certainly both! Counselors play a pivotal role in educating students and families about the college readiness and the college admissions process. There are many steps to the process and counselors can be helpful in providing guidance and resources. Students also have the responsibility to research colleges and majors. Postsecondary planning is individualized and unique to each student. It's important for students to take the time to reflect on their goals and research postsecondary options. Applying to college is most effective if it's a student-driven process.”

College can be extremely intimidating, but it’s important to start preparing early. Especially if you’re a high school student. You have a bright future ahead of you!


Why YOU Should Learn




SL or American Sign Language is the one of the most useful languages you can learn. HBHS offers ASL 1-4 and every year the classes get more popular. Why should you learn ASL though? Mrs. Malone our own ASL 1 and 2 teacher says, “It’s definitely important for deaf people to have a way to communicate.” Like some of us Mrs. Malone took ASL in high school and ended up using it in her everyday life. Riley Russell an ASL student says, “being able to communicate in a different language strengthened his love for the language.” Wouldn’t you want a way to communicate to deaf people and your friends in a way other than using your voice? Mrs. Malone’s favorite class each year would be ASL 1. The first stages of learning ASL are some of the best weeks in that class. For a lot of people when you’re first putting your first sentences together. For others it’s first talking to deaf people. For Riley even though he “struggles with trying to comprehend what exact handshape means and how to put it all together in english, is what is so fun about it.” For Mrs. Malone is sharing the gift of language to others, especially when it’s to communicate with deaf people. Now most students like Riley fingerspelling may be difficult because you would have to spell out each letter in your head and eventually make a word, it's also especially hard because some people go fast. Even though it might be hard at first learning a language like ASL eventually gets easier and easier.


By: Sheldon Stires

There are a multitude of jobs you can do with ASL, for example you could become an interpreter for the deaf. This job would include a multitude of jobs that you could have, like you could interpret at hospitals for sick patents or you could interpret musicals and plays. You could also become an ASL teacher like Mrs. Malone, in fact for a while Mrs. Malone was a Deaf Ed teacher on campus where she taught deaf students. You could even just help a deaf person who needs help where ever you work.

ASL for a lot of people can be a very fun class, but remember if you ever take this class make sure you pay attention and study as ASL is not a verbal language. Everyone of the ASL teachers has a different teaching style and they are all really nice teachers. They hope next year you take ASL as it can be a really fun class as long as you pay attention. Remember learning to communicate with deaf people can be one of the greatest experiences and one of the most fun. Pictured From Left To Right Mrs. Shields (ASL 2 & 4 Teacher) Mr. Moran (ASL 1 & 3 Teacher) Mrs. Malone (ASL 1 & 2 Teacher) Pictured From Left To Right Kaitlyn Campbell (ASL 2 Student) Riley Russell (ASL 2 Student)

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photography by: Sheldon Stires


SECRET SENSES By: Izzy Agnello As an animal person, I read an abundance of articles with the headlines “Main Coon Cat Helps His Deaf Dad Sail Around the World.” This is an article about a Deaf man and his cat who acts as his ears. The article states, “Skatty[the cat] moseys up to the door to show Thompson [the owner] when someone is knocking and when Thompson gets a text message, Skatty will sit on top of his phone or put a paw on the screen.” My question is how does the cat know he is deaf. All types of animals have senses that we as humans don’t have. Many creatures can sense forms of energy invisible to us, including magnetic and electrical fields. Animals that are probably sitting at home now, like your dog or cat, can see light and hear sounds that are outside of the human range. New research shows that dogs, cats, and a variety of animals may be able to see things invisible to the naked human eye because they can see some UV(ultraviolet) light. Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths shorter than visible light. Our eyes cannot see these waves because the lens of the human eyes blocks them. In certain animals their eye lens are transparent which allows UV light to reach the retina, then be converted into nerve signals that travel to the brain to be processed. The purpose of this super sight depends on the animal. For instance, reindeer use it to look for polar bears, which normally in visible light would blend in with the snow; while bees and insects use it to find nectar.


Animals such as toothed whales, bats, and some tree and ground-dwelling creatures use echolocation; used to navigate their surroundings. Echolocation is used by the animal transmitting high-frequency sounds. In some cases, the sound is extremely high pitched for humans, or not even heard by human ears, due to the high frequency. Special adaptations of the brains or ears of these creatures allow them to render a 3D picture of their surroundings. For example, Bailey from Finding Dory uses echolocation to locate Dory. Dory describes Bailey’s gift as “The world’s most powerful pair of glasses.” Various animals come with a truly shocking sense: the ability to form electric fields. The majority of creatures with modified muscle cells that help them produce electric charges are sea creature. In some cases, like in electric eels, the charge is powerful enough to injure or execute their prey. Other creatures have weaker electric fields to help them navigate, find prey, or oversee their surroundings. It has been a pending theory for a number of years that animals are able to sense natural disasters before they even happen. A number of countries have conducted experiments regarding how animals sense earthquakes, one of the most common natural disasters.

photography by: Izzy Agnello

Out of all the studies done, there are two main theories. One theory suggests that animals can feel the earth’s vibrations; the other explaining that creatures may be able to detect infrequencies in the air and gases released by the Earth. However, scientists have yet to come up with a conclusion to how they sense natural disasters, but it is definite that animals do have the ability to sense cataclysms. I am a strong believer in these studies due to an experience I had when I was younger. I was about 5 or 6 when my older sister and I were left alone while my mom and dad went to work. I was watching one of my favorite cartoons at the time, Maggie, and the Ferocious Beasts, when my dog, Buddy, started to behave weirdly. Buddy began to bark and nudge me. All of a sudden our apartment building began to shake. My sister and I crawled under the kitchen table only to be followed by Buddy. That good boy sat on top of me the whole earthquake to keep me protected.

The bride had saved her from a group of 7 men who beat her and attempted to force her to marry one of them. The lions guarded her for about a day and a half until the authorities found her. This is a good representation of animals, protecting unfamiliar humans. Animals use their senses to help people all over the world. These animals have emotions that lead them to care about the humans around them, using their senses, they protect their people or even strangers. Conclusively, animals are smart and talented as well as caring creatures who in some cases risk their lives for others.

These types of situations, the ones where animals save or protect people, leave me wonder why creatures would want to save people. Sometimes, the animal and people won’t have a specific bond. For instance, in 2005 it was reported that a 12-year-old girl was found being protected by a pride, a group of lions.


My Experience Thirft $hopping By: Amber Zeng

What is a thrift shop? A thrift shop is a place where people can come to sell their old clothes and buy used clothes. Recently, I went thrift shopping for the first time. I have never gone thrift shopping before, but it was something I have thought about for a long time. I ended up deciding to write about my experience in case someone might be interested in thrift shopping. My first experience was quite positive. In general, there were a lot of different things that I noticed about the shop itself. First, there was a large selection of clothing. The shop had all different types of clothes for both men and women. They were all organized by size and type which made it extremely easy to find items. There was definitely some miscellaneous items in the store as well. While the store I went to mainly had clothes, there were other items like books, records, paintings, and more. But, the types of items you may see depend on the store you go to. Second, the quality of the clothes was extremely varied. In one case, I saw a high-quality leather jacket that could’ve been sold in a retail store. But, in another case, there were some t-shirts that could’ve come in a pack from the dollar store. So, overall the quality really varies from item to item. It’s hard to know what to expect until you’re in the store. Third, the items were extremely cheap. While I was shopping I didn’t see anything over fifteen dollars, and most of the items were near ten dollars.


Ultimately, there are definitely things I would keep in mind if you’re interested in going thrift shopping. During my trip, it was a hit-or-miss experience. Sometimes, you buy stuff, and sometimes you don’t. Also, thrift shops vary from store to store. Some stores might have more types of one item than another, but the opposite may be true in another store. The last thing is that the items in the store also depend on the people selling items to the store. They really decide whether or not you’ll find anything you’ll like. All in all, would I go thrift shopping again? You bet I would! It was a really fun and exciting experience. I would definitely recommend that everyone goes to a thrift shop at least once. You never know what you might find!


photography by: Amber Zeng

photography by: Amber Zeng

photography by: Izzy Agnello


s k c a H l o o h Sc By: Katy Houchen


ver have trouble in school? Trying to look for some cool, easy, silly, school life hacks? Well, look no further, because I have some fun and useful life hacks that you can use to help you survive school.

1. If you are ever caught sleeping in class, just tape a pair of paper eyeballs to your eyelids.

2. To make sure you leave the house on time in the morning, create a Spotify

playlist exactly as long as you have to get ready. When the last song plays you will need to start hustling up like you never have before.

3. Need help studying? Just get out some of your favorite gum and chew it

while you study for a test. Then, when you are taking the test chew that same flavored gum. It is proven to boost your memory.

4. If you have to give a presentation, bring a water bottle up with you and take a drink whenever you forget something, no one will know you forgot.

5. If you have to read an essay, or any piece of writing, try reading the first and last paragraph and then going back and reading the entire piece.

6. If you accidently close the tab you are working on just press ctrl + shift + t to reopen it.

7. To study easier, write your notes with blue ink. It is shown to be more effec-

tive on your memory than writing in black ink.

8. We are always stressed, but smelling or eating an orange is shown to relieve over 70% of stress.

9. We all want a sweet treat every once in awhile, well, did you know that eating a chocolate bar while studying for a math test/quiz can improve your math skills?

10. If you get nervous before an exam just write down your worries before it. It has been proven to actually boost your test scores

So, in reality, not all of these life hacks are practical, but some of them are really useful. But, if life hacks are not exactly your thing, just go ahead and plain old study, just do what works best for you. Life hacks are not rules to follow by, or things to particularly ignore, they can actually be very helpful with whatever it is that you need to have a bit of hacking with. 108

By: Ally Brodmann There’s nothing more embarrassing than your mom posting a picture of you as a baby, wailing and screaming with drool dribbling down your chin. It’s not really the image you want out into the world. There a hundreds of parents who blog, tweet, and post about their children’s lives… but it can become a bit too much. It can be amusing but it can also make you want to hide in a ball out of embarrassment. As much as I love my parents, it never fails to give me anxiety at the sight of a notification from one of them on Instagram. There are many pros and cons to the situation but here are just a few. Con: They try to be “hip.” It’s common; I see it all the time. Someone in your family has posted a photo with their partner and your parents are on it. “Who is this?” “Such an adorable couple!” “When do we get to meet him?” Other times, I’ve even taken notice of my parents attempting to use the current teenage slang words such as “shook” or “throwing shade.” I’m just glad it hasn’t gotten to the point where they use these phrases in public… but I’m still waiting. Another one bites the dust -- thanks guys. Pro: Constant entertainment. Though they can be a bit of a hassle, they make great moments for everybody else. I am always laughing at the hilarious comments my dad will post on the end of my brothers’ photos. The amount of LOL-worthy moments I’ve encountered is just a blessing. On the other hand, sometimes they might not even know what a certain social media network is! “What is Snapchat? It just disappears after you look at it?” Con: Embarrassing birthday posts. Every year on my birthday, I see on my Instagram feed pictures of me as an awkward middle schooler that my parents have posted. I look down at the likes and the comments, mentally cursing myself for wearing an outfit that outrageous. That picture will be on the internet forever and I’ll never be able to live it down. 109

Pro: No one will forget your birthday. On the other hand, after the picture is posted, the rest of your family and your parents’ friends will be commenting “happy birthday!” on each post. You will have a constant stream of birthday wishes from everyone, which is not a bad thing. Con: Their love can sometimes be embarrassing. It is a great day. Meeting with your friends, caught up on homework, and you’re finally ready to pull out your phone and relax. You get excited seeing your favorite celebrities posts or texts from your friends, planning the next get-together. Then, you see the notification that your parents are online. My mom, on one hand, sends me cute puppy photos or posts her own memes on Instagram while my dad is messaging me images of clowns or gifs just to spice it up a bit. Pros: But it can also be the greatest. Your parents have most-likely been following your every move since the day you were born -- they were pretty excited when you held up your head for the first time or managed to cross the living room all by yourself on your own two feet. It’s almost guaranteed that they are going to be the proudest followers on your list.

photography by: Ally Brodmann




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