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Foals are just gorgeous, so we wanted to share some of our fave foalie pics and facts with you!

More foals are born between April 15 and May 15 than at any other time!

The first milk the mare provides is called colostrum. This rich milk helps to boost the young foal’s immune system.


Male foals are called colts and female foals are called fillies.

Within an hour of being born, foals will stand up, and in less than two hours they can walk, trot and gallop! Foals get tired very quickly, so they have regular snoozes and often lie flat out in the sun.

Thoroughbred foals are all given the same birthday – January 1st, no matter when they are born!

Einstein, the world’s smallest foal, was just 35cm high when born!

a foal may start to eat solid food as well as milk when it is more than 10 days old.

When born, foals’ legs are so long that they cannot reach down to the grass without adopting a yoga position!

Twin foals are very rare, but they can happen. Double trouble!

Foals are born with no teeth. Their milk teeth then develop and descend before being replaced by adult teeth when they are four or five years old.

A newborn foal’s legs are already 80-90% of their full grown length.

The length of pregnancy of a horse is approximately 11 months. A donkey is 12 months and a zebra 13! This is known as the gestation period.

A foal is a foal until it is one year old. after that it is called a yearling.

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There’s a lot to know about trotting. Here’s a PONY Mag guide!

! p e t s y step-b

Trot essentials ● Trot is a pace of two-time, which means that there are two beats to each stride. ● Two legs meet the ground simultaneously to make a single beat before the pony springs onto the other two legs for the second beat. ● There are four main trot paces: collected (short but elevated strides), working (a more usual trot pace), medium (between working and extended) and

extended, (long strides, covering a lot of ground). ● Passage and Piaffe are trot paces seen in higher dressage tests. In passage the horse goes forward in an elevated, almost hesitant fashion, hovering between each stride. Piaffe is trotting on the spot. You may see horses and ponies performing passage and piaffe naturally in the field!


Everyone gets confused about diagonals! When riding in a school in rising trot the rider sits on the outside diagonal. So when the pony is on the right rein, and turning to the right at every corner, the rider sits when the pony’s outside foreleg (left foreleg on the right rein) is on the ground. The rider is on the correct diagonal if they are sitting when their pony’s outside (left) shoulder comes towards them.

Footfalls A trotting pony springs from one diagonal pair of legs to the other. There is a moment of suspension between each beat. When the pony’s offside (right) foreleg and his nearside (left) hind leg is on the ground, he is said to be on the right diagonal. He is on the left diagonal when the footfalls are reversed.

How to ask for trot It’s important to get a good walk. Ask for more impulsion with both legs and make sure your reins are short enough to cope when your pony goes into trot as he will shorten his neck. Your hands should keep an even contact to support but never restrict your pony. Don’t get left behind!

Rising trot Inclining forward slightly the rider pushes their hips forward, rising out of the saddle as the pony is on one set of diagonal legs. As the pony springs onto the other set of diagonal legs the rider sits down softly, ready to rise again on the next beat of the stride.



Riding on the right rein, the rider sits on the left diagonal...


All trot paces should be rhythmic, with an even tempo.


Changing the rein

As the rider changes the rein, in the middle of the movement (at X for example, if turning across the school), the rider sits for one beat, rising again on the opposite diagonal and ready for the change of rein.

Why are diagonals important?

It is important to sit on the correct diagonal for several reasons: Your pony will find it helpful balancing on corners and circles. Your timing for transitions will be better. Sitting on the same pair of your pony’s legs means you are putting more wear on them!


Dodgy diagonals

You may be more comfortable sitting on one diagonal than the other and when you change it will feel odd. Some ponies also favour one diagonal and may try to throw you onto the other one if you change! Persevere and you and your pony will become more comfortable. You can tell by feel which diagonal you are on when you have had plenty of practice. Until then, glance down at your pony’s outside shoulder to check you are on the correct one.

Sitting trot

Sitting trot can be very uncomfortable – especially when you first start riding. Keep your back supple and go with the movement. The stiffer you are, the more you will bounce! You’ll know when you’ve cracked sitting trot when you can do it without your hands bouncing about! Taking your reins in one hand and pulling yourself down in the saddle will help at first!

Rising to the trot is also known as posting!

Note: Remember to change diagonals regularly when you are out hacking.

... and rises on the right diagonal.

Problem-busting Having trouble rising to the trot?

Check that... ... your lower leg is underneath you ... your hips are going forward, not your shoulders ... you are not standing up in your stirrups ... you are sitting up, not crouching over the saddle ... you are not pulling yourself up by the reins

Having trouble sitting to the trot?

Check that... ... you are sitting up, but are not stiff ... you are not gripping with your knees ... you have your weight in your heels ... your hips are supple so you can move with the pony


PONY Magazine entry form – July Send your entry to PONY Competitions (July), PONY Magazine, Headley House, Headley Road, Grayshott, Surrey GU26 6TU, to arrive before July 31st, 2013.

Win! Ariat Bromont boots! (Page 18) Q: Name the technology used in Ariat’s Bromont Tall boots. A: ______________________________________________________

Tie-breaker: Q: Where would you most like to wear these boots if you win? A: ______________________________________________________

My foot size is _____ calf height ______ calf width _____

Win! A VIP HOYS experience! (Page 34) Q: Which small pony will be making his UK debut at this year’s HOYS? A: ______________________________________________________

Tie-breaker: Q: Which top rider would you like to watch at HOYS, and why? A: ______________________________________________________

Closing date?


July 31s 2013!


KBF99 brush set


We have four KBF99 antibacterial sets to grooming brush sets to be won. Improve be won! your pony’s coat and help to protect him from diseases such as strangles. KBF99 brushes are scientifically proven to kill strangles, ringworm and E.coli, and recent user trials indicate that KBF99 is also effective against mud fever and other skin conditions. Perfect for Pony Club Camp!

Win it! (pages 56-57) Answer the following question and tie-breaker, then tick the boxes for the items you’d like to try and win! Q: What flavour Horslyx can your pony win? A:_______________________________________________________

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Garlic Horslyx

Garlic Horslyx is a tasty lick that provides your horse or pony with the power of natural garlic to help deter biting insects, while also offering a unique vitamin, mineral and trace element package to keep your favourite equine in good health. Each winner will receive a 15kg garlic Horslyx and a 15kg holder.

Parent/Guardian signature ________________________________ (If under 16 years old) DJ Murphy (Publishers) Ltd will hold and collect your personal information to process your entry. From time to time we may provide you with details of our other products and services. Please tick if you do not wish to receive this information by ❒ post or by telephone ❒. Occasionally we may pass your details to companies whose products and services we think you may be interested in. Please tick if you do not wish to receive these by ❒ post or by ❒ telephone.

For all PONY competition terms and conditions please go to

56 01697 332592


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o !

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With unique embroidery and appliqué designs Clippity Clop jackets and polo shirts are truly special. The cute ponies and cool horses have been drawn by well known artists. The polo shirts are available from age one upwards and jackets from age five upwards in a wide choice of colours. All items can be personalised with your name and your pony’s name.

For your chance to win, simply answer the question and tiebreaker. There are three ways to enter – fill out the entry form, enter online at www.ponycompetitions. or scan the QR code with your smartphone.

Equetech highvis neckband

This fully-adjustable, reflective high vis horse neckband is made from soft 38mm polyester webbing with a printed 25mm reflective stripe for maximum visibility. Featuring an Equetech contrast repeated logo, adjustable sliders to fit all shapes and sizes and adjustable girth strap to hold the neckstrap in place. Available in one size only in fluorescent pink or yellow.


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July PONY issue  

July PONY magazine is out on the 13th June 2013. Packed full of great advice, exercises an fun for all pony mad teens.

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