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Nosy pony! ! s s o g d n a s w ie v , s w Horsey ne This month’s big news... According to an online survey Rosie is the most comm on horsey name! Othe r popular names are Jack, Star, Dancer, Storm, Sunny and King. Team PONY recko ns Duggie is the best horsey name!

R ea d i n g


The Princess and the Foal is inspired by the real-life story of Olympic equestrian Princess Haya Al Hussein, who was only three years old when her mother was killed in a helicopter crash. The princess becomes very withdrawn until her father gives her an orphaned foal. And so begins an epic story of love, bravery and the unbreakable bond between a girl and her horse. The Princess and the Foal by Stacy Gregg, published by Harper Collins, £12.99 (hardback)

? t e v a e b o t Want

Charlotte is streets ahead! Dressage darling and PONY columnist Charlotte Dujardin has had a street named after her! Charlotte, who won double gold at the 2012 London Olympics, grew up in Enfield, North London. The road in Ponders End is now called Dujardin Mews. Cool, huh?

Horsey art

Work has begun to build two giant horse head sculptures to stand in Falkirk, Scotland. The Kelpies are 30 metres high and will weigh over 300 tonnes! Kelpies are water spirits from folklore which took the form of horses. Aren’t they beautiful!


? Why Are you a budding young vet The on ce pla a lf rse you k not boo Vet ior Donkey Sanctuary’s Jun nity Day? You will get the opportu e ctis pra and s vet the h to work wit n lear , cks che tal den ns, atio examin ch, about bandaging and mu le for much more! Places are availab 156 573 95 013 l Cal h. October 28t to book your place.


Speedy Shires!

ARIAT Awesome

Thousands of people turned out to watch the UK’s first official Shire horse race at Lingfield Park Racecourse in June. Fouryear-old Joey, seen galloping in this pic, was the winner! Visit to find out more about this endangered breed.

Nominated by Lily

Pony of the Month

PONY blogger

news! blogger and dressage diva Erin Williams and her gorgeous palomino pony, Dynasty, have been selected to represent GB at the European Championships in Italy this summer! Keep up-to-date with Erin and and Dynie at!

Ginger is my neighbour’s horse. He is very cheeky and like most horses he isn’t perfect, but his quirks make him all the more lovely. I ride him along the beach and although he is terrified of the crashing waves he always does his best to be brave. He always comes to greet me at the gate, temporarily forgetting about the grass to snuffle me for treats! He is very affectionate and talented but it’s his patience, love and care for me that make him my best friend. The Ariat Windermere features Ariat’s exclusive 4LR technology and a HydroGuard membrane. Fashioned in suede and leather in a pull-on style with a riding outsole, these boots offer unsurpassed style and protection, perfect for both walking and riding. Ladies sizes: 3-8.5 RRP: £149. Tan only. Tel: 0845 600 3209

Write and tell us why your pony deserves the title Ariat Awesome Pony of the Month and you could win these boots!

Soooo hot this month!


‘em cowboy! August 9th sees the release of the new Disney film, The Lone Ranger! Not only does it star the super-gorgeous stallion, Silver, but Johnny Depp is in it, too! Team PONY will defo be going!

The All England Jumping Championships at Hickstead Brand new MEGA cool and SUPER cute gear available at Hard ground – watch out for concussion Horseflies. We hate those critters!

... o t y a d h t r i b y p Hap ust! 2th Aug Piggy French on 1

Your mum planning ‘back to school’ stuff

So NOT this month! 25

Racehorse Racehorse We visited Greatwood in Wiltshire, where gorgeous rescued and rehabilitated racehorses help humans!

what is greatwood?

Greatwood is a racehorse charity, rehabilitating, rescuing and rehoming racehorses from across the UK and helping educate people with special needs. Currently it has 200 horses in its care, some at the sanctuary and some out on loan. Greatwood costs more than half-a-million pounds to run each year, and the charity relies on donations and support from the general public.

what about other animals?

Greatwood also owns Shetland ponies Toy Boy, Aaron, Poncho, Kate and Jess, two donkeys called Jack and Simon, lots of goats and two sheep called Gavin and Smithy. Gavin and Smithy can even be handled using a collar and lead! The Shetlands are great for working alongside children with special educational needs. The yard also has two Boxer dogs, Roxy and Ozzy, who are owned by Celia, the charity administrator. They keep an eye on the whole yard!

how are the horses rehabilitated?

The rehabilitation of each horse varies depending on its temperament and history. Greatwood has some great facilities, including an outdoor school, and currently three riders are employed by the charity. The riders have to be very experienced as some of the horses can be highly-strung, especially if they have come straight from racing. Horses are worked on the ground and ridden as part of their rehabilitation. They are also turned out in big herds as much as possible so they can live naturally, rather than being stabled all the time.

famous names!

Greatwood has had a few famous racehorse residents over the past 20 years, but the current superstar is Deano’s Beeno. He had an illustrious racing career with 57 starts and wins over hurdles and jumps, as well as on the flat, and was ridden by top jump jockey A P McCoy. This horse’s racing career came to an end when he refused to start in a race shown live on Channel 4! Luckily, his owner wanted Deano’s Beeno to go to a good home, so he came to Greatwood where he has a new career!


Readers’ emails: Thank you to all of the PONY Magazine writers. I love PONY and it’s the only magazine I read. I

SHOUT out! Mario was my best friend in the whole world. He taught me how to ride and gave me loads of confidence. Sadly he was put to sleep in August 2012 because of colic, but he will never be forgotten. He was the best pony ever and I’d really like to see him in PONY. Lauren McGlynn


mbers looks like a hippo at the moment! He keeps rolling in the soggiest patches of field he can find until he’s brown and muddy all over. He’s even managing to get mud underneath his tail and behind his ears! Maybe he thinks it’s a good mud pack and will make him even more beautiful? Speak to you soon!

Win one of these!

peting every weekend! Thanks PONY! Mel... I love PONY Magazine! It’s the highlight of my month when the new issue arrives! Eleanor... om

Marvellous Mario

This is a photo of my favourite horse, Masjeed. He was always interested in reading PONY Magazine but he was recently put to sleep. Over the years we had built up a special friendship and bond and I will never forget him. Hannah Care

Super Spice

Spice is my 12.2hh pony. He is 17 years old but is still very cheeky. I have only had Spice for a year but he is the missing jigsaw piece of my life! We recently entered our first show and came home with a first and third place rosette. I love Spice! Mia Simblet

Letter of the month

Survivor Sioux

Sioux is a 25-year-old pony who got off to a bad start in life. She had a foal when she was young and was then left in a field until she was rescued. Sioux is not my pony, but I get to give her lots of hugs and kisses. I love her lots and after all she has been through she deserves to be in PONY. Amber Dobinson

Berry...PONY Magazine has really helped to boost my confidence when it comes to jumping. I used to be scared to jump but now I am c


The writer of the letter of the month will receive an amazing Equetech Junior Silhouette gilet from www.equetech. com! Available in sizes 7-8, 8-9, 10-11 and 12-13 years old. Write to PONY Magazine, Headley House, Headley Road, Grayshott, Surrey GU26 6TU or email Remember to send a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you would like your picture returned.

Magnificent Masjeed

ne I read. I buy an issue every month to read before I go and ride. Sometimes I sit in my pony’s stable and we read it together. Leah Camp

I have just got my own pony called Maddie. She is the best pony EVER. We got a first place rosette for show jumping in our first ever show! Lucia Le Caz

Rocket Rosie

Rosie is my 13.1hh skewbald pony. She is a very good friend and an excellent jumper. I have made lots of friends thanks to Rosie. Saoirse Gaffey

Mint Minstrel

Minstrel is the most amazing 12hh pony ever! I’ve had him for two years and he’s taught lots of people to ride. I’ve hunted, show jumped, done cross country and Pony Club on him and won loads of rosettes! Sadly I’ve outgrown him now but I will always love him for his cheeky personality. Emily Engleheart

Beloved Bella I ride at Rookin House Farm Equestrian Centre in Cumbria. The instructors are brilliant and I’ve learnt loads thanks to them. Their ponies are also amazing, especially Thistle, who I am riding in this picture. Lauren Bates Send in a photo of your riding school to and you might see it featured here!

Bella is my 11.2hh Welsh pony. She is the best pony ever and has taught me loads. This is my third year of owning her and I hope we will have many more happy years to come. Bella loves cross country and will jump anything you put in front of her. I am so proud of her! Molly Tarris

Bella wins an exclusive PONY saddlecloth from! Send in a fab pic of you and your fave pony, and tell us why you think they deserve to be a PONY Superstar, and you might see yourselves in PONY!

l... I love PONY Magazine lots and lots! Issie Jeffrey... I love PONY Mag and so does my pony. I also love the Pony Whisperer books. Georgia... I love PONY Magazine! It is a gre bel


Amazing Maddie


read and I love the free stickers that sometimes come with it. From the brill tips to the cute posters, PONY can’t be beaten! Mia Berry... at

se rescue! rescue! se

The goats behaving like... well, goats, really!

who rehomes the racehorses?

Some racehorses can be rehomed to people who want them for hacking, as companions or even as eventers! It depends a lot on the horse’s age and temperament. Sadly not all the horses are suitable for rehoming, so some stay retired at Greatwood until the end of their days.

meet some of the horses!

Now you know a bit more about Greatwood, let’s meet some of the horses!


Not only does Greatwood rescue and rehome racehorses, it also provides some excellent education programmes for people with special educational needs. These programmes include classroom learning, but also mean that attendees can get hands-on with the horses! This hands-on learning helps to provide life skills and teaches pupils about emotion, trust and much more. It can help lead to animal-related qualifications and even a career with animals!

Montendre – ran 147 races and was ridden by Frankie Dettori!

Pennybridge – who is a total monkey to catch! Polle rt Greatw on Boy – ood recent ’s most rescue

Click on to for more pictures behind-the-scenes at Greatwood!


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