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Repair: iPhone Microphone Not Working Problem Today, this post is about iPhone microphone can't work. Your primary objective of buying a phone will die down, when you find your iPhone microphone doesn't work. There are a lot of important phone activities will be disturbed, no matter what FaceTime chat, voice chat, or recording videos, there will be no sound. It is very annoying issue, now I will tell you how to get rid of.

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The Solutions of iPhone Microphone Not Working

• Test the microphone: – You need to make sure the problem, try recording your voice through the sound recorder and verify if the working condition is fine or not. If needed, check the volume level of your iPhone and keep adjusting it.

• Using Voice Memos: – Open Voice Memos app that you can find on Home screen.

– Make sure your fingers aren't covering the microphone.

– Tap the record icon and start speaking.

– Now, playback the recording voice. Make sure you can hear your own recording voice clearly.

• Cleaning the microphone hole: – You need clean the microphone hole and speakers hole. You must gentle to avoid damage the phone.

• Remove iPhone case:

– You can try remove the iPhone case, screen protector, and others may cover iPhone speakers and microphone. Then test your iPhone microphone.

• Turn off noise cancelation: – You can find a useful feature that is phone noise cancelation. It will help to reduce the surrounding noise when you are making a phone call.

– Go to Setting > General > Accessibility > Phone Noise Cancelation. If you see the green button next to it, just tap it to turn it off.

• Restart iPhone: – The restart iPhone will help you resolve many methods. It can kill the app that has a bug or keeps freezing. So, press and hold the iPhone Power button until you see the red slider and slide to the right to turn it off. Then wait for a few seconds, turn on it by pressing the same button until you see the Apple logo.

• Check iPhone microphone settings: – Please check the iPhone microphone settings. Make sure

the apps has the permission to access the microphone, if it happens only when you use certain apps. Open Settings > Privacy > tap Microphone.

• Update iOS version: – You can update the iOS version, go to Settings > General > Software Update. Maybe it will resolve your iPhone microphone problem.

• Repair the iPhone microphone: – If all of these methods can't resolve your iPhone microphone problem. You need consider the hardware solution, and repair it use the professional high quality iPhone repair tools. We do not suggest that you do it yourself, it will make the damage bigger.

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Repair: iphone Microphone Not Working Problem  

Share: Repair: iphone Microphone Not Working Problem

Repair: iphone Microphone Not Working Problem  

Share: Repair: iphone Microphone Not Working Problem